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Parent Interview of a Special Needs Child

- ... The mother however reported that being a single mother was stressful. At the time the child was a year and half old, the mother placed in family daycare center that was in a provider’s apartment. The provider also cared for four other children between the ages of one and three. The child was in the providers care from the age of one and half until she was three years when she started to attend a full day preschool program. The mother reported no concerns during this period of the time and stated that her daughter was an easy child who listened....   [tags: pregnancy, stress, speech, infact]

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Data Collection Method

- Data Collection Method One of the methods that will be chosen to collect data for the research project will be the use of a case study. The participants will be carefully chosen from organizations in the retail sector. The organizations that will be selected will provide a well-diversified portfolio of both smaller and larger size and across multiple areas of product and service offerings. The purpose for this is to provide an expanded opinion base that could potentially allow the study to be expanded to a broader applicability model for the results....   [tags: reliability, credibility, PDS, coding, interview]

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A Great Teacher - Original Writing

- A Great Teacher - Original Writing I was 20 yearls old when I was assigned to interview someone whom I admire. By those days I wanted to get a degree as an English teacher, so I thought it was a great idea to interview one of my high school teachers. I decided to interview the most taugh and admirable teacher I have ever had: Mr. Stucchi. Surrounded by a circle of students, Mr. Stucchi answered questions, gave instructions, and explained assignments. I slowly approached the circle and stood close to him....   [tags: Papers Interview Essays]

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The Vietnam War Veteran: Behind the Scenes of the Vietnam War

- In this interview my interviewee was my grandfather Roy Gene Lakin. In the interview I asked him multiple questions over what he did during his time in the war. We talked about his rank and about what life was like in Vietnam and where he has been during that time. This interview will give you information about what people did during the war. My grandpa told me things about what he did and about what his job was as a U.S. Marine. My grandfather Roy Gene Lakin was a U.S. Marine. He had many ranks which were private, private 1st class, lieutenant corporal, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, gunnery sergeant, master sergeant, and an E8....   [tags: interview with my grandfather Roy Gene Lakin]

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The Experience Of The War In Korea

- The Experience Of The War In Korea The Korean War was a trying time for America. The nation was getting involved in a war that had little or no possibility of a fortunate outcome. The Korean people were divided among how the country should be run. A uniform system of government looked like it may never come to be. In order to protect one of its vital interests as well as to prove to the rest of the world that America didn’t stand for communism, the United States began taking up arms. The war would prove a most difficult task to achieve successfully....   [tags: Personal Narrative Interview Essays]

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Personality Testing for Employee Screening

- Personality Testing for Employee Screening In an attempt to hire the best possible candidate and to properly analyze current workers, many companies have used some form of personality testing to attempt to better know their employees. Personality testing has shown the employers are desperately trying to fit the perfect person into the perfect position. Some of the "master chefs" of the selection business are paying special attention to the new chemistry between personality tests, competency requirements, and behavioural interviewing....   [tags: Employment Work Labor Interview]

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How 'Person-Job Fit’ and ‘Person-Organisation Fit’ Affects Recruitment Strategy

- The growing competitions created by globalization had been pressuring organization to lay more emphasis on recruiting talents in order to gain secure foothold in the market. With the introduction of person-job fit and person-organization fit, it assists both applicants and organization to have a clear image of who is the right person for particular career; at the same time, it acquires the recruitment process to operate efficiently. Here, I will have a further explanation on the topic by employing the definition from Saks and Ashforth (1997) of person-job fit and person-organization fit....   [tags: employees, skills, interview]

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Contingency Planning

- Information technology relates contingency planning as synchronized strategy that involves tactics, processes and practical measures that ensure the retrieve of data after disturbance, information technology schemes and operation. Contingency planning comprises one or more methods to reinstate disrupted information technology facilities. Information technology (IT) and automated information systems are essential basics in most healthcare processes. The services provided by information technology system operates efficiently without extreme interruption....   [tags: networking interview, information technology]

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Andre's Adulthood

- My respondent was my best friend’s father, Andre Cukovic and he is 60 years old. He was born in the communist country of Yugoslavia (present day Albania) in 1949. Physically in his 20’s, Andre was a perfectly fit, muscular young man and was in great shape. He had a sort of “model type” body and long curly hair. During his 30’s, he was still a well built man. He cut his long curly hair and did some modeling in Australia. When Andre reaches his 40’s, he claimed that he still felt like he was 20. He was very active and always up and about....   [tags: psychology, adulthood, interview]

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Migration Out of Appalachia

- Migration Out of Appalachia Many people who experienced it can tell about the impact that the migration out of Appalachia had on people in the 1950’s. One person that has told his story about the migration is Gary Hicks, who is currently a pump foreman for the City of Elizabethton. Born in 1939, Gary is now over 60 years old. He graduated high school and entered the real world in the 1950’s. At that time finding a job wasn’t very easy for anyone in Southern Appalachia. In a tape-recorded personal interview, he told of his migration experience and a search for a job....   [tags: Interview Description Essays]

