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The Paradox Of The Liar Paradox

- Traced all the way back to six centuries before christ, the Liar Paradox is an argument that arrives at a contradiction when assuming the principle of bivalence. The principle of bivalence states that a declarative statement must have only one truth value; the declarative statement is either true or false, not both (Bernecker). The classical liar paradox is composed of paradoxical statements, like: “This sentence is false,” and “L1 : L1 is false” (Bernecker). If the statement “L1 is false” is true, then “L1” is false, because the first premise says, “L1 is false” (Bernecker)....   [tags: Truth, Logic, Liar paradox, Paradox]

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Humour and Conflict in the scene in which Rita and Barbara Clash from Billy Liar

- Humour and Conflict in the scene in which Rita and Barbara Clash from Billy Liar Task: ‘Explain how both humour and conflict are created in the scene in which Rita and Barbara clash’ Billy liar is set in 1959, at the time of the teenage rebellion and the start of the swinging sixties. This is reflected in the play because there are still some ‘old Fashioned’ People around i.e. Barbara, which tells me that the ‘new age’ hasn’t affected some people yet. And there are also people like Liz who are really taking to the new style of living....   [tags: Billy Liar Keith Waterhouse Plays Essays]

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The Actor and The Liar

- After playing a convincing role as an action hero in a new film, a movie star exits the stage, leaving his character behind, and attends a press conference claiming that he did all his own stunts, becoming both an actor and a liar. When it comes to the difference between these two characters, clear differentiations are not immediately apparent. In this example, in order to impress his audience, both the actor and the liar are untruthful regarding their accomplishments. Both require a skilled performer who is well versed in the various protocols....   [tags: Sociology]

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An Analysis Of Illness In Tangles And The Liar

- An Analysis of Illness in Tangles and The Liar Experiencing an illness is a hard part of life and communicating the feelings that comes with a sickness can help cope with the situation. The book Tangles by Sarah Leavitt and the short comic The Liar by Laura Yan are graphic memoirs with completely different stories but alike ideas around the theme of illness being communicated with the use of text and graphic as an effective way to explore the hardships of an illness. They also show the repercussions that illness can have on the entourage of the patient....   [tags: Illness, Communication, Sickness behavior, Mother]

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Odysseus Is An Unreliable Narrator And A Liar

- I’ve always admired stories about a character who confronts a foe that is more adept than them and, by the end of the tale, becomes more wise and stronger than what they were in the beginning of the story. It reminds me of what it’s like to grow up; it reminds me of when I was a kid and how I grew up to become who I am today. Therefore, I chose Telemachus as my main focus because his story involves him changing from a gripping, young man to a cunning, mature man. Also, I’d like to point out that I didn’t choose Odysseus because throughout majority of the text, when he is the narrator, Homer reveals that Odysseus is an unreliable narrator and a liar....   [tags: Odyssey, Homer, Trojan War, Odysseus]

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Rigoberta Menchu - Liar or Educator?

- In the article “Liar, Rigoberta Menchu” by Dinesh D’Souze(1999) he states that anthropologist David Stoll and New York Times reporter Larry Rohter found evidence that Rigoberta Menchu lied in her autobiography and therefore her book should not be used in schools and universities. First of all it is said that Rigoberta Menchu claims that she never went to school but she actually has the equivalent of a middle school education which she received due to a scholarship and attended two prestigious private boarding schools that were operated by Catholic nuns, this was verified by her half-sister who also said that Rigoberta could have not spent eight months on coffee and plantation fields and wor...   [tags: Biography]

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Is Homelessness The Best Liar?

- Quick. What’s the main thing you care about your job. It’s the money isn’t it. We all live in a cruel world where people are forced to get money to survive in today’s society. We have all been there once in our life; no job, no money, no help, no life. Imagine how many people in the world live in poverty; without a house, families to feed, ridiculed on streets. This fear of homelessness is what push us to go through countless of resumes and interviews. This starts an uneasiness of the competitive world of job hunting, where everyone will lie to ensure their spot at the job....   [tags: Interview, Question, Semi-structured interview]

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I Am Not A Liar

- Over the past 8 years, I’ve been going through a very slow personal journey. It’s not something that’s been very noticeable, but by looking back now to where I started, I can see the significant chasm I’ve left behind. And while I know that it widens with every day, it’s not a very spectacular journey. It’s not action packed, and nothing much ever happens worthy of note. There’s no rising action, no climax, and as of now, no conclusion. A story without those would usually be considered a poor story, and maybe that’s correct....   [tags: Fear, Phobia, Anxiety, Panic attack]

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Why I Am a Groupthink Liar

- Probably because of my own experience, I somewhat believe that adolescent life transforms people to behave more ‘mature’ by unconsciously gaining the consciousness of groupthink, the kind of lying which is unpremissible but always unavoidable with the proviso “under certain circumstances”. 1 year ago, I went to a school in Beijing as an exchange student. I was invited to vote for the way of class committee members’ selection in a freshman class, the teacher told me it was the first time they did so....   [tags: censoring my own ideas, personal reflection]

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Iago As A Liar And The Father Of All Lies

- “When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of all lies” (John 8:44). This excerpt from The New Oxford Annotated Bible identifies the devil as the root of deceit; in Shakespeare 's Othello, deceit is the tool antagonist Iago uses to corrupt his companions. The portrayal of Iago in Othello reflects that of Satan in The New Oxford Annotated Bible. Iago reflects Satan in that he deceives his victims, manipulates his victims ' actions, and causes his victims to harm and condemn themselves....   [tags: Deception, Lie, Othello, Devil]

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Who Is The Best Liar Of All Time?

