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Licensing, Credentialing, And Self Regulation

- Introduction Licensing, credentialing, and self-regulation is a complex web of public and private professional regulations. Anytime a patient sees a health care provider he or she assumes that individual is a competent professional meeting standards set by profession. From a public perspective, the medical profession in the United States has traditionally been the quintessential example of a self-regulated profession, invested with deep public trust and granted the privilege of self-regulation through credentialing (Cerenzia, 2014)....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Healthcare]

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The Issue Of Practice And Licensing Requirements

- Reading our third take-home case vignette C, reminded me of several ethical and legal issues as a future Marriage and Family therapist, should be aware of. Knowing these rules could help me to avoid making mistakes after graduation and work in a safe atmosphere with clear boundaries in which I have knowledge about my limitation as a therapist. In this paper, I will summarize the issues which I recognized in the Case Vignette C. The first issue that I am going to discuss is the MFT Scope of Practice and Licensing Requirements....   [tags: Psychology, Ethics, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry]

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Supporting Arguments for Parent Licensing

- ... In addition, if we did come up with a criteria, it would be too generalized (in order to include different cultures) that it wouldn’t be able to differentiate between good and bad parents. This overgeneralization would allow bad parents to be inadvertently licensed. These are strong objections to Lafollette, but I believe there is a solution to them. The objection of distinguishing between good and less than good parents is wrong because Lafollette states in his paper that his proposal “…does not demand that we license only the best parents; rather it is designed to exclude only the very bad ones” (Lafollette 1980, 190)....   [tags: Hugh Lafollette's paper, good-bad pareting]

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What is Open Source Licensing

- ... A conclusion that came out was that the open-source licensing regimes are no longer confined to idealistic or academic programmers but have led to the creation of diverse licenses that provide for different possibilities and accordingly are more or less compatible with copyright protection. In chapter five the most important legal controversies around open source software licenses from a contractual point of view were put under scrutiny. This analysis estimated that the uncertainty around the contractual nature of open source licenses should be considered minor due to the fact that the courts, after a period of skepticism, have shown a positiveness to apply and enforce any license of sof...   [tags: software, intellectual property rights]

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Licensing a Childcare Business

- Introduction The process of opening a childcare facility is thorough, tedious and time consuming. The benefits of following proper procedures are time saving, informative and essential to the well being of the children being served. As the process begins there are many avenues in which to gather your information. You may choose to reference a textbook for initial pre-licensing direction. A University approved text would be “Developing and Administering a Child Care and Education Program authored by Dorothy Sciarra (Sciarra, 2007)....   [tags: Process Essay]

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Paralegals: Regulations and Licensing

- Paralegals are employed in a wide variety of legal settings and play an ever-increasing role in the delivery of affordable and efficient legal services. However, regulation of paralegals has been non-existent or inconsistent, though the topic continues to be a significant issue. Across the country, paralegals advocate bar associations, state legislatures and courts to consider regulatory programs that go beyond merely defining the term "Paralegal." Federally required licensing of paralegals would benefit future growth and development of the career field and address the controversial issues surrounding it....   [tags: Law, legal]

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Supporting Arguments for Parent Licensing: Hugh Laffollette's Licensing Parents

- Supporting Arguments for Parent Licensing In Hugh Lafollette’s paper, “Licensing Parents” he talks about the need for government licensing of parents. His argument states that for any activity that is harmful to others, requires competence, and has a reliable procedure for determining competence, should require licensing by the government. This argument relates to parenting because it can be harmful to children, requires competence to raise those children, and we can assume that a reliable procedure can be formulated....   [tags: Maltreatment of Children, Overgeneralization]

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Licensing And Professional Organizations For A Nonprofit Organization

- LICENSING AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 2 LICENSING AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 5 Licensing and professional organizations Ashlee Seek South University Running head: LICENSING AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 1 Licensing and professional organizations As an Adult/ Gerontologic advanced practice nurse (A/G APN) I want to work for a nonprofit organization. Specifically, I want to be involved with Heart of Florida Center. Heart of Florida began in 2007 with an original goal to provide patients with a cost effective alternative to the emergency room for non-emergency situations....   [tags: Nurse practitioner, Registered nurse]

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The Argument for Licensing Parents Needs Revisions

- In the essay Licensing Parents, LaFollette argues that the state should require all parents to be licensed (182). Though LaFollette considers some theoretical and practical objections to his claim, he gives no particular attention to how parenting could be precisely defined as potentially harmful to children, what specific competence would be required for parenting to be done safely, and how reliably such competence could be determined. In this paper, I maintain that, since LaFollette’s argument does not provide an adequate clarification of the definition of harm and the attributes of competence, his argument needs serious revision....   [tags: harmful policy, objections, punishment]

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Government Failure and Free to Air TV Licensing

- ... And all members’ appointment is decided by the Chief Executive. c. Method for selecting Legislative Council members The only way for ordinary citizens to express their preference is through the Legislative Council Election. There are 70 Legislative Council members with 35 members returned by geographical constituencies through direct election, and 35 members by functional constituencies. Regarding functional constituency, it represents some professionals or special interest and only eligible voters have the right to vote in the functional constituency election....   [tags: take home exam]