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Explanation of Class Stereotypes

- An analysis class can be classified into one of the three stereotypes, which are entity, boundary or control. An entity class is a class that the primary focus is to hold the data. Meanwhile, the boundary class is a class that the objects are used by the actors to communicate with the system. On the other hand, a control class is a class which provides coordinating behavior in the system. (Joey F. George, 2004) As mentioned, the class of the entity class focus on holding the data. The objects hold most of the data of the application....   [tags: interview, boundary class, entity class, WOBPS]

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Female Expectations

- “I hope it is true that a man can die and yet not only live in others but give them life, and not only life, but that great consciousness of life” (Iwise). Jack Kerouac made this observation during his short life. He established what came to be known as the beat generation, which was an artistic and literary rebellion against conformist and conservative society of the 1950s and early 1960s (VanSpanckeren). Keeping in step with the society at the time was difficult. The society had unrealistic expectations of its youth....   [tags: Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice]

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Donna Haraway’s

- Donna Haraway’s Wired Magazine interview discusses the apparent ambiguity that has continued to surface between the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’ as a result of the inseparable relationship that has developed between people and technology. Today we have transcended the concept of being isolated from the world, and arrived at the notion that we, as individuals, are nodes in larger networks. This idea represents the cornerstone of the cyborg era. Haraway’s definition of a cyborg goes beyond the assumption of metal beneath the flesh....   [tags: interview, technology, era]

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One Soldier Staring Death in the Face

- One Soldier Staring Death in the Face War is full of violence and death. This violence and death causes severe emotional trauma. I myself cannot imagine what war is like, or what it is like to have someone I love go off to war. I know I'm lucky because of this. When a loved one goes to war, they may die, they will be scared, and they will be gone. Worst of all, their fate is unknown. Any person that loves another, whether it be a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend, will feel sorrow when seeing that loved one go to war....   [tags: Interview Essays]

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- Tuesdays With Morrie For the past day or two I have spent time with my sister, discussing different topics with her about life. I closely observed her feelings and I recorded what she had to say. We talked about regrets- Ever since my sister Erin started school she got excellent grades. She doesn’t really have any regrets. She only regrets some choices she made with her friends. She thinks she could have picked better friends because she doesn’t have any true friends. She also wished that she stayed with the sports she played in the past....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Different Types of Interviews

- There are many kinds of talk in social life, for instance, everyday conversation, job interview, journalistic interview, official interview by police, medical interview and research interview. This essay will investigate the difference between social research interviews and everyday conversation. In social research interviews, researchers utilize various methodologies which suit each research theme and situation. Thus, this essay will explore research interviews, which are varied widely, in order to elucidate what factors might distinguish academic interview from ordinary conversation....   [tags: social life, job, journalistic, official]

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Interview to Determine Job Specifications of a County Attorney

- Television glamourizes real life, everyone knows this. However, there are some shows that sometimes are accurate with their portrayal of some jobs such as police officers, lawyers, firemen, and etcetera. The particular job that is the focus of this paper is the county attorney and interviewing Paul Young, the county attorney for Hall County in Nebraska, When asked what skills or traits necessary for being a county attorney, Mr Young said that being able to be comfortable with managing many things at the one time is extremely important....   [tags: communication, schooling, trial]

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Data From Qualitative Interviews

- Discuss in a critical context whether in the context of qualitative interviews data is ‘generated’ or ‘collected’ through the interaction between interviewer and interviewee. Introduction Reviewing the previous qualitative studies, the interview has become one of key research approaches (along with field observations and document analysis) for gathering data that is closely conducted by qualitative researchers. (Kvale, 1996; Kvale and Brinkmann, 2008). As Gubrium & Holstein (2003) suggest that the qualitative interviews are able to assist researchers to investigate the discovery-oriented enquiries and the increased understanding of subjectivities in the researching fields of social science,...   [tags: quality of qualitative research]

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Interviews on the Art of Mediation

- ... A mediator’s personality plays a large role in the mediation process, Zumeta’s helping personality and some luck helped propel her work with the field of mediation. Hartgering agrees that a mediator’s personality plays a role in mediation. He recounted that a mediator must develop their own style and has abilities of adaptation. He continued to distinguish a mediator as self sufficient, independent, have initiative and drive in the field. (Benjamin et al, 2005). Hartgering interview was relatable personality with the fact that he stuttered and took classes on speaking such as toastmaster to improve speaking....   [tags: Bill Hartgering, Joseph Stulberg, Zena Zumeta]

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Interview With Toni Morrison

- "I'm interested in the way in which the past affects the present and I think that if we understand a good deal more about history, we automatically understand a great more about contemporary life. Also, there's more of the past for imaginative purposes than there is of the future." Q. Beloved is dedicated to the 60 million who died as a result of slavery. A staggering number -- is this proved historically. A. Some historians told me 200 million died. The smallest number I got from anybody was 60 million....   [tags: essays papers]