- You might be thinking: “Really. All this talk and it’s a religious scheme.” I understand. But what I also understand is that our culture has absolutely no idea of who Jesus really is. Therefore, how can we completely disregard Him. Many “believe” in Him and it’s historically proven that He did in fact exist. So He either was the Son of God or He was the best liar of all time. Give me some time to clear up the misunderstanding; it’ll be everything trust me. Now, who is Jesus to this individualistic and unique culture....   [tags: Jesus, God in Christianity, Salvation]

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The Liar 's Club By Mary Karr

- Olivia Brodsky Dean Herbert Independent Study The Liar’s Club Mary Karr In The Liars ' Club, Mary Karr recounts her dysfunctional childhood and the various struggles she and her family endured. Although both of Mary’s parents were suffered from severe alcoholism, Mary’s mother was also incredibly abusive as a result of mental illness. Growing up, Mary frequently witnessed violent episodes, fits and delusions that eventually landed her mother in a mental institution. Inevitably intensified by the alcoholism, her parents fought all the time, resulting in physical violence and constant threats of divorce....   [tags: Family, Father, Marriage, Mother]

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The Liar By Pierre Corneille And Adapted By David Ives

- The liar, a production put on by the University of Central Arkansas Theater, was presented at Bridges/Larson Theater, Snow Fine Arts on October 21st-22nd at 7:30, and 27th -28th at 7:30, as well as 22nd at 2:00. This play was written by Pierre Corneille and adapted by David Ives. The main point of this play is lying, if the title did not already establish that. The director, Chad Bradford made this extremely obvious in the start of the production with the main character Dorante, also known as Brent Welch....   [tags: Performance, Theatre, White people, Character]

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The Supreme Liar, There Is Only One Type Of Moviegoer

- According to George Lucas, the supreme liar, there is only one type of moviegoer. As usual, George Lucas is incorrect. There are actually three types of moviegoers. They are the romance type, the comedy type, and the sci-fi type. The romance moviegoer has a polished appearance. For example, her mouth is wound in a small smile that uncovers a sliver of pearly white teeth. The perfectly straight teeth are partially obstructed by lips that are coated in an even, thin layer of pink lipstick. Furthermore, her shoes are a fashionable pair of brightly colored high heels....   [tags: Film, Movie theater, Popcorn, Shoe]

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Daniel DeFoe, Master Liar?

- "And after all, what is a lie. `Tis but the truth in masquerade" Lord Byron (1) Moll Flanders, a potent character of Defoe's, is haunted by her past, and as such, is driven to tell her story. Many literary scholars believe Defoe intentionally mislead readers to believe that Moll Flanders was a real person. Defoe has therefore often been dubbed as a liar. The dictionary definition of a lie is: To speak untruthfully with intent to mislead or deceive (2) Plots in other fictitious works, such as those by Shakespeare, were known as fiction due to their unlikely content, but in Moll Flanders it is harder to distinguish between fact and fiction....   [tags: European Literature]

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Billy Liar

- Billy Liar The play 'Billy Liar' was first produced in London on 13th September 1960. Originally a novel, it was adapted by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse for performance. Billy the main character in the performance lives in a lower middle class family and is subconsciously trapped by their social class. Billy is an imaginative youth who indulges in daydreams and escapism, but cannot fulfil his fantasies due to the restriction of his social culture. In modern society Billy would have been more likely to fulfil his dreams as generally family and social restrictions have changed since the 1960s and movement away from the family unit is more accepted....   [tags: Papers]

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Stage Directions and Dialogue in Billy Liar

- Stage Directions and Dialogue in Billy Liar In the play ' Billy Liar' the central character, Billy, has three different girlfriends. Each girl has a dramatically different personality, and the stage directions give a clear indication as to the nature of these differences. The dialogue also gives a clear sense of character, with each girl speaking and interacting in a distinct way. Firstly the character of Barbara is quite peculiar, the narrator had described her as being a nineteen year old girl, who is large and well built, dressed in a tweed suit with flat-heeled shoes, she is also carrying a large handbag....   [tags: Papers]

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Conformation to Patriarchy and Resistance Against it in the Miryam Chapter

- In the novel the Liar’s Gospel there are several instances of conformation to Patriarchy and resistance against it. As the “Miryam” chapter is the only chapter that is written from the view point of a woman, it suggests the difficulty women had dealing with and living in a Patriarchal society. Miryam herself is constrained by patriarchy and often finds herself in disagreement with it even though she usually goes along with what is expected of her. Miryam both, conforms and challenges, the patriarchy’s ideas about women....   [tags: yehoshauh, liar's gospel, patriarchal society]

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A Comparison between Billy Liar and Shirley Valentine

- A Comparison between Billy Liar and Shirley Valentine I have just been studying Billy Liar and performing it as part of my mock scripted drama GCSE, and have been asked to compare this theatre script to the film script of Shirley Valentine. I have already given the first difference between these two scripts; one is a theatre script and the other is designed specifically for the big screen. Billy Liar was originally a novel written by Keith Waterhouse, who with the help of Willis Hall made it into a theatre script in the 1960's....   [tags: Drama]

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President George W. Bush - A Liar, a Thief, and a Criminal

