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Ethical Judgments and the Production of Knowledge

- Humans are rational and emotional creatures whose intellect allows for the evaluation of behaviors and actions. These evaluations help humans rule over actions and create ethical judgments. Ethical judgments dictate over what should be done and restrict the way of being of individuals. Ethical judgments have an impact in the methods available in the production of knowledge, but are not considered hindrances since they affirm the principles of human morality and are needed to judge knowledge claims....   [tags: The Stem Cell Debate]

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Snap Judgments: A Look into the Subconscious Mind

- The brain is one of the most complex as well as one of the most vital organs of the human body. It's utter perplexity still causes the most astound thinkers to step back and contemplate the way it works. Every second the brain processes four-hundred billion bits of information, while only two-thousand of those bits people become aware of. One can also observe that with so much information to process, there is a plethora of information in the world that can be obtained than what is actually being perceived....   [tags: Psychology]

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The 's Argument That All Moral Judgments

- Moral Objectivism         The purpose of this essay is to elaborate on John Ludwig Mackie’s argument that all moral judgments are false considering they presuppose moral objectivity which is itself inaccurate. To do so, I shall explain Mackie’s reasoning as to why the belief that moral values are objective was founded, and clarify Mackie’s arguments for why such an idea is misleading. Furthermore, I shall demonstrate how John McDowell’s color analogy can successfully prove Mackie wrong. The argument of this essay will establish that Mackie is immune to the idea of moral objectivity for he finds it queer and unsupportive of the relativity shown throughout the world....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, J. L. Mackie, Immanuel Kant]

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Value Pluralism and Absolute Moral Judgments

- Widespread and deep moral disagreements are persistently resistant to rational solutions and thus allow for continuing debate over the validity of moral judgments. This paper will discuss prominent positions regarding whether moral judgments may be true and false in an absolute sense or a relative sense, in light of the diverse and intense disagreement in moral judgment. This paper will defend the pluralistic conclusion that if there are not specific universal values, there is at least a minimum value of humanity without which a society could not survive....   [tags: Normative Moral Relativity, Moral Objectivity]

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Value Pluralism and Absolute Moral Judgments

- Widespread and deep moral disagreements are persistently resistant to rational solutions and thus allow for continuing debate over the validity of moral judgments. This paper will discuss prominent positions regarding whether moral judgments may be true and false in an absolute sense or a relative sense, in light of the diverse and intense disagreement in moral judgment. This paper will defend the pluralistic conclusion that if there are not specific universal values, there is at least a minimum value of humanity without which a society could not survive....   [tags: normative moral relativity, moral objectivity]

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Ethical Judgments Limit the Pursuit of Knowledge

- “The end justifies the means” is the famous quote of Machiavelli (Viroli, 1998) which puts the emphasis of morality on the finale results rather than the actions undertaken to achieve them. Is this claim true in the field of the natural sciences. Whether atomic bombings, as a mean used to end World War II, justifies the death of civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What is moral limitation in the acquisition of knowledge in the natural sciences. How is art constrained by moral judgment. Is it applicable to various works of art....   [tags: Ethics vs Knowledge]

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Ethical Judgments in the Arts and the Natural Sciences

- Ethical judgments limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss. When talking about ethics we have to take in account that it is based on the socially standardized concept of some things being good and some things being bad. Therefore what might be seen as socially unethical arts for some people, in another society or in another time, it probably won’t be so. The same is true for the natural sciences. And even if we take our western society as a base, there are some aspects of ethics and some specific topics of which people do not have a standardized opinion....   [tags: Ethics Essays]

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Clinical Psychologists Make Decisions And Judgments For Clients Regularly

- Clinical psychologists make decisions and judgments for clients regularly. These decisions and judgments can be correct or incorrect. Garb (2005) discusses topics related to the issues when making a psychological assessment/diagnosis. Some major points made in the article include: (a) methodological advances regarding the cognitive processes of the clinician along with the validity of descriptions of personality and psychopathology, and (b) the validity of judgments and utility of decisions regarding diagnosis, case formulation, behavioral prediction, and treatment decision....   [tags: Psychology, Psychiatry, Applied psychology]

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Aggregation of Individual Judgments and Priorities

- The decision makers have made their judgements from comparing criteria and alternatives. The next step is the aggregation of those judgements. There are two main aggregation methods: Aggregation of Individual Judgements (AIJ) and Aggregation of Individual Priorities (AIP). Aggregation of Individual Judgements Given a hierarchy, the decision makers input their judgements in each level. In this kind of aggregation, judgements are aggregated in each level of hierarchy. Forman and Peniwati (1998) state that “individual identities are lost with every stage of aggregation and a synthesis of the hierarchy produces the group’s priorities.” N decision makers will generate at least N judgement matric...   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Stereotypes are not True

- ... After 9/11 incident, America declared these groups as terrorists and in order destroy these groups, America attacked Afghanistan; is it fair to attack on a whole country in order to just arrest few people who were involved in 9/11. The Muslims who were trying to get freedom were depicted as terrorist but that is the false expression; all Muslims are not terrorists. On October 7, 2001 armed forces of the United States of America launched operation against Afghanistan. The basic purpose of this attack was the revenge of September 11 attacks on United States....   [tags: muslims, terrorists, judgments ]

