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Journal Response on Teaching

- I used this quote to introduce a lesson on the different ways of learning to my undergraduate content methods class. I felt the words also spoke to both the essence of our assigned texts and my state of reflection. The readings increased my awareness of the variances of issues facing higher education and the viability of multiple solutions. I realized that it is much easier to shoot an idea down than it is to consider a novel solution. Ramsden’s (1992) use of the Whitehead (1992) statement, “I merely utter the warning that education is a difficult problem, to be solved by no one simple formula” leads me to believe that he holds a similar multi-approach disposition towards higher education is...   [tags: Education, Instruction, Teaching]

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Classroom Action Research Project

- Classroom Action Research Project I chose to focus reading with a first grade student. This student has missed a lot of school in the past and has moved around frequently. On the FAST assessment, this student scored at the bottom of all first graders. Reading is of high importance and an intervention in this area is in high need. What impact can an direct, systematic instruction on phonemic awareness, phonics, and letter names and sounds using the Imagine It. intervention guide and supplemental materials, for 30 minutes a day, have on a first grader performing significantly lower than her peers....   [tags: reading, student, practices, instruction]

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Energy-Exposed Instruction Set Architectures

- Energy-Exposed Instruction Set Architectures 1 Introduction Power consumption is emerging as a key factor limiting computational performance in both mobile and tethered systems. Although there has been significant progress in low-power circuit design and low-power CAD and some work in low-power microarchitectures, there has been little work to date at the level of instruction set architecture (ISA) design for low power computing. Modern ISAs such as RISC or VLIW are based on extensive research into the effects of instruction set design on performance, and provide a purely performanceoriented hardware-software interface....   [tags: IT Technical Process]

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What Makes A Teacher?

- Defining what makes a teacher particularly special and great is not something easy to do. All teachers possess certain qualities that make them unique, and depending on numerous factors such as school setting, personality of students, class size, etc., such qualities may turn out to be effective or ineffective. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes a teacher’s efforts worthwhile, because it is not necessarily a value or statistic that can be calculated numerically. How can one go about determining whether such extraordinary pedagogy is present....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Instruction]

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Universal Design for Learning

- ... may struggle with traditional teaching methods, UDL offers the opportunity to access learning in ways that utilize their strengths rather than focusing on their deficits” (Kessler & Whitbread, n.d., para. 6). DI through representation in subject areas such as mathematics, are adjusted and adapted to suit individual student’s needs and interests. Ideas of anchoring the learning in real life have been suggested, using character’s presenting a real-world math problem, or even beginning the lesson with a children’s book which is related to the learning objective....   [tags: differentiated instruction, educational theories]

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Characteristic of metacognition awareness

- Generally, knowledge is universal awareness or possession of information and gained trough experience or study. Knowledge brings humans to the successful epoch of creation and achievement. The deep study of knowledge conveys the new theories of wisdom that is metacognition. Metacognition or metacognitive is a study about thinking on what own’s thinking and managing or supervising their own learning (Fauzan, 2004, p. 2). In other research, Lai (2011) explained metacognitive as consciousness of someone thinking or responsiveness of one’s subject matter conceptions (p....   [tags: Procedural Knowledge, Instruction Oriented]

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Direct or Inquiry Instruction? Finding the Balance to Maximize Motivation and Learning

- The question of how students learn best has fueled a controversial debate within the field of educational psychology and instructional design. There is limited consensus as to which type of instructional technique best supports conceptual learning. Instructional techniques cover a wide spectrum of guidance that ranges from direct instruction, which often encompasses the use of lectures and worked examples, to pure discovery learning which includes little to no teacher guidance at its most extreme interpretation....   [tags: Education, teaching, teachers]

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How Differentiated Instruction Can Impact Student Content Knowledge

- Introduction The purpose of this literature review is to examine how differentiated instruction can impact student content knowledge in an urban science classroom. Themes to be discussed are urban students and science education, differentiated instruction in the regular education classroom, differentiated instructional strategies, and benefits of differentiated instruction. Urban Students and Science Education Urban students are typically in traditional classrooms where they underachieve in academics, demonstrate low proficiency in all subjects, and perform below average in reading and math (Olivares-Cuhat, 2011, p.1)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Student, Learning styles]

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Library Services And Resources For The Libraries Of Reference, Outreach, And Instruction Over The Past Year

- I have made significant contributions to the library in the areas of reference, outreach, and instruction over the past year. Reference I answered 133 reference questions through the LibAnswers platform and 124 chat queries from UMass and nationwide patrons, in addition to forty-four individual personal reference email questions and reference appointments with faculty, staff, and students. One reference appointment utilized a web conference/screen sharing service for a student in California in an effort to meet the evolving needs of online community members....   [tags: Library, Librarian]

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Efficient Discharge Instruction and Effective Patient Communication to Prevent Readmission

- Introduction The American Nurses Association (ANA) defined discharge planning as, "part of the continuity of care process which is designed to prepare the patient for the next phase of care and to assist in making any necessary arrangements for that phase of care" (Rose, 2010, P. 47). Discharge planning is a continued and ongoing process that allows the health care team to bring the patient to an appropriate level of care. Significant amounts of research supports that preparing the family for discharge has become more complex over the last several years....   [tags: care process, health literacy, nursing]

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Reading Instruction Is Vital For Educating People Of All Ages And Demographics

