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- Like its predecessors hypertext markup language or when abbreviated as HTML 4, HTML 5 is the currently under development technology that is being designed to revolutionize and simultaneously revise the structural and presentation content available at the World Wide Web. The new technology that is anticipated to hit the market soon is designed to offer the users of internet greater variation in terms of function and convenience. The new features that are added in the technology being introduced the user will be provided the convenience of features like video playback and drag and drop for which the user was previously dependent on different internet browsers and their installation such as Ado...   [tags: Information Technology]

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HTML and Web Site Construction

- Chapter 1 Planning When you plan your web page you start by writing everything down on paper. Write what you want your web page to say, show, and do. To make a map of the links you will be using, write a circle in the center of a new sheet of paper and write HOME in it. Then draw lines to other circles that say the names of your sub pages. Later you will learn how to link your home page to your sub pages. Chapter 2 Starting your front page First we want to have a simple text program to use....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Html and How it Works

- Html and How it Works There are almost 300,000 Aborigines in Australia. About 34,500 live in Sydney. There is debate about when Aborigines migrated to Australia from Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian archipelago. There is evidence of occupation about 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. The earliest archaeological evidence of Aboriginal occupation of the Sydney area is 15,000 years ago at Emu Plains in Sydney's west. Captain Cook guessed that the population of Aborigines for all of Australia would have been about 150,000....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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HTML/Head/Body Tags

- HTML stands for hypertext markup language. It is the basis of all web pages on the Internet. By learning the “tags” or “code” of html, it is possible to publish all sorts of information globally via the World Wide Web. HTML is not difficult to master once the fundamentals of the language are understood. HTML/Head/Body Tags – There are several tags that are essential when writing an HTML document. The four foundation tags to learn are: <html>, <head>, <title> and <body>. The html tag is always first, as it identifies the type document....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Comparing CSS and HTML

- Comparing CSS and HTML Technologies advance so quickly that it seems no sooner has one technology become widely accepted than it is replaced by something newer and superior. Technologies in the field of web design are no exception. As web-related hardware and software components became faster, more reliable, and easier to use, the web exploded with new websites which led to a dramatic increase in web usage around the world. But as web designers and audiences well know, the web is still in great need of improvement....   [tags: Compare Contrast Comparison Essays]

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HTML Language

- HTML Language HTML – Hypertext Markup Language HTML is the language for publishing hypertext on the World Wide Web. This scripting language can be created and processed by a wide range of tools, from simple plain text editors - to sophisticated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) authoring tools. HTML uses tags to structure text into headings, paragraphs, lists, hypertext links etc. A convenient way to automatically fix markup errors is to use the HTML Tidy utility. This makes the document easier to read and edit....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Html Vs. Xml

- The main difference between Hyper text markup language (HTML) and Extensible markup language (XML) is that HTML is a markup language used for creating web pages and XML is also a markup language but is primarily used for information sharing mainly those connected to the internet. HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee as a way for he and several colleagues to share research information (Wikipedia, 2006). The earliest versions of HTML were based on loose syntax rules. HTML code written using these earlier rules would not be considered valid using today's standards....   [tags: Web Internet Language coding]

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Web Authoring and Web Management

- INTRODUCTION This is IM1024 – Web Authoring & Web Management report assignment, module leader by Ms. Johna Doe. I have prepared this documentation to report on my designed website. We are required to create a website of a Public Library. Basically we need to create the Home page, List of services, Library Collection, About and Contact us pages. We are expected to be creative when designing a website by including a function such as dropdown menu, checkboxes and many more. As an addition to my website, I have included some of the following pages: o Account o Membership o Season o Staff Picks o New Books I also enclosed the following document to complete this project: o Website’s sketches o...   [tags: design, navagation, html]

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Development of the World Wide Web

- World Wide Web “The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people.” (Berners-Lee) The World Wide Web also known as W3 is worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational intrusions, and other individuals, often times using a URL. (Shelly and Vermatt COM 22) The World Wide Web didn’t just start out AOL; it goes back to 1967 first publication of ARPANET. ARPANET was developed under the direction of the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency....   [tags: interconnection, computers, html]

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Modern Advancements to Website Development

- ... According to (, 2011) JavaScript is a scripting language designed to add interactivity to websites. It is the most popularly used by programmers today and is very easy to use compared to any other scripting language such as HTML. JavaScript should not be confused with Java, for those are two different scripting languages. Java is a more complex scripting language and is similar to the programming language C. With the combination of these three programming language technologies, you can create a unique, complex website to stand out amongst others today....   [tags: graphics, creativity, html]

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Purpose and Value of Web Services

