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Double Indemnity: A Conspiracy with Motives

- In Billy Wilder’s 1944 blockbuster hit Double Indemnity, a fast-talking insurance salesman named Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray) visits the home of the seductive Phyllis Dietrichson (Barbara Stanwyck) to renew the insurance policy on her husband’s automobiles. A romantic affair shortly ensues, and Walter is soon coerced by Phyllis into plotting a murder. Walter then comes up with an idea to receive double the amount Phyllis had previously intended, and they eventually deceive Mr. Dietrichson (Tom Powers) by making him sign a double indemnity insurance policy which in return states that the widow will receive full compensation on behalf of the bearer’s death....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Analysis of the film Double Indemnity

- Double Indemnity (dir. Billy Wilder 1944) is a film about an insurance sales man Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray) that falls for a highly sexual, scandalous woman, Phyllis Dietrichson (Barbara Stanwyck) who attempts to kill her husband. Even though Walter dismisses Phyllis attempt to purchase life insurance policy for her husband; he is unable to stay away from Phyllis for long. In the time they spend together, Walter and Phyllis try to hatch a fool-proof plan to get rid of her husband and get a double indemnity from the insurance company....   [tags: film noir, gender, sex, crime]

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Indemnity is Immunity from Responsibility for Damages

- Indemnity Indemnity in the legal sense means immunity from responsibilities for damages. This immunity is attained by a contractual agreement between two parties on a particular issue. In the agreement, one party decides to pay for any future damages or losses caused by the second party on agreed issues. In other words, the second party will not be held responsible for any damages or losses. Indemnity will be paid in terms of monetary benefits or by repairs/replacements. The indemnity payments will be made in accordance with the contractual agreement....   [tags: contract, compensation, clinical trials]

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Fee For Service Or Traditional Indemnity Plans

- A(1). Fee-For-Service or Traditional Indemnity plans are uncommon but still used. Payment is rendered for services provided. Traditional Indemnity plans in general have no provider network and a patient can see a specialist without a referral. If a patient uses an FFS plan, the patient would pay the provider for medical care provided. If the medical care provided is covered by the plan. The insurance company would then reimburse the patient according to the guidelines stated in the policy or the UCR’s “Usual, Customary, and Reasonable Fees.” (“Private-Fee-For-Service Plans,”, 3/16/2012)....   [tags: Health insurance, Health care]

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Double Indemnity

- Double Indemnity Before I start my paper I would just like to say that it was the best film yet. In this movie Walter Neff went through a huge transformation. He went through one that would change his life dramatically. Walter Neff at the start of the film was an honest hard working man. He spent eleven years selling insurance and loved every minute of it for the most part. While Walter was going through his papers he must of noticed that Mr. Dietricson’s auto insurance had run out. After trying to contact him several times he decided to drive over to the house....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Quality of Indemnity Vs. Managed Care Insurance System

- INDEMNITY INSURANCE SYSTEM VERSUS THE MANAGED CARE SYSTEM 2005 Table of Contents <ol> <li value="1"> Abstract <li value="2"> Introduction <li value="3"> Body <li value="3">1 General Information about Healthcare systems <li value="3">2 Types of Plans <li value="3">2.1 Indemnity <li value="3">2.2 Managed Care <li value="3">2.2.1 Health Maintenance Organizations <li value="3">2.2.2 Preferred Provider Organization <li value="3">2.2.3 Point of Service <li value="3">2.2.4 Table 1 </ol> 3.3 Wellness Programs 3.4 Influences of managed care system on: 3.4.1 Institutions 3.4.2 Customers 3.5 Benefits of indemnity insurance 3.6 Managed care and Quality 3.6.1 Quality Indicators <o...   [tags: Management]

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Women in Film as Portrayed in the Movie, Double Indemnity

- Women in Film as Portrayed in the Movie, Double Indemnity Introduction American commercial cinema currently fuels many aspects of society. In the twenty-first century it has become available, active force in the perception of gender relations in the United States. In the earlier part of this century filmmakers, as well as the public, did not necessarily view the female“media image” as an infrastructure of sex inequality. Today, contemporary audiences and critics have become preoccupied with the role the cinema plays in shaping social values, institutions, and attitudes....   [tags: Movie Film Essays Female Stereotype]

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Risk For An Auto Accident

- You could be the best driver in the world, but the reality is that you are always at risk for an auto accident. That is the very reason why we buy auto insurance in the first place, to help to cover ourselves and to ensure that we are made whole again as a result of an unfortunate event such as an auto accident taking place. The thing that so many people do not know though is the long-term impact that an auto accident can actually have in your insurance policy. Insurance policies and the premiums that are calculated for you to pay for the right to have the policy are based largely on the location that you live, the car that you drive, driving habits, as well as your record....   [tags: Insurance, Automobile, Tram accident, Indemnity]

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Inter-Branch Transactions

- ... No. of Stickers used DPN Nos. 01 Normal verifications 41 A552523 – A552563 711 – 761 Note : no irregularities observed in GL advances a. List of pledges under low weight ornaments – 18 Nos., of Advances, (Total amount of Rs.64,800/- , and Weight of 42.900gms.,) – Corporate Office has firmly instructed that, branches should avoid small ornaments like studs, baby ornaments, Ear Rings, which individual weight is less than 4.000gms, especially stone studded ornaments. If pledged along with other higher value ornaments the above said ornaments weight has to be taken as 50% of their original weight....   [tags: audit, loans, packets, development]