- Introduction Reading may possibly be one of the most essential necessary skills academic success. Therefore, finding operational ways to teach reading is vital for educating people of all ages and demographics. Nevertheless, since reading weighs so heavily on education and core knowledge, there is great responsibility among educators of elementary school students to produce a concrete foundation of the basic fundamentals of reading, and teach students how to read properly. Reading instruction is a very complex process that requires a multi-dimensional approach....   [tags: Phonics, Education, Teacher, Learning]

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The Importance Of Reading Instruction On The Right Age And Readiness For Early Literacy Learning

- Literary competence, simply stated, involves the development of deciphering print and comprehending what it means. (Department of Education, Science, and Training, 2005). Reading is described as a complex developmental challenge that is a combination of many elements that include, responsiveness, memory, language skills, and motivation (Reutzel & Cooter, 2012). When considering ‘reading’ from a teaching perspective there must be many factors that be taken into account. For effective reading instruction to occur, it is important to understand not only the processes of how and when a child learns to read and write, but what inspires them to read....   [tags: Phonics, Reading, Balanced Literacy]

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School Of The Arts Provides Quality, Affordable Instruction For Children And Adults

- Gaston School of the Arts provides quality, affordable instruction in Music, Visual Arts and Drama for Children and Adults in Gaston County and the surrounding areas. Scholarship opportunities are available for needs based students to ensure community access to our programs. Individual lessons for children and adults are offered in: piano, woodwinds, violin, guitar, voice, mandolin, banjo and percussion. The GSOA Youth Orchestra offers performance opportunities for students ranging from beginner to advanced musicians....   [tags: Music, The arts, Art, Visual arts]

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Information Literacy Instruction with Distance Students: Librarians' Key Role, by Chutima Sacchanad

- The article selected as the topic for this assignment is from a session of the 68th IFLA Council and General Conference (August 18 – 24, 2002). The presentation is “Information Literacy Instruction to Distance Students in Higher Education: Librarians Key Role” presented by Chutima Sacchanad. Mr. Sacchand’s presentation focused on the changes in distance education as a result of the changes in technology and role of librarians in helping distance education students navigate these changes. Distance education is changing the way students learn....   [tags: Information Literacy Essays]

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Understanding Multicultural Education And Implemented Instruction From An Urban United States Classroom

- The purpose of this study is to understand how teachers define multicultural education and implemented instruction in an urban United States classroom. Current literature for this purpose can generally be arranged into two areas, 1) The need for cultural competency instruction in schools and 2) Obstacles and support systems to implement affective instruction. Together these bodies of literature provide a background understanding of the psychological and social contexts in which the present study is set....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Culture]

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Using an Integrated, Spiral-Based, Inquiry Approach in Mathematics and Science Methods Instruction

- The methods mathematics teachers use to teach their students have the potential to vastly influence how their students understand the discipline (Kelly, 2001). With the advent of reform curriculum, there has been a push for teachers to abandon lecture dominated instructional practices and to adopt more student-centered practices. In Creating Advocates: Building Preservice Teachers’ Confidence Using an Integrated, Spiral-Based, Inquiry Approach in Mathematics and Science Methods Instruction, Catherine Kelly explores the influence of the beliefs and attitudes of pre-service teachers about integrated, spiral-based, inquiry instruction in mathematics and science....   [tags: Education, Teaching]

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Article Review: Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction for English-Language Learners with Special Needs

- The article being discussed is: Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction for English-Language Learners with Special Needs by John J. Hoover and James R. Patton. The stated purpose of the article is teaching and curriculum, specifically the need to adapt both for ELLs who are exceptional. This article gave suggestions of how best to adapt teaching methods and curriculum to the needs of ELLs, as well as how to solve problems that may arise. The article opened by discussing some major problems ELLs have in the education system, specifically with special education....   [tags: Article Analysis ]

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Active Participation Strategy # 1 : Questioning During Initial Instruction

- Active Participation Strategy #1: Questioning during initial instruction During the PowerPoint presentation the teacher will engage the whole class by asking questions. Questions are a way of engaging the students and reinforce their participation. When students are required to respond frequently in a lesson they are more attentive. As the participation is increased the accountability is as well (Frey, 2013). Questions of interpretation force the students to examine the meaning of the information....   [tags: Assessment, Evaluation, Education]

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The And Religious Instruction ( Ri ) Program Marks The Beginning Of The End For Faith Based Classes

- The recent QLD review of the “Connect” Religious Instruction (RI) program marks the beginning of the end for faith-based classes within school hours. Several factors align to suggest that it’s only a matter of time before QLD and NSW follow the Victorian governments lead, and move bible classes to outside of curriculum hours. Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones instigated the review following the decision of Windsor State School principal Matthew Keong to scrap the program because it was “soliciting” students to Christianity....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Curriculum]

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Why Students Are Taught Strategic Reading Instruction From High School

- Introduction Approximately, 1.2 million students each year do not successfully graduate from high school; 7,000 students quit high school each day because they do have the basic literacy skills needed to be successful (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2006, p. 1). Over 8 million students in grades 4-12 struggle to comprehend texts in their academic content classes (Fang & Schleppegrell, 2010, p.587). This is a problem, which needs to be addressed within our classrooms in order to stop this trend from growing....   [tags: Reading, Educational psychology, Reading]

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Critical review on Robert Gagne´s Nine Events of Instruction

