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Lebanon's Foreign and Internal Policies Analysis

- Lebanon has been riddled with political turmoil, scattered with wealth due to its position as a regional center for finance and trade since gaining its independence in 1943. The country's civil war (1975-1990) was followed by years of instability. Due to their close proximity, Syria has influenced Lebanon's foreign and internal policies since the 1970s. Hezbollah and Israel continued to engage in attacks against each other after Syria's withdrawal, and fought a brief war in 2006. Lebanon, Syria, and Israel have yet to come to a resolution as to where their formal country borders are....   [tags: lebanon, syria, labanese culture]

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Lebanon Must Pave the Way for LGBT Rights

- Lebanon Must Pave the Way for LGBT Rights in the Middle East The Middle East has never welcomed gays. In fact, although infrequent in practice, some countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen and Egypt condemns the criminality of ‘unnatural’ intercourse by death or a heavy prison sentence (Kotecha, 2013, p.1). Although some activists in Lebanon are emerging to defend these rights, Lebanon still belongs to the above list in the legal point of view and in practice and that’s what makes it far from being the heaven for gays in the Middle East....   [tags: Middle East, Gays, Equal Rights, Lebanon]

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Lebanon and the Hellas

- Why is it that many Greek artifacts were found in the soils of Lebanon . Why were there Lebanese citizens who were buried in tombs that had Greek carvings . Was Lebanon a Greek occupation or was it a Hellenic vacation spot ?. When Darius perceived the fierce attack of Alexander, he turned his chariot around and was the first to flee, abandoning all of his soldiers and his property to be taken by Alexander. After Darius' loss to Alexander at Gaugamela, the Persian Empire, which included Lebanon, Iran, Armenia, Syria, Israel, Turkey ......   [tags: ancient Greek artifacts]

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Lebanon And The United States

- Lebanon is a diverse small mountainous country in Asia (Darwiche 3: 1266). Despite Lebanon’s small size, it was recorded recorded to have a population close to 3.5 million people in the late 90 's (Darwiche 3: 1266). However, the population has greatly risen since that time due to approximately one million Syrian refugees entering the country (Cammett). Lebanon and the United States contrast in many ways in terms of religion and how it affects government and education, but there are more similarities in these categories than one might predict....   [tags: Religion, United States, U.S. state]

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- In the United States, citizens take their freedom and rights on numerous things for granted. Different countries, such as Lebanon, do not get to experience the wide range privileges we have grown accustomed to in America. Settled in the western party of Asia, Lebanon appears to be a quiet and calm country. But Lebanese citizens constantly debate and fight over their country’s status on controversial and different human rights, such as laws against the gays and their country’s women’s right, on a daily basis....   [tags: Lebanese History, Religion, Politics]

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The Crisis Of Beirut And Mount Lebanon

- Introduction In the summer of 2015 Beirut was, literally, flooding with trash. It had been mounting since the contract between the government and Sukleen, a private company with exclusive rights for waste collection, had expired that July. Moreover, since 1997 garbage from Beirut and Mount Lebanon had been transported to Na’ameh, originally as a temporary measure. Since 2014, the residents of Na’ameh demanded for the closing of the dumpsite. As no progress had been made, in the summer of 2015 they blocked the access to the dumpsite, intensifying the crisis in Beirut (Nayel, 2015)....   [tags: Social class, Middle class, Working class]

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The Crisis Of Beirut And Mount Lebanon

- In the summer of 2015 Beirut’s streets were, literally, flooding with trash. It had been mounting since the contract between the government and Sukleen, a private company which had exclusive rights for garbage collection, had expired on 17 July 2015. Moreover, since 1997 garbage from Beirut and Mount Lebanon had been transported to Na’ameh, originally as a temporary measure. Since 2014, the residents of Na’ameh had been demanding for the closing of the dumpsite. Since no progress had been made, in the summer of 2015 they blocked the access to the dumpsite, which intensified the trash crisis in Beirut (Nayel, 2015)....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Middle class]

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Study on Water Demand in Lebanon

- Introduction These days, environmental attention improved due to climatic change and loss of water resources. In comparison to other nations in the Middle East, Lebanon has a relatively optimistic position regarding water sources, but it is expected that Lebanon will also face a water lack within the next 10-15 years. Therefore, the enhancement in the control of water source is basically essential. A water source control plan is still missing, and there is no extensive environmental law obtaining the security of water sources....   [tags: environment, consumption, supply]

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Syrian Immigrants in Lebanon

- Back in the early 90's, when the civil war ended in Lebanon, most of the country's infrastructure was destroyed. Thousands of people lost their jobs and a lot more became homeless. Some preferred to stay in Lebanon, and some left for other countries to seek a new and better life. Surprisingly, the Syrians in Lebanon were the main force that had led to the renovation of Lebanon. Consequently, families of those Syrian workers started to migrate and concentrate mainly in Beirut....   [tags: consequences of international conflicts]

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Reforming a “Greater Lebanon”

- The roots of Lebanon’s political history runs deep, “it is the product of at least two centuries of continuous political change; a process of assimilation of new groups marks its unique experience in the Middle East” (Harik 1972). Constant change, political turmoil, dispersed groups, has helped shift Lebanon’s future—with a return to the foundation of the problems, there is always a hope for reform. To answer foundational problems, there is a need to observe, weigh, and consume over time through the generations these obstacles, and draw reforms from it....   [tags: Geopolitics, History]

