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The Impact of Human Activity on The Environment

- Author John Green once said, “We can never know better until knowing better is useless.” What he meant by this is that humans are incredibly short-sighted in what consequences their actions may have. Humans can accomplish a great deal in short periods of time, sometimes without realizing the change is happening. Although changes to the environment are expected as nations grow and societies evolve, more often than not these changes prove detrimental to our quality of life in the long run. Humans have shaped their environment over time for the worse through insufficient water sanitation, rapid industrialization, and air pollution....   [tags: pollution, water treatment, industrial waste]

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Human Activity and Energy Sources

- Earth’s resources, for instance water, productive farming land and energy, outlines the basic foundations of our continued existence on earth. However, with the continued human activities, for example logging and charcoal burning, these resources are quickly being depleted. Human inhabitation and increased consumption of the natural resources is resulting in untold destruction. The climate change being experienced globally, the rapidly depleting freshwater catchments, the dwindling forest cover, the ever reducing fish ‘stash’ in our seas and oceans and farmland dereliction are some of the effects resulting from human occupation and activities....   [tags: Climate, Resources, Earth ]

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The Problem Of Human Induced Activity

- ... To further his credibility through his data, Ceballos uses numbers that cannot be questioned on whether or not he is exaggerating. “We ascertain whether even the lowest estimates of the difference between background and contemporary extinction rates still justify the conclusion that people are precipitating a global spasm of biodiversity loss.” He wants to show, through unbiased, thoughtful, and conservative data, and thus, has what convinced me that a sixth extinction can happen in the future....   [tags: Extinction, Human, Megafauna, Dinosaur]

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Is Human Activity Impacting Our Planet?

- ... This puts into perspective just how much methane and carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere solely due to our growing agriculture industry ("Overview of Greenhouse Gases"). Furthermore, it is important to understand the characteristics of methane and the impact it has on the environment. Why is methane such a bad thing one may ask. For one, methane has a lifespan of twelve years within our atmosphere. In addition, methane gas has the ability to trap heat in the atmosphere. Consequently the presence of methane in our atmosphere has been linked to our current global warming crisis, and it has twenty-three times the global warming impact of carbon dioxide (Lappe, 753)....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Greenhouse gas]

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Inhuman Activity : Human Organ Trafficking

- ... Regardless the case of family donors or volunteer donors from dead people, most organ donors are being killed, kidnapped by this activity. The more needed transplant patients are waiting for new organs, the higher demand of this market is increasing. Consequently, illegal organizations target as many victims as possible to maximize their profit. Moreover, this criminal activity creates a heavy burden for society. In fact, one of the organ trafficking victims is the poor people. Kidney is the most selling organ that can be removed and does not kill the victims....   [tags: Organ transplant, Human anatomy, Crime, Kidney]

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What Role Has Human Activity Played in Causing Climate Change?

- Climate change is one of the biggest concerns for all nations across the globe over centuries. Climate shift refers to changes in patterns of weather which can be indicated through global warming, natural disasters and rise in sea level. There is a group of people, climate change skeptics, argue that climate change is not the result of human activity, meaning that it is naturally occurred. According to Slaght, this refers to internal factors which are the interaction between the atmosphere and ocean, and external factor, such as solar energy variations and volcanic eruption (John Slaght, 2009)....   [tags: human, climate, gases, global, warming]

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Is Human Activity Responsible For Global Climate Change?

- ... We emit many gases that are harmful to the earth everyday. These air pollutants come from cars and trucks. Particulate matter, Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Hazardous air pollutants and Greenhouse gases. Particulate matter is “particles of soot and metals give smog its murky color. Fine particles less than one-tenth the diameter of a human hair, pose the most serious threat to human health, as they can penetrate deep into lungs”(“Cars, Trucks, and Air Pollution”)....   [tags: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Fluorescent lamp]

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Human Activity Is Responsible For Our Current Warming Trend

- ... The first reason human activity is causing climate change is because our economy runs on fossil fuels. As of now, there is no cheaper more available fuel for the power needs of any economy other than fossil fuels (Mazo 2013: 46). This is because there is not enough land to grow sufficient renewable energy resources to power our economy. The burning of fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. According to environmentalist Jeffrey Mazo (2013:45), the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other such chemicals on a worldwide scale can trap warm air in the climate, which adds to warming up the earth....   [tags: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel]

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Global Climate Change Is Not A Result Of Human Activity

- ... Not only will their district be impacted by such government action, but their reelection will also be negatively affected (Adragna 2014). If constituents among the districts realize that their current representative supported the government action of closing industries of which many are employed, their view and perception of the representative will become negative and the constituents will most likely elect a new representative that go along with their views. This is one of the main reasons why members of Congress are reluctant to support legislation that deals with global climate change....   [tags: President of the United States, Democratic Party]

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Global Warming: Human Activity vs. Natural Cycles

- Global warming has been a major concern and has greatly affected the environment around the world for years. Andrew Revkin stated in a New York Times article entitled “A Closer Look at Climate Panel’s Findings on Global Warming Impacts” that climate change throughout the 21st century will lead to increases in ill-health in many regions, as compared to a baseline without climate change. There have been a number of debates regarding this controversial topic, though most of the scientific community can recognize the existence of global warming....   [tags: greenhouse gases, environment, temperature]

