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Rita M. Gross' Feminism and Religion

- In her book Feminism and Religion, Rita M. Gross provides readers with an introduction to the need for, and benefits of, androgynous scholarship in the field of religious studies. Gross strives to make readers aware of the dangers of androcentric, Eurocentric scholarship. Moreover, she advances the claim that, “properly pursued, the field of religious studies involves study of all major religions found in human history” and an equal representation of both men’s and women’s religious experiences (Gross 1-4)....   [tags: Rita Gross Feminist Papers]

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Philippe Gross's The Tao of photography: seeing beyond seeing

- In Philippe Gross's book "The Tao of photography: seeing beyond seeing" Gross emphasizes, through his photography and other more well known photographers works, the Taoist philosophy and wisdom. I found this books message not only creative ,but both inspirational and instructional. He couples photographic works with informational text to help more deeply understand his philosophy. Gross emphasizes creativity and heightened awareness rather than formal techniques. Straying away from formal techniques is something that I feel I have been trying to do when I take pictures....   [tags: Photography Philippe Gross]

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The Gross Domestic Product Of Education

- ... Immediately programs went into action to tackle the disparities. Implementing the Recovery Act not only gave tax credits, and over 2.4 billion dollars in educational grants, the Making Work Pay tax credit expanded Medicaid by issuing forty billion dollars to it. Money was being disbursed more evenly in places that have the greatest effect on societies. Congress began passing laws on health care that would prevent anyone from being denied coverage from any previous exemptions. The Troubled Asset Relief Program helped boost credit for small businesses....   [tags: Barack Obama, President of the United States]

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Short Story : ' Gross '

- ... As I backtracked, I saw Trudy on the staircase talking to Edwin. When I called her name she jumped. “Trudy, your class is this way,” I said, as I pointed in the direction I had just come from. After Edwin wrote something down on a piece of paper, Trudy took it and stuffed the paper into the back pocket of her skin tight jeans. I could have choked her but instead of doing that, I showed her to class and walked as fast as I could to my homeroom. Before I opened the door, I took a deep breath and entered the class....   [tags: Mind, English-language films, 2005 albums]

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The Gross Legalization Of Illicit Substances

- ... partly because criminal organizations seeking to control drug supplies use force to manage their markets” (Wilson 561). The legalization of drugs would bankrupt this black market, thereby dismantling the drugs rings, and forcing those involved in illegal drug trade to seek honest work. American history has proven this with the case of the Prohibition of Alcohol. When Prohibition ended, alcohol-related crime came to a grinding halt, because customers had no reason to purchase alcohol from the underground market....   [tags: Drug, Illegal drug trade, Drug addiction, Heroin]

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Being Human By Richard Gross

- ... According to Gross, language is part of the human nature, with speech the ‘default option’ meaning that children with normal brains and raised under normal circumstances acquire speech. Language learned depends upon the environment in which a child is raised. For instance, children in different parts of the world learn to talk their native language primarily by imitation. Small children engage in conversations with each other. They see and hear people especially parents talk, and they mimic that behavior....   [tags: Brain, Human brain, Psychology, Human]

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Impacting Gross Domestic Product

-   Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the aggregate market values of goods and services generated by workers and capital during a certain period of time within a nation (one year for the United States). The Bureau of Economic Analysis releases quarterly reports to describe how the economy grew from the previous quarter. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “GDP can be viewed in terms of the expenditures categories that compromise its major components: personal consumption expenditures, private domestic investment, net exports of goods and services, and government consumption expenditures and gross investment” (2011)....   [tags: Economics]

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Annual Gross Domestic Product

- Question 1 1. Annual Real GDP growth rate An increase in the market value of goods and services produced in an economy over time is defined as economic growth. Economic growth is usually measured as the percent rate increase in real gross domestic product, or real GDP ( growth). To know what is happening in economic activities if prices are changing over time, growth is calculated in real terms. Meaning that inflation has to be adjusted to eradicate the effect of inflation on the price of goods produced....   [tags: economic studies]

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Gross Domestic Product

- Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted’ a famous quote by Cameron (1963) which is very insightful and interesting. He explains what many in the 21st century are trying to do so as well, and reminds us that there are many things which have more to them than what we count them for in our books. GDP is essentially measuring and counting all of the economic output/input of an economy in terms of money. In this essay I will be addressing the key terms and explaining how GDP is a good measure in some ways, but does not fully reflect the reality of wealth and wellbeing....   [tags: Wealth, Welfare, Measurement Tools]

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The Gross Structure for the Main Body System

- In this assessment i will be outlining the gross structure for the main body system, i am going to produce diagram of each of the main body systems by giving reasons on them. As well as i will be covering the main points on P3. · Cardiovascular · Respiratory · Digestive · Renal · Nervous · Endocrine · Reproductive · Lymphatic · Musculo-skeletal · Immune Cardiovascular System The main responsibility for cardiovascular system for supplying oxygen around the body, as well as it transport nutrients and removes waste material from the body and also the carbon dioxide from the cells, this cardiovascular s...   [tags: system, body, responsibilites]

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a Nation

- GDP Gross domestic product (GDP) of a nation is comprised of four primary components. These components; consumption, investment, government spending and net exports are the measure of the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country's borders in over a given period of time. This can be broken down in any time frame but is normally used quarterly and annually. The GDP can be calculated as; GDP (Y) = consumption (C) + investment (I) + government spending (G) + net exports (NX) or Y=C+I+G+NX....   [tags: consumption, investment, government spending]