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The Effects Of Emotions, On Counselor, And The Counselor 's Own Liability

- Introduction The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of emotions, both positive and negative, on counselor’s ability to make ethical decisions. Ethical issues are common in the field of mental health. Mental Health Counselors (MHC) rely heavily on ethics as a guide to navigate tough decisions between the client’s wellbeing, law, and the counselor’s own liability. Using ethical decision making models, counselors can make better decisions, however there are situations where other factors outside of the counselor’s control that can influence these decisions....   [tags: Ethics, Decision making, Morality, Psychology]

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Legal Services Act 2007 And The Impact The Act

- Introduction This paper aims to explore the Legal Services Act 2007 and the impact the Act has had on the role of a Costs Lawyer since implementation. Findings The Legal Services Act 2007 replaced the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 and was implemented to liberalise and regulate the market for legal services in England and Wales. The Act has encouraged more competition and provided a new route for consumer complaints. The Act was introduced in November 2006 by Lord Falconer Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and received Royal Assent on 30 October 2007....   [tags: Law, Lawyer, Legal ethics, Notary public]

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Negligent Torts Are Most Common Types Of Tort Cases

- Negligence Negligent torts are one of the most common types of tort cases. Negligent torts are cases that look at the actions of an individual or company that are not deliberate, but more so when an individual or company failed to act toward as a reasonable individual should, to someone whom he owes a duty to. Negligence action found in this particular tort can lead to personal injuries or monetary damages. The elements which constitute a Negligent Tort are defined as: a person must owe a duty or service to the victim(s) in question, and the individual, or company, who owes the duty must violate the promises or obligation; an injury, then must occur because of the specific violation, and t...   [tags: Tort, Negligence, Law, Common law]

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Healthcare Plans in the United States

- ... In this case, this Medicare plan makes it easy for the patient to access health care service since one does not require a referral to visit a specialist or obtain other services like carrying out x-ray tests and other lab services. Availability of paper work, for instance, medical records that one initially acquired from primary physician is enough for presentation. For a patient to get quality service based on the diagnosis, one should not forget to ask the doctor whether there is any paper work he should carry along with....   [tags: insurance, access to hospital services]

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The Comedy Genre : Harold Lloyd

- Another major contender in the comedy genre was Harold Lloyd. He had an unpredictable style of comedy at first. For a long time he wanted to model himself after Charlie Chaplin until he came into his own unique style. Chaplin’s clothes were too big for him, so Lloyd wore clothes that were too small for him. However, it was not as simple as reversing Chaplin’s style. One day someone put him in oval wire glasses and it somehow became part of his persona. Lloyd eventually evolved on his own and claimed his own unique style....   [tags: Classical Hollywood cinema]

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The Ethical Decision Making Models

- Ethical issues are common in the field of mental health, and so mental health counselors rely heavily on sound ethical decision-making to navigate difficult decisions that affect the client’s wellbeing, law, and the counselor’s own liability. Using ethical decision-making models, counselors can make better decisions, however, there are situations where other factors outside of the counselor’s control can influence these decisions. These factors can include the education and experience of the counselor as well as their current emotions....   [tags: Ethics, Decision making, Morality]

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The Big Sleep, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Gilda's Adherence to the Noir Genre

- ... She is very mysterious as well as coy when it comes to withholding information from detective Marlowe. Vivian does show vulnerability over time as she develops feelings for Marlowe amidst the dangerous environment they are inhabited. However, the younger sister Carmen Sternwood played by Martha Vickers could have a femme fatale essence about her. The meeting between Marlowe and Carmen is both edgy and seductive as the shot pans from the ground then proceeds to her figure to present an overly flirty Carmen....   [tags: femme fatale, shadows, film]

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Effectiveness Of The Care Provided For Medicaid And Medicare Beneficiaries

- This era also witnessed the birth of utilization review outside the HMO setting between 1970 and 1985 and some of the other notable event in this decade included the retrospective analysis by the BC of western Pennsylvanian in collaboration with other health care organizations to analyses hospital claims and determine the validity of the claims. In addition, around 1970, the California medical program also created the concept of preadmission for routing hospitalization and concurrent utilization review with their state medical board (Fox & Kongstvedt, 2015; Kongstvedt, 2009)....   [tags: Health care, Medicare, Health insurance]

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Carthago Delenda Est: Who Caused the Punic Wars?

- In his account of the Punic Wars, Polybius declares “it is my contention that by far the most important part of historical writing lies in the consideration of the consequences of events, their accompanying circumstances, and above all their causes.” Polybius recognized the intricate relationship between circumstances, causes, and their consequences, and in his account of the Punic Wars he seeks to explain the reasons for Rome’s victory over Carthage. For centuries, Rome and Carthage lived at peace with one another, their spheres of influence separate enough to avoid conflict....   [tags: Roman History]

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The Political Position of the Parliamentarians

- In order to ascertain the ways in which the New Model Army (army) influenced the political position of the parliamentarians, this assignment will provide a brief summary describing the establishment of the army. In addition, as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms concerns events in England (with Wales), Scotland and Ireland, it is necessary to consider the army's significance in all three kingdoms. The events surrounding the immediate aftermath of the first civil war, the execution of Charles I, and the role of the Major-generals, will be explored, and primary sources will be used in order to support any key features regarding the army's impact....   [tags: History, War]