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Global Climate Change and Human Activity

- The question that is in the minds of many people around the globe is the debate between natural causes, and human activities being the main cause to the negative changes in the global climate. Natural causes like volcanic eruptions, the changes in the sun’s radiation, and the ocean current shifts noticed are contributing to the global climate change. In addition, the human activities such as the burning fossil fuels, and the cutting down of trees [forests] so as to create land to cultivate and rare cattle affect the climate change....   [tags: Global Warming Essays]

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The Impact of Tourism and Human Activity on Biodiversity

- Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. It refers to the number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms. However, it also refers to the difference of the ecosystems on the planet such as rainforests, deserts, coral reefs and so on. This is all parts of a biologically diverse on the earth. The beauty of the country is made by the biodiversity on the earth. This can make the country became the most popular place to touristy, because of a wealth resource for the tourist sector that including the interesting animals and plants, a wonderful or fantastic place for tourist to explore and also scenic walks....   [tags: Ecology, Environmental Management]

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The Effects of Human Activity on Coastal Landforms

- The Effects of Human Activity on Coastal Landforms Human activities add another layer of complexity to the natural processes of coastal lands and materials. These activities may have direct or indirect effects on our changing coastlines. They may effect sources of new sediment to the coast and the movement of sediment within the coastal environment. Sediment starvation caused by river and coastal management is one effect of human activities on the coast. For some coastal regions, such as the Pacific coast, a large part of their sediment is supplied by rivers....   [tags: Papers]

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Global Warming Is Human Activity Or Natural Event And Their Mutual Influence

- ... The lost ground water evaporates and finally flows into the ocean. Second, the destruction of wetland leads to the lost water from basin hydrologic system into the ocean. Third, the decrease of forest coverage makes a lack of forest water storage. On the contrary, another article “The Evidence Against Human Causation in Global Warming”, Chris Towsey claims that global warming is a naturally accruing and recurring event and human just have a minimal impact on globe. According to ice core data, it shows that the temperature has already changed 800 years earlier than the emission of CO2....   [tags: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Climate change]

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Outdoor Recreation: Human Activity Damages The Natural Balance of an Area

- The wilderness offers many opportunities for recreation (e.g. biking, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, nature photography, riding horses, skiing, stargazing, and swimming ). Outdoor recreation fulfils an innate desire humans have to reconnect with nature and themselves. However, outdoor recreation contradicts the objective of wilderness protection. The most insignificant of human activity can extensively damage the natural balance of an area. Being able to strike a balance between the two is the responsibility of wilderness managers....   [tags: wilderness, recreation, ]

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The Impact of Human Activity on the Climate is Global Warming

- ... The purpose of this study is to develop a best practice guidance for construction companies in Waterloo Region to reduce GHG emissions. The guidance document will contain the accounting tool of GHG emissions, and alternative best practices. With a better understanding of initiatives that construction companies have been taking, the best available practices should be further revised and improved. The guidance document will be developed through document analysis, literature review, questionnaire and interview, in order to make the guidance document cost-effective and applicable for construction companies in Waterloo Region....   [tags: temperature, emissions, environment]

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The Impact Weathering Has Had on Human Activity

- The Impact Weathering Has Had on Human Activity Weathering has impacted human activity in a variety of ways. There are both positive and negative aspects of the result of weathering. Firstly, the negative impacts are to be discussed. Weathering often seems to be at a higher rate in urban areas than that of rural areas due to the large volumes of gases and pollution given out by industries and vehicles. When coal and oil are burnet sulphur dioxide is releases and when it combines with water vapour in the air dilute sulphuric acid is the product....   [tags: Papers]

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The Role of Human Activity in Modifying Characteristics of a Biome

- The Role of Human Activity in Modifying Characteristics of a Biome A biome is a large scale or global ecosystem where biotic and abiotic elements interact with eachother producing a stable system that is in equilibrium. An example of this is the hot, wet equatorial climate where tropical rainforest is the dominant vegetation. Here the biotic elements such as the trees and animals for example sloths interact with the abiotic elements such as the poor soils and hot climate. The rainforest is millions of years old and remained undisrupted and in equilibrium for much of this time....   [tags: Papers]

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Karl Marx: History as Explicable Human Activity

- History as Explicable Human Activity as Seen by Karl Marx Using phrases such as" innocent and childlike fantasies," Karl Marx unambiguously attacks the Hegelian philosophy preponderant during his time, citing in its concept of history an irrevocable divorce with reality. For Marx, history is exactly what it seems to be: a succession of human events in which ideas such as the division of labor, production, and revolution replace their immaterial Hegelian counterparts, if even such counterparts exist....   [tags: Philosophy History Essays]

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Human Health: Understanding the Activity of Signal Pathway

- The research, in this article, is significant to human health because the understanding of the activity of a signal pathway can or cannot give you a grasp on how it can affect other processes in the body. If the effects are known and understood, then we can know how to treat and/or modify the processes and give a discovery in the field of science. Specifically, in this article, understanding the structure of chromatin is vital to understanding how it affects replication, transcription, and repair....   [tags: Chromatin, histone acetylation, chemotherapy]

