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Tragic Heroines: Medea and Clytemnestra

- Aristotle (384-322 B.C. believed that tragedy, as an imitation or mimesis of life as it could be, held more importance than history, which simply records the past. He considered that performance of a tragedy provided the perfect cathartic experience for an audience, leaving them spiritually purified and inspired. He felt spectators seeing and experiencing great hardship befall the play’s hero or heroine would achieve this emotional state and benefit from it. The tragic hero, according to Aristotle, must be essentially good and be of high or noble birth....   [tags: Aristotle, Greek tragedies, literature]

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Important Heros and Heroines in Greek Culture

- Group 10 Important Heros and Heroines in Greek Culture Heroes reflect the greatest strengths of the human condition, as well as highlighting the flaws of human nature itself. It is no surprise then that throughout the Greek world are found depictions of heros on various pieces of pottery. These pieces better help to understand what the people of the ancient Greek world were like and which heroic values they felt were worthy of art. When analyzing the art and the stories of such heroes, common themes tend to emerge of what the ancient Greeks thought were heroic values....   [tags: krater, pottery, Pelops, Oenomaus, Achilles]

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Wisdon from Book Heroes and Heroines

- WISDOM FROM BOOK HEROES AND HEROINES Apparently, fictional characters are more influential than the general public give them credit for. As a matter of fact, people tend to seek company from them when they feel like disconnecting from reality or it can just be one of the undying habits that let someone temporarily get a taste of an entirely different life. The world of fiction is something we certainly know as a product of a wild imagination, an output of creativity that's meant to entertain an audience but it is also a tool used to impart knowledge and serves as a source of inspiration at the same time....   [tags: living vicariously through fictional characters]

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Heroes and Heroines

- Heroes and Heroines "Who the heck are you?" Victor Frankenstein cried. "What the heck are you?" "I am the wretch created by your beloved Elizabeth," cried the vaguely female wretch. "Elizabeth has passed the limits of the human realm and in her feverish pursuit of the essential knowledge of the world she has spawned the being that you now see before you!" "And what do you want from me, you frightening monstrosity whom my innocent and sheltered eyes should never have been made to look upon?" The wretch snickered....   [tags: Fiction Comics Papers]

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The Ethics of Jane Austen's Heroines

- The Ethics of Jane Austen's Heroines Jane Austen's novels at first glance tell a story of romance set primarily within the landowning society amidst country estates, and their cultivation of tea parties, social outings, and extravagant balls; ladies sashaying in flowing gowns through precisely decorated rooms, and men deliberating over their game of whist. The storybook romance usually unfolds in these familiar settings, and inevitably involves the conflict of two lovers separated by differences in social class, and the resulting influence of the diverse societies they revolve in....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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The Heroines of the Western Schoolhouse

- The Heroines of the Western Schoolhouse "School-Teacher Wanted: One room schoolhouse seeks a young, single white woman who is willing to leave her sheltered life and come teach twenty to thirty classes a day, for a variety of students ranging in ages from five to twenty-two. Teacher must be able to perform with inadequate teaching materials and minimal funding for her salary and for the maintenance of the school." If you fit these qualifications, you would've been a wonderful addition to the old Western schoolhouse....   [tags: Teachers Education Papers]

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Heroines and Subservience in Ancient Athens

- Heroines and Subservience in Ancient Athens Women throughout history have played a subordinate role to men; this holds true in even ancient Athens. Though obvious through the writing of ancient poets, playwrights, and historians this subordinate role dominates religion and its practices. Through an examination of modern and ancient sources it will become apparent that women, even goddesses, played certain roles and they did not have the freedom to step outside these roles. Despite this subordinate stature, women could still receive recognition as heroic figures by achieve the status of heroine....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Lizzy or Emma - A Critique of Jane Austen's Heroines

- Living for only 42 years Jane Austen’s (1775- 1817) view of the world was genial and kindly. She had a clear sighted vision of the world where she amused herself with other’s foibles and self - deception, gave love to those who deserve to be loved and most certainly gave a light hearted satirical view of the society. Marilyn Butler in her book "Jane Austen" writes that, “Jane had the happiness of temper that never required to be commanded. Cassandra, who knew her best, received letters in which Jane sounded dissatisfied with her lot, impatient, angry or unhappy”....   [tags: character analysis, pride and prejudice]

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Supernatural in Shakespeare's Macbeth - Witches as Heroines

- The Witches as the Heroines of Macbeth Traditionally, the witches of Shakespeare's Macbeth have been treated as symbolic manifestations of the potential for evil. Many students and critics of Macbeth enjoy blaming the witches, along with Lady Macbeth, for Macbeth's downfall. Regardless, it may be argued that the witches are the heroines of the play. One eminent modern literary critic, Terry Eagleton, has addressed the issue of the witches as heroines directly: To any unprejudiced reader--which would seem to exclude Shakespeare himself, his contemporary audiences and almost all literary critics--it is surely clear that positive value in Macbeth lies with the three witches....   [tags: GCSE English Literature Coursework]

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The Characterisation of the Heroines in The Bell Jar and Quicksand

- How does the author's treatment of relationships effect the characterisation of the heroines in The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and Quicksand by Nella Larsen. Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know ============================== How does the author's treatment of relationships effect the characterisation of the heroines in "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath and "Quicksand" by Nella Larsen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This essay will compare the ways in which the novels "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath and "Quicksand" by Nella Larsen deal with relationships, paying particular attention to how this aids the characterisation of Esther Greenwood and Helga Crane, the...   [tags: English Literature]

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Nineteenth Century Literature Heroines and Conformity

