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Physics of Gymnastics

- Gymnasts use physics everyday. As a gymnast I never realized how much physics went into every motion, every back handspring, every mistake on the bars. If gymnasts were physicists (or at least knew more about physics) they would be better equipped to handle the difficult aspects of gymnastics. As a gymnast I learned the motions that were necessary to complete the tricks that I was working on, and as a coach I taught others the same. I never truly understood why a particular angle gave me a better back handspring or why the angle that I hit a springboard at really mattered when completing a vault....   [tags: physics sport sports gymnast gymnastics]

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The Difficulty of Gymnastics

- Gymnastics is considered by most to be one of the top 3 hardest sports in existence. There are aspects of the sport of gymnastics that exceed all other sports. The strength, flexibility, speed, power, and the intense training and competition all play factors in what make gymnastics so difficult. This sport requires as much or more than most other collegiate athletes while the teams receive much less money than that of a football team. The first point will introduce the massive benefits of gymnastics such as increasing bone mineral density and lean tissue in the body....   [tags: Gymnast Bodies, Injuries]

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What is Gymnastics?

- What is Gymnastics. Have you ever watched the Olympics and been in awe by the males and females that do flips on the floor, or watch people tumble on sliver of wood. That awesome sport is called gymnastics. Let’s first take it back to when gymnastics really started. Gymnastics is the world's oldest sport. It was developed in Australia. The first national competition was in the 1950’s for the Olympics. It has been a competitive sport for more than 100 years. Gymnastics is an active sport in which people move their body smoothly and gracefully....   [tags: olympic sports]

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- Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility, dedication, and determination. However, gymnastics also requires the ability to be graceful and delicate. For many years people have been dedicating themselves to this sport, training for either artistic or rhythmic gymnastics. The sport of gymnastics has been around for many years. Originating around 2,500 years ago makes it one of the oldest sports. People believe that the first "apparatus" used was actually a bull. Men would grab onto the bull's horns and when they were thrown in the air they would try to perform the best stunt before landing (Gutman, 1)....   [tags: Sports, Oldest Sports]

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Your Gymnastics Career Is Over

- “Your gymnastics career is over.” My mom, my dad, my orthopedic surgeon, and I were crowded in a small, square, freezing, plain white office where the scent of hand sanitizer filled the air and the only decorations were plastic cadavers. It was a completely different change of scenery from last week when I was stuck in an MRI machine that engulfed my entire body and made loud, uncanny noises for the full forty minutes of the exam. I could not decide if I was more scared in this week’s small office or last week’s big machine....   [tags: Suffering, Pain, Surgery, Emotion]

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Gymnastics Meet

- “Ouch, Mom!” I exclaimed as my mother pulled the strands of hair she was holding even tighter. She criss-crossed the strands to make two, neat French braids on the top of my head for my first gymnastics meet. The thought of this special event filled me with familiar nervousness and excitement. The butterflies were raging war inside my stomach and my knees felt as if they were about to crumble into a million pieces from the weight of my own body. Excitement kept the nervousness from taking over the rest of my body by the constant shots of adrenaline in me whenever I thought about the frightening task in front of me: doing my round off flip-flop in front of a hundred people....   [tags: Personal Narrative, Essay About Myself]

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The Development of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Olympic Game

- First of all, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a women-only event, and it is requires high levels of flexibility, agility, and coordination. The athletes will perform the combination which is integrating the amazing gymnastic and dancing movement to coordinating the background music. Also, the athletes will use the props to make the movement more powerful and stunning. Therefore, in this essay, i would like to compare the changes of the pass and modern rhythmic gymnastic in the Olympic Game. 1.1 The history of the Rhythmic Gymnastic The first demo of Rhythmic Gymnastics extracted from Gymnastics group exercises, it is convoluted choreographies....   [tags: Women Only, Flexibility, Agility, Coordination]

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Gymnastics Athletic Injuries

- The sheer energy of a gymnast alone can be felt by audiences of all ages, but what the spectators lack the ability to feel is the pounding of the bodies that bear the impact of the athletes in action. Gymnastics consists of a mixture of acrobatic performances of four different events for females, and six different events for males (Gianoulis 1). Gymnastics is demanding in a multitude of ways, including: physically, emotionally and mentally. It requires countless hours of dedication. The concerns of most gymnasts are moving up to the next level, or getting a more advanced skill, while the concerns of the doctors, coaches, and parents revolve mostly around the athlete’s health, which is put at...   [tags: Sport, Athletes, Physical, Emotional, Mental]

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The Stress of Childhood Gymnastics

- The Stress of Childhood Gymnastics          For years gymnastics has been a sport that many children participate in. But as the years have gone by it has turned into something other than a place for kids to grow and learn. Its overwhelming commitment has continued to replace kids’ childhoods with stress, mental and physical pain and eating disorders. Many results have come from this change in the gymnastics society. Gymnasts have come to a point where they have been told and directed to understand that winning is the only important factor in gymnastics....   [tags: Sports]

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How Can A Gymnastics Coach Start A Global Conversation

- How can a gymnastics coach start a global conversation about innovation in education. The question I present in this personal statement is a unique one, potentially as unique as my background. Over the past twelve years I have used the functional and invaluable environment of sport to teach thousands of children. Throughout my time as a coach I have become intimately aware of how quickly children are able to learn concepts if they are taught in a manner that incorporate explicit instruction, evidence-based theory, and physical movement....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Psychology]

