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Inside The League by Scott Anderson, and Jon Lee Anderson

- Inside The League by Scott Anderson, and Jon Lee Anderson     For over ten years progressive researchers in this country and in Europe have been uncovering evidence linking certain American conservatives and rightists to racist and fascist movements around the globe through a shadowy organization called the World Anti-Communist League. Now the book "Inside the League" exposes the hidden nature of the League and documents in devastating detail a parade of League-affiliated authoritarian ideologues marching from the death camps of Nazi Germany into the parlors of Reagan's White House....   [tags: Inside The League Scott Anderson]

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The Harsh Reality of Sports Management: “Open: Inside the Ropes at Bethpage Black” by John Feinstein

- “Open: Inside the Ropes at Bethpage Black”, by John Feinstein, sets the primary basis of the harsh reality of the sports management field. Sport management includes the functions of planning, organizing, leading and evaluating within the context of an organization. (Masteralexis, 2009: 26) In this book, Feinstein clearly depicts a real life story of a few men who saw potential in a somewhat run down golf course, and how they used the aspects of sport management to run a successful U.S. Open Golf Championship....   [tags: Open: Inside the Ropes at Bethpage Black, John Fei]

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Analysis Of ' On The Inside '

- Love is a very complicated feeling. When someone is in love they tend to do things they wouldn’t normally do, they usually block out the rest of the world and only focus their attention on the person whom they have feelings for. In the poem “On the inside” from the book The Realm of Possibilities the author Megan, explains the love triangle she is currently in which gives the idea that falling in love is inconvenient when the person you are in love with is oblivious towards your feelings. The author portrays feelings of sadness which implies that the author’s point of view toward love is negative....   [tags: Love, Romance, Interpersonal relationship]

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The, Inside The Womb

- I found the video “Inside the Womb” to be a really great documentary on the journey of conception to birth. Being a mother, and currently expecting another, I am very familiar with fetal development, but I found this video to be extremely informative and especially great for those who haven’t experienced it first hand or know much about it. What I find truly amazing is just how much crucial development the fetus will undergo during the embryonic period, which is within the first eight weeks of pregnancy....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetus, Uterus]

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Inside Out and Outside In of Organizations

- In the business environment it is important for organisations to look at their competitors, and aim to be better than them. An Inside Out strategy examines what their strengths and weaknesses are, once they are identified the organisation will then produce the products and attempt to market it well (CMA, 2012). Whereas the Outside In strategy looks at customer value as its starting and end point, emphasising the outside environment when undertaking strategic thinking (Brandmatters, 2010)....   [tags: strategic, theories, concepts, success]

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What 's On The Inside That Counts

- It’s what’s on the inside that counts. That has been a common moral that was to justify things should not be easily judged by their outward appearance. This goes to show how our society tends to emphasize importance of physical appearance. I realized that how you look really affects the opinions of others about oneself so I became interested in aesthetics. My interest for it was not meant to be shallow, because I believe there is potential beauty in everything despite having favorable physical features or not....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Dermatology, Psychology]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Inside '

- Growing up, you could always find me buried behind a book on the sofa, or under a blanket with a flashlight trying to read as much as I could before I was caught. Reading has always been an exciting and wonderful thing for me, so much so that it influenced me to want to write my own novels. Although in retrospect, my stories never got anything close to being a novel. I have a distinct memory of my best friend and I keeping a secret journal hidden inside the desk in the back right corner of our sixth grade English classroom....   [tags: Reading, Writing, Dyslexia, Reading]

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What Is Inside the Grand Mosque?

- The Grand Mosque is the first mosque in Islam also the greatest, and it is in the center of the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia." It is an area of 750,000 square meters and it can hold 4 Million people." It costs $11,316,818,165$ for the comprehensive restoration. In the center of the mosque, is Kaaba. Muslims believe that is a sacred spot. The meaning of Kaaba in Arabic is cube like structure. It is really based on a small room with marble and black basalt stones constructed brought in from the nearby mountains....   [tags: marble, stones, muslim]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Inside '

- When reading the book “Inside” it is clear that the criminal justice system makes the jails either a place to completely fear or a place that once you are in you are going to struggle for a long time. When the author was in the jail he was faced with a lot of struggles that really made it hard for him to understand what was going on until he had to live the experience firsthand. There were issues that made he see that a lot of people felt that no matter what they did they were going to be trapped inside of the jail system forever with no hope....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Punishment, Corrections]

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The Movie ' Inside Out '

- The Pixar film, Inside Out begins with a girl named Riley. She grows up in a small town in Minnesota and then has to move to the city of San Francisco. The viewers follow Riley’s journey in her head. Throughout the movie, we see the changes in Riley’s mind through the actions of the emotions and events that occur. Inside Out is a film that accurately depicts many aspects of psychology. One of which is developmental psychology. Secondly, the film also illustrates the conversion from short term to long term memory....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Feeling, Short-term memory]

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Inside The Story Of A Navy Seal

- Inside the Story of a Navy SEAL American Sniper is a heart-wrenching piece about a man who was willing to sacrifice his life for his country. Written primarily by Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in American history, this memoir is interspersed with revealing excerpts told by his wife, Taya. This literary device, known as “change in narrator,” distinguishes his work from others’. Kyle demonstrates his style through his use of change in narrator; this provides greater emotional context, examines different perspectives, and enhances reader understanding....   [tags: Emotion, The Reader]