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National Collegiate Athletic Association And The Collegiate Licensing Company

- The current and former athletes contend in their lawsuit that the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Collegiate Licensing Company’s refusal to pay compensation to former student athletes for the use of the former athletes’ name, image, and likeness in advertisements, television broadcasts, memorabilia, video games, and other promotional deals violates federal antitrust laws according to Infante, Corgan, and Baran (2015). In addition, the plaintiffs sought to challenge the NCAA rules which set restrictions on compensation for the elite men’s basketball and football programs....   [tags: Contract, Supreme Court of the United States]

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Public Relations Professional Licensing

- Licensing and The Public Relations Professional PR's Pioneers The public relations field has the opportunity to connect its past and present to garner a powerful future, by making the PR profession a licensed one. Since the time of such PR pioneers like Edward Bernays (1891 - 1995), argued to be the "father of public relations" and Ivy Lee (1877 – 1934) also argued to be the "father of public relations, PR practitioners have desperately fought to amass respect and maintain legitimacy in the eyes of the public and other professional groups....   [tags: Jobs Careers]

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Software Licensing and Piracy

- Software Licensing and Piracy In 1993 worldwide illegal copying of domestic and international software cost $12.5 billion to the software industry, with a loss of $2.2 billion in the United States alone. Estimates show that over 40 percent of U.S. software company revenues are generated overseas, yet nearly 85 percent of the software industry's piracy losses occurred outside of the United States borders. The Software Publishers Association indicated that approximately 35 percent of the business software in the United States was obtained illegally, which 30 percent of the piracy occurs in corporate settings....   [tags: Technology Software Copyrights Computers Essays]

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Licensing vs. Franchising

- Licensing vs. Franchising LICENSING Licensing is Lower Cost and Can Be Done Quickly. If you are thinking about expanding your operation through franchising, licensing may be an alternative because (1) it is substantially less expensive, and (2) it takes about ten to fifteen business days to complete rather than months and months for franchises....   [tags: Business Compare Contrast]

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Franchising Vs Licensing

- Franchising Vs. Licensing Franchising and licensing are means of expanding a business. These two terms are often confused with one another. However, franchising and licensing come from two distinct areas. A comprehensive difference is shown in the following table. Definitions Franchising is a business model in which you purchase a license of a specific business. The Franchise Fee {Licensing fee} gives you the right to open a franchise of that particular business, using trademarks, signage, products, software, business systems etc....   [tags: Compare Contrast Business Model]

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Licensing vs. Certification of Computer Professionals

- Licensing vs. Certification of Computer Professionals        Abstract:            Recent movements have attempted to either certify or license computer workers in order to promote professionalism. Certification of computer professionals is a more informal approach that would not be legally required, and it would promote professionalism while maintaining the flexibility necessary for a maturing discipline. Licensing, on the other hand, would imply a set of legal requirements for all computer professionals.  In this paper, I will show that there are two main problems with licensing.  First, the exact definitions of specific sub-fields are still unclear because the field continues to change...   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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The Example of Multinational Corporation Operation in a Foreign Market

- Multinational Corporation (MNC) is a business organization whose activities are located in more than two countries and is the organizational form that defines foreign direct investment, which the form consist of country location where the form is incorporated and of the establishment of branches or subsidiaries in foreign countries (Kogut, 2001; Shah, F. A., Yusaf, D. M., Hussain, A., & Hussain, J., 2012); or it can simplify to say if there have cheap production cost are located in other countries, MNC will place their business in there to enjoy material resources (Bennett, 2002)....   [tags: Licensing, Joint Ventures]

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Calvin Klein Inc.'s Suit Against Warnaco Group, Inc.

- In the year 1990 Calvin Klein, Inc. and Warnaco Group, Inc. entered a licensing agreement. Under the licensing agreement the product that is being produced is the famous Calvin Klein Jeans. The license agreement was to expire in the year 2034 making it a 44 year term, but that all change on May 30, 2000 after Calvin Klein, Inc. filed a law suit against Warnaco Group, Inc. “for breaching its Jeanswear licensing and distribution contract and, in so doing, diluting the equity of CKI’s brand.” On this law suit the Calvin Klein company stated that the Warnaco Group, Inc....   [tags: licensing agreement breach]

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Education and Training to Become a Real Estate Broker or Agent

- Education & Training Currently, there are no educational barriers to becoming a real estate broker or agent. Although, it is recommended that one at least have a high school diploma or equivalent. In recent years, there are a growing number of young brokers entering the field, about 70%, have obtained bachelor’s degrees or have some college education. Although no formal higher education is required, having a college education in a business related field makes becoming acclimated to the work much easier....   [tags: experience, business, licensing]

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Driver's License for the Unodumented

- The United States has found that there is approximately 13 million illegal immigrants residing within its borders and that number is predicted to rise with the years to come. Although there is no definite number; there is a great chance that more than half of these 13 million illegal immigrants drive illegally in the United States. This means that there are more than six million drivers on the roads who are not educated on American traffic laws, who are not registered on the government database, and who have no insurance to cover their accidents....   [tags: illegal immigration, licensing aliens]

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Should Parents be Licensed?