- President Bush - A Liar, a Thief, and a Criminal Contents Intro Unprecedented History of Bush Bush as President Facts Conclusion Bibliography The purpose of this essay is to expose George W. Bush as the fraud he is. From rigging the 2000 presidential election, to waging war on a country that had no connection to the 9/11 bombings on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers. George Bush must be shown for what he really is – a liar, a thief, and a criminal. This essay will go into detail about what Bush is currently doing, how he “won” the 2000 Presidential Election, and what he did before he was president It was a sunny day in Florida, and as the votes were counted from the controversial...   [tags: President George W. Bush Against]

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Comparing the Film Adaptation of Billy Liar With the Stage Play

- Comparing the Film Adaptation of Billy Liar With the Stage Play The play, Billy Liar was written in the early 1960s by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse. The play was set in Northern England in places like Manchester and Sheffield. The story is about a teenager, Billy Fisher who is a lonely and discontented with life. He does not have many friends and imagines being real high class and having a luxurious life. He is always getting trouble for causing mischief and telling lies....   [tags: Papers]

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Nick Carraway as Honest Liar in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

- Nick Carraway as Honest Liar in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby        "Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known" (Fitzgerald Gatsby 64). So writes Nick Carraway in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, characterizing himself in opposition to the great masses of humanity as a perfectly honest man. The honesty that Nick attributes to himself must be a nearly perfect one, by dint of both its rarity and its "cardinal" nature; Nick asserts for himself that he is among the most honest people he has ever encountered....   [tags: Great Gatsby Essays Fitzgerald ]

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Free Essays - I am a Poor Liar

- I am a Poor Liar Whenever I lie I get this churning in the pit of my stomach that can only be quieted with truth. My bones begin to ache as though they've been bruised. I don't know if this is innate or has been taught to me, but I feel it acutely when I call on falsehood to temporarily save me. Perhaps that is why I am so annoyed with hypocrisy. Learn to identify hypocrisy, and learn to watch your promises. Mean what you say and act on what you believe in and, above all, take responsibilities for your actions....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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Billy's Character in Keith Waterhouse's Billy Liar

- Billy's Character in Keith Waterhouse's Billy Liar The play 'Billy Liar' was written by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall in 1960. It was set in the late fifties/early sixties, which was a revolutionary era. During this time many people felt discontented and restrained, leading to their questioning of the class system and the authority of the day. Such feelings were reflected by playwrights portraying naturalistic interpretations that linked to social realism (that is, exposing daily life for what it truly was)....   [tags: Papers]

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A Comparison Between Billy Liar and Our Own Production of The Trip

- A Comparison Between Billy Liar and Our Own Production of The Trip Our practical work was performed in February 2004 and was a piece of improvisation based on the theme of truth and lies. We read Billy Liar in the winter of 2003, it is a 1960's play by Keith Waterhous and Willis Hall and is also based on the theme of truth and lies. Throughout Billy Liar, Billy lies incredibly often and often indulges in fantasies, leaving him completely unresponsive to the 'real world'. In our play, there are four characters and two of them share Billy's tendency to lie in order to achieve what they want....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Billy Liar, Spring and Port Wine and Ernie's Incredible Illucinations

- Comparing Billy Liar, Spring and Port Wine and Ernie's Incredible Illucinations I am going to be looking at three plays, they are 'Billy Liar', 'Spring and Port Wine' and, 'Ernie's Incredible Illucinations'. 'Billy Liar' is about a boy with a very vivid imagination. As he tries to live in his fantasy world, he lets go of reality, leading to all sorts of problems. 'Spring and Port Wine' is about a Bolton family The first difference is the style of the plays. 'Billy Liar' and 'Spring and Port Wine' are both very naturalistic....   [tags: Papers]

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Liar Liar

- Stephen Glass was a young writer whose misinformation and fabrications, although found humorous by his co-workers, swayed the public opinion and effected many lives; including his. Like many professionals, Mr. Glass was skilled at what he did. He was a valued by his colleagues and had an almost unbreakable bond with them. All was well and dandy at The New Republic till Mr. Glass's career came crashing down on his face like the twin towers of 9-11. Most of his work at The New Republic was falsified....   [tags: Biography]

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The Differences in Attitudes of Billy and Geoffrey in Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse

- The Differences in Attitudes of Billy and Geoffrey in Billy Liar by Keith Waterhouse "Billy Liar" was originally a novel written by Keith Waterhouse. In the late fifties/early sixties, Waterhouse collaborated with Willis Hall to turn the novel into a play. It is about a boy called Billy Fisher, his life, relationships, attitudes and lies. The story takes place on one Saturday in the Fisher household. During the late 1950's, teenagers were gaining more responsibility. For the first time, it was them who had to support the family as many adults were killed during the war....   [tags: Papers]

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WHO CAN CATCH A LIAR?’, Ekman and O’Sullivan, 1991.

