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New Beginnings in The Grapes of Wrath and Broken Ground

- New beginnings and new land, while made out to seem as beacons of hope and chances for prosperity, are complete opposites; new beginnings offer neither success nor happiness, but rather more failures and recurring sorrows. John Steinbeck and Jack Hodgins introduce the idea of new beginnings and settlements just as they emphasize the importance of togetherness as a community and a family in The Grapes of Wrath and Broken Ground. However, it is important to consider that these new beginnings were involuntary and rather forced due to situational circumstances....   [tags: Broken Ground]

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Comparing Cultures in Heaney's Opened Ground and Roy's The God of Small Things

- Comparing Cultures in Heaney's Opened Ground and Roy's The God of Small Things Many authors use experience in their lives to influence their writing. In the cases of Seamus Heaney and Arundati Roy, the experiences in their life and the experience that their countries went through shape their poems and stories in unimaginable ways. For example, Heaney puts into his poetry many experiences that his country, Ireland, went through. These experiences include the rise of war in Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants and also the influence that England has on the situation in Ireland....   [tags: Opened Ground]

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Common Ground's In Linguistics And Communications

- 'Two people's common ground is [...] the sum of their mutual, common, or joint knowledge, beliefs, and suppositions' (Clark: 93). With these words, Herbert Clark explains the linguistic notion in a nutshell. Common ground is indispensible to our communicating with other people and performing joint actions, as it provides the basis for the aforesaid and places it in the correct context. If, for example, marine-loving Layla goes on a trip with her boyfriend Eric to swim with dolphins, this experience and every sensation that has to do with it, adds to their shared common ground....   [tags: Herbert Clark, Analysis]

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The Development of Ground and Air Transport

- A. The development of ground transport In old days, before the wheel invention (pre-3000 B.C) people normally were carried the sick and wounded on the shoulder between two men or backs of friends or animals(MacDonald & Miller, 1989). Forced transports were used for those with mental disorders in ancient time, however, one of the earliest uses of the wheel for patient transportation was constructed (circa 900 A.D.) by Anglo-Saxon, so they called it the Anglo-Saxon wagon hammock(Bell, 2009). This hammock was placed between two poles raised on a four wheeled platform(MacDonald & Miller, 1989)....   [tags: Transportation ]

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Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero by

- In the 12 years since the terrorist attacks on the world trade towers in New York city, thousands of hours of research and interviews has been conducted, scores of books have been written, and countless documentaries and films have been produced in an effort to help us understand how and why terrorists were able to carry out the massacre of nearly 3500 people. Despite the plethora of religious and nonreligious beliefs represented by the friends and family of those who died, one universal belief binds them all: the belief that an unspeakable act of cruelty has changed our nation and our people for all time....   [tags: Helen Whitney, transcendentalism]

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Stand Your Ground Laws

- To begin, what is the “Stand Your Ground Law”. Well many states such as: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia have stand your ground laws which state that individuals do not have to retreat before using force in a self- defense situation or many states have laws that are remarkably similar to stand your ground laws....   [tags: State laws, Self Defense Laws]

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Stand Your Ground Law

- Excerpt From: Flip a Coin: Heads, Stand Your Ground is Good Law…Tails, Stand Your Ground is Bad Law I. INTRODUCTION Batman and Spiderman are fictional characters that have been idolized by many people in this country for decades. We dress ourselves and our children as these characters for Halloween. Millions of dollars was made in movies that document and celebrate the “heroic actions” of these characters as vigilantes “fighting crime” with street justice. It is only fitting that state legislatures adopt a law that advocates this type of “heroic action” that is coveted by many, right....   [tags: Florida, coin toss, TV examples]

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Stand Your Ground Laws

- The Stand Your Ground Laws are becoming a hot topic in today’s news. Headlines are flooded with stories about cases around the country. These laws surround everyone from your everyday citizens to prominent sports figures and entertainers. The Stand Your Ground laws provide individuals with certain rights to protect themselves in events where they may feel threatened. It is also known as the Castle Rule, most of the United States have adopted some form of this law to protect its’ residents who may feel the need to use self-defense in situations where they may feel threatened....   [tags: Castle Rule Essays]

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Women in Ground-Combat Units

- ... Another fear some have is a man’s instinct to protect women stopping a unit from completing their mission. A mission can be jeopardized if too many soldiers get injured or killed in action while trying to protect or save a woman in distress. Sexual assault and harassment are major issues being addressed in the debate due to the increase in sexual assault and harassment cases involving enlisted men and women. Some are speculating that by allowing more women in more combat units, sexual assault and harassment cases will increase....   [tags: females in the military]

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Ground Zero, Sacred Territory

- Ground Zero, Sacred Territory This is a comparison paper on modern day sacred secular places versus mythological secular places in history. This report will summarize what elements mythical secular sites have in common. The report will explain how Ground Zero qualifies as a modern day secular site. The significance and functions of the twin towers before the attack will be addressed. Ground zero will be compared with the Areca Tree, noting differences in meaning, function, and common elements. Our modern day secular site is Ground Zero....   [tags: Mythology]

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Tax Reformation Common Ground

