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Kentucky Stereotypes

- "You know you're from Kentucky if your house is mobile and your three cars aren't" This is a joke my younger brother recited to me when I returned to my Yankee home from the University of Kentucky for Thanksgiving break. He went on to ask, "If a Kentucky couple gets divorced are they still brother and sister?" The lists of redneck jokes surrounding Kentucky stereotypes are endless. Many people get a good laugh out of the jokes, but they don't realize that they are portraying a crude message about all Kentucky folk....   [tags: Kentucky Stereotypes]

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The State Of Kentucky

- In the state of Kentucky there are three main statutes that govern marijuana: KRS § 218A.1422, KRS § 218A.1421, and KRS § 218A.1423. These statutes deal with the possession of marijuana, trafficking of marijuana, and the growing of marijuana. Under KRS § 218A.1422, “A person is guilty of possession if he or she knowingly and unlawfully possesses marijuana” and this statute classifies this possession as “a class B misdemeanor and comes with a maximum sentence of 45 days in prison”. This means that if you are caught in the state of Kentucky with pot on your person, in your car, or in your house you will be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor and could spend up to 45 days in prison....   [tags: Hemp, Cannabis, Cannabis, Law]

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Methamphetamine Use On The Rise In Kentucky

- Methamphetamine on the Rise in Kentucky The phenomenon of Methamphetamine use and distribution is rising in our country. With this growing problem, the state of Kentucky is right at the top of the list. Manufacturing alone has more than tripled over the past four years, in the state of Kentucky. Given the rural areas and large vacant buildings, Kentucky has quickly become a breeding ground for Methamphetamine. A necessary additive for production anhydrous ammonia is available at many farm stores in the state....   [tags: Illicit Drugs]

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Fellow Students Of The University Of Kentucky

- Fellow Students of the University of Kentucky: All of you have demonstrated your ability and are demonstrating a concern with who you are and what will you become, otherwise you wouldn’t be students of this institution. If you’re here by force, someone has that concern on your behalf. Before I further judge your justification for being a student, I will provide mine. If I were an idealist, concerned only with matters of ideal purpose, I’d state my reasons as a desire to achieve a classic education....   [tags: Taxation in the United States, Tax, Economics]

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The Politics Of The Kentucky Youth Assembly

- It is nearly impossible to imagine that over the course of three days, a group of over a thousand teens from the so called “entitlement generation,” can come together and replicate an entire political process. It is even harder to imagine that several teens have the tenacity to run a political campaign; however, that is exactly what happens at the Kentucky Youth Assembly, or KYA for short. With only a few weeks of preparation teens, who are not expected to have any interest in politics, unite in Louisville, Kentucky to do exactly what the American political system struggles to do: make legislature and honestly approach issues with Kentucky and the United States....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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Eastern Kentucky : A Front Porch

- While driving through Eastern Kentucky a person will notice many things, the beautiful mountains, small towns, local businesses, and of course houses. As in any place a person goes, the houses will vary from each other, but the houses in Eastern Kentucky will share one thing in common, a front porch. The odds of someone finding a house without a front porch in Eastern Kentucky are about the same as the odds of a person finding a house in the city with a front porch. Sitting on a front porch, watching the sun make its way down over the mountains and sharing stories of the events of your day is a regular routine for Eastern Kentuckians....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Chair, Rocking chair]

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Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice

- Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention found that high numbers of detention orders were being issued for status youth statewide. The main issue of concern was the valid court order exception to the DSO core requirement was used 2,000 times. This allowed judges to order non-delinquent youth in locked detention facility whose most serious violations involved repeat offenses of running away, skipping school or being rebelling against authority figures. The disturbing thing about this statistic is that the same year almost half the other states used the VCO 250 times or less....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Kentucky's Youth and Teen Smoking

- At a local Kentucky convenience store you can buy a pack of Marlboro cigarettes for about $4.50. For the same price as a cheap lunch a teenager can continue a nicotine addiction for another day. Smokers in Massachusetts, however, can expect to pay over ten dollars for a single pack of smokes. At ten dollars per pack an average smoker in Massachusetts can expect to pay over $3,000 a year. This is one of many reasons why Massachusetts's YRBS rating (a scale to rate the amount of smokers in high schools) is a low 16.0, giving Massachusetts the 10th lowest score out of 43 states rated....   [tags: Teen Smoking, Tobacco]

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Insurer Bad Faith in Kentucky

- Insurer Bad Faith in Kentucky Some insurance companies seem to view their customers—the “insureds” who have purchased policies from them—more as enemies than people to whom they owe a duty. Large insurance companies may go s far as to reward the people who work in the claims handling area—claim managers, adjuster, etc.—for minimizing the amount of money they pay out on claims. But the insurer’s conduct doesn’t have to be anywhere near that blatant to harm the insureds that have paid premium after premium for insurance protection that the insurer may ultimately deny them in order to save money....   [tags: insurance company, policies]

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The Kentucky Cattleman’s Association

- The Kentucky Cattleman’s Association Many people may ask, “What the heck is the Cattleman’s Association?” Normally, the first thoughts that fill people’s minds when they hear “Cattleman’s Association” are: farmers, cows, farms, rednecks, dairy, beef, steaks, hamburger, milk, and so on. Many of these “stereotypes” prove true and many not so much. My experience with the KCA (Kentucky Cattleman’s Association) may be limited, but its roots run deep in my hometown and my family. Although a great number of my family members are in the KCA, I couldn’t tell you the first thing about them, which inspired me to “get to know” them....   [tags: Farming]

