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Innate Behaviors in Animals

- Ever wonder how animals know so much. It’s simple. It’s all according to how they act and what they know. When an animal is born it has instincts. These instincts help the creature survive and cause them to behave certain ways. This is called Innate behaviors. Although, some things animals have been taught. Unlike Innate behaviors whereas it comes from the genes, other behaviors have to be learned. They are called Learned behaviors. Together, Innate and Learned behaviors can prove that animals are smarter then most people think....   [tags: Innate behaviors, animals, ]

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Is Perception Innate?

- Whether infants were born with the ability to understand what they are seeing has been thoroughly researched by developmental psychologists. The ability of perception and whether infants learn through experience or whether it is an innate ability will be placed under scrutiny in this essay. The ideas of size and shape constancy, motion and binocular parallaxes in regards to depth perception are the main aspects that have been researched in order to determine a conclusion to this question at hand....   [tags: infants, development psychologists]

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The Innate And The Adaptive Immune System

- The immune system is divided into two categories, the innate and the adaptive immune system. Each system is a part of the organism, and either one does not necessarily take over more than the other. The innate immune system gets its name and function from being with us from the beginning of our lives (“Introduction to Immunology Tutorial…”, 2000). What I mean by this is that there are certain barriers that immediately know when a foreign invader has entered the body, and the body will respond quickly to that foreign invasion....   [tags: Immune system, White blood cell, Lymphocyte]

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The Idea Of God Is An Innate Idea

- Yash Shah PHIL 101 Professor: Sarah Hansen Descartes’ claim that the idea of God is an innate idea Descartes sounds really confused in the starting when he has all the misconceptions about the world. He has to question each and every thing that is happening around him. He fells that senses are deceptive, people are deceptive and, God [if exists] is deceptive (calls him an evil genius). He doesn’t really believe in trusting people who have deceived him even once as he counts it as a mark of prudence....   [tags: Mind, Thought, Ontology, Idea]

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Lord of the Flies: The Innate Evil

- When Ralph sees the naval officer that appears on the island to save them, he realizes that he will return to civilization. The shock causes him to reflect on what has happened. The rescue does not produce joy; instead he feels despair at what he has been through. He is awakened to the reality that he will never be the same. He has lost his innocence and learned about the evil that lurks within himself and all men through his experiences on the island. Ralph’s revelation to his loss of innocence and societal order among the boys is exemplified through the collapse of the attempted Democratic government, the killing of the pig, and the death of Piggy and Simon....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Innate Evil and the Temptations of the Devil

- Early American literature is unique in that it is abundantly influenced by Biblical themes and ideas. Being that this country was founded by the strict, fundamentalist Puritans, it seems obvious that the literature would be pervaded by such things as the presence of evil and its impact on goodness and holiness. The “evil” that is found in Melville and Hawthorne is interesting because it reflects the Biblical idea of evil tempting good and attempting to convert it rather than simply destroy it. The stories of Poe reflect the turmoil and evil that is contained within a person and tempts him or her to commit evil acts....   [tags: American Literature, Billy Bud, William Wilson]

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Pathogen And The Innate Immune System

- Before addressing how pathogen recognition works, it is necessary to define the terms ‘pathogen’ and ‘innate immune response’. Pathogens are defined as anything that can cause disease. The innate immune system is the evolutionary conserved system that acts as the primary barrier to infectious agents. In other words, it is the host’s first line of defence. It acts immediately and uses protective mechanisms that involves phagocytes. PATHOGEN-ASSOCIATED MOLECULAR PATTERNS (PAMPs) AND PATTERN RECOGNITION RECEPTORS (PRRs) Hosts can recognise non-self and dangerous antigens because of two reasons....   [tags: Immune system, Microbiology, Bacteria]

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Is Creativity in Language Innate or Acquired?

- ... So children’s language creativity depend on the self-evident in infancy and on the manner of the interaction between the child and the caregiver or the society around them. What is more, Carter argued that the linguistic creativity depend on the interaction between infant and adult which is based on repetition. Furthermore in view of Vygotsky, in the home environment.. the process through which a child learns speech is social from start to finish. Many philosophers such as Elena Levy and Nelson rely on the repetition of sample words including the intonation....   [tags: behavioral and developmental psychology]

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The Theory of Innate Virtue

- Throughout the dialogue of “Meno”, Socrates inquires what virtue is and whether virtue is innate, acquired through learning, or received as a gift from the gods (Jowett, 1949). After some discussion with Meno, Socrates first proposes the theory that virtue is innate. Subsequently the knowledge of innate virtue is of a priori knowledge, which is in turn contingent on a priori justification (Russell, 2011). A priori knowledge is knowledge that rests on a priori justification. A priori justification is a type of epistemic justification that is, in some sense, independent of experience....   [tags: Philosophy]

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An Innate Quality Of Human Beings

- It is an innate quality of human beings to assume. We assume traffic will be horrendous, so we leave the house twenty minutes early. We assume it is going to rain, so we pack an umbrella. We assume that the barista at Starbucks knows how we like our coffee, so we don’t think to elaborate, and then inevitably kick ourselves for it later. Humans are prone to assumptions. They are what make the world turn and they are what keeps the planets aligned. Our lives are a string of tiny assumptions woven together into a giant tapestry....   [tags: Human, Life, Earth, Thought]

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Psychopaths and Sociopaths: Innate Morality?

