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The Bicameral Legislature And The United States

- Topic 3 The bicameral legislature designed in the republic pacifies the larger states by allotting the number of seats in the House of Representatives according to population and appeases the smaller states by designating the set number of 2 representatives from each state for the Senate. Also in the House of Representatives, the elections are every two years, so the representatives are very responsive to the concerns of their constituents because of the frequent elections. However in the Senate, the terms are longer, so the representatives are more insulated from public pressure, which allows for them to make decisions that although they may not coincide with the desires of the constituents...   [tags: United States, Democracy, Federalist No. 10]

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The Importance Of Seaworld And Government Legislature

- It is vital that SeaWorld and government legislature recognize that preserving the livelihood of orcas in and outside of captivity, as well as increasing research about these interesting creatures, must be both parties’ main priorities. Therefore, the following guidelines must be immediately enforced in order to ensure that orcas are being provided the best chance to live a happy and healthy life, whether inside, or outside an enclosure. Several net pens should be provided for each family of whales leaving captivity, and intended not to replace their natural environments in the ocean, but rather “for the purpose of complementing in situ measures.” Efforts must also be made in order to mimic...   [tags: Whale, Killer whale, Natural environment]

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Congressional Committees: The Workhorse of Legislature

- ... One exception is the House Intelligence Committee, which is a permanent select committee. Conference committees are also temporary panels designed to negotiate differences between House and Senate forms of legislature to compromise the exact details of a particular bill. Lastly, joint committees are similar to conference committees, except they are permanent. Joint committees focus on broad areas, and are used of oversight into bureaucratic organizations throughout the Government. It would be as foolish to assume that a committee can know and understand a full piece of legislation as it would be to assume that individual members of Congress would....   [tags: vote, bill, government]

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California State Legislature

- 1. LA Department of Water and Power The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) is the largest municipal utility in the United States. It is serving over four million residents. It was founded in 1902 to supply water and electricity to residents and businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. 2. Missouri Plan The Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan or Missouri Plan for short is a method of selecting judges. It originated in Missouri in 1940 and several other states have adopted the same policy....   [tags: Missouri Plan, California, Prop 140, ]

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Proposed Laws And Resolutions Of The Texas Legislature

- It is important to know who represents you in the Texas Legislature because they consider proposed laws and resolutions, they consider proposed constitutional amendments for submission to the voters, and appropriation of all funds for the operation of state government. All bills for raising revenue considered by the legislature must originate in the House of Representatives. For my State Representative’s constituency district our population total is 160,084 with 33,610 (21%) being Anglo, 103,460 (64.6%) being both Black and Hispanic, and 23,014 (14.4%) for other....   [tags: United States Senate, Senate, Texas]

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California Legislature and Handgun Control

- California Legislature and Handgun Control The California Legislature is currently debating a bill that would require handgun owners to be licensed by the state. And amid the debate over Assembly Bill 273, you can be sure there will be claims that burdening law-abiding gun owners with more regulations is necessary to "protect our children" from gun violence. But if you look at the statistics in Orange County, it's pretty clear that there's something else out there that poses a far greater danger to kids than guns do....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Example Essays]

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United States Congress and its Bicameral Legislature

- Congress was established to represent the people; to serve a purpose bigger than themselves. The delegates battled with each other all for the greater good. Their responsibility was to facilitate prosperity and to set up a safe and flourishing country for their eager citizens. Similarly, their duty is to serve the constituents and their country. This is done through extensive processes of legislation and investigations of national significance. To get the job done in Congress, it may not always be pretty....   [tags: U.S. Government ]

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Bicameral Legislature

- Bicameral Legislature Bicameral legislature- A congress made up of two houses. In the U.S. it is the senate and the House of Representatives. Constitutional convention agreed to a bicameral legislation. Congressional Sessions- Each term of congress starts on January 3 of odd numbered years and lasts for two years. Sessions- a meeting that takes place twice in congress and usually lasts for most of the year. Congress remains in session until its members vote to adjourn. After adjournment the president may call congress back into meeting as a special session....   [tags: Papers]

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Bicameral Legislature

- Famous American poet James Russell Lowell once said, “Democracy gives every man the right to be his own oppressor” (“Quotations” 2011). And it should be just that. James Russell Lowell successfully defined democracy when it is in its truest form; a citizen’s beliefs should be equally represented and considered for. The representative democracy instated in the United States presents the need for three branches in the government; they include the executive, legislative, and judicial branch. The Congress embodies the lawmaking branch of the government, having “all legislative powers” as it is stated in Article I of the Constitution....   [tags: U.S. Government ]

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The Texas Legislature Should Pass House Bill 78 Section 1

- The Texas Legislature should pass House Bill 78 Section 1 to implement a Sex Education program in Texas. With the help of the program and the passing of this bill, students will learn basic knowledge about human sexuality, how to prevent teen pregnancy, and how to diminish the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Along with this, the bill also promotes building strong relationships, and increasing and improving communication and decision-making skills. House Bill 78 Section 1 begins by clearly stating that the curriculum revolving Sex Ed must be age appropriate, medically accurate, written out by grade level, and must include human sexuality, pregnancy, and STD’s....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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Review: Loyalty and Legislative Action