- 1. What are the purpose and business value of Web services. Due to evolving of internet, web site can deliver HTML pages and centralized services to browser. Then, web site become more programmable that directly links to organizations, application, services, and devices with one another. Lastly, this programmable Web sites become more than static accessed sites which turn to reusable, an intelligent Web Services. So, the Web services can be defined as a set of technologies to standardize how applications communicate to each other....   [tags: internet, html pages, browsers]

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The World Wide Web Analysis

- The internet is something that we all use every day in our life. It can be used for endless possibilities like, checking your grades for school, or even sending someone an email. Everybody uses the internet for school projects, for work, or even just for your personal use. We, as humans, depend on the internet so much that I don’t think we can survive without it anymore. The internet has been an invention that has not only helped out society, but has also changed the world. The World Wide Web can be described in many ways....   [tags: internet, www, html, web]

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Software Developers: Web Design

- “Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn” (Jobs). Every day billions of people use technology in their lives. Whether it is a notebook, a tablet, or a smart phone these devices have helped our lives. The people responsible for these devices are known as software developers. Software developers (or software engineers) develop new forms of technology to enhance our everyday activities. Activities like communication, research, and entertainment are made convenient by developers....   [tags: html, operating systems, apps]

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How to Build a Web Page

-   HTML & CSS To build a webpage you are going to need a few things • A text editor such as programs called Notepad++, Sublime text, Microsoft’s Visual Studio or ever just the notepad program that comes in Windows • A web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer For this tutorial you do not need any experience in HTML, CSS or any other web development experience. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-Up and is a scripting language used to make webpages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and works alongside HTML to style the website, I will talk about CSS later on in this tutorial....   [tags: text editor, web browser, html]

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Tim Berners-Lee: The World War Web

- ... In 1984, he took up a fellowship at CERN, to work on distributed real-time systems for scientific data acquisition and system control. Among other things, he worked on FASTBUS system software and designed a heterogeneous remote procedure call system. His first invention was barely noticed and on August 6, 1991 he opened his own website to the public where he posted instructions on how to create web servers and provided all the software he created for free. At first when he he declined all offers to make a profit off of his invention claiming that the web should remain an open space, and equally accessible to every computer user, without charging fees for the use of patented software....   [tags: client server, urls, https, html]

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History of Web Design

- ... HTML 3 was revolutionary, as it finally opened up the doors to real website customization. Designers now had the ability to use animated images, and colorful backgrounds. Then Flash was introduced as well, which changed the entire scene of web design. No longer was everything static and dull; things were moving and colorful, and the web became a much more appealing place. Now we have HTML 5, which fixed most syntax errors in both HTML 4 and XHTML 1.1. HTML 5 is made to create a language for both HTML and XHTML....   [tags: internet, HTML, new scripting languages]

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Internet Browser Differences with HTML

- DEALING WITH BROWSER DIFFERENCES The W3C has revolutionized DHTML by making a single standard that both Netscape and Microsoft have committed to support. Nevertheless, neither supports it perfectly yet, and many users use old browsers. If your page relies on DHTML, you will need to account for all of these possibilities. DHTML BROWSER DIFFERENCES Back when the version 4.0 browsers were the latest thing, there were major differences between their supports for DHTML. If you wrote an application using DHTML for Internet Explorer 4.0, there were no chance at all it would work on Netscape 4.0....   [tags: Technology Internet]

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Creating an Interactive Web Site with CGI

- Creating an Interactive Web Site with CGI Introduction The Internet explosion of the 1990’s has been one of the most revolutionizing business factors of the decade. The Internet allows individuals and businesses to reach each other more effectively at an increasingly lower cost. However, the most effective method of interaction is two-way interaction. This applies whether the interaction is between two people, a person and a business or two businesses. Basic HTML web pages allow for easy one way interaction....   [tags: HTML Web Page Creating Papers]

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Creating a Homepage: My First Attempt at Age 10

- “I want to make a website,” I said enthusiastically to my older sister. I was ten years old at the time and I was obsessed with the world wide web. “Okay,” my sister replied, “I'll help you get it set up.” As soon as she sat down and led me to the web host site my journey through the world of online portfolios began. Unfortunately for me, my sister did not live at home anymore. That day that she helped me register my own site was the last I saw of her for a long time. As a result, I found myself struggling while trying to create my website....   [tags: website, html,]

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Web Design

- Web Design We have come a really long way since the beginning of time. We are so much more advanced in so many ways; one of our advances is our technological knowledge. Because of this knowledge, we can do so many things such as burn CDs, go to outer space, and cure people from different diseases. One very important technological advance is the Internet. Because of the Internet, people today can do things easily. We can communicate through e-mail or instant messaging or we can search for information online through search engines....   [tags: History HTML Internet Essays]

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Evaluating the Use of a Text Editor