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From Baseball to Gymnastics

- From Baseball to Gymnastics Have you ever played baseball before. Is it just another sport to you. Well I have, and in the beginning it was just a sport to me. I remember as a young boy playing ball in the fields with only a few friends. Pretty much all we needed to play the game was a pitcher, a batter, and a fielder. The other players were mainly my brother Keith and a few neighbors around the block. Of course I was the youngest and the smallest, but this didn’t seem to bother them. We also played many other sports but baseball was my field of expertise....   [tags: Personal Narrative Sports Athletics Essays]

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Eating Disorders And Gymnastics

- Eating Disorders And Gymnastics Eating disorders are especially common among athletes because the pressure of the sport environment frequently precipitates the onset of these problems. In this population, certain compulsive behaviors such as excessive exercise and restricted eating patterns are seen as acceptable, and pathogenic methods of weight control are often introduced. In addition, concern about body size and shape is increased because of the "social influence for thinness [from coaches and peers], anxiety about athletic performance, and negative self-appraisal of athletic achievement" (Williamson et al....   [tags: Athletes Sports Papers]

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Rhythmic Gymnastics - A Combination of Athleticism and Grace

- Rhythmic Gymnastics - A Combination of Athleticism and Grace If, in six years time, I were to become a successful Hollywood screenwriter and was commissioned to write a screenplay about women in sports, I would have a hard time deciding what to write about. There are currently so many sports that women participate in that I cannot image what will be available in the future. Out of all the athletic activities in which women participate, I feel that gymnastics has been overlooked by Hollywood; therefore, I would most likely make a film based on that....   [tags: Expository Essays Sports]

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The Life and Legacy of Shannon Miller

- The Life and Legacy of Shannon Miller Did you know there is a female gymnast who is ranked higher than any other females and even males in gymnastics. This woman’s name is Shannon Miller. If you have never heard her name mentioned you are about to. Shannon was born in Missouri, grew up in Oklahoma, took up gymnastics and later became a World Champion and United States Olympic gold medalist. Shannon Lee Miller was born on Thursday, March 10, 1997. Coming into the world was not all that spectacular....   [tags: gymnastics, competitions, olympics]

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Gabrielle Douglas: The Story of an Olympic Dream

- Gabrielle Douglas Gabrielle Douglas was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, December, 31, 1995. Her mothers name was Natalie Hawkins and her fathers name was Timothy Douglas. Natalie is a single mother of four kids and Gabrielle is the youngest of four. They are Arielle Douglas, Johnathan Douglas, and Joyelle Douglas are the names of Gabrielle siblings. Arielle was the one who taught gymnastics to Gabrielle. Gabby caught on to gymnastics pretty quick and was enthusiastic about it. Ever since Gabrielle was young she wanted to compete in the Olympics and so she worked hard to be the best....   [tags: gymnastics firsts, winning gold]

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Personal Narrative : My First Year Years Old I Made A Decision That Changed My Life Forever

- McKenzy Espy When I was eleven years old I made a decision that changed my life forever. Ever since I was three years old I did gymnastics and I loved it. My dream was to become really good and win the olympics and become a world medalist. But this dream quickly was changed. After my eleventh birthday, I was starting to realize I didn 't want to do gymnastics anymore. I told my mom and she was heartbroken but let me do what I wanted, so I quit. Once I quit I decided I wanted to try something else, cheerleading....   [tags: Cheerleading, Cheering, Tumbling, Gymnastics]

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The Interest and Prevalence in Body Modification

- The interest and prevalence in body modification seems to have resurfaced from the past and growing to be noticeably prevalent in many societies, especially in the West. In recent years, there has been a noticeable emphasis with modern consumer culture shifting away from the more conservative past – from concealing the body with heavy clothing to highlighting the contours of the body with as little clothing as possible, along with the exposure of flesh (Body and Society, 1999). Similarly, the evolution of tattoos and scarification practices by indigenous tribes of the past compared to tattoos as a current day hobby or fashion statement....   [tags: gymnastics, body building, anorexia]

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Gabrielle Douglas’ Responds to Criticism

- Visualize a teenage girl watching television, surfing the internet, and reading magazines. She sees beautiful women everywhere she turns. She is looking in her bedroom mirror wondering why she does not have similar beauty. She begins to feel self-aware because she reads and hears criticizing comments about the females who are just like her. She says to herself, “Am I not considered beautiful because my skin is not as clear as Angelina Jolie. Do I not fit in the category “pretty” because I do not dress like Beyoncé....   [tags: Gold Medal, Olympics, Gymnastics]

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Is Cheerleading A Sport?