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The Civil Of The Spanish Constitution

- Under the Spanish constitution, employees have the right from being discriminated against their protected class from either intentional or unintentional actions, similar to disparate impact and disparate treatment. A result of any action seen to be intentional or unintentional discrimination by law can lead to punitive damages and fines of between 6,251 EUR and 187,515 EUR. Protected classes under employment law are: sex, civil status, age, race or ethnic origin, religion or conviction, political ideas, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership (union), and languages....   [tags: Employment, Trade union, Labour relations]

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Protected Classes Under The Spanish Constitution

- Protected classes Under the Spanish constitution, employees have the right from being discriminated against from either intentional or unintentional actions (similar to disparate impact and disparate treatment). A result of any action seen to be intentional or unintentional discrimination by law can lead to punitive damages and fines of between 6,251 EUR and 187,515 EUR. Protected classes under employment law are: sex, civil status, age, race or ethnic origin, religion or conviction, political ideas, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership (union), and languages....   [tags: Employment, Trade union, Labour relations]

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The Origin of the Doctrine

- Introduction Consideration is often defined as “a detriment voluntarily incurred by the promisee… or a benefit conferred on the promisor in exchange for the promise.”1 Whilst the doctrine of consideration does, in some cases, cause parties to experience injustice, sometimes something that the courts fail to resolve, consideration is a crucial element to the formation of a legally binding contract. This paper will not only explain why the High Court should not abolish the requirement for consideration but will also highlight its usefulness in contract formation....   [tags: legal, contract, binding]

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The Value Of Risk Management

- Whether it is investing, driving or just walking down the street, everyone exposes himself or herself to risk. Risk is present when future events occur with measurable probability whereas uncertainty exists when the likelihood of future events is indefinite. Expected loss and variability around the expected loss are two common terms that we normally use to describe risk. Although there are consequences associated with it, a rational person will only take the risk if the benefits exceed the cost....   [tags: Risk, Insurance, Risk management, Operational risk]

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Basic Types Of Health Care

- Health Insurance costs have gone through the roof nowadays, but finding an inexpensive health insurance plan may not be as hard as you imagine. Here are simple explanations of the four basic plans and save money on them. Health Insurance Plans There are four basic types of health care: 1. Indemnity - This can be a most expensive plan. It allows you to choose your own health practitioner and hospital. It 's the most bendable plan because it allows you to make your own decisions about well being care....   [tags: Health insurance, Preferred provider organization]

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Billy Wilder's Double Idemnity

- Double Indemnity - Scene Analysis Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity is one of the best representatives of the film noir era in Hollywood as it contains all the main characteristics of the genre. The general darkness present throughout the movie is embodied in the plot which reveals the moral bankruptcy of the main characters. It is also present in the mise-en-scene choices such as the dark costumes and modest lighting with the great emphasis on shadows (Allyn 1978, p. 117). The main character’s voice-over, another important film noir characteristic, brings this darkness to life and communicates it to the audience with brutal honesty....   [tags: Scene Analysis, Characters, Genres, Film Analysis]

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A Brief Note On Australian Credit Licence Xxxxxx

- Introduction These terms and conditions apply to this website and any other websites (including any microsites and mobile websites) (Website) operated by or on behalf of Zagga Market (ACN 611 662 401, Australian Credit Licence xxxxxx) (Zagga Market) and its related bodies corporate. In this document, any reference to ‘Zagga Market’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ are references to Zagga Market and any related bodies corporate. You are responsible for all of your activity in connection with accessing and using the Website....   [tags: Law, Property, Internet privacy, Privacy]

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The And Control Of Data

- sing PaperRater In addition to complying with all of the terms on this page, you must also comply with all of the terms of PaperRater 's Privacy Policy, and all applicable laws and regulations, such as those regarding the export and control of data. Failure to do so or suspected failure to do so may, at minimum, result in suspension or denial of access to you. PaperRater retains the right to deny access to anyone at its sole and complete discretion for any reason, including but not limited to violation of our policies....   [tags: Law, Property, Copyright, Intellectual property]

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The, Its Products And Services

- his document explains the Terms of Use under which you may use ("PaperRater"), its products and services. Please read these Terms of Use carefully. By using PaperRater you are agreeing to these terms and that you are legally able to be bound by these terms. If you are using PaperRater on behalf of an organization, that organization accepts these terms to the same extent as an individual using PaperRater. PaperRater may modify or revise these terms at any time, at its sole discretion, by updating this page....   [tags: Law, Property, Copyright, Intellectual property]

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A Report On Plagiarism Detected

- Plagiarism Detected Originality: 33% This paper may be plagiarized. The percentage of original content in this paper is too low. The following web pages may contain content matching this document: A low originality percentage is indicative of plagiarized papers. Sometimes the score is lower due to long quotations within a document, so please make sure that you use proper citations if this is the case....   [tags: Copyright, Property, Intellectual property, Law]

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Original Writing : Original Work

- Original Work Originality: 100% No sign of plagiarism was found. That 's what we like to see. For more information on our originality scoring process, click here. Percentage of document containing quotes: 0.0% No quotations were found in this document. Upgrade to premium to see which phrases were found to be un-original Upload File ...or paste your text here Not signed in I have read and agree to the terms of service below: Terms of Use Last updated on February 20, 2014 This document explains the Terms of Use under which you may use ("PaperRater"), its products and services....   [tags: Copyright, Property, Intellectual property, Law]

