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Rebellion in the Movie Swing Kids

- Swing Kids is a 1993 film that takes place in Hamburg, Germany in 1939. Teenagers, who called themselves Swing Kids, rebelled against the Nazis by refusing to join the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth), better known as the HJ. They wore their hair long, liked American movies, dressed in British fashion, and listened to swing music. They used the salute “Swing Heil” as a mockery of the “Heil Hitler” salute with each other. The movie follows three Swing Kids: Peter Muller, Thomas Berger, and Arvid....   [tags: nazis, youth, hilter, kids]

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Kids Toys and Socialization

- Kids Toys & Socialization Toy stores are perfect places for a sociologist to use their sociological imagination. Gendering and racism is thought to be something that is socially constructed as opposed to biologically constructed. Gendering starts during infancy, and around 2 years old children start to internalize these gender differences. I argue that children’s toys help socialize children into gender specific roles. Toy stores, like Target and Toys R Us help us understand what types of toys help to gender children....   [tags: pushing kids into gender specific roles]

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School Lunches & Government Regulations are Unhealthy for Kids and Schools

- ... If LAUSD could afford to lose the 3 item rule, they'd probably be able to improve school lunches drastically using their newfound funds, and make kids actually want to eat the fruit and veggie options. However, they still need to geet paid for meals, otherwise all that saved money won’t exist. There are several reasons that LAUSD hasn’t stopped following the rules and sacrificed their government rebates in order to earn back their $18,000,000 losses, and none of them are very good. One is that they are being told that "repeated exposure to fruits and vegetables eventually leads children to eat more of them....   [tags: Hunger-Free Kids Act]

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Is It Good For The Kids?

- As a kid there were numerous things in which I was exposed to and wanted as a result of advertising. Huge companies have set their focus on kids and it shows due to the abundance of things they have been selling and the profit they receive. Since kids are being targeted, the industries use things that will appeal to kids, catch their attention so to speak, and then the children will nag their parents for that particular thing. This is a good thing for the companies, but is it good for the kids....   [tags: Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter]

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Think of the Kids

- 44% of children in the United States care for themselves after school with no adult supervision, and 22% in Arizona (“Afterschool Programs Help”). This is risky, especially with peer pressure increasing each day. Peer Pressure is defined as “a subjective experience of feeling pressured, urged or dared by others to do certain things or actually doing particular things because others have pressured, urged or dared one to” (McKay). In most schools or communities, there are after school programs or day cares....   [tags: Adult Supervision, Pressure, Afterschool Programs]

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The Time As Kids

- From the time as kids when we start stringing words together into sentences, we have started lying. It 's something we all do throughout our lives for various reasons. Some lie to avoid consequences while other times it 's to impress others. Then there are the lies we call “good lies,” those little white lies we tell to help or protect others, lying to children about Santa Claus or to teach them a lesson or even to keep information you don 't think they should know. This is about those good lies, the lies we tell not for ourselves but for the sake of others....   [tags: Want, Interpersonal relationship]

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Shyness and Kids

- Do You Know Any “shy kids". You know the ones... Although they may be animated and boisterous with close friends and family in a closed or known environment, they become quiet and non-participative in unfamiliar situations. Maybe they mumble and shuffle their feet when they are introduced to new people or have a hard time jumping in when they are placed in an environment with kids they don’t know. They might have a skill they perform wonderfully at home, but they cannot bring themselves to do it in front of others....   [tags: psychology, behavioral science]

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Bullying : It 's Not Just Kids Being Kids

- Bullying: It’s not just kids being kids Bullying is a very common type of conflict that occurs in high school. It is not uncommon for a student to be teased, taunted, or bumping into during the school day. “Every year in the United States, twelve million children are bullied” (Mansbacher, 2012). By definition, bullying is the “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time” (McCallion & Feder, 2013)....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Aggression]

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Article Review : Kids Are Kids Before They Commit Crimes

- Also, in Marjie Lundstrom’s brief article entitled, Kids Are Kids-Until They Commit Crimes, she centers on the case of twelve year old Lionel Tate and his punishment for committing murder. For instance, Lundstrom states how Tate at the age of twelve savagely beat to death a young girl while he was trying to mimic one of his ‘World Wrestling Heroes” which he saw on television and at the age of fourteen became convicted as an adult of first degree murder (Lundstrom). At the time he was only twelve when he committed the crime and still to this day is getting punished for a heinous crime he committed at such a young age....   [tags: United States, United States Constitution]

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Teenage Pregnancy: Preventing Kids From Having Kids

- The major issues with teenage pregnancy, people all over the world are asking “how do we prevent it?” There are many ways to prevent teen pregnancy, but it has people wondering if it is helping. To help prevent teen pregnancy they have abstinence grants, prevention programs, free birth control, and programs to make teens more aware. Teen pregnancy rates have gone down, but it seems like everywhere people turn there is another teenager pregnant. It not only affects the baby, but the teen mother, father, their families, and even society....   [tags: teen moms, babies]

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When Do Kids Stop Being Kids?

