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Poverty And Poverty Of A Liberal Democracy

- For many years scholars have argue about poverty and whether cultural or structural factors contribute to this problem. Poverty by definition is when a person lacks the means to satisfy basic needs in a society. In this paper I will discuss intergenerational poverty and how it’s affected by the concepts of class, culture, and community. Intergenerational poverty is so troubling in a liberal democracy because we live in a country that offers so many opportunities to obtain the “American Dream” but for poor people that dream is so hard to obtain....   [tags: Poverty, Sociology, African American]

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The Rise of a Liberal Democracy

- In the article Fareed wrote he defines democracy as simply a government with free and fair elections. It is in essence rule of the majority, so if the majority is filled with ill intent then that is the direction of the government. Basically an unfiltered voice for the masses; and it is not suitable by itself. Liberal Democracy is described as what people think of today when they here of Democracy; it is a government with a system of values/rights built in to protect the people from themselves. It has basic rights like freedom of speech, press, religion, etc....   [tags: Government ]

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Liberal Democracy and Francis Fukuyama

- Francis Fukuyama argued that liberal democracy was deemed to be the final viable form for political institutions. This implies that liberal democracy will become the last form of regime for states. Fukuyama’s argument was reasonable at the time he created it because it was created after the cold war and the power state was The United States, and they implemented democracy to states surrounding them and states that were influenced by the U.S. However, during the 1990’s there started to become more authoritarian type regimes arising....   [tags: totalitarianism, corruption, violence]

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Intrinsic Human Dignity and Equality in Relation to Liberal Democracy

- Liberal democracy is prevalent in the West. This political arrangement guarantees the rights of a people in relation to their government. Many Westerners, unfortunately, cannot give a philosophical explanation and/or justification for it. Ultimately, an examination of liberal democracy will demonstrate that it rests on notions of human dignity, equality and happiness, which are not recent developments in philosophy, but have their origins in classical and scholastic thought. It is in said examination that one can reasonably conclude that liberal democracy while not the best system of government is certainly better than the alternatives....   [tags: Politics, Democracy]

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Liberal Democracy And The American Liberal Democratic Tradition

- In American history, the elements of the American liberal democratic tradition that were most relevant in the society were individual freedom, economic freedom, equality, and democracy. Liberal democracy refers to the people being the rulers with guarantees of individual freedom and equality and that it focuses on individual liberty as an essential to protecting that liberty. The two biggest challenges that liberal democracy faces are one balancing equality and liberty and the other is balancing the government’s needs for individual freedom and legitimacy....   [tags: Political philosophy, Liberalism, Human rights]

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Impact Of The Consolidation Of Institutional Democracy On Japan, Taiwan, And South Korea

- Future Developments in Asian Democracy: Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Consolidation of Institutional Democracy in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea This political analysis will define the effectiveness of the institutional consolidation of democracy that is part of the historical evolution of Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. The premise of democratic consolidation is defined through Schedler’s evaluation of the stability of political trends, which forecast a long-term, but steadfast evolution of Asian countries into liberal democracies....   [tags: Democracy, Liberal democracy, Democratization]

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UK as a Strong Liberal Democracy

- UK as a Strong Liberal Democracy A liberal democracy is a representative system with some of the same characteristics as a representative democracy as it has free elections and decisions are made based on popular command. But a representative democracy can therefore be seen as elitist as a small number of people govern the majority. Whereas a liberal democracy includes the ideas of having varied focuses of political and economic power, an open government which is fair and responsible and an independent judiciary system....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The Emergence of Liberal Democracy in Britain

- The Emergence of Liberal Democracy in Britain Liberal democracy, a political system characterised by freedom of expression and education, free elections, universal suffrage and a multiplicity of political parties, political decisions made through an independent governing body, and an independent judiciary, with a state monopoly on law enforcement (Elkin, 1985. p.1-8), became a central element of political discourse and struggle in the 19th century. It was an age of intense debate and battles over the relationship between state and civil society and proper distribution of political power between and within both....   [tags: Papers]

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Unregulated Capitalism Undermines the Legitimacy of Liberal Democracy

- Introduction In a capitalist system, businesses compete with one another to produce the most innovative merchandise at the most competitive prices; in turn, consumers freely select the most desirable products. According to Adam Smith, this competition, when left unregulated, fosters maximum wealth and the common good (Economist 2-3). Indeed, unmanaged competition may ensure prices are affordable for consumers (2). However, in a global free market that exploits cheap labour; market demand dwindles, resulting in excessive credit lending and debt crises (Li 295-6)....   [tags: Political Science]

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What 's Gone Wrong With Democracy

- Originating from the Greek words demos and kratos (meaning “people” and “rule”), the ideology of democracy was first implemented over 2500 years ago by the ancient Greeks (Mintz, Close, & Croci, 2013). Praised for its elected government that ideally represents the people’s interests; maintains a high level of transparency and accountability, as well as a limited role of government, the concept of democracy gained popularity throughout the centuries to follow, with representative democracy being the most prevalent form of democracy in modern-day society (Mintz et al., 2013)....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Liberal democracy]

