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The Real Housewives Of Orange County

- The reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, shown on Bravo, is recognized to be one of the most dramatic, luxurious and outrageous reality TV shows and definitely the most viewed out of the Real Housewives series. The TV show is based around literal housewives, women who stay at home and seem to look pretty on their husband’s arm, and their daily “tribulations”. These wives live in mega-mansions and live the lifestyle one can only dream of having. Between Botox injections and wild events in the lavish venues of the “OC” there is still plenty of room for drama....   [tags: Reality television, Television program, Television]

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Analysis of Real Housewives of Atlanta

- Since the beginning of time itself, Television has been one the most influential pieces of media that the world has ever encountered. The beginning days of television depicted stereotypical mothers cooking and cleaning their homes for their husbands and children. Yet, as the decades passed, television took a dramatic turn, leaving the days of drama free entertainment as a vast memory. Now a day, however, when one hits the power on button to Bravo, the screen lights expand to ritzy socialites dealing with their everyday lives as “housewives”....   [tags: TV Show, Fake Personalities]

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Desperate Housewives

- A television is defined as “a widely used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images, either monochromatic (black and white) or color, usually accompanied by sound” (Webster’s). Since the invention of this device in the 1930’s, people have been able to be entertained by various television shows in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Although each of these shows relate to different age groups, nationalities, race, and genders, they all seem to have one thing in common....   [tags: TV Review]

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Analysis of Television Series Desperate Housewives

- Desperate Housewives is a hit television show about housewives and their every day lives. It is a comedy, drama and mystery series. The show takes place on a fictional street called Wisteria Lane. The show follows the lives of a group of women as seen through the eyes of their neighbor, Mary Alice, who committed suicide in the very first episode. The series records thirteen years of the women's lives over eight seasons. The women on Wisteria Lane work through domestic conflicts and marital life, while facing the mysteries and secrets hidden behind the front doors of their apparently flawless suburban neighbors....   [tags: values, domestic, maital life, conflicts]

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The Reality Show The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

- The reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta revolves around housewives that live a privileged lifestyle. The show follows different women and their families around the city, while the housewives deal with their personal and professional lives, along with their busy day to day schedule. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia where a majority of the community is African American. It’s a place where there is more opportunity for them. Atlanta is considered the “Black Hollywood.” The minority (in this case white people) who live in Atlanta are surrounded by black people that want to be a part of it....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race, Race]

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The Reality Of Reality : The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

- Whenever we think of reality television shows we think of Kim Kardashian and her latest boyfriend or the endless drama between the women in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. To remark that women will constantly go from boyfriend to boyfriend or constantly insult and slander other women, which one may radically argue as a concept ingrained into reality; is rather severely stretching it. Could what we see in these “reality” shows morph our sense of what is normal. Why would reality shows be so dramatic if they were trying to emulate reality....   [tags: Reality television, Television]

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Not-So-Desperate Housewives

- When Desperate Housewives first aired in October of 2004 on ABC television network, the controversial pilot episode sparked interest in over twenty-five million viewers. On a seemingly quiet, average suburban street titled Wisteria Lane, four women – Lynette Scavo, Gabrielle Solis, Bree Van de Kamp, and Susan Mayer – became instantly connected by the suicide of Mary-Alice Young, a fellow neighbor and poker club member. While the reason behind Mary-Alice’s death remained unknown for several seasons, the show began to unfold a juicy plot chocked full of the stereotypical drama of suburbia; intermixed between love triangles and tragic affairs, more unusual and mysterious events began to occur....   [tags: Television Review]

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Desperate Housewives

- Media today gives us gender stereotypes. From movies to television to even music videos, the entertainment industry gives people the image that males are more dominate over females by showing females as the foremost parental figure, homemakers, and sex objects. However, ABC’s new hit show Desperate Housewives quickly made a dent in American pop culture not for these gender stereotypes, but the truth behind the most dominant female stereotype of housewives.      Desperate Housewives goes behind the scenes into the secret lives of housewives in a perfect suburb....   [tags: Television TV]

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Violence Against Housewives

- Violence Against Housewives The Objectives of Dobash and Dobash’s work was to explain and describe domestic violence against women in modern society. The aims of Dobash and Dobash were to show how families can often be a violent group, illustrate how domestic violence can be about female subordination and male dominance. And demonstrate to the public something that they knew little about a ‘hidden’ problem. Dobash and Dobash’s research method used informal interviews with victims of domestic violence but also the people who had worked with and helped the victims e.g....   [tags: Papers]

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Housewives and Prisioners: Chopin, Colette, Godwin

- Housewives and Prisoners in their World All three writings, “The Story of an Hour,” “A Sorrowful Woman” and “The Hand” portray the long led belief that women are obligated to carrying the burden’s of a household. The belief that they should surrender their own desires and needs to care for the needs of their families still lingers in society today. Similarly, the women are in a marriage they will not leave, bare the burden of submission, have a love and dislike for their spouses, and desire freedom from the imprisonment they feel in their life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of Baking Cookies By John Burns And Gracie Allen Show Housewives

