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Dr. Seuss' The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

- Narrative Style and Structure of Dr. Seuss'The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, told in folktale style, was written by Dr. Seuss in 1938. According to Charity Belle Mays, “Folktales deal with adventures both plausible and implausible wrapped in the forms of human or animal abilities. They are the simple tales that have truly evil people or animals, and truly good people or animals, and the good always wins out in the end in these stories, giving way to the child's version of fairness.” This story recounts young Bartholomew Cubbin’s misadventures while going to market in town....   [tags: Dr. Seuss The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins]

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The Three Hats of Hackers

- The definition of hacking has undergone some changes in the past few years. At first it identified people “who enjoys modifying and subverting system, whether technological bureaucratic or sociological.” (Lemos, 2002) In the last decade hacking has evolved to describe “those people with a hands-on interest in computer security and circumventing such security. (lemos 2002) As you explore deeper into the digital landscape it becomes clearer that these hackers are sub divided into three groups of intermingling individuals classified by a system of hats....   [tags: circumventing computer security]

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Project Proposal For Hills Hats

- Section 1. Project Identification Project Proposal for Hills Hats workload issue By Ella Smuts-Kennedy, Emma Young and Oriana Warnock For Weltec, dated 21 December 2016 Section 2. Introduction/Background Hills Hats, located at 30 Fitzherbert Street, Petone, Lower Hutt, manufactures and sells fabric, leather and oilskin hats and berets for fashion, formal, outdoor and uniform wear. Chas Hill opened the original NZ hat factory in 1875 since when demand for all varieties of hats has significantly increased, such that this year the factory has been full-on completing orders for domestic and international markets (Hills Hats, n.d.)....   [tags: Project management, Management, Team]

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The Many Hats Of The American President

- The “many hats” of The American President If one manages to be lucky enough to grow up to be president (certain conditions apply), that person must abide by Article 2 of the constitution of the United States of America. This prestigious $400,000 a year job comes with some perks, rights, and tremendous responsibilities that are comparable to none. By design the American president is meant to be “powerful enough to respond quickly when necessary, but also would be limited by lack of lawmaking power and need to gain congressional approval (Yalof and Dautrich, 176)....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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Review Of ' Too Many Hats '

- Too many hats. Keith: All right, what is the next question. Shane: The next question is from Todd. Grapping the right tool the first time – Keith: Oh, I got this. Shane: Wasting time with the wrong tool and going through a few that will work instead of the right one that will work best. Keith: Ready Todd. What you want to do is get a tool out of your truck that is the proper tool the first time and that will enable you to repair that dent and then put it back when you are done. Just remember where it was next time you have a dent in that area of the car....   [tags: Debut albums, American films, 2008 singles]

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Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats

- If training and application of Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats strategy were to be adopted by American corporations, countless hours of “paralysis by analysis” could be eliminated. The groans are palpable when yet another meeting request arrives in the Outlook Inboxes of mid-level managers on a daily basis. And, while the participants are perpetually extolled to “think outside the box”, it is done so without really giving them the cerebral tools to do so. Even just providing today’s working intellectuals with one – defined – “thinking hat” would be helpful, but arming them with all six and how to apply them would work wonders....   [tags: Edward de Bono, Training, Application]

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The Many Hats I Have Worn

- How does one define themselves. Do you define yourself by nationality, occupation, and race or perhaps by your family ties. Everyone has multiple facets and to define oneself by just any one of these is to do an injustice unto yourself. The “hats” you wear define who you are and, at times, you may wear one hat or several hats depending on the situation and surroundings. In forty-five years, I have worn numerous hats, many of them worn briefly and then set aside on the shelf. The experiences gained through them become an integrated and permanent part of me, contributing to who I have become and of whom I will be in the future....   [tags: Personal Experience Essay]

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The Importance of Award-Winning Chef Hats

- The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Guide is a critique's manual to the many restaurants that inhibit Sydney and its respected regions throughout New South Wales. It is highly regarded to be listed in the Guide as not all restaurants/cafes make the final cut. The guide itself outlines the details of a restaurant, such as the chef and owners, its website and seating and anything else interesting for the reader to know about. Restaurants are given a rating out of twenty, with a score of fifteen acquiring one hat....   [tags: Restaurant Evaluations]

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Baseball Hats Boost Employee Motivation and Job Performance

- ... The White Baseball Hat is a plain white hat intended for every employee at the beginning of the game-with no company signs, embroidery, or any design on it. It’s sole purpose is to welcome the employees and initiate them to the game. At this level, instructions about the game’s rules for performance levels and productivity goals required for each level are clearly set and communicated to all employees. By wearing the White Baseball Hat, employees feel that they are engaged, that they are eager, full of excitement and anticipation to play the game just set before them....   [tags: achievement, productivity, levels]

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Six Thinking Hats

- Thinking with Hats Six Thinking Hats offers an original way to think. The author, Edward De Bono, has created an idiom to make decisions making, communication, and thinking more effective. De Bono believes thinking is the ultimate human resource and that we should want to improve upon it. He suggests that the main difficulty of thinking is confusion and that we try to do too much at once. In his book he puts forward a simple concept that allows a thinker to do one thing at a time. The concept is the Six Thinking Hats....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Truth Behind Computer Hackers