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An Epidemic of Gross Proportions: American Obesity

- ... "I see them everywhere I go, it's like I can't get away from them. I have to pay extra for first class plane tickets so I don't end up wedged between the window and the fat rolls of the gluttonous mess fastened beside me." Brenner recently proposed a bill to Congress which would establish a boycott on all obese businesses, defined as establishments owned by a person with a body mass index of greater than 25. "We need to show these human circus tents we mean business. We must stand up for our rights....   [tags: obese, society, food, energy]

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Components of Gross Domestic Product (GPD)

- Components of GDP “Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time” (Mankiw, 2012, p. 200). With such a significant amount of items to choose from in order to calculate GDP and bring some type of order to the process there is four key components when added together make up GDP. The four components are consumption, investments, government purchases, and net exports. All of the components have a significant impact on our daily lives, so let’s dive into each one individually and provide an example of each, as well as explain how each item affects daily life....   [tags: consumption, government purchases, exports]

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The Gross Clinic

- In 1874, Thomas Eakins took a second course in anatomy at Jefferson Medical College. He attended surgical lectures and clinics presided over by Professor Samuel D. Gross. Eakins painted “The Gross Clinic,” to show the emotion involved in medical procedures. It appears as if the doctors performing the surgery have emotionally removed themselves from the situation at hand. By removing themselves from the emotional aspects of the surgery, the doctors can complete the task much easier than they would have been able to do if they had become emotionally attached to the patient....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dividend Gross-Up Tax Rule

- Dividend Gross-Up The dividend gross-up is a multiple used to calculate what the shareholders owe in tax from the dividends they received from Canadian-Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC). Income within a corporation is taxed first at the organizations’ level then the after-tax proportion is taxed additionally in the hands of the shareholders at the individual’s level. The gross-up amounts in 2013 for eligible dividends was 138% and for non-eligible dividends was 125%. Each province varies in rates of corporate and personal taxes, so there are no absolute savings across Canada....   [tags: Taxation and Tax Planning]

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Does Your Company Contribute to "Gross National Happiness?"

- ... Citizens might make products that let them pay for housing and food, but if medical care is unaffordable, sickness may drag down the population's overall happiness. All of this is important for your company, because if people aren't happy, just as they might decide to leave a city or country, they might leave your business. Soon after, even companies with high profits might see their bottom line shrink. Poor customer service might make your customers less happy. Due to this, it's important for you to consider not only how your business contributes to Gross National Product, but, to coin a phrase from Bhutan's King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, "Gross National Happiness"....   [tags: money, health, community]

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- A GROSS FORM OF DELIGHTFUL SATIRE "The stoical scheme of supplying our wants by lopping off our desires, is like cutting off our feet when we want shoes." -Jonathan Swift "We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love on another." -Jonathan Swift Like all true satirists, Swift was predominantly a moralist, one who chastises the vices and follies of humankind in the name of virtue and common sense. Throughout his writing, Swift constantly raised the question of whether the achievements of civilization-its advancing technology, its institutions, its refinement of manners-cannot be seen as complex forms of barbarism....   [tags: essays papers]

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How the Underground Economy Effects Gross Domestic Product

- From the past mobsters swarming New York City, to the modern day thugs in today’s contemporary world, the informal economy or more commonly known as the underground economy has existed. The Informal economy has been an issue that many economists cannot distinguish as to whether it will positively or negatively have an impact on our world then or today. The informal sector of the economy includes ranges to a variety of different goods and services that are not recorded, legal, or illegal. Some illegal activities involve the purchase, sale, and transport of drugs in addition to prostitution and guns, while others are conduct off the book transactions, “which is income from legal sources, often...   [tags: Employment Rate, Off The Book]

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The Correlation of Gross Domestic Product and Intelligece Quotient

- There may be a correlation between the gross domestic product and the overall intelligence quotient however, the reliability amongst other nations show various inconsistent correlations. A GDP represents the total value of goods produced and provided by a specific country annually. Although, the GDP also relates to the amount of natural resources found within the specific country and can provide for other nations. The gold-mining industry in South Africa, the technological industry in Japan and other Asian countries are some possible good or products that can be distributed amongst other nations....   [tags: wealth, nations, resources, score]

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Human Development: Gross and Fine Motor Skills

- Development begins in the womb. The fetus develops organs and grows many times its size during this time. Once the child is born it is even more important that the environment helps with normal infant physical and mental growth. At birth, infant senses function through eyes, ears, nose, and tongue. Through these senses they explore their world and sensations occur. Perception occurs when the brain processes these sensations. Infant movements are involuntary (reflexes). Reflexes help the infant survive until they gain control of their body and can make movement for themselves....   [tags: fetus, child, womb]

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Gross Anatomy of the Lungs

- Gross Anatomy of the Lungs An accurate and complete model of the branching pattern of the human bronchial tree remains elusive, though several different models have been described (Phillips et al, 1994). The most useful and widely accepted approach remains that of Weibel (Weibel, 1963; Weibel, 1991), who numbered successive generations of air passages from the trachea (generation 0) down to alveolar sacs (generation 23). This “regular dichotomy” model assumes that each bronchus regularly divides into two approximately equal-size daughter bronchi; it is unlikely to be tru in practice where bronchus length is variable, pairs of daughter bronchi are often uneq...   [tags: Papers]

