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What lips my lips have kissed by Edna St. Vincent Millay

- "What lips my lips have kissed" by Edna St. Vincent Millay While reading "What lips my lips have kissed" by Edna St. Vincent Millay, I realized many things about myself. The first thing was that I, after thinking I would never be able to decipher one word of poetry, actually could. I also found that I was able to enjoy it. Another thing was that the narrator (whom I felt was a woman- no man could portray these feelings like a woman) and I had strikingly similar feelings. There happened to be many other amazing findings, but these two were the first and most important to me....   [tags: What lips my lips have kissed]

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Edna St. Vincent Millay’s sonnet What lips my lips have kissed and where and why

- Edna St. Vincent Millay’s sonnet, “What lips my lips have kissed and where and why” Edna St. Vincent Millay’s sonnet, “What lips my lips have kissed and where and why,” is about being, physically or mentally jaded, and thinking back to the torrid love of one’s youth. The “ghosts” that haunt her are the many lovers of her past; she’s specifically trying to remember them all. She recalls the passion she experienced and how there was a certain feeling within herself. Millay shows this through her vivid imagery, use of the rain as a literary device and by paralleling herself with a lonely tree....   [tags: What lips my lips have kissed and where and why]

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What Lips My Lips Have Kissed by Edna St. Vincent Millay

- Edna St. Vincent Millay grew up in a small town in Maine. She was always encouraged by her mother to pursue her writing and musical talents. She finished college and moved to New York City where she lived a fast pace life pursuing acting and play writing. Her liveliness, independence, and sexuality inspired her writing styles and gave her poetry a freshness that no others had. She is famous for writing sonnets like “What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why.” This poem holds many metaphors and symbols pertaining to how certain seasons make people feel....   [tags: musical talents, lovers]

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The Function of Lips and Their Biological Significance

- The Function of Lips and Their Biological Significance Lipids are biological molecules and are insoluble in aqueous solutions but are soluble in organic solvents. Specific lipids have a physiological importance to humans; they have three major functions; serving as structural components of biological membranes, act as vitamins and hormones, provide energy storage (triaculglycerols). Lipids are made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Lipids can exist as fats, oils and waxes....   [tags: Papers]

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Tomson Highway in Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing

- Tomson Highway is a playwright of Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kaspukasing. The play is based on the real life of Highway as he was born as a full-blood Cree, lived in a Native community that takes place in Wasaychigan Hill, and registered as a member of the Barren Lands First Nation (“Biography”). Native people have their own culture and beliefs; unique language and mythology. Most of his plays use Cree and Ojib language and show the issue of the women power in the community. As the period changes, the Canadian government tries to implement a new system to ensure that native people can cope and adapt with the world that keeps changing....   [tags: playwright, play analysis]

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Getting Those Sensuous Lips

- Getting Those Sensuous Lips Plastic surgery has become a leading business in America and is venturing in to all parts of the body. First there was the liposuction of the thighs and butt then the face-lifts, the beast implants and now the injections of the lips. The volume of the lips can be thick and prominent, as in certain races, or else thin and retracted as in other races. A full, fresh prominent mouth, which invites a kiss, is the latest object of cosmetic surgery. There have been many types of materials that have been injected and several techniques that have been used....   [tags: Plastic Surgery Beauty Essays]

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I Love Those Lips, But Those Lips Belong to Another

-      Recently I came across two arches. They were alive and in constant motion. First they told me life might get interesting. Then they showed me that life was going to get really good. Then after leaving me with an odd sense of power, they said bye, now life is sad. Its movements resembled that of a shape-shifter: causing the creation of circles, ellipses, and a mixture of feelings. These were the actions of a pair of lips belonging to a vision of beauty.   When I first saw them they were in their top form....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Analysis of Tomson Highway´s Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kaspukasing

- Tomson Highway is a playwright of Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kaspukasing. The play is based on the real life of Highway as he was born as a full-blood Cree, lived in a Native community that takes place in Wasaychigan Hill, and registered as a member of the Barren Lands First Nation (“Biography”). Native people have their own culture and beliefs; unique language and mythology. Most of his plays use Cree and Ojib language and show the issue of the women power in the community. As the period changes, the Canadian government tries to implement a new system to ensure that native people can cope and adapt with the world that keeps changing....   [tags: Native, Prejudice]

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The Conflict in Terrance McNally´s Lips Together, Teeth Apart

- ... . Grow up like that and you view a pool or a public toilet seat as a natural enemy." The pool is thus associated with disease and filth- -polio and public toilet seats. Why. In monologs from the characters it becomes clear there is an unspoken fear that the pool is contaminated. The house in which the couples are staying once belonged to Sally’s brother who recently passed from AIDS. Everyone is scared that by swimming in the pool they will also contract the deadly disease. Well that is everyone except John who has esophagus cancer and sees that as the last of his worries....   [tags: couple, marriage, relationship, love, death]

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A Moment on the Lips, Forever in the Hips

- Sweetness is usually correlated with sugar. And although sugars have that distinctive, enjoyable taste, there are other molecular combinations that are as sweet and thoroughly pleasant. The problem with sugar, the most common being sucrose, is that it has a lot of calories. These calories lead to weight gain if not spent by exercise, but now that humans have the knowledge and technology to create various substances, there are artificial sweeteners that do not even have calories and taste sweeter than sucrose as well....   [tags: Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners]

