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Mental Illnesses

- There is a wide range of problems considered "psychological disorders". Each is very different, and very complex in it's own rite. Over 20 million Americans suffer from some sort of mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, and schizophrenia (Roleff 50). Most people understand that these disorders are quite difficult to live with, and indeed misfortunate. However, there simply is not enough known about mental illnesses to make the public acutely aware of how serious these disorders really are....   [tags: Papers]

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Foodborne Illnesses

- Foodborne Illness What is Foodborne Illness. According to a medical dictionary, foodborne illness is an acute gastrointestinal infection caused by consuming food contaminated with pathogenic, bacteria, toxins, viruses, prions or parasites. Such contamination was caused by improper food handling, preparation or storage of food. Contacts between food and pests, especially flies, cockroaches and rodents are a further cause of contamination of food. Foodborne illness can also be caused by adding pesticides or medicine to food or consuming or by accidentally consuming naturally poisonous substances....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Misrepresentation of Mental Illnesses

- Misrepresentation of Mental Illnesses by Television Media To eliminate the partial representation of mental illnesses, television media needs to focus on all sides of this illness. The media needs to show that attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a legitimate disorder with effective treatments. At least one in four families in the U.S. is affected by mental illnesses. Unfortunately there is no cure for this range of illnesses, which have been around for thousands of years. Of the American adult population, 5.4 percent have a serious mental illness....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Media Distorting Information on Illnesses

- The Media Distorting Information on Illnesses Make sure you always use a condom or you might catch AIDS, a disease which will most likely kill us all anyway. Oh, and get your flu shot because this is going to be the worst flu season ever. And do not even think about eating that hamburger or you might put yourself at risk for Mad Cow Disease. Don’t be so quick to open up your mail, or you might get infected with Anthrax. Did you dump all the water out of the pool in the backyard. If not, mosquitoes infected with the West Nile Virus may kill you and your whole family....   [tags: Health Medical Essays]

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Economic Impact of the 1918 Epidemic of Spanish Flu

- Over the course of history, illnesses and pandemics have had a tremendous economic impact. Economic historians often struggle to calculate the economic impact of these events however, due to the lack of accurate records. The exception is the flu epidemic of 1918, which had a long lasting and significant impact on the world economy. In a ten month period stretching from late 1918 into early 1919, over 40 million people worldwide died as a result of the flu epidemic, about 4% of the world’s population....   [tags: illnesses and pandemics in history]

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My Daughter's Seizures

- My Daughter's Seizures GENERALIZED TONIC-CLONIC - (also called Grand Mal) Sudden cry, fall, rigidity, followed by muscle jerks, shallow breathing or temporarily suspended breathing, bluish skin, possible loss of bladder or bowel control, usually lasts a couple of minutes. Normal breathing then starts again. There may be some confusion and/or fatigue, followed by return to full consciousness. Comments: Protect head from injury. Turn on side to keep airway clear. Don't restrain ABSENCE - (also called Petit Mal) A blank stare, beginning and ending abruptly, lasting only a few seconds, most common in children....   [tags: Health Medical Seizures Illnesses Essays]

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Understanding Mental Illness

- Understanding Mental Illness: Means for Lifting the Stigma As a victim of the debilitating mental illness clinical depression, I have a first hand knowledge of the terrible stigma attached to seeking medical help for this and similar problems. When the diagnosis was made, I told no one that I was seeing a psychologist. I feared what people would think of me and how they would react to one of their friends seeing a "shrink". Because mental illnesses are not well known and even less well understood, people tend to fear them....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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- AIDS is the final, life-threatening stage of the infection with human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiecy syndrome. The name refers to the fact that HIV severely damages the patient’s disease-fighting immune system. Cases of AIDS were first identified in 1981 in the United States, but scientists have traced cases to as early as 1959. Millions of AIDS cases have been diagnosed worldwide. HIV can be present in the body for 2 to 12 years without producing any outward signs of illness, yet there are definite symptoms....   [tags: AIDS Essays]

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Implications of the Professional Project of Psychiatry

- ... Implications for Psychiatry After the above statement comes to light in the field of psychiatry for more than fifty years it remained a major point of debate because of its implications. One of the major implications for all stake holders is that madness is unarguably a “biomedical condition”. This stand has the underlying assumption that mental illnesses are caused by biological factors and like other sicknesses should be diagnosed and treated with medications. In line with this Wakefield (1992) defines metal dysfunction as the ‘failure of a mental mechanism to perform a natural function for which it was designed by evolution’ (as cited by Kendell, R.E., 2002).This was what led to deins...   [tags: mental health, interventions, practitioners]

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Suffering from Anorexia

- Suffering from Anorexia We often hear of people who suffer every day from different illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, and many other types of illnesses. We tend to forget about the illness that affects the life of about eight million Americans in witch 90% of them are women. One of the main types of eating disorders is called Anorexia Nervosa Anorexia Nervosa is a illness that is caused by intense fear of gaining weight or becoming over weight. It is also caused by an excessive weight loss from restricting food to the body and continuing to exercise....   [tags: Papers]

