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On The Uses of a Liberal Education: As a Weapon In the Hands of the Restless Poor

- In the 1997 article, “On The Uses of a Liberal Education: As a Weapon In the Hands of the Restless Poor,” published by Harper’s Magazine, the social critic Earl Shorris described how political power could be achieved by a rather non-vocational educational discipline, the humanities. He emphasizes on how the knowledge of a liberal Education can be used as a form of weapon within the lives for the poor. Shorris wanted to explore on poverty in America and write a book based on opinions on what keeps people poor....   [tags: liberal education, poverty, humanities]

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A Liberal Arts Education At Occidental College

- Higher education can be an instrument that prospers democratic community, a goal for which many liberal arts colleges strive. This can be seen through many elements of a liberal arts education, including giving students the freedom to explore different academic subjects, instilling in students the passion of learning, and allowing students a more compelling learning style than simply listening to a professor drone on about a subject, all in an intimate matter through small class sizes and a familiarity between everybody involved....   [tags: Education, Higher education, Liberal arts college]

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The Liberal Arts And Education

- The liberal arts are becoming increasingly rare in schools and universities. However, Saint Catherine University makes it a priority to teach its students the core benefits to the liberal arts college. It requires students to take the course “The Reflective Woman” along with “Global Search for Justice” as an introduction and conclusion to a liberal arts education. Throughout this semester I became more knowledgeable on what the liberal arts truly are, honed my reflective judgment, developed my writing skills, and I now have a deeper and defined sense of self....   [tags: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college]

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The Importance Of A Liberal Arts Education

- After experiencing my first semester at a liberal arts university, and learning the significance of it, I have realized how important having a liberal arts education is. I believe it is beneficial to have a liberal arts education contrary to a school in which you only study courses for your major. Whether you majoring in business, education, history, or any other field, a liberal arts education will impact your ability to take on any of these careers. Experiencing a liberal arts college or university will allow students to acquire life needed work skills....   [tags: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college, College]

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Liberal Education : A Proposal On Education

- Liberal Education: A Proposal on Education Ever since humans have created stratified societies, they always felt the need to educate themselves at a higher level. To make things clearer, these individuals always needed a higher education system because, it creates a higher need to be more of an intellectual, and also creates the desire to have a higher socioeconomic status. However, throughout history there has been many different higher education systems in order for people to achieve that higher socioeconomic status....   [tags: Education, Higher education, History of education]

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The Education Of A Liberal Education

- A liberal education is to provide a basic knowledge in multiple areas of content such as: math, reading, writing, history, and science, with addition to preparing a person for global citizenship. To be a global citizen, means that the person needs to be aware of what is going on in the world around them, to contribute to society, understands how the world works, takes responsibility for their own actions and to be self-sufficient. I strongly believe to receive a true liberal education you must start early in your educational career....   [tags: Learning, Skill, Education, History of education]

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Benefits Of A Liberal Arts Education

- The benefits of a liberal arts education are vast, but those benefits can be achieved through other means besides a thorough liberal arts education. Those benefits can be achieved through after school activities that rally for the arts and teach children to be inspired by the beauty of art itself. In the horrible scenario in which a local arts center in an underprivileged community is planned to be shut down do to lack of funding, it is the students from the local college who can truly make a difference in keeping the spirit of the arts alive and make a big enough difference to show to the community, and even the rest of the emergency task force that to shut down the art center would not ju...   [tags: Music, Art, Liberal arts, The arts]

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Liberal Education: A Study in Thought

- Some have recently argued that a liberal education, as opposed to a vocational education, is a waste of time, money and effort because so much of these are spent on the pursuit of knowledge not at all relevant to the chosen major. As Bob Newman of Paradigm Media states, "We all know that career colleges and trade schools get a bad rep in the education industry. For many, they’re viewed as the “other option” or Plan B. What surprises me about these stereotypes is that the data available shows that career/trade school grads can make way more in the long run than students with a Bachelors or even Masters degree.” The common consensus is that college is a mere ticket to the corporate world of...   [tags: Education]

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Liberal Arts Colleges And Their Education

- A crucial topic being debated on in today’s society is core principles and disciplines. When debated and discussed, these two immense topics bring up discussion on liberal art colleges and their education. “Liberal Arts” can be translated in many different ways depending on perspectives. So what exactly is a liberal arts college/education. Patrick Connelly states, “A liberal arts college is a college with an emphasis on undergraduate study in the liberal arts and sciences. It aims to impart a broad general knowledge and develop general intellectual capacities for students” (Pg.18)....   [tags: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college, Curriculum]

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The Reward of a Liberal Education

- Newman defines liberal knowledge, or enlargement, as a cultivation or stimulation of the mind, with both mechanical (practical) and philosophical content, that builds an "intellect to reason well in all matters," develops character, brings about change, and lasts throughout life. (1.6.126-134, 2.1.50-52) Liberal knowledge is important because it brings a respect and balance to various disciplines of study, and aids in the pursuit of specific subject matters. This knowledge allows the learner to see their individual area of study in relationship to a whole....   [tags: The Importance of Education]

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What Is Liberal Education?