- Baking cookies is a very simple tradition in American culture, which was once only supposed to be done by married women for their hard at work husbands. From the 1950s on, however, women in America and on American TV shows have undergone a remarkable transformation. As portrayed on popular TV shows like I Love Lucy and The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show housewives wanted to have more independence, but their husbands refused to give up any decision making power in the household (Mittell 334)....   [tags: Television, Television program, Woman]

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The Magazine : A Woman 's House

- The magazine also encouraged women to be better mothers and housewives. It was believed that there was no better career for a woman than being a housewife and if she wanted to pursue a career, she had to know how to be a proper housewife first. In one of the articles called “I’m So Glad to Be a Woman”, the article talked about how a woman should feel lucky that she got to play the role of the caretaker, cleaner, interior designer, laundress, cook, seamstress, and psychologist at home because it was as though all of the her dreams were coming true at once....   [tags: Woman, Marriage, Rape, Housewives]

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Different Perception of Women: Dracula by Bram Stoker

- In the late 19th century, when Dracula by Bram Stoker is written, women were only perceived as conservative housewives, only tending to their family’s needs and being solely dependent of their husbands to provide for them. This novel portrays that completely in accordance to Mina Harker, but Lucy Westenra is the complete opposite. Lucy parades around in just her demeanor as a promiscuous and sexual person. While Mina only cares about learning new things in order to assist her soon-to-be husband Jonathan Harker....   [tags: lucy, housewives, women]

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Women Throughout History

- Due to the preconception that women are supposed to be submissive, society continues to prevent them from being dominant in the workplace. Traditionally women are supposed to be housewives and nurture their children, overtime these views have changed. In todays society not only are women able to be mothers but they can also work outside of their homes. Women, who are considered single mothers, do every job whether at home or at the workplace. Men see women as inferior because until the about the twentieth century women began to gain just a tad bit of independence....   [tags: submissive, housewives, second-class]

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What Does Expectation Control Our Ability Laugh At A Joke?

- To what extent does expectation control our ability to laugh at a joke. In So I Called the Batman¸ Louis CK notably creates comedy and generates laughter through the use of the incongruity theory. This is based on the fact that laughter is created when something violates our normal patterns and expectations. In order to achieve this, he uses the techniques of absurd lines, escalation and misdirection, gestures, the rule of three, and acting out. To begin with, absurdity is humor with the absence of reason....   [tags: Laughter, Joke, Desperate Housewives, Bat]

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Whores and Housewives in From Here to Eternity

- From Here to Eternity follows the story of numerous Army men and their exhilarating experiences during 1941. James Jones’s dense novel is filled with a spectrum of emotions from pure anger, violence, racism, suicide, happiness and depression that by the end of the novel the reader experiences an emotional roller coaster. The Army men in this novel are portrayed as strong, independent, and in charge. On the other hand, women in From Here to Eternity are seen as subordinate and treated like objects that can be bossed around by men....   [tags: character analysis]

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The Woman's Roles during the Depression Era

- The Woman's Roles during the Depression Era The U.S. experienced a Depression in 1929. The American economy collapsed and millions of people were out of jobs. The government's role during this time of economic crisis was to assist the citizens of this country in any way possible. This sometimes led to the development of experimental programs and projects. Greenbelt, Maryland, can be characterized as such. Greenbelt was a planned community designed to house low- to middle-income families. It attempted to provide a safe and cooperative environment where parents and children alike could live safely and harmoniously....   [tags: Great Depression Housewives Essays]

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The Influence of Reality TV on Society

- According to Medical Procedure News, reality television is contributing to cosmetic surgery procedures, with more than 9.2 million procedures performed as a result of people watching reality shows. Unlike the daily fictional television shows that fill one’s life, reality shows reflect the life one lives daily, thus having a greater impact on the viewer and popular culture as a whole. Reality programs reflection of society not only helps shape popular culture but reinforces traditional family values, morals, and beliefs....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Feminist Writers of the 1960's and 1970's

- The feminist writers of the 1960s and 1970s were making sure that the woman was suffering emotional and psychological stress on having assumed roles traditionally feminus, and were setting the women up to have their own professions and change there positions and rolls of the woman in society. Women, especially those who had a formal education, were not happy with there housewive roles. These women, who were possessing aptitudes to carry out professions out of the house, were meeting doing vulgar tasks that were very far from satisfying the husbands desires....   [tags: Feminism]

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The Change Of The Media

- The Changes In Media Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie once said, “The problem with gender is that it prescribes how we should be rather than recognizing how we are. Imagine how much happier we would be, how much freer to be our true individual selves, if we didn’t have the weight of gender expectations.” It’s a common thing that the media forces beliefs about genders upon the society. Is it possible to believe that if the media portrayed gender equality, that the world would be a completely different place....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Female, Male]

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‘The Feminine Mystique’ by Betty Friedan

- The Feminine Mystique, by Betty Friedan, London, Victor Gollancz LTD, 1963, 410 pp., ISBN 0-575-00951-9 ‘The Feminine Mystique’, first published in the year of 1963, is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential books in the 20th century as well as in the history of feminism. (Fox, 2006) The book signals the beginning of the second wave of the feminist movement as feminism literature to illustrate and analyse female problems in 1960s America. (Fox, 2006) At the same time, it is a declaration to proclaim an era in which American women strove towards the equality that females refused to be subordinate to patriarchal ideology anymore....   [tags: Book Review, Literary Analysis]