- Evaluating the Use of a Text Editor When creating a website with HTML, using Microsoft word is often easier than HTML typing as you don’t have to key in all of the page formats in HTML such as the size and colour of the writing and the positioning of objects on the page. Instead, you can simply drag objects around the screen and use the toolbar at the top of the screen on Word to format the text and change the objects. This is very unlike typing the HTML, when you would have to type in formats for text and objects, for example if you wanted the size of the font to be “6” then you would need to type in manually; “<font size=“6”>”, and then to end this format...   [tags: Papers]

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Marked Up Languages on Electronic Documents

- Markup Languages (HTML,DHTML,XML) Developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language and is a language used to create electronic documents, especially pages on the World Wide Web that contain connections called hyperlinks to other pages. Every web page you see on the Internet, including this one contains HTML code that helps format and show text and images in an easy to read format. Without HTML a browser would not know how to format a page and would only display plain text with no formatting that contained no links....   [tags: internet, code, google]

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The Unknown World of Web Design

- ... This deep seeded hatred lead to a new project to bring HTML back. The results of this project were finally seen by the public in 2004 with the release of HTML5. HTML5 brought back the simple days were not every line had to be perfect and where shortcuts were a thing. HTML5 was also designed in a way that was more flexible than the original and could move with time. HTML5 brought the next generation of computers with new multimedia integration allowing for web developers to use new levels of multimedia....   [tags: career choices, career opportunities]

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DHTML Lessons

- DHTML LESSONS Lesson 1 - Introduction What you should already know Before you continue you should have a basic understanding of the following: „X WWW, HTML and the basics of building Web pages „X Cascading Style Sheets „X JavaScript If you want to study these subjects first, go to our Home Page DHTML does not exist . DHTML is an abbreviation for the term "Dynamic HTML". But DHTML is just a buzzword. DHTML does not exist. It is not a "thing" or a standard defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)....   [tags: Technology, Informative]

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The Past, Present, and Future of Website Designers and Developers

- ... (ETC, 2013) Unfortunately websites are very hard for the user to view and navigate through websites not designed for a small screen used on cell phones. This was the new challenge for web designers to solve and with the growth of popularity of mobile usage the web designers needed to make websites for both personal computers and mobile devices. Now often if the user visit a website using a mobile device they will be asked if they want to go to the “mobile site” which are specifically designed for a better user interface and design for the mobile device....   [tags: expectations, trends, evolved, history]

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How To Make A Basic Web Page

- How To Make A Basic Web Page Today it looks like everyone has a web page, and you always see advertisements on the web for free web page hosting. While it may seem a bit overwhelming to someone who has never done it before, it is easy enough. Making a basic web page is easy. All you need to know is a few basic HTML commands, and a computer with the program Notepad (if you have a computer, you have notepad). First I will explain a little bit about HTML, like what it does, what it means, and how it works....   [tags: Papers]

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World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee

- World Wide Web The World Wide Web is often confused with the Internet but the Internet and the World Wide Web are not precisely the same thing. The hardware and software infrastructure of the Internet provides a global communications system between computers. The Web is one of the services which is a network of interconnected documents connected by hyperlinks and URLs that is communicated over the Internet. The Internet started in the 1950s, when the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) started looking to ways to address survivability of defense communication networks in the event of a nuclear attack....   [tags: arpanet, url, hyperlink]

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Webware for Python

- Overview Webware for Python is a suite of Python packages and tools for developing object-oriented, web-based applications. The suite uses well known design patterns and includes a fast Application Server, Servlets, Python Server Pages (PSP), Object-Relational Mapping, Task Scheduling, Session Management, and many other features. Webware is modular and extensible. The version of Webware currently in use at Texas Life is version 0.8. Information about Webware, including documentation and source code, is located at   [tags: Information Technology]

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Website Design

- Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, Google, and Twitter are all websites that people use every day, but how did they get there and how were they created. Website design is a process of assorting and linking codes and graphics into a text editor such as notepad and then displaying it onto a web browser. There is a large amount of things to remember for website design. Ranging from HTML, CSS, and XHTML codes to scripting languages like Java Script. Website design has a vast history considering it is a fairly young profession....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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HTML5: The Future of The Web?