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Political Judgments Should Be Based on Merit and Performance Not Political Labels

- The statement you issued on April 6 was indeed interesting. Apparently you consider yourself a socialist and have some deep seated sensitivity regarding the definition of the word itself. Judging from the tone of your letter you also apparently subscribe to "identity" politics and place great importance on labels. My wife and I are not from the Midwest and can not understand why so many people in Milwaukee continue to focus on race, labels, and political party identities. We prefer to make our political judgments based on individual merit and performance regardless of what label someone chooses for themselves....   [tags: Politics]

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Judgments of Conduct in Sense and Sensibility

- Sense and Sensibility is an elegant story that portrays the advantages of the first over the second, as manifested between two sisters of opposing temperaments, one of whom loves wisely and the other passionately. Set in London and its surrounding countryside, the story relates how Elinor, the eldest of Mrs. Dashwood's daughters, and Marianne, the second eldest, share in the agony of tragic love. In the opening of the book, Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters are forced to move to a new and smaller abode, as her husband's death left her fairly unwealthy....   [tags: Austen Sense Sensibility Essays]

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Ethical Judgments Limit the Methods Available in the Production of Knowledge

- Knowledge is defined as the “information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or education” (“Knowledge”). The methods of production of knowledge in the areas of arts and natural sciences are similar in some views, and different in others. Artists produce knowledge through their use of emotion and perception, while scientists and researchers produce knowledge through reason. Ethical judgment limits these methods available to both artists and scientists. In the production of knowledge in arts, there are highly controversial methods used mainly because art can firstly be done through mimicking....   [tags: knowledge, arts, natural science]

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Discussing Ethical Judgments in the Production of Knowledge in Both Arts and Sciences

- Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss. To a certain degree, ethics can be considered a matter of one’s heart, the source of emotional life, as well as their head, the center of a human being’s faculty of intellect and reasoning. Ethics, or moral philosophy, is a set of ideas that are systemized, defended, recommended in differentiating behaviour as either right or wrong prescribed by social and cultural taboos....   [tags: ethics vs production of knowledge]

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Misconceptions Are A Delusion Formed By Our Own Minds Through Judgments And Criticism

- At first glance I look just like any other girl in the world. You may see me wearing a lot of black, which I do most of the time and think maybe she 's going through a rough time. You may see the still unwavering expression on my face and think I 'm angry and have something against the world. These misconceptions you have formed are not uncommon they happen to people every day; they happen to me everyday. It 's not that I am angry or unhappy. Same as how you judge someone the first time you see them is often incorrect....   [tags: English-language films, Question, 2008 singles]

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Ethical Judgements in the Arts and Sciences

- Both the arts and the sciences have completely different methods to create knowledge, thus the effects ethical judgments have on the arts and the science are different. Ethics limits the production of knowledge in both the arts and natural sciences, however, in the arts ethical judgments do not limit the methods available in the production of knowledge, rather it limits the propagation of knowledge. On the other hand, ethical judgements do limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in the natural sciences, because ethical judgments are self regulated in the natural sciences by reason because of the role of ethics in the methods....   [tags: Emotion, Reason]

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The Study of Moral Judgements

- Moral judgments comprise a substantial portion of everyday interactions, and as such, it is crucial to understand the mechanism by which they form. While moral judgments have long been a subject of interest in social psychology, only recently has the mechanism of such judgments been studied. Current research has shown that the specific context of a moral judgment has a substantial impact on the outcome of that judgment (Van Bavel, Packer, Johnsen Haas, & Cunningham, 2012). Further research on moral judgments suggests that attention may play a key role in the formation of these judgments (Kastner, 2010)....   [tags: social psychology]

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Constraints Created by Ethical Judgements

- Ethics provide us with a moral guide of making decisions, so we can explore every available option. We know lying or stealing yield harmful outcomes, so we avoid them. Contrarily, we embrace encouragement and respect because they produce beneficial outcomes. Since aligning our behaviour with our ethics benefits our lives as a whole, one may assume that aligning our approach to the arts and natural sciences with our ethics should also benefit our productions of knowledge in these areas. However, that is not the case....   [tags: experiments, art, values]

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Ethical Judgements in Art and Natural Sciences

- Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss. We make decisions all the time. Similarly, there are decisions in various areas of knowledge whether it would be the arts or the natural sciences. Natural sciences is the area that is seeking for patterns. Meanwhile the arts is the area that is more broad and subjective. However, both areas of knowledge are affected by the decisions people make. These decisions are associated with the ethical judgments in society....   [tags: knowledge, decisions, arts, sciences]

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Ethical Judgements of the Arts and Natural Sciences

- We make decisions all the time whether it would be in the arts or in the natural sciences. Natural science is the area of knowledge that is seeking for patterns. Meanwhile the arts is the area that is more broad and subjective. However, both areas of knowledge are affected by the moral decisions and judgements that the people make in the production of knowledge or the method in which we explore for these areas of knowledge. Ethical judgements are related to the human moral values and they affect how people should or should not act (Dombrowski, 2007)....   [tags: values, controversial, animals]

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The Role Of Prejudicial Judgements On Patient Care