- ... This set the stage for the Lusk Committee in 1919-1920, which clearly degenerated quickly into a good old fashioned witch hunt, that as Chamberlain asserts, “violated almost every canon of responsible conduct....ranged recklessly of individual rights...with wanton disregard for such fundamentals as separation of powers and due process of law.”(203-04) Chapter two looks into the events of the 1930's in the Empire State. Lawmakers passed the 'Ives Loyalty Oath Law' in 1934, that specifically required teachers and school administrative personnel to swear they were not members of the communist party, nor advocated communism or other ideals subversive to American democracy....   [tags: New York state legislature]

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The Unconstitutional Laws of Oklahoma

- ... Martha Skeeters, president of the Oklahoman Coalition for Reproductive Justice, issued this statement after the U.S Supreme Court decision, saying: We urge the Oklahoma Legislature to stop passing unconstitutional laws meant to punish women trying to exercise their constitutional rights. We hope that in future politicians will show more respect for women and their health (Hoberock). In this case, Oklahoma`s old-fashioned values tried to challenge the law of land and failed. The legislature is meant to practice laws not preach their values and beliefs....   [tags: oklahoma legislature]

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Public Dislike The National Legislative Branch

- In accordance with the research of John Hibbing and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, this paper will argue that through both electioneering campaigns and legislative action, representatives and senators in the Arizona State Legislature respond to cues from an electorate dissatisfied with the deliberative nature of the democratic process. Although the desired “stealth democracy” theorised by Hibbing and Theiss-Morse is ultimately impossible to successfully implement among an ideologically diverse yet largely apathetic population, controversial measures such as S.B....   [tags: United States, Separation of powers, Legislature]

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How Much Influence Does A Bureaucratic University System Have Over A State 's Legislature?

- The question that I am seeking to find answers to is: how much influence does a bureaucratic University system have over a state’s legislature when it pertains to the funding of post-secondary education. To determine the answer, I had to deduce down to several influential factors, or rather the most influential factors. While I was conducting this research, I found that there are three main factors that could potentially influence decisions significantly they are as follows: how closely the legislature and the governor of each state follow their main political party’s platform, the property tax policies of the state and what percentage of the state 's’ fiscal budget goes to post-secondary ed...   [tags: Higher education, Education, United States Senate]

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Comparison of Legislature on Sex Discrimination

- GOV (2012, p. 264) stated there were 186,300 sex discrimination claims recognized by the employment tribunals during 2012, a fifteen percent fall in the number of the previous year. This proclamation advocates that the introduction of the Equality Act 2010 can be perceived to have impacted positively on the challenge of balancing the relationship between men and women in the workplace. Prior to legislation coming to force in order to protect individuals with differential characteristics from discrimination, it was accepted for employers to hire an individual of their choice....   [tags: Equal Pay Act, Sex Discrimination Act]

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Massachusetts Legislature Votes to Ban Same-Sex Marriages but Approves of Civil Unions

- Massachusetts Legislature Votes to Ban Same-Sex Marriages but Approves of Civil Unions As supporters and opponents were anxiously awaiting for a decision on Mar. 29, the Massachusetts legislature voted 105-92 to ban gay marriage when it approved of amending the state constitution that would overturn the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling that made same-sex marriages legal five months ago. However, the legislature also voted to legalize civil unions. The amendment was altered from when it was introduced this month, and now says that aside from permitting civil unions but banning gay marriage, it would clarify that gay couples who marry into civil unions would not receive any federal marriage r...   [tags: Journalism Journalistic Essays]

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The Limited State Governement in Nevada

- Exam 2 1) The framers of the Nevada Constitution intended for the state government to be limited in its power to curtail corruption and the concentration of power. All three branches of the Nevada government are limited by separation of powers and a system of checks and balances. “The framers of the 1864 constitution sought to incorporate into that document limitations and exclusions on the legislature's vast reserve of power” (Bowers Pg.69) Nevada being one of only seven states that uses the biennial session system; this is one of the most limiting checks of the legislature's power, that is they only meet for four months every other year....   [tags: constitution, legislature, checks]

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The Fall And Reconstruction Of Civil Society

- The Fall and Reconstruction of Civil Society I, John Locke, woke up this morning only to find that the very frail government we were living under had collapsed. Now this does not come as a surprise to me, as I knew that without legitimacy through the people as a whole this government would not last long. The government abused their power over their people and used it to benefit only themselves. Money created corruption and there was no line of accountability among officials. If my ideas are followed correctly and God is the foundation, I can reconstitute a civil society....   [tags: Law, Separation of powers, Legislature]

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The History of Traditional and Same-Sex Marriage in the US

- According to the federal government of the United States, the definition of the word “marriage refers only to a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word spouse refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife” (1 U.S. Code, 2013, p. 1), However, there is no national law prohibiting or allowing gay marriage. Because America shares its government power equally between the national and state government, gay marriage is being legally allowed on a state by state basis, with 18 out of the 50 states now having laws allowing same sex couples get married (CNN, 2014, p....   [tags: legislature, politics, federal policies]