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The Differences in Professional Opinion on Gross Domestic Product

- This paper explores the opinion of different professionals in the area of economics and the truth behind GDP. Their opinion differ from it would be excellent to really determine and account for what people are consuming and what are the population spending on. The other side of the argument establishes that bring in new factors such as expenditures for research and development for entertainment, literary, and artistic originals as fixed investments will only make the government ignore the reality of the country’s economy....   [tags: economy, markets, value]

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Gross Negligence and Recklessness

- Gross Negligence and Recklessness In imposing criminal liability for a failure to recognise the risks, obvious to a reasonable person, there are at least two factors: the level of risk involved The seriousness of the potential harm Only where the possible harm is more serious and the risk is more obvious, do we distinguish recklessness from carelessness and impose liability. In assessing this, other issues may come in: The social utility of the action Thus, the surgeon who performs a necessary but dangerous operation may realise that there is a high probability of serious harm or even death but we do not blame him or her if the operation fails - we bala...   [tags: Papers]

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An Analysis of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

- An Analysis of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The current state of the economy in the United States has been slow in recent months. While the economy is not currently in a recession, we may eventually fall victim to the first recession we’ve had in nearly ten years. The economy in general is showing growth, just not much. It will be difficult to predict what exactly will happen to the US economy in the future. Many economists do not agree on what will become of the economy. Some feel that we will begin a recession over the next year, and some feel that there is significant policy implementation that will allow us to dodge a recession and regain our economic strength....   [tags: GDP Economy Economics essays papers]

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Analysis of Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland by Janet Gross

- Most narratives out of the Holocaust from the Nazis point of view are stories of soldiers or citizens who were forced to partake in the mass killings of the Jewish citizens. Theses people claim to have had no choice and potentially feared for their own lives if they did not follow orders. Neighbors, The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, by Jan T. Gross, shows a different account of people through their free will and motivations to kill their fellow Jewish Neighbors. Through Gross’s research, he discovers a complex account of a mass murder of roughly 1,600 Jews living in the town of Jedwabne Poland in 1941....   [tags: murder, citizens, move on]

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Critique of Dress Smart Men by Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone

- II. Summary of Major Ideas Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone, in their book Dress Smart Men, layout their view on how men should dress for success in the business world. The book details how to dress at three stages in your career: getting a job, succeeding in your job, and obtaining a better job. Although Dress Smart Men is laid out in these three sections, the authors discuss their dress philosophy throughout the book. One important point they make is that it is important to dress well because others will judge you, consciously and subconsciously, based on how you dress....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, and a Healthy Gross Domestic Product

- Economic Health/Fiscal Policies and Federal Reserve/Monetary Policies Paper Understanding Gross Domestic product is central for understanding the business cycle and the progression of long-run economic growth (Hubbard & O’Brien, 2011, p. 631). The GDP is defined as the value-added of all goods and services produced in a given period of time within the United States (2008). The GDP is widely used as an gauge economic wellness and health of the country. What the GDP represents has a hefty impact on nearly everyone within our economy....   [tags: Economics]

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How the Gross Domestic Product Plays a Major Part of our Economy

- GDP (Gross Domestic Product) plays a major part of our economy. It is the total market value of all final goods & services produced in a given year by factors of production located within a nation’s borders. It continually changes every year, and it is never known when or how it will change until the end of each quarter. It may rise 3 percent one quarter, and then decline to 2 percent another quarter. There are immense amounts of things that could affect GDP resulting in a decrease in the economy....   [tags: economic analysis]

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Africa Human Development Index (HDI) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

- Africa is the continent with the lowest average amount of development. The cause of the lack of development on the continent is still being debated today. According to Amartya Sen, development is the measure of “freedom”, or the capability to improve one’s situation, in a region. From an economic standpoint, development is determined by two main factors: Human Development Index (HDI) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The low levels of development amongst the African nations lead to social and structural problems such as the uneven distribution of income and the existence of dualism, the economic separation of the urban and rural sectors....   [tags: economic, income, theory]

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Measuring Gross National Product in Poor Countries

- Measuring Gross National Product in Poor Countries Calculating of Gross National Product (GNP) especially in poor countries are largely guesswork and even if they are accurate GNP itself can be a poor measurement of welfare. Discuss this view of the problem of measuring and using GNP statistics. Introduction Gross National Product (GNP) is the term is the total market value of all final goods and services produced by the citizens of a country. It is equal to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) minus the net income of the foreigners....   [tags: Economics Third World]

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Thomas Eakins, Affection for Realism in Paintings

- Going against the crowd challenges perceptions and allows people to be innovative. The ability to create and change people’s perceptions can come with the price of being an outcaste and ostracized if society disapproves. Once rejected by society for his controversial and scandalous artistic styles, today Thomas Eakins is recognized as one of America’s greatest painters for his collective body of work. His body of work combined perception, strength, character, and commitment to achieve realism. Through his paintings and photography Thomas’s interests devoured most of his time as he thoroughly studied the anatomy and muscles of the human body....   [tags: The Gross Clinic, The Agnew Clinic]

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Film Bodies: Genre, Gender and Excess

- Film scholar and gender theorist Linda Williams begins her article “Film Bodies: Genre, Gender and Excess,” with an anecdote about a dispute between herself and her son, regarding what is considered “gross,” (727) in films. It is this anecdote that invites her readers to understand the motivations and implications of films that fall under the category of “body” genre, namely, horror films, melodramas, (henceforth referred to as “weepies”) and pornography. Williams explains that, in regards to excess, the constant attempts at “determining where to draw the line,” (727) has inspired her and other theorists alike to question the inspirations, motivations, and implications of these “body genre”...   [tags: Linda Williams, film, gross]