- Day 10 (9/12) On Monday our scheduled changed to 1200-2000. Majority of this shift is relieving other RNs for breaks and lunch. I was able to hang out with another nurse that was assigned a room with a patient getting a subdural craniotomy. The patient suffered from a subdural hematoma as a result of being drunk and falling off a bus. The patient also did not have any identical on himself as was listed as a John Doe. As the OR staff was prepping the patient for surgery, they discovered that he had a few tattoos of swastikas on his body....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Surgery]

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Ethical Judgements Limiting the Production of Arts and Sciences

- ... We could call this a type of pseudo-art with hidden ideologies trying to percolate into people’s minds. The forms of art they have been producing adulate a leader, an ideal, passing the direct opinion of the leader or the ruling party to their followers, or try to harvest ideologies in the minds of potential future adherents. Their art plays with people’s emotions, inducing opinions, through propaganda, through presenting things in a specific way. Specific examples for this type of artworks would be the “Der ewige juden” anti-Semitic film, from 1940 by Fritz Hippler, the president of the Reich Film Chamber who directed this film with input from German Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbe...   [tags: perspective, symbolism, experimements]

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Immanuel Kant's Theory of Judgment

- What are, and what are the differences between, judgments of perception and judgments of experience for Kant. Understanding how the mind works has been a major goal throughout philosophy, and an important piece of this deals with how humans come to experience the world. Many philosophers have attempted to investigate this issue, and Hume successfully proposed a framework by which human understanding could be understood. This writing, however, spurred Kant’s philosophical mind, awaking him from his “dogmatic slumber” and leading him to develop his own framework to define thought....   [tags: Immanuel Kant, 2015]

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The Judgement Of The Judgment Seat Of Christ

- Paul says that “all of us must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each may receive recompense for what has been done in the body, whether good or evil” (2 Cor 5:10; cf. Rom 14:10). We know very little about what to expect on the final judgment, however it is assured in Romans 2:5 that God is righteous and fair in his judgment. People will be judged according to principles and laws that have been clearly established and made known to everyone (Rom 2:15), God will not discriminate....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Last Judgment, Heaven]

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Michelangelo's Fresco The Last Judgment

- Art, by definition, is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”. Throughout history, one way that art has been used is to reflect a multitude of ideas and beliefs. Christian beliefs and ideas have been portrayed in artwork since the beginning of Christianity, although, it was not always acceptable to do so. The idea of the final judgement is a Christian idea that has been displayed in art repeatedly in a variety of ways....   [tags: sistine chapel, christian art, final judgment]

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Incorrect Judgment: Of Mice and Men

- In today’s society people are constantly judged, and a lot of the time this judgment is completely wrong. In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife is called a flirt and a “tart” (Steinbeck 28), but she is more than that. She is lonely and just wants someone to talk to, but that gets portrayed as something it is not. Curley’s wife is a woman who has been misjudged by everyone on the ranch. Through misunderstandings she is given a bad reputation, but this perception of her is completely wrong....   [tags: John Steinbeck novel analysis]

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The Origin of Judgment

- The Origin of Judgment Introduction The guiding thesis of Experience and Judgment is that logic demands a foundational theory of experience, which at the lowest level is described as prepredicative or prelinguistic.1 Edmund Husserl pursues within that text a phenomenological elucidation of the origin of judgment in order that he might clarify the essence of the predicative judgment. He does so in the belief that an investigation into the form of prepredicative experience will show it to be the ground of the structure of predicative thought, and thus the origin of general, conceptual thought....   [tags: Judgment Edmund Husserl Essays]

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The Judgment Seat of Christ

- The Judgment Seat of Christ Introduction Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, death, suffering and sin have lost its power over humanity. It has opened to humanity the reality of the life to come after this life on earth. This hope, which the redemptive act of Christ gives, brings men and women to the reality that life here on earth is the beginning of persons’ journey towards God. In this way, life’s journey starts from, begins with, and ends with God. However, as the images of eschatology fortifies hope for the things to come, it also poses a challenge for Christians to constantly take a re-look into their inner lives as well as in their actions because in the “Second Advent and i...   [tags: Theology ]

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Corporate Newsletter-Social Influences; Group Judgements and Decisions

- In recent months, the management team of this organization has been working tirelessly to diminish biases among group members and to establish a proposal focusing on the elimination of in-store employee theft. This criminal activity associated with inventory shrinkage and major revenue loss has proved to be a detriment to our company, but thankfully, is now in the process of being reversed. The success of our proposal resulted from the dynamics of an open discussion format in our group setting and the determination of each member to make the necessary modifications and improvements for this company....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Two-Second Judgment

- We have been taught to stop and carefully consider all the options/factors involved before making an important decision. But in Blink, Malcolm Gladwell finds that in complex situations, our initial two-second judgments, our blink moments, are often more accurate than judgments derived from lengthy, painstaking analysis. Although Gladwell is careful to explore situations where two-second judgments fail, the most interesting scenarios are where rapid cognition succeeds. It contradicts reason to think that a two-second judgment could be more accurate than a carefully made analysis, but in many cases it is....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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What´s Making an Aesthetic Judgment?