- With the rise in popularity of technology, the mass media broadcasted image of “cool,” an over-sexualized subculture, and the strained relationship between this generation of teenagers and their parents the dynamic of today’s youth in society has changed. The expectations of growing up are being propelled, teenagers are asked, are expected to grow up faster and to enter the world of adulthood before they are truly prepared to face the real world challenges that this shift entails. The British television show Skins, recently adapted into an American version by MTV, depicts just what causes teenagers to feel compelled to grow up so quickly, and how they act when the world they enter is nothin...   [tags: Television Review]

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Kids Are Motivated, But Not For The Right Thing

- The truth is, most kids are motivated, but not for the right thing. As a parent, we know it is very difficult to motivate kids to complete homework, go outside, clean, etc. but with a positive attitude towards the kids you can get them to do anything. Sitting down to talk with them one on one is better than letting the situation go completely. Parents always want their kids to do their best and to accomplish a lot in life, but in todays society the only way they get inspired is to play video games, or watch T.V....   [tags: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs]

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Marketers Are Luring Into The Kids

- It is unbelievable how marketers are luring into the kids’ fresh mind and use it against their favor and their parents’ as well. When it comes to consuming kids, marketers are over doing it lately with children being there number one target as consumers. Not only is it wrong to advertised to little innocents who can’t tell the difference between wants and needs or when someone means harm to them, but also marketers are making it impossible for parents to be able to control what is being shown and advertised to their children and have little saying on whether they can afford it or want their kids to own such products....   [tags: Advertising, Marketing, Child, Dora the Explorer]

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Is Bullying A Horrible Thing For Kids?

- Weather verbally or physically, being bullied is a horrible thing for kids to go through. In the past, we have seen a great amount of children take their own lives due to the abuse. The approach schools are taking on bullies is not enough, and being bullied is not treated as something of great seriousness. We often hear the media and school personnel talk about this issue, but clearly, the approach taken is ineffective. Ignoring the bullies, brushing off their comments and thinking they are just kids being kids will not stop bullying at schools....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Teacher, Education]

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Camping Is A Great Experience For Kids

- Camping is fun, if you don 't mind bugs, heat, peeing behind a tree, and perpetual dampness. But there is something about sitting beside a roaring fire with friends that makes all the discomfort of the outdoors seem insignificant at the time. Camping is a great experience for kids, especially in this hi-tech day and age when the most outdoor exposure many kids get is the jungle background on their computer. If you are thinking about going camping with your kids, or someone else 's kids, you should keep in mind the following....   [tags: Coffee, Coffeemaker, Coffee preparation]

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American Kids And Their Limited Knowledge

- American Kids and their Limited knowledge “The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet” (Aristotle) this quotation express that there is no doubt that there are so many hurdles and difficulties in process of educating yourself, a lot of hard work is needed as well its time consuming and no doubt you need a lot of patience in this all procedure, but once you reach its end and get success you clearly will see a better and beautiful future, not just for you but as well as for your Country as it can benefit through your education in different fields....   [tags: United States, Education, Logic]

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The Effects of Bullying on Kids and Teens

- According to statistics reported by ABC News, nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying. Bullying is when a person is picked on over and over again by an individual or group with more power, either in terms of physical or social standing (Young). For example, bullying can be physical: punching, beating, kicking, or punching; verbal: teasing,calling names, or insulting another person with physical harm, or spreading rumors or untrue statements about another person; rational: refusing to talk to someone or making them feel left out....   [tags: psychology, behavior, emotional health]

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Vaccinations Should Be Required For Kids

- Inoculation techniques have been used to prevent massive outbreaks of devastating diseases and even eradicate diseases, such as smallpox and polio. Improvements in vaccines have been made and their use has been included as a requirement in parts of our society, such as school and work. When it comes to vaccinations, many will agree that vaccines have played a beneficial role in society; where this agreement ends, however, is on the question of whether or not vaccinations should be required for kids....   [tags: Vaccine, Immune system, Vaccination, Influenza]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Freshest Kids '

- Cipher This!. Jackson’s argument is related to the statements made in The Freshest Kids because of the construction of whiteness, which discriminates against Black culture, devalues and ignores the true meaning of Hip Hop on the basis that it is a Black movement. Through the gaze and the construction of whiteness, Hip Hop loses its place amongst American society because it is negatively tied to African culture and is seen as worthless. However, even when American society starts to acknowledge the existence of Hip Hop, primarily white Americans only look at the physical aspect and become ignorant towards the true meaning; doing a disservice to Hip Hop and African culture....   [tags: Black people, Race, African American]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- Juan Jackson Essay 2 6/29/15 English 102 In Gerard Jones’ “Violent Media Is Good for Kids” talks about how violence in media can actually have positive effects on young people because it can help pull children out of emotional traps by immersing themselves in violent stories. Jones believes that violent media has a positive impact on kids because that kids uses violent stories to connect their emotional and developmental needs. Jones makes some great points on how kids express themselves by pertaining that have superhuman powers to help other kids overcome the situations of being young....   [tags: Violence, Media violence research, Torture]

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The Effect Of Parents Have On Their Kids

