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Evaluation of Dworkin's and Habermas's Approach to Civil Disobedience

- Evaluation of Dworkin's and Habermas's Approach to Civil Disobedience The following essay will attempt to evaluate the approach taken by Dworkin and Habermas on their views of civil disobedience. The two main pieces of literature referred to will be Dworkin?s paper on 'Civil Disobedience and Nuclear Protest?' and Habermas's paper on 'Civil Disobedience: Litmus Test for the Democratic Constitutional State.' An outline of both Dworkin's and Habermas's approach will be given , further discussion will then focus on a reflective evaluation of these approaches....   [tags: Dworkin Habermas Divil Disobedience Essays]

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Habermas's Notion of the Colonization of the Life-world

- Habermas presented his theories of colonization of the life-world based on classic theorists, including such sociologists as Weber, Durkheim, Parsons, and Mead and Marx. At the heart of his theories was communication. Habermas believed the main problem with society was not how to control it but how to maintain communicative action, believing that societies have become increasingly impaired or “colonized”. Habermas called this the “colonization of life-world by systems”. The first part of Habermas’s theory is concerned with how the crisis of communicative action has become colonized and its illegitimacy (Frank, 2000)....   [tags: Sociology]

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Jürgen Habermas’ Idea of the Public Sphere

- Jürgen Habermas’ idea of the “public sphere” is considered a communications revolution because it allowed for the transfer of information and ideas. This free flow of communication that grew out of the public opinion would allow democracy to prevail as it provided checks on powerful groups in society and allowed for critical discussions. Although Habermas’ notion of this democratic mechanism allowed for citizens to play a larger role in society, it ignored those who were not property owning white men of high prestige....   [tags: communication revolution, democracy]

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Habermas on Virtue

- Habermas on Virtue Although Habermas has never worked out a conception of virtue and indeed criticizes this notion whenever he uses it, his theory crucially depends on the virtuous attitude of participants in discourse — be it in the realm of democracy and law or that of morality. In this paper, in which I deal only with the ethical foundations of morality, I argue first that the norms of discourse which are gained from a presuppositional analysis of speech as such have to be complemented by the sensitive perception on the side of the recipients....   [tags: Ethics Morals Papers]

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Room for a Cosmopolitan Future: Habermas and the New Order

- Given the antagonism between rights-based claims to sovereignty and democratic self-determination by groups of people and similarly rights-based claims to human rights by individuals, can Habermas’ theory of cosmopolitan law offer a solution which does not jeopardize the construction of a political community that regulates itself through the control of relationships between the interior and the exterior. Jürgen Habermas’ notion of a cosmopolitan democracy conceptualizes a legalized regulation of world politics through the formulation of a collected system of mediated institutions, transnational organisations and regional economics in such a way as to promote the individualistic, cosmopolitan...   [tags: social politics]

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Jürgen Habermas’ The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

- In this essay I will discuss Jürgen Habermas’ “The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere: Inquiry into a category of bourgeois society” (1962), and the ideas presented surrounding the public sphere. What I will investigate is whether or not the post-modern phenomenon of new media (e.g. the internet) could in fact present a new-wave of public sphere, or is just another platform for mass-media. I will also explore the public sphere model, and discuss its decline (due to either political or economic reasons)....   [tags: Decline of the Public Sphere]

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Jürgen Habermas: Public Sphere and Media Sphere

- Habermas’ Public sphere: from the 18th century to today societies Public sphere is a necessary concept to understand our connected world. All the more today with new technologies, we are inter-connected and share a lot through Internet. Jürgen Habermas has conceptualized the public sphere as a place where debates take place and ideas are shared. It is useful in understanding our very connected societies. The question is to acknowledge how to apply his theory to social media. Internet changed citizen’s relationship with the media and created a new way of doing what the author thought of as a principle of democracy: rational-critical debate....   [tags: internet, societies, mass culture]

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Jurgen Habermas's Concept of Public Sphere

- Jurgen Habermas's concept of Public Sphere Jurgen Habermas developed the concept of Public Sphere, an open network to facilitate exchanges, as a part of a larger project dealing with the paradoxical consequences of rational western capitalism. The project is deeply rooted in Weber's reflections on the role of religion (Calvinism) in the development of capitalism in the North-Atlantic Rim, and the Marxist critique of such reflections as laid out by the members of the Frankfurt School (Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Habermas’ Between Facts and Norms: Legitimizing Power?

- Habermas’ Between Facts and Norms: Legitimizing Power. ABSTRACT: To overcome the gap between norms and facts, Habermas appeals to the medium of law which gives legitimacy to the political order and provides it with its binding force. Legitimate law-making itself is generated through a procedure of public opinion and will-formation that produces communicative power. Communicative power, in turn, influences the process of social institutionalization. I will argue that the revised notion of power as a positive influence that is produced in communicative space runs contrary to Habermas’ original concept of power in his theory of communicative action where power is understood as a coercive force...   [tags: Philsophy Philosophical Papers]

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Recovering Paul Ricoeur's Intervention in the Gadamer-Habermas Debate

- Recovering Paul Ricoeur's Intervention in the Gadamer-Habermas Debate ABSTRACT: In this paper I will examine a contemporary response to an important debate in the "science" of hermeneutics, along with some cross-cultural implications. I discuss Paul Ricoeur's intervention in the debate between Gadamer and Habermas concerning the proper task of hermeneutics as a mode of philosophical interrogation in the late 20th century. The confrontation between Gadamer and Habermas turns on the assessment of tradition and the place of language within it; the hermeneutical stance takes a positive stance, while ideologiekritik views tradition with a hooded-brow of suspicion, tantamount to "seeing traditio...   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Essays]

