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Jane Addams and Hull House

- Jane Addams and Hull House      Born in Cederville, Illinois, on September 6, 1860, Jane Addams founded the world famous social settlement of Hull House. From Hull House, where she lived and worked from it’s start in 1889 to her death in 1935, Jane Addams built her reputation as the country’s most prominent women through her writings, settlement work and international efforts for world peace. In 1931, she became the first women to win the Nobel Peace Prize.      Addams, whose father was an Illinois state senator and friend of Abraham Lincoln, graduated in 1881 from Rockford College (then called Rockford Women’s Seminary)....   [tags: Jane Addams, Hull House]

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Twenty Years at Hull-House

- Twenty Years at Hull-House Two Works Cited Victoria Bissell Brown's introduction to Twenty Years at Hull-House explains the life of Jane Addams and her commitment to insight social change to problems that existed during the turn of the 20th century. As a reaction to the hardships of a changing industrial society, Addams decided to establish a settlement house in the West side of Chicago to help individuals who had suffered from the cruelties of industrialization. Rejecting the philosophies that stemmed from the Gilded Age, such as social Darwinism and the belief that human affairs were determined by natural law, Addams was a progressive who wanted government to be more responsive...   [tags: Twenty Years at Hull-House]

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Hull University Union : An Essay

- Your union — An essay about Hull University student union  Introduction Hull University Union(HUU), run by students for students, is one of the most active students’ unions in the country, with over 150 active societies. It 's the hub for social activities and support at Hull and Scarborough. Hull University Union is one of the leading students ' unions in the country. They judge our success by our achievement of a Gold award in the Students’ Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI) and our scores for ‘Good Student Union’ in The Times Higher Education (THE) Student Experience Survey 2011 and the International Student Barometer (ISB) 2010 where we came 6th out of 44....   [tags: Student, International student, University]

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A Study On Hull Veterinary Clinic

- Hull Veterinary Clinic is a small brown building off of Highway 18 in the west side of Hull, Iowa. In that small brown building, a person would find Sandy, Mike, and Sheldahl. Sandy is the secretary of the clinic and Mike and Sheldahl are the veterinarians. They are three of the most welcoming and friendly people anyone would be fortunate to meet. And anyone who has met them, would find it very hard to believe that their profession is at a higher risk of suicide than the general population. Veterinarians are the people that care and treat for our much-loved animals and to know that they are taking their own lives four times more often than the national average is frightening (Stoewen)....   [tags: Veterinary medicine, Medicine, Veterinarian]

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Jane Addams and the Hull House Founding

- Jane Addams was a pioneer settlement worker, public philosopher, sociologist, author, leader and most important the founder of Hull House in Chicago. She had many humble goals in her life and all were successful. Addams wanted to help immigrants learn English and develop their social skill to become part of American society by educating them in the Hull Houses. She also wanted to minimize the gap between rich and poor. Addams also had a passion for children and she wanted to make sure that there was a place for young ones to be active in activates that were fun and took their mind and person away from the hardships that surrounded them....   [tags: Immigrants, Teaching]

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Jane Addams and the Successful Hull House

- ... Lectures and classes on a wide range of subjects including English, citizenship and art were offered for free by social reformers, students and university teachers like Susan B. Anthony and Frank Lloyd Wright (“Hull House” 1).Soon after, Addams and Starr were joined by Julia Lathrop, a college friend and lawyer, and Florence Kelley, a member of the Socialist Labor Party. It was because of Kelley that the Hull-House became a center for social reform. She, along with Alzina Stevens and Mary Kenney, spear headed the research of the sweating trade in Chicago which lead to the passing of the Illinois Factory Act of 1893....   [tags: immigrants, school, suffrage]

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Hull House: Turned Immigrants into Americans

- The United States is a nation of immigrants but also a nation of Americans, when exactly does it happen that an immigrant becomes an American. Most of the people in the United States came from Europe or their ancestors came from Europe. Many immigrants were poor, day laborers who chose to live in the city. They came to America in hope of a better economic life. Many lived in sections of the city that suffered from severe poverty. They often lived in run down tenement houses that were unsafe. All the while, they clung to the cultures of the “old world” they just left....   [tags: Jane Addams]

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Chuck Hull: Inventor of the 3d Printer

- Chuck Hull and The 3d printer Early life and stereolithography: Chuck Hull Was born on May 12 1939. In 1983 Chuck invented stereolithography and subsequently And in 1989 founded 3D systems. Stereolithography was developed when there was no such thing as rapid prototyping/creating a concept model If you were lucky you could make a working prototype even though It took months and thousands of dollars. And while engineers were Using A computer to help them design and manufacture prototypes. There was no method for that software to communicate....   [tags: stereolithography, prototyping, images]

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Chicago 's First Settlement : Hull House

- Chicago’s first settlement, Hull-House, created many educational opportunities for the multicultural neighboring community. The most influential settlement house during the time was located near the West Side of Chicago. While visiting Europe, Addams visited Toynbee Hall, a pioneer settlement in the high poverty center of London’s East End community. Addams created relationships with the college students that attended Toynbee Hall, and from that the group established the creation of Hull-House. Addams sought to create an influential settlement for Chicago’s West Side community, as it was comparable to the poverty stricken community surrounding Toynbee Hall....   [tags: Education, History of education, Teacher, School]