- WHO CAN CATCH A LIAR?’, Ekman and O’Sullivan, 1991. What is the definition of lying or indeed deception. Well deception can be defined in many ways, but it was termed by Vrij (Vrij, 2000, p.6) as a successful or unsuccessful deliberate attempt, without forewarning, to create in another a belief, which the communicator considers to be untrue. Telling lies is a daily life event, which varies in quite complex ways depending on the situation the person is in and the person being lied to. People lie for all kinds of reasons....   [tags: English Literature]

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Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus and Jurek Becker’s Jacob the Liar

- Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus and Jurek Becker’s Jacob the Liar Joseph Campbell’s definition of a hero states that “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” (Campbell 123). The concept of the hero has been present and in active use by storytellers since humans first began telling stories. Myths and legends of every culture and tradition have heroes whose purpose is to serve as role models and character lessons to those who hear or read their stories. The hero of a story can take many forms depending on the purpose of the story, reflecting the society of the writer....   [tags: Hero German Faustus Jacob Essays]

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Truman Capote's Excessive Lying

- Truman Capote's Excessive Lying Truman Capote once said, "I don't care what anybody says about me, as long as it isn't true" (Creative). Surely enough, Capote himself kept true to this statement throughout his life. According to Johnny Carson's ex-wife, Joanne Carson, whom Capote lived with near the end of his life, Capote would take her on imaginary trips to Paris, China, or Spain while in her front yard (Plimpton 422). But on a more serious note, Carson claims that Capote would lie about the simple facts about a party or an outing they had gone on (Plimpton 304)....   [tags: Truman Capote Pathological Liar Essays Papers]

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My Mom is a Pathological Liar

- I think it was my mother who taught me the meaning of honesty. Not because she was honest, but because she lied all the time. She felt that the easiest way out of any given situation was generally the best way out. And, for her, that generally meant telling a "little white lie." As a young child I thought it was kind of cool. And, naturally, when I would come to her with a concern or question wondering what I should do, she generally advised me to lie. "Mom, I told Theresa that I would go over to her house, but now I would rather go to Sue's house to play." "Tell Theresa you're sick," she would advise....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about my family]

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Billy Liar

- How I Would Play Billy Page 36, Act 2, Lines “…Rita, will you listen for one minute!… No, listen to what I’m telling you!” Until Page 39, Lines “He can’t wash himself, never mind the pots.” The reason I chose Billy to discuss how I would play his role in the play is not only I was him in the short scene presented to the class, but he has more to him than meets the eye. There are so many things which distinguish Billy character, and make him unique. Billy is proposed to three different girls, he starts tells small fibs to make his life sound more interesting, but gradually people realise that he is lying and he makes up more lies to get himself out of trouble....   [tags: Drama]

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Is It A Bad Or Selfish Lie?

- Although most lies are categorized as selfish, I hold that there are some lies that are told with good intentions. While such lies still involve some degree of deception, they do not seek to cause harm to others or to promote oneself as a selfish lie would. Ericsson terms this type of lie as a “white lie”, and goes on to say, “The white lie assumes that the truth will cause more damage than a simple, harmless untruth” (425). In other words, people sometimes fudge the truth out of concern for the well being and feelings of others....   [tags: Lie, Truth, Morality, Deception]

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Jewish Attitudes in Different Situations

- While Badenheim 1939 and Jacob the Liar both deal with Jews in an unnamed ghetto/community on the eve of deportation, the attitudes and actions of the Jewish populations were different and similar in a few ways. After reading Michael Bernstein’s discussion of Badenheim, my views on how Badenheim 1939 and Jacob the Liar have changed. With that said, I came to an understanding of my own that Badenheim 1939 and Jacob the Liar both differ from each other and have some attitudes common. Also, the Bernstein’s article makes me believe in Jacob the Liar approach over Badenheim 1939....   [tags: Michael Bernstein, Badenheim]

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The Kinds Of Toxic People

- The 5 Kinds Of Toxic People You Need To Avoid We 've all been there before, maybe it was a good friend, maybe it was a relative. Whatever the case, we 've known someone who just wasn 't any good for us. This doesn 't mean they 're necessarily a horrible person, but just not the person we need in our lives right now. Let 's take a look at 5 different kinds of toxic individual, who our daily lives can simply do without. The Black Cloud One of the most common types of toxic people has always been The Black Cloud....   [tags: Want, Interpersonal relationship, Need, WANT]

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The Theory Of Truth Determines A True Statement

- A. Justice B. Definitions a. Elenchus is a method of questioning someone to test for how genuine and consistent they are in something that was said earlier. b. Lying is an act of deliberately deceiving or telling false statements with an intention c. BS is someone who acts like they know what they’re talking about but in reality either doesn’t or does not care d. Proposition is a statement that expresses a statement that is uncertain. It could be true or false. e. Correspondence theory of truth determines a true statement by seeing how it relates and corresponds with the world f. An argument is a discussion where individuals express their diverse sentiments about a topic....   [tags: Morality, Truth, Justice, Existentialism]

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When is Lying OK? Rejecting All Lies: Immanuel Kant by Sissela Bok

- Lying is an issue that has been debated on for a long time. Some people believe that lying is sometimes ok in certain circumstances. Some people believe lying is always acceptable. In contrast, some believe lying is always bad. Keeping all other’s opinions in mind, I believe that lying is a deficient way of solving problems and is a bad thing. I claim that only certain situations allow the usage of lies and that otherwise, lying is bad. Dishonesty is bad because it makes it harder to serve justice, harms the liar individually, and messes up records....   [tags: bad, weakens justice ]

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The War Between The Christ Versus Antichrist

- The war between the Christ versus antichrist has been commencing for generations with tides of people churning and numbers fluctuating inconsistently back and forth. Who is to say what is considered holy or unholy. How is anyone to expand so far to say that many persons of God’s creation are of the antichrist. Jesus’s disciples could (and one did) elaborate on such as shown by John in his first letter, “who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ. This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son” (Nelson, 239)....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, Messiah]

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Nonverbal Communication And Cultural Differences