- The Impact Incarcerated Parents have on their Kids Every year the rate of incarcerated parents are rising. Many of these kids are facing emotional turmoil and difficult living situations, which they are at high risk for developmental, behavioral, emotional and psychological problems. Children, parents and caregivers are also affected by incarceration, which provides an overview of their circumstances through financial resources or lack off. There are many juveniles within the criminal justice system, is this from their parents being incarcerated, could a positive relationship be maintain by both parents and their kids....   [tags: Family, Psychology, Emotion, Recidivism]

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Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

- The land of the free, brave and consumerism is what the United States has become today. The marketing industry is exploiting children through advertisement, which is ridiculously unfair to children. We are around advertisement and marketing where ever we go; at times, we don't even notice that we are being targeted to spend our money. As a matter of fact, we live to buy; we need and want things constantly, and it will never stop. The film, Consuming Kids , written by Adriana Barbaro and directed by Jeremy Earp, highlights children as this powerful demographic, with billions of dollars in buying power, but the lack of understanding of marketers’ aggressive strategies....   [tags: consumerism, advertisement]

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The Article ' Kids ' By Eric Schlosser

- In the article “Kids Kustomers” by Eric Schlosser, Schlosser talks about the big idea of kids and advertisements. Ads for children have a great influence because they are everything to a child and eye catching. Schlosser has points that focus on how children get what they want when they see an ad or even a toy on the shelf. As he states the pester power or even just using one the seven kinds of naggings He also touches on the subject that when parents are occupied from their busy schedules they have that sense of guilt towards a child, since they have little to no time they shower them with toys or what they want....   [tags: Family, Sibling, Need, Want]

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Kids Are Glued to Their Screens

- ... At first, you tell him he can only use it for one hour a day and you keep up nicely with constant reminders and take it away after one hour. After a while you start to become "the bad guy" and it is a dread when the one hour mark arrives where you just end up saying, “whatever, you can stay on for another hour.” After a year has gone by, the regular checking in has slowed down, and he is on his tablet for a hefty eight hours a day (Managing Media). His time spent on his tablet is most likely not watching free physics lectures and brushing up on his second language....   [tags: abuse of modern communication technology]

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Bad Kids : A Bad Kid

- Bad Children Yelling, crying, not paying attention, not doing a task properly, these are only some of the characteristics that are used to define a bad kid in society, but they are wrong. Kids cannot be judged based on actions that they cannot control; doing so will cause negative consequences in their future. When a child is labeled a “bad kid” it is hard for them to step out of that category and is basically being sentenced to being that stereotype for the rest of their child hood. Children are easily influenced and when society keeps telling a kid that they are not good they are bound to believe it even if the reason why they are being labeled bad is for something they cannot control....   [tags: English-language films, Childhood, Debut albums]

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Sleepaway Camping for Kids in the US

- I never wanted to leave. I truly thought my life was ending on that August day in 2010 as the Peter Pan bus pulled off the dirt bumpy road in New Hampshire on its trek back to the Bloomingdales parking lot in Connecticut. The night before, I stood on the shore of New Found Lake looking out at the horizon on my last night, arm and arm with my sisters, tears streaming down our faces as our beloved director quoted, "You never really leave a place you love; part of it you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind." Throughout the years, I have taken so much of what I learned those seven summers with me....   [tags: Decisions, Independence, Relationships]

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Parents Who Will Not Die For Their Kids

- There are parents who will not die for their kids. It’s shocking when some parents say that they would not sacrifice their life for their kids when it comes to that situation according to “Dads: Would You Take a Bullet for Your Kids?”, “Most dads I know would give their own life to save the life of their child. This sentiment was recently reiterated by a dad I met during a coaching session. He confidently told me, “I’d take a bullet for my child.” As dads, we rise to the occasion, right. We were made to protect and provide....   [tags: Brave New World, The World State, Sacrifice]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- As violence becomes more common place in todays society, instead people search for something to blame. Experts tend to employ violent video games a scapegoat. They believe that kids that play video games with glorified violence are likely to be violent in real life. Author Gerard Jones disagrees with these ideas and composes a convincing argument against it in his article "Violent Media is Good for Kids." (Jones, 1) I believe this article is written well, considering it makes important points and uses his life experiences to tell us about it....   [tags: Mass media, Media violence research]

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The Effect Of Divorce On Kids

- A family I might come across professionally would likely be a blended family. Not only do people get divorced more frequently now but my career field puts a lot of stress on families leading to even higher divorce rates. Blended families are already quite common and are less stigmatized than in the past. While I am not from one or having one anywhere in my family I did know some in school and the kids were just like everyone else. According to The Step family Foundation, every day 1300 step families are created, half of marriages will end in divorce, half of the families in the US are remarried and 75 percent of divorcees will remarry (Stepfamily Statistics)....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Divorce, Stepfamily]

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Family Is Poor And The Kids

- Talking out of turn in class, throwing things at other students, and awkwardly flirting with every girl: these are the characteristics of the most obnoxious boy in class, the boy the teacher punishes on a daily basis. These are the problem kids that every parent complains about at conferences, but they don’t understand. He hasn’t seen his dad since he left three years ago, he hasn’t had a hug from mom in who knows how long because she works all hours of the day just to keep the lights on. He simply just doesn’t know any other way to act than how he is....   [tags: Family, Father, Mother, Parent]