- Making an aesthetic judgment is about expressing an opinion of whether a work of art is worthy of being intrinsically valuable. The means of arriving at an aesthetic judgment has being a topic of much debate among philosophers and psychologists, as it begs into question what the qualities of aesthetics are (if such exist), and the cognitive mechanisms that propel us to define them as so. Perhaps aesthetic judgment can be thought of as something derivational; for the means of arriving at any judgment involve a process of assessments, in which we decide whether something is good or bad, big or small, beautiful or ugly....   [tags: observation of art, value]

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Injustice and Judgment in Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

- ... Another side of it is Mr. Raymond’s side, where he lets the town believe he is a drunk. “‘I try to give ‘em a reason, you see. It helps folks if they can latch onto a reason. When I come to town, which is seldom, if I weave a little and drink out of this sack, folks can say Dolphus Raymond’s in the clutches of whiskey-that’s why he won’t change his ways. He can’t help himself, that’s why he lives the way he does,’” (200). The quote is Mr. Raymond explaining to Scout and Dill why he lets the town believe he is drunk....   [tags: punishment, alcohol, negros]

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Analysis on The Rush from Non-Judgment by Theordore Dalymple

- ... His evidence ranges from the simplest form of non-judgementalism to the strongest. The simplest form being one of Dalrymple patients who refused to pass judgement on his two roommates after they had "recently decamped, stealing his [prized] possessions." The implications of this will be that this patients will not be able to learn from his experience. I believe i can safely imply that if he continues with this self deception he will acquire two new roommates who will also steal, lie and cheat him....   [tags: refraining, society, knowledge, deception]

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Judgment Errors And Its Effect On Fellow Co Workers

- Judgment errors are actually routine and happen on a daily basis (Bethel, 2013). In my experiences, the personalized blunders are making snap judgments, sweeping generalizations, and assigning the halo effect to fellow co-workers. I consistently use the first impression to set the tone for a situation. Using this technique does work in certain situations; however, the majority of the time, making a snap judgment does not prove beneficial in all issues. Using snap judgments is making a judgment before having all the facts....   [tags: Management, Employment, Time management]

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Analyzing Identity Through Impression Management: Professional Men’s Clothing Choices as a Symbol

- It has been said that first impressions can never occur twice. This is true in all regards, and most individuals cope with this through varying degrees of impression management. After a first impression occurs however, the management of that relationship based on further impressions is vital for long term symbiotic relationships to continue between the two or more people involved. In a professional setting, impression management is essential to establish a status quo between coworkers in their respective environments....   [tags: communication, judgements, gender]

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Judgment Biases and Attributional Biases

- Judgment Biases and Attributional Biases Thought processes can greatly influence people's social interactions, and the way that they live their lives. Cognitions develop how people perceive themselves and others on a daily basis. It is important to investigate how people attribute actions and behaviors exhibited, not only by themselves, but also those around them. These attributions shape the way an observer feels and reacts to others, and how people feel about themselves due to their own actions....   [tags: Papers]

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Making Bad Judgements Are Not Uncommon

- “It amazes me sometimes that even intelligent people will analyze a situation or make a judgement after only recognizing the standard or traditional structure of a piece” (David Bowie, n.d.). Making bad judgements are not uncommon. Often times we base judgements off of our own emotions and in many cases, this is not the best practice. I can remember passing a wrong judgement on someone based on a stereotype. Before joining St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, I was employed with FedEx. Most all of my Directors, Sr....   [tags: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Thought]

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The Negativity of Ethnocentrism in Traditions

- The Negativity of Ethnocentrism in Traditions As a child I remember being raised as having my own beliefs on cultures. My family was raised to follow directions from my elders and that’s what we did. On a Sunday morning, it was an obligation for my family and myself to attend church. If we would resist or make a scene our punishment would be no video games, nor television. It never took importance to me of how our traditions affected our everyday life. However, now as a grown up I can see why people may perceive some traditions better or worse than others....   [tags: traditions, judgements, culture]

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Psychopaths and Sociopaths: Innate Morality?

- Children are born with an ability to communicate their immediate needs to their mothers, nurses or caregivers by crying or displays of other emotions. As they develop more knowledge of language they are able to point, look at objects and smile to acknowledge they are pleased with, or otherwise, what they are receiving. Just as children are born with the ability to communicate needs and emotions, and a desire to seek out new things and master them, it only makes sense that they have many other unexplained desires including the desire to please and to love and feel empathy for others....   [tags: behaviors, moral judgements]

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Ethical Judgements Limit Knowledge

- Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both, the arts and the natural sciences. The aforementioned question incorporates a clear sense of direction and purpose, laying out the fundamentals of the Theory Of Knowledge by visibly stating the Areas of Knowledge that are supposed to be further delved into; in this case ethics, arts and natural sciences. The topic aims to denote that ethics are directly correlated to arts and natural sciences, the three being interdependent on each other and influencing one another in some way or the other....   [tags: Theory of Knowledge]

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Wilhelm Wundt's Psychology: Judgment

