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Should Parents Start A Child For Kindergarten?

- Allowing your toddler to attend pre-school is very beneficial in countless ways. Four- sixths of all toddlers attend Pre-k. It will allow a toddler to develop both socially and academically. By enrolling your child in pre-school, they are learning obedience, sharing with others and starting a base that will help them later on in their future education. Many parents fail to realize that preschool greatly helps prepare a child for kindergarten. As a child start to grow more on an academic level, numerous of parents start to enroll their children in preschool to get going on a road to an academic success....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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Is Junior Kindergarten Necessary For The Education Of Young Minds?

- When choosing a topic to research and discuss, I wanted to research something that I wasn’t as familiar with and that would be Junior Kindergarten. I come from a small town in central South Dakota. Where I went to school, there was only Kindergarten thru 12th grade, until the year after I graduated, when a preschool program was started at the school. It wasn’t until I had come to college and started the Early Childhood Education program at South Dakota State University, that I had first heard the term “junior kindergarten.” Over the past semester in my PS1 classes, I have heard the term more often and have become more familiar with what junior kindergarten is, but yet questions still remain....   [tags: Kindergarten, Early childhood education]

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Qualities of an Adept Kindergarten Teacher

- Focusing on the Kindergarten grade level, teachers are trained to mainly facilitate student learning through play. Lecture style teaching is not the most effective teaching style at this age since children’s attention spans are extremely short. The idea of students learning through play is to help the student maintain longer attention spans in order to promote better learning. Some of the requirements that teachers are trained in involve vocabulary, social, math, and science developmental skills....   [tags: Educational Teaching, Requirements]

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A Literacy Program For Kindergarten Students

- “Land of Literacy” is a literacy program designed for Kindergarten students to promote the love of literature as well as build a strong literacy foundation. The purpose of this literacy program is to integrate unique and fun ways to learn literature while taking into consideration developmental and cultural differences. The idea of the “Land of Literacy” program is to show parents and students that through literature we can all connect as one diverse community while sharing and learning literacy....   [tags: Childhood, Early childhood education, Reading]

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Phonological Awareness Skills in Kindergarten

- Summary of Instructional Problem Phonological skills are the smallest units of sound. Every word is made up by various phonological sounds. These sounds are strung together to help make up words (Torgesen & Mathes, 1998). Possessing the phonological skills such as rhyming, blending sounds, substituting sounds, and recognizing onset and rhime allows a student to be able to translate all the symbols we call an alphabet into sounds to create words. Phonological awareness is also a major component of any successful reading program....   [tags: successful reading programs]

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Graduation Speech : School And Kindergarten

- When I first learned to read I was in pre-school and kindergarten. My teacher would assign my peers and I reading groups and we would each take turns reading. Unfortunately, I struggled a lot with reading. I would be terrified when they called my name to read. I would make excuses such as, “I have to use the restroom” or “I have a sour throat and I was told not to talk a lot that day.” Keep in mind that I was in kindergarten and already making up these lies to stay away from reading. It didn’t take long for my teacher to notice that I was only feeling sick when it was time to get into our reading groups....   [tags: Writing, Literature, Paper, Dyslexia]

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The Classroom Of A Pre Kindergarten Class

- The classroom that was observed was a pre-kindergarten class, which consisted of thirteen students. The educator was Mrs. M and the teacher’s aide was Mrs. G. This educator taught and assessed her class using centers. The students were split up the class into three groups. Each group traveled from one center to the next, two were teacher-led and the third was student-lead. According to Tomlinson (2001) effective educators are using small groups in younger classes to help keep their attention to specific tasks....   [tags: Assessment, Education, Completeness, Activity]

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Kindergarten Students are Fantastic Writers

- This article is about how utilizing Writers Workshop is important, and how holding writing conferences can potentially benefit kindergarten students. The purpose of this article was to consider that kindergarten students are fantastic writers, regardless of what stage of the process at which they are performing. This article sheds a new light on the stories constructed solely out of hand-drawn photographs. It is emphasized throughout the article that holding a conference for each student one time a week can significantly impact a child, especially a kindergartener....   [tags: writers workshop, logic, writers conference]

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My Life Of A Kindergarten Teacher

- Born into a family of teachers, I learned the alphabet when I was just two and a half years old. My mother taught me the Russian ABCs herself. With the creative mind of a kindergarten teacher she found an engaging way to teach me about letters and sounds. Mother took out big glossy pictures with red and blue letters on them and started telling a story: “Once upon a time little boys and girls lived in the city of ABC. The girls wore red dresses and the boys wore blue suits. The girls liked to sing songs, representing vowels....   [tags: Dyslexia, Reading, Reading, Orthography]

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Grade Level : Kindergarten Level

- a. Grade level: Kindergarten i. Example: My students will take performance assessments, so that I can know what they know and can do in real-life situations. One performance assessment that I can do will be to have a student count how many pencils are needed for each student to receive one or how many pencils there are on the table. I can observe and assess their performance. ii. Example: My students will be involved in conferences. I will have a one-on-one discussion with each student about a specific topic....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Learning]

