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Communication Is The Most Important Factor

- Through this process I have found how important it is to be able to communicate efficiently in the workplace. Communication is defined as a "two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange (encode-decode) information, news, ideas and feelings but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places (Business, n.d.)." Communication is the most important factor in any place of business. A company cannot be successful without a means of communication with one another....   [tags: Communication, Writing, Nonviolent Communication]

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Fingerprinting : An Important Factor

- Fingerprinting is an important factor in forensics. By using the technology and expertly trained forensic scientists at our disposal, the fingerprints found at a crime scene can be the most important piece of evidence for solving a crime (4). Fingerprints fully develop in humans while still in the womb. The three most common patterns are loops. They are found in 65% of the population, the next most common is whorls which are found in 35% of the population. Lastly are arches these are found in only 5% of the world (2)....   [tags: Fingerprint, Francis Galton, Forensic science]

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Education Is An Important Factor

- Getting a good education in Bridgeport was not an easy thing to do. From the very start, teachers had low expectations of us. They looked at us like we’re slow and simple minded; they talked to us as if we can’t comprehend; they hovered over us as if we needed the extra attention. My question is why. Why were we treated as if we’re all dense before we even got to show our potential. Contrary to what I 've just discussed, education is an important factor in my life. To me, it’s far more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic; it 's the thing that equips students with all the knowledge they need to make their aspirations become reality....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Thought, School]

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Motivation Is A Important Factor For The Learning Process

- Motivation is a very important factor in the learning process. It can influence the quality and quantity of learning, sets the stage for either failure or success. It is the nurse educator 's responsibility to understand that motivation is “a personal characteristic or state, but it is also an effect of a specific learning context” (Creţu, 2015, p.751). “Motivation is considered a fundamental psychological resource contributing to positive therapy outcomes” (van der Kaap-Deeder, et al., 2014). Motivational Axioms According to Bastable, Gramet, Jacobs, & Sopczyk (2011), motivational axioms are rules that set the stage for motivation and include the stage of optimum anxiety, learner readiness...   [tags: Psychology, Learning, Motivation, Therapy]

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How Food Is A Important Factor Of Living

- I understand that food is a very important factor of living, humans and even animals need food daily. Convenience is also an important factor of our everyday living, we all have places to be and people to meet in a timely manner. Those essentials of everyday living for humans, sparked this idea I always had in my head to start grocery store businesses in busy areas for working individuals and families in the surrounding areas. However, my grocery stores will not just be your everyday generic markets that sell processed or machine feed foods, all food products will organic and natural foods, which might be more difficult and more expensive than your regular markets but it can be done....   [tags: Grocery store, Management, Dr. Dre]

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Basketball Is The Most Important Factor On Offense

- While growing up my friends and I played many different sports. The sport we played the most was basketball. 1 Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. As we kept playing the game of basketball we began to take it serious. We practiced on our offense, defense, and playing as a team regularly every day. The more we practiced the better we got at all those things. To master the game of basketball you have to be able to be effective offensively, physically tough defensively, and be willing to be a team player....   [tags: Play, Game, Basketball, Player]

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Why The City Is An Important Factor Reykjavik

- While land use is an important factor Reykjavik must consider in its quest to become carbon neutral, what the city has targeted as the main problem is transportation. There are several approaches the city is taking in regards to transportation. The first involves encouraging the use of public transportation. The current position of Reykjavik’s transportation rests primarily on private car use with about 75 percent of outings in the urban area consist of (Boztas). What makes this figure extreme is that out of all the trips taken via car, 76 percent of the trips were under five kilometers (European Green Capital)....   [tags: Sustainability, Renewable energy, Carbon dioxide]

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Why Overseas Is The Most Important Factor

- Why is overseas study so popular today Studying overseas is now popular all around the world. People may not realize how many amount of people are studying overseas nowadays. A report showed that in 2009, there were almost 3.7 million tertiary students enrolling outside their country. This is increasing by a rate of more than 6% on the previous year respectively. And in absolute terms, the largest numbers of international students are from China, India and Korea. Studying overseas is getting more and more popular than the old time....   [tags: Student, Education, International student, Want]

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Who Is The Most Important Factor?

- They that worship God must worships him in spirit and in truth. It’s a levite responsibility as a leader/minster that we be able to allow our personal relationship be spill over to cause people to worship when serving in any position of ministry. B. Jesus Christ said the greatest among you is the one who serving. Reminding the disciples that he didn’t come to be serve but he came to serve. This one of the most important factors that as minister we must keep in the forefront of our minds. Even in the bible, although there have many different because when we meet jesus he will say well done thy good and faithful servant C....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit]

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Is Training the Most Important Factor in Human Resource Management?

