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The European Gypsy Moth : An Destructive Pest

- Lymantria dispar, otherwise more commonly known as the European gypsy moth is an incredibly destructive pest, found mainly in Europe, Africa, and North America, its larvae stage had been recorded to damage over 500 various species of trees and smaller plants. Originally introduced into the United States and studied by amateur entomologist Etienne Leopold Truvelot, the samples had escaped the lab and invaded the area of Boston in 1869. Now they pose an imminent threat to the country’s environment and economy....   [tags: Insect, Lepidoptera, Butterfly, Gypsy moth]

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The Role of Men in D.H. Lawrence's Virgin and the Gypsy

- The Role of Men in D.H. Lawrence's Virgin and the Gypsy The role of the male characters in The Virgin and the Gypsy by D.H. Lawrence can best be summed up by Yvette's reaction to her sister's philosophy of marriage: 'I'm not sure one shouldn't have one's fling till one is twenty-six , and then give in and marry!' This was Lucille's philosophy, learned from older women. Yvette was twenty-one. It meant she had five years to have this precious fling. And the fling meant, at the moment, the gypsy....   [tags: Virgin Gypsy]

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Chemical Control Agents Used Against the Gypsy Moth

- Chemical Control Agents Used Against the Gypsy Moth The gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) is a highly disruptive species that can, and has played a distinctive role in the lives of many organisms. Included in these organisms are various deciduous trees and shrubs, wildlife species that share the same environment, and even humans. The gypsy moth destroys the beauty of woodlands via defoliation, alters ecosystems and wildlife habitats, and disrupts our own lives. It should therefore come as no surprise that the U.S....   [tags: Gypsy Moths Environmental Nature Essays]

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Gypsy of Wuthering Heights

- Emily Bronte’s novel is an important work in the 19th century, particularity when describing the nature of people. One of the Characters, Heathcliff, is very interesting because his decent and parentage is never truly defined. Because of this uncertainty, the reader is lead to believe Heathcliff may have a Gypsy heritage. Gypsies were thought to be dark-haired, dark-skinned, dirty, messy and uneducated. Gypsies were often objects of discrimination usually because they look different from the typical whites and because of their traveling lifestyle made them people without a nation or land....   [tags: Emily Bronte, Novel Analysis]

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A Brief Note On Gypsy And Traveller Education

- Introduction This report critically evaluates an incident, situating it in the context of Gypsy and Traveller education; the group highlighted as the ‘most at risk in the education system ' (DfES, 2003). Teacher professionalism and how this has developed over the preceding decades will be considered, along with the social, economic and political aspects affecting professionalism. Marketisation in the context of education is examined, and it is argued that that marketisation, by its very nature, excludes vulnerable ethnic minority groups; and that this exclusion from education has an impact on an educator’s pedagogy and practise....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School]

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

- My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding 1. The main gender roles that are described include the males job is to being the bread winner, which means he provides the financial support and the females’ job is to stay home to look after the kids and do the house work. The male is the dominant one in a family, if a female is not just married her father is dominant but when she gets married the dominance is transferred to her husband. When the father gives his daughter away at the wedding, which means he’s giving up control and dominance of his daughter to her husband....   [tags: gender roles, cultural analysis]

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Flamenco Dancing is a Passionate Gypsy Dance from Spain

- Flamenco dancing is a passionate dance derived from the old gypsy dances of southern Spain. It is a very emotional and expressive dance. The dancers, bailaores and bailaoras, lose themselves in the music and become one with the song, as they dance you can see their faces contort with the emotion. Flamenco is no one style, it can be fiery and fast or slow and mournful. Flamenco represents 3 unified elements: song dance and music. According to It has historically been musical outlet for poor and oppressed....   [tags: music, art, movement]

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Carmen and Gypsy Culture

- The fascination with exoticism was more and more prevalent within romantic compositions as there was an increased yearning for far off lands within the composer’s imagination. ‘Composers of such works were not terribly interested in authenticity; their primary concern was to create a picturesque atmosphere that would appeal to audiences.’(Machlis p.190) Bizet romanticized gypsy culture in his opera and through the character, ‘Carmen’. The libretto gives off ideas in relation to the emerging theme of ‘naturalism’, where much focus was given to the working class and their suffering....   [tags: essays research papers]

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History of Gypsies

- The first and to date only reliable assertion of the origin of word Gypsy for the members of “specific” group, dates back to 1068. At that time the Georgian monah st. George Antonski, from the monastery of Iviron (Greece) reports to his people that on the mountain of Athos in the time between 1001 and 1026 a group of “Athiganos” arrived. The word Athigatos or Acinkan in Greek would be “untouchable”. Different synonyms of this word were used later as name for “that” nation around Europe. In literature we find: latin-Cingarus, Turkey-Cingeneler, France-Tsiganes, Germany-Zinger, Russia-Cjganji, Hungary-Ciganjiok, Italy-Zingari, Spain-Gitanos....   [tags: Gypsy]

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Analysis of En vain pour éviter

- Throughout history, gypsy culture has developed a mysticism about it that has been pondered by many artists—both in the musical sense and through other creative expressions. George Bizet, a famed French Romantic Era composer, artfully presents the tragic story of Carmen, based on Prosper Mérimée’s famed novella, using unique and captivating expressions in his music to explore the gypsy realm. In the opera, Carmen, the heroine, is a young gypsy woman from Seville, Spain who has a wild and inconsistent love life and becomes involved with a soldier named Don José....   [tags: gypsy culture, the story of carmen]