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Anaylsis of the Article The Role of Custom and Traditional Leaders Under the Yap Constitution by Brian Tamaha

- In the article “The role of custom and traditional leaders under the Yap constitution”, Brian Tamaha explains the various traditions as well as the Yap legal system. The constitution of Yap consists of a common legislature (executive, judiciary) with a fourth branch dedicated solely for traditional leaders. Tradition and customs are how rules are made and how there abided by, in every legal system, there is a set or rules which direct people on how to live. Despite all the foreign pressure Yap has been through, Yaps culture has proved resilient (4)....   [tags: legislature, customs, legal, system]

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The Women's Suffrage Movement

- ... Women were, generally, huge supporters of the adoption of Prohibition. Protestants were a driving force behind the Progressive Party and the Progressive era, they are an example of a religion in support of women’s suffrage. Catholics were, as a whole, opposed to women’s suffrage. They believed that, “a woman’s place was in the home” not in the voting booths (Bary). Although all of the previously stated groups opposed women’s suffrage, the largest block of opposition was San Francisco County....   [tags: right to vote, legislature]

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Law Making Process in UK's Parliament

- Drafting & Assent The rule of law is held supreme in the United Kingdom. In order to reinforce the rule of law, the House of Commons was deemed to be the supreme legislative body in order to uphold the rule of law. The law formulated by the parliament is known as the statutory law. The process by which statutory law is created is divided in to two procedural subdivisions, the pre-parliamentary procedure, and the parliamentary procedure . While it may appear that the pre-parliamentary procedure and the parliamentary procedure are separate and unrelated procedural courses, they are not....   [tags: Government Legislature]

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The Court, Lord Phillips Of Worth Matravers

- In this essay I am going to explain and evaluate the statement that was given by the first President of the Court, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers. He said “For the first time, we have a clear separation of powers between the legislature, the judiciary and the executive in the United Kingdom.” Separation of powers reinforces the way in which powers are used by the bodies of the state and it divides governmental powers between the legislative, the executive and the judiciary in order to prevent abuse of powers in all three bodies....   [tags: Law, Judge, Legislature, Separation of powers]

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The Ethics Of The United Center Of Our Communities

- Lawyers, we are often one of the professions that are at the center of our communities. We are seen as the defenders of the people, and right the wrongs that happen in our communities. People see us when they are at their most low, and we have to try to make them whole. We have a duty to do so, it’s even written into our code of ethics that we must zealously defend the interest of our clients, and must advocate for them, even when we disagree. Wherever we work in Iowa, we all have clients that have been wronged....   [tags: Law, Separation of powers, Judiciary, Legislature]

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Governance in the CNMI

- Is the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) better yet with a Unicameral Legislature or with the current Bicameral Legislature. According to Wikipedia, the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Legislature is defined as the territorial legislature of the United States of America (Wikipedia). The legislative branch of the Marianas is bicameral. It consist of twenty members in the lower House of Representatives, and an upper house Senate with nine members. The Representatives serve two-year terms, and the Senators serve four-year terms, both without term limits....   [tags: Unicameral, Bicameral, legislature, United States]

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The Texas House Of The State Of Texas

- The government for the state of Texas consist of three branches Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Each one of these branches has their own unique power. The powers are all distributed equally within these three branches. The Texas legislative main job is to make the laws for the state of Texas. It is split into two parts the house of representative and the senate. Both of the houses have unique powers. One of the biggest reason why the legislative is bicameralism is to have checks and balances within the branch preventing it from ever become too powerful....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States, Legislature]

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Making College Beneficial

- Furthering one’s education beyond high school level should be a benefit rather than a burden. Many people believe it is the key to social mobility and an opportunity to become successful. However, with the increasing tuition of institution of higher education, students find it rather hard to decide whether continuing their education is beneficial. Most people will agree that furthering your educational career is beneficial, whether it is to move up to a higher class or just nurturing the minds....   [tags: Student Aid, State Legislature]

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How Is Law Made?

- 1. How is law Made. How many times have students in both political scientist and lawyers have had a professor throw onto the projector, School House Rock’s I’m Just a Bill, I 'm just a bill. Yes, I 'm only a bill. And I 'm sitting here on Capitol Hill. Well, it 's a long, long journey To the capital city. It 's a long, long wait While I 'm sitting in committee, But I know I 'll be a law someday At least I hope and pray that I will, But today I am still just a bill. This is an extremely simplistic representation of a very complicated process of how to create legislation, and thus how to create law The creation of law is a massive give and take of political will and give and take of the legisl...   [tags: Law, Political philosophy, Legislature, Politics]

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The Negro Progress Convention

- The request of the Editor for an article in the journal so ably conducted by him as the organ of the Negro Progress convention finds me in a happily responsive mood. I have just finished writing an article for the official organ of the Association working for the people of my own race; so that the switching off from one racial group to another in an effort to take up a cause that in a broad view is common to both of them is a task that is as agreeable as it is congenial to one like myself whose heart and mind and soul have always been bound up in that cause....   [tags: Black people, Race, Slavery, Legislature]