- Wilhelm Wundt's Psychology: Judgment It is almost impossible to write historically informed essays about any given topic in modern psychology without making reference to the work of Wilhelm Wundt. In part, this is because he produced a tremendous amount of written work (over 53,735 published pages1), and because he is widely regarded as the first experimental psychologist.2 So, it’s no surprise that Wundt has something to say about the psychology of judgment. Given the historical context in which his work took place, however, you might be surprised to learn that Wundt was keenly aware of both the problems with traditional associationist accounts of psychology and the temptations of psycholo...   [tags: Wilhelm Wundt Psychology Essays]

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Anti-Bias Education: Social Identities

- Social identities are important to consider while educating an anti-bias classroom. Anyone can learn to be a skilled teacher who makes a point to be anti-bias. What many people don’t understand, is that even if you think you are completely un-bias, some of our schemas are learned when you are very young. Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Olsen Edwards, authors of Anti-Bias Education: for Young Children and Ourselves, provide a great example of an internal bias that results in unfair judgments. “One example is if you were raised to believe that being prompt is a sign of responsibility, and your family always had a car, then it might be hard for you to comprehend the experience of low-income fa...   [tags: unfair judgements in the classroom]

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Moral Judgment

- ‘Moral judgments are nothing more than expressions of personal preference. While there is some point to arguing about questions of fact, moral arguments are a waste of time. The only thing at issue is what people like or don’t like’. I have probably read this statement about a million times and still do not have any qualms against it. Moral judgments are typically based on your upbringing, your likes, your religion (or non-religion), and numerous other aspects that make up your personality. Those listed traits and further attributions give you the basis of what you are going to feel morally to many issues such as: homosexuality, abortion, murder, stealing, etc....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Judgment

- As this narrative unfolds, we see a young man’s struggles to deal with a friend, family struggles and a great deal of internal conflict. Georg Bendemenn, the narrator, opens the parable describing writing a letter to a friend in Russia giving an impression that it’s going to be a simple story about their relationship. However, as the plot unravels Georg begins struggling more and more to maintain his life as it spirals beneath his feet. Georg Bendemenn is psychologically unstable because of the relationship troubles with his friend and father as well as ‘the judgment’ leading to his final decision....   [tags: Character Analysis, Georg Bendemenn]

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Nelson on Descartes's Theory of Perception and Judgment

- Nelson on Descartes?s Theory of Perception and Judgment ABSTRACT: One tension in Descartes?s account of human error stems from the idea that we may be faulted for our acts of will, despite the fact that God is our omnipotent and omniscient creator. In the present essay, I describe a second tension in Descartes?s account of human error. After describing the tension, I consider Alan Nelson?s characterization of the means by which Descartes?s intended to relieve it. Although Nelson's interpretation is almost correct, I think that it obscures some of the interesting details of Descartes?s theory of perception and judgment....   [tags: Descarte Philosophy]

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Judgment Time

- Judgment Time "Congratulations, you have a new baby boy!" my child-development teacher said as she handed over the 10-pound bundle. Last year in my high school child-development class, each student had to take the "Think-It-Over" baby home for a night to get a taste of parenthood. Even before I received the baby, I knew I was not ready to be a parent as a senior in high school. I could still remember when my brother and sister were little and I would have to take care of them all the time....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essay]

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September 11 and the Death of Moral Judgment

- September 11 and the Death of Moral Judgment The nation is in crisis: a national security crisis and a crisis of moral judgment. What is the right thing to do. People disagree. Then comes the big mistake: observing disagreement, people conclude that there is no right answer, no way to make a judgment. Worse, they conclude that to judge is arrogant and dangerous, so that in an odd twist, the only thing that appears to be morally irresponsible is the attempt to make a morally responsible judgment....   [tags: September 11 Terrorism Essays]

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Child Development Textbook

- Stereotyping is common in today’s society by people making judgments of someone’s culture, clothing preference, religion, etc. to a particular group of people. This comes naturally to categorize someone based on the group with which we identify him or her. In the movie, “Aladdin,” in the first scene the viewer can quickly stereotype this character as someone who is poor due to the clothes he is wearing and by the actions he does in order to have food in his stomach. By these judgments, the viewer can assume that he will be the bad guy for stealing food and running away from the law....   [tags: stereotyping, judgements, culture]

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Virtue Ethics: Deontological and Eudaimonist

- There are two basic types of ethical judgments: deontological judgements that focus on duty and obligation and eudaimonist judgements that focus on human excellence and the nature of the good life. I contend that we must carefully distinguish these two types of judgement and not try to understand one as a special case of the other. Ethical theories may be usefully divided into two main kinds, deontological or eudaimonist, on the basis of whether they take one of the other of these types of judgement as primary....   [tags: Ethics Judgements Papers]

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My Personal Philosophy Of My Philosophy

- For this paper I will be addressing my personal philosophy, what is most important about it and how I try to apply it in everyday life. My personal philosophy for life in general is to try to treat everyone with understanding and kindness, no matter what kind of day I have had. The most important concepts I attribute to this philosophy includes, not making snap judgments when I first meet someone, always try to do a random act of kindness at least once a week if not once a day, and learning that I do not always have to be right, but being open to new ideas and perspectives....   [tags: Idea, Mind, Concept, Judgment]

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Showing the Evil of Pride and Prejudice in Revelation by Flannery O'Conner