- Children are born with an ability to communicate their immediate needs to their mothers, nurses or caregivers by crying or displays of other emotions. As they develop more knowledge of language they are able to point, look at objects and smile to acknowledge they are pleased with, or otherwise, what they are receiving. Just as children are born with the ability to communicate needs and emotions, and a desire to seek out new things and master them, it only makes sense that they have many other unexplained desires including the desire to please and to love and feel empathy for others....   [tags: behaviors, moral judgements]

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Beauty Is The Innate Ability

- What is Beauty. Beauty is the innate ability all things possess to inspire a sense of admiration and awe. Society today has a skewed up sense of what beauty actually is. Many believe it is all how the person or thing looks, they think it is about the looks of a person or their physical features. Beauty is beyond the physical state. Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as “an assemblage of graces or properties pleasing to the eye, the ear, the intellect, the æsthetic faculty, or the moral sense”, but beauty cannot be summed up by one source, beauty is what is all around....   [tags: Beauty, Human physical appearance]

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The Innate Behavior Of Communication

- The innate behavior of communication is unique when referring to human beings. According to Robert M. Krauss, “A species ' survival depends critically upon its ability to communicate effectively, and the quality of its social life is determined in large measure by how and what it can communicate,” (Krauss, 2002). The variability and flexibility of language and its medium dictate how the message’s subliminal meaning and quality will be received. Language allows human communication to be transcribed onto many diverse platforms....   [tags: Communication, Facebook, Message, Meaning of life]

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Innate vs. Learned Vocalization

- Every mammal and many other animals possess a larynx with the potential for making sounds. In communication, these regions serve to transmit information that will influence the listener’s behavior, i.e. to attract, fend off, inform, or warn (Bright, 1984). Among these many types of sounds, some animals appear able to produce more complex, learned vocalizations, while most are limited to rudimentary, innate vocalizations (Jarvis, 2004) The distinction between innate versus learned vocalization is not completely rigid, but there do appear to be linguistic and neuroanatomical distinctions separating them....   [tags: Vocalization]

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Innate Knowledge and Death

- Tapping into innate knowledge is a mystery that has baffled generations of learned men and women denying them the ability to state for certain and true that knowledge is liken unto a shared casserole at a family or company picnic; that everyone can reach within and draw forth the realization of corporeal understanding from the resources of disembodied knowledge and make the same their own. According to the Advanced English Dictionary, knowledge is “the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning”, while the psyche is “that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason”, finally episteme is “the body of ideas that determine the knowl...   [tags: Socrates, Birth, Peace]

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Innate Ideas

- In efforts to find truth, Descartes used only his logic to identify his existence. He also proved that there is some type of knowledge that we are born with. “Some of our ideas seem to be “born with me,” some “invented” by me, whereas others “come from without” (Descartes, 2008, p. 211). Which means Descartes believed that we enter this world with some innate ideas that overtime helps us to develop understanding of our sense (invented by me) and through our experiences (comes from without). Descartes was a dualist; he stated that there existed something outside of our bodies....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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Descartes’ Ambiguity of Innate and Adventitious Ideas

- In Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes illustrates that the objective reality of some of his ideas seems so great that he cannot be the cause of such ideas, thus something else also exists in the world (29). Though Descartes inquires particularly into adventitious ideas to support his claim, he does not offer the definitions of innate and adventitious ideas clearly, nor does he explain the differences of them in any detail. In this paper, I will demonstrate that the ambiguity of innate and adventitious ideas undermines Descartes’ argument....   [tags: god, thinking, reasoning]

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Sexual Orientation: Is it Innate or a Learned Behavior?

- Sexual Orientation: Is it Innate or a learned behavior. The most controversial and researched topic in science today is the argument whether sexual orientation in humans is innate or a learned behavior. Scientist are even conducting research and studies to see if there is something called a “gay-gene” that could be affecting us during the stages of Mitosis. Sexuality is something humans cannot control, the debate between nature vs. nurture sides whether you were born this way or was it the way you were raised....   [tags: homosexuality, gay-gene, twins]

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Cultural Values Innate Of The Digital Age

- Introduction For all intents and purposes, the digital age has had the effect of revolutionizing how we live work, and play (Davidson, 2011). In essence, as Davidson (2012) continues to assert, the digital age has presented possibilities where old habits can be unlearned so as to accommodate new habits that are consistent with the 21st century. Globalization is one of the central aspects that characterize the digital age, where countries are interconnected politically, economically, and socially....   [tags: Culture, Discrimination, Employment, Leadership]

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Innate Difference Between Men and Women

- In some way, have we failed to state the basic facts about innate differences between the sexes to our children. We have people that want to say that the division of the two sexes, female and male, is just an artificial invention of our culture and labeling a child as a “girl” or “boy” is a social decision. British researchers compiled and analyzed a large body of gender-related neurological research book, "Brain Sex: The Real Difference between Men and Women". They determined that men and women act different because of their brains are different and the evidence is  "conclusive" and "incontrovertible" that men and women have different mentalities and thus perceive the world differently (Rau...   [tags: Women's Rights]

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Evaluation Of Children 's Innate Desire