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Theories on the Relationship bewteen Freedom of Speech, Expression and Democracy

- Theories on the relationship between freedom of speech, expression and democracy can be critically assessed through the comparative and contrasting of Alexander Meiklejohn (1948) and Jürgen Habermas’s (1964) views in their published works. ‘The Town hall’ theory as outlined by Meiklejohn (1948, p.22) and ‘The Public Sphere’ theory as outlined by Habermas (1964, p.49) have similarities in relation to expression and democracy such as the mutual agreement they have on realizing you cannot achieve democracy unless all individuals are valued as equals....   [tags: Alexander Meiklejohn, Jurgen Habermas]

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Public Sphere and The Ideals of a Democratic Society

- Democracy, formally known as the “rule by the people” is seen a form of governance which is ruled by the people, for the people. Modern civilization views democracy as an ideal, but many people forget that this ideal is very difficult to achieve. The creation of the public sphere, as well as communicative technologies intended to achieve one of the most important goals: to enhance democracy. The public sphere was created in order to have an area where people could meet and freely discuss issues within society (Ironstone March 21, 2014)....   [tags: Fraser, Habermas, Dean]

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The Digital Media Age

- INTRODUCTION: “(..) As President of the United States, there are times where I wish information didn't flow so freely because then I wouldn't have to listen to people criticizing me all the time. I think people naturally are -- when they're in positions of power sometimes thinks, oh, how could that person say that about me, or that's irresponsible, or -- but the truth is that because in the United States information is free, and I have a lot of critics in the United States who can say all kinds of things about me, I actually think that that makes our democracy stronger and it makes me a better leader because it forces me to hear opinions that I don't want to hear....   [tags: Public Sphere, Jurgen Habermas]

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Britain And Nicholas I 's Russia

- After revolutions in the mid-nineteenth century that came close to toppling the old order, rulers attempted to reinvent themselves so that they can be able to curry favor with their subjects. The pressure that the European monarchs felt from the rising tide of nationalism indeed affected their suzerainty in a profound way as Eric Hobsbawn explains the “need to provide a new or least supplementary, ‘national’ foundation was felt in states as secure from revolution as George III’s Britain and Nicholas I’s Russia” (1990: 84)....   [tags: Democracy, Monarchy, Jürgen Habermas, Dynasty]

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Public Digital Sphere And Public Sphere

- Public digital sphere[s] Despite its critics and some shortcomings early highlighted (Benson, 2009), the Habermas’ idea (and an ideal, too) of a public sphere in which all individuals and opinions should have the opportunity to democratically be engaged into community is an oft-cited framework in order to better understand media, democracy, and pluralism (Antony & Thomas, 2010; García-Canclini, 1992; Jurgen Habermas, 1964; Stein, 2006). In Habermas’ words, a “well-functioning public sphere” implies an “open communication structures that permit and promote discussions oriented to self-understanding” (Jürgen Habermas, 1994: 128)....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Jürgen Habermas, South America]

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Harbermas' Theory on Social Labor and Communicative Action

- Harbermas' Theory on Social Labor and Communicative Action ABSTRACT: In contemporary philosophy and social theory, Harbermas's theory of communicative action stands indisputably for a modernity enlightened about itself and its potential. Yet, however much he professes his commitment to universalist ideals of inclusiveness and equality, his influential theory is also marked by disquieting statements on matters of gender. I argue that the problem of gender in Habermas's theory can be traced to his attempt to rework the Marxian tradition of historical materialism....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Characteristics of Star Teachers

- Star Teachers Haberman’s star teachers exhibit warmth, fairness, and discipline. They understand that their role is to teach; love and compassion are not enough. The teachers that Haberman views as quitters/failures blame academic underachievement on student’s backgrounds, home environment, and observe personal limitations rather than recognize their responsibility to provide a safe, and undisruptive environment for students to learn. Poverty schools have ineffective teachers because the traditional university programs training and recruiting teachers provide these schools with candidates who will most likely quit or fail....   [tags: teaching, Education, Haberman]

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The Study of Public Sphere in Modern China

- Introduction As we all know, recently China is the fastest growing developing country in the world, under this situation; people in China are more concerned about the development of public awareness, which stand for the individual freedom thinking and civic consciousness. With prompting citizens to identify themselves with public linked together, in interaction with others, discussions, negotiations universality found consensus and common values is the process of public awareness, and at the same time, promote active citizenship into public sphere....   [tags: public, sphere, freedom]

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Could The Internet Be The Public Sphere

- From the variety of hot topics that are covered by news, we can see that influence of the public opinion from the Internet cannot not be underestimated, but the scholars have a different view against ‘Could the Internet be the public sphere’. In this essay, commenting function in Yahoo News articles will be used to evaluate its performance of opinions expressions with Habermas’ normative standard for public sphere, and to discuss the limitation of Habermas’ deliberative approach of the public sphere within the Internet....   [tags: media, economy and society]

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Philosophy and the Dialectic of Modernity