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Current Industrial And Economic Conditions

- Economists use several indicators to help forecast future economic trends through extensive analysis of current industrial and economic conditions. One of the primary indicators that are used by economists to help determine the health of a country’s economy is its gross domestic product (GDP). GDP can be defined as “the market value of all final goods and services produced in a country during a period of time, typically one year”(Hubbard and O’Brien, 2013). In the United States, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), which is part of the Department of Commerce, calculates the GDP by adding the total personal consumption expenditures of consumers (includes durable and nondurable goods as well...   [tags: Gross domestic product, Macroeconomics]

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Access The Bureau Of Economic Analysis Website

- ... The net exports, is found by subtracting the next export from the important of the same exact nation. Yes, there are many factors enveloped within the calculation of the GDP, however, these portions may be small, yet without these portions, the GDP would be impossible to properly calculate. Let’s begin by understanding the true basis of what the actual GDP is. The GDP is the physical and actual level of production with the nation that we are analyzing. We must be careful of factors though that may hinder that actual cumulative output of said nation....   [tags: Gross domestic product, Economics, Macroeconomics]

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Macroeconomics And Its Effect On The People Of The World

- ... Cyclical unemployment is caused by a drop in the total demand for goods and services in a national economy, also known as aggregate demand (Goodwin, Harris, Nelson, Roach & Torras, 2014, p. 520-521). Along with being unemployed and / or dealing with poverty, one should look how it has affected themselves. Looking previously to the 1930s, a catastrophic event, the Great Depression, caused heartache, lack of security, and instability in families nationwide. The cause of the Great Depression was because of ‘bank runs’; people trying to withdraw their money all at once due to lack of confidence in banks....   [tags: Unemployment, Economics, Gross domestic product]

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The Economic Health Of A Country 's Economy

- ... Quality of life is multidimensional and more robust than economic wealth, especially when measured on a national level. Even when GDP is discussed on an individual level such as Average GDP per capita, it does not adequately capture standard of living for each citizen “We are not even told about the distribution of wealth and income, and countries with similar aggregate figures can exhibit great distributional variations,” (Nussbaum, 126). Indeed GDP, GNP and other similar economic metrics fail to recognize that a country’s economic prosperity does not trickle down in an equal manner across all citizens....   [tags: Gross domestic product, Quality of life]

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Gender Inequality in the Adult Industry

- ... The woman’s voice is overlooked for it’s not about what she wants and instead she has no choice but to give in. Although it may go against what contract states, at the end of the day it’s all about what the man feels comfortable in doing as far as performing goes professional or not. The second issue I mentioned that I would like to shed some light on is whether gay men or straight men earn more money in the adult industry. It is my understanding that this issue in particular is very controversial solely because it is rumored the reason why gay men make more is due pornography’s largest audience targeting men....   [tags: homosexualism, sexism, gross profit, pornography]

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Deinstitutionalization: An American Travesty

- ... Based on these misconceptions, the government concluded that there was no longer a need for the many hospitals and institutions for the severely mentally ill people. In their minds, we now had a way to save an enormous amount of money, as well as provide the mentally ill more freedom and self-sufficiency – they were wrong. Regardless of their options, or their external, community, or family support, the first step in the process of deinstitutionalization was to move all of the severely mentally ill and mentally disabled persons out of every state institution....   [tags: gross injustice, policies, homeless population]

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A Free Market’s Development

- The twentieth century ran by a mainly Keynesian system with a modern mix economy, but now its time for a change. A free market would lead to more establishments of new businesses. In addition, a free market would allow individuals to be compensated based on skills, education and experience. Lastly, the free market economic system would lower the unemployment rate. The development of a complete free market system will lead to the growth of the gross domestic product. The development of a complete free market would strengthen the GDP as the country has a growth in the amount of new businesses established....   [tags: Keynesian System, Gross Domestic Product]

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Strategy And Implementation Of Trulaney Deli And Bakery

- ... First is the location of the Trulaney Deli and Bakery, which is the affluent urban center of Heritage Village of Southlake, Texas. The foot traffic in this area accords both commercial, as well as residential interest in our establishment. The purpose of the promotional objective is, NEW PRICING STRATEGY AND REASONING 4 however, in order to draw new customer interest by extending the target population by an additional ten-mile radius. Secondly, this promotion offers our establishment the opportunity to introduce our gourmet line of products to a larger audience in order to increase sales revenue via these products....   [tags: Marketing, Pricing, Gross margin, Le Cordon Bleu]

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Gdp Is The Highest Priority Upon The Pursuit Of Economic Growth?