- One question that may come to mind is, “What is liberal education?”. The answer is simple, liberal education is an approach to learn, that teaches people the ways of life. Liberal education has come to be a “necessity” in our world today. According to Huffington’s Post. “All successful careers require critical thinking, teamwork, sensitivity to cultural, demographic, economic and societal differences and political perspectives” (Ray). It is with our understanding that people who choose to obtain a liberal education already have this advantage over the people who choose not to obtain a liberal education....   [tags: Education, College, Higher education]

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Commentary On The Purpose Of A Liberal Arts Education

- Excerpts from “On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education” by Robert Harris When they first arrive at college, many students are surprised at the general education classes they must take in order to graduate. They wonder why someone who wants to be an accountant or psychologist or television producer should study subjects that have nothing directly to do with those fields. And that is a reasonable question--Why should you study history, literature, philosophy, music, art, or any other subject outside of your major....   [tags: Knowledge, Psychology, Liberal arts]

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A Liberal Arts Education Is Becoming Irrelevant

- In modern times, the importance of liberal arts is questioned. The article “Myth: A Liberal Arts Education is Becoming Irrelevant” by Carol T. Christ makes the argument that a liberal arts education provides a broader range of knowledge which is useful because it produces a critically thinking student. Obtaining a career is the main focus of college education. Knowing this, Christ emphasizes how a liberal arts education is useful when looking for employment. She refutes the conception that a liberal arts education is irrelevant in today’s society by identifying the useful qualities it provides the employers look for such as, “Flexibility, creativity, critical thinking, strong co...   [tags: Liberal arts, Rhetoric, Critical thinking]

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The Uses Of A Liberal Education By Mark Edmundson

- In recent years, under the combined force of technological innovation and market operation, our society has made remarkable progress in improving the quality of education. Universities as the major institutions of higher education are inevitably impacted by the social advancement. In his essay, “On the Uses of a Liberal Education,” Mark Edmundson argues that “university culture, like American culture writ large, is, to put it crudely, ever more devoted to consumption and entertainment, to the using and using up of goods and images” (44)....   [tags: University, Higher education, Education, College]

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Edmundson 's Use Of A Liberal Education

- Mark Edmundson, In the use of a Liberal Education, Edmundson observer’s his work place and peers with a long of his students he noticed how the evaluations was not up to date, Edmundson discuss with his students about how the consumerism has an impact on the college’s around the world and also talk’s about how some are financial supported by the “G.I. Bill and how the population dramatically increased after the Second World War “(44). Edmundson argues over the evaluations and how some students don’t always make them interesting and how he would commend them to be more interesting, than what has been written in the past years; Edmundson talks about how grading has gotten so much easier beca...   [tags: Education, Classroom, School, Want]

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A Liberal Arts Education Is Important

- A liberal arts education is very important because it gives students the opportunity to think critically, hence making them creative human beings. In the United States liberal education is now seen as a waste of time because it doesn’t train students for their future careers. That is a dangerous way to look at a liberal arts education because according to Fareed Zakaria in his book In Defense of a Liberal Education there are many advantages such an education can offer students. A liberal arts education offers many valuable skills to a student....   [tags: History of education, Education, Psychology]

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The Benefit of Liberal Arts Education

- As the world becomes more specialized it raises the question, should undergraduate institutions change their curriculum requirements to better equip students. The goal of a liberal arts education is to enlighten individuals and prepare them for the complex and diverse world by requiring the study of literature, philosophy, mathematics, and sciences. As professional careers evolve into more specialized fields the argument that a liberal education is no longer needed rises. Some educators feel that future professionals would be better primed for the future by focusing specifically on subjects that deal with their intended field....   [tags: The Importance of Education]

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Has The Culture War Affected The Liberal Education?

- Has the Culture War Affected the Liberal Education. Growing up this quote by Malcom X sets the tone for my attitude towards education. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” In today’s world, a higher education is the cornerstone of life. Regarding the debate of a liberal education over the years, I concur with Shorris’s points in On the Uses of a Liberal Education as a Weapon in the Hands of the Restless Poor and wish to qualify with Edmundson’s points in On the Uses of a Liberal Education as Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students....   [tags: Higher education, Education, History of education]

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Liberal Education: Why is it important in today's workforce?

- Why do college students need courses in the liberal arts. Is it beneficial or just a waste of time. Will it make them or influence them to become better workers once they graduate or will it just go down the drain and be useless. Student loans are increasing every year, and each student just wants to finish their degrees at a lesser price and a quicker pace, so they can start working and pay for those debts. In today’s society where some to most students are very much career – driven, they decide to specialize early on their degrees which means taking all the classes that are required in their respective majors....   [tags: Higher Education ]

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Humanities - The Heart of Liberal Education

- I justify the humanities by sketching four views of knowledge in which the idea of an academy or an integration of disciplines might be understood. I assume that every system of higher education inevitably appeals to concepts of knowledge. Such concepts cannot be isolated from political and civic dimensions of life as well as from personal cultivation and character. Nonetheless, older views based on these aspects are open to serious criticism. The four views considered are Aristotelian-Thomistic, Cartesian-positivist, Kantian, and "traditionalist" (in a liberal and hermeneutic sense)....   [tags: Education Philosophy Papers]