- Many people believe that Training & Development is the most important function in effective human resource management. But I do believe that it is not the most important factor as there are many other factors we should consider before we come in to a conclusion that Training & Development is the most important factors. In my report below we will discuss about why some people believe that Training & Development is the most important factor and the other important factors of a effective human resource management....   [tags: planning, recruitment, performance]

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Literacy Is The Most Important Factor For Building A Strong Foundation

- Kofi Annan once said, “Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life. It is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic participation and active citizenship. Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” Education is the most important factor to building a strong foundation in life. No matter where anyone goes, the need for an education is important in living a healthy, safe, and successful life in America. Many adults still lack the ability to read and understand the world around them because they are not literate....   [tags: Literacy, Reading, Information literacy, Writing]

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The Importance Of A Library As A Important Factor For Academic Students

- A college library is one of the important places where many students study, research, and gather. The reasons why using a library is considered as a good way to study and research are because the internet information is often limited and not always reliable. The reliability is also an important factor for academic students, and to use a reliable source can save a lot of time because students do not have to worry about their sources. According to a 2005 study of the Illinois School Libraries, students who frequently visit well-stocked and well-staffed school libraries end up with higher ACT scores and perform better on reading and writing exams....   [tags: Library, Academia, 12-hour clock, 24-hour clock]

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Quality Of Service Is An Important Factor For The Server, And Serving The Table

- The experience of sitting down in Provino’s, and serving the table reside together in different worlds. The people who are hopefully enjoying their meals after a day of work, sit next to people whom are trying to make their living. Most customers don’t think about the job at hand, and instead they focus on having the best experience they can. Who can blame them. The worker’s job is to ensure the happiness of the client, but becomes exhausting after countless hours of doing other’s biddings. The way the workers and customers react to the situations around them can mean or feel completely different to the other....   [tags: Eating, Restaurant, Food, Quantification]

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The Attendance Is An Important Factor For Children 's School Success

- Passport to Health Attendance is an important factor in children’s school success. Studies have shown that students who attend school regularly scores higher on test than their peers who are frequently absent (Epstein pg 309). Illness is one of the leading causes of absenteeism among school age kids. Therefore keeping kids healthy and teaching them ways to stay healthy will aid in avoiding missing school related to illness. With flu and cold season just around the corner, school age kids are at higher risk for contracting this all too common viral infection....   [tags: Influenza, Influenza vaccine, Vaccine]

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The Most Important Factor Critical For The Success Of Organizational Changes

- The most important factor critical to the success of organizational changes especially with mergers, reengineering, and downsizing is communication. Management must be open and changes must be communicated with everyone within an organization to avoid criticism. Communication should be well-thought out and the intended audience must be taken into separate considerations. This will lessen frustration caused by feelings of not being in control. All members in the organization would want to be a part of organizational change rather than feeling like a bystander or even worse, a victim....   [tags: Management, Change management, Leadership]

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Store Location Is An Important Factor For The Success Of An Organization

- Retail Store Geographical Location Selecting the proper and most appropriate store location is an incredibly important factor for the success of an organization. Mission Televisions store location will be in a secondary location, a few blocks from the downtown area. The reasoning behind the selection of this location is due to several important factors. A location several blocks from the immediate downtown area will have much less traffic problems. The downtown area is constantly blocked by heavy traffic, and parking and leaving parking areas is often treacherous and difficult....   [tags: Customer service, Sales, Light, Customer]

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Education Is An Important Factor For A Successful Now Days

- Education inequality has been present throughout the years, discriminating between the minority student and its Caucasian counterpart. Education is an important factor to become successful now days. Although children of all backgrounds are provided access to education, the American education system still has a gap between the rich and poor. Students of the high class are granted with liberal education, where they can share their thoughts, opinions, and ask questions because the teachers encourage them to do so....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Working class]

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Cross Cultural Communication : A Important Factor For Businesses

- Cross cultural communication is a very important factor for businesses in these days because of the rapid economic development hence globalisation. Therefore, knowledge and understanding of a cultural diversity are a must, especially for businesses operated worldwide, to correctly react to body language, symbols, gestures or situations that can be easily misunderstood due to cultural differences and can lead to the unsuccessful transactions, contracts or a business as a whole. For example, Americans or Brits use the gesture 'thumb up ' to express that everything going well, while in Bangladesh it means rude or awful....   [tags: Cross-cultural communication, Geert Hofstede]

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Capital Budgeting: An Important Factor in a Company's Survival and Future

- ... 375). In order to do any of these, huge amounts of resources must be accounted for. In the end, investors, employees and stockholders will certainly benefit. It is important to remember that while a corporation determines what they invest in and where their money goes, investors do not usually have the same influence. Additionally, nothing is done for free, even the analysis of potential projects costs money and many of them never materialize (Ehrhardt & Brigham, 2011, p. 382). There can be numerous criteria that determine which capital budgeting project is selected....   [tags: project selection, investment decisions]

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Age Is An Important Factor On Chinese Learner 's Second Language Acquisition Of English

- Age is an important factor on Chinese Learner’s Second Language Acquisition of English With globalization, a growing number of Chinese starting to learn a second language. For example, massive foreign language teaching materials have been published and various foreign language training centres have been established. Second language acquisition, or SLA, is the processes by which people learn languages in addition to their native tongue. Johnson and Newport (1989) find that age is to some extent most significant factor which leads to the individual difference of second language acquisition....   [tags: Second language acquisition, Language acquisition]