- ... According to Beljac (2015a) one is able to determine if a country is in recession if the GDP is decreasing however if the GDP is decreasing in larger amounts it is classified as a depression. Beljac states that a growing economy is when the GDP slowly increases however is an economy is growing at "amount greater than its average or for a longer time period than its average or both" (2015a) it is booming and there is a risk of it suddenly decreasing. The formula to calculate a country 's GDP is; the consumption (C) + investments (I) + government spending (G) + net exports (X - M), therefore GPD=C+I+G+(X-M) (Beljac a, 2015)....   [tags: Gross domestic product, Economics, Economic growth]

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Economic Performance And Standard Of Living Within A Country

- ... There are two primary factors that contribute to fluctuation in GDP per capita: population and GDP (GDP per capita = Real GDP/population). Population size is quite pertinent when understanding a country’s GDP per capita, because the population is divided by the real GDP to calculate the per capita rate. Superficially a country can appear to be wealthy due to its immense GDP; however, due to its population size, the country can have a low level of GDP per capita and thus a low standard of living....   [tags: Gross domestic product, Economic growth, Economics]

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Cost Of Electricity From New Kosovo Power Plant

- ... IEEFA finds that number dubious and has adjusted it to €1.35 billion, although it is likely that the final cost will be higher. Another way to consider the cost of the plant is to add up the cost of construction, financing and subsidies. This gives a clearer idea of how much the plant will actually cost. The Economic Development Minister identified neither the source of the financing for the plant nor the source of any subsidy commitments, though presumably the World Bank would be a major source of subsidies....   [tags: Economics, Economic growth, Gross domestic product]

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Impact Of Global Growth On The Emerging Economies

- ... Since the August inflation report, the movement in advanced economies has turned out to be mostly as expected. While in August, an average growth of the quarterly euro-area around 0.5% was expected, GDP of the advanced economies since August rose by 0.4% in both Q2 and Q3. However, in contrast, a number of economies showed a below par growth than expected, surprisingly including countries like Brazil and Russia with a -7.2% and -7.8% GDP in Q2 respectively. The United States growth exceeded expectations in Q2 with a 3.9% GDP, but quickly regressed in Q3 with a 1.5% GDP reinforcing that output had continued to remain weak in Q3....   [tags: Economic growth, Economics, Gross domestic product]

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Economic Growth And Development Of Australia

- ... The Factor of Productivity: Productivity is an economic measure of output per unit of input. This factor in particular causes fluctuations within an economy’s GDP rate by influencing efficiency over the 5 sectors of the economy. In correlation towards Australia’s current economic growth, the rate and efficiency of production within the Australian businesses impacts the rate of which economic growth can reach. • The Government Sector: - The productivity rate within Australia mainly involves introducing new policies and regulations that help individuals obtain full-time work....   [tags: Economic growth, Economics, Gross domestic product]

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The Principle of Purchasing Power Parity

- Compare and contrast the absolute and relative versions of the principle of purchasing power parity (PPP) and evaluate the principle’s practical usefulness. Definition of Purchasing power parity PPP is an economic theory that states that the price of common goods between two different countries compared should be equal when converted in to a common currency. PPP ratio presents two countries identical products or group of products relative price level difference. The basis for PPP is “law of one price” The law of one price simply states that, in the presence of a competitive market structure and the absence of transport cost and other barriers to trade, identical products which are sold in...   [tags: gross domestic product, law of one price]

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A Universal Health Care System

- ... Only the complete blood count part of the lab work helps tells us the problem, it just adds to the bill. Now we do a CT scan of your stomach to find the problem. The problem could have been found by asking where it hurts, looking for inflammation, and touching the area. Now comes surgery and a hospital stay for 2 to 3 days. Every day while in the hospital they will draw blood. Your bill is emergency room doctor plus the emergency room itself, surgery as well as staff, labs every day, arterial blood gas, chest x-ray plus CT scan and the radiologist to read it, electrocardiogram, the room per day, pharmacy for antibiotics per day, cleaning your room per day, food per day, and doctors that...   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Gross domestic product]

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Female Genital Mutilation: A Gross Violation of Human Rights

- Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has often been viewed as a rite of passage for women in various countries within Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia. However, due to societal norms and pressures, whether it based in culture or religion, forces women to partake in a practice that has serious health risks and takes away the rights of women who believe they have no other choice. The Universal Declaration of Human rights are applicable to all member states including most of the countries that still practice FGM....   [tags: We Must Stop FGM Now]

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Factors Affecting The Economy Of The Country 's Gdp Economic Output

- GPD, these components are 1) Personal consumption 2) Business Investment (near and dear to my Uncle Ed) …3) Government Spending and 4) Net Exports of Goods and Services. The GDP growth rate calculates and determines how fast the economy of any country grows. This is determined by comparing various quarters of the country 's GDP economic output against a particular quarter. The GDP growth rate is the most important indicator of economic health. When the economy is expanding, the GDP growth rate is positive....   [tags: Economics, Gross domestic product, Macroeconomics]

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Twin Peaks: A Short Story as a Sales Clerk

- ... “Well, Katherine, why don’t you follow me and take a look around.” Katherine smiled and followed my lead. I took her to a little expensive corner of the lingerie section and fished out a few bras which were on display. “How do you like these, Ma’am?” I asked, faking a smile. “Yes…yes…these are nice…yes!” She mumbled, flipping through the stuff I had strewn out in front of her. She picked up a pink coloured designer bra and shoved it in front of my face rather emphatically. “I’ll have this one!” Holding the smile on my face with a pseudo cello-tape, I took the piece of undergarment from her and inspected its size....   [tags: breast, manager, boon, gross, bra]

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The Impact On The Global Economy And Key Nations

