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A Need For Interactive Whiteboard Technology

- A Need for Interactive Whiteboard Technology Interactive whiteboards are one of the top emerging technologies in todays classrooms. With a need for 21st century skills to be developed with students more of an emphasis has been placed on the implementation of interactive whiteboards in public schools. President Obama has spoke specifically during his terms about integrating technology into education. “Maintaining our leadership in research and technology is crucial to America’s success. But if we want to win the future -– if we want innovation to produce jobs in America and not overseas-–then we also have to win the race to educate our kids,” (Yudt & Columba, 2011)....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard]

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How Interactive Media Use Surveillance

- As technology becomes integrated in our daily lives, through work and leisure time, surveillance of how consumers navigate the Internet has increasingly become a driving force for companies to increase commodity. Surveillance of content on social media and new media, created by individuals, is exploiting users all over the world by invading their personal information and compelling them to preform a source of free labour. This essay will examine how interactive media use surveillance to inherently exploit their users through: free labour of being watched and watching, personalized marketing strategies, and the categorization of individuals into identity groups, affecting interactions in publ...   [tags: Marketing, Advertising, Interactive media]

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Interactive Fiction: Computer Games

- Interactive Fiction: Computer Games When I read a good novel I always imagine myself participating in the events, going on the journey with the characters. I can still clearly remember the first time I finished The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. I was 9 at the time, and the books had a great effect on me. When the story ended, it seemed like I had been along for the ride. Yet I had been involved in the action only as a bystander, nothing more than a ghost watching things happen, unable to effect the events that occurred or interact with the characters I had grown attached to....   [tags: Interactive Fiction Essays]

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An Interactive Violence

- From television shows to various movies, violence has been ingrained into everyday life. However, these violent media outlets have been all but interactive, until the age of video games. At first creation, video games seemed harmless, with the initial games being Pong and Pac-Man. However, as time passed the public called for the integration of their favorite past time, violence, Game developers responded in kind, and still to this day violence is essential element in some of the most popular games....   [tags: Entertainment]

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Interactive Hypertext for Interactive Readers

- Interactive Hypertext for Interactive Readers With every new advancement in technology the roles of the writer and the roles of the reader are changed; sometimes it is a small change and other times it can be a drastic transformation. In this modern age it seems the role that the reader or the audience plays is shifting significantly. I don’t think there has ever been a point in history where there was as much interactivity as there is currently. The main reason for this change in the reader’s role is the rapidly growing amount of hypertext being used....   [tags: Hypertext Internet Reading Essays]

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The Age of the Global Interactive Agency

- It was only a matter of time before the fledgling web design firms and online advertising agencies that were spawned in the late 1990s grew and coalesced into mature national companies. Now, these companies have grown too large for a single country and the age of the global interactive agency is upon us. Led by companies such as 7 Strategy, a combination of design, e-commerce, database management and a host of other marketing and technical skills are combined under one roof to provide companies from around the world with multi-national exposure on the Internet....   [tags: Business, Technology]

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Interactive Toys Into The Core Brand

- By exploring more technologically advanced and interactive toys into the core brand, I would want to ensure that the products were suitable and up to date with current trends and include features that implement learning, fun, and the ability to have the toys interact with the compatibility of smartphones and tablets. Essentially, I would first begin the process by thinking about the consumers needs, how they prioritize the needs, and the manner in which they make decisions based on their needs (Sharkey, 1994)....   [tags: Marketing, Decision making, Need]

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Effects of an Interactive Computer Game

- Hypothesis This study was derived to examine the effectiveness of video games used for balance activities in physical therapy. This helps establish the difference between delivering conventional techniques of physical therapy versus newly developed techniques involving computer based games that use the body as the controller. The purpose of this study was to find out if there is a significant advantage to administering an interactive computer game exercise regimen on balance as opposed to traditional methods of balance improvement....   [tags: Video Gaming]

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The Philosophical Journey : An Interactive Approach

- A person’s actions are right, if their motives behind their actions toward a certain situation have a good intention and they performed appropriate response to certain their situations that life has given to them. For example, a person’s intentions are their motives behind their actions, where as an appropriate action is any response towards any situation which is proper to perform in certain situations that require people to help other people rather than themselves as society deems fit. The following situations are from page 412 of The Philosophical Journey: An interactive approach show about some ethical dilemmas, and the appropriate actions and intentions to figure them out which solution...   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Religion, Moral psychology]

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What Is A Interactive Whiteboard?