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Ship Hull Structure Fabrication and Wrapping the Stiffener Weld

- The wrapping of the welds at the web side of the stiffener is difficult since it must be completed through the scalp. A large scalp may be required to provide access for the welder. However, a large scalp reduces the amount of weld that can be placed which may lead to weld failures from the cross frame forces. Elimination of the scalap and allowing the crossing of the stiffener and web-to-flange fillets welds is a possible alternative. Analyzing of stiffener details with and without a scalp was conducted....   [tags: Scalp, Cracks]

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Gov Jane Hull

- Jane Dee Hull was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 8, 1935. Governor Hull is married to Dr. Terry Hull. Dr. Hull practiced medicine in Pheonix for 32 wears and now works as a consultant. Governor Hull and Dr. Hull have four children and eight grandchildren. Governor Hull received a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Kansas and also did postgraduate work in political science and economics at Arizona State University. She is a graduate of the Josephson Ethics Institute....   [tags: essays research papers]

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How Much Weight Can Float Your Boat?

- How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float. How much is your boat able to hold. A boat can only hold so much weight before it starts to sink. Too much weight on a boat can cause the boat to sway back and forth or roll over. It is very important to make sure that the load of your cargo is balanced or the chance of capsizing a boat is greatly increased. When weight is added to a vessel, the boat will start to lower in the water, but it will not sink because of the shape of the hull. Many boats are designed with a flat-bottom because they are able to hold more in their cargo hold....   [tags: vessel, hull, water]

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Night Waitress by Lynda Hull is a poem that describes the feelings of

- Night Waitress by Lynda Hull is a poem that describes the feelings of a waitress that works the night shift of a diner Reflection of “Night Waitress” “Night Waitress” by Lynda Hull is a poem that describes the feelings of a waitress that works the night shift of a diner. The speaker obviously belongs to a lower social class, in the way of income and her occupation. Much like the character in this poem, the speaker in “The Chimney Sweeper” by William Blake works long, hard hours as a chimneysweeper....   [tags: English Literature]

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Titanic's Disaster: Why Did It Really Sink?

- Titanic’s Disaster Why did titanic sink in three hours if she was deemed unsinkable. Unsinkable ships don’t sink that fast. From survivors accounts they all say she sunk in less than three hours and that she split in two. I’m pretty sure unsinkable ships don’t sink that fast and break in two, so if she really was unsinkable then why did that happen. Titanic’s hull was reinforced after her sister had an incident similar to that. Before titanic hit the iceberg she had received several warnings about icebergs, none of them reached the bridge....   [tags: hull, iceberg, water]

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Linda Scott's Reading the Popular Image and Kathryn Kish Sklar's Hull House in the 1890’s

- Linda M. Scott’s chapter from her book ¬Fresh Lipstick: Redressing Fashion and Feminism, Reading the Popular Image as well as Kathryn Kish Sklar’s article Hull House in the 1890’s: A community of Women Reformers cover the main theme of the New Woman as Club Woman and Social Reformer. Found in both articles is the way in which the New Women emerged in society. Scott’s chapter examines how the publicity and social construction of the Gibson Girl played an influential role on the daily lives of the women who viewed her, while Sklar’s article explores how Hull House played as a tool to socially and economically integrate women into society....   [tags: literary analysis, Linda M. Scott]

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Settlement Houses: Providing Social and Educational Services to the Immigrants

- ... The next day the kitchen would be used for a cooking class, then the Workingmen's Discussion Club would meet and discus labor unions and child labor. Every day, these educated women would teach something different, such as important information that could be used for self-improvement. If a young woman decided to go into Hull House and live there, she would have to save some money to pay for her own expenses. In addition, Addams would've assigned this woman a job that was in her best interest without paying her....   [tags: progressive era, hull house experiment]

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Jane Addams

- Jane Addams Jane Addams was a Victorian woman born into a male-dominated society on September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois. Her father was a wealthy landowner and an Illinois senator who did not object to his daughter’s choice to further her education, but who wanted her to have a traditional life. For years after his death, Addams tried to reconcile the family role she was expected to play with her need to achieve personal fulfillment. Jane was born into a rich family and could have very easily become a housewife with few worries....   [tags: Hull House History Biographies Essays]

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The Evolution of Displacement Hulls

- ... It was discovered that if you have a flat bottomed boat there will be less drag. The less drag the boat has the smoother the ride on the boat will be and there will be less of an attack angle to the boat. Most of the planing hulls today are made with a vee bottom. The height and weight of have have great effect on the speed. Planing hulls tend to skim more on the water rather than moving in the water. The concept of the stepped hull was proposed by Rev. Ramus of Sussex, England in 1872. He proposed both a single stop with tandem planing surfaces, and a combination of three pontoons with one forward and two aft....   [tags: maritime engineering]

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Psychology Takes Roots in the United States

- Introduction Behaviorism started slowly in the United States in the early 20th century but John B. Watson brought this new way of psychology to the forefront in the world of psychology (Greenwood, 2009) with his teaching on measurable things (Dewey, 2007). Behaviorists in America in the mid-twentieth century desired to explain and regulate behaviors and even create set laws that could describe said behaviors (Dewey, 2007). Watson (1913) states that psychology, according to behaviorists, is an objective and experimental part of science which needs little self-analysis similar to that of chemistry and physics....   [tags: Psychology ]