- Is Cheerleading a Sport. When it comes to the topic of whether cheerleading is a sport, some of us will readily agree that it is. Where the agreement usually ends, however, is on the question whether cheerleading is a sport or not. Whereas many are convinced that it isn’t a sport, other maintains that it is a sport because cheerleaders are athletes, they need to train and be in shape in order to be able to do all the complex maneuvers safely. I agree that cheerleading is a sport because cheerleaders compete against other teams and competition is part of every sport....   [tags: Cheerleading, Cheering, Gymnastics, Dance]

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Eating Disorders in Gymnasts

- Eating Disorders in Gymnasts At a gymnastics meet in Budapest, a U.S. judge commented that gymnast Christy Henrich would have to lose weight if she wanted to make the Olympic team. On July 26, 1994, Christy Henrich died of multiple organ failure. She had lost a long battle with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that involves extreme weight loss, restricted food intake, and an intense fear of becoming fat. The American Psychiatric Association outlines four diagnostic criteria for anorexia....   [tags: Eating Disorders Gymnastics Sports Essays]

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Evaluation Of Learning Gymnastic Skills Under Investigation

- 7- Cards of evaluation of learning gymnastic skills under investigation: The researcher designed cards to evaluate learning gymnastic skills under investigation by girls in the two research groups. The cards included stages of performing gymnastic skills under investigation and technical aspects in each stage i.e. technical points the girl should consider during the performance. One score was suggested for each technical aspect provided that the total score of the skill must be (10). The correct performance of the motor skill was evaluated by a committee formed of 3 arbitrators standing on teaching gymnastics as per the evaluation card and final score was calculate through the mean of scores...   [tags: Learning, Skill, Skills, Critical thinking]

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Why Cheerleading Is A Sport

- Why Cheerleading is a Sport A sport is a physical activity involving skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Cheerleading is a physical activity where a team develops complex stunts, tumbling passes, dances, and jumps and competes against other teams. From this definition cheerleading should be seen as a sport. However, when most people think of cheerleading they think of girls in little skirts chanting on the sidelines for a football or basketball team....   [tags: Cheerleading, Dance, Dance squad, Gymnastics]

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How Do A Round Off Back

- Today, I am going to explain to you how to do a round-off back handspring. While this is a hard skill, it is not impossible and is the first step in every other tumbling pass. Getting this skill will take some time, and you should prepare to spend a while getting this skill by yourself. I started tumbling when I was seven, and it took me six months to get it confidently by myself. The amount of time it takes you can vary by your age, your height, your weight, your strength and many other factors....   [tags: Learning, Skill, Acro dance, Gymnastics manoeuvres]

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The Stimulus and Rhythms of Atalanta

- The Stimulus and Rhythms of Atalanta The stimulus which, I thought would be most thought provoking and appealing was Atalanta. I found the idea of characterising a dynamic, strong vivacious woman appealing due to my strong background in theatre and acting. This enabled me to perceive hidden depths of Atalanta's character, which were not evident at first sight. Therefore, I chose this stimulus because I believed that Atalanta would be an interesting and challenging character to portray through the medium of dance....   [tags: Atalanta Gymnastics Dance Dancing Essays]

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Gabby Douglas: The First African-American Female Gymnast

- Gabby Douglas was the first African-American female gymnast in Olympic history to become the individual All-Around champion. In the 2012 Olympic Games, she won gold in the team competition and the individual competition. She is a gymnastics phenom. From the beginning of her career to where she is today, she has been a true trooper through everything. Gabrielle Douglas is an inspiration to me and many others because she overcame being homeless,moved in with a new family, and won Olympic gold in gymnastics....   [tags: biography, olympic history]

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The World 's Code Of Points That Now The International Competition

- Extreme tumbling feats will command the gymnastics event at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a consequence to the drastic overhaul to the sport’s Code of Points that now prioritizes challenging acrobatic combinations over clean, safe skills – and the American women are heavily favored to dominate the international competition. USA Gymnastics (USAG) National Team Coordinator Marta Karoyli believes she has established a semi-centralized tryout and training system undercutting the inherent liabilities within the sport, which has allowed her to build “a dynasty that hasn’t lost a major international competition in eight years” (Graves)....   [tags: Summer Olympic Games, Olympic Games]

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The Life of a Teenage Gymnast: Franchesca Hutton-Lau

- “Gymnastics taught me everything- life lessons, responsibility and discipline and respect.” -Shawn Johnson (Former Olympic gymnast). In my interview with Franchesca Hutton-Lau I found this quote to prove very true to her. Franchesca Hutton-Lau, often called Frankee by her friends and teammates, has been a gymnast ever since she was five years old. In my interview with her, she enlightened me on her struggles, experiences, lessons, and successes which she’s taken from this treacherous sport. Chesca, as I call her, has a very different life from the average high school student....   [tags: Francesca Hutton Lau interview]

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Dreams Are Never Out of Reach

- DREAMS ARE NEVER OUT OF REACH The unified sound of chants from fans in the audience was echoing throughout the immense gymnasium as amateur Shawn Johnson prepared for her balance beam routine. As the crowd held their breath for every move, she performed with her entire heart. After her incredible dismount, she gave a smile of relief and satisfaction toward her loved ones in the stands. Her score put her over the top and guaranteed her a medal, but she did not expect her results to stand firm....   [tags: Professional Athletes]

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The Olympic Olympics : Marta Karolyi 's Last Year As Head Coach And National Team Coordinator For The Usa

- A month ago the names Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez, Gabby Douglas, and Madison Kocian might not mean much to many people. Though the names of Aly and Gabby might raise a small memory of the previous olympics, the others wouldn 't mean very much to the casual civilian. With women 's olympic gymnastics competitions ending on Monday, the five girls have become historic for their sport, and for their country. Each girl on the team brought something incredibly special to the Olympics this year....   [tags: Gold medal, 1968 Summer Olympics, Olympic Games]

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Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