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Sociolinguistic Interview

- Irving and I sit across from each other at a vintage `60's Formica table, my trusty recorder in hand. He is a black male in his mid 20's who grew up in a region of Atlanta called the "SWAts" (South West Atlanta), for the most part, except for the five years that he spent in a little Georgia town called Hogansville with his grandmother. After high-school, he joined the Army and then went on to college. This is where we are now. Irving and I are both in the same AAVE class, and we discussed some of the topics that have been brought up in that class over a banana and a bowl of cereal....   [tags: Sociology Linguistics, AAVE]

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Three Interviews

- Family values “can be described as a set of beliefs or morals that help provide for family unity and social interaction as well as providing for a societal view for childhood development” ( Over the weekend, I interviewed a gang of three great generations while discovering what family values mean to each of them. From these interviews, I was able to distinguish each of their own perspectives. Each interview was like a puzzle. I put each of their answers to together and found what makes family values so important....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Interview With Men In Non-Traditional Roles

- Men In Non-Traditional Roles This paper takes a look into the lives of three males breaking out of their gender stereotyped roles in society. These males avoid the boundaries traditional thinking has tried to impose on them and embark on their own as what they like to call "pioneers in the men's equality movement." Introduction: The Men First off, this paper will introduce the three "pioneers"; changing only their names for the sake of privacy--per request....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Global Warming

- Global Warming There is little doubt that the air’s carbon dioxide concentrations have been increasing since the Industrial Revolution and there are few who do not attribute this increase to the rise in humanity’s use of fossil fuels. There is also little dispute that the earth has warmed slightly over the same period. During our interview Adam told me that he believes strongly in the dangers of global warming and feels great animosity towards critics of this theory. Our conversation had an angry tone as Adam explained his hostility towards those who “say that there is no compelling reason to believe that the rise in temperature is caused by the rise in carbon dioxide.” I spent the entir...   [tags: Interview Environment Climate Change]

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Analyzing Psychological Disorders

- Introduction: In this paper, I will be interviewing for a psychologist position with a top company. I will be asked about my understanding of the causes and treatment(s) of schizophrenia and I will discuss the following: areas of the brain affected, causal factors, associated symptoms, the neural basis, appropriate drug therapies. I have been given four different case studies of disorders in which I will choose two of them to analyze. I will be discussing my understanding of the problem presented in each of the two case studies from the perspective of a biopsychologist....   [tags: Schizophrenia Interview]

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Open-Ended Interviews as a Qualitative Research Technique

- Seidman (2012) describes the root of in - depth interviewing as “an interest in understanding the lived experience of other people and the meaning they make of that experience.” The research method of interviewing has become a widely used technique for gathering different forms of methodical information about individuals in the social world. Interviews can be performed using one of two basic structures known as structured (closed questions) or unstructured (open questions). They can be framed in such a way by the researcher to retrieve the desired information from the respondent....   [tags: time consuming methods]

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Effective Body Language and Its Effects on Job Interviews

- Effective Body Language and Its Effects on Job Interviews Body language—the word speaks for itself; it is a form of communication done by our body. It is consisted of nonverbal signals that are given off by certain movements, bodily displays or facial expressions, though all nonverbal signals are not limited only to them. As much as 90% of human communication is done in a non-verbal manner(Mihram, n.d); our subconscious mind—or the primitive mind of human beings, is responsible for this....   [tags: non verbal signals, gestures]

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How to Conduct Interviews

- Asking a reporter for a list of questions before an interview sounds reasonable, right. After all, with a list of the reporter's questions you can do all the proper research and come to the interview with great answers. So why did the reporter's response sound so distant and cold when you asked. Maybe it's because you've just committed a major faux pas of news interviewing. What sounds reasonable to many people in business organizations often has a decidedly different ring in a reporter's ears. Asking for a list of questions before an interview — especially requesting a complete set of interview questions — is a clear example....   [tags: Interviewing Reporters Business]

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Importance of Interpersonal communications in Information Technology Career

- Interpersonal communications can be a very important part of a person’s professional success. Information Technology is an industry that relies on certain areas of communication. Wendy, the person I interviewed, emphasized the importance that people in her industry must be up to date (educated) on the constant changes. Communication, gaining communication and interpersonal skills is again such an "easier said than done" skill for any profession. Communication is such an essential skill it could be considered a talent instinctively given to certain people....   [tags: IT Career Interview Essay]

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The Modern Manager and Fayol's Managerial Functions

- This essay explores the work of a modern manager and further analyses it to understand its relevance with Fayol’s managerial functions. The significance of the economic and technological conditions in the organisation’s general environment upon his work is also subsequently discussed. On top of that, a comprehensive evaluation and comparison between various school of thoughts on the discussed topics will also be presented, fully supported with evidence.A manager is defined as someone who coordinates and overlooks the work of other people so that organisational goals can be accomplished (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg, and Coulter ,2012)....   [tags: interview with Mr. A, planning and organizing]

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The Desire to Stay an Only Child