- It was the year of 1946, when the very first computer named ENIAC was created. Now, as of 2012, there are about 1.1 Billion Computer in the world. They are all connected by networks. In a way its like a large spider web, hence the name “World Wide Web”. Now you might ask “Well how are these Networks managed or controlled?” That is where our technology kings and queens come in. Many people consider them as “Hackers”, when the truth is people who consider these hackers as criminals are highly incorrect,as all hackers aren't criminals....   [tags: white hats, greay hats, world wide web]

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Those Winter Sundays By Robert Hayden And My Father 's Hats

- “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden and “My Father’s Hats” by Mark Irwin gives an overview to inside the patriarch of their families. The children reflect on the memories, and the good deeds that their father’s provided for them. They understand what their greatly appreciate their fathers did for them. “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden and “My Father’s Hats” by Mark Irwin capture children’s memories of their father’s love and sacrifices. Robert Hayden was a poet who was not afraid of tackling racial issues in the African American community....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Alliteration, American poets]

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Roles As A Special Education Teacher Ms. Crangle Wears Many Hats

- Differing Roles As a special education teacher Ms. Crangle wears many hats. Ms. Crangle has what can be assumed to be a large closet that she utilizes as a resource room. When in the resource room, Ms. Crangle works individually or in small groups with special education students that need a more intensive approach to education than the general education classroom can provide. Ms. Crangle utilizes manipulatives frequently during her time in the resource room. Manipulatives especially in math have been shown to improve a student’s conceptual understanding on the concepts....   [tags: Special education]

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Men in Bowler Hats and Women in Great Dresses

- Men in Bowler Hats and Women in Great Dresses The day was grey and heavy; snow, in great drifts, lined the brick way. The brick and concrete halls loomed in the horizon; the years of the past century seemed to descend upon me as a curtain. Men in bowler hats and women in great dresses seemed more appropriate than my khaki cargo pants or leather jacket. The brick became concrete; and, I walked the path down the hill, past the great elms, and into the Sackett building. Wandering up the stairs, down halls, and finally finding the appropriate room, I entered and greeted the ruckus of the Best Buddies’ organizational meeting....   [tags: Volunteering Best Buddies Essays]

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The Use of Hacking to Identify Weaknesses in Computer Security

- Introduction The use of hacking to identify weaknesses in computer security has become an increasingly controversial issue in recent years. Awareness of this issue is important, because our ever increasing reliance on technology means that breaches in computer security have the potential to have wide-ranging and devastating consequences to society, worldwide. This essay will begin by clearly defining the term ‘hacking’ and will examine the type of people who hack and for what reasons. There will then follow a discussion of the moral argument on hacking before examining a few brief examples....   [tags: hack, unauthorized access, white hats]

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How to Improve as an Individual and Team Using the Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

- Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats describes a process to help create meetings, brainstorm sessions and numerous other collaboration tools aiming to make them more organised and productive. At its core it is used to help participants look at and better organise the way in which they think and look at problems. While most collaboration techniques will bring up arguments and ideas at any given time, the six thinking hats approach allows the participants to have a specific type of thinking hat to direct and influence them into that way of thinking....   [tags: thinking process, style, collaboration]

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Changing Hats: Incorporating Transactional, Transformational and Complexivist Leadership Styles into 21st Century Classrooms

- “Organizing [a] new learning model is the work of the 21st century" (Cookson, 2009, p.15). This is the challenge we are currently faced with as educators. Recent academic discourse has critiqued our current education system, claiming that we are left with the legacy of the industrial age which is “characterized by conformity, age cohorts, bells ringing to summon mass migrations and segregation of skills [that were] necessary for the workforce at that time” (We are the People, n.d.). This is a system that is no longer a ‘best fit’ situation for our students....   [tags: Education, teaching, teachers]

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Debating the Motivating Factors for Hackers

- Debating the Motivating Factors for Hackers There is no shortage to the potential motivators of hackers; however, motives can be distinguished by the various roles that hackers assume. In the reading to follow, this researcher will present an assessment of Sarah Gordon’s interview regarding various perspectives pertaining to psychological differences between cybercriminals and traditional real world criminals. Additionally, a comparison of hackers versus virus writers and the various roles of hackers will be discussed....   [tags: Computer Security, Technology]

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Hackers: Heroes or Villains?

- The deep web is large portion of the web that is known to a relatively small number of internet users; however this region of the internet is often compared to the “Wild West”. Just like the old American frontier, the deep web has its share of heroes and villains. When the word hacker is brought into a conversation, it seems to manifest with a negative connotation. However, this should not be the case. In recent years hacking has become an integral part of the technological development process, helping to improve security conditions on personal and national levels in both the material and digital worlds....   [tags: safety, hacking, web, technological development]

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The Pros and Cons of Hacking

- "During a three-day period in February 2000, some of the most high-profile sites on the World Wide Web were temporarily knocked out of service."(Issues and Controversy) This quote is one of the many that show the down side to hacking. A hacker is a person who takes pleasure in understanding the internal workings of a systems. This does not necessarily classify hackers as bad. There are good hacking and bad hacking. But on the subject of hacking, its unclear whether or not they are truly good or bad....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Mandatory Dress Codes for All Schools!