- The desire of the participants to please adults or behave for them based on rewards is another concern with Bandura et al. (1961) findings. According to Ferguson (2010) children’s innate desire to please their elders may have been a major influence in determining the participant’s aggression towards the Bobo Doll. Given the children were aware of the adult’s expectation to punch or push the Bobo Doll back, the motivation for the children to comply with this expectation was a strong influence in deciding the outcome of their behaviour and hence their aggressive conduct....   [tags: Violence, Aggression, Social rejection]

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Nature vs. Nurture: John Locke on Innate Ideas

- In book one of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke argues against innate ideas using three arguments. The intention of this paper will be to discuss John Locke’s views on ideas while introducing and explaining his three arguments against innate ideas in detail touching on his idea of tabula rasa. Furthermore, it will briefly discuss alternative views on innate ideas as both conflicting and similar. John Locke’s writings came at a time when there was a philosophical debate going on between the empiricists and the rationalists....   [tags: Philosophy, Reason, deduction]

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False Perceptions Aroused From The Belief Of Innate Ideas

- In his observations Locke concluded that errors and false perceptions arouse from the belief in innate ideas. Locke says “ There is nothing more commonly taken for granted than that there are certain principles, both speculative and practical, universally agreed upon by all mankind, which, therefore, they argue, must necessarily be the constant impressions which the souls of men receive in their first being”. (EssayI.2.ii) He believes that individuals are all born with a blank slate or tabula rasa....   [tags: Epistemology, Mind, Perception, Rationalism]

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Philosophy: Do We Have Innate Ideas?

- ... First, Descartes does not proving enough about how can we born with innate ideas. This major flaw eventually get to Locke’s tension and give us a strong evident of the young children should aware of truth if they have innate ideas in them. Second, I believe in Locke’s criticism about ideas only gain through our experiences and situations. Thus the more experience we have, the vivid picture about our external world we can perceived. It is sometimes said that Kant's philosophy represents a sort of synthesis or reconciliation of "empiricism" and "rationalism." How accurate do you think this way of characterizing Kant is....   [tags: Descartes and Locke]

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The Innate Immune System ( Joanne M. M

- The innate immune system is given to you at birth and always has microbes ready to fight (Joanne M. Willey, 2014). This system is very fast to detect and attempt to eliminate any invading cells. It reacts by triggering Toll-like receptors (TLRs) who then fasten to pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) (Joanne M. Willey, 2014). The first line of defense in the innate immune system contains the skin and mucous membranes, along with normal microbiota (Joanne M. Willey, 2014). The second line of defense of the “early-warning” system consists of natural killer cells, phagocytes, eosinophils, dendritic cells, macrophages, inflammation, fever, and antimicrobial substances (Joanne M....   [tags: Immune system, White blood cell]

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The Innate Immune System During Sleep Deprivation

- During nocturnal sleep, certain cells and molecules are affected, which aids in the regulation of the innate immune system. Natural killer (NK) cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes that play an influential role in fighting off pathogens in the innate branch. In healthy states, NK cells are the least active at the beginning of the night and progress into maximal activity near the end of nocturnal sleep and into the morning hours. It is important to note that if an individual suffers from sleep deprivation, NK cells do not demonstrate the same nocturnal increase1....   [tags: Immune system, White blood cell]

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It Is An Innate Behavior That All Human Beings Are Born With?

- Have you ever experienced someone judging you based off of your appearance rather than trying to get to know you. Or even worse, been the person guilty of doing so. Unfortunately, this is extremely common in today’s hypercritical society. The question that arises is, can judgement of others based on appearance be stopped, or is it an innate behavior that all human beings are born with. Additionally, how does this judgement affect the lives of both physically attractive and unattractive individuals....   [tags: Physical attractiveness]

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Innate Evil in The Lord of the Flies by WIlliam Golding

- “Humankind seems to have enormous capacity for savagery, for brutality, for lack of empathy, for lack of compassion” (Lennox). William Golding and Annie Lennox’s have the same view of society, innate human evil. In the fictional novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, his view on humanity is innate human evil. Golding shows this as the characters Roger and Jack progress in the novel, and when the civilized society breaks. The first time Golding expresses his view on humanity is when Roger is introduced into the book....   [tags: humanity, savage, civilized]

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Sexism Is The Belief That Innate Psychological, Behavioral, And / Or Intellectual Differences

- Sexism is the belief that innate psychological, behavioral, and/or intellectual differences exist between women and men and that these differences connote the superiority of one group and the inferiority of the other. Gender refers to the social definitions and expectations associated with being female or male and should be distinguished from sex, which refers to one’s biological identity (Mooney- 386-387). In Sociology the word gender refers to the socio-cultural characterization of man and woman, the way societies make a distinction between men and women and assign them social roles....   [tags: Homosexuality, Gender, Sexual orientation]

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Discrimination And Prejudice : An Innate Quality Of Human Beings

- Homosexuals have been discriminated through out history and continue to deal with discrimination and prejudice. Its seems as if discrimination and prejudice is an innate quality of human beings. Whether its race, age, social class, religion, disability, or even gender or sexual preference, there is a need as human beings to categorize everyone and label them as worthy or unworthy of equal rights and respect. Humans have never limited the way they preform sexual pleasure to heterosexual intercourse (Ford)....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Gay, LGBT]

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Conscience Created versus Innate