- Nineteenth Century Literature Heroines and Conformity By definition, a heroine is a woman who would typically encompass the qualities of nobility, courage, independence and strength. Nineteenth century English women would have struggled to accomplish any of these particular acts of heroism within their social environment as ultimately, their roles within civilisation saw them becoming a good wives and mothers and before that, obliging and caring daughters. Within this ubiquitous discourse of separate spheres, Kathryn Gleadle suggests that women were ‘encouraged to see themselves as ‘relative creatures', whose path in life was to nurture the family and to provide unstinting support for the h...   [tags: Literature 19th Century]

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The Unique Portrayal of Heroines in The Awful Truth and My Favorite Wife

- ... As a result, Lucy claimed as Jerry’s sister and tricked him and his new girlfriend on Barbara’s appointment to debunk Jerry’s falsehood and to lower the impression formed by Barbara’s family. For sure, both Ellen and Lucy get their husbands or even the whole family back. Although heroines were shocked by the facts initially, a new wife appearing and the love between the couple remaining, they still took the most positive actions they could. From my perspective, that also becomes one of the reasons why the screwball comedy prevailed in 30s, doing something and even getting the best results that heroines had ever expected....   [tags: screwball comedy, marriage, zany]

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How do Jane Austen and E.M Forster portray their heroines as remarkably independent?

- The independence of the heroines in “Pride and Prejudice” and “A Room With a View” can be defined by their unconventional views and the fearlessness that they display. In “Pride and Prejudice”, Austen presents her heroine Elizabeth as having unconventional views on marriage and society. It is clear that in Austen’s choice of Elizabeth she is presenting an alternative role model for the women of Regency society. Similarly, in “A Room With a View”, E.M Forster’s heroine Lucy demonstrates an independence and fearlessness in her choices which challenges society’s expectations....   [tags: Literature]

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Role Models in Young Adult Literature

- A young girl is standing with a gun ready to fire. Her best friend Will walks toward her, another gun outstretched. She pleads for him to snap out of it. But, Will can't hear her, he's being controlled. She shoots, letting the bullet fly through his head. She flees the area crying to herself. Thankfully, this isn't real. This is a scene from the book Divergent, by Veronica Roth. This is one of the new popular book series from the Young Adult Literature genre. Young women are looking up to such heroines like Tris, described above....   [tags: heroines, women leadership]

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Sisters Take a Risk In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

- ... Maté noted, "This new friend of Minerva's, Hilda, is really rude." (31). Hilda was hiding at the school because she had been to secret meetings against Trujillo's regime. Minerva had joined Hilda at these meetings and helped hide her from the authorities in her time of need. Even the men in Minerva's life had a hand in adding to her heroic qualities. Minerva wistfully said, "My life would have been nobler if I had followed Lío." (59). Lío was a man that Minerva was close to. He was openly against Trujillo and eventually had to flee the country....   [tags: heroines, mirabals, rebellious ]

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Imagination is Powerful in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth

- Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth is not based on any literacy books. Clyde Geronimi’s, Wilfred Jackson’s, and Hamilton Luske’s Alice in Wonderland is based on Lewis Carroll’s original story of Alice in Wonderland. Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves is an adaptation of Angela Carter’s short story of the same name. All three female protagonists are evolving, physically and mentally, from girls to women. Imagination provides all three protagonists with freedom from oppression and abuse. In Pan’s Labyrinth, the main character, Ofelia is abused by her Fascist stepfather and utilizes her mind to escape his tortured....   [tags: heroines, rosaleene, alice]

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The Awakening by Kate Chopin

- Kate Chopin, inspired through her strong-willed widowed mother and grandmother, wrote inspiring stories of female heroines that were rejected by a society unwilling to accept Chopin’s risqué subjects. She was born into an affluent family on February 8th, 1851 in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended convent schools where she was strongly encouraged to pursue her writing career. She spent much of her free time by herself, in her attic, reading vigorously. Her mother and grandmother strongly encouraged her to think for herself and pursue her interests....   [tags: Edna Pontellier, female heroines]

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Atticus Finch: Stronger Than Hercules

- “All heroes and heroines share several characteristics in common: They embody characteristics their society values” (Reilly). Odds are, the word, “hero” conjures up images of strong, powerful, hardy men battling monsters and evil forces. Achilles, the legendary Greek warrior whose story is chronicled in Homer’s The Illiad, and Superman, the invincible savior from the Planet Krypton, are two such examples. However, there is a new breed of hero, the modern hero. The modern hero is not necessarily a stereotypical strongman....   [tags: heroes, heroines, modern heroe]

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Comparing Heroines in Anna Karenina and War and Peace

- Women of the nineteenth century represented the image of the real woman. Their beauty, charm, and rich spiritual world were the inspiration of the poetical muse in all times. Many great writers and poets reflected the images of women in their works. The image of Anna Karenina, the main character of the novel, according to Tolstoy represents both a woman, who lost herself. She stepped away from her sacred duties of being a mother and a wife, but she does not have another choice. Tolstoy tries to justify the behavior of his heroine, but at the same time her tragical destiny appears to be unavoidable....   [tags: Literary Heroes, Analytical Essay]

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Gothic Literature: Isabella and Catherine From Victims To Heroines

- When the words gothic literature come to mind, most people would automatically assume that Poe or King are being spoken of, but two authors who have seemed to have slipped through the cracks in the world’s idea of gothic literature have not only succeeded in many things, but have written two lovely gothic novels in their own ways. Horace Walpole wrote The Castle of Ortanto and Jane Austen wrote Northanger Abbey; and while these two pieces are vastly different, they both employ the same devices to keep the reader in the world of the gothic....   [tags: walpoe, austen, compare, contrast]

