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Depiction of Japanese Culture in Anime and Manga

- Japanese well-known product, anime and manga, have become increasingly popular throughout the whole world. Alverson (2013) have noted that in New York Comic Cons (New York Comic Convention), the amount of people attending the event has been increasing since 2000 (p. 23). Exner (2012) also appreciate the fact that anime has become mainstream form of entertainment (p. 28). So, what are they. In many people’s understanding, anime are Japanese cartoons and manga are Japanese comics. This belief is not wrong, but there are some fundamental differences that differentiate anime and manga from American comics and cartoon....   [tags: Japanese Animation]

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The Japanese And Japanese Culture

- The Japanese culture is quite harmonious, respectful, and hardworking. Their culture is made up highly of being respectful of others, family, and nature. They value their elders, history, tradition, religion, family, government, nature, education, and work. Japanese value respect and their reputation. It is very important for them to save face in their society. For example, The japanese believe that if they turn down someone’s request, it causes embarrassment on themselves and they lose reputation....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Culture, College]

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Japanese Culture Analysis

- When most people think about Japan they come up with two opposing images. One image reflects the busy day life of this island; filled with salary man and companies. While the second image features an explosion of colorful LED lights and clubs that are common within the nightlife. Today in present day, Japan has evolved and flourished to become one of the top growing economies and industries in the world. Making Japan a prime and excellent area for jobs to prosper. One of these modern jobs that have flourished is the Hostess lifestyle....   [tags: Japanese Society]

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Benefits of Japanese Culture

- Heighten Your Health with the Benefits of Green Tea Originally planted and grown solely in Asia, Camellia sinensis is now grown almost everywhere because of its popularity. This plant is used for producing oolong, white, black, and green tea. Its leaves and leaf buds are fermented to achieve various oxidation levels that result to different types of teas. Lesser fermentation keeps the high levels of antioxidants present in the drink. These antioxidants are the molecules that can safely counter the effects of free radicals in the body....   [tags: Culture ]

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American vs. Japanese Culture

- Psychological anthropology is the study of individuals and their personalities and identities, within particular cultural contexts. In this paper I will identify two different cultures in the world which are the American and Japanese. Then, I will examine their traditions through various life cycles. Based on the behaviors, customs, and beliefs of each of the two cultures, I will discuss how personalities and identities are formed and shaped within the two different cultures. Finally, I will be giving two specific examples for each of the selected cultures....   [tags: Culture]

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Japanese Culture And Japanese Cultures

- There are many key components to the Japanese culture that I never knew that they followed. The top three things that I feel the Japanese follow heavily are respect, trust, and harmony( Japanese Culture, 2016). The first thing I learned from reading the article on Japanese culture was that if I was a business man going into this country that I would need to bring with me enough business cards to give to everyone( Japanese Culture, 2016). I would also need to have the cards printed in my native language and in Japanese....   [tags: Geert Hofstede, United States]

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An Examination Of Japanese Culture

- An examination of Japanese culture, and where it stands on Kluckholn and Strodbeck’s Value Orientation, Hall’s cultural dimensions, and what America needs to know in order to communicate properly with Japan. Researches Florence Kluckholn and Frederick Strodbeck developed a value orientation that can be used to identify cultural patterns in 1961 (Cooper, 21). Their research suggests that all humans, regardless of culture, face similar problems that must be faced (Cooper, 22). These problems are addressed in a variety of different ways; Kluckholn and Strodbeck’s value orientation is designed to evaluate the response of various cultures, and place them on a continuum....   [tags: Culture, Cross-cultural communication]

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Japanese Culture : Japan And Sushi

- There is more to Japan than kimonos and sushi. This unique and creative culture is only known for the stereotypes media associated with that country. In response to that, a critical question to ponder is “How is Japan influenced by the demographic imperative?”. With that mentioned, I argue that Japan remains culture that focuses on tradition while accepting and adapting to ideologies of Western culture. To begin this essay, a brief history of two major events that impacted Japan will be discussed to get a better understanding of its current ways of living today....   [tags: Japan, China, Government of Japan, Western culture]

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Japanese Society and Culture

- Many of us, if not everyone, has heard of the country of Japan through various means. Possibly through popular films such as Godzilla or the renowned horror films which the country produces. Perhaps through the various anime TV shows that have been dubbed in English creating a massive fan base here in the United States, or the massive franchise Nintendo that has filled our child memories with countless hours spent in front of a screen playing Mario or Pokémon. One way or another the Japanese have shared their culture with a huge audience but thats only scratching the surface of the Japanese culture....   [tags: Japanese Essays]

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Japanese Sexuality And Japanese Culture

- Historically Japanese sexuality has been very conservative and inclusive. The term the “old ways” has been mentioned in many cases in my research. This in itself suggests, that even in the modern era that Japanese sexuality continues to maintain it fundamentally conservative attitudes towards sex. Although, at the same time it seems that Japanese popular culture and media projects a sense of hypersexuality. This research paper is main goal is to launch into an exploratory research into the contradictory nature that is Japanese sexuality....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Sex]

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Comparing Japanese And Japanese Culture