- The smells of her still linger around me. I can remember walking in to her house and being overwhelmed by the smell of dryer sheets, makeup, and dogs. It doesn’t sound like a nice smell but little did I know it would become one of my favorite smells. As we got older my grandparents took me on vacations with them. We did a lot we went to different lakes, different monumental structures and many different camping sights. Even though my grandpa and I never told her, we always believed she was the root of all bad luck on our vacations, and I mean serious bad luck....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Wind, Lake]

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The Large Rock House Opened

- Every window in the large rock house opened, a subtle cool breeze flows, carrying the scent of fresh cut grass throughout the house. The barking dogs’ voices echo from the back yard, and kittens calling for their mother on the porch. Sounds of little feet, and laughter coming from the stairwell at the center of the house. Kenli Dunham sits at her dining room table planning out next week’s homeschool lesson for her three kids. Dressed in her usual, Razorback t-shirt, Nike shorts, tennis shoes, and pony tail, she is ready to teach gymnasts later in the afternoon....   [tags: Time, Future, Present, Past]

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The Juggling Of Life, Sports, And A Career

- The Juggling of Life, Sports, and a Career In the small community of Preble county Boggs grew up with a passion for sports. Chuck and Debbie parented their two boys, Chas and Justin, on the outskirts of a small town called Campbellstown. This is where the youngest Boggs boy, Justin, developed his love for sports. Chuck had been very athletic as a kid, raising two boys which were involved in multiple sports, was right up his alley. The two boys played baseball, basketball, and football as children....   [tags: High school, Teacher, Education, Coaching]

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History of Physical Education

- Physical education is defined nowadays as a “systematic instruction in sports, exercises, and hygiene given as part of a school or college program” (Park). When most people think of the term “physical education” they think of it as “a broad, inclusive term comprising the fields of physical education, health education, safety education, athletics, recreation, dance education, kinesiology and so on” (Zeigler 1). It may sometimes be referred to as physical training or gym class and mainly is taught in grades kindergarten all to the way up to your senior year in high-school in the United States....   [tags: Sports, History, Informative]

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Kerri's Last Vault

- In the summer of 1996, millions of eyes were glued to the little ladies wearing red, white, and blue as they attempted to do what no one from America had done before: bring home the team gold for the women's gymnastics team at the summer Olympics. It seemed that it had come down to the very last vault. Everyone held their breath as they watched the United States' last chance limp to the start of runway after a disastrous first attempt on the apparatus. Fear and pain were etched into her face as she raised her right arm and sprinted towards the vault....   [tags: Sports ]

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Cheerleading Is a Competitive Sport

- Cheerleading has changed a lot over the years and is no longer what people think it is. Cheerleading is no longer shaking pompoms around and yelling to the crowd (Tanner). It is becoming a physically athletic sport, with higher demands than most realize. Cheerleaders deserve the same credit as other athletes, but unfortunately don’t get that credit they deserve. What many americans think of cheerleading, is a stereotype. Cheerleading has become a sport, and not many people see how. Cheerleading started with only males in 1898, and started accepting few females in the 1920’s....   [tags: Cheerleading Essays]

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Personal Statement : My Life

- Life is made up of fleeting moments that pass without even realizing it. We have the past with greatly influences who we are today. The present is a brief gift that is happening now, the decisions we take to create a future. And the future is uncertain but is influenced by the past and present. In my case, my life was a chain of decisions of the past that have created my present and clarified what I want in my future. Through my life I have been multifaceted, in the past, I was a playful little girl to an elite gymnast in Spain, in the present I’m a college student focused on her goals and objectives and in the future I hope to be a pediatrician who helps and fulfills dreams of those in need...   [tags: Time, Future, Past, Present]

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Benefits Of Opportunities For Broome

- Opportunities for Broome (OFB) provides a wide range of services and programs for low-income and disadvantaged individuals and families within Broome County. The establishment is located in Binghamton. However, OFB serves Union Endicott and provides many services and programs to enhance the quality of life for children and families. The agency has a Head Start Program that is an early childhood development program that is devoted to empowering families to become independent. This program was designed to break the cycle of poverty by creating a preschool for children from low income households....   [tags: Childhood, Family, Broome County, New York]

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Sport World and Appearance

- The sports world places an emphasis on the an athlete's appearance. The typically athlete strives to appear lean and fit. Because of the added emphasis, studies have shown that, an athlete has a higher risk of developing an eating disorder that that of other non-athletes. Eating disorders are most commonly found in sports such as ballet and other types of dance, figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, rowing, running, horse racing, and ski jumping. While these are the widely non sports that are affect by eating disorders, even athletes that participate in wrestling and body building can be affected by eating disorder....   [tags: eating disorders, top noch equipment, body]

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Stretch It Out for Good Health

- Stretch It Out “The definition of stretching is the straightening or extending of one’s body or a part of the body to its full length, typically so as to tighten one’s muscles or in order to reach something” ( That is just the generic definition that one will find when they google “definition of stretching”. Various stretches target different muscles and other areas of the body. People stretch for different reasons, but according to, the main reasons people stretch are to decrease muscle stiffness, increase range of motion, reduce risk of injury, help relieve post-exercise aches and pains, improve posture, help reduce or manage stress, reduce muscular tension...   [tags: muscle tone and health]

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Eating Disorders and Female Athletes