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Liberal Democracy

- Liberal democracy Introduction To begin with Francis Fukuyama's, provocative thesis, that after the fall of communism in Europe and the withering of the grand ideological contests, history too has ended. In his "end of history" theory, he maintained that the western liberal democracy had become the `final form of human government'. The fact is that though not all theorists have this kind of a faith in liberal democracy, and believe that it's not the only feasible form of democracy, they are in a minority....   [tags: Politics]

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Liberal Democracy

- Liberal Democracy Liberal democracy, with a capitalist economy, is the only form of social organization that will work in this world. Socialism and Communism appear to be sound in theory, but would never come close to achieving what capitalism does. Liberal democracy and capitalism allow for a beneficial competition where communism does not. This competition, in the liberal tradition, on both political and economical levels, allows for the best balance of security and freedom to the people under the government....   [tags: Government Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Democracy 's Third Wave By Samuel P. Huntington

- In “Democracy’s Third Wave”, Samuel P. Huntington examines the creation of democracies during the third wave and questions whether they were part of a continuing “global democratic revolution” or simply a limited expansion only meant for countries that had already experienced democracy (Huntington, 1991). He does this through research based empirical study by tracing the series of events leading to democratization. There are both quantitative (in regards to economic growth and the amount/percentage of countries that democratized during all three waves) and qualitative (through historical evidence in regards to snowballing) research methods....   [tags: Democracy, Oligarchy, Liberal democracy]

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The Role Cultural Factors Play in a Country's Progress Towards a Liberal Democracy

- Russia would be best classified under an illiberal democracy. The citizens vote on one party with a list of regional representatives. Citizens are free to choose between multiple party's that suits their political opinions. Russia has yet to experience a real transfer of power from one political party to another so many citizens appreciate how it’s currently operating. Along with a free and fair election, an illiberal democracy must have its government powers unchecked. There hasn't been any limit on how much power Russia's government can hold....   [tags: Government]

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Ukraine: A War Between a Liberal and Illiberal Democracy

- Ukraine: A War Between a Liberal and Illiberal Democracy The current crisis in Ukraine can simply be coined as a war between the citizens wanting their country to be a liberal or an illiberal democracy. The Eastern Ukrainians, who have substantial amounts of influence from Russia, wish to support Russia and it’s illiberal democracy, it’s competitive authoritarian regime. The Western Ukrainians wish to join the European Union and their liberal democracies based on the foundation that the rights of the people will be preserved and that the citizens has influence in the government....   [tags: authoritarian regime, identity]

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The Concept of 'Metaphysical Liberalism': On the Philosophical Source of 'Liberal Democracy'

- The Concept of 'Metaphysical Liberalism': On the Philosophical Source of 'Liberal Democracy' ABSTRACT: There have been many discussions about ‘Liberalism’ in modern political philosophy. In this paper, I want to discuss the liberal principles of political philosophy on the metaphysical level. This includes the liberal mind, the liberal consciousness, and the liberal ethos, all of which are presupposed in our liberal behaviors, and in turn serve as fundamental principles in any multicultural society....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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The Idea Of Public Reason Revisited By Thomas Rawls

- The article, the idea of public reason revisited, by Thomas Rawls focuses on how a liberal democratic society deals with conflicting views. Thomas Rawls was a professor at Harvard University where he researched the ideal way in which a liberal democracy should operate. In this particular lecture, Rawls looks at how religion makes up citizens of societies comprehensive doctrines. Which really means their core values. My objective here is to suggest that even though Thomas Rawls claims that in a liberal democratic society religious parties do not accept legitimacy due to a mere modus vivendi but that in actuality that is the only reason why they accept its legitimacy....   [tags: Democracy, Liberal democracy, Liberalism]

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The Origins Of Political Order

- In his book, The Origins of Political Order, Fukuyama considers Liberal Democracy (Fukuyama, 2011) to be the most stable form for a state to adopt. To be considered a Liberal Democracy a state must balance the principle of popular consent, the need for limited government intervention and the protection of individual liberties. The model of separation of powers and a series of checks and balances ensures that no branch of government can dominate the political agenda. Similarly, the rule of law preserves the authority of law over all, protecting civil liberties and individual rights....   [tags: Democracy, Liberal democracy, Capitalism]

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Democracy and Liberal Socialism

- Democracy and Liberal Socialism This paper deals with the characteristic features of Rawls’ property-owning democracy, and whether a liberal democratic socialism can be compatible with Rawls’ political liberalism. I argue that a property-owning democracy can be compatible with Rawlsian justice while liberal socialism cannot. I understand the choice between property-owning democracy and liberal socialism as the problem of which kind of regime is more compatible with the pluralism of modern democracies....   [tags: Politics Government Regime Papers]

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Benjamin Barber and Liberalism