- Dress codes have been an issue lately in some schools. Most kids are against it but I believe that there should be dress codes in all schools. This would be a good idea because it would reduce violence and bullying, eliminate the problem of wearing hats or jackets and they are less expensive. If there were dress codes in school, it would eliminate violence and bullying. If there was a kid who liked to wear a different style of clothing then others, then he would probably get teased or maybe even get beaten up....   [tags: Dress Codes, persuasive, argumentative, education]

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Western Wedding Reception Ideas regarding Decorations

- In Western wedding ceremonies, the reception is planned prior to the wedding or after the wedding. The usual reception time is during the evening. The dinner in this sort of reception is very different from the dinners in other receptions. The food in the western wedding reception is usually baked beans, potato salad, fried chicken and barbecue. It is believed that the wedding cake is accompanied by good luck for the couple. So, it is adorned with horseshoes and fresh flowers. Instead of traditional champagne, the western reception consists of bottled beer and margaritas....   [tags: Event Planning]

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Infringing the Fourth Amendment: Edward Snowden and The NSA

- Mass surveillance by the United States Government has been a predominant reoccurring issue since classified government documents were leaked in May of 2013. These leaks lead to one of the most significant debates about an individual’s daily life in decades; the constituent’s right to privacy. According to the fourth amendment of the United States’ Constitution, section 1, “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated”....   [tags: mass surveillance, privacy, ]

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A Contract Between Sonya And Camille Exists

- The first issue is whether a contract between Sonya and Camille exists. Strictly from the perspective of elements of contract, there likely is a valid contract. However, because the contract is subject to statute of frauds, it is not likely enforceable unless exception applies. The basic elements of a valid contract are: (1) offer; (2) acceptance; and (3) consideration. Offer is an objective manifestation by the offeror to execute a contract which provides the power of acceptance to the offeree....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Uniform Commercial Code]

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Questions On E Mail And E Mails

- This election has forced many of us to understand that e-mails are one of the least secured methods of communicating that exist today. The content of our e-mails, how we send them, and store them is something that we all should pay close attention too. According to the 2013-2017 Radicarti Group, Inc. E-mail Statistic Report, about two hundred and six billion e-mails are sent and received per day. That is eight point five billion an hour, or one hundred and forty-one million a minute, or two point five million a second....   [tags: E-mail, Internet, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol]

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Ethics of Full Disclosure of Security Holes

- Ethics of Full Disclosure of Security Holes Introduction Security breaches are making big headlines nowadays, and Microsoft is leading the charge. Its flagship operating systems and office suite are so bulky and complex, that it is impossible to be bug-free. The system administrators (the white hats) are up to their noses plugging all the holes from super hackers (the black hats). Yet they are also facing attack from another front – those that post vulnerabilities on the internet (the gray hats)....   [tags: Hackers Internet Computers Essays]

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American Woman Hair Styles and Head Gear in History

- American woman hair styles and head gear (1600-1775) In the American history there are three main head styling groups. These groups are the rich Virginian group from 1619-1675, the rich in the American colonies from 1675-1775, and finally the poor or middle class of the colonies, which since the hair didn’t change much was pretty much the same all through the era. Virginia (1619-1675) In the year 1619 the American style was very masculine. In America there weren’t very many women this was because America was a harsh land....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Is Ethical Hacking the Answer to Ensuring the Safety of Company’s Computer Systems?

- Introduction Modern society relies more on computers and the Internet now than ever before as a means to exchange information. Computer infrastructures are continually evolving and developing which has lead to an increase of reliance on technology, and an increasing amount of personal data being shared between computers and over the Internet. For these reasons it imperative to keep these infrastructures safe from those who do not belong or mean to cause harm, commonly called hackers. Hackers are people who gain unauthorized access to someone else’s computer....   [tags: modern societies, exchange information]

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A Study On Crochet Therapy

- Crochet Therapy Chemotherapy is a daunting word to most cancer patients. Out of all of the side effects caused by chemotherapy, the most dreaded amongst women is hair loss. “Chemotherapy induced hair loss occurs with an estimated incidence of 65%” (Chemotherapy). Almost half of women cancer patients consider hair loss to be the most traumatic aspect of chemotherapy. Hair loss for women is not just a physical side effect, it is an emotional one. Through an interview with Paula Mathews, a cancer patient whom experienced hair loss, a light was shone on understanding how this side effect affects women experiencing this loss....   [tags: Oncology, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Crochet]

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Decision Making Tools And Techniques: The Six Hat's Approach

- Introduction "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you. Not much." (About Our ability to make well informed and critically analyzed decisions along with the decision-making processes we employ, are key in determining our overall successes and failures. We are faced with daily decisions that can ultimately change the very courses of our lives. Poor decisions will lead to unintended failures while educated, deliberate, and purposefully planned decisions will bring about a desired result with great success....   [tags: The Six Hat's Approach]

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Hackers Are Criminals

- Hacking is the practice of changing the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the maker’s inventive purpose. These actions may result in someone finding information that does not belong to them and using it to access personal accounts. There are three categories of hackers; black hats, white hats, and gray hats. With regard to this, it depends on the job of the hacker. For instance, black hat hackers are well-known for the common cybercrimes. These includes DOS/DDOS attacks that overload internet servers, defacing websites by hijacking control and replacing the main page photos with rude slogans, preforming identity theft, and taking remote control of dozens of perso...   [tags: hacking, privacy, security policy, technology]

