• Hand-grip

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    Hand- Grip Dynamometer      Hand-Grip dynamometer are used to measure the strength and endurance of the muscles in your forearm, and to a lesser extent your hand. Using a handgrip dynamometer will increase your performance at work, improve posture, decrease chances for injury, and prevent low back pain. Endurance is the ability of a muscle to work for long periods of time without extreme fatigue. It prevents unwanted fatigue from daily activities, sport and recreation

  • Getting a Grip on Foreclosure

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    foreclosure as fewer foreclosed homes on the market would help restore property values for all American homeowners. The drop in the real-estate market was inevitable as home prices were over-inflated due to mortgage fraud and loose credit, but we must get a grip on the foreclosure rate and stabilize the market. We as a nation need to learn from our mistakes and regain control of the mortgage industry. As always in America, if we work together to solve the issues faces by thousands of American homeowners

  • The Grip Racism Has On America

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    A good amount of people in the world would like to believe everyone gets along, that the problems of racism and discrimination we once had have been completely erased. This is not always the case. We live in a world so judgemental, that in some ways discrimination is worse than ever. It is worse now, because it is mainly done behind the backs of others. While many would like to argue they are not judgemental or discriminatory at all, this is usually not the case. It has become ingrained in humans’

  • Releasing The Governments Grip on Education

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    Releasing The Governments Grip on Education Will the debates over education reform ever end? Can any system of education ever be formed to satisfy the conflicting desires of the people? The education of America’s youth is an important subject to most voters. Education holds a few spots in every election and has always been a crucial part of every candidate’s platform. The people of America have many sides to each of the numerous issues that surround education. Some of these issues include

  • Unemployment Crisis Grips Of Worldwide

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    Unemployment Crisis Grips Millennials Worldwide Unemployment Crisis Grips Millennials Worldwide The International Labour Organisation recently brought attention to a major global problem: unemployment among young people. According to a report at, the global unemployment rate has risen among 15- to 24-year-olds in 2016 to 13.1 percent, which is near the peak that it reached in 2013. In Arab countries, the unemployment rate for this group is the highest at 30.6 percent while the rate

  • Obama Needs For A Grip On The Economy

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    An editorial that is titled “Obama needs to get a grip on the Economy” that appeared in the U.S. News Digital Weekly on August 26, 2011. The editorial goes on to tell us on how our president Barack Obama lacks the leadership when it comes to the economy. This editorial specifically focuses on his failure to handle our economic issues. The author goes on to talk about how Obama lacks the ability to handle our economy. In which supports his claim by explaining how the economy has not shown in the job

  • The Media's Grip on the Adolescent Psyche

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    Television is a Child's natural weakness. When parents notice a child glancing at the television .several realize the amount of attachment for reality. However, when in retrospect, it can cause danger in the development of the child. Putting a child in front of a television is relaxing; yet too much could affect the mind. Eventually, media will be the new life for younger children around the world. The conflict on early childhood development upon television begins at the start of life itself .For

  • The Jabulani Grip 'n' Groove Ball

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    The Jabulani Grip’ n ‘Groove ball is an association football ball, which is a highly advertised product due to its significant technology base and elements included. Not only was the ball criticised by all matter yet still specified by the “Laws of a game” in its spherical shape, as well as its size, weight, and material composition in term of being Fifa approved. Throughout all Fifa tournaments the ball’s were made by Adidas due to the fact that they were able to produce such productive and effective

  • Clear Channel's Grip on College Radio

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    Clear Channel Communications, owner of 1,200 stations across the United States, has been undermining the values of diversity, localism, and market completion within the music industry since the media policy wars in the early 2000s. Since then, the radio industry arguably has lost a significant amount of the authenticity it once had. The only exception is college radio: the last safe haven for musical integrity. The only facet of radio not owned and controlled by a major monopoly. Recently, however

  • Addiction 's Grip On Sonny 's Blues

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    Addiction’s Grip on Sonny It was the emptiness. It wasn’t that I needed it to make me better at something, it wasn’t that it calmed me down, or that it made think better, it was the emptiness that made me go back, the need to fill a void with something, anything. My struggle with depression and mental illness is what led me to my addiction, just as it was for Sonny. There was an undying need to feel something more, to stop the depression, the anxiety. I took that first pill at 16, and it still