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Illegal Immigrants in Lebanon

- ... While the Lebanese-Israeli borders prevent any violator from crossing it due to the fence built by Israel, Lebanon’s borders with Syria is not well defined on ground, and thus, suffer from insufficient control. In addition, borders agents are poorly equipped. People can cross these borders without many difficulties (“Lebanon-Syria Borders Report”, 2009). Therefore, demarcating the borders with Syria, building a fence, equipping the borders agent, are three measures that should be taken as part of borders management project to stop illegal immigration....   [tags: reforming legal framework for migration]

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Syrian Immigrants in Lebanon

- Back in the early 90's, when the civil war ended in Lebanon, the major part of the buildings and streets were completely deteriorated. Thousands of people were homeless and thousands lost their jobs. Some preferred to stay in Lebanon, and some migrated to other countries to seek and build a new life. Surprisingly, the Syrians in Lebanon were the main force that had led to the renovation of Lebanon. Afterwards, families of those Syrian workers started to migrate and concentrate mainly in Beirut....   [tags: health care, education, immigration, Syria]

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Special Tribunal for Lebanon

- The office of the Prosecutor is headed by the main prosecutor for the Tribunal, Normal Farrell, originally of Canada. This office has many responsibilities including the continued investigation of the crimes in question and the prosecution of all those indicted. The office must investigate the events leading up to, occurring and following February 14, 2005 that are or may be associated with the plot to assassinated Rafiq Hariri and all those crimes that the Security Council says falls within the purview of the Tribunal....   [tags: pot to assesinate Rafiq Hariri, ]

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Lebanon's Situation: Collapse by Jared Diamond

- If philosophy takes part in any position in the world, it is the judgement of our action in which rectify our fault (Arneson, n.d). Lebanon or Lebanese Republic is the country located in the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea (CIA, 2013). The country is surrounded by two belligerent neighbors which are Israel and Syria. Many of the events in Lebanon result in the country having a strained relationship with its neighbors. In addition, in terms of economic problems, Lebanon also has been facing numerous problems due to investment, banking, lower GDP, tourist and agricultural sectors....   [tags: Economic Crisis, Neighbor Relations]

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Geography: Lebanon’s Pride and Joy

- Lebanon’s Pride and Joy Every city, country, territory or nation has its own pride and joy that distinguishes it from any other, which forms it uniqueness and gives it long lasting recognition and a remarkable reputation. France has the Eifel tower and its reputation for being the country of romance. Brazil has its festivals and soccer skills. Varna has its clubs and pubs and amazing nights, but with all that said, what does Lebanon pertain. Lebanon has long been known and envied for its water....   [tags: tourism industry, waters, landscape]

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Hezbollah, a protector of Lebanon of an Iranian Proxy?

- Hezbollah, a protector of Lebanon of an Iranian Proxy. Hezbollah’s program was formed in the 1980s. It is a Shia Islamic militant group that was a Lebanon based political party. Resistance movement is the name acquitted to its paramilitary wing in many of Arab and Shiite communities. It’s considered more powerful than the Lebanese Army. This explains why Ayatollah Khomeini cohorts aided in its formation for the purpose of Islamic revolution rise. The program was for those who had been oppressed both in Lebanon and worldwide, it strongly supports the Lebanon Shia community and has broadly expanded as it started as a small militia group....   [tags: islamic government, shia militants]

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The Migrant Worker´s Abuse in Lebanon

- The migrant workers’ abuse in Lebanon has attracted the international press due to its enormous rate and presence. Indeed, domestic maids coming from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines are subject to different sorts of abuses. They can range from simple verbal abuse to rape or even murder. This harsh treatment has led to the new expression “Modern Slavery”, in which the Lebanese society is considered extremely cruel, depriving maids from the basic human rights in the name of rightful injustice and logical inequality....   [tags: social inequalities, poverty]

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- Lebanon Lebanon, a nation that once proudly called itself the Switzerland of the Middle East, is today a country in name only. Its government controls little more than half of the nation's capital, Beirut. Its once-vibrant economy is a shambles. And its society is fragmented - so fragmented, some believe, that it may be impossible to re-create a unified state responsive to the needs of all its varied peoples. Lebanon lies on the eastern shore of the Mediterranea n Sea, in that part of southwestern Asia known as the Middle East....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Lebanon and its main problems

- Lebanon Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country that is delimitated to the west by the Mediterranean and to the east by the Syro-African Depression. Lebanon borders Syria to the north and to the east, and Israel in the south. Lebanon’s climate is “Mediterranean”; mild to cool, wet winters, and hot, dry summers. Some of Lebanon’s natural resources are the limestone, salt, water and iron ore. Like any other country there are natural hazards such as dust storms and sandstorms. [ Population pressures: growth, urbanization, immigration....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Lebanon Should Join The World Trade Organization