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Love Is The Most Important Factor Of Determining If It 's Wrong Or Right

- When it comes to adultery, love is the most important factor in determining if it’s wrong or right. In Plato’s Symposium, love is discussed among Phaedrus, Pausanias, Eryximachus, Aristophanes Agathon and Socrates. Pausanias is the most important when discussing adultery. Pausanias points out that there are two types of love, Common Aphrodite’s Love and Love of Heavenly Aphrodite. Common love is the root of adultery. It is the love that has plagued the whole world for the past hundreds of years....   [tags: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Love]

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Poverty Is An Important Social Factor That Influences The Health Considerably

- Poverty is an important social factor that influences the health considerably. Individuals with low income do not have access to a suitable healthcare, recreational facilities or grocery stores subsequently, the poor population tends to develop quite often negative habits such as tobacco, alcohol, and fast food which increase the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular and chronic diseases. The analysis presented in this work is focused on the percentage of children living in poverty in the State of Virginia....   [tags: Poverty, Poverty in the United States]

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The Most Important External Factor For Usf Athletics

- 2.1. External Environment The most important external factor for USF Athletics is External Factor #1 because it is part of a university located in a fantastic city. Because USF is located in San Francisco, it attracts students-athletes from around the world. Students who are comfortable with the school commit wholeheartedly because they want to live in San Francisco versus a college town. This city offers excellent music events, culinary experiences, and nightlife. It gives student athlete’s great access to companies for careers after they graduate....   [tags: High school, Education, University, Student]

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The Most Important Factor as a Turning Point in Napoleon's Fortunes

- The Most Important Factor as a Turning Point in Napoleon's Fortunes Up until the winter of 1812 Napoleon's military career had been largely successful. Apart from a defeat in Egypt and the continuing problems in Spain, things had gone well. He had gained control of most of Central and Western Europe, defeating Austria and Prussia. The only country that remained consistently hostile to him was Great Britain. However, the Russian campaign, and in particular the decision to retreat from Moscow, marked the biggest change in Napoleon's fortunes....   [tags: Papers]

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The Most Important Factor that Contributes to Evil Doing

- Factors that Contribute to Evil Doing In your view, what is the most important factor that contributes to evil doing and why. What examples from the readings can you find to support your views. Use at least four of the following authors: Arendt, Brecht, Conrad, Engels, Foucault, Freud, Lewis, Orwell, or Sontag. Throughout the history of humanity, humans have committed inconceivable and unthinkable acts of cruelty towards one another. From the brutal wars during the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, to the modern area of ethnic cleansing and genocide one cannot help but wonder what is the root cause of this evil....   [tags: Evil Sin]

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Teamwork as the Most Important Factor in the Development of Both Penicillin and DNA

- Teamwork as the Most Important Factor in the Development of Both Penicillin and DNA In this essay I will be looking at the development of penicillin and DNA, two of the major breakthroughs of the 20th century. Teamwork played a key role in both cases but there are also other factors to consider such as; Money, earlier research, individuals and scientific investigations. Teamwork was one of the most important factors which helped the breakthrough of both penicillin and DNA. To help the development of Penicillin Florey and Chain worked together....   [tags: Papers]

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Liverpool's Slave Trade as a Centre of a Global Commerce and an Important Factor in British Economic Growth

- Liverpool's Slave Trade as a Centre of a Global Commerce and an Important Factor in British Economic Growth This essay will attempt to answer the question by approaching it in three stages. Firstly it will assess the importance of Britain's slave trade in the context of global commerce, especially during the 18th century. Secondly it will attempt to show the degree of significance - and the reason - for Liverpool's involvement as a British port, and thirdly, to find out whether or not this had a bearing on Britain's...   [tags: Papers]

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Robert Peel’s Reorganisation of the Tory Party as the Most Important Factor in the 1841 Election

- Robert Peel’s Reorganisation of the Tory Party as the Most Important Factor in the 1841 Election After the Tories’ worst ever election defeat in 1832, many spectators felt that they would never re-establish themselves as a political force. In introducing the Great Reformations Bill that same year, the Whig party had given an extra eight percent of men the vote. This increase from two to ten percent, publicly opposed by the Tories, was expected to make the Whigs eternally popular....   [tags: Papers]

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An Analysis Of Variation Of Transcription Factor Binding Sites

- An analysis of variation of transcription factor binding sites in Drosophila and Humans INTRODUCTION This research paper is about “An analysis of variation at transcription factor binding sites in Drosophila and humans”. This analysis is done in order to investigate the transcription factor binding sites variability with the comparison of ready published data of transcription factor binding maps for Drosophila isogenic lines and human individuals. Genome is considered as the encoder or provider of disambiguation for many diseases, viruses, DNA and other organisms....   [tags: DNA, Genetics, Transcription factor]

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Military Strategic Interest as an Imporatant Factor in American Imperialism