- The tax policy in the United States is very confusing. When the tax policy was originally written in 1913 it was four hundred pages. Now, over the past ninety one years, that tax policy has evolved to over 72,000 pages. Since the tax code has become so lengthy and nearly impossible to understand, the topic of tax reform has been in the minds of many. Although, most barely think about tax reform until tax season. It is a controversial subject due to the impact a change in tax code would have on the American people....   [tags: tax policy, United States, american history]

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Aberdeen Proving Ground Investigation

- In 1996, Captain Derrick Robinson, Sergeant Delmar Simpson, and Sergeant Nathanael Beech were arraigned for their suspected involvement in one of the biggest sex scandals the United States Military had seen. According to CNN, between these three men, charges of rape and adultery were pending in a huge case of sexual misconduct against female soldiers at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland (CNN, 2996). Following this incident, the United States Military took it upon themselves to open a telephone hotline to encourage the reporting of similar harsh crimes....   [tags: Military]

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Ground-level Ozone Positioning

- Introduction This September, President Obama issued a request to withdraw the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recommended revision of the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone from 75 parts per billion (ppb) to 60 ppb. In 2013, EPA will be required to review its current ground-level ozone NAAQS again. In order to prepare for the regulatory process, I recommend that the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) oppose the stricter ground-level ozone standard because of the serious burden on business in relation to unclear net benefits to society....   [tags: Background, Regulation Debate, Solution]

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Stand Your Ground?

- There has been much publicity surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin; an unarmed 17-year-old Florida youth shot to death by a neighborhood watch patrolman. On March 19, 2012, The Miami Herald published an editorial that further fueled the flames of racial discrimination and depicted the law enforcement authorities that handled the situation as incompetent. This editorial leads off with, "Law enforcement authorities in the Seminole County community of Sanford have a lot of explaining to do...", follows with, "police Chief Bill Lee vows to follow the evidence, but his department's words and actions up to now only serve to raise more doubts about the investigation" (Miami Herald...   [tags: U.S. Law ]

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The Ground Zero Mosque: An Insult to America

- September 11, 2001, one of the most infamous and controversial dates in the history of the United States will be engraved in the minds of millions forever and is once more a resurfacing issue. On this horrendous date in time, Islamic terrorists hijacked a pair of commercial airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers, murdering thousands and causing millions in damage. Nearly a decade later, an Islamic religious group named the Cordoba Initiative is stirring up more trouble and is planning to construct a mosque within only blocks away from ground zero itself....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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The Stand Your Ground Laws in Florida

- ... As used in this section, the term: “Dwelling” means a building or conveyance of any kind, including any attached porch, whether the building or conveyance is temporary or permanent, mobile or immobile, which has a roof over it, including a tent, and is designed to be occupied by people lodging therein at night. “Residence” means a dwelling in which a person resides either temporarily or permanently or is visiting as an invited guest. “Vehicle” means a conveyance of any kind, whether or not motorized, which is designed to transport people or property (2013)....   [tags: innocence, defensive force]

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Analyzing the Stand Your Ground Law

- ... I personally believe that the first step is to apologize to the families affected by the creation of the law. Secondly, remove the law and replace it with one that doesn’t give so much power to the individual households. If that means having to create a new task force, do it. If that means having to place an official policeman within each community that has Neighborhood Watch, do it. Do whatever needs to be done, but something must be done. However, there are some who believe that the Stand Your Ground Law has ample reason to still be called into play....   [tags: Florida legislation, self protection]

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Is Abortion a Defendable Idea on Moral Ground?

- ... Are these selfish reasons depicting God’s character. And are they guidelines from the Bible. No. Not at all, one hideous sin stems another corrupt practice, abortion. There is a misconception that the unborn child or fetus did not come to life until “quickening” (Tom head 2003) which is a period generally between sixteen and eighteen weeks when the pregnant mother feels the movement of the fetus. Now, the Scripture made reference to Jeremiah that before he was formed in his mother’s womb God had his hands on him....   [tags: religious arguments and beliefs]

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On Common Ground

- On Common Ground The beeping of the metal detector set his mind in motion. And when he carefully uncovered a small metal button, it whispered softly, speaking of a great general, “He possessed every virtue of the great commanders, without their vices.” April 12, 1861- “At 4:30 a.m. Confederates under General Pierre Beauregard open fire with 50 cannons upon Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina; the Civil War begins” (historyplace). There are about twenty lots in our neighborhood; all consist of close to three and a half acres....   [tags: Personal Narrative History Papers]

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Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale

- 1. Ground shaking intensity is defined as the severity of ground motion, i.e. displacement, during an earthquake and is assessed using the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale (MMI). This scale is a good indicator on the effects and earthquake has on the environment and its population. It is based on three features:  People’s perception  Building performance  Changes in the natural environment The MMI is often associated to Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA), which is used to quantify the severity of ground shaking as shown in Table 1....   [tags: Ground Shaking Intensity, Ground Motion]

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Common Ground on the Abortion Issue

- Common Ground on the Abortion Issue      Is there some common ground which both the pro-choice proponents and the pro-life proponents would find palatable. Presently, the situation in the United States, nearly three decades after abortion became legal throughout the nation, seems to be at an impasse. Canada, presented with abortion (now on demand) throughout that nation four years earlier, has a similar situation. It is obvious that the issue of abortion will not just evaporate or go away. So where can both sides find a common ground for overcoming this seeming impasse....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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The Importance of Ground Wate