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Aristotle’s Poetics

- Courageous and admirable with noble qualities defines a heroine. In Aristotle’s Poetics he describes a tragic hero as a character who is larger than life and through fate and a flaw they destroy themselves. Additionally, Aristotle states excessive pride is the hubris of a tragic hero. The hero is very self-involved; they are blind to their surroundings and commit a tragic action. A tragedy describes a story that evokes sadness and awe, something larger than life. Furthermore, a tragedy of a play results in the destruction of a hero, evoking catharsis and feelings of pity and fear among the audience....   [tags: tragic hero, heroines, the medea]

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Biography of Margaret Sanger

- Biography of Margaret Sanger Margaret Sanger founded a movement in this country that would institute such a change in the course of our biological history that it is still debated today. Described by some as a "radiant rebel", Sanger pioneered the birth control movement in the United States at a time when Victorian hypocrisy and oppression through moral standards were at their highest. Working her way up from a nurse in New York's poor Lower East Side to the head of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Margaret Sanger was unwavering in her dedication to the movement that would eventually result in lower infant mortality rates and better living conditions for the impoverished....   [tags: Heroines Birth Control Planned Parenthood Essays]

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Mary Crawford: The Satisfying Heroine

- In Mansfield Park, Jane Austen presents her readers with a dilemma: Fanny Price is the heroine of the story, but lacks the qualities Jane Austen usually presents in her protagonists, while Mary Crawford, the antihero, has these qualities. Mary is active, effective, and witty, much like Austen’s heroines Emma Woodhouse and Elizabeth Bennet. Contrasting this is Fanny, who is timid, complacent, and dull. Austen gives Mary passages of quick, sharp, even occasionally shocking, dialogue, while Fanny often does not speak for pages at a time....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Jane Austen]

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The Romantic Heroine: A Borrowed Penelope

- In The Rise of Silas Lapham, the elder daughter Penelope represents the intelligent, yet understated romantic woman. Like many heroines, Penelope finds herself in the awkward situation of being the middle of a love triangle. Though their respective families believe that Tom would be a better match for her sister Irene, who is described as being “innocent” and incredibly attractive, it is Penelope whom Tom chooses for a wife. Like many literary heroines, Penelope tries to end her love-affair, as an expression of self-sacrifice, but she eventually submits to marrying Tom....   [tags: The Rise of Silas Lapham, Character Analysis]

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The Modern Heroine: I Am Malala

- Joseph Campbell describes the hero’s journey as a quest where the “hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man” (Campbell 7). The heroine’s quest, according to Valerie Estelle Frankel includes “battling through pain and intolerance, through the thorns of adversity, through death and beyond to rescue loved ones” (Frankel 11)....   [tags: joseph campbell, supernatural wonder]

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Introducing Miss Bennet, Unique Heroine

- In the book Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen decided to make Elizabeth Bennet the central character. Elizabeth is the second eldest of the Bennet sisters and from the very beginning of the book; we can sense that the whole plot in the story is based around her. Therefore, we can suggest that there are many reasons to think that Elizabeth is the heroine in Pride and Prejudice. However, I believe that before arguing on this idea, we must define the concept of heroine. When we talk about the heroine of a story, we usually expect a woman who is brave, courageous, trustworthy and has many other positive qualities, depending on what she does....   [tags: Jane Austen, Character Analysis]

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Tragedy in Tess of the D’Urberville by Thomas Hardy

- ... John is a prime example of how the D’Urberville name has immediately affected Tess’ family. Tess’ fate with the D’Urberville name begins when Joan learns of the D’Urbervilles. “My project is to send Tess to claim kin”, she wants Tess to marry Alec for wealth not for love. Hardy’s heroine can instantly sense what she believes to be good and bad. Although her family does not see it she soon realises why she was reluctant to listen to her mother in claiming her kin. From the very beginning of the novel Hardy seems to be aware of Tess’ fate....   [tags: suffering, fate, heroine]

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Hope is the Thing with Letters: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

- Heroines are portrayed as able bodied women, when in the face of danger or adversity, display courage and self-sacrifice. Hester Prynne, the female protagonist of The Scarlet Letter, is forced to wear a scarlet A on her chest because of her affair with Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. The first impression of Hester is that she is a strong woman, grounded in her decisions to keep the father of her child secret, suffering the consequences. Throughout the novel, Hawthorne develops Hester, broken and drowning in her sin, surviving only by having hope and stifling her emotions....   [tags: tragic heroine, hester prynne]

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Analysis of the First Female Superhero: Wonder Woman

- ... However, these characters were often stereotypical, such as the man-hating Thundra or angry-feminist parody, Man-killer. In Wonder Woman No. 203, 1972, Wonder Woman tells the women’s lib movement to go stifle itself. Actual dialogue: “I’m for equal wages, too. But I’m not a joiner. I wouldn’t fit with your group. In most cases I don’t even like women.” No. 203 is one of many comic series publicized by DC during the Feminist Movements. The feminists had adopted Wonder woman as a symbolic idol during their movements in the 1970’s....   [tags: heroine, sexualized, males, media]

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Which heroine do you prefer and how do events throughout the books

- Which heroine do you prefer and how do events throughout the books affect your opinion of them - Bridget Jones and Emma. Which heroine do you prefer and how do events throughout the books affect your opinion of them. The two heroines, Bridget Jones and Emma are obviously quite different in their attitudes to love and society as a whole. However, I think that in ways they are both likeable characters. The events that occur through the novels have an effect on the reader's opinions of the heroines and can weaken or strengthen these opinions....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Antigone: A Tragic Heroine's Characteristics

- In Antigone, The likelihood off it being two Tragic hero characters is unlikely in Greek tragedy, and there is only one in the play Antigone. The king Creon has several of the qualities that constitute a tragic character, but does not have all of the necessary necessities. Antigone, although she is a woman, contains all of the aspects that are required for her to be the main character and a feminine heroine which is seldom seen however there are certain traits, in which are required of a tragic character found in her role....   [tags: Antigone, characters, ]

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Hester Prynne: Victim or Heroine?