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Liberal Studies Education : A Deeper Understanding Of A Broader Education

- To full understand Liberal studies we have to go back to where it started in Greece and Rome. During that time many Philosophers believe, “Education was once considered to be a search for truth” (Chávez 2). To those who received an education, they were though by the Socratic method which were to teach them in a question to allow them to critically think. When liberal studies education came to America during the colonial times, it came to educate the wealth white men with a higher education. Liberal studies today focus on have a diverse body of students, the reasons I believe is because with have a more diverse set of students it allows classes to think more outside of the box, learn differen...   [tags: Learning, Education, History of education]

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Scholarship Is A Concept Of Knowledge From Liberal Education

- Scholarship is a concept that can mean many different things to many different people. As nursing students, scholarship is a concept that we began developing before we started our formal nursing education, will continue to hone during nursing school, and will utilize every day as professional nurses. Scholarship is not something that comes from a singular source, but rather something that is the product of many different experiences, ideas, and types of knowledge. For nurses, it is the synthesis of knowledge from liberal education, knowledge from a variety of disciplines, and the integration of ways of knowing and thinking in nursing that promote scholarship, which in turn leads to the promo...   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Nurse]

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A Liberal Arts Education: Preparing You for Any Career

- A liberal arts education should no longer be considered the “easy way out” when compared to a career-oriented education. A liberal arts education provides students with many benefits, as well as a well-rounded education. Although this is true, many people still have doubts about liberal arts educations. One of the many benefits of a liberal arts education is that you will receive training in a variety of subjects. You will have the opportunity to take many different types of classes. Within the business world, a liberal arts student should have just as much of a chance, if not more, as a career-oriented student does....   [tags: The Importance of Education]

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Analysis Of Mark Edmundson 's Article On The Uses Of A Liberal Education

- Mark Edmundson’s Essay, On the uses of a liberal education, links a fundamental systemic flaw in post-modern education, a lack of student desire to learn, both about personal and the worldly, through study, education, self betterment, and reflection, with American Consumerism. Edmundson does so by depicting the students as customers; shopping for the easiest, highest ranking, and most “entertaining” return on their investment. However, Edmundson places too high a degree of blame on Millennial Consumerist Culture, rather than examining where this desire for a monetary return on investment stems stems from originally....   [tags: Higher education, Education, College, High school]

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Liberal Arts Education

- When entering into college as a freshman students are required to take some form of a freshman year experience course. Many students are under the impression that this course will be a waste of time and most are clueless as to what the course will entail. Being in this course throughout the semester has proven those notions that the course is a waste of time to be absolutely false. One of the primary topics discussed during this course is the idea of the liberal arts education. This is an idea that an education should not only tech one the skills necessary to be successful in a given career field but provide the skills necessary for individuals to be more productive members of society....   [tags: humanities, natural sciences]

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A Liberal Education Makes an Educated Man or Woman

- A Liberal Education Makes an Educated Man or Woman The idea of a liberal education is what universities are moving towards. A liberally educated person is someone whom is educated in many different areas other than their major area of study. Colleges encompass a liberal education in their curriculum by including a liberal studies program. A liberal studies program requires certain courses, and various electives outside a student’s major. The reason for these required classes is to broaden the minds of the students, so they can tolerate different views and understand the behaviors of different people they may encounter in their lives....   [tags: Teaching Education Essays]

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The Liberal Arts and the End of Education

- The Liberal Arts and the End of Education ABSTRACT: An international conference that takes Philosophy Educating Humanity as its theme does well to revisit the liberal arts tradition. Although the liberal arts are most often assimilated to studies brought together as the Humanities, the old usage included the arts which employed artificial languages in mathematics, music, and astronomy, as well as the literature and letters of the various natural languages. The current conflation of liberal education with the humanities does violence to the historical tradition in education, reducing it to fluff in the eyes of tough-minded scientists who know that only numbers deliver objectivity....   [tags: Philosophy Education Learning Essayas]

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Types Of Higher Education : Liberal Arts Colleges

- Education is Not One Size Fits All Ever wonder why there are so many different varieties of chips, ten different types of mustard. In the past there was only one option from each brand, all competing to be the best, but there is not a thing on earth that satisfies everyone’s desires. People fall into different taste and texture categories for the type food they like. In order to accommodate everyone, there are several different types of chips ranging in flavor and texture. Education should be the same....   [tags: Higher education, College, Education, High school]

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The Value of a Liberal Arts and Sciences Education

- Liberal Arts and Sciences education once started in the ancient Greek as the well-known artes liberales. There were seven of them, separated in the trivium and the quadrivium. The trivium contained the core liberal arts, namely grammar, logic and rhetoric. When the Church defined the education, they extended the trivium with the quadrivium subjects arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. The Greek believed that every young man, if they could afford it, should be educated in the seven liberal arts in order to take an active part in civic life....   [tags: humanities, social, studies, natural, science]