- Eating Disorders and Female Athletes INTRODUCTION Athletes are among the quickest, strongest, most flexible people in the world, so one would expect them to adhere to the latest health and fitness information, right. Not always. The problem is that the athletes often believe that more fit equals less fat. The death of Olympic gymnast Christy Henrich from anorexia nervosa began to bring the topic of athletes and eating disorders to the forefront. Research into the topic of eating disorders and athletes shows a few interesting findings....   [tags: Research Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Papers]

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St. Augustine as the True Heir of Plato

- Aristotle and St. Augustine have both been influenced by Plato. Their philosophy on morality, politics, and the purpose of life has been platonically influenced. St. Augustine is the true heir of Plato because he has taken Plato’s ideal state, and revealed the implications of the lives that the citizens of the earthly city lead, in the City of God. Plato’s state is an ideal state, that would not function in reality. St. Augustine has taken Plato’s notions, and have furthered the implications of living a life that strives towards a common good....   [tags: Aristotle and St. Augustine]

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The Bronx Is The Birthplace Of Breakdancing

- That funky music starts playing, and everyone in the building can’t help but to get down and groove. Breakdancing, like many other dance styles, is that type of dance that allows people to express themselves that words cannot. Breakdancing in particular started from the Bronx during the 70’s, but it has changed over the past 40 years. These moves have grown in difficulty, and new moves have emerged from the creativity of these athletic dancers, and the reason for this change is because of how American culture spreads so widely and quickly throughout the world....   [tags: United States, Culture, YouTube, B-boy]

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My Life As A Young Girl

- Have you ever been told something at such a young age that you believe it no matter how bazaar it sounds. As a young child anything seems possible and why would anyone give you false information. Why would your own mom tell you anything different than the truth. Of course Santa is real. Why. Because my mom told me so. Of course you 'll get sick if you go to bed with wet hair. Why. Because my mom told me so. Of course swallowed gum will get stuck to your brain and someday damage your ability to think....   [tags: English-language films, Mother, Rooms]

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Personal Statement : My Ideal Future

- My ideal future would be being able to travel to places where I’ve been as well as to places where I haven’t been. I’d imagine myself being happy because I’d have everything I’ve ever wanted. Getting married, buying a house- even if it were a small house with only a few bedrooms in a quiet neighbourhood. After buying a house(,) I’d have a child so that I could spoil them the way my parents spoiled me. In my ideal future(,) I would work at home so that I could be able to spend time with my family I would be my own boss....   [tags: Need, Want, Future]

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A Teacher Of Boys ' Physical Education At The Cooperative Academy

- I apply with passion and enthusiasm for the Teacher of Boys’ Physical Education at The Cooperative Academy. I would really love to be part of your team as a PE teacher and flourish into an ‘Outstanding’ Academy. My philosophy is to ensure that all pupils thoroughly enjoy all their PE lessons and progress by making their learning experiences innovative, creative and engaging to inspire and motivate them to be ambitious and committed in pursuing their career pathways. As an ‘Outstanding’ PGCE practitioner, I am applying for this post as I share the same belief and mission as The Cooperative Academy, in which I create an environment built on strong values of Fairness, Ambition and Respect, were...   [tags: Teacher, High school, Education, Head teacher]

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Breast Cancer : A Number Of The Kent State University Gymnasts

- Breast cancer has affected a number of the Kent State University gymnasts, making Friday’s Flip for the Cure meet even more meaningful. Senior Rebecca Osmer’s mother, Michelle Osmer, fought breast cancer 15 years ago when Rebecca was a little girl. Rebecca said she is glad to be able to support the people in her life who have been affected by the disease. “(Flip for the Cure) brings good awareness,” Rebecca said. “One of my very good friends had her last chemotherapy session (Tuesday), so I’m excited to show her the support that we have for her that we might not necessarily get to show in other ways....   [tags: Cancer, Chemotherapy, Mid-American Conference]

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Why Preschools Are Part Of The Social Construction Of Gender

- Children are like sponges, they learn something new every day. They imitate and learn the things that adults and other peers around them do. This is the reason why preschools are part of the social construction of gender in our society. In Martin’s reading (2014), he stated that gendering of children’s bodies is part of the “hidden curriculum” of schools. Schools socialize children to be the way society want them to behave; boys are tough and girls are fragile. There are various ways in which preschools socialize children....   [tags: Gender, Female, Woman, Male]

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Little Girls 's Pretty Boxes And The Scarlet Letter

- Little Girls in Pretty Boxes and The Scarlet Letter. Both authors persuade the reader to feel pain of the stories subject. In Little Girls in Pretty Boxes the author used pathos and interviewing to share the stories of these overly dedicated youth. Joan Ryan wrote to show how these young, talented, sophisticated women can hide the harsh reality of the sport. In her biography she listed the physical problems that these young girls go through. They have eating disorders, stunted growth, weakened bones, depression, low self esteem, debilitating and fatal injuries, and many sacrifice dropping out of school....   [tags: Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter]

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Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

- To the majority of individuals, no two topics can be more opposite than that of the little ice princesses and elite gymnasts that grace television sets throughout the country with their elegant and carefully choreographed routines and that of moldy and rotting corpses; however, this is merely a common delusion among most people. Both topics have their ugly sides, one, however, a bit more morbid than the other, but the fact of the matter is that one truly cannot judge a book by its cover. Elite level gymnastics and figure skating are seen as forms of art – forms that people can gawk at flabbergasted and in awe....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Negative Effects of Beauty Pegeants on Children