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Students Inside And Outside Of The Classroom

- Teachers have to know the ins and the outs of the ethics for their classroom. A few ethics that I would like to focus on in this essay are how to act towards the students inside and outside of the classroom, how to treat the student’s parents, how to learn as a teacher, and how to teach in the best way possible in my classroom. This essay will also include how I can be professional with my colleagues and with the community outside of the classroom and school. Many of these various ethics will help my classroom be both professional and educational....   [tags: Education, Learning styles, History of education]

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Inside Story of the Prison System

- Inside Story of the Prison System We are all accustomed to believing that prisons are places of justice, hardship, and prosecution of those who have broken the law. Many people trust that the inmates are completely cut off from connections with the outside. Most people believe criminals receive the punishment they deserve by depriving them of the rights and privileges that the rest of society enjoys. There are many questions that will remain unanswered, but one important question would be: Is the prison system effective, or is the staff making it too easy for the inmates to deal with contraband....   [tags: drug abuse, addiction, police]

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Book Review : Inside A Restaurant

- Inside a restaurant, BYUNGCHUL(36) is presenting his invention of a wormhole that ables you to travel back in time to a CONGRESSMAN (60s). This wormhole would take you exactly five years back in time. If the congressman can support this program, they can save up to 10 percent of taxes used for prisons and prisoners. Furthermore, he thinks Byungchul will be interested in funding for this project because his older son murdered someone and his younger son was murdered by someone. Byungchul suggests that he can save and change their lives....   [tags: Murder, KILL, Penology, Prison]

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Inside The Medieval Mind : Belief

- Inside the Medieval Mind: Belief In the vacuum created by the fall of Rome, people were living in fear. They were no longer safe in the cities. They were at the mercy of bandits. They were starving. The only place to turn was the Christian church. The video “Inside the Medieval Mind: Belief” attempts to convey how the church saved these lost souls and became a great power of its own, but also reveals it did so by feeding off the fear and ignorance of the people, most of which it helped perpetuate....   [tags: Middle Ages, Roman Empire, Life, Christianity]

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An Inside Look at Irish Music

- Ireland The history of Irish music has been influenced by the political fluctuation within the country. Traditional music is handed down from generation to generation. Today, Irish music is a living tradition with variations of many musicians. Irish folk music is the music and song in the national heritage. Although it is not only about the Irish traditional music, but it is also about the folk, rock, punk and other genres of music in Ireland. Irish music is so important to our culture because Irish songs tell a story through songs and make them more appealing to the listeners.3 Some poplar instruments in Ireland are the harp, flute, tin whistle, fiddle, uilleann pipes, and bodhrán (Irish d...   [tags: musical instruments and folklore]

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An Article ' An Inside Job

- An article, "An Inside Job: More Firms Opt to Recruit From Within", by Rachel Emma Silverman and Lauren Weber talks about a practice of hiring employees from within an organization. The process of internal recruitment starts from the construction of an in-depth policy, which lays out all the rules of internal recruitment. After that, a job posting system is posted so all the employees can enter their profiles and resumes to the open positions. Next, employers will use the internal reference system to screen the best-fit candidates, then continue to do interviews that is conducted by the human resource department or outside company to prevent bias....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, Apostle, Jesus]

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The Inside Man Reflection Of Morels

- The Inside Man Reflection of Morels In the movie “The Inside Man, “by Spike Lee, Denzel Washington on his first big job, just as he thinks everything is escalating, spiraling out of control Denzel realizes the reason is not about money but one specific person. Dalton Russell is about to plan the perfect bank heist, after giving the allusion he engineered the perfect plan to rob the bank, this allows Denzel to gain ground he needs for negations. One thing Dalton and Denzel have in common is an ability to show empathy and the understanding of right and wrong....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral, Denzel Washington]

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Inside The Minds Of Serial Killers

- Inside The Minds of Serial Killers What drives someone to kill. Is it the course of how their life went. Is it for personal gain. Can you personally imagine killing one person. How about 50. Now that I have your attention I want to direct your attention to the mind, act, and emotional state of a serial killer. My goal is to get you to understand the various reasons why certain humans decide to commit these horrendous acts. Honestly, what you may discover is that many serial killers start off the same and end the same....   [tags: Serial killer, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer]

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Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

- When most people hear the word psychopath their mind forms a picture of a wild-eyed, rambling, lunatic who is often restrained in a straitjacket. The media has helped this belief along the way with slasher horror films and grisly CSI episodes depict these strange humans. However, the average psychopath is much harder to spot than most people believe. In fact, most of them are extremely difficult to distinguish from ordinary humans. They outwardly appear normal and many do not find it difficult to blend into common society....   [tags: Psychology]

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Inside the Mind of a Psychopath

- Ever seen movies with the characters of Hannibal Lecter, Jason, or Michael Myers. These are very famous psychopaths in the Hollywood world. The way these movies interpret these psychopaths is a misconception to what a psychopath really is. A psychopath is “somebody affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behavior and a lack of remorse or empathy,” or “an offensive term for somebody who is regarded as highly antisocial, aggressive, and lacking in empathy.”(Encarta ® World English Dictionary) Psychopaths are known and most likely to have APD, which stands for Antisocial Personality Disorder....   [tags: violent behavior, uncontrollable misconduct]