- What is a Interactive whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector. The instructor can then manipulate the elements on the board by using his finger as a mouse, directly on the screen. Items can be dragged, clicked and copied and the lecturer can handwrite notes, which can be transformed into text and saved. They are a powerful tool in the classroom adding interactivity and collaboration, allowing the integration of media content into the lecture and supporting collaborative learning....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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The Demo Course Is Very Interactive

- Demo Course The demo course is very interactive. It starts with a set of cases that make viewers reflect upon ethical issues. It provides an explanation of what cultural ethics is, and it provides details of the objectives of the demo course. In the third lesson, the course incorporates a quote by Stephen Covey that make readers reflect upon how trust is built. The discussion on conflicts of interest is important because that is one of the most common factors that lead individuals to get involved in illegal actions....   [tags: Ethics, Philosophy, Business ethics]

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Environmental Interactive Intervention for Employees

- The purpose of the program plan was to implement a 6-week environmental interactive intervention on the staircase of an employee worksite and evaluate whether it motivated workers to increase stair usage. The setting was two different employee work sites each equipped with stairs and an elevator. The target audience included an intervention site with 140 employees and a comparison site with 140 employees who worked there daily. Each site had a 3 story staircase located adjacent to an elevator allowing the employees to have an easy choice on which use....   [tags: Program Plan, Employee Worksite, Stair Usage]

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Internet, Interactive Communication And Media

- With the emergence of Internet, interactive communication in Media Corporation should be more dealt with most traditional media outlets. They used to provide the information only produced by well-disciplined, well-educated and efficient hundreds journalists to their audiences one-snidely. It is obviously admitted that audiences, who have different opinion, have a rare chance to counteract opposite opinions to the media companies by sending letters for opinion pages and implying the idea through ombudsman programs....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Journalism genres]

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The Future of Interactive Gaming

- One of the new exiting up incoming trend, is the advancing in technology in video gaming consoles in three of the major companies, which include Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. All of these companies figure it out that in video games you do not need to sit in the couch and use a controller, it is ok to stand up and interact with the game. We are going to discuss how the client purchase the trend, how the client reacted to the technology advances and final but not least, how in the future it will evolve and may create another trends....   [tags: technology, consoles, virtual]

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Sample Resume : Interactive Communication

- School: Department: Name: Student ID: Course: Task: Date: INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION Qn. 1. A. Summary of an Interaction: I: Hey there. Claire: Hey too I: Am on my way to the school library to do some assignment and I want to use your book, give it to me. Claire: My book. Forget it, go and learn some etiquette first. I don’t just give out books to anyone. I: Its ok, I don’t think it would have helped me that much. Sorry anyway. Claire: Keep the sorry to yourself and next time learn how to borrow....   [tags: Communication, Message, Instant messaging]

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The Quadr Interactive Family Kitchen

- Hillside-Quadra: Interactive Family Kitchen British Columbia (BC) is a wealthy province that provides a variety of publicly funded services to its residents, however, from 2011 to 2012 almost 1.1 million British Columbians and 4.9 percent of Canadian children were affected by food insecurity (Rideout & Kotasky, 2014, Statistics Canada, 2015). Food insecurity goes beyond not having enough to eat but also has an impact on health equity and social justice. Health equity and social justice occur when individuals have equal opportunities to achieve health, and can include when the community comes together to ensure everyone’s health needs are being met (Nova Scotia Nutrition Council, 2005)....   [tags: Health, Public health, Nursing, Health care]

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Qualities Of An Interactive Leader

- Even good leaders have weaknesses and have room for improvement. One weakness that I need to work on is making sure my employees know that even though I have many qualities of an interactive leader I am still the supervisor. Lines can be blurry when using this leadership approach. Employees could misunderstand this style of leadership and when hard conversations are needed the employee can become confused and upset. I need to make sure that even though I am a friendly and open leader that my employees still understand that there is a line....   [tags: Employment, Leadership, Want, Need]

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Interactive Society and Instant Gratification

- Interactive Society Everyone has seen that kid with music blasting basting out of his purple ear-buds, girl texting on her phone, and the teen on their phone communicating with society. As a fellow teen, in my daily life, I use technology constantly. Either in school or outside of school. I feel teens rely on today’s technology to heavily that it may be having harmful affects on teens. The youth of today are constantly engaged in technological advancements. technology promote nonstop communication and instant gratification....   [tags: social media and communication technology]

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Interactive Theatre As Immersive Theater

- The word ‘immerse’ is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary “to make (yourself) fully involved in some activity or interest”. “A literary bestiary” was marketed as a site-responsive, immersive show. The curator and founder of the project insisted on using the term ‘show’ and in all prior communications with the media and the general public, the labels ‘immersive’ and ‘site-responsive’ was not only attached, but highlighted as a selling point. As a co-producer, I found it difficult to defend the choice of the label immersive when the production was, in my opinion, a literary event with small bursts of theatricality that could be argued to have similarities of promenade theatre....   [tags: Theatre, Performance, Audience, Stage]

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Interactive Simulations : The Simulation

- Balance Alexis lytle PhET interactive simulations The simulation features a lever and several weights that can be placed on the lever. The simulation calculates which side has more force acting upon it by using m1*d1 + m2*d2..., where m is the mass of the object and d is the distance to the fulcrum. The simulation finds the totals for both sides and compares the two numbers. The larger number will move downwards. The simulation provides bricks, people, and mystery objects, all with different weights in order to enable you to learn how to figure out how to find the weight of an object that has not been given to you....   [tags: Force, Mass, Torque, Classical mechanics]

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The Interactive Study Of Music