- Conscience Created versus Innate To what extent do you think you are dictated by your surroundings and your up-bringing. Do you claim your opinions to be your own. Do you trust your logic and your conscience. These are questions that are seldom asked by ourselves or by others. In fact, these kinds of questions could almost be considered taboo. It seems to be generally accepted that one can trust oneself, one’s authority, and one’s conscience. Upon these premises we seem to build up everything else....   [tags: Papers]

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Innate Ideas

- Innate Ideas Throughout the passage of time, philosophers have written and discussed many topics in philosophy. Sometimes, these philosophers agree on ideas or sometimes they make their own assumptions. There are two philosophers who had different ideas concerning where innate ideas come from and how we get these types of ideas. Rene Descartes and John Locke were these two philosophers with the opposing argument on innate ideas. The place where Descartes discusses his views were in the Meditations on First Philosophy and Locke's argument is located in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding....   [tags: Papers]

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Plato and Locke's Views on an Innate Idea

- Plato and Locke's Views on an Innate Idea        What is an innate idea?  This can be defined as some idea or mental representation that is produced by outside perception or created anew by our imagination. It exists in the mind in virtue of the nature of the human mind.  According to Plato most if not all of our knowledge is innate. However, John Locke feels that we do not have any innate ideas.  Then the question arises of who is right or are they both wrong.  In this paper I will attempt to examine the conflicting views of Plato and Locke....   [tags: Philosophy essays]

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innate human violence

- Phillip Zimbardo, Solomon Asch, Stanley Milgram, and Howard Zinn were/are all gifted psychologists that strived to understand the simple complexities of conformity within an individual’s specific societal structure. Within their own specific areas of psychology, every single one of them came to one simple conclusion that allowed each of them to become the quality of psychologist that they are today, and that is the understanding that the power of the situation can be stronger than the individual....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Innate Evil in Golding's Lord of the Flies

- This paper will explore the three elements of innate evil within William Golding's, Lord of the Flies, the change from civilization to savagery, the beast, and the battle on the island. Golding represents evil through his character's, their actions, and symbolism. The island becomes the biggest representation of evil because it's where the entire novel takes place. The change from civilization to savagery is another representation of how easily people can change from good to evil under unusual circumstances....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses on First and Subsequent Exposure to a Pathogen

- The immune system is comprised of two responses: the adaptive immune response and the innate immune response. The first line of defence against invading organisms is classified as the innate immune response and the second line of defence and protection against re- exposure to the same pathogen is known as the adaptive immune response. Innate immune responses are known as the non-specific manner which composes the cells and defend the host from infection by other organism by mechanism. The adaptive immunity represents the antigen-specific immune response....   [tags: Medical Science]

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- The immune system is a complicated biological body system that protects us from pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi which has cells that are from the hematopoietic stem cell in the bone marrow. It includes white blood cells, chemicals and proteins like complement proteins and antibodies. The system is divided into two major parts that is the innate immunity system (non-specific) and the adaptive system (specific). The innate plays a vital role in the system as it is the primary defence mechanism whilst the adaptive immune system is the second line of defence....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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The Role Of Neutrophils And The Innate Immune System With Various Functions Of An Adaptive Immune Response

- Introduction Pivotal role of neutrophils in the course of inflammation Neutrophils are crucial components of the innate immune system with various effector functions, such as the release of lytic enzymes from granules and ROS production (Nathan, 2006) and the initiation of coagulation via serine proteases (Massberg et al, 2010). Other defence mechanisms involve the release of neutrophil extracellular traps to physically capture pathogens (Brinkmann et al, 2004). Neutrophils are recruited in a highly controlled manner to the site of inflammation to reduce tissue damage (McDonald et al, 2010)....   [tags: Immune system, Cell membrane, Signal transduction]

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Examining Classification As An Innate Ability, And Biologists Classify Animals By Shapes And Patterns

- Disciplinary Comparison There are a lot of ways to study classification. Psychologists consider classification as an innate ability, and Biologists classify animals by shapes and patterns. Then why Sociology bothers to deal with the issue. Why do Durkheim and Foucault choose to study the topic to represent the significance of Sociology. To Durkheim, he insists the uniqueness of Sociology. Sociology not only can analyze social facts from the perspective of social, but also can study them scientifically in a social science way....   [tags: Sociology, Psychology, Positivism]

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John Locke is Focused on Epistemoloy

- Locke is most interested in what we really know. He is focused on epistemology. He wants to find out about the origin of our ideas, the level of certainty we can have of our ideas and what we are capable of truly understanding. His main stand-point is that we don’t have innate ideas and he aims to get rid of the sceptical doubt about what we know. He has two types of argument against innate ideas; direct and indirect. The indirect argument can be seen as the more positive of the two, and the idea of it is that we are able to explain all knowledge we have without innate ideas but from other sources....   [tags: innate, sensation, perception]

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Mark Blumberg's Basic Instinct: The Genesis of Behavior

- Mark Blumberg, a neuroscientist wrote a book titled Basic Instinct: The Genesis of Behavior which revolves around the topic of animal and human behaviors. An instinct is an innate behavior as mentioned several times in the book which simply means that an animal or human is born with a certain behavior or it occurs naturally. An example of an instinct given in the very beginning of the book is “a panicked mother rushes into oncoming traffic to save her wandering child” (p. xi). Along with this example, there were other examples of instincts mentioned in the introduction....   [tags: instincts, innate or learned]

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Is Freedom a Natural Right?

