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My Research Interests in Psychology

- The connotation of psychology has evolved historically. However, within some cultures the word psychology and its subsidiary mental health, carry the dark undercurrent of the historical practices of trephining and exorcism. Such perception attributes to the stigma of mental health and its perceived embodiment of an unhinged individual. This particular mindset propels me to research the contributing elements involved in this dilemma. There is no greater feeling than the enlightenment one reaches at the end of a research study....   [tags: career choices, statement of purpose]

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Private Interests and Social Welfare

- The human civilisation is composed of innumerable individuals, countless interest groups and social strata, with each of them following the fundamental instinct – striving to maximise their own well-being by obtaining as many benefits as they can and averting as much cost as possible. Unfortunately for humankind, for one to improve one’s life, competing with others is unavoidable. Competitions, by definition, means the winners get something at the expense of others. The good news is that competition among people is not a constant-sum game, that is to say, theoretically, if we can reallocate resources, rights and duties in a certain way, the humankind may benefit maximally....   [tags: Huang, Rousseau, Smith]

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Possessory Interests In Australia

- Does the introduction of a system of registration of title remove the need for the law to recognise possessory or equitable interests in land. Why. Why not. I INTRODUCTION The need for the law to recognise possessory and equitable interests in land under a system of registration of title is a contested issue in Australia. The term ‘title’ means the extent of ownership over property as recognised by the legal system. For the purpose of this essay, a system of registration of title means the Torrens title system....   [tags: Australian Torrens System ]

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U.S. Interests in Crimea

- In a recent White House brief, President Obama called the Russian invasion of Crimea a clear violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and international law. When assessing the Russo-Ukrainian crises in Crimea, the commander of European Command (EUCOM) and the Supreme Allied Commander of European Forces (SACUER) must account for U.S. interests in the region before deciding a proper course of action. This essay aims to assess four of the United States’ national interests through the perspective of EUCOM and SACUER....   [tags: White House, President Obama, Russian Invasion]

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Political Economy: Roles of Ideas and Interests

- This essay aims to examine the roles of ideas and interests in the political econ-omy by mainly drawing on theories developed by Karl Marx and Max Weber. The two authors have very different views on the drivers of historical development, the establishment of capitalism and the structure of modern society. Marx’s no-tion of historical materialism emphasizes the role of material interest in con-structing the boundaries and structure of the political economy. Max Weber’s notion of the Protestant Ethic emphasizes the role of ideas and norms in shaping rational action and modern society....   [tags: Karl Marx, Max Weber]

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Personal Experience: Parents and Interests in Life

- I was talking to my brother’s friend (who is doing MBBS) about engineering. “Engineering is not a difficult field if you have interest”, if you love machines, I also love machines”, he said. I asked, “Then why are not you becoming an engineer”. He answered, “My father is a doctor and he wanted me to become a doctor, so…” There are a lot of people who have big dreams in their lives, who want to do something in their lives. But they are unable to fulfill their dreams because of their parents. Although parents don’t let their children do what they want, as parents want them to follow their footsteps, to have what they never had, to protect them, and because they have the greater experience, how...   [tags: engineering, professions]

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Learning about Children's Literacy Behaviors & Interests

- For this assignment, I had the pleasure of going into a second grade class at Sandy Creek Elementary. While in this second grade classroom, I completed three ten minute observations and I completed an interest inventory, both done on one student. The interest inventory consists of multiple questions, both academically and socially based, that I asked my student, who I will be referring to as J.R.. At the beginning, I sat down with J.R. and told her that I had to ask her a couple questions for an assignment that I was completing....   [tags: observations and interest inventory]

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Religious Interests and Political Interests in the Spanish Monarchy

- Religious Interests and Political Interests in the Spanish Monarchy The period of 1474 - 1598 was very important in terms of religion in Europe, as Luther's Reformation of 1517 brought religion to the forefront of the political agenda. Yet, it is questionable whether it took precedence over issues such as war and the economy for the Catholic Monarchs. The sources agree that religion was an important concern in the private lives of the Catholic Monarchs, but disagree over whether they allowed personal faith to become the most prominent motive behind their decisions as rulers....   [tags: Papers]

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The Clashing Interests of The Founding Fathers

- The Clashing Interests of The Founding Fathers The framing of the American Constitution resulted in several conflicts dealing with economic issues, political concerns and dynamic conflicts of interest between the delegates. Each separate force had a perspective, usually clouded by personal motives, on how the new governmental system should operate. During the framing of the Constitution, the central conflicts were between the small states and the big states while in the ratification period the struggle involved the anti-federalists and the federalists....   [tags: American History Essays Constitution]

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How Nepal's Elections Imperil United States Interests

- The United State has two key national interests in Nepal: Protecting the human right of Tibetans to flee China to and through Nepal and strengthening Nepal’s fragile democracy. Both are likely to be jeopardized in the second Constituent Assembly election to be held on 19 November 2013. America was one of the first countries that established diplomatic relations with Nepal in 1947. When China threatened to undermine Tibet’s independence in 1950, Washington extracted understanding from Kathmandu to let the Central Intelligence Agency train, equip and finance the Khampa resistance against Beijing and to give safe passage to Tibetans fleeing Tibet....   [tags: human, right, democracy, election]