- Critical review on Gagne nine events of Instructions During the early years and eras, there were many learning theories such as behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, and etc. Each of them gave big impacts on teaching and learning. To be more specific, Gagne developed nine events or steps used in instructions for teaching and learning and it is called Gagne nine events of instructions. From what I have learned in the last lecture, these nine events are still relevance and applicable even though it needs to be improve a little bit....   [tags: Learning, Psychology]

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The Pacing Of Instruction Is Important Concept That Deserves Consideration When Resigning Online Courses

- Pacing of Instruction Pacing of instruction is another important concept that deserves consideration when resigning online courses. Decisions about pacing involve determining the amount of course content in each unit or module, the frequency of quizzes, depth and breadth of projects, and whether the students will have some control over pace or strict timelines will be set by the instructor (Liu, Maddux, & Johnson, 2004). Courses where students have a majority of control over the pacing have been categorized as learner-led, and courses that contain more rigid instructor set deadlines are labeled as instructor-led (DeRouin, Fritzsche, & Salas, 2004; Horton, 2006)....   [tags: Virtual learning environment, E-learning]

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Central School District 's Elementary Schools That Implement The Direct Instruction Approach Or Not?

- This video gave us a glimpse into three of Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District 's elementary schools that implement the direct instruction approach. This intervention involves the teacher saying words and the students repeating it. The students also spell the words while the teacher taps a pen or another object on a desk. The video starts off showing kids in a group-classroom setting all repeating the same words after the teacher then spelling the words. If the children get the word incorrect, they have to repeat it....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, High school]

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The Application of Zone of Proximal Development and Scaffolding in Elementary Math Instruction

- Introduction One of the pillars of Vygotsky’ theory of sociocultural development is the zone of proximal development (ZPD). The ZPD is defined as "the distance between the actual developmental level as determined by independent problem solving and the level of potential development as determined through problem solving under adult guidance, or in collaboration with more capable peers" (Vygotsky, 1978, p86). The premise of this theory is that students through assistance can boost their understanding of a skill and gain mastery by first observing, receiving guidance and finally independent practice....   [tags: ZPD, Vygotsky, education, learning, student]

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Analyzing The Classical Conditioning Model On My Instruction Demonstrations And Role Playing Today

- Greeting Educators, Excellent work on your instruction demonstrations and role-playing today. Here’s a brief review and a few reminders from our 2nd class meeting. REVIEW: What We Did We started by quickly reviewing the Classical Conditioning model. From the Behaviorist tradition, learning is a process of creating the conditioned response (i.e., behavior) by manipulating the environmental event (i.e., stimulus). In classical conditioning, this is forming association between NS and UCS, such that CS (i.e., a formerly NS) eventually elicits CR....   [tags: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Behaviorism]

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Evaluation Of A Student Centered Performance And Serve As The Guidelines For Content, Instruction, And Evaluation

- Yes, The learner objectives of the case study are clearly stated in the simulation design template. The development of strong objectives that are specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable are crucial in a case study. Learner objectives are the specific statements of student-centered performance and serve as the guidelines for content, instruction, and evaluation. For e.g. “Demonstrate a general head-to-toe assessment and focused assessments as appropriate or Use communication techniques to recognize, respond to, and respect an older adult’s strength, wishes, and expectations”....   [tags: Problem solving, Case study, Health care]

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When Fewer is More, the Use of Small Group Instruction in the Classroom

- Wasik (2008) addresses the issues of small groups in early childhood education classrooms. Small group instruction seems to be the most underused method of teaching in the early childhood education classroom. There are some interesting facts about this method of teaching the young child. Wasik (2008) says that there are seven different issues on small groups. Small groups received much more individualized attention from the teacher. The chance of the teacher being able to evaluate and involved all the children in discussion is much more intense and positive when you have a group of five instead of twenty....   [tags: small groups, education, ]

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The Old Model, Management by Instruction: The Case of Allworld Foods in Australia

- ... Furthermore, MBV takes into account the ethical and ecological principles and facilitates them into the strategic leadership and activities of the company. Simply put, MBV purpose is to simplify the complexity faced by the organisation, guiding with an effort to direct strategic vision towards where the company wants to be and securing commitment within every employee and thus delivery a higher performance in every day’s routine job. Review of Case Studies The case study is about Allworld Foods (AF), an Australian Institution whose primary business is on grocery business and other expansions as secondary business....   [tags: grocery chains, strategies, market]

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Bilingual Education Has Been Used By English Language Learners For Instruction

- Bilingual education has been used in many ways and different countries. In the US, however, it can be more specific and complex. It is the way their native languages are used by English language learners for instruction. There are many views concerning bilingualism. This paper outlines different views people have on this type of program. From personal views, pros and cons, the positive or negative outcomes, and the overall different perspectives people have in bilingual education. A student is sitting at the back of a traditional 3rd-grade classroom isolated, quiet, he rapidly walks out of class at the end of the day....   [tags: Second language, English language]

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The Effect of Fine Arts Instruction on Cognitive Development

- The Effect of Fine Arts Instruction on Cognitive Development Does participating in the fine arts really improve a students’ intelligence. Many researchers have conducted tests to see if music instruction has an effect. “The arts traditionally have been valued as enriching a person’s life, but new research has found that music and art also stimulate brain development and enhance cognitive development” (Ferguson, 2000, para. 1-2). Cognitive is defined as relating to, being, or involving intellectual activity (Merriam-Webster, 2003)....   [tags: Fine Arts Education Intelligence Cognition Essays]