- Over that last 3 years, four-year-old Eden Wood has competed in child beauty pageants. Her parents have used more than 70,000 dollars for Eden to compete in these competitions; because of her winnings she has produced between 25,000- 30,000 dollars in prize money. She has yet to receive any of her prize money because her parents use it to invest in the pageant circuit. Eden loves pageants and competing in them, but her story leaves me speculating if she is too consumed in beauty pageants, and the negative effects they are having on her (Lieberman)....   [tags: stress, anxiety, social effets, self-steem]

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The Origin of the Game of Basketball

- There are 5 seconds left on the clock in the last quarter, the coach calls a time out. Down by 2, the team has a chance to win the game. The whistle blows and the clock winds down, 5...The ball is passed in…4…the point guard dribbles around the key…3…the ball is passed to the shooting guard…2…the shooting guard passes it back to the point guard…1…the point guard shoots from behind the 3-point line…0. Countless fans across the globe may get thrills while watching an intense minor or professional basketball game, although, few actually know where or how this widely popular sport was created....   [tags: nba, basketball players, james naismith]

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Changing Lives One Step at a Time

- ... You have to have a fun personality and be good with people. Courses in psychology are highly recommended in college. you have to know how to deal and talk to people. If you specialize in Pediatric Physical Therapy, then you will have to have some prior experience with kids. You have to know how to connect to people and how to stay calm in a difficult and frustrating situation. I have worked with children when I worked at the Sports Club of West Bloomfield at the gymnastics center teaching kids girls and boys (from the ages of 3-12) how to do the skills needed in gymnastics....   [tags: becoming a pediatric physical therapist]

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My Year Old When I Started Cheerleading

- THURSDAY Thursdays are good days, as Friday and the weekend are right around the corner; before you know it, they will be there. Unfortunately, Thursdays still are a decent amount of time away from Saturday bliss. Thursdays metaphorically represent my 10-13 year-old self, a time of disgust and mental mind state change. I was ten years old when I began cheerleading for my school basketball team and competing in karate, as well as continuing competitive gymnastics. Being good at sports was a part of my identity....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school]

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I Have Joined Two Engineering Related Clubs

- This year at CU Boulder, I have joined two engineering related clubs. I am currently a part of Society of Women Engineers, and Bridges to Prosperity. Out of all the SWE meetings I have attended, the one I most enjoyed would probably have been the first totally Tuesday meeting I attended. I attended this meeting on September 6th from 6pm to 7pm in room ECCR 200. At this meeting, the officers of the club spoke and discussed what SWE is about. SWE is a club that is trying to build a powerful community of engineering women, who are trying to change the stereotypes about the profession....   [tags: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, High school, Meeting]

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The Olympics Of 2016 Summer Olympics

- USA took first place in receiving the most medals by coming home with 121 medals during the 2016 Summer Olympics. But the question is: did NBCUniversal bring home the gold in achieving their goal as a television network. NBCU has spent millions of dollars in reserving the rights over the Olympics for so many years because it allows them to use the Summer Olympics to their advantage. The summer Olympics every four years serves as a platform for NBCU to reach a larger viewership and make more advertisement revenue....   [tags: Summer Olympic Games, Olympic Games]

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Athenian Women During The Classical Period

- What can ancient and modern sources tell us about the major differences between Athenian woman and Spartan woman in Greece during the Classical Period. During the Classical period in Greece, there was a significant difference between the women of Sparta and Athens. This difference is apparent in their everyday lives, and this essay will try to pinpoint some of those significant differences in daily activities. Spartan women participated in physical activity, public education and were quite outspoken while in comparison, Athenian women were taught little besides how to be a housewife and how to keep quiet....   [tags: Sparta, Battle of Thermopylae, Ancient Greece]

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The Truth in the Media

- The Truth in the Media When most individuals pick up a newspaper, or magazine, or any other form of well-noted journalism, they expect that it will be truthful. By that, I mean that the consumer anticipates receiving factual documentations. That ideal has been well expressed, however, since the beginning, journalists have added their more than objective points of views. For journalists, it has become harder and harder to keep their opinions to themselves. The "hotter" the topics, that they cover become, the more they are personally drawn to them....   [tags: Papers]

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My Co-curricular activities

- I have participated in the following co-curricular activities: Student Council: I was elected by my classmates to be the student representative for my class on the Student Council at the Mother of God School in the third, fifth and eighth grades. Girl Scouts: I have been in Girl Scouts from the fourth grade to eighth grade. My troop has performed several service projects which include community improvement such as trash collection from the Potomac River, stuffing stockings filled with presents for the poor during Christmas, and creating jewelry to be sold in the school Christmas bazaar....   [tags: co-curricular activities, ]

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A Study of Injury Incidence in Florida High School Cheerleading

- Introduction Over the past 20 years, the athleticism involved in cheerleading has increased dramatically. Cheerleading in the United States is a year round competitive activity. Cheerleaders are asked to perform through 3 seasons, peak for national competitions, and attend cheerleading-training camps in the summer. Cheerleading begins at an early age and is estimated to include over a million participants between elementary school and the professional sports levels. Cheerleading is a kind of sports which combines music and physical activities and usually associates with football and basketball....   [tags: Sports, Injury]

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The World Of War By The Late Nineteenth And Mid Twentieth Century

- The late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century were a period of colossal change in Europe. Germany unified, destabilizing the hundreds of years old balance of power. The second industrial revolution was going all out, and Europeans were excited by the recent developments, from the high-rise, planes, and, most unfavorably, the automatic weapons of Maxim and Krupp. Amid, this time, Europeans saw sports in various ways. Most importantly, many considered games to be a great way to prepare their countries for war....   [tags: World War II, World War I, United Kingdom]

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Should Women Sports Be A Better Base For Women? Sports?