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder Reaction by C. Flammers

- Since the case study was written, New Belgium has added to its product line with beers divided into these different categories: Year Round, Seasonal, Revival, Hop Kitchen, and Lips of Faith (New Belgium Brewing, n.d.). NBB still calls Fort Collins, Colorado home (New Belgium Brewing, n.d.). However, in 2015 they will be opening up a location in Asheville, North Carolina to reach the East Coast (New Belgium Brewing, n.d.). They now are currently selling beer in 32 states, and produced 764,424 barrels of beer in 2012 (New Belgium Brewing, n.d.)....   [tags: year round, seasonal, revival, lips of faith]

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Flight in Song of Solomon, Native Son, A Worn Path, Sad Sweet Story of Sugar Lips Shinehot, and Por

- Flight in Song of Solomon, Native Son, A Worn Path, Sad Sweet Story of Sugar Lips Shinehot, and Portable Promised, and Land First Eagle Story Since the beginning of time all human beings have had a fascination with human flight. Watching a bird soar through the air, one cannot help but desire the same capabilities. Imagine the point of view of the bird that flies high above the trees, among the mountains, over the ocean, and high in the air, far away from the clamor of everyday life on the ground....   [tags: Song Solomon Essays]

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Be Through My Lips to Unawakened Earth: A Breathed Request

- Percy Bysshe Shelley was born in Horsham, Sussex, England in 1792. He entered Oxford University in 1804, where he spent his time developing his idealism and controversial philosophies, and exploring the topic of Atheism. He was expelled from school for expressing these ideas, and was shunned by his father. Shelley continued to write poetry and take part in various political reform activities, and met Mary Godwin, a friend’s daughter, whom he fell in love with. They married in 1816, and moved to Italy in 1818 where they lived with their children....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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A Moment on the Lips, Forever in the Hips: The Dangers of Aspertame and Other Sweeteners

- Sweetness is usually correlated with sugar. The problem with sugar, otherwise known as sucrose, is that it has a lot of calories. These calories lead to weight gain if not spent by exercise, but now that humans have the knowledge and technology to create various substances, there are artificial sweeteners that do not have calories at all and taste even sweeter than sucrose. Many Americans avoid sugar-sweetened drinks by drinking beverages filled with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame to avoid weight gain....   [tags: Trans Fats, Diabetes, Caloric Intake]

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Costmetic Dentistry: Lip Augmentation

- ... The main focus is given to the shape of the lips and balance between the lips. The surgery should be done such that the new lip look perfectly matches the face. Several factors such as age, gender, facial shape, and personal aspires, are taken into concern prior to the lip correction surgery. Lip reduction treatment tends to provide desired shape and size to the lips. Compared to UK, United States, and other such countries, the Lip Reduction cost in India is affordable. Complications: Lip augmentation procedure does not involve too much risk, compared to other cosmetic procedures....   [tags: lip enhancement, technology]

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Themes used in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

- The theme of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is entertainment. This is proven thought the play through use of comedy, drama, romance, and conflict. This style brought people of all ages, mindsets, and social classes to see the play since it used the mixture instead of just a single genre of entertainment. The result was Romeo and Juliet being very entertaining, profitable, and generally succeeding in its purpose. The use of comedy was usually through sexual puns and double entendre like “ ’Tis true, and therefore women, being the weaker vessels, are ever thrust to the wall....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Shakespeare]

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Consequences of Forbidden Love in Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet

- ... Romeo and Juliet are stuck in this bad fortune and Romeo even goes as far as to say “I am fortune’s fool”. This is significant because it is saying that their free will to love each other and be together is nonexistent. They are doomed from the start no matter what actions they try and take their destiny is in not in their favor. Love however in this story is the entire meaning to everything. Love is why Romeo and Juliet die. Love is why everything gets so complicated and so upsetting. Love is everything and more in this play and leads up to the most tragic endings to a love story in the history of love stories and the most unexpected losses for two lovers and their families....   [tags: fate, loss, control, love]

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From Songs of Limbs and Flesh and Heart Perhaps Too

- From Songs of Limbs and Flesh and Heart Perhaps Too "Am I desirable?" le désir/ desire Without the consistent reminder that the amorous subject is found sexually appealing, there is an attention to physical detail, a reassessment of worth, and of balance between what is called "inner and outer beauty" 1. In the mirror I am searching for what the other will be drawn to. And not only the other, but anyone: strangers, foes, past lovers. I am scanning legs, hair, and curve of thigh. Is it elbow, or nape of neck....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Expression of feelings in To My Dear and Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet

- ... “The love between husband and wife in the ideal state of marriage may be considered and analogy for the love between Christ and the soul or Christ and his Church” (Stafford). Love in a Christian definition is a symbol of the relationship between God and mankind. “I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold, Or all the riches in the East doth hold. My love is such that rivers cannot quench” (Bradstreet). Bradstreet reinforces her great earthly love as a spiritual union by tying it to the Bible’s value of love in the Song of Solomon....   [tags: puritan views of marriage]

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Skin Deep: The Face of Women's Makeup

- Skin Deep: The Face of Women’s Makeup Representative of womanhood, femininity and sexuality, it has been both celebrated and vulgarized. Face makeup has long played a role in beauty and women’s endless pursuit of it, but is there a significance in painting our faces that is more than just skin deep. What does makeup symbolize and how does it influence society’s standard of beauty. Women use makeup to highlight feminine features and conceal flaws, but are these also subliminal advertisements....   [tags: beauty, revlon, cosmetics]