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The Career Psychiatrist

- The Career Psychiatrist Why would anyone in this world want to become a psychiatrist. To me I think that mental illnesses are important to this world. That's because millions of Americans are affected by mental disorders daily. Psychiatry seems like an interesting career. Many people in this world will say that they don't want to work with a mental patient, because they are afraid that the mental patient might try to harm them. It would be interesting to find out why many people are suffering from mental disorders....   [tags: Papers]

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The Work Of Christian Aid

- The Work Of Christian Aid “We Believe in Life Before Death.” This is Christian Aid’s Motto; Christian Aid is a charity, a company, and an aid to those in less developed countries than our own. It is one of many charitable based organisations that works on many projects set up to improve the lifestyles of the people in these country’s. Justice and compassion are principles, which Christian Aid has; they are closely linked to many Churches and other organisations run by Christians....   [tags: Papers]

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Imaginary Invalid

- Imaginary Invalid Moliere’s “The Imaginary Invalid” is a play about a hypochondriac who is so obsessed with his health and money that he ends up neglecting his family’s needs to better his own. Moliere sets up the exposition of the play in Act I by the apothecary bills Argon is reading aloud. After Toinette, the maid, then enters the scene she sarcastically makes a comment about all of the bills lying on the table. Toinette lets the audience know that Argon is a hypochondriac by rebutting everything he says about his doctors and illnesses with sarcastic comments....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

- Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) suffer intensely from recurrent unwanted thoughts (obsessions) or rituals (compulsions), which they feel they cannot control. Rituals such as handwashing, counting, checking, or cleaning are often performed in hope of preventing, obsessive thoughts or making them go away. Performing these rituals, however, provides only temporary relief, and not performing them markedly increases anxiety. Left untreated obsessions and the need to perform rituals can take over a person's life....   [tags: Papers]

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Bipolar Disorder

- Bipolar Disorder INTRODUCTION What is Bipolar Disorder. The word bipolar is defined as "relating to, associated with, or occurring in two polar regions7". Bipolar disorder is a concept described as a mental illness in which a person experiences dramatic mood swings. This disorder affects one in every one hundred people. Bipolar disorder is the technical term for manic-depressive illness. The first known history of bipolar disorder was in 1922. Emil Kraepelin, director of the Research Institute of Psychiatry, developed the first categories of mental illnesses4....   [tags: Papers]

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Banning Cigarettes

- Banning Cigarettes This year alone cigarettes will kill over 420,000 Americans, and many more will suffer from cancers, and circulatory and respiratory system diseases. These horrible illnesses were known to come from cigarettes for years. Recently the Food and Drug Administration declared nicotine, the main chemical in cigarettes, addictive. This explains why smokers continue to use cigarettes even though smokers are aware of the constantly warned about health dangers in cigarettes. Some researchers have also found out that smoking by pregnant women causes the deaths of over 5,000 babies and 115,000 miscarriages....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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One World Essay: Smoking and Cardiovascular Health

- Smoking is one of the major reasons that cause illnesses and diseases. There are a variety of illnesses and diseases caused by smoking like cancer, coronary artery disease, and more. The main disease caused by smoking in the present time is cardiovascular diseases. This essay will cover about how science is involved in smoking and cardiovascular health, benefits and limitations solving the problems caused by smoking, political factor and ethical factor about smoking and cardiovascular diseases. Cigarette is mainly made out of tobacco....   [tags: tobacco use and abuse]

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- To talk about AIDS today, one has also to talk about sexuality. Nowadays AIDS is largely related to sexual activities since AIDS is a consequence of the virus HIV, which can be transmitted during sexual relations. The movie that we saw, Philadelphia, deals with this. It tells the story of a homosexual man who contracted HIV during sexual intercourse with another man. After some years he starts to suffer from AIDS and the discrimination that came along with it. He was a successful lawyer, and was fired only because he had AIDS....   [tags: Free AIDS Essays]

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- Mononucleosis Mononucleosis, also known as "Mono," is an illness caused by an infection with a virus. The virus, The Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is usually the cause of Mono. Other infectious viruses, like cytomegalovirus (CMV) can also produce illnesses like Mono. Most of the people who get Mono are adolescents and young adults. In developed nations, the majority of the people has been exposed to the Epstein- Barr virus by the age of 18. That means that many adults have had infections as children caused by the Mono virus (which were asymptomatic or mild)....   [tags: Papers]

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Death by Invitation

- Death by Invitation Michel de Montaigne’s philosophy on mortality is aging is an inevitable travesty because it leads to a more agonizing death, causes the deterioration of one’s mental health, and too much experience can be disastrous. When Montaigne wrote the selected essays* he was in his mid-fifties. He later died at age fifty-nine. Therefore, while writing the essays, the idea of death was a reoccurring thought that prevailed in Montaigne's head. His strong views of death most likely stemmed from the fact that he was aging and death was in the near future for him....   [tags: Papers]

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Reasons I Want to Study Bio- Medicine