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My Experience At The Kindergarten

- Since I first started my service learning at the kindergarten I have been learning a lot from my students and their teachers, but I also consider that I have contributed to their learning. This school is so peculiar in terms of its philosophy that I cannot talk about reading, writing or science learning because the students at this school are learning in a different way. They are learning how to be kids, how to express themselves and how to live in harmony with nature. After going through my memories and field notes I think that I have helped my students in some ways....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Help me, Help]

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Can I? Experiences in Kindergarten

- ... Before the words left her mouth, I was hopping out of my seat hastily waving my hand. As I glared across the room, you could hear crickets. No one seemed to be too excited. Most of my classmates were either cradling themselves sitting criss-cross applesauce or staring at their new surroundings. They were all anticipating the activities that were to come during the day. Like most classes, our classroom was vibrantly colored. It looked much like a catalogue editorial. Anything you could name, we had it: easels, cubbyholes with cute little name tags on them and brand-spanking new kitchen sets, loaded with utensils, pots and food....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Kindergarten Classroom Observation Report

- In electing to observe a kindergarten class, I was hoping to see ‘real world’ examples of the social development, personality types and cognitive variation found within the beginning stages of “Middle Childhood” as discussed within our text. On April 1, 2010, I was welcomed into Mrs. Smith’s all day kindergarten class at the O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary School in Fort Collins Colorado to observe and note the classroom conditions, interactions of the children among themselves, the teachers or other authority figures and the manner in which learning takes place....   [tags: Elementary Education Teacher Observation]

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Kindergarten Teachers

- Do you know what does it take to be a pre k teacher. It take more than just a love to work with children, it take time also dedication to help students to socially and emotionally and physically develop. However, the reward for watching a child to grow can be special. Early children hood education is important and it is the foundation for the overall growth and development of a children. There was a man name Friedrich Froebel who taught adults how to be a kindergarten teachers. One of his students was Mrs....   [tags: childhood, education, preschools, children]

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Preschool Program Should Be Ready For The Kindergarten

- 11. The NAEYC and the Department of Education believe that the kindergarten program should be ready for the kindergarten student, not the other way around. The kindergarten teacher should be willing to meet students where they are at and guide them to the highest point of learning. Research has not suggested that being held back an additional year or repeating kindergarten to be beneficial to the student. If the student is in a home environment where they are not being talked to or read to then they will further fall behind with their peers....   [tags: Education, Special education, Teacher, School]

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Evaluation Of The Kentucky Kindergarten Science Standards

- Rationale This Impact Project was designed to teach the following Kentucky kindergarten science standards: K-PS3-1. Make observations to determine the effect of sunlight on Earth’s surface. K-PS3-2. Use tools and materials to design and build a structure that will reduce the warming effect of sunlight on an area. In addition to the two above standards, maintaining a year long learning of the following standard: K-ESS2-1. Use and share observations of local weather conditions to describe patterns over time....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School]

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Components Of Four Domains Of The Kindergarten Curriculum

- Components of Four Domains Domain 1: Planning and Preparation Before teaching a teacher needs to plan and prepare lessons. Domain 1 consists of: demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy, demonstrating knowledge of students, setting instructional outcomes, demonstrating knowledge of resources, designing coherent instruction, and assessing student learning. Demonstrating knowledge of content and pedagogy. During the nine weeks in the first placement I created lesson plans in which reflected my knowledge of the content being taught....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Learning, Summative assessment]

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My Goal Of Life As A Kindergarten Teacher

- My goal in life is to become a kindergarten teacher. I have wanted to be a teacher since I started going to school when I was five years old. I was undecided on what grade to teach until I took teacher cadet during my senior year of high school. I decided to student teach a kindergarten class, and I was with them for six weeks. After being with those students for that period of time, I realized that I needed to be with kindergarteners. I love younger children, and I want to be able to make a difference in their lives and build relationships with them....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Educational years]

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Education Top Priority: Reimagining Kindergarten

- Reimagining Kindergarten In today’s society we argue about what should be taught. Kindergarten is the first time some children have ever been away from their parents. This is the time we should focus on the transition between home and school. But, that is not what is happening today’s kindergarten classroom focus on more reading and math skills. They are working on testing skills. Kindergarten is what first grade use to be. It reflects the beliefs about how children learn. People think that less formal kindergarten activities, like free play, are a waste of time and valuable instruction time that could help the student achieve....   [tags: children, parents, transition]

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The Year Before A Child Starts Kindergarten

- The year before a child starts kindergarten is critical. Children are influenced by the things around them; their environment can affect how well they do in the first year of grade school. Center based learning before elementary school can improve many aspects of a child 's learning. Children will have a higher level of social skills by having care outside the home before school starts, this helps them to feel welcome in new places. Bonding with people outside the home can increase a child 's ability to adapt to different situations, such as a classroom....   [tags: Learning, Primary education, Skill, Education]

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The Teaching Style Of A Preschool / Kindergarten Classroom