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Experience as a Superintendent and as a School Supervisor

- ESSAY #1 and #2 As a public school superintendent and educational leader, one routinely is required one to wear many hats and take on various responsibilities. One responsibility of paramount importance communicating the focused mission of the school. Another responsibility is to unfold the academic standards of excellence of the educational institution and advance the academic competitiveness of the Academy of Notre Dame. My experiences in achieving these responsibilities have been vast and range from developing curriculum, instituting highly academic programs which surpass national standards, public relations, budgeting and creatively communicating to all of the stakeholders of the school...   [tags: Education, Leadership, Curriculum]

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Food Safety in Singapore: Enforcing Hygiene Safety Standards

- Have you ever found unwanted ingredients that could be carrying harmful bacteria in your food. Hair, flies, worms or maybe even a cockroach leg. How about going in and out of the restroom repeatedly after dinner at a nearby hawker centre. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health Singapore, there were 6947 cases of food poisoning with three deaths in 1998. Also, in the same year, 9125 food premises were shut down for failing to fulfill the standard hygiene requirements. In fact, the World Health Organisation has pointed out that food-borne diseases can be effectively reduced if both commercial and domestic food handlers practice correct, hygienic food practices....   [tags: WHO, health]

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Analysis of the Advertisement of Chanel´s Bontique

- ... Her dress is low cut and showing a lot more skin than woman number 1. The necklaces and the dress leads to me believe she is representing a woman as well. This model’s pose is a little more explicit than woman number 1. She is highly sexualized and at the same time sitting in a lower position than the other two, demonstrating a form of submissiveness or lower class gender. As I read more on the pose of the model, I see she is being held down by the 3rd subject, and at the same time her left hand is draped over the 3rd subjects leg....   [tags: gender, messages, society, issues]

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Clothes and Fashion of the Elizabethan Era

- ... It was a long lasting fabric that took dye very well. Fulled wool was more tough and durable. Both wool and linen were in finer weaves that were more for the upper class. Lawn was probably the finest weave out of all of them. Most of the upper class wore clothes made of silk, satin, and velvet, in addition to wool and linen. Most of the Elizabethan artwork reflected the clothing worn by royalty, the nobility, and the elite. More expensive linens were bleached in the sun or block printed. Most of the embellishments included braiding, borders, ribbon trim, lace, embroidery, gems and pearls that got sewed onto the clothing....   [tags: nobility, costume, fabric]

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A Report On The Baseball Hat Industry

- Hats In 1993, Ben Fischman was a college junior who realized from observing his Boston University classmates that there was an opportunity in the baseball hat industry. He noticed that many students, like him, only wore 1 or 2 caps because the rest of their hats did not fit properly. Consumer needs were not being met. “We all owned 30 to 40 hats, but only wore one or two because those were the only ones that fit properly. There was a complete misunderstanding from the industry about what the customer wanted,” Fischman later said....   [tags: Retailing, Sales, Business, Late-2000s recession]

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Creative Writing: Magic Shop Conundrum

- ... “Yeah a little...” Tucker replied hesitantly “I mean I know a few tricks” he looked around taking in the old looks of the store and the items in it dazedly. “Well” said the shop keeper “show me a trick”. Tucker stumbled around for his deck of cards in his bag trying his hardest not to reveal the contents of his bag “I don’t know where my cards are and it’s getting late mister. I’ll just have to show you another time.” He hurriedly ran out the front door with the wizard man chuckling behind him “Thanks for stopping by to see what’s ‘in store’” As Tucker threw his leg over his bike he felt the hat almost wiggle in his back pack....   [tags: store, dream, tucker]

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Dr. Seuss's Political Education

- Dr. Seuss's Political Education: During a career that spanned much of the last century, Dr. Seuss wrote over forty books, many of which involve a young protagonist on a quest. The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins (1937), Bartholomew and the Oobleck (1949), Scrambled Eggs Super. (1953), Horton Hears a Who. (1954), I Had Trouble in Getting To Solla Sollew (1965), The Lorax (1971), and Oh, the Places You Go. (1991) all present versions of an episodic narrative, in which the main character strives towards a goal -- be it the perfect dish of scrambled eggs in Scrambled Eggs Super!, or stopping dangerous pollution in The Lorax and Bartholomew and the Oobleck....   [tags: Literature Politics Essays]

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Decision Making Technique

- Importance of Effective Decision-Making Techniques As any strategist can tell you, being anticipatory gives one a great competitive advantage. It is very important for businesses to complete a thorough analysis of any given situation in order to develop a solution. Picking the correct tool or technique is crucial to the success of a group searching for the best solution. There are important decisions being made each and every day. Some of these decisions will mean the difference of a corporation's success or failure and will effect the livelihood of those employed by or dependant on the corporation and its success....   [tags: Decision Critical Thinking Management]

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Two Legal Problems Encountered by Everlasting Estates Ltd