- Philosophy and the Dialectic of Modernity ABSTRACT: Habermas' social philosophy can now be perceived in its oppositional structures and their symbolic meaning. His repetition of structural opposition finds its expression in the symbolism which pervades The Philosophic Discourse of Modernity in the opposition between the dreaded myth of the Dialectic of Enlightenment and the redemptive fantasy of the path yet to be taken. More significant for the intellectual culture of modernity is the neglect, by erasure on the part of this esteemed philosopher, of the great drama of philosophy in our time....   [tags: Philosophical Essays]

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Negotiating Ethics as a Two Level Debate

- Negotiating Ethics as a Two Level Debate ABSTRACT: As a form of moral debate, discourse ethic, according to Habermas, is based on regulated discussion. Participating moral agents share a common understanding in the ideal speech situation. Following procedures they try to reach consensus on questions of justice and rights. Critics of discourse ethic point to the bias of Western assumptions regarding agents and methods, the danger of elitism, and the optimism and the pacifism that run through the theory....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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Marxist Thought Influenced The Work Of Both Randall Collins And Jurgen

- Marxist thought influenced the work of both Randall Collins and Jürgen Habermas, but Habermas makes a more convincing argument than Collins when explaining society through a Marxist interpretation. Karl Marx and his ideology have been influential for decades and have always led conversations on controversial, yet elementary issues concerning class dynamics. Even though Marxism influenced both Randall Collins and Jürgen Habermas, their ideologies went in opposing directions with Habermas having a stronger and more in-depth analysis of Marxism in contemporary society....   [tags: Marxism, Sociology, Karl Marx, Socialism]

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Public Service Broadcasting

- Paddy Scannell’s article ‘Public Service Broadcasting and Modern Public Life’, defending the viewpoints from Peacock Committee, tried to remind people public service broadcasting is not only a gold digging business but also a benefit for democratization. In order to illustrate public service broadcasting is not established for profit, he used BBC as an example. Taking two things from Habermas to support his idea those are a historical approach and the concern with ‘general public’ (Scannell,1989).Thus, as Scannell stated, public service broadcasting played an unconsciously beneficial, it is fair to ask that why did broadcasting play a social role improving democracy....   [tags: Article Analysis, Democracy Development]

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Information flows around the world

- Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communication theory, developed the concept of the term ‘Global Village’ in two of his earliest books—The Gutenberg Galaxy, in 1962, and Understanding Media: The Extension of Man, in 1964. He defined global village as a small village where electronic media made it possible, and how the information flows from parts of the world at the same time (Mcluhan, 1964). No matter how far or near of anything happen around the globe, people can see and hear of what have been occurred immediately, with just matter of seconds....   [tags: mass media, public sphere, global village]

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Christianity and Islamic Religions: A Blessing or a Curse Part 2

- resulted in the death of innocence. So in a sense religion lead individuals to miss-rank things on their priority list. The dream of any atheist is the creation of an atheist world, but why. In an atheist people religions and beliefs in supernatural things are absent. In an atheist there would be no God to pray for to make our wishes and dreams come true. Sentences such as “Inchallah” well prevailed among believers would make no sense in an atheist world. Instead of hoping for a miracle to happen and pray for it, atheist would become more realistic and would work harder for their dreams to happen....   [tags: violence in the name of God]

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The Importance Of Evaluating The Norm By Law Professionals

- The hermeneutic perspective corroborates to the study, discussing the importance of assessing the norm by law professionals by producting and reproducting scientific and academic thoughts about the contribution of constitutionality controls to legal systems. In one small aspect, Gilmar Mendes teaches, that the work of interpreting the Constitution begins when it frustrates the direct communication with your text and it no longer responds to questions from your readers. It is the readiness that integrates to fix the meaning of the Constitution rules of law (MENDES, GILMAR....   [tags: Law, United States Constitution, Constitution]

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Social Media And The Contemporary Institutions Of The Public Sphere Across Europe

- With the birth of the Internet roughly twenty-five years ago, came a new medium for language use; and, thus, a new public for sharing and exchanging information. In a society that is largely information and technology driven, new communication and screen-based technologies have become the culturally diverse ways of acquiring knowledge and developing cognitive styles through literacy around the world. Meta-communicative technologies, like popular social media sites and other virtual communication platforms, are the contemporary institutions of the public sphere where people navigate social relations, exchange information and construct competences by participating in different forms of literac...   [tags: Sociology, Communication, Instant messaging]

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Natality, the Capacity of Being Oneself, and a Ban On Instrumentalization

- In modern day society with our rapid development of scientific capabilities, Jurgen Habermas raises our awareness on developing biotechnology and human genetic engineering. He brings up a question pertaining not only to morals, but ethics of this newly developed technology. In this section of the book Habermas agrees that although some forms of genetic manipulations are morally acceptable for screening to rule out diseases, some unbalanced influences threaten future humans and the status of authenticity....   [tags: Ethical Issues]

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Ulterior Motives of Mass Media behind their Production

- We live in a world of mass media in these modern days. We often believe that mass media functions mostly to make our life better than before, yet, mass media have ulterior motives. Among other elements within mass media, aspect entertainment grows to illustrate the ulterior motives behind mass media industries. Entertainment used to indicate any action that supplies a recreation or offers people to have well being of their leisure time. On the other hand, as many other authors have noted, entertainment is often also simply understood as something which causes the decline of moral principles (Habermas, 93)....   [tags: Media]