- In this paper I will argue that licensing parents is not only impractical but irrational. Hugh Laffollette, the author, argues many premises. However, many of his premises are assumptions and in the end are begging the question and not supporting his conclusion that licensing parents would help determine who is fit to become a parent and also that doing so would help children to become better adequate for adult life. Licensing parents would be a system that would be tedious and even hard to establish....   [tags: licensing parents, avoid harm]

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Telecommunication Market Regulation

- 1. Introduction. Regulation remains one of most important interventions in a liberalised telecommunications market. As more players come into the market and competition increases, regulation becomes even more necessary to bring in sanity. Although there are many critical components of regulation, this paper will discuss the following three components: Licensing and Authorisation, Interconnection and Universal Access\service. 2. Licensing & Authorisation Licensing and authorisation is mode of providing permission to an operator to provide services to a particular jurisdiction....   [tags: Licensing, Authorization, Service]

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Copyright, e-Licensing and The Future of Librarianship

- There are several laws in place that involve copyright and libraries. These laws each affect public libraries and the resources they provide to community members in distinctive ways. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on October 28, 1998. There are five titles included in the DMCA. Title one enacts the WIPO Treaties in the United States. Title two creates limitations on the liability of online service providers for copyright infringement when engaging in certain types of activities....   [tags: libraries, WIPO treates, ethos]

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Parents May Not Be Licensed

- ... In other words, LaFollette does not explicitly establish what comprises exactly the minimum amount of harm that makes the activity potentially harmful or very harmful. Instead, LaFollette only offers two scenarios in which children are harmed—abused or neglected—by their parents (184). In this paragraph, I shall argue that, without a precise definition of harm, either or both of these two scenarios may not actually be harmful to children, under certain circumstances. Although parental abuse is usually considered as being harmful to children, sometimes parents do abuse children unintentially for children’s good....   [tags: La Follete essay, Licencing Parents]

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Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant

- Imagine going up for the perfect lay-up, you make the shot but when you land you twist awkwardly and land on your knee. Laying on the ground, you feel the pain surging through your knee, the first line of defense is an athletic trainer, however if this accident happened when you fell on a wet kitchen floor you could expect much the same care from a physical therapist Athletic Trainers are the first to respond to sport related in game injuries, and provide care after injuries....   [tags: injuries, licesing, college, education, excercise]

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Evaluation Of Ethical Dimensions Of Public Health Options

- Compact Nurse Licensing Multistate nurse licensing is currently a great topic of discussion as health care needs have changed from community based nursing to case management and telehealth nursing. Each state’s board of nursing has identified its own minimum qualifications of licensing in an effort to protect the public; however, this makes obtaining multiple state licenses costly and time consuming. According to the Congress on Nursing Practice and Economic Licensure Portability Work Group (2013) public and private stakeholders are seeking “a safe, high-quality, efficient health care system… with an eye toward creative approaches that allow us to harness technologies, new relationships, [an...   [tags: Health care, Nursing, Health economics, Health]

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Limits of Freedom of Expression in English Law

- What are the limits of freedom of expression in English law. Are they satisfactory. Article 10 of the European convention of human rights holds “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises” This is enshrined in UK law through the Human rights act 1998....   [tags: article 10 of European convention of human rights]

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The Value Creation Of A Global Market

- If there are differences between nations in regard to labor, production, and factor costs with low transportation costs and trade barriers, a firm must expand internationally to survive in a global market. Doing so will require them to base each value creation activity they perform in different locations that are the most beneficial to them. By pursuing this type of strategy, firms realize location economies where a value creation activity is put in the optimal location for that activity. Firms can achieve a low-cost position and/or differentiate their products from competitors....   [tags: International trade, Trade]

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Is it Really Necessary to have a Certificate in Order to be a Paralegal?

- There has been a issue for years when one hears three words as simple as regulating Paralegal profession .The Supreme Court has been trying to enforce paralegals to be certified in order to call them self paralegals, for years. The real question still at hand is who will benefit from it and who will not. Is it really necessary to have a Certificate in order to be a paralegal if one has performed the job for years without it. What are the benefits and what are the cons. Will being a certified paralegal make one look more professional, or will it just trigger confusion between say am a paralegal and am a certified paralegal....   [tags: paralegal, supreme court, law]

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Funding A Business Venture

- Investment bankers are individuals who are responsible for underwriting securities of a company. I have discovered that investment bankers manage the issuance of bonds and counsel their clients on high level issues of financial organization. They also propose and complete strategies for acquiring and merging with other companies, and manage selling a company’s stock. In my opinion, this profession is very important in that, generally speaking, investment bankers are crucial figures in shaping American and world economies, along with the success of your personal business....   [tags: business, financing]

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Should Parents Be Licensed?