- The vices of pride and prejudice are difficult to overcome; they are vices that are ingrained in the nature of human beings. In Revelation by Flannery O’Connor, Mrs. Turpin, a self righteous and frank character, suffers from those faults. It is a difficult task to think well of those who were given so much less than her, both mentally and in property. The Revelation described in the title is the revealing to her that the first shall be last and the last shall be first; that the people whom she is quick to judge and look down on, are greater than her in the kingdom of God....   [tags: society, judgment, humility]

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Forgiveness In The Novel Of Forgiveness Quotes

- How much strength would it take to forgive someone who hurt your family. Does the feeling of judgment come to mind instead of forgiveness. The Shack highlights important concepts of God and true happiness. There is the acknowledgment of true strength in people and the true meaning of judgment. Then there is the most outstretched point in the novel of forgiveness. These three strong points of the novel help to structure the hidden meaning. Some would say that forgiving yourself would be the easiest, but is it really....   [tags: Trinity, Forgiveness, Judgment, God]

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I Am As A Person

- After taking this course, I have noticed that there have been changes within myself. None of these changes are huge but they are all little changes about things that make up who I am as a person. Prior to taking this course I would have labeled myself as a very open person. I thought that I was open to new ideas, new experiences, and new people. However the course made me realize that I wasn’t as open as I thought. Saying that you are open and actually being open is a totally different thing. I think part of the reason that I wasn’t as open and accepting as I thought I was is because I had never been forced to be open to new things in my life....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Judgment, Thought]

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Displays of Good Judgment in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

- It has been proposed, concerning the play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, that Romeo behaves rashly while Juliet shows superior judgment. Perhaps Romeo is more confident and quick to make decisions, and Juliet takes her time to think issues through. Both Romeo and Juliet make some good decisions and demonstrate good judgment but, also, they make some mistakes by acting hastily without thinking. Juliet behaves in a careful and thoughtful manner in different stages of the play. An example of this is when Lady Capulet talks to her about marrying Paris....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet Essays]

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Judgment in the House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus

- People place judgment on one another every day based on differences. Sometimes it is done subconsciously; sometimes it is done on purpose. In the book The House of Sand and Fog, by Andre Dubus III, two different cultures were represented; Kathy represented the culture of the western civilization, whereas Behrani represented the culture of Persians. People judge one another based on unimportant things, and get judged based on those same things as well. Two cultures were used to amplify how different their cultures were from one another....   [tags: Analysis of House of Sand and Fog]

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Are Spinozistic Ideas Cartesian Judgements?

- Are Spinozistic Ideas Cartesian Judgements. Abstract Some commentators of Spinoza maintain that Spinozistic ideas are judgements. I shall call this view the common interpretation, since it is popular to interpret Spinoza as reacting against Descartes’s theory of ideas and accordingly consider Spinozistic ideas not as Cartesian ideas, but as Cartesian judgements. The clearest difference between Descartes and Spinoza here is that whereas Descartes thought that ideas are passive, Spinoza thought the opposite....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Moral Judgements

- Moral Judgements Jakob Bronowski’s book, “Science and Human Values” argues that the scientific method of inquiry into reality provides a generally applicable foundation for moral judgement. Bronowski says, “in order to keep the study in a manageable field. I will continue to choose a society in which the principle of truth rules. Therefore the society which I will examine is that formed by scientists themselves: it is the body of scientists” (Bronowski 58). Bronowski makes it clear in his book that he is going to base his study on scientists....   [tags: essays research papers]

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You Should Never Give Up

- You should never give up. Or should you. Can giving up possibly be a good thing for your life. Most people would say 'no ' without question, but the truth about giving up may surprise you. Don 't Give Up On Life. When I say 'giving up ', I 'm not talking about giving up on your dreams and goals. You probably know many people who have done that already, and if you watch them, their life is not something you want to take on for yourself. People who give up on life have very little to live for. They have no purpose or direction....   [tags: 2007 singles, 2006 singles, Judgment]

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Business Ethics in Today's Corporate World

- Business Ethics in Today's Corporate World Business ethics is part of today’s society whether you like it or not. There are many things happening in today’s corporate world that needs to be opinioned. Are ethical judgments merely a matter of personal opinion. Yes because we live in a free society I think that most ethical judgments are based on a matter of what you believe in. Everyone has the right to think differently. There will also be similarities and differences in your ethical point of view because of religion, race, and education but I don’t think it will be much different than someone else’s opinion if it all comes down to these factors....   [tags: Business Morals Ethical Judgements Essays]

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Hawthorne and "The Birthmark": No Judgment Intended

- Since the beginning of time, people have lived by the expression, or at least heard From their mother’s, that “no one should judge another based on physical attributes.” “The Birthmark,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne gives its reader an important example of this worldly known moral. In “The Birthmark,” Hawthorne uses characterization, a foil character, hyperbole, a dramatic setting, imagery and a huge tragedy in order to display the judgment morality of his main character, Aylmer. Hawthorne goes into every detail possible about his characters, Georgiana and her husband, Alymer....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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A Judgment in Stone, by Ruth Rendell