- For my 3rd observation, I observed one full day in a preschool/kindergarten classroom. The number of children in the classroom this day was 20 with ages ranging from 3 to 5. The teaching style in this school is Montessori. This means that formal teaching approaches are not used. Some of the casual teaching used in this classroom is rather than giving the students worksheets to challenge the student’s thinking, the teacher uses the students and other manipulatives for learning. For example, the teacher gave seven students cards with the days of the week on them....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Chair, Student]

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The Literacy Improvement Program For Pre Kindergarten

- Success for All (SfA) reading program creates lifelong readers and prevents the cycle of reading failure. Literacy improvement program for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. During this program children develop the ability to read fluently which gives them a literacy understanding and improvement in other subject areas. Success for All has helped millions of children to read, achieve and gain a new vision for their futures. For 30 years Success for All has worked directly with educators in thousands of schools in disadvantaged communities to help their students achieve reading levels at or about the norm....   [tags: Education, High school, Educational years]

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Understanding The Common Core Kindergarten Curriculum

- I live in North Carolina and was able to see how the standards aligned with Mecklenburg school systems kindergarten classrooms. The course of study for kindergarten take on the common core approach to providing activities to bridge the gap of what children should know to what they do not know to how to best meet their learning styles. The abstract thinking the common core kindergarten curriculum focus on is critical thinking skills and logical relations. The combination of the two approaches all makes understandable sense when written....   [tags: Education, Developmental psychology, Learning]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary Kindergarten Class

- “I was born to learn!” This was Mrs.Tolis Bond’s Kindergarten class’ motto that they would repeat throughout the day. I was lucky to be paired with the teacher of the year as well as the teacher who was this year’s “Life Changer Award” winner. I was the junior achievement volunteer to a Northwest Elementary kindergarten class in Murray County. I only had eleven students: five boys and six girls. Most were Caucasian students, and one Hispanic boy. Three of the students were occasionally taken out of the class for additional help....   [tags: Learning, Intelligence]

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Mathematics Education Vs. Kindergarten Education

- After long hard consideration and switching my major three different times from the time I graduated high school, I have finally decided that I’m going to work towards a major in Mathematics Education. I’m torn between which education level I fully want to commit to, Mathematics Education or Kindergarten Education. So for my research paper, Im going to be discussing both sides of each education level. First off, the lowest education level for a high school math teacher is a bachelors degree. When taking classes for the major, it is required for teachers to take 24 to 36 credit hours of college courses in the subject they are wanting to teach....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, School]

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Early Childhood Education: Kindergarten Reflection

- Kindergarten Reflection Entering my kindergarten teaching experience in the last quarter of school year I had to quickly become familiar with kindergarten content standards and the school’s curriculum. To do this I observed my mentor teachers instructional time with the children and gained as much information as I could about the children’s educational standing by developing a professional relationship with the my mentor teacher and the children. I learned that the majority of my kindergarten children had not previously attended preschool and that this was their first year of school....   [tags: Education, child observation, teacher observation]

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Kindergarten in Turkey

- Living conditions, which are very poor in Turkey, affect the contentment of the people significantly. Hence, many women who have any children have to work to help family budget and for live in more comfort. Today, working outside is a fashion for women it gives women an economic liberty and respect. That is good for them however, from the side of many young children that is bad because they have to go kindergartens when their mothers go to work. Nowadays, the number of children who go to kindergartens is increasing rapidly....   [tags: Education]

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Language Arts Kindergarten 30 Minutes

- September 11, 2015 Language Arts Kindergarten 30 Minutes Preliminary Planning Topic/Central Focus: In this minilesson, students will continue learning about Writer’s Workshop. The first unit in Writer’s Workshop teaches the students about the procedures and expectations that will be expected of them. All of the minilessons will build upon one another to prepare students to reader and participate in writing activities. This fifth minilesson of unit one, teaches students how to know when to get more paper....   [tags: Writing, Learning, Summative assessment]

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Computers in Kindergarten

- Computers in Kindergarten Perhaps you are skeptical as to the benefits of using technology with young children and you’re not unsure about using computer technology for your own purpose. Some questions frequently asked are, Does using computers in the primary grades stifle young children’s natural inclination to experiment and explore and hamper the development of independent thought. Will hardware turn primary classrooms from environments that nurture young minds to labs that merely mesmerize them....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Education Essays]

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Critique of a Contemporary Kindergarten Design From Japan

- INTRODUCTION The benefit and value of architecture and urban design is required to raise quality and profile of the built environment. In the pursuit of design excellence, it is important to exude collaboration, creativity and also accountability in architectural marvels. The basic and core elements of architecture includes quality of experience and quality of space. These, although being the core elements, are often difficult to achieve in the two dimensional realm of procedural documents. On one hand, a poor design may be too apparent; a good design, on the other, may go unnoticed (Alperovich, 2013)....   [tags: Architecture, Urban Design]

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Should Alberta Implement Full Day Kindergarten

- The world is filled with a boundless amount of academic facts and lessons. With a myriad of facts, as much learning time is needed. Full day kindergarten has children starting to learn earlier and for a longer period of time. A growing trend around the world, full day kindergarten is becoming more common within the school system. The question is, should Alberta implement full day kindergarten and what benefits and challenges does it have. Kindergarten in Alberta is not mandatory, but almost 95% of Albertan children attend kindergarten classes....   [tags: Term, Time, Classroom, Childhood]