- From herbalists during the prehistoric era to the modern-day medicine we have now, bio-medicine has always been a key science. The billions of microorganisms we are exposed to every day suggest that the possible event of contracting an illness is to be expected. Despite this, some illnesses can be treated with a small amount of acetaminophen, modern-day paracetamol. The fact that a possibly lifesaving compound exists in a small pill that can be easily obtained without prescription fascinates me....   [tags: medical, illnesses, school]

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Mental Illness

- According to Vasquez (2008), the rate of persons with mental illnesses will rise to 176 million persons in 2010, compared to 114 million persons in 1990. With the increase in this rate there will be a subsequent increase in the discrimination and abuse of these persons. Mentally ill persons may be thought of as a vulnerable group in our society and discrimination and abuse against these persons usually exist because other persons take advantage of their vulnerability. Not only are persons discriminated on a social level but they are also susceptible to physical abuse from persons who do not fully understand mental illness, or persons who belong to a culture that states that persons with men...   [tags: Rate, Discrimination, Healthcare]

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Drawbacks and Benefits to Diagnosing Psychological Disorders

- ... However, the paper’s main direction is to focus on the drawbacks which outweigh the benefits arising from categorizing mental illnesses into small segments. The American Psychiatric Association was not very transparent and did not allow people to have any input about the changes in recent years. In my opinion some mental illnesses that has just been added to the DSM-V has political nature such as temper disregulation disorder which appears to be created as a way to describe kids who are beyond the parents control....   [tags: mental illness, money, psychiatrists]

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The Blues

- The Blues I. Introduction Today's forecast; gloomy, and there is no sunshine in sight. If you had any form of depression, that is what it would seem like everyday. Depression is defined as a total body illness that affects a person's thoughts, feelings, behavior, physical health and appearance. It affects all areas of a person's life, including a person's home, work, school, and social life. Depression is a real illness, and it's described as a feeling of sadness, worthlessness, or gloominess that can last from several months, to several years....   [tags: Papers]

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No National Health Care System in the U.S.

- The Conflict Theory views society as a competition derived from inequality in class, power, gender, and ethnic variations. The United States currently has no national health care program, this puts an extremely unequal disadvantage for the poor. Medical care is supplied by private businesses whose main intention is making profit. So those who are wealthy will have greater access to medical in our nation. And the handout points out exactly this, unequal distribution wealth cause unequal medical care among the citizens of the United States....   [tags: medical, patients, socially]

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Eating Disorders

- Eating Disorders "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fattest one of all?" Fairy tales are not real, so is the image you see in the mirror. Thousands of people look in the mirror and hate what they see. When you look in the mirror, you see what eating disorder wants you to see, not the true picture. Despite the fact that many people think of an eating disorder as being an unhealthy quest for a perfect body, eating disorders are not about vanity and not really about weight. The causes of eating disorders are not known with precision but are thought to be a combination of genetic, neuro-chemical, psycho-developmental, and socio-cultural factors....   [tags: Papers]

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A Career in Mental Health Nursing

- What is it that makes choosing a career so difficult. Is it the fact that many people mainly choose a career they live off for the rest of their lives. Or is it just that they are scared of the difficulties and obstacles that will come through their path. Many students choose the usual careers: nursing, doctors, mechanics, or just working at a gas station. It all depends on where and if the student decides to go to college and what degree they are looking forward to earning. Becoming a mental health nurse would be a good choice because it pays very well....   [tags: health, psychiatric nurses]

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General Practice, The Art of Helping People

- General Practice, the Art of Helping People Section One- My topic, Why I Choose it Thousands of people each year rely on doctors around the world. A lot of these people rely on general practitioners to prescribe medicines and treatment for common illnesses. This is where I come in. I have always enjoyed helping people in every way I can, volunteering, doing good deeds, and helping out around my community. This is why I chose to research a general practitioner for my I-Search project. I know that general practitioners work to help treat patients of all ages of small illnesses....   [tags: ]

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Agreeing with the Proposed Smoking Ban

- Agreeing with the Proposed Smoking Ban As the proposed ban on smoking in public places, including bars, clubs and restaurants looms ever closer to being passed and put into action. We need to ask ourselves what effect this law would have upon both the nightlife and social aspects of already large and growing towns and cities such as London and Bath. Also we need to consider the health aspects associated with the proposed ban as well. Of course we all know, or at least think we know why the ban has been proposed and is close to being implemented....   [tags: Papers]

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Research on Firefighters and Rescuers During Huricane Katrina

- In August of 2005 hurricane Katrina made landfall and decimated the city of New Orleans. New Orleans is surrounded by levees that protect the city from the many canals. Katrina created a massive storm surge that overwhelmed the capacity of the canals and protective levees leading to extreme flooding in many areas. Hurricane Katrina lingered over New Orleans dumping even more water onto the already precarious situation. Homes were flooded, some were missing their roofs, and other homes were completely gone....   [tags: Depression, Post-Trauma, Stress]

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Social Stigma and Mental Illnesses

- Social Stigma and Mental Illnesses Whenever an individual is identified as having a mental illness, he or she is seen in a different kind of light. Most of the time mental illnesses have a negative connotation to it. This is because the wrongful connection between violence and mental illnesses. Societies negative view of mental illnesses creates many drawbacks in diagnosing and treating the mental disorders. That is why society needs to abandon their negative perspective of mental illnesses. In studying mental health there is a wide variety of disorders and levels....   [tags: violence, mental disorder, schizophrenia]