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The Effects Of Human And Natural Activity On Global Warming And Climate Change

- ... This book was, over time, published in twenty-four languages (McKibben). Over the past few decades, McKibben has continued to write about many different facets of environmental well-being and life in general. Some of his other well-known works include: The Age of Missing Information, Hope, Human and Wild, The Comforting Whirlwind: God, Job, and the Scale of Creation, Wandering Home, Oil and Honey, Eaarth, and Fight Global Warming Now (Wikipedia). He has also written articles for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Harper’s, and many others (McKibben)....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate change]

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Human Trafficking : The World 's Third Largest Criminal Activity

- ... Human traffickers understand this and make lots of money through the sale of sexual services from the children they ‘pimp’. Sex Trafficking and South Africa There are three categories set for countries involved in trafficking. These categories are based on the movement of trafficked persons in regards to specific nations. Trafficking does not have to involve the transportation of persons from one place to another and across borders. Trafficking can occur domestically as well. A nation may be a country of origin, a country of transit, or a country of destination (Kreston, 2007, pp....   [tags: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Child sex tourism]

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Evaluation of How the Box Hill Area is Influenced by Human Activity

- Evaluation of How the Box Hill Area is Influenced by Human Activity The title for this piece of coursework is 'Evaluate how the Box Hill area is influenced by human activity'. The 'influence by human activity' reflects the way that humans utilise the Box Hill area and the effect that leisure and tourism have on the surrounding environment. Location Map: [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE] Box Hill is located in Dorking, Surrey, England. OS map showing route and reference points Scarp slope path: [IMAGE] [IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE][IMAGE] Text Box: 6) Paths meet- 174 552 Text Bo...   [tags: Papers]

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State and Evaluate Aristotle's Function Argument that Happiness Is an Objective Feature of the Characteristic Activity of Human Being.

- The happiness is an objective feature of the characteristic activity of human being. Thus, whatever human being’s activity is the final goal is achieve or gain happiness. Many people works for money or their belief, but in fact both money of belief let them get happiness and that why they continues their current career. And I find that the following considerations will provide a convincing argument for happiness is an objective feature of the characteristic activity of human being. First at all, all human activities aim at some good....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Russia’s Political Issues Lead To Social Issues

- Russia’s Political Issues Lead To Social Issues “Between 1992 and 2002, an estimated 500,000 women and girls were trafficked from the former Soviet Union, mostly from Russia” (Buckley). As one can see Russia has a serious problem with human trafficking. The Webster dictionary defines the term, human trafficking as, “organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor)” (Webster). Women and girls are not the only ones who are involved in human trafficking....   [tags: Human Trafficking, Criminal Activity, Crime]

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Using bones, teeth and joints for reconstructing activity in past human populations

- During an individual’s lifetime the activities they involve themselves in impact on their many bodily tissues. Markers for these activities are left in the bones, joints and dentition which is useful for anthropologists as only skeletal material is left in the case of most ancient populations. Subsequently much research has been undertaken in this area with varying levels of validity.In this essay I seek to explain what information can be reliably gathered from skeletal material, it will focus on bone density and muscle attachments associated with heavy workloads, joint wear caused by repeated processes such as grinding grain, osteoarthritis and tooth wear associated with tool use....   [tags: Anthropology Archaeology]

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The Goal Of Sexual Activity

- ... Today with the way the media and society portray sex, it seems most men feel like they must live up to the expectation that they must provide the woman with an orgasm before they themselves are allowed to finish or else be deemed selfish. I do feel that giving another person an orgasm is a great goal to aim for, however sometimes it’s simply not possible and thus it shouldn’t be the main focus – more like striving for ‘plus’ after receiving an A. I think simply striving for an orgasm is unfair; there are women who have never and are possibly not capable of experiencing an orgasm....   [tags: Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality]

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Comparing the Anatomy and Physiology of a Domestic House Cat, to that of a Human

- ... Microphages will swallow up the antigen and determine it dangerous or not. One of the most difficult parts is for the microphage to recognize the bacteria as self or non self so it does not destroy itself. When the antigen is consumed, it is displayed to helper B and T cells so they can create an immune response to the antigens. The skin is the most effective at stopping these antigens, as it covers your whole body. Helper t cells attack and destroy the antigen by summoning killer t cells. The B cells produce antibodies to neutralize the antigens, and marks them for destruction by other immune cells....   [tags: cat lab, observational activity, whiskers]

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Activity ( 10 Minutes ) : Gossip

- ... Children who do not form this secure base may tend to grow up looking for love in all of the wrong places. Unintentional pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases can come from two teenagers searching for the sense of security that they missed as an infant. The group is encouraged to share their thoughts about the exercise and to explain how some of the topics listed on the board can cause risky sexual behaviors. Session 7: NJ LAW Activity (10 minutes): Writer will offer all group members a stick of glue....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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Teen Sexual Activity : A Time Of Rapid Change