- Adaptation and Originality Japan 's has always looked to China for its iit all ideas regarding the fine arts, but they have always been adapted to fit Japanese culture. The Japanese tended to add a more playful taste to the Chinese models. Merchants were advocates of the arts and displayed high quality paintings and wooden block in their homes. Response to the Western Challenge In the later Tokugawa period the Japanese focus shifted from Buddhist ideals to Confucian ideals, which was different from Chinese Confucianism....   [tags: Qing Dynasty, China, Empress Dowager Cixi]

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Influence of the Samurai on Modern Japanese Society

- Introduction Throughout History, there have been many different groups or events that are still widely known today. Groups of people such as the Indians or Vikings are popular groups which are referenced constantly in today’s society. However, none of these groups is more known or referenced than the Japanese Samurai. Originating in 646 AD, these Japanese warriors developed from a loose organization of farmers to the dominant social class in Feudal Japan. Along with their dominant military and political standing, the samurai brought with them a unique code or moral belief that became the core of Samurai culture....   [tags: Japanese Culture]

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Overview of Japanese Manga

- To the Western world, Japan, its’ people and culture included, is an intimidating mystery. Yet, the intimidation that Westerners associate with the Japanese comes not from Japan’s foreignness (relative to Westerners), but rather from the image of Japan and its’ people that Westerners have grown up with. Focused solely on their work and success, the Japanese people turn their backs on their personal pleasures and emotions; the romantic and passionate does not apply to the Japanese. That is the picture that Westerners have created of Japan and her people....   [tags: japanese culture]

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American Culture And Japanese Culture

- The Nerd Are stereotypes true. Yes, because if it weren’t true it wouldn’t be a stereotype. However, stereotypes are generalizations that are usually taken from facts. Therefore, the only problem with stereotypes are that they are not true for all cases. Not all Asians are short, nerdy, bad at sports, bad at driving, know how to do kung fu, and have small eyes. Not all African Americans are good at basketball, use drugs, or have a large appetite for watermelon and fried chicken. Not all Americans are fat, racist, undereducated, or arrogant....   [tags: Educational years, High school, Human]

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Psychological Overview of the Japanese Culture

- Since my cultural experience was on the Japanese culture, I decided I would continue on with that interest and write my paper about the Japanese culture therefor giving me a chance to do more research about the culture. The Japanese culture is really rich and diverse, there is a particular hierarchy or structure to the Japanese culture, Denison (2002) stated that “Japanese culture is structured around black and white norms for acceptable group behavior. People who do not function by there norms are viewed as outsiders who lack legitimate status....   [tags: gender roles, behavioral skills]

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An Overview of Japanese Culture and Geography

- Japan is an island positioned in East Asia just somewhat south of South Korea and lies in the Pacific Ocean. The country is made of three major islands, known as the Home Lands, these islands names are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The whole country is made of 2,456 islands stretching all along the southeast Pacific. The country is 72% mountainous land that runs all the way from the north to the south all the way through Japanese islands. One of the most eminent renowned names in the Japanese Alps is Mount Fiji....   [tags: language, religion, ethnicity]

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Imapct of History on Japanese Culture

- ... Courtly elegance is appreciated and adds an attention to detail to Japanese culture. Both Buddhism and Shintoism infuse culture with a focus on and admiration of nature. The distinct changes in seasons influence a flow of life which celebrates and adapts to each change. This shifting can still be seen in Japanese culture as the menus, decorations, and to some extent, the patterns of daily life follow the changes in seasons. (Storlopare,) The arts are cultivated and calligraphy, poetry, music, and customs are practiced and refined....   [tags: cultural heritage and ancestry]

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Manga and Anime in the Japanese Culture

- Manga and anime are a very huge part of Japanese culture. They have a long history in Japan and they have gotten increasingly popular. Even now in modern day Japan, manga and anime have become a major part of everyday life. Though accepted into many households, some people believe that manga and anime are a bad influence to the people that enjoy reading and watching them. However, manga and anime give the people of Japan a huge quantity of stories to explore and enjoy and a wide range of genres to choose from that it makes it such a favored hobby....   [tags: Japan, Everyday Life, History]

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Gender Roles in Japanese Culture

- Gender roles are stereotypical labels placed on males and females within a specific culture. In addition, gender stereotypes for males and females are products of cultural aspects rather than their physical differences (Kincaid, 2013). As time inevitably progresses through history, a coherent pattern can be identified in regards to changes in gender stereotypes. These changes in gender roles are directly correlated with the alterations in societal advancement. The changes in societal and cultural development over the course of history can be thoroughly recognized in specifically Japanese culture....   [tags: Traditional Values, Societal Advancement]

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The Stereotypes Of Japanese Culture

- As societies modernize and industrialize, century old traditions are forced to change. The stereotypes of Japanese culture include ideas such as; Women are to marry young and become housewives, everyone in Japan is competitively genius, and that it is uncommon to share feeling because it shows weakness. As these ideas fall to the wayside, women are entering the workforce altering the economy, and changing the way children are raised. These effects may also be changing the rates of suicide in these young children as they compete for the top rank in their schools to bring honor to their families....   [tags: Marriage, Demography, Suicide, Mental disorder]