- Now, with the amendment it will help insure that the schools will help create a better base for women in sports. Although title nine has helped women, it is also hurt men in their collegiate career. Men sports in college have us over 400 lead program according to intercollegiate athletics and title night. No title IX does not say anything about cutting a sport in fact they rather encourage that they do not. But with it, comes along revenue. In an interview with Mr. Goede, he was asked how does a school determine what sport to cut....   [tags: Basketball, High school, Football]

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The Impact Of Physical Education On The United States

- In the 1700s to mid 1800s three countries Germany, Sweden, and England formed the initial expansion of physical education (PE) in the United States. There were German immigrants that brought up the Turner Societies, which was an organization of gymnastics that proposed a way of training utilizing heavy equipment such as horizontal bars, side horse, parallel, and to be fit. On the other hand, the Swedish had their own methods to improve their health through the execution of many arbitrary motion activities accompanied with light equipment such as wands and climbing rope....   [tags: Exercise, Physical education, Health, Education]

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Women 's Rights And Education For Mentally Disabled Children

- Marie Montessori was a Italian physician and an educator who was best known for philosophy of education that bears her name, Montessori education (Maria Montessori, Wikipedia). She was born on August 31, 1870 in Chiaravalle, Italy. She went to the University of Rome, Medical School. Her intension when going to the University of Rome- Medical School was to study medicine. She enrolled in a degree course in natural sciences, passing examinations in botany, zoology, experimental physics, histology, anatomy, and general and organic chemistry, and earning her diploma di licenza in 1892....   [tags: Maria Montessori, Montessori method]

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My Personal Statement : Hawaii Community College Student

- Personal Statement After working for years and years, finally I made it to Hawaii in order to pursue a higher education. As Hawaii Community College student, I have been learning widely different subjects such as psychology and anthropology, and learning each subject has broadened my perception. Moreover, while taking Digital Media Art classes at the community college, my art skills are enhanced. Therefore, I am interested in exploring the interconnection between two completely different fields, arts and psychology, and how their subtle relations affect contemporary art and the way we perceive our lives....   [tags: Education, Higher education, Learning, University]

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Physical Changes During My Middle And Late Childhood

- Although being overweight is currently and unfortunately typical for many American children, I was very “chubby” during my middle and late childhood. For the most part, the majority of my physical changes during my middle and late childhood included an increase in weight and an increase in height. I grew approximately two inches and gained approximately twenty unhealthy pounds as a young adolescent. However, my heavy involvement in baseball, football, and even gymnastics helped me lose weight by the time I began puberty....   [tags: High school, Childhood, Puberty, Child]

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Cheerleading Through the Eyes of a Cheerleader

- From an outsiders perspective one may see brainless and beautiful robots, which scream and perform neat tricks. This is not the case from the inside; cheerleading is so much more than that. Many people are under the impression that cheerleading is not a sport. I am the voice of reasoning that will let you in, and I will show you that cheerleading, in fact, is a sport. Cheerleading requires much physical demand from the body just as any other sport would. Cheerleading, in general, is a team effort....   [tags: Autobiography, Personal Experience]

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Masculine and Feminine Norms and Gender Identity

- Throughout today’s society, almost every aspect of someone’s day is based whether or not he or she fits into the “norm” that has been created. Specifically, masculine and feminine norms have a great impact that force people to question “am I a true man or woman?” After doing substantial research on the basis of masculine or feminine norms, it is clear that society focuses on the males being the dominant figures. If males are not fulfilling the masculine role, and females aren’t playing their role, then their gender identity becomes foggy, according to their personal judgment, as well as society’s....   [tags: Gender Identity, Scoiology, Feminism]

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Comparing my Local Grocery Store to Walmart

- For this assignment, I decided to go to a grocery store by my house named Meijer. Meijer is just like any other grocery store, similar to Wal-Mart, yet higher quality products than Wal-Mart. The clothing for both boys and girls sections are close together. I noticed that there are articles of clothing that are similar for boys and girls, but they are called different names to make them more masculine or feminine. For example, shirts for girls are called fashion tops and just shirts for boys. Some patterns that I saw in the clothing/toys is that for almost each advertisement or label had a picture of a boy or a girl to indicate which toy or clothing is meant for which gender....   [tags: quality contrast]

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The Effects Of Sports On Youth Sports

- It 's been outrageous , how many kids get injured per year playing youth sports for school and organizations. The youth who play sports receive plenty medical attention throughout the year due to injuries cause from actions made occuring in games. Health plays a big part in sports because if your are are not healthy many things can go wrong with the body including dehydration, heart problems , and muscle spasm. Playing a sport can be very hard to juggle with school and also getting talked down by coaches and parents....   [tags: High school, Concussion, Injuries]

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Adversity : The Classic High School Romance