- ... For males its more about what friends might think of you if you have not engaged yourself in sexual intercourse with a girl at the same time or close to the same time as they do. And for the girls it more about gaining acceptance from their partners, and the love and intimacy. This remote cause could lead to a person to involve themselves in sexual activity even though they had no desire to do so. Another small remote cause leading to teens having sex at a young age could be that the child grew up in an overbearing, over controlling, and over protective home and once a child gets a certain age, becomes rebellious....   [tags: Adolescence, Human sexual behavior]

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Activity Based Costing, Activity Based Budgeting and Activity Based Management Analysis

- In this section of the report, we shall discuss the interlinked processes of Activity Based Costing, Activity Based Budgeting and Activity Based Management by using the help of certain diagrams and also touch upon the evolution of the Activity Based approach over time. The diagram shown above explains how costs are assigned to a product under the ABC approach. ABC first assigns costs to the activities that are the real cause of the overhead and then assigns the cost of those activities only to the products that are actually demanding the activities....   [tags: activity based, costs, abc approach]

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Childhood Course Adversity Models Point Of Premature Sexual Activity And Adolescent Pregnancy

- ... The chances of the daughter marrying someone with less than a high school degree, also increases. Another feature identified was the likelihood of both partners forming a marriage and both having less than a high school degree (Teachman, 2004, p. 86-111). When you factor in the reality that out of the 24 million children in America, one out of every three, live in homes where the fathers are absent, the residual pressure falls upon the single mom and impacts the daughter in an unfavorable manner....   [tags: Adolescence, Human sexual behavior, Pregnancy]

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

- “Deficient” is an immune system that cannot protect you from viruses, the flu, diseases, and the common cold. You cannot tell when someone is terminally ill, just like you cannot tell when someone is truly happy. When people lack the knowledge about AIDS and HIV, they seem to be ignorant about the situation other people are in. HIV and AIDS are not contagious, nor can you get it from hugging, holding hands, or kissing someone. Many people who are infected by this virus do not know they are HIV positive....   [tags: african americans, HIV, AIDS, sexual activity]

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The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

- ... Exploitation means the activity or reality of treating somebody unreasonably with a specific end goal to profit from their work. African government tries many things to stop child labor abuses in many areas, but Africa is still struggling to stop child labor and the main reason behind this type of abuses is lack of basic education facilities. This shows the failure of African government in providing education services to every child. Evidence shows that African youngsters are compelled to give unpaid work to landowners in exchange for their family involving land or settlement, or keeping up work occupancy rights....   [tags: Human rights]

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Annotated Bibliography On Human Trafficking

- ... For example, when addressing the claim that all human trafficking victims are sold into the sex industry, he states, “a study of Burmese domestic workers in Thailand by Mahidol University’s Institute for Population and Social Research found beatings, sexual assault, forced labor without pay, sleep deprivation, and rape to be common” (Feingold 397). However, his evidence is not cited whatsoever, but the owners of the evidence is referenced, and he does not typically reassure the reader that he knows some specific facts from working at UNESCO....   [tags: Human trafficking, Slavery, Human rights]

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The Impact Of Globalization On Human Rights

- ... The Declaration provides a legal framework for which human rights amongst nations can be agreed, through a common statement of mutual aspirations. (Uopeopleedu, 2016) The declaration provided a consensus statement of principle from which two draft conventions were formed and approved, “The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR)”. Collectively the ICCPR, ICESCR and UDHR make the International Bill of Human Rights, which contains conventions for member states to adopt and enforce by law....   [tags: United Nations, Human rights]

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Human Trafficking And The United States

- ... In 1820 the government declared this act illegal. White slavery was then introduced in the form of prostitution. White women and children were the main targets of this form of trafficking in the United States. There was no prosecutions of white slavery until 1910 when the White Slave Traffic Act (Mann Act) was formed. This act didn 't stop a majority of the traffickers until after World War ll when the first binding agreement against human trafficking was introduced as the “United Nations Convention for the Suppression of the Trafficking in Persons and the Exploration of the Prostitution of Others” (Oster 8)....   [tags: Slavery, Human trafficking, Prostitution]

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Human Sexuality And Sexual Relationships

- ... Take for instance being married before engaging in sex, there is a group of individuals that have decided that marriage is not for them, is it fair for society to say they are not entitled to have sex because of their choice to remain unwed. Also, why would it be okay to tell a healthy, elderly individual they cannot have sex with their partner or lover just because society feels they should be focusing on something else besides sex. If having sex was for reproduction only, how can we justify it is a norm when there are individuals that cannot produce children naturally....   [tags: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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Experiment to Determine if Physical Activity Will Increase in Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure

- Introduction The ancient Greeks believed that the human heart pumped an endless supply of “pneuma”, or life energy. Galen, a Greek physician, believed that the “pneuma” and blood flowed from the heart like a fountain. He believed that there was an endless supply of this precious life source. It was not until 1616 that William Harvey determined that Galen was not entirely correct. Due to the practice of bloodletting during Harvey’s time, his belief that blood is in fact finite was not warmly welcomed....   [tags: Physical Activity, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure]

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The Effects and Causes of Volcanic Activity