- In the article Liberal Democracy and the Costs of Consent, Benjamin Barber sufficiently analyzes many liberal thinkers foundations. Barber indicates how vulnerable the classical sense of liberalism is to “modernity’s most devastating political pathology: deracination” (p. 56). Barber additionally recognizes the disadvantages that liberalism has developed since it evolved as a political ideology. Barber effectively expresses at the outset of liberal's ideal development of governing authority, furthermore dismantles the concept of consent becoming the most crucial, restrictive and stabilizing component to the liberal ideology....   [tags: Politics, Liberal Democracy, Barber]

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The Democratic Peace Theory : A Plausible Mechanism For The Promotion Of Peace And Security

- An idea that pervades the contemporary realm of international political thought is the ‘liberal democratic peace’ (LDP) theory. This theory is based upon the major tenet that democratic states do not engage in warfare with one another, and for thus reason generates and sustains a harmonious political environment. The democratic peace theory certainly has its merits – provisioning strong evidence in defense to its many critiques (Kegley & Raymond 1994; Layne 1994; Rosato 2003). However, it is also not a theory without minor flaws that undermine its hypothesis (Dafoe, Oneal & Russett 2013; International Studies Association 2005; Kumar 1994)....   [tags: Democracy, Liberal democracy, Democratization]

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What Makes A Country Democratic Nation?

- Chinsu Shajan Midterm Realistically speaking I think that it is impossible to find the perfect criteria for democracy because everyone else has a different opinion of what makes a country democratic. I see democracy in the simplest terms which is a government that practices “the rule of the people.” If that was the only criteria that would determine whether a country would be considered democratic or not that categorizing countries would be a lot easier. After reading Lindblom, Winters and Page and Hacker and Pierson, and Lehne, even though they all have different stances on how businesses and how much power they have as well as inequality, should be taken into consideration when categorizi...   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Liberal democracy, Voting]

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The Third Theory Within Liberalism

- The third theory within Liberalism, Ideational Liberalism, is based on the idea that that the ideological preferences can determine the actions, peaceful or not, taken by states, citizens, and domestic actors. In John M. Owen’s essay, “How Liberalism Produces Democratic Peace,” Owen examines this theory using the democratic peace theory. He argues, due to liberal ideology and liberal democratic institutions, “that liberal ideas cause liberal democracies to tend away from war with one another, and that the same ideas prod these states into war with illiberal states “(Owen 1994)....   [tags: Liberalism, Democracy, Liberal democracy]

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An Alternative Democracy Other than Liberal and Social Democracies?

- Most of the nations of the world have a government based on either Liberal or Social Democracy. Liberal Democracy is defined as a representative form of entity that values on individual liberties and a free market economy. The United States is the prime example of a Liberal Democracy. Social Democracy is also a representative entity which the government provides certain entitlements such as Universal Healthcare and education. The free market economies in social democracies are heavily regulated which includes high taxation....   [tags: govenrment types and systems]

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Patriotism and People Who Commit Acts of Civil Disobedience

- ... This is an interesting notion, because the term ‘responsibility’ is far stronger than ‘right’ or ‘freedom’ in this regard. Locke believed, of course, that citizens had the right to rebel against injustice and the freedom to disobey, but he more than that declared that they ethically should rebel if they know their government is unjust. Locke argued that citizens have a duty to follow the law only so far as they have accepted to enter the social contract with their government and that the government is fulfilling its part of the contract....   [tags: liberal democracy, justice, free nation]

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The Democratic Republic Of North Korea

- Although many countries may label themselves a democracy, by either title such as “The Democratic Peoples Republic Of North Korea” or by their actions like Norway, the authenticity of the term is dependent on the actions taken by a regime. Democratization and the democratic political structure are more recent concepts in terms of world history. Even the inspirations for modern democracies like the ancient Greeks or Roman Republic, are democracies in symbol, as these democracies functioned little like the modern concept....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Liberal democracy]

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Free From Unnecessary Government Intervention

- The source reflects a perspective that supports illiberalism. It suggests that the government must protect its citizens in time of crisis but it mentions that in times of stability people will be free from unnecessary government intervention. It does not however suggest that people should be free from unnecessary government intervention in times of crisis. The illiberal view opposing the principles of liberalism, suggests that governments should use unnecessary intervention in times of crisis and so does the source (indirectly as mentioned above)....   [tags: Government, Democracy, Liberal democracy]

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Superpower Or Imperial Interventions And Democratization

- Superpower or Imperial Interventions and Democratization In the past, Western interventions have not wanted to implement democratic forms of government and favored a stable autocracy over potentially unstable democracy. Since 1945, 75% of interventions have led to no changes in government (Williams and Masters, 2011). In Iraq, the US attempted to handpick a leader and chose Ahmed Chalabi to head the government in order to help maintain order and influence (Mesquita and Downs, 2006). However, Iraqi officials and civilians who knew that his loyalty and influence was with the US began seeing him as illegitimate and therefore resisted him as a leader....   [tags: Democracy, Liberal democracy, Cold War, Government]

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The Beginnings Of Liberal Arts

- The beginnings of liberal arts are found in ancient Greece, where certain subjects were deemed essential for a person to know in order to fulfill their civic duty. Today, those who have degrees backed in the liberal arts are expected to have an extensive skillset in areas such as complex problem-solving, teamwork, intercultural awareness, communication, and integrity. Liberal education also enables critical thinking and the capacity to put tougher issues into a larger context, as well as provides students with grounds in ethics (Ray)....   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Voting, Voter turnout]