- ... South of the Hawaiian Islands lay the islands of Samoa. This island was 3,000 miles. There the United States built a naval station at Pago Pago. Another great thing about this island was the trading with Great Britain and Germany. But after time anger grew among the nations and the island was divided between America, Great Britain, and Germany. Then Great Britain eventually split from the Island of Samoa to go to other Pacific Islands. John Hay the Secretary of Sates purposed the Open Door Policy which allowed foreign nations to trade freely....   [tags: foreign policies of Taft, Roosevelt and Wilson]

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The Rh Factor

- Falling off bikes, or just running around stumbling as kids is probably the first time anyone ever saw their own blood. Flowing red stuff that came after a lot of pain, no big deal. The second time, maybe a blood truck asking for donations, or maybe watching some horror movie. Either way blood itself is not something that stays on the mind, unless of course you’re hematologists (Physicians that study blood). Strange as it is, people do study blood and it is an important subject. I find it interesting though, that something so important and most people don’t know anything about it....   [tags: blood transfusions, biology, anatomy]

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Diabetes Is A Risk Factor For Scd

- Diabetes is a risk factor for SCD and it has been found that missense mutation in GPD1L gene may cause long QT syndrome. The electrophysiological features of malignant ventricular arrhythmia due to Brugada syndrome in diabetics may be masked, so such at risk patients should be critically evaluated [69]. Hypercoagulable state can be a risk factor for MI or SCD and homozygosity for the 4G allele of the plasminogen activase inhibitor type 1 gene has been reported as a cause of aborted SCD [70]. Sympathetic and parasympathetic dysfunction of the heart, not only in the infracted area but also in regions apical to the infarct is caused by myocardial infarction, probably due to the interruption of...   [tags: Myocardial infarction, Hypertension]

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Personality And The Five Factor Model

- Personality and the Five Factor Model Zubair Shabbir November 28, 2017 Fordham University Foundations of Psychology: Nestor Personality is massive part of an individual’s identity. Our personalities dictate our patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. An individual’s personality exposes them to predispositions and habits that influence their actions and lives. Early on, personality assessments consisted of physical features ranging from head shape and facial characteristics to body type....   [tags: Big Five personality traits, Trait theory]

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The Human Factor Of Physical Security

- The human factor of physical security consists of the people who own the property being protected, the people who work at the property or those that visit the property/protected area, and the security personnel guarding the property. As such the human factor of physical security is the most critical component; however it is also the most neglected aspect of most physical security programs. Physical security cannot be wholly successful without the human factor element and the active support of these user groups....   [tags: Security, Security guard, Risk, National security]

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The Human Factor Of It Security

- What are the best practices and standards in your area that you think are important, and why The Human Factor of IT security. Well I have learned one major thing that doesn’t really revolve around the technical aspect as much as it does to the common sense and neglect of the everyday employee. At some point after learning all the tactical technologies and Solutions and requirements of Information Technology it still boils down to 95% of said cyber-attack happen from human error. This is pretty much say half of cyber-attack are a direct cause of some out either having no clue what they are doing so they should not be doing it ,or someone is purposely leaving system running ports open such as...   [tags: Problem solving, Team, Security, Collaboration]

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What Is The Metabolic Factor?

- Can you active a hormone that releases fat from fat cells without having to give up carbohydrates. According to the Metabolic Factor diet, you can. In fact, you can even shrink fat cells to prevent future weight gain, and all of this can be done in 22 days. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in doing, then keep reading this Metabolic Factor review to learn more. What Is The Metabolic Factor. It is a program designed by Jonny Bowden to help you turn up a specific hormone, called IGF-1, which he calls the fat-freeing hormone....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Health, Weight loss]

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Student Motivation As A Factor

- Student Motivation as a Factor in Education Motivation is the most important factor that educators can target in order to improve learning. Numerous cross-disciplinary theories have been postulated to explain motivation. While each of these theories has some truth, no single theory seems to adequately explain all human motivation. “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie explains Alexie’s life as an Indian boy and how he first learned how to read, his intelligence compared to classmates, and his career....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, Motivation]

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Communication Is The Key Factor

- Communication is the Key In today ‘successful organizations one key factor that plays a major role in the business field is Communication. Communication is important because it offers a two way process of both parties coming to a mutual agreement or understanding. The three topics that I chose for essay is Channel of Communication, Formal and Informal Communication, and Interaction between Supervisors and Subordinates. They all can relate to each other in the business world because having a great source of communication can definitely build a successful and organized organization....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing]

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Communication Is A Key Factor

- Communication is a key factor in the implementation of any strategic plan. According to LaTour, there are three very important stages of communicating, detailed planning activities amongst essential personnel. Therefore, successful communication is critical during every step of creating a strategic plan. During the initial phase of planning, management should communicate the reasons why the planned change is important, more so the communication should be personalized towards the intended recipients for enhanced understanding of the message....   [tags: Strategic management, Management, Organization]

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Education as a Fundamental Factor of Development in a Country

- “Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country” Since early times, education has been practiced by the people all around the world. Education was once ancient but as time went on, humans discovered new things. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. It means to learn something new. Education, in every sense, is the fundamental factor of development of a country. As well said by Francis Bacon,” Knowledge is Power.” Then where does knowledge come from....   [tags: sustainable development, crime, justice]

