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The Federal Government Should Not Be Legal

- The Federal Government should not be able to monitor our phone calls and emails because not only would this place an endangerment to our personal identities, but it is also a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Say there was a corrupt agent who works for the federal government who has the ability to open all of our emails, view all of the sites on which we browse, and see or hear all of the people who we affiliate with through all of our profiles on social media or by simply tapping into our phone conversations....   [tags: Internet, Mobile phone, E-mail]

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Government Should Not Negotiate with Terrorist

- ... According to the United States history, in the year of 1985, the event called Iran –Contra Affair was the most controversial event to argue about it because it highlighted how the government validated the terrorist’s strategy and granted them their demands. The demand was to exchange the American hostages held in Lebanon for weapons. Some may proclaim that the government’s prime responsibility is to save lives and negotiation with terrorists is a must. Yes, the government is in charge of its own civilians but when the innocent lives’ are being threatened by illicit violence, negotiation is the last option....   [tags: iran contra affair, idelology, violence]

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The Government Should Censor The Internet

- Tram Tran Debate Ms. Forteamo Resolution: The government should censor the Internet. Affirmative Constructive (3 minutes) This issue is important and needs attention because the Internet has no longer be a world of pure entertainment, efficient communication, and useful information. Users fill it with hatred, anger, tears, and blood. Cyber bullying, identity theft, blackmailing, hacking, prostitutioning, etc. are all popular crimes take place by means of the Internet. Internet safety and privacy is being threatened and with government censorship, things will definitely get better....   [tags: Freedom of speech, Censorship, Fraud]

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Federal Government Should Be Legal

- Federal government does not show much interest in the people, in reality all they seek is building a government in which things operate better than they have before. States are responsible for making sure that their people get what they want. It is clear that when it came down to gay marriage, state government should 've been the one to make the decision of officially making it a law instead of the federal government. In my opinion when it comes to gay marriage, state government should have the power....   [tags: U.S. state, United States Constitution]

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Should Government Provide Free Daycare Centers?

- Should the government provide day care centers for working parents. Parents who are working hard to provide there family a good meal and to pay the rent, the least the government can do for these people is to help out a parent by providing free child care centers for working parents right. Guess what, the republicans and the democrats from congress have been doing something about it. There have at least been 70 bills that have been introduced by both of them, but it seems like the house of representative keep turning down every single one of them....   [tags: Government]

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Should the Government Ban Assault Weapons?

- Should the Government Ban Assault Weapons. Over the last decade or so, the United States of America has been shaken by an epidemic of terrifying mass shootings, devastating slayings of unexpecting victims, and unnerving annihilations of the innocent. There is no specific target, no explicitly sought-out group, nor definite individual. From a classroom of first-graders, to a crowded movie theatre, to a U.S. Naval yard, the location seems at most, random, other than that it is almost always a public place....   [tags: United States, Government, Weapons]

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The Government Should No Continue The War On Drugs

- The government should no continue the war on drugs. This was a national initiative started by President Richard Nixon in 1971 (Clegg1). Drugs trade produces about a trillion dollars a year and more 230 million people use illegal drugs (Branson1). The drugs were taxed at rates comparable to these on alcohol and tobacco (Branson3). Drug abusers filled courts, hospitals, and prisons (Tama1). People are pushing for the use of drugs to be recognized as a human right (Wrong1). Black American represents 13% of the population in the U.S....   [tags: Drug, Illegal drug trade, Prohibition]

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The Government Should Not Control Snap Assistance

- The Government Should Not Control SNAP Assistance mount of money for each child and adultThe Government tries to tell people what that they can and cannot do when it comes to food stamps. This is not fair to the people who use SNAP Assistance clearly telling people what they can and cannot buy with SNAP Assistance is nonchalant. The United States government should not be able to tell people what they could buy with their SNAP because it is unconstitutional. SNAP Assistance is a government controlled program that helps low-income Americans put food on the table, providing benefits that are timely targeted,and temporary....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Poverty, Health]

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What Type Of Government Should Be Applied

- Societies began to establish thousands of years ago, and this was due to the fact that we as humans are inclined to live in societies. “State comes into existence because no individual is self-sufficient” (Cohen). Humans are in need to live in societies but the question, that all of humanity has had since the beginning of the establishment of society is what type of government should be applied. Philosophers from all time have argued for or against various theories, and many have come up with their own theories....   [tags: Democracy, Communism, Republic, Monarchy]

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Obesity: Should the Government Tax Unhealthy Foods?

