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Gun Rights and Freedom

- I have had guns in my life since I was young. I served eight years in the military, and have shot in competitions for many years. I also love the outdoors, and enjoy the ability to put food on the table that is natural. I think the reasons for keeping the right to bear arms are so important that if the American people lost that right; it would mean life changes that many would be unwilling to make. The Bill of Rights are a set of laws, which includes the 2nd Amendment, which helps secure the public's freedoms....   [tags: argumentative, persuasive, gun control]

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Two Extreme Views on Gun Control

- Take away all registered guns in America and abolish the second amendment and now America is the least violent country in the world. That’s the opposite of what my family NRA (National Rifle Association) card holding friend would say he simply disagrees. (Babcock) “You would leave the general American public defenseless against all the criminals that would still possess firearms.” (Babcock). It’s an obvious problem facing the American society today. “America is the most violent nation in the Western World” (Strahinich 23)....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Gun Control Laws Should be Tightened

- According to James Madison in his Federalist Papers, “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms,” (Raymond). Madison may be correct about Americans having more rights than many other countries, but sometimes the government has too much trust in the American people. Taking away all privately owned guns does not solve anything because doing so would consequentially create a communist state....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Gun Control Does Not Reduce Crime

- Gun laws are a subject many people feel strongly about, and as with any subject people feel strongly about there are no shortage of data and statistics that seem to support either side. I decided to look into any correlation I could find between gun laws and deaths in the US. Just like with political parties and deficit spending I didn't really have any expectations, but would probably guess that there wasn't much correlation. Before I go any further I'll pretend like it is necessary to give a brief background on my stance on guns in general....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Put 'em Back in the Holster: Why We Need Gun Control

- ... The Washington Post writes, “While shooting tragedies dominate the news when they occur, eliminating gun violence is relatively low on the totem pole for most American’s.” (Aaron Blake) (2013). Reading this post makes it unbelievable, because every other reliable news source reports differently; Americans are forming an united front against gun control laws and the NRA; stating the NRA and gun owners hide behind an out dated amendment that has no use today as proof of their right to bear arms....   [tags: revision of gun law in the US]

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A Case Against Government Gun Control

- America is changing, the country that once was based on religious ideas is slowly becoming history, to the point that we can lose all traces of the America that was founded in 1776. As the days continue there is a continuous battle over the public possessing guns. A large portion believes and supports laws preventing civilians from owning military style rifles. With the growing support, these supports are trying to get guns all together out of the hands of people. With the recent mass shootings, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado, and Virginia Tech, causing big support of these laws, many people fear that losing guns to the government will allow for criminals to do anything they want because civil...   [tags: the right to bear arms, personal safety]

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Gun Control in the United States

- The second amendment gives people the right to own a firearm. The founding fathers might have thought a gun was the best form of protection but many years have past since then and humans have evolved. Times are different and society is different. Technology has a big impact on people and how we think and all those variables can affect people with how they react in stressful situations. We have to consider the mental stability of those in possession of the weapons, it is important to keep the weapon away from loved ones or other people, and is the law protecting those in possession of the weapons or putting lives in more danger....   [tags: second amendment,firearm, weapon license]

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Gun Control: A Well Regulated Militia

- Imagine a government that doesn’t allow you to buy weapons even if you are an outstanding citizen. That’s the way a lot of Chicago land citizens may feel sometimes, due to the Chicago laws that prohibit citizens from owning handguns within the city limits. Even though the founding fathers gave us the certain unalienable rights to do so, the states and the national government finds loop holes what they have created so they can go around the bill of rights. We will be going over the amendments that I believe are the most important within the bill of rights....   [tags: freedom, religion, speech, bear arms]

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Who is in Control?

- Can strict gun laws keep guns out of criminal hands. Maybe the question should be can strict gun laws prevent criminals from committing violent crimes. The only answer to that would be that it wouldn't. Firearms and the movement to ban firearms has become a thriving issue in not only America, but all around the world. In Molly Ivin's essay “Get a knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of the Guns”, she suggests the adoption of stricter gun laws, the same laws that are currently enforced in Europe (Irvin )....   [tags: Gun Control, Weapons, Crime]

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How Gun Control Affects Us All

- The United States wants to embrace its right to bear arm, but manage it in a way as to not affect the rights of the people. Elected officials have their work cut out for them because, as it stands right now, the changes that have been made have not stopped people from committing mass shootings and using guns in violent crimes. Recent incidents of violent gun crimes present a need to address laws pertaining to self-defense, background checks, and Second Amendment rights, without affecting the economy....   [tags: second amendment, gun owners]

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Enforcing Stricter Gun Control Laws

- ... If such events were to happen and the civilian populace was unarmed, the government would be free to do anything it wants due to the civilians not being able to resist. Legislators need to realize what a threat gun control is to liberty and the fact that even though our rights are guaranteed by the constitution, it does not enforce anything. Guns do. As James Madison had said “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms.” This shows how we have the security of knowing we are safe from tyranny as long as we are armed....   [tags: prevent crime, black market]