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Education Is The Main Factor For A Brighter Future

- In days like the ones we currently live in, education is known to be the main factor for a brighter future. Most of us are encouraged by our family and friends to continue our journey to a higher education after twelve dreading years of schooling. Many students may want to continue their lives in the path of education in order to expand their intelligence and earn a degree. Unfortunately, others may only go to college for a degree. Sad to say, having a degree in your major doesn 't technically mean that you will be provided with a career....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, High school]

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The Five Factor Model and Personality Traits

- INTRODUCTION Taking personality into account when hiring an individual into a role or building your team is just as important as considering their previous experience. Skills can be learned throughout a career but personality traits are embedded and harder to change. When an individual is able to match their personality with their employment it is bound to create long-term career success as well as overall job satisfaction and high performance. Ones, Viswesvaran and Dilchert (2005) define personality traits as “enduring dispositions and tendencies of individuals to behave in certain way”, they also indicate that the traits refer to a spectrum of individual attributes, which distinguish peopl...   [tags: career, role, behavior, job]

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Thre Three Main Factor for Professionalism

- The 3 Main Factor for Professionalism The Qualities You Need to Search When Hiring a General Contractor Ever since we started providing our roofing services, our main goal has always been to be a trustworthy company. That is why, we are happy to welcome you to our blog. Here, you will find interesting tips and useful information about our services. In our first article, we will explain the qualities that distinguish a reliable general contractor from an amateur one. However, since there are many characteristics, we will write only about the three most common ones....   [tags: contractor, license, experience]

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Factors That Influenced The Research And The Preparedness Of The Agency

- Another study set out to identify factors that influenced willingness to collaborate between practitioners who worked in HIV research (Pinto, 2013). Results showed that perceptions of researchers’ availability, benefits of the research and the preparedness of the agency doing the research were associated with overall willingness to engage and pursue HIV prevention research. These findings supported the fact that researchers need to be available professionally and socially and that the research that is being conducted is beneficial to both the research community and the end user....   [tags: Team, The A-Team, FACTOR, Collaboration]

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Is Family Important?

- Can everything bad in society be blamed on a bad family life. Are parents really at fault. Or are they victims themselves of family. Whether people are born into a family or create their own by birth or by adoption, all humans learn from their parents or caregivers (Kendal, 2013, p.435). They begin to develop a sense of who they are by observation and imitation. The family is the single most important socialization factor in the life of a child. There are four primary agents of socialization: family, schools, peer groups and mass media (Kendal, 2013, p.117)....   [tags: Agent of Socialization, Marriage Factors]

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The Factor of War in the Development of Penicillin

- The Factor of War in the Development of Penicillin The discovery, development and subsequent use of penicillin can be considered to be one of the most important breakthroughs in medical history. There were many factors, which were involved in the development of penicillin, and it could be argued that war was the most important, but other factors were also responsible. Alexander Fleming was working in London as a bacteriologist in 1928 when he noticed that a growth of a mould called penicillin produced a substance that actually killed the germs he was working on....   [tags: Papers]

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The Analysis of the Five Factor Model

- The Analysis of the Five Factor Model In this essay, first the Five Factor Model (FFM) will be described. Secondly, psychologists for and against the model will be looked at. Following this, the stability of traits will be looked at, both longitudinal and cross situational. Finally, the application of the model within and outside psychology will be evaluated to show support that the FFM provides a solid foundation for an adequate personality psychology. “The Five Factor Model provides a compelling framework for building personality measures that seek to represent the domain of individual terms broadly and systematically” (Briggs, 1989 as cited in McAdams....   [tags: Papers]

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The Important Factors Of The Roman Family

- When many people think of Rome, they think of the famous Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar is well known for his many victories in Rome, as well as his interesting family life. Caesar was born into a well known family, so his family life and experiences were often well known throughout Rome. With that being said, one of the most important factors in the Roman society was family. Family has always been an important factor in my life, so it’s important to me to understand what family life was like in Rome during the time period of 100-44 BC....   [tags: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Family, Marriage]

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The Effects Of Genetic Factor On Human Body Weight

- In today’s world, obesity rate has been increased significantly. Among the 196 countries of the world, the Unites States is ranked 19th, and one third of the population in the U.S. have obesity. Reason that people care about how much population is obsessed is that it is “linked to many of the major causes of death in the United States, including heart disease, some types of cancer, strokes, diabetes, and atherosclerosis” (Himes 73). 19th of the world may not seem very high rank, but imagine ifif imagine one of three family member or neighbor is highly exposed to disease resulted by obesity, it will not become a slight problem that they can ignore....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Body mass index, Genetics]

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Obesity : A Major Contributing Risk Factor For Health Complications

- Public Health Problem Obesity is a major contributing risk factor for health complications, regardless of any individual’s age. While obesity is determined by an individual’s weight at a particular height, it constantly changes throughout some person’s life as they age. All three factors play an important role in determining the means of obesity. With children, age is a more sensitive factor for a predicted ideal weight. When height and weight are combined with a professionally designed chart, it provides an estimated ideal weight based on age for a given child....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Childhood obesity]