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Japan and Japanese Culture

- Japan is a large island off to the east of China it is a great country that has a rich culture. The Japanese religion is based off of two main beliefs, the belief in Shinto and Buddhism many Japanese people believe consider themselves both. The Japanese people were known to be around as early as 4,500 B.C. They have constructed their government style to a constitutional monarchy where they do in fact have an emperor, but he has limited power within the country. The main power of the country is held by the Prime Minister of Japan....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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Changes in Japanese Culture

- Throughout “Hiroshima” by John Heresy, the readers are gradually exposed to Japanese culture through each of the six survivors, regardless of the survivors' nationality, as they stitch their lives back together after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 9, 1945. Japanese-style hospitals are quite different in comparison to other hospitals, gradually reforming through the book. As a Japanese, you were happy to die for your Emperor and country as shown in Tanimoto's letter to an American and in the survivors....   [tags: Hiroshima by John Heresy]

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Japanese Culture on Education

- “Once children enter school, it becomes almost their whole life” (Hendry: 2003, 82). At first sight this seems like a rather extreme view. However, considering Hendry’s familiarity with Japanese culture and society in general is it fair to say that this assessment of the education system in Japan is accurate, and if so, to what extent do Japanese students have it harder than we do in the West. Throughout this essay, I intend to explore the features unique to the Japanese education system, and contrast them with those of the European and American systems, while examining the history of education in Japan....   [tags: system, structure, role, model, teacher, exams]

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Japanese Americans And Japanese American Culture

- Japanese-Americans (JA) have an extensive history in the United States. Immigrating in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there were roughly 800,000 Japanese-Americans during the 2000 census. It is estimated that there are more than that, however, and that many of those who identify as Asian typically identify as two or more races (Tanabe, 2000.). The Japanese-American culture has evolved through the decades since their arrival. While some families have remained steadfast in their cultural beliefs, others have experienced varying levels of acculturation....   [tags: Health care, Culture, Patient]

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Masashi Kishimoto 's Naruto And Japanese Culture

- Masashi Kishimoto 's Naruto is a manga/anime that was published in 1997 and has since been very popular in Japanese culture. Masashi Kishimoto is a Buddhist manga writer and through his work of Naruto was able to incorporate Buddhist values and characteristics to the manga/anime. Buddhism is what helped form the creation of Naruto. By doing this, Kishimoto wanted to make an impact on Japanese culture by reviving the lost interest in Buddhism. Just like many other Buddhist 's, Kishimoto wanted to change the way the Japanese youth perceived religion, and he was able to accomplish that in a secretive way....   [tags: Culture, Popular culture, Buddhism, Japan]

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Overview Of The Japanese Society

- Japan represents a country with the same amount of land area as the state of Montana, but contains a unique culture richer than the vast oil fields of the Middle East. The culture of Japan has been growing, changing, and evolving ever since the first signs of civilization nearly 12,000 years ago (“Japan”). The Japanese culture of today stresses the necessity of proper etiquette in order to earn respect, one of the most important aspects of their society (“Japan – Language”). Knowing the proper etiquette is like memorizing a new language, due to the fact that you must use different behaviors and actions depending on the location or the people involved....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Customs, Traditions]

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American And Japanese Culture : The Yakuza ( Pollack, 1975 )

- The Yakuza (Pollack, 1975) was an interesting movie using the blend of American and Japanese culture to help build the storyline. This neo-noir film is about a man that returns to Japan, after World War II, to retrieve the daughter of his friends. Though he completes his mission he is pulled into something deeper that could claim his life. His movie is mostly about relationships between characters and how they change with better understanding of each other. Not only that, but the relationship between East and West....   [tags: Culture, Western culture, Japan, Western world]

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Japanese Soldiers: The Samurai

- ... The training, barely, could take from the early morning till the late evening. Few other things, that the general student didn’t learn, were navigation, strategy, moral, and few others. But the most important lesson was learning the warrior code. With the help of this, they were introduced to the rules of morality and the law of “bushido”. Bushido stands for the “doing the work, that is dedicated to you (related to samurai).” This code of honor emphasized loyalty and bravery. This unusual code of honor referred to not only to martial rectitude, but also to personal rectitude....   [tags: japanese culture, loyalti bravery]

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Depiction of Japanese Culture in Anime and Manga

- (1) Entertainments such as books and movies are some of the main entertainment products for people to enjoy. That was the supposedly the primary purpose for their creation. However, there are more to them than simply as sources of entertainment. These entertainment products have long been used, not only for joy, but also for the spreading of the culture. In other words, entertainments are used as a soft power (Belkhyr, 2012, p. 704; Karademir, 2012, p. 634). Soft power is the power of attraction, as opposed to hard power, which is the power of force....   [tags: Historical Events, Soft Power]

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Social and Geographical Aspects of the Japanese Culture

- The Japanese culture in very unique and opposes what most say is normal in their lifestyle. Japan is formed by a band of islands east of Asia in the Pacific Ocean. The islands stretch over 1360 miles from the northeast to the southwest. Japans total land area is smaller in size than the United States state of Montana. The four largest islands make up about 98 percent of the total land mass of the country. Due to the mountainous region, only about 15 percent of the land is able to be used for housing and agriculture....   [tags: family oriented society, communication]

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How Japanese Culture Is Inluencing America