- Volcanoes are formed when magma is expelled from the Earth’s surface, resulting in volcanic eruptions consisting of ash and lava. Over time, the lava cools and forms into rock on the Earth’s surface. Whenever an eruption occurs, the newly-formed rock from the lava layers continuously until the volcano takes its shape. Volcanic eruptions have taken place for thousands of years, and even today, according to the U.S Geological Survey (2010), there are approximately 1500 active volcanoes located throughout the world....   [tags: lava, magma, volcanic eruptions, climate change]

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Russian Revolution: The Activity Theory

- In 1917, after the Russian revolution, there was a large effort to develop a new psychology based on Marxist philosophy. After several debates, Soviet psychologists agreed upon Marx’s “principle of unity and inseparability of consciousness and activity,” that is, how consciousness “comes to exist, develops, and can only be understood within the context of meaningful, goal-oriented, and socially determined interaction between human beings and their material environment” (Bannon 1997). In the 1920s and 1930s revolutionary Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1896–1934) and his colleagues, Alexi Leont’ev (1903–1979) and Alexander Luria (1902–1977), sought to rise above the dualist idealism and fo...   [tags: marixist philosophy, behaviorism]

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Human Resources Strategic Direction

- Human Resources Strategic Direction The decisive difference in the business climate of any organization is determined by strategy. A successful execution of a business strategy, being the ultimate goal, if inclusive of the Human Resources Department, then like all other departments within the organization will be strategy-driven. Human Resource’s future, by understanding the paramount importance of human and intellectual talent, is on the verge of becoming seen as more of a strategic business partner within many organizations today....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Human Nature in International Relations

- Human nature is that quality that sets us apart from other living things; it is the definition of what we are. The concept of human nature in international relations is embedded in the theories of international relations. Every International relations theory has its specific assumptions about human nature. The basic premise of these theories has its roots in human nature because in understanding the world and how it works, human nature is first considered. Philosophers maintain that in order for a political theory to hold any weight, it must first explain the concept of human nature....   [tags: theory, realism, constructism, human nature]

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The Trafficking Of Human Trafficking

- ... This technically is not considered to be safe in the medical world, but the organs are worth a great deal of money (Gale). Now each country has its own reasoning for trafficking. These motives could be anything from poverty and lack of education, to political factors and war, to even just public or individual health issues and a demand for cheap labor. As stated before, in some countries other than the United States, poverty is a really big deal. Numerous people are not receiving an education simply because they just don’t have the money to....   [tags: Slavery, Human trafficking, Debt bondage]

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South African Entrepreneurial Activity

- What does being an entrepreneur entail. There are a few well known and accepted definitions the world over. The main points to consider are creating or realizing opportunities to change and improve, to think, reason and act and one who organises, manages and assumes the risk of a business enterprise. You will need to convince at least one person that the idea will work and that there is a need for the opportunity. Entrepreneurs need to have some form of backing whether it be personal savings, a loan from an institution or an investment from the relative party....   [tags: Business Administration]

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Sony Electronic Activity Tracker

- Introduction The advancement of technology is no doubt one of the greatest organized inspired activities of humankind today. The world that we see round us, and the method society purposes today had strongly affected by the advancement of the technology. The device that I would like to research on had effectively changed the way how human life. It records all the activities of an individual over the days – the activity tracker. An activity tracker is computer-assisted monitoring and graphing of health-linked metrics such as distance walked or ride, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of snooze....   [tags: Technology, Life, Log]

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Function of Human Resource Management System

- According to Porter’s Value Chain, information technology is categorized as a support activity that does not directly add competitive advantage to an organization (Porter, 1985). Although it may not directly add competitive advantage to a company, information technology is used as a tool to create efficiencies within other activities, both supportive and primary, by reducing the time, money, and the effort spent accomplishing the task at hand. One great example of this is how information technology can be leveraged to increase the contribution of human resources within an organization....   [tags: information technology, it, human resources]

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Human Trafficking is Slavery

- “I’ve been held down like a piece of meat while monsters disguised as men violated me again and again” (“Quotes about Human Trafficking”). Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purposes of forced labor and sex trafficking. Every thirty seconds someone is forced into modern slavery (The A21 Campaign). Slavery was abolished in the 19th century, but today a different form of slavery is developing internationally and even in our own communities. There are more slaves in the world today than any other point in history, with an estimated twenty seven held in captivity across the world, and only 1-2% of those victims are rescued each year (The A21 Campaign)....   [tags: Illegal Trade of Human Beings, Sex Slaves]

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Human Violence : Nature Vs Nurture

- ... Knowledge about human violence is important in the establishment of the causes and the direct relationship between Studies have proven that there is an interdependence between human violence and the phenomenon of nature and nurture. Nature and nurture are other two words that have proven difficult to differentiate with time. Nature and nurture are words that connect the human beings to their environment, their existence and even their behavioral approach to issues. Nature and nurture refer to the importance attached to the qualities of an individual that can be said to be distinctive....   [tags: Human nature, Nature versus nurture]

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Three Different Types of Human Memory