- The interactive study of music allows us to see a universal appreciation across mankind. Most everyone has a relationship with music in their everyday lives, whether they realize it or note. On October 1st, 2016, an interview with Miranda Bonilla explores her personal close relationship with music. Miranda’s perceptions of music focuses primarily on its ability to reflect her emotions, enhance her social and solitary activities, and bring back vivid memories of past events and relationships. Often times, when someone is asked the abstract question “what is music?”, they have an incredibly hard time responding....   [tags: Emotion, Interpersonal relationship, Memory]

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Designing An Interactive Ecommerce Website

- At the moment, Access Closet Collection’s management is focusing on putting all modalities in place to develop an interactive ecommerce website that will support professionalism, customer service and swiftness in operation. The company shall employ proven marketing campaign tactics to expand its influence in the online retail market. Going forward, Access Closet Collection shall commit to weighing and reviewing feedbacks from current and prospective clients while leveraging on the word of mouth advantage from satisfied clients to build brand equity that endorses increase in business acceptance....   [tags: Renting, Sales, Marketing, Customer service]

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Interactive Learning

- Today’s generation of children and young adults grew up with technology access easily available to them. They carry cell phones that allow instant communication with their friends and instant access to the internet. Research to them means, pulling up an internet browser, typing in a subject and being presented with thousands of choices from which they can choose. Traditional teacher led instruction does not promote the interactive type of learning that technology has allowed students to use. Today’s teacher must learn to include a more interactive style of teaching that the technologically savvy student is wired to understand and enjoy....   [tags: Educational Technology ]

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The Advantages of Using the Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom

- The interactive whiteboard has been in use in the corporate arena for many years and has been successful in making impact on customers through a seamless presentation of data. The interactive whiteboard has made a jump to the classroom and has been able to have just as significant of an impact but for many different reasons. The interactive whiteboard has become a tool to engage students, provide for student involvement in the learning process and has generally made learning more fun for both teacher and student....   [tags: education, elementary education]

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The Impact of Traditional Vs. Interactive Instruction

- ... Medina, 2010). Boys might say, “Do this.” Girls would say “Let’s do this.” Boys who give orders are perceived as leaders and girls who do so are perceived as bossy. Study after study has shown this gender bias solidifies into adulthood (Dr. Medina, 2010). In contradiction to the above, some researchers say that at a certain age the student is too used to the environment they are in and will be unwilling to change. This can be seen in colleges where student do not partake in the discussion of the class....   [tags: education tools and alternatives]

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Interactive Whiteboards: Technology that Makes a Difference

- The interactive whiteboard has become a popular technology in recent years because of its potential. Educators are able to meet the learning styles and different intelligences in their class by using this one tool. The use of the interactive whiteboard has inspired teachers to expand and extend their interaction and involvement with their students and the technology itself. Interactive whiteboards (IWBs) provide a variety of benefits to students. Most of these benefits are in the area of the affective domain (DiGregorio & Sobel-Lojeski, 2010)....   [tags: education, teaching techniques]

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Interactive Media Games

- The Interactive Media Flash Game will showcase an inspiring assortment of issues relevant to the environment and sustainability. These environmental issues consist of; deforestation, oil spills, waste management and rubbish. Our goal is to create an educational ‘green’ Media Flash Game that will inspire and influence the next generation (ages 11-13) to ‘Live Small, Live Close; Use Less’. Our game, like most children’s stories will have a main character/super hero, and our heroic character is a little green frog....   [tags: Child Development, Education, Learning]

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The Diffusion And Use Of Interactive Media Tools

- Creating a community online Questions remain, however, about the diffusion and use of interactive media tools. There is an assumption that users want to develop or continue social relationships through communication (Walther, 1996). Yet, online interactivity remains low on media websites and those who use interactive measures represent a growing minority (Chung & Nah, 2009; Larsson, 2011). At this point, the audience seems to appreciate online interactivity more than they use it, but want these interactive options to exist....   [tags: Mass media, Journalism, Media studies, Comment]

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What 's An Interactive Student Notebook?

- Kickstart Learning with Interactive Notebooks Let’s face it: helping your students to stay engaged in class can be difficult. Traditional note taking has often been a long, arduous process for both teachers and students to go through. It’s a monotonous, linear activity that allows for little engagement and even less creativity on the student’s end. With interactive student notebooks, or ISNs, however, all that starts to change. By enabling your students to process your course’s information in their own way while allowing a space for them to let their creativity flow, they’ll become more active learners and ultimately have a better overall class experience....   [tags: Education, Student, Notebook, The Notebook]

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Interactive Planning Project for Military Women

- Caffarella and Daffron (2013) interactive model has laid its roots deep into the art of planning programs for adults. This model has been utilized in almost every high level/corporate program or even in everyday social activities. Its importance and the need cannot be underestimated when it comes to cost cutting, saving time and planning with thorough research and in ethical terms. This project of Women's Leadership in the Military, had required several of Caffarella and Daffron (2013) model structures listed points in order to make their project work....   [tags: Leadership, Military, Females]

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Red Team's Project on Interactive Whiteboards

- Abstract On any collaborative project there is a process that is followed to create an end product. First is the topic that is decided on by the group after consideration of several viable subjects. Next is a gathering of resource information that supports the topic and the details giving credence to its relevance while at the same time collating the source information in an annotated bibliography. The group then comes together to outline the proposed team project and the first rough draft is produced....   [tags: Technology]