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Gun Control: Less Government Restrictions

- A New Jersey woman told police of how two men tried to open her front doors of her car at the same time. In the driver seat she reached for her gun, pulled it out and screamed. The two men fled the scene. “On Feb. 3, 1997 outside a bar in Mexico a female used a gun to stop a man from raping her" (Gale 88). A college park woman shot and killed an armed assailant who tried to car-jack her in her van with her 1 year old daughter inside. These and many other examples are of how and when handguns can save your life....   [tags: stricker, guns, handguns, protect]

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Public Policy Analysis: Gun Control

- Public policies are developed in response to the existence of a perceived problem or an opportunity. The analysis delves into a public issue or problem and assesses a set of proposed government action for addressing the issue. The job of the analyst is to describe the background and status of an issue and then, using research and analysis, determine a proper government action to resolve the issue. By comparing options and weighing their expected benefits, the analyst should conclude with a recommended course of action or inaction to addressing the issue....   [tags: Informative Essay, Political Science]

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Three Reasons Against Gun Control

- A controversial subject in America today is gun control; should there be or should there not be. I do not know the answer to this question, but I do have an opinion as most citizen of our country. All trough our history guns have been used for the good of the people, and on the other hand, they have been used for the not so good of the people; however, as with most things there is a good use and a bad use. I believe the good uses out weigh the bad uses in this case. In this essay I am going to discuss three reasons I am against gun control: one being it is our constitutional right to bear arms, two every citizen should have the right to protect themselves, their family, and their property, a...   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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The Great Gun Control Debate

- Since its creation the firearm has served as man’s best means of self preservation, has helped in the expansion of frontiers, and has served to help many, including Americans, to secure and enforce their rights and maintain democracy. Even today our military uses firepower to prevent the spread of tyranny throughout the world. We refer to our troops as “armed forces” and the necessity of maintaining our firepower has been recognized throughout the human history, which the firearm has helped to shape....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Non-Rewarding Efforts of Gun Control

- Why is it that the people who have never used a gun or know how to are the ones trying to explain them and are making the rules about gun control. The reason behind this is that the people making the laws do not think that the laws also apply to themselves, just everyone else. Although many people have never held or operated a firearm, many citizens only see guns as dangerous, bad or worthless; however, they are, in fact, very useful, protective, and extremely valuable. These false views of firearms have formed due to violent crimes committed with firearms....   [tags: the right to bear arms]

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Gun Control: Does Having a Gun Reduce Crime?

- Period: A Citizens of the United States have been fighting over the issue of gun control for many years. The debate of citizens owning guns, especially semi automatic guns with high captivity magazines has become a major debate in America today. As citizens of the United States we know it’s our right to own weapons and it has been that way since 1791when the second Amendment was ratified. The second Amendment, a part of the Bill of Rights, which allows the right to bear arms....   [tags: second amendment, weapons]

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The Secret to Stopping Gun Violence in its Tracks

- ... In reality, being able to avoid such procedures is what is causing problems with the people who use such weapons to commit crimes. It is said that “93 percent of the guns obtained by violent criminals are not obtained through the lawful purchase” (Snyder 1). That in order to stop horrible gun related crimes from taking place, measures such as universal background checks need to be a requirement to own any type of weapon, whether it be a simple hand held gun, or an assault weapon that can fire a high speed of bullets at once, without having to reload....   [tags: prooposed gun control]

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The Right to Own a Gun is a Constitutional Privilege that Need Not be Regulated

- “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns”. This argument has been tried throughout the years, as tragedies from assassinations to school shootings have become the focal point of national concern. The Constitution grants American’s the right to bear arms, but over the years these rights have become infringed as new laws are passed in response to specific acts that call for new safety measures. But at this point in time, because of the already instated acts, enough measures have been taken to legally prevent criminals from obtaining guns....   [tags: gun control, argumentative, persuasive]

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The Role of Naturalism and Rationalism in American and British Gun Policy

- Although they may not be aware of it, complex philosophic principles influence the simple actions of the mass’s everyday lives. In fact, long lasting and well defined contentions of basic philosophy concerning the actions of human beings has not only affected individuals, but also entire countries. Some of the greatest nations on Earth have been formed around key thoughts and opinions of several great philosophers. Primarily amongst these, however, or John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, both of whom wrote on “The State of Nature”, or the state of absolute freedom....   [tags: Gun Control Laws]

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Gun Control in the United States

- According to Vital Statistics, in 2009 there were 554 adults that unintentionally shot and killed him or her selves. At the same time, 112 juveniles accidentally did the same thing (Congressional Digest 4). And “according to BJS, NVCS data from 1987 to 1992 indicated that in each of those years, roughly 62,000 victims of violent crime (1 percent of all victims of such crimes) used guns to defend themselves. Another 20,000 persons each year used guns to defend their property” (Congressional Digest 5)....   [tags: the right tosafety in America]