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John Locke And The Liberal Thinkers

- Throughout history, man has sought after the preservation of his natural rights. The idea of protecting these rights has put many political thinkers into conversation with one another, opening the door to a plethora of ideas and critiques on these important ideas. Liberal contract theorists, such as John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Adam Smith, are seen as committed to the protection of individual rights above all other powers. On the other hand, many critics such as, Karl Marx, Carole Pateman, and Charles Mills, address foundational issues that the liberal theorists omit....   [tags: Political philosophy, Democracy, John Locke]

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Democracy And Its Impact On Democracy

- Democracy is robust, widely accepted and highly anticipated around the world. It is the triumphant form of government; dominantly used in Europe, North and South and America and becoming reformed and taking new roots in Africa and Asia. Although the term democracy is based on its Greek origin, demos kratos, meaning people rule, the term cannot be simply understood as such. Due to vast coverage, the adaptation of democracy has varied greatly, whether regionally, nationally, by state or through different branches of government....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy]

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Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government

- Democracy When it comes to the topic of whether democracy is the best form of government, most of us will readily agree that in theory, a well-planned democratically elected institution should represent an accurate sampling of the general population which it has been elected to serve. Where this agreement usually ends however, is on the question of which particular form of democracy is the best overall representation of the concept in question, and as to whether or not this ideal representation outweighs any other type of competing institutional system....   [tags: Democracy, Republic, Representative democracy]

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Political Parties Are Necessary For Democracy

- Introduction Many political pundits accept that political parties are necessary ingredients of democratic governance. Within this framework, many scholars agree that political parties are the principal agents of democratic consolidation because they are the key players shaping democracy’s emergence (Pridham, 1990: 29). Similarly, “party system institutionalization has been widely viewed as a requisite for the consolidation of democracy” (Kuenzi and Lambright, 2005: 423). However, scholars disagree on the effects of different party system characteristics on democracy....   [tags: Democracy, Elections, Representative democracy]

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The Core Concept Of Democracy

- Topic What is the core concept of democracy and what can you possibly hope to attain from a democratic government. Introduction Democracy, the political system that is the most recognized and ideally used all around the world. A democratic government is formed in order to help the people and give them more rights. In ancient times, often citizens of a small town or a city would gather together, and vote as a whole on decisions that will benefit for all. This form of government is known as a direct democracy....   [tags: Democracy, Representative democracy, Government]

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The Pros and Cons of Democracy

- Churchill’s claim that “democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried” is deliberately provocative and intended to challenge the reader’s simplistic ideal that democracy is without faults. There are an estimated 114 democracies in the world today (Wong, Oct 3rd lecture). A figure that has increased rapidly in the last century not necessarily because democracy is the best form of government, but primarily for reason that in practice, under stable social, economic and political conditions, it has the least limitations in comparison to other forms of government....   [tags: Democracy Essays]

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Growing Up Liberal By The Green Rainbow Party

- “Growing Up Liberal” I was born in a small conservative town in a largely liberal state, and since I was a little child I have been really involved in the local politics in our town, and state. So from a young age I knew what party I belonged in and I knew roughly my party ideology. When I took the test from Idealog, what it told me was unsurprising. My views on most issues tend to be aligned most with the Green-Rainbow Party, but I am registered to vote as a Democrat and the result of the ideology showed me that, as well as confirming my socialist identification....   [tags: Democracy, Political philosophy, Political party]

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Democracy Is The Worst Form Of Government

- It has been famously said by Winston Churchill that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all of the other ones; yet, despite this being somewhat truthful, the liberal democracy does allow for the expansion of civil rights for others, granted there are enough people who are willing to make the change happen through collective action, and pushing our agents to legislate this change. This is one of the greater challenges of democracy, for when the majority infringes upon the rights of the minority - yet, as citizens, it is our right to expect that the rights that have been given to others, be given to us....   [tags: Democracy, Human rights, Government]

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The Implications of Quasi-Democracy in China

- Muhlberger notes that the definition of democracy has historically been restricted to nations that are adhere to the Western conception of democracy (25). Yet, Muhlberger claims that even within authoritarian regimes, there are components of democracy at the grassroots level. He defines “quasi-democratic” as “any group willing to submit to decisions arrived at by discussion and voting (formal or informal) or abides judgment of elected representatives” (Muhlberger 27). In this essay, I argue that there have been quasi-democratic elements even within the Chinese Communist tradition....   [tags: democracy, Muhlberger, Communist China]

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Are Free Elections Necessary to Have a Democracy?