- On my 16th birthday, I passed for my drivers’ license test and began driving my beloved PT Cruiser. 2 year ago, my cousin passed her test and received her psychologist license. Now, my sorority sisters are studying to pass the bar exam. All of these activities require licenses because they greatly impact the quality of a person’s life. Parenting is potentially harmful to not only the child but to others as well. Hugh LaFollete raises and analyzes the possibilities of requiring parents to receive licenses....   [tags: Parent, License, Parenting, Licenses]

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The Council For Accreditation Of Counseling And Related Educational Programs

- CACREP is the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs. CACREP focuses on accrediting counseling programs, such as Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling, in the master-level and doctoral level programs. History CACREP was found in 1981 by the American Personal Guidance Associations (Brief Orientation). The purpose of its creation was to oversee accreditation of counseling and related educational programs. Since 1981, CACREP has focused on revising every 7-year basis, revision committee are charged to examine the standards for areas of potential redundancy, lists within standards, and over-prescriptiveness (Urosky, 2013)....   [tags: School counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor]

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Methods of Entry into Foreign Markets

- Introduction Over the years there has been a lot of research carried out on the determinants and consequences of foreign market entry mode. For any firm hoping to succeed in meeting its long term goals, the mode of entry is a strategic decision which will consequently impact on the firm’s competitive advantage and its performance. The main goal of any small or midsize business is trying to delve into new markets. This is because with new market comes bigger profits and over time the small business isn’t so small anymore....   [tags: management styles, country culture]

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The History of Gun Control in the United States

- ... Second Amendment rights are the foundation on which the discussion rests (Trotter). Background checks are another way to control the flow of guns in the United States. Background check can be harmful or helpful. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 mandates such checks. In November 1998, the FBI unveiled the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Using this electronic system, federally licensed gun dealers can perform and instant background check on anyone trying to purchase a firearm....   [tags: the right to bear arms, 2nd ammendment]

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A Brief Note On Gross Fixed Capital Formation

- 1. Gross fixed capital formation is the total amount of capital invested in factories, offices, and other investments for the business. When these investments are increasing, the country is more likely to grow. This difference between Japan and Ireland would indicate that Ireland is growing much faster than Japan. Companies are more likely to realize that Ireland is much more appealing destination because of the growth and the lack of regulation. Japan may be perceived as a hassle and full of regulation....   [tags: Foreign direct investment, Investment]

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How to Start a Commercial Finance Company?

- Currently all the small business houses or the SMEs are praising the support of commercial finance companies all over the world. Mostly these financial organizations are established to provide loan or financial support to a variety of business needs to commercial customers. They have no provision for the general people as they only target business clients. Ranging from small retail stores to the manufacturing firms can obtain loans. Professionals like doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc can also apply for loans from these lenders to expand their in-house business....   [tags: loan, financial, customers, business]

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Indiana Graduated Drivers License

- “Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers, accounting for about a third of all deaths in that age group” (Crisp). In actual numbers, motor vehicle crashes kill more than 5,000 teenagers every year (Gregory). These statistics are frightening and have led more than 50 percent of adults to support higher required ages for drivers’ licenses (Gregory). Teenagers, though, say this would be unfair and would make their lives difficult. Meeting the needs of Indiana teenagers while still keeping them and other drivers safe can be accomplished by a more restrictive graduated licensing law....   [tags: accidents, driver, lincense, teenagers]

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The Business Software Alliance

- The business care for taking control of your computer's software licenses The Business Software alliance's (Bsa) claim that 90% of all audit letters sent in 2012 resulted from whistle-blower's tip- offs should be a wakeup call to cios. It chiefs may well ponder how to progress when the boss refuses to budget for the right number of legitimate software licenses and needs to consider the possibility that disgruntled its staff or contractors are tipping off suppliers or the Bsa, rather than speaking directly to senior its management about their software licensing concerns....   [tags: software licenses, whistle blowers, bsa ]

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Marvel and Toy Biz

- My previous two columns have focused on the story of my short-lived involvement with a group of investors seeking to purchase Marvel Comics in January, 1998. As I related last time, my role in examining the Marvel documents was to analyze the licensing division with an eye as to how much potential revenue we could anticipate from this area. In the end, I had to tell my fellow investors that there really wasn't a whole lot of licensing potential left. Either the rights were hopelessly entangled due to bungling on the part of Marvel's legal staff, or that most of the decent licensing properties had already been sold for many years forward, in exchange for upfront cash payments in previous yea...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Michael Martin 's Contributions On The University Of Wisconsin

- Statement of Michael Martin’s Professional Contributions to The University of Wisconsin - River Falls and the College of Education and Professional Studies. Reflecting on the past nineteen years I have been privileged to work with outstanding students, faculty and colleagues at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. I am humbled and honored been nominated for the University of Wisconsin System, Board of Regents Academic Staff Excellence Award. I have been asked to highlight my professional contributions and service to UW – River Falls....   [tags: Education, University]

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Strategy Options for Gaining Entrance and Competing In Foreign Markets