- As human beings, our personalities determine our actions. In the novel, “A Judgment in Stone” by Ruth Rendell, Eunice Parchman and Joan Smith both possess two distinct personalities that fuel their hatred of the Coverdale family. Because of Eunice’s illiteracy and Joan’s insanity, they develop a mutual friendship that proves to be fatal for the Coverdale family. Eunice Parchman’s illiteracy drives her to kill the Coverdale family and leads to the discovery of her crime. Eunice is accused by Rendell of killing the Coverdale family because she cannot read or write (1)....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Ruth Rendell]

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An Evaluation Of The 's Clinical Judgment

- As the scenario unfolded, I noticed that Brandon was easy to work with, cooperative, and provided my partner and I with supportive feedback throughout the caring process including information as to how to position a patient’s leg to increase stability while they are side lying. Additionally, one physical aspect I noticed about Brandon was that he could not move his legs as a result of a spinal cord injury. Brandon’s injury prevented him from completing tasks independently, such as bathing much of his body....   [tags: Nursing, Patient, Nurse, Better]

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Fairness : The Quality Of Being Free From Bias And Making Judgements

- Fairness to me is the quality of being free from bias and making judgements that are free from injustice and discrimination. I think fairness in a classroom is about treating every student fairly by not treating them in the same way. Usually when people hear the word “fairness”, they would automatically assume that it means everybody having an equal amount after dividing whatever it is or everyone being treated the same. But in reality, that doesn’t work at all because everyone is different in their own way....   [tags: Learning styles, Education]

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Judgment Day in Two Religions

- Judgment day is a day that all monotheistic religions believe in. According to monotheistic religions, it is the day where the world ends as we know it, people either go to heaven or hell according to what they have done during their lives. However, these beliefs vary from one religion to the other. Christianity and Islam have many similar beliefs about judgment day, but Islam has deeper information about what will happen; these beliefs include, the signs before the arrival of the day, the antichrist, and the appearance of Jesus Christ....   [tags: monotheistic religions, antichrist]

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The Geranium and Judgment Day

- Flannery O’Connor’s short-story work occurred during the 1950s and 1960s, a time in which race caused significant tensions among Americans. Raised in the south, Flannery grew up in an atmosphere of overt racism and Catholic fervor. Both of these influences affected the way she wrote. Flannery O'Connor conveyed both her moral and religious values in her writing, and she consistently wrote about religion and race within this narrow perspective. “Many of my ardent admirers would be roundly shocked and disturbed if they realized that everything I believe is thoroughly moral, thoroughly Catholic, and that it is these beliefs that give my work its chief characteristics” (O'Connor Habit 147–8).Sh...   [tags: Analysis, Flannery O’Connor]

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Ignorance Does Not Permit Judgment

- ... Mayella Ewell is the eldest daughter of the Ewell family, nutorious for their disrespect for others and the law. When she and her father accuse a black man, Tom Robinson, of raping her, she is called to the witness stand. There, she displays her ignorance for the whole court to see. After refusing to answer Atticus's questions, she says, "Long's you keep on makin' fun o' me... Long's he keeps callin' me ma'am and sayin' Miss Mayella. I don't have to take his sass. I ain't called upon to take it" (Lee 182)....   [tags: Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird analysis]

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Judging a Person by Their Occupation

- Christie Scotty has a problem; she is concerned with people who judge by an occupation. She states that the ubiquitous statement "And what do you do?" is what triggers her concern. Christie was a small town reporter, considered a professional and important job whereas she waited tables during that period of time, she was deciding on what to do next. She then mentions the constant disrespect she got from the customers. The customers always made rude gestures and made unacceptable comments which were upsetting for Christie....   [tags: Employment Work Judgment]

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The Crucible By Arthur Miller

- Darkness is a relentless force that will gradually deteriorate everything it touches unless stopped by a superior power. Darkness cannot mask light, but light can mask darkness by the power of love and grace. Elizabeth Proctor from The Crucible by Arthur Miller is hidden in the darkness by her unwillingness to forgive her husband, John Proctor for lechery. As the Puritans in Salem, Massachusetts are hanged for being falsely accused of witchcraft, Elizabeth discovers grace. In “Arthur Miller’s Introduction to His Collected Plays,” Miller explains, “the sin of public terror divests man of conscience, of himself” (51)....   [tags: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Judgment, Love]

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Michelangelo’s Last Judgment

- Description (1) The painting is a frameless rectangular fresco on a wall with a sky-like blue background. It is a condensed dynamic composition of masculine human figures, each in different position. Some of those figures are dressed up and some of them are nude. There seem to be a lack in the sense of gravity because the figures are either flying or standing on clouds. In the center there are two figures, a man and a woman. The man is standing in a partially seated position, his right hand is raised up and he is looking to his left side, his left hand is pointing to a wound in his chest and he is partially covered in a grey piece of fabric....   [tags: Art history, fresco, painting]

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Subjective Decision : Instinctive Judgment And Perception

- The way in which one defines instinctive decision will greatly influenced which path this essay will take. One may define instinctive decision to judgment which is purely related to my future after high school, intuition being defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”. Whereas I agree with intuition being a part of success, it’s not purely just intuition but rather outcome as the primary source that influences or rather the foundation for our instinctive judgment and perception as a conduit from the outside world to your inner world that allows you to have a judgment or decision....   [tags: Bachelor's degree, Management, Academic degree]