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Legitimation Crisis

- Introduction Through the analysis of Jurgen Habermas's work, the following assertion intends to provide an understanding of his arguments surrounding crisis-tendency theories. Jurgen presents the traditional Marxist notion of crisis-tendencies as being outdated, and somewhat no longer relevant within a capitalist society (Heath, J, 2011). Jurgen Habermas examines the hindrance of development within contemporary Western societies, which he argues is caused by crisis-tendency tensions. Using concepts derived from his work, this paper analyses legitimation problems faced by modern States....   [tags: Law]

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Morality via Kant and Hegel

- 1. Introduction Human beings have moral inclinations that affect our actions. Few would deny as a fact of human life a perpe-tual strive to do right and good concordant with one’s particular moral beliefs (while concomitantly judging others by them). For most, this strive is accompanied by a questioning of the very nature of the moral: Is there an impartial criterion that enables us to know objectively what one ought to do, or do our moral intuitions rest solely on subjective, arbitrary grounds....   [tags: Philosophy]

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A Study of the Impact of Sina Weibo on the Formation of Public Opinion in Mainland China

- ... With the development of Internet since the late 20th century, it is argued by many scholars that the Internet provides the possibility for the existence of a democratic public sphere (Boeder, 2005; Hinderman, 2008; Papacharissi, 2002 and Papacharissi, 2010). Papacharissi(2002) argues that Internet provides an unprecedentedly large quantity of information, which facilitates the public’s discussions over political issues. In addition, via the Internet, geographical constraints of communication are overcome....   [tags: social media, democratization of society]

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Social And Political Issues Of The Internet

- As one of the most influential technologies in recent history, the Internet serves a variety of purposes, from a networking communications technology to a cultural platform. Despite its development in the United States being initially a result of the government attempting to achieve global communications with the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the Internet has functioned as a fundamental tool for citizens in democratic societies. In regards to its democratic uses, many authors have debated whether the Internet serves as a public sphere, a fundamental area in democratic society theorized by Jurgen Habermas in which citizens gather in a space to identify and discuss social and polit...   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Surface Web, Deep Web]

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Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Right Wing Christianity Teaches Bigotry

- George Orwell once wrote “if liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” However, I have noticed that American Society has slowly been stifling free speech in the name of agreeability. One such example is the semi-recent systematic attack by the media on “dissenters” of homosexuality. Perhaps Salon published strongest example of this attack in an article aptly titled “Right-wing Christianity teaches bigotry: The ugly roots of Indiana’s new anti-gay law:” “The Christian Bible endorses slavery, racism, tribal warfare, torture, the concept of women and children as chattel, and the death penalty for over 30 offenses.” Let us ignore the blatant...   [tags: North Korea, Kim Jong-il, Kim Il-sung]

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Twitter: The New Information Platform for Public Sphere

- Introduction: With the development of internet and improvement of digital transmission technology, network communication is becoming a part of people's life. For the publishing individual this situation cause the ability of audience which process information is greatly strengthened. At the same time, the situation sparks audience’s demand to make the information more personalisation. Thus it can be seen that, expressing individual, spreading ideas, real time information, quickly and easily, these elements becoming the audience’s basic requirement of information distributing and communication platform....   [tags: Social Media, Publishing]

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No Such Thing as a Humanitarian Intervention

- Humanitarian intervention after the post-cold war has been one of the main discussions in the International Relation theories. The term intervention generally brings a negative connotation as it defines as the coercive interference by the outside parties to a sovereign state that belongs in the community. The humanitarian intervention carried out by international institutions and individual sovereign states has often been related to the usage of military force. Therefore, it is often perceived intervention as a means of ways to stop sovereign states committing human rights abuse to its people....   [tags: Humanitarian Intervention, military, sociology,]

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Participation in Urban Planning of China

- Participation in urban planning of China Introduction With the development of society and economic, public participation has been a popular topic which attracted people from different fields. On the basic of various theories of urban planning, a great amount of market economy countries have successively established public participation system in the field of urban planning. These successful experiences provide a good guide for China urban planning to use for reference, the changes in Chinese politics, economic system and social culture also provide an opportunity to do a new change on urban planning system of China....   [tags: planning theories]

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Feminism, the Public and the Private

- Feminism, the Public and the Private Conceptualizations of the public and the private have always been central to the politics of second-wave feminism. The slogan, "the personal is political," implied that private life was often the site, if not the cause, of women's oppression. In 1974, some of the authors of Woman, Culture and Society (Lamphere and Rosaldo 1974), one of the founding texts of academic feminism, asserted that the universal cause of women's oppression lay in their confinement to the domestic sphere....   [tags: Feminism Human Rights Research Paper]

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Community Power and Participatory Decision-Making

- Critical theory appears unpopular probably because of its ideological bias as claimed by Pease, Form and Rytina (1970). Liebert and Imershein (1977) similarly assert that a common theoretical tendency in community research is a distinctly “political theme that tends to find the greatest efficacy and power, and indeed the most universal structure of power, to lie in a certain organized diversity, a pluralist state of subsystems within an integrated system of elites” (pp. 191-192). The primary aim of critical theory, as James Bohman (2005) notes, is to thwart oppression....   [tags: Karl Marx, Social Constructionism]

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The Enlightenment and Its Influence

- The journals hint a new source of knowledge – through knowledge and ground – that undermined these sources of authority. The history of Academies in France during the Enlightenment begins with the Academy of Science, based in 1666 in Paris. Academies demonstrate the growing interest in science along with its incremental secularization, as demonstration by the diminutive number of clerics who were members (13 percent). The book sketch the appointment of the "bourgeois public sphere" in 18th-hundred Europe....   [tags: science, enlightenment, academy]