- The Importance of Ground Water Many people assume that water is an unlimited natural resource. Is this true. Although water appears abundant, recent circumstances indicate that it is seriously vulnerable to pollution and depletion. Throughout this essay we will examine what ground water is, how it is important in the water cycle, how it's contamination can affect us, and what we can do to protect our ground water from contamination. Ground water is the water found in spaces between soil particles and rocks, within cracks of the bedrock....   [tags: Papers]

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The "Stand Your Ground Law" Should Not be a Law

- Seventeen years ago, in a small town towards the southern part of Oregon, Springfield, a well-known mechanic went into a fast-food restaurant, walked behind a man who was eating lunch, and shot him in the back of the head. There had not been any sign of altercation that the man who was shot was carrying a firearm. But the shooter thought that the dead man had threatened his daughter. A local lawyer said that the dead man was in fact “a violent man, a drug dealer by trade.” Some people believe that the shooter should have left the case to the police, the local lawyer said, but the victim should also have “moderated his behavior.” George Zimmerman, a neighborhood-watch volunteer/wanna-be cop,...   [tags: Florida, Civil Rights, Defense]

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Construction of an Islamic Center near Ground Zero

- The approval by the authorities in the United States to build an Islamic cultural center at a location near the spot of the September the eleventh attacks in America resulted in a controversy that touched on the basic rights of Americans protected by the first amendment of the American constitution. The Commission for Landmark Preservation in New York approved the construction of the Islamic center just two blocks away from the site of the World Trade Center because the two buildings torn apart to give way for the construction of the Islamic center were not very distinctive landmarks in Manhattan (Aljazeera)....   [tags: The First Amendment]

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Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water

- Nitrate Contamination of Ground Water The Earth's surface is covered by massive amounts of water, but only a small measure of it is safe for consumption. With a very limited supply, we need to focus our energies on preserving its quality and quantity. Nitrates pose a great threat to our precious groundwater. There are many ways that groundwater can be contaminated, but most aren't nearly as detrimental as an increase in the amount of nitrates within our groundwater. How do nitrates get into the water....   [tags: Ecology Environment Contaminate Essays Papers]

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Analysis of ‘Stand your Ground’ Laws Encourage Vigilantes

- In recent years, American citizens have increasingly felt the need to protect themselves. This has led to laws being established in many states widely known as stand your ground laws. These laws allow citizens to take action if they feel their life is threatened or they are in potential harm, instead of retreating. Without doubt, this has led to much controversy with individuals taking strong stances on both sides of the issue. Some feel it’s a necessity, while others take the opinion that it is unethical and needs to be repealed across all states....   [tags: cynthia tucker,vigilantism,self defense laws]

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Ground Water Contamination and Household Response in Missouri

- There are two sources of drinking water, surface water and ground water and they are each managed, monitored and regulated differently even though the actual water systems are interrelated and integrated. The state of Missouri has historically had plenty of high-quality fresh water sources; in the northern half of the state most of the drinking water comes from surface water while the majority of the southern population gets water from underground aquifers (Missouri Department of Natural Resources, 2010)....   [tags: Water Pollution]

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Networks: From The Ground Up

- Networks: From The Ground Up A network is merely a series of interrelated components, sharing information, linked by one common lifeline, spanning across a large area. When most people think of networks in the computer sense, cyberspace and the internet are usually types of networks that come to mind. However, these are just small pieces that complete the network puzzle. Many other types of networks include Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), and also wireless networks as well....   [tags: Communication Technology Papers]

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Harry Potter's Quidditch Adapted to Play on the Ground

- ... The Seeker’s job is probably the most important one on the team, and it is to catch the Golden Snitch before the opposing team’s Seeker. The Snitch is a small golden ball the approximate size of a walnut 1 inch in diameter with silver wings that move so fast that it nearly impossible to see. Catching the Golden Snitch ends the game and wins 150 points for his or her team. The Harry Potter series made such an impression to fans everywhere that in 2005 Muggle quidditch was created by Alexander Manshel, the first Quidditch Commissioner, at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont....   [tags: quaffle, blunder, snitch]

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The Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF)

- Conventional warfare follows the single battle concept, where two or more well defined forces using weapons that target the opposing force. The contiguous battle-space is well defined with a deep, close and rear area allowing the force commander to array forces that can be visually displayed in a linear graphic. This does not hold true in an unconventional warfare, where the rear area may also be the close and deep fight and forces may target the civilian population either through direct, indirect or propaganda attacks....   [tags: Warfare]

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Ground Floor Customer Service and Marketing Department

- ... Though the connection to that particular computer is broken, the network still operates. Since this computer network is interconnected exclusively within itself, it can be referred to as a Local Area Network. At this point, the definition of a hub is imperative. Quite simply, a hub is a small inexpensive device that joins computers together. Most hubs today use the Ethernet Standard and others the USB standard. The Hub represents layer one and two in the OSI model, also know as the Open Systems Interconnection reference model seen below....   [tags: network, topologies, program]

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Blacklisting of Lexwiz on the Ground of Non-compliance with Qualifying Clauses

- RE: Blacklisting of Lexwiz on the ground of non-compliance with qualifying clauses Date: November 26, 2013 Questions Presented: 1. Can Mr. Shukla approach the supreme court of Jalladpur and challenge the blacklisting of Lexwiz for violation of Art. 14 . 2. Can he approach the High Court of Sardarpura for the same. Short Answer: There was violation of Article 14 within the meaning of principle of natural justice in the process of blacklisting as the client was neither served a notice nor given an opportunity to present his case before the board....   [tags: Legal Method]

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Dante and Machiavelli: What About Middle Ground?