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Poverty: The Power of Global Institutions and Interests of Developed Nations

- A major reason why it is not possible to end poverty is due to the power of global institutions and interests of developed nations in keeping the developing world weak. From the 1970’s to the present day, the amount of debt owed by the developing world has continued to increase, with developing countries external debt rising to $4 trillion at the end of 2010 (The World Bank, 2012, p. 1). Despite the vast amount of aid given out by nations, debt has reached a point where “for every $1 received in aid grants in 1999, sub-Saharan Africa paid back $1.51 in debt service” (Mentan, 2002, p....   [tags: developing countries, trade borders, debts]

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My Plans for Postgraduate Studies and Career Interests

- My Plans for Postgraduate Studies and Career Interests With a four year degree in Computer Science and Engineering and after working in software industry for some time, Now I’m intended to pursue my long term goal in academics, which is to obtain a Master degree and possibly to aim for PhD relating to my preferred research area. With the enthusiasm to learn and explore the area of parallel and distributed computing, I want to achieve my Master degree specialized in relevant field. I envision myself pursuing a career in academia and research in future which will allow me to contribute those fields with my foremost interest....   [tags: Computer Science]

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The Sudanese Oil Crisis and It's Impact on U.S. Interests

- The Sudanese Oil Crisis and its Impact on U.S. Interests The country of Sudan has been at war with itself for decades. Multiple civil wars, ethnic, religious, and economic conflicts have plagued the country and have resulted in South Sudan’s secession from Sudan on 9 July 2011. The country of Sudan sits on a significant crude oil reserve that produces an estimated 450-500,000 barrels of oil per day (Verhoeven, 2011). The secession created a severe economic crisis for both countries. They both need the oil revenue to run their respective governments and feed their people....   [tags: Foreign Policy ]

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School Should Be Interesting and Flexible to Student Interests

- School should be interesting and flexible to student interests. Students learn better when they can relate to the material. The material must satisfy curriculum needs, but with a supporting community, and supporting teachers the learning process. I believe that it must follow flexible teaching strategies are the best way to teach in environments which need improvement. Flexible doesn’t imply without restraint but there are a few patterns of flexible teaching strategies which help teachers who desire the success for all their students....   [tags: teaching philosphy]

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China’s Geo-economics Interests in Africa

- China’s geo-economics interests in Africa are inseparably linked with its military and strategic analysis of a post bipolar worldview, which requires defending China’s positions in international forums such as the UN, and positioning itself as a global power, while sometimes taking a firm stand against the US. China’s Africa policy cannot be divorced from its overall grand strategy, which includes a great power diplomacy focused on establishing partnerships to increase its attractiveness. Africa’s strategic importance, in China’s foreign policy calculations vis-à-vis other great powers, has grown as countries deal with the problem of ‘peak oil’ and seek sources of reliable supply of natural...   [tags: global competitors, victimization, rivals]

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Narrative – My Interests

- Narrative – My Interests I am interested in anything that is interesting. Eclecticity seeps into my brain much more easily than the thunderingly similar data of a single concentrated topic area. Though I tend to gravitate towards computer, science, and math information, I will just as likely find an article on a political, religious, or historical topic just as interesting as an article on how astronauts keep their Coke fizzy in space or a book on how public key encryption works. My interests are gauged by how much time I spend in each of them....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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Aid for Donor Interests

- Lack of development in countries in the so-called `Third World' has many political and economical reasons. Historians explain the inadequacy of developing countries with the early imperialism and the resulting colonization of the South. Exploitation of mineral resources, deforestation, slavery, and the adaptation of foreign policies shaped the picture of today's suffering and struggling civilizations and natural rich continents. The omission of concessions and equal negotiations between dependency and supremacy give rise to the contrast of enormous resources and immense poverty in developing countries is....   [tags: Politics]

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Professional goals and Research interests

- The power of the mind and human spirit can transcend physical limitations, I have a speaking disability (stuttering) and once a target of jokes of my fellows, I achieved the most respected place in our society i.e. Professorship at a University. Canada has made significant progress in helping students with disabilities to reach their fullest potential, but still much more remains to be done at the pre-college and post-secondary education levels and beyond those into competitive employment. Only a person with a disability knows what the fear is like and I know how to conquer the fear of speaking disability with confidence and courage....   [tags: Reflections]

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Ethnographic Interests of Xenophon

- Xenophon, the son of Athenian wealthy family, was exiled because of his assistance for the enemies of Athenians. He claimed that he was yearning for a thrilling adventure; as a result, he decided to join Cyrus’s expedition against his brother Artaxerxes, the Persian King along with the Greek mercenaries. Though Anabasis is more about the record of the Greeks’’ struggle and hardship during their retreat in the hostile territory, Xenophon writes Anabasis as his interest of ethnography. Ethnography is a study of human cultures....   [tags: Greek Military, Tactics, Athens]

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Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage

- Corporate Interests and Their Impact on News Coverage Hypothesis There is no denying that news media is big business. The complete coverage of stories and investigative reports are certainly at risk with the rise of media as a business, rather than strictly a service to the public. Over the past few years, there have been a number of cases where television stations or news publications have killed news stories or forced reporters to slant stories due to pressure from advertisers or those in power at the news....   [tags: Media Power Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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The Exploitation of Patriotism to Serve the Government's Interests