- ... 24) In the next chapter, it talks about how anime is used to portray the shocking events in the history. On page forty, an American anime scholar Susan Napier expresses that, “We’re less defended when we get in to anime.”(pg. 40) She explains about the psychological effect that the audiences watching the animation would not think as much important as a movie, which also causes this media to sink in deep inside the audience themselves. After this psychological explanation about the shocking effects soften as it is illustrated in an anime, Kelts talks about Osamu Tezuka and Hayao Miyazaki, both using this method to portray their animations....   [tags: Japanamerica by Ronald Kets]

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Japan 's Influence On Japanese Culture

- When addressing soft power and an efficient way of utilising it, Japan is one of the superior countries, considered in terms of culture as one of the “perfect globalization nations” (McGray, 2002, 44-54). The latest Monocle soft power survey, listing Japan as a firm fourth in the rankings (Monocle, 2015), further suggests this notion is still apparent fourteen years later. As a result, Japan’s position in the global community as an influential country is constantly under debate. On the one hand, “Post-war Japan cannot exercise hard military power to coerce other states”, (Lam, 2007, 349-363), as presented with the Self Defence Force....   [tags: International relations, Globalization]

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Japanese Culture And Military Conflict History

- The word culture normally refers to the shared beliefs, norms, interactions, effective understanding and shared patterns of behaviors among a particular group of individuals. For a particular norm or believe to be termed as a culture it must possess some special features. One of the features is that the culture must be a learned behavior that is passed from one generation to another especially as a person grows in a given environment. Another feature of cultures is that they are interrelated. Cultures emerge from family, educational institutions and social institutions which offer a ground for learning the basics of the cultures....   [tags: Army, Military, Empire of Japan]

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American Culture And Japanese Food Culture

- There is an episode of Disneyland in California. One of the popular attractions, “It’s a Small World” got an upgrade in 2008. This was because an obesity of Americans. Boats frequently sank because of overweight guests, so they needed to fix it (Marcos). This story clearly illustrates the obesity crisis in America. In today’s world, 65% people in America are obese, and this percentage is the highest number in the world (Overweight). In contrast, Japan’s percentage of obese people is 3.6% (Overweight)....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Japan, Life expectancy]

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Japanese Culture and Homosexuality

- In 1804 Napoléon I instituted The Napoleonic Code. The code outlawed rights centered on birth, endorsed freedom of religion, and indicated that administration occupations should go to the utmost capable. In 1880 after the induction of the Napoleonic Code, same-sex sexual interaction was legalized in Japan. In the feudal era, Japan held a very strong relationship with the behavior of homosexual activity between men. There were strong indications of sexual activity being a rite of passage for some men as well as a pleasure and privilege to others....   [tags: ritual paths into manhood]

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The Totality of Japanese Culture

- ... We have our own will and desire, but we also need interpersonal relationship. I would like to take an example, such as hitori bocchi. It is a Japanese term for those who choose to be alone rather than gathering with other people. In my opinion, it’s quite easy to find it in Japan. I joined a small discussion couple weeks ago together with some Japanese and international students. We talked many things and hitori bocchi was one of them. Some of Japanese students said that they chose to be bocchi, such as eating, going to movie, and travelling alone....   [tags: sonzai, interconnectedness, ningen]

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Present Day Japanese Tea Ceremony

- Present Day Japanese Tea Ceremony In Japanese culture, there are many traditions that are passed down from generation to generation and done in the same way as their ancestors. One of these traditions is the Japanese Tea Ceremony. The Japanese culture takes pride in traditions like this because it shows their culture and how customs were done in the past. But are these traditions necessary in today’s fast paced culture. In present day society, culture and tradition seem non-existent to the public, but to some people these traditions are very well alive....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Traditions, Ancestors, Tea]

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The Influence of Japanese Popular Culture

- Did you know that most of the cartoon shows that are on television come from Japan. Japanese popular culture has made a huge hit all over the world. There are many forms of popular art in Japan. Some know forms are anime, music, and manga. These are the most notable ones and are also what makes up most of their fan base for pop culture. Some other forms include cosplaying, contemporary art, and fashion. Cosplaying is short for “costume play” and it means to dress up as a character from sources like anime, manga, film, and games....   [tags: cosplaying, anime, music, manga]

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Japanese Culture: Summer Festivals

- In Japan, spring is the season for renewal, rebirth, life and growth. When you think of spring in Japan, you would usually think of the cherry blossoms that bloom all throughout this country. The cherry blossoms are a symbol of “human life, transience, and nobleness.”(Spring, JNTO) There is more to spring than just the cherry blossom viewing. All throughout Japan, different prefectures are celebrating festivals to welcome the coming of spring and to pray for good health. Some of the festivals that might occur in Japan are: Dai Himonjiyaki, Yayoi Festival, Hina Matsuri, Kodomo no Hi, and Aoi Matsuri....   [tags: dolls, spring, rebirth]

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Japanese and Chinese Culture

- Japanese and Chinese both share great and subtle differences, from their diverse uses of food and religion, to their similarities in writing. After reading them, you should have a small understanding about the differences of Japanese and Chinese culture. So here are just a few of the things that make them so interesting One of the most interesting differences between Japan and China would be their cuisine. So what is the difference between Japanese and Chinese Cuisine. This is a question that is hard to answer, mainly because China is a very large country, making its cuisines differ from area to area....   [tags: Compare and Contrast]