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Boomerang Kids : An Acceptable Stigma

- Boomerang Kids: An Acceptable Stigma Imagine working countless hours, and spending countless dollars on achieving a college degree, with expectations of this entailing task paying off in the form of a well-paying job. This is what every college graduate hopes for, but unfortunately this is not always the case. In recent years, the number of “boomerang kids,” or kids who cannot find work after college forcing them to move back home, have been increasing greatly. According to a recent study, approximately 85% of new graduates have moved back in with their parents (   [tags: Debt, Loan, University, Pew Research Center]

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The Cultural Culture Of The Culture Kids

- Third Culture Kids, known as TCK’s, are an unique group because they grow up learning and adapting the many cultures they are exposed to. I think TCK’s can be influenced by environment, outside sources like social medias, and family. These influences can play a significant part in their early development and affect the way TCK’s mature. Although, Unorthodoxly being a military child turned me into a TCK because of the stationing in different states and countries. I grew up in San Antonio, Texas with my grandmother and father....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Learning, Sociology]

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Our Vision For American Kids

- 80 million that is the number of children in the US that are from ages 0 to 18. 80 million children waiting to blossom, bloom and to be engaged, to be seen and to be known and to be put into play. What is our vision for American kids. We hardly ever talk about that. Is the vision to keep them safe and out of trouble, is the vision to keep them in school, but those are all management and control ideas, not very compelling. What is our vision for kids. The speaker loves to go around and interview people, he likes to ask adults what is your highest aspiration for kids....   [tags: High school, Meaning of life, Middle school]

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Kids : Positive And Negative Climate

- When people think of the memories they have of their childhood in school they tend to think of whether they felt safe, trusted a teacher, or desired to learn. If they think of these things than they more than likely went to a school that had a positive climate that helps children develop and come to learn. If they think of the opposite than they grew up in a school that had a negative climate. Although people think it does not matter whether the school has a positive or negative climate that is not the case, kids need the positive climate to learn at school....   [tags: Education, Want, Need, Teacher]

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Why Kids Should Be Required

- Why Kids Should Be Required to Take Cooking/Nutrition Class Kids nowadays don’t know anything about what they are putting in their body’s and that needs to stop. Kids need to learn what’s good and what’s bad for their bodies by learning nutrition and how to look at the back of whatever they are eating to see what is in the food. By cooking in class and being shown how to prepare a good tasting plus healthy meal. High school kids should be required to take a cooking/nutrition class before graduating, so that most students would change their eating habits and their parents as well....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Health, Cooking]

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Case Study : Father And The Kids

- Case Study 2: Father and the Kids Do you believe the Principal acted in a just manner in this case. The St. Timothy Catholic School Faculty Handbook (2015) expressly states Diocesan policy that, “the school, with permission… may suspend or dismiss a professional, contracted employee at any time, and without any requirement of a particular progression or sequence of discipline, for cause, including, but not limited to…inappropriate conduct/communication with a student….” (p. 94). This policy applies at the high school level as it reflects the Diocesan policy....   [tags: Teacher, High school, Morality, Catholic Church]

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Religion Is Good For Families And Kids

- “The Latest Social Science is Wrong. Religion is good for families and kids. ” is an Article in the Washington Post written by W. Bradford Wilcox. The purpose of this article is to counter the belief that religion is inherently bad in our culture. The author presents a couple of key arguments made by many anti religious social scientists, such as Sam Harris. Many social scientists and people around the world make the claim that religion extremism is the “greatest problem confronting our civilization”, Harris goes a step further and questions whether religion is vital for moral development....   [tags: Sociology, Anomie, Religion, Émile Durkheim]

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A Wide Age Range Of Kids

- At the Centre 4 girls, children aged 5-11 sit at the table and prepare for the announcement of the art of project of the day. Although Administration and Instructors put forth an effort to maintain a disciplined enrichment after school Centre, I have personally witnessed numerous of times where that particular goal was not obtained. The biggest issue with the Centre is that they fail to properly separate and teach children according to their mental and motor capabilities. Integrating a wide age range of kids together could negatively affect the children’s social cognitive domains....   [tags: Attachment theory, Psychology, Motor skill]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- In today’s world there has been huge increases in violent acts being done. Kids are turning into to bullies, murders, thieves and more. This can be happening for many different reasons. One could say it is the way the children are raised, what they see going on in their neighborhoods, what they are watching on television, seeing online, or on their video games. Everyone reacts to things differently and the violent media kids see can have different effects on each of them. According to the article “Violent Media is Good for Kids” written by Gerard Jones, violent media and other forms of ‘creative violence’ help far more children than they hurt....   [tags: Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Hulk, Jack Kirby]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- Violent Media Is Good For Kids (Con) Violent media has been proven to cause a child to become aggressive. Media such as video games, television and internet all contain violence that is shown to the public for entertainment. Younger children have cartoons on television that contain explosions and they look up to these animations wishing they can duplicate the cartoons actions. Older children have a tendency to want to play video games and most of these are full of violent media. The most popular games are fighting and shooting games....   [tags: Violence, Video game controversy]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- Throughout a child’s life it is taught to be ok to be around violent media. A child is taught to grow up in a world with violence going on everyday in order to become immune to it. From a young age children are taught to be users of the world. Becoming users in the world causes children to lose their sense of wonder and imagination, becoming almost robotic tin the sense that imagination is not needed in the world in order to function. The notion that children are merely “users” and “owners” of property, as opposed to “Creators” in Roland Barthes’ article: “Toys” is fully supported in Gerard Jones’s article:” Violent Media is good for kids” by Virtue of its stance that comics, TV shows, music...   [tags: Violence, Media violence research, Television]