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Sectionalism on Sewing Machines

- The first machine at home was the sewing machine. At the time during the 1850's it was seen to be a miracle that a machine could sew by itself. (History) Today, a large quantity and variety of clothes that many admire are able to be made because of the sewing machines that produce clothes in quick time. Sewing machines have impacted the American society by making the life of countless housewives easier, developing American machinery, and starting the ability of individual business for many. Elias Howe, who succeeded in building a working sewing machine, saw his wife struggling with the sewing she took in to support the family....   [tags: Home Machines, History of Machines]

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An Issue About Women 's Rights By David J. Lam And Chung Fang Yang

- David J. Lam and Chung-Fang Yang comment on Ladd Wheeler’s comments on Hong Kongese society and how he misinterprets some aspects of women’s rights. In their article, “Social Behavior in Real Hong Kong, Lam and Yang replied to Wheeler’s statement, “despite the existence of many educated professional women, there is no feminist movement at all... If a woman has been successful, she is not going to make an issue about the rights of other women’” (1989, p. 640) by arguing that “dating back to the seventies, Hong Kong has had a number of groups deeply concerned with feminist issues......   [tags: Feminism, Sociology, Social work, Social justice]

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Betty Friedan 's The Feminine Mystique

- Written for the average American housewife, author Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique is a true feminist novel. The piece of work was published in 1963, almost two decades after the end of WWII, at a time when a woman’s expected role was to be a housewife and a mother. It was during the war, however, that it was seen as socially acceptable, and even patriotic, for a woman to work and have a career outside of the home, being that the men were away at combat. With the demand of women in the workforce at an all time high, images of strong, ambitious, working women emerged throughout the media and press....   [tags: Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique, Gender role]

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30 Rock

- The typical episode of the critically acclaimed, indie-darling, sitcom 30 Rock focuses on the lives of the writers, producers, executives and love interests of those involved in the production of a fictional sketch comedy television show called TGS with Tracy Jordan. 30 Rock is widely known as a show that deals with race, gender and class issues from multiple, humorous perspectives. Yet watching Season Five, Episode Twenty, a viewer could grow uncomfortable at the racial generalizations. The episode is entitled “Queen of Jordan” and is intended to parody the Real Housewives franchise of reality television....   [tags: stereotypes, parody, comedy, reality television]

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Esther's Path to Fulfillment

- The picture of the perfect 1950s marriage as depicted through television sitcoms of that era display a happy family with a loving dutiful wife, a handsome businessman husband, and two or three children. What marriage then or now does this idealistic version truly portray. In the past few decades and especially in recent years that version of a marriage has greatly changed. The dynamic of how a marriage works has been significantly altered in the years since the 1950s. At that time the woman was expected to stay home, have babies, and care for the home while the husband was out in the work force....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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The Role of Women in America

- The Role of Women in America In her essay, “Housewives and Homework: The Lacemakers of Narsapur,” Chandra Talpade Mohanty focused on how men sold products that women produced and profited from women’s work. The essay basically pointed out how work can be defined according to sexual identity. It made me wonder if American women are still perceived by men in society as being housewives even though some of us are doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. Is the work that women do seen as what Mohanty pointed out in her essay as “leisure time activities”....   [tags: Women's Studies]

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Edward Scissorhands: Commentary on the Social Faults on the American Suburban Environment

- ... She was not well liked because this lady often tried to lecture many people of the town telling them they would go to Hell. This shows how neighbors in the suburbs might have big differences and will not get along with each other. Oldenburg states, “The small town taught us that people’s best friends and favorite companions rarely lived right next door to one another” (98). This shows that people who live in the suburbs might not get along in harmony because the differences outweigh the common interests....   [tags: sociological analysis, movie review]

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Commentary on the Article: I Want a Wife by Judy Brady

- In I Want a Wife by Judy Brady, the author generates a captivating argument concerning a wife's responsibilities in a family household. The article was published in Ms. magazine in 1971, this magazine was a feminist which makes this biased. The article becomes visible to be leading towards women, married audience. Nonetheless, her message also goes to clueless men. In Brady's short story the main argument was of the writer wanting eagerly a wife ,a caregiver, a maid. Bardy's reason for wanting a wife is to make life easier on herself and do the things she wants to do....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Household]

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The Feminine Mystique : The Problem That Has No Name

- The Feminine Mystique: Chapter 1 “The Problem that Has No Name” Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique begins with an introduction describing the problem that has no name, which is the prevalent unhappiness of women. Friedan offers some case studies about unhappy women from around the United States, and Friedan wonders whether this unhappiness is connected to the female role of housewife. Friedan describes the differences between the past three generations of women. Grandmothers, Suffrage Feminists, and Mothers....   [tags: Marriage, Woman, Gender, Wife]

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Impact Of The Homefront On The World War II