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Recreational Water Illnesses

- “Recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are caused by germs spread by swallowing, breathing in mists or aerosols of, or having contact with contaminated water in swimming pools, hot tubs, water parks, water play areas, interactive fountains, lakes, rivers, or oceans. RWIs can also be caused by chemicals in the water or chemicals that evaporate from the water and cause indoor air quality problems. RWIs may include a wide variety of infections, including gastrointestinal, skin, ear, respiratory, eye, neurologic and wound infections....   [tags: biology, germs, contamineted water]

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Psychopath and Mental Illnesses

- The term “psychopath” is often associated with “sociopath” and “antisocial personality disorder”. Due to the confusion over the definitions of these terms, psychologists have had a hard time finding common ground on diagnosing and treating these illnesses. The consensus for a psychopath is that it is someone who is antisocial, lacks empathy, and engages in bold conduct (Cullen, 241). Studies show that 80% of psychopaths are male. While professionals do not know why this is, they do believe that psychopaths are born with a powerful predisposition to being psychopathic....   [tags: Sociopath, Antisocial Personality Disorder]

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Mental Illnesses and Discrimination

- Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. It is an issue that affects many lives; and it's found nearly anywhere and almost impossible to hide. It's found in communities and spotted in the workplace. A contribution to discrimination is mental illness. Over 9.5% of the adult population in the United States will suffer from a depressive illness ("Depression"), 6% will suffer from anxiety disorder ("Mental Health Problems in the Workplace") and 40% will suffer from schizophrenia (Brohan, par....   [tags: Injustice, Prejudicial Treatment, Different People]

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Nietzsche and Freud on the Origin of Psychological Illnesses

- In modern times humans have become susceptible to psychological illnesses. Nietzsche and Freud both give different explanations as to where the illnesses originate from. Freud blames our libido and its erotic appetite that goes against current standards for the illness. While Nietzsche blames the slave revolt of morality for stopping us from acting out on our animal impulse. Both illnesses are quite similar since they appear to have the same origin as one another. Freud presents an interpretation of how individuals fall ill....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Check-up time! Early Detection of Serious Illnesses

- Every day working as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente, I have helped numerous of our members on their annual physical exam. How about you. Have you had your annual health check-up this year. Did you really do it. If you have a check-up one every year, do you actually know if it is completed. Do you understand the screening tests and examinations you have done. Most of you will answer “no” to at least one of these questions. What is a comprehensive annual physical exam. A comprehensive physical exam is a once-a-year routine screening being done for a general health check even if you feel healthy....   [tags: regular physical exam, early diagnosis]

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Regular Physical Activity Helping Prevent Illnesses

- It is well documented that regular physical activity is known to decrease the prevention of illnesses and increase the health of the individual. Engaging in regular physical activity is important in old age; as people get older, their bones get weaker depending on the amount of physical activity they take part in, such as the elderly for example most elderly people move into residential homes because they cannot look after themselves to the full extent that is required, from there on this is where carers are brought in and fitness instructors to help the people living in the residence....   [tags: elderly, age, fitness, exercise]

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Nursing Report: Treating a Child with Chronic Illnesses

- My client is a 16 year old Caucasian female, was admitted into Children Medical Services on July 28, 2015. She lives with her mother in a mobile home. Mother and father are divorced because her father was abusive. Since mother is now a single parent finances are a struggle. Mother also has depression and is receiving counseling. My client has Dysthmia, a chronic type of depression in which a person's moods are regularly low (cite). She was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations, or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (cite)....   [tags: Nursing Essays]

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What Caused the Momentum of Witchcraft in Massachusetts

- Witchcraft accusations began in Massachusetts after people began to say that they saw others with different symptoms which includes “fits”, “spectral visions”, “mental distraction”, “pinching, pin pricking, and bites”, “lethargy”, and “death” (Carlson, xiii). These accusations spread rapidly and took off within Massachusetts due to the large number of people living in the area. The large population allowed for the idea of witchcraft to spread because of how rapidly the large population heard of these allegations....   [tags: population, mental illnesses, mccarthyism]

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The Byzarre History of Psychiatry

- ... (“History of Psychiatry”) Mental illness was an unknown to people back then and the unknown was always explained by the means of spirits, sorcery, witches and other supernatural affairs. Some cures even included torture; the people were misunderstood, mistreated and abandoned by their families in mad houses where brutal “cures” such as an electric chair were used. “The 21st century brought with it an understanding of the biology behind many mental disorders and the development of new drugs for the treatment of many psychiatric conditions” (“History of Psychiatry”)....   [tags: mental illnesses, modern psychiatry]