- One of the most important tools that any government can take advantage of to advance its control is the patriotism of its people. Throughout the history of the world patriotism has been used to justify war, injustice against others and to manipulate a whole population of people. Patriotism is not a word which is meant to have negative effects. As the Merriam Webster online dictionary defines it, patriotism is the "love for or devotion to one's country". The problem is that many corrupt governments throughout the world, including ours here in the United States, are using patriotism to advance their own interests which have negative effects on the world as a whole....   [tags: Government American Persuasive Essays]

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Music Research Interests

- Although I have a background in both instrumental and vocal music, the topics that I am interested in researching are entirely choral-centric. I am primarily interested in conducting research that will benefit my current teaching situation as a middle school choral music specialist. Through research and continued professional development, I hope to expand my personal “tool kit” of teaching approaches, rehearsal techniques, and management styles, as well as to hone my craft as a novice teacher to better serve my students and their needs....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Interests Groups in the American Political System

- Agricultural interest groups have always received some sort of aid from the government. The justification for this is quite obvious, in fact, but will still be defined. One reason for the help is that there are so many different farmers in the United States that farm different things. Many of these farmers are not part of any other farming industry and are autonomous. Because of the lack of clearly definite major parties that the United States market depends on for produce goods, each individual farming establishment has to be considered as an equal to the other....   [tags: Farming, Labor, Voluntary]

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Buying Favor: Why Congress Depends on Funding From Special Interests

- There is a problem with Congress. The previous sentence summarizes the collective sentiment of the general public concerning the legislative branch of the federal government. A 2010 Gallop poll revealed that over eighty-nine percent of Americans have no confidence in Congress (Lessig 2). It is theorized that Congress is so far out of favor because it has been unable to resolve the nation’s most important issues, such as Medicare, Medicaid, immigration reform, and the growing budget deficit, due to seemingly trivial reasons....   [tags: Government]

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Media vs. Military: The Effects of the Embed Program on Public Interests

- There are two major perspectives on what role the media occupies in the current political landscape: Pluralist and Marxist. Those who support the pluralist perspective see the media as performing two essential tasks, “(1) it informs the public and (2) it acts as a watchdog on those in power” (Edkins, and Zehfuss 157). The second perspective on the media, the Marxist perspective, takes the following view, “For Marxists, the ruling class uses the media as a tool of persuasion: they try and convince everyone that the hierarchical structure of society is serving everyone’s interests, not just their own” (Edkins, and Zehfuss 158)....   [tags: Media]

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Somali Piracy: The Rapidly Deteriorating Security Situation in Somalia and the Threat to US Interests

- PIRACY IN SOMALIA The Rapidly Deteriorating Security Situation in Somalia and the Threat to US Interests The increasing violence and continued growth of piracy off the coast of Somalia has threatened international shipping in one of the world’s busiest shipping corridors and raised the awareness of maritime-based Islamist terrorism (Stevenson, 2010). Somali piracy threatens commercial shipping and poses a potentially significant threat to international peace and security. Pirates have threatened and seized many ships, contributing to a rise in shipping costs, insurance premiums, and impeded the delivery of food aid shipments....   [tags: Foreign Policy ]

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Legislators Must Satisfy Both Constituents’ and Partisan’s Interests

- ... In Congresswoman Pelosi’s website, she has been actively assisting her constituent by securing earthquake relief on 1998, fighting hard to improve Bay transportation, and securing funds to rehabilitate public housing units. This implies how important for a legislator to achieve its constituents’ satisfaction and respond among salient issues within respective districts. Thus, most legislators always allocate enough personnel and staff resources for any constituent services such as handling casework and managing pork barrels strategically....   [tags: political, lawmakers, constistution]

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A Century in the Development of Haiti (1915 to 2014): Foreign Domination Serving Foreign Interests

- US intervention in Haiti exacerbated poverty and inequality within the past century stifling Haitian democracy and independence. These relations have adversely affected the economic and social life as well, creating the conditions which Haiti currently faces. I have chosen to start in the year 1915 because that is when US Marines began their occupation of Haiti. I have ended in modern day because the US’s relations with Haiti have continued to be exploitative. I will analyze the political decisions imposed on Haiti by the US government, including military occupation, supporting dictatorial rulers, and suppressing democratically-elected leaders....   [tags: history, colonial past, inequality, democracy]

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Djibouti: How Culture in the Horn of Africa is Influencing Global Interests

- Sociologists define culture as “the ways of thinking, the ways of acting, and the material objects that together form a people’s way of life” (Macionis 40); but when and how are cultures developed. A society’s values and beliefs derived from their people’s ancestry, their economy or way of living in relation to their physical environment, and political situation all play active roles in forming a society’s culture. In addition, local variables alone do not develop a society’s culture in the modern era....   [tags: International Government ]

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South Africa Social Conflicts and Interests Result in Political Party Systems