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Taking a Closer Look at Behaviorists

- ... Then he attended the University of Chicago for his Ph.D. Watson continued his life teaching at Johns Hopkins University. While teaching there, Watson decided to do his own private study. This is when he conducted his “Little Albert” experiment. Although John B. Watson's Methodological Behaviorism was an excellent beginning to Behaviorism, Clark Hull's Neobehaviorism also was important in the school of Behaviorism. Clark Hull was determined to create a theory for learning. Hull wanted to create a law in Psychology that learning was continuous....   [tags: the study of behavioral psychology]

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Emerging Female Literature in the 15th and 16th Century

- With the “successive reigns by two educated queens” in the sixteenth century there began a close examination of the woman’s role in society (Hull 1). Although nothing drastic, small numbers of women began to gain an education which taught them to read. The exact number is unknown and there is some controversy as to how many women could actually read. However, according to Suzanne Hull the “small but steady stream of books for a female audience” (Hull 1) indicates that there were a growing number of women who could read....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Movies with Unknown Heroes, Shane and Pale Rider

- Shane (1953) and Pale rider (1985) are both movies of unknown heroes. Once gun slinger who have changed their life for the better. Traveling from town to town just helping whoever they come in contact with. Both men helping these communities accomplishing all they have ever wanted to, but without these men they might not have ever stood up to their problems. Both Shane and the Preacher are unknown men who just walk into the main characters life's and making their presence know in the very beginning of the movies....   [tags: preacher, communities, guns]

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History Of Tennessee And The Volunteer Spirit

- Throughout the history of Tennessee there has been many influential people, events, and themes. Although they are all significant in their own way because they have all helped to constructed Tennessee into the way it is today, some in particular still stand out. If it weren’t for the positive, or negative, effect some factors played out, things in Tennessee would be completely different for the volunteer state. The two people that stand out between the years of 1860-1990 are Cordell Hull and Frank Clement....   [tags: United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt]

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Our Ability to Connect with Nature

- Nature is a reality of life. The definition of reality could be everything that cease to exist in an individual’s life. Because reality means something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily, nature should be a part of every individual’s life. As individual human beings, we tend to forget the beauty that nature has given us and only see objects and subjects we want to see. Nature has existed since the beginning of time and the bible story of Adam and Eve may suggest that an individual came from nature....   [tags: Losing Connection to Nature]

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The Loss of the Fitzgerald Ship

- There are mysteries which men can only guess at, which may only ever truly be solved in part; the SS Edmund Fitzgerald’s sinking is one of them. At the time it was launched in 1958, the 729-foot long, 75-foot wide freighter was the largest ship to ply the Great Lakes. Although, on November 9, 1975 the ship embarked upon what would become its final voyage. She was carrying 26,000 tons of iron ore pellets and bound for Detroit and though the day was bright, in her path laid great turbulence. On November 10, at 1:00am, the first signs of trouble appeared, and prevailed into the afternoon....   [tags: lake superior, wreck, theories]

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Incat Wave-Piercing Catamaran

- Describe your selected innovation/invention and discuss the design practice used in its development. Use appropriate images to illustrate this section of your report. Relate your discussion to the industry standards that were being applied at the time. Did this innovation challenge existing standards. Incat’s wave piercing catamarans are an innovation of the catamaran through design and materials. The original catamaran where made to be a fast and stable two hulled boat, although on choppy seas they where unable to maintain this stability....   [tags: Innovation Research Paper]

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Understanding the Concept involved in Media Communication

- ... I studied Media at both GCSE and BTEC Level 3. Whilst on these courses I produced a variety of media projects including creating material for a local community radio station (KCFM), produced and starred in various short films (such as The Tale of Misty & Joel) and advertisement production. Whilst at Hull College I have worked on publicity shots for a variety of projects for national and local media related businesses (GAME, Platform). I am also one of the student "reps" for the college, a title of which I am very proud....   [tags: production, viewers, camera]

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The Progressive Era and Jane Addams

- The progressive era was a time of enormous changes that flourished in the United States. Activists demanded a reform in education, technology, science, and Democracy. Purification of government was the main goal, and it was during this time that progressives made “scientific” the social sciences, especially history, economics and political sciences ( It was also during this era (1890’s-1920’s) that the Federal Reserve System was founded. The 16th through 19th amendments, the Food and Drug Act, and Federal Trade Commission were also put into play....   [tags: political activist and prgamatist]

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Fighting for Equal Rights

- Jane Addams, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Rachel Carson were four American women who advocated for social change. Their courage, intelligence, strength and leadership made a positive difference in the lives of many people. These women were pioneers in their times. They either helped to found, or lent their voices to, various social movements, policies, and causes that evolved during their lifetimes and proved successful in helping many oppressed people. Jane Addams is most famous for her work in two major movements, the first of which is the Settlement House movement of the 1800s....   [tags: Women's Rights ]

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Class War in Chicago

- America, circa 1900, had virtually no middle class. Cities like Chicago had neighborhoods of high society and old money and slums of immigrants suffering in atrocious conditions. The separation of these two classes, the rulers from the serfs, and overall alienation from nature allowed the living and working environments of the lower class to become unbearable. With no power to fight for themselves, the poor, along with the environment itself, were simply ignored. Until the wealthy took notice of the great injustices occurring in their own city, reform movements could not happen....   [tags: Reform Movement, US Histort]