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A Report On Japanese Culture

- A Report on Japanese Culture Folkways: While most countries have business cards, Japan has taken it to a higher level. For in Japan everyone has at least one. Known as ‘Meishi’, these cards are an important part of social interactions. They are used for starting conversations, for if you know what the other person you are talking with does for a living you have an idea on what to talk about. It also allows you to be remembered after you both part company. You should always be prepared with your business card in Japan....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Japanese Culture: Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

- ... Geisha are also “taught how to behave toward people. They learn when it is appropriate to smile and say something kind” to another individual” (Golden 158). The magnificent style of dress that a geisha wears is an important tool within her practice of art. The geisha wears a robe called a kimono. It is not simply any kind of kimono. The kimono is a piece of artwork itself. It is usually a kimono that is designed by the best of the best in the most elegant silk fabrics with vast combinations of vibrant colors, threads and textures....   [tags: woman, happiness, choice]

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Religions and Japanese Culture

- Religions and Japanese Culture Many religions are popular within the Japanese culture. Two of the most influential religions, Shinto and Buddhism that help shaped a lot of Japanese values are Shinto and Buddhism, played a large role in shaping Japanese values. Numerous similarities and differences run between these two religions; nonetheless, the Japanese often believe in more than one religion at the same time. This is possible due to the polytheistic nature of most popular religions in Japan....   [tags: Papers]

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Japanese culture

- Japanese culture The small island country of Japan is rich in a culture that has developed over thousands of years. It is very difficult to analyze another culture without some knowledge of that culture first. During my two year residency in Japan, my eyes were opened to the culture of Japan and its people and I grew to love it as much as my own. (The ideas expressed in this essay mainly consist of my own knowledge and observations of Japan). The Japanese are a very traditional people....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Japanese and Australian Culture: Food and Cuisine

- Food and cuisine is one of the most important and influential aspects of how a country's culture is shaped and by looking at how this has been accomplished, it is clear to see direct links between dishes and aspects of Japanese and Australian Culture. REFERENE By researching a meal from each country, Okonomiyaki and Damper, connections are made and analysed between identity, culture and the communication. Cuisine is a big factor in the identity of a culture and many people will list food as a factor that makes a country what it is, even using Damper for an example, many people see it is an Australian classic and part of Australia's history....   [tags: Okonomiyaki Japan's cuisine]

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Japan cracking U.S. pop culture hegemony

- Thoughts of Japanese culture typically includes reference of the traditional words such as Kabuki, sumo, samurai, or ninja according to Amelia Newcomb, author of “Japan cracking U.S. pop culture hegemony”. This is not true anymore, in fact, without realizing it, Japanese culture has seeped in under the door an invaded the American culture. Roland Kelts, author of the book Japanamerica, wrote about such ideals: The terms anime, manga, and otaku have become common parlance in the American media, no longer explained or defined in parentheses....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Anime]

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Japanese and Chinese Culture

- One of the most interesting differences between Japan and China would be their cuisine. So what is the difference between Japanese and Chinese Cuisine. This is a question that is hard to answer, mainly because China is a very large country, making its cuisines differ from area to area. China mainly cooks their food over a high flame with oil and often times, spicy ingredients. The main source of meat in China is Pork. Due to its large amounts of land, the fish eaten in china is also more often freshwater fish than saltwater fish or example, Yu Sheng, a Chinese fish salad, which is often enjoyed during the Lunar New Year....   [tags: Compare and Contrast]

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Japanese History and Culture

- Japan has always been an ever changing country. From the time when the emperor ruled and governed the country to the time when the emperor lost decision making power and became a symbol of national unity. Japans history is written throughout the world because of wars and trade especially with the United States. Japan is very isolated and lacking in essential resources, because of its relatively bad geography it is one of the biggest importers the world has ever known. Japan has very strong and unique cultural customs that have not changed over time (Japan)....   [tags: Japan, geography, ]

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Japanese Business Culture

- Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, an island of nations within East Asia. Japan is the world’s tenth largest country by population, with 127.3 million people. A major economic power that continues to experience growth resulting from industrial and technological breakthroughs. In the last decade, Japan has experienced growth through globalization that affected it citizens by employment and wages. As a vital key to conducting business in Japan it is essential for a corporation to understand etiquette and protocols as well as the religious beliefs that may or may not impact business....   [tags: Globalization]

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Japanese Animation and Identity

- Japanese Animation and Identity In Orientalism, Edward Said claims that, “as much as the West itself, the Orient is an idea that has a history and a tradition of thought, imagery, and vocabulary that have given it reality and presence in and for the West” (5). The complex network of political, economical, academic, cultural, or geographical realities of the Orient called “Orientalism” is a way of coming to terms with the Orient, or to be less geographically specific, the Other. Although Said defines Orientalism to be specifically Franco-British experience in the Arab world, his basic arguments can be applied to the process of Othering in a more general sense....   [tags: Orientalism Japanese Culture Technology Essays]

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J-Horror: An Expression of Change in Japanese Culture and Tradition