- Two Legal Problems Encountered by Everlasting Estates Ltd 1. Tort - A series of duties imposed primarily by the law to regulate human contact. 2. Damages - Monetary compensation. 3. Plaintiff - Person who incites civil proceedings. 4. Defendant - The person who is accused of a crime. 5. Negligence - If a person acts carelessly and as a result of that carelessness, another is injured or suffers loss it may be that, that person is negligent in the law of tort. Not all careless acts will allow the wronged person to sue the wrongdoer for negligence....   [tags: Papers]

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Decision-Making Model

- Decision-Making Model Analysis Paper Throughout this paper, the values of the Six Thinking Hats will be discussed and the meanings behind the Six Hats. Six Thinking Hats’ is “used to look at decisions from a number of important perspectives. This forces you to move outside your habitual thinking style, and helps you to get a more rounded view of a situation (de Bono, 1985)”. There are five values behind the Six Thinking Hats. They are role-playing, attention direction, convenience, possible basis in brain chemistry, and rules of the game....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Religion and Politics in Tibet

- Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is the spiritual and political leader of an ancient people without a country, and is the binding and driving force behind Tibetan nonviolent resistance and cultural rebuilding. He was born July 6, 1935, making him 69 years old. He has lived all but 15 of these 69 years in exile from his country, continually being a main reason for their survival. The Dalai Lama is now considering his successor, and plans to do so through democratic means instead of the traditional process of divination....   [tags: Political]

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Codes, Religion Rules, And The Prevention Of Electronic Device And Internet Usage

- Freedom of expression has been a long debated topic within schools across the globe. There are many variations on this such as dress codes, religion rules, and the prevention of electronic device and internet usage. Many people disagree with the usage of these guidelines as it is restricting to the young adult who is having to put up with it and work around it. The first amendment states and allows freedom of speech. Although this doesn’t state “freedom of expression” it does apply in multiple cases such as “Tinker v....   [tags: Education, Dress code, High school, School uniform]

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A Detailed Lesson Plan And Flow Chart For Follow On Lessons

- The detailed lesson plan and flow chart for follow on lessons, outline the teaching of measurement using the metre and the centimetre for year three students. The aim of the teaching sequence is that students are offered learning that will guide them through the construction of their own understanding of measurement and how to competently measure. Ensuring Engagement Key to any pedagogical practice is engaging the students in order to inspire learning (Peters & Le Cornu, 2006.). Regardless of the student’s age, if they are not engaged with their learning, construction of their understanding is not going to be as successful as if that engagement did occur (Jeanneret, et al, 2006.)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Teaching, Lesson plan]

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`` If I Were A Man `` By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

- One place in time we can take a look at to highlight the struggle of the female in a man’s world is best when females were just starting to get their voices heard. The period of time that I am talking about is in the early 1900’s, just before women were granted the right to vote. At this point in time there was an incredible buildup of feminist voice taking place which would eventually be recognized by the Federal government. One of the voices in particular that accurately depicts what it was like to be a woman in this time period was an author named Charlotte Perkins Gilman....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Male]

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The Relevance Of Religion By Samuel Beckett 's Waiting For Godot

- The Relevance of Religion in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot Religion is a way to combat despair, tragedy, trauma, or the everyday life; it is essentially a wonderful means of hope. However many people after World War Two began to question the importance of religion. Samuel Beckett wrote the play, Wait For Godot, during the twentieth century, a time where Absurdism thrived. The play conveys messages of time, duality, and choices. Although Beckett utilizes religion throughout the play, there are other themes that people rarely discuss due to the audience easily discovering the religious message of the play....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett]

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The Effect of Exposure to Alcohol During Prenatal Development

- Exposure to alcohol during prenatal development is one of the leading causes of preventable birth defects and mental impairments (Bower, Szajer, Mattson, Riley, & Murphy, 2013; Nuñez, Roussotte, &Sowell, 2011; Sowell et al., 2008a). Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), the more severe form of PAE, affects two to seven out of every 1000 individuals in the United States (May et al., as cited in Simmons, Thomas, Levy & Riley, 2010). The term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) describes an individual with varying levels of PAE....   [tags: FAS, FASD, PAE, brain development, disruption]

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Under The Spells of Witchery. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow

- Once upon a time, somewhere far, far away, somebody told about witches to the whole world, defining them as healers, wise ones, evil spirits, and shamans. Despite the guesswork, no one ever actually knew who witches were in a real life. What would a witch be like, one from long ago, in an ancient era. Did witches actually brew herbs in cauldrons. Such an obscurity and mystery around these enigmatic people gave a birth to different tales. Some of these conjectures had led to the fact that witches became even scarier than death....   [tags: Supernatural]

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Key Events in The History of Computer Hacking

- When the public hears the term hacking, they often think of theft, defacement, crime, and other illegal activities. Nowadays, this view is correct to some degree. It is appropriate to say that multitudes of hackers are malevolent; however, this is the 21st century. We are the most technologically advanced generation. Everyone either has a smartphone, computer, or a tablet – frequently even all three. The view of hackers has changed drastically over time; hackers are now viewed as criminals, but that has not always been the case, countless hackers are in-fact harmless, curious individuals looking to make a difference....   [tags: technology, computers, operating system]

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Case Study and Literature Review for Ok-AIM Monitoring