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Measuring Progress in the Technological Transformation of Writing Instruction

- Measuring Progress in the Technological Transformation of Writing Instruction The most provocative rhetorical moment for any new enterprise is the moment in which someone opines what the enterprise will do, will cause, or will enable. Inventor Dean Kamen claims that the Segway will revolutionize personal transportation. But we must wait and see, with varying degrees of anticipation, whether this comes true. In any popular cultural innovation one cares to name, there is an explicit or implicit claim about the way that the innovation will “change” or “transform” life, its quality, or its effect....   [tags: Technology]

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I am Intrigued with Psychological Research and College Instruction

- I am Intrigued with Psychological Research and College Instruction.   Having enjoyed psychology-related activities in both the academic and community settings, it is with enthusiasm that I pursue a career in clinical psychology. An important part of this pursuit is attending graduate school. In order to obtain the necessary knowledge and to define my areas of interest, I wish to enroll in a doctoral program in clinical psychology.   Throughout my undergraduate work I have engaged in a variety of activities to help prepare my for graduate study....   [tags: Graduate Admissions Essays]

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Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction by Ralph Tyler

- In his book Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction, Ralph Tyler outlines four critical components of curriculum that may serve as a guide to the creation of curriculum as well as a tool for the analysis and interpretation of curriculum. The four basic components consist of educational purposes (or objectives), educational experiences (or learning activities), organization, and evaluation (Tyler, 1949, p. 1). While Tyler does speak to each of these four components, nearly half of the book is devoted to the section on objectives....   [tags: Book Review Tyler, education, Wyoming]

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Web-Based Instruction

- Web-Based Instruction The use of computers and communication technologies in learning has a history going back more than 30 years. Along the way, it has been called by many names, such as computer-mediated communication (CMC), computer conferencing, on-line learning, Internet-based learning, and telematics. The advent of the Web provides a new and interesting environment for CMC that offers a host of new possibilities together with the advantages of previous incarnations. (McCormack & Jones, 1998) In just a few years the World Wide Web (WWW) has transformed communication, scholarship, and business....   [tags: Internet Technology Essays]

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The Dictation of Learning

- The academic instruction given to students caused numerous approaches to form in order to best determine how concepts were received, sought throughout life, and utilized out of schooling. The debate over the dictation of learning has and continues to be a controversial topic. W. E. B. Du Bois made a point in his essay “The Talented Tenth” that higher education should focus on intellectually privileged, promising, and exceptional blacks in order to raise the academic level for their race. His essay, written in 1903, tackles the issue of education in an equally important, but different way than Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who protests against the idea of (the then) conventional instruction in he...   [tags: working class, talents, academic instruction]

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Sept by Step Instruction in Designing a Wide Area Network

- ... Public switched telephone network (PSTN) switches may also be used within the cloud for circuit-switched connections like Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) or analog dialup”,( Rullan, 2008, P12). “A Router provides internetworking and WAN (network) access interface ports that are used to connect to the service provider network. These interfaces may be serial connections or other WAN interfaces. With some types of WAN interfaces, an external device such as a DSU/CSU or modem (analog, cable, or DSL) is required to connect the router to the local point of presence....   [tags: computing devices, simulation technologies]

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Applying Literacy Research to Instruction in Your Content Area

- Researching literacy strategies is something vital to our future teaching careers. Though we may not all be English teachers, all content areas have their own specific type of literacy, and it is our duty to uncover that information and learn it fluently. In the first portion of this paper I will dive into how teachers respond and teach students perceived to be high achievers and students perceived to be low achievers and how I will respond to struggling readers in my content areas. In the second portion of this paper I will show the approach I will take in researching literacy in my content area, and share several different instructional strategies for Social Studies and Communication Arts...   [tags: Researching Literacy Strategies, Teaching]

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Differented Instriction for Children Learning to Read

- 1. Choose three of the types of reading instruction from Table 11.1 in the text and demonstrate how dual language learners are included in the instruction; use both bilingual and single language picture books chosen from those listed at end of text chapters; give details on integrating these books into the classroom curriculum. Dual language may be learned in some classes. There are different books that have bilingual language. Teachers can influence children learn dual language. Reading instructions include reading-aloud, interactive read-aloud, independent reading, and supported reading....   [tags: dual, bilingual, interactive, language]

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How Differentiated Instruction Can Work and Fail in the Article Mapping a Route Toward Differentiated Instruction by Carol Ann Tomlinson

- This article, named “Mapping a Route Toward Differentiated Instuction” by Carol Ann Tomlinson, is about differention, which means to form or mark differently from other such things (Collins, 2009). This paper talks about the difference between the three teachers they gives and their teaching style. They all are different, but the paper talks about how they show good or bad differentiated tactics. The first two teachers did not do it right according to the paper but the last teacher had no complants....   [tags: teacher, plan, class]

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A Comprehensive Approach For Literacy Instruction Has Two Components, Reading And Written Expressive Language

- A comprehensive approach to literacy instruction has two components, reading and written expressive language. As students learn about reading, they reinforce ideas about written expressive language; furthermore, when students learn about written expressive language, they are reinforcing ideas about reading. Another factor to a comprehensive approach to literacy is reading. Reading is the process that involves the translation of symbols on a printed page into words and understands the word meaning....   [tags: Standardized test, Writing, Reading, Teacher]