- Is more government regulation needed to stop the epidemic of obesity. The first government recommendation was from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1917 when they released a pamphlet, How to Select Foods. This pamphlet divided foods into five groups. During 1956 President Dwight D. Eisenhower created the Presidents Council on Youth Fitness due to “concern about the physical fitness of America’s children compared with their European counterparts” (ProQuest Staff). Since the introduction of the pamphlet How to Select Foods the government has adapted the guidelines five times....   [tags: Should the US Adopt a Fat Tax?]

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Government Should Pay For Higher Education

- The average income for someone with a college degree is $ 97,563. Higher education mostly leads to more understanding of what what is going on in the world. The cost of college has been rising dramatically in recent years by climbing 27 percent. The government not paying for higher education is just for them to save money. It is important for people to be educated both to to learn a job and to better themselves. Higher education is a special interest group that has hooked on government. The government should pay for higher education for people....   [tags: Higher education, High school, College]

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Why The Government Should Ban Abortion

- Why the Government Should Ban Abortion There are many contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Not only does an abortion affect the mother, but also it can affect everyone around that person. There are two options and the options are pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life means: that you are for a child’s life, and pro-choice means that you have a choice in the matter on what to do with the child and/or the mother 's’ body. There are many reasons to be pro-life. The government should ban abortions because many children’s lives going to be taken, many women’s lives being put at risk, many people that are not taking up for their own actions....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Roe v. Wade, Birth control]

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The Government Should Spend More on Higher Education

- Disproportionate inflation: inflation in a particular economic sector that is substantially greater than inflation in general costs of living. To correlate this type of inflation to health care costs would be accurate; however, the inflation of college tuition and fees far exceed even medical care costs. The need for a college degree is essential in today’s work force, and a recent report released by Georgetown University’s Center of Education and the Work Force indicates that 22 million jobs will be needed by 2018 to meet workforce demands....   [tags: Government Subsidize Higher ...]

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ObamaCare: The Federal Government Should Provide Free Healthcare for Everyone

- Healthcare is a bit complicated here in the United States; operated by a managed care system. Obama’s health care reform does a number of important things offering Americans a number of new benefits, rights, and protections in regards to their healthcare and setting up a Health Insurance Marketplace where Americans can purchase Federal regulated and subsidized health insurance. Here in the United States, there are some hard working citizens that cannot afford healthcare insurance. Their jobs can offer healthcare insurance and citizen still can’t afford to pay it....   [tags: healthcare, federal government]

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Should The Government Be Limited? If So, How And Why?

- 9. Should the government be limited. If so, how and why. In sixteenth and seventeenth century France, the bourgeoisie was formed as a social class that imposed limits on the government’s power. Originating from the French word Bourgeois, this middle class was known as the “freeman of the city”. As the bourgeoisie grew in size, it became further involved in commerce and industry. Their goal was to change existing institutions (ex. parliaments), into devices of political participation, in order to gain control of the government....   [tags: Democracy, Political philosophy, Government]

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The Government Should NOT Censor Pornography

- Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.(Wallace: 3) A statement from a document that a group of individuals put together to ensure their own ideas and beliefs would never change. The group of people was the forefathers of the United States of America and that document: The United States Constitution....   [tags: Pornography Essays]

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Government Should Have A Say In Our Diets

- The fact is that in our country, any government intrusion looks undesirable. We are so used to making free choice and to having access to everything we need and want that we have already forgotten the value and usefulness of the government control. No, that does not mean that the government must control everything and everyone. What I mean here is that the government control should be balanced with the freedom of choice. Unfortunately, plentiful foods do not lead to improved health conditions. We cannot always make a relevant choice....   [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Health]

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How Much The Government Should Restrict Their Personal Freedom

- Undoubtedly, the American society sets standard on what is required of individuals living in the United States of America such as never committing crime like murder or rape, pay taxes, and restrict individuals by having smoking laws and setting a curfew for children under the age of sixteen years old that would benefit particular individuals, who are over that age bracket. Society creates these laws or restrictions to define the moral boundaries, if not our society would be in a state of nature, which the social contract theory....   [tags: Political philosophy, Liberalism]

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The Federal Government Should Continue Subsidizing Oil Companies