- Practically to picking up on Nonverbal Cues With a firm grasp on nonverbal communication’s influence and cultural differences, it situates a person in a more optimal position to uncover what benefits there are to reap from a comprehension of this art. One such practicality stems from the forenamed situation in which negotiations between Nigerians and non-Nigerians broke down as a result of a difference of perception of nonverbal behavior. In being of such significance to people it would not hurt to become more aware of the cultural nonverbal customs of potential clients....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Eye contact]

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Abigail Williams in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

- In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible Abigail Williams, an unmarried orphan in the Massachusetts town of Salem, incessantly grows more jealous, her desire for vengeance only grows stronger, and her selfishness escalates. She repeatedly lies to save herself by denying her involvement in witchcraft. Abigail's Jealousy of Elizabeth Proctor intensifies in attempt to realize her desire for Elizabeth's husband John Proctor. In order to save herself she accuses the innocent, without any sense of ethical violation....   [tags: Essay on The Crucible]

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The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth: Exploring the Theme in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha. In the book The Great Gatsby the theme is many people have something that they are not being completely honest about. In The Great Gatsby not everybody is telling the truth. Several people are hiding something, whether it is an affair or feelings toward someone. For example Tom was having an affair with Myrtle will he was married to Daisy. In this theme paper I will be showing a few examples of all the lying that happened in The Great Gatsby....   [tags: lies, karma, money]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Jeremy And The Magic Lobster '

- One of Licht’s short stories titled, “Jeremy and the Magic Lobster” may display humor to the audience for a particular character named Jeremy. In this short story the reader will find out the Magic lobster is not a magic lobster after all before the main character does, because each time Jeremy asks for a wish there was always a routine of give me something first, go to sleep, dream about what you wish for, and you shall see it in the morning. This showed that the lobster was lying to Jeremy just to get the things he wanted, because he could not bare being captured by a fisherman or other fish and put into a cold dark place with hardly any food to find....   [tags: Short story, Fiction, Lobster, Protagonist]

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The Salient Discovery Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The salient discovery of chapter three was Gatsby and his parties. Gatsby evidently throws extravagant parties, which a myriad of people of a variety of social classes assists. From the information in chapter three, Gatsby is evidently displayed as a generous, charming, and mysterious gentlemen. However, rumors about Gatsby murdering a man juxtaposes his image of the epitome of a gentleman. Chapter four and five asserts some information about Gatsby to better understand his true identity and intentions....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby]

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Lie to Me Episode Blinded Cal LIghtman by Samuel Baum

- In Samuel Baum’s Lie to Me episode “Blinded” Cal Lightman and his team investigates a copycat serial rapist by interrogating the original rapist. This episode discusses topics such as the psychological theory of crime, criminal personalities, psychopathy, and interrogation methods of police officers. However, in Jerry Bruckheimer’s CSI: Miami episode “Just One Kiss” Horatio’s team investigates the murder of a young bartender and the rape of a young woman. This episode discusses topics such as alibis, interrogation methods, and evidence....   [tags: copy cat rapist, serial rapist]

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The Communication Principle in the Book of Psalms

- ... Someone can be truthful and ethical even if what they say is not actually truthful. Being incorrect in communication is not being an actual liar. Something told as the result of a mistake is not an act of dishonesty. Honest mistakes can still affect trust between communicators due to the extent of reliability and carefulness, but a person who makes a mistake is not considered a liar. I found that there are three aspects to communicating honestly: truthfulness, candor, and sincerity. The first one I will define is truthfulness....   [tags: truthfulness, sincerity, candor]

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The Battle of Good vs. Evil in Beowulf

- During the Anglo-Saxon age where good and evil clashed in battle, there was a brave hero named Beowulf who fought many battles and who led monsters to their doom. With fate and strength by his side nothing could stop him. There were two kingdoms in this story that were overcome by evil. The People tried to fight back but it was no match for such an evil. The attitudes and actions between various monsters and humans show that Beowulf is a story comprised of battles fating good against evil. The evil Grendel is killing the people of Hrothgar, and the strength of their kingdom is not enough to stop him....   [tags: monster, revenge, bravery]

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Analysis Of ' A Doll 's House '

- Vincent DeLaurentis 12 July 2015 Intro to Literature Professor Ayres Deceit Is Not The Way To A New Beginning “A Doll’s House” is a story about a husband and wife, who are well off, and going through the Christmas holidays. Helmer, the Husband, is going to start a new job after the New Year. There is a strong focus on the marriage. In fact, when I first read "A Doll 's House," I thought marriage was the theme, but with closer examination now I realize the real theme is deceit. I will use examples from the play, symbolism, and character analysis to demonstrate this idea....   [tags: Lie, Deception, Christmas, Christmas tree]

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Theme expressed in Tape by Jose Rivera

- “Tape” is a short ten minute play by Jose Rivera. It’s a play that only has two characters, a Person and an Attendant. It takes place in a small dark room with no windows and only one door. Inside the room are a chair and a table with a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a glass and pitcher of water. This play is about a Person who is brought to the small room by the Attendant to listen to every lie the Person has told in life. Every single lie was recorded and now it’s time that the Person gets to listen to all of them....   [tags: person, an attendant]

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Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

- Ever seen movies with the characters of Hannibal Lecter, Jason, or Michael Myers. These are very famous psychopaths in the Hollywood world. The way these movies interpret these psychopaths is a misconception to what a psychopath really is. A psychopath is “somebody affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behavior and a lack of remorse or empathy,” or “an offensive term for somebody who is regarded as highly antisocial, aggressive, and lacking in empathy.”(Encarta ® World English Dictionary) Psychopaths are known and most likely to have APD, which stands for Antisocial Personality Disorder....   [tags: violent behavior, uncontrollable misconduct]