- Dante Alighieri’s Inferno and Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince are both works which rose out of the religiously-minded culture of Italy; but other than that, the two, in terms of message, seem to be as different as night and day, for each is distinct from the other in the how it presents the nature of morality to its readers. To Dante, morality is set-in-stone, something that is absolute in nature and directly correlated with the maintenance of public order; Machiavelli, on the other hand, presents morality as being flexible in nature, a mere institution that is, ultimately, in the eyes of the beholder, as well as one that has no real weight in real world affairs, except for when it can be u...   [tags: inferno, the prince]

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The Ground Work Trust

- The Ground Work Trust The first Groundwork Trust was established 21 years ago on Merseyside. Seventeen years later, there are 44 independent Groundwork companies all over England, Wales and Northern Ireland, each with charitable objectives to bring social and economic regeneration into areas of need. The Groundwork approach has also been adopted in Japan and the USA where the National Park Service is supporting a growing number of Trusts. Groundwork's purpose is "to build sustainable communities through joint environmental action"....   [tags: Papers]

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hamburgers and ground beef

- Hamburgers and Ground Beef Each individual in America has a goal he or she wants to accomplish. Whether it’s to purchase a new car or a huge home, it’s a goal wanted to be reached. However with the amount of fast food that Americans eat today, they will have a hard time accomplishing these goals because of the obesity or even disease they’ll have from the fast food. One major fast food that we like to eat while on the go is hamburgers. If it’s breakfast we grab a burger, if it’s lunch we grab a burger and even when it’s dinner we will grab a burger and might throw in some fires and a huge soda to go with it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Figure-Ground Segmentation

- Figure-Ground Segmentation Several studies have examined that in figure-ground segmentation processes, attention to certain regions tends to cause those regions to be perceived as closer to the observer (Huang & Pashler, 2009). In this experiment we propose that the attention effect can be reversed and that the visual system will choose the interpretation according to the simplicity of the attended regions. The visual system has the ability to detect three-dimensional structures in the absence of mapping between properties....   [tags: Mapping]

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Training Ground For Murderers

- Training Ground For Murderers Continued U.S. support for the School of the Americas, an institution that has trained dictators and political assassins, is completely unjustifiable. At seven o’ clock in the morning on December 11, 1981 an evil force entered the small El Salvadorian village of El Mezote (School of Assasins). With painted faces and army fatigues, the guerillas carried machine guns and automatic rifles into the peaceful village. As survivor Rufina Amaya recounts, “At ten o’clock the soldiers began to kill the men who were in the church....   [tags: History Historical Essays]

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Ground Effect

- The Ground Effect (or Wing in Ground Effect) is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to vortices caused by a difference in pressure between the two sides of a wing. This effect can be very dangerous to inexperienced pilots, but can be utilized by creative engineers. Nearly all pilots have experienced a strange phenomenon during landing. While everything is happening as it should during decent, a 'cushion' of air gets trapped below the wing during the last few meters to the runway. This throws off the rate of decent and can be dangerous if the pilot has already begun to flare up and decelerate for landing....   [tags: physics]

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Dangerous Ground

- Dillion said, “Goodbye, me old son.” His hand found the silenced Walther at his waistband under the tunic at his back, it swung up and he fired twice, each bullet striking Marco in the heart and driving him back. We can see from the previous, that the novel, On Dangerous Ground, is not your average book. On the contrary, it’s the opposite, because it’s filled with murder, betrayal, and lies. This suspenseful novel has a great plot, intriguing characters, and is recommended for young and old adults....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pesticides In Ground Water and Drinking Water

- What is a pesticide?A pesticide is a chemical substance used to kill pests, especially insects. A pesticide is also refered to as a biocide. Most pesticides are applied in spray form but occasionaly you will see pesticides that are in powder or pellet form. Pesticides are used on a variety of things, anything from crops like corn, barley, and wheat, to plants like petunias, marigolds, and rhodadendrons, which are usually found in small gardens greenhouses, and even in your backyard. What is ground water....   [tags: Drinking Water Quality]

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Myne Owne Ground

- Myne Owne Ground Anthony Johnson was a black man who arrived in Virginia around 1621 and was purchased to work as a slave in the tobacco fields of the Bennett Plantation. At that time he was merely known as “Antonio a Negro”, as it wasn’t common for black slaves to have last names. On March 22nd, 1622, an Indian attack on the Bennett plantation left only 12 surviving slaves, one of them being Anthony. In that same year a woman named Mary arrived at the plantation. Being that she was the only woman living at the Bennett plantation in 1625, Anthony could be considered fortunate to have received her as his wife....   [tags: American History Slavery]