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Analysis of Rathenau Paper on Policy and the Evidence Beast

- ... Nevertheless, the empiric view of knowledge on which positivism is based has long been subject to limitations. Immanuel Kant noted for instance that knowledge does not only come from the senses but also from a basic pallet of conceptual knowledge we all have. Furthermore, the interpretation of observations can differ due to the different way everyone acquires concepts. The claims done by Staman and Slob (2012) mentioned earlier are analyzed below for using this perspective on science. The aforementioned claims (k1,k2 an k3) are all subject to reliability issues if true knowledge is assumed to only come from what is observable or inductive....   [tags: rationalism and social-constructivism]

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Changing Definitions Of The Public And Private Sphere

- In this paper I propose that there are changing definitions of the public and private sphere because of the sharing of personal information on social media. The public sphere was changing since well before the development of the Internet, and more saliently social media (Habermas, 1989). Habermas published his book in 1962 that noted that more of what in life had traditionally been private was becoming public. When examining this issue as part of social media, however, the history of the Internet and its development is important as it relates to how current behavior developed....   [tags: Sociology, Social media, Rhetoric]

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Changing Definitions Of The Public And Private Sphere

- In this paper I am considering the idea of the changing definitions of the public and private sphere because of the sharing of personal information on social media. The public sphere has been changing since well before the development of the Internet (Habermas, 1989). Habermas noted that more of what had traditionally been part of private life was becoming public back in 1962. However, when examining this issue as part of social media the history of the Internet and its development is important to how current behavior developed....   [tags: Sociology, Social media, Rhetoric]

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Mies Van Der Rhoes and Paul Rudolph

- ‘The avant-garde understands itself as invading unknown territory, exposing itself to the dangers of sudden, shocking encounters, conquering an as yet unoccupied future ... The avant-garde must find a direction in a landscape into which no one seems to have yet ventured.’ JURGEN HABERMAS, "Modernity versus Postmodernity," Modernity: Critical Concepts Using the quote by Habermas as a starting point, select up to two buildings designed in the twentieth century and examine what ‘sudden, shocking encounters’ they have encountered, or created....   [tags: Architecture, Innovation]

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Lyotard and The Postmodern Condition

- Jean-François Lyotard was a French philosopher and literary theorist. He was a key figure in the development of postmodernist philosophy. Beyond helping to define postmodernism, Lyotard also analyzed the effect of postmodernism on the human condition. The Postmodern Condition is one of Lyotard’s seminal works on the impact of postmodernism on the modern world. The focus of the work is the current transition of societies from an industrial to a postindustrial framework. How does this shift revise the means and methods of productions and the products created....   [tags: Jean-Francois Lyotard, Postmodernism Theory, Scien]

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Social Science and Social Scientists

- Shadow work can be described as the various forms of labour that exist outside of the formal economy or within the informal economy. Social Science plays a major part in bringing attention to the dangers, harms and hardships experienced by the individuals working in the informal economy. Social scientists have recognised that facts don’t speak for themselves and often require analysis and interpretation to produce meaning. This is especially true when dealing with shadow work and thus social scientists have developed concepts, theories and values to aid analysis and interpretation of facts....   [tags: power, agency, risk]

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Contemporary American Poetry and Its Public Worlds

- But who has the will to concern himself with such dangerous maybes. For that, one really has to to wait for the advent of a new species of philosophers, such as somehow another and converse taste and propensity from those we have known so far--philosophers of the dangerous "maybe" in every sense. (Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, sec 2.) This will not be one more lament for the sad state of contemporary American poetry. Yet to define some of the basic strengths of new work I have to begin with what seems like a lament....   [tags: American Literature]

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Contemporary Sociological Theory Reviewed

- 1. Our understanding of contemporary capitalist culture and globalization has been greatly influenced by neo-Marxism. There have been many significant events all over the world such as the Great Depression, The Second World War which have contributed to our understanding of contemporary capitalist culture. There has been a "false consciousness" associated with this time and date since capitalism continues to "deliver the goods" (Adams & Sydie, 2002: 90). The beginning of the end of capitalist conflict and the beginning of the beginning of socialism came with the U.S....   [tags: Sociology]

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Legal Theory

- Both legal theory and theories of the state stand at a crossroads today. The modern state has transformed quite radically from its traditional image. According to Habermas’ account, in traditional societies, “the law made by the ruler remained subordinate to the Christian natural law administered by the Church”. The social integration was a result of bonding convictions which came from the mythical narratives and ritual practices. However, in the postmodern situation with all its complex interrogations of Universalist claims and a predominantly secular society such as ours, “the normative order is maintained without such metasocial guarantees”....   [tags: law, social integration, government]

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Structure and Agency

- Structure and agency are two theoretical terms used to explain the capacity at which we as people are able to be individuals, and to what extent those influences limit our individuality. Structure refers to the ways in which a society is organized. Agency refers to the behaviors and actions of the individuals within the social structure. Agency is limited by the structure due to cultural barriers and inequalities within the structure. In this essay, I will present an overview of why critical theorists are concerned with those inequalities, and I will further identify the problems within the system contributing to the unequal access to the public sphere, relating specifically to class and ge...   [tags: Sociology]

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Cultural Studies: Meaning-making