- Introduction For the last 10 years the web has reinvented itself. Moving from static HTML pages filled with information to interactive information portals, where massive amounts of people contribute to improve each other and spread knowledge. The web was stale and static, presenting itself with only letters and inanimate images. This gave Adobe Flash and later Microsoft Silverlight; both are rich web application platforms for adding animation and interactivity to web pages, the ideal opportunity to take over and extend the development of the web design....   [tags: The Internet]

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Analysis of In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000

- In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000 is a great exhibit for people in their teenage years and anyone older. I really like the way the web page is set up. There is a video interview playing at the start of each informational page at the top of the page and there are pictures in the video and to the right of the text of the different discoveries of ancient biblical texts. I like all of the visual aids in this exhibit. In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000 is an exhibit I would recommend to anyone interested in the history of the bible; it is very informative and user friendly....   [tags: video, website, exhibit, tour]

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Determinants of Life in the 16th Century

- Life in the 16th century had many aspects that determined life experiences. Gender roles, social status, and religion played major roles in what type of life people would encounter. To start with, gender roles in the 16th century took part in a vital role in life experiences. The main responsibility of a husband was to be “in the accepted role as head of the household, and give moral direction to his wife and children” (Best, “The wife’s status”,   [tags: Gender Roles, Status, Religion]

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What´s Navtrack? Components of Navtrack

- ... if (condition) if-true-statement 2.1.5 Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML): CLIENT SIDE PROGRAMMING: HTML is a language which is used for describing web pages. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and it is not a programming language, it is a markup language; it uses markup tags to describe web pages.HTML is written in the shape of HTML elements comprising of different tags. HTML tags mostly come in pairs, although some tags are known as empty elements which are unpaired. HTML documents explain web pages, these documents contain HTML tags and plain text so these documents are also called web pages .The purpose of a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox is to understand H...   [tags: computers, programing languages]

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The Editing of Hemingway's The Garden of Eden

- The Editing of Hemingway's The Garden of Eden One deceased master author, one 1500 page manuscript, three previously unsuccessful editing attempts. This equation would scare away most editors. At first, it even scared away Tom Jenks. When his bosses at Scribner’s Publishing asked him to revise Hemingway’s 1500 page manuscript, Jenks initially declined. He told the company, “'I don't care if I never see another Hemingway story again’” ( For Jenks, “Publishing more Hemingway seemed less interesting than publishing new writers, which is what I came to Scribner's to do” (   [tags: Hemingway The Garden of Eden]

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A Peek at ASP

- Arkansas State Police should not cringe at the catchy title. ASP is short for Active Server Pages. It is an ultra flexible programming language used in web applications. ASP runs off direction of a dynamic link library file (DLL) within the Windows© system file bank. All files with the asp extension are automatically filtered through this DLL. ASP allows alteration of script from a web page on the server side of the page, thus changing before it is even sent to the user. The flexibility of ASP begins with the ability to write the code in the programmer’s most comfortable style....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Designing a Web Page

- Designing a Web Page Motivator sentence: The development and design of a basic web page can be a fun yet tricky task. Thesis sentence: Whether it's a large commercial web-site for business purposes, or a small personal web page about your hobby or family; the process of development is the same. Blueprint sentence: The three major steps leading to the development and design of a basic web page include: information gathering, site layout and design and HTML (hyper text markup language) conversion....   [tags: Papers]

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Meta Tags and Meta Keywords

- Meta Tags and Meta Keywords Meta Tags are thought to be the be all-end all of search engine rankings. This is not true. Meta Tags are a necessary, but not a sufficient condition for high rankings. Meta tags are designed to provide basic information to the search engine about the site. Meta tags appear at the top of the HTML document within the <head></head> section of the document. In the following example, nine different types of Meta Tags are identified: Content-Type, Copyright, Resource-type, ObjectType, Author, Rating, Distribution, Description, and Keywords....   [tags: Internet Technology Essays]

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How To Make a Website

- TS: Creating a website, which is a very easy task nowadays because of technology, follows these four simple steps: registering a domain name, creating a web page, finding a web host, and uploading files to your web hoster. Having a website is a necessity nowadays, especially for people who are in business. Having a website helps promote your company’s services, for consumers to view and research your products easily, and also because internet is universal, people worldwide could purchase your products....   [tags: Instructional Essay, Process Essay, How-To Essay]

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Server Side Processing

- Server Side Processing A network is a group of two or more computer systems sharing services and interacting in some manner. In most cases, this interaction is accomplished through a shared communication link, with the shared components being data. Put simply, a network is a collection of machines that have been linked both physically and through software components to soothe communication and the sharing of information. The Internet is, literally, a network of networks. It is made of thousands of interconnected networks spanning the globe....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Hypnotherapy: Can it Stop Cigarette Addiction?