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Germany as Fertile Ground for Luther's Message

- Germany as Fertile Ground for Luther's Message On 31st October 1517, All Saints Eve, Martin Luther (a monk and lecturer at the University of Wittenburg in Northern Germany) took the fateful step of nailing a sheet of 95 Theses, or arguments against indulgences, to the door of Wittenburg Castle Church. Following this simple act, there came massive repercussions; indeed, a reformation of the entire German Church followed. The news of Luther's act of rebellion spread through Germany rapidly, and caused an almost immediate response....   [tags: Papers]

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Myne Own Ground by T.H. Breen

- Myne Own Ground by T.H. Breen T.H. Breen’s book “Myne Owne Ground” brings about a different perspective of what living in the south and being black was like. It shows how a black was capable of great things and able to amass wealth equal to that of wealthy white gentlemen but is never recognized for it. Unlike other history books this one doesn’t go on about slavery and it cruelty but instead offers a few examples of the accomplishments blacks were capable of. One such example was that of a man named Anthony Johnson who was able to escape slavery and establish himself as a hard working man and then later on as a land owning free black....   [tags: Race and Freedom on Virginia’s Eastern Shore]

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Dugway Incident of 1969

- My research paper is on Dugway Proving Ground incident of 1969. The incident actually took place in March of 1968. What happened in 1969 was that President Nixon reaffirmed the “no first use, retaliate in kind” which became a national policy for the employment of chemical weapons. (Mauroni, Al, p. 33) The incident involved the killing of 6,000 sheep according to The Salt Lake Tribune. A deadly nerve agent known as VX had drifted off the reservation contaminating the sheep feeding area. The Army conducted investigations to show that they had nothing to do with the death of those sheep....   [tags: Dugway Proving Ground Incident]

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Sudan´s Fresh Water Supply

- 1.0 Introduction Water is one very essential resource for human existence. It accounts for about two thirds of the earth surface with a volume of about 1.4 billion cubic centimeter. About 97 percent of the total earth’s water is salt water from the ocean with only a minute percentage existing as freshwater accessible for direct human consumption. Freshwater is found in lakes, rivers, reservoirs and underground sources some of which are shallow enough to be tapped at an affordable cost. The lack of portable drinking water needs not be overemphasized as more than 1.2 billion people in the world lack access to clean drinking water (UNDP, 2006)....   [tags: Middle East, Ground Water]

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Explaining Ground Rules, Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Lecturer at Graham College

- ... Through this activity learners would feel more engaged in the process and would more likely to adopt and agreed these ground rules. As the group tutor I would also ensure the ‘common’ ground rules indicated above where included into the discussions and encourage participation by introducing ‘individual targets’ against which the learners could benchmark themselves throughout the learning journey. As a tutor Grantham College I need to deliver complex technical knowledge at all levels and provide a duty of care....   [tags: the teaching cycle]

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Weak Claims in Article ‘Stand your Ground’ Laws Encourage Vigilantes

- In recent years American citizens have increasingly felt the need to protect themselves. This has led to laws being established in many states widely known as stand your ground laws. These laws allow citizens to take action if they feel their life is threatened or they are in potential harm, instead of retreating. Without doubt this has led to much controversy with individuals taking strong stances on both sides of the issue. Some feel it’s a necessity, while others take the opinion that it is unethical and needs to be repealed across all states....   [tags: Recism, Discrimination, Guns]

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The Old Hunting Ground by Worthington Whittredge and Home in the Woods by Thomas Cole

- After touring the Reynolda House and reviewing all the choices, two pieces really stood out to me. The Old Hunting Ground by Worthington Whittredge and Home in the Woods by Thomas Cole where those pieces. These paintings both have their similarities, but yet at the same time have their individual differences. The Old Hunting Ground was created in 1864, while Home in the Woods was composed in 1847. That is a difference of 17 years making Home in the Woods older obviously. Both of these paintings share the mediums of oil on canvas....   [tags: landscape painter, foreground, background]

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The Laws Regarding Stand Your Ground Not Being Equally Applied

- Trayvon Martin was shot and killed on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch coordinator. The laws regarding Stand your ground was only applying to Mr. Zimmerman and he was acquitted on July 13, 2013. Why did this law only apply to George Zimmerman and not Trayvon Martin. Debate Final The night of February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin was visiting with his father, he had been suspended from school for a third time. He had troubles in his junior year of high school for tardiness, drug paraphernalia, and vandalism....   [tags: neigborhood watch coordinator]

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Incipient: Fictional Narrative

- The sword clanked to the floor. The blade seeped back into the cavern's dirt ground. I stepped back while the other was draining energy by the second. I fell to my knees. Off to the side, I saw her, probably out cold. The man spoke "Danny Ignis. I thought you'd be a tougher challenge." I just kneeled there, hoping for death it seemed like. Then, I managed a smile. "Why are you laughing child!" He bellowed through the cavern I stood back up, with my eyes a crimson, bloody red. A spark flickered on my palm then morphed into a fire....   [tags: flame, ground, syringe]

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Tree Pruning and Removal from Power Lines in Topeka