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Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor in Neutropenic Patients

- ... It is important to note that GCSF is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that everyone secretes in order to regulate the amount of cells being generated. The pseudo-hormone synthesized in a lab has the same chemical properties and effects within the body as the naturally occurring form. The main difference between the molecules, explained by the article entitled Filgrastim. A review of its pharmacological properties and therapeutic efficacy in neutropenia, is that the synthesized GCSF contains an N-terminal methionine residue and is not glycosylated....   [tags: blood disorders]

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Important Factors for Project Success

- ... Top management have a smart team project Top management have a smart project team because without the smart team project in the right place, any strategy has the potential to falling apart. This is because the core project staff, expert resources, supplier and all the shareholders should be part of the team. They must have a commitment to the group, share the similar mission and vision for the project and strive for overall success. Top management open the communication to the team. Top management open the communication to the team is the factor to the project success....   [tags: planning, detail, effective communication]

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Factor Analysis

- The Factor analysis summarizes many variables by few factors and helps to understand the structure of a correlation matrix. It accounts for multi-collinearity among a large number of interrelated independent quantitative variables by grouping the variables into a few factors and reduces correlations. In our case, we have countries as the units of observations. We have data on different aspects of these countries like population, density, percentage of people living in cities, religion, life expectancy, literacy rates, daily calorie intake, number of people affected from aids, fertility, death rates etc....   [tags: Statistics Data Correlation]

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Evulation of Audit Tenure, Industry Specialization, and Firm Size Affects Financial Restatements

- ... My research is different from the prior studies in the fact that the studies do not include earnings per share and return on assets in their testing. I believe both variables measure a firm’s profitability and its ability to generate cash. These two indicators allow for my results to indicate whether a firm’s financial statements are doing well and have not been restated based on the experimental variables. I believe that my findings have proved empirical evidence that longer auditor tenure and industry specialization are negatively associated with low audit quality....   [tags: negative, factor, studies, quality]

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The Consequences of Avoiding the Blood Test Before Marriage

- INTRODUCTION In health care, both partner need to take premarital blood test to check their health status before marriage. The test is essential to diagnose whether the spouse is healthy or already has been infected by highly communicable and contagious disease that can infect the other partner. Besides, the test is compulsory to be done to check the rhesus factor of the person. It is important to make sure that people are already prepared with all the possible hurdles and learn how to deal with it....   [tags: rhesus factor, health]

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Increase Employee´s Salary in Hotel Prag Continental

- ... More employees are seeking appropriate reward systems that reflect individual contribution and individual performance. If rewards are not in direct proportion to achievement, employees often will find jobs at organizations where they will be rewarded accordingly. Increased salary schedules have probably been most visible and discussed internal change in organizations. Employees want more money, with more disposable income. They also view their income level as an indication of their worth to the organization and their field....   [tags: factor, activities, manager, staff]

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Scientific Research Paper: Gravity and Mass

- Throwing a ball in the air is a simple task, but this simple task has many important scientific factors involved. Science plays role in everything we do even if we don’t think about it. Lots of these things are in our lives and we don’t even acknowledge them on a daily basis. We know they are there, but don’t really think about them just let them do their thing. When something is flying through the air the number of factors at work is remarkable. Factors such as weight, wind, mass, and gravity all affect a ball and its flight when thrown in the air....   [tags: weight, size, scientific factor]

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Globalization and Energy System in Indonesia

- ... ‘The state had the power to regulate the internal economy and to have the trade following the flag onto foreign market.’ (Schuurman 2001:103). Besides, the basis of transnational corporations fast growing was on behalf of national interests. However, countries in south hemisphere are suffered from the impact of multi-structure of the economy and the politics because of power asymmetry. The consequences is significantly displayed in global south energy system. 2. Globalization Impact on Energy System in Global South After the first and second industrial revolution happened in Britain, energy primary supply experienced an exponential growth....   [tags: factor, revolution, supply, energy]

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The Factors Factor For College Success

- College success is defined as a personal goal that will prepare students for the occupational job field that the student is pursuing. Many factors lead to success in college and identifying these positive influences is important to serve as a guide for parents who desire a college education for their children and for college students who want to achieve their educational goals. There are differences of opinion in ranking these factors or influences in order of importance. There are some who believe students who receive strong parental encouragement is key for success....   [tags: University, Education, Higher education, Student]

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The Imprtance of Assessments

- What is the most important factor teachers’ face. Is it merely teaching material to the students. Many people would agree that the teaching of the material is the most important factor teachers’ face. I do not agree with this factor. I feel that assessments are the most important factor teachers’ face. Assessing is the most intricate factor that teacher’s have to use as a tool to teach their classes. Assessment is defined as a form of measurement and appraisal. Assessments evaluate what children know and what skills the children possess....   [tags: Teacher Effectivness Factor]