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Ellen Gates Starr

- Ellen Gates Starr Ellen Gates Starr, who was born in Illinois in 1859, enrolled in Rockford Female Seminary. Here, she met what would be a long-time friend, Jane Addams. Together, they founded a mansion in the city of Chicago. After fixing it up, the Hull House was formed. This became the first settlement house in Chicago and in the United States, officially opening in 1889. This mansion was surrounded by the slums of Chicago. They felt no need to move it to another part of the city, but where it would feel more welcoming to the female immigrants and their children....   [tags: History]

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Exploring Identity and Time in Here, An Arundel Tomb and The Whitsun Weddings

- Exploring Identity and Time in Here, An Arundel Tomb and The Whitsun Weddings    Larkin has been criticized over the years for the moroseness of his poems, the blackened description of everyday life that some people say lacks depth, however, unlike many other poets, Larkin does not always write the truth or the depth of his feelings. In many there is a voice, trying to convince its author of something that is usually quite evident or exploring itself but revealing only the surface. Why he is trying to convince himself and what are is true feelings present the real challenge and profundity of Larkin poems....   [tags: An Arundel Tomb]

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Jane Addams and the Progressive Movement

- Jane Addams and the Progressive Movement Works Cited Not Included Jane Addams is recognized as a social and political pioneer for women in America. In her biography, which later revealed her experiences in Hull House, she demonstrates her altruistic personality, which nurtured the poor and pushed for social reforms. Although many of Addams ideas were considered radical for her time, she provided women with a socially acceptable way to participate in both political and social change. She defied the prototypical middle class women by integrating the line that separated private and political life....   [tags: Jane Addams Feminism Female Essays Women]

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The Influence of War in Shaping the US

- As we are all aware that America was not shaped over night, there were – in fact – certain instances in history that radically determined the shape of our great country. Many things will certainly come to mind, if you simply think about it long enough. The Revolutionary War, may pop into your minds first. Next may come the Civil War. Perhaps the Constitution, or the Founding Fathers. While all of these were detrimental to the formation of America, there is yet another part of history that influenced our country today....   [tags: History, Description, 1812]

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Assessment of Manipulations in Commodities Futures Markets

- Though complicated in implementations, neither market power nor fraud is sporadic in commodities futures markets. Although such perplexity does constrain understandings as well as prosecution attempts (Fischel and Ross, 1991; Markham, 1993; Pirrong, 2010), basic market functions, such as hedging and price discovery are apparently weakened with fraudulent prices (Hull, 2003). Some manipulations shaped the regulatory framework in commodities futures markets, like the 19th century corner in grain, which generated the initial need for regulations (Lower, 1991; Sharp, 2009)....   [tags: market power, electricity, energy markets]

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Thunder Bay: A Historic Place and Shipwrecks

- Great lakes 10,000 years ago, glaciers cut through the valleys in the north regions forming what would much later become The Great Lakes. As the largest freshwater system on earth, they are known for their vast area covering over 94,000 square miles, and have been the key asset to settlement in the surrounding regions. Serving as highways for migration, trade and travel the regions prospered from the abundance of natural resources. Lake superior is the worlds largest freshwater lake. It is also one of the most clear lakes in the world with an average visibility of 27ft with some regions as deep as 100ft....   [tags: Application, Great Lakes]

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Can A Cardboard Boat Float

- As surprising as it may seem, one of the most common household items, cardboard, can be used to construct a boat. Building a cardboard boat has become a fun activity that anyone can take part in. Towns and schools hold annual cardboard boat regattas, judging the entrants on speed, design, and creativity. In New Richmond, Ohio there is even a cardboard boat museum. These special boats are more than just a box thrown into water; they are designed using elements of engineering and physics to make them not only water ready, but fast and durable....   [tags: history, stone age, log boats]

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Separating Ourselves from the World

- Human connection and detachment plays a significant role in the advancement of our moral self in the sociological and philosophical aspect of our lives. Human connectedness is the ability to seperate our inner self from the outside world. This means that our own judgement is based off the way we look upon ourselves as an individual person and the way we look at ourselves from someone else’s point of view. The reasoning that we do in our daily lives let us understand the two worlds that we create for ourselves....   [tags: connection, detachment, identify]

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Notes On Bond Options Analysis

- Further topics in Derivatives – Bond Options Analysis PART A - Describe the payoffs to the product, and discuss how different parameter values result in changes in the price of the option using the DerivaGem software. A bond option gives the option holder the right, but not obligation, to buy or sell a bond to option writer/seller, for a pre-determined price on or before a given time in the future. There are two types of options: Call and Put options. A call option give the holder the right to buy a bond, and the payoff of a call option is Maximum(St – K,0); while a put option give the holder the right to sell a bond and the payoff of a put option is Maximum(K – St,0)....   [tags: Option, Call option, Strike price, Put option]

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My Experience With Shingles

- In December of my senior year of high school, I suddenly began to feel very achey and rundown. Between college applications, finals, and staying up way too late on the phone with friends, I assumed I was just exhausted. Then, winter break started and even with more time to rest, I continued to feel awful. My back, in particular, ached and felt uncomfortable at even the lightest touch, like clothes brushing against it. Then it looked like I had a very small, isolated rash on my back. Some family friends, who are primary care doctors, took a look at my back and said they thought it looked like shingles, but thought it must be something else because typically they only saw shingles in much olde...   [tags: Shingles Essay]