- This article is a strong recommendation to the country of Lebanon to join its Middle Eastern neighbours by becoming a member of the World Trade Organization. The WTO is an organization that helps advise, regulate, and supervise countries around the world with their import and export trading. Officially recognized by the world and established at the beginning of 1995, the WTO has been the stage for all countries to come together and abide by specific ground rules. The WTO can be looked at as an open trade organization, a system that provides specific trade rules, a location to resolve any trade disputes peacefully, or a forum for governments to negotiate trade agreements....   [tags: article analysis, trade agreements, negotiation]

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The Minimum Wage in Lebanon

- Before starting the analysis of a scenario suggesting the raising of the minimum wage in Lebanon, I would like to give an overview about the stages the Lebanese economy has gone through in the last few decades. While Lebanese economy were well known for its prosperity in the late 60s and early 70s, thanks to the tourism industry, the economy suffered from hyper-inflation during the war (1975- 1990). The Lebanese pound has lost most of its purchasing power, devaluating from 2.5 L.B. to astonishing 2800 L.B....   [tags: Business Case Studies]

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Software Piracy in Lebanon

- Software Piracy in Lebanon Abstract What is it about copying software that is desirable. Simply because it is free. In the United States, one might think twice before copying a Microsoft product. Copyright issues are all over the media --remember Napster. For a period of a year, we read countless stories of students all over the US and the world that were arrested for copying and trading MP3s. However, travel across the Atlantic to the chaotic world of Lebanon and one would not even think twice about copying a version of Microsoft Office 2000....   [tags: Software Piracy Expository Essays]

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Lebanon: A Globe-trotters Guide

- Lebanon: A Globe-trotters Guide I planned my trip to Lebanon from December 26th to January 5th. The mountains in Lebanon are covered with snow and I thought this would be the most beautiful time to visit the Middle East. The round-trip airline ticket should cost approximately $2,160.00. I also found a hotel in central Beirut, The Holiday Suites Hotel, which should range between $350 and $750 for the entire stay ( Also, there must be taken into account the cost of meals which should be no more than $300 total for the entire trip....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Large Voter Turnout in Lebanon Elections

- Many voters returned to their hometowns in Mount Lebanon, the country's most populous province, and to the Bekaa Valley to cast their ballots in the third of four rounds of staggered parliamentary elections, the first free of the dominance of Syrian forces in nearly three decades. Anti-Syrian forces need a strong showing in Sunday's vote -- at least 45 seats for a majority -- to win a firm grasp on the 128-member Parliament and wean it of Damascus' control. But the campaign has led to some surprising alliances and some races were too close to call....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Journey : I Left Lebanon When I Was 10 Years Old

- The journey I left Lebanon when I was 10 years old. My entire family traveled to the United States in order for us to get a better education and live in a more peaceful place. I never had good English speaking skills and my writing was extremely horrible, that 's what made me so insecure about my writing until this day. Looking back in time to my previous school year, I remember myself struggling to write a five paragraph essay and worrying about how I’m going to do in college if I’m still struggling with this five paragraph paper....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Five paragraph essay]

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American Coverage of Lebanon’s Civil War

- American Coverage of Lebanon’s Civil War The afflictions the Lebanese people experienced for over fifteen years caused by a civil war were not a prominent headline in American newspapers until the kidnapping of Associated Press Beirut bureau chief, Terry Anderson. America’s profound ignorance about Lebanon is directly correlated to the failure of the American media to report in depth about the Lebanese conflict. America’s particular ignorance concerning the Lebanese conflict is not acceptable because Lebanon plays a key role in the persistent problems in the Middle East, which directly affect the United States and world peace....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Immigrant Labor workers: Enduring the Pain

- Introduction Despite being one of the smallest countries of the world, Lebanon ranks among the top when it comes to ethical and cultural mixture. Threw history, Lebanon was the destination for several migrants that were forced to leave their beloved country due to circumstances that were beyond their control. Nevertheless, Lebanon has repeatedly opened its borders to shelter those refugees. Ranging from the Armenians that were terrified by the ottoman's intolerance in the early 1900s, to the Palestinians that were forced to leave Palestine by the Israelis back in the 1950s, and up until nowadays with the Syrians that are esc...   [tags: Lebanon Population, Monopolistic Parties]

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The Legacy Of Amin Maalouf

- Amin Maalouf was born on February 25th, 1949 in Beirut, Lebanon. Amin is notable for his journalism, and his work as a novelist. He has also worked as a director of the Beirut newspaper, An-Nahar. Amin started his own family in 1971 where he would marry his wife Andrée, and later have three sons: Ruchdi, Tarek, and Ziad. He had lived his entire youth in his homeland of Lebanon, but when the Lebanese civil war erupted in 1975 he had come to a realization that like his forefathers who had moved to other parts of the world (America, Australia, Cuba) , he too must do the same....   [tags: Religion, Islam, Lebanon, Christianity]

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History of the Arab League

- Introduction The league of Arab states is referred to as the Arab League. The Arab League was formed on March 22, 1945 in Cairo, Egypt. The League began with six member states namely Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi, Arabia, Syria, Transjordan (now known as Jordan). Yemen joined at a later stage on 5th May 1945. It is a regional organization, which has now grown to include 22 states in and around North Africa and Southwest Asia. Every country is given one vote at the council. However, Syria was suspended since 2011 due to the ongoing civil war and the government’s repression....   [tags: egypt, iraq, lebanon]