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Strategies for Transitioning Preschool with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Kindergarten

- ... In this study the selected participants sample were female. The most important issues identified by the participant are: - 1. Planning and preparation time 2. Find resources to help the family 3. Information sharing with family 4. Visits their home EVALUATION Autism children can be educated. The uniqueness of the learning patterns is caused by the inability in cognitive information processing. These disabilities can be overcome by providing a structured learning programmed and encourage stimulation....   [tags: public schools, school settings]

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My Classroom Management Plan For My Kindergarten Class

- While being an elementary school teacher is significantly rewarding it comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, especially as a Christian teacher. As a Christian teacher, along with the standard responsibilities, we have a responsibility to God as we are not only responsible for guiding our students academically, but we must instill Christian values by leading by example all while being respectful of school regulations and the beliefs of others. By having a well prepared classroom management plan we are able to maintain good time management and encourage a positive learning environment as we are able to not only reach all of our students, but are prepared for the unexpected....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Management, Speech disorder]

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How The Hell Did I Fail Kindergarten

- How the hell did I fail kindergarten. Well if you must know I struggled with reading, writing and speaking English. No I wasn’t some foreign kid who couldn’t speak English to save his life. I was just terrible at it. Most of the time I find reading boring and unentertaining. My writing has improved and is really good but, my penmanship is completely and utterly trash. I guarantee you if I was handwriting this essay you probably would find yourself saying “What language is this?” As for my speaking I didn’t start off great but as time passed I improved....   [tags: High school, Educational years, Sixth grade]

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2015 Language Arts Kindergarten 20 Minutes

- October 7, 2015 Language Arts Kindergarten 20 Minutes Preliminary Planning Topic/Central Focus: In this lesson, the students will continue learning about the “at” word family. This is the first word family that the students have learned about and have been doing well, but have not created words themselves. This lesson will give the students and opportunity to put the knowledge that they have learned to build CVC words on their own. The students will create a CVC flip book and they will use the letters in the book to create and learn new words....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Summative assessment]

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Summary of Experience in Mrs. Gerard's Kindergarten Class

- Summary of Experience Mrs. Gerard has a wonderful and bright kindergarten class. The students are all unique and diverse in their own ways. A few students were of different races and ethnic identities. There were several different lessons taught throughout the field experience, as well as many different ways of evaluation. The teacher-student, student-teacher, and student-student interactions were excellent and Mrs. Gerard’s classroom management skills have created a wonderful classroom-learning environment to which you can see different theories being used....   [tags: field experience project]

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Kindergarten General Education Classroom With 17 Students

- Kindergarten general education classroom with 17 students, 2 are English Language Learners and 3 have Individualized Education Plans. The students sit at tables with groups of 4 for independent work and sit on a large alphabet rug for class discussions at the SmartBoard or by the easel. There is a lot of positive reinforcement throughout the class and day. If they do something the teacher will say, “You’re a rock star!” or “You did an awesome job!”. Teacher has a pleasant demeanor and is always looking for ways to praise the students....   [tags: Education, Human behavior, Psychology, Classroom]

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I Had Been Friends Since Kindergarten

- Ashley and I had been friends since kindergarten. Along with being in the same class, we also live in the same neighborhood, which made us fast friends. We went through everything together, including friends, boys, and family problems, from then until the middle of high school. I started to develop a different friend group and Ashley was no longer the popular one out of the two of us. Then, beginning junior year, a series of events and differences led Ashley and I’s relationship to fall apart. Our relationship had a lot of aspects to it that attributed to the ending of our friendship....   [tags: High school, English-language films]

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Kindergarten - Full Day or Half-Day?

- Kindergarten - Full Day or Half-Day. On August 30, 2000, the Maryland State Board of Education made a request for mandatory full-day kindergarten to be added into their budget for the fiscal year of 2002. The Board’s goal is to have full-day kindergarten programs implemented in all state public schools by the 2004-2005 school year (Maryland State Board of Education [MSDE], 2000). Making this change from half-day kindergarten to full-day kindergarten, they hope full-day kindergarten will help children benefit academically in the long run....   [tags: Teaching Education]

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Children's Psychological Adjustment to Entry into Kindergarten

- Children's Psychological Adjustment to Entry into Kindergarten From an ecological perspective, early childhood development occurs within the multiple contexts of the home, the school, and the neighborhood, and aspects of these environments can contribute to the development of adjustment problems (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). A child’s psychological adjustment to entry into school for the first time can have a significant impact on the level of success achieved later in life. Children rated higher in school adjustment by their elementary school teachers, as a result of improved cognitive development, showed positive attitudes toward school resulting in better school performance which lead to hi...   [tags: Papers]

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Plans To Implement and Improve the Reading First Program in Grades Kindergarten Through Third