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Free Process Essays - How Boats Work

- How Boats Work  As most people probably know a propeller is what drives a motorboat through the water. However, the water gives off quite a bit of resistance. If you want to travel at greater velocities you have to speed up the boat to push against the water and to move the hull higher. The force of the water against the hull is called friction. This slows the boat down. If a boat hull is designed well the water will flow around more easily. The sail of a modern sailing boat or yacht catches the wind and pushes the boat forward....   [tags: Expository Process Essays]

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What Does Book State Are The Two Conditions That Must Be Met Before A Case

- Assignment 4 What does you book state are the two conditions that must be met before a case can be waived from Juvenile Court to Adult Court jurisdiction. The two conditions that must be met before a case can be waived from Juvenile Court to Adult Court Jurisdiction: “The age of the offender at the time the crime was committed and the nature of the offense”. Based upon your home state, provide the youngest age of a juvenile tried as an adult. (please provide the link to support your response) George Pittman, of Chester SC is the youngest juvenile tried as an adult at the age of 12....   [tags: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Childhood, Children]

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The Impact Of Albert Bandura 's Social Learning Theory On Psychology

- The impact of Albert Bandura’s social learning theory on psychology will be explored in this paper. Bandura took behavioral theory and expanded it to include additional aspects of human experience. This did not happen in isolation, but rather was influenced by other components of behaviorism and other psychologists. Bandura’s social learning theory also opened up new avenues of thought in developmental psychology and can be applied to learning in the workplace. Extension of Behavioral Theory Behavioral theory enjoyed immense success and became a predominant mode of thought in psychology for quite a while....   [tags: Psychology, Behaviorism, Educational psychology]

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The Role Of A Colleague 's Role Play Video

- An opportunity was given to practice our social work skills through creating a role play video. This essay will consist of my overall reflection of completing the role play video in addition to assessing a colleague’s role play video. The following points will be addressed, “An explanation of any insights you gained from the experience. An explanation of the challenges you experienced in planning and executing the role play. An explanation of the specific techniques you used and why you used them....   [tags: Social work, Sociology, School social worker, Game]

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Angelina Weld Grimke's Poetry and Use of Nature

- Angelina Weld Grimké was born in Boston, Massachusetts February 27, 1880 to Archibald Henry Grimké and Sarah E. Stanley. As a result, Grimké was born into a rather “unusual and distinguished biracial family” (Zvonkin, para. 1). Her father was the son of a slave and her master, who also happened to be the brother of the two famous abolitionist Grimké sisters: Angelina and Sarah. Grimké’s mother, Sarah, was from a prominent, white middle class family; she left Grimké and her African American husband due to racial pressure from her white family and, as a result, Grimké was raised entirely by her father....   [tags: Biography ]

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The Changeable Nature of the Air Transport Market

- ... As a result, this section of the industry is becoming less distinguishable from its low cost rivals with regards to cost and the service provided . In the past, certain legacy carriers have also been known to attempt to combat their competition by creating their own affiliated low cost airlines, for example, British Airway’s ‘Go Fly’ and Singapore Airlines ‘Scoot’ . Although the flag carrier airlines have been in the market for longer, they constantly have to adapt to the ever-changing competition....   [tags: cargo, outsourcing]

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Business Profitability and Reputation: The Case of Merbatty

- ... Merbatty has a number of key suppliers and have precedence in maintaining good relationship with their customers. There are two potential companies that can provide the required services- Arabian Interiors and Cooper Designs. The following criteria were used for evaluating the companies and the best option has been chosen accordingly. Cost: While quality of work is highly important to stay competitive, cost is also a major concern. Cooper Designs charges €100K for a mid-sized boat while Arabian Interiors charges only €90K per boat....   [tags: market segment, cost-benefit-analysis]

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The War Of 1812 : The Forgotten War

- The War of 1812 is often considered as “The Forgotten War” in our American history. Schools and prior generations have not focused a lot of time and effort on learning about this vital war. However, many positive aftereffects came from this important war. Since 1803, France and Great Britain had been at war and Great Britain had created a blockade, which violated the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between America and France. Through a series of Orders in Council the British blockaded most of Europe’s seaports....   [tags: War of 1812, United States, James Madison]

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Case Study : New Jersey, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner

- In Camden, New Jersey, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner is pioneering efforts to improve healthcare delivery through medical “hotspotting” (Doctor Hotspot, 2011), the geographical mapping of patient healthcare costs using computational statistics (Gawande, 2011). Medical hotspotting enables communities to identify residents receiving the worst health care by identifying hotspots of high medical costs and frequent emergency room visits (Gawande, 2011). As with all macro level change, Dr. Brenner pursued his goal of improving health care through a process of planning....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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The Titanic: Could it Have Been Saved?