- "Memory is the diary we all carry about with us," Oscar Wilde once said. Now for a second imagine a life without any memories. One wouldn't be able to remember his/her name, how to look after themselves or to even recognize their own friends and family. It would be impossible to live happily without ones memories. That is why our memories are such vital points in our lives. They are the building blocks of our current selves. Due to those reasons it is very useful to find as much information regarding it as possible....   [tags: Human Mind, Brain, Connections, Memory]

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Factors Affecting the Rate of Enzyme activity

- Enzymes are efficient proteins which play a part in cellular metabolic processes. Enzymes have the ability to improve the rate of reactions among living organisms. (Phillips, 2009) Although they work as a part of the reaction, they do not go through lasting alterations and therefore remain unchanged by the end of the reaction. They can only alter the rate of reaction. (Royal Society of Chemistry) Enzyme activity was first studied in a test tube in 1833 by Payen and Persoz. Temperature, pH, enzyme concentration, substrate concentration, as well as the presence of any inhibitors or activators are all factors which affect the rate at which enzymatic reactions occur....   [tags: science experiments, ]

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Disentangling climatic and human induced changes in the recent past

- This essay tackles one of the crucial challenges facings palaeo-scientists today, i.e. to what extent does human or natural forcings have in environmental change in the Holocene, and how accurately can they be detected and attributed. According to Oldfield and Dearing (2003), climatic and human induced changes are difficult to disentangle from one another, and this essay aims to explore why. At this point, it is important to define and outline the parameters of the essay. A Holocene perspective is adopted in this essay, which will include a discussion on the Anthropocene....   [tags: holocene, human imprint, anthropocene]

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Human Trafficking Is A Crime Characterized Under Global Law

- ... Casualties of trafficking have either never agreed on the off chance that they have been snatched or sold—or, on the off chance that they have given beginning assent, their assent got to be unimportant in view of the methods the traffickers used to pick up control over them, for example, duplicity or viciousness. Although much crime control continues to take place at the national level, processes of globalization involving the creation of supra-national bodies and jurisdictions registration and surveillance system multi- lateral agreements and protocols have meant that there is now a significant level of policing activity and exchange of intelligence beyond the nation state (Lee, 2011)....   [tags: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Nation, Slavery]

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Happiness Is an Activity

- In this paper I will discuss Aristotle’s claim that happiness is a kind of activity and not a momentary pleasure. Some people might worry that Aristotle is wrong in making this claim by presuming that happiness is a state of mind rather than a constant pursuit in which a person must actively strive for throughout the entirety of ones life. I will argue that Aristotle is correct when he declares that happiness is a kind of activity that we strive for and ultimately attain throughout the entirety of our lives rather than just a feeling or state that we happen to have at any given moment....   [tags: Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics]

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Including More Physical Activity during a School Day

- Introduction The average school year for students in grades K-12 consists of 180 days, with an average of 7 hours per day. Seven hours per day multiplied by 180 days per school year totals to 1,260 hours per school year. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) recommends that children and adolescents spend 60 minutes per day engaging in physical activity that are muscle and bone strengthening (The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, AAHPERD, 2013)....   [tags: fighting childhood obesity]

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Routine Activity Theory and Rational Choice Theory

- The study of criminology is why individuals commit crimes and why they behave in certain situations. When you understand why someone might commit a crime, you can come up with ways to prevent or control the crime. There are several different theories in criminology, in this paper I will be discussing Routine Activity Theory and Rational Choice theory. I will be comparing and contrasting as well between the two of these theories. Routine Activity Theory focuses on situations of crime. This theory was used by Cohen and Felson (1979) to explain the rising crime rates in the United States....   [tags: criminology, profiling]

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Volcanic Activity at Yellowstone

- Yellowstone is a national park covering 3,468 square miles in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana and it is elevated 8,000 feet from the ground on a plateau. But is there still present volcanic hazard in Yellowstone. The park is covered with over 10,000 geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and travertine terraces, perhaps caused by a ?hot spot. that it overlies. A violent history suggests equally as devastating future volcanic activity, underground forces are causing the landscape to change and geysers to become more active....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Curious Life Of Human Cadavers

- ... Doctors suggest this idea. Regarding this, a professor and surgeon, Matteo Colombo (c.1516-1559) discovered that the liver was formed prior to the heart. As a matter in fact, societies in the past used to think that liver was the source of human emotion and spirit. The theme of this text was centered around death. In fact, Roach expands on her curiousity on when the person themselves leave their body. “On the inside, H looks very much alive” (Roach3). The author describes her experience of being a spectator on the operation happening on patient H....   [tags: Death, Life, Human anatomy, Human]

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Human Rights Violations of the Nike Corporation

- Human Rights Violations of the Nike Corporation There is a running battle with activists, especially on the internet, to keep corporations and governments focused on human rights and the environment. Recent activity has centered around International Monetary Fund and World Bank. A victory for these such groups came recently when Starbucks Corporation agreed to a deal that could triple wages for thousands of coffee farmers. One battle that has been going on steadily for a long time with few signs of relief is against the Nike Corporation....   [tags: Human Rights Essays]

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Human Resource (HR) Roles and Responsibilities