- It is important to understand the concept of democratization to examine newly developed democracies more critically and to have a better understanding of the contemporary politics around the world. Since many countries consider themselves as democracies, there needs to be a scale that represents the shared value and aspiration of democracy to evaluate these countries in a critical and objective manner to determine the democratic performance of these governments. The region this essay will be focusing on is central and eastern Europe....   [tags: Democracy and Elections]

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The Universal Definition Of Democracy

- The universal definition of democracy is that "people have substantial control over decisions which affect them". This definition is broad and within it are multiple worldviews with differing interpretations of what is meant by "people", "control", and "decisions". Two of the worldviews of democracy included within this universal definition are liberalism and socialism. The liberalism worldview interprets "people" as "individuals" and focuses on the promotion of individual liberty. Liberalism views democracy as a political system which allows individuals to decide what 's best for themselves, basically it drives the decision-making process down to the lowest level....   [tags: Liberalism, Communism, Socialism, Democracy]

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The Theory Of American Democracy

- This is an essay on American democracy, and some of the theory’s that surround it. In this paper I am going to cover majoritarianism philosophy, elite, and pluralism theories, and their context in a political atmosphere. First I want to cover the majoritarianism philosophy. This is an agenda which states that the majority of any given population somehow has a higher status than everyone else. This population could be of a religious group, the same language, a social class, color, or any other factors....   [tags: Liberalism, Political philosophy, Democracy]

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Achieving Democracy and Equality

- This paper shows why both democracy and equality are desirable, and why democracy, in its true sense, is an important step to achieve greater equality. There are many reasons why political philosophers need to look beyond the one person, one vote conception of democracy to understand why such theories have allowed social and economic inequality to continue to exist. While many democracies do not live up to our expectations in regards to providing equality, there are explanations for this and methods of overcoming such problems....   [tags: A Social Power Analysis of Democracy]

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The Resource Curse: Democracy and the Developing World

- When a country strikes oil, or some other valuable natural resource, they may take it as a blessing; however, this discovery is often very destructive. Recent studies in social sciences suggest that developing countries with resource wealth tend to have political crises. This paradox is called the resource curse- the political counterpart of the infamous Dutch disease (Lam et al., 2002)*. In this paper I will argue how this phenomenon not only impedes the development of liberal democracies in non-democratic regimes, but also how it actively destroys liberal values in developing democracies....   [tags: oil, political crises, democracy]

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Democracy Is A Complicated By William E. Hudson

- I came to America in the year of 1994; I was born in Iraq during the regime of Saddam Hussein. My argument is a positive point of view of the American Government, because I grew up in a place where we did not have freedom. When my family came to America, we were able have opportunities that we were never able to have. As you know the concept of “democracy is a complicated” (Models of Democracy 1). On the first page of American Democracy in Peril by William E. Hudson, the book often brings up the exact definition of the government or the word democracy....   [tags: Democracy, United States, Government, Anarchism]

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The Evolution Of American Democracy

- The Evolution of the American Democracy "United States can be seen as the first liberal democracy. The United States Constitution, adopted in 1788, provided for an elected government and protected civil rights and liberties. On the American frontier, democracy became a way of life, with widespread social, economic and political equality. The system gradually evolved, from Jeffersonian Democracy or the First Party System to Jacksonian Democracy or the Second Party System and later to the Third Party System....   [tags: US History Democracy]

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Democracy Is A Popular Government System After World War I

- Likeall great cities around the world, democracy originated in Athens, in ancient Greece. Athenian democracy was established in 508-7 B.C. On the other hand, communism occurred during the 17th century. The first nation that became democratic was the Corsican Republic in 1755. However it did not last long and the first modern nation to establish an official democratic system was France. Democracy was a popular government system after World War I. Communism basic ideas came from the famous writers Thomas More, in his novel, Utopia, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their novel, Communist Manifesto....   [tags: Democracy, Communism, Marxism, Communist state]

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Minority Groups in Liberal Democracies

- Is anyone special. This all-encompassing question strikes at the heart of whether certain minority groups should be awarded their own specific rights. The answer to this question considers the important liberal principles of equality and freedom (Kymlicka 345). At its simplest form, there could be equal rights for all, or rights that make everyone equal. To answer this question, I will show that the idea of nation-building has been permitted to deviate from benign neglect for the instrumental purpose of bringing about some goals of a liberal democratic state: solidarity, trust, and deliberative democracy, and that in doing so, it harms another liberal democratic goal: equality of opportunity...   [tags: Discrimination ]

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A Liberal Arts Education Is Important

- A liberal arts education is very important because it gives students the opportunity to think critically, hence making them creative human beings. In the United States liberal education is now seen as a waste of time because it doesn’t train students for their future careers. That is a dangerous way to look at a liberal arts education because according to Fareed Zakaria in his book In Defense of a Liberal Education there are many advantages such an education can offer students. A liberal arts education offers many valuable skills to a student....   [tags: History of education, Education, Psychology]

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Media And The Modern Democracy

- Media Biases Media is one the tools or channels of communication used to store and convey information or data from one source to the other. In the modern democracy, media play important functions. Mass media is considered essential in the modern democracy. When the media is given freedom of expression by the government. Madison argues that democratic government require informed and educated society for it to work effectively (166). He further affirms that democracy also imposes problem and require an institutional solution....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Journalist, Democracy]

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Media's Role in Liberal Democracies