- Hypnotherapy: Can it Stop Cigarette Addiction. “And now, when I snap my fingers, you will never smoke again. ”Could there be something more useful to hypnosis than just magical entertainment. Are there applications for hypnosis in the medical realm. Hypnotherapists now advocate hypnosis as a near panacea, claiming it can help one lose weight, stop smoking, improve memory, improve athletic ability, reduce stress, build self-confidence, overcome phobias, find lost articles, and even manage chronic pain (http://sageways....   [tags: Hypnosis Smoking Essays]

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A Brief History of the e-Book

- The history of the e-book spans a longer period than many people would realise. Most people would assume that the internet came before the e-book. However, this is not the case. The first ever e-book was the U.S. Declaration of Independence. It was typed up by the founder of Project Gutenberg, Michael S Hart, in 1971 whereas the internet was not created until 1974. Even then, it was not the internet we know today. In order to chronicle a history of e-books up to the present day the following issues must be addressed....   [tags: Technology ]

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Becoming an IT and Web Development

- Career Research Paper: Since I was very little I used to enjoy surfing websites and using search engines to answer my questions. I was amazed at how easy internet makes our lives by connecting computers across different places and countries and how easily we can transmit information through World Wide Web. In 19th century, Charles Babbage developed the first computing device. Through the 20th century, Analog computers were used to meet more sophisticated needs of the people during this time....   [tags: career research paper]

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Hackers Use Cross-Site Scripting

- Cross Site Scripting is a technique hackers use to obtain data from the end-user. This method is fairly common amongst the World Wide Web. Statistics show that 12.58% of the attacks is an XSS attack, also known as cross scripting. This attack allows the intruder to post malicious Java Script, VBScript, ActiveX, HTML or Flash into a dynamic page to fool the end user. The script then would execute on the end-users machine in order to gather important data from the victim. In some cases, the end user may not be vulnerable to sensitive information but mostly the XSS may compromise private information, manipulate or steal cookies....   [tags: scripting, website, data]

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Web Page

- Web Page The development and design of a basic web page can be a fun yet tricky task. Whether it’s a large commercial web page for business purposes, or a small personal web page about your hobby or family; the process of development is the same. The three major steps leading to the development and design of a basic web page include: information gathering, site layout and design, and HTML (hyper text markup language) conversion. The most important task of developing and designing a web page is the gathering of information....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Web Content Management System

- To ensure that web design projects completed using the WordPress Content Management System are correctly updated and maintained, it is imperative that this guide is closely reviewed and followed. Definitions • Content Management System (CMS) - a computer program that allows for publishing, editing, and modifying content of a web site. The primary advantages of a CMS are a streamlined content creation processes and opportunities for customization and collaboration, all from a central online location....   [tags: world press, modifying content, web site]

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The Creation of a Web Page for Fernwood Gardens

- The Creation of a Web Page for Fernwood Gardens Introduction Fernwood Gardens is the only garden venue in England with a 40- and a 60-feet high translucent sky dome, allowing couples-to-be to have their dream garden wedding without the hassle of bad weather. It also has rainforest type gardens with lagoons, waterfalls, exotic birds and fishes. What’s more, Fernwood Gardens now has a chapel, the St. Francis of Assisi Nature Chapel, where couples-to-be can hold their wedding program or ceremony....   [tags: Papers]

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The Future of Computer Programming

- The Future of Computer Programming Computers are probably the most important invention of this century if not of all time. Right now people use computers for just about everything in the world and they are becoming a necessity in peoples’ lives just as many other new technologies. To say you cannot use a computer this day and age is almost like saying you are illiterate. In order for computers to function and be accessible to people there must be applications or instructions for the computer. In order to make these applications one must write them by programming in a certain computer language....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Understanding Web Development

- Knowing top web development skills is important in today’s world of changing and ever advancing technology. With web pages the number one way people learn, socialize, work, and even date the appeal of a page matters more than ever before. To stay ahead of the crowd it is essential to have knowledge of these developments. Mobile development As of late two thousand twelve mobile devices outrank PC in sales. Having a mobile site that is compatible on both formats is more important than ever before....   [tags: programming, design, internet]

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Multiculturalism in the United States

- Multiculturalism is an issue that has brought much debate to the United States. It helps us look at other cultures respectably and freely. Multiculturalism is something that we must deal with because of the millions of people immigrating to America. It is an issue that can not be ignored and therefore we need to deal with the multicultural issue. Many people confuse race and culture. The term "race" has been found out to notmean anything. Scientists agree that, in terms of DNA genetics, "race" has no significant meaning as a way of categorizing human differences....   [tags: Sociology]

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The Sport of Spear Phishing: A Popular Sporting Event to Some, A Life Altering Scam to Others

- Introduction Cyber crime is something that has become part of today’s cyberspace culture and it is a steadily growing threat on the rise. Trusteer” a Boston-based computer security company recently published a report titled “Measuring the Effectiveness of In-the-Wild Phishing Attacks”. Based on Trusteer’s calculations they concluded that the loss per every successfully compromised online banking account is approximately $2,000 which is equivalent to $9.4M per year per each one million customers....   [tags: Phishing, cyber, APWG]

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Can Conservation Increase Chances of the Amur Leopard’s Survival?