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History of Child Labor

- Child labor has existed in almost every society throughout history, and although most nations have rid of this abusive practice, it still exists in many poor, third-world countries today. Child labor is the misuse and exploitation of children at work. Some children labor under harsh conditions, such as working long hours, receiving low to no wages, and being placed in unsafe environments. Today no society advocates child labor, however, it continues and according to the United Nations is a “growing evil” (Greene 9)....   [tags: industrial revolution, lebanon]

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Cambrige Style Watch Brand

- CONTENTS executive summary 3 I. SITUATION ANALYSIS: 4 company background : 4 vision: 4 mission: 4 future strategy: 4 target markerting: 5 market competation: 6 II. SWOT ANALYSIS: 7 Strength: 7 Weakness: 7 Opportunities: 7 Threats: 7 III. OUR OBJECTIVE AND GOALS 8 IV. MARKERTING IMPELEMTATION: 9 Marketing strategy: 9 1. Product strategy: 9 Sale PROMOTION: 11 Advertising: 11 Online media: 12 Facebook: 12 V. PROGECT COST 13   Executive summary Cambridge style is the large single luxury watch brand in earth; this company produces about 6,000 watches per year in china....   [tags: analysis, target marketing, lebanon]

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Hezbollah vs Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamia

- Hezbollah vs. Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamia Terrorism is a problem that has been affecting our world since humans have been walking on this planet. Whether it’s dealing with suicide bombings, cyber warfare, Eco terrorism, or even nuclear terrorism it is something that all countries have to deal with at some point. One of the main priorities of the United States is to keep terrorist attacks from occurring in our country at all costs. When looking at terrorists, two dangerous groups that will be discussed in this paper are the Hezbollah and the Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamia (Hamas)....   [tags: terrorism, Islam, Israel, Lebanon, Hamas]

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. Kafala System in GCC States

- Summary Since the introduction of Kafala system, also known as sponsorship system, in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) along with Lebanon and Jordan in Mashriq region, some serious human rights violations have aroused. Kafala system is a sponsorship system designed to regulate and employ migrant workers in countries compromising of GCC states (Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, and Sultanate of Oman), Jordan, and Lebanon. Under the sponsorship system, a contract is signed between worker and recruitment agency for a minimum of 2 years, in which sponsor assumes full legal and economic responsibility of the migrant, including visa status, re...   [tags: Qatar, World Cup, Lebanon, Jordan]

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Foreign Policy: The Iran-Contra Affair

- Between the years of 1983 and 1986, the United States was involved in a series of covert operations, collectively known as the Iran-Contra Affair. These operations were at best controversial, and at worst blatantly illegal.The Iran-Contra Affair (or the Iran Contra-Scandal) revolved around the issue of foreign policy, specifically with regards to Iran and Nicaragua. In 1979, revolution in Iran resulted in a complete change in the countries relationship with the United States. Having previously been an ally of the U.S., Iran, under its new regime, had become decidedly anti-American....   [tags: iran, nicaragua, lebanon, reagan administration]

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The Palestinian Dance: Dabkeh

- The Palestinian Dance The Palestinian dance, also known as “Dabkeh”, is one of the most well-known dances in the worldwide. The Dabkeh is performed in many countries like Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. Each country has different Dabkeh movements than the other. Also, there are different Dabkeh songs depending on the culture and the traditions of the country. As for the Palestinian Dabkeh, it is considered the most famous dance in the Arab region and the Middle-East. It is performed in weddings, joyous occasions and cultural events....   [tags: Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Dabkeh, Culture]

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Fighting for Equal Rights in Two Opposite Countries

- ... Saudi Arabia has a uniform for women, they are obligated to wear a veil (abaya, how they call it in arab countries), and “depending on what city they’re in and if religious police are present, [Muslim women] can also be required to wear a headscarf and face veil” (Undertheabaya). Many women think that wearing the veil, is something that shouldn’t be obligated, they believe that they can have the freedom to choose what they want to where in the day they want to wear. In the summer the weather is extremely hot, and still, women are obligated to wear the veil, many of the times, they must enter the beach with their veil....   [tags: lebanon, saudi arabia, women´s role]

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An Independent International Commission Of Inquiry On The Syrian Arab Republic

- On the 22nd of August 2011, the United Nations Human Rights Council established the independent international commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic through resolution S-17/1, which condemned what it described as, ‘continued grave and systematic human rights violations by the Syrian authorities, such as arbitrary executions, excessive use of force … torture and ill-treatment of detainees, including of children”. It also goes on to state the United Nation’s decision to, “urgently [dispatch] an independent international commission of inquiry......   [tags: Human rights, United Nations, Lebanon, Jordan]

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`` Do A Heart Check `` Section Under `` On The Ground ``

- I suggest a “Do a heart check” section under “On the ground”. While some of this might apply in “Do’s and Don’ts” I believe it would be applicable in it’s own area. Suggested content: Winston Churchill once said “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” and in outreach work, that can’t be more true. Here are just a few things to consider while you are engaging in work in a particular country that might help you not appear “snobby” to others you are there to serve. No one wants to be a Sheldon from Big Bang Theory....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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The Moment I Started The Drive Of Magnolia, By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Move In The moment I started the drive to Magnolia, I knew life would soon change. As soon as I arrived, I saw tons of people who I have never talked to in my short life. This was going to be an interesting year. I was excited for the adventures ahead; little did I know that the adventures would start a lot sooner than I had imagined. Once my parents both left and went back to the town of De Queen, I realized I was on my own. It finally hit me that I was in control of my own destiny, not anyone else....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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The World Of The Children Who Needs Help With Their Education