- In order to thrive and in some cases even survive in today’s global economy, many companies must enter and compete in this ever expanding arena. There are many reasons that drive a company to expand into foreign markets and they can include the goal of acquiring new customers, capitalizing on its core competencies, and to “spread its business risk across a wide market base-” (Bethel University, 2011, p.141). But for whatever reason a company has for competing globally, once that decision is reached it must then choose how it plans to enter into foreign markets....   [tags: Business Administration]

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The Legal Structure Of The United Carolina Secretary Of State

- Legal Structure: After some thorough research, Deepest Needs Counseling would run as a Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC). Since the sole purpose of the business would be to provide counseling services, The North Carolina Secretary of State (n.d.) requires that when a business renders professional services the articles be filed appropriately with the licensing board. The steps to follow would be to complete a Certificate of Registration Application and submit it along with a $50.00 application fee, and a copy of the unapproved Articles of Organization to the NCBLPC Board (NCBLPC, n.d.)....   [tags: Limited liability company, Corporation]

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The Ethics Of The Alabama Department Of Community Health

- Over the past five years, some major changes have been implemented for the industry. Restaurateurs and management must stay up to date and current on issues. The Alabama Department of Community Health as well as local community health departments regulates restaurants. There are extensive licensing fees associated with the business such as liquor licensing, music and entertainment licensing, business licensing, food service permits and environmental fees. The Independent Restaurant and Bar Association of Alabama is an organization that encourages membership....   [tags: Restaurant, Food, Revenue, Foodborne illness]

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Linux : A Free Operating System Kernel

- Linux began in 1991 by a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds, when he constructed a project to create a free operating system kernel. He wrote the Linux program for the hardware he was using which contained a 80386 processor. Since that time, Linux has exponentially grown and now contains more than 18 million lines of source code. The Linux trademark is owned by the creator, Linus Torvalds, but the Linux kernel is governed by a license known as the GPL (GNU General Public License). The GPL allows users to modify, copy, or distribute software under the license provided....   [tags: Operating system, Apple Inc., Mac OS X, Microsoft]

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Media Regulations and Media Industry Growth

- In such a small country like Singapore, there are more than 37 media regulations and 11 licenses in our media industry. Due to media regulations, mass media is being controlled by or is under the guidance of the government and other bodies. These regulations and licenses have many goals, such as protecting “public interests” and encouraging the media industry growth. However, in 2009, our media industry has contributed to less than 4.4% of Singapore’s GDP ( Media regulations set by the Media Development Authority (MDA) in Singapore do not promote media industry growth as the regulations reduces the number of audience reached, restrict the freedom of speech and restrict the expres...   [tags: Free-To-Air t.v., internet]

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Sample Resume : Electrical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering Andrew L. Petereck American Public University Abstract The purpose of this research was to address specific topics regarding a career in electrical engineering. Some of the topics that will be covered are licensing, professional society history, labor statistics, and additional requirements. Although there is no federal requirement for licensing to be an electrical engineer, most states have requirements (Joyner). The professional society for electrical engineers is ISEE which stands for IAENG Society of Electrical Engineering (IAENG, n.d.) Even though electrical engineers had a 2012 median pay of $89,630, the growth outlook for the next six years is...   [tags: Engineering, Professional Engineer]

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Markets for Technology

- Licensing tends to be chosen in a distant market, when the market share of the licensor is small and when the downstream market is significantly competitive. Market for technology provokes effective internal management and organization of companies’ intellectual property. On the other hand, for small firms, markets for technology increase the usefulness of strategies based on specialization of such firms in technology development. They do not need to incur expensive and shaky investments in downstream assets and can profit from their research even if they lack the complementary assets....   [tags: Marketing]

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The Shortage of Columbaria

- Because of the limited land supply, finding affordable housing is an enormous challenge for most of the Hong Kong people and even for the dead. To make matter worse, the ageing population rises the number of death and the demand for cremation and columbaria. According to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s statistic (2013), “the number of cremations is expected to increase from 38000 in 2010 to 47300 in 2020” (p.1). As a result, it leads to an acute shortage of columbaria. In order to satisfy the public demand for columbaria, it is vital for the Hong Kong government to increase the supply of columbarium facilities and promote the sustainable way of handling cremains....   [tags: Hong Kong, Cremains, Solutions]

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Drill-Bit Manufacturing Company, Inc

- Drill-Bit Manufacturing company, Inc. wants to license its product out to Mexico. Dill-Bit should take certain steps to protect its IPR. Within the Mexico licensing agreement, Drill- Bit manufacturing should lay out what its expectations are and how they should be met. Drill-Bits success largely depends on the quality of its products. This has been apparent in both the home market and over seas. Its German manufacturer has kept the same standards as in the U.S. which has lead to a licensing agreement that has been completely satisfactory....   [tags: Case Study Solution]

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The Origins of Free Speech

- The origins of free speech can be traced back to sixteenth century England and the reign of Henry VII.  Due to the ascension of the printing press and the proliferation of ideology contrary to the crown, Henry established laws against seditious libel, the criticism of English government or government officials.  To enforce these laws, Henry created three administrative branches -- privy counsel, stationers company and star chamber.  The privy counsel was in charge of licensing.  In order to publish, one first had to be cleared by the privy counsel.  The stationers company kept a census of all English publication.  This surveillance group recorded such information as the target audience and p...   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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My Understanding About Educational Care For Preschoolers At Chico Community Children 's Center