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Interactive Artwork Reflection

- As this was the first piece of Interactive Artwork I have ever created, I leapt into it with some serious concerns about how we could present a piece with engaging capabilities in a short timeframe. I also knew that whatever we came up with, had to be durable enough to withstand repeated usage. The programming behind the whole project needed to be rock-solid, with code handling any type of scenario that users could subject it to. It means you need take extra care with lots of advanced planning so as to avoid any show-stopping traps, and in our case, it meant looking deeply in the servo movement code to account for all possible positions, since that was the backbone of our whole concept....   [tags: Art]

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Participatory And Interactive Modes Of Policy Making

- The results of the shift from a top-down approach to more participatory and interactive modes of policy-making are far from clear. Recent research on the implementation of Natura 2000 in France and Germany has indicated that this is a shift in rhetoric rather than in practice. “At all political levels a big gap remains between the rhetoric on participation and the real-life implementation of participatory processes” (Rauschmayer et al. in press). Insofar as participatory processes are put into practice, however, the results are ambiguous at best....   [tags: European Union, United Kingdom, Policy]

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Creating Interactive Maps Of Ontario Schools

- Graphics For graphics, I would like to create interactive maps that display both the decreasing enrollment in Ontario schools as well as school closures throughout Ontario. I would start with a graphic map of Ontario and the counties within the province. From there, I would have the graphics team implement highlighted yellow areas of Ontario where school enrollment is low. This would be an interesting way to show the severity of decreasing enrollment in Ontario schools. According to Brett Throope in his article in The Arthur, “[e]nrolment at Ontario elementary schools dropped 15% between 1997 and 2009 and secondary school enrolment decreased by 14% between 2002 and 2009” (2)....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Primary education]

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Technology Is Becoming More Complex And Interactive

- As technology is evolving, human interaction with technology is becoming more complex and interactive. Technology is often designed to make the human life easier and evolve the capacity and capability of human interaction with the world around them and one another. Technology has begun to act as the human mind does, as it has the ability to store and generate information. However, this cognizance is much beyond that of any organic awareness and knowledge, creating a fear of technological dominance replacing many aspects of humanity while furthering knowledge and consciousness (Biles)....   [tags: Social network service, Facebook, Human]

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Overall Reflection on Interactive Science Concepts

- I thought the observations and interactive activities really added to my understanding of some concepts in Science. The activities allowed us hands on exploration of new ideas and ways to teach students Science. I really liked the spinning top activity. While building this activity, I found it interesting that student can come up with different ideas to achieve the same task. We had six groups and six different interpretations of what out tops should look like. This allowed us to explore through trial and error to achieve the same goal....   [tags: activity, investigation, explore, observation]

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Integrating New Technology Into The Classroom - The Interactive Whiteboard

- Schools are constantly looking for an edge that will help their students to succeed. One way that schools accomplish this difficult task is by integrating new technology into the classroom. Often times, the decision on which technology to incorporate is driven by trends rather than research. Schools are always in the process of upgrading their technology, often looking at what everyone else is purchasing and then following in their footsteps. Currently, one piece of hardware that many school districts are investing money in is interactive whiteboards....   [tags: Education and technology, teaching, teachers]

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Interactive Cable Archives and Videoconferencing

- Interactive Cable Archives and Videoconferencing The integration of technology into curriculum and instructional practices in P-12 education has been gaining momentum in classroom reform across the nation (Mowre-Popiel, Pollard, & Pollard, 1994). Interactive and digital technologies are now recognized as tools by which educators can bring unique resources into the classroom (Schutte, 1998; Wise, 2002) and engage students in dynamic, self-constructed learning (Branzburg, 2001). The use of technology as a tool that supports instruction and learning is transforming the traditional way of teaching; both digital and geographically located resources now offer an enriched content that was not av...   [tags: Technology Education Curriculum Essays]

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Interactive Modeling Software & Oil in Saudi Arabia

- Abstract Technology is a basic part in our daily life and facilitates many things to us. Searching for oil in Saudi Arabia cost the government millions of dollars each year and wastes a lot of time and effort, in this research paper I will determine the diversity of computerized searching systems, software, databases and services used in the companies, and how these technologies have made our life very easy. Interactive modeling software plays an important role in facilitating the process of searching for oil by saving money, effort and time....   [tags: Technology]

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Explain Maxwell 's Interactive Model Of Research Design

- Explain Maxwell’s interactive model of research design in your own words. Why is it “interactive?” Planning or conducting a study requires research and a good design. “A good design, one in which the components work harmoniously together, promoting efficient and successful functioning; a flawed design leads to poor operation or failure” (Maxwell, 2013, p. 2). When conducting research, the research questions are the normal starting point. They are what drives the study and, therefore, the piece that controls the design which all other components must follow (Maxwell, 2013)....   [tags: Scientific method, Quantitative research]

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Case Study : Ford Sync, An Innovative And Interactive