- For my big project, I want to change the world of the children who need help with their education. To do this, I joined with two others from the class, and we came up with idea of making a gift basket. To go even further, we are going to be spending one of our afternoons volunteering at a place called Orchard Place. In the year of 1886, an event changed the future forever. A little baby was dropped off and left at a doorstep. The building then became the first orphanage of Des Moines and was called Des Moines Children’s Home....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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A Summary On How Of Win Friends And Influence People

- The following project is a summary of How to Win Friends and Influence People. The goal of this book is to improve the interaction between people whether it be personal or professional. The following sections should detail the importance in handling each individual with care and finesse. Fundamental techniques in Handling People If you want to gather honey don’t kick over the beehive One should not be quick to criticize. Criticism makes people feel the need to defend themselves and their actions....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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The Strengths And Their Impacts On An Individual 's Life

- One of the more heavily talked about subjects discussed in CORE this semester was the Gallup Strengths, and their impacts on an individual’s life. Thanks to these in-class discussions, I’ve learned a lot about what I am good at and why certain things are important to me. Depending on what strengths a person has there will be certain things he or she will be able to do better, want to have in the workplace, and value accordingly. CORE has let me let me explore these topics about myself to make sure I’m on a path that will lead me to a career in which I will be working at my full potential....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Is It Important Than Ability Of A Person 's Success

- Persistence is more important than ability to determine a person’s success. When there is a person who wants to do their goal or task they have to be able to work hard for their goal, they need to be dedicated to the goal, and no matter what happens they can’t give up which means that they have to keep going and going until they have finally achieved what they wanted to achieve. So this shows that a great successor needs to be very persistent to achieve and go beyond what they want to do, they need to drive themselves to success, but most of all they need to be patient and have time....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Importance Of Identity Management Surfaces When We Need Their Identities

- There are multiple scenarios where one might manage their identities. Generally the importance of identity management surfaces when we want to begin or maintain a relationship, when we want someone to act or behave a certain way, when we feel the need to preserve an image of someone, or when we are experimenting with different personalities to alter the perception that others have of us. Managing your identity is essential to sculpting the image that we want some to have of us and the way we behave in different situations will manipulate this perception as well....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Giving Tree '

- There are a lot of books that explain us about life and make us think about it such as, what make us happy or what we want at the moment. For example, there is a book for kids and teengaers called “The Giving Tree” that describes the love of a tree towards a boy. In the story the tree gives everything that she has to the boy to make him happy because she loves him. At the end of the story the reader is going to ask himself/herself about some lessons that she/he learned from the book and the sad story of the tree....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Analysis Of Chopin 's ' The Awakening '

- Chopin’s novel is filled with different themes. Her themes are what really gets her message to her readers. one of her themes is identity because becoming the person that you want to be is what The Awakening is all about. Knowing who you are is a big component in becoming free. That is why Chopin created an identity theme in her novel. Edna is constantly trying to find out who is wants to be. Edna knows that she is not the perfect mother and wife like Madame Ratignolle, and she also knows that she would never want to live alone like Mademoiselle Reisz....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Looking Up Into A New Work Environment

- Trying to fit into a new work environment can be challenging. Trying to make friends can sometime be an uphill battle. When you have someone that decided to take their first job and step out on their own it can be a new beginning, but has to be a test because you don’t know the dynamic. The dynamic of the office are the work environment can be different then you are used to. The one thing that we have to remember is that everyone deserves to work in a work environment where they feel comfortable....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Is An Buyer Agency Form Of Representation?

- The last form I’m going to show you is a Buyer Agency form of representation; I think we can both agree that I’m here to help you in the home buying process, right. (Wait, listen, and acknowledge their response) We’ll the sellers have their representation, and I am here to represent you in this transaction. I will negotiate the best possible purchase price and terms for you. I’d like to go over this contract with you and it will be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have. (Go over contract with Buyer) Now that you understand the differences, do you see the value in buyer agency....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Key Items That Make Your Office Ideal

- According to the article written by Office Space Planners there are 5 key items that would make your office ideal. The 5 key components to consider are the comfort of the office to your clientele and employees, the efficiency of the office, the ability to have fast and direct communication inside and outside of your office, the space encourages productivity from the staff and the effectiveness of the office for your clients and also to the community you are serving. I am going to use these 5 key points to serve as a guide for the construction of my ideal and yet affordable office that keeps Rebecca’s image in mind....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Should Adult Be Responsible For Your Life?