- Specific Purpose: To Inform My Audience Whether the Federal Government Should Continue Subsidizing Oil Companies. Central Idea: The issue of whether the Federal government should continue subsidizing oil companies or not is one of the major issues that have gained interest in the United States. Different individuals including the former and current 2016 presidential candidates, have at onetime in the past offered their views and position on the issue. Most of them are on the view that the government should not continue subsidizing oil companies....   [tags: President of the United States, United States]

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Why The Government Should Get Out Of Education

- Education has been broken for a long time, but what has happened to education recently. We no longer teach the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic that everyone used to know. Now we teach children how to do math the “Common Core” way and parents are unable to help their children with their homework. We are stripping teachers of their ability to choose the best way to teach their classes and making it more difficult than ever to teach students to be educated citizens. Why have we, the people, allowed this to happen....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher]

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The Canadian Government Should Not Allow The Expansion Of Existing Pipelines

- The Canadian Government should not allow the expansion of existing pipelines or promote the development of new ones because of the decreased benefits that they have to offer. Although Canadians currently rely heavily on natural gas and products made from crude oil to provide for their energy consumption needs, there is a growing amount of reasons to put an end to being dependent on oil (CEPA, n.d.). Growing environmental concerns associated with the pipelines, as an entire business (Dey, 2004) have encouraged more pro-environmental behaviour, therefore advocating the rise in research of alternative energy technologies (Dresselhaus & Thomas, 2001)....   [tags: Fossil fuel, Natural gas, Petroleum]

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U.s. Federal Government Should Not Be Welcomed Into The United States

- There are several arguments that I would make to support my thesis which are strong and well-supported. One argument is that just because people are doing bad things in the world does not mean immigrants should not be welcomed into the United States. Not all immigrants are terrorists, there are cruel people all over the world, not only in a specific country. There has been a lot going on between Isis and America in the past few months but that does not mean punish every immigrant for something someone did....   [tags: Immigration to the United States]

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Why The Government Should Impose A Tax On Employers

- Whether the government should impose a tax on employers to provide workers with benefits such as unemployment insurance or mandate employers to provide workers with benefits, which are normally benefits such as health insurance or workers compensation will ultimately depend on how much their employees value the benefit. Mandated benefits are those benefits that are protected by federal law. Firms are liable to make these benefits available to their employees and failure to do so will result in severe penalties....   [tags: Employment, Supply and demand, Wage, Tax]

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The Government Should Eliminate Private Institutions And Reform

- A prisoner incarcerated inside a private or public institution, will always face negligence and violence amongst other inequalities. Prisoners are people like you and me, therefore they deserve to be treated fairly instead of how they are treated now in many facilities. Society and most importantly the government, should take action and intervene in both private and public sectors of the prison system, in order to achieve a reform. I think, the government should eliminate private institutions and reform the system in order for all of the prisons to be just and equal....   [tags: Prison, Criminal justice, Penology, Punishment]

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Federal Government Should NOT Regulate the Fast Food Industry

- After Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser was published in 2001 and became a New York Times bestseller, the same titled movie and other food-related documentary movies such as “Super Size Me” (2004) and “Food Inc.” (2009) became smash hits, which may reflect the enhancement of people’s awareness of healthy food in last decade. However, the recent article of Time magazine online shows that today’s food situation does not seem to improve since then, it even got worse. Especially a social problem like a relation between child obesity and fast food draws more people’s attention and some kinds of legislation by the federal government is said to be required to stop the situation get worse (Melnick)...   [tags: Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser ]

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The Federal Government Should Fund the Police Forces

- Millions of free citizens around the world have reported misconduct by law enforcement officers. In the United States alone, 8,800 officers have been reported as using excessive force when performing their job (Packman). One of the major causes of excessive use of force by the police is anxiety and rage brought on by low compensation. The police is a force that is meant to protect the people against threats, not to be a threat. Police are not compensated enough for the dangerous job they dedicate themselves to perform each day....   [tags: ]

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The Government Should Not Control What Children Eat

- Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States, nearly twenty percent of children between the ages of 6 and 11 are clinically obese; however the government has no place trying to control this. (CDC, 2008) The current administration over steps its authority moving beyond the control of federally funded school lunches and into oversight of privately owned vending machines in public schools. Major corporations are being bullied into censoring their advertisement exposure to younger children so that the government won’t impose their own regulations....   [tags: Health ]

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The Government Should Detain Suspected Terrorists Without Trial