- Horror movies have become a staple in the movie industry. In theaters worldwide, but primarily Hollywood, the women of horror are often portrayed as the damsel in distress, usually lacking independence and often victimized. This portrayal of women in horror is not internationally acknowledged. Japanese horror (aka J-Horror) has gone to great lengths to make the wrath of the female feared amongst all audiences. As a country known for its “slow progressing cultural movements” (McRoy 54), Japan has used film as away to express the changes in traditional and cultural practices....   [tags: Film, Gender Studies, Japan]

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Samurais and Honorable Suicide

- ... From their ability to work and gain a good position to finding a good man to marry. The only way to save the family from a lifetime of shame the person would take their own life. The family would shame the person into committing suicide if they didn't want to because their social status was more important to them. This obviously didn't happen in Samurais Garden, Kenzo knew what he needed to do and did it without a second thought. “A society which for the sake of order and conservatism, believed that suicide was a sacrifice which wiped the sins of the dead man from his family....   [tags: Japanese culture]

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Analysis of Japanese Business Culture

- Analysis of Japanese Business Culture Along with recent globalization, the business market is now diffused everywhere in the world. Consequently, mega-competition and international co-operation are promoted simultaneously in the field of business. Under this circumstance, learning and understanding the business culture each country has is important to succeed in global business. As business culture is indivisible from a country’s cultural uniqueness, American-style business is formed in the United States, and British-style business is adopted in England....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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The Culture Of Ethnic Cuisine

- Ashis Nandy, the author of the article “Ethnic Cuisine: The Significant ‘Other,’” writes, “one suspects that the culture of ethnic cuisine and ethnic dining has become more and more sophisticated and complex because it has become a major symbolic substitute for the cultures it is supposed to represent. ‘The Significant ‘Other’” (250). Past few years, food from the different culture and ethnicity became the symbol of their culture. The restaurant owners started to open their business with the food from different cultures, and people are able to get their hands easily on not only the food, but have second hand experience through the cultural food....   [tags: Culture, Anthropology, Japanese cuisine]

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My Reasons for Applying to the ALT Position with JET.

- ... Since then I've learned to implement what I learned there in practice. My first ESL job was in Jilin, a small town in Northeastern China. Developing my skills quickly in order to prove myself under daily parental observation, I learned to be an adaptable, quick-thinking and resourceful teacher. I was responsible for creating and utilizing detailed lesson plans, but I soon learned when to scrap or change activities on the fly and how to identify "teachable moments" to expound upon when needed....   [tags: learning Japanese and Japanese culture]

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The Japanese Attempt to Erase Korean Culture, History and Identity

- Even though none of my relatives were killed or tortured by the Japanese, I am still afraid. I am afraid that my vicarious wounds still linger inside me, affecting everything I do. I know that they destroyed our cultural and spiritual circle that we maintained for five thousand years. They just had to leave a natural trace that actually became part of us. I don't know if I should hate them. It is ignorantly and unwittingly buried deeply in our unconsciousness. Natural hatred and attraction, like two inseparable sides of a coin, had confused me for so long....   [tags: Japanese History Korea Japan Essays]

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The Ideal of a Man and Woman of the Heian court Based on the Tale of Genji

- In this paper I will be discussing the ideals of a man based on the Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu with translations by Royall Tyler, beginning with some background information on what the Tale of Genji is, then moving on to discuss the ideals that were presented in the story and how the ideals are contradicted. The Tale of Genji, otherwise known as Genji Monogatari, is a classic Japanese literary work that was written by Murasaki Shikibu in the early eleventh century and is considered to be the world’s first novel, depending on who is asked....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Heian Society]

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Bushido Shoshinshu by Taira Shigesuke

- Bushidō is known as the way of the samurai, it started towards the end of the Heian period and evolved during the Medieval Period 1185-1573 but is still part of the Japanese culture during times of war. Though it was first written about eight hundred years after it became what it was, it evolved greatly throughout time to stay affective. Taira Shigesuke, in Bushido Shoshinshu, was the first to write on Bushido. Prior to then, bushido was a verbal understanding; it was a way of life, similar to a Knight and Chivalry....   [tags: japanese culture, war, samurai]

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An Investigation Of Japanese Corporate Culture, Its Trends And Changes

- An Investigation of Japanese Corporate Culture, Its Trends And Changes Japanese Business & Culture bus 258.1 Table of Contents1.0 Introduction 2.0 Procedure 3.0 Findings 3.1 Changing social culture. 3.2 Business Culture in Japan 3.3 Why change is needed 3.4 What is Japan and her corporations doing to develop and change 4.0 Conclusion 5.0 Bibliography Japanese Business & CultureAn investigation Japanese corporate culture, its trends and changes.1.0 IntroductionThis report is based around the following quote: "Japan's corporate culture is the product of uniquely Japanese social and historical influences, so deeply rooted as to easily repel outside influences....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Influence of Anime on Interest in Kendo among the Young

- I interviewed M-kun whom I met through kendo (Japanese fencing). He is a fellow kendo club member from high school. We played kendo together several times and I noticed he likes anime and kendo at the same time. When I asked him whether he just liked anime if he was an otaku (nerd), he clearly said he used to be an otaku. That was why I interviewed him because I wondered whether there are any connections between anime and kendo. As I analyzed his interview, I found three interesting connections between anime and kendo....   [tags: japanese culture, soft power, behavior]