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Writing for the Instant Messaging and Text Messaging Generation: Using New Literacies to Support Writing Instruction

- Today’s generation’s methods of reading, writing, and communicating are changing dramatically because of novel information and communication technologies, ICTs. With the evolution of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, text messaging, instant messaging, e-mails, blogs, and other websites and technologies, youth are communicating in a significantly different way than past generations. Sheelah M. Sweeny (2010) states in her article Writing for the Instant Messaging and Text Messaging Generation: Using New Literacies to Support Writing Instruction that, “Teachers may be concerned about the way some students write using these different ICTs, imagining the potential negative impact their...   [tags: Education, Writing]

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The Importance Of Content Based Instruction On Students And Transfer Learning Into A More Sophisticated And Higher Level Of Thinking

- Content-based instruction is a strategy that is designed to reflect the knowledge base of students and transfer learning into a more sophisticated and higher level of thinking. Students transition factual information with general understandings and birth a unique concept about universal or world perceptions. The appropriation of educational content moves beyond racial biases, cultural ideas and time. Teachers provide a structured set of objectives and supportive questions to assist students in actual mastery....   [tags: Education, Critical thinking, Teacher, Knowledge]

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Does Violence in the Media Contribute to Violent Behavior in Children

- Mass Media. What exactly does that mean. To me, mass media is anything that can deliver a message to me. It could be a billboard, news, music, television, video games, books, magazines, and the internet to name a few. Television, movies, and video games are a big part of children's lives in today's technologically advanced society. When children are exposed to television and violent video games they watch with intensity. Depending on what the are watching they can have overwhelming feelings of shock, horror, disbelief, grief, disappointment, happiness, and sometimes depression....   [tags: parental instruction, violent video games, media]

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A Discussion of Mother Tongue Teaching and Fine-tuning of Medium of Instruction for Hong Kong Secondary Schools from the Perspective of Educational Ai

- The medium of instruction (MOI) in secondary schools has been one of the main concerns of different parties in Hong Kong, including Education Bureau (EDB), the business sector, parents, school principals and teachers. It is because a high level of language proficiency not only helps students to achieve a good academic result, but also assist them to have a better career. As a result, the EDB constantly makes changes to the policy of MOI in order to satisfy the demands of different parties. The fine-tuning policy of MOI is the response of EDB to the controversial mother tongue teaching....   [tags: Education ]

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My Time At Ccbc, By The Book, Grading Policies, And Would Give Me Zero Points

- In my time at CCBC, I have had several instructors that I have either passionately liked or disliked. Some were a joy to work with, having a clear passion in their area of study and instructing with a contagious fervor; others had “by-the-book” grading policies, and would give me zero points for answers I would support with recent scientific journals from respectable sources if the aged and inaccurate book assigned to the class disagreed. While I may learn the most about a given topic from an enjoyable, energetic instructor, I learned a great deal about myself and the way I wish to interact with people from a teacher that I often couldn’t decide if I adored or despised....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Learning, Instruction]

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REFERENCE AND INSTRUCTION ASSIGNMENT - Middle Class African American Women in the Upper South in the Early Twentieth Century

- REFERENCE AND INSTRUCTION ASSIGNMENT I used the following set of characteristics: North Carolina—Minister (wife)—female—secondary school—Baptist—African American—Young adult—World War I HOW I FOUND DOCUMENTS: There are two ways to approach searching the manuscripts collection. You can use the site specific google search on the Manuscripts Department website, or you can search the library catalog and limit the results to the Manuscripts Department. I chose to use the search engine on the Manuscripts Department webpage because it includes brief snippets from the results that allowed you to quickly look at some description and rule out the results that are totally irrelevant to your search wi...   [tags: Letter Analysis]

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Information: Golf

- Golf is a popular sport that has been played for hundreds of years throughout the entire world. Because this sport is so widespread, there have been many instructors of the game. Teaching golf requires patience and extensive knowledge of the game. Once instructed on how to play, it is a relaxing sport that exerts many heath benefits, can be played despite age, and yields many vital character traits. The game of golf can be traced back all the way to the 15th century; however, around the mid 1700’s, the first golf club in Edinburg, Scotland opened up which established the basic rules and regulations of the game....   [tags: Origin, Instruction, Benefits]

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The Effectiveness of HomeSchooling Instruction

- Homeschooling: National Tragedy or Individual Triumph. Aldous Huxley envisioned a future when parents and children would be totally disconnected. In A Brave New World, children were conceived in test tubes and reared solely by state employees, guardians who took care of their physical as well as their educational needs, shaped them into ideal little citizens, and socialized them just so. Many feel that society has moved toward that place where anything goes, moral relativity reigns, and the State reaches its long arms into the homes, seeking to undo the damage it perceives parents are doing to their children....   [tags: Education System, Pros&Cons]

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Board Policy Review: History of Technology Instruction/Viability and Validity

- Board Policy Review: History of Technology Instruction/Viability and Validity The Board of School Directors set District policies upon recommendation from the Superintendent. Many policies have a set of procedures, which are approved by the Superintendent. Each policy and procedure is thoroughly reviewed by the appropriate staff before making any recommendations to the Superintendent or School Board. BOARD POLICY CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND ADOPTION The Board recognizes its responsibility for the monitoring and improvement of the educational program....   [tags: Education Technology]