- Vision Statement: I want to expand my understanding about educational care for preschoolers at Chico Community Children’s Center. In order to better understand about educational care for preschooler, I will learn how Chico Community Children’s Center functions with relation to funding sources, licensing, and philosophy, assist in planning, implementing, and evaluating the curriculum with my directors and peers, and work directly with and on behalf of staff, children, and families in a variety of contexts....   [tags: Knowledge, Education, Observation]

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South Carolina State Board of Accountancy Violation Cases of 2008

- South Carolina State Board of Accountancy Violation Cases of 2008 In order to become a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) one must take and pass the CPA exam issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In order to receive licensing, one must follow the guidelines of their respective state in order to obtain a license from that state’s Board of Accountancy to get into practice. With any practice there are rules and guidelines that a person must follow. The Code for CPAs is in place in order to ensure that licensees practice accounting without any problems or discrepancies....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, CPA Exam]

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The XenoMouse: The Case of Where the Business Should Go

- The XenoMouse: The Case of Where the Business Should Go 1) What are the pros and cons of Abgenix collaborating with a partner on ABX-EGF in comparison to going solo. A partner to the business brings an advantage of providing additional capital, resources, and other material to develop the ABX-EGF drug program, all the while limiting the amount of risk that Abgenix takes on. For example, the drug may not develop correctly and fail in trail(s), or possibly the turns out to be unsuccessful, this after Abgenix provides a large amount of their limited resources....   [tags: pros and cons, decisions, monetary factors]

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In House Computing to Internet, Cloud Based, Computing

- Introduction This paper will address some of the questions commonly raised by SMART Consultant customers in regards to converting from in house computing to internet, cloud based, computing using software as a service (SaaS). Furthermore it will provide the basic knowledge needed to perform an analysis of their business to determine if SaaS is an appropriate model. First we will review what software as a service is. The traditional model of procuring software and installing it on your local computer is called software as a product....   [tags: business, Saas, smart consultant]

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Security, Ethical, and Legal Issues Surrounding the Internet

- The internet and the World Wide Web are arguably the greatest inventions of our time. The effects of the internet are deeply pervasive now influencing almost every sphere of our lives. The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, conduct business, relate with each other, entertain, educate and retrieve information. With the touch of a button, we can now communicate face to face with friends and relatives miles away. The internet has also provided an efficient medium for sharing large volumes of information at low cost....   [tags: cookies, data logging, copyright, trojan horses]

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Licensed Parents : Child Abuse, Neglect And Abandonment

- Licensed Parents Our society normally regulates a certain range of activities; it is illegal to perform these activities unless one has received prior permission, has met all requirements and licensure in order to do so. We require automobile operator 's, wild game hunters, and concealed carriers to acquire licenses after hours of classes. We forbid people from practicing medicine, law, pharmacy, or psychiatry unless they have satisfied certain licensing requirements. Today, we see an astronomical rise in child abuse, neglect and abandonment....   [tags: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Abuse, Regulation]

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An Evaluation Of The Field Of Nursing

- This is a research paper conducted on the very highly pursuited field of nursing. Nursing is a profession in the healthcare field that focuses or assisting others. Not to mention, nurses are heroes because of the many lives they save every day. This is an example that one doesn’t need tights or a cape to be a hero. Never the less, there are many reasons one may want to become nurse. Some of those reasons may be for personal gain or the greater good. However, before becoming a nurse one needs to be educated about educational requirements, licenses and certifications, projected salaries, and the projected job outlook for the next five – ten years for nursing....   [tags: Nursing, Licensed practical nurse]

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The Code Of Hammurabi : An Overview

- “If a builder builds a house for someone, and does not construct it properly and the house which he built falls down and kills its owner, then the builders shall be put to death.” (Van der Heijden 2008) The above quote is derived from the earliest known building code from 2000 BC, which is also known as the code of Hammurabi. The code of Hammurabi is evident that duties and responsibilities of builders towards their client were regarded highly since the 19Th century (Van der Heijden 2008). In the present context, the construction industry is highly regulated, as anyone involved in the building and construction industry are subject to various laws, codes and regulations....   [tags: Building, Construction, Building code, Architect]

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Should The Government Dismantle A Monopolistic Firm?