  • The Masses: Medias Vice Grip On Our Identities

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    world of social interaction. This impersonal world holds no real emotion that is embodied in us and that stems from us. Throughout the course of history, until the last ten years, our experiences have become trumped or overtaken by the medias vice grip. Once we decide to like a photo over Facebook or another social networking platform, we begin to embark on a journey filled with duplicative, pit-less emotion e.g.“ Oh Jenny loves her cat tiger.” “ I think I like her cat too and to express that emotion

  • Released From The Grip Of What He Carried: Freedom Birds

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    Released From the Grip of What He Carried: Freedom Birds "They dreamed of freedom birds. At night, on guard, staring into the dark, they were carried away by jumbo jets. They felt the rush of takeoff. Gone! They yelled. (286). "Freedom bird" an appropriate term for the jumbo jets that take the soldiers from their tour because it gives them the freedom from what has been holding them back. Throughout the story, First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross has his mind everywhere but on his infantry

  • The Effects Of Physical Development On Children 's Developing Mark Making Grip

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    This review will critically analyse relevant research to scrutinise whether a six week course of physical development could have positive effects on children’s developing mark making grip. The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014) identifies physical development as a prime learning area. “The basis for successful learning in the other four specific areas” The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014 p8) this is a mandatory framework followed by all

  • Powerless to Evade the Grip of Death in Poe's "The Mask of the Red Death"

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    means that is a short story with two meanings. The short story uses literal elements such as plot and the colors of the room. It also has a large philosophical meaning like the concept of life and death and the powerlessness of people to evade the grip of death. Edgar Allan Poe uses symbolism to show the transition leading to death by using each of the seven rooms in the castle to represent a stage of life. The first room was all blue with vividly painted blue tapestries, which symbolized birth

  • From Black and White to HDTV, TVs grip on our Young

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    From Black and White, to HDTV, TV’s Grip on our Young      How many televisions do you have in your house? Do you watch those TV’s for more than an hour a day? How much is too much television? These questions are asked by people everyday, with each question comes a varied response depending on who is asked. Children are very impressionable. How does television affect the children that are between the ages of ten and sixteen? Could the affect be positive or is it negative

  • Tools Analysis

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    the pliers increase the grip strength. Tool selection however, depends on both how the too; is used and what the tool can do. To make the tool selection easier special-purpose tools should be used, the chosen tool can be used by both hands, power with motors more than muscles, by the proper grip should be used, make sure that the tool handle has the proper length, thickness, and shape, the grip surface is smooth, compressible, and non-conductive, the angles of the forearm, grip and tool should be considered

  • The Rules to Being a Good Tennis Player

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    good tennis player requires one to have a comfortable hand grip, accurate hand-eye coordination, footwork and formal arm swinging techniques. Tennis players are always using a tennis racquet during practice, but using one requires the correct hand grip. This hand grip is displayed by placing the wedge between one’s thumb and index finger on the beveled edge of the lowest area of a tennis racquet. The benefit to having this type of hand grip is that it allows the racquet to be more stabilized during

  • Hand Prostheses Essay

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    motors use to control the artificial limb movements. The end result is that the artificial limb moves much like a natural limb, through mental stimulus of the user. (Ottobock) The user can control the speed and force of the limb’s movements and grip by varying his or her muscle intensity.y (Ottobock) This variation in movement controlled by the user and received by the sensors allows for terrific dexterity, and even the manipulation and use of small items like keys or credit cards through functioning

  • Investigating What Factors Affect Friction

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    how each factor affects friction. SPEED ===== [IMAGE][IMAGE]SLOW BIGGER GRIP BIGGER FRICTION [IMAGE][IMAGE]FAST SMALLER GRIP SMALLER FRICTION If the car speed is slow, there will be a bigger grip between the tyre and road. This will result in a bigger friction between the two objects. If the car speed is fast, there will be a smaller grip between the tyre and road. This will result in a smaller friction between the two objects

  • The Rules to Being a Good Tennis Player

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    Those guidelines evolved over developing skills such as a comfortable hand grip, accurate hand-eye coordination, footwork and formal arm swinging techniques; and they all require time and effort to achieve. I enjoy using my tennis racquet during practice, but to use one requires the correct hand grip. There are many ways to hold a racquet, but I usually stick to one grip. As a right-handed player, I find it helpful to grip the racquet’s handle at an angle that has the strings facing side to side