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A Liberal Arts Education

- A Liberal Arts Education A liberal arts education provides students with a broad spectrum of information enabling them to expand knowledge and to advance society in a positive direction. This universal education provides a strong foundation of knowledge in many subjects. The students can observe the strengths and capabilities, as well as the limitations of each field of study. This allows the students to find connections between diverse fields of study, to explore them, and to discover new theories, thoughts, or inventions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The New Liberal Arts, By Sanford J. Ungar And Charles Murray

- Individuals are struggling nowadays to acquire an education higher than a high school diploma. One of the main reasons for this issue could be very well the price it is to attend college. The prices have skyrocketed throughout the years. A lot of the people who attend college have to take out a “student loan,” just so they can get by. I believe one should not need to be in serious debt before they even graduate, all because they want to go out and further their education, and become successful in their life....   [tags: High school, Education, Student, Liberal arts]

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Education : The Purpose Of Education

- The Purpose of Education Throughout the history of the United States, education has constantly been evolving to the needs of society. Education’s main focus has ranged from teaching the youth religion, to preparing democratic citizens, to educating the general population on immigrants, and to finally educating/preparing citizens for the more industrial 20th century. Now, in the 21st century, in an ever changing global economy, the goal of education has somewhat become shrouded in a mysterious cloud of what the correct way to prepare the youth for their future lives should be....   [tags: Education, Critical thinking, Liberal arts]

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The Back Bones Connected to the Neck Bone, and The X-rays Connected to Liberal Arts Education

- ... A patient not knowing too much will ask many questions that the technician must make them understand. Being new at the job or even having a new co-worker that is not familiar with the new machines they will need someone’s help. As co-worker they will help one another as in the Ericksen article mentioned one of the people interviewed said that they have learned a lot from the people they have worked with. Therefore co-workers teach one another, so they can become a better team. If they are all successful workers they can get their work done much faster, especially if they have good communication skills with one another....   [tags: learning ability, critical thinking, education]

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A Liberal Arts versus Vocational Education

- A Liberal Arts versus Vocational Education In his book Black Leadership, Marable describes what we will refer to as the Tuskegee phenomenon, in which he asserts Booker T. Washington’s favoring of just this type of “quick fix” vocational education to be erroneous. Over the next few pages, I will examine Marable’s arguments and I will attempt to extend their application into society as we know it today. Marable describes the Tuskegee approach to black development as political “racial accommodation.” He details a vocational education completely devoid of encouraging critical thinking....   [tags: Papers]

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Accommodating Pluralism: Liberal Neutrality and Compulsory Education

- Accommodating Pluralism: Liberal Neutrality and Compulsory Education ABSTRACT: This paper examines the general neutrality principle of Rawls’ liberalism and then tests that principle against accommodationist intuitions and sympathies in cases concerning the non-neutral effects of a system of compulsory education on particular social groups. Various neutrality principles have long been associated with liberalism. Today I want to examine the general neutrality principle Rawls associates with his own liberalism.(1) I want to begin by getting clear on just what that principle is....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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General Education Requirements For Undergraduate Students

- Some faculty and administrators criticized that general education courses do not exceed holistic education requirement expectations and are instead seen as useless classes students take apart from a student’s core curriculum (Fuess & Mitchell, 2011). The concern that general education courses are an obstacle to complete in addition to student’s required courses is the reason why our task team has decided to completely reform the general education process for undergraduate students. The goal of our general education reform is to create a process that is focused on student outcomes (Fuess & Mitchell, 2011)....   [tags: Education, Curriculum, College, Liberal arts]

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Liberal v. Problem-Posing Methods of Education

- Education Paulo Freire and John Henry Newman both present two different styles of education. Freire proposes the implementation of the problem-posing style. Problem posing promotes the teacher-student relationship being a cooperative relationship. Newman proposes and defends the methods of liberal education. Liberal education seeks to improve the mind and seek truth and knowledge for its own sake. Both styles favor freedom over order and thus both liberation education and liberal education were met with resistance when they were introduced....   [tags: research paper, teaching, teacher]

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Introducing Critical Theory in the High School Curriculum

- Higher education institutions, especially those dedicated to liberal arts, recently experienced a revolution in the way culture and societies are constructed and analyzed. The gradual introduction of critical theory provided a new framework for understanding cultural productions. In the specific context of literature, critical theory is a reader-response base analysis and criticism of written works. Critical theory is distinguished from other forms of theory in that it “seeks human emancipation.” (James)....   [tags: higher education, liberal arts]

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STEM Education

- Rosalind Brewer is the Chief Executive Officer of Sam’s Club. However, many do not know that her undergraduate area of study was chemistry. After graduating from Spelman College in 1984, Brewer took a job as a chemist with Kimberly-Clark, working in a lab. (Daniels). Five years later, she made the transition to the business side. She worked at Kimberly-Clark for twenty-two years. She gradually became the president of the global nonwoven fabrics business. In 2006, Walmart invited her to head stores in Georgia....   [tags: liberal arts, science, education, career, college]

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Graduation Speech : Meet The Parents Who Won 't Let Their Children Study Literature

- Steven Pearlstein wrote “Meet the parents who won’t let their children study literature” on September 2nd, 2016 to help parents, and any audience, have a better understanding as to why having a liberal art education is important. The amount of formal education required to participate in our society has majorly increased. If you’re solely a high school graduate, you won’t get a job matched to what you could get if you were to have a college diploma. A college diploma once had such value that you could participate in governance....   [tags: Education, History of education, Liberal arts]