- Political party systems are a result of social conflicts and interests. They are a formation of various groups of political parties in a certain country. The aim of this essay is to validate and evaluate the importance of a multi-party parliament in context of a dominant party system. This essay has been divided into four parts. The first part will briefly describe what party systems are with focus put to the multi-party system and the dominant party system. The second party will briefly explain the formation and function of the multi-party parliament....   [tags: regulations, government, electoral]

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The Mass Media Serves the Interests of the Corporate and Political Elite

- The Mass Media Serves the Interests of the Corporate and Political Elite There exists a symbiotic relationship between corporate America and the United States government. This relationship influences the organizational structure of the mass media and thereby greatly impacts the framing of social problems in our society. The mass media serves the interests of the corporate and political elite by presenting only those issues favorable to their objectives and “filtering” out those that are not. To understand how this “filtering” process works, it is necessary to recognize who actually has control of what issues are presented in the mass media and what issues are omitted....   [tags: Papers]

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Colonists and Indians Fight for Mutual Interests on the American Frontier

- Colonists and Indians Fight for Mutual Interests on the American Frontier Since the settling of the English colonies in the early 17th century, pioneers have been destined to expand into the North American frontier and to domesticate it with their Christian faith and progressive nature. In their exploration of the frontier, however, the Puritan colonists often encountered Indians whose savagery challenged their discipline and morals. Just as the colonists expanded, Indians also saw their native lands of many years vanish....   [tags: American America History]

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Ukrain

- This essay will discuss the interests and possible action that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (“NATO”) may implement with regards to Crimea’s recent annexation by Russia. NATO is a partnership that guarantees shared security and democratic values, as well as collective ‘defense against the threat of aggression’ (Kurt Volker, 2006; Madeleine Albright, 1998). Many of its member states are surrounding the Ukrainian region – which, combined with other factors – creates a very strong regional interest....   [tags: russia, crimea, partnerships, interests]

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Combining My Interests in Energy Dependence and Management

- From growing up in Singapore, the “Clean and Green” city, to living in “Oil Country” Texas, and making frequent trips to India I have been exposed to a wide spectrum of energy dependence. On one such visit to an Ashram in India, I was amazed by the effective use of solar panels and internal water recycling plants to support a small, ascetic community, tucked away in a city that lost electricity for a few hours every day. This experience inspired me to examine the potential for large-scale applications of similar clean technologies to mitigate challenges such as high energy prices, volatile foreign oil sources, and food shortages in the developed world....   [tags: Management, energy, ]

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Generation Gap: The Gap between Parents and Children

- "The great model of affection of love in human beings is the sentiment which subsists between parents and children." as time goes by, things change. What was popular, and normal, in the 70s has changed. The older generation always wonder what had gone wrong with the younger generation and the younger generation also wonder why parents can`t understand their needs. The don`t know how to deal with the differences between each others and that has lead to a gap between parents and children. The interests ,food, habits ,slang , entertainment and also the way of thinking of the younger generation differs from the older generation....   [tags: difference, interests, entertainment]

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Benefits of Impure Public Goods on Marine Biodiversity Preservation

- Systems of “impure public goods” are touted as offering a blend of private and public interests, preventing exploitation while still allowing these resources to be accessible to the public. In the field of marine biodiversity, this is important because it can potentially prevent resources from being exploited and/or species from becoming eradicated. The idea of public goods offers a system that is subject to external forces and internal mechanisms, and despite its negative and positive impacts remains a system worth investigating for the purposes of marine preservation....   [tags: public interests, marine biodiversity]

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Is Social Networking Essential to Life

- A key aspect of life is communication, as very little would be possible without interactions between people. Innovations in fields such as medicine and space exploration are result of opinions of large groups of people uniting by communication. Beginning from an era of sending letters to antique phones followed by emails and presently social networking which is promptly dominating the field of communication (Salz, 2006). Online social networking is the use of an Internet website that enables self -identify and connection with other members based on one or more elements of commonality (Simpson, 2011)....   [tags: communication, interactions, interests]

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Laissez Faire in The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

- Tommy Jones begged, pleaded, and hoped beyond hope for that new touch screen phone that would immediately move him up the social ranks at his school. His wish was granted on Christmas morning. He was rewarded with that sleek, black phone with 4G capabilities. Two months later the next phone in that series is out, an exact clone of the orginal with the most moderate changes, and suddenly Tommy’s phone is obsolete. There was no great improvement when compared to the old model, no; the corporation knows that it will sell, no matter how small the improvement....   [tags: economy, consumer interests]

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The Motivation for Work: Florence Nightengale and Ms. Bessie

- There are a lot of reasons motivating people to work, such as their happiness, interests and self-esteem. However, it is important that jobs can influence people to keep their ambitions to achieve their goals, to satisfy their basic needs and to focus on one thing with their passion. Florence Nightingale gave up financial support from her family since she had an ambition to improve England’s medical and healthcare environment in the 19th century. And during my high school, “my job” offered me a suitable chance to reach my aim, too....   [tags: ambition, passion, happiness, interests]

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Poltical Parties and The Muslim Republics

- Definition of Poltical Parties: A party means an organization or a group of people who work together. A political parties can be described as ann organized group of people with similar political aims, interest and opinions, and that organized group of person exercise political power. Political parties try to control what happens in Parliament by securing a majority of parliament members. They work together so as to introduce new laws and they alter old ones. Most countries have single-party, two-party, or multiparty systems....   [tags: interests, opinions, democracies]