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Shintoism in History

- Shintoism A thousand torches blaze with fire in dozens of cities and towns in Japan. It is January 15th, the start of the lunar year. Before World War II, the emperor of Japan used to light fires twice a year at the four corners of his palace in homage to Kagutsuchi, the God of Fire. Today, temples across the country continue to celebrate the fire festivals, known as Dosojin Matsuri, to honor the fire deities and ask for favors. Shintoism is not a normal religion. In modern perspective, it resembles the views of many modern pagan religions—for instance Wicca—in the sense that it involves ideas like animism, shamanism and the existence of a spiritual world; nevertheless, Shintoism, unlike we...   [tags: Four Affirmations, Japanese Culture]

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Gender Socialization and Gender Roles

- Gender socialization and gender roles have always existed in society. When analyzing gender roles, they are not always equal or consistent when comparing cultures, however, the expectations of females and males are often times clearly defined with a little to no common area. The Japanese culture is an example of the defined gender roles that change over time. According to Schafer (2010), because “gender roles are society’s expectations of the proper behavior, attitudes, and activities of males and females”, they must be taught (p.357)....   [tags: gender roles, samurai, japanese culture]

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Gender Ideals in Heian Society

- The Heian period(794-1185), the so-called golden age of Japanese culture, produced some of the finest works of Japanese literature.1 The most well known work from this period, the Genji Monogatari, is considered to be the “oldest novel still recognized today as a major masterpiece.”2 It can also be said that the Genji Monogatari is proof of the ingenuity of the Japanese in assimilating Chinese culture and politics. As a monogatari, a style of narrative with poems interspersed within it, the characters and settings frequently allude to Chinese poems and stories....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Literature, Male Domination]

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The Ideal of a Man and Woman of the Heian court Based on the Tale of Genji

- In this modern day and age, the epitome of manliness, at least to the Western world, includes a few main things – masculinity, or physical strength, mental acuity, and being an emotional rock – one who is emotionally stable and almost stoic, capable of comforting and lending strength. The modern epitome of womanliness is one encompassing sensuousness, gentility, emotion, cunning, and more and more often, strength of mind. This plays in stark contrast with the Japanese Heian-era notions of the ideal man and woman as portrayed in Murasaki Shikibu's Tale of Genji....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Heian Society]

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The Relationship Between Zen, the Karesansui, and Music: Ryōan-ji, a Case Study

- Ryōan-ji is a Zen monastery in Kyoto, Japan, founded by Hosokawa Katsumodo in 1450. It is particularly famous due to its extant karesansui, or dry landscape garden. This is said to be added by Hosokawa Masamoto in 1488 during reconstruction of the monastery (Brinker 80).The karesansui was used for the basic purpose of meditation by Zen monks. (expand) John Cage was a composer who lived from 1912-1992. He is famous for minimalist works that frequently explore different aspects of rhythm. In 1983, he started writing “Ryoanji,” named after Ryōan-ji in Kyoto....   [tags: Japanese culture, history]

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The Shichi Go San and the Marimo Matsuri Festivals

- ... During this time, people are praying for good business. The tori, or the rooster, is one of the animals of the twelve Zodiacs (or Junishi). The zodiac consists of the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and the wild boar. Before today, the Japanese combined these zodiacs with the celestial stems (or Jikkan), and were used to represent each year and day. This festival will usually occur in the Otori-jinja shrines. The rooster is sometimes referred to Otori-sama, the deity who brings good fortune and business....   [tags: pray, autumn, japanese culture]

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The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu

- Being a student interested in the field of biology, one knows that studying life in the past plays an important role in the history of organisms that lived on this earth. Similarly, being Japanese, studying the past of how Japanese were plays an important role in Japanese history. Despite all the general aspects of life that have changed from the Heian period, the one idea that has definitely not changed is the romantic relationships between a man and woman. Though the general concept is the same, from reading The Tale of Genji, it is what was considered the ideal woman and ideal man that were both surprising and thus worth discussing....   [tags: The Heian Period, Japanese Culture]

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The Globalization of Animated Features and the Merging of Cultures

- By using the inherent talents of its people to create digital media forms as anime, Japan has been spreading its culture and philosophy all over the globe, and this can be described as globalization. Up until recently, there were around 60 anime production companies, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, and these companies “provided products in 112 countries” that held approximately “87 percent of the world’s population” (Anonymous). Additionally, in 2010, the anime-related market in North America region made around $2 billion, though this so-called anime is not a hundred percent Japanese....   [tags: digital media, japanese culture, globalization]

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My Individualism Written by Natsume Soseki

- Japanese and Chinese culture had different response towards the western modernization. The two document of “The Heritage of Japanese Civilization” written by Albert M. Craig will help us analyzed the differences and perspective from the Chinese reforming its country. The four document in “The Heritage of Chinese Civilization” which also written by Albert M. Craig will help us see a better perspective from different authors of Chinese culture changes through modernization. This will help us understands the difference between the Chinese and Japanese culture response of western modernization....   [tags: japanese and chinese culture, modernization]