- Cultural Studies focuses on two particular systems of meaning-making, i.e. a set of beliefs, ideas, practices, etc. These two systems are Humanism and Poststructuralism. In particular, Humanism has been extremely important to Western culture’s development, and so has become naturalised. Humanism therefore can be considered to be a ‘common sense’ way of interacting with the world; Poststructuralism was created in response to critically analyse and engage with Humanism. (Sullivan, n.d.) Humanism is defined by Mansfield and Fuery as “the basic value system of the traditional humanities… most closely associated with the study of human arts and cultures, literature, history, fine arts, philosoph...   [tags: poststructuralism, humanism]

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Everyman: The play

- The author uses Death as a character to express truth that everyone will, inevitably, come in contact with death. In the play Everyman, death is embodied as a representative of God that visits the plays central character, Everyman. "Death" takes hold of the readers’ interests because it is such a profound word. It is a burdened, aggressive, penetrating word that replicates an actuality that every human will have to come to accept. Death is an adversary in the play that signifies physical death. The author recognizes the consequences of death and uses that knowledge to bring in the reader....   [tags: play analysis. literary analysis]

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Normative Theory Of Media And Society

- Normative Theory of media and society One of the aspects McQuail talks about in this chapter is the role that the media play in a free society. He explains that besides “the require[ment] to do no harm”, the media don’t have any formal obligations to cooperate with the government or any other institutions to help them reach specific outcomes. Through history, however, “unwritten obligations” regarding the role that the media play, was established and put into practice. Several internal and external pressures also make it harder for the media to remain independent....   [tags: Sociology, Journalism, Society, Mass media]

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A Postmodern Bore

- A Postmodern Bore Imagine, if you will, a world where everyone was the same, where your neighbors had the same clothes as you did, the same kind of dog, and the same color house as you did. A world where everyone looked like everyone else, behaved the same, and thought the same. A world characterized by total and complete conformity through assimilation, incorporation, and deindividualization. A world where an elite cadre of individuals determined the very shape of reality itself. This world is held by many scholars to be typifying of one of the major aspects of Postmodernism....   [tags: Philosophy Papers]

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Adult Learning In Groups

- Adult Learning In Groups Groups [can] exert powerful influence both to advance and to obstruct learning. A group can be an environment in which people invent and explore symbolic structures for understanding the world, learning from each other and trying out for themselves the discourse of the domain of knowledge they seek to acquire. Alternatively, groups can encourage conformity, squander time and energy on ritual combat, revel in failure, and generally engage in all sorts of fantasy tasks that have little or nothing to do with learning....   [tags: Learn Education Adults Essays]

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Immanuel Kant

- Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) was one of the most influential philosophers in the history of Western philosophy. He was a professor of philosophy at Konigsberg, in Prussia, researching, lecturing and writing on philosophy during and at the end of the 18th Century Enlightenment. His contributions to metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics have had a profound impact on almost every philosophical movement that followed him. This essay will attempt to explain what Kant means by Maxim and Universal Law, and whether his argument is affordable in the 21st century....   [tags: Philosopher, Maxim, Universal Law]

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Online Community Policing Initiative Is More Effective At Countering Online Terrorism And Violent Extremism

- RESEARCH QUESTION This research studies the general New York City’s public opinion of online-community policing for combating terrorism and countering violent extremism on social media websites. Online-community policing of social-media can take the form of both the online presence of state-police as well as participatory user reporting of terrorists/extremists’ user-accounts and content. Each type of online-community policing initiative is distinct in both scope and importance. Each can complement one another in the cessation of online terrorism and violent extremism....   [tags: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, Research]

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Christianity and Islamic Religions: A Blessing or a Curse Part 3

- full of atheist regimes and leaders that committed inhuman crimes and massacres that are as bad if not worse than those committed by religious ones. “Atheist and secular regimes in the twentieth century alone have killed well over 100 million people more than one hundred times the total deaths caused by Christians from the Crusades until the present” (Habermas, 2008, P.826) These regimes include the Nazi regime of Hitler, the soviet republic of Lenin and Stalin and the Chinese communism. Another well-known argument that is often used by atheist is that religion is against science and that believers are illogical human beings due to their beliefs in the existence of God....   [tags: violence in the name of God]

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Pragmatist Approach Towards Morality As The Best Model For Pragmatist Morality

- In this section, I will explain pragmatist approach towards morality in terms of anti-theoretic with anti-essentialist, anti-representationalist, anti-foundationalist characteristic; Darwinian and ethnocentric approach towards morality. He applies a historical narration methodology in his inquiry and finally comes up with a Humean-Deweyian alternative for rationalist tradition in morality as the best model for pragmatist morality. I expect myself to address major pragmatist perspectives toward morality and seek for the response, pragmatist would provide to the pragmatist question of morality that would be: “Is moral philosophy useful?” or in other words “What the use of moral philosophy is?”...   [tags: Ethics, Philosophy, Immanuel Kant, Morality]

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Pros and Cons of Freedom of Speech on the Internet

- Since the Internet burst free of academic cloisters into the public domain during 1990s, it has been thoroughly debated whether the individual’s remarks and comments on the Internet should be restricted. Also this has drawn increasing attention due to popularity of the emerging social net like Facebook and Twitter in recent years. While some advocate that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, others argue that an uncontrollable medium of anarchy may occur owing to the freedom of speech....   [tags: restricted, social net, internet]

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Influence and Contribution of BuzzFeed in the Public Sphere