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America 's Unions : The Cornerstone Of A Strong Working Class

- America’s unions are the cornerstone of a strong working class, providing political, societal , and economic empowerment. Since the conservative wave of 2010, however, a workers right to collectively bargain for higher wages and a better workplace is under attack, an attack fueled by fallacies about the benefits of right to work laws. As unions have come under attack from the proliferation of right to work laws, or laws that require unions to support all employees under a union contract without paying dues, the power and economic strength of America’s middle class has declined (Reich 2015)....   [tags: United States, Wage, Legislature, Trade union]

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Why the US Should Implement Bans on Racial Preferences or Affirmative Action for Universities

- Affirmative action or “racial preferences” are a hotly contested issue in the United States. For over four decades many states’ public universities have used race in the awarding of admissions preferences for minority applicants. Ten states have banned the use of racial preferences in university admissions including Michigan where on April 22, 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a voter approved ban on affirmative action. This policy paper attempts to influence state legislatures and officials to adopt similar bans in their home states not because the United States no longer suffers from racism and bias, although this bias has been significantly reduced since 1960’s, but on the gro...   [tags: Admission Statistics, State Legislature]

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The Structure Of A Successful E Government Venture

- The methodology taken by the scientist to outline and add to the contextual investigations guided by three focal inquiries as pointed out in section 1 i.e. how is the structure of a successful e-government venture. What elements are in charge of the achievement and disappointment of an e-government venture. Given the high cost for the most part re-quired by e-government, is it commendable for the legislatures in the creating scene to dispatch more e-government ventures. If yes, what are the advantages....   [tags: Government, Separation of powers, Legislature]

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Unicameral and Bicameral Legislatures

- Explain the differences in between unicameral and bicameral legislatures. What are their virtues and vices. Introduction For years, countries have had different legislatures bicameral and unicameral. The features of each legislatures are distinct from one another. It even accounts to various vices and virtues. Both legislatures exist in various countries in the world. The reason to which varies in each place. Legislatures are essential for a society to perform politically well. However, the political structure of every nations varies thus, there exist no simple generalization....   [tags: Compare&Contrast, Representation]

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The Texas Constitution Legislatures Authority

- The Texas Constitution delegates authority to three departments; Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The Legislative Department consists of the Senate consisting of 31 members, and The House of Representatives is composed of 150 members. The Executive Department consists of a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Commissioner of General Land Office, and Attorney General. The Judicial System consists of one Supreme Court, in one Court of Criminal Appeals, in Courts of Appeals, in District Courts, in County Courts, in Commissioners Courts, in Courts of Justices of the Peace, and in such other courts as may be provided by law....   [tags: Separation of powers, Law, United States]

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Federalist No. 51 Assignment

- Federalist No. 51 Assignment James Madison’s Federalist No. 51, in summation, explains what, why, and how there is the need of the separation of powers; legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Through Madison’s argument, checking ambition with ambition, he eloquently portrays, how the power of the government is to be divided up between the three branches of government. This is all referring to the looming ratification of the Constitution; he, James Madison, Jon Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, want to be ratified by the states....   [tags: Separation of powers, Judiciary, Legislature]

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Comparison Between The United States And China 's National Peoples Congress

- Comparison of the United States Congress and  China’s National Peoples Congress A. Introduction The United States Congress (USC) and China 's National Peoples Congress (CNPC), the legislative branches of the United States’ and the People’s Republic of China’s governments, have greatly boosted their countries ' development and modernization. By discussing the differences between the USC and CNPC, we will see the main differences between the two countries ' political and legal systems. In this article, we will first discuss briefly the similarities of the USC and CNPC....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States, Legislature]

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The Fears Of Yesterday And The Constitution

- The worries of yesterday Eventually, we would have an tyranny without a strong trustworthy constitution. We do not want to recreate exactly what the colonists were trying to avoid and escape from, which was tyranny. Tyranny refers to when a person has a lot of power, and has a lot on their hands, having complete control, and total control. In 1787 a group of delegates from 12 of the 13 states goes together to try to better the country.The constitution was mainly written in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States, Legislature]

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Benefits Of A Nurse Patient Ratio

- Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios Research has suggested that lowering the nurse-patient ratio will: o Allow more time per patient day, which leads to lower mortality for patients with acute myocardial infarction (Aiken, Cimiotti, Clarke, Flynn, Seago, Sloane, Smith, & Spetz, 2010). o Help lower the percentage of nurses burning out as a consequence of having an increased workload (Aiken et. al, 2010). o Decrease the chances of nurses reporting their work environment quality as fair or poor, because of being overwhelmed by increased patient load (Aiken et....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Legislature, Voting]

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The Doctrine Of Parliamentary Supremacy