- Adversity It was the classic high school romance: she was the cheerleader, gymnast, and a sprinter. He played football, basketball, and baseball. She was a junior and he was a freshman, but that didn’t matter. They spent countless times together- he used to either come watch her during gymnastics or call her immediately after practice. She went to all his games. Neither of them worked, but they had each other. Their relationship was exceptional. On Valentine’s Day, he cooked her chicken for dinner, and it made her throw up....   [tags: High school, Mother, Parent, Family]

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The Importance Of Cohesion Within A Team

- Cohesion within a team is a predictor of the success rates of that team. There have been studies that have measured the rates of success, and the levels of cohesion within a team. Most studies have found that the higher the levels of cohesion within a team, the better success they have. In a video, Pauschmann (2012) breaks down what needs to be present within a team for them to be successful. The main factor of a successful team is a common goal. Introduction A team is defined as “a set of people (random or chosen) that are working together to perform a task” (Pauschmann, 2012)....   [tags: Team sport, Team sports]

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My Life Of An Emergency Surgery

- I was born exactly as the sun rose one bright winter morning in Fuzhou, China. Yang, my Chinese name, fittingly means the sun. As the only child of two physicians, I grew up living next to a hospital. My mother left for Paris for her postdoctoral studies when I was a year and half and didn’t return until I was six. As such my paternal grandparents helped raised me and I spend most of my early childhood living with them. As a gastrointestinal surgeon, my father seemed to be constantly on call. He normally has two or even three surgeries scheduled consecutively every day, sometimes even on Saturdays....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Cancer, High school]

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`` Salvation `` By Langston Hughes

- In Langston Hughes’ short narrative, “Salvation”, Langston struggles with his belief and feels pressured to conform to the church. He struggles with his faith as his family and the church push him to being saved. Hughes does not want to upset his own family and the church for not being saved. This causes him to lie about “seeing Jesus” to avoid sitting alone on the mourners’ bench and feeling different from everyone surrounding him. As a twelve year old, he most likely did not want to feel different from his peers and wanted to feel accepted....   [tags: 2002 albums, Debut albums, Mother, Peer group]

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The World 's Biggest Sports Event

- The purpose of the Modern Olympics is to bind the nations together by using sports that everyone enjoys and to compete without discrimination. By bringing cultures together, they would earn respect for each other and have peace throughout the world (ARTICLE). By hosting the Olympics at a different location every four years, this subjects us to various cultures, gives the hosting city a chance to show pride in their city and country, and provides new jobs in the community during this event. By having their city in the spotlight for a few weeks, this could also boost tourism....   [tags: Olympic Games, International Olympic Committee]

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My Life Of Becoming A Doctor

- For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a doctor. I remember watching shows on doctors and playing “dress-up” as I would be the doctor and my brother would be the Patienent. Doctors were my hero and that’s all I could imagine myself doing when I grew up. As I grew, the speciality that I wanted to do changed multiple times until I hit high school. As I started at a new high school as a freshman and then transferred as a sophomore, I had a lot of opportunity to take different courses in different fields to greater my knowledge....   [tags: High school, Psychology, Education, Sophomore]

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The Role of Spartan Women

- Unlike other Greek city states, women played an integral role in Spartan society as they were the backbone of the Spartan economic system of inheritance and marriage dowry and they were relied upon to fulfill their main responsibility of producing Spartan warrior sons. These principle economic systems affected wealth distribution among Spartan citizens especially among the Spartan elite class. Spartan women led a completely different life than women in most other ancient Greek city states, as they were depended upon to maintain Spartan social systems....   [tags: ancient history andd gender roles]

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What Is an Eating Disorder?

- What is an eating disorder.  Well, one of the many definitions for an eating disorder is an unnatural pattern of behaviors and thoughts. All eating disorders have similar characteristics. This could be a fear of becoming fat, food, weight, or calories. Families that suffer with other family members or friends with an eating disorder also have an increased chance of depression, obesity, substance abuse, or consuming too much food, and other eating disorders such as Bulimia or Binge....   [tags: anorexia, physial, bulemia]

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The Cons of Unhealthy Competition

- We are all born with a competitive nature. Our competitive nature drives us to want to be fierce competitors. We compete for resources in the forms of food, jobs, shelter and finding a mate to have the dominant bloodline survive. Sometimes we compete without even knowing it. This is how we grew up, competing for food at the dinner table, siblings competing for parent’s love and attention. As kids we take this competitive nature to school and compete for the best grades, teacher’s attention or sometimes we act out or we become the class clown....   [tags: Competition Essays]

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Professional Cheerleading And Competitive Cheerleading

- What is a cheerleader. Are they the most attractive person. Are they the most popular ones. Are they ditzy and bubbly ones. She or he is neither one of those stereotypes sometimes. When it comes to cheerleading there is more to it then what meets the eye. Cheerleaders are motivational leaders. Cheerleaders really get the fans pumped up and excited at events; they also keep the fans engaged and bring fun to sporting events. Their job is to get the fans energized and hopefully cheer the team to victory....   [tags: Cheerleading, Cheering, The Cheerleaders]

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The Infancy Stages Of Development

- Each person’s life consists of normal stages of development; this is known as life span development. This development starts at infancy and continues through death. In each stage of development, each person experiences four types of development; physical, cognitive, social, and personality. Infancy The infancy stage of development begins with the child is born, and continues until about eighteen months. During this stage a lot of growth takes place, especially physical growth. This stage of development coincides with Erikson’s stage of trust vs....   [tags: Erikson's stages of psychosocial development]

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