- ... As a result, as mentioned above, it showed that BuzzFeed is a successful new media organization in dealing with the vanishing readers and falling advertising revenues problems. Undoubtedly, BuzzFeed is successful in making money; however, being one of the journalism, it is more essential for BuzzFeed to keep the public sphere alive and even larger. As below, the role of BuzzFeed in the public sphere will be indicated. The public sphere proposed by Habermas (2000) is a place that citizens can rationally and critically to form opinions free of political and commercial interest....   [tags: digital news sources]

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Ideology And Political Action Has Divided The Women Movement

- At this point, the difference perspective in ideology and political action has divided the women movement into some feminism types; socialist, Marxist, radical, liberal and many others. While liberal feminist focus their struggle for equality on civil, economic, and political rights, and education, the feminist socialist and Marxist believe women 's oppression is “the product of the political, social and economic structure within which individuals live.” (Tong, 1998: pp.94). Although some other people suppose that the feminist Marxist and socialist is quiet different, but both of them believe the source of women oppression are capitalism and patriarchy....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Radical feminism]

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The Role Of Media And Its Effect On Society

- In a not so distant past, we lived in a world where most individuals did not have the means to immediately share information with thousands of others. In order to have your voice or opinion heard, you had to be wealthy or included with names like Gutenburg and Martin Luther to gain access to the airwaves or other modes of distribution used in the past. There was a huge segregation between producers and consumers. For hundreds of years, a select few were in control of what information and content could be disseminated....   [tags: Facebook, Social media, Democracy, Bubble]

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Indigenous People’s View of the Conservation of Resources

- Throughout history in North America, the indigenous peoples culture, tradition and religion have always differed from the western way of life. In this essay, I will explore two things. First, I will talk about the indigenous people’s view of the conservation of resources which can also be termed as the traditional ecological knowledge and the economist view of natural resources. Second, I will argue in this essay that by thinking of resources from the traditional ecological point of view, we can better understand why conserving our natural resources is important....   [tags: Ecology ]

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Analysis Of Michael Moore 's ' Sicko '

- Alice Peng Dr. Butler English 1110.01 11 November 2015 Analysis on Sicko Michael Moore uses Sicko to criticize the media in the United States. Using a sarcastic tone throughout his film, Moore contrasts the free, universal health care in Canada, Britain, France, and Cuba and expensive, inefficient health insurance in the U.S. along with many other false messages broadcast on media. He reveals the healthcare differences between what is displayed on media and in reality. By exposing these contrasts, Moore shows that media is not so truthful to the public....   [tags: Universal health care, United States]

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Citizen Journalism : The Savior Of Online News

- Citizen Journalism has been hailed as the savior of online news, bringing stories to the attention of the public sphere, that other wise wouldn’t, and being free of all the bias and influence that hinders mainstream news, although some scholars have argued that isn’t the full story and citizen journalism is playing a similar role to the mainstream in discouraging a healthy public sphere (Bruns, 2011). Citizen journalism has been growing more and more popular as social networking and the Intent become more prevalent in everyday life, and has most certainly aided in promoting a better public sphere through online news, as opposed to if online news was, solely controlled by the mainstream media...   [tags: Mass media, Blog, Citizen journalism, Journalism]

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Information Systems Development : The Case For Ethics

- 3. Scholarly Research Article: Hirschheim, R., & Klein, H. K. (1994). Realizing emancipatory principles in information systems development: The case for ETHICS. MIS Quarterly, 18(1), 83-109. 3a. Research Question: How emancipatory principles and methodologies such as Effective Technical and Human Implementation of Computer Systems, might be applied in information systems development. 3b. Research Method: The research method is an emancipatory dialogue (Kelemen & Rumens, 2008) between the researcher and the subject matter of information systems development....   [tags: Sociology, Research, Scientific method]

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Max Weber 's Theory Of Power And Conflict

- Homicide as a social phenomena can be studied from a Max Weber ideology, understood through a combination of power and conflict theory. Power and conflict both play into the heart of crime, specifically homicide, and interact fluidly in modern society. As structures, power and conflict often go unseen but contribute the majority of social phenomena. Through homicide, power and conflict can be seen as major structures that deploy class, race, and gender inequalities. Power and conflict, important structures in society, clarify difficult concepts in society; although this can be considered an obvious assertion, many different sociological theories attempt to comprehend the centrality of power...   [tags: Sociology, Max Weber, Social class, Marxism]

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Public Service Broadcasting Within The Plural Society

- Introduction British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] has played its role as a Public Service Broadcasting [PSB] in England since 1926. It was set up on Baron Reith’s hands as an educative media building public’s character by establishing and socializing cultural value to the society via its programs. Hitherto, BBC’s work focuses on the cultural connection among the society and plays a role as its guardian rather than pays attention to the diversity among them (Curran & Seaton, 2003). However, some critiques about its existence started raising in the end of 1980s as the appearance of the Sky Media commercial-satellite television company which gave larger opportunity for public to choose what t...   [tags: Media]

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Role of Public Service Broadcasting in Democracy

- “The concept of needing a license to watch television is probably pretty damn bizarre to anyone outside the UK but it is, unfortunately, a cold hard fact here. The sole purpose of said license is to fund the BBC,… So what do you get for £121.00 a year. Rubbish, that's what. Countless gardening, cooking and DIY programs, and enough God-awful nature shows to turn a die-hard vegan into a ferocious carnivore. Oh sure there are a few decent documentaries, an occasional film that's worth watching and there are some pretty good history programs now and then, but hey, I can see that stuff on the other channels too!"....   [tags: PSB, BBC, Conflict, Public]