- Case Study and Literature Review Case Study and Literature Review Being a monitor for OK-AIM is more than just going into someone’s home and seeing how they live. As a monitor, you are going in to make sure their quality of life is great and that regulations are being met. You are also there to get to know the person and see how differently people adapt and live. One of the responsibilities is making sure the appointment time is good for you because it takes a lot of people and a lot of different schedules put together to make up this one visit....   [tags: intellectial disability, home, assistance]

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Analysis Of Samuel Beckett 's Wait For Godot

- Religion is a way to combat despair, tragedy, trauma, or the everyday life; it is essentially a wonderful means of hope. However many people after World War Two began to question the importance of religion. Samuel Beckett wrote the play, Wait For Godot, during the twentieth century, a time where Absurdism thrived. The play conveys messages of time, duality, and choices. Although Beckett utilizes religion throughout the play, there are other themes that people rarely discuss due to the audience easily discovering the religious message of the play....   [tags: Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett]

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Crowns from a Feminist Point of View

- A young child grows up seeing many things and remembering many memories. But the most important things that a person can remember are the memories from home. In families there are things called traditions and in most cases families past their traditions down from generation to generation. Traditions are what separates many families from one another and in some cases bring them together. The play Crowns shows us how an institution can bring not jus black people together to praise there lord, but the traditions that goes along with the many years of holy celebration....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Importance of Facilitation in Group Decision-making

- The need for a facilitator arises from the dynamics of group decision-making. In real and everyday life in business, management, politics, crisis conflict, education, etc. group meetings, each individual in the group does not think in the same way (divergent thinking) in real life, humans tend to go off on tangents, lose the original focus for the group meeting. Facilitators are needed to get ideas to converge in a way that reaches the decision point (Doyle and Kaner, 2007). A facilitator is a person who creates an environment which allows groups or organizations to be able to be more effective; to achieve their goals....   [tags: Group Decision-making Essays]

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The Revolutionary Red Guards Mass Nationwide Travel

- 16. Hundreds High Hats Paraded The Cultural Revolution was blazing everywhere in the vast land of China, also burned the ancient city 's streets and back lanes. The millennium city was experiencing a hitherto unknown "revolutionary baptism". To carry the revolution through to the end, our middle school red guards joined “the Revolutionary Red Guards mass nationwide travel" too. Many students went to Beijing, Wuhan, Zhongqi, but, a few matched to chairman Mao 's home town - Shao Shan(韶山)…… different cities and places....   [tags: Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping, Mao Zedong]

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The Harrison County District Elementary Student Handbook

- The Harrison County School District Elementary Student Handbook’s introduction includes demographical information: • It is the fourth largest school district (student population) in the state of Mississippi. • The district services an area of approximately 450 square miles. • The district is comprised of 22 individual campuses: o 16 Elementary Schools o 4 High Schools o 1 Alternative School o 1 Child Development Center • There are approximately 14,200 students receiving an education in the Harrison County School District....   [tags: High school, Education, Policy, Teacher]

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Watching The Making Of I Am Cait

- I Introduction A. My pet peeve is arrogance B. I find it extremely difficult to validate a story being told if the person telling it has never experienced it, or at least studied it. C. Watching the making of I am Cait, a reality show based on transgender women, I am confused by the portrait of a woman as just someone who dresses up nice, curls their hair, and paints their nails because they have nothing better to do. D. Bruce Jenner an American Gold medalist decided at the age of 65 to become a woman, however, the macho man of the 1976 Olympics is very set in his conservative republican male ways, and really cannot grasp what it truly means to be a woman....   [tags: Gender role, Woman, Gender, Transgender]

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The Dalai Lama: An Influential Icon

- Since the late 1300’s essentially the same reincarnated figure has been controlling, teaching, and leading the Tibetan Buddhism religion and government (Gale). The Dalai Lama is thought to be the reincarnated spiritual and political icon presiding over the land of Tibet for over 14 lifetimes. His Holiness’ obligation to the Buddhist people and birthright is described as, “a teacher whose wisdom is as deep as the ocean” (Ganeri 28). For centuries the Dalai Lama has been one of the world’s most influential leaders and teachers, passing along his wisdoms to disciples all over the globe....   [tags: Theologians ]

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Decoy Systems for Computer Crimes: Honeypots

- In a world of computer crime, stolen identities, and network sabotage it would seem that hackers are the ones with the advantage with the rest of us playing the defensive. There are a number of tools that we use to fight back, such as: Anti-virus applications, firewalls, and encryption. These are some of the most well-known defensive strategies but there also exist one that actually encourages attacks, and is commonly called a honeypot. If you can remember the allure that Winnie the Pooh had for honey, the principal idea behind a honeypot should not be difficult to understand....   [tags: network sabotage, hacking]

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symbolism in bless the beast and children

- Throughout the novel Bless the Beasts and Children, by Glendon Swarthout, symbolism is used frequently to show a weakness in a character or to fulfill a purpose in the novel. The most apparent weaknesses in the bedwetters was their need for radios to help them sleep. The hats portrayed each characters personality and background in some cases. Also, The Box Canyon Boys Camp is in itself a symbol representing American society in general. The radios are the first case of symbolism shown in the novel....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hacking in the 21st Century