- Don’t you always wonder what really happened at a particular event in history. Not the Semi-biased history, the real history. There is one distinct event that has always made me wonder and curious, World War Two. However, World War Two is such a comprehensive topic since all kinds of different things were going on in just the six years. In high school I took several history classes, we learned all about the great battles of the war, but didn’t really focus on the Home Front....   [tags: World War II, United States, Cold War, Korean War]

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Women and Gender in Colonial North America

- During the colonial period in North America, women had varied experiences, which were instigated by differences in colonial styles. The population of North America during the period mostly comprised British settlers who originated from England and Wales. The remaining portion of the population was constituted by people from African and Asian origins. Some groups of individuals settled in New England, while other families moved to the Southern Colonies. In the mid 1660s, most immigrants came to the Colonial North America as indentured servants and slaves....   [tags: gender, female slaves, africans]

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Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov

- There is no denying that the housewife, who can cook like a chef and look like a model, is an icon of the 1950s; most of the iconic women during this time were housewives. A famous example is Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in I Love Lucy. The obsession with the housewife is even reflected in Nabokov’s Lolita which is set in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Through a conversation with Miss Pratt, the headmistress of Beardsley School for girls, Humbert Humbert frames the American education system as mere means preparing girls to be housewives....   [tags: Educational Sexism, Literary Analysis]

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Women in the STEM Fields

- In early American history, society believed that women did not have a place in education and high-level learning. They were told not to bother their brains with such advanced thinking. Middle and upper class women learned to read and write, but their education ended there. A woman’s place was said to be in the home, cooking, sewing, and taking care of the children. In the case of upper class women, their “to-do” list was cut even shorter with the servants present to do the work. However, women desired a higher education....   [tags: Career Women Essays]

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Women 's Rights Action League

- Overall, Betty Friedan was a writer and women’s rights activist. After graduating “summa cum laude from Smith College in 1942” and completing her one year fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley for Psychology, Friedan “moved to New York to become a labor reporter.” She married and “after having her first child, she continued working;” however, she lost her job after she became pregnant with her second child and became a housewife. She became restless and eventually started freelancing articles for magazines.2 Friedan helped create and co-found multiple women’s organizations, such as the “National Organization for Women (NOW), National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL Pro...   [tags: Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique]

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Women During The 21st Century

- Another popular daytime show was the homemaking shows. These shows covered an array of topics of homemaking issues in order to help housewives and encourage them to become interested in homemaking because millions of women left wartime employment to become full-time wives and mothers. Elain Tyler May noted in What Women Watched that as postwar women “came to accept their domestic role as the center of their identity, they sought to turn homemaking and motherhood into vocations” (Chapter 6, pg. 134)....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, World War II, Woman]

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The Feminine Mystique

- Betty Friedan, after experiencing feelings of depression, self-loathing, and dissatisfaction as a mother and housewife, published The Feminine Mystique in 1963. The book, which focused on the “problem that has no name,” promoted awareness of society’s pressure on women to be seen in a certain way, especially in advertising. As Joyce Hart points out in her essay, this propaganda told women that being a wife and mother was all there was to their lives, and that they had to find meaning by standing in their family’s shadow....   [tags: Betty Friedan, motherhood, sex discrimination]

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The World Split Open : How The Modern Women 's Movement Changed America

- During the 1950’s, the vast majority of American Woman lived a traditional lifestyle that society at large claimed would bring happiness and fulfillment. The model of this lifestyle is as follows: a woman’s job was to stay at home to keep house and raise children while the husband’s job supported the family financially. When the life they were living matched the picture that society painted as perfect, but brought them despair and made them long for something more, they thought the problem stemmed from within themselves and not their situation....   [tags: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission]

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A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen And The Movie Revolutionary Road

- Human beings never had the option to choose their gender before birth. Although there are some differences that displays noticeable contrast between males and females such as physical traits, everyone is still equal as human beings. However, there are some societies in which gender plays a huge role in what a person does. Men would be described as masculine and powerful, having to do things that require power––physically, mentally, or both. On the other hand, women would be portrayed as feminine and inferior in which they would work as traditional housewives, usually confined under men....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Role, Woman]

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The 1920s : An Era Of Dramatic Political And Cultural Change

- The 1920’s was an era of dramatic political and cultural change, where many Americans lived in cities rather than farms. Many inventors came to be noticed as new cars were invented and as music entered the entertainment industry. A new style of music was invented mainly in the African American community, creating the Harlem Renaissance; which was an evolution of music and entertainment in Harlem, New York City. The women of America began to evolve in the 1920s, adding new styles to our fashion industry and changing the way women dress, act, and are portrayed in society for generations....   [tags: Women's suffrage, Suffrage, Democracy]

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Helping A Social Behavior That Is Important For A Civil Society

- Helping is a social behavior that is important in maintaining a civil society. There are many variables related to why some people help while others do not. Gender is one of them that have been previously examined. Helping someone is providing your best strength in accomplishing a task that can be beneficial to the person. When requesting help from someone most of the time we take the gender into consideration. Based on research by Eagle and Crowley (1986), men are generally more likely to be helpful than women....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Gender identity]

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Mary Freeman's The Revolt of Mother and the Domestic Feminist