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Originality Results : Originality Analysis

- Originality Report Originality Results Originality detection is disabled for short documents. Upload File ...or paste your text here I have read and agree to the terms of service below: Terms of Use Last updated on February 20, 2014 This document explains the Terms of Use under which you may use ("PaperRater"), its products and services. Please read these Terms of Use carefully. By using PaperRater you are agreeing to these terms and that you are legally able to be bound by these terms....   [tags: Copyright, Property, Law, Intellectual property]

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Auditor Liability

- Auditor Liability Recently, the question of liability has become more prevalent in the practice of public accounting. The AICPA has been lobbying for liability reform in cases involving negligence or malpractice by public accountants. Opposition to this lobbying has come from consumer advocacy organizations, trial lawyers' associations, and state public interest groups to name a few. (Bolinger p. 53) The key to success for the AICPA, according to Gary M. Bolinger is creating an image as a, "profession performing high-quality services but faced with excessive liability burdens that harm the public interest." (Bolinger p.56) One should not be concerned, however, in the pending political outc...   [tags: Business Accounting]

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Lloyd's of London Insurance

- Insurance is defined as the pooling of unanticipated losses by transfer of such risks to insurers, who agree to indemnify insured for such losses, to provide other pecuniary benefits on their occurrence, or to render services connected with the risk. (Rejda, 2011) And Lloyd’s of London is the best example of successful insurance underwriting market that services the world needs. This seminar paper will dwell on the topic of Lloyd’s of London. It will shortly focus on the origin of Lloyd’s and its path to becoming a specific integral part in the world of insurance....   [tags: business analysis, financial performance]

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Martin Luther King Jr.

- A low originality percentage is indicative of plagiarized papers. Sometimes the score is lower due to long quotations within a document, so please make sure that you use proper citations if this is the case. For more information on our originality scoring process, click here. Upgrade to premium to see which phrases were found to be un-original Upload File ...or paste your text here Get Report I have read and agree to the terms of service below: Terms of Use Last updated on Februa...   [tags: Copyright, Property, Intellectual property, Law]

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Monsanto: A Sustainable Agriculture Company

- Farmers, especially soybean and cotton farmers are Monsanto’s largest customer base. Round Up, the glyphosate-based herbicide developed in the 1970s by Monsanto is used by approximately eighty eight percent of all US farmers (Gregory, 2013). To make this even more attractive, the development of Round Up resistant seeds, basically genetically altered seeds, which Monsanto developed and holds rights to has enabled farmers to spray crops at will, knowing that weeds will be killed and the Round Up resistant crops will live....   [tags: dominant force in agricultural feed & seed]

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Managed Health Care

- Managed Health Care Of the approximately 257.8 million individuals currently living in the United States of America, every one of them has a need for effective, affordable and accessible health care coverage and services. Within the past thirty to forty years, the scope and cost of health care coverage and services has drastically changed, altering the manner in which health care was previously managed. There are several factors that have affected the cost of health care coverage over the course of the past two to three decades....   [tags: essays papers]

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Vienna Settlement as a Reasonable and Moderate Compromise

- Vienna Settlement as a Reasonable and Moderate Compromise Answer: After the Napoleonic upheaval巨變, the representatives代表of hundreds of victoriouså‹åˆ©çš„ European states met at Vienna in 1814-15 to redrawé‡æ–°åŠƒå®š the map版圖 of Europe. The Settlement was dominated by the "Big Five五強", that is Castlereaghå¡è˜‡é‡Œ of Britain, Czar Alexander I沙皇阿歷山大一世 of Russia, Metternich梅特涅 of Austria, Hardenberg哈登堡 of Prussia and Talleyrand塔力蘭 of France....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing The Factors of the Rise of Mussolini to Those of Hitler

- Comparing The Factors of the Rise of Mussolini to Those of Hitler A. Similarities: Benito Mussolini Adolf Hitler Decisions of the Paris Peace Conference Italy joined the First World War in 1915. Yet after the war Britain, France and other victorious allies did not fulfill their territorial promises as stated in the Treaty of London. Italians felt cheated. Since the Italian government failed to fight for the gains, it was deemed incompetent. Mussolini who promised revival of the glory of the ancient Roman Empire naturally got popular support....   [tags: Papers]

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The Causes of the 1911 Revolution

- The Causes of the 1911 Revolution The Chinese revolution broke out in 1911 under the conflict of manzhous which were the Qing and the revolutionaries. The revolution broke out with the uprising of Sichuan province. The Qing government nationalized the railway in Sichuan province. The students were angered at the government’s action and protested on the streets for delaying the nationalization. On August 24 1911, between the conflict of protesters and the government troops, 32 people were killed and many were injured....   [tags: Papers]

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The Treaty of Versailles

- The Treaty of Versailles It is true to say that the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 was a fair treatment on the side of some victorious powers because they got many national interests and only Germany, which was the major defeated country, accepted punishments. However, on the viewpoint of the defeawas a harsh and unfair treatment. Even some of the victorious countries, like China, Italy and Russia, as well as the USA regarded it as an unfair treatment. After the First World War, the Powers held the Paris Peace Conference in 1919....   [tags: Papers]