- A countless number of today’s companies understand “hacking” is not just a crime, but a necessity to today’s internet security. “Microsoft and Facebook announced last November that they would pay bounties to ethical hackers for discovering vulnerabilities, not just in their own products, but in software systems that make up the internet infrastructure, as well” (Acohido par 3). Companies are soliciting outside computer specialists to illegally crack into their networks and try and find security holes in their infrastructure....   [tags: access to a network not their own]

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Fashion During the Elizabethan Era

- Have you ever wondered what people in the Elizabethan Era wore. Fashion was just as important in those days as it is to some people today. What people were wearing mattered to others, and even the government. During the Elizabethan Era clothing, accessories, and cosmetics were all a part of daily life. During the Elizabethan Era, there were a set of rules controlling which classes could wear which clothing called the Sumptuary Laws. The Sumptuary Laws controlled the colors and types of clothing a person could wear....   [tags: sumptuary laws, queen elizabeth I, fashion]

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I Am An Adult Just

- I wouldn’t consider myself a child anymore, but I don’t feel as if I am an adult just yet. I just turned nineteen recently, and I’m a freshman in college. I have short black hair, eyes that look black even though they are actually dark brown, and recently started growing some facial hair. I come from a small town where everyone knows each other, and for the most part everyone gets along. My parents were high school sweethearts, and have been married been married for the past fifteen years. My parents both work in the medical field, my mom is a registered nurse and my dad is a pharmacist at his families’ pharmacy....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College, Hat]

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Women and Styles Before and During World War I: The Gibson Girls

- Before World War I woman were referred to as Gibson Girls. Gibson girls were the exact opposite of the woman in the 1920. Gibson Girls would wear their hair long and lose. They wore long skirts and high collars and did not date (Jennifer Rosenberg, p.1). Gibson girls were thought of as the ideal woman but after World War I times changed. Woman were tired of waiting for their men to return home and they wanted to live their lives to the fullest. Women now followed the trends of the flappers who were the “ It Girls” of the twenties....   [tags: long hair, the charleston]

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American Independence Of The French And Indian War

- American Independence American colonists were faced with a decision: continue to be a part of Great Britain or secede and become an individual country. The latter was what the majority of colonists favored, and thus making it no surprise that they managed to accomplish this – justified in doing so - and venture out on their own, as their own. Great Britain owned the colonies and the American colonists were proud to be in unity with this colony known as the mother country, until conflicts climaxed and Americans felt there were no other options than to rule their own....   [tags: United States]

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The Freedom Of The Free Eagle Party

- Hello, I am Clayton Miller, Candidate from the upcoming Free Eagle Party that is running for Vice President under the Presidency of Marc Garneau. If Garneau is elected President within the 2016 election, he promises to, “Protect the True Americans. ” This essentially means that he wishes to protect the wishes and desires of the population that agrees with his strong opinions on removing gun control, tightening immigration, removing welfare, and promoting and improving homeland security. The Free Eagle Party strongly believes that there is currently a very large amount of illegal immigrants that seem to be slipping between the cracks, and finding there way into the country....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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Common Themes In Short Stories

- James Joyce, a most prestigious author of many titles, has incorporated into his works many different thoughts, life experiences, as well as themes. Those three things that he used in his works I believe are what made him the awesome author he is today. The main focus of this paper is to inform you of the themes that reoccur in many of his short stories. Some themes that I noticed were: family, frustration, dreams of escape, love infatuations, and finally, sin. Family is a strong theme in Joyce’s writings for in Araby, the young teen finds himself obeying his uncle and asking his permission to go to the festival showing his sense of respect and need for family....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Computer Hackers and Ethics

-  What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘hacker’. For most it means stealing information through the Internet, gaining illegal access to another person’s PC, or simply - disruptive behavior using a computer. The subject of hacking is no secret to the general public. Many people have been exposed to it by a bad experience or through the news and media. The idea of hacking that is stuck in the minds of people is that of which they have seen in the movies. The movies portray hackers as young and devious criminals....   [tags: computers, ethics]

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Keats’ Love for Fanny Brawne in The Eve of St. Agnes

- Keats’ Love for Fanny Brawne in The Eve of St. Agnes “For myself I know not how to express my devotion to so fair a form: I want a brighter word than bright, a fairer word than fair. I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days—three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain” –John Keats to Fanny Brawne (Bate 538). As the colloquial phrase goes…behind every great man, lies a great woman, but in John Keats’ case, the woman is neither great nor his superior but inspires greatness in the Romantic poet....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Business Meeting Improvements

- For many years, my company had very clear lines of authority, position, and title. Your title determined everything from the type of phone you had, to the size of your office, to the color of your walls. Although the culture of the organization has since changed, I believe this instilled a fear in many lower-level employees of talking in meetings that included higher-level executives. These executives want everyone in the meeting to feel comfortable voicing their opinions, but have trouble getting full participation....   [tags: Business Management]

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Explication of the Cogito

- Explication of the Cogito In his Meditations, Rene Descartes attempts to prove the existence and reality of himself and things external to himself. In order to fulfill such a feat, Descartes decides to doubt all that he knows, for he knows not whether that can be relied upon. He doubts his knowledge for three main reasons. For one, he accounts that in dreams, many times he had thought that things external to himself were real. Also, he had heard people declare pain in limbs that they had lost long ago....   [tags: Papers]

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Hacking Controversey

- When the public hears the term hacking, they often think of theft, defacement, crime, and other words associated with criminal activities. Nowadays, this view is, in a way correct, but it is not entirely true. It is safe to say that quite a few hackers are bad, but that is because we are in the 21st century. We are the most technological advanced generation to date. The good hackers do far out ways the bad that some individuals commit. The view of hackers has changed drastically over time; hackers are now viewed as criminals, but that is not always the case, many hackers are in fact harmless individuals looking to make a difference....   [tags: Crime ]

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How Hacking Has Historically Been Associated With Shady Behavior Or Criminal Connotations?