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His Bromance Is Killing the Romance

- It’s great that your man has a best friend he can share all that boy stuff with, but this friend is becoming your love rival, how do you deal with this ‘significant other’. By Wairimu Gikenye Women are aware that men do have a best friend too, the guy in his life he just cannot let go off - his most trusted ally and confidant. A more fitting term used in Kenyan colloquial would be “his boy”. This is the unique phenomenon that is a ‘bromance’- a purely platonic relationship between 2 heterosexual males bonding over common interests and life experiences....   [tags: friend, interests, feeling, relationship]

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Required Community Service for Students

- In recent months, a requirement that would be placed upon the students of this state has been discussed by the legislature. While this requirement would have some positive effects on some public works, and perhaps even the cleanliness of the towns of this great state, the negative effects on those whom it would be placed far outweigh the aforementioned positive effects. A mandatory community service requirement of 10-15 hours per week would not be beneficial because it would result in an increased level of exhaustion in students, a general drop in grades state-wide, and it would contribute to general discontent in the student population....   [tags: exhaustion, grades, interests]

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Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

- Animals can be a man's best friend; however, they can also be ones worst enemy after passing certain boundaries. Peter Singer who wrote Animal Liberation gave valid points in my opinion because animals do have a right to live and we should give them their space. Humans take everything for granted and never seem to learn until it too late. Today slaughterhouses are abusing animals in disturbing ways which has to change. I will agree with Singers concepts on animals because they have a right to live a peaceful life like humans; they have a life ahead of them once they are born....   [tags: animal rights, interests, food]

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Large Constitutional Republican System

- As James Madison defined, a faction is “A number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.” (Federalist. 10, page 43) If we look at the world throughout the history we see that there have been always efforts by factions to get power and authority. According to Madison’s definition, factions occur because of differences in opinions and interests among people....   [tags: James Madison, factions, interests]

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The Foundation of Learning

- The Foundation for Learning Students past interests, experiences, prior knowledge, references and thought processes can effective the way students learn, process information and remember due to prior experiences, how it made them feel and their personal views and attitude towards specific subjects and can alter the way they learn new material and concepts because of this meaningful learning is important. It is a teachers job to have teach students in a way that can relate to their background knowledge and insure that material in on a level the student an process....   [tags: interests, experiences, prior knowledge]

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Creative Writing: Two Teachers

- Two Friends “Hey. Allison. Do you want to go to the Comic-Con with me?” My friend Dora said. Last year, Dora invited me to go to the San Diego Comic-Con. He couldn’t wait to go there because he was really excited and prepared for it for a whole month. However, when I asked my other friend Mike if he wanted to go with us, he was lethargic and answered me with his narrowed eyes, “No, Ally. I don’t want to go. I prefer to watch the video of comic-con with my cat at home.” Even though I have known Dora and Mike for over three years, sometimes I’m still curious about how they became friends because they are really different....   [tags: dora, mike, personalities, interests]

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Commission on Global Governance

- According to the Commission on Global Governance (1995), global governance refers to “the sum of the many ways individuals and institutions, public and private, manage their common affairs. It is the continuing process through which conflict or diverse interests may be accommodated and cooperative action may be taken”. Some main actors involved in the process of global governance include states, international organizations (IOs), regional organizations (ROs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)....   [tags: Process, Conflicts, Diverse Interests]

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Supporting the Conclusions that the Land Domain Will Remain the Decisive Domain through which to Achieve US National Interests

- Subject: The land domain will remain the decisive domain through which to achieve U.S. national interests. 1. Purpose. The purpose of this paper is to support the conclusions of the Army Chief of Staff, Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Commander of US Special Operations Command that the land domain will remain the decisive domain through which to achieve U.S. national interests 2. Key Points. a. The land domain is the central hub through which all current domains (maritime, air, space, and cyberspace) as well as the newly proposed human domain derive their power to influence and achieve effects....   [tags: position paper, maritime, space, air, cyberspace]

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Why Are Both Public and Private Interests within Cities Becoming Increasingly Supporting of Creating a Gay Space?

- Why are both public and private interests within cities becoming increasingly supportive of the creation of “gay space”. Based on the public interest, “gay space” is important to support creative and high-tech industries. San Francisco, Washington, and San Diego, are all designed as high-tech areas in United States. According to Harvard University economist Edward Glaeser’s statistical analysis, gay workers do a better job than heterosexual (?) individual (Gates & Florida, 2002). Thus, creating diversity and inclusiveness within the population of high-tech industry areas can help to attract creativity and talent in a wide labor pool....   [tags: diversity and inclusiveness, safer areas]

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Finding Compatibility between My Personality Traits, Interests and My Love for the Medical and Health Sciences

- Before I entered the Medical and Health sciences Pre-professional program, I have never thought choosing a right career is difficult. Since I was in middle school, I already have had my future career in mind, a doctor. To be honest, I have never known that there are more than 10 specialized doctors that require different personal characteristics, but when I entered high school, I was inspired to be a surgeon like my father. At that time, I was thinking how amazing and ironic it is that cutting into people can save their lives....   [tags: career choices meet personality tests]