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Health Care Issues : The Treatment Of Substance Use Disorders Deal With Many Unique Healthcare And Social Issues

- Relevant Health Care Issues Nationwide, Psychiatric mental health nurses (PMHNs) who specialize in the treatment of substance use disorders deal with many unique healthcare and social issues. Right now, Massachusetts’s nurses are facing two prominent issues: the legalization of marijuana for medical uses, and mental health parity. Voters and legislators have made substantial changes on both of these topics over the past two years. This paper provides a brief overview of each issue and provides a condensed comment on the controversies that surround the issues....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health insurance]

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Analysis Of Michael Sandel 's What Money Can 't Buy : The Moral Limits Of Markets

- Morality is an idea that has been long forgotten in our society. As generations come and go, so do the general ideas of what is right and wrong. Actions that would have once been seen as morally wrong are now clouded over by the biggest player in today’s society, the market. The market system has defaced morality in almost every aspect. Whether it has to do with someone buying their way up a transplant list for a kidney or betting on what celebrity will die first on a popular website, morality has been put on the back burner....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Moral, Religion]

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Stylization of Film and the Enhancement of Narrative through Cinematography, Mise-en-Scene and Editing

- The juxtaposition of still frames edited together to make a moving picture that tells a story. There are many counterparts that a makes up a film. You have the storyline, plot, characters, mise-en-scene cinematography and editing. Based on these counterparts and how they are orchestrated to portray a story, gives insight in which the audience follows along with the story and whether each counterparts contribute in a significant way to a plot to make the film a whole. How does editing contribute to the narration to a film....   [tags: film, television studies]

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Comparing Jane Eyre´s Charcter to Other Charcter in Charlotte Bronte´s Novel Jane Eyre

- Jane Eyre, one of Charlotte Brontë’s most well-known novels, displays the main character, Jane Eyre’s difficult life from the beginning of her childhood to her adult years, and shows how the characters from the novel develop and reveal Jane’s personality. Brontë uses a variety of characters to contrast with and reveal Jane Eyre’s characteristics and personality. She contrasts Jane’s personality with the characters of Blanch Ingram and Georgiana Reed. She also reveals Jane’s behavior with others through the character foil between St....   [tags: personality, charactertistics, behavior, foils]

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Nursing And Midwifery Council ( Nmc ) And The Scottish Social Services Council

- Introduction This report will highlight the similarities and differences between the two main governing bodies in care in Scotland, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). It will provide information on how to enter into the nursing and social care profession, how to update training, continuously progress and the professional codes they must follow. Professional Education and Training As both Nurses and Social Workers have to be caring, skilled and knowledgeable it is essential universities and colleges provide the correct training and education required....   [tags: Social work, Sociology, Master of Social Work]

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The Distinction Between an Unfair Prejudice Petition and a Statutory Derivative Action

- The unfair prejudice petition has always been regarded as the easier and more flexible option for minority shareholders’ protection compared to the statutory derivative action. The restrictive leave requirements under the statutory derivative claim where the concept of prima facie, good faith and ratification have been interpreted within the confines of the origins in the case of Foss v Harbottle do not add any appeal the statutory derivative claim. Further, the approach in relation to granting indemnity costs orders which is rather limited does not in any way encourage any potential claimant to pursue a derivative action....   [tags: court, jurisdiction, shareholders]

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Bhopal Gas Tragedy And Its Effects On The World 's Industrial History

- Bhopal Gas tragedy Abstract- A tragedy that was a catastrophe and had no parallel in the world’s industrial history. Tons of toxic gas was leaked and spread throughout the city. An estimated 10,000 people died and 500,000 suffered injuries with disastrous effect. (Bhushan, 2014) (THE TRAGEDY) Bhopal Gas Tragedy, 1984 was a disaster in the world’s industrial history. In the early morning hours of December 3, a poisonous gas was leaked from union carbide plant in Madhya Pradesh. The gas was leaked and spread throughout the city....   [tags: Bhopal disaster, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh]

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The United States Should Not Have Went At War With The Mexicans

- The United States should not have went to war with the Mexicans. The reason for opposing to this act is simply because if you want something you shouldn’t just take it you have to work for it. This relates to the acts of which Polk sent his representative Slidell without the acknowledgement of the Mexican government into their territory to offer negotiation between both countries to enable the U.S to take the over California and a portion of the New Mexico and to convert Texas into a slave state....   [tags: United States, American Civil War, Mexico]

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Jane Eyre Paves the Way for Women Advocacy and Class Expulsion

- “Prejudices… are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among stones.” (Bronte 434) The rights and responsibilities women hold in modern society significantly differ from those held in the Victorian time period. Although the transition was a long and slow fought battle it was heroines, such as Jane Eyre in Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel, Jane Eyre that paved the way. Through Jane’s individuality, Bronte critiqued the inclinations of the time, creating an alternative meaning to what beauty is by relating it to an internal depth....   [tags: prejudices, victorian society]

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The Health Care Industry Has Endured Significant Changes Since Its Inception

- Introduction The concept of Health Insurance and managed health care the inventions of the twentieth century that were started as prepaid health care. The early insurance concept was merely a way for people to pay medical bills not a way of protecting individual financial assets as the case is today. Overall the health care industry has endured significant changes since its inception. The early years of Managed care (1910 to mid-1940) The hallmark of this era was the emergence of the prepaid practices and the emergence of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield (the Blue Cross and Blue shield were commonly referred to as the blues)....   [tags: Health care, Health insurance, Managed care]

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Can Rome 's Action Towards Carthage Be Described As Defensive Imperialism?