- Literature is very interesting when there is a change in the protagonist. They can start out bad but turn out good in the end. Being the protagonist of a novel and changing your ways can affect the story and give it a great plot twist. There is a story in literature that contains a person that made a bad decision. A victim of sin, Hester Prynne, emerges as a determined, loving, and strong heroine, living her own life in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hester Prynne came from Amsterdam to Boston two years ago....   [tags: The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne, adultery]

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Harriet Tubman And Extraordinary Heroine

- ... They grew up together until Tilly was sold to another plantation, this made Harriet extremely distraught. Harriet’s life became increasingly darker after this. A slave overseer had seen Harriet slowing down during her work which enabled him to hurl a brick toward her head. This caused serious brain trauma for Harriet’s life. Due to this act by the overseer, Harriet prayed for death to strike the slave master. Harriet did this out of a pure fit of enragement. She did not expect her request to be fulfilled; nonetheless, the master acquired scarlet fever and died soon after....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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The Heroine and Archetypal Characteristics of The Little Mermaid

- ... Early in the story, the first example of heroine actions is presented by the Little Mermaid rescuing the Prince. “When the Little Mermaid found the Prince, she carried him to the surface and laid him on the sand, kissing his forehead before swimming away from the beach” (Andersens 184). The Prince faced a near death experience, and if not for the Little Mermaid, his life would have been cut short. This is only one example, but throughout the story the Little Mermaid signifies the heroine with the validation of her achievement to venture out and make the Prince hers....   [tags: Hans Christian Andersen stories]

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Psyche: The Greatest Heroine in the City of Glome

- In the city of Glome, they are suffering from droughts, plagues, and the fever. The priest of Ungit decides that they “must find the accursed”. Also, he mentions, “the brute has been seen again”; therefore, they must offer the “accursed” to the brute. When the King hears this he is scared for his own life, but he has no problem offering one of his three daughters. The priest then tells him that he is not the “accursed”, but Psyche, his youngest daughter, will be offered, for she is the “accursed”....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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A Villain and a Heroine. A story told in rhyme.

- The blush of love's awakening as hearts are intertwined. What shall this Ever After bring. A bridal veil, a golden ring. But Fate is such a fickle thing when love is on the line. Our tale unfolds beneath the boughs of ancient woodland glade, where night-wind stirs the restless leaves and moonlight-dappled shade as shards of crystal, deadly, gleaming, weave the threads of magic's seeming. Caught within this web of Dreaming sleeps the spellbound maid. A chamber of immensity immersed in candlelight, bedecked in glowing tapestry and hung with streamer bright....   [tags: Poetry]

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Joan of Arc: A Heroine Among Men

- Joan of Arc, a well-known Catholic saint and French national heroine, is a figure worthy of historical attention. Born in Domremy, France, sometime around 1412, Joan lived as a peasant with her family on fifty acres of land. At the end of her short life of nineteen years, Joan revealed in a trial that her rise to power in the Anglo-French conflict was due to a series of visions she had as a young girl. These visions, which were religious in nature, helped Joan to turn the Hundred Years War into a religious conflict....   [tags: Religion]

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A Modern Heroine

- A Modern Heroine In today’s society, women have overcome many hardships to become able to vote, able to run for public office, and even able to hold high business positions. Some people believe that such accomplishments are because of literary examples that have, over the years, lead women to believe in themselves, motivate them-selves, and stand up for themselves. In Aeschylus’ infamous Greek tragedy, The Oresteia, Clytaemestra, the leading woman, overcomes the Greek society’s slighting attitude towards women, grasping the most powerful position attain-able in Argos....   [tags: essays papers]

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Medea as a Heroine in Euripides

- Medea as a Heroine in Euripides In Euripides' Medea, the main character of the same name is a controversial heroine. Medea takes whatever steps necessary to achieve what she believes is right and fair. She lived in a time when women were expected to sit in the shadows and take the hand that life dealt them without a blink of their eye. Medea took very radical steps to liberate herself and destroys the life of the man who ruined hers. She refused to accept the boundaries that a patriarchal society set upon her....   [tags: Papers]

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What Makes a Heroine in Julia Alvarez's In the Time of the Butterflies

- ... Minerva said, one time, I stopped at the side of the road and stared at their Maribel eyes. "Who is your father?" I asked point blank,( Alvarez 58). Although her mother had told her about the affair, Minerva still investigated for her own knowledge. Even though every heroine has vast amount of courage, fearlessness is what shapes them into a heroine Fearlessness is not about having any fears. It is about knowing your fear but growing through it that makes you fearless. Minerva stated, he yanks me by the wrist, thrusting his pelvis at me in a vulgar way, and I can see my hand in an endless slow motion rise- a mind all its own-and come down on the astonished, made-up face (Alvarez 66-67)....   [tags: minerva, sisters, courage]

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The Heroine in A White Heron