- ... This report is going to look at the reasons why this species are endangered and becoming extinct and also look into and evaluate possible current biological methods used to conserve this species. Overall, the population of the Panthera pardus orientalis are decreasing due to a number of factors, one of which being that it is being threatened by forest loss through fires that are deliberately set each spring, effecting an estimate of nearly 20%2 of Amur leopard habitats, for economic development because the area is important for Russia as it contains ports that ship to the Far East3....   [tags: Species, Conservation]

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Web Applications: OTRS User-friendly Interfaces for Customers and Agents

- A trouble ticket system is a software system which works on multi-channel customer requests centralised management. It can help streamline work flow processes, track and solve requests more effectively and improve customer satisfaction. Ticket is this case is as same as medical report which records trouble description, process and result. Finally, it is archived after it closes Open-source Ticket Request System (OTRS), is a free, open-source and AGPL licensed software packages....   [tags: external and internal communications]

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- THE SYSTEM DESIGN TOOLS – PHP AND MySQL Technology that harnesses and perhaps brings out the best and redefines the very way working is done has got lot to be talked upon. Because what was thought just a gradual process of logics and application is today dominating the every sector of life no matter how diminutive it may be. Perhaps that’s the irony of present day, where there are numerous technologies that have actually redefined the very way of working and the way they are anticipated. For the current project pertaining to elite institution web site which pledges to bridge the communication gap between the students and teachers, there were many options which could provide a comfortable int...   [tags: Information Technology]

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Integration Stategies of Meta Search Engines

- 1 Introduction Standard Web search services are quite useful in their own right, but are far from ideal. Search engines retrieve web pages which contain information relative to the subject which the user queries. Meta search unlike standard search, utilizes many di erent search systems to provide results. The Meta Search Engine (MSE) is a system that enables a meta search[3]. Meta search engines are Web services that receive user queries and dispatch them to multiple crawl-based search engines (also called component engines)[1]....   [tags: web search, web services]

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How to Make a Successful Website

- It is important for a website to be updated to keep the interest level of different audiences. Having the ability to navigate through website easy can open up the website for all ages. Making your website eye catching will attract viewers and differentiate your website from others. Uploading at fast speeds has been an expectation this year and would be a great asset. Nevertheless the biggest aspect of web redesign is the competition among the other websites. There are different ways of accomplishing these set goals every year by staying informed about the viewer and their needs....   [tags: web redesign program]

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The Crawling Module and Web Pages

- ... The process of fetching a web page and take out the links within it is similar to expanding a node in graph search. A topical crawler tries to follow edges that are supposed to lead to portions of the graph that are related to a matter. Frontier: The crawling method initialize with a seed URL, extracting links from it and adding them to an unvisited list of URLs, This list of unvisited URLs is known as Frontier. The frontier is basically a agenda of a web crawler that includes the URLs of web pages which is not visited....   [tags: terminology, details, web]

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Thin Client vs Fat Client on Network Design

- Thin Client vs. Fat Client & Network Design Considerations Introduction Network computing was created in an effort to allow users of a computer application to share data more easily than using stand alone computers. Clients on a client/server network store their application data on a central server. There are two categories of clients on a network. They were originally categorized by their hardware design, but today clients are categorized by the software application design and where the bulk of the processing is done and where the bulk of the application software is stored....   [tags: Computers and Network]

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Life in the 16th Century

- Life in the 16th century had many aspects that determined life experiences though gender roles, social status, and religion; which gave everyone completely different life experiences. To start with, gender roles in the 16th century played a vital role in life experiences. The main responsibility of a husband “in the accepted role as head of the household was to give moral direction to his wife and children” (Best, “The wife’s status”,   [tags: Gender Roles, Social Status]

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Web Server ad Internet Market

- Web servers are important in today’s internet market, they implement the Hyper Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and it can be run by any computer. It could be used in a local network as well on a wide diversity web site around the globe, enabling user to read information from various resources. A web server enables users to move from one site to another by links call Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This hyperlinks are the responsible of setting fonts, emending related files (e.g. graphics), and setting fonts in web pages....   [tags: Hyper Transfer Protocol, HTTP, Internet]

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Sink your Teeth into the New Apple iMac!