- SUMMATIVE COURSEWORK - TERM I TOPIC QUESTION: It used to be thought that the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy means that Parliament cannot bind its successor. Is this still an accurate description of the position of Parliament under the UK Constitution. 'The real point is whether a government can, in law, make it difficult for a future Parliament to amend or repeal the legislation it has passed; in [the Committee 's] view it cannot. Our conclusion therefore is straightforward—that an Act of Parliament applies until it is repealed....   [tags: European Union, United Kingdom, Legislature]

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The Main Functions Of Government

- In order to answer the question who should govern, one must consider who should have power to make policy, carry out policies, and settle disputes that arise. These are the three main functions of government. Our Founding Fathers developed three separate branches of government with checks and balances over the operations of each other. Each branch has a specific task to perform. The Legislative branch has the power to make policies. The Executive branch has the power to carry out these polices. The Judicial branch has the power to settle disputes that arise....   [tags: Separation of powers, United States, Legislature]

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Why State Legislatures Must Improve Political Oppression

- Reapportionment is a necessary process in state legislature in other to ensure people roughly equal representation in state legislature. After every national census, reapportionment needs to happen before the next election cycle. This happens so that every assembly, congressional and senate districts have roughly the same population in respected houses. The court believes that reapportionment help to prevent political oppression to those who are underrepresented, however, in practice reapportionment often is influenced by party interest....   [tags: United States, Supreme Court of the United States]

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Impact Of The Rule Of Law

- What would be the impact on the rule of law in the UK of allowing the UK Parliament to determine the rights people in the UK would have?” The rule of law is one of the key constitutional principles that help’s to ensure fairness and democracy in the UK’s constitution. The basic definition of the rule of law is that nobody can override the law; everyone and anyone must obey the law in its full entirety. The rule of law holds an important role in the constitution. However, the concept is something that cannot be easily defined and is subject to change as society evolves....   [tags: Law, Human rights, United Kingdom, Legislature]

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Marijuana Impacts Lives of Consumers and the Economy

- MARIJUANA IMPACTS LIVES OF CONSUMERS AND THE ECONOMY The use of illegal drugs within a country has greatly impacted the living standard of people. According to Buddy T. (2014), he stated that “Marijuana or cannabis comes from a herb plant and can appear as brown, green or gray in a mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seed and flowers”. It is classified as an illegal drug meaning it is not allowed to be sold, grown or even produced within most countries, but marijuana is mainly consumed by young people to satisfy their want to be cool and fit in to young gangsters group....   [tags: legalization, legislature, economy]

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The Fight for a New Gun-Control Law

- The devastating 1999 Columbine High School shooting caused grief and anger among the United States citizens and politicians. This horrifying tragedy that resulted in the death of thirteen innocent victims turned the spotlight on the country’s gun-control law. Last March 22, 2013, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced Senate Bill 649 or what is called the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013 that “ensure[s] that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the national instant criminal background check system and require a background check for every firearm sale, and for other purposes” (S.649)....   [tags: legislature, politics, bill]

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Crime and Punishment in Medieval Europe

- Lesson chosen: The lesson is situated in the fourth week, and is the eleventh and second last lesson in the unit outline. Lesson aims in relation to Content Focus: The aim of this lesson will be to develop students understanding of crime and punishment in Medieval Europe. As outlined in AUSVELS, this will include investigating different kinds of crime and punishment utilised and the ways the nature of crime and punishment has either stayed the same throughout history, or changed over time. Contributions of this Lesson: This lesson is positioned after a study into Medieval Europe’s significant individuals....   [tags: history, politics, legislature]

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Victoria's New Defense to Homicide Laws

- I INTRODUCTION Since the abolishment of provocation, Victoria’s defensive homicide laws have been viewed as more equal and accessible. Although they are criticized in some aspects, the defensive homicide laws that New South Wales hold are viewed as outdated and gender-bias, therefore leading to the conclusion that Victoria should retain its current law, instead of favoring that in NSW. II DEFENCES TO HOMICIDE IN VICTORIA: PRIOR TO 2005 Prior to 2005, Victoria and NSW shared similar defences to homicide, including that of provocation....   [tags: New South Wales legislature]

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The Fight for Gay Marriage

- Over the past several years the homosexual community has made great strides in attempting to justify their right to legally join in matrimony. Society as a whole has come a long way in becoming more tolerant and acknowledging of same sex partners and their choices to form families. Given our first amendment right to freedom of speech, there are plenty of sentiments regarding whether or not laws should be ratified permitting these male or female partners to have the legal right to marry. There are numerous of current trends that provide absolute support to the homosexual community with hopes of increasing the level of tolerance....   [tags: homosexual rights/legislature]

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Common Law in Australia

- Common law is the law made by judges when deciding a certain case before the court. The reasoning the judge applies becomes a precedent, to be followed by other lower courts in future matters of similarity. This is the basis for the doctrine of precedent. A precedent is either a binding precedent, the reason for a decision of a higher court that must be followed by a court of lower status in the same hierarchy; or a persuasive precedent, meaning a reason for a decision of another court that is not binding, and should only be considered for its persuasive value....   [tags: stare decisis, Commonwealth legislature]