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College Is Not The Best Option For Everyone After High School

- Since I grew up in a household with two parents who are college graduates, and even two grandparents who had graduated from college, the idea of attending college was never seen as a unique opportunity, but rather as a necessary part of my future. I’m not going to complain about growing up with parents who valued the pursuit of knowledge, but it certainly never exposed me to the mindset that maybe college is not the best option for everyone after high school. Today, there is a huge debate over if the price of college is really worth it in the end, with the high cost of tuition and the number of people who just aren’t prepared for the demands that college has to offer....   [tags: Higher education, University, Liberal arts]

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What Is It That Makes Students Apply For Colleges?

- What is it that makes students apply to colleges. Is it to make their parents happy or because their peers are doing the same thing and appears to be the correct direction. Education is what the individual student chooses to makeof it. An eager attitude towards lifelong learning is the key to receiving much more than what is seemingly the end of an educated career, which is the college diploma. Experiences in and out of the classroom are what make an education. However, just like any other time in life to this point there are obstacles that create the impression of being impossible to overcome....   [tags: Education, Learning, Liberal arts college]

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The Benefits of a Liberal Arts College

- When you ask any high school senior the question, do you want to receive a higher education, the answer in more recent times has become yes. Why. Because more often times than not higher education to a high school senior means a chance at success. But choosing the right college depends on how one defines this term. The textbook definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So then the question becomes, what is the purpose of higher education. Is it to prepare us for one specific career....   [tags: higher education, innovation, success]

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Liberal Arts and Career Focused

- There is constant back and forth on whether or not liberal colleges should add career focused courses to their institutions. Mark Rose author of “Making Sparks Fly”, Victor Ferrall, author of the article, “Can Liberal Arts Colleges Be Saved?”, and John B. Bennett author of “Liberal Learning as a Conversation”, immensely discuss on education and their opinions on how it should be run or corrected. Taking a closer look into the author’s views and opinions, there is clear problem they all mention that colleges face, the division between liberal education and career-focused courses....   [tags: college, education, courses]

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Liberal Art Schools Worthiness

- ... In a capitalistic society, students by themselves are not able to afford liberal art schools and the way out to afford it is just like the way in to not being able to afford it in students’ later life. For example, the way out to afford collage is students loans, but at the same time it is the way in for not being able to afford collage tuition for the rest of students’ lives. Here is an example, at these days usually students loans is not paid in full until students get very old in age. Moreover, it’s more expensive for international students since they pay sometimes four times what a native students pay....   [tags: education, economists, expense]

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Liberal Arts And Conservative Arts

- It is not difficult to figure out what the liberal arts are; all it took was a simple google search and the definition was brought up instantly. Liberal arts are academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical sciences as distinct from professional and technical subjects. I am not majoring in any of these subjects and I hardly have any classes such as these in my schedule so I decided I needed to look up definitions that actually pertain to me. The definition of a liberal arts college was just as easy to find as the last one....   [tags: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college, Christianity]

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Liberal Bias in the Media

- Today it seems almost impossible to get a straightforward answer on any major topic from the media. All sources of media have a specific audience that they are intending to hear or view the information that they have prepared, therefore they will cut bits and pieces out so that only the message they are trying to get across will be received. So indeed there is a media bias, and yes it more often than not slants towards the liberal view point, as many reporters and journalists have liberal views themselves....   [tags: Liberal Media Bias]

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Benefits Of Being A Liberal Arts University

- When searching for a college you are presented with choices. These choices could be the state, or the class size. But one that some people overlook is the choice between a liberal arts university and a regular public university. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines liberal arts as “areas of study that are intended to give you general knowledge rather than to develop specific skills needed for a profession”. For me the decision on either a liberal arts university or a non liberal arts university was overlooked and really didn’t present itself as something that mattered to me....   [tags: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college, College]

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Why Liberal Art Is Useless

- Jones starts his article by a statement “liberal art is useless” then proceeds to prove it in the following pages. In his essay, Jones indulges in a philosophical discussion where he presents arguments and counter arguments in a dialogue style. His background in philosophy probably led him to adopt such a style that puts forth an argument before obliterating it by another until the final, desired argument is presented to the reader. The author tries to bolster his point by shooting down unwanted arguments and leaving the desired one stand out in victory....   [tags: Liberal arts, Rhetoric, Music, Literature]

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The Liberal Arts: Creating a Citizen for a Community Near You

- The view of what college is and what the experience of college offers, differ dramatically between an individual and the society he or she lives. College has traditionally been viewed as the place young adults go to find themselves, find their career, and start their adult lives. Some have argued that education has veered too far away from tradition, while others argue that the whole idea of Liberal Education needs to keep evolving to meet the demands of the modern world. Those in favor of change argue for more diversity within the curriculum, such as more non-western world education and feminist thought....   [tags: College, Higher Education]

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The Importance Of Liberal Arts And Law Enforcement Careers