- Wouldn’t it be difficult living without electricity. We live in a world where technology is constantly being innovated; therefore I feel it would be. In Topeka, especially on the eastern side of town, buildings are old and so are the power lines that energize them. These lines were designed based on the design of the infrastructures that were built around the same time. Since then a lot of development has occurred and has since caused problems due to power lines being above ground. The general design was based on tracing developments via easements and sidewalks....   [tags: power, lines, ground, storm, outages]

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Color of Lights, Questions and Answers

- ... The answer to the question is that the photos made with longer focal lens have very weak impression of depth. So the longer focal lens the weaker impression of the depth. 4. What else changed. More objects will be shown on the picture made with a short lens, thus the shorter focal lens the more angle of view, the more background objects will be on the picture. 1.How are the colors rendered in your pictures. As the day progress the light changes in intensity, creating changes in the appearance of color....   [tags: short lens, back ground objects]

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Expanding the Common Ground of the World's Mystical Traditions

- Expanding the Common Ground of the World's Mystical Traditions missing works cited ABSTRACT: This paper addresses religious epistemology in that it concerns the assessment of the credibility of certain claims arising out of religious experience. Developments this century have made the world’s rich religious heritage accessible to more people than ever. But the conflicting religious claims tend to undermine each religion’s central claim to be a vehicle for opening persons to ultimate reality. One attempt to overcome this problem is provided by "perennial philosophy," which claims that there is a kind of mystical experience common to all religious traditions, an experience which is an immedia...   [tags: Culture Globalization Essays]

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Why Star Wars was such a Ground Breaking Movie

- Why Star Wars was such a Ground Breaking Movie There are many reason for ‘Star Wars’ being such a ground breaking movie. ‘Star Wars’ is a science fiction film, a science fiction includes new world and civilisations that are discovered and aliens are featured in a lot of science fiction films, the setting of the films are usually set in the future and where the world is in danger. There are some characters that are computer generated and they sue special effects for fighting scenes when they use lasers....   [tags: Papers]

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Lab Report Extracting Lipids from Ground Nutmeg

- Lab Report Extracting Lipids from Ground Nutmeg I. Introduction In this experiment, lipids from ground nutmeg are extracted using a combination of solvents and identify the lipids through chromatography. The purpose of using solvent combinations is to elute the lipids based on their polarity to binding of the silica gel. The chromatography is performed on a silica gel plate and the use of iodine to visualize the lipids. By calculating the Rf values for each compound and comparing them to the known lipids, we are able to distinguish the lipids within the grounded nutmeg....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploitation of Grief and Loss of 9/11

- ... She always turns away the reporters who still call her claiming that she “[doesn’t] want to talk about it yet”(144). April resists public modes of grieving in favor of the more intimate, personal, and domestic setting with someone she knows. She is surprised and a little repulsed that life did not stop after 9/11. That “stores would never open again” that “businesses [would] shut down” that “lawyers quit their practices and run into the woods” (145). Instead life went on. Rather than stop and grieve, Americans rushed to return to normalcy and sought to commercialize grief in newspapers like they did “movie reviews” or “the bridge column” (145)....   [tags: World Trade Center, ground zero, attacks]

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Legislation After The September 11th Attacks

- Post 9/11 Legislation Following the traumatic events and the feelings that surrounded the American public legislators and politicians took advantage of their fear and angry, directing these feelings to pass unconstitutional and constitutional legislation alike that drastically changed the lives of Americans. Changes from the 9/11 attacks ranged from changing American legislation to changing our way of life. The tragic events affected American lexicon, air travel, legislation, immigration, vacation/world travel and American Muslims way of life, 9/11 changed the personal lives of people and also affected them through the political sphere, the events that took place that day have had a heavy...   [tags: al-Qaeda, taliban, ground zero, radicalism]

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The Day the World Stopped Turning

- Five hundred thousand dollars is the estimated amount of money it cost to plan and implement the death of 2,977 people ( 500,000 dollars is the amount of money that changed one nation forever. For some, it is hard to believe that this America is the same country as it was 12 years ago. In some ways, it is, but in most ways, the pre-september-11 America is almost a completely different America than the post 9/11 America. This country has changed in almost every way it can: technology, government, traditions, education, and economy....   [tags: before 9/11, bin laden, ground zero]

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The Application of Model Predictive Control (MPC) to Fast Systems Like Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV)

- Car-like Vehicle Models A car-like vehicle resembles completely an automobile. It consists of four wheels for locomotion and is capable of being steered from one place to another. Car-like vehicles model can be classified as rear-wheel, front-wheel and four-wheel driving ground vehicles. For a rear wheel drive vehicle, the rear tires handle the engine dynamics while the front only needs to handle the steering forces. Figure 2, depicts the vehicle model schematic for a rear drive vehicle. The states of the model are x = [x y 〖 ]〗^T , where (x; y) are the centre point coordinates of the rear axle,  is the heading angle of the car body with respect to the x-axis....   [tags: mechanics, physics, dynamics]

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Symbolic Interactionism Theory and the Ground of Routine Activities: Ethnomethodology as Portrayed by Harold Garfinkel and Herbert Blumer

- ... He recognizes four main central conceptions about symbolic interactionism crucial to understanding his propositions. People, individually or collectively, are prepared to act based on meanings of objects comprising their world (Blumer, 1969, p. 67). The interactions of persons usually occur in processes where they make indications to one another and interpret each other’s indications. Social actions both individual and collective are constructed through a process in which actors note, assess, and interpret the situations confronting them....   [tags: Interactionism, Psychology]