  • Why Skateboarders' Shoes Wear Out So Fast

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    Why Skateboarders' Shoes Wear Out So Fast Through out skateboarding history a sand paper material known as grip tape has been glued to skateboard decks. This material made for gripping onto boards also destroys sneaker soles. Grip tape causes friction between sneakers and itself, while making a grip and facilitating control of the board. Pedaling wears out sneakers like walking, but at more accelerated rates; much higher than walking. Becoming more circwnspect, there is the factor of increased

  • hand tools

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    Wrench, Knife. A perpendicular handle (pistol grip) maintains a straight wrist during cutting, sawing, or rotary operations such as drilling or nut tightening. Maintain a straight wrist     Provide an optimal grip span      Cylindrical Handle. A tool for rotary action on a horizontal work piece maintain the wrist in a straight position.           Excessive grip span does not allow optimal application of

  • Essay On My Favorite Sport

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    important role in the performance of my game. WEAKNESS AND EFFECT ON PERFORMANCE WHILE HITTING WITH THE DRIVER My weakness while hitting with the driver are - 1. Grip- When I grip my driver I sometimes hold the club incorrectly, which spoils my swing and the ball goes in the wrong direction. My coach and my father keep on telling me to grip the club correctly but at times I hold it very tight which in turn affects the swing negatively. 2. Follow through- this is my weakness because sometimes when

  • Product Review for Folding Hunter Lock- Back Knife

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    on an everyday basis and wield. The bulkiness and weight also make it a poor choice for a pocket knife, but the knife does come with its own sheath to make up for it. Since the handle is made of brass and smoothed wood, it's also not very easy to grip. This could be a hindrance in self-defense situations, and it could be a safety issue when using the knife for rough cuts or prying. The stainless steel blade is durable, but it will dull fairly quickly. This is especially true for people who wish

  • pe

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    I tend to overanalysed and compare my performance with my opponents instead of just focusing on myself, and because I’m an easily distracted person. Technical My strengths for technical are my grip, start, carry and delivery and my main weakness is my approach run. I use the “V” grip as it was what I was taught with when throwing javelin for the first time, therefore I just feel comfortable with it generally. As for my start, when I do the run up, which is not often, but when I do I would

  • Product Reviews

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    Cro-Van carbon steel to withstand harsh use. This particular model is also a straight-edge, which makes it particularly useful for self-defense purposes. The handle is fairly unique in that it is made of leather with a slotted design to provide a firm grip in self-defense situations and harsh weather conditions. The knife sports a traditional straight-back point that is common on many knives from tactical to kitchen knives. The design allows for good control, extra pressure on the back for chopping

  • Human Physiology And The Human Body

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    environmental and demographic factors. There are several ways to analyze the physiological states of the human body by measuring the activity of organ systems. For example, the strength of the skeletal muscle can be measured using medical devices that evaluate grip strength such as the hand dynamometer. The hand dynamometer is a medical device that has been used in various studies alongside other physiological sensors (e.g., EKG sensor) to examine muscle fatigue over time to assess muscular health and activity

  • Popular Choices for Concealed Carry and Defense

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    The Kimber design also uses a single recoil spring. Models differ in both frame material (steel, stainless steel or aluminum) and grip length. Compact models have an Officer's-length grip that is .400 inch shorter than full size models, making them easier to conceal. Pro Carry models have the same full length grip as full size pistols, permitting the four finger grip preferred by many shooters. Compact and Pro Carry pistols have a 4-inch bull barrel. The barrel is fitted directly to the slide

  • My Health Related Fitness Assessment

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    I am pleasantly surprised to see the work pay off, especially considering how poor my diet has become since summer ended. After reviewing the positive aspects of my assessments, several negative results stood out to me. The most surprising was the grip strength test, where the results indicated I was poor in this area. This result absolutely shocked me. Although a lack of time has become a significant barrier to physical activity, I worked vigorously over the summer to improve my overall strength

  • Golf Swing

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    will talk about is the grip. Start by standing and holding the club in your bottom hand (right hand), where the grip meets the shaft. The shaft should be at an angle where the club head is at your forehead, toward the sky, and the grip is at your waist. The club should be completely vertical. Touch the club in the fingers of your left hand and wrap your fingers around the grip. Next, lay the rest of your top left hand on the grip, so that the palm lightly touches the grip. Slide your bottom right