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My Father Of The Family Kids

- There are many people that know me and many that don’t. Well I have a twin sister named Mykaile. I have an older brother named Austin he is the oldest of the family kids. I love who I am and everything I do in life. My household is made up of 5 people my parents Gracie and Freddie Cade, my dad like to be called by his middle name his real name is Herbert Freddie Cade. Then there is my brother and sister. My sister and I most of the time got along, but my brother and I rarely got along mainly because we shared a room all of our lives....   [tags: High school, Family, Middle school, Love]

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The Live Healthy Kids Program

- The Live Healthy Kids program works with different elementary school kids to encourage them to eat healthy and helps them learn how to prepare different recipes. Washington Elementary school this semester. I work with Ricci Davis as my supervisor. Every Thursday I go to the elementary school to help the kids learn how to make different healthy recipes, to encourage the kids to eat healthy. Each week we make a different recipe and the kids are encouraged to try everything so that they can find out what new foods they like....   [tags: Leadership, Psychology, Management, Need]

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Volunteering At Give Kids The World

- Since as far back as I could remember, I knew I wanted to make a difference. I remember being the little girl that never wanted to take more than the other children. I remember being the girl that always put others before herself, especially those who were less fortunate than I was. While children my age were busy playing Simon Says in our neighborhood, I was making a difference volunteering throughout the community. The most memorable and impactful experience that I can remember, is volunteering at Give Kids the World....   [tags: Psychology, Behavior, Clinical psychology]

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Is Media Violence Damaging On Kids?

- Over the past decade, violence in the media has become more present than ever, and especially for the youth. Every major atrocity, shooting, bombing, and act of terrorism are some examples of violence that are being presented through movies, video games, televisions, cell phones, new papers, websites, and magazines for the youth and young impressionable children to see. On an everyday basis, polarizing headlines of heinous and incredibly sad events are becoming normalized towards children. This era of technology does bring advantages to today’s modern society, but it also brings many disadvantages that are at the expense of today’s children....   [tags: Violence, Video game controversy]

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Is Gay Parenting Bad For Kids?

- While gay families are accused of tampering with child’s development and sexuality, research shows this to be untrue. We often hear in society that gay families effect children and often cause the child to become gay; another claim is that children have a harder time developing because they lack a mother or father figure in the family structure. Here we will look at these claims that children develop differently and I will discuss both the author’s positions and determine what they both agree on and disagree on....   [tags: Homosexuality, LGBT, Bisexuality]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- While violence is not new to the human race, it has proven to be an increasing epidemic in everyday society. Researches debate on what can be the trigger for violent outbreaks. Despite this popularity, violent media arouses much controversy as some believe violent media leads to aggression in children. These individuals also believe violent media can “lead to general increases in aggressiveness over time” says author Craig A. Anderson in his article “FAQs on Violent Video Games and Other Violent Media”....   [tags: Violence, Aggression, Video game controversy]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- Humans have always been curious. As a species, people naturally desire to know more. Even when dealing with the most unbearable tragedies, humans always try to watch and learn for experience. It is the reason a person watches the news after a natural disaster or is concerned of whether or not a plane crash was fatal. Sometimes individuals wish to understand certain situations that are difficult to comprehend, and through violent cinema, they are using films to acquaint themselves with the subject matter....   [tags: Horror film, Film, Violence, Film genres]

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Violent Media Is Good For Kids

- Violent media directed at adolescents typically has an unpleasant reputation because it is considered to be detrimental to a child’s overall environment and behavior, specifically comic books and video games. There are numerous of articles being published today linking children who consume violent media to obesity, aggressiveness, and sociopathic behavior. The question posed today is: Could there be a possibility that children will have some benefits consuming violent media. Gerard Jones, author of the article “Violent Media is Good for Kids”, advocates for children to be presented with the opportunity to indulge in violent media....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Child, Violence]

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The Smartest Kids Of The World

- The Smartest Kids In The World Getting into this reading, I realized how much our country lacks in the education system. I knew before reading this that we were ranked fairly low on the education system charts, but I did not realize how far behind mentally and physically so many of our students here are. There are many reasons why this country is better off and also worse off in many areas of education. We, in this country, are very privileged in the things that we have in our lives, and also in our school systems....   [tags: Education, High school, School, Teacher]

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Should Kids Be An Adult?