- Can Rome 's action towards Carthage be described as defensive imperialism. Rome 's action towards Carthage throughout the Punic Wars cannot be considered defensive imperialism, due to the strong military culture, expansionist aims and profit based attitudes of Roman society. Rome demonstrated traditional imperialism by extending their power and influence through means of colonisation and military force. Rome 's objective in the Punic Wars was to strategically subordinate Carthage, to increase their level of influence and improve their position on the world stage....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Republic, Second Punic War]

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The Effect Of Common Effect On People With Type 1 Diabetes

-  Mood changes  Mood changes are one of the common effect in people with type 1 diabetes.  Multiple factors are attributes the mood changes, for example rapid changes in blood sugars, depression, strains and stresses of managing the diabetes on a daily basis.  Irritation  When the blood sugar decreases or increases there is a possibility that the patient get irritation.  Regarding the case of increase or decrease, the irritation seem to be temporary and once it is normal the patients irritation will be reduced....   [tags: Diabetes mellitus, Blood sugar, Blood vessel]

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Insurance Is An Important Feature Of Commercial And Domestic Life

- Insurance is an important feature of commercial and domestic life. A promise made by insurer that ‘we will insure you against loss, damage or liability’ means that if, as a defined event, the insured suffers any of those consequences, the insurer has an obligation compensate the insured in accordance with the terms of the contract. For the promise to be made good, the insured must first suffer a loss or damage from an insured peril and then lodge a claim. If the claim is accepted it will be settled and in the process the insured will sign a release that will bring the matter to an end....   [tags: Insurance, Contract, Contract law, Tort]

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The Payment System Implemented By Medicare Post World War II

- In the United States, everyone pays for healthcare including insurers, employers, the government, and individuals. Public insurers became increasingly concerned by the rising cost of healthcare and something had to be done to resolve the issue. This paper discuss the various payment system implemented by Medicare post World War II to help assist with maintaining the cost of healthcare in the nation. These systems were: fee-for-service (FFS), usual customary and reasonable (UCR), diagnosis-related groups (DRGs), lastly health maintenance organizations (HOMs)....   [tags: Health insurance, Health care, Insurance, Money]

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The Impact Of Globalization On The Organization Of Transnational Communities

- The world is rapidly changing, globalization and transnational interconnections between nations’ economies, the flow of people, goods, and ideas have sparked a wake of scholarship and ethnographies that try to record these rapid changes. Yet, globalization has is reshaping the organization of transnational communities and when scholarship focuses on the economic impact of globalization or immigration , scholars tend to lose sight of the people caught up in these rapid changes (Chavez 2013 ). Communities that do not belong to the hegemonic movements are caught up in other components of transnational problems attracting the attention of researchers’ interested primary on economic roles, while...   [tags: Immigration, Immigration to the United States]

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Compensation Culture And Its Effects On The Mass Media

- Introduction From the 1990s, the reports that cover the compensation cases increased dramatically in the mass media (Almond, 2004). There is a view that a huge number of tort cases in the ‘compensation culture’ are unjustified and unfair. In the mid-1990s, the term ‘compensation culture’ first appeared in a famous British newspaper (Levin, 1993). Actually, this is an extreme view, which will be criticized in this paper. This essay emphasizes the compensation culture is a myth (Morris, 2007). There are three reasons: Firstly, the data of the tort claims declined in recent years....   [tags: Tort, Tort reform, Tort law, Punitive damages]

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The Courtship of Mr. Lyon, by Angela Carter

- Within the Beauty and the Beast inspired ten pages of Angela Carter’s short narrative “The Courtship of Mr. Lyon”, the narrator employs the contradicting nature of the Palladian house prior and succeeding the presence of Beauty to express both the mental and physical deterioration of the Beast. When Beauty first returns to the house after several months hiatus, she notices a rather “doleful groaning of the hinges” as she opens the door (Carter 50). Such a noise is reflective of the fact that they have not been physically oiled for a long duration of time, and that the Beast has ceased to maintain their smooth transition for her return due to an ever weakening state of hope....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Summary]

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The History of China's and Japan's Western Influence

- After a long period of isolationism, China and Japan were pressured to open trade and have foreign relations with the West in the nineteenth century. During the late 1800’s the Industrial Revolution created a huge gap between the Western and Eastern powers, which left China and Japan in a military and technological disadvantage (Fruhstuck, Lecture). Initially, China and Japan closed their doors to the West because they were both self sustaining nations, did not like foreign influences, and believed that their society was superior to the West....   [tags: modern East Asia]

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide in Getting Personal Trainers

- ... • Teach you the right technique and form. • Keep track of your progress. • Update fitness program based on your progress and increased fitness level. • Provide motivation. • Offer advice on proper nutrition and lifestyle. Qualifications Needed for the Job In a fitness regime you will be exerting yourself physically and mentally to achieve a healthier self. Your safety might also be at risk as you undergo rigorous exercises and practices. This is why it is important to get a fitness instructor qualified and certified for the job....   [tags: fitness, health, exercise]

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An Analysis of Wallace Stevens' "Sunday Morning" Poem