- The Importance of Liberal Arts in Law Enforcement Careers In discussions of law enforcement one controversial issue has been whether liberal arts courses are necessary or should be required. In “The New Liberal Arts” Sanford J. Ungar believes that liberal arts are crucial to any professional career. Mike Rose however disagrees, and suggests that a college education in general is not necessarily a must. Although both articles make a good argument, I concur with Ungar. The liberal arts are the foundation in almost any professional field, and teach students how to adapt, especially in law enforcement....   [tags: Police, Higher education, Academic degree]

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The New Liberal Arts, Sanford J. Ungar

- In the article “The New Liberal Arts,” Sanford J. Ungar presents the argument of why liberal arts schools are still competitive and useful today. The beginning of the article immediately addresses the problem that Ungar is defending, “Hard economic times inevitably bring scrutiny of all accepted ideals and institutions, and this time around liberal-arts education has been especially hit hard.” The author provides credibility through his time of being a liberal arts presidents, applies statistics about the enrollment and job security outside of liberal college, he addresses the cost factor and how a student may find compensation, and that a liberal arts college is not preparing students for s...   [tags: Liberal arts, Liberal arts college, College]

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I Am Not A Liberal Learner

- I am not a liberal learner, yet. I love knowledge, I love learning, I love sharing information. These are all fine qualities; but, not if the end goal is to be a liberally educated. I still lack social interaction skills; I lose sight of my intrinsic motivations, and I all too often look to try and to connect the dots before some events have yet to happen. In order to be a liberal learner, I need to be both accepting of knowledge on a wide range of topics and from various sources as well as feel compelled to share this knowledge I gain with others in conversation....   [tags: Education, Learning, Anxiety, Liberalism]

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Why Are Many Young Americans so Uncomfortable With Liberal Arts?

- Why are many young Americans so uncomfortable with liberal arts. And why are many high school graduates shying away from this particular form of education. Just like anything else that is popular, once the liberal arts has been accurately, or inaccurately, discredited, the aftermath inevitably spreads. As more and more information is being mistakenly spread, numerous liberal arts colleges are taking the fall. To combat this, university officers are speaking out to discredit the invalid claims. Sanford J....   [tags: colleges, misperception, education]

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Being A Liberal Arts Major

- Some of the most successful people in world, say “I did it on my own, I was self-made”. Well that is totally wrong. Even the wealthiest and powerful people where affect by someone in their life, typically an adult. I’m motivated to become a person to help inspire children to grow up and know they can achieve any dream they think of. Many teachers have that influence and I want to follow in their footsteps, the ideal career would be teaching in grades in middle school. Many teachers that don’t teach middle school say it’s the worst grade level to teach....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, Need]

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College Students With Integrity And A Wide Range Of Liberal Arts Classes

- People go to college for many reasons, such as getting a higher education, getting more job opportunities or to earn more money. but, college provides more than just that. College can help expand your understanding of the community as well as with the world. According to Melissa McCreery College’s mission is “to graduate students with integrity and a broad worldwide who will positively impact the planet and contribute to society.” College does this by providing a wide range of Liberal Arts classes....   [tags: Psychology, Thought, Mind, Liberal arts]

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Education and Social Mobility

- When I was young my family are poor. But when I growth up my family is locate in between middle class and upper class. And right now I do live in Scotland to study my undergraduate degree. According to the question from my experience education can help you survive. Because education is considerate to be a social status in today society. With good education you can get good career and earn a lot of money. “Social mobility is Upward or downward movement within a stratification system. Liberal theory claims that capitalist societies are open-class and therefore one can expect a high degree of social mobility....   [tags: social status, liberal theory, sociology]

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History Of Goucher College : A Private, Liberal Arts College Located Outside Of Baltimore, Maryland

- Goucher College is a private, liberal arts college located outside of Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded as a women’s college in 1885 by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Goucher’s first house history, The History of Goucher College, was written by Anna Heubeck Knipp and Thaddeus P. Thomas and covered the first fifty years of the institution. The College’s second volume was written by Frederick Musser, a modern language professor at Goucher. The History of Goucher College, 1930-1985 follows the administrations of four presidents whose terms coincided quite closely with three of the major periods of higher education (Musser, 1990)....   [tags: College, University, Liberal arts college]

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My Experience At The College Of Liberal Arts And Sciences

- I remember the day vividly. I practically floated across campus with a newfound hope in my heart. Smiling at strangers all along the way, I reached my destination at the main office of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I gleamed at the man behind the desk, "Hello. I am here to officially declare a new major." He guided me to a computer and through a few quick steps. From a scroll down menu, I selected 'English, B.A." A few brave clicks and I changed my life. While inherently drawn to English, I was concerned about my career options if I chose it as my major....   [tags: Law, Justice, Law school, Legal education]

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Distance Education Institutions in Developed and Developing Countries

- Two Distance Education Institutions This paper will explore two distance education institutions, one in a developed country, the United Kingdom, and the other in the undeveloped country of India. While both universities have similar mission statements and objectives, they have differences, as well. The British Open University's mission is to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. The overall goal of the Open University is to flourish as a higher education environment throughout the United Kingdom and across the world, while providing opportunities for students of all economic levels, regardless of their backgrounds (The Open University, 2014)....   [tags: united kindom, india, liberal arts, science]