- During the 2009-2010 school year we will continue to implement and improve the Reading First Program in grades Kindergarten through third. The same core, McMillan-Mcgraw Hill, Tier II, Tier III materials, schedule requirements and guidelines for the 2007-2008 school year will be followed. All reading instruction will be based on SBRR and focus on the five essential components of reading instruction. Additional staff have been secured for the primary grades for the upcoming year the structure will be as follows: Kindergarten (2 teachers), First Grade (2 teachers), Second Grade (1 teacher), Third Grade (1 teacher), SPED (1 teacher), Title staff ( 3 staff which will be K-6)....   [tags: elementary Education, literacy, early childhood]

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Jk / Sk : The Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program

- For my final newspaper assignment I chose to do it on JK/SK using the document “The Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Program”. The reason why I chose to create a newsletter for JK/SK is because looking ahead in the future, I can best see myself working with children in the early years starting from pre-school to kindergarten. I thought that I would benefit in the future from creating this assignment now for me to refer back to this assignment and gradually build up on this as I gain more knowledge....   [tags: Reading, Education, Teacher, Family]

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The Xyz Agency Is A Preschool Setting Dedicated For Helping Children And Their Families With Kindergarten Preparation

- 1. the XYZ agency is a preschool setting dedicated to helping children and their families with kindergarten preparation, and the organizational structure that helps to contribute to the process is: nutrition health services, mental health services, family services, education services, outreach services, disability services, and social and emotional support. According to XYZ agency, their vision statement notes, is to provide resources for the evolving needs of community children and families, in support of efforts to achieve their goals....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Social justice]

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Xyz Agency Is A Preschool Setting Dedicated For Children And Their Families With Kindergarten Preparation

- 1. XYZ agency is a preschool setting dedicated to help children and their families with kindergarten preparation, and the organizational structure that helps to contribute to the process is: nutrition health services, mental health services, family services, education services, outreach services, disability services, and social and emotional support. According to XYZ agency, their vision statement notes, is to provide resources for the evolving needs of community children and families, in support of efforts to achieve their goals....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Social justice]

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The Educator Observed : Mrs. P And She Has Two Pre Kindergarten Classes

- The educator observed was Mrs. P and she has two pre-kindergarten classes, a morning and afternoon class. There are two teacher aides in the classroom, which are there all day. While observing the morning class student E was observed as a special needs student. This student is a five-year-old girl, who has many strengths and challenges. Strengths and Challenges Student E is cheerful, friendly, and seems to generally want to please her peers and educators. Every time student E was observed she was always happy and in a great mode....   [tags: Education, Observation, Cognition]

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The Lesson Plan Created For Kindergarten Students Based On Next Generation Science Standards

- Constructivist Teaching The lesson plan created for kindergarten students based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), does not attempt to address all performance expectations and disciplinary core ideas in one lesson but rather is presented in seven lessons over the span of several days. Therefore, not all lessons will contain the elements of “engaging in arguments from evidence” or “obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information” (NGSS, 2013). However, from the start of lesson plan 1 to the end of lesson 7, these key practices will have been applied....   [tags: Force, Classical mechanics, Gravitation]

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A Research Study On Capital Area Head Start Program Pre Kindergarten Classroom

- I had the privilege to observe in a Capital Area Head Start program pre-kindergarten classroom. This was quite an eye-opening, and valuable learning experience because of the level of diversity that goes on in one of these classrooms. Head Start is a federally funded program that aids low socioeconomic status families in giving their children a safe, learning environment up to two years before they go into the public school setting. Capital Area Head Start (1998) mission statement is “to provide a comprehensive child development program, designed to give children a head start in life, so they can succeed at home, school, and in the community.” These classrooms are focused on the whole child...   [tags: Education, Teacher, Socioeconomic status]

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My Experience At The Cable 's Kindergarten Classroom At Conewago Elementary School

- I visited Mrs. Cable’s kindergarten classroom at Conewago elementary school one afternoon and observed a math lesson. Mrs. Cable had an attention-grabbing lesson and did many great things in the thirty minutes I observed her. I have my own personal preferences, just like every teacher, and I do have a few things I would do differently. There are also many ways this observation can be related to the material discussed in First Year Seminar. Mrs. Cable’s objective in this math lesson was for students to count to tell numbers and to compare numbers; this is done with different amounts of dots (almost like a dice)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Primary school]

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Social Emotional Learning

- This article is about social-emotional learning and how it can potentially benefit kindergarten students. This study’s purpose was to consider kindergarten when promoting social and emotional learning in schools. Since relatively few studies have been conducted in the kindergarten classroom, this study examines the effects of the Strong Start curriculum for kindergarteners in this setting. This curriculum tests the competence of sixty-seven kindergarteners in both social and emotional areas. This curriculum consists of ten lessons that were taught by four different teachers in four different classrooms....   [tags: kindergarten, curriculum]

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My Experience and Reflection on Teaching Kindergarten Social Studies