- The late nineteenth century was a critical time in reshaping the rights of women. Commonly this era is considered to be the beginning of what is know to western feminists as “first-wave feminism.” First-wave feminism predominately fought for legal rights such as suffrage, and property rights. A major hallmark of first-wave feminism is the concept of the “New Woman.” The phrase New Woman described educated, independent, career oriented women who stood in response to the idea of the “Cult of Domesticity,” that is the idea that women are meant to be domestic and submissive (Stevens 27)....   [tags: literary and historical analysis]

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Gender Roles of Women in Twentieth Century Literature Expressed

- ... In the lines, “Then in the magic of puberty, a classmate says/ You have a great big nose and fat legs” (lines 5-6), the poet talks about when the girl went through puberty, a time when low self-esteem is common, a classmate said something that made her doubt her physical appearance, lowering her self-esteem and placing focus on her looks. The poet uses the lines, “She was healthy, tested intelligent/ possessed strong arms and back/ abundant sexual drive and manual dexterity/ She went to and fro apologizing/ Everyone saw a fat nose on thick legs” (lines 7-11) to emphasize that, even though the girl had several good qualities, what was important from a societal standpoint was whether or n...   [tags: attractiveness, society, poems]

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Not As Advertised : The Women Of Mad Men

- Not as Advertised: The Women of Mad Men “Nothing fits both sides of a woman better than Playtex.” This headline is one of many female directed ads that appear on the AMC hit show Mad Men. Set in the 1960’s, Mad Men takes place during a time period where men are the bread winners and women are the pretty housewives. The show follows the activities at Sterling Cooper, a fictional advertising agency in New York. These men who work in the field of advertising are labeled as “mad men”. The show dives down deeper into the social rules of gender and allows the viewer to see what it was actually like during these times....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Female]

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Suffrage Is The First Step For Women 's Equality

- Suffrage is the first step for women 's equality. When women can vote they will have a voice in politics. This means that women 's issues and women 's voices can no longer be ignored. All American citizens will be political equals and women can focus their attention to other issues. This is an idealized view of what will happen when women gain suffrage since we all know that African American men and women will be dissuaded from voting. While this may be true, women, moreover white educated women, can focus on getting African American men and women access to the vote since we will have a voice in politics....   [tags: Feminism, Women's suffrage, Egalitarianism, Wage]

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Diverse Roles of Women in the Renaissance Era

- Throughout the years, rights between both genders has changed and provided women more equally rights similar to men. It took women hundreds of years to gain the same or similar equality as men, and even now there is still inequality in the workplace. Men originally treated women like objects and extremely poorly. It is known that during the Renaissance time period, society was a patriarchal society, in which men were the primary authority. Women were forced to live by rules and standards that were unfair and unreasonable in both the household and in the workplace....   [tags: Patriarchal Society, Gender Difference]

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Is There Still Inequality Between Men And Women?

- Is there still inequality between men and women. Some people—mostly men—would say that there is not. It has been debated whether feminism, or today 's women’s right movement, is needed in today’s society. They think that just because women can vote, there is no need to continue fighting for equality. Great strides have been made toward gender equality, but total equality has not yet been achieved. There are still many changes that need to be made to our society before equality between all genders can be a reality....   [tags: Gender, Transgender, Gender role, Woman]

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Taking a Look at the Influential Fifties

- The Influential Fifties The half century from 1900 to 1959 was very eventful for the history of the United States of America. It began with the introduction of contemporary life itself, followed closely by the beginning of the First World War. World War I ended in 1918, and with its end came a great new generation of living. Rations were removed and spending was increased drastically, until the spending reached a point of no return, causing the stock market to crash and the infamous Great Depression to ensue....   [tags: socioeconomic values, American history]

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The History and Development of Sliced Bread

- ... He presented the slicer to many bakers, but they believed the machine would fail because there was no mechanism in place to prevent the bread from becoming stale. Rohwedder formed Mac-Roh Sales & Manufacturing Company to sell the machine to individual bakers and corporations. Around the time Rohwedder depleted his monetary supply, he met with a friend named M. Frank Bench who owned the Chillicothe Baking Company. Bench was the first to employ Rohwedder’s machine to produce sliced bread. The two subsequently decided to market the bread under the name Sliced Kleen Maid Bread....   [tags: revolutionizing the American way, toasters]

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Conserve Their Effects On The War Effort

- Conserve More to Make an Impact on the War Effort Imagine the horror to find one day, due to your lack of conserving used cooking fats and bones, the country loses multiple soldiers and a war as well. During World War 1, the Bone and Fat Bucket advertisement was published to help produce more munitions for the war. As we go on in further years to World War 2, the “Sulfa, Please!” ad was published aiming more toward emotions, to save more lives by increasing the number of drugs needed in war. The advertisements are related in logical ways, but the Bone and Fat Bucket ad was more diverse when it comes to their audience, and when observing the style....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Emotion, Advertising]

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The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare

- While reading the play “The Tragedy Of Othello” by Shakespeare I realized that it was almost like reading one big poem. Many of Shakespeare’s plays have a rhyme scheme this is called blank verse, “written prodomintaly in blank verse, Othello also includes prose passages (many spoken by Iago) and rhymed couplets (which punctuate the ends of some scenes)” (DiYanni 1011). The character I took the most interest in was Iago. He is portrayed as the villain throughout the play. Iago claims that he always speaks the truth when everything is an elaborated lie to manipulate others....   [tags: Othello, William Shakespeare, Marriage, Lie]