  • Choosing the Best Tactical Folding Knife

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    steel, which will allow your handle to last longer. <h3>Grips</h3> Having a good grip will allow the knife to feel more comfortable in your hands and will prevent the knife from slipping out of your hands. The trouble with metal handles is that they're commonly very smooth and slippery, especially in wet conditions. That is why it is beneficial to have a secondary grip. Textured or checkered handles will provide you with better grip and they're usually the most durable option since they're

  • New Product Development: A New Product Development Process

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    from the customers are grips were generally bulky and uncomfortable. Power capacity was another drawback as the users need more power, more torque. The product features and controls were awkward and confusing. The Team members then planned to redesign the product to meet the customer requirements first they worked on redesigning the more compact and comfortable grip. The existing ones had fat handles because they are enclosed with two rechargeable batteries. The team wanted a grip that would hold one

  • The Transition Between High School Writing And College Writing

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    I described her grip on my brother’s shoulders as being “impartial on her emotions” and then I talked about her right hand “relax[ing] peacefully on my brother’s other shoulder.” After those two sentences, I never explained what her grip meant to me. English 1101 helped me realize that I needed to keep asking the question “Why?” to help develop the paragraph. I asked myself, “Why does her grip show that she is impartial on her emotion? Why would I include something about the grip of her hand?” Asking

  • A Description Of Badminton Stroke

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    shuttle to the back of opponent’s court) allows time for one to reposition himself and also sets up a potential chance for attack to the opponent’s front of court. Proper execution: Preparation (Wright, 1982, p.37) Grip Weight transfer Racket position Backhand grip/thumb-up grip Step/lunge forward (towards area where shuttle is likely to land) with corresponding foot to hand holding racket (I.e. Right hand, right leg). Weight should be placed more on stepping foot Racket should be held “back”

  • Badminton

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    Backhand grip when birdie is in opposite side of racquet hand, therefore forehand is not convenient. Use thumb and wrist rotation as main power source. It’s like giving the thumbs up approval only you grip a racquet with it! Forehand is for overhead shots, body center or racquet hand side shot. It use multiple technique for power like a catapult, the arm is the catapult. Rotation on forearm and slight wrist rotation are source of its power. You grip a racquet like a handshake. A “V”, at the grip, forms

  • Why Bowling Is Good And Socially Acceptable Way

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    make a mediocre score turn into a result in which one can be proud. Also, backing that up with the right equipment and practice can really complete the package. Simple things like the right shoes, the ball having the correct weight, finger grip, and outside grip can start the game off the right way. To begin, one must first understand the history of bowling to discover why bowling operates the way it does today. Bowling gets its name from an individual rolling a ball down a lane in the hopes that

  • Golfing 101 Essay On Golf

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    golfer chooses their own grip – whatever way is more comfortably. “One grip does not fit all” (Penick 31). Players choose from the three most common styles of gripping the golf club; interlocking, overlapping, and ten-finger. To ensure s solid grip, players must make sure their knuckles of both hands line up. Right-handed golfers place their left hand toward the top of the grip and their right hand just below it. A left-handed player does the opposite. An interlocking grip for a right-handed golfer

  • What Is The Cable Car Essay

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    with the hills. mechanism – how it works, grips etc. Of great interest has been the cable car’s mysterious means of propulsion. It is intriguing to know how they start and stop, how they climb up the steep hills and turn corners. It is a wonder the mechanism under the street with its singing wheels and slapping cables. Power is supplied by the cable which runs along under the sreet and to which the car attaches itself by means of the grip. It is the grip that is really the heart of the cable car

  • The Proper Golf Stance

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    the proper golf stance: grip, stance, and body placement. Your grip must be firm with hands in their proper places. The stance is crucial to making your weight shift correctly. The golfers' body placement must be comfortable, with all elements in their proper places. The proper golf starting position allows for the perfect golf shot. NOTE: The stance detailed below is for a right-handed person. Your hands must be placed in on the end of the club creating a grip. The backside of the left

  • Hockey Sticks: The Best Composite Materials For Hockey Sticks

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    et al., 2008) aimed to quantity the static stiffness behavior of variety of hockey sticks. There are many types of grips using in field hockey such as rubber composition grip, cord grips, synthetic grip, leather grip, elastomeric grips, and air cushion grip. In addition, using chamois grip (chamois leather) is the best material for enclose the hockey stick handle. Why using leather grip it’s called “best of the best” but almost extinct? This is because expensive cost, and extended time required to