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Guest Lecture Reflection

- The guest lecture by Peter Johnson, last Thursday, was highly informative for many reasons. Peter Johnson brought in a vast amount of Maine political knowledge. Mills spent time in both the Maine Senate and Maine House of Representatives and recently ran for Governor of Maine. Today Mills is the executive director of the Maine Turnpike Authority and was chosen for this position by Governor Paul. The most important insight that Peter Johnson left us was his opinion and rationale for paying teachers more....   [tags: political, legeslature, taxes]

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Water Security: The Role of Government and Legistlature

- Human health Problems Water security encompasses providing proper water for everyone and if not done properly can cause many health issues. Many communities still have to boil their water before they can drink it (Saskatchewan eco network n.p.). Boil advisories mean that there are unacceptable levels of disease causing bacteria, viruses or parasites In the water system either in the source or from the system itself ( 2014). Health of Canada is significantly affected by accessibility to clean and safe water ( 2014)....   [tags: Canada, strategies, policies]

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An Imperative Decision Founders Of A Nation

- An imperative decision founders of a nation must make is how the legislature will be organized. Choosing unicameral, one chamber, or bicameral, two chamber, organization can be an incredibly difficult choice. As to which one is better, there is no clear-cut answer. While small countries usually establish unicameral systems, federal/democratic systems typically implement bicameral systems as some claim it provides better representation of the people. Since larger countries tend to have larger populations, they tend to implement bicameral systems....   [tags: United States, Legislatures, United States Senate]

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The Texas Senate Bill 185 Legislatures

- Throughout the years people who have enter the U.S illegally have been able to acquire birth certificates for their U.S born children using photo id cards that are issued by their local consulates. Republicans has been dominating for Texas for years by passing bill in order to stop illegal immigration. The Texas senate bill 185 legislatures. The political party is Republican and the primary sponsor is Senators Charles Perry. The information I gathered is from the Senate Committee Report version the bill analysis the United State citizenship and immigration services or United States immigration and customs enforcement....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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Should More State Legislatures Push For Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use

- Should More State Legislatures Push to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use One of the most prominent issues in American culture is slowly working its way from the couches of stoners to the desks of state officials; the issue is whether or not America is ready for the use of recreational marijuana. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have blazed the trail on this issue by vaporizing their states’ marijuana laws. Like any issue though, there are two very divided sides. Skeptics will argue, but the research is there....   [tags: Cannabis, Hashish]

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Toughest Duty: The Role of Legislators

- Almost every state has a Congress, which consists of a Senate and House of Representatives. It is not always easy being one who represents the people, but as a Legislator that is exactly what their job is about. They have to make laws, represent their people, and to oversee the bureaucracy. But what job takes up the most time and attention for a Legislator. A Legislator has a very precise definition. According to the Webster’s New World Dictionary it is defined as stated: “ 1. Of legislation or a legislature 2....   [tags: State Congress, local representatives]

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Legislators Must Satisfy Both Constituents’ and Partisan’s Interests

- ... In Congresswoman Pelosi’s website, she has been actively assisting her constituent by securing earthquake relief on 1998, fighting hard to improve Bay transportation, and securing funds to rehabilitate public housing units. This implies how important for a legislator to achieve its constituents’ satisfaction and respond among salient issues within respective districts. Thus, most legislators always allocate enough personnel and staff resources for any constituent services such as handling casework and managing pork barrels strategically....   [tags: political, lawmakers, constistution]

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The 2016 Florida Legislative Session

- The 2016 Florida Legislative session is over and once again for public education many legislators wrote and voted for educational legislation against the expert advice of locally elected school boards, superintendents, teachers and perhaps worst of all parents. What has become most upsetting isn 't only those that wrote these harmful legislation but those that put their personal agendas again before our student 's and local school, and blindly vote in support of these terrible education mandates and laws....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, Charter school]

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The Legislative Process And Healthcare Lobbying

- The Legislative Process and Healthcare Lobbying Michael Abreu Ohio University May 18, 2015 Part 1 The Legislative Process and Healthcare Lobbying The legislative process is composed amongst a series of well-defined networks that guide the transformation of adopting a bill into a law. A bill must first pass through legislature in a process known as the legislative process. In its path to transformation a bill will navigate itself through a series of committees and take part in several deliberations, publications, and ballots before approving the ultimate vote from our President elect....   [tags: Patient, Hospital, United States Congress, Nursing]

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The Legislative Acts as a Check on the Executive

- The Legislative Acts as a Check on the Executive I am going to look at the main role of both the executive and the legislature. The above statement does not give a clear insight to what checks and balances are in place today. Policies have changed since parliament came into being and this essay will examine how and to what extent this statement is true. The executive is the administrative branch of the government; it makes laws through the means of delegated legislation and drafts bills....   [tags: Papers]

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A Powerful Bicameral Legislative Body That Make The Laws

- The U.S. Congress is a very powerful bicameral legislative body that make the laws. In Congress, the elected representatives have the power to develop needs and wants that people request. Their most important role is to protect our human rights because it affect our daily lives. All members of Congress represent the different perspectives of people and attempts to reach an accommodation because they are responsible for improving the quality of our lives. In order for an agency to operate, they need funds from the government to achieve their mission statement....   [tags: United States, United States Congress]