- Ford Sync is an innovative and interactive feature available in some Ford vehicles. It allows the driver to be able to utilize hands-free calling, music search and control, navigation, and temperate control. It provides the feedback needed that allows the driver to be informed and safe while driving. Part of doing so is allowing the user to be aware of particular user or performance errors that may stop a particular command from being completed. The dialogue of the system is easy to understand in clear and concise language, which leaves the user with the understanding of what needs to be done next....   [tags: Camera, Digital camera, Camera phone]

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Use Of Three Strategies Using Interactive Guided Reading

- In order to help Connor develop his ability to read I would use three strategies such as: interactive guided reading (Cooper & Kiger, 2014 p.33), monitoring/ clarifying (Cooper & Kiger, 2014 p.115), and cloze tests (DeVries, 2015 p.55. will help Connor grow as a beginner reader. First I would work with Connor using interactive guided reading, which is strategy that uses a different mode of reading than just independent reading or a read aloud. As the students read, “the teacher observes and coaches them through their use of strategies.,” (Cooper & Kiger, 2014 p.33)....   [tags: Reading, Orthography, Reading, Word]

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Interactive Learning Environment Multi User Virtual Environments

- Interactive Learning Environment—Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) Description of Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVEs) According to Harvard, MUVEs are “multi-user virtual environments that enable multiple simultaneous participants to (a) access virtual contexts, (b) interact with digital artifacts, (c) represent themselves through “avatars”, (d) communicate with other participants, and (e) take part in experiences incorporating modeling and mentoring about problems similar to those in real world contexts.” (Dieterle, E., & Clarke, J., Harvard, 2014)....   [tags: Education, Learning, Virtual reality]

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Shakespeare’s Growing Influence in Interactive Storytelling

- In all of literature, William Shakespeare has been made one of the most recognized and beloved writers of all time. With over 38 famous works under his name, Shakespeare has maintained both legitimacy and relevance to this day. Part of the reason Shakespeare has maintained his fame and influence is the multitude of adaptations many have made from his works. Whether it is a play with a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet or an animated rendition of Hamlet where the characters are placed in futuristic robotic mech suits; the messages and themes written by the bard have transcended both the eras they were written in and the mediums the works are presented in....   [tags: romeo and juliet, hamlet, modern times]

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Design Plan for Talkie: An Interactive Children's Toy

- The purpose of this paper is to describe a toy that I have designed for preschool children. In this paper, I will also discuss how my toy would promote the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of preschool children. Play is very important for preschool children’s development because information processing is steady and ongoing in several areas of rationalization. The toy I have designed will involve parental and peer involvement to encourage the development of language skills through operant conditioning and imitation (Berk, 2010, p....   [tags: cognitive, preschool, language]

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Legal And Ethical Constraints Of The Interactive Media Industry

- Legal and Ethical Constraints in the Interactive Media Industry There are many legal and ethical issues that media production industries need to be aware, while creating their media. Legal Intellectual property rights Copyright allows the person who created something to own their work. This law prevents third parties to copy, reproduce make a profits from the creator’s work. Copyright Act 1988 protects the ownership of the work from its creator. Copying and publishing somebody’s work without their permission breaks this Legal act....   [tags: Copyright, Property, Discrimination, Trademark]

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Interactive Atmosphere : Metaphor And Multi Sensory Experiences

- INTERACTIVE ATMOSPHERE: METAPHOR AND MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCES Every experience of architecture is rooted in multi-sensory and embodied interaction with surroundings. Neuroscience studies show that all sensory modalities as well as linguistic paradigms are integrated in the sensory motor cortex of brain where mirror neurons are originated therein. Architectural metaphors, moreover, are contextually grounded and deeply rooted in existential experiences and embodied interactions with the built environment....   [tags: Perception, Sense, Sensory system, Architecture]

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My Field Experience At Interactive Neighborhood For Kids

- I chose to do my field experience at Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, also known as INK. I have learned a lot from working at INK. From how to interact with special needs children, to how children truly learn from experiencing hands on activities. At INK, their dream is to imagine, create, and explore. INK is located in Gainesville, Georgia. This children’s museum is a place for individual kids or groups of kids such as field trips or birthday parties. The appropriate age for INK is aimed at children between the ages of two and twelve....   [tags: Learning, Education, Learning theory, Psychology]

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Interactive Consumer Health Information Technology and the Elderly

- The use of interactive consumer health information technology would be beneficial in the healthcare setting in order to monitor patient status, provide quality care, establish treatment goals, and communicate effectively with the healthcare providers. However, there are barriers in the usage of health information technology in the elderly population. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website, barriers include physical limitations which lead to increase need for assistance, computer literacy (63%), and computer anxiety (58%) (“Barriers and Drivers of Health Information Technology Use for the Elderly, Chronically Ill, and Underserved,” 2008)....   [tags: status, care, goals, providers, barrier]

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Achieving Interactive Holography Using Computer Graphics

- I. History Holograms are three-dimensional images, which are diffraction patterns produced by a split coherent beam of radiation. They were discovered by Dr. Dennis Gabor in 1947 while he was working to increase the resolution of an electron microscope and discovered them completely by accident. Dr. Gabor gave holograms their name by combining the Greek words “holos” and “gramma,” which translates, “whole message.” 2 Whereas traditional photographs are only able to record the amplitude and wavelength properties of light, resulting in a two-dimensional image, holograms, in addition to storing the amplitude and wavelength properties are also able to store its phase properties....   [tags: Holography]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