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Gun Control in the United States

- Weapons have been a big problem to the United States for many years now. People have access to many weapons just as easy as the US Military does. The people of the US can both go to a gun store and buy a weapon at the age of sixteen, or they can make a deal with anyone in the streets of the US. Because of the accessibility to weapons, Americans can cause collateral damage in the neighborhood they live in. They can also commit robbery, or go anywhere and start shooting. One problem that happened on April 9, 2014 is that a male sixteen-year-old student went on a stabbing and slashing spree with two knives at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh....   [tags: Weapons, Guns, United States]

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The Gun Control Debate Continues

- In today’s society it’s easy to find something in a newspaper, magazine, or on television that portrays the scrutiny of guns in the home. While reading or viewing such opinions it can possibly influence one to see issues in a particular way. It is not my goal to persuade you to lean in a specific direction but to see the issue from different angles. When viewing both arguments you are faced with reflecting on your own opinion and possibly agreeing more firmly with your own choice or changing your outlook and coming across the subject in a new way....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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Gun Control Necessary or Unneeded

- In 1791, the constitution of the United States was ratified. The second amendment of the constitution states, “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed,” (NATIONAL Instant Criminal Background Check System, 2013). In today’s day and age firearms have developed into an excellent source of protection for citizens far and wide. Securing a concealed weapon or a gun at home can save not only your life but, the lives of innocent people around you....   [tags: second ammendment to the Constitution]

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Crime Reduction and Gun Control

- CRIME REDUCTION Missouri crime is on the decline and the statistics are piling up to prove it. People are becoming educated and more aware of crime. Capt. Hull of the Missouri State Patrol shed some light on the matter. “There were 162 reports in 2012 where a weapon was used in a situation that was reported,” Hull said. “In 2013, that dropped to 116 incidents. It has to be a new program that the Columbia PD has implemented.” In 2012, the Columbia Police implemented a Ceasefire Initiative to curb crimes that involved weapons....   [tags: weapon, firearm, safety]

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Individual Rights and Gun Control

- One of the safest yet deadliest tools available to the common man, guns have shown to be protectors in times of need and killers in the hands of wrongdoers. A newly proposed bill, House File 163 aims to limit the ability of criminals to commit crime by limiting the maximum amount of ammunition that a magazine can contain. Due to the gravity of the subject, many Iowans agree that limiting magazine size and gun use is the answer, while others argue that this is unconstitutional and will prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves....   [tags: shootings, killers, wrongdoers]

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Gun Law Reforms

- ... Lives can be saved if guns are restricted from the wrong hands. The Supreme Court has ruled one of many gun law reformations, cited by Supreme Court decision District of Columbia v. Heller, which reiterated the right to bear arms is far from unlimited. (ThinkProcess) In the year since Newton shootings, 39 state laws have tightened restrictions on guns, but 79 states have loosened them. (Associated Press) Many lives can be saved if tragedies are prevented because of the reformation of gun laws....   [tags: gun control, firearms]

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Gun Laws In The State of Georgia

- Georgia has many gun laws, which help protect the state and the people in the state. The laws range from having a permit to carry a hand gun, where you cannot carry a handgun, what kind of guns you can carry without having a firearm permit, what age someone can buy a gun. The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms not just in the state of Georgia but it gives us the right everywhere. Georgia also has a law about the possession of people with guns who was involved in a crime, minors with the possession of handguns, and possession of dangerous weapons and the possession of a firearm under the influence in the state....   [tags: Gun Control Essays]

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Gun Control Is Not Crime Control

- Gun Control is not Crime Control Americans are faced with an ever-increasing problem of violence. The streets of America are now a war zone. Teenage gangsters murder one another for drug territory, and innocent victims are caught in the crossfire. However, most recent and most abhorrent, is our children are killing one another. They are killing with extreme prejudice. Our children are killing, exhibiting little or no remorse for lives they have taken. We cannot ignore the carnage our society endures due to the criminal behavior of a minority, obviously lacking the basic moral behavior regarding human life....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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Government Control of Weapons

- Government Control of Weapons “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (The United States Constitution Amendment 2). Since the beginning of time, weapons have been known to be a crucial factor in the survival of civilizations. In the current time, government involvement in the area of guns and weapons has been a debate among many. Within the United States, all citizens have their fundamental rights....   [tags: argumentative, persuasive, gun control]

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Has Your Voice About Gun Safety Been Stolen?