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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

- Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders and is currently headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky under Yum. Brands, Inc. (“About KFC,” 2014). KFC has since grown to be a global company with over 37,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries around the world (“About KFC,” 2014). I chose to research KFC because I noticed vast differences in KFC’s presentation and reception in America versus its reception in Asia. While there are different marketing strategies for various countries, the main differences in perceptions of KFC are the ways local factors influence the reception of KFC....   [tags: yumb brands]

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The Districts of Kentucky

- The Districts of Kentucky Almost every US citizen over the age of 25 has the right to become a member of the House of Representatives. But, only two or three people usually run in an election. Why is that. In today's elections, the influence of the media and parties have caused many more factors than just the formal constrains to influence who runs for office. The "recruitment funnel" is a way of describing the process in which we select candidates to run for public office. This idea is one in which many different concepts are combined to form one solid idea....   [tags: Papers]

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Testing Students with Disabilities in Kentucky Schools

- Students with disabilities are increasingly being included in large scale, high-stakes testing programs despite inadequate accommodations. In recent years, the school system has increased pressure on students in regards to testing. In the past, Kentucky has done a poor job of including impaired students in its statewide assessments; mainly in failing to provide the mandated accommodations for disabled students. In order to help these students with their learning skills, test scores, appropriate testing accommodations and the performance of students with disabilities....   [tags: learning disabilities, special education, disabled]

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Case Citation : Kentucky V. King

- Case Citation: Kentucky v. King, 563 U.S_ (2011) Parties: Hollis King/ Respondent State of Kentucky (Lexington)/ Petitioner Facts: In the Lexington, Kentucky a drug operation occurred at an apartment complex. Police officers of Lexington, Kentucky followed a suspected drug dealer into an apartment complex. The officers smelled marijuana outside the door of one of the apartments, as they knocked loudly the officers announced their presence. There were noises coming from the inside of the apartment; the officers believed that the noises were as the sound of destroying evidence....   [tags: Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution]

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A Survey Of Southern Kentucky University Students

- For our class project we as a class decided upon doing a survey of Northern Kentucky University students to gauge their ideas surrounding gender. The survey was also to gauge whether or not that misogyny is a generational issue or an American one. It gauged issues of gender such as a woman’s place in society, generalizations of men as athletic, strong, neglectful creatures, and generalizations of women as meek, nurturing, and non-athletic ones. The questions asked in the survey has connections to Fences....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Transgender]

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Childhood Obesity in Monroe County, Kentucky

- Obesity has been identified as one of the risk factors affecting directly and indirectly the health outcome of the population. Even though many approaches and programs have been conducted in order to reduce the obesity rate, this health issue is still a big headache and keeps being put on the table. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), overweight and obesity rate have been increasing significantly in the past two decades in the United States with more than 35.7% of adults and almost 17% of children and adolescents from 2-19 years olds being obese ("Overweight and obesity," 2013)....   [tags: overweight children, chronic disease]

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Evaluation Of The Kentucky Kindergarten Science Standards

- Rationale This Impact Project was designed to teach the following Kentucky kindergarten science standards: K-PS3-1. Make observations to determine the effect of sunlight on Earth’s surface. K-PS3-2. Use tools and materials to design and build a structure that will reduce the warming effect of sunlight on an area. In addition to the two above standards, maintaining a year long learning of the following standard: K-ESS2-1. Use and share observations of local weather conditions to describe patterns over time....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School]

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Eastern Kentucky University Is A Wonderful University

- Eastern Kentucky University is a wonderful university and the first choice of many students, however this institution is not without faults. One of the largest flaws of the university is the way that the dining is set up, as well as the very nature of the dining choices. For students who leave campus most weekends the dining is not much of an issue. However, for those who never leave campus, for whatever reason, the dining is a huge struggle. Weekend dining hours are inconvenient, not to mention that five of the seven restaurants on campus are closed for the entire weekend....   [tags: Food, Restaurant, Nutrition, Eating]

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Mountaintop Removal: Stripping Kentucky's Beauty

- What Regulations. Mountaintop removal (MTR) is a form of strip mining in which explosives are used to blast off the tops of mountains in order to reach the coal seams that lie underneath. This is a much quicker and easier process of mining that takes less manpower and time. Even though this process of using explosives seems to be the better option, the by-products from the explosives are so harmful that they should not be ignored. It is said to be the “most ruthless” method to mine coal as inexpensively and swiftly as possible....   [tags: mining, appalachian apocalypse]

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The Kentucky Snapshot Shows The Basic Statistics Of The Conference

- The Kentucky snapshot shows the basic statistics of the conference. Again, please note that only churches with at least one weekly attendee in their Annual Statistical Report count towards all variables listed in the SAT. “Number community served” is short for the number of people served in the community previously defined in the glossary. “Capital” in the snapshot includes the market value of all church assets like physical assets, securities, and cash held. Debt includes secured and unsecured debt owed by the conference’s churches....   [tags: World population, Population growth, Population]

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Maternal-Child Data for Hardin County, Kentucky and the U.S.