- It is 6:30 in the morning and alarm begins to make its familiar sound reminding that it is time to get up and start a new day. Suddenly, the overwhelming urge to not want to “adult” washes over and causes a heavy sigh. While still lying in bed, the thought of not adulting for the day seems like the best idea, but what does that mean. For example, if my mom does not want to adult for a day, does that mean she wants to go live with my grandmother again. Does it mean that she just wants to go back to being a child again....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Money Is The Root Of All Evil

- Malo realizes that money rules everything. It is simple, you either have or do not have money. The normal saying goes as follows: Money is the root of all evil. Malo feels different towards this statement. He feels that money is not the root of all evil, not having money is. This became clear to him when he was riding around with Scoop and Amir. He even noticed that there are several songs about money. Malo notes that people even treat you different when you have money. He references that females react different to a man with money, and if you do not have money you will be pushed to the side....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Western Beauty Standards Of Western Women

- Tamir states that Western women don’t “truly” consent to altering their bodies in the ways that are required by Western beauty standards. Consent is defined in the dictionary as “permission for something to happen or agreement to do something”. A beauty standard for Western women include women performing a clitoridectomy. Tamir believe that Western women don’t “truly” consent because she believes that women don’t truly want to go under all this procedures, but because of the pressure of the standards of Western beauty she goes ahead with what is “expected” that she does....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Tips For Writing Good User Stories

- Tips for writing good user stories In order to ensure your user stories follow the INVEST concept and help you fulfil the business needs, keep the below tips in mind when writing user stories. Research your user It’s essential to first understand who the user is. After all, user story should be written from the user’s perspectives and you can’t capture the what and the why, if you don’t start with who. Interview and observe the user to understand who they are and how they are using the product....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Short Amount Of Time With Family

- It may seem impossible to juggle many things in life at one time; such as trying to get all the assignments completed, and studying done in a short amount of time to make it to work on time. If that was not stressful enough there is also the pressure of making sure to spend time with family. It can be extra stressful when someone has a very big and close family, and a variety of events are to be attended, making sure assignment are completed in order to join the family. Sometimes it may seem that there is simply not enough time in a day to balance school, work, and family which requires a lot of effort, this can seem like a very daunting task because no one ever wants to fail, it is difficu...   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Our Life And Our World Today

- These verses apply to our life and our world today. In today’s society, we are neither cold nor hot for him. God wants us to be on fire for Him, always. Some churches are not on fire for Christ as if they should. Just like Revelation 3:20 says, he stands at the door and knock, if we hear his voice, he will come in. We have pushed God out of some of the churches; consequently, becoming worldly. If you are cold spiritually today, you need to get closer to God, plus on fire for him. If you are hot, then you are on fire for God; furthermore, living the life you should, which you will be able to help others be on fire for Him....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Should You Live Your Life?

- Should you live your life day to day or take advantage of every moment and make something of yourself. Most people are stuck in a mindset that prevents them from becoming the person that they want to be. This mindset can revolve around happiness and interests in what you want to do. There is a passion out there for everyone, it is just the fact people are too afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone to pursue their passion. My response to their fear is that we only have one life and we don’t get second chances....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Should The Drugs Be Legalized?

- In discussions about using steroids in sports and if it is cheating or not, one controversial issue has been that it is in fact cheating. On one hand, most people argue to believe that it is cheating only because not everyone in the certain sport wants to take it. On the other hand, some believe that people who want to take it should take it and no one should tell them otherwise. The side effects to the drug are on their hands. Others even maintain a steady mindset that the drug is in fact cheating, and will not change their minds about it....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Why I Am A Friend

- It 's funny how you start to notice the people around you when you become more aware of yourself. As you change, you start to notice the people around you change to... Now, realistically they aren’t changing... But you start to notice things about them that you 've never noticed before. This weekend I have had the opportunity to be with one of my best friends in Ohio... And I have been nothing but irritated. Now here 's what I noticed. I noticed the time that we both became pretty close... I was in a place where I was always really negative, and I loved to talk about my relationship and cuss and bitch about all of the people in my life......   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Conflict Between The And Conflict

- 1.) Simple conflict is the most common type of conflict, and occurs when people do not see eye to eye on a matter. A recent conflict that stands out in my mind, is one that occurred when I was talking to my parents about moving out of the house. It happened one night while we were eating dinner and I brought up the topic of looking for apartments to move into in the fall. My mother supports my decision and offered to help me look. My father, on the other hand, thinks I am wasting money by moving out and is upset that I am even considering it....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Personal Note On Spending Habits

- Yes, I was being honest when I was charting my spending habits because I haven’t done a budget that lasted a week before, and I wanted to get an estimate of how much I spend in a week. It was an interesting task to be aware of how much I was actually spending by having real numbers to look at in an organized spreadsheet. The spreadsheet itself was very simple and direct which made it easier to analyze. By lying about my spending habits, this assignment would have been counterproductive since I would have been avoiding facing the truth about how much I spent that week....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Independent Boys Vs Independent Girls

- Have you ever noticed the word strong always precedes independent girls. I think the very definition of the world implies strength, however, I also believe that the word strong is added to further add an element that really gets the message across. When it comes to a man, we usually say 'strong men ' or 'independent men ' but not both together. Independent girls are strong. In fact, they may be stronger than men because they have to fight against the stereotypes put in front of them in regards to Independence....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Lebanon]

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Caring For People God Way

- Throughout reading Caring for People God Way, Chapter 1, I began to ponder the question why do people chose to come to Christin counseling. If a person thinks about it, just because a person wants to attend Christian counseling does not mean, they are Christian person or they believe in Christ. A person may have to console and induvial who has problem does not go to church. According to Clinton, Hart and Ohlschlager (2005), “they believe that Christ is facilitated by a helper who assist this redemption process, helping another get unstuck and moving forward on the path too spiritual maturity and psycho-social-emotional health” (p.16)....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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Who Is The Word?