- A White Heron was a beautiful story of the battles within a little girl in her formative years in life. The story has a deeper meaning though, expressed in the involvement of much symbolic representation. The author, Sarah Orne Jewett, paints a vivid and descriptive image of the young heroine and her surroundings in the story. I will try to primarily focus on the symbolism and representation in the story. I will also mention the subtle references the artist made to the biggest struggle in a young persons life- self-identification....   [tags: A White Heron Essays]

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The Feminist Heroine Of The Middle English Poem ' Beowulf '

- ... Another aspect of the Elinor’s morality and ethical conduct is found in her lack of ambition to become a woman of “greatness” as a part of the humility of the feminist heroine. This aspect of Anglo-Saxon heroism is part of Austen’s depiction of English women as being ethically upright and always modest in contrast to Marianne’s haughtiness and irresponsible behavior. For instance, Elinor and Marianne sit by the fire discussing ambition and fame, but it is Elinor that describes her own vision of a ethical and morally sound type of heroine in the Anglo-Saxon literary tradition: “I shall not attempt it....   [tags: Beowulf, Epic poetry, Morality, Grendel]

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Emilia, A Heroine of Shakespeare's Othello

- Emilia, A Heroine of Shakespeare's Othello    Shakespeare, in his tragedy Othello, presents a minor character who does great things in the final act. Her character is deserving of analysis. Kenneth Muir, in the Introduction to William Shakespeare: Othello,  explains the motivation of Emilia through most of the play: Emilia’s character, too, is determined by the plot. In the source, the villain’s wife is privy to the nefarious designs. Shakespeare wisely makes her, like the other characters, ignorant of Iago’s character....   [tags: Othello essays]

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The Real Heroine in the book, In the Time of Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

- ... I'll let you toss for the privilege. You win, you get your wish. I win, I get mine" (115) Minerva not only stands up to Trujillo by telling him she wants to be a lawyer, but she takes a huge risk just to get what she wants and deserves. Minerva meets a young man named Lio who her parents disapprove of and he is also running from the government, why would Minerva take the risk of being with Lio when she has to go against the government and the people she loves. Minerva has started to act very sneaky around the house and she is starting to fall in love with Lio....   [tags: revolution, love Minerva]

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Vivian Bearing: Shakespearean Heroine

- Shakespeare´s definition of a tragic hero stands between the epic hero and the scondrel: he is an exceptional being though not completely noble; he has a flaw of character which contributes to his degeneration and eventually leads to his downfall, that is to say death: be it physical or moral, preceded by transfiguration. This redemption serves the purpose of restoring heroic qualities and takes place just before the hero´s demise, in recognition of his flaw. In the particular case of Margaret Edson´s so acclaimed play Wit, the protagonist, Vivian Bearing fits perfectly into the definition of the tragic hero....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Eustacia Vie as the Heroine of Return of the Native

- There is no doubt that Eustacia Vie is the Heroine of the tragedy "Return of the Native". Without the majestic air that Miss Vie adds to the novel we are left with a typical period soap drama. Eustacia Vie is on more then one occasion compared to classical characters of Greek mythology, and even in her death the nobility of her figure evokes images of classical sculpture."Pallor did not include all the quality of her complexion, which seemed More the whiteness; it was almost light. The expression of her finely Curved mouth was pleasant, as if a sense of dignity had just compelled Her to leave off speaking." The almost Godly representation of the character juxtaposes the 'rebellious adole...   [tags: Return of the Native]

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Fanny Price: the Heroine of Mansfield Park

- Fanny Price: The Heroine of Mansfield Park Jane Austin's Mansfield Park is not widely accepted by critics. The novel's criticism is due to the heroine, Fanny Price. Since Fanny does not encompass the conventional characteristics of a heroine (charm, wit, and beauty), critics hold the opinion that she is passive, week, and boring. Ironically, Austin's goal was to demonstrate that superficial charm and wit are nice, but there are more important characteristics such as discipline, morality, and depth of character (Moore 139)....   [tags: European Literature]

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The Unique Heroine in Jane Austen's Emma

- In Jane Austen's Emma the eponymous heroine is "handsome, clever, and rich" but she also suffers from arrogance and self-deception. With the good judgement of Mr Knightley, and her own self scrutiny, Emma experiences a movement of psyche, from arrogance and vanity through the humiliation of self knowledge to clarity of judgement and fulfilment in marriage. The tone of the novel and the episodes where Emma is self deceived progresses from the light comedy of Mr Elton's gallantry and the eventual mortification to the sombre depression of Emma's belief that she has ruined her own chances of happiness by bringing Mr Knightley and Harriet together....   [tags: Austen Emma Essays]

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Shakespeare's Othello - Desdemona, the Heroine in Othello

- Desdemona, the Heroine in Othello         In William Shakespeare’s Othello Michael Cassio’s praises of the richly blessed Desdemona, as he awaits her arrival on Cyprus, are well deserved. This essay will amply support this statement.   Blanche Coles in Shakespeare’s Four Giants interprets the protagonist’s very meaningful four-word greeting to Desdemona which he utters upon disembarking in Cyprus:   Othello’s four words, “O, my soul’s joy,” tell us that this beautiful Venetian girl has brought great joy, felicity, bliss to the very depths of his soul....   [tags: Othello essays]

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Shakespeare's Othello - Othello and the Heroine, Desdemona

- Othello and the Heroine, Desdemona         In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Othello we see a very exceptional woman in the person of Desdemona, wife of the general. She, as Cassio says, is a “paragon” of virtues, unlike the other female characters in the drama.   H. S. Wilson in his book of literary criticism, On the Design of Shakespearean Tragedy, discusses Desdemona’s entry into the Moor’s life:   But Othello had not known Desdemona long; he had little knowledge of women in any case; his military life had left scant time for cultivating their society or studying them, before he met Desdemona; and there was a bitter modesty in the man, who thought it quite possible that, for...   [tags: Othello essays]