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Social Anxiety: Torture on the Inside

- Social anxiety exists as a mental disorder that affects fifteen million adults and about eighteen percent of the American population. Social anxiety is a scary disorder that makes simple tasks seem like life threatening feats. This disease has many symptoms that disrupt ones daily life, making life hard, and even harder for them to live a normally. Medications and therapy go hand in hand with social anxiety and sometimes help tremendously with symptoms. The way society views social anxiety and mental disorders is a shameful stigma and we, as a country should not feel like that towards any human being....   [tags: american population, scary disorder]

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An Inside Look at Shark Finning

- ... In the North Carolina Bay, the Cownose Ray population was increasing due to what many scientists believed was a result of the declining shark populations in the area. Because of the rise in Cownose Rays, the population in shellfish fell dramatically, forcing the North Carolina Bay Scallop Fishery to close. The Great Whites and Hammerhead sharks are caught using a method known as “long lining.” The long lines are made of monofilament which is made from single fiber plastic. Long lining is not illegal in International Waters, but it is however illegal along the United States’ Pacific Coast: California, Washington, and Oregon....   [tags: detrimental practices, environmental issues]

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An Inside Look at Norse Mythology

- ... Surt is a sworn enemy of the Aesir and will ride out with his sword when Ragnarok comes. He would then smite Asgard and turn it into the flaming inferno world just like Muspelheim. The third world, Asgard, home of the Gods. Asgard is held in the middle of the world, high up in the sky. Asgard is home to the gods and goddesses. The males in Asgard are the Aesir, while the females are reffered to as Asynjur. Odin is ruler of Asgard and is also chief of the Aesir. Odin's wife, Frigg, is the Queen of Aesir....   [tags: religious beliefs, creation]

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An Inside Look at Teenage Obesity

- ... There is a cure for bulimia and Obesity if you cut down on the calories and start exercising better, start a weight- management program, change eating habits, plan meals, control portions, increase physical activity, eat good foods at school, eat meals as a family, don’t eat as a reward, limit snacking, and attend a support group. Obesity can be cause from your parents, most of the time if one of your parents is obese then you have a50% chance and 80% chance if both of you parents are obese....   [tags: eating disorders, unhealthy eating habits]

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An Inside Look at Islamic Gardens

- Exploring a garden is like opening a present, so much anticipation for the unknown of what could be inside. Within an Islamic garden, much like a present, the thought processes are endless. Due to the extensive history of Islamic gardens, the layout and structure keep the main idea of a paradise together. As water was seen as a scared resource for those who traveled the heat through the desert, water is placed throughout Islamic gardens as respect. The religious aspects of an Islamic garden allow people to get ready for prayer before and have the ability to remain calm and relaxed after, by spending time in the garden....   [tags: religious aspects, historical contexts]

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Inside The World Of Eating Disorders

- Inside the world of Eating Disorders Eating disorders is a serious mental illness. An eating disorder is a psychological disorder characterized by irregular or troubled eating habits (, 2015). The abnormal eating behaviors of people have been apart of religious practices and human society since the beginning of history (Greene, 2014). Eating disorders have negative impacts on your health. Also affects your feelings and your ability to function in important areas of life (, 2015)....   [tags: Bulimia nervosa, Anorexia nervosa]

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Inside The Life Of Alexander Hamilton

- Inside the life of Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential developers in the early formation of American government. Hamilton not only participated in George Washington’s Revolutionary War, but also assisted in instituting the Federalist Papers with Founding Father’s John Jay and James Madison. Hamilton, along with his colleagues, were crucial parts in constructing the United States into what we know to this day. Alexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis, in the British West Indies on what is listed as January 11, 1755....   [tags: Alexander Hamilton, United States Constitution]

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Use Of Color Inside The House

- The use of color inside the house is symbolic to the mood. The almost yellow fluorescent lighting is ironic when compared to the first image of the painting since the painting had set the expectations of an enthusiastic film. The yellow tint throughout the house is also conflicting since yellow is known to be a luminous color. Yellow usually represents happiness and warmth which are emotions that lacks in the Bishop household. The dim lighting also mirrors the gloomy and dark weather outside. An extreme long shot of the outside house captures the darkness of the sky which prompts unhappy emotions....   [tags: Low-key lighting, Key light, Stage lighting]

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Transcending Stuttering : The Inside Story

- In the film, Transcending Stuttering: The Inside Story, produced by Schneider Speech, the viewer was brought into the lives of seven individuals with a stutter. These individuals described their experiences with stuttering and how they have transcended the obstacles they have been faced with throughout their lives. The viewer was also given the opportunity to understand the powerful reality of both the low and high points that can be accompanied by stuttering. Throughout the film, these individuals made several striking points about the battles they face on a daily basis....   [tags: Human, Thought, Person, Stuttering]

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An Inside Look At Public Shaming

- Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter offers the reader an inside look at public shaming as a punishment. Throughout the book, Hester Prynne’s punishment requires her to wear a scarlet “A” on her bosom because she committed adultery and ultimately got caught. Similar to Hester Prynne and her community, judges today sentence criminals to public shaming as a reprimand for committing crimes. However, public shaming is unfair and should not be used in the United States court system. Public shaming penalties cannot guarantee consistency between each punishment; therefore, public shaming is unconstitutional and unethical to use within the United States court system....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter]