- ... We are born to become free. Freedom is defined from different aspects ,and according to different cultures,freedom varies from culture to another.Some define freedom as a natural right,the human being is born with.Everyone wants to be free and independent from others.Freedom is the right to do what one wants,live where he wants,eat what he wants,learns what he wants,and chooses the religion in which he believes,without ignoring or harming other rights. How can we live free. From my point of view, we can live free by respecting otherُs rights to live free too.We can not ignore the rights of people with whome we live in the society.We can not simply do what we want and ignore others.We mus...   [tags: respect, innate, society]

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The Immune System

- The immune system is a fascinating structure it defends the body against foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses and parasites. There are two primary forms that make up the immune system they are, innate and adaptive systems. Both the innate and adaptive system plays a large role in the immune system. The innate is the primary system to defend against foreign materials and the adaptive is the secondary system that responds to specific issues. The difference between the innate and the adaptive systems are the innate consists of: • Epithelial barriers • Phagocytes • Dendritic cells • Plasma proteins • NK cells The first sign an infection will take the innate from 0 to 12 hours to begin its att...   [tags: Adaptive, Innate, Functions, Macrophages]

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John Locke’s Perspective on How We Gain Knowledge and The Exclusion of Innate Ideas

- My aim in this paper is to elucidate Locke’s beliefs in order to portray how I have experienced them in my life thus far. Locke’s ideals that he released to society caused many people in his time to second guess where ideas originate and the foundation of knowledge. A lot of critics arose on this topic of Locke’s interest as well as people who were in agreement with Locke’s views. John Locke’s perspective on how we gain knowledge and the exclusion of innate ideas is a primary way of thinking that can be depicted throughout modern life....   [tags: human understanding, philosophy]

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Immune System Of The Respiratory System

- The lungs are the main organs of the respiratory system. Their function is to regulate gas exchange. They are located in the thorax. They are connected to the trachea which conducts inhaled air through its tubular branches, called bronchi. The bronchi then divide into smaller and smaller branches (called bronchioles). The bronchioles eventually end in small air sacs called alveoli. It is in alveoli that occurs the gas exchange. Lungs are in contact with airway microorganisms and elements like tobacco....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system]

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The Immune System And Complex Defence System

- The immune system is a highly evolved and complex defence system, armed against millions of potential pathogens that may cause infection at any point. Pattern recognition receptors, known as PRRs, are displayed by the cells of the innate immune system, such as macrophages and dendritic cells, and recognise pathogen associated molecular patterns or PAMPs. PAMPs are evolutionary conserved structural similarities found in many pathogens but not in the host’s own cells allowing the innate immune system to distinguish between self and non self and to react to the pathogens immediately (Mogensen, 2009)....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system]

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The Cardiovascular System And Immune Systems And How Rheumatic Heart Disease

- Environment, dietary and lifestyle factors play a big role in how rheumatic heart disease is spread. Most developing countries have a higher percentage of people how suffer from rheumatic heart disease because the poor state of the environment they inhabit. Dietary factors can play a role only due to insanitary condition in which food is made not due to the amount of food eaten due the fact that RHD is caused by a bacteria. Lifestyle factors contribute to rheumatic heart disease because most people do not tend to or treat minor cuts they might have had....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system]

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Materialism in America

- My first evening in New York City is one that I shall never forget. It was one of the most thrilling, memorable and horrifying experiences I have ever had. When I arrived in New York I was filled with enthusiasm and ready to explore the city that never sleeps. I conveyed this excitement to my Hotel Concierge, who advised me to visit Times Square. I began to walk from my hotel, which was located near Central Park to Times Square. As I drew closer, the sounds of the horse chariots were replaced with the buzzing sound of over 350,000 people who come to visit Times Square everyday (advertised in Time Square)....   [tags: Theory of Innate Materialism]

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Developmental Origins of Resident Central Nervous System Microglia Part 1

- Microglia are hematopoietic-derived innate immune cells that constantly survey the environment and regulate the development of the central nervous system (CNS). These cells have dynamic cellular processes that make contact with synapses and engulf cellular debris from dying neurons. The origin of microglia has been a controversial topic for decades. Recently, it was demonstrated that microglia originate in the yolk sac (YS) from YS-derived macrophages during primitive hematopoiesis and subsequently populate the embryonic brain (Ginhoux et al., 2010)....   [tags: hematopoietic-derived innate immune cells]

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The Adaptive Immune System Function

- Sleep is a necessary phenomenon that impacts many physiological processes in the human body, including immune system function. The immune system can be divided into two main categories: innate immunity and adaptive immunity1. The adaptive immune system is responsible for fighting against specific pathogens or antigens and a memory component is involved. Additionally, its response is longer than an innate immune response, upon its first exposure to said antigen or pathogen. In contrast, the innate immune system responds much faster, however there is no memory component involved....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system]

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Just Babies by Paul Bloom

- In Just Babies, Paul Bloom describes morality as something that we are born with. He goes on to point out different aspects that assemble together to form our morality. These include empathy, fairness, punishment, family and strangers, and bodies. Empathy is something that stood out to me the most because of my forensic psychology class. Are we born with empathy and does it develop over time. If we are born without empathy how does this affect our choices and life after childhood. These are complex questions that have an abundant amount of components that go into them, but they are important....   [tags: Empathy, Innate, Affect Choices, Analysis]

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Innate Act of Evil or Demonstration?