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Engaging the Adult Learner

- Another method that can be used is the Conference method. The Conference method requires a larger group of people to be fully effective. When using this method the teacher/facilitator will start the discussion with a leading question and let the students take charge from there. Although the teacher will not completely be in charge he/she will still try to keep the discussion on track and controlled. The students will focus on a specific topic, and everyone should be engaging with their personnel experiences, ideas, and opinions....   [tags: adult learning, instruction]

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Giving Language Back:An Argument Against Isolated Grammar Instruction

- Giving Language Back:An Argument Against Isolated Grammar Instruction Who knew that kids liked to read. I certainly didn’t. Let me qualify that. I have known a few kids that liked reading. My daughter likes to read, but I assumed she would, being the daughter of an obsessive reader and all. I have known other child-readers through the years, but since they were nerds like me, I never guessed that “normal,” MTV-watching, note-writing, gum-popping, 20/20-visioned kids would like to read as well. Fortunately, during my student teaching experience, my classes of seventh-graders proved me wrong....   [tags: Argumentative]

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Handwriting Instruction on School

- Handwriting is a means of expressing language, just like speech. However, handwriting is not taught in school as much as in previous years. In the past, handwriting was taught as a precursor to reading and spelling. Today, students of all ages are rigorously tested on their writing skills, yet they are not allowed the time it takes to develop this skill. I remember writing in a Big Chief notebook, holding a chubby pencil, trying my best to make the curves and lines of the letters just right. When I attended elementary school, the teacher devoted at least forty-five minutes to handwriting each day....   [tags: Education, elementary education]

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Writing and Technology: The Effects of Experimental Instruction in First-Year College Courses

- ... The one-way ANOVA of student’s average change in writing scores revealed a statistically significant main effect, Welch’s F(2, 15.6) = 21.98, p < .001, indicating that not all conditions at mid-semester preceded the same average score change at end-of-semester. The estimated omega squared (see Hays, 1981 p. 349) (ω2 = .428) attributed nearly 43% of the total variation in average score change to differences in mid-semester condition. I conducted post hoc comparisons, using the Games-Howell post hoc procedure (Games & Howell, 1976) to determine which pairs of the three condition means differed significantly....   [tags: education research, open systems]

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The Effects of Technology-based Instruction on the Achievement of Early Elementary Students

- Review of Literature Introduction While the majority of studies of technology conducted in the field of education have more to do with the students’ ability to operate available technology, there is little research that attempts to determine on whether or not students can, through the use of technology affectively gain knowledge that goes beyond familiarity with the equipment itself. In the research conducted by Chang in 2008, the researchers revealed that students benefited from experience with technology in two interconnected ways....   [tags: Educational Research, computers]

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Individualized Instruction

- Since the American public school system has existed, it has mainly served as a facility that distributes facts in bulk to a wide variety of students. In the past century, the school system has changed from one-room schoolhouses to diversified curricula covering hundreds of topics, offering students choice on which classes he or she wants to study further. However, given the fact that every child learns dramatically differently from one another (Felder & Solomon), it is obvious that something must be done to adapt to each child’s individual learning styles....   [tags: Education ]

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Negative Impact of Noncompliance with Instructions

- Noncompliance with instructions is one of the most pervasive childhood problems for which professional help or behavioral treatment is sought. (Bernal, Klinnert, & Schultz, 1980; Miles & Wilder, 2009). Noncompliance is defined as the failure to follow an instruction within a specified time period. Noncompliance with instructions is common in preschool settings (Crowther, Bond, & Rolf, 1981) with prevalence of noncompliance among children estimated to be between 8% and 65% (Kalb & Loeber, 2003; Rodriguez, Thompson, & Baynham, 2010)....   [tags: childhood problems]

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Representaion of Instructions in Working Memory

- Following instructions is part of our daily lives and a very important human attribute. It makes implementation of new arbitrary behavior rather effortless in comparison to trial and error, facilitating our learning process. Despite the fundamental role for our behavioral regulation, little is known of how instructions are represented in working memory. How do we plan an action and prepare ourselves to react in a specific way to a new and unpracticed task. Binding mechanisms have been shown to take part in action planning (Hommel, 1998; Stoet & Hommel, 1999, 2002); but does the mere instruction of an action result in binding of stimulus-response (S-R)....   [tags: Memory]

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The Impact of Traditional Vs. Interactive Instruction

- ... Medina, 2010). Boys might say, “Do this.” Girls would say “Let’s do this.” Boys who give orders are perceived as leaders and girls who do so are perceived as bossy. Study after study has shown this gender bias solidifies into adulthood (Dr. Medina, 2010). In contradiction to the above, some researchers say that at a certain age the student is too used to the environment they are in and will be unwilling to change. This can be seen in colleges where student do not partake in the discussion of the class....   [tags: education tools and alternatives]

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What is the Right Amount of International Diversification in a Portfolio?