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Inside The Gouverneur Correctional Facility

- Through two metal, cold doors, I was exposed to a whole new world. Inside the Gouverneur Correctional Facility in New York contained the lives of over 900 men who had committed felonies. Just looking down the pathway, the grass was green, and the flowers were beautifully surrounding the sidewalks. There were different brick buildings with their own walkways. You could not tell from the outside that inside each of these different buildings 60 men lived. On each side, sharing four phones, seven showers, and seven toilets....   [tags: Prison, Corrections, Crime, Criminal justice]

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Inside Out : Movie Analysis

- “Inside Out” After watching the Pixar film “Inside Out”, it is easy to see how this film relates to small group communication. This film focuses on a twelve year old girl name Riley and how the emotions in her brain work throughout everyday experiences. The emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust work inside headquarters of Riley’s brain, that is until Joy and Sadness accidentally wind up far from headquarters into long-term memory. I will be analyzing this film using concepts from the textbook such as group communication, group development, group membership, and diversity in groups....   [tags: Emotion, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator]

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Inside Out by Terry Trueman

- This book was set in a coffee shop, modern day Spokane, Washington. The main characters in this story were Zach Wahhsted, Alan Mender, and Joey Mender. Zach Wahhsted was a schizophrenic sixteen year. He often hallucinates voices and people; but when ever he would forget to take his medication, he would hear two voices that would tell him to kill himself. Zach had a hard time understanding what was real and what was in his head. Alan Mender was a seventeen year old who grew up in a rough neighborhood with his little brother and their mom, who was diagnosed with cancer....   [tags: book review]

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Intel Inside and Far Away

- Intel Inside…….and Far Away Intel’s geographically dispersed teams is that when team members live and work in different countries, time zones, diverse cultures, and dissimilar languages “add complexities to the difficult tasks associated with successful work. Executive Summary We live in a digital age. Music, video, phone calls, information creation consumption are all, by and large, done digitally. A huge proportion of this happens on the Internet. People use the internet and its content via computers: As Internet becomes more sophisticated with, for example, film, music, and podcasts, more computing power is needed....   [tags: digital, cultural, manufacture]

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The Ugly and Beauty Inside

- ... Liesel is filled with such hatred for this woman afterwards because she does not understand why people as wealthy as the mayor and his wife cannot pay Rosa anymore. Liesel attacks Ilsa for being wealthy and arrogant and it is after this moment that Liesel decides to start stealing books from the Mayor’s home. Rosa Hubermann’s “ugliness” in The Book Thief is much more noticeable due to her dirty mouth and her lack of expressing love. From the beginning of the book, Rosa is harsh towards Liesel and does not give her a comforting feeling when she first arrives at her new home in Molching....   [tags: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak]

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9/11 Was an Inside Job

- “The aim for which we were fighting the war was the loftiest, the most overpowering that man can conceive: it was the freedom and independence of our nation”- Adolf Hitler. It is not so different than what one of our leaders would say. How similiar are they. Would they harm their own people to further their agenda, just like Hitler and the Nazi party did. Nine-Eleven was an inside job because history supports these methods of action, terrorists could not of pulled it off without help, and the alleged physical collapse of the towers is illogical....   [tags: conspiracy theories]

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Equipment Inside an Operating Room

- The operating room, sometimes called the OR, is where surgery happens in a hospital. Having surgery can be called having an operation. One kind of surgery is having tubes put in the eardrums to prevent infection in your ears and improve hearing. Someone who gets tonsillitis might need a tonsillectomy. This is when the tonsils are taken out so that you don’t get a infection in your tonsils. This kind of surgery is scheduled ahead of time so you know when to go to the hospital. Surgery might need to be done as soon as possible if someone has something that can’t be fixed with a cast or right away....   [tags: surgery, operating room, nurses]

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Sexual Behavior Inside A Prison

- Sexual behavior inside a prison is both forced and encouraged by prison subgroups. Prison homosexuality depends on substantial degrees on the innocence of younger inmates experiencing prison life for the first time. Often times older prisoners looking for homosexual relationships may at times grovel themselves by offering several things such as, food, money, drugs, protection, or cigarettes. At some point in the future those “loans” will be called in which demand sexual favors in return as a payoff....   [tags: Rape, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse]

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The Truth Inside The Matters

- The Truth Inside the Matters Each and every one of us is born for a purpose and with a purpose for this world. They may not entirely know what their purpose is, but they are destined to find out. We each have aspirations, determinations, goals, career ideas, perspectives, point of views etc. which all matter no matter how little they contribute to our way of life or to the world. We all write a different story through the many chapters of our lives, have different actions and reactions to different events and consequences for every choice we make....   [tags: Philosophy, Meaning of life, Human, Albert Camus]

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Getting Inside The Living Room

- Stepping inside the living room, Rob found his dad watching TV alone. Without taking his eyes away from the screen, he asked, "Where were you. Your mom is worried." He looked up, waiting for his son 's reply, but upon seeing another person standing by his side, his expression turned to one of surprise. Seeing his mom step into the room, Rob said, "Mom, dad, this is Jane." "Hi!" Jane greeted them in a soft voice. Mary joined Dave in this short stroll through Surpriseville, and after a moment 's pause and silent but detailed scrutiny of her appearance and demeanor, they greeted her as though she passed their examinations with distinction....   [tags: Mother, English-language films, Mother insult]

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The Monsters Within: What Makes Serial Killers Different?