- Hacking has historically been associated with shady behavior or criminal connotations. It is very rare that a person condones hacking or thinks of it as anything other than a crime. However, in his article “Academic Freedom and the Hacker Ethic”, Tom Cross challenges us to redefine a hacker and what they actually do. He forces the audience to think as he states that “knowing how to do something that might be harmful is not the same as causing harm” (Cross, 38). Using this powerful statement, Cross uses his article to give the reader a new take on hacking....   [tags: Human rights, Ethics, Freedom of speech, Hacker]

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Response And Recovery Capabilities Of The Boeing Security And Fire Protection

- The purpose of this emergency response drill is to test and further develop the response and recovery capabilities of the Boeing Security and Fire Protection organization to include emergency dispatch when faced with an active shooter scenario. The Scope of the drill will be limited to Boeing personnel however representatives from the Renton Police Department and Renton Fire Department will be involved at the command post to interact with Boeing Personnel as they would during a real life scenario....   [tags: Security guard, Security, Police, Surveillance]

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Celebrating Achievements and Face Advercity in Langson Hughes' Poem, Negro

- ... He also lived In Paris for several months before returning to the United States late in 1924. When he returned back to his country he was already well known in the African American literary circles as a gifted young poet. He was dedicated to African American music and held a special interest for jazz and the blues. Hughes was notability one of the most important writers and thinkers of the Harlem Renaissance. His worked has not only shaped literature but help to change political views. Hughes loved being a “Negro” with a strong sense of racial pride....   [tags: african american, movement, harlem]

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Mercury's Contribution to Environment is Far Greater than the Damage

- Mercury is a rare metal, which was discovered in 1500BC by the Ancient Egyptians. Since then, many cultures have believed that it holds supernatural powers, because it is liquid at room temperature and, therefore, looks magical. Contrary to what the ancient people believed, mercury is highly toxic and can cause many illnesses and eventually death. Despite its toxicity, mercury is very useful, and has been used for many things, from thermometers to helping to mine gold. Mercury is very valuable, because it has many uses....   [tags: metal, mining, toxic]

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High School Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

- High school is said to be the best four years of your life. That is if you attend a great high school. My high school, RMC, resembled a prison both physically and metaphorically. The only difference between a high school and a prison is that you get to go home at the end of each day in high school. Admittedly, I did enjoy my first year at RMC. However, the teachers I had were great and the building was actually in one piece. Nevertheless, I began to dread going to school as the rest of my three years there dragged on....   [tags: Teacher, School, High school, Education]

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Beyond the No.5: The life of the legend Coco

- Envision your most implausible and outrageous wish to come true. Coco Chanel didn’t simply make her fantasies come alive. This woman single handedly revolutionized and transmuted the fashion industry. Epitomizing her own words, “In order to be irreplaceable one must be different”, Chanel eradicated her opponents with her bold and unique ideas. From modest beginnings to affluent ends, it’s undeniable that fashion icon Coco Chanel has fabricated the very principles of our Fashion Industry today and created an everlasting legacy for eras to come....   [tags: Fashion]

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Indigenous Economic, Philosophical, and Innovative Contributions to Canadian Society

- Many individuals still harbor attitudes of racism towards Indigenous People, forcing them into the margins of society. They are painted in a negative light, instead of being recognized for their achievements. Indigenous Peoples have made major contributions to the economy of Canada, in addition to sharing their beliefs and inventions. Aboriginal people are not acknowledged for their substantial contributions to Canadian society, at least not to the degree that is deserved. There is a fair amount of qualitative research written about Indigenous Peoples, so why have their efforts not received merit....   [tags: indigenous people, Canada, economy]

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Human Resources Management And The Hr Department And Organization

- Human resources management is a vital role within an organization. Often at times, employees believe that their primary job is to hire and fire. But the truth is, they wear many hats within their specific organization. Some examples of their "hats" are benefits to the employees, recruitment, training and development and compliance with labor laws just to name a few. Building a strong rapport with employees will help create a positive relationship between HR department and employees. In general, communication is an important and vital aspect of an organization....   [tags: Communication, Human resource management, Writing]

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Women Who Worked Factory Jobs During World War II

- Women who worked factory jobs during World War II, faced a lot of problems. In Slacks & Calluses, the author brings attention to this. The women were degraded. They had to put up with ridiculous dress codes. They were made pariahs by other women. Some were not even seen as women. Yet, through all of the adversity and ridicule, these women became stronger because of their struggles. One of the things that the women went through was alienation by other women, who were deemed as “true” women or respectable women....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Trousers]

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