- ... Detaining suspected terrorists will help to protect the lives of our citizens and create a more secure lifestyle for the US. Detaining suspected terrorists can prevent nuclear proliferation. Nuclear ingredients are widely available to terrorists. There are 1,600,000 kg of HEU available in the global stockpile.(Allison) The global stockpile of Pu- 500,000 kg.(Allison) From this, terrorists can easily buy, steal, and construct crude nuclear bombs. Terrorists have already tried to obtain ingredients and very well can....   [tags: consequences, feelings after 9-11]

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The Government Should Put Laws in Place To Prevent Bullying

- 28 percent of students in grades six through twelve in the U.S. experience bullying. Bullying can be defined as hurting, intimidating, or persecute someone, who is usually weaker. Bullying is aggressive and repetitive. An imbalance of power is common in bullying, the bully will usually use their power, whether it be physical strength, or access to information that could harm someone to hurt other people. However, both children that are bullied and bully others may grow up to have lasting problems....   [tags: hurting, intimidating, persecuting]

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The Federal Government Should Increase Gun Control Regulations

- Yes, I believe the Federal Government should increase gun control regulations because still to this day anyone can go get a pistol or an assault rifle. I believe assault rifles and sniper rifles should be either tracked or banned where if you’re not active military you can’t use or own one but a pistol for self-defense and hunting rifle for game should be allowed. I agree with the opinion poll from the pew institute in that more favor gun laws and background checks than protecting the right to bear arms....   [tags: Firearm, Rifle]

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The Government Should Help Pay Death Costs

- Death is the inevitable part of a human life. Everyone eventually experiences it one way or another. The time of someone's passing is unknown, it can happen during any giving day at any giving time. Most americans today pay for a private life insurance to help prepare for the financial expenses. Although if an american died at a daily job, many believe the government should help by providing an amount of money. Society should look into three different perspectives, a poor family, middle class family, and a rich family before putting a value on a persons life....   [tags: society, religion, life, financial, stability]

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The Government Should Fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research

- Millions of people die every year from diseases and accidents; the nightly news is filled with reports about the devastating effects of cancer, horrific accidents, and disasters that leave people disfigured or paralyzed. Embryonic stem cell research is a part of biomedical science and has the potential to ease the suffering of sick people by curing diseases and defects, creating organs and tissue for patients needing transplants or skin grafts, regenerating axons in spinal cord injuries, and creating new treatments, drugs, and immunizations....   [tags: Stem Cell Essays]

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Federal Government Should Increase Taxes On Tobacco Products

- Nearly one in five deaths is related to someone smoking cigarettes, whether it is first hand or second hand. Marr and Huang state that, “This is the leading preventable disease in the United States with nearly 443,000 deaths a year which is 20% of our cause of deaths,” (Marr and Huang). Increasing taxes on tobacco related products could prevent many people such as kids to young adults or low income households to purchase cigarettes. Creating a ban on the product would be too extensive and could recreate the era of prohibition; but if a higher tax were to be created and placed upon the product, the product could be made harder to obtain by some people....   [tags: Tobacco, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking, Smoking]

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Why Government Should Not Control American Diets

- America offers a culturally diverse diet. With restaurants that serve foods such as Chinese, Italian, and Mexican to fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Panda Express, and Taco Bell. This just a small example of the large selection of restaurants, stores, and fast food chains the average American has the potential run into every day, and these choices are openly available in most cities, states, and some on every street corner. With this kind of freedom to enjoy a diverse diet it is no secret that America loves fast food because it is cheap, fast, and is easily accessible....   [tags: obesity, intake, choice, food, bans, free]

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Should The Government Help The Homeless?

- Should the government help the homeless. Municipal governments should provide subsidized housing for their homeless residents. This could help the homeless population of Louisburg. By providing the homeless with an address that gives them the opportunity to get a job, get back on their feet, and also give them a safe place to stay while beginning a new life. Providing for the homeless should not be a charity for show but, for the moral support of human beings. Supporting the homeless does not mean we are encouraging them....   [tags: Homelessness, Homeless shelter]

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The Federal Government Should Regulate Fracking

- An individual’s environment plays a pivotal role in their overall health. The environment can affect a range of physical and mental processes, and is considered a defining factor of well-being. As a result, specific geographic areas are instrumental in shaping an individual’s health profile. This is clearly seen in the disparity between those living in areas exposed to toxic substances, versus individuals living in clean environments. Individuals in unpolluted environments experience the advantage of a body system free from the barrage of chemical assault....   [tags: hydraulic fracking research paper]

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Should The Government Modify The System?