- “Some werewolves are hairy on the inside.” Stephen King, a famous horror film writer and director, knows that serial killers are some of most evil but unrecognizable people in society. Walking down the street, serial killers go completely unnoticed. This “under the radar” way of living is what makes them very dangerous. Serial killers appear entirely normal on the outside, but it is what is on the inside that makes them unlike everybody else. Inside is where their minds are altered to accept all the morally unacceptable things that they do....   [tags: Some werewolves are hairy on the inside]

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Given The Chance, I'd Tear You Apart

- She laid there. Stark naked. He had just stripped off all of her clothes. He moved back, just a bit, as he gazed upon the curves of her body. Her perfect tits. The gorgeous way her hips led up to her torso. The tattoo’s that littered her body. Her obviously fresh shaven pussy. He longed for her. That grin on her face drove him wild. He lowered himself, to bring his face level with her cunt. As he pressed his tongue against her clit, he slipped the middle and ring fingers of his right hand inside of her....   [tags: cum, inside, kiss, sex]

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Ethical Hacking: The Different Types of Hacking

- For much of the new millennia, computer network and security administrators have faced an ever-growing generation of evil, “Hackers.” Hackers wreak havoc on computer networks that do not have proper protection in place. They steal your information and sell it to the highest bidder, not thinking about what it would do to the person or company that they hacked. Let us take for instance, Edward Snowden, who is currently in Russia seeking asylum from the United States. Mr. Snowden illegally hacked the CIA network, stole classified documents, and sold them to the highest bidder....   [tags: inside, outside, hacking, ethical]

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A Response to Slavery in the Antebellum South

- The chapter “Slavery in the Antebellum South” depicts life inside the antebellum slave market through the eyes of "soul drivers" and those they enslaved. Depending on who was asked, slaveholders were either "men of humanity" or "slave drivers". Slaves were considered nothing more than “commodities”, mere pieces of property. At the end of the day, the mutually beneficial relationship existing between the slave and his owner was one that would forever change our country. The introduction makes mention of the masters freeing their slaves outright and in some cases, provided for manumission in their wills....   [tags: life inside slave markets]

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Prison: Inside and Out

- Freedom in any society is a condition that is directly correlated to the compliance of society’s rules, regulations, and laws. This right afforded to citizens under the constitution is surrendered by those who choose to disregard and trample on the set of standards and behavior needed for a society to maintain order and avoid anarchy. When loss of freedom is the tool used to punish this segment of society, prisons become the instrumentality used to carry out the various freedom restrictions under the law for each individual....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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The Monsters Inside Me

- ... It can also be applied figuratively to a person with similar characteristics such as a greedy person or a person who does horrible things: “that person is a monster”. The word "monster" derives from the Latin word monstrum, which is an unusual occurrence that was taken as a sign that something was wrong within the natural order of the world or it may indicate something evil. However, the root of monstrum is the Latin word monere, which does not only mean to warn, but also to instruct. Therefore, a monster can also be seen as a sign or a lesson to be learned....   [tags: personal reflection]

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Inside the Cuckoo's Nest

- One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a film directed by Czech Milos Forman in 1975. Using potent elements of fiction--characters, conflict, and symbolism--Forman illustrates the counterculture of the 1960’s. This film depicts American society as an insane asylum that demands conformity from its citizens. The film begins with a conniving convict being assigned to the asylum. R. P. McMurphy is sent to the asylum to be evaluated by the doctors and to determine whether or not he is mentally ill. He is unaware that he will be supervised by an emasculating woman named Nurse Mildred Ratched who watches the patients’ every motion from her nurse’s station....   [tags: Film]

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Inside the Clothing Store

- Introduction Human Resource Management involves fostering a company culture that makes working for an organization a pleasant and rewarding experience. Building off the supplemental case: Inside the Clothing Store, this paper will concentrate on key ideas associated with building and sustaining a positive culture, how HR impacts culture with their activities and practices, and how the supplemental case compares with real life experience. Company Culture Most individuals want to go to work every day looking forward to what they do and enthusiastic about working in the environment they are in....   [tags: Human Resource Management]

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A Look Inside Forgiveness

- Everyone has the control within them to forgive or not to forgive someone. Forgiveness comes down to taking responsibility for the choices we make and doing what we believe is right. By forgiving others, authority of our own lives can be regained by letting go of the conflicting objects from the past and moving into a more significant direction. The world today is full of conflict and people are being hurt every day. Conflict is seen today in politics, between countries, and between your average everyday people....   [tags: forvige, choice, reconciliation]

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Inside Job Movie Review

- The “Inside job” movie proves how neo- liberalism system has turned this world into a chaos. I find this movie very informative, hard to believe but it shows the reality of the world in which we live. The movie is structured into five parts which are: how we get here, the bubble, the crisis, accountability, and where we are now. The movie denounces how academic economic experts, politicians, and board of directors use their political influences on financial industry. Those experts are extremely corrupt and above all very selfish....   [tags: neo-liberalism turning world into chaos]