- Transcendentalism, a spiritual, philosophical, and literary movement, flourished during the mid-nineteenth century in response to a major disagreement within the Unitarian Church. Boston ministers at the time thought that the church was too conservative, so they established a new philosophy honoring individual wisdom over religion. Although this philosophy, Transcendentalism, received its inspiration from European Romanticism, it became a unique American movement emphasizing individualism. Indeed, with the rampant materialism stemming from the Industrial Revolution, many Transcendentalists encouraged individuals to seek a solitary and harmonious relationship with nature....   [tags: Language, Religion, Nature]

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Affordable Care Act : A New Insurance Market

- Affordable Care Act In October 2013, the Affordable Care Act introduced a new insurance market. It created state and federal exchanges where people can purchase health insurance for themselves or their families. The current state of the American health care can be described in several terms. In terms of rising cost and spending, healthcare is adding pressure on the economy. In terms of the healthcare insurance system, it is becoming more complex and it increasingly shifts more and more burden to the individuals (Chen, 2014)....   [tags: Health insurance, Health care, Supply and demand]

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Benefits And Benefits Of Employers Offer Insurance Benefits

- There are many reason why employers offer insurance benefits to their employees and many reason they don’t. Let’s look at some of the pros, for providing coverage to your employees. First, it makes the organization more attract for employees, it also helps to retain the most qualified employees possible for the organization. Secondly, employees often accept health benefits instead of a higher salary, resulting in the organization saving money. Offering health insurance has been known to decrease absenteeism and improve employee morale and health....   [tags: Health insurance, Health care]

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Historical Analysis of the Movie, Citizen Kane

- Historical Analysis, Citizen Kane: Camera Movement Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles, was an exemplary and ground-breaking work. In narrative structure and film style, Welles challenged classical Hollywood conventions and opened a path for experimentation in the later 1940s. Gregg Toland’s deep-focus cinematography and Welles’ use of low-key lighting are often discussed aspects of the movie. True, these were areas of innovation, but when watching the movie in class I was particularly struck by the use of camera movement, or “mobile framing” as described in Film Art....   [tags: movies, films, cinematography]

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The Evolution of Law of Medical Negligence

- That the negligence is a relatively new legal concept is evident in that it was in 1883 when the foundation of negligence law was laid in Heaven v Pender (1,2), and only as late as in 1932 were all of its essential components came into definitive and widely acceptable shape in decision of the famous case of Donoghue v Stevenson (2, 3). Ever since then, the legal responsibilities embedded in and the scope and categories of negligence have been so constantly evolving and being expanded, that it is hardly to be overlooked that its relevancy and application to medical malpractice have assumed a significant role in modern medico-legal issues and centred on the debate....   [tags: Medical Negligence]

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Limitations and Common Issues with 3D Printing

- It would have been clear by now that 3D printing has some obvious advantages. However, sensitivity to a number of considerations is needed when new boundaries are broken using science and engineering. Following are the common issues that arises out of the emergence of 3D printing Cost and Time 3D printing can’t compete with mainstream manufacturing technologies with respect to cost and time for manufacturing. It may take anywhere between a few minutes to several hours to manufacture a product using 3D printing depending upon the material used, size and complexity....   [tags: medical device, 3d printer, healthcare]

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Rumors Destroyed a Teenager and his Family

- ... What happened actually was that several bombs were exploded in one district at the same time in the same street, at the beginning, the perpetrator was anonymous, and authorities did not have someone evidence to accuse someone, but as it is a natural innate human response, the chatter started to take place and the rumors began to take shape (to get shaped) and as known everyone makes their own comments, that's how rumors get started (Venus Williams), until most fingers started to indicate to some individuals of one of those minorities accusing them and blaming them for what happened....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The Law, Statutory Law And Administrative Law

- 1. The term law is a system of principles and processes on which people in a society deal with problems and disputes then seeking to solve or settle them without resorting to any force. The sources in which the law is derived are common law, statutory law and administrative law. 2. The term precedent is a judicial decision that may be used as a standard in subsequent similar cases. Res Judicata means the thing is decided either acted on or decided by the courts. Stare Decisis which means let the decision stand....   [tags: Common law, Law, Tort, Tort law]

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The Affordable Care Act ( Patrick )

- The next perplexing aspect of the Affordable Care Act is the fact that the government “penalizes hospitals and doctor offices for excessive visits” (Patrick). This provision seems so trivial, since the foundation behind it is so simple. Everyone is in business to make money. Whether it be the insurance companies, the doctors’ offices, or the hospitals. Hospitals make money by filling beds. Whether it be ER regulars like Joe, who always forgets to take his insulin shot for diabetes, or Liz, who just came in having a heart attack, the hospitals want their beds filled so that they can charge the individuals through their insurance company that they are required to have....   [tags: Insurance, Health care, Hospital, Health insurance]

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How Can You Go From Pure Heaven?