- In the Atlantic ocean over a thousand years ago, many vikings would cross the ocean in large boats. A lot of them risked being blown off course by bad storms or dying of some disease they had caught on the boat. The boats would sometimes hit something in the water causing the boat to sink. The Titanic however was the exact opposite of other boats. It had no fear of going into the ocean and risking thousands of people’s lives. Do not go anywhere because the story of how the Titanic changed the way of life on the ocean will be continued....   [tags: transatlantic ship sinking tragedies]

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The United States During World War II

- Almost 74 years ago to date, Pearl Harbor, located in southern Oahu, Hawaii, was maliciously attacked by the Japanese empire. It was a terrifying tragedy that ultimately forced the United States into World War II, the second world-wide war in a 25 year period. The United States had made a good effort to stay neutral during World War II, though we clearly sided with the Allies. The United States wanted to remain having the option of selling and trading goods with any country. During World War I, the United States lost approximately 117,000 men and women, though mostly men, and spent over 27 billion dollars....   [tags: World War II, Attack on Pearl Harbor]

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War Of 1812 : American History

- War of 1812 Brenda Myatt HIST101 I1005 American History to 1877 Professor Barry Shollenberger December 13, 2014 War of 1812 For two and a half year American fought in the War of 1812 also known as the Second War of Independence. The war was in many different states, the war traveled Canada, New York, Maryland, Louisiana, the Great Lakes region, and the Atlantic as well as Caribbean coasts of the United States. The American commanders of the war were Major General William Henry Harrison and Major General Andrew Jackson....   [tags: War of 1812, United States, United States Army]

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The New Empire

- American national character has been in the past defined as being more moralistic and just than other nations. America was founded on the principles of liberty and democracy, it was a nation thought if to be of righteous pursuits. The idea of the New Empire was that a democracy does not take colonies because it is out of step of national character. Democracies must avoid militarism and political invitations with other nations. From this Idea it was thought that the U.S. would expand not through colonies but through free trade....   [tags: Cold War, Vietnam War, Containment, Policy]

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The Fight For Social Justice

- The main purpose of social work is to advocate for those who have no voice. Throughout history, many individuals have served as role models and proponents of social justice, helping to create policies and programs so future generations can benefit. Jane Addams, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Rachel Carson, and Harriet Tubman worked tirelessly and devoted their entire lives to the pursuit of justice. We have learned through their sacrifices that change is just one person away, and that it takes tremendous force to shift the political landscape of social welfare policy....   [tags: Social Work ]

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Can a Cardboard Boat Float?

- ... in their boats, known as longships. These ships were the main naval vessel of the Scandinavians. Their boats were built for speed due to their shallow draft hull design. During that time these boats were very intimidating. Today, however, we have boats that have reached over 300 miles per hour and ships that are 1,600 ft. long. After hearing that you can make a boat out of cardboard you may be wondering why boats even float. The reason a boat can float, is based on the gravitational force and the buoyancy force....   [tags: incorporating topics learned in class ]

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Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt

- President Franklin D. Roosevelt began his political career as assistant secretary of the Navy under Woodrow Wilson; backed Governor Wilson in the 1912 presidential nomination; and ran for vice president in 1920 on a program of support for Wilson’s League of Nations.1 Wilson and Roosevelt are both well known for their political agendas and achievements and both presidents took a strong stance on the function of the US in the world arena. Roosevelt used Wilson’s policies as a guidepost for his presidency, but did not strictly adhere to the Wilsonianism throughout his own tenure in the White House....   [tags: Wilson, politics, government]

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Religious Studies and Theology

- The aim of this essay is to investigate the contributions of Cuthbert to the Celtic traditions and his subsequent roles and lessons that the modern day Christian can learn from his life and actions. Apparently Cuthbert had a rich and a more comprehensive background that provides an in depth analysis of the traditions and the way of life of the Celtics. To achieve the objective of this essay, an argumentative approach would be advanced to ascertain the roles that Cuthbert played in the Celtic traditions....   [tags: Celtic Traditions, Cuthbert]

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The History of Hypnosis

- The history of hypnosis started with the healing practices of Franz Anton Mesmer and his pupil, Armand Marie Jacques de Chastnet, Marquis de Puységur in 1779.(Crabtree, 2013: 298) Mesmer discovered through a method he used that patients would become disconnected from reality, but pervious to influence. This method he called "animal magnetism" was the motion of slowly swiping his hand in front of the body of his patient. According to Crabtree (1993), Mesmer's pupil, Puységur, would then apply this method to his patients and discovered that "many entered into a state with these characteristics : 1) a sleepwalking kind of consciousness, 2) a "rapport " or special connection with the magnetizer...   [tags: effect on the human body]

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Oil: It’s Benefits and Downfalls

- Oil: It’s Benefits and Downfalls Our country utilizes an average of 700 million gallons of oil per day (NOAA, 2002). We are a country heavily dependent on oil. The film, which is about the important resource of oil, begins at Midway Sunset, the largest oil producing field in California. It is also the “largest oil-producing field in the continental United States.” In November of 1909, Midway Sunset had great success with the “Midway Gusher.” This gusher poured out 2000 barrels of oil a day, which was an astounding amount in 1909 (San Joaquin Geological Society, 2000)....   [tags: Oil Movie Film Essays]

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The Difference of Humanistic Theories of Motivation from Other Theories

- The Difference of Humanistic Theories of Motivation from Other Theories What differentiates humanistic theories of motivation (e.g. Maslow, Rogers) from other theories (e.g. Hull, Instinct). Many researchers in the humanistic approach to psychology have noted the persistent motive within individuals to become competent in dealing with the environment. Successful completion of a task, however, often seems to cause the task to lose some of its value, and new, more difficult challenges are undertaken....   [tags: Papers]