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Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

- You felt his presence the moment he flickered into the room. Whatever you had been doing was suddenly unimportant as a smile flashes across your face. You turn around to greet him, but his hands are already on your hips pulling you against him until your back is flush against his chest. He smells like sweat and smoke, but the weight of how much you had missed him makes all those little details unimportant. “Shisui, you’re home.” You rest your hands over his forearms as his lips dance against the shell of your ear, his breath sending a shiver down your spine....   [tags: Finger, Hand, Inside of You]

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Inside Information: The Enron scandal in 2001

- The use of insider information is illegal in the United States. Insider information is stock related information that can be obtained many ways to gain large, abnormal gains in the stock market. A popular way to gather inside information is from direct employees of the company. Information on stocks can either be illegal or legal. If the information is publicized for all current or future investors to use, then it isn't illegal. Illegal information becomes unlawful when it becomes privatized from the public, and to be only used by investors in the stock market....   [tags: laissez-faire, stocks, corruption]

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The Inside Out Prison Exchange Program

- The Inside-Out Prison Exchange program is an educational cooperative between universities and prisons in the United States. It operates on a national level organizing university courses held at prisons in which half the students are incarcerated and half are not. Each individual pairing of a school and a penal system operates their own courses with the professors receiving training from the program headquarters. It has been reported that “the United States incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than any other country” (Wing 2013), and many find this statistic troubling....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Elkhart County, Indiana]

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Leadership From The Inside Out : Reflection

- Leadership from the Inside-Out: Reflection American Business CEO Ray Kroc once stated that and individual’s leadership qualities are judged by the standards they set for themselves and their followers. If leaders are not willing to create standards for themselves then they will fail to establish a concrete framework for their organizations. Often times, leaders try to avoid this failure by learning about themselves and establishing personal values, which can be used to influence their subordinates....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Environment]

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Inside Out Is A 2015 Animated Film

- Inside Out is a 2015 animated film that depicts the life of an eleven-year-old girl named Riley and her struggles after moving to a new city. Throughout the movie, her emotions are personified as different characters and through their own struggles in trying to manage Riley 's feelings, Joy and Sadness are tossed into the deep, inner workings of Riley 's mind. Thus, the plot follows them as they find their way back to "headquarters." When Anger, Disgust, and Fear are left in control, Riley begins to act out and put herself in dangerous situations....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Psychology, Childhood]

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William Pollack: Inside the World of Boys

- William Pollack: Inside the World of Boys The story of Inside the World of Boys by William Pollack brings the attention to us that the boys often suffer from low-self esteem, in large part due to “the boy code”, the unspoken rules that compel them to feel they need to hide their emotions and keep them from exposure. In effect, “the boy code” causes the problem of gender gap between boys and girls in academic performances. I choose this essay because I am concerned with how “the boy code” raises the gender gap between boys and girls in their academic performances and how our societies often underestimate all emotional needs of boys....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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An Analysis Of Pixar 's Inside Out

- At first glance, Pixar’s Inside Out seems to be your standard coming of age film. The film follows an 11-year-old girl, Riley who is forced to make a move from Minnesota to San Francisco with her parents. However, a deeper look at the film reveals how accurate it is to developmental psychology. The center of the story isn’t Riley and her family, but Riley’s primary emotions –Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. The five emotions are personified as characters that control her mind as she transitions from childhood to adolescence and deals with the challenge of adjusting to a new place....   [tags: Emotion, Psychology, Paul Ekman]

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The Beauty and the Beast Inside Us All

- Arguably, the alluring tale of “Beauty and the Beast” is perhaps one of the most romantic fairytales ever told. How has this wonderful, concocted amusement—filled with intrigue and come-hitherness—managed to sustain its audience for so long. Foremost, the title of the fairytale is stirring and enticing, painting a picturesque simile in the minds of those that are curious and alert, not unlike the designated heroine in the tale, Beauty. Too, the title suggests that the capacity to be beautiful is no more powerful than the stealthful, nefarious beast that lurks inside us all, making the theme of the tale as relevant today as it was in the 17th century....   [tags: Beauty and the Beast, fairy tales, Disney, movies,]

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Teaching Is Not Working Inside Just The Classroom

- Indira Vellore Kesavan, Ph.D. Teaching Philosophy Above all other considerations, study chemistry because it is “irrelevant”— that is, study it for its own sake, because, like art and music and literature, it is an adventure for the mind and nourishment for the spirit. ____________________________________________________________________________ Inspiration Teaching is not working inside just the classroom. It’s not about what you can do inside four walls; it’s about imparting knowledge on a student that they interact with the world in a clear and logical way....   [tags: Education, Learning, Teacher, Chemistry]

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The Big Short : Inside The Doomsday Machine

- The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine In 2008, one of the single largest financial crises occurred, as a result of minimal regulation and relatively corrupt bond-rating agencies. This financial crisis has been known (collectively) as “(The Peak of) The Great Recession”, “The Financial Crisis of 07’-08’”, as well as the “Subprime Mortgage Crisis”, and was preceded by exceedingly large volumes of subprime loans which had begun to default at enormous rates. Essentially, insurance companies were selling low interest rate mortgages to people who had little, or no documented ability to ever truly be able to pay back that loan at its actual interest rate, so these mortgages, if packaged into...   [tags: Subprime mortgage crisis, Subprime lending]