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Gertrude: The Tragic Heroine of Shakespeare's Hamlet

- Gertrude: The Tragic Heroine of Hamlet   Hamlet is perhaps English literature's most renowned play; a masterwork by the greatest of all masters, Shakespeare, from its very appearance Hamlet has not ceased to delight audiences and confound spectators. The complexity of the main character, prince Hamlet, is so vast that all who have attempted to decipher his character fulsomely have failed. Amidst his own grandeur, Hamlet makes the other characters pale. As they blur into literary oblivion due to the magnetism of the central character, other characters are often disregarded as one-dimensional and are not done sufficient justice....   [tags: GCSE English Literature Coursework]

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The Brave Sister in In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

- ... Minerva knew what was important to her and what she was fighting for. She believed in love and the revolution. Minerva stated, "I make a mental note that once I'm back, I'm going to make sure these girls are enrolled in school."(Alvarez 69) Minerva knew that her education and women's rights were important to her. She wanted everyone to have the same opportunities, in that way she was a hero. Minerva and Mama's conversation in the book showed Minerva's beliefs, "Mama sighs when I tell her that we have to come back tomorrow "Ay, m'ijita" she says....   [tags: heroine, hero, minerva]

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Sex Trafficking in Cambodia: The True Story of a Cambodian Heroine by Somaly Mam

- “Some girls come to us beaten half to death. They are so young. They have marks that are worse than anything I have ever endured.” (Mam 166). Throughout the world, traffickers coerce and abduct women and children into the sex trade. Traffickers then trade and sell these women for the use of sexual exploitation (Mace Venneberg, and Amell 336). As many as 20 million people are involved in the global sex trade at any given time (Nawyn, Birdal, and Glogower 56). Though sex trafficking is acknowledged as an issue throughout the world, it continues to become even more extreme....   [tags: sex trade, mass trafficking, women]

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Antigone and Tragedy Archetypes and Art

- Antigone as a heroic and tragic archetype must internally struggle with individuality and morality versus established rule and law and she can be seen as externally fighting between her sister as an outward display of her internal conflict. Antigone then is a unique archetype as a heroine and her power and powerlessness are defining to her as a woman in politics. Her sister, Ismene is portrayed as much weaker and can be said to be metaphorical in that individual morality is weak as compared to established law and Ismene is the personification of morality in a legal-rational world, according to the emerging Hellenistic establishment....   [tags: heroine, power, morality, struggle]

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The Bravery of Minerva in In The Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

- ... It was a stupid thing to do on her part, but it took bravery for her to stand up for herself. It's that kind of stupid bravery that wins wars (and gets people killed). "I'll tell you what. We'll toss for the privilege," Trujillo suggested, (75). The apex of Minerva's encounters with Trujillo (at this point in time). If Minerva wins the dice roll, she wins the freedom of her father. If Trujillo wins, he gets.....things. Things that would be very bad for Minerva. Very. But she braved through it, and her heroism doesn't end there....   [tags: heroine, revolutionary, beliefs]

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The Narrative Voice in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

- ... Catherine consistently misjudges people around her. She fails to interpret about what people say and what they actually mean. John Thorpe says, “She knew not how to reconcile two such very different accounts of the same thing; for she had not been brought up to understand the propensities of a rattle” (Austen 46). Catherine takes word as it is from people. When Catherine sees the first view of Northanger Abbey, Henry tells her that the house have own secrets and “That's just the least of it....   [tags: heroine, catherine, emily bronte]

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Tragedy Within the Plays of Eugene O’Neill

- Tragedy Within the Plays of Eugene O’Neill In most plays, the genre of tragedy is created from the situation that a heroine is taking down by the obstacles they wish to remove. When a spectator watches a tragedy is instills excitement and also pity. Two key parts to a tragedy are an ending to a tragic hero and a tragic hero. In O’Neill’s Long Days Journey into Night and A Moon for the Misbegotten he really bring the drama of Greek tragedy into a modern sense. Long day’s journey into night can relate back to Greek drama....   [tags: greek, gods, heroes, heroine]

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The Tragic Heros in Sophocles' Antigone

- In Sophocles' Antigone, the question of whom the real tragic hero comes into play. Antigone possesses all the aspects of a tragic hero. Creon possesses many qualities of a tragic hero, but doesn’t totally fit in the role. These traits include: not being overly “wholesome or corrupt”, being persistent in their actions, developing pity in the audience or reader- especially in the beginning of the story, and having a major flaw that is their ultimate downfall. Antigone possesses all of these traits therefore qualifying as the tragic hero....   [tags: immoral, heroine, death]

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Disney Femine Character: Alice

- “Someday my prince will come…” This line, part of Snow White’s famous Disney song, grates the ears of many people who formerly grew up with her and other fairy tale princesses. Fairy tales, whether the original grim fairy tale versions or the pacified Disney retellings, have had a funny habit of portraying women as passive creatures who do little but learn their place through cleaning. Unless the woman is the villain in the tale in which case her strength and power in a sense twist and deform her, sometimes literally, so that she is envious of the beautiful innocent little heroine....   [tags: heroine, beauty, powerful, brave]

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Katherine of Aragon - Tragic Heroine of Henry VIII