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An Introspective Look at the Romani People and Their Culture

- The Romanichal have been in America since the middle of the 17th Century due to persecution and enslavement in Europe. Most countries in Europe had passed anti-Gypsy legislation, which prevented them from doing business or settling down and owning land, this combined with other types of persecution, caused the Romani to flee Europe. (Bokt, RomanyJib, 2014) Most of their traditions are passed down verbally because they are a nomadic people and travelled often, they never wrote books about their history because they had to bring all their possessions with them everywhere they went....   [tags: gypsy traditions and beliefs]

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Health of the Roma People

- Introduction Romanticized in children’s stories and used as threats by parents to discipline their rowdy children, the term “gypsy” has always brought forth images of exotic, wild, unruly, bohemian lifestyles, considered heathen and ungodly in nature. Women in scantily clad clothes, reading fortunes into a crystal ball in elaborate wagons on wheels with musicians and tricksters around, gypsies were said to steal your children, women, and your money in the night. Even today, the term “gypped”, which dates back to 1899, is still used in casual conversation, perhaps with no knowledge of the origin, by many to mean “being robbed”....   [tags: outsiders, gypsy, india]

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Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

- Kingship and Authority C.S. Lewis’s book, Prince Caspian, is a tale of three kings: King Miraz, Aslan, and Prince Caspian. Each of these kings portrays the diversity between the different personas of a king, or leader, of a country. King Miraz for example, represents the selfishness and deceit that takes place in a ruler that is too consumed by his throne. While Prince Caspian shows the peace, justice, and hard work that comes when the king is truly concerned for the good of their subjects. Lastly, Aslan represents everything good about a ruler....   [tags: Jews, gypsy’s, communists]

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Female Sexuality in Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd and Lawrence's The Virgin And The Gypsy

- Female Sexuality in Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd and Lawrence's The Virgin And The Gypsy 'Is Lawrence really a liberator of sex. Does he grant more independence to the women in his novels than his predecessors or just a little more freedom within confines of established expectations.'[1] The same question could be asked of Thomas Hardy, who is believed by some critics such as Rosemarie Morgan, to use female sexuality in a way that is liberating and arguably revolutionary....   [tags: Papers]

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Providing Health Care To a Culturally Diverse Country

- Britain is regarded as one of the most ethically and culturally diverse countries in Europe. According to the 1999 census around 3 million people in the United Kingdom, which equates to 6% of the population, belong to minority ethnic groups (Le Var 1998). The 2001 census suggests that this figure is now around 7.9%, which equates to 4.6 million (Office for National Statistics 2003). The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences....   [tags: Health Care]

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Education for the Travellers Roma in the UK

- Date There has never been a clear definition and or well defined origin of the Roma/Travellers. There has however been attempts to the same leading being the classical historical synthesis suggested by Fraser (1992). His synthesis suggests that from the ninth century onward, a population of Indian origin started moving towards Europe bringing with them an Indian language. The 15th and 16th centuries saw a lot of persecution leading to these immigrants becoming disjointed. To this end the populations of different sizes are more or less assimilated in different European countries....   [tags: Education]

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Gypsies in Nineteenth-Century England

- Gypsies in Nineteenth-Century England Missing Works Cited Despite the important role Gypsies played in the nineteenth-century, they were not automatically accepted as equals in society. In fact, from the moment they set foot on European soil, the Gyspies were misunderstood and even feared. These feelings became manifest in prejudices, which led to discriminatory actions. At the same time, however, Victorian society found itself fascinated with these strange Gypsies. The gypsy motif in Jane Eyre reflects the ambiguous attitude of Victorian society toward Gypsies....   [tags: European History Essays]

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The Roma People, Also Known as Gypsies

- A freezing wind sweeps through the countryside, chilling you to the bone. The sweet stench of garbage catches at the back of your throat, and feral dogs chase one another over the heaps of filth. Ramshackle single-story shacks can be seen in every direction. This place is home. Well for a little while, anyways, your family is constantly moving. They are pastoralists, with no real place to call “Home.” Throughout Europe, this nomadic population is known as Roma, otherwise known as Gypsies. It is approximated that about 12 million gypsies exist worldwide....   [tags: Persecution, Eastern Europe, Migration]

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Jane Eyre Analysis by Charlotte Bronte

- Double-Sided Secrets In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the secrets kept by the various characters have two sides; both negative and positive consequences for the character keeping them. First, Jane keeps her whereabouts a secret while in her secret hiding spot as a child, allowing her to relax in peace, but causes her causing her harassment with her cousin and aunt. Next, Rochester keeps the secret that he is, in fact the gypsy that mysteriously visits Thornfield Hall, giving him insight into his guest’s lives, but also resulting in Jane trust in Rochester squandering....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Charlotte Bronte]

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The Rom The Sub Social Group

- The Roma. The Sub-Social group. During the time between post World War One and the dawn of the second World War many people in Germany and other European countries started to hear rumors about many of lesser class people unlike the Jewish people of Europe who ranged into almost all classes of the social chain but one group of people managed to slip into a sort of sub-social group that has managed to catch the hateful eyes of many political parties and activist groups. During the early 1930s the political party known as the Nazi party would become the head of the German government while the main target of the Nazis would become the Jewish people many other groups were targeted lik...   [tags: Nazi Germany, Nazism, World War II, The Holocaust]