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The Tale of Genji

- The Tale of Genji offers the reader an understanding of another period of Japanese history that is often overshadowed by the stories of medieval period. It gives the contemporary reader a good glimpse of what Heian society considered as the ideal man and woman and their complicated and intertwined relationships. First, I will discuss the ideal qualities of a Heian woman and their relationship with men as described in the novel. Then, I will discuss the description of Genji and the possible implications behind those descriptions....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Heian People]

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Poetry of the Heian Period

- Poetry had a very large role in narrative prose of the Heian period. During the Heian period poetry was a way that people showed their worth or status. Men and women would write poems to one another in order to attract the other and win their love. Poetry was mixed in with prose to add to the stories and display the overwhelming value of poetry in Japanese society. With the shift from poetry to prose, long tales and stories were able to be passed down in Japan helping to shape the Japanese culture....   [tags: Japanese Literature, Culture]

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Ideal Man and Woman in The Tale of Genji

- The Heian period was a very long time ago and everything back then was completely different. Men were considered to be powerful and would be in charge of women, while women would have to be submissive. The men would spot a woman and it seems almost instantly, he would be extremely attracted and want her. There are many different characteristics that make up men and women of the Heian period, compared to present day; love, attraction, and power are perceived very differently. The definition of an attractive woman during the Heian period is definitely not the same as women today....   [tags: Heian Period, Japanese Culture]

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Ideal Man and Woman in The Tale of Genji

- Murasaki Shikibu has given us great insight into what the ideal man and woman in court is in her work The Tale of Genji. Although in the abridged version we have read there are no concrete physical descriptions, the depth of personality in certain characters show us the ideal being one should be in the Heian court. Compared to today’s perceived ideals, the ideal man and woman seem to only have changed because of the influence of media. First, the ideal man seems to have been what Genji was painted as throughout the book....   [tags: Heian Society, Japanese Culture]

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The Kabuki Theater

- Although it started out as just another type of dance, Kabuki eventually emerged into an important and fascinating theatre where elaborate makeup and costumes combined to put on entertaining performances for audiences throughout the centuries. Kabuki started out as a style of dance in the early sixteenth century, also known as the Edo period. Kabuki is an exclusive type of theater in which only males can act on stage. For over 400 years, women have only been allowed in the audience and not on stage....   [tags: Japanese culture, history]

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A Student’s Exploration of the Kibyoshi: An Examination and Appreciation of the Genre of Literature

- A Student’s Exploration of the Kibyoshi: An Examination and Appreciation of the Genre of Literature Due to the geographic location of Japan and China as well as the association between both cultures, many early works of Japanese literature were heavily influenced by Chinese figures and Chinese culture. Because of this intimate relationship between Japan and China, the majority of Japanese literary works up to the end of the early modern literary period (ending around 1868) was dominated by Chinese cultural references and figures....   [tags: chines culture, japanese literature]

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Ideal Man and Woman in The Tale of Genji

- As with all cultures of ancient times the difference in though process and the way people deal with everyday situations are totally different from our modern times of today. This paper will be about such a culture. The culture that is presented within this paper is about the Heian period of Japan, and what men and women of the Heian court thought of each other in terms of marriage, and relationships. This paper will analyze this subject through one of Japans great tails about court intrigue The Tale of Genji: by Murasaki Shikibu....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Marriage, Heian Society]

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Japan History

- Shinto Shinto is the aboriginal spirituality followed by the Japanese people. In the 8th century, Shinto practices were for the first time, archived in codified records of history of the Nihon Shoki and Kojiki. Shinto today is a term that is related to community shrines matched with various human ceremonies like historical memorials, marriage, harvest festivals and worship. People who practice Shinto express their varied values with a standard way of communication and activities, implementing similar ancient dress code and rituals....   [tags: Japanese Culture, Shinto]

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Female Identity in Japan

- Is western influence in both the media and society affecting the authenticity of traditional gender roles and female identity within contemporary Japanese Culture. The face of unfamiliar and irrelevant representations is it difficult to assert as sense of identity. Although this is a concern of female assertion of identity and position in many different cultures, including western cultures like the United States. The essential issue that is wished to be resolved within these findings is whether cultural imperialism is the disabling factor of the female identity within Japanese society....   [tags: Western Culture, Japanese Gender Roles]

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The Cultural Background Of Children

- To adapt in other culture, it has to be fast because you do not want to take so much time to explain every single thing to make opponents to understand you. For examples, asking babysitter to other people, who has different cultural background, need a lot of effort to make them understand your concept of raising a child. More specifically, I feel powerless when I tell my neighbors who has different cultural background about giving sweets to children. Even though many parents in Japan recently give sweets to their children, they will know how much other parents mean to give/not to give sweets when they talk about the amount of sweets....   [tags: Culture, The Culture, Japan, Japanese people]

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- Introduction Kimono is a Japanese word, it means clothing and is simply pronounced kimono (Kee-Mo-No). Kimonos are traditional, silk, Japanese robes that are worn on special occasions by men, women, and children. (Salter) "In order to produce 1 kg of silk, 104 kg of mulberry leaves need to be eaten by 3000 silkworms. It takes about 5000 silkworms to make a pure silk kimono." A kimono is the main robe; there are other things that make a kimono. The kimono is a robe, with big sleeves, and a very large V-neck....   [tags: Japanese Culture]

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