- Summary Introduction Personal Statement As humans, the older people become, and the more experiences people go through, they tend to overall find a sense of comfort in their lifestyle. Often times, with that comfort in place, people see no reason to think about how different their lives may have been had it not been for certain events. For instance, take a second to think about your life now and imagine how differently it would have been if you have eradicated or altered something else. These were some of the same thoughts that floated in my head as i prepared for this assignment....   [tags: interview, family, culture, sibling]

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Relationships, Teamwork, and Problem-solving in Business

- What have you done in the past to contribute toward a teamwork environment. Currently I work on smaller teams of entrepreneurial minded people striving to lay the groundwork for solid business foundation. We produce work that is goal oriented and I give to the balance of ideas so results can only be delivered by committee. I use my strengths in full as an integral part of this team, which helps to compensate for each other's weaknesses. For example, recently one of my partners was having some difficulty conceiving a promotional item that needed to get out quickly....   [tags: Interview Questions and Responses]

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Do First Impressions Really Matter?

- You walk into a classroom full of people that you have never met before, all eyes on you. Many thoughts flowing throughout your head, the thoughts of what these people think of you or even you're self-conscious overwhelming you because you're worried your hair is not straight or the clothes you're wearing are not as expensive as the clothes others are wearing that are around you. You hear whispers in the distance of gossip, you automatically suggest the comments are about you. But in reality, the gossiping teens are really talking about the overweight girl sitting in the back of the classroom, with no one in front, beside, or near her....   [tags: attitude, interview, relationship]

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Interviews Guidelines

- Interviews Guidelines Hi friendz today I am gonna tell you some of the questions the interviewers’ will ask you generally. Please note that these questions are for general purpose only and meant for mainly those interviews which judge the overall personality of man/woman. 1. OK Mr./Ms. XYZ tell me something about yourself. Hint: the interviewer is going through u’r c.v. and wants some time. He may not be looking at u’r face. Just speak on continuously and don hesitate. The most important things which should be included are: Salutation; Your name; schooling; college; work experience; why u wanna join and how u’r qualification and experience would relate to the post vacant....   [tags: Interviewing]

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An Open Minded Woman Rooted in Indian Tradition

- An Open Minded Woman Rooted in Indian Tradition "I don't mind if my parents try to find a boy for me. Arranged marriages are still a common thing in my family. I don't know what my parents will say if I have a boyfriend here and he is from another country. I am sure that they will not adamantly reject it, but they maybe disappointed." What a surprise for me that in the year 2000, there are some people who still undergo arranged marriages. I am thinking that it must be awkward for me to do it, but it is not for Preeti....   [tags: Interview Essays]

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Average Student Reaches For Above-Average Success

- Average Student Reaches For Above-Average Success With her curly hair pinned up and her leg shaking nervously, Tricia searches for both potential employers to work for and Master’s programs on the Internet. In the midst of her psychology textbooks lay piles of GRE practice tests and Graduate school applications. For the past year this has been a daily ritual. As she clicks around, her eyes glaze over and a headache sets in; but she tells herself to stay focused. Graduation is quickly approaching, and she feels a lot of pressure to figure out what she is going to do next year....   [tags: Interview Essay]

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Patient Visit Summary Report

- Confidentiality Disclaimer - This essay uses patient initials only. No identifying features are included within this essay. Patient: BA Patient’s age: 63 years old 1. Medical conditions (active) : After taking the patient’s medical history, I found out that the patient experiences several active medical conditions. She was diagnosed having rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type II, sleep problem, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She got rheumatoid arthritis when she was 49 years old, and has been having this for 14 years....   [tags: Patient Interview Report]

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Interview Questions and Answers: Recall a Service You Had Received Since the Day You Had Applied for Admission

- 1. As a student, you’re being treated as a customer by the polytechnic. Recall a service you had received since the day you had applied for admission (eg admission exercise, enrolment exercise, financial services, counselling services.) Rate it and suggest one big improvement in the level of customer service. Write in the following format: a. describe briefly the service you had received One of the most unforgettable service I had received from the polytechnic will definitely be the upgrading of software for my laptop....   [tags: it student, rank services]

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Linguistics Assignment

- Language is a huge barrier that could potentially limit a person from truly experiencing other parts of the world. Jesus Lopez has Venezuela in his blood. There had always been a cryptic, vague presence of this country in his life, translated by food, pictures framed on his walls, and through a constant stream of communication between his parents and eldest brother that he nearly never understood. When interviewing Mike, it was evident that he went through a transition. When he moved to Villa Marina, it wasn't as simple as letting the country happen to him, he had to change and adjust himself to thoroughly gain admission to the culture and lifestyle of this South American coastal town....   [tags: Linguistics Interview]

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High Quality Feedback Effect on Performance of Low Achievers in Physical Education

- The Importance of physical education (P.E) in primary schools has been well documented. It has been highlighted recently by the government’s £150 million injection. The funding has been ring-fenced, meaning that it can on be spent on P.E provision within primary schools (DfE 2013a). The overall effectiveness of PE in primary schools during the period of 2008 – 2012 required improvement or was inadequate in 31% of schools (OFSTED 2013). The report articulates the main contributing factors of the poor performance as teachers limited subject knowledge and poor use of assessment in P.E....   [tags: AFL, data collection, interview, teaching]