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Advertisement: Typical Male Mindsets of Society

- The world around us is full of advertisements for anything and everything under the sun. Alcohol advertisements are quite possibly the most noted. Everyone sees, watches them and reads them, the old-enough-to-drink crowd and the too-young-to-drink crowd. Advertisements are everywhere; they are inescapable and unavoidable. Each one aimed at a specific target, and the bulls eye is the sold product. This particular advertisement for Smirnoff Vodka is interesting in numerous ways. The first noticeable way is a bit of whipped cream on a woman’s slender finger with her finger dangerously close to her mouth....   [tags: sex, cream and advertisements]

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New Woman: A Failed Mother

- Dracula functions as a way to invert sexual identity of the novel through the use of vivid imagery. Through this Bram Stoker not only breaks the walls of gender barriers, but also perverts the image of an archetype mother to create a fear from the New Woman. He exposes failed motherhood through; three female vampires who sexually consume their child, Lucy who feeds off her children, and Count Dracula who taints the image of a mother perpetually to signify the dangers that a “New Woman” can bring to the society....   [tags: dracula functions, gender barriers]

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Analysis of Face Descry System

- The user interface for the computer systems is evolvinginto an intelligent multi-modal interface. It is now movingaway from keyboard-given instructions to more naturalmodes of interaction, using visual, audio and sensorialmeans. This is the first step in achieving a human-likecommunication between man and machine. Human communication has two main aspects: verbal(auditory) and non-verbal (visual). Phenomenalike facial expressions, body movements and physiologicalreactions are the atomic units of the non-verbal communication.Although it is quite clear that non-verbal gestures arenot necessary for successful human interaction, considerable research in social psychology has shownthat non-verbal...   [tags: software, interface, face detection]

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Your Taboo Isnt My Taboo

- They clipped their work IDs to their lab coats, which were white as clouds except for the smeared blood and banana baby food on Jourdan’s lapel. She painted her lips red, extending the stick to resemble a dog’s hard on. Her fingers combed her night-coloured hair into a knot atop her dome. The décolleté on her pastel blue blouse revealed an overflowing brassière. She licked her lips and said, “Did you remember to tell the nanny bedtime is at nine?” “Yeah.” Durmont offered her a dollop of hand sanitizer and they both rubbed the clear liquid into their hands before entering through the grey doors....   [tags: corpses, coasts, kiss, body, climax]

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What Woman Do for Beauty

- ... Also, it can set into deep wrinkles and cause further wrinkling in the future. If not used regularly, makeup can expire quickly. Once expired, if used, it can cause more severe imperfections, such as cystic acne (Mychaskiw). For certain people, another con could be that some makeup brands test their makeup on animals. The FDA requires all over-the-counter makeup products to be tested on animals (Companies That Still Test On Animals). The only makeup brands that do not test on animals are those sold at a higher cost on a professional level....   [tags: makeup, wrinkles, artists]

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Fire and Ice

- Beltane, a night of celebration and passion as lovers celebrate the new harvest, new love, and new beginnings. Dancing and music had filled the streets from early evening till late in the night, sweet fragrances of summer flowers braided into hair filled the streets. Lovers leaping the Beltane fires in the hopes it would bring them a child in the New Year, or just to bring luck and good health, were joined by the Seeker and his Confessor, laughing and dancing through the celebrations. Before the night is out, many lovers sneak away into the shadows of darkness, sharing passionate embraces and joining together to celebrate their love....   [tags: Creative Writing Essay]

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements

- A Comparison of Two Advertisements Advertisements are messages that are intended to influence and persuade their audience. Their purpose is to raise awareness of the existence of their product in the people whom they target and to promote the benefits of buying or using it. Adverts are paid for by the advertisers and is a major source of income for magazines - approximately 40% of revenues. Without money from advertising, much of the modern media would not exist. Therefore advertising is a commercial business as opposed to ‘free’ publicity like press releases and photo opportunities....   [tags: Papers]

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Eye Catching Impact of Celebrities

- Women both young and old flip through the pages of a magazine and sometimes stumble across something that catches their eye. Perhaps, what caught their eye was a make-up ad, possibly featuring a favorite celebrity, or even appeal to a woman's vanity. "Celebrity impacts on so many aspects" (Pringle, 5), just like Halle Berry does in Revlon's advertisement promoting their new photoready eyeshadow. Halle Berry is undoubtedly an attractive woman who creates an "attractive persona" (Pringle, 67), which helps attract customers to pay attention to this product and its details....   [tags: magazine, customer, advertisement]

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Shakespeare’s Use of Language and Imagery in Romeo and Juliet

- Shakespeare’s Use of Language and Imagery in Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is a dramatic love story between to 16th Century lovers, this essay will consider the imagery and language Shakespeare uses and how this establishes Romeo and Juliet as 16th Century lovers. When Romeo first set eyes on Juliet at the Capulet ball he compliments her, “cheek of night,” Romeo thinks she is soft and looks superb. He describes her as a “rich jewel” as she shines and is full of beauty, Shakespeare compares Juliet against an unattractive background of an “Ethiop’s ear” which makes her be prominent and be stunning....   [tags: Papers]

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The Faulted Winter of 1998-Personal Narrative