- You are walking down the street and you see a family who has 10 brats who are continuously yelling and screaming at each other. Then you see a family who takes care of 8 kids who are perfectly quiet, but you see the parents look furious so that’s why the children are quiet. Finally, you see a couple who are at least 26 and they look happy because they decided not to have kids, and you wonder why they don’t want to include an offspring, as an adult, people gain a choice whether or not they wish to create a child....   [tags: Want, Need, WANT, Thought]

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Kids Eating While At School

- What are our kids eating while at school. This topic is important to me due to my kids starting kindergarten this year. After my daughter came home from school and informed me that her lunch served to her in the cafeteria made her “tummy” hurt, I decided to ask around about the food they serve. After talking to a few moms, who by the way are on the school board insisted that I pack her lunch every day because the food is absolutely disgusting and far from healthy. One mom told me she refuses to allow her children to eat anything that school serves....   [tags: Nutrition, School, Meal, Cafeteria]

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Kids : A Parent Home

- Coming from a single parent home, kids are less fortunate than those staying in a two parent household. Children in a single parent home do not have as many options as the children do in a two parent household. The reason I say that is because they are less fortunate, and their options on things are low because there isn’t a stable income. Choosing this topic was a good pick for me because I can relate more to the situation and the struggle of being raised with just my mom doing everything. Single parents work twice as hard to make sure everything paid before their children can receive anything nice or new to wear....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Parent]

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The Kids Patch Learning Centre

- ... The Kids Patch provide Child Care Benefit (CCB) is a payment from the Australian Government that helps parents and carers with the cost of child care to receive CCB you must fill out forms that The Kids Patch provide as they must be checked and approved. You may choose to receive CCB as an annual lump sum payment or as reduced child care fees throughout the year.To be eligible for CCB you as a parent or guardian, The Kids Patch make sure you have meet the following requirements:you have a child in your care who meets the immunisation requirements you or your partner (if you have one) meet residency requirements your child attends CCB approved or registered care you have the liability to...   [tags: government assistance, children]

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Exercise And Obesity For Kids

- The topic I choose is Exercise and Obesity for kids. The reason I choice this is because growing up I was able to have recess and after school activities that helped me burn energy and helped me focus more in school. With kids now the recess and gym time has changed for the worse in some school districts were they don’t have it at all. I feel this is bad because kids can’t focus and they don’t burn off energy and they also can lead to overweight. Outside of the schooling they don’t seem to get the physical activity that they need on a daily bases with technology and lack of trying or wanting to do things outside....   [tags: Obesity, Overweight, Physical exercise, Nutrition]

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The Future of Our Kids

- Addiction is one of the worst diseases that are happening all over the world. They are coming in different forms, and attacking different age groups. Our society is conscious of the many drugs addiction people are encountering; however when we think of addiction the word game glides in front of us. Our society is accustomed to see drug related addictions, which are being popularized by today’s society. Many of our young children and teens are being attracted to video game addiction. This is thanks to the amount of time that they are spending in video games....   [tags: video game addiction]

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Honey, I Warped the Kids

- Carl M. Cannon explanations in "Honey, I Warped the Kids" in the Utne Reader that savagery on TV must be stifled because of its consequences for human conduct. This assessment will demonstrate that however the writer makes some great utilization of measurable discoveries; he leaves numerous openings in his contention by not altogether talking about restricting sentiments. Cannon's fundamental contention is that TV brutality ought to be blue-penciled. This passage outlines the structure and substance of his article....   [tags: Censorship Essays]

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We Blessed With Four Kids

- I am by name Ruben Majok Aleer Aguer husband to Achol Kuir Deng. We blessed with four kids namely Aguer 5 yrs, Aluel 3 yrs, Apajok 2 yrs and Aleer 4 months. I have been married for almost 6 years. The reason we are here today is very surprised for the fact that we had no single argument since we married due to the respect we share from each other. I have never raised my voice on my wife and quarrelling to each other. My wife was being influencing by someone I help on the street call Deng Chiluel Atem....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Mother, Punk rock]

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Boomerang Kids on the Rise

- A boomerang is an Aboriginal Australian weapon, shaped like a wide and rounded 'V', that was originally used for hunting. Over the years it has shifted from being a sharp tool to a plastic toy. It is similar to a single player version of Frisbee, except that when you throw a boomerang it hovers around and then returns to the place where it was thrown from. Aptly named, the 'boomerang kids' are young adults that, after leaving home for a few years, return home to live with their parents, just like a boomerang....   [tags: Economics ]

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Poor Kids : A Documentary

- 1. Poor Kids is a documentary that highlights a major issue the United States is suffering from. This issue is known as poverty, more specifically, childhood poverty. This documentary views the world through the eyes of children that are subjected to lives of poverty due to the poor financial state that their parents are in. Life is very rough for these children and they must live their everyday lives with little to none of the luxuries most people take for granted. Poor Kids sheds light on the painful fact that there are children that starve every day in the United States....   [tags: Social class, Poverty]

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Our Kids It Is Easy

- While reading the book, Our Kids it is easy to see that the main idea of the book is that income inequality has expanded over the years. This has made an economic divide in children over the years. The 1959 generation experienced a significant economic and educational change, but their children saw “no educational development beyond their parents.” (7-8). The book states, “That nationwide increase in class inequality – how the class-based opportunity gap among young people was widened in recent decades – is the subject of this book.” (19)....   [tags: Poverty, Working class, Social class, Family]