- 1. Instructional Context-My class includes 25 five and six year old kindergartners; 24 African-American students and 1 Caucasian student. I have 11 girls and 14 boys in my full-day kindergarten class where I teach language arts, math, science, social studies, and health. My class is a typical kindergarten group, in that they are very active and learn best by doing. They are a very talkative group and are in constant competition to share their ideas and to have "their turn" to participate. I have some particularly active boys, one of which is on medication for ADHD, another who has autism, but is currently not receiving special services, and a 3rd who came to me from another district's develo...   [tags: Early Education, primary school, elementary]

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Full-Day vs. Half-Day Kindergarten

- Full-Day vs. Half-Day Kindergarten Which is more effective. Abstract: This paper gives a brief history of kindergarten; where and why it was created. It describes both full-day and half-day programs, examines the advantages, and disadvantages of full-day and half-day kindergarten, and comes to a conclusion as to which program is more effective in educating the young. Kindergarten plays an important role in the growth, and development of a child. It is here that children begin the foundation for the rest of there education....   [tags: essays papers]

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Analysis Of Froebel 's Playtime '

- Froebel’s playtime. Self-directed play, according to Froebel, is the most pure and natural way to learn (Froebel, 1887). Froebel held strongly to the belief that play is not an idle activity, but one that is essential to proper development. Froebel (1887) stated: The play of children is not recreation; it means earnest work. Play is the purest intellectual production of the human being, in this stage … for the whole man is visible in them, in his finest capacities, in his innermost being (p. 31)....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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The Early Childhood Development Of Children

- “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world”, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, once told at the United Nations. This represents how education is fundamental in shaping society. However, education is still not accessible to the large mass of society in many countries. Mongolia is one of the countries where particularly early childhood education is limited and insufficient. The early childhood education is important in development of children and to provide them with this, is one of the responsibilities of government....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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Using Close Reading to Improve Critical Thinking Skills: A Project

- Objectives In producing my project my objectives are: • To integrate close reading strategies with the literacy/science curriculum to improve critical thinking outcomes with a group of 45 kindergarteners in a medium sized suburban kindergarten classroom • To determine if using close reading can help close the increasing achievement gap between kindergarten and first grade Hispanic and non-Hispanic learners • To develop a variety of close reading activities that can be used in kindergarten and first grade classes • To share my knowledge and results with colleagues at my school Project Description My project has been to investigate how to implement close reading strategies as a means to develo...   [tags: Kindergarten, Hispanic Students]

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The Importance of Early Childhood Education and What it looks Like in America

- “At what age should I enroll my children in school. Why are we pushing our children at such an early age. I just want my children to be children. Will Pre-K really prepare them for Kindergarten?” These are all questions that parents ask themselves as their children start approaching school age. Parents have to face the decision about whether or not to send their children to pre-k before kindergarten, or if they will just send them to kindergarten. Some parents do not realize just how important early childhood education is....   [tags: childhood education, preschool, kindergarten]

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The Education Of The Singapore Government Education Policy Making

- Over the last twenty years, the early childhood education has increasingly become an important part of the Singapore government education policy making. The goal is to raise a quality pre-school education programs and provide accessibility of preschool services for all young children (Ang, 2012). This is to prepare the children to thrive in a fast-changing world and be ready to accept challenges of the future. It aim to equip the children with the necessary competencies for learning and living in the 21st century....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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Preschool Should Be Mandatory For All Children

- As school becomes increasingly demanding, many people believe that preschool should be mandatory for all children. In order for students to be ready for first grade after kindergarten, there is a laundry list of standards they must meet. Children must be able to write letters, learn to rhyme, use words to convey feelings and thoughts, recognize sight words, add and subtract numbers one through ten, divide objects into even numbered groups, and much more (Morin). While all of these things may seem simple to most people, kindergarteners struggle with learning and doing these things....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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Early Education Programs : Recommendations And Cautions For Community Developers

- Barnett, W. S., & Ackerman, D. J. (2006). Costs, benefits, and long-term effects of early care and education programs: Recommendations and cautions for community developers. Community Development, 37(2), 86-100. Barnett and Ackerman (2006) focus on participation in early education programs and its effects on child development. Barnett as the Director of the National Institute for Early Education claims that there is a wide variation in the effectiveness of early education. The paper first addresses the short-term benefits of early childhood education....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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Why I Should Attend Cal State University Of Fullerton

- From Kindergarten to Freshmen year of college, my three most favorite days of school were the first day of Kindergarten, my high school graduation, and the first day of College. The first day of kindergarten because going to school was something new and exciting for me as a five years old; my high school graduation because it marked the day before I entered adulthood; and the first day of college because it was the “real deal” and when screwing up or doing well in school would really effect my life....   [tags: Education, High school, Kindergarten]

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Children 's Highest Levels Of School Readiness Skills

- Recent studies have suggested that children demonstrated the highest levels of school readiness skills if they received high quality care during both infancy and toddlerhood as well as during preschool (Li, Farkas, Duncan, Burchinal, &Vandell, 2013). This suggests that the majority of children, but specifically children from low-income backgrounds, should benefit most when they enter high-quality care at a younger age and remain in high-quality care for longer periods of time. Most research on EEC delivered in centers does not focus on the fact that some of the largest impacts on cognitive skills has been seen in earlier interventions (Moore et al., 2015)....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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Teaching Education Content Intended For Young Children