- The questions that surround the issues of gun safety have resurfaced again since the recent shootings in Arizona. (Luo) Are background checks enough to help prevent shooting violence. Do guns that have the capacity to fire several rounds without having to reload have any influence on the number of deaths that occur due to shootings. Should mental health be screened further as a preventative safety measure. It is suggested that perhaps we the American people will never know. According to scientists and former government officials that were part of the National Center for Injury Control and Prevention, which is a division of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the answers to these q...   [tags: argumentative, persuasive, gun control]

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Pulling the Trigger on Gun Rights

- Guns have been in the public’s hands for over a thousand years. Firearms have been used to hunt, to protect, settle differences, and win wars. Today the government is trying to find ways to revoke the 2nd amendment, so that only the police and military can carry guns. The second amendment is the individual right to keep and bear arms. This push to eliminate society from having guns in their possession is said to protect citizens. Pro-gun citizens are upset that the government is trying to take away their guns, because it would be harder to protect them-selves from people that get guns illegally or use their guns to harm others....   [tags: gun control, government, firearms]

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Gun Control Controls Nothing

- More and more frequently, we are saddened by the news of mass shootings. Whether it takes place in a school or public area, these shootings are both disastrous and mortifying. Families begin to feel anger and sadness, and demand immediate justice. Although these terrible events continue to happen, there have been no significant steps taken towards the reduction in the number of weapons; specifically assault rifles. This leads one to question do we need to ban the right to possess such weapons. If the possession of these weapons is not made illegal, we run the risk of another attack....   [tags: ban on assault rifles]

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School Violence and Gun Access

- Through out history, school violence has been an issue everywhere. It is only human nature to be violent and suppresive to weaker peers. Some examples of school violence are bullying, mass massacres, as well as psychological issues that go unnoticed or ignored by staff and doctors. Although there are many problems still occurring today, there are numerous organization helping to stop or prevent school violence. School violence may never be suppressed, but its our job to find the origins, the effects, the causes, how people are trying to solve the problem, and how is the problem decreasing or increasing....   [tags: gun control, bullying]

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Gun Crimes Cause Serious Harm to Children by Christine Watkins

- Many people in America are coming to the realization that gun violence is beginning to have a dramatic affect on teenagers. Christine Watkins, the author of, “Gun Crimes Cause Serious Harm to Children” Gives much evidence on why she believes more gun control, or even removing all firearms from homes will be the solution to this crisis. She tells readers that teenagers from urban areas have the greatest risk of being involved in some kind of gun crime. With her estimate of over 280 million gun in America, she believes firearms are too readily available and teenagers are accessing them with little to no trouble, legally, or illegally....   [tags: gun violence, teenagers, gun control]

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American History: Gun Control

- Guns have always been a part of American culture, even before we became the America we know today. In colonial times and the days of the Wild West, guns were an essential part of survival. They were needed to kill animals for food and to protect against unwanted trespassers and predators. However, in these modern times, because we have conveniences such as Hannaford and organized police systems, guns have gone from tools of necessity to novelty toys. For the most part, people own guns in this century for sporting reasons or to protect their families and home from intrusion....   [tags: protection, violence, hunting]

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Gun Buyback Programs

- Gun buyback programs have become a commonplace law enforcement practice since their creation in the 1970s. These buyback programs are a method of proactive policing against gun crime and are used as a means by law enforcement in an effort to curb gun violence. Generally, police offer incentives to community members in exchange for firearms. These incentives are most commonly money or gift certificates, but may also be merchandise. The programs rose to popularity in the 1990s due to widespread public support....   [tags: Gun Control Essays]

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Argument in Favor of Gun Control

- “Almost twelve kids lose their lives every single day because of guns” (Capps). Most recently, two young boys were shot as they were leaving a high school football game. Soon, another year anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting will arrive. In this incident, two students opened fire on their classmates in Columbine. I cannot imagine the horrors of my fellow students being killed by guns. Many other related acts of gun violence have brought up issues on gun control. Debates have risen between citizens on how the government should establish stronger gun control laws....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Example Essays]

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The Pros and Cons of Gun Control

- “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (Bill of Rights). This is the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. This is a document that grants all Americans certain inalienable rights. All citizens no matter their age or standing in society have some understanding of the Bill of Rights and the freedoms that it allows. One freedom that is granted to us, the right to bear arms, has become the center of a heated issue in today’s society and many years before....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Gun Ownership and the Second Amendment

- Gun ownership and the Second Amendment have come under fire in recent years in the wake of major tragedies such as the Newtown, Aurora and Tucson shootings, amongst other major shootings. Although gun control is not a recent idea, it has grown attention and is argued by more liberal leaning individuals, who tend to believe more in gun control, that guns should be strictly regulated or completely outlawed, while more conservative leaning individuals, who are more in favor of gun rights, believe that regulations on firearms should be lessened or abolished completely....   [tags: Major Tragedies, Major Shootings, Gun Control]

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The Politics of Gun Control Legislation