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Hungarian Peasant and Folk Music

- Hungarian Peasant and Folk Music I. General confusion about Hungarian folk music. Gypsy music Peasant music - the real Hungarian folk music - is not Gypsy music. Peasant music certainly had influence on the songs and playing of gypsies who lived in Hungary and performed in ensembles, though. Gypsy music used to be the basis of all generalizations about Hungarian music. It was Ferenc Liszt's monumental error to state that Gypsy music is the creation of gypsies. The so called 'gypsy scale' points to a southern oriental (Arabic) origin and may possibly have reached Hungary through the gypsies....   [tags: Music Songs Culture Hungary Essays]

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The Romas’ Holocaust Journey

- Did you know there was another group, besides the Jews, that Hitler wanted to exterminate completely. This group was called the Roma, or the Gypsies. They were a Nomadic group and were target because of their race. ”The total population of Gypsies living in Greater Germany and all the countries occupied by Germany during the war is unknown; scholars Donald Kenrick and Grattan Puxon have provided the rough estimate of 942,000.” (Who Were the “Gypsies”?) . The Nazis and Hitler saw the Romas as an “inferior group” and started rounding them up....   [tags: Concentration Camp, Medical Experiments]

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Innocent Victims, Forgotten Souls

- The main victims of genocide during the Holocaust were the Jewish; however, they were not the only ones. Gypsies, also known as the Roma, also made up a large portion of the casualties that occurred in concentration camps. This innocent group of people, who move from place to place, who listened to different music and had different morals and beliefs, were also victims of the mass genocide led by Adolf Hitler. They were targeted and seen as “unhygienic, antisocial nuisances” (Tarr) and were a threat to the Nazis’ ideal German society....   [tags: genocide, Gypsies, Roma, victimization, Nazis]

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A Transcultural Approach to The Verbunkos Idiom in The Music of Liszt

- Franz Liszt (1811-1886) was a cosmopolitan European composer and piano virtuoso of the Romantic era. Although it was his place of birth, Liszt spent most of his formative years away from Hungary, though he returned to his homeland many times over the course of his life. Liszt’s allegiance to Hungary can be found in many of his compositions through the Hungarian-Gypsy folk idiom verbunkos; however, most analyses of his “Hungarian” music are oversimplified and exoticist because of a nationalist perspective....   [tags: Music]

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Analysis Of Mathew Arnold 's Poem ' Dover Beach '

- The Victorian era was one teetering on the edge of a revolution. It was an age of scientific, economic and industrial revolution, but most notably, it was an age of a mass existential crisis. The publishing of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” caused a seismic shift in the lives of the Victorians by contradicting both the scientific knowledge and religious views of society at that time. Not only did it go against every creation story told in the bible, it also gave scientists proof that the earth was much older than they had thought, reducing all of humanity to just a fraction of a second on the timeline of the universe....   [tags: Victorian era, Victoria of the United Kingdom]

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Distrust and Pain in Secrets: Jane Eyre

- In the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, secrets cause much distrust aimed at the secret holder and pain to the ones either holding or discovering the secret with examples found in secrets like those of Rochester really being the gypsy, Jane's secret reading spot, Mrs. Reed keeping the letter from Jane, and Mr. Rochester's wife in the attic. When Mr. Rochester is disguised as the gypsy and tells the ladies these mysterious fortunes, it in cases hurts some mentally, but more importantly in Jane's case it leads to distrust of Mr....   [tags: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, Literary Analysis]

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Discrimination Against the Gypsies

- "There are some 15 million Roms dispersed across the world. Their history is one of suffering and misery, but it is also one of the victories of human spirit over the blows of fate. Today the Roms revive their culture and are looking for their identity. On the other hand, they integrate into the societies in which they live. If they are understood by their fellow citizens in their new homelands, their culture will enrich the society's atmosphere with the color and charm of spontaneity" (Ghandi)....   [tags: Romani People, Roma People]

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Comparison of Federico García Lorca's Poems, Romance de la Pena Negra and La Aurora

- Comparison of Federico García Lorca's Poems, Romance de la Pena Negra and La Aurora Romance de la Pena Negra (Ballad of the Black Sorrow) was written by Lorca on the 30. July 1924 (Catedra:80). It was one of a collection of poems he entitled the Romancero Gitano (Gypsy Ballads) that, when published, was a huge success, among academics and the general public alike, making this book one of his most well known pieces of work. There are many reasons why the poems received such wide acclaim in terms of Lorca’s wider audience: It is clear that the ballad, with its simple, eight-syllable line rhyming structure makes for uncomplicated reading, in addition, the subject matter would have sparked ge...   [tags: Romance de la Pena Negra La Aurora]

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"The Painted Bird": The Monster that Lives in Us All

- Jerzy Kosinski reveals the barbaric acts of civilians in times of war, showing how war changes our sheer humanity. Passed from village to village, he tells the tale of a small gypsy boy wandering without parents during World War II. The horrific tales of the people who took him in, paint a cruel picture of civilization. Was Jerzy Kosinski take on humanity realistic or erroneous. In the first couple weeks of World War II, a six-year-old boy from Eastern Europe was sent to a distant village by his parents....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Analysis of Chapter 18 of Jane Austen by Charlotte Bronte