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Bullying Is Killing Our Kids

- “Bullying is killing our kids. Being different is killing our kids and the kids who are bullying are dying inside. We have to save our kids whether they are bullied or they are bullying. They are all in pain.” –Cat Cora. By reading words of my youth by Joe Mackal we can observe how the painful words of others can affect one self, how people by saying those words can get a sense of power, and the importance of bullying itself. Bullying is a subject that has been touched many times, now days there are many campaigns against bullying and many new resources to help and prevent bullying....   [tags: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse, Victimisation]

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Families Fighting for their Kids

- It’s terrible time to be a teenager, or even a teenager’s parent. That message is everywhere. Television, magazines, and newspapers are all full of frightening stories about teenagers and families. They say that America’s families are falling apart, that kids don’t care about anything, and that parents have trouble doing anything about it. Bookstores are full of disturbing titles like these: Parenting Your Out –of- Control Teenager, Teenage Wasteland, Unhappy Teenagers, and Teen Torment. These books describe teenage problems that include apathy, violence, suicide, sexual abuse, depression, loss of values, poor mental health, crime, gang involvement, and drug and alcohol addiction....   [tags: Sociology, Teenagers]

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Balanced Upbringing For The Kids

- balanced upbringing for the kids, one in which they can grow and explore safely. Neither of them is excessively overprotective compared to the other but, each parent does have certain things they worry about more. John explained that he worries more about the big dangers, like the kids falling in their pool by accident or otherwise getting seriously hurt. On the other hand, Shau Shau tends to worry more over the everyday concerns, such as the kids getting enough fiber in their diet or brushing their teeth properly....   [tags: Love, Triangular theory of love, Communication]

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Our Kids By Robert Putnam

- In a country like the United States of America, with a history of every individual having an equal opportunity to reach their dreams, it becomes harder and harder to grasp the reality that equal opportunity is diminishing as the years go on. The book Our Kids by Robert Putnam illustrates this reality and compares life during the 1950’s and today’s society and how it has gradually gotten to a point of inequality. In particular, he goes into two touching stories, one that shows the changes in the communities we live in and another that illustrates the change of family structure....   [tags: Family, High school, American Dream, Mother]

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Communicaiton: Hand Gestures with Kids

- Children do not use verbal communication when they are young. They use gestures as a way to communicate because they have, yet to acquire verbal skills. Gestures are a form of body language. Body language is something that we as humans do on purpose to help explain things, but also perform without even consciously knowing. In today’s society we have been learning more about body language and how our bodies help omit feelings and meanings to others; which we can not, as humans always express through our knowledge of verbal language....   [tags: gestures, body language, communicate]

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Beauty Is Changing Our Kids

- On one hand its easy to notice all of the outrageous amounts of money put into beauty pageants, but on the other hand we must note how much a young girl spends in day to day life on cosmetics and beauty treatments. Young girls notice all of the make up that certain celebrities/ beauty contestants will wear and think that they must look the same or dress the same way as the celebrity or contestant so they can feel beautiful and “fit in” with society. On an average girls who are just about to hit their teens spend thousands, sometimes millions on cosmetics and different beauty treatments all in the hopes that they will add up to the other girls seen within social media and pageants, “ fourth...   [tags: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Beauty]

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I Live For Healthy Kids

- Part 1: What I know about becoming a Pediatrician Pediatrics is the specialty of medicine that contains infants, children, and adolescents. Most Pediatricians deal with different diseases that children get in different ages. Pediatricians also teach parents about safety and nutrition for their kids. To become a Pediatrician, I need more than fourteen years of education. These fourteen years start right after high school. In my four years of college, I need to major in biology or pre-med that would help me to become more successful in my courses....   [tags: Career Research ]

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Advocating For Kids And Children

- Advocating for Kids “An estimated 905,000 children were victims of child abuse or neglect in 2006” (“What Is”). This appalling statistic only reinforces the idea that children are being abused in ways that parents don’t realize are abuse, and Child Protective Services isn’t doing enough to help save the innocent children being harmed. To note, there are many types of abuse and ways that parents raise and discipline their children that may be considered abuse. For example, “Strict or authoritarian parents teach their children through obedience and punishment....   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Abuse]

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Is Bullying Threatening Our Kids?