- Individuals in contemporary society tend to want. They seek tangible items, non-tangible benefits such as love, and other considerable assets to humankind. That is, individuals consistently want something, feeling that their lives are unfulfilled unless more is obtained. One is unlikely to use the word “yearn” commonly, however. With all the desires that humans have in the contemporary environment, given the definition one might assume that the word “yearn” is used more frequently than it is. This paper looks to examine the word and provide a deep analysis of what it means, how it applies to society, and why it is not used as frequently as individuals’ desire....   [tags: Need, Want, WANT, Lebanon]

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International Relations: Beirut, Lebano and the US

- ... This country needed help and it was authorized by the UN and President Ronald Reagan for other countries to aid one in need. “It was the deadliest single day for the U.S. Marine Corps. since the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II” many said, and many agreed. On October 23rd, 1983 the tragic and catastrophic even of the Marine Barracks bombing had occurred, shocking the UN and President Ronald Reagan. 220 Marines, 18 sailors, and three soldiers were killed. Moments later another 58 french paratroopers were killed in an attack on a separate barracks....   [tags: reagan, world war II, network]

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A Coincidental Discovery Of Percy Lebaron Spencer

- Jermetrius Lucas 11/10/15 English 11 Mrs. Dowling A Coincidental Discovery Percy LeBaron Spencer was born in Howland, Maine 1894. His father passed away when he was toddler and his mother abandoned him soon after. Growing up, he was a curious child and spent days exploring a log hauler truck that broke down in front of his house trying to figure out how it worked. This led him to work at a spool mill between the ages of twelve and sixteen. This later led him to hear about an opening at a paper factory that was going to be run on electricity....   [tags: Microwave oven, Microwave, Radio, Oven]

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Hezbollah: Lebanese Shiite Militia

- To most of the world, Hezbollah is known as a Lebanese Shiite militia that takes an anti-western stance, and despises Israel and the United States. To the Arabs, Hezbollah is known as a resistance group that provides socioeconomic and social services to Shiite communities is southern Lebanon.# The group as been held accountable for several attacks against Israel and Western targets, but yet provides social services in Lebanon by running hospitals, schools, orphanages, and media outlets. It has adopted the strategy of constantly altering public opinion by using a mixture of political and ideological agendas.# The group has adopted the strategy it has in order to continue growing and to remain...   [tags: Political Behavior, Ideological Changes]

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Hezbullah - The Party of God

- Hezbollah “State within the Sate” Historical background Hezbollah (the party of god) is a Shiite political and military group, created in early 1980s during the Israel invasion of Lebanon. The 1975 Lebanese civil war, Israel’s occupation of Lebanon in 1978, and 1979 revolution of Iran played the main role in shaping of the group’s views. The groups of students who returned from Iraq in 1970s were inspired by the 1960s and 1970s shiite revival movements of Southern Iraq. They urged on mobilization of Lebanese impoverished and marginalized Shiite community....   [tags: Shiite political and military group]

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Water Scarcity Of Water Pollution

- Dripping Water Have you ever experienced water shortage. Have you ever paid to access public areas. Have you ever seen a brown river. Welcome to Lebanon. “Thousands have lived without love, none without water” (Auden, 1940). The genuine predicament lies in the mismanagement of the water resources, not in the amount of available water in Lebanon. As the international population is growing, the need for water is increasing at the same rate. Therefore, it is essential to manage the remaining resources rationally for the better of the international community....   [tags: Water, Water supply, Water resources]

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Hezbollah the Terrorist Organization

- Hezbollah: Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that originated in Lebanon in 1982. In just more than twenty years Hezbollah has proved itself to be an effective terrorist organization. Hezbollah is much more than just a terrorist organization. In Lebanon it has become a major political party and social force to be reckoned with, as well as a major supporter of other terrorist groups. Hezbollah is a powerful organization and this power has led to its dominance in the world of terror. Hezbollah was formed in 1982 by radical Lebanese Shiites who wanted to create an Islamic state in Lebanon and to free their land of Israeli domination (Byers, 2003)....   [tags: Politics Terrorism Terrorists ]

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The Actions and Agenda of the Hizbullah

- The Actions and Agenda of the Hizbullah The Hizbullah are an extreme Islamic fundamentalist group. In fact, Hizbullah means 'Party of God." The Hizbullah came into existence in the social uprising of the late 1960's to the early 1970's by a Lebanese shia community. Then, following their charismatic leader Imam Musa Sadr, who mysteriously disappeared in Libya in 1978, the group developed until the Israeli invasion of 1982. This brought about Shiite radicalism, which is the Hizbullah's basis when it was created....   [tags: Politics Political Essays]

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Lebanese Media and Sexuality