- The Faulted Winter of 1998-Personal Narrative My mom and dad were back in the condominium. Meanwhile, I was having a great time tubing down the local snowy hills with my brother, Greg. Even though it was --16°F and we couldn't feel our toes, we were making the best of our winter vacation in Vermont. Yet I was very unaware of the upcoming event that would soon spoil my fun. It was 11:00 pm when we decided to head back to the ski resort that we stayed at (which was a short walk away). I saw my friend and started talking to him, so I sent Greg ahead of me....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploring Various Sonnets

- Poetry is a beautiful manner to express emotions, successfully accomplished by some of the finest writers in history. Best said by Robert Frost, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” Infinite pieces of art have been created on love; life and death yet only some leave behind a mark. The never-ending pursuit to express the intense emotion of love is practiced best by Shakespeare in Sonnet 116 and Sonnet 130. The ageless essence of love is explored in Sonnet 116 while Sonnet 130 is an enchanting poem about the unrealistic expectations of beauty in love....   [tags: Essay on Sonnets]

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The Form of Non-Traditional Blazon

- In the sixteenth century, poems in blazon format were very popular. Blazon is a technique that “described the position and relation of one picture to another”. (The Overview of “Sonnet 130”, Woolway). This technique was to illustrate the main features of the subject, usually a female body. Popular blazon would start from the bottom to the top of the body. For example, like hair, eyes, lips, breasts, and so on. Occasionally, it would start from the bottom to top, starting with feet, legs and so on....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature ]

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What Went Wrong Between Us?

- I looked down at her pale face, gazing into her warm hazel eyes. It was a face I had memorized over the extensive relationship; as familiar as my own name. Her name was Emma, and it’ll be name that will always be followed with a thousand memories. Her face was soft and beautiful; her fair skin was sprinkled lightly with freckles. Long dark brown hair flowed around her heart-shaped face. I pressed my lips to her, but there was no other pair to return the gentle kiss. Instead, my skin touched a tiny metal frame....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Movie The Hammer

- Before watching the movie the “The Hammer” I didn’t know what to expect. I had never seen a deaf movie before and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to understand the movie completely. Watching the movie wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be, and I enjoyed it. The best part about it was that it’s based on the true story about Matthew “The Hammer” Hamill. The movie starts off by introducing a little boy named Matt. We find out that Matt is completely deaf. His grandfather doesn’t take the new lightly and is slightly in denial on the fact that his grandson is deaf....   [tags: film analysis and review]

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Tattoo: A Fictional Narrative

- I woke up feeling exhausted and wondering what the day has in store. The giant sun rose into the sky-high above and the sea shimmered in the sunlight as the first rays of morning sun tiptoed through the sand making its way towards me. The light ran furiously and parched my closed eyelids as it poured in a white image. The sounds pounded my head like a construction site. In between this time, I prised open my eyes and saw a bottle of VB lying on the carpet and next to it was an ash tray full of cigarette buds....   [tags: day, bottle, weather, room, knife]

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The Travels of Keiji

- As Keiji awoke from the year long slumber, he couldn't quite believe the whole scenario playing out before his eyes; fires raging all around him, screams, jettisons of blood rising from the earth beneath the floorboards. A heavy groan left his lips while he couldn't do much more than to attempt to blink the sleep from his eyes. Suddenly from the right a large wooden spear came thundering towards his drowsy form. Not leaving a second to waste, Keiji, rolled to his left away from the oncoming thrust....   [tags: fire, spear, dragger, path]

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Analysis of the Ways in Which Different Directors have Produced the First Meeting of Romeo and Juliet

- Analysis of the Ways in Which Different Directors have Produced the First Meeting of Romeo and Juliet "Romeo and Juliet", undoubtedly one of Shakespeare's most famous and loved plays, has been produced by many directors again and again over the last 400 years. Those directors, who dare to take on such an astounding play, have to deal with this sensitively enough to keep the passion alive, especially throughout the sonnet. Two directors who have accepted the challenge to are Baz Luhrmann in 1997 and the BBC School's version....   [tags: Papers]

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True love is so hard to find

- I want to capture and preserve our first meeting together in a bottle of love. The first time I saw you it was like standing next to a waterfall with beautiful shades of color. Your face was glowing as your eyes and smile showed words of love. "I knew I loved you before I met you." I felt as if seeing you for the first time were to see the beauty first hand, to be able to touch you and allow these tingling feelings to release. Before we met in person I knew that my love for you was deeper than any monument on earth....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements

- A Comparison of Two Advertisements I have looked at 2 advertisements, one is from 'Sugar' magazine and the other from 'Style' magazine. The advertisement from Sugar, is for 'L'Oreal Paris Colour Pulse Hair Dye'; the advertisement from Style is for 'Clinique Autumn 2004 close up on lips: modern metallics'. All advertisements are aimed at specific target audiences and as such require different ideas, linguistic devices and presentational features to attract them. The two advertisements I have chosen have different target audiences, reflected by the magazines that they come from, the language they use and the visuals....   [tags: Papers]

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The First Meeting of Romeo and Juliet

- The First Meeting of Romeo and Juliet The meeting of Romeo and Juliet is possibly the most decisive point of the play. Shakespeare undoubtedly used stagecraft and language devices to create the desired atmosphere, the idea of love at first sight. The meeting of Romeo and Juliet is cleverly written to represent a sonnet. Sonnets are concerned with the idea of love, which makes it an appropriate device to use. This passage can be contrasted to the love that Romeo once felt for Rosaline, however Romeo in the first instance was unwilling and unable to act upon his shallow feelings towards the object of his affection, while at his very first meeting with...   [tags: Romeo and Juliet Essays]