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Political Economy: Roles of Ideas and Interests

- This essay aims to examine the roles of ideas and interests in the political econ-omy by mainly drawing on theories developed by Karl Marx and Max Weber. The two authors have very different views on the drivers of historical development, the establishment of capitalism and the structure of modern society. Marx’s no-tion of historical materialism emphasizes the role of material interest in con-structing the boundaries and structure of the political economy. Max Weber’s notion of the Protestant Ethic emphasizes the role of ideas and norms in shaping rational action and modern society....   [tags: Karl Marx, Max Weber]

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The Social Norms of Energy Sving Behaviors

- Research Outline The Social Norms of Energy Saving Behavior and the UK Energy Market Introduction: Several studies have been carried out to investigate the power of social norms and how they could be used to activate energy conservation behavior. According to Dietz et al. (2009), behavioral interventions could reduce household direct emissions by 20%. However, some are quite skeptical of the sustainability of behavioral change achieved through social behavioral interventions rather than policy changes or more efficient technology production....   [tags: social research, United Kingdom, Energy Market]

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Social Class, Working Class And Poor Families

- There are two approach of Childrearing in different social classes include, concerted cultivation and the accomplishment of natural growth. Middle class parents emphasize of concerted cultivation’s strategy of childrearing. On the other hand, working class and poor family parents emphasize of natural growth’s strategy of childrearing. In fact, differences of social classes play a significant role in family life and childrearing. In this paper, I would like to discuss the differences in parenting styles that described in the article “Invisible Inequality” by A....   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Pierre Bourdieu]

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The Effect Of Internet Social Decompression Valve

- vely spread the effect of its dominant interaction and content aggregation compared to the traditional media (Fraser 1997). The new media provide a fast and convenient treatment progress for venting public opinion. The Internet is becoming the favourite discontent with digesting the mood of the of the decompression valve. With the emergence of new media, the new media tools represented as the Internet and mobile phone has replaced traditional media decompression valve gradually. Especially in the hot social events, people use mobile phone or Internet media to acquire the information they need to ease the panic....   [tags: Mass media, Marshall McLuhan, Media]

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Reflective Practice Is Associated With Self Development

- Generally reflective practice is associated with self-development. With the help of this, below situations can be achieved: 1) Firstly, future personal growth 2) Secondly, it addresses how we think and feel about ourselves and circumstances in the present, and 3) Last but not least, how we think and feel about ourselves and situations in the past. Reflective Practice is mainly using self-analysis in order to understand, judge and interpret the things such as events and experiences that we are involved....   [tags: Thought, Critical thinking, Reasoning, Psychology]

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Construction of Public Sapces in India

- With the rise of British colonization of South Asia in mid-late 18 century came western ideas of the “public”, contextualized in spatial, social and political terms. The later construction of “public” spaces during mid-late 19th century, like parks, evidences that overtime the municipalities, consisting of both Indian and European officials, attempted to alter the landscape of the major cities in an effort to replicate the sociopolitical environment of the western world. However, although, as Sudipta Kaviraj argues, notions of the common or collective identity readily existed in India, adoption of a socio-politically defined “public” sphere proved to be difficult precisely because the ideas...   [tags: India]

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Simmel and Benjamin’s recipe for Sociology

- Apparently modernity isn’t all that bad – not all doom and gloom as some would have you believe. Simmel and Benjamin think so anyway. Their approach to sociology is a little different to others. Sure, there are still some Marxist and Weberian notions in their recipe, but they throw in some ideas from intoxicated artists, aesthetics, and find significance in the chaos of modern life. This essay will look at these notions, first by examining the formulation of Simmel and Benjamin’s theories and secondly examining how these differ from other approaches....   [tags: Sociology Essays]

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

- UNIVERSALITY Debate on whether human rights are universal or not has been going on since adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights more than six decades ago and is set to go on for as long as different schools of thought on the matter exist. While on one hand there is a growing consensus that human rights are universal on the other exist critics who fiercely oppose the idea. Of the many questions posed by critics revolve around the world’s pluri-cultural and multipolarity nature and whether anything in such a situation can be really universal....   [tags: Human Rights, United Nations]

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Social Movements Emerge and Political Systems

- RQ: Why do social movements emerge and what is their impact on political systems. The aim of this review essay is to compare and contrast the main schools of thought specialised in social movements, the comparative case studies chosen and the relevant literature. The time frame in which my final essay will be embedded goes from 1960 onwards, with social movements becoming a permanent component of western democracies. With regard to the theoretical frame, my starting point is the differentiation of two main approaches, the American and the European, regarding literature from authors like Della Porta and Mario Diani....   [tags: literature review, impacts, case studies]

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Nationalism, Gender and the War Discourse

- The presence of war has been argued as one of the major contextual factors leading to rapid changes in media discourse. During periods of conflicts, the media are characterised by a heightened emphasis on a clear division between “us” – the goodies and “them” – the baddies (Bugarski 1997). In particular, a “polarising logic of war discourse” (Pankov, Mihelj and Bajt 2011, p. 1044) is deliberately formed by conflating various forms of nationalism and other discourses of identity, such as gender and age (ibid), with the intent to create binaries and contrast different entities involved in the war....   [tags: pro-Russian nationalist narrative]

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