- Lebanon is the most free and liberal country in the Arab world, a combination of the western culture and Arab culture gives it a unique culture spectrum, the country is more tolerant with the regard to relations between men and women and also homosexuality , however the country has not yet grasped the idea of sexuality Preparing children for the transition to adulthood has always been a challenge, parents play a vital role in shaping youth knowledge about sex and sexuality, public schools in Lebanon provide inadequate information, leaving the youth vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and sexual abuse, thereby allowing children learning through their own way and g...   [tags: most liberal country in the Arab world]

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The birth of Hezbollah from the ruins of the Amal movement

- • The birth of Hezbollah from the ruins of the Amal movement When the Iranian Revolution succeeded in 1979, Iran wanted to gain the admiration and the support of Arab countries, benefiting in particular from the support by the Shah of Iran and his relationship with Israel before the collapse of his regime. On this very first day of the victory of the revolution, Iran was keen to extend its bonds with the Islamic world, and when this was not possible in most cases, because of many complex causes of the revolution, Iran began to look for «organizations» instead of «regime’s or countries», in order to continue its role in Islamic issues....   [tags: Middle East Politics]

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State-Sponsored Terrorism: The Relationship between Hizballah and the Iranian Government

- Most of the countries involved in state-sponsored terrorism make modest attempts to disassociate themselves with terrorist organizations. These countries do this in hopes that the United Nations will not place sanctions. More often than not, these countries continue their support of various terrorist groups. They support the terrorist organization in various ways: financially, training, supplies. Iran has remained the most active state sponsor of terrorism to date (State Department, 2013). Iran supports several different terrorist organizations, including Hamas, Palestine Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and Hizballah....   [tags: State Sponsor of Terrorism, Iran]

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U.S. and The Middle East

- The role of the Middle East has been very crucial to the United States, especially after WWII. The U.S. had three strategic goals in the Middle East and consistently followed them throughout various events that unfolded in the region. First, with the emergence of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the U.S., policymakers began to recognize the importance of the Middle East as a strategic area in containing Soviet influence. This also coincides with the U.S. becoming increasingly wary of Arab nationalism and the threat it posed to U.S....   [tags: Soviets, Israel, Oil, Politics]

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From Coexistence to Conflict

- From Coexistence to Conflict From Coexistence to Conflict in 19th Century Mount Lebanon Mount Lebanon has been a troubled region throughout much of Lebanese history. Through most of the 19th century, the Maronite and Druze inhabitants of the Mount Lebanon region had successfully coexisted in an intricate inter-sectarian system. True to the words of Leila Fawaz, “Lebanon was at peace, as it had been for most of its history.” Excessive foreign intervention, however, caused the status in Mount Lebanon to move from coexistence to conflict, which ultimately led to the civil war of 1860....   [tags: history]

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Bank Is The Most Popular Foreign Bank

- In simple words, Banking can be defined as the business activity of accepting and protection money owned by other individuals and entities, and then giving out this money in order to earn a profit. However, with the channel of time, the activities covered by banking business have widened and now various other services are also offered by banks. The banking services these days include issuance of debit and credit cards, providing safe custody of valuable items, lockers, ATM services and online transfer of funds across the country / world .In Lebanon there is two types of bank ,local bank and foreign bank....   [tags: Bank, Cheque, Finance, Financial services]

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The Plight of the Palestinians

- There are many problems present in the Middle East today. Examining these immediate issues and exploring possible future ones can provide a proper understanding of the diverse set of issues, actors, and ambitions that abound in the region. This understanding can then be the necessary foundation to examine current policy in the area and adjust it accordingly to better support US goals. One of the most important and well-know issues affecting the Middle East today is the plight of the Palestinians....   [tags: Middle East ]

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The Political Philosophy of Hazebullah

- The political philosophy of Hezbollah, an Islamic militant group and political party is mainly influenced by the external factors. Hezbullah (Party of God) was established in 1982 in first war of Lebanon. “It arose out of an anti-Israel Shia Muslim rebel movement and was funded by Iran and trained by Iran’s Quds Force. Hezbollah has been based in Southern Lebanon since its creation and is now led by Hasan Nasrullah.” (Alagha, The Shift in Hezbollah's Idealogy, 2006). Hezbollah entered the political arena of Lebanese in 1992 for the purpose of taking control of Lebanon and to make the people and world believe that it was not an organization of terrorists instead it was a legitimate political...   [tags: shia muslim, israel, islamic state]

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Marketing Disney Consumer Products in the Middle East

- Marketing Disney Consumer Products in the Middle East 1. Disney Consumer Products Middle East was interested in Lebanon, which has only one million children and teenagers and not Egypt, which has a much larger population, due to the following reasons; a. The literacy rate in Lebanon was much higher than the literacy rate of the populations of other Arab states in the Middle East at that time. b. The population of Lebanon was more familiar with western products, which included the Disney products....   [tags: Business Management Studies]

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Stop the Sexual Violence! A Reading Responce to Sexual Violence is a Crime, Sometimes by Maya Mikdashi

- Reading Response about “Sexual Violence Is a Crime, Sometimes”: Stop The Sexual Violence. Stop It. In the article “Sexual Violence is a Crime, Sometimes”, the author is Maya Mikdashi who is well known for writing about gender and sectarian issues occurring in Lebanon. The author addresses a very touching and interesting topic, sexual violence, which should be everyone’s because anyone, no matter what is his or her gender, could be subjected to sexual violence....   [tags: rape, marriage, equality]

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