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Evaluating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Structured versus Unstructured Interviews

- Agarwal and Tanniru conducted a field experiment to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of structured versus unstructured interviews, using both novice and experienced interviewers. The experiment was conducted to compare the efficiency and effectiveness of the cognitive interview with the standard information requirements interview. However, the experimental results did not indicate that structured interviews enhanced recall. This triggered the experiment using the Cognitive Interview. This experiment is to test the effects that the Cognitive Interview has on memory and recall....   [tags: Papers]

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Basing My Career Choice on Interviewing a Professor

- As soon as I knew that we would have to write a faculty interview paper and preferably talk to someone associated with are major, I knew exactly who I wanted to interview. This semester I am taking Entomology 218 or introduction to forensics. There are two instructors for the class and I chose Patrick Jones. This decision was easy to make, because the first day of class, Patrick had said that he was a retired police officer and had done a lot of different work in that area. After I knew this I was immediately intrigued and wanted to know more about him....   [tags: interviews, career,]

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Interviews as the Most Effective Method of Research for Understanding Society

- Interviews as the Most Effective Method of Research for Understanding Society Sociologists carry out research to gain information and understanding on a topic that may otherwise be poorly understood; whilst interviews may not be the only way of understanding society they are one of the most effective. For the most part the topics studied by sociologist are taboo topics not openly discussed in society therefore sociologist need to use methods which do not offend but still gather the level and depth of information needed....   [tags: Papers]

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Power and Authority Shape Spoken Language

- Authority is ‘the power to require and receive submission (The Pocket English Dictionary); authority is used in many conversations every day and without authority power could not be exerted easily. Power, meaning ‘a position of control, authority or influence over others’ (The Pocket English Dictionary) and is usually used to gain control or influence. As well as everyday situations in many transcripts power and authority are shown by demonstrating different techniques, therefore I will scrutinise these and their uses in two transcripts....   [tags: Interviews, Power, Authority]

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Life Saver

- Life Saver The phone starts ringing as soon as Rita Murray enters the office of the Birthright House in Richmond, Indiana. A teenage girl asks for information about a free pregnancy test. While Rita is scheduling an appointment for the girl, a new mother comes in needing diapers and formula for her baby. Rita starts for the diapers, but another mother walks in the door bringing a bag full of baby clothes and a handmade quilt to donate. Just as the office begins to settle, two girls, "Christy" and "Heather," walk in without an appointment wanting pregnancy tests....   [tags: Interview Essays]

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Factors to be Considered When Planning to Fill a Vacancy and Carrying Out Interviews

- Key Recruitment Documents and Factors to be Considered When Planning to Fill a Vacancy and Carrying Out Interviews In the Human Resource Management process first Marks and Spencer's would use Human Resource Planning (H.R.P) this looks at how many employees the business will need in the future, as well as the type of employee that will be required e.g. graduate trainees, skilled-manual and supervisors. H.R.P. also ensures that the 'right' employee is in the 'right' job, to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce....   [tags: Papers]

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Biggie and Tupac: Who is Responsible for Their Deaths

- Biggie and Tupac (2002) directed by British film maker, Nick Broomfield, digs deeper into the unsolved murder cases of rap artists, Tupac Amaru Shakur and Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace. Broomfield, who is known for his controversial and exposing documentaries, goes out of his way to try and solve the case with the help of eyewitnesses, family and friends of the late artists. With revealing interviews and eventually identifying a few of the people responsible for Tupac and Biggie Smalls' murders, Broomfield strives to solve both the cases in this film....   [tags: murder, documentary, interviews]

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Incorporating Congestion Control in BGP Considering Its Economic & Policy Effects

- ... Process the data if required and graph the results before and after congestion using ITGURU or mathplotlib. Since, congestion control is not taken care of in BGP; there are a few mechanisms that are studied and developed in order to overcome the congestion issue. The mechanisms available are as follows: • Path Diversity Aware Routing (PDAR): PDAR avoids routing interruptions and prevents packet loss by allowing routers to advertise a disjoint alternate path along with the best path. By using the alternative path, routers can locally perform failure recovery....   [tags: implement, rounting, interviews, methodology]

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Commentary of The Book and Film: World War Z

- I had never intended to read World War Z before this class began. In fact, I did not realize there was a text version in addition to the film version. This collection of personal stories from different aspects of the zombie wars was a mixed bag for me. There were some recollections that pulled on my heartstrings, and others that I could have gone without ever reading. In times of great turmoil, people are shown to be exactly who they are, their true colors shining through all of the masks and deception they have created....   [tags: Zombies, Interviews, Apocalypse]

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The True Story Capture in "Biggie and Tupac"