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My Introduction to the Legal Process Class

- ... This should be done in a respectful number of times to avoid creating an annoying reputation for yourself before you meet them. If your legislator contacts you back about an appointment make sure you thank them for responding, and try to set up a clear meeting time and place. Make sure this time and place is clear to the legislator and they have received this information. When I was emailing the representatives that responded to me, I tried to make it clear that I wanted a specific time and place to meet, but this was not something my officials ever picked up on....   [tags: senators, legislators, political]

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John Locke on the Extent of the Legislative Power

- John Locke on the Extent of the Legislative Power It is easy to see where the philosophy behind our country's system of government was derived from when you read any of Locke's essays on civil government. In fact if you have read our own Declaration of Independence it is possible to recognize the similarity between it and Lock's writings. In many cases it almost seems as though we took from him word for word the passages written in our nations most treasured documents: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to se...   [tags: Empiricists, Empiricism]

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The Legislative Branch of the Federal Government

- The Legislative Branch of the Federal Government The Legislative Brach of the federal government is made up of two Chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate. These two bodies draft and pass laws that, if signed by the President of the United States, govern the United States and it's citizens. The bicameral (two-house) Congress emerged from a compromise between delegates from large and small states at the Constitutional Convention, which convened in Philadelphia in 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation, the first constitution of the United States....   [tags: Papers]

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The Articles Of Confederation Was One Of The Best And Worst Legislative Documents

- The Articles of Confederation was one of the best and worst legislative documents in our short history. Looking at the Articles of Confederation (AOC), people can see how the document was essential to our country. This important document shaped how the Constitution was written. The flaws of the AOC help the founding fathers realize how they needed to govern America to make it prosper. The AOC helped America in many ways and showed the Founding fathers how things needed to be to be the greatest nation in the world....   [tags: United States Constitution, United States]

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The Transition to Democracy in Asia- Pacific Countries

- After years of authoritarian rule, Asia-Pacific countries slowly undertake the transition into democratic political structures. The three general types of such democratic political structure are: presidential, parliamentary, and semi-presidential. The key distinction between these governing systems depends on the relationship between the government, the legislature, and (if present) the president. The government composition from countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan demonstrate the differences in legislative responsibility and cohabitation amongst political entities that defines the general types of political systems....   [tags: politics, presidential, legislative]

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Who Really Has All the Power: The Executive, Legislative, or Judicial Branch of Government?

- Who really has all the power At the beginning of the creation of the constitution, our founding father's objectives were to establish a federal government, and to outline an equal distribution of powers within our government.(Michelsen, 2010). It was implemented by creating three branches that had to coincide with each other to function. Each branch has its own powers, duties, and responsibilities that influence how the government works. Executive Branch, which pertains to executing the laws. The legislative, which creates the laws and the judicial which interprets the laws....   [tags: Politics]

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Polarization in Congress: A Dichotomy of Unity and Division within the Legislative Branch

- Polarization in Congress: A Dichotomy of Unity and Division within the Legislative Branch POLARIZATION OVERVIEW: Polarization occurs when members of both political parties consistently vote along ideological lines. Ideological differences in Congress today are quite staggering. Congressmen have increasingly been moving away from moderate stances and adhering more to party ideologies. The issue with polarization arises when there are two incredibly differing ideologies where both sides feel so strongly about their view that compromise is unfeasible....   [tags: ideological lines, campaigns]

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The Immense Power of Judges in the United Kingdom

- ... The process of making the law is through passing Acts of Parliament and by use of delegated legislation. Judges use these acts to judge cases and apply it in court. However, nowadays, judges do not only apply these acts, but are also able to ‘make law’ themselves by using the doctrine of judicial precedent and statutory interpretation. The doctrine of judicial precedent is the process whereby a judge stands by what has previously been decided in similar cases (Stare Decisis). When a judge makes a statement of law in a case, this statement becomes binding and will be a precedent for later judges to follow....   [tags: government, legislative, policy]

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Term Limits: A Step in the Right Direction

- Term limits, which essentially is the concept of placing limits on the time holders of political office are allowed to serve, is not a new idea. The philosophy of cycling individuals in and out of public office can be found as far back as the fourth century B.C. Aristotle, Greek philosopher and tutor of Alexander the Great, expressed his view on the subject when he wrote; “. . . that a man should not hold the same office twice, or not often, or in the case of few except military offices; that the tenure of all offices, or of as many as possible, should be brief ....   [tags: politics, legislative process, Constitution]

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Democratic System: State and Governemnt

- In a democratic system, a bill goes through two distinct branches, the executive and the legislative branch. The bill becomes a policy only when it passes the legislative branch and executive branch. The legislative or executive branches do not have the ability to implement the policy or law; it is the responsibility of the bureaucracy to implement that policy. It is public employees who work in the bureaucracy. Almost thirty three percent of state and local employees belong to unions. The primary responsibility of the union is to protect its member’s job and benefits....   [tags: executive, legislative branch]