- Do you remember where you were on April 9th 1995. Videos clips flickered images of a crumbling collapsing building. Body bags amassed high next to ambulances. Lachrymose mothers pulled up to the scene hoping and praying that it wasn’t their son. Where were you on the day of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Do you remember hanging on to every word in President Clinton’s speech. Do you remember the feeling of nationalism that overpowered you. Do you remember the hated you felt for the man who had done this to your nation....   [tags: Terrorism]

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Speaking From Within: A Discussion on Our Innate Ability to Learn Languages

- Speaking From Within: A Discussion on Our Innate Ability to Learn Languages For years since I moved to the United States after the age of nine, I've always been frustrated at the lack of improvement in my ability to speak English without a trace of foreign accent and my ability to write without any grammatical errors. It always seemed to me that learning languages is unlike learning anything else, I can logically understand the pronunciation of the a word or the rules of grammar, but for reasons unknown, I always found it hard to incorporate logical knowledge of language into the actual speaking and writing of English....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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How The Immune System Is Affected By The Digestive System

- How The Immune System is Affected by the Digestive System Our body consists of 90% of bacteria. That means that for every cell that we have in our body, we have 9 bacterial cells living along with it. Granted that most of the bacteria live inside the intestinal tract, but without a proper immune system keeping the digestive system in check, we would not be properly digesting food or have healthy bodies. When the number of bacteria living inside the body is balanced, the immune system is also balanced, but if there is an imbalance in the number of bacteria, then that is an indication that the immune system is not balanced as well....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system, Bacteria]

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Celiac Disease : An Autoimmune Disease

- Celiac disease is an autoimmune illness resulting in a chronic inflammatory response of the gastrointestinal (GI) mucosa, primarily from exposure to gluten-containing products, such as wheat, rye and barley (Marasco). The etiology of celiac disease is multi-factorial, from both genetic and behavioral factors. Ultimately, dysbiosis of the gut microbiome is one of the major factors contributing to immediate and prolonged clinical manifestations of gluten exposure in celiac patients (Sanz). The frequency of celiac disease is about 1%, with a higher proportion of the population being genetically pre-disposed, but lacking symptoms due to varying environmental and behavioral factors (Piscasia)....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system, Antibody]

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The Immune System Of Antibodies And Antigens

- As this experiment deals with antibodies and antigens, it is important to understand the immune system. The immune system is generally composed of two subsystems: the innate or nonspecific immunity is the kind that every person is born with. Innate immunity is the first line of defense and includes the skin, mucousal membranes, dendritic cells, phagocytic cells, mast cells, natural killer cells, basophils neutrophils, and eosinophils. Adaptive or acquired immunity is immunity that is gained overtime and is highly specific towards what it targets....   [tags: Immune system, Antibody, Innate immune system]

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Preterm Birth ( Ptb ) Is A Major Obstetrics Issue Characterized By Infant Prematurity Of Less Than 37 Weeks

- Preterm Birth (PTB) is a major obstetrics issue characterized by infant prematurity of less than 37 weeks gestation (Raju, 2006; Wang et al., 2004) and accounts for 10% of all births worldwide. PTB results in numerous medical and economic burdens for individuals and whole healthcare systems(Goldenberg et al., 2008; Hughes et al., 2014). Cost estimate!!. PTB is a significant issue as the last 3 weeks of gestation are critical to the complete growth and development of numerous organ systems within the fetus....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system, Childbirth]

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The Adaptive Immune System Restrains Alzheimer 's Disease Pathogenesis By Modulating Microglial Function

- Review and analysis of “The adaptive immune system restrains Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis by modulating microglial function”. This article presents eight important findings, these will be mentioned and discussed together the data that support them. First, immunocompromised Alzheimer’s disease (AD) mice model, showed aggressive development of AD-neuropathology. In figure 1, is shown that the accumulation of Aβ soluble and insoluble is elevated in the immunocompromised AD mice compared with the “normal” AD mice model....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system, Antibody]

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Different Types Of Granulocytes, Neutrophils, Eosinophils And Basophils

- 1.) A.) There are three different types of granulocytes; neutrophils, Eosinophils and Basophils. They are all fairly short lived, surviving for only a few days and all increase during immune responses. If one of these granulocytes were abnormal or missing, the worst outcome for the patient would be if it were the neutrophils. Neutrophils are the most numerous and most important cells in the innate immune response. Neutrophils take up microorganisms but phagocytosis and destroy them in intracellular vesicles using degradative enzymes....   [tags: Immune system, Bacteria, Innate immune system]

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Jason Voorhees and Jack the Ripper: An Innate Connection

- Throughout history, there has been numerous depictions of serial killers and records of slashers. Although most of these portrayals are fictional, they strike fear into the mind of people regardless because the victims of slashers are almost always shown to died a horrifying bloody death and at the same time, the murderer is illustrated as unstoppable demons that crave blood and violence. One of the fictional characters that people are most familiar with is Jason Voorhees. The name itself inspires nightmares that illustrate scenes of blood splashes and spine chilling screams from the film Friday the 13th ....   [tags: killers, slashers, culture, victims, fear]