- Katherine of Aragon - Tragic Heroine of Henry VIII      Among the bevy of female characters to grace the Shakespearean stage, Katherine of Aragon in Henry VIII is perhaps the most enigmatic. Despite the range of possibilities in other female roles-such as Cordelia and Desdemona, in whom one certainly finds desirable traits-Katherine stands out as a tragic heroine: a secure, strong-willed woman who is articulate, passionate, charismatic, and altruistic. The unique qualities of Katherine are achieved through Shakespeare's careful accretion of rhetorical devices in her speeches....   [tags: Henry IV Henry V Essays]

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Custom Term Papers: Hamlet’s Heroine, Ophelia

- Hamlet’s Heroine, Ophelia In Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet there is, technically, no heroine. But the female character who comes closest to qualifying for the role is not Gertrude, whose sinful past precludes this, but rather Ophelia, the “universal victim” of the drama. She is truly a good, upright person although she is victimized by her father, brother and boyfriend. Harry Levin, in the General Introduction to The Riverside Shakespeare, elaborates on the special kind of prose which the dramatist uses with Ophelia when she suffers her madness: Though there is no invariable rule, the comic scenes are frequently in prose, whereas the tragic scenes are usually in verse....   [tags: GCSE English Literature Coursework]

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The Hero Image Into A Heroine Through Daisy 's Hero 's Journey And Discovery Of The Self

- Carl Jung was a notable Swiss psychiatrist who proposed many ideas, one of which included the concept of individuation. Individuation is the process by which an individual becomes whole by integrating the disparate parts of the psychological being into the Self. Or as von Franz describes it, “the conscious coming-to-terms with one’s own inner center (psychic nucleus) or Self” (Jung 169). This means that a person should learn to overcome and yet, at the same time, accept all parts of their inner selves from the Shadow to the Anima/Animus....   [tags: Hero, Monomyth, Joseph Campbell]

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Characteristics that Defines a Hero or a Heroine

- The idea of a hero can be perceived in several different ways, mainly people are defined as heroes due to personal life experiences or accomplishments. Though most perceive heroism as that, I however feel that the true heroes are just everyday people trying to do whats right. I believe a hero is someone who is determined to do whats right no matter the cost, a hero is someone who is selfless in bad situations and a role model. A hero does not always have to fall under these categories but it can be anyone that makes a significant impact on someones life, and can be looked up to as a role model....   [tags: caring, role model, accomplishments]

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The Tragic Heroine of Love and Obsession

- Who is the real tragic hero in The Madea, Madea, the princess of Colchis or Jason, the king of Iolcus. The tragic story is about a woman Madea, whom gives up her home, family and everything else in her life for Jason. Against her father’s wishes she helps Jason defeat his quest to a Golden Fleece. Madea eventually marries Jason and raises two sons. Unfortunately, Jason abandons Madea and marries the beautiful daughter of Corinth. Madea went from a lover and partner in crime to an obsessive prideful monster....   [tags: The Madea, princess of Colchis, Lolcus]

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Swindells' Heroine in Daz for Zoe

- A hero can be defined in many ways. Some may say that it is a person who faces a problem head on whilst others cower away. Some may say that it is an ordinary being that does extraordinary things. Others may simply say that a hero is someone who goes out of their way to make the world a better place. All of these descriptions are correct; however I do not think that they are the only characteristics of a heroic person. I believe that a hero is selfless and makes sacrifices in order to help others....   [tags: Heroism, hero, ]

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Uses and Effects of Heroine

- Heroin is a powerful and dangerous drug that can alter both your brain and vital organs, which can influence our mental health and our human behavior. It’s the second largest death producing drug besides cocaine, it affects over 650,000 addicts in the United States alone.The creation of Heroin starts from a Asian poppy plant, specifically, Papaver Somniferum. The latex that immature pods secrete when cut are created into morphine, which is then treated and created into Heroin or Diacetylmorphine....   [tags: papaver somiferum, diacetylmorphine]

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The Heroine of Louise Shivers' Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail

- The Heroine of Louise Shivers' Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail Sleeping Beauty's father was a king who loved his daughter dearly. Unfortunately, however, he forgot to invite one of the oldest and most powerful of the fairies to the celebration of his daughter's christening. Because of his forgetfulness, the princess was sentenced to one hundred years of sleep and inactivity. She was saved by a prince who made his way to her bedside and awakened her with a kiss of true love. Of course, they celebrated a glorious wedding and lived happily ever after....   [tags: Here Get My Baby Out Jail]

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The Experiences of a Young Heroine at Gateshead and Lowood in Bronte's Jane Eyre

- The Experiences of a Young Heroine at Gateshead and Lowood in Bronte's Jane Eyre I don't know whether it's because I'm tired or if its because my life is so pathetically dull but I can't make out what the overhead speakers are blasting out. It's my morning wake up call, or not. Our morning wake up call. We're all going to jump out of our beds whether we like it or not. But it's not my wake up call. Instead it's a warming 'contamination in classroom four'. After all these years I still can't get used to that falsified, tuned-up voice....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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Celebrity Addictions to Alcohol, Heroine and Cocaine

- The salty sweat drips off of the tip of her nose. Her mind is crying out for help; searching all over for a distraction. “You don’t have to do this!” Ignoring the fact she is one of the best soul singers alive, she finds herself sitting in her dressing room, ready to shoot up. With only twenty minutes to spare, she quickly grabs an elastic head band. “Tie it tighter. It will work faster. Better.” Her arm bulges out a bright blue vein. Grabbing the lighter, she lights the bottom of the spoon until the sight of liquid appears to be hot....   [tags: substance abuse and artists]

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Oedipal and Electra Complexes