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Camp Ondessonk Interview

- 1.Tell us about yourself...your hobbies, interests, involvement in other groups. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, taking classes to further my education and gain certifications, participating in my school’s community service program, being with my friends, and participating in my school’s various clubs. I have taken various classes at my local college such as psychology, biology, literature and math’s to help me further my education and help me become for college. I have also taken some classes through Red Cross to receive my certification in CPR/first aid and use of the AED....   [tags: benefits of camp, interests and hobbies]

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History of the Democratic Republic of Congo

- ... is able to maintain a Special Envoy for the Great Lakes and the DRC to prevent further exploitation of resources. The Envoy has a main goal of locating and destroying the main root cause of instability in the region. In other economic terms, “A UN agency said it needed close to 7.5 million U.S. dollars to continue offering humanitarian support to Congolese child refugees in Uganda”(CountryWatch). To fulfill this need, the United States has become by far the largest donor to the United Nations stabilization mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo....   [tags: American interests in African countires, oil]

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How Equitable Remedies Contributed to the Development of New Interests in Land

- How Equitable Remedies Contributed to the Development of New Interests in Land The common law has been romantically and mistakenly described as the law of the common people of England. In fact, it could be argued that the common law was a product of a particular struggle for political power. Before the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, a unitary, national legal system did not actually exist. The common law was developed after the Norman Conquest through the “itinerant justices” travelling around the country in order to sort out disputes by selecting the best local customs and making them the basis of the law of England....   [tags: Papers]

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The Versailles Peace Settlement and its Failure to Secure British Foreign Policy Interests

- The Versailles Peace Settlement and its Failure to Secure British Foreign Policy Interests 1) British Foreign Policy interests at the time Peace - Britain had everything to lose and nothing to gain from a war. Balance of Power – Best insurance against renewal of war. Global interests rather than just continental. Preservation of empire Preservation of navy – had best navy fleet. Remain on good terms with USA – expenses. Britain needed to be defended – Security of UK - Protection of trade routes - Defence of the empire - Co-operate in defence of British allies....   [tags: Papers]

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The British Putting Imperial Interests Before Commitment to the Peace and Stability of Europe

- The British Putting Imperial Interests Before Commitment to the Peace and Stability of Europe Britain, to an extent, was more concerned with her empire than with European affairs during the 1920s. She only deployed the army when her empire was involved, for example in Ireland, India or Australia. On the other hand, by 1929 there was no immediate threat of war, and as Winston Churchill said, "The state of Europe was tranquil", partly because of the many treaties that were signed during the 1920s that Britain orchestrated....   [tags: Papers]

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Marjorie Garber's Vested Interests: Cross-dressing and Cultural Anxiety

- Marjorie Garber's Vested Interests: Cross-dressing and Cultural Anxiety The tendency to establish rigid social codes of gender-determined behaviors is apparent everywhere--though specifically present in literary texts. Women are expected to, in essence, be women and act, dress, and behave in a manner that distinguishes them from men. While these constructs are rigidly defined, they are easily and recurrently transcended. In her, Vested Interests: Cross-dressing and Cultural Anxiety, Majorie Garber demonstrates the concept of "cultural binarisms", illustrating them to be the social and historical obsession with polarizing individuals, male or female, into either "one" group or the "other."...   [tags: Gender Sex Female Male Essays]

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Deciding Whether the Rules of Causation Are Weighted Too Far Against the Interests of the Defendant

- Deciding Whether the Rules of Causation Are Weighted Too Far Against the Interests of the Defendant When deciding on a case of death, the courts use the ‘but for’ test, i.e. but for the defendants act, the death would not have happened. In the case of White 1910: The accused had intended to murder his mother, he had poison in a glass ready for her but she suddenly died from a heart failure, she died due to the heart failure and not the poison. The defendant could only be liable for attempted murder but it is clear that he had desired it to happen....   [tags: Papers]

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Statement of Purpose: My Interests in Math, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science

- For years, I was surrounded by people who would react astonishingly when I told them my academic profession. In high school it was physics, in Fudan University it was computer science, and I’m beginning statistics - all fields that aren’t as common for girls. “Wow…” they’d say, as they scanned me from face to toes. It would be unreasonable if I claim that I had never questioned my choice, especially during the adaptation period into computer science as a rookie. I can still recall the desperation I felt in my first program designing class....   [tags: Educational Goals, application essays]

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Career, Career Interests, and the Value of a College Education

- I am currently employed as a software integration technologist with Motorola. The division I work in develops software used to identify persons, usually for law enforcement purposes, through fingerprint, palm print, facial, and demographic matching technologies. My job is to integrate these technologies into a single, fast, and easy to use system. Specifically, I code the workflow engine that allows the separate technologies to function as a single system. Instead of moving from company to company, changing jobs every few years like many of my past and present co-workers have done; I have been working at the same company for the last 18 years....   [tags: essays research papers]