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The Make-A-Wish Foundation

- Having a wish fulfilled is a desire everyone keeps, but granting one is a special characteristic of a chosen few. Such is the ideology of the Make a wish foundation. This simple, but powerful belief is what drives the Make-A-Wish foundation. For children who must face the uncertainty of a tomorrow, due to their rapidly deteriorating health, a wish is more than just a desire. It’s a hope. Hope is what carries us out of the darkest of slums, to keep going. To face a tomorrow. Make-A-Wish is committed to granting the wish of every eligible child....   [tags: hope, community, illnesses, society]

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Euthanasia: A Deliberate Choice

- Our society tends to approach compassionately towards those who suffer most of the time. We feel as though we have a social obligation to extend beyond our reach to help others despite having little or no association with others. However, this social obligation does extend to the practice of Euthanasia. Individuals are denied the right of advancing their death given the distress associated with their circumstances. This poses a critical need for re-evaluation of our laws that restrict these rights as we devalue the dignity of these lives and take away their freedoms for the worse....   [tags: Terminal Illnesses, Assisted Suicide]

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Advocation for Euthanasia

- In the world, 7.2 to 7.5 million people die from terminal illnesses each year (“We've Got Answers.”)Euthanasia, the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma, would end suffering. Euthanasia is illegal in most parts of the world but in the Netherlands it accounts for about one in 30 deaths. Even though many people find euthanasia unethical, it can be used to end the increase of medical bills after the patient passes, patients have the right to decide when they die, and it ends the suffering of the patient....   [tags: Terminal Illnesses, Slippery Slope]

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Legalizing Marijuana: Saving Lives and Money

- Imagine being five years old and not being able to have a regular childhood. Instead of going to school and playing with other children you are taking intensive medication to keep your body from seizing. In fact, some of the medication is making your conditions worse and keeping you in and out of the E.R. This is a rundown of Charlotte Figi’s true story. Sometimes she had up to 50 seizures a night until her parents got her a medical marijuana card in the state of Colorado. (Gummow) Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, used for its euphoric effects....   [tags: medication, fatal illnesses, law]

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Depression in Older People

- Mental illnesses are increasing at an alarming rate worldwide and is one of the significant health problems of today’s world.This essay will present the manifestation of ‘depression in an elderly client in a community mental health setting. Depression among the elderly differs from depression in the younger adults which are accompanied by physical symptoms and co-morbidities rather than emotional symptoms. The presentation of these somatic conditions make the diagnosis of depression difficult in older people and therefore requires the identification of differences in symptoms of depression and coexisting somatic conditions....   [tags: illnesses, symptoms, conditions, physical]

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Psychology, the Brain, and Depression

- ... The hippocampus is an important part of the brain in mammals that controls long-term memory, spacial recognition, and emotion. It is found in almost the center of the brain. This experimental study would help conclude on whether stress contributed to loss of size in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is Czech suggested that the neurons we not, in fact, being destroyed but loosing volume and that this was because tension and stress limited the growth of nervous tissue (Czech 2007). He also pointed out those distortions in neuron cells, which are in simple terms, brain cells, may cause hippocampus reduction....   [tags: disorders, emotion, mental, illnesses]

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Cigarettes: An Absolute Health Hazard

- Today marks a very special day. It designates Jack’s tenth birthday, and he gets to go to his favorite restaurant for dinner. He and his family get seated at the restaurant right next to a table full of people smoking cigarettes. The air becomes filled with thick smoke, so Jack can hardly talk with his family without gasping for air. Later, he receives his meal and can barely enjoy it because, with every bite, more thick smoke enters his lungs, choking him. Instead of feeling pleased with his meal, Jack goes home with a hacking cough.The experience that night impacted him enough that he never went to that restaurant again....   [tags: Illnesses, Addiction, Benefits]

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Overview of Eating Disorders

- A great range of people have keen interest in their body shape. However, it becomes a problem when your effort to have an envious physical appearance becomes an obsession. When this obsession falters, you began to lose control of your life and the people affected turn to one of two paths: excessive eating, or self-starvation. This compulsion of food and a physical appearance is also known as an eating disorder. Eating disorders slowly deteriorate your body, beginning with your brain, leading to the start of mental illnesses....   [tags: mental illnesses, anorexia, bullimia, ]

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Health Care System in Turmoil

- Health Care System in Turmoil Quality healthcare in the more rural areas of the United States is not only getting more difficult to obtain, but difficult to afford. American citizens living in rural areas have the highest rates of chronic disease, higher poverty populations, less health insurance, and there is less access to primary care physicians. When the economy is at its lowest point it causes an increase in a number of access and health issues that have already had prior problems in communities and in rural areas, therefore the main goal of the national health care tax of 2010 was to allow coverage to all residents of the United States, and also by transferring necessary health care to...   [tags: prevention, treatment, and management of illnesses]

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Taking a Look at Cryptosporidiosis

- A microscopic parasite named Cryptosporidium is invading our swimming pools, wells, streams, lakes, rivers and more, and is responsible for causing one of our most common waterbourne illnesses, Cryptosporidiosis. Cryptosporidiosis, also referred to as Crypto, is an intestional disease that causes severe diarrhea illness in both animals and humans. And the parasitic culprite behind this disease,Cryptosporidium, has proven to be quite a challenge in destroying, as it can survive in many environments....   [tags: common waterbourne illnesses]

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Why Do Humans Age?