- In 2012, there were a total of 3,952,841 births in the United States and of these, 55,758 were born in the state of Kentucky (Martin et al., 2013). Hardin County, Kentucky is the home of about 107,025 people (Kentucky Health Facts, 2008). The main cities that make up Hardin County include Elizabethtown, Radcliff, and Fort Knox. Hardin County is considered a rural community. The majority of all births in Hardin County occur in a hospital or at home. The community of Hardin County Kentucky extends residents the choice of a hospital delivery or a home delivery....   [tags: certified midwifes, births]

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Comparing Gun Control Laws in Kentucky, USA and Germany

- “Our love is to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.” Since this quote that Thomas Jefferson once said, guns and their capabilities have changed history throughout the world and have affected all most everyone living in today’s society. Gun control and gun polices have created an upheaval among a growing amount of nations. With increasing gun rate crime and the ease of accessibility to obtain firearms in some places in the world, states inside America and countries around the world have altered its stance on gun control and their laws....   [tags: Compare Contrast]

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Kentucky History: Warren County and The City of Bowling Green

- The county seat for Warren County is Bowling Green. The area is 546 square miles. It became the one of the wealthiest counties in Kentucky in the 1870s. It is the 24th county in the order of county formations. Warren County was created December 14th, 1796 from part of Logan County. Warren County was named after General Joseph Warren. He was a distinguished patriot who died in a battle at Bunker Hill during the Revolutionary War. Warren County is bordered by Edmonson, Barren, Allen, Simpson, Logan, and Butler....   [tags: population, formation]

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3.2 Kentucky And West Virginia Case Study

- 3.2 Kentucky and West Virginia Case Study The Drinking Water and Wastewater in Appalachia Analysis (2005) included a case study that described the problem of wastewater treatment and straight pipe discharges in the Appalachian Region. The study stated that even in communities served by public water systems, many of the systems have undersized, aging lines and treatment facilities and are hard-pressed to supply the existing population cluster, let alone to broaden coverage to a dispersed rural population (O’Dell, 2005)....   [tags: Water, Water pollution, Sewage treatment]

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Great Aspects of Kentucky

- Great Aspects of Kentucky Kentucky could just be the best place between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to live. From "Happy Birthday" to Abraham Lincoln, Kentucky has made a great contribution to history. Being the 15th state to join the Union in 1792, Kentucky has brought forth a number of important people and aspects to the United States. A look back over Kentucky's history will find items that American citizens use in every day life and may not know or even wonder how or where their existence came about....   [tags: essays research papers]

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George Jackson And Kentucky 's Henry Clay

- Throughout the course of American political history rarely has there ever been a rivalry as fierce and contested as that of the one between Tennessee’s Andrew Jackson, and Kentucky’s Henry Clay. During their extensive political careers the two constantly seemed to cross paths differing in terms philosophically and ideologically. Simply put, these two men profoundly shaped the American Antebellum period, specifically involving the 1820’s to the 1840’s. Their notions of what was best for the country became the basis for their respective parties and consequently their differences in methodology facilitated countless battles in the American political atmosphere....   [tags: John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay]

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I Am An Ra At Northern Kentucky University

- I am an RA at Northern Kentucky University. As an RA, I help students transition to college and help them understand how to live on their own away from parents. It is my duty to enforce University Housing policy- to ensure the safety of students plus maintain a positive learning environment. As an RA, I have developed a unique set of skills because I get to work with students to ensure they are receiving a full well rounded college experience while enforcing rules that some tend to break. This can be challenging because I still have to live with them unlike police; for example, they get to go home after they interact with someone so they don’t have to deal with it when their job is over...   [tags: Management, Leadership, Want, Employment]

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My First Semester At Eastern Kentucky University

- As my first semester at Eastern Kentucky University comes to a close, I sit and reflect on my writing as a whole. Of course I have gained new skills like how to push myself to do better, time management, and how to elaborate on my thesis. However, my grammar skills has not improved in my mind. A couple of aspects of this class was helpful while a couple were not. The papers that I have written in this class have been like no other I have wrote. The topics were a little difficult for me and I found it hard to complete them....   [tags: Writing, Learning, Paper, Skill]

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Western Kentucky University: Student Support Services

- Student Support Services (SSS) is a marvelous program that is federally funded on the campus of Western Kentucky University which provides academic advisement, personal counseling, tutoring, and other services to help students adjust to college life, succeed academically and graduate from the university. I have worked for this program since the beginning of my sophomore year and I am also a current participant. It’s like a family away from home. I pretty much know everything there is about this program but I wanted to go behind the scenes of the organization to inform others....   [tags: students, academic advisement]

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From The Mountains of California To The Hills of Kentucky

- From The Mountains of California To The Hills of Kentucky Jose used to live in Los Angeles California. He lived there for the first ten years of his life. Los Angeles was all Jose ever knew. He had many friends and he loved everything about the state he lived in. When Jose was ten his family decided to move to Florence, Kentucky. Jose had to leave everything in Los Angeles and start a new life in Florence. Kentucky is different from California in many ways. There are less Hispanics in Kentucky than in California....   [tags: Short Story Moving Traveling Essays]

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A Case Study of Campbell County, Kentucky

- Government and Politics: A Case Study of Campbell County, Kentucky        Campbell County, Kentucky offers a very interesting case study of politics at work. The many different variables that can possibly affect how counties as a whole vote are present in Campbell County, and the interplay between all these variables is the topic of this paper. In order to accurately predict the outcome of the election, it is important to be familiar with all the different socio-economic factors that influence the daily lives of the people who are pulling the levers in the voting booths....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Women 's Involvement Of The Rural Appalachian And Non Appalachian Areas Of Kentucky