- In Chapter 18 of the novel Jane Eyre, Jane attends an engagement party for the soon to be wed Edward Rochester and Blanche Ingram. She feels that their arrangement is too rash and highly inappropriate. Jane has come to her own conclusion that two are only getting married to each other because Mr. Rochester is in love with Blanche's beauty and she with his wealth. Despite her feelings on their engagement she keeps to herself and goes to the party. Before she is able to blend in with the crowd, she becomes a topic of discussion amongst the guests....   [tags: Relationships, Marriage, Wealth]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' The Mystic Of Cleopatra '

- Ania Loomba presents numerous arguments throughout her piece; I have chosen a few below to respond and elaborate on. In Response to the first block of Ania Loomba’s work she states, “Although Cleopatra calls herself ‘black’ and Philo calls her ‘tawny’ [1.1.6], none of the repeated , hyperbolic, and contradictory descriptions of her in the play tells us much about her physically” (261). Loomba goes on to recount the history of Egyptian linage and the history of the uses of the words black and tawny....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Cleopatra VII, Mark Antony]

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Gypsies in the Czech Republic

- Gypsies in the Czech Republic The Gypsies of the former Czechoslovakia have suffered ethnic marginalization dating back to their arrival in Eastern Europe over 700 years ago. The collapse of communism in Czechoslovakia, and other Eastern Europe countries created the necessary conditions for the ethnic mobilization of the Gypsies and other minorities. During communism minorities presence in Eastern Europe was not officially recognized. The transition from the socialist system to democracy gave the Gypsies of Czechoslovakia a chance to participate in the political process, to represent their interests and end their ethnic marginilization....   [tags: Papers]

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Humanity, Holocaust and Night

- Humanity, Holocaust and Night    Wiesel's Night is about what the Holocaust did, not just to the Jews, but by extension, to humanity. People all over the world were devastated by this atrocious act, and there are still people today who haven't overcome the effects. One example of the heinous acts of the Germans that stands out occurs at the end of the war, when Elie and the rest of the camp of Buna is being forced to transfer to Gleiwitz. This transfer is a long, arduous, and tiring journey for all who are involved....   [tags: Night Elie Wiesel]

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Cinderella Man Directed by Ron Howard

- In society, there is a thing called a hero’s journey. It is when our destiny is before us, and with the choices we make, depict our course for the rest of our lives. In the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Cinderella Man directed by Ron Howard show how the hero’s journey affects Santiago and Jim Braddock lives. In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Santiago is a poor Shepard. He travels across Spain and the middle east selling wool from his sheep. For some time, Santiago has been having the same dream about treasure by pyramids in Egypt....   [tags: a hero's journey]

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Jane´s Point of View in the Novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

- In chapters 18-25 Jane’s interactions began to become more revealed. Once she meets Mr. Rochester’s guests, they show their way of how they feel towards her. In chapter 18, Jane meets the guests of Mr. Rochester as he is away on his tri[ speaking on never to return again. Now that Mr. Rochester had left Thornfield for awhile, his guests was now staying in his home along with Jane, Blanche, Grace Poole, the staff and Mrs. Fairfax. As chapter 18 begins to reach its rising point, with how Jane feels about the relationship between Mr....   [tags: Relationships, Victorian]

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Comparing Genealogical Data, And What The Family Was Regarded As By Hungarians

- genealogical data, and what the family was regarded as by Hungarians. The report to goes on to assert that there was a, “false show civility of manner, the mounding of emotional impulses (in any case superficial in themselves) to a prevailing external circumstances” and thus it was clear that they family feigned these mannerisms and were gypsies (Peukert 215-216). The so called logic behind reports such as the one Peukert cited is clearly farfetched and an obvious attempt to use existing stereotypes to persecute a specific group of people....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Nazism, Adolf Hitler, Romani people]

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Drawing Against Oblivion : Exhibition Reflection And Application For American Foster Care

- Drawing Against Oblivion: Exhibition Reflection and Application to American Foster Care On September 26, our class had the opportunity to visit the Stockton Art Gallery to observe Manfred Bockelmann’s exhibit, Drawing Against Oblivion. This exhibit is composed of charcoal drawings depicting some of the youngest Jewish and non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. These unsettling black and white portraits, ultimately serve a goal of remembering the lives that were lost and acknowledging the lack of basic humanity and dignity these children were denied of....   [tags: Family, Foster care, Parent]

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It Was Not just the Jews- Hitler Hated Gypsies Too

- Through the course of history, the Jewish people have been mistreated, condemned, robbed, even put to death because of their religion. In the Middle Ages, they were forced to wear symbols on their clothing, identifying them as Jews. The dates 1933 to 1945 also marked the period of the deadly Holocaust in which many atrocities were committed other minority groups. Six million innocent Jews were exterminated because of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” This paper will exhibit how Adolf Hitler used the three anti-Jewish policies written in history, conversion, expulsion, and annihilation to his advantage which Hitler also used against the Gypsies....   [tags: Romani people in the Holocaust]

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Federico Lorca Garcia’s Love and Death of Spain

- Have you ever wondered what made you who you are and what you do. Federico Garcia Lorca is a very well known poet that went through a lot of touching events that helped him write poems throughout his era. He developed his poetry through his inspirations from the people around him, showing the themes of love, death and southern Spain culture. He had a special poetic vision and used his own style in his writing. Federico Garcia Lorca is a Spanish poet and dramatist during the twentieth century. He was born in 1898 in southern Spain, Granada, and more specifically, Andalusia....   [tags: poet, andalusia, granada]

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The Culture of Nova, by Samuel Delany