- Human beings age and they have since the beginning of time, but it remains an unsolved mystery. This enigma has remained in the dark until the recent innovations technologies have shed some light on this elusive topic; cells are the key to figuring out why humans age. Aging seems to be a relatively simple process, but the more it is studied, it is evident that it is rather complex. There are a myriad of factors that contribute to aging, but none of them can single handedly answer the question of why humans age....   [tags: factors, research, illnesses, study]

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Description of the Impacts of Medical Stigma and Its Effects

- Stigma can be defined as a phenomenon that significantly discredits an individual in the eyes of other people as being different and aberrant. The consequences of stigma can significantly affect the way in which individuals perceive themselves; however, the individual's approach of stigmatization accounts for significant differences in the impact of the illness on the self. Furthermore, stigmatization is a process, and it should therefore be defined as the process of dis-evaluation. It is almost always rooted in the system of negative attitudes that normally exist in communities and cultures, and takes place in the context of connecting people with stigmatized behaviors, illnesses, and disab...   [tags: stigma, attitude, defects, illnesses, disabilities]

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Breaking the Habit of Smoking

- Smoking is a dangerous habit it causes physical harm to those who smoke as well as those around the smokers. “Close to 393,000 people die each year from the effects of smoking. Over 50,000 people die each year from the effects of second-hand smoke Smoking causes several health issues that are not necessarily life-threatening.” ( People who smoke are more likely to miss work because of smoking related illness. Smokers are more susceptible to influenza, colds, and other common illnesses....   [tags: health, illnesses, tobacco, cancer, chemicals]

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The Dance Marathon at the Univeristy of Northern Iowa

- ... During this big party, attendees are not allowed to sit/lay down or have any caffeine. This is to try and replicate a tiny bit of how the kiddos feel on a daily basis, having to go through treatments and long hospital stays while still trying to keep their spirits up. Throughout the 12 hours, families are invited to take the stage and tell the story of their experiences with University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. This is a chance where UNI students truly get to understand the impact they have of raising money and awareness for the cause, as well as understanding the lives others may lead that aren’t as easy as our own....   [tags: children´s hospital, threatening illnesses]

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Factor to Consider When Choosing between Therapy or Surgery

- Every living thing becomes ill or injured at one point or another; it is an inevitable part of life that can and will not be changed. A percentage of humans have dedicated their lives to learning how to repair and restore the human body when it is at its weakest. Throughout the history of time, these individuals’ studies have helped future generations increase the knowledge of the care of the human body and create new techniques to improve treatment. Thousands of years ago it was impossible for a person to perform a rachioplasty (surgical repair of the spinal column or vertebrae), however in the twenty first century not only are professional doctors able to go into a person’s body and fi...   [tags: injuries and illnesses]

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Taking an Active Role in Health Care by Learning About Genetic Predisposition for Different Illnesses

- ... Key concepts/terms: Single gene errors (X linked, autosomal, dominant, recessive) Karyotyping FISH PCR Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) Short tandem repeat (STR) Quotes: “With the development of new technologies for more accurate understanding of the genome and potential gene therapies, the detection of mutations has an increasingly central role in various areas of genetic diagnosis including preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), prenatal diagnosis (PND), presymptomatic testing, confirmational diagnosis and forensic/identity testing.” pg 386 “Since most hereditary disorders affect people at childhood ages, it is important for pediatricians to be familiar with genetic...   [tags: heredity, mutation, diagnosis]

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Dying with Dignity

- To live or not to live. This has been the question for many people who have a terminal illness. Many people suffer everyday with terminal illness, and they cannot do anything to improve their conditions. According to the article “Identifying Terminal Illness (TERI) Cases,” a terminal illness is when someone cannot go back to being a healthy person. The patient expects death, and any treatment is not going to do any good to the person. People who have this illness resort to an alternative called euthanasia....   [tags: Terminal Illnesses, Assisted Suicide]

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Physician Assisted Suicide

- Physician assisted suicide Physician assisted suicide, a suicide made possible by a physician providing a patient with the means to kill themselves, and euthanasia, the kindness of taking individual life by the physician, is an extremely debatable topic. Nonetheless, I am certain that there are some basic agreements that argue both for and against Physician assisted suicide and euthanasia, and when they are evaluated against each other there is a much solider case for prohibiting the Physician assisted suicide than for legalizing them....   [tags: Terminal Illnesses, Suicide, Ethical]

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The Story of My Daughter and Her Schizoid Personality Disorder

- Today was the first day of my daughter’s therapy for Schizoid PD. It will be a lengthy process but it’s worth it. I don’t know if she is nervous to start therapy, since she interacts with me very little. My daughter, Charlotte, is now thirteen years old, and I still feel like she is a stranger to me. I didn't even know how Charlotte developed this disorder, but characteristics of Schizoid PD became clear a couple of years ago. She was more focused on her self, didn't talk to many people, and never liked social outings....   [tags: mental health and illnesses]

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The Social Stigma of Homelessness