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The Decline Of The American Economy

- After the First World War, the American economy did very well. There were a lot of jobs and many new technologies were invented during that time. In the 1920s, there was a major rise of consumer for new products. During this time, people bought product not because of their need “but for convince and pleasure” (p. 538). The major consumer at this time was the middle class. The rise of consumerism still continues to today. Most of the consumers were women. In the 1920s, women started to more freedom then they did before....   [tags: Advertising, Consumer protection, 2002 albums]

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The Ideas Of Freedom And Good

- The ideas of freedom and good are closely related. Freedom is the idea of being free or at peace instead of being trapped or unable to live as you choose. Good is something that is right or proper. Without the concept of good, there would not be freedom, a fundamental, universal right. There are many good things in life that make life “good”. For instance, equality, is extremely important. Whether it be about race, sex, religion or age, all people have the right to be equal. If capable of doing the job correctly, they must receive the same wage as others doing what they are doing....   [tags: Human rights]

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Comparing Suppression of Women in Feminine Mystique, Radicalesbians, and Trifles

- Suppression of Women through Isolation in The Feminine Mystique, Radicalesbians, and Trifles It is far easier to break the spirit of one human being than that of a united group of people. Betty Friedan’s "The Feminine Mystique", "Radicalesbians", and Susan Glaspell’s "Trifles" come to the same conclusion: isolation and separation caused women to be vulnerable to domination by male society. Social stigmatization by men, an inability to describe the situation, and a lack of personal identity kept women apart from one another....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Gabrielle Solis: The Desperate Housewife

- “It is not gender which is destroying our culture…it is our interpretations of culture which has destroyed gender equality.” - Cambodian Civil Group Being masculine or feminine is something that has become a limiting factor recently and in past history. Society views a person based on their sex; male or female, and categorizes the individual according to their gender (Cambridge, 2011). For centuries, women have been associated with certain characteristics such as being weak, domestic, and not capable of responsibility yet, men are seen as strong and dominant (Keller, 1994: 234)....   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Women of the 20th Century

- “I feel empty somehow… incomplete… I feel as if I don’t exist.” A sense of numbness was not uncommon for many women who lived in the suburban world of the 1950’s. Confined by a strong emphasis on family and gender roles, women acted as wives and mothers, but did not live as individuals; always being their child’s mother, or their husband’s wife, led these women to lose their sense of self. As prisoners of their own lives, suburban housewives experienced an identity crisis that stripped them of the desire to become whoever they wanted to be, and forced them to become what they were expected to be....   [tags: American History]

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Women: A History of Misrepresentation

- Crossing the boundaries of race, class, region and religion, the history of American women seeks to illuminate the multifaceted, public and private lives of women who may otherwise go misunderstood or completely unrecognized. In the course of this study, the following four themes have been found to characterize the shared experiences of generations of women: the construction of gender and gender spheres, housewives v. working women, mixed signals, and the legitimization of feminism. Placed within the context of our own patriarchal society the acknowledgment of the proceeding themes and subsequent scenarios, failures and accomplishments will help contemporary persons understand where we have...   [tags: Gender, Feminism Essays]

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The Changing Role of Women

- Today, women are an integral part of all organizations, and contribute to the world just as much as men. Many of the most influential women throughout history are Americans; however, these women have had to fight against society, and struggle against the odds in order to gain the freedom and power they have today. There have been many events which have helped to aid them in their progression, and one of the biggest was World War II. American women played very important roles in World War II, and thus the war played a major part in advancing their empowerment....   [tags: Organizations, Men, Women, Equality, Gender]

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Propaganda, A Form Of Communication

- Propaganda, a form of communication, uses a variety of techniques to persuade a population in a negative or positive way toward an idea, position, or political agenda. This goal is often achieved by using misleading information. This use of advertising forms an opinion or set of beliefs and ideas in the audience’s mind that the creator of the piece is attempting to formulate. The 1942 World War II poster, Rosie the Riveter, is a prime example of propaganda due to the portrayal of a strong, leading woman that persuaded millions of women into joining the United States workforce during war time....   [tags: World War II, United States, Rosie the Riveter]

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Gender Roles Of The Family

- Gender roles are extremely important to the functioning of families. The family is one of the most important institutions. It can be nurturing, empowering, and strong. Some families are still very traditional. The woman or mother of the family stays at home to take care of the children and household duties. The man or father figure goes to work so that he can provide for his family. Many people believe that this is the way that things should be. Gender determines the expectations for the family....   [tags: Gender role, Family, Marriage, Gender]

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Inequality Between Women And Women

- Inequality for Woman In comparison to the time when women were still fighting for the right to vote, it would seem that women today are the legal equals of men. However, there are subtle tendencies in our societies ideology to portray women as inferior. Woman are just as capable of doing the things that men do. Unfortunately, some people still believe that men still have dominance and are more capable than that. Which is in fact false, woman are able to do things equally to the way men do things....   [tags: Women's suffrage, Women's rights, Female, Woman]