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Sistine Chapel Ceiling and The Last Judgment

- In this research paper I will be looking at two different artworks by the same artist. The two I will be looking at are the Sistine Chapel Ceiling (1508-1512) and The Last Judgment (1534). Both of these painting are painted in the Sistine chapel which is located in the Vatican. I am going to attempt to evaluate these two pieces of art painted by Michelangelo and explain the cultural and religious aspects of them. I will also look to other scholars to get their perspective and their reactions to the paintings....   [tags: Michelangelo, Vatican, culture, religion, painting]

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Reasons For Judgment Of The Second Full Court

- A. Reasons for judgment of the second Full Court The second Full Court held that: Mr Fernando could be ordered to pay the Commonwealth’s costs notwithstanding his disability. Mr Fernando had been heard on the issue, notwithstanding counsel for the litigation representative’s claim to the contrary. B. The costs order against Mr Fernando The Federal Court Rules 2011 (Cth) [the Rules] draw no distinction between a mentally disabled person or minor: person under a legal incapacity means: 
 (a) a minor; or 
 (b) a mentally disabled person....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, Court]

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Professionalism, Good Judgment, And Polite Behavior

- Professionalism is one of the essential attitude an employee should possess in all occasion and endeavor he will undertake. According to Merriam Webster dictionary, it is defined as the “skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.” Simply, it is an impeccable combination of competence and character to carry out the responsibility being delegated meeting its required demand and expectation. Be professional. A cliché might be in the scope of different companies and organizations but a great price behind this word must be understood....   [tags: Webster's Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Power]

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Process Of Making Appropriate Nursing Judgment

- Delegation and Supervision Delegation is the process of making appropriate nursing judgment to achieve maximum patient care outcomes. This process is done by the registered nurse, with the understanding of the organizational structure, policies and culture of the institution. This skill has to be mastered by the registered nurse regardless of the method of nursing care delivery. This process can be challenging as well as a learning experience to gain proficiency in delegation and maintain the safety and well being of the patient (Yoder-Wise, 2015)....   [tags: Nursing, Healthcare occupations, Patient]

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Judgment at Nuremberg

- Judgment at Nuremberg The Nuremberg trials took place between 1945 and 1949 and were used to judge the acts of over a hundred judges accused of committing war crimes. The movie "Trials at Nuremberg" dealt specifically with the justice trials. The justice trials adjudicated the criminal responsibility of judges accused of enforcing immoral, unjust, and inhumane laws set by the Nazi party. ====================================================================== Justice Werner Lammpe ===================== Werner Lammpe was accused of sending numerous citizens to concentration camps where they were later killed....   [tags: Papers]

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Judgment and Superficiality

- Judgment and Superficiality Beauty is only skin deep Beauty is in the eye of the beholder      “Beauty is only skin deep” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” can be very controversial quotes to some people. Those quotes are all based on how they are viewed by other people. You may not believe in them but others might believe strongly in them.      First, “Beauty is only skin deep” all depends on what type of person you are. Both quotes rate directly to each other but let’s pull them apart separately....   [tags: Shakespeare Beauty Shallow Essays Papers]

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The Production of Knowledge in both the Arts and the Natural Sciences

- Production of knowledge is generally seen in a positive light. However, when ethics and morality become involved in the process of production, judgements will undoubtedly be made that may seem to limit the availability of that knowledge. Ethical judgements are made by the combination of a knower, his or her standard of value, and the situation itself. In the field of the arts and natural sciences, ethics plays a crucial role in the extent one may possibly be allowed to go to when discovering new knowledge....   [tags: ethical judgements, methods, limits]

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Moral Realism

- Moral Realism In this paper, I examine the connection between judgments of fact and moral judgments in an attempt to discern whether moral judgments are simply a subset of judgments of fact. I will look mostly at an argument posed by many moral realists that takes moral facts to be “supervenient natural facts which are independent of our theorizing about them”1 and in which moral judgments are determined by objective facts which relate to human flourishing or pleasure and pain. I will also, though, take a look at the fact/value gap and determine the effect on the connection between moral judgments and judgments of fact of an attempt to close this gap....   [tags: Judgment Fact Moral Ethics Essays]

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Use of Proper Judgment in Othello

-         A central tenet of Othello is the concept of proper judgment, and to always use it when making decisions. The renaissance definition of proper judgment can be illustrated by the "hierarchy of proper judgment." Governing all is reason, which includes understanding and will. Below reason are common sense, memory, and imagination. Finally, at the bottom are the 5 senses, emotions, and passions. In order to judge properly, it was believed that reason had to govern all else. Proper judgment could never occur if only one item was relied upon to make the decision....   [tags: Othello essays]

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Process of Making Sensory Judgements

- “When I see a tomato before me and on that basis judge that there is a tomato before me, the content of my belief outstrips my evidence for it”. Let us call this statement S. To decide whether S is true I will examine ambiguities in S, particularly in the word “see”. We will see that there are several different readings, some of which give different truth values to S, but that only one of them is interesting, and that in this case S is true. In order to decide whether S is true, we need to be clear about what is being asserted....   [tags: Perception]

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