- ... A fall in spending in rich countries on imports of African and Latin American goods caused a fall in economic activity in these regions of the world as well, since they relied heavily on the sale of their imports to rich countries. 2.4.3 Australia The GFC affected Australia much less than other countries due to stringent and closely followed lending practises by Australian banks to home owners and aversion to engage in sub-prime home loans like the US. In addition, Australia had a smaller degree of connectedness to the rich countries primarily affected by the crisis....   [tags: Economics, Economy, Gross domestic product]

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International Comparisons Between The And The Welfare Of People

- ... (Sen, 1999) implies that growth though GDP helps increase the income per capita and disposable income to allow more opportunities for creative and healthy lifestyles. The rise in income creates a multiplier effect in the circular flow of income and as the strong economic growth increases consumption that then improves the countries tax revenue making it achievable to spend on public services such as health care and education that improves welfare. However, the rise in economic growth doesn’t determine how wealth is then distributed....   [tags: Economics, Gross domestic product, Macroeconomics]

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Pete Singer's Utilitarian Approach to World Poverty

- Between now and tomorrow morning, UNICEF estimates that 22,000 children will die each day due to poverty. The day after tomorrow, 22,000 more children will die, as well as the next day and each subsequent day henceforth throughout 2013. Two million children die from preventable diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea because they cannot afford or do not have access to proper healthcare services. 19 million children around the world remain unvaccinated. The number of human beings dying or suffering from hunger, malnourishment, lack of access to clean water, and preventable disease is staggering....   [tags: International Charities, Gross Domestic Product]

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The Economic Situation Of Indonesia

- ... When using the GDP per capita while taking into account the PPP of Indonesia, we see a drastic increase compared to the regular GDP per capita. Not only is the GDP per capita (PPP) rising every year, Indonesia is also the 10th largest economy when taking into account the purchasing power parity (Indonesia Overview). From the graph above we see how Indonesia’s inflation rate is currently around 4.45% according to the Trading Economics. An inflation rate of 4.45% may seem very high compared to Canada’s current rate of 1.3%....   [tags: Inflation, Unemployment, Gross domestic product]

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Australia And Vietnam 's Economic Factors That Affect The Income Of A Country

- ... GNP of Vietnam is 455 billion PPP dollars and GNP of Australia is 981.8 PPP dollars. Economic growth rate is the rate of change in real GDP from one year to another. Vietnam economic growth rate is 5.4%, which is approximately 2 times higher than it is in Australia, 2.5%. Inflation rate is the level of raising prices of goods. Inflation rate results to the purchasing power of currency decreasing. To run the economy smoothly, inflation should be limited. In 2013, the inflation in Vietnam was 6.6% but it falled down dramatically and become 0.63% in 2015....   [tags: Gross domestic product, Economic growth, Economics]

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Thailand 's Economic Performance Analysis

- ... 145; Conerly, 2015). In addition, Rodrik (2003) explains that labour, physical capital, and human capital are the main determinants used in an economy to produce total output. Therefore, the indicator of productivity can be seen from the trend of annual GDP growth as GDP refers to “the total dollar value of all final goods and services produced in a country during a year” (Kennedy, 2010, p. 24). Looking at the Thai economic performance, it can be seen from the figure 1 that Thai economy showed a fluctuation growth for the period of 2006 to 2014 and in the last two years (2013 and 2014) the growth plunged from 7.3 per cent in 2012 to 2.8 per cent in 2013 and ended up to just below 1 per c...   [tags: Economic growth, Economics, Gross domestic product]

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Use of Statistics to Analyze the Motion Picture Industry

- Report on the Motion Picture Industry The motion picture industry is just like any other industry and to be successful it must turn a profit on the movies it creates and produces. Everyone loves movies and the motion picture industry does everything in its power to produce movies that will bring in millions of dollars in profits. The motion picture industry has created high grossing movies such as Spider-Man 3 with a total gross of $336,530,303 as well as flops such as Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure, which only brought in $23,746,066....   [tags: descriptive statistics]

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Motion Picture Industry: Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and Iron Man

- Motion Picture Industry “Descriptive statistics lays the foundation for all statistical knowledge, but it is not something that you should learn simply so you can use it in the distant future, it will be used now” (Hill, n.d., para. 5). Gaining an understanding of the most basic form of statistics is crucial, some of the topics that we will focus on are the measures of location, range, quartiles, standard deviation, outliers, and correlation coefficient. Taking into consideration the movie industry and data collected for a sample of 100 motion pictures produced in 20XX the goal is to build a report that contains a 5-number summary for total gross, opening gross, weeks, and theatres for ind...   [tags: sales, statistics, theatres]

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The Minutemen And Their World : Book Review

- ... Minutemen drilling more than the usual. Town politics focused on intercolonial affairs than local ones. Local government had a lot of power. People were loyal to the King. Concord started to resent British when they imposed the stamp act, stationing troops in Boston, tea act, and the powder alarm/false British invasion alarm (which was why the minutemen were established) the people were changing prior to the war. Gross takes a different perspective on the American Revolution explaining it’s effect on the everyday life of those in Concord, MA....   [tags: American Revolutionary War, Continental Army]

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Higher Value Equates to Higher Profit

- ... London Biscuits = 21,429,176/182,055,132 x 100 = 11.77% The net profit margin of London Biscuits had reached 11.77%.So, the company achieving RM11.77 net profit for every RM100 of sales revenue generated before interest and taxes. Compare & Comment Net profit margin is also a method to compare a company in different industries for the purpose to estimate which industries are more profitable. In addition, higher net profit margin shows that the company is good in converting revenue into actual profit....   [tags: finances, debt, efficiency]