- Oedipal and Electra Complexes In Rebecca female sexuality is explored through the heroine’s symbolic development of a negative Oedipal complex followed by an Electra complex. Although avoidance of incest was believed by Freud to be the impetus for normal sexual development, the film explores the abnormal outcome of a negative Oedipal/Electra complex, i.e. replacement of the mother by the daughter as the father’s heterosexual love interest. The heroine is torn between her desire to merge with Rebecca and to separate from her due to this combination of negative Oedipal and Electra complexes....   [tags: Sexuality Heroine Freud Psychology Essays]

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Women in the Frontier

- Women that took the trip west with their families were used to doing things by hand. They spun thread and made clothing, did the cooking and the cleaning but most importantly they did the child rearing. These women were always busy and sometimes they spun thread much into the evening. "I remember a neighbor lady who picked up her knitting and knitted a few rounds at her own husbands funeral, she was so used to keeping busy." ("Associated Content by Yahoo") These women kept their values and duties with them on the trip west....   [tags: Gender Roles, Women, Heroine]

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Ann Radcliffe: Literary Pioneer

- Perhaps more than any other writer, Ann Radcliffe strengthened, enriched, and ultimately developed the Gothic novel form in British fiction during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Through the creative use of innovative ideas and theories, Radcliffe established a unique writing style which has earned her critical attention and respect throughout previous and future generations. Thus, Radcliffe is considered to be the pioneer of the Gothic novel, despite the fact that she was not the first author to publish a book of this style....   [tags: writing style, gothic novel, literature]

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Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

- Throughout history the idea of the hero or heroine has changed, but some common attributes remain. The hero claims Bill Butler: “is an archetypal figure, a paradigm who bears the possibilities of life, courage, love – the indefinable’s which themselves define our human lives” . In his seminal work The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell states that the hero: “a personage of exceptional gifts” is “the man or woman who has been able to battle past his personal and local historical limitations to the generally valid, normally human forms” ....   [tags: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte]

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Gender Role Portrayal And The Disney Princesses

- Children were running around inspecting the entire store while their parents watched over them in hopes they wouldn't break anything too expensive. In all this confusion, I had lost sight of my younger sister who was now busy looking at the collection of princess dolls, with a few other girls. As I made my way towards my sister, I couldn't help but notice that many of the dolls had been glamorized and put into extravagant dresses, emphasizing their princess status. Mulan no longer had short hair or armor but long flowing hair, dressed in a traditional Geisha dress completely dismantling her warrior status, emphasizing her feminine qualities instead....   [tags: Gender Role Essays]

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Compare how Shakespeare and Hardy present the role of their tragic

- Compare how Shakespeare and Hardy present the role of their tragic heroines within society in Romeo and Juliet and Tess of the D’Urbervilles. Shakespeare’s Juliet, of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Hardy’s ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ share many characteristics which make them tragic heroines. Their individual battles with their societies, and their distorted moral codes and prejudices, toughens their spirits and reinforces their determination to succeed and reach their personal goals. In their contemporary societies, where women were generally oppressed and marginalised within literature, these strong female characters were seen as controversial and divisive....   [tags: English Literature]

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Comparing Shakespeare’s Women in Disguise

- Throughout the period of the Shakespearean stage, there were many plays that led viewers and critics to question sexual identity and gender roles in not just his plays, but many other plays as well. For early modern England at this time, cross-dressing was looked at as a dramaturgical motif, a theatrical practice, and a social phenomenon. “In Shakespeare’s day, a cross-dressed heroine, like any female character also involved a gender switch in the world of the playhouse, for women’s roles were normally assigned to young male apprentices called play-boys” (Shapiro, 1)....   [tags: Sexual Disguise]

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William Shakespeare and the Feminist Manifesto

- Shakespeare and the Feminist Manifesto "Unruly women," "outlaws," "the female Wild," "the Other": these are some of the provocative terms used by feminist scholars in recent years to refer to Shakespeare's heroines. They have helped us to take a fresh look at these characters while we are reevaluating the position of women within our own society. But are Shakespeare's women really unruly. It would be anachronistic to believe that he created rebellious feminists in an age that had never heard the term....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Gender Inequality Throughout The Front And Behind The Camera Still Exists

- ... “Despite its hopefulness, there are seeds about disappointment sown under “Violent Femmes” regarding how women are depicted in their heroic role, particularly the foreplay discovered when these heroines’ meet their male match”. A little over ten years after Mencimer’s publication, Jonathan Hatfull, writer for ScifiNow, explores some discontent in the industry. In his article “Getting in on the Action”, Hatfull expresses how women have been overshadowed by men in the industry. More and more women are exploited and misrepresented in movie productions....   [tags: Gender, Female, Action film]

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Differences Between Flora and Mother

- There is an infinite number of personalities and the best art works portray them vividly and truthfully. Some people are practical, while others are more abstract. In the comedic novels about family life, Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons (1932) and Chicken Every Sunday: My Life with Mother's Boarders by Rosemary Taylor (1943), the practical characters are in the forefront. While representing different life phases due to their age difference, Gibbons's main character Flora Poste is quite similar in her life views and actions to Taylor's Mother....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Sexual Expression of Women in Thomas Hardy's Writing

- The Sexual Expression of Women in Thomas Hardy's Writing The nineteenth-century woman was defined by her adherence to submission and resistance to sexuality. She was portrayed by most writers as a naive, accepting figure with strong concerns about living up to the prescribed societal ideals for a respectable woman. The women in Jane Austen's novels offer a clear representation of the nineteenth-century woman. Austen refuses these women any sexual expression and focuses more upon their concern with marriage and society....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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