  • How To Hit A Golf Ball

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    this extend the left elbow to a locking position and place the right hand on the shaft in the same fashion, but put the palm of the right hand on top of the left hand thumb. The grip should seem very comfortable. This is called the baseball grip, a widely used grip by beginning golfers. Some golfers prefer the overlapping grip or the interlock, both for more experienced golfers. Now address the ball, which means you should place the club head behind the ball. Make sure your knees are slightly bent and

  • The Importance Of Playing An Instrument At The School 's Indoor Percussion Ensemble

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    quite fun to play once proper technique is learned. To start off, you will need a set of mallets. The mallets should be of the same kind to ensure an equal balance in your hands. It is easiest to learn two mallet grip first, but players can learn to control four at once. To hold two mallet grip, first, you will put one mallet in your hand gripping it with only the back two fingers, about 1-2 inches of the mallet should be sticking out the end of your hand. A quick way to judge this amount is to grab

  • Advertisement Of Popular Mechanics Magazine

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    featuring tires that are made for inclement weather will be the envy of the consumer because it features tires used for these type of off road conditions. With many tactics used to deceive the audience, they are tempted into buying the tires, will “Grip the Moment.” When in need of tires, consumers feel the need to buy the tire that looks and sounds the best on paper. Advertisers appeal to the sense by using slogans like “Trusted by the pros to take on the hardest conditions.” In the advertisement

  • Archery And Its Effects On The World

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    zombie apocalypse, while he reuses his arrows, he adjusts his grip. The left wrist should be locked so the back of the hand is in line with the arm. The grip should not be a full grip with all the fingers but a tight but comfortable grip with the index finger, middle finger and the thumb. The ring finger and pinky finger will curve around the bow as to be natural but provide very little support to the bow. Comfort is key and the grip will vary based on hand size but usually the thumb will sit comfortable

  • Muscular Strength

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    The grip bar will need to be adjusted so that the second joint of the fingers can be bent to easily grip the handle of the dynamometer. The player will hold the handgrip dynamometer parallel to the side of his body, where the elbow is flexed at 90 degrees. The player will then squeeze the handgrip dynamometer as hard as possible, making sure not to hold his breath. While performing the test, the player will need to make sure all other bodily movements are avoided. The results of the grip strength

  • Skateboarding Essay

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    invented by a guy named Alan Ollie(3) and he changed the game. The Ollie completely changed everything it led to many more tricks. Then grip tape was made on a skateboard. Grip tape helped in many ways like keeping your grip, and sliding your foot to do tricks. The Ollie is a simple trick popping the skateboard tail and sliding your foot on the grip tape. The grip tape on a skateboard is necessary if you want to do tricks because if will help with flipping the board with your foot or other tricks

  • Grading Up An Activity Is Increasing The Activity Of A Person While He Or She

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    requires the ability to use fine motor skills to move the crayon, marker, or colored pencil around to fill in the objects with color. Using fine point markers, small crayons, and color pencils is a form of grading up because it is more challenging to grip smaller objects with arthritis but the task can still be completed with success. Giving a picture with thinner outlines and a more intricate picture to color in would be grading up the space demands in aspects of size. This would create more area to

  • Skills' obsolescence in the globalized world.

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    Trainings are one of the ways to protect employes from firing and help company avoid hiring new work force (J. van Loo, A. de Grip and M. de Steur , 2001). There are two main types of skills obsolescence. Technical skills depreciation takes origin in workers themselves. However, economic skills obsolescence depends on changes in the company and market environment (J. van Loo, A. de Grip and M. de Steur , 2001). In addition, market skills obsolescence is when skills may become outdated because of losing their

  • Essay On Dynamic Systems Theory

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    coordination and dexterity. Fine motor skills develop over time and through experience. For example, infants begin by grabbing objects with their entire hand and then move into grabbing for smaller objects using their forefinger and thumb. The move from one grip to another is a direct result of development and exercise. Connect: The main difference between the grasping reflex at birth and the fine motor grasping skill is that the reflex is simply a built-in reaction to something touching the infant’s hand

  • The Effects Of Physical Development On Children

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    small objects. With examples of these fine motor skills, the toddler can learn how to properly grip the handlebars and learns how to properly break without crashing. When learning how to properly grip, the toddler learns that with fine motor skills, like holding small objects, they need to have a steady grip on the handle bars or they could potentially fall off and be injured, Along with learning how to grip properly, the child also learns the concept of breaking which enhances their fine motor skills