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Free Essays on Sonnet CXXX

- Sonnet CXXX In our class we have been discussing sonnet cxxx. Many of my classmates believe that Shakespeare was saying that, although this girl is ugly, he still loves her. While others claim that he was not making any statements about her looks, but instead being realistic. It is my view that he was making a point of claiming that his girlfriend was a regular person and not a mythological goddess. Most people have heard on television or in movies, some guy tell his girlfriend that she has eyes as deep as the ocean or lips as soft as velvet....   [tags: Sonnet essays]

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After Britton

- ... He nipped at my palm and then placed it softly back on my tummy. “Baby, let’s finish up here and I’ll make you an omelette,” I suggested. I felt his stomach rumble and knew we needed to move soon. “Come on, hand me your girly puff so I can finish up.” “Izzy, you wound me: I got this puff for you,” he continued our banter as he tossed the wet puff at me and moved us around to find body wash that was also deceptively new. Rinsed off, we climbed out of the tub and Britton wrapped me in a huge bath sheet before grabbing one for himself....   [tags: short story]

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A Little Song

- They were snuggled together on the couch. Aleks was feeling laid back, his head against the arm rest with his arms wrapped around Kevin, Kevin's head resting on Aleks chest, his thumb trailing slowly over Aleks bare arms. The apartment was nice and warm, and especially quiet. Neither of them speaking. They didn't have to talk, they enjoyed just laying together, cuddling, listening to each other’s heartbeat. The sound of Aleks quickened heartbeat under Kevin ear made him smile mostly because his heart was doing the same thing....   [tags: short story]

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November Tree Leaves

- "It's too early to be here!" I groan, lulling my aching head on to Jenna's shoulder. "It's lunchtime." She says, looking at me with those bright blue eyes. Fuck her for being pretty. Fuck her and her blond hair, and glimmering ocean eyes. I could never stand how much prettier she is than me. She always has been the one to turn heads whenever she walked in a room. Not me. I was(and am), far too shy to cause a scene. November tree-leaves bleed into each other; from orange and yellow, to every shade in between....   [tags: dialogue essay]

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Seven Deadly Sins

- ... You see her raining kisses on your fingers. You see her tongue dart out to playfully lick your palm; the soft, pink flesh gleaming. Her fearless narrow eyes stare up at you, pressing her lips to your throat, entwining her tongue with yours in a fierce battle, pressing her warm hands to your thighs- “Is it true?” You jump and turn quickly, masking your surprise with your casual smirk as your brother tilts an eyebrow, scourging the bread basket. “Princess Eva is being sent home in disgrace and you get away with yet another marriage prospect.” You can’t help but lean back triumphantly against the counter, the corners of your lips curling....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Wonderland of Love

- I don't know what to do anymore. She's ruining me, and I am absolutely, one hundred percent okay with it. The only thing I ever think about anymore, is Sage. Her. With those brown doe eyes, and those naturally pink lips that always felt like heaven against mine. Her, with the pale skin and dark clothes. Her. I take another sip of my Coke; another long drag of my cigarette,. Feelings suck. "Hey. I got your message." Sage chirps in a slightly strange, bright voice. She licks her lips, before sliding across from me in the booth....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Creative Writing: Recessional

- [6:31:24 AM | Edited 6:33:45 AM] Feathertail: Kanaya was never one to be late, so when she decided she was going to visit one of her many friends, she decided to arrive early so she could find a seat to sit. With her ticket punched and her belongings packed away up above her, she assumed she would be alone in her little compartment. Kanaya also assumed the whole time she would be staring at the window and nothing else. Though she always goes assuming things, this time she was wrong. As she finally settled in her compartment a young beautiful woman had entered and she gave a look of apology and smiled....   [tags: narrative essays, kanaya, ]

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Erik Erikson’s Adolescent Theory and James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

- Each experience and interaction has an effect on the development of the person as an adult and shapes them into the personality and even physical appearance they will take on as they mature. Those with the strongest influence, namely family, religious figures, and others whom one comes in frequent contact with will have the greatest effect on a developing being. It is between the stage of childhood and adulthood that the most change takes place. This position, called adolescence, is the state of a person coming of age yet not completely independent, it is this state that the psychologist Erik Erikson’s adolescent theory becomes prominent....   [tags: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man]

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Analysis of Andy Warhol and the Couple with Balloons, Plaza Hotel, New York City

- Andy Warhol was born on August 6th, 1928 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Warhol was not pnly a photographer, but he was also in performance art, filmmaking, and writing, and was a leader in the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. Warhol’s mother was an artist and taught him how to draw, which became one of his favorite hobbies as a child. His mother also bought him his first camera when he was 9, introducing him to photography. Warhol developed huge interest in fame and celebrities, which became the focus of much his art....   [tags: photography, colors, popluar, lines]

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Asserting Your Independence by Testing The Boundaries of Sexuality in "The Storm"

- caught in their own individual marital obligations to people other than themselves. The passion they have for each other, though, overtakes any kind of desire to stay committed to their spouses with minimal regrets as the story progresses. A great majority of the narrative in the “The Storm” implies that testing ones boundaries in human sexuality is one of the more passionate forms of asserting one’s own independence. This approach greatly contradicts the opposing beliefs of traditional cultures that have an extreme disapproval of any kind of experimentation or heavy passion outside of one’s own marriage....   [tags: The Storm, sexuality, Kate Chopin,]