- Who wouldn’t want a sleek, one-piece PC over a bulky, regular desktop. The new Apple iMac is THE one-piece desktop that blows away its competitors with its sleek design, gargantuan memory capacity, speed, and internal apps that boggle the mind. Imagine playing Windows, Ubuntu, osX, and VirtualBox all at the same time, at the same speed as if they were running on separate PCs. And the monitor is amazing. The resolution is great, and the glare is minimal (due to non-glare black glass extending to the very edge of the screen)....   [tags: Product Review ]

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Web Design

- Web Design Web site design is a vast and complex topic. Explaining the tools and techniques of web design would be a very laborious process for the author and the reader, and a novice would surely loose interest quickly. Understanding this, focus will be put on the comprehensive methodology of successful Web design. First off, it is important to fully understand what the World Wide Web is before dissecting the field of Web design. The World Wide Web may go down as the single greatest human invention ever....   [tags: Internet Cyberspace Computers Essays]

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Music Copyright

- What is a Copyright. Music Copyright is a very important aspect of the music industry. The Copyright law was established to preserve the creativity and rights of authors, composers, performers of expression. Copyright is the law that protects the property rights of the creator of an original work in a fixed tangible medium. ( A fixed tangible medium is something substantial like copying lyrics on paper or putting a song on tape or CD. Copyright can be seen every where in the music industry....   [tags: Copyright Laws Music Industry Essays]

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Negotiate and Plan a Learning Contract

- This following report is about identifying a learning area to improve and compliment personal continuing professional development. Since computing skills such as animation or programming appeal to me, this dose not in any way mean I dislike functional skills such as English or Maths. The chosen subject of choice is programming. The main reason for choosing programming is because ultimately I would like to be able to extend my knowledge on website development. I will learn the programming language php and incorporate it into web pages....   [tags: learning contracts, professional development, ]

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Various Scopes of Web Designing

- ... With the inevitable need of internet sites for any website designing company Chennai, search for efficient net designers, is ever compelling. These professionals are needed in each field of business from massive firms to academics institutes, to little business to private uses. Here the web designer supposed to need knowledge in the HTML language and CSS. It contains domain name, perfect layout and hosting, design all kind of information can be handled in the certain sites. They are lots of jobs available for this career because lots of company is available in all over the world offering a web designing service for the customers or people can get a good experience towards it....   [tags: web, content, performance]

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Movies Of 2001

- ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.“Cast Away”. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. March 19, 2001 This article emphasizes the idea that no matter how many obstacles are put in our path, we will find ways to accept them. This article is well written, but has limited amounts of information present. 2. “Caveman’s Valentine”. Yahoo Online: Netscape Navigator. #cavemansvalentine March 18, 2001 This article states that there are many nice touches to the thriller....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Common Software Testing Methodologies

- ... The functionality testing uses following strategy to check if the web application is functionally correct or not • Test the working of all the links on a web page • Test all the database connection are established and release properly • Test if the forms used for capturing the user information are properly accepting the data and is able to submit it without any loss, to the backend systems • Test the cookies for web application are setting properly Testing all the links in a web page As part of testing links in the web site, following are general test which can be done • Testing the outgoing links from all the pages • Testing all the internal links between pages • Testing links which po...   [tags: web applications, changes, security]

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The Power of Aromatherapy

- The Power of Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: Purpose Definition. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to help the mind, body, and soul. It has physiological, emotional, spiritual, and psychological properties ( Today, it is a science that includes three fields: esthetic, commercial, and clinical ( Some categorize it as a holistic or alternative science. This is an ongoing debate, and the answer depends on who you are asking....   [tags: Aromatherapy Research Term Papers]

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PHP Code

- A PHP is a hypertext preprocessor and it is widely used scripting language, which was designed for the purpose of web development for producing dynamic web pages. For this same purpose, a PHP code will beis embedded inside the HTML source document. The web server along with a processor module, which generates web page, will interpret this document. Knowing how to run PHP can be useful for people using the scripting language. PHP is a general-purpose programming language, a PHP code will be processed by an interpreter application inside the command line....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Careers in Computer Science and Programming

- Careers in Computer Science and Programming In the year 1995, our family received their first ever computer. It was a Pentium I with a 75 MHz processor, 64 MB ram, a 16x CD-Rom, a 5-gigabyte hard drive, and Windows 95 operating system. I thought it was the coolest thing man has come to know. It had games, and a completely new world called the internet. Not only could you talk to people from all around the world, but also you could watch streaming videos, view pictures, and send e-mails with attached files....   [tags: Technology Jobs Essays]

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- ASP AUDIENCE: Beginning programmers or web developers. TITLE: ASP INTRODUCTION: ASP or Active Server Pages is a powerful server-based technology from Microsoft, designed to create dynamic and interactive HTML pages for World Wide Web sites. ASP is used to create dynamic or active web pages. Dynamic web pages may change depending on who visits the page, when they visit, or how they got there. Whereas a static web page will always be the same no matter what. The following report will explain what ASP is, discuss how ASP works, outline why ASP should be used ASP, and provide a brief overview of ASP syntax....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Skins: A whole new look on everything