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The plague in Society: An Analysis of Prejudice in Denis Lehane’s Mystic River and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

- A Toronto man with a mind of a six year old, is currently behind bars with no where to call home. Leroy Humphrey was removed from his group home and sent to Maplehurst Correctional Centre, where he has been teased and bullied by inmates. (Trish Cawford) This man is excluded from the basic rights and luxuries offered to the common citizen because he is different and society does not yet know how to accept and incorporate such people within the mass. Similarily, Mystic River by Dennis Lehane and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley are two books that highlight the prevailing element within society that forces humans with more ability to oppress the lower classes of society....   [tags: Innate Revenge, Abnormal Creatures]

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Sarty Snopes’ Struggle for Freedom: William Faulkner's Barn Burning

- “Barn Burning” first appeared in print in Harper’s Magazine in 1939 (Pinion). It is a short story by William Faulkner which depicts a young boy in crisis as he comes to realize the truth about his father’s pyromania. Faulkner takes the reader inside the boy’s life as he struggles to remain loyal to his unstable father. In the end the boy’s courage and sense of justice wins and he not only walks away from his father’s iron clad control over his life, but he is able to warn his father’s next victim....   [tags: Pyromaniac, Innate Goodness]

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Influenza Is A Pathogen Of Human Body Or Any Host For That Matter Through The Air?

- A pathogen from the orthomyxovirus family Influenza is among the most dangerous viruses to cause respiratory illness (1). How does this microorganism infiltrate the human body or any host for that matter through the air. Influenza is a microorganism classified as a type of virus with different subtypes (1). This virus has a spherical shape in the form of water droplets as an example. In general any virus has a very complex structure made up of DNA and RNA nucleic acids that make up the genome for the virus (2)....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system, Antibody]

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The Case Studies Study Subject

- The case study subject is P.L., a twenty- three year-old teacher that is being seen in a clinic for upper respiratory symptoms she has had for two weeks. The patients presents with mild fever, thick but clear mucous from her nose, malaise and swollen cervical lymph nodes. The patient reports her cough continues to increase, consistently becoming more forceful. P.L. reports she works in a school that has fifty-four students diagnosed with pertussis, five of those students are in her class. Risk P.L....   [tags: Immune system, Innate immune system, Common cold]

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Psychological Effects Of Becoming An Inmate Or Corrections Officer

- On August 17, 1971, a team of researchers at Stanford University conducted a several day observational study to understand the psychological effects of becoming an inmate or corrections officer. Led by psychology professor Dr. Philip Zimbardo, the research team randomly assigned twenty-four male college students to play the role of a prisoner or guard in a makeshift prison that had been constructed on university grounds. Weiten (2013) defines random assignment as: “The constitution of groups in a study such that all subjects have an equal chance of being assigned to any group or condition.” Because the subjects were assigned to their individual roles by flipping a coin, Zimbardo successfully...   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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The Challenges Of An Inmate

- The Challenges of an Inmate Returning to Society Society’s failure to act is creating a devastating effect on America. More and more ex-cons are being released from prisons annually, causing an overload to the federal, and state funded “aftercare” programs. With tightening budgets, and a poor economy, many of these programs are either non-existent or filled to capacity, making them ineffective. Thus the high rate of recidivism. The success of an inmate reentering society and becoming a productive citizen depends highly on proper supervision, viable employment opportunities, and sincere programs to help him/her with alcohol or drug addiction, among other social programs....   [tags: Prison, Recidivism, Penology, Sociology]

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The Decision Of An Inmate

- The decision to allow an inmate to participate in a postsecondary programs is entirely in the hands of the individual prison administrators (Palmer, 2012). Postsecondary education is educational programs beyond the secondary level, especially education at the college or university level. Prison managers cannot plan or budget appropriately for literacy services unless they have accurate and reliable information about the extent of the need for services for prisoners who cannot read and write (Rankin 2005)....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Education, Higher education]

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Caring For An Inmate

- Caring For an Inmate Dallas county jail is a 6,500 bed facility located near downtown Dallas, Texas. This county jail houses inmates for crimes such as criminal trespassing to capitol murder. Within this population you’ll find that most of the individuals are in need of some kind of medical and mental health attention. This care ranges from chronic care diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and seizures, to more complex diseases like sickle cell. You also encounter inmates that have acute medical concerns as well such as altercations between inmates, slips and falls, and self-harm....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Nursing, Health]

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A Conjugal Visit With The Inmate

- A conjugal visit for an inmate allows for family members to have an extended private visit with the inmate. Many times this visit is just the legal spouse of the inmate and the couple may engage in sexual activity if they so choose. All information in this paper will focus on the idea of conjugal visitation with a legal spouse for the purpose of sexual activity between the inmate and the spouse while confined to a penal institution within the United States. Inmates have gotten creative in their petitions to the courts; while they are persistent in claiming violations of their First, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights, the inmates have not been successful in obtaining the opinion of the...   [tags: United States Constitution]

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A Study On The Guard And Inmate

- When measuring the data collected for this study it is necessary that both the guard and inmate to be surveyed separately about violence and that an observation technique also takes place. The inmates randomly selected will take a ten question survey with a variety of questions while the guards will take a separate survey that is also ten questions. The point of two separate surveys, one for the inmates and one for the guards is so open ended questions can be asked to get a better idea of what goes on violently in that prison and why....   [tags: Prison, Penology, Scientific method]