- The basic elements in a liberal democracy are regular elections, a parliament exercising control over government within law and individuals freedoms such as free debate, freedom of association and the right to protest (Carter & Stokes, 2002). Regular elections should include competitiveness among parties to keep elections fair and voters should be aware of their interests. Additionally, as Carter and Stokes (2002) state that there should be “a parliament that can exercise control over the government and all this happens within a frame work of the rule of law” (p.10)....   [tags: Elections, Freedom, Government]

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The Democratic Peace Theory Of Democracy

- The democratic peace theory postulates that liberal democracies are hesitant and unlikely to engage in armed conflict with other democracies. This idea dates back centuries to German philosopher Immanuel Kant and other 18th-century Enlightenment thinkers. By examining the political similarities, economic system, geographical location, and other factors of generic democracies, proponents of the democratic peace theory argue that democracies have a vested interest not to war with one another. However, other forms of government are exempt from these principles unique to democracies....   [tags: Democracy, Government, Autocracy, World War II]

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The Role Of Mass Media On The Modern Democracy

- edia is one of the tools or channels of communication used to store and convey information or data from one source to the other. In the modern democracy, media play important functions. Mass media is considered essential in the modern democracy. When the media is given freedom of expression by the government. Madison argues that democratic government requires informed and educated society for it to work effectively (166). He further affirms that democracy also imposes problem and require an institutional solution....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Journalist, Democracy]

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Is Venezuela a Democracy?

- Opinions about the state of democratic governance in Venezuela during the government of President Hugo Chávez Frías have been polarized. Some critics come close to labeling it a dictatorship while others, his supporters, claim to be restoring a truly democratic regime to Venezuela. Venezuelan society is polarized along political lines and this climate does not help to consolidate liberal democracy. In such a context, it is easy to fall into simplistic, black and white views; however, it is important to seek a more gradual and balanced appreciation of the complex issues at play....   [tags: Government, Politics]

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Liberal Equality

- Throughout the ages, the principles of equality and liberty have been a subject of great disputes. Liberal minimalism [1] holds a distinct outlook in the explicit implications of these expressions. For a minimalist democracy must strive to primary reduce control of authoritarian power through restraining most if not all constraints to the individual, allowing them to dictate their own lives by implementing a representative government. In addition, it implements an equal, consistent, and indiscriminate regulation....   [tags: Political Science]

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Liberal Arts Education

- When entering into college as a freshman students are required to take some form of a freshman year experience course. Many students are under the impression that this course will be a waste of time and most are clueless as to what the course will entail. Being in this course throughout the semester has proven those notions that the course is a waste of time to be absolutely false. One of the primary topics discussed during this course is the idea of the liberal arts education. This is an idea that an education should not only tech one the skills necessary to be successful in a given career field but provide the skills necessary for individuals to be more productive members of society....   [tags: humanities, natural sciences]

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Democracy in Syria

- This research paper seeks to design a democratization model for a Post-al-Asad regime in Syria. At the same time as the uprising goes on in Syria there should be discussion of a possible transition into a real democracy. The conflicts have not yet ended in Syria and there are possibilities that the revolts will succeed and Syria will be facing massive challenges for a transition that might be either democratic or not democratic. It is an essential time for Syria to design a good model of democracy to be able to have a peaceful and democratic Syria and to be able to bring stability, harmony, and solidarity without any vicious sectarian conflict among numerous groups....   [tags: Post-al-Asad regime, democratization]

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- INTRODUCTION There have been enormous efforts to spread democracy as a political system throughout the world by the developed democratic countries and the international development organizations including the World Bank. By the late 1990s the United States alone spent over a half billion dollars to promote democratic expansion throughout the world (Diamond, 2003). These were done considering that the democratic system leads towards development. As a result in the late 20th century we saw a huge political transformation towards democracy....   [tags: Political System, Government]

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Islam and Democracy

- Discuss the argument that characterise the debate about Islam and democracy Since the rise of the Islamic movements around the world especially in the Middle East and the current tension between Muslim and the Western countries in particular after 9/11, the different debates and arguments has been made by scholars, in particular Western intellectuals about the capability of the Islam to accept the principles of democracy. I will examine the relationship between Islam and politics, definition of Islam and democracy, the connection between Islamic teaching (Hadith and Quran) and Islamic movements and different perspectives of Islamists or Islamic countries....   [tags: islamic movements, middle east]

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America’s Democracy Intervention Mystery, Cuba and You

- How long does it take for things to change. It takes most things seconds to become different. Like when someone burn something, it turns into ash, or smash a banana, it turns In to mash. But when it comes to gargantuan things, like government, sometimes change seems impossible. Though America has made it happen before. Anerica should continue spreading democracy. From Kosovo to Japan, the country changed a solid government. In Columbia, they took advantage of their troubles to make their government more fair....   [tags: Aerica, Democracy, Columbia, US Government]