- Documentary has been heavily associated as a representation of the truth and reality due to its absence of fictional elements and control by the filmmaker (Chapman, 2009). It aims to entice the audience perception of the information presented as fundamental and legitimate (Beattie, 2004). With today's technology, the question of manipulated facts and proclaimed evidences presented in documentaries has heightened concerns in providing the audience with the truth and the real. Hence, with reference to the documentary on "Biggie and Tupac" (2002) directed by Nick Broomfield, we will explore how the documentary has managed to capture the real in terms of structure, style and modes of documentary...   [tags: documentary, rap, interviews]

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Story of a Romanian Immigrant

- Story of a Romanian Immigrant Immigrating to the United States in not a simple process. Millions immigrate to America but many millions more are denied a visa or forced to cross the border illegally because of the limited number of applicants that the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, now a department of Homeland Security, provides as well as the extremely stringent process that is imposed upon migrating applicants. Even getting a simple tourist visa can be a tiring ordeal and beyond reach of most foreign citizens who are not wealthy....   [tags: Interview Immigration USA Immigrants Essays]

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Growing Up and Out of Idolizing Celebrities

- Sally walks onto the stage, in a slimming purple Dulcet and Cabana dress, all ready for her close-up. She can hear the screaming fans, and see the glorious light show that would introduce her to the millions of people waiting. She could not believe she had been asked to present this year’s Grammy awards. There were many well worthy people that could earn these awards, and it was up to her to present them. As Sally stands in front of these millions of eager, impatiently waiting people, she begins to wonder about the younger generations, and how they idolize many of the people getting Grammys today....   [tags: preparing for job interviews]

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Perceptions of the Cold War

- This is an interview project with the goal of discovering how people understand the Cold War. In this essay, I will analyze how people understand the Cold War today. I will explain to what extent their definition or understanding of the Cold War differs from the definition provided. I will explain why the respondents’ understanding of the Cold War is different from the way the Cold War is defined in this course or explain why the respondents’ definition is similar to the way the Cold War is defined in this course....   [tags: Cold War Interviews]

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My Interviews About the Game of Soccer

- ... 2) How far do you drive each week for practice and games. 3) With playing soccer where do you buy the uniforms 4) How do tryouts work to be on the team. I chose the above questions because I know that soccer can get expensive and time consuming and I thought these were legitimate questions to ask. First, you want to know the geographical locations and how it pertains to the demographics of a team and on a family. Second, soccer games are played all over the county, state and country depending on what league you are in....   [tags: park, field, questions]

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Evaluate a Qualitative Study

- Evaluate a Qualitative Study Evaluate the Introduction and Literature Review The Researcher looks at residents in the United Kingdom who are living with dementia. Its reasoning for the study was to explore a literature based intervention that might impact behavior of those living with dementia. The significance of the study was to see if Get into Reading (GIR) might have on the health and well being of people living with dementia (Billington, Carroll, Davis, Philip, Christine & Kinderman, 2013).The difference it would make in dementia would be the behavioral symptoms while engaging in the intervention....   [tags: dementia, article review, data, interviews]

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Key Concerns Employers May Have while Hiring and Managing an Employee

- Do you know that employers are overly concerned with the employees they hire nowadays, unlike in the recent past. Now you do. Essentially, the process of hiring an employee can have a great impact on the future of a company, and hence there are several key concerns employers raise during interviews. In fact, according to a recent research, it has emerged that finding and keeping the right employee has become one of the trendiest issues with employers nowadays. This can be attributed to the fact that HR professionals believe that only the top talent is quite indispensable to the company’s success especially during the modern day harsh economic times....   [tags: job interviews, hiring process, human resources]

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- Hando "Is it on?" "Yes, Mr....ah..." "Hando, you can just call me that." "Of course, Hando. Well, just start whenever you’re ready." "I hate being recorded, but we might as well get it over with. I am getting a check for this, right?" "Yes sir. Your story will be a great contribution to the civilization of Zyemlya and a wonderful edition to our magazine. It really is quite remarkable after all." "Yeah, well, whatever. As long as I get my check. Social Security just doesn’t cut it these days....   [tags: Interview Dialogue Essays]

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- Bartending It was in the year 1999 when a Penn State College student named John Gayewski decided that he needed a way to, “make some money, do something fun, and you know, meet some women.” He was going to make his claim to fame and take what was his in the world of opportunity. So, early in the summer, John decided to enroll into a forty hour bartender’s course, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. For the duration of the course, the instructors taught John the intricate methods to memorizing drinks, ways of earning better tips, how to set up your bar and how to clean up your bar....   [tags: Bartender Interview Essays]

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Labor: The Past, Present, and Future

- ... He was never unemployed, however, moving forward he left his job at the dental lab to work for Prudential Insurance Company. He found his main occupation through a childhood friend who was in the business. As an Insurance agent, he was a member of an AFL orientated labor union for the agents of Prudential Insurance. He was not a member of the union for long as he was promoted to a Sales Manager position. His managerial position, excluded him from the union, but he still feels favorably toward the labor union stating that they collectively bargained for his contract....   [tags: survey, economic recession, interviews]