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Alzina Parsons-Stevens, A Biography

- Alzina Parsons-Stevens, labor and industrial worker and child welfare worker was born in Parsonfield, Maine in 1849, a town named after her paternal grandfather, Colonel Thomas Parsons, who received the land for his service in the American Revolution. Enoch Parsons, who served in the War of 1812, was a relatively prosperous farmer and small manufacturer. He and his wife, Louise (Page) Parsons, had seven children, of whom Alzina Parsons was the fourth daughter and the youngest child. Enoch Parsons died in 1862, leaving the family in difficult financial straits....   [tags: Biography]

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American Pragmatist Tradition

- Meriam-Webster dictionary defines pragmatism as: dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories. It can therefore be assumed that a pragmatist is someone who is guided by observation and practical experience instead of theory or ideology. People who are pragmatic are sometimes thought of as hardheaded, but for the most part the term is used in a positive way and relates to practical people and sensible thinking....   [tags: social behaviorism, Progressive era]

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The Antarctic Race: An Analysis of Amundsen and Scott’s Use of Technology in their Expeditions to the South Pole.

- Roald Amundsen was the first man to reach both poles – a very significant achievement considering the technology and knowledge available at the time. There are many aspects that both parties had to consider in preparing for the journey – an analysis of the weather conditions, land, soil type, flora and faunae, and route to be taken, as well as the logistics involved in packing necessary clothing, food, scientific and navigational equipment, and what to pack this on to – since the type of transportation utilized is a very crucial decision in exploration....   [tags: Exploration]

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The Teenage Years Can Be Challenging, Difficult And Confusing For Teenagers And Their Parents

- Many would agree that the teenage years can be challenging, difficult and confusing for teenagers and their parents. Although there is a shift in the cultural, societal acceptance of diverse sexual orientation, discrimination, alienation, oppression and victimization of LGBTQ individuals still exist. When dealing with a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) youth, there can be increased challenges and difficulties as a result of their sexual orientation. Providing support groups for parent of LGBTQ teenagers can provide a forum in which the parents can vent and learn how to interact effectively with their teenagers and other parents who have a desire to learn and share in the...   [tags: LGBT, Sexual orientation, Homosexuality, Gay]

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The Importance Of An Effective Counselor, Bi Sexual, And Transgender ( Lgbt )

- In order to be an effective counselor, one must remember to keep the client(s) in mind. The goal is to assist the client(s) in living the best life possible for that particular person or persons. With that being said, one cannot forget that they have their own set of morals, values, ideas, and the like. Social workers have to keep in mind that there will be cases that are complex and a favorable outcome may not be possible. In the instance that I am confronted with an issue that conflicts with my religious beliefs, I plan on assisting the client as much as possible by adhering the National Association of Social Work Code of Ethics, NASW standards for the Practice of Clinical Social Work, and...   [tags: Social work, Sociology, Social justice]

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Two Articles on the Mind and Defense Mechanisms and Coping Method

- Of all the human body parts, the mind is the one that serves multiple roles. It is the part that allows humans to turn their knowledge and intelligence into useful inventions. Indeed, it is what makes humans more superior than animals. The human mind is a miraculous tool; it can store memories, protect humans from their traumatic experiences, and allow imagination to roam freely. When a person encounters a traumatic experience, the mind can automatically pull tricks to help him cope with the trauma....   [tags: miraculous tool, defense mechanism, mind]

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The Main Component in the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks

- ... Rosa Parks worked on cases and she saw the odds that was against her people tremendously, and she used this to gain some publicity. Through the organization NAACP they thought that if they get enough public eyes on the cases that it would hopefully decrease segregation and eventually come to a stop in Alabama. But sadly enough the NAACP wasn’t getting the publicity from the court cases they pursued, in the areas they lost majority of their cases mostly had to involve in lynching, flogging, peonage, murder and rape....   [tags: NAACP, bus, boycott]

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Grace Abbott: The Mother of America's Forty-Three Million Children

- From the humble beginning of Social Work there have been many people who have tirelessly worked, fought, and dedicated their life advocating for the people in our world who are disadvantaged. Furthermore, many of these people have been women who not only were strong enough to fight for the rights of others, but also had to fight the forces whom thought that women where in some way second hand citizens themselves. These women were brave and determined enough to break out of the box that society placed them in, and stand up for the social injustices that they seen taking place, and try to make a difference....   [tags: Biography ]

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Ideals of Womanhood: Transformation of Gender Roles in Society

- Throughout the history of America, the issue of social liberty has been in question since the beginning of the Civil War. Aside from social equality for blacks and immigrants, the issue of woman’s suffrage was slowly surfacing. As a result of Victorianism, women were domesticated and were expected to uphold proper behavior established by Victorian society. However, during the late 1800s, the progressive reform produced widespread consumer, political, and labor changes throughout the country. Women were more educated and given more opportunity to expand into new fields of employment....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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English Premier League: Correlation Between Spending and Success

- Introduction: Football is a very famous and well-known sport all over the world. Fans go crazy about their favorite clubs and teams play as hard as they can to win the championship. What a lot of people do not talk about is the money aspect of football. Every year football clubs spend millions on buying and selling players, which is called transfers. Apart from that, the amounts of money clubs pay their players, as a salary is outrageous depending on the team. In many leagues, there is the firm belief that spending a lot of money on players leads to success....   [tags: fans, championship]