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Steps to Democracy

- A democracy is “a system of governance in which rulers are held accountable for their actions in the public realm by citizens, acting indirectly through the competition and cooperation of their elected representatives” (Schmitter and Karl 76). In order to establish a democracy, first the people of Ozland need to elect officials in a democratic fashion. In order to draft a liberal constitution, leaders must be elected. The leaders can then draft the constitution according to the wants and needs of the people....   [tags: Ozland, Government]

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Initiative and Ideologies: Liberalism and Social Democracy as Applied to Modern Legislation

- In 2004 a Swiss banker called the upper class’ demand for increasingly high salaries as “a call to class warfare from above.” (Baer) The new decade has seen outcry against a growing discrepancy in wealth. The global financial crisis exacerbated the already prominent fiscal divide. Ideological thinkers have been wrestling with resolution of this exact divide for centuries. Modernly Switzerland has attempted to regulate monetary divides by banning bonuses and mandating shareholder consent in major decisions....   [tags: Switzerland, Democracy, Liberalism]

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The Rise of Universal Liberal Values?

- The Rise of Universal Liberal Values. Democracy is one thing, and constitutional liberalism quite another. In the inexorable march of modernity, Fareed Zakaria argues in The Rise of Illiberal Democracy, the message of constitutional liberalism has gotten lost in the clamor for democracy. This is problematic because, without a strong foundation of pluralism and constitutional liberalism, the apparatus of democracy can easily be hijacked by forces that hardly espouse the liberal values that have, in the Western mind, become transparently conflated with democracy....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Relation Between Confucianism and Democracy

- Introduction Over years of debate, Confucianism has long been seen as a conflicting force of democracy, particularly among political scientists who are pro-liberal democracy. This thought has been backed up by the trend of communism or competitive authoritarianism in Asia that liberal democracy seems not to be flourishing in this region due to the strong influence of Confucianism. However, this conventional perception starts to get more challenges from Asian scholars, particularly those emphasizing Confucian perfectionism, that Confucianism instead strengthen democracy, rather than acting as a stumbling stock....   [tags: Political Science, Government]

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Democracy in The Middle East

- The imposing of liberal democracy into foreign states and in particular into the Middle East would not necessarily create peace due to their cultural and geographical context. From a westernised perspective we may heavily associate the nature of democracy with peace but the history of international relations and theory has continue to show that this is definitely not the case. The Democratic Peace Theory itself contains weakness and vulnerabilities due to its reliance on ‘casual logic’ (Layne 1994, Pg....   [tags: Social Issues]

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The Liberal Backbone of America

- The Liberal Backbone of America Within the framework of democratic capitalism, the American Constitution and government structure have a fundamentally liberal backbone. Viewed as a social contract, the relationship between the state and the individual is expressed in the Constitution which dictates the liberal values intrinsically woven into American history. Combined with the Bill of Rights, the Constitution holds the representative government accountable for its actions and sets finite limits on the power it wields over the individual....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Critical Analysis: "The Spirit of Democracy"

- Democracy, with various perceptions lacks a universally accepted definition. However, it may have become a universally accepted system of government most international societies prefer to operate under. Larry Diamond (author of “The Spirit of Democracy”) agrees to this trend, when he questions why Democracy has not expanded globally. Though a snowball effect is indeed taking place, allowing sparks of liberal ideas translate to democratic movements giving way to the third wave of democracy, this system is still limited to two-thirds of the globe....   [tags: Article Review]

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The Market System From a Conservative and Liberal Viewpoint

- The most critical public values are freedom, equality and democracy. The liberal view makes the better case, for a more nuanced idea of the market system working best as a “mixed system”. The conservative “free market” view is that economic freedom is paramount. The individual is best when judging what is in their best interests. Any transfer of their power over themselves to an entity such as government that is viewed as subjugation, “Political freedom means the absence of coercion of a man by his fellow men” (Friedman, 2002, p.15)....   [tags: Political Science]

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The Death Of Liberal America

- Americans seem to have lost any sense whatsoever of what liberalism means and what it strives to insure. Liberals have insisted that tyranny can only be combated by the multiplication and fragmentation of power. A free society is one in which there are various centers of power, various positions from which people have the ability to influence decisions. That’s the whole point behind creating three branches of government, the vaunted “separation of powers.” Liberalism aims to insure peace and prevent tyranny in pluralistic societies....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Liberals : The Liberal Paradigm

- The Liberal Paradigm Definition Liberals see humans as both moral and rational beings, who are egotistical and altruistic as well as competitive and cooperative (Mullaly, 2007). They assume that everyone should be able to support themselves, because they are sufficiently motivated by self-development, and through this motivation they can be successful and move upwards in class status (Mullaly, 2007). The nation-state in the liberal paradigm exists to ensure fair competition, and generally acts in the best interests of society to promote harmony (Mullaly, 2007)....   [tags: Sociology, Social justice, Social work, Socialism]

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- Although there are many virtues to enjoy about democracy and democratic forms of government and political systems, this form of government has still many impending challenges yet to be accomplished. In that sense, I agree with Winston Churchill, on the grounds that “democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried” (Churchill). Looking at democracy through both its weaknesses and strengths in comparison to other forms of government makes it evident that it is the best form of political system we have, democracy has been subject to problems with, tyranny of the minority, and collective action....   [tags: Politics, American Government, Globalization]