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Child Custody Evaluations

- Child custody is a difficult and sensitive matter. During the disputes people go through multiple interviews, background checks, and other privacy invading matters. Child custody evaluations are need when parents are divorcing. This is all done in order to obtain custody of one or more children. The children do not have to be the parents biological children in order to be able to fight for custody of the child. In the evaluations multiple factors are taken into consideration. Through the entire process the most important aspect about the outcome of the evaluations, is that the child’s best interest is always the main factor....   [tags: Interviews, Background Checks, Privacy]

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Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Study that Employs two Phases Sequentially

- The essential focus of this two-phase sequential mixed methods study is to determine if a relationship exists between a generation category (Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, etc.) and the number of incidences of bullying in secondary education. The study was proposed as a result of a significant increase of bullying in the news, more importantly, due to the recent suicides that resulted directly from bullying. In the first phase, quantitative research questions will focus on the statistical analysis between each generation category and the number of incidences of bullying during their secondary education....   [tags: research design, qualitative interviews, bullying]

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Job Interviews

- Questions: Wat is th company vision. how would you describe the culture in the business. wat attracted you to the company and how long have u been there. how long do people stay in their roles. wat develeopment opportunities are in the role. 1 I have read the job description, can you expand on the job I will be doing. 2 What type of training is provided. 3 How do you see me in the role. 4 Do you have performance targets. 5 How will I know that I am doing well. 6 What are team members achieving....   [tags: essays research papers]

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University School Rankings

- Introduction I sought out to answer a rather intangible, philosophical question, which somehow is almost central to what makes this university successful. In fact, its success is the question. I wanted to understand what it is about UNC that makes it a “good,” and prestigious, school. Toward that end, I needed to investigate the intricacies of this institution, and of this question. Because the terms “good” and “prestigious” are highly subjective, I did not attempt to objectify them, but I instead sought to get a working definition from each interviewee as well as refer to some of the contemporary big names in school rankings for their definitions....   [tags: prestigious, good, interviews, institution]

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The Career of Journalist

- To become a journalist one must be ready for late nights, irregular hours, and heartbreak. Being a journalist isn’t easy. So much can happen in a few seconds, and it’s almost like watching a soap opera. Many people think that being a journalist involves writing a small story and interviewing one or two people, but that’s not the case. Journalists have staggering deadlines to meet and at any time could be thrown into the most dangerous situations. It sounds like a hectic lifestyle, but the fact that they get to travel all over the world and meet so many different people makes it all worth the while....   [tags: Writing Stories, Deadlines, Stress, Interviews]

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Loss of Vioxx Leads to Increased Pain For Arthritis Sufferers

- Loss of Vioxx Leads to Increased Pain For Arthritis Sufferers The consequences of Kevin Swearingen’s two-story fall in 1988 were more diverse and long term than expected. The 41-year-old construction worker sustained a spinal injury that left him with arthritis on the inside of his spinal column causing him pain, frustration, and depression. “After I recovered [from the fall] I had to keep working, but at a much lower pay scale since going back to construction work was impossible,” Swearingen said....   [tags: Interviews Prescription Drugs Papers]

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Testimmonies and Solving Crimes

- Eyewitness testimony is crucial when it comes to trying to solve crimes, and sometimes eyewitness is the only option police have to solve a crime (Wells and Olson, 2002). When receiving an eyewitness testimony police tend to use a cognitive interview and it has been very important in shaping the approach police use to investigative interviewing (Dando, Wilcock, Milne, and Henry, 2008). A cognitive interview is a method of interviewing an adult witness by “establishing a rapport with the witness, minimizing interruption and distractions caused by the interviewer, and encouraging the witness to report all the details without guessing (Lapaglia, Wilford, Rivard, Chan, and Fisher).” The cogni...   [tags: Eyewitnesses, Criminal Activity, Testimonials]

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The Australian Quarantine

- The Australian Quarantine Quarantine is Australia's first line of defense, protecting our unique environment against exotic pests and diseases. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service is a government dept. that (AQIS) inspects incoming luggage, cargo, mail, animals and plants and their products, and provide inspection and certification for a range of exports. Selection process ================= Selection advisory committees when considering who to hire use the following to assess each applicant * Written application * Interview performance * Referee reports/ reference checks * Technical assessment * Security check * Me...   [tags: Papers]

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Family Nursing Assignment: Integration of CFAM & CFIM into Practice

- In today’s society, a family can be defined as “a group of individuals who are connected by kinship, affection, dependency, or trust” (Saskatoon Health Region, 2013). With the increasing population and diversity of families in current clinical settings, family centered care has become an essential component of nursing care. The idea of family centered care involves collaboration and communication between health care professionals and the family to provide mutual decision making around the patients’ health....   [tags: family centered care]

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Successfully Landing a Job

- While some students sit home after school an on the weekends doing nothing, there is money out there just waiting for someone to earn it. That someone can be you. Successfully landing a job is not that difficult, but you must prepare yourself. The job will be yours for the taking if you follow a few simple steps. To me, the first and most important step to getting a job is filing out the application or resume. The first impression a potential employer has of you is how you present yourself on that sheet of paper....   [tags: Occupations]