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Article Review on Inside the Wrong Body

- Article Review on “Inside the Wrong Body” Introduction In the article, “Inside the Wrong Body” by Carrie Arnold the main topic of study is about interoceptionability in humans. According to Carrie, interoceptionsimply is the knowledge of one’s internal bodily functions (Arnold, 2012). In other words, it is an explanation of an individual’s ability to be able to understand their internal body functions and relate it to the external images. Generally, this topic of study is very important since it helps individuals understand the reason why their bodies....   [tags: Carrie Arnold, interoceptionabilty in humans]

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The Cell : Inside The 9 / 11 Plot

- Throughout the United States of America, many Americans wonder why our government did not stop the 9/11 terrorist attacks from occurring. The United States is supposed to be the number one country in the world. It is supposed to have the best military, knowledge, opportunity, and protection. Our country never thought something so bad could take place, but the terrorist have proven us otherwise. John Miller, the main author of the novel “The Cell: Inside the 9/11 Plot, and Why the FBI and CIA Failed to Stop It”, discussed major events taken place before the horrendous tragedy on September 11, 2001....   [tags: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden]

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The Ethics Inside Of The Field Of Criminal Justice

- This essay will utilize the ideas gained in the course to depict current theories identified within the ethics inside of the field of criminal justice. Additionally, the essay will address and clarify in detail the definition of slippery slope and its relationship to gratuities and examples of each of the following theories in police corruption: society at large hypothesis, structural or affiliation hypothesis and rotten apple hypothesis. Regarding open trust for law enforcement, recent surveys demonstrate that only 56 percent of individuals evaluated the police as having a high ethical standard as contrasted with 84 percent for nurses....   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Police officer, Crime]

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What Are the Social Norms Inside a Laundromat?

- What are the social norms inside a Laundromat. Personally, I have not spent much time inside a Laundromat. Prior to my research I was unaware of how to conduct myself in a Laundromat. As a result, I choose to study social norms because I was in an unfamiliar location. Unlike a location in which I have spent a lot of time at, I did not know what was considered normal behavior in a Laundromat. Social norms can be defined as “set standards of correctness and appropriateness, thus guiding participants’ actions in social practice and serving as reasons for justifications and as ground for critique” (Hannes and Schmidt 2013)....   [tags: sociology, behavioral studies]

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Creative Writing: What's in the Inside is Important

- ... All my friends lived in four story houses with flat screen t.v’s and pavement driveways, I had a driveway made of rocks and to me that wasn't appropriate for westport. Its funny how the smallest things can change your perspectives on the biggest things. In 3rd grade, I lived with no worries. I could care less what I wore, I could have lived in a cardboard box, as long as I was happy. When I walked into Greens Farms Elementary school on the first day of 3rd grade I was wearing a blue bow in my hair, an orange tank top, and a blue jean skirt....   [tags: friends, ]

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The Growing Up Inside Of A Suburban Neighborhood

- Have you ever wanted something so bad, but you couldn’t see yourself getting it. Well that has pretty much been my life. When my mother was a child she lived in town, where you couldn’t walk outside of your door without seeing something done illegally. Whether it be the next biggest homicide, or drugs being transported in and out of a house. From then on she knew the life she wanted for her kids and it wasn’t the life she currently lived. My mother had me at the age of sixteen, so until she had a stable income we lived with my grandparents....   [tags: Meaning of life, Life, Thing, So Many Things]

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The Disney Pixar Movie Inside Out

- The 2015 Disney-Pixar movie Inside Out depicts the functions of an eleven year-old girl’s brain by personifying five prominent human emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. In the movie, the main character, Riley, experiences significant change when her family moves across the country and she begins to adapt to her new life in San Francisco. The five emotions have resided in Riley’s brain since her birth and control her emotional state by using a control panel. The Disney film Inside Out uses a variety of structural, ontological, and orientational metaphors to illustrate abstract neuroscientific concepts, both psychological and physiological, including emotion, the structure of th...   [tags: Psychology, Brain, Mind, Cognition]

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Alive Inside : A Story Of Music & Memory

- I. Filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett follows social worker Dan Cohen on his mission to bring music into the lives of nursing home residents. Cohen’s non-profit organization Music & Memory hope to use music to help patients struggling with memory loss regain their self identify. Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory introduces us to people suffering from memory disorders and have been confined to nursing homes. Their memory impairment and separation from the outside world have left them isolated....   [tags: Memory, Alzheimer's disease, Hippocampus]

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The Health Of Children Inside And Outside Of School

- Analysis Looking at the three countries, it appears that there are similarities as well as prominent differences in regards to the health of children inside and outside of school. We found that one similarity is that all three countries have policies in place to keep children safe, however a difference arises with what the policies are centered around. In Finland, focus is placed on safety laws, such as wearing a helmet when riding a bike and have have a window guard on cars when there is a child in the vehicle....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Public health, Health care]

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Homeschooling Is The Education Of Children Inside The Home