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British Gap Years

- Ever since England first colonized in America, the British have brought a lot to our culture including; advancements in the English language, war allies, and popular bands like One Direction. Ever since the nineteen-sixties the British have been recommending that students take a year between secondary school (high school) and uni (college) to travel the world, volunteer, or catch up on some extra courses (Gap Year Wikipedia). In the professional or career world, a gap year is when you stop your formal work life to pursue other interests, generally unrelated to your regular line of work....   [tags: Personal Interests, Stress, Prince Harry]

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Relationships Shape Individuals in Dead Poets Society and Maestro

- Although no two relationships can ever be identical, relationships can shape individuals in similar ways. As seen in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, directed by Peter Weir, and the novel Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy, group relationships are fuelled by common interests and beliefs and, hence, can shape individuals by enriching their shared interests. Trust, a sense of belonging and independence is developed in the individual, as they develop their personal identity and assert their own beliefs and ideals against the ultimately conforming nature of group dynamics in a relationship....   [tags: area of interests, Dead Poets Society, Maestro]

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Edward R. Murrow: A Revolution in the News Media

- The four years following the battle against Senator McCarthy, Murrow developed an enormous amount of contempt for the industry he helped create. Murrow’s superiors grew to fear some of his proposed topics for See It Now due to the usually high level of controversy surrounding most of his stories. CBS also became dictated by its advertisers in order to generate profit, and Murrow’s presence often scared advertisers from buying commercial slots during his programs. “The 1950s were characterized by a growing alienation between Murrow, CBS administrators, and sponsors, who both had come to dislike his independence, his critical broadcasts, and his critical analysis of the broadcasting industry,”...   [tags: corporate and public interests, networks]

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The USA and Latin American Countries After the Cold War

- ... Because with time, everything can change. After the fall of the Cold War the global world changed completely. The US had made many bold moves in order the keep it’s hegemony and to fight off communism.Which led the United states to losing its global power status and made it adjust to the criticisms coming from all angles. Latin American countries finally saw a way to set themselves free and advance into the world market and more so, into the multipolar world that would soon be in full force....   [tags: military cooperation, interests]

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Policies, Law and Regulations that Affect Businesses: Demographic Trends

- Demographics and demographic trends There are various demographics that affect business. These are the many traits that can dictate buying or product preferences of consumers. Businesses identify their major clients via these various traits. Afterwards they target consumers having similar characteristics in their promotions and advertisements. Targeting clients with similar demographic traits assists in maximizing a business’ sales and profits. In spite of growing overall population, the accessibility of skilled labor is indeed wearing out, not only in advanced countries, but also in developing countries (Raducha, 2010)....   [tags: market interests, consumers]

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The Olympic Games: Faster, Higher, Stronger

- The greatest athletes of all time have their names set in stone. Every year a new star comes out of the shadows and becomes the focus of global interest. Nations back their athletes financially to ensure they receive a medal. Winning gold in the Olympics Games is seen as the highest honor an athlete can achieve because of its prestigious image. The Olympics have not always been about the athletes. Nations competing have been victims of political scandals. When one country goes against another country, some people do not only view it as a fight for gold, but as a war amongst nations....   [tags: athletes, global interests, nations]

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Relations Between China and Taiwan

- Relation between china and Taiwan Introduction The current conflict between china and Taiwan originally began in 1949 when Chiang Kai-shek (President of Republic of China) and his followers fled to Taiwan after their defeat by the Chinese communist party (led by Moa Tse-Tung) in the Chinese civil war, which erupted immediately after the Second World War. In 1950, the Chinese communist party established the people’s republic of china (PRC) and invaded Taiwan, to unify all of china under their rule....   [tags: independence, integration, interests]

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Discussion of the Main Reasons that have Resulted in the Bank Disintermediation

- Disintermediation could lead to economic crisis because of the importance of banks in the economy. Banks are very important in an economy because they provide safety for depositor, provide a wide variety of loans and offer other credit vehicles like cards and overdrafts. The bank connects surplus and deficit economic agents and significantly contributes to the progress of any economy through facilitation of business. • Economic Development: Banks facilitate the development of saving plans and are instruments of the government’s monetary strategic policies among others....   [tags: financial crisis,economic development, interests]

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Ethics in Engineering

- Ethics is the moral behavior that guides our actions; it motivates us in our personal behavior and is relevant in a business setting as well. Many organizations have set forth a set of guidelines known as a “Code of Ethics”. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, being one of these organizations, has set forth their code as a requirement for students and engineer members to adhere to. Heading towards a career in electrical engineering I choose this organization to elaborate on for my ethics project....   [tags: Code of Ethics, Honesty, Conflict of Interests]

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The Interest Group

- An interest group is a group that seeks a collective good, the achievement of which will not selectively and materially benefit the membership or activists of the organization. These organizations try to achieve at least some of their goals with government assistance. The difference between interest groups and political parties is that political parties seek to constitute the government, whereas interest groups try only to influence it. Some of the things that interests groups seek from government are information that affects the interests of the interest group, influence of the government policy, goodwill of the administrators who carry out the policy, and symbolic status....   [tags: Political Special Interest Group Politics]

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Interest Groups

- Interest Groups Interest Group is defined as "an organized body of individuals who try to influence public policy." This system is designed so that interest groups would be an instrument of public influence on politics to create changes, but would not threaten the government much. Whether this is still the case or not is an important question that we must find out. Interest groups play many different roles in the American political system, such as representation, participation, education, and program monitoring....   [tags: Political Special Interest Groups]

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Is WikiLeaks Completely in the Public Interest?