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Making an Inmate for Life

- The average Texas inmate was able to afford one five minute phone call every three months, yet this is only one example of severely limited interactions (Worely et al., 2010). The inmate population and eventually society are adversely impacted by the lack of contact or freedom in prison. Additional concerns include the impact elected isolation, inappropriate relationships, and snitching. It is hypothesized that limited amenities, lack of quality relationships, and institutionalization effect creates psychological issues for those who must re-enter society....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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The Geriatric Inmate Population Problems

- Many people when they hear the word inmate they usually think of a young male or female between the ages of eighteen to their late twenties, and for the most part it is true. About more than half of the prison population consists of younger inmates. For the past few decades the elderly or geriatric population has increased exponentially. Most of the elderly inmate population ranges from the ages of their early fifties and older, studies have shown that from 1995 to 2010 the portion of inmates ages 54 or older has almost tripled from 3% to 8%....   [tags: Prison, Crime, Geriatrics, Sociology]

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Inmate's Abuse in Prison

- It is dreadful enough to get raped, but having to see your perpetrator every day and possibly raping you again is a constant fear that many inmates have to encounter. According to the Bureau of Justice (BJS), in 2008 correctional administrators reported 7,444 allegations of sexual abuse in prisons. About 46 % of the sexual abuse involved staff with inmates. But these statistics do not include the many cases that go unreported due to victim’s fear of being punished by their perpetrators and/ or to embarrassment and humiliation that comes with rape....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Inmate Health Care

- Inmate Health Care Taxpayers pay for so many things like law enforcement, construction work, fire fighter services, and etc. Part of what they pay every year goes to the medical department in jails and prisons. Taxpayers should not pay for the health care of inmates. They pay for incurable medical conditions. They should not pay for inmates with mental illness. Lastly, taxpayers should not pay for their oral needs. They have so much to worry about; inmates and their needs should be the last thing they should worry about....   [tags: mental illness, dental care]

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George Hutchinson : An Inmate Of Elgin Asylum

- away, and they told a policeman what had happened. Police-constable 332 X arrested the prisoner in the Chippenham public-house, and when told the charge he said it was only a stupid joke. The man was in drink but knew what he was about. He had actually been into a shop and sharpened the knife on the counter. - Mr. de Rutzen said this sort of thing must be stopped. He remanded Humphrey for a week, and refused bail. GEORGE HUTCHINSON (AMERICAN) In 1881 American George Hutchinson (not to be confused with the witness, George Hutchinson), was an inmate of Elgin Asylum....   [tags: Jack the Ripper, Murder, Spitalfields, Joliet]

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Capital Punishment Is The Process Of Putting A Prison Inmate

- Capital punishment is the process of putting a prison inmate to death. This process can be done by electrocution, firing squad, gas chamber, or lethal injection. In the state of Oklahoma, lethal injection, electrocution, and firing squad are all different ways inmates can be put to death; lethal injection being the main method (Method of Execution 2015). The process of lethal injection is very complex and intricate so many states have invested in computerized machines that inject the chemicals in specific quantities and intervals into the inmate....   [tags: Capital punishment, Prison, Murder]

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The Inmate 's Long History Of Violent Behavior

- The warden’s request, as mentioned in the scenario given, for an evaluation is no difference from other requests posted by judges to forensic psychologists and psychiatrists for probation and sentencing purposes (Weinberger & Sreenivasan, 1994). The answer to the given question is yes, the evaluation should be completed and conducted by Dr. R to evaluate the inmate’s long history of violent behavior. A psychological test or evaluation as stated in the APA Understanding psychological testing and assessment, mentioned that “Psychologists use tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe a client’s behavior to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment,” (American Psychological Associa...   [tags: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Ethical code]

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The Inmate Subculture in United States Prisons: An Overview

- The Inmate Subculture in United States Prisons: An Overview The Subculture Phenomena within Prisons To be able to discuss the issue of the inmate sub-cultures in prison I will first have to discuss what subcultures are and major reasons that they form. First of all the term subculture in general is kind of like a small culture within and not always accepted by members of a larger one known as a society. Societies as a whole are very large and contain many individuals within them, and let us face it it is human nature to group together or congregate with individuals that have similar interests....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Accomodating the Increasing Inmate Population

- Accomodating the Increasing Inmate Population In August 1994, the California Department of Corrections released its annual five-year facilities master plan for new prison construction. This plan, usually submitted to the Legislature earlier in the calendar year, was delayed so that the additional need for new prison beds resulting from the recently enacted Three Strikes and You're Out legislation could be incorporated into the plan. The facilities plan is based on the department's spring 1994 population estimate that estimated a total of 246,000 inmates by June 1999....   [tags: Papers]

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The Inmate - Original Writing

- The Inmate - Original Writing The sounds of the keys echoed across the hallway. Past each set of bars the keys rang a wanted freedom. As the keys and the guard strolled past, almost motionless bodies turned, all drawing closer to the keys. Closer, closer … stop. The cold bars formed the wall that could not be broken. The freedom. All hands were on this wall except one. One set of hands lay quiet, still and with no movement. These hands belonged to a tall, dark-haired person, a man, and a ghost....   [tags: Papers]

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