- The Politics of Gun Control Legislation The recent violent phenomenon of tragic shootings such as the incident at Columbine high school in which 13 students and one teacher were killed and 23 other people were wounded has captured the attention of both the public and politicians alike and has stirred a need to take action. With shootings in Littleton, Colorado followed by Conyers, Georgia and yet another in Gibson, Oklahoma, gun control has become a pressing issue in congress. However while politicians use these incidents to maneuver their anti-gun legislation, public opinion and partisan support remains highly polarized....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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The Blame Game Analyzing Gun Violence in America

- Introduction In 1993, there were more than 18,000 firearm homicides in America. That number has been decreasing for the past two decades. In 2011, the reported number of firearm homicides was a little more than 11,000. In another part of the world, Germany was reported to have less than 200 firearm homicides, France less than 50. It is also estimated that there are around 270 million guns in America. This paper examines the possibility that if the American government put into place gun regulation laws, and made penalties more harsh for gun related crimes, the national murder rates would go down....   [tags: Firearm, Homicides, Gun Control, America]

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The Fairy Tales of Gun Control

- When a madman in Dunblane, Great Britain rampages and kills 16 children, it was the fuel politicians needed to fire the anti-gun movement. Great Britain banned the sale and ownership of handguns in 1997. But nobody expected the surge of violent crime that followed. Britain's rate of assault, robbery, and burglary now exceed those in the United States. Murder and rape figures are now getting closer to U.S. rates. Between 1997 and 1999 were the highest murder rates in the past 10 years. According to Dr....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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Gun Violence: Regulations That Uphold the Right to Bear Arms

- Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." With the uprising of school shootings and killing sprees, it is rarely disputed that there must be something done about the issue of gun violence. Stricter gun laws are not the answer, however, regulations in some way are necessary as long as the rights of the people to keep and bear arms is not infringed on....   [tags: Gun Control, High School Dropout]

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In Favor of Gun Ownership in the US

- The ownership of a firearm should not be illegal when most gun owners are law-abiding citizens who use guns in a responsible manner. Our country’s founding fathers ratified the second amendment as a part of our Constitution in order to protect citizen’s right to bear arms and to be prepared for foreign invasion. However, currently the views on gun ownership are beginning to differ even more in urban and rural communities across America because of how each society is individually affected by the use of firearms....   [tags: Gun Control, Second Amendment, School Shootings]

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An Argument Against Gun Control

- Argument Against Gun Control An Argument Against Gun Control As long ago as 1789, the creators of the Constitution realized the importance of guns in American society. The Second Amendment states,"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." No loopholes, or legal caches exist in this statement. The Founding Fathers allow for no restriction of the private ownership of firearms....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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Article Analysis - Gun Control

- Article Analysis - Gun Control The article, Taking Aim at Gun Control by Daniel D. Polsby and Dennis Brennen was written October 30, 1995 for the Heartland Executive Summary. The article deals with current gun control issues, and uses both statistical information, and emotional ideology to convince you of the authors’ opinion. The article is broken down into five sub topics, that are each supported by statistical information. In the first sub topic the main heading claims, "There is no relationship between the number of privately owned guns and the amount of violent crime in the United States." It is then supported with the statistics that gun ownership has increased by forty-five percent,...   [tags: Constituton Bill Rights Right To Bear Arms]

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An Argument Against Gun Control

- The Gun Control issue has sparked major controversy in America today. People who support gun control feel that guns are the reason for the soaring crime rate in our country. I disagree with the supporters of gun control. I feel that because of the black market, violent criminals being released from prison early, and the need to ensure personal safety, stricter gun control will have very little impact on violent crime in America. I believe that gun control works in theory, but not in real life. Sure, there are many violent crimes where guns are used, but most of these guns are obtained illegally, because the gun control laws enforced are not enough....   [tags: Firearms Brady Bill]

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The Necessity of Gun Control

- As a result of the many school shootings that have taken place in the last few years, there has been a push for stricter gun control laws. Many people don't feel safe in today's society. The government has been listening to the people and has already passed some laws. There are some people who are opposed to stricter gun control laws. Many gun enthusiasts don't believe that gun control laws will resolve the problem. They claim that only law abiding citizens would obey the laws - and they aren't the ones creating the problem....   [tags: Exemplification Essays]

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Public opinion on Gun Control

- Public Opinion on Gun Control The twentieth century was a time of many political assassinations and violent shootings. A nation in shock mourned the deaths of President John Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. At the end of the twentieth century the nation endured rising rates of violent crime, with young people frequently involved as victims and perpetrators and often armed with guns. Between July 1992, and June 30, 1999, there were 358 school-associated violent deaths in the United States, including 255 deaths of school- aged children, or about 51 such violent deaths each year....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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The Ethics of Gun Control

- The Ethics of Gun Control The phrase "Gun Control" means different things to different people. One bumper sticker states that "Gun Control means hitting your target." However one defines gun control, the mere mention of it brings controversy. Opposing sides have for years fought over the laws that govern firearms. For the purposes of this paper "Gun Control" is defined as policies enacted by the government that limit the legal rights of gun owners to own, carry, or use firearms, with the intent of reducing gun crimes such as murder, armed robbery, aggravated rape, and the like....   [tags: Constituton Bill Rights Right To Bear Arms]