- The economy is a pivotal part in our everyday life. Consumers are very much affected by the economy whether we think about it or not. Our economic system, once a pure capitalistic system where the government did not regulate the private sector, has shifted to a mixed economy system. Since the emergence of monopolies, the government has increased their involvement in regulating them. With that said, monopolies still exist today. Although they are frowned upon, there are certain benefits monopolies offers....   [tags: Economics, Monopoly, Competition, Cartel]

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Global Market Research Case Study Analysis

- Global Market Research Case Study Analysis Globalization of companies in the global market continues to increase and have major impacts on all areas of business (Aaker, Kumar, & Day, (2007). International marketing research is one of those areas and a major function in organizations in facilitating marketing decisions outside the country the organization is established. Performing effective global market research requires knowledge and expertise in the areas of customer interests, needs, environmental factors, prices, and products of the country of interest....   [tags: Business Analysis, globalization, CADD, profit]

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Software as a Service (SaaS) Analysis

- Introduction This paper will address some of the questions commonly raised by SMART Consultant customers in regards to converting from in house computing to internet, cloud based, computing using software as a service (SaaS). Furthermore it will provide the basic knowledge needed to perform an analysis of their business to determine if SaaS is an appropriate model. First we will review what software as a service is. The traditional model of procuring software and installing it on your local computer is called software as a product....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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How Multinational Corporations Enter New Markets

- Multinational Companies are corporations which have their home in one country but operate & lives under the law & customs of other countries as well. MNC are giant firms with their headquarters located in one country and with variety of business operations in several other countries. Offices/branches/subsidiaries of MNCs work like domestic company in each country where they operate with district policies & strategies suitable to the concerned country (market). They are duopolistic in nature. Sometimes their operations extend beyond the boundaries of nation in which they originally started hence; they also act as transnational corporations....   [tags: Multinational Corporations (MNCs)]

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Upgrade to Microsoft Windows Server 2012

- Introduction Micro Widgets, Incorporated is the world leader in widgets for every aspect of industry. To support the organization, the IT department supports fifty Microsoft Windows 2008 Servers that are used for web services, file and print services, domain name system services (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol services (DHCP), and domain controllers. At the request of department manager David L. Roth, this document serves to propose an upgrade to the environment that takes advantage of the benefits of upgrading the servers to Microsoft Windows Server 2012....   [tags: Windows Deployment Services]

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Regulated Legalization of Cannabis in Germany

- ... Indeed, what proponents of reform advocate is MORE regulation. At this point, the production and distribution of drugs is entirely left to international drug cartels and street dealers, selling products of unknown purity and quality with gigantic profit margins to adults and minors alike (Rolles, 2007).Thus, the German government should set up a government controlled licensing system for the production and sale of cannabis in conjunction with a set of strict rules: ● No sale to minors ● No consumption outside the licensed venues ● No advertising ● Limit number of producers and retailers ● Provide consumers with adequate information regarding cannabis use Impact on stakeholders Improved c...   [tags: drug, trafficking, prohibition]

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Patient Safety And Quality Of Hospital

- Whether you are coming in to sit and wait for someone or you are the one who is having a procedure done safety and quality in any department of health is very important. Patient safety and quality of hospital care can affect hospital ratings. A hospital is an institution that provides medical services for a community. Hospitals can be looked at from many different aspects. The main ones are length of stay, kinds of service, and the type of ownership. Short-term hospitals make up most hospitals. The patients in these hospitals stay only less than a month....   [tags: Health care, Public health, Health, Patient]

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Parents Should Not Be Mandatory License

- Welcome to the 21st century!Where everything requires a license. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, candymakers, stylists, the list go on. It seems like every job requires some sort of card giving them permission to fulfill their vocation. There is a multitude of people who question that the more important jobs do not require a license, whereas the less important ones do. Many parents bring up the valid point that so many other things require a license, so why not something as important as parenting....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Pregnancy, Parenting]

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The Benefits Of Stricter Gun Control

- The Benefits of Stricter Gun Control Ever wonder why countries like the United States of America experiences the most gun massacres among other developed countries. No, it is not the barbarous minds of the civilians, but perhaps the country’s lenient handgun laws. Handgun laws and licensing are enforced in many countries, limiting and controlling the possession and use of firearms within the civilians. To an extent, gun control keeps crime and deaths in control as well. However, nations with more lenient handgun laws suffer more deaths, crime and struggle at maintaining peace within their population....   [tags: Firearm, Crime, Gun politics]

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Ethics in Computer Forensics

- Ethics are the policies you internalize and use to measure your functioning. The criterion that others apply to you or that you’re obligated to adhere to by external forces, such as licensing bodies, can be called ethics, but they are more accurately described as laws. Many professions now call these laws codes of professional conduct or responsibility (Bill Nelson, 2010). People need ethics to help keep their balance, especially in troubling and disputatious situations, and for guidance on their values....   [tags: conduct, professional, trial]

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The Mortgate Industry

- Foreclosure epidemic was a factor in the global economic crisis, forcing devastating consumer loans and the banks to reduce or even close their doors. Public and Congress to explore the causes of the crisis and create solutions, concentrated their mortgage lending industry. Many analysts feel that mortgage originators have been relaxed or even misleading buyers qualifying for loans. The purpose of the provision was to establish the state's supervision of individual mortgage originators, with the result of consumer protection....   [tags: Real Estate]

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IT Consultation for Mr. Green

- There are many differences between Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate which Mr. Green can use to be able to network the workstations. However depending on the size of Mr. Green office, he may want to consider Windows 7 Enterprise because it has a volume licensing in which he will be covered if he decides to add more computers to the network with Windows 7. The other features in Ultimate will allow Mr. Green to have network support and connect the computers together to share files and printers....   [tags: network, NFTS, Windows 7, Ultimate, data]