- One of the greatest difficulties that society must deal with is how to handle its criminals. Specifically in the U.S., the ever-growing inmate population is overrun with repeat offenders that continue to cycle in and out of the system. Many have asked how should the government modify the system to prevent repeat offenders and question the handling of criminals all together. An option is to use the basics of operant conditioning in psychology to evaluate what the most effective form of consequence would be in situations that result in imprisonment....   [tags: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Punishment]

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Should the Government Control Parenting?

- Everyone has their own unique parenting style when raising children. Some parents believe in tough love while others coddle their children through to the early twenties. Whatever it may be, every parent deserves to raise their child without the input of a society where twenty-six percent of people do not even have children. They should be able to decide how to punish their children, what they want their children to learn in terms of sexual education, and how they want to overall bring up their children....   [tags: styles, children, punish, education, overall]

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Should The Government Be Banned?

- Everyday words are spoken and thrown around. Such words are able to expresses emotions, actions, needs, and create worlds only imagination can contain. There is so much that can be expressed within words that it has become the topic of debate if the government should come in and put limits on what is created with words and other forms of expression. Limiting all forms of freedom of speech is unnecessary, and the only form that should be banned should be pornography, due to other forms like books and social media being appropriately maintained....   [tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution]

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Government Spending Should Be Increased On War

- A Democrat and Republic are parties that take the views of the American in the United States. However, the party that I support would be Democratic party. The reason I choose the left side of the ideology because government spending should be decreased on war, gay marriage should be supported, and the government should be based on a liberalistic economy. If I had to vote for a president, I would definitely go for Bernie Sanders because he and I share common interests on the economy. The Republican Party has some good ideas but I still would choose the Democratic side....   [tags: President of the United States, Democratic Party]

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The Government Should NOT Censor Pornography

- Very few of us are strangers to pornography. Definitions and opinions aside, in each of our lives there was a moment when we first encountered that particular book or image or movie which forever skewed our conventional view of sex. After our introduction to pornography, sex just didn't seem as clean, serious or sacred. It became clumsy, juvenile, or simply laughable. I first became an acquaintance of pornography at the age of thirteen during a summer visit to my uncle's bachelor bungalow. In the bottom drawer of an old chest I found some moldy old copies of Hustler Magazine....   [tags: Pornography Censorship]

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The Government Should Respect Property Rights

- The Government Should Respect Property Rights Imagine you’ve been enjoying your backyard picnic table and chairs for the past 10 years when suddenly, for no apparent reason, you are served notice from a government agency that you will be fined $6,000 a day unless you remove them. Or, imagine you would like to add a stone walkway to your garden. You begin to research the procedure and costs, only to learn that a lengthy application will be required, with multiple hearings before a state commission....   [tags: Expository Exemplification Essays]

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Heaven's Gate and the Infingement of Religious Freedom

- Heaven’s Gate and the Infringement of Religious Freedoms Introduction How much religious freedom do we want. The United States Constitution guarantees religious freedom to all citizens. However, since the establishment of this freedom, there have been continuous debates and modifications. Despite this independence, there have been times when the government felt it necessary to infringe upon religious freedom for various reasons. The question is, at which point it is okay for the government to become involved in religious affairs for the sake of safety and protection....   [tags: when or if should government intervene]

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Elderly Care: Family and Government Should Work Together

- ... The man said, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your father” [Hadith from Bukhari and Muslim]. These go to show the high important place on the elderly and the responsibility taking care of the elderly been place on the children. The children are responsible for providing all the basic needs of their aged parents and should not ignore them once they are independent....   [tags: culture can influence family commitment]

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The Government Should Help Students Pay For College

- Being able to attend and graduate college is a dream and the next step in life for many students. However, going to college and finishing school are two completely different things. There has been a decrease in students who completed college. Researchers are wondering, what is causing students to not finish schooling. There are many reasons and questions to why it could be affecting the completion of college rates. One of the main issue is the skyrocketing cost of college tuitions. Majority of students are having stress and anxiety for not being able to afford college....   [tags: Free College For Students]

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The Government Should NOT Censor Pornography

- Pornography is an issue that has and will continue to cause much debate. While there are many people who see pornography as degrading, sinful, and disgusting, there is also a large number of people who see it as a turn on, a form of sexual expression, and entertainment. Webster’s Dictionary defined pornography as merely “the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement.” Yet there is still the everlasting question which is “does pornography serve a real purpose, and if so what purpose it that?” continues....   [tags: Pornography Essays]

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Should the Government Fund NASA?