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Law Brief on Gun Control

- Law Brief on Gun Control GUN CONTROL: Our Streets Are Running Red Tom Coker English IA November 18, 1997 6:35 p.m. : William Wallace had a very stressful day at work and is now driving home. As he is travelling along the I-10 freeway in Los Angeles, he suddenly comes to a complete stop. Gridlock traffic is not an unusual sight for any motorist that travels on this freeway, and William decides to exit the freeway in order to escape the madness. He exits on the next off ramp and comes to a red light at a busy intersection....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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The Politics of Gun Control

- The Politics of Gun Control In recent years, political discourse about gun control and the Second Amendment has become increasingly volatile. Gun lobbies such as the National Rifle Association are more organized and aggressive and their issue agenda has evolved as new and more powerful weapons and militia appear. On the other side of the debate, the critical wounding of James Brady gave gun control advocates a visible martyr with strong ties to Republican conservatives. In sum, gun control and the right to bear arms have become hotly disputed issues where political alignments are constantly shifting....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Example Essays]

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Do Away With Gun Control

- Do Away With Gun Control A tragic accident. Your brother, Isaac is dead. He has been shot in a hunting accident. People said to me, "Hope you don't blame anyone." Now I'm sure you will hate guns seemed to be what they all met. Why would I blame anyone and why would I hate guns. After the Columbine shooting by two crazed high school students, the media has portrayed everyone that has ever had a loved one killed or injured by a gun, as a gun hater. I wasn't a gun hater; what had happened to my brother was just an accident....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Against Gun Control in America

- Constitutional Law Gun Control Paper Gun control is undoubtedly an issue that most Americans have been exposed to. In 1989, guns killed 11,832 Americans. The National Rifle Association (NRA) members believe that it is their constitutional right to own guns, stating that guns are not the root of the crime problem in the United States. Gun control activists like the members of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) argue that guns are responsible for the majority of violent crimes that take place....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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Gun Control is Needed Now

-         The year was 1787, and Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington were signing their names to a document that stated, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free-state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."  What were they thinking?  Did they have any clue as to what types of dangerous weapons we would have available today?  Their guns could fire a maximum of five rounds per minute and that was a talent even for a professional loader.  We now have kids on the streets, in our schools, and in our homes with guns that can fire 180 rounds per minute.  But, let's retrace our steps and Consider the t...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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The Debate Concerning Gun Control

- Over the past few decades gun control has come to the fore front of debate in politics and the mass media. It's no wonder that in the wake of the recent school shootings and attacks on churches that people are beginning to fear guns. People are beginning to see guns as an object of death and destruction and not as what they are meant to be. While guns are used in war they are not intended to kill innocent people, guns are intended to be used by experienced gun handlers for protection and hunting....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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The Necessity of Gun Control

- The Necessity of Gun Control Gun control is one of the most debatable topics today. Thirty-three million Americans own firearms for hunting (Aitkens 9). But hunting is not the sole reason for which many individuals buy firearms. Of all countries, the United States is the one which is troubled most by a large number of criminals who are in possession of guns. The U.S. has the highest firearm murder rate of any democracy in the world (Aitkens 5). Where is the country going wrong as far as gun control is concerned....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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An Argument For Gun Control

- Gun control is an issue that has been debated by Americans since the 1960’s (Dolan 1). The debate questions the right of Americans to bear arms, this including, handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Some say a simple restriction of these arms is in order while some think they should be banned altogether (Dolan 1). Both sides hold strong opinions often causing conflict in the matter and confusion among the citizens of the United States. However, the opponents do agree that a death rate of 30 million a year due to the powerful and deadly weapon is too high; only they have different views on how to lower this rate....   [tags: Guns Shooting Arms Weapons Essays]

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Gun Control Problems and Solutions

- The problem with guns is fairly obvious: they decrease the difficulty of killing or injuring a person. In Jeffrey A. Roth's Firearms and Violence (NIJ Research in Brief, February 1994), he points out the obvious dangers. About 60 percent of all murder victims in the United States in 1989 (about 12,000 people) were killed with firearms. Firearm attacks injured another 70,000 victims, some of whom were left permanently disabled. In 1985, the cost of shootings was an estimated $14 billion nationwide for medical care, long-term disability, and premature death....   [tags: Constituton Bill Rights Right To Bear Arms]

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Gun Control in America Today

- During the Vietnam War, more than twice as many Americans were killed with firearms in the U.S. than died in combat. Today, firearms are used in approximately 65% of the 11,000 homicides a year. Suicides are carried out via a gun 57% of the 16,600 a year (“GunCite” 49). These statistics pose the question, “Would there be that many fewer deaths if guns were banned altogether. Or would these deaths occur just the same but by other means?” Studies on both a local and a national level have shown that the majority of murders are committed by those with previous criminal records....   [tags: Guns Weapons Violence Crime Essays]