- Shannon, Havens, Mateyoke-Scrivner, & Walker, (2009) reviewed the various types of substances used by women going into treatment who were of the rural Appalachian and non-Appalachian areas of Kentucky. Shannon et al. (2009) sampled 2,786 women who were going into treatment in Kentucky. The state of Kentucky sponsored the drug abuse program. The participants were evaluated for their use of opiates, alcohol, stimulants, cocaine, sedatives, and tranquilizers over 12 months as well as lifetime use....   [tags: Drug addiction, Substance abuse, Crime]

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Public Health Intervention: Increasing Physical Activity in an Eastern Kentucky Community

- Obesity is a growing trend that is affecting individuals significantly in the U.S. and throughout the world. “As of 2013, Kentucky ranks 42 in the U.S. for obesity and over the past year the rate of obesity has risen from 30.4 percent to 31.3 percent among its population.”1 Many factors contribute to the rate of obesity in Kentucky, but, in my opinion, the most significant contributing factor to this trend is physical inactivity. I am a resident of a very rural and underdeveloped community in Eastern Kentucky, where a significant portion of the population lives with a triage of comorbidities (diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and hypertension)....   [tags: obesity, school facilities, paintsville]

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The Ethics Of An Organization 's Culture Assessment Of The Kentucky School Boards Association ( Ksba )

- Many issues and problems emerge in organizations that require action by leadership in order to maximize productivity. Because numerous decisions are made on any given day in an attempt for a school or organization to operate as smoothly as possible, constant effort and energy is required to monitor an organization’s culture. A problematic situation in my current organization that is rooted in employee motivation and attitudes is the lack of satisfaction communicated by group members. A year ago, the organization participated in a culture assessment that was conducted by the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA)....   [tags: Management, Goal, Negative feedback, Feedback]

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The Amendment Of Same Sex Couples From Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, And Tennessee

- Obergerfell V Hodges: Groups of same sex couples from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee all had cases in their own states, but when brought to the supreme court, they all combined as one. These couples challenge the states refusal to recognize legal marriage documents. It is said that the states statutes violate the equal protection clause as well as the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment, additionally, the civil rights act. The U.S court of appeals reversed and held that the states ban on same sex marriage and refusal to recognize marriages obtained in other states is not constitutional....   [tags: Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution]

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The Birth Of A Slave Midwife From Kentucky, Easter Sudie Campbell

- Slave-midwives avoided methods and drugs that were common for the male physicians during this time. While doctors were using cupping, leeching, urination and even vomiting to assist in childbirth, midwives used more traditional methods to maintain control during the birthing process. Doctors also relied on episiotomies to assist in childbirth, but since these often resulted in infection and sometimes even death, midwives avoided resorting to this procedure. They instead would apply oil to the vulva, strengthening the muscles for the delivery process....   [tags: Childbirth, Obstetrics, Pregnancy, Midwifery]

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A Step Forward to a Cleaner Life

- Kentucky, the horse capital of the world, is like no other place. Our land and life is surrounded by vegetation and wildlife. What would happen if its own people destroyed our beautiful state. Our water could become dirty, contaminated, and harmful because of our lack of work to keep water clean. Pollution is one of the biggest problems damaging Kentucky’s water supply. Today in our world only 1% of our water is fresh usable water. Each year that 1% could become smaller and smaller . Our responsibility is to keep our state and each other healthy....   [tags: Kentucky freshwater conservation]

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President Lincoln and Frederick Douglass: Parallel Crusaders

- Parallel Crusaders for Freedom Despite coming from vastly different worlds, both Frederick Douglas and President Abraham Lincoln had similar ideals and beliefs that ignited the beginning of the end of slavery. Even though Lincoln and Douglas had similar viewpoints on controversial issues during the nineteenth century, these two influential leaders differed in some regards, such as their styles and methods on handling specific situations during this time period. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky on February 12, 1809....   [tags: presidents, kentucky, maryland]

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Abraham Lincoln's Letter to Horace Greeley

- “I hope to stand firm enough to not go backward, but yet not go forward fast enough to wreck the country’s cause” ~ Abraham Lincoln (Abraham). Lincoln is considered to have been one of the greatest presidents the people of the United States of America have ever elected. There are several contributors to his success, many of which would not usually be considered helping factors but rather hindrances. Lincoln took these troubles and turned them to his advantage. Lincoln faced depression throughout his life, business and financial failures, unique friendships, a political environment leading to Civil War, and the final impact of the Civil War all with the image of what a leader should be....   [tags: depression, Gettysburg, suicide, Kentucky]

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Abraham Lincoln: A Self-Made Man

- Abraham Lincoln, an autodidactic early American, grew up amidst the unlikely setting of the American frontier to an impoverished and undistinguished family (Donald n.p.). Lincoln built himself up in a world built to bring him down, and rose “from [these] humble origins in Kentucky, to prominent positions in legal and political circles of Illinois, and then to the pinnacle of presidency” (Donald n.p.). Within two months of gaining presidency, in contempt of Lincoln’s noble efforts, the American Civil War broke out amongst the country, and Abraham Lincoln, undeterred by the considerable amount of stress he was under, managed to keep together and ultimately strengthen the broken nation (Gienap...   [tags: kentucky cabin, humble pioneer]

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Kentucky's Divided Loyalties During the Civil War