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Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella Sonnet 20 versus Shakespeare's Sonnet 130

- In Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella Sonnet 20 and William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, both are talking about love. Love in a romantic relationship, yet they seem very different from each other. Sir Philip Sidney’s is the traditional Petrarchan sonnet and Shakespeare’s have his own style of sonnet. Take a side on the type of sonnets, the two sonnets shares some more differences. The love object in Astrophil and Stella Sonnet 20 and Sonnet 130 by Shakespeare are very unlike, the former one fits all the conventional beauty and the latter one is opposite; the treatment of love is different as well, Sir Philip Sidney illustrate it in a violence way and Shakespeare describe it in a more co...   [tags: beauty and love]

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Dracula and the Threat of Female Sexual Expression by Bram Stoker

- The late nineteenth century Irish novelist, Bram Stoker is most famous for creating Dracula, one of the most popular and well-known vampire stories ever written. Dracula is a gothic, “horror novel about a vampire named Count Dracula who is looking to move from his native country of Transylvania to England” (Shmoop Editorial Team). Unbeknownst of Dracula’s plans, Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, traveled to Castle Dracula to help the count with his plans and talk to him about all his options....   [tags: vampire stories, horror novel]

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Zora Neale Hurston vs Langston Hughes on the African American Dream

- The American Dream was just that for that for some of the Blacks who were struggling or living in New York during the Harlem Renaissance. Living the “American Dream” was something most thought they would never see or have the pleasure to enjoy. Working a good job, being treating fairly and being able to own a nice house and buy nice things was all a dream that they believed would never become a reality. One could say those were the thoughts of the Blacks who didn't have faith or hope or the drive to make the “American Dream” their reality....   [tags: How It Feels to Be Colored Me]

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Why Can't Things Go Back to the Way They Were?

- ... Early start tomorrow.” She pulled away. Jim turned off the television. “Alright, buddy, time for bed.” He unstrapped Julian one last time for the day and laid him gently onto his bed, restraining his arms and legs, again. He kissed his forehead, gently rubbed his head and turned off one of the lights to his room. Jim looked at the football border that ran around the ceiling of Julian’s room. “It looks great,” Lindsey had said, rubbing her tummy, bright-eyed when he had finished putting it up....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Statement of Purpose for a Masters in Computer Science

- I, Likhitha, have been fascinated by the advancements in technology and innovations. Since my schooling, I have been inclined towards problem solving; this made me to opt for sciences – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in my high school education. Gradually I was introduced to one of the most ingenious human innovations: the computer. Soon I was attracted to the fact that it has a major role to play in the contemporary world. My interest in them propelled me to learn language packages like C, C++, J2SE and advanced Java, and also take up the courses on Oracle, MySQL, HTML and MATLAB....   [tags: education, goals, research]

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6 Cigar Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction about Cigars

- What does a cigar smoker have in common with a fisherman. They are both propagators of tall tales. The fish gets bigger and myths about cigars get more embellished with each telling. Let's separate fact from fiction to bust a few longtime myths about cigars. Myth #1: "People who Smoke Cigars are Snobs" "Cigar Consumption Favors the Wealthy" – (2 myths in 1!) If you're a beginning cigar aficionado, chances are you'll hook-up with cigar snobs at the local cigar bar. Be warned, it offends them when they observe you smoking your cigar "wrong"....   [tags: smokers, taste, churchill]

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Homeschooling in the United States: Types, Pros and Cons

- ... In the current liberal environment, there is a clear avoidance of religion in school. Parents do not want to follow the non-religious curriculum. Homeschooling allows the parent to teach their spiritual beliefs. Finally, the homeschoolers can focus on subjects that are relevant. There is no busywork. They can focus on subjects the child is interested in, encourage the child’s creativity, and take advantage of the resources available in the community (Taylor-Hough, 2010). Those opposed to homeschooling often belief the state is the best qualified to teach the children....   [tags: Education, Parents, Curriculum]

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Poem Analysis: O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman

- ... But as the crowd cheering, he remains on deck, bewailing the death of his admirable captain. O Captain. My Captain. is Whitman’s tribute to Abraham Lincoln. The whole poem is an allegory of Lincoln’s death. Lincoln is the “captain” and the “fearful trip” is the (American) Civil War. The captain is “fallen cold and dead” refers to the fact that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the Civil Wars. “The ship” is the United States and “the prize” is the preservation of the Union. One of the figurative languages used in O Captain....   [tags: allegory, abraham lincoln, union]

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Supervolcanoes and The Extinction of The Human Race

- Supervolcanic eruptions are very large volcanic eruptions. None have been witnessed in recorded human history, but the evidence of them can be found in the geological record. While infrequent, a supervolcanic eruption is slightly more likely on average than a meteorite impact of comparable size, and they are capable of producing devastating effects. Previous supereruptions have been linked to mass extinction events. If one were to occur in the near future, it is possible it would cause the extinction of the human race....   [tags: supereruptions, Pacific Ring of Fire]

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Analysis and Evaluation of the Types of Emotion

- ... This agrees with the aforementioned notion that despite the innate emotional expressions, one is still able to modify the outcome of their emotion. It is an emotional intelligence skill that takes time, practice and having a firm faith. Modern research has proved emotional intelligence skills (EQ) to be acquired skills that everyone can learn and acquire. This skill is said to be the true measure of success in life as it ascertains and influences both intrapersonal and interpersonal communications....   [tags: scientific, empirical and Islamic perspectives]