- Agenda Given that you have already heard my optimistic outlook for the economy and stock market, I’m going to spend most of my allotted time today looking backwards and talking about lessons learned or, in my case, re-learned. It was suggested that this would be a good form to share the answers to the common questions that I get asked on the road. That sounded like a good idea, but most of the questions relate to core aspects of my presentation and are merely a signal that I put some people to sleep....   [tags: instruction, informative]

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Counting Principles and Learning for Children

- A. Counting Principles Many students begin school with little to no experience with numbers. Unfortunately, because of this, many students have trouble learning how to count. To help with this there are several things that can be used to help students understand these concepts. These include the counting rules of one-to-one correspondence, stable order rule, order irrelevance rule, and cardinality rules. By the time a student completes kindergarten and begins first grade we as teachers hope that they have the prerequisite knowledge of being able to count to 10....   [tags: Instruction, Assessment]

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Instructions For Students Learn Content Skills

- Introduction According to Mayer (2009) ID Instruction decides how instructions works to help students learn content skills. Mayer stated there are four elements that are included in learning, which are (1) dual theory_ This theory suggests that verbal and visual stimuli are processed separately, however they work together with memory. (2) limited working memory is able to hold a limited number of “chunks” of information at one time that requires us to make choices about using the resources. (3) active processing multimedia learning information includes association between the word-based and image-based representations.” (4) information transfer_effective learning takes place, when student...   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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Online Learning and Traditional Classroom Instructions

- ... A case study by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2001 examines the effectiveness of online learning in the Virtual School of Business (VBUS), a Temasek Polytechnic’s online project. The students were asked about their perceptions regarding the effect of VBUS on enhancing learning, and, in particular, in improving test and examination grades for all subjects as well as the specific subject Computer Fundamentals (CF). 39.7% (all subjects) and 37.5% (CF) subject of respondents felt the improvement was “somewhat” while 29.5% (all subjects) and 31.1% (CF) indicated improvement was “not much” (Peh & Foo, 2001)....   [tags: communication technology and higher learning]

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Analysis of Writing Instruction: Incorporating a Writing Workshop in the Classroom

- I. Research According to Fletcher and Portalupi, students use writing in a variety of ways: to communicate, question, persuade, synthesize, teach (1). Fletcher states, “…a writing work shop creates an environment where students can acquire these skills along with the fluency, confidence, and desire to see themselves as writers” (1). A writer’s work shop consists of the following components: minilessons, conferences, strategies lessons, and teaching shares according to Bender (xvii). Fletcher and Portalupi (11-13), as well as Peha (3), break their writing work shop into three components: minilessons, writing time, and share time with individual or small group conferencing....   [tags: Education, teaching, teachers]

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How Can Correction Code Strategy Improve Students' Ability to Write Independently?

- ... Also they were out of task. Ms Shamsa spent two minutes revising the classroom rules, which are written by both the teacher and the students. Yisrael (2012) stated that the teacher has to write two or three rules and have the students write the rest. So, I noticed that the students tried hard to not break the rules because one of the rules is if anyone in the group made noise or misbehaved the whole group will be punished. During the observation, my role as an evaluator was detached. I was just sitting in the classroom and recording the actions during the lesson and never interact with the teacher or the students during the observation process....   [tags: supervision and evaluation of instruction]

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Chapter Fourteen Summary: Biblical Teaching on Personality

- One of the main themes in Chapter Fourteen is that of morality. Cari Barney defined morality as “conformity to the rules of right conduct” (lecture). Man is “a moral being” obligated “to act according to moral principles” (McDonald, 2007, p. 165). Deep down within man’s conscience, there is the sense of knowing right from wrong and knowing God’s requirements (Romans 2:14-15). This awareness should cause all humans to strive to adhere to what God requires of us. The moral consciousness of man is within the heart (Proverbs 4:23)....   [tags: morality, principles, instruction, god]

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Paul's Letter to the Corinthians

- Without the aid of modern technology, early Christianity had to rely on the missionary trips of its advocates to promulgate news and information. In First Corinthians, Paul’s intention was to spread the new message of God’s Anointed One and change how people led their lives. When Paul made his initial visit to Corinth, he stayed for a substantial amount of time in order to effectively educate the residents of the area. Similar to other letters like his letters to the Galatians, this epistle is Paul’s follow on interaction with the community, in an attempt to clarify details which may have been confused or overlooked during his visit....   [tags: Christianity, Doctrinal Instruction]

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How to Annoy Your Teacher

- ... If desks aren't available, anything higher than the other students height to show your superiority over the teachers. Then tell meaningless stories while your teachers aggravation and irritation continues to eat at her soul,LOL. The next step in this devious plan is complaining. Begin with complaining about the teachers personal things, like her body odor, gross. If you don't think this will affect her as much complaining how her big nose casts a huge shadow on the smart board will work too....   [tags: short instruction manual]

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Importance of Character in Jan Beatty's Poem, A Waitress's Instructions on Tipping or Get the Cash

- Importance of Character in Jan Beatty's Poem, A Waitress's Instructions on Tipping or Get the Cash Up and Don't Waste My Time Jan Beatty's waitress teaches us that no amount of money can make up for poor character. The poem "A Waitress's Instructions on Tipping or Get the Cash Up and Don't Waste My Time" is a plea from a waitress, tired and overworked, to us, her customers. Throughout the first twenty-nine lines, she gives commands on how to tip and stresses the importance of money in the relationship between waitress and customer....   [tags: Waitress's Instructions on Tipping]

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What is Dead Reckoning?