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The Stomping ground: From Then to Now

- Welcome to my neighborhood, Jamaica, Queens. I’ve been living in this section of Queens all my life. I was raised in a single parent household, which made it difficult to maintain during my childhood. I did not have a father figure in my life, which cheated me out of a lot of experiences growing up. Living in Jamaica, today the atmosphere is much different; I notice a lot of changes throughout my neighborhood. The streets look sanitary, there are no more abandoned buildings or drug addicts on the corners and the list goes on....   [tags: Racism]

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One Battle Ground at a Time

- “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this”. (Albert Einstein quotes on Hemp). The United States of American is the largest customer of illicit drugs in the entire world. With this comes a problem or war per say on illegal activities that are generated by providing this country and its growing market with the supply that it demands....   [tags: Drugs ]

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Gun Control : A Middle Ground

- In 1982, a survey of male inmates from eleven different penitentiaries, stated that sixty-nine percent of the prisoners knew another criminal that had been scared off, wounded, or decided not to commit a crime because they thought the victim had a gun (Agresti and Smith). As The United States heads to the end of 2013, current gun control debates are striking the nation, leaving everyone to develop their own positions on which side of the debate they want to be on. Gun control is defined as efforts to regulate or control sales of guns; however, most of what we hear from other people is that Obama wants to take away every gun in the nation....   [tags: the right to bear arms, second ammendment]

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Ground Zero and Big Brother

- On August 9th of 2001 America suffered from a great tragedy that will never be forgotten. Four commercial jets were hijacked and two were then crashed into the twin towers. The other two were steered off course but still one managed to hit the pentagon. These suicide attacks devastated the nation into grief from all of the innocent lives that were taken away, but can this truly be a terrorist attack. With recently reading the book 1984, I’ve wondered if this event was an accident or was it staged....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Species Diversity and Abundance of Ground Flora in Coppices of Different Ages

- Species Diversity and Abundance of Ground Flora in Coppices of Different Ages Introduction: Coppicing is the removal of the canopy layer - such as hazel, ash and lime to nearly ground level. This provides timber but also allows the trees to re-grow with many more shoots instead of just the one trunk. This cycle takes about ten years which gives the ground layer a chance to flourish. Hypotheses:There will be less species diversity and abundance in the old coppice. Explanation:There are many reasons for my hypotheses which I will try to scientifically prove....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Dermot Bolger’s The Holy Ground and In High Germany

- Comparing Dermot Bolger’s The Holy Ground and In High Germany       Some call it Ireland. Others instead choose to call it the Holy Ground. In the end, it doesn't matter which name is used to refer to the Emerald Isle. To those with Irish heritage, the mere mention of Ireland is enough to evoke many emotions: pride, happiness, nationalism, anger, just to name a few. They feel strongly about the country. It is not just the place where they were born. Love it or hate it, it is home. Dermot Bolger explores the feelings of two Irish in his plays The Holy Ground and In High Germany....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Mothers, Daughters and Common Ground in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club

- Mothers, Daughters and Common Ground in Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club Here is a journey that not only started "a thousand Li away", but from generations upon generations of tradition. The Joy Luck Club travels over time and continents to present the background and turmoil of eight amazing women. All of these women have had to deal with the issues of culture, gender, and family, each in their own way, yet all similarly. Amy Tan dedicates her novel to her mother with the comment "You asked me once what I would remember… This, and much more." Each of the mothers in Tan's novel wanted to teach their daughters the lessons learned in China while giving them the comforts of America....   [tags: Joy Luck Club Essays]

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The Ground-breaking Movie, Philadelphia

- The movie Philadelphia portrays the struggles and eventual passing of Tom Hanks’ character Andrew Beckett as he battles AIDS. According to the textbook, “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which destroys the body’s immune system” (Santrock, 2009). Andrew faces problems not only with his contraction of AIDS, but also with society’s ignorance of the disability. Throughout the movie, instances of prejudice and discrimination can be seen but are ultimately overcome....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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Operation Rolling Thunder

- Introduction Operation Rolling Thunder was an aerial bombing campaign, during the Vietnam War, conducted by the United States Air Force, United States Navy, and the Republic of Vietnam Air Force, from March 2, 1965 to November 2, 1968. Its purpose was to demonstrate America’s air supremacy in an effort to demoralize North Vietnam's Communist leaders (Ho Chi Minh) and to reduce their ability to carry out attacks against South Vietnam, supported by the United States. The four main objectives of this operation were to destroy North Vietnam’s industrial foundation, transportation systems, and air defenses, stop the flow of troops and supplies, to boost the morale of the South Vietnamese and to...   [tags: vietnam war, air ground battle, cold war]

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Stand Your Ground

- In life, it is natural to desire things, whether it is to open doors for one person or being able to see your family once last time. This type of desire has spanned over generations from the 1400s to modern day, from Verona, Italy to outer space. Critically acclaimed William Shakespeare, Pulitzer Prize winner Conrad Ritcher, Tony Award winner William Gibson, and Oscar winner William Broyles Jr. demonstrate an important message in life. Nothing worth having comes easy but you should never give up....   [tags: Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare]