- Human Resource (HR) Roles and Responsibilities In a conversation with my boss, K. Hodges (personal communication, May 16, 2007), companies are seeking to change the role of their HR organization to an organization which is a highly proactive partner, playing a leadership role in helping to frame the company's operating strategies to meet corporate objectives....   [tags: Human Resource HR Business ]

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Globalization and Human Trafficking

- Trafficking in human beings is now the fastest-growing business of organized crime. Men, women and children are trafficked within their own countries and across international borders. More than one person is smuggled across a border every minute which is the equivalent to ten jumbo jets every single day. And the trade earns twice as much as the Coca Cola brand. (STOP THE TRAFFIK 2014) According to estimates, more than 700,000 people are trafficked every year for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labour....   [tags: Human Trafficking]

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Human Trafficking in China

- Human trafficking is prevalent throughout the world, especially in Asia and more specifically in China but the government and non-governmental organizations (NGO) are taking measures to put an end to it. Human trafficking involves exploitation of human beings; either sexually or by coercing them to work in unfavourable conditions for little pay or nothing at all. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) defines human trafficking as “the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them.” Women and children, especially girls between the ages of fourteen and twenty constitute the majority of victims of human trafficking....   [tags: Human Rights]

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Human Resource Development

- Human Resource Development (HRD) is often seen to be a central feature of SHRM. Discuss the role and importance of HRD in achieving SHRM organizational outcomes. Introduction Learning and development in the context of organizational development is having an essential role in achieving strategic human resourcing outcome. From attraction and retention, to development and utilisation of human capital, Human Resource Development (HRD) is the centre of strategic focus in HRM. This essay aims to present and discuss a strategic model of HRD activities in organisations....   [tags: Business Human Resources]

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Human Evolution Of Humans And Humans

- ... In research, there was a site that had 13 dead in the same location. While being considered to be the plausible direct ancestors of present-day humans, Australopithecines were reasonably unintelligent. Their tools comprised of sticks and rocks found that were found in their surroundings. They were vegetarians; despite knowing that animals were edible, they did not have intention of being hunters. This ideal resulted in the evolution of Homo Habilis. Approximately two million years, exceedingly evolved Australopithecines made their priority to impact their environment....   [tags: Human evolution, Human, Homo erectus, Primate]

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Human Trafficking Is The Third Largest International Crime Industry After Illegal Drugs

- ... When it comes down to defining human trafficking, many people accept the definition that comes from the Palermo Protocols. Their definition has been adopted by the UN General assembly in 2000 and also has been accepted by over 150 countries. The Palermo Protocols defines human trafficking as the following: “The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of expl...   [tags: Human trafficking, Slavery, Sexual slavery, Rape]

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An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT

- An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT TNT is the European market leader in global express distribution, logistics and international mail. Wherever a company operates TNT will make sure that their documents, consignments and business mail are delivered safely and on time using their integrated air and road networks. Their international operations are focused on the key areas of world trade in Europe, Asia, North and South America. They also have strong domestic networks in Australia and Europe....   [tags: Business Human Resources Management Essays]

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Marx's Idea of Alienation in Productive Activity

- Marx's Idea of Alienation in Productive Activity (1) Marx explained that alienation is about the loss of human powers in the society and alienation separates human from his natural word, activities and makes man lose control over his labor activity. Marx alienation from productive activity emerged when human are barred by alienation from realizing their potentials and creativities, this was achieved under capitalism by division of labor which finally led to specialization in a specified or a fixed area of labor activity or task....   [tags: Papers]

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Human Resource Development And Human Resources Development

- ... She mentions that there are five main elements of resource-based strategy which including: First firms are substantially collections of capabilities. It means that inside the firm there are potential ability and capability to support the firm performance, and it include human resource capability. Second, The efficiency of the firm depends on the match between those capabilities and the market it serves.It means that the more similar the firm capability with what the market expected from the firm, the more efficient the firm in developing their capabilities (less resources need to be spend)....   [tags: Strategic management, Human resource management]

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Human Trafficking Is A Social Vice

- ... For instance, human trade was estimated to contribute approximately $31.6 billion per annum with an estimated 2.5 million people being trafficked across different nations in the world. The United Nations Assembly has been at the forefront condemning human trafficking and instituting stringent rules in an effort to suppress the practice. The United Nations Convention against Transnational organized Crime adopted a resolution to mitigate human trafficking in the year 2000. The treaty’s mandate was to seek international cooperation in investigating and prosecuting human trafficking perpetrators as well as protecting the contravention of the United Nations Universal Declaration on human righ...   [tags: Human rights, United Nations]

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Human Trafficking Is A Worldwide Issue

- ... Trafficking in persons has shown itself in many different countries as well as cities, and that is why it is still to this day something that is tough to stop. On many occasions, the victims are promised things that can allow them to have a better life or in some cases, they are just taken. When we think about Human Trafficking, we mostly thinking about women and children being taken and forced into sexual exploitation but there are many more things they are forced into, they are also forced marriage, forced slavery, they use the children as well as the teenagers and adults for pornography as well as surrogacy, and the extraction of organs so it can be sold....   [tags: Human trafficking, Slavery, Prostitution]