- Skins: A whole new look on everything Concept Background: Dykstra's concepts of linear programming and modularity take on a whole new look. Peter Dykstra the father of linear programming suggested that anything that could be done in programming could be done with a combination of three basic procedures. Sequence- procedures performed in a linear order Decision- Expressions evaluated to determine between two routes of action. Repetition- The ability of a machine to perform an operation millions of times a second....   [tags: Peter Dykstra Technology Essays]

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The Death Penalty Is A Necessary Evil

- The death penalty is a necessary evil that has a positive effect on society today. It is an effective deterrent of crime as well as a safeguard for society. It also helps to keep order in our cities. It is a just and effective punishment for those who have committed crimes heinous enough to deserve death. The death penalty is not a new idea in our world. Its origins date back over 3,700 years to the Babylonian civilization, where it was prescribed for a variety of crimes. (Capital Punishment p.10)....   [tags: Pro Capital Punishment Essays]

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The Seven Secret Skills Of SEO Work

- There is a lot of talk on the web regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how, if you just do this one thing, you will be at the top of Google. If only it were that easy. In fact, I believe there are seven distinct skills that a search engine optimiser needs to possess. Most people possess one or maybe two of these skills, very rarely do people posses all seven. In truth, to get to all seven, people who are good at two of these need to actively develop the other skills. This takes time and effort and, if you are running your own business, do you really have the time to do this....   [tags: Search Engine Optimization SEO]

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Emergence of Realism in Nineteenth Century

- Emergence of Realism in Nineteenth Century During the mid-to-late 19th century, Realism, an effective literary and artistic movement was on the rise. There were many factors contributing to the strong emergence of Realism, a reaction against romanticism, an interest in scientific method, the systematizing of the study of documentary history, and the influence of rational philosophy (Chase). In Realism the details along with cause and effect of environment and of circumstance, become the grounds for exploration of human values and fate, which in turn places the emphasis on the individual and their social surroundings....   [tags: Papers]

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The Sugarbusters Diet

- The Sugarbusters Diet History of the Sugarbusters Diet One of the Authors, H.Leighton Steward, began eating "bad" foods such as steak, lamb, and cheese after fifteen years of obstaining and found that his cholesterol dropped by fifteen percent and triglycerides by fifty percent. Baffled by this, steward talked to his doctor about the possibility that insulin must have been provoking the liver to produce cholesterol. His doctor, Bethea, another author of the book enthusiastically agreed. He sighted proof by explaining that insulin injections in diabetics tend to elevate cholesterol levels (Steward,Andrews, Bethea & Balart, 1995)....   [tags: Science Scientific Medical Essays]

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Visual Programming Languages

- Visual Programming Languages The way programmers have created applications over the years has changed dramatically, and so has the amount of knowledge required to create applications as well as use them. In the 1950's a computer was a machine that took up the space of an entire room and cost millions of dollars that had less processing power than modern day calculators. The technicians required extensive knowledge of the electronic and mechanical components as well as specific combinations of switches to create responses from the massive mainframe....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Introduction of foreign pathogens into Australia

- Introduction of foreign pathogens into Australia It is widely known that the poor health experienced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders relates from complex reasons originating from their history after European settlement. Two centuries of introduced disease, combined with today’s lifestyle diseases and impoverished socioeconomic and environmental conditions, have had devastating, and all too often fatal, effects on Indigenous health. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population suffered from introduced disease that often turned out to be fatal because of lack of immunity to introduced pathogens....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Managers, Programming, Web Source and Technology

- Why should managers become better acquainted with programming issues, web source and technology. Abstract Summary Now more than ever, the marketplace has created a strong connection between information technology and managers due to the markets in depth involvement with technology. This is the reason why there’s been a recent requirement for managers to have somewhat of understanding of information technology, basic programming knowledge, and familiarity with source codes. The abstract clearly explicates how due to alterations in the dynamic market, it is essential for a multi talented manager to deal with updates and modifications....   [tags: essays research papers]

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XML Application for Business Processes

- XML | Applications for Business Process Analysis & Design Introduced in 1996, Extensible Markup Language (XML) was initially intended to function in the place of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) as the standard format used to define online document structure (Obasanjo, 2003). These intentions are proving inevitable as business organizations begin to realize the real potential found in the family of XML technologies. Potential in terms of improvement in information management practices measured by a company’s reduction in time and overhead....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Symptoms and Treatments of Scoliosis

- Symptoms and Treatments of Scoliosis In the following information, I will discuss scoliosis. I will explain what it is, how it may occur, all the different types, early detection, and the possible treatments. Scoliosis is defined as a side-to-side deviation from the normal frontal axis of the body. This definition is limited since the deformity occurs in varying degrees in all three planes: back-front; side-to-side; top-to-bottom. Most often the spine has a curvature in the form of an S or C shape....   [tags: Papers]

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