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My Brother Is A Bad Word

- I can’t remember the first time I heard John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (NIV). I grew up with this verse and knowing God as my personal savior. I am sometimes shocked to hear that some children don’t know God. My nephew is in Samoa on a mission trip and many of the children and adults have not heard of God. This doesn’t shock me as much as hearing that some children in the United States don’t know God....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Christianity, Gospel of John]

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In a State of Sin

- These aforementioned verses deal with three different conditions of an individual’s unregenerate state before receiving salvation; one, lying to oneself that they are without sin when they are yet sinners. The second is the acknowledgment of their sins unto repentance and the third one is denying the fact that they have sinned when they know they have sinned. These are a declaration in which one may perceive their state. Let me explain further in detail, verse 8 reveals, the mental disposition of one who is presently in a state of sin, while in a state of denial....   [tags: The Bible]

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The Movie Wreck It Ralph

- Labels Are For Binders, Not Humans Bad guys can be good and good guys can be bad as well. Stereotypes are not always true. Stereotypes are basically judging people without getting to know them, just because of their religion, colour etc. Never trust anyone because you don’t know who is being real and who is being fake with you. Humans judge too quickly, they do not even take the time to get to know someone. Usually media shows stereotypical kings as nice, a good leader and caring. In the movie Wreck-It Ralph, these theories are challenged when Wreck-It-Ralph (the bad guy) is actually a good guy who saves Vanellope von Schweetz from King Candy and reveals who, King Candy really is....   [tags: Antagonist, Villain, Supervillain]

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Is Lying And Lie Detection?

- The podcast that I listened to, entitled Deception, touched on several different topics surrounding the idea of lying and lie detection. Some of these topics included studying the face in order to recognize micro-expressions that indicate a certain emotion, the story of one con artist and the way she lied to her victims, the scientific brain make-up of a liar, and the way people lie to themselves. One professional on the show defined lying as “a deliberate choice to mislead a target without any notification.” This is very interesting to me because it leads me to consider the possibility that when someone says something that is not true, it might not always be considered a lie or intended as...   [tags: Lie, Deception, Emotion, Brain]

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Is Jesus A Moral Teacher?

- Over 2000 years ago, there purportedly was a man born of a virgin, who made outrageous claims. This man was Jesus of Nazareth and He professed to be the Son of God. Without question, Jesus is one of the most influential people that ever walked the earth, but was he the Son of God. Many suggest that he was not Lord, just a great moral teacher, which is a legitimate answer if one does not consider the bold statements that he proclaimed to the world. Lewis suggests that if Jesus was not God, but claimed to be God, then these opponents have lost their argument because he was clearly not a moral teacher but an outright liar or a crazy lunatic....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, God, Gospel of John]

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Nietzsche And O ' Brien

- Nietzsche and O’Brien have some ideas that are very similar, and some that are opposite. O’Brien thinks that to tell a true war story the story has to unbelievable, but Nietzsche thinks people make unreal appear real. On the other hand, both Nietzsche and O’Brien agree that people exchange the truths for illusions, which O’Brien refers to as magic; and people use intellect to deceive others. Nietzsche believes that the way intellect works is to deceive people. They naturally play that role in order to keep a secret or to restrict sharing information with another person....   [tags: Lie, Deception, Truth, Reality]

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The Crucible By Arthur Miller

- The title of “The Crucible” is the perfect title for this drama filled play by Arthur Miller. It goes deep into each person’s life and shows the struggles that they personally go through showing the ugly truth you’d otherwise not see. Arthur Miller shows the internal struggles of each person in The Crucible and how it affects each family and how it affects the overall village of Salem. We’re going to be looking three of the main characters in The Crucible and how they’re personal crucibles and their decisions impacted the overall outcome of the witch trials....   [tags: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, John Proctor]

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The Crucible By Arthur Miller

- In “The Crucible,” Written by Arthur Miller, for tells the story of a witch hunt that took place in the small puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1962. Reverend Parris is walking down the forest, when he spots a group of girls, including his niece, dancing around a fire. He was convince that they were practicing witchcraft, which was true but he didn’t know it. Abigail wanted to kill a woman named Elizabeth, who was John Proctor’s wife. Proctor was a local farmer who had an affair with Abigail....   [tags: The Crucible, Salem witch trials]

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Movie Review : Gone Girl

- This essay is about the movie Gone Girl. This movie is dark and thrilling. It welcomes you into the world of mental illness. What you think is real isn’t actually real. This is because of one of the main characters, Amy Dunne. She is the wife of Nick Dunne, a cheating husband. To get back at him for cheating, Amy frames her husband for murder, and she does ruthless things to convince the police she’s innocent. She fakes pregnancies, forms a friendship to spread lies about her husband and even tells the police she was raped to justify murder....   [tags: Antisocial personality disorder, Mental disorder]

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CNN and BBC´s Depiction of Arnold Schwarzenegger

- Making headlines for over the past four decades, many of us know Arnold Schwarzenegger as he rose to fame as the world's top bodybuilder, launching a career that would make him a giant Hollywood star. After years of blockbuster movie roles, Schwarzenegger went into politics, becoming governor of California in 2003. Later in 2012, Schwarzenegger made headlines again when he admitted for the first time to having an affair with his family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena . Even though these media texts represent Arnold from a different perspective, both media texts use certain signifiers and language features influencing their audience to believe their perspective on Arnold Schwar...   [tags: Actor, Politician, Scandal]