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The Importance of Gun Control Laws in the United States

- On December 14, 2012, twenty-year old Adam Lanza shot and killed six adult staff members and twenty children in a killing spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Before arriving at the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home. Just as first respondents arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. With “safe” gun laws intact, a mentally ill person such as Adam Lanza should not have been able to obtain deadly firearms. America’s gun laws have proven to be ineffective and inefficient in keeping citizens safe with the rising number of gun related deaths, which supports the need for stronger gun control laws....   [tags: Weapons, Minors, Fear]

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The Truth behind the Demand for More Gun-control

- The Truth behind the Demand for More Gun-control Tom Gresham’s editorial “Gun-control has a clear record of failure” was published in The Columbus Dispatch on January 6, 2013. In this editorial, Gresham seeks to bring to the attention of his readers that there are no new ideas being proposed regarding gun-control; in fact what is being proposed is in direct opposition to the tried and true measures that bring out gun-control. Gresham, a supporter of responsible gun ownership, compares the more popular mainstream ideas for gun-control with current law in effort to point out to readers that these suggestions, while natural and understandable, have all been tried and historically have failed....   [tags: weapons, safety, law]

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An Argument Against Gun Control

- A proposed federal law to outlaw all guns would be more effective at disarming law-abiding citizens than at disarming the criminals who abuse them. If guns were outlawed, the criminals would not stop carrying guns, but the good, law-abiding citizens would. It would do nothing about the illegally obtained handguns in the possession of criminals. In The NRA is Right, Josh Sugarmann states that “One tenet of the National Rifle Association’s faith has always been that handgun controls do little to stop criminals from obtaining handguns” (Sugarmann 185)....   [tags: Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms]

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The Pros and Cons of Gun Control in the United States

- ... The best part about owning a gun is you can keep burglars or vandals at bay without even having to fire your gun;, just the sight of a gun will keep people from trying to break into your homes. Now for the con side of this debate, first I would have to say that having a gun is extremely risky. There is danger associated with owning a gun. You can be foolish and leave your gun where children may have access to it which can lead to more pressing issues. This is why when small children are in the house keep your guns hidden and do not allow them to know where these guns are....   [tags: right to bear arms, fire arms ownership]

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Does Gun Control Lower Crime Rates?

- Gun control is a very hotly debated subject in America. Whether it be a tragic school shooting, or gang violence in large cities there is always mixed emotions. A main focus when it comes to gun control is determining in what ways will guns be limited. There are many different forms of gun control, some more strict than others. Another topic when it comes to gun control is where criminals get their guns. Would making new laws really make it harder for criminals to get their weapons or are they already coming from illegal sources....   [tags: the right to bear arms]

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Gun Control: The Real Issues

- “Misuse or theft prohibited by law”. This was the warning printed on a milk-carrying container at the local grocery store where I work. The use of the word “prohibited” intrigued me, so when I got home I looked it up in Reader’s Digest’s Great Encyclopedic Dictionary. I found two definitions: “1. To forbid, especially by authority or law; interdict.” and “2. To prevent or hinder.”. (1077) Now, which definition was being used in the warning. Was is possible to forbid misuse or theft by passing a law....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Differing Interpretation on 2nd Ammendment on Gun Control in U.S.

- Gun control policies regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession and use of firearms. In The United States the issue of gun control has been a hot topic for many years. The second amendment to the constitution "the right of the people to keep and bear arms" means that individuals may own guns, not just police and military however; Democratic lawmakers believe this may not be the way the amendment was intended to be interpreted. One problem with this issue is determining the rights of the people as they were intended by our forefathers....   [tags: congress, death, nra]

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Comparing Gun Control Laws in Kentucky, USA and Germany

- “Our love is to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.” Since this quote that Thomas Jefferson once said, guns and their capabilities have changed history throughout the world and have affected all most everyone living in today’s society. Gun control and gun polices have created an upheaval among a growing amount of nations. With increasing gun rate crime and the ease of accessibility to obtain firearms in some places in the world, states inside America and countries around the world have altered its stance on gun control and their laws....   [tags: Compare Contrast]

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Should the Federal Government Enforce Stricter Gun Control?

- Gun control has been one of the most argumentative and controversial issues in America today. The media is constantly making the public aware of all the altercations regarding firearms and the enforcement of laws controlling firearms. When we see these issues on television we become accustomed to the fact that gun control is a political debate but it is also an ethical debate. Our founding fathers had very explicit beliefs in the right to own weapons and ensured that it was written in the U.S. Constitution....   [tags: policies are unethical or ineffective]

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Gun Control: Not Fair to the People Trying to Protect Themselves

- ... civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crime at least 989,883 times per year (Agresti and Smith). Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of women that use guns to protect themselves against sexual related crimes every year. Based upon these statistics and data, it is obvious that guns do more good than evil and in most cases prevent evil from even occurring. One evil that countless people place the blame on guns for is mass shootings. After a 1995 act, concealed carry permit holders could no longer carry guns in schools....   [tags: the right to bear arms]

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Will Stricter Gun Control Laws Hurt This Country?