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The Pedagogy of E-learning

- III. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A qualitative approach was adopted involving two principal data collection methods; a thorough and systematic review literature and in-depth interviews on critical pedagogical approaches, technologies supporting those pedagogies and management of learning resources with e-learning providers. Reasons for adopting detailed interviews are as follows: First, interviews are appropriate to examine the extent to which the critical factors identified from literature and empirical studies are practiced....   [tags: methodology]

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Factors Impacting the Career Choice of Women Construction Managers

- My thesis is titled Factors Impacting the Career Choice of Women Construction Managers. So, as one part of my study, I had to conduct focus group interviews with female construction managers. So I decided to conduct one focus group interview during the Spring 2014 Department of Construction Science Career Fair. So for this assignment, based on Lofland and Lofland, I will be evaluating the focus group interview I conducted. I had set delimitations for the study and two of them were as follows: 1. The participants of the focus group should be currently employed as construction managers....   [tags: focus group, pilot study]

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The Importance of the Human Resources Department

- Human resources (HR) is the department of a business or organization that deals with the payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws, administration, and training of personnel. It is a critical component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small. Before anyone gets a job, they have to go through the human resources department. The first step towards the job is to set up an interview. But, what really happens behind the scenes when we apply for a job....   [tags: management, applicants, communication]

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Bullying Military Youth

- In the previous chapters I have discussed the stressors related to being the child of military personnel, the related risk factors associated with becoming a the target of peer victimization, and the assets that the bioecological model can provide as a lens for further exploring this issue. In this chapter I will discuss the specific methods that I will employ to generate research on the topic at hand and express the possible benefits in addressing the issue of identifying and assisting military student’s who are experiencing bullying issues....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Understanding Phenomenology of Smoking

- There has been a great increase in the number of deaths due to smoking. Headlines such as ‘’Second hand smoke kills 600,000 worldwide annually’’ (Falco, 2010) highlights that there’s a major problem. My question is, why are people still smoking. It should be a wake-up call for those who smoke but even with the hard facts presented, people still decide to smoke. As a psychology student, I was interested in exploring the phenomenology of smoking & wanted to address this matter further. To do this, I designed an interview schedule from which I have gained an individual’s emotion as well as perception towards smoking....   [tags: smoking, smokers, observation]

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Tips on How to Apply to a New Job

- Fresh out of high school or college. Looking for your first-ever job can be daunting and terrifying, but you should know that you can get a great work opportunity even if you are a newbie in the employment world. Just follow these tips on how to apply for your first job and you can be part of the workforce for the first time in your life: Be on the Lookout. Before you can get a job, you first need to know where to find work. Make sure to check newspapers, job vacancy websites, recruitment agencies....   [tags: newbie in the employment world]

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Collection of Information for Systems Analysis

- A critical part for systems analysis is the collection of information. From the very beginning, analyst need to understand the information systems that are currently in use. Besides, analyst has to find out expectations of users about how they prefer to improve the current systems and organizational operations with the new or replacement information systems. Last but not least, analyst will need to discover how users feel about the new or replacement information systems. There are many techniques for collecting these information....   [tags: Systems Analysis]

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Community Health Nursing and Chronic Illness

- Introduction Community nursing is important to caring for patients as part of a holistic approach. By using Chronic Disease Self-Management (CDSM) and Trans-Theoretical Lifestyle Model of Change (TTM) nurses can ensure that care is specific to the patient, which can increase their compliance with their new program. Having the patients as involved as possible in their own care allows them to take back some of the power that health care can take away. By self-managing their chronic condition patients can live fuller lives than if they were reliant on the health care team for all planning and implementing of care....   [tags: community nursing, hostilic approach]

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Human Resource Management

- Human Resource Management is the calculated and reasoned method of managing for an organization’s most valued assets. There is a response for the people who are working and ensuring the achievement of the role for the organization’s goals and objectives, increasing in the organization's effectiveness and satisfying all of the employee's needs. Employee costs usually consume a big percentage of the common budget of most companies. So it is very important to find good employees because it may also help the companies to improve its performance and increase success....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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Analysis of the Authenticity of an Actor's Persona

- An actor often has to take on vastly different roles for the production of a large variety of films. In the development of these roles, the actor constructs different sets of personae by the use of specific gestures, vocalics as well as speech content, in order to aid the communication of ideas and thoughts. Hence for an actor whose profession involves the practice of portraying fictional characters with authenticity, it is almost impossible to determine if his persona off the screen is truly authentic....   [tags: dramatic arts]

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Using Selection Processes for Selecting Potential Employees to Maintain Efficiency and Staffing Quotas

- Using Selection Processes for Selecting Potential Employees to Maintain Efficiency and Staffing Quotas The structured interview, to select potential employees, should be used by the company to maintain efficiency and staffing quotas. The structured interview is valid, reliable, and would be effective for the selection needs of this company. A great deal of empirical research has examined the perceived fairness of selection interviews. These data indicate that interviews are generally perceived to be fair (Kravitz et al., 1996)....   [tags: Papers]

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