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Virginity Narrative and Life Choices

- Virginity is a social construct because it is not founded in objective reality, but rather in imagined reality or the collective imaginations of humans. Hanne Blank, author of “Virgin: An Untouched History” could not find a medical definition of virginity. Ann Knöfel Magnusson noted in Scarlteen that physically there is no difference between virgins and non-virgins. Virginity was an idea invented human imaginations, and is ultimately defined by our imaginations. The definition of virginity is far from set in stone, ultimately virginity is contextual and relative to culture, time period, and who you are asking....   [tags: Hanne Blank, films about virginity analysis]

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Choices: a Metaphor for Life, for My Life

- The little girl is dragged by her big sister and friend into the forest, stumbling over broken twigs and rugged tree roots concealed beneath the multicoloured leafy ground. Her older sister grasps her hand tightly, so as to prevent her from wandering astray. Rich aromas swirl around the forest; the tantalizing smells of the berries and fruit, teasing them, trying to tempt them to make wrong a turn. The little girl’s hair, tangled with the branches of the undergrowth, which she and her sister have just climbed through....   [tags: Choices, ]

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The Blame of Cheryl´s Life Choices

- The topic of this essay is to discuss who is to blame for the outcome of Cheryl’s life. Cheryl made many bad choices in her life. First, she chose to be an alcoholic. It was not the alcohol’s fault, but hers for going to parties and bars to drink the alcohol. Second, she chose to stay in a relationship with Mark. Mark made her life miserable even though she loved him and she did not leave him as she could have. Third, she could have prevented the marriage between April and Bob by convincing April not to marry him....   [tags: alcoholic, relationship, suicide, marriage]

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Are We Communicate Healthy Life Choices?

- Several different approaches are used to communicate healthy life choices; some examples are lectures, training objectives, individual coaching, and patient counseling sessions (Trident, n.d.). The thought of sending an e-card to get someone 's attention about a health issue is new to me. Sure I’ve sent e-greating cards, but I would’ve never thought of the idea to use e-cards to raise awareness. After visiting the HealthFinders website and viewing several of the e-cards, I choose an e-card from the category of Healthy Celebration....   [tags: Health, Health care, Health education, Medicine]

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Life's Challenges and Choices

- In life we are faced with challenges and choices. Do we choose the path that seems easier or the path that is harder. Do we choose to follow our hearts or someone else’s. Do we think about how it will affect us and our loved ones or do we just go with it. Do life choices change our fate. Life choices change the present, but will they push us off our true path. In the biography ‘Wave of Destruction’ by Eric Krauss. Puek and Dang had the choice to follow the path someone else had laid out for them, but neither followed....   [tags: path, fate, dreams]

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An Analysis Of ' Miley Cyrus 's ' Life Choices '

- From Pro – athletics to actors to singers, we are able to see their rise and fall of stardom in the media. Magazines, the internet, and television shows allow people to hear and see the daily lives of our favorite stars. Having your life constantly watched does not allow for any mistakes to made because people will be watching and judging if you do anything the causes conflicted. Stardom depends on how many people are interested and want to pay attention. As humans our nature is to make mistakes, learn from the mistakes and grow into the person you are to become....   [tags: Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus]

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We Should Consider Our Life Choices

- This analogy is perceived and described as a series of ultimatums where you have to sacrifice all unnecessary discretionary money that you currently make in order to save children living in poverty with deadly diseases, Peter Singer a utilitarian philosopher, and author of this article wholeheartedly believes we should give up our worldly possessions and help those in need instead of accruing luxurious items like expensive cars, jewelry, and fine dining. His use of Bobs Bugatti as an example is very intriguing and proclaims a very persuasive argument in how we should consider our life choices....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral, Donation]

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The Power of Choice

- “Use wisely your power of choice” laws of life essay. Choices are the decisions we make in life, some are good and others are bad. People make choices every second of everyday. The choices we make will always have an outcome, whether or not it is a positive or negative one. People have the choice of whom they accept as normal through comparisons of what they look like and also by their own behaviors. People who act and look like each other and with similar values are more likely to accept individuals of the same kind....   [tags: Life Choices]

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Living the Christian Life is the Most Rewarding Life

- Living the Christian life is the most rewarding life—if it is lived the way God wants it to be lived. Although God has saved His children from an eternal punishment, it does not mean the Christian life is full of rainbows and fluffy pink clouds of comfort and bliss. God never said that living the Christian life is easy, He has only told His children to trust Him for everything—and anything. How often do Christians take their salvation for granted and choose to live for themselves. Then justify their actions by saying, “I’m going to heaven anyways, I can live whatever way I want to live”....   [tags: religious beliefs, life choices]

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Taylor's Life Choices in "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver

- In The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver, protagonist Taylor Greer is not your average teenage girl from Pittman, Kentucky. Taylor refuses to remain in her hometown forever, which only leads to teenage pregnancy and motherhood until death. On a mission to escape Pittman’s stereotypical teenage girl image, she buys a ‘55 Volkswagen and embarks on a journey west. Just when she thinks she is home free, Taylor is left with an abandoned three-year-old American Indian girl. Ironically, Taylor ends up as an unplanned single mother....   [tags: Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver, ]

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Your search returned over 400 essays for "life choices"
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