- Gun control laws intend to regulate or restrict guns by choosing who can posses, buy and sell particular guns. Prohibition on guns will have little effect on reducing crimes, as criminals do not obey laws. There are many myths about gun control reducing acts of gun violence, which are simply not true, according to research. People are responsible for crimes, not the guns themselves. If more people had guns on their person, the crime rate would drop, as criminals would be discouraged to cause an instance when people could protect themselves....   [tags: crimes, prohibition, shooting, teachers, defensive]

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Should Gun Control be more Heavily Enforced?

- Guns kill thousands of people every year. Whether it was war or some random mugging on the streets, they are tools of destruction. Nothing good can come from owning a gun. Every action has a consequence whether you decide to make it or not. Taking guns away from people will only leave guns in the hands of criminals. From a consensus from 2009, there are over 300 million people living in the United States. About one-third of the population owns a firearm. (Gun Control) The position that the government should take is that guns shouldn’t be taken from civilians since it doesn’t solve the problem for murder, but heavily enforce the process to obtain and keep a gun....   [tags: arms legislation, constitutional rights]

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Gun Control is Not the Answer to High Murder Rates

- Gun control is one of the most hotly debated topics in the United States, with a Gallup poll showing that people are divided approximately in half over the issue. The poll done in January of 2013, shortly after the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, showed that 38% of Americans wanted stricter gun laws, while 43% were satisfied with the current laws. Only a mere 5% of people were of the opinion that the gun laws should be looser. Although American lawmakers propose tighter gun regulations with every occurrence of a major shooting, such an action would not reduce the number of homicides in the United States....   [tags: Legal Issues, Deadliest shootings, Firearms Policy]

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Gun Control: Open Carry Policy Is Not The Answer

- Gun control is a controversial issue that currently has no easy solution to please everyone. In an article written by Adam Winkler, a professor from the UCLA School of Law, he states that open carry is the answer to having fewer guns on the streets. His argument fails because it contains false premises throughout the article and is also inductively weak. First, he commits the slippery slope fallacy by assuming a series of events will occur for doing one action. Second, he commits the bandwagon fallacy....   [tags: concealed weapons, solution]

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The Pros and Cons of Abortion, Prostitution and Gun Control

- Your body is yours to do as you please. For some they argue yes, while others are completely against it. When talking about your body it is a reference to drugs, Abortion and prostitution, when these words are brought up people views change completely. Although many views I will only highlight a select few but there is a huge debate in each one of these topics. Another huge point is the government controlling people gun rights, in recent light of Obama threatening to take away guns from the American people this has sparked a huge debate in our country....   [tags: controversial topics discussion]

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The 2nd Amendment Does Not allow Gun Control

- Throughout American History looking all the way back to the late 18th Century and the Revolutionary War, there have been many qualities that set America apart from all other countries. Documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights bestowed upon Americans have spelled out some of these very qualities that Americans hold dear. One right that is often brought to the forefront of the argument over gun control is found within the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”(1)....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Gun Control: Mass Shootings and Violent Crimes

- The Problem To start the evaluation the first question that should be answered is why the issue of owning guns has become such a problem within the American subculture. The answer to this question is complicated, but perhaps there are four key reasons. The first reason being the main stream Medias perception and messages that they portray to the public about firearms ownership, an example of this is although it is more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than die from a gunshot injury the media focuses on glorifying the issue of gun violence on most of their programing, including giving false statistics and inaccurate information to the people in order to skew public opinion.....   [tags: american subculture, shootings]

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We Need Stricter Laws for Gun Control

- About forty years ago, teachers used to say that the worst problems in their schools were students chewing gum and talking during class. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those were still the biggest problems. Unfortunately, teachers now are struggling with many deaths of their students and maybe even their own children. The numbers of teenagers’ deaths increase everyday from gun violence. Students, particularly boys, who carry guns, are more likely to be involved in drug activity according to The Children Data Bank and more likely to have committed crimes with weapons....   [tags: Argumentative Essays, Persuasive Essays]

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Port Arthur Massacre And Subsequent Gun Control

- Since Martin Bryant’s massacre on Port Arthur, the legal system in Australia is amended and reformed gun laws to create a more effective legislation. Gun-related deaths have since been drawn to more efficient attention in Australian psyche, whilst the issue of gun-laws on a global level still remains as a conspiracy in many countries. The massacre left the Australian nation in shock, with a heavily involved attitude on behalf of local and national police, and thousands devastated at the aftermath....   [tags: Australian History ]

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