- A border state, Kentucky attempted to remain neutral during the Civil War but was unsuccessful because of its strategic location and the divided loyalties of its citizens. Farmers who used the Ohio and Mississippi rivers for transporting their produce wanted access to both waterways and the international port of New Orleans. If the South separated itself from the North, this free access would be impeded. On the other hand, influential plantation owners and state rights advocates sided with the Confederacy....   [tags: American History]

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The Independece of the Blue Grass State

- ... Tobacco farming became important after 1830. By the 1860’s, Kentucky led the nation in tobacco production. A market for whiskey in New Orleans, down the Mississippi River, aided the growth of Kentucky agriculture and manufacturing. Kentucky farmers raised corn, rye, and other grains used in manufacturing alcoholic beverages. Whiskey production became an important industry. The use of slave was central to Kentucky’s agricultural economy, and slavery flourished in the Bluegrass Region (Campbell 291 and 293)....   [tags: kentucky, virginia, 15th state, conventions]

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Bobbie Ann Mason

- Bobbie Ann Mason was born on May 1 1940 in Mayfield, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Wilburn Arnett Mason and Christianna Lee Mason, the eldest of four siblings. She grew up outside Mayfield on the family dairy. Her early years she had a close bond between her family and the farm which subsequently shaped her themes in her short stories. As she grew up on the farm she was influenced by nature and procured an eye for physical details. After transferring from a small country school to Mayfield High School, she was again influenced by a "culture shock" and "engendered feelings of inferiority" (Price) between classes of country folk and townspeople....   [tags: Biography, Kentucky, Career]

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My Views On My Life

- There are so many aspects in my life that I would love to get down on this paper, but the fact is I would not know where to start. To be quite honest, I am still unsure of where I should go beyond this sentence. I suppose I could go back to what fuelled my desire to be here today, but even that has limitations, because while the beginning explains how I got here, I still have no idea what sparked my interest in this certain disciplinary that I have embarked on. Ok, sure, I love computers and anything to do with technology (phones, computers, electronic toys, cars, and etcetera), but I never thought of going into that career field....   [tags: Family, English-language films, Kentucky]

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Kentucky Local City Council Is Against Paying Bribes to Acquire New Car Making Plant

- ... If having the potential to increase its tax base, governments both state and local could seek to increase funding for many programs such as education, health and human services, and emergency services funding. The tax base potential increase is often required information to apply for grants. For example in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, applicants for the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Project Grants must provide the dollar amount for potential increase (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 2014)....   [tags: constitution, prohibit, economic]

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Team Toyota, Transporting the Toyota Culture to the Camry Plant in Kentucky

- Team Toyota, Transporting the Toyota Culture to the Camry Plant in Kentucky 1) Overview of the book The book that I read was Team Toyota, Transporting the Toyota Culture to the Camry Plan in Kentucky, wrote by Terry L Besser, in 1996. She did interviews with employees in all the levels of the company, but with a very small population, fact that she points every time during the book as a limitation of the study. They main idea of the book is to discuss the introduction of the Japanese model of management and its implications in the Americans employees....   [tags: Strategic Management Business ]

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Case Study : Racing And Eiph

- Racing and EIPH “Today over 99% of Thoroughbred racehorses and 70% of Standardbred racehorses have a needle stuck in them 4 hours before a race,” says Willie Koester, the chairman of the Association of Racing Commissioners International (Paulick). The sole drug that is given intravenously or intramuscularly to a racehorse to increase performance is a diuretic called Furosemide, or the trade name Lasix. Lasix is the number one controversy in racing since the 1960’s with its first user the 1964 Kentucky Derby winner, Northern Dancer....   [tags: Blood, Red blood cell, Kentucky Derby, Lung]

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Muhammad Ali

- Throughout the history there have been many famous people who have lived in this country. Some of them were actors, politicians and even athletes. And out of them one of the them all. one of was a gifted boxer named Muhammad Ali. Ali made is first marked as an amateur, then as professional. Ali went through many hard trail in his life, and one of them will change the future. Which will alter lead him to become the greatest Muhammad Ali. Ali is one of the most famous boxer of all time. Ali has many interesting facts about his early life,amateur career, Olympics career, personal life, professional boxing career Vietnam War, and resistance to the draft....   [tags: louisville, kentucky, boxing career]

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KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) in China

- Fast food restaurants are popular among the consumers nowadays. Many fast food restaurants are trying to serve the needs in the market as people seek for quick and convenient place to eat. Due to the fact that there are a huge amount of fast food chains available in the global market, fast food companies have to strive for success. Just by providing quick and convenient style of eating for the customers is not sufficient to stay competitive. This is why it is interesting to study and learn about a fast food company that stands out in such a competitive environment....   [tags: KFC China]

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Kentucky Fried Chicken: The Colonel's Way

- ... If the food industry would control the portion size that they serve, we could reduce waste which in turns reduces what gets to the landfill. Porter’s Five Competitive Forces In order to analysis if a particular industry is attractive to enter into, a business must look at the Porter’s five competitive forces. The Porter’s five competitive forces is a strategic analysis to determine the long-term attractiveness of an industry (Mullins & Walker, 2013, pg. 80). The analysis provides strengths and weaknesses related to competitors, new entrants, suppliers, buyers, and substitute products....   [tags: fast food franchises, business analysis]