- In the early hours of the morning on Thursday, January 3, 2013, James G. Fulmer was found frozen to death on the steps of a Nashville Church. James Fulmer was 50 years old, homeless, and physically handicapped ( His tragic story is just one of almost 1,000 homeless men and women will suffer death caused by hypothermia each year. ( Every night in the United States, over 600,000 people encounter homelessness. Their stories are diverse and their paths to homelessness, varied....   [tags: violence, job, illnesses, lives]

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Taking a Look at General Anxiety Disorder

- Anxiety is a human characteristic that most people would rather do without. It’s that on edge, knot in your throat, breathless feeling of doom that can come when you worry about something excessively. Anxiety may feel like an uncomfortable nuisance, but it is a necessary part of life. In its normal form it can be helpful, as it can act as a signal of impending danger. Without anxiety being there to alert your mind to risk, you might not know you are in trouble until it's too late. Alternatively, there can be such a thing as to much anxiety....   [tags: emotional illnesses, diagnosis]

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Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrahagic

- ... The rate of mortality increases in patients in which gastrointestinal bleeding developed in comparison to those who do not develop. DHF normally occurs in individuals with a previous history of exposure to several serotypes of dengue virus, and the inadequate immune reaction adds to the disease severity(Kabra, Jain, Singhal, Ratageri 1999). The viruses responsible for both Dengue fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever are flaviviruses and include serologically different DEN viruses, such as DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4 viruses (Heinz & Stiasny 2012)....   [tags: arboviral diseases, viral illnesses]

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DiGeorge Syndrome- A Genetic Disorder

- ... Someone with DGS also have high levels of memory loss. Memory loss would include short term activities, such as the past week. Amnesia occurs mostly in children from the age’s three to eleven, and with maturity, people’s memory will strengthen. Since DGS affects major body functions, someone with the syndrome have slowed motor abilities. As a result of slowed motor abilities, people also have low muscle tone with causes them to be inactive. Because of the low muscle tone, DGS makes it difficult for someone to perform normal athletic abilities, such as running....   [tags: illnesses, genetics, parents, DNA, mutations]

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Psychosis: What It Really Is

- People have many different opinions on what psychosis really is. Many define it as crazy or not normal, but really, the illnesses vary. It could be schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, hallucinations and delusions, anxiety, even Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It is characterized in all of these illnesses. Psychosis is usually genetic and passed down through different family members. It is an illness that distorts the brain, making thinking unclear. The main question is what really causes someone to be psychotic....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Having Control Over Our Health Promotion

- ... The tertiary level on the other hand helps people to manage already complicated situations. This applies to individuals with long-term health complications. Such conditions may include cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. 2 The three health promotion methods play very basic roles in sustenance of human life. Nurses are in the forefront in the implementation of these intervention methods. Nursing is all about provision of quality healthcare services; hence, nurses have major roles in monitoring the implementation of the health promotion procedures....   [tags: prevention, nursing, disease]

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Mental Illness and Its False Glamourization

- The media heavily glamorizes mental illnesses and tries too hard make them seem beautiful. Conditions such as depression, addiction, and bipolar disorder are trends instead of serious conditions that require professional help. More and more works about damaged protagonists being saved by someone who makes them feel special or beautiful are being released. In the first season of American Horror Story, Violet Harmon suffers from depression. Tate Langdon, one of her father’s patients, takes an interest in her immediately....   [tags: Self-Diagnosis, Psychology, Psychiatry]

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Better School Programs for Mental Health

- Currently in today’s society, coming out as gay is easier than admitting to a serious mental problem. This effect puts a burden on teens who suffer from problems and don’t know where to go; which led to the increase of teen suicides as seen in the media. In the average classroom size, about three of the twenty-four students have depression; not mentioning other common disorders such as bipolar disorder, panic disorder, ADHD, conduct disorder, and eating disorders. Without better programs in schools to prevent and inform about mental disorders, the current taboo on them, the bullying of students suffering, and the romanticization of diseases will continue to increase the negative effect menta...   [tags: mental health, bullying, adhd]

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Medicine in the Middle Ages

- Medicine in the middle ages was basic during a time when there were terrible illnesses, limited resources, and lack of medical knowledge. Despite not having access to all the advanced technology, medical knowledge, and amazing resources as we have today, they managed to treat some illnesses and diseases. The physicians were not able to figure out what caused the illnesses. There was not any access to antibiotics in the middle ages, which made it nearly impossible to cure the more critical diseases....   [tags: medieval physicians]

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Public smoking

- Smoking in Public “One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying.”(The Quote Garden). It’s no surprise that smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the nation. There is overwhelming evidence that smoking affects our health. However, when one lights up a cigarette and smokes where other are present, one not only affects his or her own body, but others as well. This refers not only to the inconvenience of someone smoking near you, but also to the affect of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke has to ability to affect ones health, even if they never touch a cigarette....   [tags: Health, argumentative, persuasive]

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Smoking Bans in Public Places Help Save Lives