- From the start Nova works hard to convince readers the society presented to us has no culture. Set in 32nd century Nova’s message The characters explicably tell us there is no culture but they show us evidence to the contrary. Culture is inevitable. I would like to focus on three supporting arguments; that Nova is a culture of appropriation, that work itself can create culture, and that cultural capital persists even when the applicable societies think otherwise. These layers blend together to create the unique culture presented in the novel....   [tags: social issues, the future of culture]

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Slipping Through The Cracks : Police Accountability

- Slipping Through the Cracks: Police Accountability Undoubtedly one of the most important and the lest educated issue in this country is Police accountability. Approximately 1000 people are shot and killed by police officers each year (Kindy). Since 2005, according to Stinson 's research group, a total of seventy-seven officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter (Sanchez). With these two statements combined this means that approximately 11,000 people have been shot and killed by police officers and since 2005 only 77 have been charged with murder or manslaughter....   [tags: Police, Police brutality, Police officer]

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Wuthering Heights By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Wuthering Heights is one of the most critiqued and popular works of the mid-nineteenth century. Wuthering Heights has never been easily categorized into a certain genre, having elements from both the Gothic and the Romantic literature. Wuthering Heights, also utilizes the literary technique, frame story or frame narrative which is a story within a story. The frame story of Wuthering Heights is of Lockwood, who introduces us to Heathcliff, his landlord, and to Nelly Dean. Nelly Dean becomes the narrator of the novel and tells stories of the Linton and Earnshaw families and their lives at the houses Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights....   [tags: Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff, Catherine Earnshaw]

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Pollution Essay: Silent Spring, How Rachel Carson Changed the World

- Silent Spring - How Rachel Carson Changed the World On September 27, 1962 Rachel Carson released her sixth book, Silent Spring. On publication day, the advance sales of Silent Spring totaled 40,000 copies and another 150 copies were sent to the Book of the Month Club (Frontline: Fooling With Nature, 1998). Silent Spring remained on the bestseller list for almost a year. The world was beginning to take notice. Countless experts and organizations have proclaimed Rachel Carsonâs book the starting point of the environmental movement....   [tags: Environment Environmental Preservation]

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Traveling to the Egyptian Pyramids

- Santiago dreamed of becoming a shepherd, to travel so he can see the entire world and learn from the people experience although his father wants him to become a priest. Santiago dreamed a strange dream so he went to a gypsy women to interpret his dream, he told her that he saw the same dream twice, he dreamed that he was in a field with his sheep, when a child appeared and began to play with the animals, he doesn’t like people to do that because the sheep are afraid from strange people, the child went on playing with his sheep for a while suddenly the child took his both hands and transported him to the Egyptian Pyramids, the child said to Santiago “ If you come here, you will find a h...   [tags: Egyptian Pyramids, travel, ]

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Modernism - Rebellion and Sexuality

- Michael Levenson said in The Cambridge Companion to Modernism that Modernism fiction was “involved in the radical modern departure, across all of the arts, from representational verisimilitudei”. It was stylistically and thematically focused on rebellion against the way art was presented in the past and what its main focus was. D. H. Lawrence was from a working class background and was always conscious of his status as an outsider because of his class. In his writing he focused on the idea of transgressing modern class systems in the search of new experiences....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Virgin and The Gipsy Written by D.H. Lawrence

- The Virgin and The Gipsy Written by D.H. Lawrence This novel is very intriguing and teaches lessons of morality, religion, and of life and death intended for those with imagination and insight. The author's style contributes deeply to the intrigue and true meaning to this novel. The author's use of imagery makes tensions in the story vivid and emphatic. In this story there is a re-occurring tension between religion and desire. The tension between religion and desire is most clearly demonstrated between the characters of Yvette and the rector....   [tags: Virgin Gipsy D.H. Lawrence Essays]

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The Painted Bird, Examining The Human Condition

- In the book The Painted Bird Jerzy Kosinski covers many topics of the human character. Some of the "human conditions" that Kosinski shows us in the book are lying, deceit, love, anger, prejudice, superstition. In the Painted Bird Kosinski mainly focuses on the three "human conditions" hate, prejudice (judgment), and love. He is clear in showing that humans sin a great deal, and feel hate, prejudice, and love. The beginning of the book gives us an idea of how the boy will be treated throughout the story because of his race and how he is judged by others....   [tags: American Literature]

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Bye Bye Brazil

- Summary I really enjoyed watching the film Bye, Bye Brazil. I found it to be amusing as well as heartbreaking. I loved Gypsy Lorde. His character had the charisma bordering that of a male chauvinist pig to that of a gentleman. I liked the way the director used symbolic images to get his point across to the audience. I think if I had not done research on the Internet for most of our assignments as well as reading the textbook, I would have found the movie very educational. I had no questions after watching the film....   [tags: essays research papers]

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“Citizens of a kind”

- “Citizens of a kind” The following clippings from regional Irish newspapers begin in 1923, soon after the founding of the state, and continue to the present day in chronological order. The premise informing the selection is that Travellers are caught in a dynamic of colonialism – misunderstood by the majority they live amongst, and disadvantaged by their difference. Their situation is comparable, in many instances, to that of gypsies throughout Europe and the indigenous minorities of many ex-colonies....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Psychic Attacks