- Robots Alive In today's society, robots come in different types and qualities, and robots’ use was mainly in the laboratories and factories; however, that has drastically changed where their uses are changing at a high speed. In addition to that, they have spread throughout the world. The main function of robots is to replace the work that people used to do, or perform tasks that man cannot. A robot is a mechanical or virtual device that uses a computer program, or electronic circuitry, to carry out its functions....   [tags: interactive equipment]

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The Benefits of Interactive Medicine

- Magic goes beyond the reach of a wand. It is when it jumps out of the trick when it gets far more complex, but also far more natural. Magic lies within the confines of people’s bodies in a mysterious and sometimes underestimated place: the human mind. As any other superhero, the mind constantly faces enemies who try to change its focus and narrow its range of thought. The mind uses all its powers to defend its principles, but sometimes the battles get bitter, as it is forced to overcome a local enemy....   [tags: holistic and alternative approaches to health]

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Interactive Multimedia Systems

- Interactive Multimedia Systems Interactive multimedia systems promise to revolutionize education. In a complex world of constant change, where knowledge becomes obsolete every few years, education can no longer be something that one aquires during youth to serve for an entire lifetime. Rather, education must focus on instilling the ability to continue learning throughout life. Fortunately, the information-technology revolution is creating a new form of electronic, interactive education that should blossom into a lifelong learning system that allows almost anyone to learn almost anything from anywhere, at anytime....   [tags: Papers]

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Interactive Museum Experiences

- Interactive Museum Experiences “I am Richard Nixon, president from 1969 to 1974. I was a lawyer and studied at Duke University Law. I died in 1994,” says Marjorie Cozzens, age 8 (Dooley, 2003, p. F4). The third grade class at Karigon Elementary School, of which Marjorie is a member, were preparing for the opening of their Presidential Wax Museum on Friday, March 7, 2003. Marjorie’s third grade teacher, Renee Bortolini has her class choose a president, learn about them, and on Friday, the students will put their hard work together to create their very own wax museum....   [tags: essays papers]

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Interactive Media and Its Effects on Copywriting

- Interactive Media and Its Effects on Copywriting Interactive media and the World Wide Web have become an entirely new medium for advertising copywriters. As new innovations in computer technology arise, copywriters find the best ways to utilize interactive media for marketing their products, and sometimes, themselves. They have discovered several key marketing methods including hypertext, JAVA, and accuracy of information. According to Duif Calvin, author of "The Nintendo Generation," hypertext is the most important marketing tool for advertising on the web....   [tags: Communications Essays]

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Creating an Interactive Web Site with CGI

- Creating an Interactive Web Site with CGI Introduction The Internet explosion of the 1990’s has been one of the most revolutionizing business factors of the decade. The Internet allows individuals and businesses to reach each other more effectively at an increasingly lower cost. However, the most effective method of interaction is two-way interaction. This applies whether the interaction is between two people, a person and a business or two businesses. Basic HTML web pages allow for easy one way interaction....   [tags: HTML Web Page Creating Papers]

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E-commerce and Interactive Communications Methods

- E-commerce and Interactive Communications Methods E-commerce E-commerce means carrying out of trade and commerce (including shopping) via electronic means. E-commerce can be sub-divided into business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-consumer transactions. E-commerce is sometimes known as e-tail, e-trade or e-business. There are a number of different uses of e-commerce. E-commerce can be used for marketing of goods and services; retail of goods and services; customer service and supply chain management (also known as E-procurement)....   [tags: E-Commerce Design Essays]

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American Express Interactive Case Analysis

- American Express Interactive Case Analysis American Express (AXI) is a global travel, financial, and network services provider. Founded in 1850, the company provides individuals with charge and credit cards, Travelers Cheques and other stored value products. It also offers financial planning, brokerage services, mutual funds, insurance and other investment products. Through its family of Corporate Card services, American Express helps companies and institutions manage their travel, entertainment and purchasing expenses....   [tags: Papers]

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How Does Interactive Media Marketing Be An Everyday Tool For People Around The World?

- The Internet (Web) now and days is not only a place to get on Facebook but instead, is a tool through which various products can be marketed. The Internet has become an everyday tool for people around the world for work, school, or social purposes, but aside from this the Web has a larger portion of it has related to commercial purposes. Currently, the Web “presents the opportunity to efficiently reach audiences in the ways most relevant to them and at unbelievable speeds”. This ability to advertise and communicate with various individuals and in great quality has revolutionized the marketing realm....   [tags: Marketing, Advertising, New media, World Wide Web]

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An Interactive Whiteboard : An Instructional Tool That Allows Computer Images With A Digital Projector

- An interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector. The instructor can then manipulate the elements on the board by using his finger as a mouse, directly on the screen. Items can be dragged, clicked and copied and the lecturer can handwrite notes, which can be transformed into text and saved. They are a powerful tool in the classroom adding interactivity and collaboration, allowing the integration of media content into the lecture and supporting collaborative learning....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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The Unity 3D Engine: Building Interactive Scenes Using GameObjects