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Analysis: Essays About Lying

- Webster’s Dictionary defines a lie as an intentionally false statement. However, defining a simple three-letter word is not as easy as it seems on the surface. Upon reading or hearing the word lie, people are instantly associated with a general feeling of negativity. Lying generally creates feelings of dishonesty, untrustworthiness, deceit, and betrayal. However, lying is one of the oldest human social practices. Erin Bryant explains in her essay “Real Lies, White Lies, and Gray Lies” that even though lying has a derogatory label, it is a very common social behavior used by a majority of people on a daily basis....   [tags: lies, paul gray, the holocaust]

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Manipulation, Deception, And Lying

- Question 2: Manipulation, Deception, and Lying Manipulation, deception, and lying all happen in everyday lives. This paper will distinguish between manipulation, deception, and lying and why these ethical wrongs depend on the intention and not on the consequences. To outline the paper, the first section will distinguish between manipulation, deception, and lying. This section will also show how the three work together in order to formulate an ethical wrong. The next section will discuss how manipulation, deception, and lying work together to gain some type of benefit....   [tags: Lie, Deception, Truth, Propaganda]

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Free Essays - The Phony Holden of Catcher in the Rye

- The Phony Holden of Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger writes about a young man who is very distraught after World War II. In Salinger's only published novel The Catcher in the Rye he talks about a young man who does not understand society and the surroundings he lives in. He keeps referring back to how everyone and everything around him is a phony. He makes himself seem unreliable by telling the reader that he lies openly. In the novel Holden is what you would call an unreliable narrator....   [tags: Catcher Rye Essays]

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Punk music in the 70s and 90s

- Punk music has gone through an evolution ever since the punk explosion in the late seventies. Although today’s punk music retains most of the ideology and sound that defines the punk genre, there are some distinct differences between Nineties and Seventies punk. Most of the punk bands to emerge and gain popularity in the nineties mostly hailed from California (Green Day, the Offspring, etc.). Punk vanguards from the seventies hailed from the East Coast and from Great Britain (the Ramones, the Clash, etc.)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Micro-Expression Training Tool

- Introduction To tell a convincing bold faced lie to another person, for some involves some very strong emotions. The emotions involved in lying such as guilt, nervousness, fear of getting caught, and excitement or pleasure at getting away with the lie and attempts to conceal these emotions may in fact be the seeds to destruction for a deceptive person. The attempts at trying to conceal the strong felt emotions are what give the liar away through non-verbal behavior, especially facial expressions....   [tags: Psychology]

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Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

- In the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Brutus and Antony both display their sides of Caesar in hopes of getting the Plebeians to support them. Mark Antony, a friend of Caesars, effectively persuades the crowd that the conspirators are traitors rather than heroes while technically keeping his promise to avoid saying anything negative about them. Antony convinced the mob that Caesar cared for the common people by manipulating the definition of the words “honorable” and “ambitious,” and using props, thereby delivering the more effective speech in the end....   [tags: character and story analysis]

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Lifes Many Obstacles - Catcher

- Life’s Many Obstacles In J. D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” the protagonist, Holden, is faced with many obstacles. Like most tragic heroes, he is a man who is reasonably happy at the beginning of the tragedy, but as the tragedy develops, some failure in his personality begins to affect events, so that his progress is a movement from happiness to misery. The ultimate misery results from his final awareness of his personalities limits or failures. Much of Holden’s misery is a result of his inability to successfully handle particular problems regarding adolescence....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Public Safety Community Must Have Sound Judgement On Detecting Truth From Deception

- Potential candidates to the public safety community must have sound judgement in detecting truth from deception. Not only does knowing how to spot a lie help detect the truth, but also helps to protect the community and public safety officers. Spotting deception does not always happen in a verbal manner, it can also occur non-verbally. Public safety officers must be proficient in active listening; however, noticing non-verbal ques is also crucial to effectively protect and serve. From the videos viewed in class, the following essay will determine the guilty from the innocent utilizing interviewing skills taught in the classroom....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Holden's Pessimistic View of the World in The Catcher in the Rye

- Lies, failure, depression, and loneliness are only some of the aspects that Holden Caulfield goes through in the novel The Catcher in the Rye written by J.D. Salinger. Salinger reflects Holden’s character through his own childhood experiences. Salinger admitted in a 1953 interview that "My boyhood was very much the same as that of the boy in the book.… [I]t was a great relief telling people about it” (Wikipedia). Thus, the book is somewhat the life story of J.D. Salinger as a reckless seventeen-year-old who lives in New York City and goes through awful hardships after his expulsion and departure from an elite prep school....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye Essays]

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Law and Popular Culture: Bad Lawyers in the Movies by Michael Asimow

- Legal dramas have long been popular subjects for popular culture media. In the early days, television and film lawyers were typically portrayed as upstanding citizens but the recent trend has been to show lawyers in a less flattering light. UCLA Professor of Law Michael Asimow believes this is problematic. In Law and Popular Culture: Bad Lawyers in the Movies, Asimow discusses that while the depiction of lawyers in film is a reflection of popular opinion, it is also a force for the formation of new opinions, with perhaps unintended consequences....   [tags: popular culture, media, legal issues]

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The Negative Qualities of Donald Martin in Garner's A Manly Heart