- “One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying” (“Smoking”). It is no surprise that smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the nation. There is overwhelming evidence that smoking affects our health. However, when one lights up a cigarette and smokes where others are present, one not only affects his or her own body, but others as well. This refers not only to the inconvenience of someone smoking near you, but also to the affect of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke has the ability to affect ones health, even if they have never touched a cigarette....   [tags: smoking, second hand smoke, argumentative, persuas]

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Religion in Beauty Pageants

- Study shows that the effects of high cholesterol tend to develop over the course of many years, and are primarily due to a condition called atherosclerosis, which is the narrowing and hardening of arteries. A solution to this aggravating problem is diet; a healthy and balanced diet. Most medical advisor recommends changes in their patients diet while taking up medication, may it be drug- therapy or physical activities. However, if not given proper attention, this condition may develop into illnesses including angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack, and stroke....   [tags: Relevance, Questions]

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Alternative Medicine is Better than Modern Medicine

- Over the centuries, several treatment methods have been utilized by humans for remedy diseases when they caught. Two of them are modern medicine and traditional medicine. Traditional medicine, which is also called alternative treatment, is older than modern medicine. This effective treatment had been used for many centuries before modern medicine was found. On the contrary, modern medicine has been used since the 1900’s (Lyons). In this system, drugs’ tests are carefully done in the safe laboratories, and their side effects are identified before they are given to the patient....   [tags: treatment methods, holistic doctors]

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Healthcare Done Right

- Homeless people being provided for, and people with pre-existing illnesses finally getting the coverage they deserve at reasonable prices. This is what the Healthcare reform law is going to provide for people in the United States. The Healthcare reform law is a reasonable solution for people who cannot afford or do not have private health insurance. The Healthcare reform law clearly benefits people who cannot afford health insurance in the first place. It makes it affordable for these people and allows them to be covered for some of their basic medical expenses....   [tags: American healthcare reform law ]

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The Contreversy Over the Legalization of Marijuana

- Legalization of Marijuana There has been a lot of controversy on the legalization of Marijuana. The big question is, “Is it really worth legalizing Marijuana. What will it do the population?” Well there are plenty of reasons to prove it is a terrible idea or a great idea. But, I’m going to focus on the great reasons why. First, it is great for people with diseases and severe illnesses. It helps them with pain management and keeps their mind off of the struggles. Second, people don’t die from marijuana as they do from cigarettes, alcohol, or the tons of other legal things that people die from everyday....   [tags: pain, illness, recreational]

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- Ethnobotany An Available Option Try to imagine yourself or someone you hold close to you being very sick, so sick that just being alive each day gives more pain and suffering than the previous day. Not one person should have to suffer from a disease that is incurable and leads inevitably to death. With an assisted suicide a person and his or her family can be relieved of the agony of the illness. Euthanasia is sometimes considered to be the best option for a loved one who is in intractable pain, and should be an option available to patients who meet qualifications and agree to the assistance in suicide....   [tags: essays papers]

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Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine (WM) differ from each other in many ways. TCM favors a holistic approach, views the universe and body philosophically and develops inductive tools and methods to guide restoring the total balance of the body. In Chinese medicine, the correct balance between Yin and Yang make up the vital energy, Qi, an essential life-sustaining substance of which all things are made. Some Traditional remedies include herbal medicines, acupuncture, massage and moxibustion, an herbal heat therapy....   [tags: Medicine]

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Understanding Schizophrenia

- Understanding Schizophrenia When a person hears the word "crazy", their first thoughts are probably of symptoms of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is seen as the ideal case of insanity. The causes of this disease remain unknown, but scientists are constantly searching for answers. Although a cure for schizophrenia is surely far in the future, research and understanding is making more and more progress every day. To find a cure for schizophrenia, scientists must first understand the disease itself....   [tags: Papers]

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Medicating Mental Illnesses

- Although about 450 million people in the world currently are suffering from a mental illness, many untreated, the topic still remains taboo in modern society (Mental Health). For years, people with mental illnesses have been shut away or institutionalized, and despite cultural progression in many areas, mental illnesses are still shamed and rarely brought to light outside of the psychiatric community. The many different forms in which mental illness can occur are incredibly prevalent in the world today, and there is a substantial debate about the way that they should be handled....   [tags: counselling, medication, bipolar]

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The Misrepresentation of Mental Illnesses

- The Misrepresentation of Mental Illnesses Mental illness is often negatively or misrepresented by the media to our naive society. Due to the lack of knowledge about mental illnesses audiences tend to believe that what they see on the television or the movies is the truth when in fact it is not. Worse then the stigma attached to the people with mental illness is the stigma attached to the psychologists and psychiatrists who try and help these people better understand what ails them....   [tags: Papers]

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Criminals with Mental Illnesses

- Many criminals in the United States suffer from mental illnesses, most commonly is Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia has many symptoms, some of them are, delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking or speech, and abnormal behavior. Symptoms of Schizophrenia in teenagers can be withdrawn from friends or family, a drop in performance in school, trouble sleeping, depressed or an irritable mood, and a lack of motivation. In 1981 Steven Steinberg was charged with killing his wife, Elena by stabbing her with a kitchen knife 26 times....   [tags: schizophrenia, symptoms, delusions, hallucinations]

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