- ... Projection transformation – The 3D world coordinates are transformed into the cameras 2d view, in order to calculate the perspective sizes of objects at different distances to the camera the X and Y coordinates of every vertex must be divided by the Z coordinate of its own primitive. Clipping – all primitives that are not within the view are discarded. Rasterization – The pixel values of the scene are calculated by converting the 2D representation of the scene to a raster format. Texturing and shading – Fragments of the scene are assigned colour values from a saved texture, a shader or the vertices during Rasterization....   [tags: graphics, transformation, scenes]

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Interactive Television And Online Services Expanding The Strategies And Tactics Marketers Employ Today

- How are innovations in interactive television and online services expanding the strategies and tactics marketers employ today. Interactive television and online services are expanding the strategies that marketers use to influence consumers today (Tuten & Solomon, 2014). The ability to reach the modern day consumer has rapidly changed and practically limitless due to the expanding marketing opportunities and real time interaction with the consumer. The creation of the internet has presented a new medium for marketing that companies must incorporate into marketing strategies in order to reach the consumer, otherwise risk losing market shares to competitors who are utilizing advanced technolo...   [tags: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Technology]

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A Good Campus Library Creates An Inviting And An Interactive Learning Environment

- A good campus library creates an inviting and an interactive learning environment. The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. The campus library is not known as an interactive learning center, it is known as a place to check out books. Our campus library barley reaches the standard level because it is small and not used as a public good correctly. When walking into the library, one sees rows of computers placed in the center....   [tags: Library, Librarian, Public library]

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An Effective Campus Library Creates An Inviting And An Interactive Learning Environment

- An effective campus library creates an inviting and an interactive learning environment. The school library is central to learning and plays a key role to encourage innovations, curiosity, and problem solving. The campus library is not known as an interactive learning center, but as a place to check out books. Our campus library barley reaches the standard level because its size is not adequate to accommodate the students and faculty members in the way that is needed. In current use, the library is used incorrectly and no longer a public good....   [tags: Library, Librarian, Public library]

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From Wearables to Soft-Wear: Seamlessly Integrating Interactive Technology into Fashionable Apparel

- In industries where functionality is of predominant importance such as within sports, healthcare, security and safety, wearable technologies have already been successfully integrated into clothing (example?). Not so within everyday wear. Smart Fashion is not yet common consumer technology, and besides some exceptional examples (which are?), electronically augmented fashion is generally known as being illuminated outfits reserved for stage performance or other special events. In this paper we discuss how Smart Fashion can find its way into everyday clothing....   [tags: smart fashion]

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Who’s Watching Whom? A Study of Interactive Technology and Surveillance, by Lee Humphrys

- Who’s Watching Whom. A Study of Interactive Technology and Surveillance is a comprehensive essay written by Lee Humphrys looking into the effects of using social networking sites. Humphreys takes on the task of looking into many different issues over the course of this one year study. Lee Humphreys’ research looks into whether users feel safe and secure while using the site, and what they find to be strengths and weaknesses of the network. He hopes to understand to whom the shared information is going to and if those sharing the information know their true audience....   [tags: Surveillance of social networking sites]

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I Learned A Lot Of Valuable Tools During Interactive Teaching Lectures

- I learned a lot of valuable tools during the 16 hours of observation. Ms. Hughes is an incredible teacher. I was very lucky to be able to observe her in action. She used all the teaching methods at various times. I was able to watch how efficient they were. I found that as a teacher there were some things that were not within your control even in your own classroom. There are many amazing high points of teaching as well as a few negative aspects. It was awesome seeing the students faces light up during interactive teaching lectures....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Teaching, Slavery]

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Enhancing And Supporting Both Teaching And Learning

- > Edtech continues to evolve – rapidly – enhancing and supporting both teaching and learning. The blackboard was long-ago consigned to the past, even interactive whiteboards are reaching their ‘best before’ date. What’s the latest. Interactive flat panel displays, it seems. Here Marie Cahalane asks the tech-experts: why make the change. And, when it comes to procurement how can you ensure value for money. Gone are the days of the blackboard; even the interactive whiteboard (IWB) is ‘old school’ in terms of the latest technology on the market – interactive flat panel displays (IFPD) are the next rung on the evolutionary ladder....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard, Classroom]

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Differented Instriction for Children Learning to Read

- 1. Choose three of the types of reading instruction from Table 11.1 in the text and demonstrate how dual language learners are included in the instruction; use both bilingual and single language picture books chosen from those listed at end of text chapters; give details on integrating these books into the classroom curriculum. Dual language may be learned in some classes. There are different books that have bilingual language. Teachers can influence children learn dual language. Reading instructions include reading-aloud, interactive read-aloud, independent reading, and supported reading....   [tags: dual, bilingual, interactive, language]

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Reading: Learning a Second Language

- 1.0 Introduction Reading is one of the most important skills in acquiring a second language. In recent years there has been an increasing interest in the development of the process of reading. Reading was seen as a receptive language process where learners do not need to produce any form of language. This means that a reader is given a passive role whereby they only receive input such as opinions, new information or sense of enjoyment and try to understand it. no form of interaction with the text occurs....   [tags: Interactive Approach, Comprehension]