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A Gene for Alcoholism

- Our genetic buildup is the map that dictates what our life is going to be like, it is what makes us human beings. It defines our hair, eyes and skin color, how tall we are going to be, and what we are going to suffer from. Genetics can define if we are going to suffer from dementia, or a heart disease, or alcoholism, for that matter. There are several genes that can trigger alcoholism, and they can be inherited through many generations. If a relative of ours has suffered from alcoholism, it is likely that we have the gene that causes the development of the disease (Horvath)....   [tags: disease, factor, genetics]

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Race is Still a Factor in America

- ... The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude on December 6, 1865; however people were still not treated as equals due to the previous customs that lingered, such as the oppression of colored people in terms of discrimination, prejudice, and racism. In 1896, the “separate-but-equal” doctrine arose out of the Plessey vs. Ferguson case, which stated that as long as the two races were provided with equal accommodations, separating the races was constitutional. However, the lifestyle of the two races were not in any way equal; for example the colored population was forced to endure being considered second-rate in a nation where “all men are created equal,” a quote ma...   [tags: racism, discrimination, totalitarianism]

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Technology Is the Driving Factor for Globalization

- While capitalism is characterized by its relentless expansion, always trying to overcome limits of time and space, it was only in the late twentieth century that the world economy was able to become truly global on the basis of the new infrastructure provided by information and communication technologies ( Castells, 2000: 101). It is interesting to analyze the way the rise of the new global economy came nearly at the same moment of the introduction of new communication and information technologies, such as the internet and satellite communication networks....   [tags: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Free Trade]

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The Success Factor Of United States

- $1.1 billion; equivalent to $2.75 per share (Jones, 2014). The Success factor that United necessitates has a pronounced influence on travelers, because it illustrates in numerical data how much it has accomplished over a period of time. United’s success translates into customer preference because they focus on what’s important to their customers. Social class is defined as “a division of a society based on social economic status” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2015). Virtually all human can be categorized in a form of social class....   [tags: Marketing, Target market, Airline]

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Standardized Testing Is Not The Only Factor

- Standardized testing is not the only factor that is taken into consideration when it comes to the placement of ELL students into special education and gifted programs. Assessments play a huge role in determining these student’s placements. This paper will cover an interview that took place with Professor Stephanie Lawrence. In this particular interview she will give one insight as to how important these assessments are and how beneficial they are to the placement process. I asked Professor Lawrence to explain, “the indicators of exceptionality a classroom teacher should look for when a student also has a language barrier” (GCU, 2016)....   [tags: Assessment, Education, Summative assessment]

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The Leading Risk Factor For Mortality

- Olivia Nguyen Hypertension 11/12/14 Bio- 202 The leading risk factor for mortality in the world is hypertension (“World Journal of Hypertension-Baishideng Publishing,” 2011). Hypertension is abnormally high blood pressure (Marieb, E., & Wilhelm, P. , 2011). “Blood pressure is the force of blood against your artery walls as it circulates through your body (“High Blood Pressure Facts,” 2014). According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) 31% of American adults suffer from high blood pressure....   [tags: Blood pressure, Hypertension]

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Neuroticism and The Five Factor Model

- Neuroticism boldly contrasts with the other personality traits in the Five Factor Model for personality (Openness, Agreeableness, Extraversion, Contentiousness, and Neuroticism). An individual being high in any of the other four traits could hardly be considered pathological. For example, high levels of agreeableness, within reason, would probably be considered to be a positive and healthy characteristic. However, the discussion regarding neuroticism certainly takes a darker turn. Gunthert, Cohen, and Armeli (1999) in their study, operationally define neuroticism as a predisposition to experience negative affect (negative emotional systems)....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Five Factor Model Of Personality

- How do you measure personality. In order to understand how to measure personality, it is important to first understand what exactly personality is. As defined by Laura King in The Science of Psychology, personality is a pattern of enduring, distinctive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that characterize the way an individual adapts to the world (2017). Personality is a very complex and complicated area of psychology, so much so that many theories and perspectives have been developed in an attempt to explain it....   [tags: Big Five personality traits]

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Business Management : The Human Factor

- Nuthall, P. (2009). Farm Business Management : The Human Factor. Wallingford, GB: CAB International. Retrieved from This book is titled Farm Business Management: The human factor and has information that is useful for management in not only farms, but also all places of work. This book covers many broad areas of management from its origins to ways of improving management. According to the book essentially anyone can become a manager but that does not mean that they will be good at it....   [tags: Management, Strategic management, Leadership]

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The Human Factor by Graham Green

- Castle on the other hand, in The Human Factor, did not give such a blind loyalty. Unlike Stevens, Castle does not see himself as great, or better than anyone else. He does not have anything to prove to anyone. He originally was very loyal to his country, taking a government job and even traveling across the world to Africa for his job. However, the truth of what he was loyal to deep down was revealed; it is love. Love, to him, is the most important thing is his life. Castle has said, “Hate’s liable to make mistakes....   [tags: love, hate, castle, loyalty]

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Juvenile Delinquency : A Huge Factor