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Character Analysis: Mary Maloney

- "All [women] had to do was devote their lives from earliest girlhood to finding a husband and bearing children," (Friedan 16). This philosophy may seem out dated today. With the great feminist movements from the women of the Victorian Era and the 1970's the idea that women can only be housewives is a thing of the past, but not of the distant past. In "Lamb to the Slaughter" the main character is the perfect housewife who faces the problem of losing her husband; a real tragedy for any woman at anytime, but even more so for the totally dependent, pregnant housewife. “Lamb to the Slaughter,” by Roald Dahl, is one of those stories that forces readers to question what is good and what is evil, wh...   [tags: Character Analysis ]

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Women's Rights in Mexico

- A revolution occurs when a need for drastic change is necessary to alter ones way of living. The change they are fighting for would end up to be a positive impact once victory prevails, but of course with every battle there are disagreements and violent quarrels. Revolution may seem to be a negative connotation, but there are always two sides to every story. Just like many other countries around the world a Latin American country called Mexico went through a revolution of their own. Although the Mexican Revolution was mainly fought for the distribution of land, it opened a gateway for the women....   [tags: Mexican Government, Gender Roles]

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The History of the Soap Opera

- The History of the Soap Opera Soap operas have been one of the most popular forms of television in the world, being the foremost genre in Britain for thirty-five years, ever since the first episode of Coronation Street was screened in 1960. The continuous plots and new characters that viewers could relate to sparked I new passion for the common soap opera. Ever since, new soap operas have been released, still using the old ingredients and standard story lines, still managing the captivate audiences on a constant basis....   [tags: Papers]

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Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique and Sue Kaufman's Diary of a Mad Housewife

- Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique and Sue Kaufman's Diary of a Mad Housewife Bettina Balser, the narrator of Sue Kaufman’s Diary of a Mad Housewife, is an attractive, intelligent woman living in an affluent community of New York City with her successful husband and her two charming children. She is also on the verge of insanity. Her various mental disorders, her wavering physical health, and her sexual promiscuity permeate her diary entries, and are interwoven among descriptions of the seemingly normal and easy routine of a housewife....   [tags: Friedan Kaufman Diary mad Housewife Essays]

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William Shakespeare's Othello

- William Shakespeare's Othello A significant moment in Othello demonstrates the theme of binaries questioned in many of Shakespeare's works. Addressing the Duke and senators, Othello says: "Let her have your voice. Vouch with me heaven, I therefore beg it not To please the palate of my appetite, Nor to comply with heat--the young affects In me defunct--and proper satisfaction, But to be free and bounteous to her mind; And heaven defend your good souls that you think I will your serious and great business scant When she is with me....   [tags: William Shakespeare Othello Essays]

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Equality Or Inequality? How Cool Would It Be When The Roles Of Women And Men Were Switched?

- Equality or Inequality. How cool would it be if the roles of women and men were switched. Women can go to work and make an earning for the family, while men can stay at home to cook and clean the house. Not fair right. Well for generations, sexism has always been an issue in the United States. Many people in the nation disregard the problem because they simply think sexism does not exist. However, it does exist and unfortunately it mostly affects females. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, sexism is defined as “The state or condition of belonging to the male or female sex; categorization or reference on the basis of sex; prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against...   [tags: Gender, Female, Discrimination, Sexism]

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Female Characters in ‘The Great Gatsby’ and Cormac McCarthy’s ‘No Country for Old Men’?

- In a novel set in 1920’s patriarchal society dominated by the obsession of wealth, power, chasing dreams and an enigmatic narrator, just how independent can a woman really be. This is the context for the characters in ‘The Great Gatsby’ where, in the aftershock of a world war, there is celebration and the incarnation of women left at home into ‘flappers’, but it is debatable how far they have really changed from traditional housewives. For Jordan this is an exciting transition but more traditional characters such as Tom cling to the past....   [tags: Literature, Gender Studies]

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Diet and Stress: How Do What We Eat and Drink Affect Our Stress Level?

- Eating habits influence people’s body functions, as different chemicals and components in different foods and drinks can produce various biological reactions. A common diet is consuming vitamins and proteins on a daily basis; and usually, people would intake alcohol as a “self-prescription” when they are under pressure. All these components have major impacts on the human stress levels. Stress usually happens when people are confronting stressors, such as catastrophes, daily hassles, and blah ....   [tags: healthy/unhealthy lifestyles]

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An Analysis Of Loraine Hansberry 's ' A Raisin Of The Sun '

- In the play A Raisin in the Sun, written by Loraine Hansberry, there is a lower class family that experiences what life is like during 1959. In the play, the family of five all have many adversities but one of the main characters known as Walter Youngers, seems to be the most affected during this period of time due to the fact that he is a male, and has a bigger role to fill in his family. Like everybody, Walter has big dreams to pursue. As he tries to achieve them with money from his father’s death, there is many disputes in between the family that blinds them from realizing that money does not buy happiness....   [tags: Man, Gender, Working class, Family]

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Mang Sixto Is Playing A Guitar With The Chords Of An Emotional Song