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Technology Is Negatively Affecting Children At School

- Technology is constantly evolving in the world around us and has the ability to make many positive impacts. When it comes to certain technology, children seem to have their hands on it at such a young age. Young children are influenced by technology almost everywhere, primarily at home and within school. Whether individuals see technology being used by young children as a positive or negative is completely up to their morals and beliefs. While researching the ethical lense of technology having an effect on the psychological development of preschool through elementary school aged children, there are different viewpoints depending on where the technology is used....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard, Whiteboard]

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The Simple Genius Of The Blackboard

- n the essay "The Simple Genius of the Blackboard: Why the board-centered classroom is still the best place to teach and learn," Lewis Buzbee talks about what the board in the front of the classrooms has represented in schools throughout the years. He narrates how the erasable slates from before the 1800’s have been developed into the big board found in front of classrooms; in 1800, a teacher connected all the erasable slates to allow a geographic map to be presented on a much bigger board, as well as in 1801 when another teacher connected them to write complex math formulas....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard, Whiteboard]

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Affordable Tablets and the Decline of Toys

- If you spent any time in a toy aisle this past holiday season, you would have noticed a subtle shift starting to occur in toys. The old standby toys are giving way to more modern app-enabled versions. Manufacturers are finding any way they can to update classic toys to engage with modern tablets. Barbie is enabled with cameras that play back via apps, Fisher Price play sets embed them for interactive play, and Lego building sets can be controlled by them. Unless manufacturers embrace and utilize tablets with their products, the tablet will take over the toy market....   [tags: multifunctional, interactive, sales]

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First Century Teaching : 21st Century

- 21st Century Teaching Over the past few years mankind has taken major technological leaps. The use of technology has affected everyone, even the education system. Today, educators, students and schools are becoming more technological each year. Therefore, teachers need to identify and educate 21st century learner with skills they need in the 21st century. Also, teachers need to address educational technology issues and trends, such as social issues, which could be presented in their classroom and school....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard, School]

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Integrating Instructional Technology For The Classroom

- Integrating Instructional Technology Technology should be used to facilitate and enhance instruction in and outside of the classroom. The use of technology helps prepare students for their future careers. In the classroom, technology should be incorporated with the content lesson. This will help students learn in a fun and engaging way. The use of interactive whiteboards, Chromebooks, and Youtube allows teachers to enhance instructional time and students to collaborate with each other in an educational setting....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard]

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The Assistive Technologies : Assistive Technology

- 3.1 Assistive Technologies Assistive technology (often abbreviated as AT) refers to a piece of equipment, software or product system as cited by (, 2015).These items allow individuals to complete life activities they might not otherwise be able to complete with greater ease and safety. Assistive technology includes simple tools like specialised chairs and communication boards made of felt. It also encompasses individualised gross-motor devices such as prosthetic limbs. Assistive technology as suggested by (, 2015) includes computer hardware like keyboards, laser pointers and screen-readers....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard, Whiteboard]

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The Vehement Vilification of Violence in Video-games

- There are many controversies about video-games that vary from the idea that they lead to violence due to the graphic nature of some video-games, they are addictive, or they promote laziness and corpulence rather than going outside to be active. Contrary to belief there are many family friendly, educational, and fun games available if a person takes the time to look past all of the hype in the media about games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. “Nearly 60 percent of the almost 1,700 ratings we assigned last year were E for Everyone, which means there’s a huge selection of games available that are appropriate for all ages,” says the ESRB’s Patricia Vance....   [tags: benefits of technological interactive stimulation]

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Brainstorming and the Advancemenst in Idea-Generation Methods

- ... The process ends with one integrated idea (Zemke, 1993). The last of the interactive methods discussed is the Wildest Idea. Similar to classic brainstorming, Wildest Idea allows the facilitator to interrupt a group who may be in a rut, and suggest a crazy or impractical idea (Zemke, 1993). This allows the group’s attention to be temporarily diverted, and brings the group back to the original discussion refreshed (Zemke, 1993). Brainwriting is a parallel technique in which participants write their ideas on a sheet of paper, and then place the sheet in the center of the table in exchange for another person’s (Zemke, 1993)....   [tags: interactive, parallel, electronic]

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Information and Features of the New Technology Red Tacton

- Features Fig. Features of RedTacton RedTacton has three main features as shown in figure. 1. Touch This is the main feature of RedTacton. A communications path can be created with a simple touch, automatically initiating the flow of data between a body-centric electronic device and a computer that is embedded in the environment. For example, a simple handshake between people having RedTacton device, sitting, stepping on something and so on. 2. Broadband and Interactive The second feature is about little interference or no interference....   [tags: touch, media, interactive, technology]

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Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd )

- Significance According to Loe and Feldman (2007) Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have received much focus during the past several years. The focus has been in the scientific literature and the media networks (Gimpel and Kuhn (2000 ). ADHD has been considered a common psychiatric disorder in childhood, affecting 3–7% of school-age children. The main symptoms about ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity and frequently lead to learning skills, because of behavior distractions (Loe & Feldman, 2007, para....   [tags: Education, Interactive whiteboard, Psychology]

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