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The African Origin of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

- Few bygone civilizations fascinate us as much as that of the ancient Egyptians. The kingdom along the Nile River has been the subject of countless books, magazine articles, movies, and television shows and documentaries. There is even a hotel in Las Vegas with an ancient Egyptian theme. Museums all over the world dedicate entire galleries to excavated Egyptian artifacts, and Egypt itself receives millions of tourists flocking to photograph its ruins each year. There are many reasons behind our infatuation with ancient Egypt....   [tags: african history, anthropology, culture, Egypt]

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Imagery from Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential Campaign

- In 1992, President Bill Clinton was a little known former governor from the poor state of Arkansas who thwarted President George H.W. Bush’s effort to be reelected and became the 42nd president of the United States. During the primary and general election, President Clinton’s campaign made extensive use of television to introduce himself and his ideas to the general public. Three examples were chosen as representative of the type of imagery seen during campaign. The first is a TV ad called “Hope”, the next is a picture from President’s appearance on the Arsenio Hall TV show and the last is a TV ad called “1988.” These examples serve to represent key moments that occurred during the presiden...   [tags: taxes, voters, election, politics]

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Beauty in the Eye of a Poet

- “Beauty in the Eye of a Poet” “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”- Kahlil Gibran. Comparatively between “Sonnet 130”, by William Shakespeare and “The Harlem Dancer”, by Claude McKay, they are English sonnets with fourteen lines or stanzas, and the rhyme scheme of ABABCDCDEFEFGG. Both sonnets use metaphors, imagery, and sense of tone to describe female beauty. The speaker’s admires female beauty, yet in different viewpoints. Shakespeare uses nature to compare his lover, being that she isn’t the ideal significant other....   [tags: William Shakespeare, Literary Analysis]

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Deciding Upon Which Social Path to Take

- The hardest part of adolescence is never knowing which direction to take. Adolescents question who their real friends are and what a real friend is. Most importantly they question, who they are. They're surrounded by so many stereotypes and struggle to fit the expectations of their middle school or high school peers. Some will do whatever it takes to fit in with the crowd and community. In focusing on young women particularly, some may look up to the image of the ideal woman, which would be the perfect body, intelligence, and wifely personality....   [tags: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson]

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I am a Robot: A Short Story

- I feel a jolt and come to my senses in a small box, my mouth sucking in air, my mind immediately running a list of what might have happened. Words. I know these words, somehow, although my mind has never spoken any of them before. I know definitions, I know context, I know grammar and syntax. These words dance in my head, in the dark and quiet of this box. Box. Noun. A rigid typically rectangular container with or without a cover. An open cargo container of a vehicle. Coffin. Am I in a coffin. I do not think that this is a coffin....   [tags: Creation, Technology]

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Drama In Act I, Scene V

- Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story written William Shakespeare in the 16th century. The themes are based on tragedy, love and fate. Love is introduced by Romeo and Juliet throughout the play and is what they only do together. Their fate sadly will be their death. However they were both destined to end in calamity. To begin with, the play opens with the prologue in Verona, Italy. The prologue is written as a sonnet and is a traditional poetic form that dealt with a theme of requited love. Sonnets also created a sense of harmony....   [tags: Literary Elements]

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The Secret Beneath The Starry Sky

- It was noon on an early summer day, but the sun was hidden behind clouds, and a gloom shroud had fallen over the town. a doctor, briskly entered a hospital room and looked at his patient, an elderly, frail-looking woman, laying motionless upon her bed. A few seconds later a frazzled nurse rushed in with the patient's chart. "Sorry doctor," she murmmered as she handed it over. The doctor gave her a knowing smile, another round of cutbacks last month had left the hospital seriously low on staff. Flipping the chart open, he quickly reviewed the nurse's notations for the day....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Taking a Look at Flaccid Dysarthria

- Flaccid Dysarthria falls within one of two major categories of motor speech disorders. Motor speech disorders are classified as either dysarthria’s or apraxia’s. Flaccid Dysarthria, which has to do with damage to the lower motor neurons, is only one of six categorized dysarthria’s, the others being as follows: Spastic Dysarthria, Ataxic Dysarthria, Hyperkinetic Dysarthria, Hypokinetic Dysarthria, and Mixed Dysarthria. Features of each of these dysarthria’s are distinctive due to the site of damage and can help with the diagnosis of the particular dysarthria....   [tags: motor speech disorders]

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Letter from Sidney to Shakespeare: A Comparison of Two Sonnets

- Letter from Sidney to Shakespeare: A Comparison of Two Sonnets My Dearest William, I have just returned from seeing your marvelous new tragedy Romeo and Juliet, and I wish to offer my sincere congratulations on another stupendous success. One particular passage from the play has stuck in my mind. In the first act, scene five, Romeo and Juliet exchange a dialogue about a kiss which is in the form of a sonnet. This reminded me of one of my own sonnets: Sonnet #81 of Astrophil and Stella. Your views on the subject of kissing are very interesting, and in many ways parallel my own....   [tags: 81 Play Essays]

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Varying Moods in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