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Human Resouce Management

- Introduction The University of Kentucky is the largest university in Kentucky, with 26, 682 students enrolled² they are the top employer in Lexington³ with over 10,600 employees and they are the ninth largest economic company in Kentucky, with an annual budget of over $1.4 billion.¹ The Human Resource department at UK has approximately 110 employees.4 I decided to interview the top two HR Specialists: Kimberly P. Wilson, Associate Vice President of HR and Mary Ferlan, Operations Director of HR. These two women put aside some time with me to go over the University of Kentucky's Human Resource Department, the Organizational Chart of HR, and answered some questions I had regarding their positio...   [tags: University Kentucky HR Hiring]

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Abraham Lincoln

- Childhood Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin County, Kentucky to Nancy Hanks Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln. Abraham had two siblings an older sister Sarah and a younger brother Thomas who died as an infant. In 1817 the Lincoln family moved to Perry County, Indiana due to a land dispute. When abraham was nine his mother died of tremetol. A few months after Abrahams mother Nancy died his dad remarried Sarah Bush Johnston a widow with three children. Both his parents were illiterate but Sarah encouraged Avraham to read....   [tags: thomas lincoln, kentucky, Nancy Hanks]

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Louisville Metro Police Department ( Lmpd ) Is An Agency That Works The Frontline Of The Criminal Justice System

- Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) is an agency that works the frontline of the criminal justice system. Although geographical jurisdiction is limited to Jefferson County, they have a greater legal jurisdiction compared to many other state and federal agencies. LMPD officers have the ability to enforce both local metropolitan laws and state laws. This agency is responsible for a variety of services including, but not limited to enforcing traffic laws, investigation accidents, patrolling, being first responders to incidents, investigating property crime, investigating violent crime, responding to request for service and order maintenance, investigation of murders, animal control and s...   [tags: Crime, Police, Louisville, Kentucky]

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My First Day Of High School

- There was a lot of reconnecting for my father once we were settled in. High School friend that he graduated with would stop him in the local Wal-Mart or would call him to say it was nce to hear that he was back. One of which then introduced me to her niece who happened to be the same age as I, Carmen Boley. Carmen and I were alike in many ways: we both played tennis, had a love for cooking, and loved learning. This then gave me someone at school to talk to so I would not be going in completely blind on the first day....   [tags: High school, College, Louisville, Kentucky]

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Abraham Lincoln: Characteristics of a Hero

- Stories of heroes have been a source of inspiration and awe for as long as people could tell them. We look to legends of great men and women who have accomplished grand tasks in hopes that we, too, may one day be as tremendous as them. Indeed, most of us do; albeit not in the way we imagine. Most of them slip by us unnoticed, overlooked, and will never be the protagonists of epic stories. So what exactly makes a hero. I believe a hero to be anyone who possesses the qualities of a hero: courageous, perseverant and compassionate – all of which Abraham Lincoln perfectly demonstrates....   [tags: log cabin, kentucky, symphaty for pets and people]

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Julian Carroll's Political Career

- In this short paper, I will be discussing the Kentucky political figure, currently a sitting senator and former governor Julian Carroll. First I will discuss his background which will include his early life up to his start in politics. Second I will discuss how he started his political career and then move into talking about his how he and his administration changed Kentucky. Lastly I will discuss his current political status and how I think he made differences in Kentucky. First, I will discuss his background, which started when he was born on April 16, 1931 in McCracken County Kentucky....   [tags: Political Science]

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Poverty : A Small Area With Not Only A Lot Of People

- Appalachia is a large area with not only a lot of people, but a lot of people living in poverty. You may not know it, but for many, life is an everyday struggle, from the basic need of clothing and basic living essentials, to the more necessary food, water, health care, and housing. With a lack of these basic needs, life can be tough, and for many, this kind of poverty continues from generation to generation, with no easy way out. According to Fahe, a non profit organisation that serves Appalachia, 18.1% of the Appalachian region is living in poverty, out of the 25 million people living in Appalachia, that means that there is a total of around 4.25 million people living in poverty, which is...   [tags: Higher education, High school, Appalachia]

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Swot Analysis : Strategic Planning

- Strategic planning is a process where companies should identify tactics that help achieve their long-term objectives. Any marketing activities that a company spends time and money on should be tied back to an overall objective. A strategic business will complete a situation analysis that compares how they are performing compared to their competition. They will look at their environment, including technological, cultural, legal, and financial factors. By completing a SWOT analysis, a company can make better identify the specific objectives they hope to achieve....   [tags: Marketing, Strategic management, Social media]

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Sustainable Futures Act Recommendations

- ... For decades poverty, mining companies, and mining practices have ravaged Appalachia. The mountains and rivers have been destroyed through mountain top removal and the pollution associated with that process. Communities broken apart by coal and the poverty of modern mining techniques. With the new ban on coal this process will only continue, unless something is done about it. While limited economic opportunities exist in the status quo, the manufacturing, construction, and upkeep of a large wind network across Eastern Kentucky would provide a large increase in job opportunities for those in Appalachia....   [tags: bans, coal, economy, trainging, bill]

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Is The Clone Considered A Person Under The Eyes Of The Law?