- Our schools, our workplaces, our society are not safe places anymore. The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness of our children is seriously hampered by bullying and sometimes violence in our schools. Or so it would seem, if you listen to the media. What is the reality. Is bullying threatening our kids. Is the actual violence at school equal to the perception. Or are we losing perspective. Rarely a day goes by that you don’t hear of some act of violence at school precipitating a new law. In an attempt to curb unwanted behaviors schools have banned such longtime childhood games as tag; steal the flag; musical chairs; duck, duck, goose; and cops and robbers—all said to” encourage exclusion,...   [tags: Bullying, Relational aggression, Aggression]

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Eating Nutritious Food For Kids

- American philosophy thus far has been to educate children once they have entered into the school system. From cute cartoon vegetables, to flashy internet games, hoping to convey the importance of eating nutritious food to kids, there have been many attempts to influence what American children are eating. According to a 2007 USA TODAY article by Martha Mendozab who is an Associated Press writer and has won a Pulitzer Prize for her work in investigative journalism, the Associated Press reviewed 57 government programs dedicated to nutrition education....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Health insurance]

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A Family Of Four Kids

- Growing up in a family of four kids, I have always felt compared to my siblings which made me feel intimidated. I was born and raised in Benin, which is located in West Africa. Benin is a francophone country so all the national schools teach in French. My parents decided to enroll us all into a private English school from childhood.During the first few years I did well, but reaching grade 4 I started fluctuating in my classes. Since I was not doing as well as my sibling, who seemed like geniuses to me, I felt intimidated....   [tags: High school, College, Higher education, Sibling]

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The Cereal World For Kids

- Identify messages that you have seen or heard from several companies. Are the companies being consistent with their messages across the markets they are targeting. Let’s look at the Cereal world for kids. One brand of cereal that I have in my house is the Tony Tiger Frosted Flakes cereal. Their Grrrreat!!. Another cereal I have is Fruity Pebbles. Now with these two cereals that I have in my house the advertising market for these products are consistently being shown on tv and through social media....   [tags: Marketing, Advertising, Target market, Sales]

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Life And Introducing Our Kids

- Ingrid and me had been friends since elementary school, we stop talking to each other for many years because I moved from the Dominican Republic where we both lived. Later here in New York, we got in contact again at a mutual friend 's birthday party, and reestablish our friendship, we were so happy to see each other, as grow women, both with our own children. Hi, Ingrid. Oh my God!, You look beautiful ,I said to her, Ingrid said “Thanks Rossy” , Ingrid had a long honey colored hair, well taken care of and a really nice body ,she replied to me “You look fantastic after all these year,” tell me what’s going on in your life....   [tags: 2005 singles, English-language films, Tears]

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Why Should Kids Exercise?

- Why exercise....we are kids. Advantages of exercising Exercise is a must for all age groups. It is essential for kids. Exercise makes them grow into a healthy active child. It becomes a habit when encouraged and taught by parents and teachers. Habits learnt at childhood usually sticks on into adulthood having a positive overall effect emotionally, physically and mentally. Simple, moderate and vigorous exercises are the basic kinds. Kids of all ages need to exercise. Kids exercise just by playing games such as soccer, basket-ball, cricket, tennis or even playing a game of hide and seek....   [tags: activities, health, fitness]

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Kids Vs Kids

- KIDS VS. KIDS The average child witnesses eight thousand murders and one hundred thousand acts of violence by the time he or she finishes elementary school. In the past fifteen years school violence has become a clear but present danger. It used to be children were involved in fistfights, or other types of squabbles. They may have received a black eye or bloody nose. Now they are armed with not fists but sawed off shotguns and malice. This is a serious issue that needs to be observed and resolved....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Kids and Gun Control

- In the cartoon it shows a little boy knocking on the door of the National Rifle Association, the man at the door hands the little boy two–twenty three caliber guns, as he smiles. The man has wrapped the guns in what is supposed to be the 2nd amendment. This paper will focus on gun control and kids. I would hope that nobody would just hand a child a firearm. I know growing up; it was common for the boys to go hunting with the men. The boys were never alone with the hunting rifles, and were taught to respect firearms....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Kids Killing Kids

- Kids Killing Kids As you wind down from a long day at the office, you turn on the six o’clock news. The opening story lays out a gruesome attempt to murder, maim, and terrorize children in a city you have never before heard of. Instantly, you are thinking that this must be a review for a soon to be released blockbuster movie. In your mind, nothing like this would ever happen in our civilized world; however, headlines they are. You picture the perpetrators as horrid, evil-minded monsters. What kind of person could commit such a crime against innocent children....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Violence Essays]

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Are Kids Criminals? Essay

- Are Kids Criminals. I agree with the majority of Supreme Court justices who don’t want juveniles to spend their life in prison for murder. Most of the articles I’ve read support my opinion, because it’s human nature to understand that we all make mistakes and some mistakes shouldn’t be seen as heinous actions. They should be seen actions that could be reflected on in our youth. Why can’t an erratic, impulsive juvenile progress and become a decent individual after he or she has murdered. The victim shouldn’t have the privilege to send someone to jail or prison for the rest of their lives, because that’s an inappropriate punishment for a child....   [tags: Murder, Life imprisonment, Crime, Punishment]

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Reasons Kids Do Drugs

- Dating Tips for the Druggie When you here the word ‘drugs,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind. Is it ‘those are illegal!’ Or is it more along the lines of ‘Yes, please.’ It’s no secret that as the years go on, teenagers of every generation have been getting involved with drugs, to their frantic parent’s dismay. And according to Students Against Destructive Decisions, 50% of teens have reported using an illicit drug by the time they graduate high school. So why have teenagers still been doing drugs when they’ve been proven to be more harmful then helpful....   [tags: drug use, teen drug use ]

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