- One of the most- maybe even the most- desired and glorified fountains of ecstasy in human society is the state of love. However, desires come with suffering and love is no exception to this rule. For, if it can give wings to fly really high into the heavens, it can also destroy them and send the heart falling down onto a cruel, unfortunate death. Heartbreak does not deter humans from pursuing potential happiness, but it does bring them back to their reality with more wisdom. Though, even with more wisdom, reality can be a bleak, empty one and this may force a person to look towards the past for a few glimpses of meaning....   [tags: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Romance, Romance]

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Erik Erikson 's Theory Of Psychosocial Development

- Every Monday for the past semester, I have been spending two hours tutoring and interacting with elementary students though the Stars program at Crim Elementary in Bowling Green, Ohio. This experience has been an eye opening observation of educational psychological theories in the flesh. I have witnessed many of these developmental theories, including Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory, and Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Observing these theories in real life has furthered my understanding and methods of application to better educate our future leaders....   [tags: Developmental psychology]

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Benefits And Benefits Of An Inpatient Program

- When seeking drug treatment services, one early decision to make will be whether to join an inpatient or outpatient program. The main difference between the two treatment options is where the recovering individual lives; an inpatient program is residential whereas an outpatient one is not. Our around-the-clock services of an inpatient program make for greater intensity, but it is important to note that an inpatient program does not necessarily offer a greater chance of success compared to an outpatient one....   [tags: Addiction, Drug addiction, Substance abuse]

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China - A Powerful, Emerging Nation

- Napoleon once warned, “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world." The United States of America has been the superpower for past two centuries and still is. But after Beijing 2008 Olympics and even couple years before the event, the world recognized China as a powerful, emerging nation that is attempting to catch up with America. Evidently China is on the rise and no one can deny that fact as news channels and online news sites are constantly discussing issues about China....   [tags: World Politics, Global Economy, Chinese]

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Film Noir: A Style Spanning Genres

- The classification and cataloging of items seem to fulfill a basic need in human beings, whether it is vegetable, mineral or animal. It seems that this basic need to analyze and categorize items applies also to objets d’art, including film – and the recognition or dismissal of film noir as a genre has been argued since the term was coined. While the term itself is valid, film noir as a genre is a misnomer. More properly, film noir should be considered a style unto itself, but definitively not genre, defined by the very definitions of the words “style” and “genre”....   [tags: Film]

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Haiti: Persistent Devastation and Unreachable Stability

- ... Despite the continuous inflow of international financial aid, the reoccurrence of natural disasters, riots, and political rebellions deterred its primary focus from education reform. Over 50% of school-aged children remain deprived of the opportunity to obtain basic education through public schooling. In addition, most of Haiti’s schoolteachers are under qualified for such positions; they, too, lacked an adequate education. Existing schools in Haiti remain poorly assembled with concrete blocks, metal roofs and coconut leaves....   [tags: disease, political instability]

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Merck & Medco Containment Services Incorporated

- On July 28, 1993 Merck announced its intention to acquire Medco Containment Services Incorporated for $6.6 billion as a strategic endeavor to maintain viability in the face of a shifting pharmaceutical industry to managed care health care (Weston, Mitchell, Mulherin, Siu, & Johnson, 2004). Both Merck & Medco believed that this merger would better positioned them for the upcoming changes in the industry and that their survival would be guaranteed by creating a competitive alliance. Analysis In 1993 Merck was regarded as one of the leading drug manufacturer in the world....   [tags: Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Care]

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The Islamic Insurance and Conventional Insurance

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION Islamic insurance, also known as takaful is a product and services that guarantee and give protection toward risk to their consumers according to Islamic principle. TheIslamic insurance and conventional insurance both using the same conceptwhich using concept of guarantee. There were also different in between takaful and conventional where takaful is based on shariah compliant while conventional is based on the principle of risk taking and speculation. Muslim jurists generally accepted that the concept of insurance does not contradict with shariah principle and also was accepted by Islam and the Holy Prophet....   [tags: holy prophet, takaful product, risk]

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History and the Roman Catholic Church

- Christianity most specifically, the Holy Roman Catholic Church has been involved in the world throughout time. Since Christianity, when if first became a major religion in society the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church has affected many areas of history. The Roman Catholic Church has affected the world historically, as demonstrated by it's impact upon the historical figures like Hypatia, Joan of Arc, and Jan Hus, historical events such as the Salem Witch Trials, and many other eras and events....   [tags: christianity in politics, society and economics]

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Healthcare Industry in Nepal vs. USA

- ... Based on different studies by WHO and Ministry of Health of Nepal there are many plans and policies to be executed in the next three years to bring dramatic change between the figures of Health Indicator targets. New initiative includes prevention and control of venereal diseases, introduction of vaccines, healthcare awareness program and different camps to be established in rural areas for free health service ( Despite decades of foreign assistance Nepal still has a lot of room for improvement in the health sector....   [tags: rehabilitation, curative, preventive care]

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Quality and Change Management in Ireland

- Over the last number of years the quality and safety of our healthcare services has increasingly become one of the main priority (Health Information and Quality Assurance-HIQA). Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines quality as ‘degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge’. Brady et al (2010) emphasis that quality is doing right thing safely and consistently to achieve patient satisfaction and best possible outcomes by skilled and responsible professionals....   [tags: policies, professionals, safety, improvement]

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Analysis of the Three Punic Wars

- The first Punic war started like this...Tradition holds that Phoenician settlers from the Mediterranean port of Tyre founded the city-state of Carthage on the northern coast of Africa, around 814 B.C. By 265 B.C. Carthage was the wealthiest and most advanced city in the region, as well as its leading naval power. Though Carthage had clashed violently with several other powers in the region, its relations with Rome were historically friendly, and the cities had signed several treaties defining trading rights over the year ....   [tags: punic war, carthage, numidia]

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