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An Anthropological Look At Human Sexuality

- ... Even I can see that this is a very in accurate way of doing things. If the females are never asked the same questions it makes for an incomplete database. Human infants are shaped with sexual potential but each society molds this differently. Children are taught that certain behaviors and feelings are proper while others are incorrect and should not be expressed. I don’t know how I feel about this. Yes in American society you don’t want your kids having sex with other kids but if they happen to notice the opposite sex at a young age I don’t know about punishing them severely....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality]

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Human Factors in Software Development

- The contemporary world is indeed an information society. Computer technologies pervade virtually all aspects of human life today: at home, in hospitals, at school, in the office, or in the industries. More and more novel technologies continue to be added on the already existing ones. While the technological aspects are important, the human factors in the development of the software sued in these technologies have been overlooked. Human factors are an essential aspect of the software development process in order to ensure user safety, and ease of use....   [tags: Human-centered Software]

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The Rights Of Human Rights

- ... Further, the World Trade Organisation has limited access to a fair amount of the markets to the ones who can afford it, thereby allowing governmental powers to gain “the benefits of free trade while withholding them from the global poor” (Pogge, 2002: 19). Political encouragement of RBA’s appears to have become an excuse for marketing basic human resources. Bilateral agencies and international development NGOs, on the other hand, promote civic and social participation. Sida, a bilateral agency, “does not…use the term ‘rights-based approach’” in their work, and have been targeting institutionalised discrimination along with DFID, yet continue to work on the same vein of poverty as a tragi...   [tags: Law, Human rights, Torture]

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The Problem Of Human Trafficking

- ... Boys and men gain social status, power and privileges when they follow gender rules, yet they are severely punished through gender-based discrimination for breaking them. Men, children, and women are getting killed, raped, committing suicide because they feel that there are no outlets and no help to ever come save them. There are pedophiles or sexual predators that shows interest in women with young boys, marry the mother to gain complete access to these vulnerable children in the middle of the night....   [tags: Human trafficking, Prostitution]

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The Crime And Punishment On Criminal Activity

- ... Beccaria held the belief that the certainty of punishment, even if it is mild in application, would deter individuals from committing crimes more so than the fear of a more severe punishment that is combined with the possibility of impunity. (Mutchnick,et al. 2009). He also emphasized that the type of punishment should fit the crime. Another idea he had regarding the intended objects of punishment is essential to modern criminological sciences. The term “specific deterrence” means that the punishment should act as a deterrent for that individual....   [tags: Capital punishment, Crime, Criminal law]

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The Routine Activity Theory Of Crime

- ... Surely we all can agree that there are offenders always waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of a low-risk crime. Whether their motive is for drugs, money, or other motivation, they still have some rational thought as to the risk. If a potential victim is better prepared, they offender will likely move on to a new target. According to Phoenix (2014), the routine activities theory suggests that measures be focused on private areas such as homes and public areas such as streets, bars, and parks because these are the primary locations where crime occurs....   [tags: Criminology, Crime, Police, Violent crime]

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Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

- ... Regular moderate to intense physical activity is associated with decreased risk of heart disease and stroke. Physical activity is considered as an effective remedy to slow down, halt, and sometimes reverse heart disease. Training and walking regularly may decrease the risk of heart disease by 35 to 37 percent. Many test results show a relationship between exercise and life expectancy. Being out of shape can be as bad for you as smoking cigarettes. Physically active patients have fewer heart attacks, fewer procedures for widening arteries, and fewer bypass operations....   [tags: Obesity, Exercise, Weight loss, Physical exercise]

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Human Trafficking in Canada

- CTV News shared breaking news on October, 23, 2013 that four Romanian women were found being victimized to human trafficking in Montreal. These women were lured to Canada hoping that they would find a better future but instead were forced into prostitution (2013). Human trafficking is an issue that is rarely acknowledged by Canadians. Most people are either unaware of the problem or do not recognize it as something that is happening in their own backyard. Although Canadians are exposed to the severity of human trafficking in other countries, Canadian citizens are unaware of the fact that Canada is not only a transit point for the United States but also a destination country....   [tags: Human Trafficking, Globalization]

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Enzyme Activity in the Catalase

- The purpose of this experiment was to see if there would be enzyme activity that is in catalase, which is found in potatoes. How my partner and me did the experiment was very simple, we put the filter paper filled with catalase concentration in to five sets of hydrogen peroxide. We found that the more concentration of hydrogen peroxide there was the faster it would take for the filter paper to reach the top, and the lower to no concentration level of hydrogen peroxide was the slower it would go to reach the top....   [tags: catalyst, potatoes, experiment]

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The Devils Playground For Human Trafficking

- ... Therefore, traffickers do not care who their victims are. Whether they are immigrants from another country, runaway teens, homeless persons, men, women, children, girlfriends, or even their own family members, anyone can succumb to being a victim of this heinous crime. Victims often seek better job opportunities or have dreams of a better life here in the United States. They are promised, by their predator, food, shelter, money, and an appealing life. After the victims have taken the bait, they find out their newly found freedom and redemption comes with a high price, their self-dignity....   [tags: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Organized crime]

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