- Varying Moods in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Introduction: This essay focuses on the moods and language used in this act. This helps to get a better understanding of what the play is really about. This scene opens with Capulet welcoming his guests to his home. With the great amount of guests he thinks this makes him more popular than Montague. Capulet is in a jolly mood; he makes jokes as he quickly introduces himself to everyone. He wants people to begin the festivities....   [tags: Papers]

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Edna St. Vincent Millay Vs. William Shakespeare

- Edna St. Vincent Millay's "What Lips My Lips Have Kissed, and Where and Why" is an effective short poem, which feeds on the dissonance between the ideal of love and its reality, heartbreak. In William Shakespeare's "Let Me Not to The Marriage of True Minds," the effectiveness is weakened by its idealiality and metaphysical stereotype. In contrast to Millay, Shakespeare paints a genuine portrait of what love should be but unfortunately never really is. This factor is what makes his poem difficult to relate to, thus weakening the effect on the reader....   [tags: Love Poetry Poem Compare Contrast]

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The Importance of Romeo and Juliet

- The Importance of Romeo and Juliet In the past few weeks, we have been studying Romeo and Juliet. Of this, we have been focusing most on the scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet. For this piece of coursework, I have been asked to explain what happens in this scene and why this is so important. The scene begins where a group of servants are preparing for the party. We then see Capulet welcoming Romeo in to the party, “Welcome, gentlemen. I have seen the day that I have worn a visor.” This is a vital part to the rest of this scene....   [tags: Papers]

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Differences Defines Romeo and Juliet and Pyramus and Thisbe

- Differences set people apart in many ways. However, these differences can destroy or build, it all depends on how the contrasts are introduced to the situation. As true as this is with individual people, it could quite possibly be even more true with poems and stories. Genres could variate in types of story, but overall, the connections are obvious. Poems and mythology can connect with differences and similarities just as easily as a person can fight from different characteristics of themselves....   [tags: love, misconception, genre, stories]

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Similarities Between Dolce & Gabana and Camel Cigarette Advertisements

- ... Shared values can be achieved through the use of dominant ideas, stereotypes, and values that can be easily understood and interpreted by the audience in a given culture. However, it is critical to understand that different audiences can interpret an advertisement in various ways. The audience can interpret an advertisement differently than the intention of the advertiser. When taking a look at the images, the most important aspect is the colors used in the advertisements. The Dolce & Gabana lipstick advertisement gives a representation of a sensual woman who looks and feels good about herself....   [tags: images, audience, sensual]

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My New Co-Worker is Becoming My Best Friend

- She’s the type of person who’d take walks anywhere. And I mean ANYWHERE, whether it is a park, or even a graveyard. It sort of creeps me out, this new co-worker of mine. But the thought soon shook off me after weI had one brief lunch-break together. I can’t imagine her dressing up in designer clothes and acting like those other posh people back at the office. Her sense of style was not sophisticated but it was respectable and casual. It really did suit her. I guess it’s because she feels comfortable and confident in them, and it shows that too....   [tags: friendship essay, my best friend]

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Language Therapy for Cleft Palate and/or Cleft Lip

- Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip is one of the most common facial defects in infants. However, surgery can correct either defect or both. Scientists believe that environmental and genetic factors though don’t have a specific cause in which they can prevent Cleft Palate or Lip to occur. “Cleft Palate is a split or opening in the roof of the mouth, and can involve the hard palate and/or the soft palate… Cleft Lip is the physical split or separation of the two sides of the upper lip and appears as a narrow opening or gap in the skin of the upper lip....   [tags: Children, Corrective, Surgery]

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The Development of Romeos Character

- The Development of Romeos Character "Oh I am fortunes fool" Romeo and Juliet was written in the 1950's. At this time courtly love and the sonnet form of poem was very popular. Young men would hide their feelings and go away to hide and cry. Romeo's character in the beginning of the play is very much like this because he thinks he is in love with Rosaline who never even appears in the play. Romeo's farther, Lord Montague discusses his worries for his son with his nephew Benvolio....   [tags: Papers]

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You Play the What? Euphonium

- As a musician one of the most frequent questions that I receive is, “What instrument do you play?” When I answer, the look on the persons face is a face of confusion. “What’s a euphonium?” they ask. This occurs not only to me, but to every euphoniumist who is ever asked this very question. Although the word euphonium is foreign to most people, the instrument is not. The euphonium, with its beautiful rich tone is the chief tenor soloist in the military and concert band. The euphonium is a conical-bore, baritone voiced brass instrument that derives its name from the Greek word euphonos....   [tags: uncommon instruments, history and use today]

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The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

- John Wyndham made a very strong impression on any reader who has happened upon his book “The Chrysalids”. He brings to mind a harsh reality that is exaggerated within the novel, the fear of unknown powers. “Respect for God was frequently on his lips, and fear of the devil constantly in his heart, and it seems to have been hard to say which inspired him more.” The previous quote summarizes the basic thought process that the characters in the novel have. The people of Waknuk are terrified by the devil and inspired by God, which causes them to do unruly things....   [tags: modern society, human, power]

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Learning to Pronounce English

- I am amazed because everything I have done before is what this book is telling us to do so, although, after some time I had realized what my teacher really wanted me to accomplish was to be able to think in English anything I had in mind by speaking out. Curiously, in this book there are some expressions that tell you how to improve your pronunciation such as: “THE MORE YOU PRACTICE THE BETTER” “PRACTICE MAKES MASTER” I have done this one way or the other, and I do not think I will be able to stop....   [tags: Language]

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