- When I first encountered the term ECE, my first thought was, YAY. I will be learning education content intended for young children. Specifically, formal school age children, kindergarten through fifth grade. Kindergarten is when education starts, right. I had always assumed “early childhood” to be a term used to describe children five to eight. To me, the term early childhood education (ECE) was primarily in regards to the education of elementary children. My understanding of early education, was constricted to my personal experiences with the term elementary, and how I synonymously used it with early education....   [tags: Kindergarten, Early childhood education]

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Teaching Education Content Intended For Young Children

- When I first heard the term ECE, my first thought was, YAY. I will be learning education content intended for young children. Specifically, formal school age children, kindergarten through fifth grade. Kindergarten is when education starts, right. I had always assumed “early childhood” to be a term used to describe children five to eight. To me, the term early childhood education (ECE) was primarily in regards to the education of elementary children. My understanding of early education, was constricted to my personal experiences with the term elementary, and how I synonymously used it with early education....   [tags: Kindergarten, Early childhood education]

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Decline Of The California Educational System

- The Decline of the California Educational System The California education system over the last few decades has had to deal with a staggering number of issues related to under achievement of the entire school system. California, being one of the largest populated states, has come to earn poor marks nationwide and ranks among the bottom of states across the country. This fact alone is bewildering to a great many professionals in the field seeing as that California ranks among the highest nationally in population size and overall state budget from taxation....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Kindergarten]

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I Look Back At My Experience

- When I look back at my practicum experience this past semester, I cannot help but smile to myself. This experience was much needed for my teaching career and I feel I have developed so much as an individual. I remember the beginning of the school year, waiting for our assigned times and now I have said my final “see you later” to my class. I was placed with Mrs. Schubert’s kindergarten class at Kellom Elementary. This was my first experience with a public school, and this school has many high needs students which allowed me a true insight on how to deal with individual needs....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Kindergarten]

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The Key Point 1 : What It Is It Can Be Done?

- Key Point 1: Exploring Culturally Relevant Texts with Kindergartners and Their Families was such a highly impactful read for me. The curriculum structure it presents provides proof that “it can be done!” “It” means, teaching children while respecting their individuality and guiding them through valuable common core concepts. I have had some classroom experiences where when the day was done I was left with this sinking question, “is this it?” I have felt this after being part of classroom situations that seemed as if the lesson at hand was not meeting the needs of that particular child....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Writing, Kindergarten]

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Lesson Plan Using The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

- ... But in every classroom, all students will be at different levels and have different strengths. These are options for students who are in different places from the other members in the class. Although Differentiation is not look highly upon, teachers can incorporate small activities to coincide with the whole group activity. For students who have mastered the concept: If a student can easily, “identify the main topic and retell key details of a text”, then the teacher could incorporate another core standard, such as, “With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about unknown words in a text”....   [tags: Kindergarten, Common Core, Education]

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The Effects Of Head Start Teachers About Culturally Relevant Practice

- I chose head start as my topic, I chose this because I think that Head Start is something that can really benefit the children and how you are starting them in a positive learning experience that can affect the student throughout their life. I also chose this because I think that it can really impact the students on how they learn throughout their lives. It is also beneficial for the parents to learn about how they can help children become better students. Gichuru, M., Riley, J. G., Robertson, J., & Park, M....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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The way masculinity and gender influence in institutions

- Research Question: According to the Danish Ministry of Equality, 7% of all educated pedagogues employed in communal Danish day-care institutions are men. (Børnehaver mangler mandlige pædagoger 2013) The contemporary awareness in society and even governmental activism to increase employment of male child-care workers made them an interesting target of research. With every third student at the Pedagogue-seminars being male, but so few choosing the field of child-care (Stobbe 2013), we wanted to research in which way this influences masculinity and gender-roles in institutions....   [tags: pedagogue, day-care, kindergarten]

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A Medical Miracle and an Ancient Greek Myth

- I. Mom called it an experiment. But this kind of experiment didn’t entail foaming beakers or a bolt of lightning to force life through the seams of Frankenstein’s monster. No, this one called for daisy-print jumpers from the local bargain bin. Number two pencils. Spiral-ring notebooks. The objective of these trips to the nearest supplies store soon came to light. All three of the hydra’s heads were going to kindergarten. We existed as both a medical miracle and an ancient Greek myth. Imagine our parent’s surprise after Mom’s mid-March delivery: a first-time mother and successful lawyer, ready to roll into parenthood with a series of parenting classes under their belts....   [tags: conjoined, kindergarten, first day]

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United States And Puerto Rico

- In America, all but seven states and Puerto Rico have adopted the Common Core Standards that were developed starting in 2007 and were designed to push schools to increase their productivity. Other countries with excellent educational outcomes were studied and the Common Core initiative began to write standards that would require a more challenging curriculum in order to allow American students to compete with students in these countries. The standards were accepted by the states at various times around 2010 and 2011, but the standards will be fully implemented into the classrooms during the 2014-2015 school year (Common Core, 1)....   [tags: Kindergarten, Early childhood education]