- Psychic attacks can have a tremendous impact on all aspects of our lives, a psychic attack can undermined our relationships by ripping and tearing apart the very foundation in which we have built our lives upon. I was contacted in March of this year by a young man whose life was gravely impacted and torn apart by a vicious psychic attack. This young man's ordeal started when he approached a psychic that set up shop at a local fair in his hometown, he had never had a psychic reading before and in fact he had often scoffed at the idea of a psychic reading, he probably would've been better off had he never approached this gypsy for a reading....   [tags: Psychic attacks, Psychics,]

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Styles Used in Orlando by Virginia Woolf and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

- Styles used in the Orlando and One Hundred Years of Solitude books Both Virginia Woolf and Garcia Marquez in their books Orlando and One Hundred Years of Solitude respectively used almost the same styles to enhance and bring out the significance of the story. Virginia Woolf writes of Orlando, the protagonist in her story, a young man of around thirty six years who metamorphosed over a couple of days from a man to a woman. Woolf’s writing depicted very important issues in life that included gender issues and self awareness and knowledge....   [tags: gender change, spanish society]

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The Over All Power of Revenage based on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

- Heathcliff determination for revenge Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is not an actual love story; it is built on revenge and not on love. Love is weaker than revenge. In this story, Heathcliff spend most of his time planning his revenge instead of going after Catherine, who he loves. Being deeply in love with someone should show some kind of happiness for one another instead of seeking revenge. Heathcliff dedication for revenge is greater than the love he has for Catherine. An innocence gypsy boy grows up with the Earnshaw....   [tags: revenage, weak, vengeance, love]

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Analysis Of The Story ' Thrushcross Grange ' And ' Wuthering Heights '

- The story begins from the point of view of an outsider, who temporarily resides in Yorkshire Moor, Northern England in 1801. The actual event concerns itself with two families who live in Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights, each four miles apart, in 1778. Thrushcross Grange is two miles within Thrushcross Park. Gimmerton is the nearest town that provides residence for minor characters. Penistone Crags is a desolate, but beautiful rocky landscape that is a mile and a half away from the Heights that becomes a symbol of freedom, youth, and carefreeness; this is especially true for Catherine Linton....   [tags: Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw]

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Santiago: A Hero in the Novel The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo

- ... The last example of bravery can be found on page 162. On these pages, Santiago has been brutally beaten by bandits, and have gotten them to leave him alone by revealing that there is treasure buried where he was digging. This is a great example of bravery because it shows that he is brave enough to give up everything he struggled to get, even though the bandits still might have killed him after he told them about the treasure. Santiago is a hero because he is abundant in bravery. The second reason Santiago is a hero is because he shows a lot of kindness to everyone he meets....   [tags: Bravery, Kindness, Wise]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Pedro The Great Pretender '

- Pedro the Great Pretender Reality is an idea that many singers, artist and writers have been trying to show through their work. Cervantes’ intention was to portray a story of life for others to hear his story but believe it. The display of the story needs to be told in a truthful manner as possible, and can help a production go from a play to an experience of witnessing history for the viewer. In a production reality is based on how much believability the audience is willing to believe and how close the piece of work resembles real life....   [tags: Truth, Reality, Mind, Performance]

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Resisting the Horrors Apparent in Elie Wiesel’s Night

- The resistance of the Holocaust has claimed worldwide fame at a certain point in history, but the evidence that the evil-doers themselves left crushed everything that verified the fantasy of the Holocaust. For example, in Poland, the total Jewish population of over thirty-three hundred thousand suddenly plummeted to three hundred thousand. Ten percent of the population survived the Holocaust in Poland. The same figures stand for almost all of the countries occupied by the Nazis. In Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night, the activities in the concentration camps, the suffering of Jews, and the disbelief of the inhumane actions of the Nazis result in making people resist the truth....   [tags: Night Essays]

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Cultural Appropriation And The Appropriation Of A Culture

- When I was 12 I dressed up as a gypsy; traditional dress, dark eyeshadow, rosy pink cheeks, black eyeliner, and gold jewelry everywhere. Naively my intention was to wear a costume that was fun to wear and also made me feel as free as a “wanderlust gypsy”. It was only years later that I came to realize how little I knew about the hardships my costume really represented. Gypsies were not filled with a great desire to travel rather they had no choice but to move in attempts to flee for their lives....   [tags: Black people, United Kingdom, Affirmative action]

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Cultural Appropriation And The Appropriation Of A Culture

- When I was 12 years old I dressed up as a gypsy; traditional dress, dark eyeshadow, rosy pink cheeks, black eyeliner, and gold jewelry everywhere. Naively my intention was to dress up in a costume that was fun to wear and also made me feel as free as a “wanderlust gypsy”. It was only years later that I came to realize how little I knew about the actual hardships my costume represented. Gypsies were not filled with a great desire to travel, rather they had no choice but to move in constant attempts to flee for their lives....   [tags: Black people, United Kingdom, Culture]

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The Link Between Inequalities Of Health And Ethnicity

- The aim of this essay is to discuss and understand the link between inequalities in health and ethnicity. This aim will be fulfilled in a number of ways. Firstly by defining and evaluating what race and ethnicity are, distinguishing between the different definitions. Secondly, explaining the biological, as opposed to cultural, differences between race and ethnicity; whilst also explaining sociological studies of race as a social definition; stating why sociologists have abandoned the biological concept of race....   [tags: Sociology, Race, Illness, Ethnic group]

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The Presentation of Childhood in "Wuthering Heights"