- Issues 1. Is the clone viewed as a person under the eyes of the law. 2. Under the eyes of the law in Kentucky, is Jimmy Frankenstein guilty of the murder of ‘Billy Bob Frankenstein’ (hereby known as the clone). 3. Does Jimmy Frankenstein owe the clone a duty of care as his creator, if the clone is recognized as a person. 4. Does Frankenstein’s duty of care extend to the clone if the clone starts to become an individual, even if the two share identical DNA. 5. If the clone is not declared a person, does this mean that as property, Frankenstein has the legal right to damage the clone and dispose of it accordingly....   [tags: Law, Human rights, Civil and political rights]

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A Brief Biography of Daniel Boone

- 1. Daniel Boone was a 16 year-old boy who lived in Pennsylvania, which at the time still belonged to England. He always loved hunting and exploring. They moved to Yadkin Valley, in North Carolina. Daniel and a friend of his discussed over a campfire the beautiful land of Kentucky, and how it was full of rich farming soil and lots of deer, black bears, and other small animals for skin and food. They decided to travel there. Daniel brought 5 men with him to hunt and collect skins. One day while hunting, Daniel and his brother-in-law got captured by Indians....   [tags: American heroes]

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The Case Of Roper V. Simmons

- In the United States Supreme Court case of Roper v. Simmons of 2005 the Supreme Court ruled in a five to four ruling that the death sentence for minors was considered “cruel and unusual punishment,” as stated by the Eighth Amendment, according to the Oyez Project online database. Christopher Simmons, the plaintiff, was only seventeen at the time of his conviction of murder. With the Roper v Simmons, 2005 Supreme Court ruling against applying the death penalty to minors, this also turned over a previous 1989 ruling of Stanford v....   [tags: Capital punishment]

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Application of Mens Rea and Juvenile Culpability

- Introduction Looking back into the annals of executions in the United States, history shows that persons as young as fourteen years of age were executed. In 1944, a black teen by the name of George Stinney was electrocuted for the beating death of two white girls and was convicted of murder and electrocuted. This event occurred in Columbia, South Carolina. (ABC, 2013) Many other states participated in executing teens during this period. As we enter into a new century, we look back at precedents that have been set and changed by United States Supreme Court rulings....   [tags: Death Penalty, Electric Chair]

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Moving to Chicago and Learning to Negate Stereotypes

- The blaring noise of taxicabs and buses honking their horns at each other woke me. I looked around in awe, still blinking the sleep in my eyes away. The sheer number of people was astounding, and the noise. This was not Bowling Green, Kentucky. I finally realized that we had arrived to Chicago, the Windy City. It was during the summer of 2005. My family and I were going to move from Bowling Green, Kentucky, a small town in the Bluegrass State. My dad had secured a new job in the large city of Chicago....   [tags: moving, Chicago, Stereotypes]

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Poverty Is A Hard Concept For Poverty, Poor Education, And Lack Of A Job Market

- In today’s society, poverty is often a hard concept for many people to grasp. However, poverty often runs rampant in American society and is a growing problem in our nation, such as with Martin County located in eastern Kentucky. As we know, eastern Kentucky is a poor area due to people not having the abilities to meet their basic needs from a very limited income, isolation, poor education, and lack of a job market. Even today, the community is still considered one of the poorest areas in the United States....   [tags: Poverty, Poverty in the United States, Population]

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Algebra 1: Math Curriculum Paper Written by Middle School Math Teacher

- I am a mathematics teacher, with a middle school education degree (grades 5-9) with an emphasis in mathematics and social studies, teaching at an area high school. I have decided to focus on Algebra I for this curriculum paper, because it requires more abstract thought and problem solving. I will address the following areas: curriculum standards (national, state, local (district)), textbook adoption, community, and design of my classroom. This paper will relate the standards at these three levels, discuss procedures for adopting textbooks, focus on the community background and describe my classroom procedures....   [tags: Education, teaching, secondary education]

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The Effects Of Illicit Substance Use On Young People

- Different states provided differing amounts of information regarding illicit substance use in young people, the only consistency they presented was data for the (12 – 17) range which most states in our target region were doing well in comparison to the national averages of past month and past year substance use. The highest past month illicit drug use being 8.7 per 100,000 with North Carolina which is still lower than the national average, and Pennsylvania barely passing the national average of past year illicit drug use of 2.70 with its value of 2.80....   [tags: United States, U.S. state, Southern United States]

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The Battle of Paducah

- The Battle of Paducah For many years "The Battle of Paducah" has been grossly under-stated. There is no mention of the battle in most history books. The latest Kentucky History book has no mention of the battle at all. Without a doubt, Paducah has been overshadowed by the massacre at Fort Pillow on April 12, 1864, some eighteen days later. In fact, if the Battle of Paducah had not turned out the way it did, the Massacre at Fort Pillow may have never taken place. With over thirty-thousand rounds exchanged between the Union and Confederate forces, and the death of one of the South's foremost Colonels, the "skirmish" at Paducah's significance should not be overlooked....   [tags: Papers]

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Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park

- Horses, nature, and college basketball are perhaps three ideas that an individual’s mind most often associates with Kentucky. Kentucky is home to many historical attractions that draw national interest and a few that even lure worldwide attention. It is safe to say a few of the biggest attractions include Churchill Downs, Keeneland, and Rupp Arena. There are many others as well, including several outstanding state parks. All these locations are historically significant. I have journeyed all across the Bluegrass and my utmost favorite site would be Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park....   [tags: American Revolution, American Revolutionary War]

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The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

- “I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day,” (Brainyquote) is a quote from Abraham Lincoln, who was the greatest president in the history of the United States. Abraham Lincoln, also known as Honest Abe, was the sixteenth president of the United States. As president, “Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War—its bloodiest war and an event often considered its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis,” (Wikipedia). Abraham Lincoln was considerably the best president the United States has had so far....   [tags: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War]