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Sample Resume : Preschool Programs

- I am finding the more I learn about the different programs the more fascinating they become. My daughter just finished a VPK program that is offered to all children in Florida the year before the begin kindergarten. This is voluntary preschool and is under the universal preschool umbrella. This is a half day program, I quickly realized she was doing more in preschool than I did when I was in kindergarten and working in a kindergarten classroom the lessons she was learning and the lessons I was currently teaching often overlapped....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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The Social And Emotional Foundations For Early Learning

- (1) The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, or CSEFEL, is a training model designed to provide teachers with curricula and skills to promote social-emotional learning in their preschool classrooms in order to prevent challenging behaviors (CSEFEL, n.d.). I interviewed Dr. Mary Louise Hemmeter, who is the principle investigator at CSEFEL at Vanderbilt University. This center works with child care programs, preschools, and Head Start programs to prepare children for the transition into kindergarten, where self-regulatory and social-emotional skills are necessary (Hemmeter, Ostrosky, & Fox, 2006)....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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Weather and the Changing of the Seasons

- Weather and the Changing of the Seasons A) Academic Content Standard: Grade Level: Kindergarten Earth Science Standard 3b: Students know changes in the weather occur from day to day and across seasons, affecting earth and its inhabitants. B) Educational Objective: Describe in detail the difference between the four seasons Discuss the role that the Sun plays in weather between days and seasons State the relatable effects that occur with the changing of weather State the effects that the changing of seasons has not only on humans, but also animals and plant life....   [tags: kindergarten lesson plan]

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Preschool Education And The Classroom

- Preschool teacher education was started in 1905 at professional secondary and in 1967 at university level. Primary teacher education has a longer history (Frankfurt, DE: Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2012). Preschool is defined to be related to the time in a child’s life when the child is old enough to talk and walk but, is not ready to go to school. Many children attend school between the ages of two and five, it usually depends within the parent. Preschool gives great opportunity for growth in children....   [tags: Teacher, School, Education, Kindergarten]

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Children 's Early Childhood Education

- As a future early childhood education teacher, it is hard not to be concerned about children falling behind so young and then staying behind. Many of the children that are falling behind are from a disadvantaged family. More times than not the low-income children are attending a school that is very few resources to help them learn and explore. “Research finds that children’s early language development, understanding of math concepts, and social-emotional stability at age five not only predict how well they will do in school, but also largely determine their adult learning” (O’Leary, 2014)....   [tags: Early childhood education, Kindergarten]

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The Common Core State Standards

- Common Core There is hardly a topic that should be more universally personal than that of education. As parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, patients, clients and everyday citizens, we are constantly touched by products of our education system. Since our country’s inception, decisions regarding education have remained the responsibility of that locality. Parents and taxpayers have historically been catalyst for change in the school system but over the last few decades, the federal government has made multiple attempts at education reform....   [tags: School, Education, Kindergarten]

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Bilingual Education Programs for Kindergarten and First-Grade Levels in North Carolina

- This paper describes an evaluation of the effectiveness of bilingual education programs in developing literacy skills for children in kindergarten and first-grade levels in North Carolina. This will be done through comparing the effectiveness of two literacy skills programs- the English-only program and English-Spanish program- in developing native and second languages’ literacy skills. The English-Spanish classes follow the transitional bilingual education (TBE) program. Teachers in the said bilingual program have attained their bilingual education certifications....   [tags: Language ]

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Evaluation Of A Kindergarten Teacher At Ps.142 Piaget 's Context, The First Thing That Ms. Martini

- While interviewing a kindergarten teacher at PS.142 in Piaget’s context, the first thing that Ms. Martini mentioned to me is that all children grasp things differently. In her class she encourages a lot of engagement in order for her students to develop reasoning. One thing that she mentioned to me that she does with her students is that they all have a journal and in that journal she has then draw and write whatever they want. She then picks several kids a day to share what they did and as a class they talk about the drawing....   [tags: Learning, Education, Developmental psychology]

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Research on Toothbrushing Techniques

- CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Research Background Recently, toothbrushing technique has raised concerns and has also been the subject of much argument. Many suggestions have been put forward but it has been stated that different dentitions may require different techniques. Any technique that gives good results in controlling plaque without damaging the teeth or soft tissues is regarded as satisfactory (Harman, 2001). A number of toothbrushing techniques have been used over the years, namely, Bass/modified Bass technique, horizontal scrub technique, modified Stillman technique, Charter’s method, roll technique, physiologic method, and last but not least Fones’ technique (Rao, 2008)....   [tags: kindergarten, concerns, horizontal scrub]

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Increasing Literacy in Children Kindergarten through Sixth Grade with After School Programs

- Illiteracy has been a reoccurring predicament ever since people have been able to read. Either children do not understand how to read and write in school, or they require extra help in becoming skilled in the areas of reading and writing. After school programs were created to help schools increase the literacy development in children. An after school program is defined as a program that offers its services to children after school to help them with arts, crafts, sports, or homework. Are after school programs fulfilling their duty to increase the level of literacy in children....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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