- There are many sorts of people, who depict different traits. Many teenagers make up different stories about themselves just to adjust in a certain group. However, some people do not realize that they are leaving behind their real identity when they are being untruthful about themselves. In the short story, A Manly Heart by Hugh Garner, the main character, Donald Martin, portrays many characteristics that make him extremely judgmental about everyone around him. He judges everyone on their class, the way they get dressed, etc, without even knowing the true nature of them....   [tags: A Manly Heart]

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Character Analysis of Holden Caulfield in the Catcher and the Rye

- On the surface Holden Caulfield may appear to be wise, however, upon closer examination of his actions it becomes apparent that his true nature is very foolish. He told us the story of when he left Pencey, and we got the chance to journey around New York City with him. Throughout the story, we witnessed many of Holden's actions, and we heard the thoughts going on inside his head. The way he calls people "phonies" and acts like he isn't a fake liar, or how he has very good manners, can give you the impression that he's wise (Salinger 6)....   [tags: actions, phony, statements]

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What Makes the Pardoner Corrupted in Geoffrey Chaucer The Pardoneer´s Tales

- ... He point out that he really care of other people except himself. For his gluttony and his greediness, he don’t care anything else, that means his teaching and his way of doing are all wrong. The Pardoner said, “Do you believe, as long as I can preach, acquiring gold and silver while I teach, that willfully I’d live in poverty. It’s never crossed my mind, quite truthfully. No, I will preach and beg in sundry lands and never will I labor with my hands or take up basketweaving for a living. I won’t be begging idly, they’ll be giving”(Chaucer 439 - 447)....   [tags: greediness, gluttony, selfnesses]

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Analysis Of John Ruskin 's ' The Ways We Lie '

- John Ruskin once said, “The essence of lying is in deception, not in words”. With regards to what Ruskin talks about, deception is an act that Americans have lovingly embraced. It has been so embraced that we don 't even know if we are deceiving or being deceived. Stephanie Ericsson’s essay, “The Ways We Lie”, claims that “our acceptance of lies becomes a cultural cancer that eventually shrouds and reorders reality until moral garbage becomes as invisible as water is to fish” (343). In a sense, the relation between Ruskin’s quote and Ericsson’s claim is they both describe the current state of the American culture....   [tags: Lie, Deception, Late-2000s recession, Morality]

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Aristotle And Aristotle On The Modern Day Issues Of Social Justice

- Plato (427-347 B.C.) and Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) Plato and Aristotle were different in their philosophical approaches Aristotle being the pragmatist who dealt with the measurable and concrete, while Plato dealt with the world (two worlds) of concepts and ideas. The aim of this short essay is, therefore, an attempt to explore, and highlight the difference and relevance, if any, of Aristotelian ethical theory, and Platonism ethical theory on and to the modern-day issues of “Social Justice”. There are many “Issues Facing America” today, Social Justice or should we say “social injustice”, is the main issue that concern individuals in every facet of life, the aim of this short essay is, therefo...   [tags: Ethics, Virtue, Justice, Morality]

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Machiavelli and Obama: The Benefits of NOT Keeping a Promise

- In chapter eighteen of The Prince, Machiavelli tells the reader how to be successful and when not to keep your word. It is seen through out history that people of power constantly renege on their promises. This philosophy can be connected to our most prominent political figure of this modern day: President Obama. In this chapter, Machiavelli has two major premises: the nature of man, and the nature of fighting. After explaining the natures of both man and fighting, Machiavelli makes the argument that it is better to be a fox (thus successful) and gives a basic outline on how to be one....   [tags: The Prince, Machiavelli ]

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Who Is The Hard Way That I Be A Person?

- I have learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings; even if I respect theirs. I only have control over myself and how I choose to be as a person. As for others, I can only choose to accept them or walk away. At some point in your life you will realize- like I have- that you have done too much for someone and the only next possible step to do is STOP and walk away. It’s not that I am giving up and its not like I am not trying. It’s just that I have to draw the line of determination from desperation....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2006 singles, Want, Drama]

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John Smith: A Truthful Source on Early Colonial America?

- The most important question when regarding the settling of Jamestown and its early years is whether Captain John Smith, world renowned hero of the Jamestown colony, is in fact a liar, as most of what we know about him comes from his own works of novelistic intent about his experiences in the new world. We can analyze other first-hand records and other historical writings and weigh these accounts against Smith’s writings to decide if his are in fact accurate. In his own writings, John Smith, described his early adventures, which took place in Europe before his journey to the new world, in a very dramatic fashion....   [tags: indians, pocahontas, jamestown colony]

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The Maturity of Jane Eyre in Charlotte Bronte's Novel

- In Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, it was love, and not age or education, that led Jane to mature and grow as a person. With the help of Helen Burns and Miss. Temple, Jane Eyre learned what it meant to love someone. Both these people influenced Jane to mature into a young lady by showing Jane their love and affection. When Jane left Lowood to become a governess, she met the love of her life, Mr. Rochester. With his love, Jane Eyre eventually matured fully and grew into a self-sufficient woman and left the hatred and anger behind....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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F. Salinger 's The Rye Making It A Classic

- Many readers are able to relate to J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye making it a classic. The characters display a variety of personalities making it very easy for readers to understand and follow the different dilemmas throughout the novel. However the greatest dilemma is Holden’s downfall, not only his alienation from society but himself. He believed throughout the whole novel that he had a grasp on his life all while it continued to slip away. Holden’s estrangement following Allie’s death caused him to become dormant, abrasive to others and cynical....   [tags: The Catcher in the Rye, Hatred, Novel]

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