- Homeschooling also known as home education, is the education of children inside the home. In several countries homeschooling in the sense is considered to be an alternative to attending public or private schools. According to the US National Household Education Surveys, 2.3 million homeschooled students in the United states. (Brian,2016) Homeschooling can be a factor in choice of parenting style and helping children learn under specific circumstances. There are benefits to homeschooling which including better environments, strengthening relationships, time and flexibility and being prepared for college....   [tags: Homeschooling, Alternative education, Unschooling]

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Inside the Holocaust: Biography of Adolf Hilter

- ... Then World War II began so Hitler applied to the Military for Germany even though he is an Austrian citizen. Later he got accepted to the Military for Germany. Then, they lost the War and Hitler blamed it on the Jews ( ). So, Then He Made Them Suffer …. All the Killings The Jews felt like they were terrible people for no reason. They were tortured, tattooed, raped, shaved, and stripped because one person (Adolf Hitler) thought they were the reason why they lost the war. This was not true....   [tags: nazi, soldier, jews, killings]

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A Look Inside the Mind of Anne Frank

- Anne Frank was a young girl living in what was considered one of the darkest moments in recent history, the holocaust. Her diary, which was given to her as a gift, was started on June 12, 1942, her last entry in it was on august 1, 1944, which was when the annex was discovered, and she was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She lived in an annex in an old warehouse with her family and several other people. Throughout the time spent in the annex, Anne wrote about the life that she lived, the emotions that she went through, and the difficulties of hiding from the Gestapos....   [tags: WWII Holocaust stories, Holland]

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Inside the Atom: The Effectiveness of Nuclear Energy

- INSIDE THE ATOM ONE WORLD ESSAY Fossil fuels are substances of a big energetic content such as coal, oil and natural gas. They are not renewable energy; therefore it is included in the fossil energy. Most of the energy used at the present time comes from fossil fuels. They are used for transport, generate electricity, heat up places, cooking, etc. Even though it has a lot of useful uses it has its disadvantages, one of them is that its use causes the emission of toxic gases that contributes to the air pollution....   [tags: fuels, fission, radiation]

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A War Inside : A Daughter 's Struggle

- A War Inside: A Daughter’s Struggle To Escape Her Past In Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”, one of the main characters, Dee, has a serious internal conflict with her heritage. Dee comes from a tight-knit family that has had it rough throughout all of its generations. Dee lives for fine, fancy things and her immediate family could never give her what she desired. Though her mother yearns for a healthy relationship with her, Dee looks past her mother’s wishes to reach her own goals of distancing herself from her family....   [tags: Family, Mother, Nuclear family, Father]

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Getting Inside The Mind Of An Only Child

- Getting Inside the Mind of an Only Child For as long as I know I’ve lived in a household where I was the only child. It was me, my mom, and my dad. We are not the traditional family where there is more than one child in the family. I did everything on my own, I did not have any siblings to fight with or to have a connection with. When I would talk to my friends I always envy them. They would often complain about how annoyed they are by their siblings and how their brother and sisters would get on their nerve....   [tags: Family, Sibling, Debut albums, Parent]

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An Inside Look at TWA Flight 800

- 1.0 Introduction On July 17, 1996, Trans World Airlines flight 800, A Boeing 747-100, exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near New York 12 minutes after its departure. All 230 people on board died. 1.1 Accident Timeline Although the flight was scheduled to depart from JFK Airport at about 7:00 p.m., it was delayed due to a disabled piece of ground equipment and concerns about a suspected passenger mismatch with baggage. The airplane took off at 8:18 p.m., shortly at 8:25 p.m., Boston air route traffic control center (ARTCC) instructed the pilots to climb and maintain an altitude of 19,000 feet and then lower down to 15,000 feet....   [tags: airline disasters, fuel, ignition source]

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Technology Being Used Inside A Classroom

- Even though technology is made accessible to the students inside the classroom, it doesn’t always mean that the students are being taught the effective techniques to ensure that they are enhancing their levels of learning or that the teachers are implementing it appropriate for the students understanding. Technology being used inside a classroom may enhance student learning and give them a new view on the different ways it can benefit their learning, however if the teacher isn 't trained, using skills, setting goals and objectives, or the structure of application then the effectiveness will not be beneficial to the students learning....   [tags: Problem solving, Critical thinking, Technology]

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Inside Out : Social Psychological Views

- Inside out: Social Psychological views While the Pixar film “Inside Out” is an adorably animated children’s movie, it also speaks to the adult generation and is a brilliant way to introduce psychological ideals and mental illnesses to both children and adults in a fun, innovative way. When the movie is viewed for the first time, it seems like a fun cartoon that explains emotions to kids, but after several viewings, you become more connected with the characters and really begin to understand the human body and emotions on a whole new level....   [tags: Psychology, Brain, Sociology, Emotion]

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Inside Out By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Inside Out Analysis Inside Out is a film about a young girl named, Riley, whose world gets turned upside down once her family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. In this film, Riley’s five main emotions are personified. Riley, who is only eleven years old, is known for her joyous attitude but with the drastic change of lifestyle, she begins to show and feel many other emotions. As Riley and her family are adjusting to their new surroundings, she becomes more irritable and rebellious. As depicted in the film, Riley’s emotions, Joy and Sadness, get lost trying to find their way back to Headquarters....   [tags: Psychology, Personality psychology, Emotion]

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