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Juvenile Homicide Offenders

- Throughout our world children are looked at as angles. What about the children that are said to be evil. Are they truly evil or is there something that triggers these acts and allows for the belligerence to be seen. Juvenile homicide offenders can be described as anyone under the age of 18 who is responsible for the murder of another human being. Many cases can show different aspects about the child’s brain and the way they may commit such a crime. Carl Newton Mahan, Robert Thompson and John Venable, are three of the youngest offenders in our history....   [tags: crime, jurisprudence, personality patterns]

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The Academic Gap Of Pennsylvania Council For Postsecondary Education

- Despite nominal gains in Kentucky for graduation among minorities, the academic gap still remains wide in comparison with their white counterparts. Kentucky Council for Postsecondary Education reported that during the period between 2009-2010 and 2013-2014, students who identified as Hispanic, Black or White increased in earned degree or credentials. Hispanics showed the greatest growth during this period. Asians also had a minimum increase (Kentucky Completion Report, 2015, p. 10). Though, an increase was noticed, it was not great enough to significantly affect the academic gap between whites and other minorities....   [tags: Academic degree, Higher education, Education]

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Learning Outcomes Of The Teacher Education Program

- This paper examines two published articles, both concerning the improvement of educators. The first article examines the Principal Preparation Program, specifically in Kentucky, regarding the effects field experience can provide in preparing school leaders for positions as Principals. The second article studies a teacher education program in Kuwait. This study is designed to analyze the learning outcomes of the teacher education program and the effects on student learning and achievement based on modifications made to specific learning objectives....   [tags: Education, School, High school, Teacher]

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My Life Through The Lens Of Sociology

- Renowned sociologist Emile Durkheim was once quoted as saying, “A person is not merely a single subject distinguished from all the others. It is especially a being to which is attributed a relative autonomy in relation to the environment with which it is most immediately in contact.” Society and its aspects play a role in developing the individual. I decided to perform an interview with my dad to analyze his life through the lens of sociology. After performing an interview (one of the sociological methods of inquiry) with my father, I was able to see contributions of structure, culture, and agency in his life....   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Working class]

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The Legacy of George Rogers Clark

- George Roger Clark was known as the "Conqueror of the Old Northwest" during the American Revolutionary War. George Clark had became a huge help to capturing British and Indian territory, Northwest of the Thirteen Colonies. Clark was a military leader for the American colonists in the American Revolutionary War, helping the Americans be successful in the Northwest, and was known for conquering most of the Northwest Territory for the thirteen colonies. (“George Rogers Clark” 1) Clark, during the 1770’s, was helping Kentucky defend itself from Native Americans....   [tags: american history, american revolution]

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Traditional Learning Environment for Adults Learners

- ... All the required assignments were relative to the literature that was required by the class, and that is the just of the literature being beneficial as well. The weekly quizzes, two major tests, and the final were all loosely based on the lectures themselves. The problem was that the delivery of the lectures was monotone and lifeless. Imagine that you are sitting through a lecture delivered by a computerized voice; not that the instructor was a computer, that makes it impossible to take notes and keep focus....   [tags: andragogy, self-directing, traditional]

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Smoking Is A Public Health Issue

- Smoking has been a public health issue that has been receiving more attention in recent years with the smoking ban in restaurants and on hospital and school campuses. The reason for the ban on smoking in so many public places is not only to discourage smoking in general, but also to reduce the incidence of second hand smoke exposure. Tobacco use is the foremost cause of preventable death, disease, and disability in the United States (CDC). Infants and children are especially vulnerable to serious health issues from second hand smoke exposure....   [tags: Smoking, Tobacco, Nicotine, Smoking cessation]

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clay Beats Liston: February 25, 1964

- "Clay Beats Liston: February 25, 1964" From the accounts of various Kentucky newspapers, I was able to learn a few facts about Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali, as well as the attitudes of his fellow Kentuckians. The first thing I noticed in all the newspapers that I viewed was that almost all the articles written about the fight were written by writers from either the Associated Press (AP) or United Press International (UPI). This displayed three things about the Kentucky press, first the belief that Clay's fight was not important enough to cover themselves, secondly that the newspapers probably did not make enough money to send their own reporters down to Miami Beach,...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Henry Clay, a Brief Biography

- Henry Clay, one of America’s greatest legislators and orators, lived from 1777 to 1852. In his lifespan, Henry was a very successful attorney, a well respected farmer, a horse race enthusiast, and a “Great Compromiser”. The name “Great Compromiser” comes from the fact that Clay was very good at negotiation. With this skill at hand, Henry was able to avoid the Civil War until it could not be adverted. Born on April 12, 1777, Henry Clay was raised in Hanover Country, Virginia. His father, a Baptist minister who went by the name Sir John, owned 22 slaves, which made him part of the “planter” class, (class of men who owned 20 or more slaves)....   [tags: American legislators and orators]

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Prevention Of Children And Families

- Introduction There are many agencies throughout Northern Kentucky that assist families that suffer from addiction. Depending on the agency, they provide a multitude of services. Some of these services include treatment, therapy, foster care, adoption, and shelter, just to name a few. Agencies in Northern Kentucky DCCH Center for Children and Families Since the middle of the 1800’s DCCH has been an impactful agency in Northern Kentucky in Ft. Mitchell. DCCH originally was an orphanage that eventually changed into a multidimensional agency to better meet the needs of a growing community....   [tags: Adoption, Family, Foster care, Childhood]

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