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Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy by Yuval Levin

- Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy Reading Imagining the Future: Science and American Democracy, by Yuval Levin, is an educational experience because the book challenges liberal values effectively and offers a unique historical analysis of American political values. Unfortunately, Levin’s errors of omission lead to logical errors throughout Imagining the Future. Levin’s biggest problem is that he painstakingly avoids the mention of religion in relation to American politics....   [tags: biotechnology, liberals, religion]

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Democracy And The Electoral System

- Our right to vote in Canada is documenting under section three of Charter of Rights and freedoms, unfortunately many eligible voters don’t exercise this essential democratic right. Canadian voter turnout in recent years has been disappointing. In past few decades, there has been a gradual decrease in voter turnout in Canada, dropping significantly since the late 1980’s. Conversely, in the 2008 federal elections, voter turn out had reached an all-time low, where, just under, 59 percent of eligible voters actually voted....   [tags: Voting system, Plurality voting system, Voting]

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Democracy: An Important Game-Changer

- Democracy is an important game-changer. In the past, people suffered from the sovereign who abuses their power to rule the society. The unfair policy restricts citizens’ freedom, yet they did not change for thousands of years. Pursuing democracy is a goal for most people since few hundred years ago. It did not only destroy imperial authoritarianism, but also brought us civil rights and better life quality. Why did it change the world. How could it last for several centuries. And what were the predictors of its success at the time....   [tags: government systems]

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Ronald Dworkins Liberal Morality

- Dworkin begins by roughly defining liberalism according to the New Deal: “It combined an emphasis on less inequality and greater economic stability with more abundant political and civil liberty for the groups campaigning for these goals.” Dworkin states that such a definition is inadequate and goes on to elaborate on liberalism in more depth. The liberal, in economic policies, demands that the inequalities of wealth be reduced through social programs such as “welfare and other redistribution financed by a progressive tax.” Liberals also take a Keynesian policy toward the governments stabilizing intervention in the economy, such as controlling inflation and unemployment....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Does Globalization Promote Democracy?

- Introduction and relevance of the topic in today’s world. Democratisation ideas sweep across the borders even in the most authoritarian states. Through the development in technology, especially IT, and the development of travel means asserting the grater flow of people - the spread of new ideas becomes inevitable. Though the current trends cannot insure the strong link between globalization and democracy. Lets take an example of Singapore which at the A.T. Kearny/Foreign Policy magazine Globalization Index is ranked the highest, reaching the top levels of cross-border contacts between people ....   [tags: political and governmental change]

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Democracy can Stop Terror

- The call of freedom. Some take it as a joke. Something that is only natural and not appreciated. Ask a group of students at a local university about the bill of rights. Could the students name one amendment. Two. Three. In other countries, citizens are desperately reaching out in the fight against the tyrannical rule of oppresive regimes. These same citizens can only imagine the possibilities of America. This is the story of our generation. An apolitical, utterly ill-informed, young generation who forgets about the sacrifice of many in the past and present....   [tags: Terrorism, Bin Laden]

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Evaluating the European Union in Terms of Democracy

- The European Union (EU), since the initial foundation in 1952 as the European Coal and Steel Community and throughout periods of development, has been considered one of the most advanced forms of regional integration. Based on numerous terms and treaties, it has strived to promote values such as peace, cooperation or democracy, and in 2012 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for having “contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe” (Nobel Media AB, 2012)....   [tags: forms of regional integration]

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Tunisia Islamic Democracy

- Tunisia: Islamic Democracy Elections, Rights and obligations, Civil Liberties, the role of Islam and its Feasibility in the 21thCentury Name: Zahra Aziz (3076) Professor: Mohammed K. Elowny Class: Democratization 420 Email: Date: November 18, 2013 Tunisia: Islamic Democracy I. Background: Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali has ruled Tunisia for over two decades with tyranny. The autocratic government of Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali was toppled on January 14, 2011 and since then number of steps were taken to establish a democratic government....   [tags: Elections, Rights, Obligations, Civil Liberties]

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The New Left : A Pink Tide Of Democracy

- Question #1 - “The New Left; A Pink Tide of Democracy” The “new left” in Latin America has created a protest movement against conditions of poverty, inequality, and corruption between Latin American leaders with relatively similar, but substantive differences in their ideals. In recent history, countries have been able to defeat the Center and Right in free and fair elections (Smith 197). The idea of democracy had become more widespread because it had been tamed as elites could finally embrace democracy since it did not effectively challenge their interest....   [tags: Cuba, Fidel Castro, United States]

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Classical Liberal Theory

- Classical Liberal Theory Classical liberalism is a very interesting political theory. The underlying belief is that what makes a person human is freedom from the dependence on the will of others. It is complete freedom from any relations with others, except those entered voluntarily. Another main point of classical liberalism is that the individual is the owner of his person and his capacities, for which he owes nothing to society. The individual, although free, has no power to limit anyone else's freedom....   [tags: Papers]

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