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Quanta vs LG Electronics Case

- Purpose Based on the guidance from the previous management meeting, this group asked our management team to prepare and present this briefing. In the development, we have a identified with a two folded purpose: to present an overview of the Quanta v LG Electronics case and present recent industry findings that relate to how our organization deals with similar issues pertinent to Quanta v LG Electronics. To accomplish this our management team reviewed the specifics of the Quanta v LG Electronics case....   [tags: Business Meeting Discussion]

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The Public Company of Primerica

- The public company that interested me the most was Primerica. The reason that I am interested in the Primerica is because I just got a job with the company recently and I want to know more about it. I am going to find out how they operate, what they offer to the consumers, they company’s visions, missions and their statement of value. What the company’s strategies for the future and their current state. The finically health of the current company, and the mostly will it be a good place to start my first career while I am in school and maybe after I graduate....   [tags: operation, strategies, finical]

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My Job As A Fellow

- Over the course of my three years in law school, I focused on employment opportunities that would provide me with practical experience and strengthen my analytical skills. In my second year of law school, I had the opportunity to serve as a dean’s fellow for a leading expert in the field of copyright law, Professor Peter Jaszi. My job as a fellow required me to perform extensive legal research and apply legal principles to produce analytical memoranda on topics such as orphan works, mass digitization, and fair use....   [tags: Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual property, Law]

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Stage 3 : Hybrid Models

- Stage 3: Hybrid Models - Adding Acoustic Features The approach from abstracting acoustic features is another way to find patterns with insufficient rating data, but it requires the help from acoustic feature analyzation tools, which could challenging for developers to create. It is notable that there used to be open source tools such as the Echonest API that allows developers to upload their music catalogue and derive the attributes of a song from the audio tracks that comprise it, such as valence, arousal, beats, acousticness, energy, danceability, liveness, instrumentalness and loudness, but the database has stopped providing this service to individual users due to the acquisition of Spoti...   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Dimension, Venn diagram]

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Modes of Foreign Entry

- All research fully carried out on Entry nodes on the long run remain limited to large manufacturing firms. The foreign market selection and the choice of its entry modes drastically ascertain the performance of a specific firm. Entry mode can be defined as an arrangement for an organization that is organizing and conducting business in foreign countries like contractual transfers, joint ventures, and wholly owned operations (Anderson, 1997). Internationalization is part of a strategy which is going on for businesses and organizations transfers their operations across the national borders (Melin, 1992)....   [tags: Strategic Management Essays]

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Nucleon Inc. Case Study

- I. Problems Nucleon is a small biotechnology start-up with a very promising potential product (CRP-1), which is also the first product that Nucleon is planning to go into the clinic market. Nucleon has reached to human clinical trials phase with its product and it has no manufacturing facilities that satisfy the guidelines for these clinical trials and testing. Nucleon is on the verge of making a critical choice of manufacturing strategy, which will affect Nucleon’s survival in the intense competition in the long haul....   [tags: Harvard Business School]

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Camar Automotive Hoist

- The licensing contract is only three years, the Bar Maisse is not famous, and the sales is difficult to be estimated, therefore, we suspect if licensing could meet the expectation of rapid growth. The cost of licensing is lower in comparison to joint venture and direct investment, but the royalty is only 5% of gross sales. The growth of CAH might not be significant. Besides, CAH will have no control of operation and reputation if they choose ¡§licensing¡¨ option. Joint venture might be an unviable choice of CAH because Bar Maisse may not be willing to launch joint venture with CAH....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- One of the greatest things that teenagers look forward to is getting their driver¡¦s licence and getting the freedom to do whatever they want. Ever since graduated licensing began five years ago, on April 1,1994, many people have made good and bad comments about it. The government has recently said that ever since graduated licensing started, there have been fewer accidents involving young drivers. Looking at it another way, it costs consumers less money, beacause fewer cars need to be repair....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Organic Food Vending Machines in Canada

- Ten years ago, only specialty food stores carried organic foods in great quantity, making them almost as rare as novelty items. Today Canadians are moving towards a healthier lifestyle by consuming organic foods to such an extent, that the organic industry is now enticing for businesses that wish to profit from a niche market. Thus we, Nirav Patel, Jason Quan, Srinidhi Sridharan, and Rahul Srinivasan have developed a new line of specialty vending machines, with the objective of distributing organic foods to consumers by creating an “accessibility” factor that is rarely associated with the industry....   [tags: Organic Food, Vending Machines, Canada,]

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Gun Control in Canada

- Gun Control in Canada Gun Control is an important issue to Canadians. Canada has both provincial and federal legislation that restricts the sale, purchase, and use of different kinds of firearms. The United States, on the other hand, do not have federal or state bills restricting the possession or use of firearms, only local laws exist there. A firearm consists of any barreled weapon from which a shot, bullet or other missile can be fired and that is capable of causing serious bodily harm or death....   [tags: Research Papers]

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