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The Minutemen And Their World

- ... Gross argument isn 't persuasive because his evidence sabotages the revolutionary character of the war, because what Gross actually demonstrates is that long-term patterns (dating back as far as the early 1760s) set these changes in motion. In fact, the various "revolutions" that visited Concord culminated during the early 1800s. It 's an account of one town situated on the crossroads of history, and what life was like for those living there at that time. It discusses internal political dynamics, family dynamics, and how these both mirror and shape Concord 's actions leading up to, during, and immediately after the Revolutionary War....   [tags: American Revolutionary War, Continental Army]

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My Interview on How a Fitness Club Owner Deals with Public Relations

- ... His company doesn’t tolerate the word “can’t”, which means, “I don’t want to”, which means he focuses more on developing confidence in clients so that they say “I can”. Most importantly RJG Fitness is a business of integrity. Mr. Gross said he serves his clients as if we were serving God. He focuses on being punctual and ensuring his clients feels that they made a great choice in investing in RJG Fitness. The ultimate purpose of his company is to win souls to Christ; this can be achieved through being loving and open to assist even if the outlet comes through exercise....   [tags: training, exercise, athletes]

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Essay on Manipulation through Language in The Memorandum

- Manipulation through Language in The Memorandum     How one utilizes language to perpetuate certain images or perspectives can greatly influence the way people think. One can use language to manipulate the minds of others and bring them under some form of subjugation. In Vaclav Havel's The Memorandum certain characters use this tactic of manipulation through different means that involve language, and in the process, they gain the authority or recognition they are seeking. Ballas promotes the new creation of the synthetic language, Ptydepe, which reduces humans by mechanizing them for the purpose of a more scientific and efficient system of communication....   [tags: Memorandum]

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The Appeal Of The Androgynous Man

- “The Appeal of the Androgynous Man” This article was published in Mademoiselle in 1976 for young female readers by Amy Gross. In this article Gross compares androgynous men to the all-man man. Gross talks about the advantages of the androgynous man as compared to the all-man man. There are advantages and disadvantages to every man. Seems as though Gross is in favor of the androgynous man and she tends to bash the all-man man. Gross describes the Androgynous man as being a self-amused, less inflated, more quirky, vulnerable and responsive man....   [tags: essays research papers]

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High Stakes Accountability, Equity Initiatives

- ... Accordingly, because of the importance of an individual’s orientation during moderate, severe, and extreme turbulence, Shapiro and Gross (2013), then, are suggesting that “When thinking of positionality as developed in Turbulence Theory, it is important to understand the relative situation of individuals in the organization in a multidimensional fashion” (p. 45). In other words, in each degree of turbulence, various school stakeholders—including superintendent, principal, teachers, parents, and students—will experience it differently based on their positionality....   [tags: Teacher, School]

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An Interpretation of the ratios for Marks and Spencers and the House of Fraser

- An Interpretation of the ratios for Marks and Spencers and the House of Fraser Findings ======== This section of the report will be composed of an interpretation of the ratios for both companies. All ratios that form the ratio analysis will be explained, and any trends from within ratios will be highlighted. OVERALL PERFORMANCE Return on Capital Employed: Net profit before tax and interest x100 = % Capital employed The Return on Capital Employed ratio (R.O.C.E) is a hugely significant ratio, and a great deal can be taken from this ratio....   [tags: Economics]

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A+ Profitability and Films the Flunk

- Descriptive statistics were calculated for each of four variables: opening weekend sales, total gross sales, number of release theaters, and amount of weeks in the top 60. The sample mean and median provide analysts with a measure of central location in regards to a portion of the data set. Range, sample variance, and sample standard deviation produce quantitative judgments about the variability of the data sampled from a larger population of observations. Outliers, as defined as being more or less than 3 standard deviations from the mean, did not exist when the data was thoroughly analyzed; although some movies did appear to perform abnormally high at first glance....   [tags: Film Industry]

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A Child Between The Age Range Of 0-6 For An Hour And Half

- ... I choose this particular setting because I don’t know anyone on a personal level that has a child within this age range. To describe this child, his race appeared to be of African descent. I am unsure of any of the rest of his background given the circumstance of his observation. The child seemed an average weight and build for his age. He had a decent amount of hair on head that had developed since birth. His height no doubt has developed since birth. His shoe size I’m sure has grown as well....   [tags: Motor skill, Motor control, Motor skills, Muscle]

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Fascism : A New Form Of Fascism

- ... Capitalism and workers constantly struggle regarding wages. Business is constantly trying to find a way to pay its workers the least amount of money, so labor profits could increase. In contrast, workers constantly struggle for a higher wage to avoid poverty. Businesses typically have the upper hand, due to the fact of the control of the means of production. To subsidies the low wages, Gross highlights the importance of a welfare state. Gross claims: In no country of advanced capitalism is business completely controlled by the state; the state rather, is subject to business control, although not complete....   [tags: World War II, Military, Capitalism, Democracy]

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Credit Scoring Models For Student Loans

- The discussion of student loan defaults started in 1986 and since then became a priority for education ministries to look over in order to adjust and broaden eligibility for subsidized loan and increase loan limits (Shen and Ziderman, 2009). It was found that the factors that contributed to student loans default were much more complicated than a typical retail credit product as the factors are much more specific (Gross et al, 2009). Credit scoring models for student loans – Important considerations In order to create a good credit scoring model for student loans, one needs to understand what has been done in the past and in this case, the best way to understand who to grant a loan to, one n...   [tags: Debt, Loan, Student loan default, Credit]