- Juvenile delinquency seems to be a huge factor in today’s society. Many of the youths that commit crimes are “at-risk”. At-risk is a term frequently used to describe children. The term really has no definitive answer to what at-risk is, other than a child who faces a much higher risk than other children. This could be in the form of abuse, being disabled, or even having a low self-esteem (Moore, 2006). Being at-risk may have some repercussions and may cause the individual to commit crimes, this is not a fact, but rather a probability....   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Physical abuse]

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The Critical Factor Of Network Development

- The critical factor of network development is security planning. Without doing a full hazard appraisal, it is unrealistic to get ready for security. This security arranging includes creating security policies and executing controls to keep PC dangers from getting to be reality. Every organization is distinctive and should arrange and make policies based upon its individual security objectives and requirements. The danger assessment gives a baseline to implementing security arrangements to ensure resources against different dangers....   [tags: Security, Policy, Internet, Access control]

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Is The Biggest Factor When It?

- Students today think their way of studying is effective for them which it might be however, for most, their studying technique isn’t benefiting them at all. Studying is the biggest factor when it comes to success to passing a class. Dr. Chew explains the do 's and don 'ts when it comes to studying successfully. Students maybe comfortable with the way they are studying but doesn’t mean it’s being effective. In the first video he explains the term “overconfidence” which is what a lot of college students tend to experience from the time they start school until they reach college....   [tags: Understanding, Learning, Explanation, Knowledge]

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Romania 's Factor Of Production

- Romania is a beautiful country located in central Europe. Many tourists travel to this country to see all of the great things it has to offer. Some of these things are their agriculture, architecture, main attractions in cities, and even getting a cultural insight. Although these things are attracting to tourists, Romania’s factor of productions goes into depth of how their country works and even runs. The first factor of production is land. Land is the environment and agriculture of this country and how it is being used....   [tags: Economics, Capital, Investment]

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Risk Factor For Skin Cancer

- Different cancers have different risk factors. For example, exposing skin to strong sunlight is a risk factor for skin cancer. Radiation causes around 2% of all cancer deaths (Li 83). Within the ultraviolet spectrum that reaches Earth’s surface, the most troubling component consists of the higher frequency ultraviolet B rays, which can do damage to your DNA. Ultraviolet B rays cause more than 90% of skin cancers, including melanomas, which are typically more fatal than all other forms of skin cancer (83)....   [tags: Cancer, Ultraviolet, Tobacco smoking]

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Motivation Is A Key Factor

- Motivation is a key factor, especially in an educational environment or learning context. Motivation gives a reason for the actions that people carry out. A motivated learner is a strong learner and because language education requires a considerable amount of time and effort, it can be easy for a learner to lose motivation and interest. Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of motivation, and how they can be used in order to enhance a learning experience. 2.3.1 Intrinsic Motivation Intrinsic motivation is the act of being motivated through internal satisfactions and enjoyment as oppose to external rewards (Ryan and Deci, 2000)....   [tags: Motivation, Reward system, Educational psychology]

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Gender Is A Defining Factor

- In our culture, gender has become a defining factor. A quality that some have come to see as increasingly ambivalent and difficult to define continues to cause assumptions to be made and conclusions to be drawn. “The belief that genes dictate our behavior has enormous appeal” (Fausto-Sterling). From the moment of birth, gender creates expectations for family life, educational and career decisions, and a person’s personal faith. When asked to interview someone about their ‘gendered’ story, Carolyn Huffman immediately came to mind....   [tags: Gender role, Family, Marriage, Gender]

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The Most Important Responsibilities Of A Leader

- One of the most important responsibilities of a leader is to assemble a team that consists of “A” members. You can find this to be the case in corporate America, sports, and most importantly in the House of God. Once Jesus commenced on his 3 1/2 year crusade, you will remember that the first thing Jesus did was to build a team that he knew could carry on with his crusade once he returns to heaven. You will find many aspects of the way that Jesus built his team that would benefit us in our professional and personal lives....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, John the Baptist]

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How Important Was The Treaty Obligation?

- How important was the treaty obligation to Belgium in Britain’s decision to go to war in the summer of 1914. Britain’s decision to go to war at 11 p.m. on August 4 1914 has been one of history’s most scrutinised decisions, more so recently with the centenary passing last year. Article iii from the identical British treaties with Prussia and France in 1870, stated that the treaty of 1839 governed the neutrality of Belgium for twelve months. Yet the importance, the existence of Britain’s obligation, and extent to which it influenced her decision, continues to be debated....   [tags: World War II, Germany, Entente cordiale]

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Divorce Is The Most Important Goal?

- Marriage is one of the most important goal in people life, create a family, have kids, live together ever after. Find the right person isn 't easy, we can spend most of our life looking for our soulmate, Dreaming with a fairy tale with the “one” and get married. That 's basically my history and the story of many men and women in this world. Sadly the continue with the marriage is uncertain. Last studies show a incrementation of divorces on the last ten years. According with the statistics in US, 45% to 50% of the first marriage and the 60% to 70% of the second marriage end on divorce....   [tags: Marriage, Alimony, Divorce, Wife]

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