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Improving Enrollment And Revenue Are Problems Facing Many Small Liberal Arts Colleges

- Implementing and Managing Budgets Declining enrollment and revenue are problems facing many small liberal arts colleges that depend mainly on tuition for funding. Omega College is an example of those challenges because of two competitors (within 20 – 50 miles driving distance) – a community college and a state regional college campus. Another shortfall is that the college only offers limited classes for part-time students, and a limited master’s degree program (Barr & McClellan, 2011). Although the college has reached out to the community college to acquire transfer students and it is participating in the University and College Network (U-Can), these actions are not enough to solve the crisi...   [tags: University, Higher education, College, Budgets]

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Liberals : The Liberal Paradigm

- The Liberal Paradigm Definition Liberals see humans as both moral and rational beings, who are egotistical and altruistic as well as competitive and cooperative (Mullaly, 2007). They assume that everyone should be able to support themselves, because they are sufficiently motivated by self-development, and through this motivation they can be successful and move upwards in class status (Mullaly, 2007). The nation-state in the liberal paradigm exists to ensure fair competition, and generally acts in the best interests of society to promote harmony (Mullaly, 2007)....   [tags: Sociology, Social justice, Social work, Socialism]

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The Benefits of a Liberal Arts Degree

- ... A liberal arts degree is the most important factor in forming individuals into interesting and interested people who can determine their own paths through the future. Most employers have agreed that having both stem and liberal educational background is most important for recent college graduates to achieve long-term success. In fact, employers are asking more colleges to emphasize key areas: critical thinking written and oral communication skills and complex problem solving. Liberal arts courses often times free the student to think beyond the confines of background or technical constraints....   [tags: problems, change, disciplnes, collaboarate]

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Education Is An Approach On College Education

- The importance of school has been emphasized for the people that come from the working class or people that do not have the most money, since a very young age. They have the idea from their parents that education will ensure a better future with a sure thing for financial security. However, not everyone wants to have the same education. Liberal education is an approach on college education that empowers and prepares people to deal with complexity, diversity, and challenge as said by Association of American Colleges & Universities website....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Higher education]

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The Debate Of Liberal Arts Schools

- Most schools nowadays are more concentrated on memorizing all the facts and passing tests rather than actually learning something new and developing students’ minds. Liberal arts schools are different because they emphasis the growth of knowledge, not just for a test that determines whether “you are smart” or “you are dumb”. This is a very important asset for anthropologists, both experts and beginners, who want to study other cultures. A liberal arts education can provide a great basis for learning about other cultures because it can helps anthropologists think critically about the new community they are about to encounter for the first time....   [tags: Learning, Psychology, Culture, Music]

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Graduation Speech : Education And Education

- Education I earned both my Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Education and my Master’s in Education-Urban Education at Langston University in Tulsa, OK; Langston is a Historically Black College with a commitment to an educational focus on diversity and underrepresented populations. While pursuing both degree programs I worked full time as a teaching assistant and, later, as a teacher in a high poverty school whilst taking my courses in the evenings, weekends and summers. During my Master’s program I was able to use my course work on topics like Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation or Savage Inequalities directly from the college classroom to my own class of students....   [tags: Education, Early childhood education, School]

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The Beginnings Of Liberal Arts

- The beginnings of liberal arts are found in ancient Greece, where certain subjects were deemed essential for a person to know in order to fulfill their civic duty. Today, those who have degrees backed in the liberal arts are expected to have an extensive skillset in areas such as complex problem-solving, teamwork, intercultural awareness, communication, and integrity. Liberal education also enables critical thinking and the capacity to put tougher issues into a larger context, as well as provides students with grounds in ethics (Ray)....   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Voting, Voter turnout]

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Education Is Important For Education

- In the current era that America is in Education plays a vital role not only in childhood but all the way into adulthood. The way society has been morphed education is commonly thought to be the only way to be successful in life, according to some studies the current economic state of the united states has caused more students to believe getting a higher education is vital to their success and is the only way to live comfortable lives. Ultimately the decision to attend college rises every year due to the increase of jobs that require a college degree and the desire to be financially secure in a recovering economy.(UCLA) Furthermore, higher education plays a very critical role in the younger g...   [tags: Higher education, Education, University, College]

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Education As A Negative Influence On Education

- Growing up as Americans we are encouraged to go to school and achieve a higher education. As other’s see the American culture; “American’s” have all the name brands, the flashy jewelry and mansions, nice cars; well, we need to make lots of money. So, if you take what is viewed as the “normal route”, the more educational background you have, the more money you will make. Working our way back from generation to generation- education shows indication of decline. Education wasn’t forced or emphasized as much in our previous generations as we see it in our generation....   [tags: High school, Education, Higher education, College]

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An Article On Education And Education

- “Thomas Aquinas once wrote that it is better to know a little of what is important than a lot of what is unimportant” (Stancil, 252). Students should have a balance of street smarts and book smarts so they can be successful in whichever career they may choose. If the typical education focuses on teaching the students only certain areas they may or may not use, then how will the students be completely prepare for life. If education is supposed to prepare students for life, then can anyone really limit or define education....   [tags: Education, Learning, Critical thinking]