- The presentation of childhood is a theme that runs through two generations with the novel beginning to reveal the childhood of Catherine and Hindley Earnshaw, and with the arrival of the young Liverpudlian orphan, Heathcliff. In chapter four, Brontë presents Heathcliff’s bulling and abuse at the hands of Hindley as he grows increasingly jealous of Heathcliff for Mr. Earnshaw, his father, has favoured Heathcliff over his own son, “my arm, which is black to the shoulder” the pejorative modifier ‘black’ portrays dark and gothic associations but also shows the extent of the abuse that Heathcliff as a child suffered from his adopted brother....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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One Hundred Years of Gratitude: Magical Realism

- Throughout the book One Hundred Years of Solitude, the theme of magical realism is present. With the theme of magical realism comes the idea of looking at the extraordinary with a stone face, and treating the ordinary as extraordinary. Also, if one looks further into the magical realism in One Hundred Years of Solitude, there is a supernatural aspect that is common throughout the book. Melquíades, a gypsy who comes to Macondo, has supernatural qualities, knowledge and aspects, which he uses to push the other characters, more specifically the Buendia family, into a quest for his knowledge....   [tags: Supernatural Knowledge, Book Analysis]

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Walt Disney : A World Of Creativity

- Enthusiastically, I waved at my neighbor each morning as I walk out the door to start my journey as an elementary school student. Madeline was her name, though I was restricted from calling her by her first name because I was in a school building and now, I was her student. Unlike any student in the building, my second-grade teacher was my neighbor. This only augmented my excitement as I was beginning to unlock a world that will feed my knowledge and educated me. I always looked up to Walt Disney, I described him as a genius since he held the ability to create characters that jump onto a motion picture or a book that one can read and create endless imaginations....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College, Education]

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Us vs. Them, by Ella Shohat

- In human history, war has been part of our lives; it has almost become a natural occurrence. Humans have experienced different types of war from internal and external wars. During times of war, our notion of security is threatened because an incident disrupts what we consider as normal. According to Ella Shohat, war creates binaries where people are unable to occupy multiple identities. However, we see that this is the nature of human society especially during times of “crisis”. During such times, society creates the binary notion of “us vs....   [tags: Understanding, War-time]

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Imagery in "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath

- In ‘Daddy’, Sylvia Plath utilises a vast quantity of emotionally powerful - and in some areas, sharply contrasting - imagery. The poem holds the theme of resentment and anguish, mixed with the desperation to understand, and share affection. It is, on many levels, identifiable to Plath’s own life, and it is this, laced intricately amongst a plethora of shocking and deeply emotive imagery regarding Nazism, persecution and evil, that gives the poem the strength and meaning that has enabled it to become a classic of literature....   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Ghost Boy by Ian Lawrence

- Prejudice is an issue that cannot be easily avoided in today's society. It has and always will have a huge impact on the discrimination that some people face based on religion, appearance, background, mental/physical disabilities and etc. In the novel Ghost Boy, written by Ian Lawrence, prejudice plays an important role in the society built within the pages and cover of the book. Harold Kline, the fourteen year old protagonist of the novel, faces many problems with the members of the society in which he lives based on his appearance because he is an albino....   [tags: Lawrence Ghost Boy Analysis Review]

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Romance de la Luna, Luna

- Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Romance de La Luna, Luna” is a Spanish poem that tells the story of a young gypsy boy and the moon. His love and infatuation with the moon leads to his death. This poem not only tells the story of this young child’s demise, but also shows the effects when someone is lured in by an appealing temptation. The poem uses many literary devices to enhance the meaning the words provide. The poem starts at the beginning of the story as the moon comes to visit the forge. The moon is said to be wearing “her skirt of white, fragrant flowers” (Lorca 2) as its bright light penetrates the scene....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Federico Garcia Lorca]

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

- The Victor Hugo novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame written in 1831 can be classified as either as a romantic love story or a beautiful tragedy. The novel is set in and around Paris France in the late fifteenth century, with it’s main attraction being the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Hugo’s characters show great love and loyalty to each other but then at the same time, they judge each other and use each other for personal benefits. Novel: Characters Quasimodo- He gives the title of this novel it meaning....   [tags: Victor Hugo, Characters, Literary Analysis]

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The Alchemist as a Monomyth

- Throughout the years, certain writers were able to set off a deep sympathetic resonance within readers by their usage of archetypal patterns. One of those patterns is known as the hero's journey, which Joseph Campbell gave an understandable idea of in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. According to his book, while comparing world's mythology, he found that no matter how far cultures are from each other, they will still have the same structure of hero's journey in their legends (Voytilla vii)....   [tags: Joseph Campbell, The Monomyth]

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Critical Evaluation Of Incident Analysis

- Critical Evaluation of Incident Vachon and Leblac (2011) claim that reflective learning is facilitated by Critical Incident Analysis, the key components being a thorough analysis of an authentic, contextualised experience. In practise, through research, Kettle and Sellars (1996) established that peer reflection amongst groups of students, was integral to challenging preconceived ideas of their own pedagogy. In addition, Onjanen (1993), argues that the use of reflective journals, group discussion and own personal history are the most effective means to reflect, and subsequently improve on practise....   [tags: Education, Critical thinking, Teacher, School]