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The Process of Giving Maintenance to a Ship

- ... All this will have to be done within 2 days so that other jobs can be started.  The Critical Path is the most powerful tool that helps you schedule and manage your project. It helps you plan all the task that must be completed for a given job. It acts as a basis for the preparation of a schedule and also for resource planning. It would tell you the shortest time that it would take you to complete a certain job. Critical Path will also allow you to monitor the job and help you see where actions need to be taken to get the job back on its course....   [tags: dry dock, survey, critical path]

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The United Kingdom And The Abolition Of Slavery

- One of the most important characters in the fascinating history of the United Kingdom is undoubtedly William Wilberforce. Among all of his contributions to the country, his role in the abolition of slavery in UK is considered to be the most notable of his achievements. Therefore, this essay will first provide a concise explanation of how slavery began while the second part will show how it became a profitable business for British traders. The last section, meanwhile, analyses in details the role played by William Wilberforce, one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement, and all his efforts to overcome the unfree labour in the United Kingdom....   [tags: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, British Empire]

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The Social Worker 's Educational Background And Training

- Introduction The term social worker encompasses numerous different functions. They encompass a variety of skills which are linked, with the goal of helping individuals in need (Kirst-Ashman, & Hull, 2015). Discussed in this paper is the interview conducted with Tiernan Seaver, MSW, Program Coordinator at the CASA FAMILIAR, nonprofit community development agency, located in San Ysidro, California. The interview consisted of questions regarding Tiernan’s educational background, what brought her to the field of social work, as well as her professional work preference....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Master of Social Work]

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The American Dream in the Nineteenth Century

- In the late nineteenth century, an increasingly flow of immigrants from many parts of the world made their way to America searching for a dream that gave birth to term “American Dream” still alive today. Driven by economic and financial hardships, persecutions, and great social and political turmoil of the nineteenth century, millions of people and families left their homelands and embarked on the difficult journey to the United States of America. Immigrants came to America from their homeland for many different reasons that were shared equally among men and women of the time....   [tags: Through Women's Eyes Since 1865]

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Long Term Effects Of Abortion On Women

- Abortion has so many different view points on the topic, some positive some negative. Roe verse Wade played a huge part in the decision making process on abortion. Everyone has their own opinions about abortion but the opinion concerning when life begins had a significant effect on a person’s views concerning whether they are for or against abortion. The studies of long term effects from abortion on women are traumatic and devastating. They can include mental, physical, and emotional problems after an abortion....   [tags: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Pregnancy, Fetus]

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The Calvinist View on Eternal Security

- A New Year’s resolution dealing with someone’s health is the major contributor to the number of gym memberships purchased in January. But the gym never gives free memberships to the individuals who are overweight and unhealthy. Nor does the gym allow individuals to continue using the gym with a one-time purchase. In order to attain a gym membership, individuals have to pay a flat rate for every year he or she wants to be a member. The gift of salvation is a totally different experience then a gym or club membership....   [tags: perseverance, saints, christ]

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A Tragedy Unfolded: The RMS Titanic

- A Tragedy Unfolded On a dark, but star struck, frigid April night in 1912, the North Atlantic became a part in history like no other. Today, she sits 2.4 miles under the ocean, once adored and applauded for her prestigious amenities and sophisticated elegance, The RMS Titanic lays shattered and scattered on the ocean floor. We read about her in articles and see documentaries on television, the luxurious cruise liner that will forever be known as the “unsinkable ship”, tells a story of her own even more than 100 years after her foundering....   [tags: notorious and tragic ship accidents]

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The Battle Of The Confederate Navy

- Ironclads were not a new innovation, however the design and the use of these ships during the Civil War changed the history of the wooden ship and naval warfare. The Confederate Navy was the first to design and build the ironclad in America. The designs, by Thomas Porter and John Brook called for a shallow draft with an extended bow and stern. The South was under constraints to build the necessary engines for the ironclad. Porter and Brooks turned to the USS Merrimack that was scuttled and burned by the Union in Norfolk when it was abandoned....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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Personal Narrative : My Own Words

- Archeology: in my own words, it is the study of the past through the “things” that were left behind by those who came before us. I imagine everyone can agree there’s something fascinating about picking up an old knife or a pot of clay and wondering what life was like when that object was created. It seems as though it should be no surprise that countless people could easily believe legends of a lost city or of great giants ruling the earth long ago. Personally, I feel the true value comes from the knowledge gained when one sets out to learn the truth behind the myths....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Theory, Epistemology]

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The Bombardment of Fort McHenry

- In the United States, Fort McHenry stands tall in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Fort McHenry has played a large role in American history ever since its construction was finished in the year 1800. The most prominent piece of history associated with Fort McHenry is when it was bombed in the year 1814. It was during the War of 1812, a war against Britain over the issue of Britain harassing America’s ships and sailors. America was doing poorly in the war until Fort McHenry was bombed. The bombing of Fort McHenry played a pivotal role in the War of 1812 because it was a turning point in the war, it instilled pride into the American people, and lives on to this day through the National Anthem...   [tags: american history, sailors, combat]

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