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A Defence of Individual Autonomy in a Multination Liberal State

- A Defence of Individual Autonomy in a Multination Liberal State Liberalism is committed to protecting the freedom to choose, question and revise one’s own conception of the good life. For this reason, liberalism defends (among many other things) freedom of conscience, expression and association, as well as mandatory, universal education. In Multicultural Citizenship, Will Kymlicka argues that the state is also obligated to ensure that the lifestyle options which are made available to an individual so that she can choose, question and revise her own conception of the good life, are meaningful to her by being understood by her in relation to her own "societal culture"....   [tags: Liberty Liberal Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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High Education And Higher Education

- Much has been said on the importance and the necessity of higher education for any young person growing up and expecting to lead a good life. This has been partly fueled by the ever rising costs of living and general dwindling of the world economy that make it a good idea that one needs to have a steady source of income; and education gives the ‘best’ option at achieving the goal. Thus, over the years, the demand for higher education, specifically from universities, both private and public, has been on the rise....   [tags: Higher education, College, University, Music]

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Liberal Liberals Vs Liberal Politics

-   Liberals and conservatives do not seem to agree on many things. Liberals believe in equality for all. Liberals believe each person should receive the same entitlements, such as men and women should receive equal pay, regardless of education or experience. Liberals to some are considered more opened minded than conservatives. Liberals tend to focus on human right. Liberals believe it is the government’s responsibility to ensure equality. Liberals also look to the government to correct social issues, protect freedoms, and provided for all to insure that all are cared for and no one is In need....   [tags: Human rights, Abortion, Liberalism]

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The Importance of Education

- Most people will argue that college education in fields like traditional liberal arts and career-oriented subjects such as business, engineering and science is a stepping stone to success, and I agree because it provides one with broad knowledge, increased opportunities and greater potentials to succeed in life. The traditional liberal arts have been the foundation of advanced learning since dateless times. The idea that traditional liberal arts education at college level gives broad knowledge aims at broadening the mind....   [tags: Importance of Education]

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The Purpose of Education

- What is the purpose of education. What do we seek from it. How does it better our lives. What is the role of public schools. These are all important questions, but first I am going to give a brief summary of the text by Timothy McMannon entitled The Public Purpose of Education and Schooling. McMannon gives the reader plenty of reasons for why we need education and how it helps us and our society; he starts by explaining that in past cultures schooling was not done in a formal school but in “the community, the family, and the church” (McMannon 1)....   [tags: Education Schooling]

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Personal Responsibility in Education

- School in America is a stuffed animal. Shot dead on arrival but preserved by elitist taxidermy, we cling to the fallacy that it is alive and well. If anyone who cared witnessed the totality of my high school (or middle or elementary, for that matter) career, they wouldn’t have let me graduate. Not only did I learn next to nothing, I barely did anything. Teachers were apparently satisfied with dull essays lacking insight, obviously BSed or copied homework, and intelligence-insulting lies I fed them to keep my 84% in their class....   [tags: Education]

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The United States Education System

- “The school needs to cut back due to low funding”, everyone has heard this kind of line before. Whether it was on a show, the news, or personally, it is something that the U.S. population has previously heard of. This kind of situation has become so common to the point where it is an everyday situation that is happening right before everyone 's eyes. Now what if all the schools in the U.S. had appropriate funding, to the point where cutting back was just some bizarre tale. A system where liberal education can be available to everyone and not just the small amount that are privileged to go....   [tags: Education, History of education, Higher education]

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The Joys of Education

- If the world were a sinister, daunting, and volatile beast, economics would surely be its radiance. Thoughts linger, surrounded by questions, I could not seem to answer, then, revealing itself to me like a curtain being pulled away, the prevailing facet about an education in economics is the simple truth that through conjecture, historical review, and analysis, the aptitudes learned can be applied throughout one’s life. It is the social science which helps define the world, the light shining, revealing the road ahead, its inclinations, agents, and resources....   [tags: Personal Experience, Importance of Education]

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Reasons For Receiving An Education

- Over the course of time, the reasons for receiving an education have changed, and so has the economy. Everyone bases their lives off of going to college, getting a degree, just to find a nice paying job or career. At least, that is the main goal as of now. Although we go into college with an interest, choosing a major changes when one is discouraged about the future income of their major. It is now sought out to be, that a higher education is also benefiting the government. I cannot grasp myself to believe that an education is for the education anymore; instead, it is more for finding efficient employment....   [tags: Higher education, Education, University]

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Consumerism And Education By Mark Edmundson

- Matthew Wallace Emma Hendershot English 2010 1/26/15 Consumerism and Education At many universities changes are happening every day for students. According to a 1997 article in Harper’s Magazine by Mark Edmundson titled On the Uses of a Liberal Education, universities are changing due to consumerism affecting the education system. A professor of English at the University of Virginia. In the article, Edmundson says his overall point is that the consumer ethos is winning (Edmundson 50). The setting of this discussion involves the academic setting of the classroom that Mark Edmundson teaches in....   [tags: Education, University, Higher education]

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