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John Keats And His Poetry

- Poetry provides a means of expressive writing through puzzling phrases and metaphorical references. John Keats, a famous Romantic poet, used these techniques in creating his vivid imagery. Keats heavily focused on the beauty of life and the experiences he encountered with sickness and loss. Because of this the majority of Keats’ poetry reflects the ability of humans to become greatly weakened by their emotions. Keats’ upbringing shaped his poetry and as time went on he learnt the purpose of values....   [tags: Poetry, John Keats, Emotion, Sonnet]

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The Era Of Victorian Literature

- The era of Victorian literature writings comes with much idealisms and realism. There are mixes and similarities that make them vary in books and other literary works. Their poems have apparent drifts by the writers. These changes do not interfere with themes and elements which include the moral purpose, love and romance, imperialism and realism in life. Wuthering Heights is an example of a literary work produced during the same time. The people, as portrayed in the book, were status-conscious, with Catherine leading in portraying sophistication....   [tags: Victorian era, Victorian literature, Social class]

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Inhumane Treatment in "Night"

- The resistance of the Holocaust has claimed worldwide fame at a certain point in history, but the evidence that the evil-doers themselves left crush everything that verifies the fantasy of the Holocaust. For an example, in Poland, the total Jewish population of over thirty-three hundred thousand suddenly plummeted to three hundred thousand. Ten percent of the population survived the Holocaust in Poland. Almost every country that the Nazis have conquered has the same percent of survival as Poland....   [tags: Literary Review ]

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- Gypsies: The last nomads, the free-spirited, passionate bohemians with their mysterious rituals and powers. This romanticism is nearly as unfair as the fear and hate distracting us from recognizing the hardships and persecution these “carefree” people have undergone for centuries. In Europe, the Roma (as they wish to be call) have been cast out, burned at the stake, sterilized, ghettoized, forced to give up their traditional way of life, caught in other people’s wars, and more than half a million were slaughtered in the Holocaust....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Man's Eternal Search for Affection Explored in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

- Victor Hugo penned a fantastic, picturesque story of passion and the human spirit in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The dramatic emotions of the characters play out on the stage of fifteenth century Paris, France. Quasimodo, a repugnant physical defect of nature, lived severed from human contact, excepting that of the solemnly aloof priest, Claude Frollo. For his part, Frollo strove for knowledge until he encountered the captivatingly gorgeous gypsy dancer, Esmeralda. She existed solely to adore an arrogant captain of the King's Archers, named Phoebus de Chateaupers, for saving her from being kidnapped....   [tags: Hunchback of Notre Dame Essays]

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Act 1 Scene 1 Film Version of William Shakespeare's Macbeth

- Act 1 Scene 1 Film Version of William Shakespeare's Macbeth In Elizabethan England, witches and the supernatural were a very genuine threat to everyday life. They were recognised as an antithesis to the divinely ordained order of the universe, often attributed with unexplained disease to neighbours and to livestock, as quoted in Act 1, Scene 3 when the second witch notifies the others that she has been 'killing swine'. The Elizabethan population did not commonly believe that witches were born supernatural beings, rather that they gained their powers by selling their souls to Satan....   [tags: Papers]

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Ovid's Metamorphoses' Influence on Later Authors

- Ovid's Metamorphoses' Influence on Later Authors As anyone who has read Ovid's Metamorphoses will know that because of his style of writing and the way he manages to link two stories, that are not even remotely related, together and makes it seem as if one is a follow up to the other; that they have been in some way influenced by him. The Metamorphoses has not just influenced people because of the way it is written, but it is also a wonderful collection stories. Most of the examples in this essay of the authors and artists that are or have been influenced by the Metamorphoses have been taken from Book VII and Book VIII....   [tags: Papers]

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The Travellers: Ireland’s Ethnic Minority

- The Travellers: Ireland’s Ethnic Minority Who are the Travellers. The Travellers, a minority community indigenous to Ireland, have existed on the margins of Irish society for centuries. They share common descent, and have distinct cultural practices - early marriage, desire to be mobile, a tradition of self-employment, and so on. They have distinct rituals of death and cleansing, and a language they only speak among their own. Travellers are not overtly conscious of a sense of group history. Concern with ancestry is an obsession of those who value permanence of place....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra

- William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra While Mark Antony is a great general, one of the three triumvant, it is indeed impossible to feel sympathy for him in his extreme "dotage" for Cleopatra. He "fishes, drinks and wastes the lamps of night in revel", hence destroying his own reputation, and even losing his masculinity, and thus, respect. In the opening scene of the play, even before Antony appears, he is constituted by the ideological structure of the Roman world....   [tags: Papers]

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Carmen Composed by Georges Bizet

- Carmen Composed by Georges Bizet Georges Bizet (1838-1875) composed the opera Carmen, it opened on March 3, 1875 at the Opera Comique in Paris. It was not a success, initially. Then again, Carmen would soon become the most popular opera of all time. The entire work however, was disapproved of for its harsh libretto, and the music was criticized. The reception of Carmen left Bizet acutely depressed and on June 3, 1875 he suffered from two heart attacks and died. Carmen opens with a Prelude in ternary form (ABACA) in which it opens the stage action with a faint motif....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Hate in The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights

- Hate in The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights While reading the two works, The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights, it was impossible to miss the blatant prejudice. The terms used to describe other races were offensive, I also noticed the treatment of many of the characters because of their skin color. One of the novels was set in 1801 and the other in 1942 still they both illustrate horrid prejudices. Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is a classic novel from the 1800's. It was shocking at first to read about the Gypsy boy that Mr....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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