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Bullying Is A Threat Of Parents, Educators, And The Legislators

- Bullying in the school systems in the United States has become a major concern of parents, educators, and the legislators. One out of four kids attending school is bullied on a regular basis. Also, bullying can take place randomly, daily, or weekly in the locker rooms, buses, hallways, cafeterias and the restrooms at school. Additionally, a study on Health and Behavior on school age children revealed that thirty percent of children in grades ranging from the sixth to tenth grade reported bullying other students, or being the target of bullies or both (Whitted & Rupper, 2005, para.1)....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Bullying]

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Health Care Policies Process

- Health care policies are plans that intended to determine or influence decisions or actions that will help to achieve specific health care goals. Most of these policies are actions taken by the government to improve the American health care system. The purpose of this essay is to describe the process of how a topic eventually becomes a policy and tie to how the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) policy process. This essay will include the formulation stage, legislative stage, and implementation stage of a complete policy process....   [tags: formulation, legislative and implementation stages]

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Literature Review- Administrative Law

- Literature Review Administrative Law is the law regarding the exercise of powers by public authorities. That authority must have a legislative role or the policies must be developed through the legislature, it must understand that it has constitutional and judicial constraints and finally it is a buffer between the judicial and the executive branch of government. With that being said it must be stated that in the entire public service no written policy on the re-enlistment of persons exists, however; there are several precedents that has been set hence, the legitimate expectations of police officers....   [tags: Legislative Role, Policies, Constitutional]

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Legislative Success: The Legislative Point of View

- ... Legislative Advocacy is the act of working with the individual lawmakers and lawmaking bodies to gain support for your initiative or cause. This is important among the president’s concern with showing interest because if he has a plan he must be able to pursue it. Simple political, intellectual, or moral support could potentially be the support of lawmakers, like Congressmen or state legislators, or it could even be the support of other somewhat powerful people who don’t directly make laws themselves, but may be listened to by those who do(CTB Legislative Advocacy)....   [tags: interest, ambition, care, issues, events]

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Separation of Power

- Merriam-Webster defines power as the, “ability to act or produce an effect.” The legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the United States government maintain a delicate balance of power as they make, interpret, and enforce laws. In the first three articles of the Constitution, the framers did their best to ensure that power would be separated to the extent where no single branch of government could claim superiority over another and they further enforced this through the structure of checks and balances....   [tags: Legislative, Executive, Judicial, Branches]

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Aristotle: The Rule of Law

- A. Explain what is meant by the concept of “the rule of law” According to Aristotle, "The rule of law is better than that of any individual”, suggesting every member of society, even a ruler, must abide by and follow the law. The rule of law is linked to the principle of justice, meaning that everyone within a society (including both private citizens and government officials) are subject to the law, and that those laws are administered fairly and justly. The intention of the rule of law is to protect against arbitrary governance....   [tags: society, judicial power, legislative power]

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Term Limits For Legislators

- Term Limits For Legislators When the Constitution of the United States was adopted in 1789, it was without direction regarding term limits for legislators. At the time, professional politicians were unheard of, and the idea of someone serving for more than one or two terms was unlikely. So the Constitution did not formally address the issue of term limits, although it was understood that officeholders would limit themselves to one or two terms and then return to private life (1). With the advent of the modern state, however, came the making of Congress as a career, and thus the voluntary removal of oneself from office, as envisioned by the founders, is no longer regularly undertaken in th...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Branches Of The Legislative Branch

- When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and laid out our government, their goal was to create a government where one person or system did not have more power over another. They worked to develop a system of check sand balances within our country. They did this by constructing three different branches of government. The three branches are the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. Each of these systems have separate, but equal, jobs which work together in order to make our government and nation thrive....   [tags: Vice President of the United States]

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The Legislative Branch And The Judicial Branch

- Our government is set into three different branches to help enforce laws in our country. There is the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. Each branch has their own responsibilities. The legislative branch makes the laws of the country. The executive branch takes those laws made and enforces them. Finally the judicial branch interprets those laws and reviews them to make sure they are constitutional. First, we have the legislative branch, which makes up most of our United States government....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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The Legislative Process and the Congressional Committees

- The United States Congress was created by the framers of the Constitution as the most important part of the legislative branch of the national government. The Congress was set up with a bicameral structure composed by the House of Representatives or Lower Chamber and the Senate or Upper Chamber. According to “Origins and Development” and “History of the House”, two descriptions of the history of the Congress, both chambers assembled for the very first time in New York in 1789 and then moved to Philadelphia in 1790 where they stayed for 10 years....   [tags: Government]

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The Legislative Process And Healthcare Lobbying

- The purpose of this paper is to discuss the Legislative Process and Healthcare Lobbying in the United States of America. Before a law is passed and implemented in America under both state and federal level, it has to go often time through a very lengthy legislative process except in the case of an executive order. And, without the skills and expertise of the lobbying strategies, the idea which might intended to become law may not even make it to the level of a bill not to mention the chance of it to become law....   [tags: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, United States]

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