- It is untrue to suggest that traditional methods of dead reckoning are no longer used as that is precisely what most modern inertial navigation systems depend upon, except that they do it electronically. However, plotting you DR the old fashioned way is a very simple system which does not rely on any electronics or outside input. With it you can quickly determine your present position by plotting the course and speed from a previously known position. It can also be used to determine your future position by projecting the present course and speed from your present position....   [tags: Navigation, instruction, informative, education, d]

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The History of Education

- Being asked how to define education is essentially a trick question. Education does not have one set definition. It is a blend of theories, thoughts and concepts that have radically changed over time. We can look at different parts of education in attempt to define education, but in reality this will never come to be. The history of education can be looked at socially, economically and politically to gain different perspectives on what education is. Historical and contemporary criticisms can be studied as different viewpoints on what flaws the public education system holds....   [tags: public school systems, direct instruction]

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Reading Intervention Model by Melissa M. Woodward

- Table of Contents 3. Article Reviews 5. My area of Focus/ The Issue 6. Purpose/ the Big Question/ Phonics Approach 7. Linguistic, Multisensory, & Neurological Impress Approaches 8. Language Experience Approach/Reading Comprehension Support/Setting & Sample Population 9. Data Collection Procedures 10. Discussion of Action & Conclusion 11. References Article Reviews In the article Reading Intervention Models: Reading Intervention Models: Challenges of Classroom Support and Separated Instruction by Melissa M....   [tags: earning difficulties, direct instructions]

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Standardized Testing : Assessing Everyone

- Standardized testing assesses students, teachers, and the school itself, which puts a great deal of pressure put on the students. High scores show that the school is effective in preparing students for the test, so low test scores make teachers and schools look as though they are not preparing the students properly for the test. This is may not be the case. There are teachers that do teach students what they need to know to pass the test and prepare them for the test but their students still are not prepared....   [tags: student, school, teacher, instuction, performance]

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Linear Trial Teaching Is A Teaching Method Classified By Fast Pace Delivery And Shortened Period Of Instructions

- Discrete trial teaching is a teaching method classified by the fast pace delivery and shortened period of instructions (5-20 seconds) and incorporation of prompts, which is also referred to as errorless learning. DTT is under the umbrella of ABA and it is a method used to teach new skills and behaviors to children on the autism spectrum. As well DTT uses a unique style of teaching, errorless learning. Which unlike the normal teaching of trial and error. This style of teaching has been shown to be very effective with children with autism....   [tags: Psychology, Learning, Traumatic brain injury]

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Designing Instructions For The Mentorship Program

- Designing Instructions The mentorship program is a formal affair; however the interaction between the learners (mentor and mentee) is informal. It is a flexible relationship where the individuals involved have the authority to decide their own needs. Both participates in the relationship are learners because it is a cyclical egalitarian learning experience. The mentor will have a broad curriculum, however it is completely voluntary whether it is followed. The entire relationship is voluntary, from duration to learning objectives....   [tags: Management, Human resources, Coaching]

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Instructions Call For The Article

- Note to Editor: The instructions call for the article to be only the first 3 words but I had to add an extra word to meet the 4 word requirement. Also, I had to put the second keyword phrase each time instead of the first keyword in order to keep the density correct. I wasn 't sure how else to work around these issues, but if there is another way, please let me know. Thank you. ~Lindsey According to the American Diabetes Association, more than one million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each and every year....   [tags: Diabetes mellitus, Insulin, Obesity, Diabetes]

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Instructions for Property Manager

- Instructions for Property Manager Property Managers have access to all the functions of First Time Setup – Subject Property Login to and notice the green and red graphic at the bottom of the page that reads, "First Time Setup" and Click Here. Enter the name of your subject property and click "Create New Market Survey Group". If your new market survey group represents student housing, click "Check this box if this property is a Student Housing property." will generate a format especially designed for student housing markets....   [tags: Manual]

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The History Of Limiting Instructions And Their Historical Efficacy

- The History of Limiting Instructions and Their Historical Efficacy in Criminal Cases An entire field of law — that is, the law of evidence — is dedicated to determining what information is admissible, what information is inadmissible, and what information may be admitted for limited purposes during civil and criminal jury trials alike. The Federal Rules of Evidence and their comparable state counterparts dictate that evidence is inadmissible if it is deemed by the trial court to be irrelevant, unduly prejudicial, confusing, or misleading....   [tags: Jury, Judge, Jury trial, Common law]

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Home Care Instructions For A Halo Brace

- A halo brace prevents the neck from moving after a break (fracture) in the neck bones. This keeps the head in place relative to the spine and helps the neck bones to heal. These instructions provide you with information about caring for yourself with a halo brace. Your health care provider may also give you more specific instructions. Your treatment has been planned according to current medical practices, but problems sometimes occur. Call your health care provider if you have problems or questions....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health care provider]

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- How to Change the Oil in Your Vehicle Why should you change your oil. Everybody should change their oil in their vehicles whether or not they do it themselves. Changing your oil yourself is not very hard and saves you money. Changing your oil is very critical. In fact, manufacturers recommended that you change your oil at least every 3,000 miles. You will increase the engine life of your car. The oil is what keeps the engine lubricated. When oil gets old it becomes dirty which causes friction....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Art Of Reading Doesn 't Come With Instructions

- The art of reading doesn’t come with instructions, if it has to be with paper or digital; it is just an art to acquire knowledge. Although, some people say they prefer paper books, because they can smell the scent of every sheet of paper, they consider that it is better to concentrate, their eyes don’t get dry and they do not need to be worried about charging the phone or tablet, since the paper books are never going to die on battery. On the other hand, some others like the electronic book way, and they indicate is easier to carry on, to manipulate, the price is lower than paper books, and the fact that they can have many books in one file....   [tags: E-book, Book, Project Gutenberg, Digital media]

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