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The Shot Heard Around The World

- ... I have to look west towards new land because “the incentives to stay in Concord were modest at best, and meager by most expectations.” (Gross 85). Like many from my generation Concord is becoming congested and without enough land to go towards young men. This caused a “conflict at home was even more threatening the contention in the community.” (Gross 89) So due to the fact of lack of land and our fathers wanting us to stay on the farm longer causes a major strain at home. Although there is conflict at home most young men in this town just want “to be like their fathers, independent householders on the land.” (Gross 89) We look up to our fathers, and we want to emulate them, and without...   [tags: Massachusetts, American Revolutionary War]

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Lump Sum From Bernies Bakery

- ... These amounts will be deemed capital in nature, and not be deductible under this section. Bernies has incurred legal costs of R10 000 in order to protect their name and recover their reputations damage. As this is closely linked to the entire business as a hole and protecting goodwill/the businesses name, it is deemed to be capital in nature. The amount will be deductible under the special deduction in section 11(c) and not under section 11(a) as it does not meet the general deduction formula....   [tags: Tax, Income tax, Taxation, Tax refund]

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How Warren Does It

- Introduction When Warren Buffett began his record setting career as one of America’s most well known and successful investors, he followed a simple set of criteria for his nonstop pursuit of company greatness. This three part series will briefly investigate his time tested, systematic method of company analysis. In doing so, it will cover the basic fundamentals that Warren searches for when he takes a look at a company’s financial statements. Starting with the income statement, moving to the balance sheet and finishing with the cash flow statement, this article series will help investors no matter what their current level of expertise....   [tags: Finance]

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Economic Analysis of India

- ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF INDIA The Indian Economy is the tenth-largest in the world by nominal Gross Domestic Product and the third-largest in terms of PPP. India had a growth of over 9 % in 2005-2008 came down to 6.7 % in 2008-2009 because of the world financial crisis of the fiscal and monetary space there but with the time economy recovered to a growth of 8.4 per cent in 2010-11. Again the slowdown in the Indian economy began in the 2011-2012, when the growth rate declined to 6.70 % from a level of 8 percent....   [tags: trade, foreign exchange]

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Accounting Knowledge Transfer

- 1. Question 1: Proficient: Describe the major differences between income statements for a service company and a merchandise company. The difference between a services company and a merchandise company income statements centers on how the company’s profitability or net income is determined. To determine the net income for a service-based company, the total expenses incurred during an accounting period are deducted from the earned revenue. A merchandise company is a more complex operation; therefore, it would have a more complex method of getting to its net income....   [tags: income statements, merchandise cost & value]

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Obedience As A Type Of Social Influence

- ... The participant was then shown the shock generator in another room that had 30 knobs displaying 15 volts all the way up to 450 volts. “Weak shock” all the way to “strong” and “severe shock” were also labelled under the knobs. To reinforce authenticity, the subject was given a sample shock of 45 volts. A memory word task was played and for each incorrect answer an electric shock would be delivered to the leaner as punishment which increased in voltage by 15 volts each time. Mr Wallace would purposefully give many wrong answers and sound complaints from a tape player at set certain shock levels that would start mild and increase to extremely distressful cries and shouts until no sound was...   [tags: Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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The Methods of Measuring National Income

- NATIONAL INCOME National income is the sum of money value of net flow of all the goods and services produced by normal residents of a country during a period of account. According to Central Statistical Organization (CSO) ‘National income is the sum of factor incomes earned by normal residents of a country in the form of wages, interest and profit in an accounting year.’ National product is the net output of commodities and services flowing during the year from the country’s productive system into the hands of ultimate consumers or into the net addition to the country’s capital goods....   [tags: national income, money value, circular flow]

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Facts and Opinions on Date Rape

- Date rape: Apart from marital rape, date rape is another serious offense towards female victims, which have low reporting rate (Munsch & Willer, 2012). Date rape situations involve an agreed upon social interaction and are often characterised by romantic interest and some level of prior sexual intimacy (Pumphrey-Gordon & Gross, 2007). Why date rape occur. Date rape is a serious offence, it happened with various reasons. At this point, almost all the victims are female. Women get drunk while dating with somebody is the most common cause of date rape (Pumphrey-Gordon & Gross, 2007)....   [tags: sex, alcohol, victim]

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Johnson & Johnson's Manufacturing Performance Analysis

- ... Gross profit margin Gross margins uncover what amount of an organization gains contemplating the expenses that it acquires for preparing its items or administrations. Gross margin is a great evidence of how beneficial an organization is at the most principal level, how effectively an organization utilization its assets, materials, and labor. It is typically communicated as a percentage, and demonstrates the productivity of a business before overhead expenses; it is a measure of how well an organization controls its expense....   [tags: financial, profit, ratios]

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Maternal Fetal Attachment Theory

- ... The women were interviewed and measured on their attachment style and post-partum depressive symptomatology. A developmental assessment was then run on the child. A Likert scale was used for the mothers to self report their maternal-fetal attachment, through a series of questions on their emotional connection and interaction with their child. This stage was conducted while the women were between 24-28 weeks pregnant. The newborns intrauterine growth was then measured by calculating the baby’s birth weight to his gestational age....   [tags: psychoanalysis, mother and child bond]

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