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Our Hearts Fell to the Ground Exam

- Americans have many ideas of freedom, which often were conflicting. The roots of these conflicting ideas were often based on race and stunted our growth as a country. Although much of the focus in U.S history has been placed the conflicting ideas of White American freedom and African-American freedom, another main conflict was between Whites and Native Americans. White Americans believed that freedom was the right to own property, economic autonomy, and the right to participate in democratic elections....   [tags: Native Americans]

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Finding Common Ground for Christianity and Science

- Isaac Newton, the superb scientific genius who discovers calculus, believed in God (Hummel) and Nicolaus Copernicus, a Polish astronomer who proposes the heliocentric model of the solar system, had the faith and gets a layover (Poythress). In this modern era, science has shaped human lives in exceptional ways; through science, human can learn the medical knowledge, transportation development such as: cars and airplane, as well as other remarkable innovation. However, in olden days when science has not become the answer to the unknown, humanity seeks help and explanation in religion....   [tags: Big Bang theory was God's creation]

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Fertile Ground and Difficult Lifestyle in Angola

- ... Angola has a very large variety of food consisting of flour, beans, rice, meat, fish, and chicken and with vegetables consisting of sweet potato leaves, tomatoes, onions and okra. Angola also has a variety of different kinds of sauces and different types of spices. In Angola there are two main biome types, savannah and woodlands....   [tags: biome, poverty, agriculture]

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Abortion: Common Ground Must Be Found

- Consider for a moment a society in which there are no rules or laws. A society in which everyone is allowed to do what they please whenever they feel like it without any consequences. The world would be in a state of chaos. In order to maintain order and implement laws we use a set of morals to judge what actions are permissible and which are not. Through evaluating their actions and the outcomes of these actions, humans begin to develop morals. However, to fully understand the consequences one must first claim responsibility for her actions....   [tags: abortion, argumentative, persuasive]

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Marijuana Today: The Under Ground Market

- The underground market allows the trade of illegal goods and services. Within this market there are many goods traded. Americans use fuel, weapons, animals for medicine, and alcohol to boost the economy growth as well as satisfy the needs of citizens. Yet, one of the goods in the underground market generates billions of dollars and it isn’t legal for us throughout the U.S. due to its effects on humans and it’s heavily supported opposition spanning from parents to some doctors. The illegal good that is being talked about is the one drug that most teens and college students are exposed to daily: marijuana....   [tags: illegal goods and services, fuel, weapons]

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Excavating an African Burial Ground: Lack of Funding Could Mean Loss of Information Forever

- Excavating an African Burial Ground: Lack of Funding Could Mean Loss of Information Forever As children growing up in the United States, educated through our public schools, we learned about the institution of slavery, which was an integral part of life in our country for nearly 300 years. We do not usually question the historical facts we learned about slavery or ask how we know so much about the history of these people (the enslaved Africans in America) who left behind so little written record....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Character of the City Boston in J Anthony Lukas' Common Ground and Richard Broadman's Mission Hill and the Miracle of Boston

- The Character of the City Boston in J Anthony Lukas' Common Ground and Richard Broadman's Mission Hill and the Miracle of Boston In this course we have learned that a city's character is "a legacy for seeing, interpreting, exploiting, and transforming its social, cultural and political opportunities as a physical community." How is it possible for a city like Boston to have character. Well, the institutional and cultural continuity along with the resistance and reconstruction of culture has allowed the character of Boston to be defined simply by the underlying idea of conflict....   [tags: Papers]

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Social Interaction Will Lay the Ground Work for Our Futures

- Lev S. Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory is a sound theory in early childhood education that incorporates three main elements and three main concepts towards effective cognitive development that this author will later discuss in more detail. Vygotsky’s theory is effective with young children because proving evidence suggests how his practice of his theory precisely connects to the needs and characteristics of a young child. By providing creative and novel examples this author will present her understanding of developmental practices which clearly and precisely connect Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory to multiple influences on development and learning; to include but are not limited to incorpora...   [tags: Lev S. Vygotsky, Sociocultural Theory]

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Operation Revolution: Cyber and Ground Protests for Human Rights

- Anonymous is an online group in which the majority of its members work just for “lulz” or fun and often hurt people in the process. But there are some members that truly want to serve for the better of society and the world. While Anonymous aims to make all information free, these members especially dedicate their work to implement and protect freedom of expression/speech and information all around the world. Furthermore, they aim for revolution (Olson). These members’ efforts provide support to protestors, shout out at oppressive governments, free information and voices, and heroize Anonymous members, effectively creating social change and speeding the revolutions around the world and withi...   [tags: revolutionary hactivism, anonymous]

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The Old Testament: A Common Ground Among Religion

- Religion is a common theme that has bridged together people from all races and backgrounds. It has provided people with meaning and it has given hope to the hopeless. Religions have transcended culture and time untying people who believe in a higher power and choose to put their lives in the hands of the divine. Although all religions practices and styles of worship are not the same. Religions serve a greater purpose in directing people to pursue a moral and courageous life. All world religions focus on living a holy life to please and glorify some kind of deity....   [tags: Religion]

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