- Introduction To assess WikiLeaks “completely” would be a mammoth task, trawling through every release and considering it in relation to public interest would take months. Similarly, by virtue of the gargantuan proportions of the information WikiLeaks handles, we might assume that it cannot all, be in the public interest. Public Interest, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information and Human Rights Public interest is one of seven common defences to libel and slander as defined by George Lubega of Pinsent Masons....   [tags: Public Interest, Freedom of Speech]

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Levels of National Interest (Revision)

- Prioritizing and clarifying are two of the United States biggest conflicts, encountering great difficulty when attempting to define its national interest. National interest is the establishment of identity and purpose of the country; it is a multi-faceted idea that is made of several ideologies set forth by the country’s most influential leaders and parties. It is assumed to be what is best for the country (Rosati, 2010, p.2). Concerns of economic growth, wealth, military affairs, survival, and security are all integral players in determining what is important in regards to national interest....   [tags: Foreign Policy ]

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Conflict of Interest with different stakeholders

- Introduction Although primary objective for managers is to maximise shareholders’ wealth, but many firms are started to focus on other stakeholders’ interests in recent years. Company can prevent transfer the damage of stakeholders’ wealth to shareholders when focus on stakeholders’ interests. In other words, “social responsibility” for the companies is to maintenance stakeholders’ relations in order to provide long-term interests to shareholders. By this way, conflict, turnover and litigation of stakeholders can be minimise....   [tags: Business, Shareholders, Wal-Mart]

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The Influence of Political Interest Groups

- Political interest groups have had a profound influence over important governmental decisions throughout the history of the United States. James Madison believed that everyone is self-interested; therefore, interest groups are an assemblage of individuals who share the same self-interest acting together to obtain goals beyond individual reach in complex societies. These interest groups are highly organized factions that have a certain agenda that is important to them. In order to ensure their agenda is protected, these groups will often lobby various levels of government, have new laws or regulations instituted that will aid their agenda, or argue against possible laws, codes, or regulations...   [tags: U.S. Politics ]

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European Interest on the Revolutionary War

- Although the Revolutionary War was based on the premise of liberty and equality for suppressed American colonists, it was mainly influenced and fueled by geopolitical, economic, and political interests of European nations. After the French and Indian War Britain had the largest number of foreign colonies on the freshly discovered continent of North America. The amount of land claimed however was not as significant as the value that a territory brought back to the mother country. Mercantilistic policies demanding control of vital areas, as well as nationalistic rivalries between nations had already given way to several world wars between the dueling powers of Europe....   [tags: Geopolitical, Economical, Political]

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Interest Groups and Foreign Policy

- Interest groups and Foreign Policy Introduction In this paper I am going to compare and contrast how interest groups both internal and external affect the foreign policy of a developing nation and how they affect the foreign policy of a developed state. Foreign policy is a strategy a government uses in dealing with other states. Interest groups or special interest groups are any association of individual or organizations that on the basis of one or more shared concerns, attempt to influence public policy in its favor usually by lobbying members of the government....   [tags: governement, lobbying, influence]

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US Interest in the Middle East

- Proceeding from a top-down perception of regional stability, the (senior) Bush administration sent thousands of US soldiers to Saudi Arabia which seemed vulnerable to conquest by Iraq during the second Gulf war (1991). President George H. W. Bush interpreted Saddam Hussein’s aggression as a threat to international and regional stability and resolved to confront it by forcible means. The US intervention, however, was not without destabilizing repercussions. The stationing of the US troops in Saudi Arabia put it into confrontation with the Islamist fighters, and ended the truces which lasted throughout the 1980s between the two parties....   [tags: Foreign Policy ]

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Dealing with Conflict of Interest

- Consider you are working in an organization, when a decision took by you is being influenced by the organization it paves way for conflict of interest. Conflict of interest may arise due to allegiance towards your employer or the company that you are working as an employee. But having concern or allegiance towards friend, family, spouse etc. and helps your friend/family though you are faithful to your organization or employee. Conflict of interest may include academic as well as professional conflicts....   [tags: organizational management]

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What are Interest Groups?

- Interest groups are an association of individuals that is organized over shared concerns, with the common goal to influence public policy in their favor. To put it simply, all interest groups desire to affect the government in order to benefit themselves. Interest group’s goals range from policies that benefit specific group members or certain groups in society, to policies that affect a broad public sector such as improving air quality. Interest groups can be found in all branches of society, and range from areas such as labor to economics to agriculture....   [tags: public policy, power]

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Interest Groups in America

- Let’s say that you are driving to the Olympia capital for the first time and you see a group of people standing around chanting and holding signs that say “STOP ABORTIONS.” You stop and ask your friend on what she thinks in going on. You both think that it is a protest against abortion, so you start to walk around wondering what is going on. You are told by one of the group members that he is part of an interest group that fights for pro-life. Your friends start to wonder what an interest group is since pro-life if such a big issue to her, she wants to be a part of it too....   [tags: Influence, Public, Importance]

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