- On an afternoon, in the quarters of the sakadas, Mang Sixto is playing a guitar with the chords of an emotional song, "Walay Angay", while her daughter, and is playing outside the quarters. They were indifferent of each other for a while, but there is a sudden change in the mood of the two. The daughter of Mang Sixto finally notices the chords that her father was playing and along with the music is her father 's very emotional presence. They were then engaged in a sudden conversation. The daughter interrogated her father of the about the sad song he was playing along with his guitars....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Universal quantification]

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Effects Of Prescription Drugs As A Quick And Temporary Solution For Psychological Problems

- Throughout history, Americans have used prescription drugs as a quick and temporary solution for psychological problems. In difficult and stressful times, it is easy for individuals to turn towards a medication that will make them feel better and free them of their problems. When looking at the birth of prescription benzodiazepines in America, history tends to inexorably repeat itself. Beginning in the 1960s, doctors began to prescribe Valium in extremely high quantities. The same goes for more recent drugs such as Ritalin and Oxycontin....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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Misconceptions Created by Television Shows, As Explained in Richards Willing’s “CSI Effect”

- In Richards Willing’s “CSI effect” the author tells the reader how, as a result of crime scene shows’ popularity, the misconceptions they create, and the combining of real life events with TV fantasy, crime scene shows have affected jurors and the oucomes of court cases. The shows’ popularity has increased peoples’ interest in forensic science and has caused workers and students to transfer into the field. The second effect crime scenes created is the misconception concerning when to use forensic tests, as well as misconceptions about the speed and accuracy of forensic workers and machines in tracking and identifying the culprit....   [tags: television, reality, crime]

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Feminism : A Feminist And What Effect Does It Have On Fashion?

- What does it mean to be a feminist and what effect does it have on fashion. Being a feminist means that you believe everyone is entitled to freedom and equality and that gender doesn’t define who you are. There have been three waves of the feminist movement, all which have played a part in women gaining more rights and lead to the decrease of restrictions on women’s clothing. People often believe that being a feminist means you are against men but this is not the case. Neither men or women have the benefit of equality....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Women's suffrage]

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Three Key Points of Ancient Greek, Roman, and the Renaissance Life

- Aside from the intertwinements, or lack thereof, of religion into people’s lifestyles, how else did the people of these three cultures live their everyday lives, and what parallels can be made. One of the biggest common themes in the social structures and lifestyles of these three cultures are the rights and privileges they gave women. In ancient Greece, women had basically no political rights and were nearly always under the control of men. Their main duty was to have kids, and preferably male ones at that....   [tags: Religion, Lifestyle, Inventions, Innovations]

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Women in the 1848-1849 Hungarian Revolution is Written by Robert Nemes

- “Women in the 1848-1849 Hungarian Revolution” is written by Robert Nemes. The thesis of this article is: Six weeks after the outbreak of revolution in Hungary, a remarkable document appeared in a patriotic Hungarian language newspaper, Pesti Divatlvap. Entitled “Demands of the Radical Hungarian Women,” this twenty-four petition boldly asserted women’s right to take part in public life and underlined their importance to the revolutionary cause. The author uses these main points to support his thesis....   [tags: twenty four demands, article analysis]

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What Was the Nature and Purpose of the Hitler Youth?

- What was the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth. In this essay I shall be looking at what the purpose of the Hitler Youth was and as to why Hitler chose to set it up. The Hitler Youth was an organisation in which Hitler used to indoctrinate pupils into believing in the superiority of the Aryan race, to value compliance, discipline and sacrifice while having indisputable loyalty to the Fuhrer. The purpose of this was to create a Germany that would always remain faithful to Hitler so there would never be anarchy....   [tags: Nazi Germany]

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From Out of the Shadows: Americanization of Mexican American Women

- The Progressive Era is generally applied to a variety of responses to the economic and social problems to rapid industrialization introduced in America. Although the era can be narrowed down to focus on the history of Mexican American women living in the Southwest and Midwest of the United States between 1890 and 1919. Some of the events involved within in the Mexican community during the time were a variety of processes including restriction, deportation or Americanizing immigrants from Mexico....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Analysis Of Washington Irving 's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

- I chose the assignment number one, which was to write an analysis of Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” A Town that is between the Hudson and Tappan Zee rivers called Greensburgh is a small market town. This village was in New York, which was known as a Dutch settlement. Near this town is a very quiet sleepy hollow. In this small village all the people seem to have a certain quality of drowsiness. But the town seems to be described as haunted with many stories and legends. Washington Irving the writer of the story made “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in 1819....   [tags: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving]

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Analysis Of The Novel ' Across A Hundred Mountains '

- Natalie Batista English 1A Professor Perales Feb 6, 2015 A woman who rewrote her own ending Reyna Grande 's novel, Across a Hundred Mountains, focuses on the dynamic of the development and rethinking of the concept of a traditional Latino patriarchal family built up around male dominance. In low income and uneducated cultures, there are set of roles that throughout time have been passed by from generation to generation. These gender roles most often consist of the men being the breadwinner for the family....   [tags: Gender role, Woman, Man, Gender]

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