- On June 30, 1908, the Tunguska Asteroid struck an isolated area in Siberia. The asteroid was 164 feet in diameter, and caused tragic devastation to the forest that it hit. People 37 miles away from where the asteroid touched down were knocked off their feet. If this asteroid were to hit a populated region of Siberia, thousands of people would have been killed. Asteroids have the ability to cause significant damage; it is believed by some that an asteroid wiped out all the dinosaurs, in the Pre-historic Era....   [tags: Space, Exploration, Impact]

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Should The Government Have The Right Decisions?

- We live in a free society, and have the freedom to make our own personal choices daily. This freedom is afforded to us in our Constitution and its Amendments; they protect our rights and freedoms as American citizens. Currently, as American’s continue to struggle with poor food choices and health related issues, the question remains, should the government have the control to dictate what we eat. That type of control is an infringement on our rights, “More than two-thirds of the population (69 per cent) say it’s not the government’s job to tell us what we should and shouldn’t eat” (Holland)....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Health care, Eating]

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Henry David Thoreau And His Views On How The Government Should Be Ran

- Henry David Thoreau, an American author, poet, philosopher and abolitionist who dedicated his life studying and preaching his philosophical and naturalist writings. Through this experience Thoreau wrote about his life experiences and his views on how the government should be ran. In 1817 Henry David Thoreau was born in Concord Massachusetts. While living with his family Thoreau drove his mother 's cow to the pastures where he became interested in certain aspects of nature and of certain delights of solitude....   [tags: Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

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Should The Government Effectively Censor the Internet?

- ... As a democracy we should have no censorship lest we follow Chinas example and start dropping the hammer on any poor Joe who has the guts to question the government. As a democracy the government has to have the people on its side because we are the ones who give them the power to make decisions that affect all of us. But if they start to pass bills into law that allow monitoring of citizens on the web. That would allow agencies to spy on anyone because they might do something. One example of this is the recent Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act that was passed by the House of Representatives in April 2013....   [tags: reducing privacy, freedom of speech]

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The Government Should Not Conceal Information that May Impact Public Health

- When people purchase their meat, they seldom think about the diseases that may come with it. They are confident the meat they are buying is the highest quality their money can afford. However, now and then, there is news of contaminated meat and recalls. This questions the role of the government and its obligation to inform and to serve the public. In the past, the government has passed rules and laws such as the Meat Inspection Act of 1906 and Kevin’s Law. However, they have proved to be insufficient and required a long process to pass such regulations....   [tags: argumentative essay]

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Gun Control And The Government Should Put More Restrictions On Firearms

- This paper will discuss modern problems on gun control and whether or not the government should put more restrictions on firearms. The following report will try to persuade you to reconsider your options the next time you think of buying a gun. Citizens should consider the benefits and liabilities that comes with owning a gun. Buying and owning a firearm is like signing a contract. Once brought, the owner is placed in a special database in which both the state and government are aware which individuals own a gun....   [tags: Firearm, Handgun, Gun, Weapon]

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The Government Should Provide Enough Funding Money For Public Schools

- The government should provide enough funding money to public schools to help fight child obesity by changing schools menus, adding more physical education programs, getting parents involvement, requiring teachers to change curriculum to more educational topics about nutrition and getting the community to sponsor programs that help train children on fitness and nutrition. The government should increase funding for public schools, as a fight to end child obesity in public schools. According to the authors of Physical Activity and Childhood Obesity: Strategies and Solutions for Schools and Parents, "Obesity is defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat" ( Green, Hargrove, and Riley 916)...   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Health, Education]

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Should The Government Dismantle A Monopolistic Firm?

- The economy is a pivotal part in our everyday life. Consumers are very much affected by the economy whether we think about it or not. Our economic system, once a pure capitalistic system where the government did not regulate the private sector, has shifted to a mixed economy system. Since the emergence of monopolies, the government has increased their involvement in regulating them. With that said, monopolies still exist today. Although they are frowned upon, there are certain benefits monopolies offers....   [tags: Economics, Monopoly, Competition, Cartel]

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The Government Should Provide More Aid For Struggling College Students

- The Government should provide more aid to struggling college students. There is a growing problem among college students obtaining a higher education, that problem is money. College students have to either depend on their parents or themselves when it comes to getting a college degree. The government gives each student a free financial aid application called the fafsa. Sometimes the fafsa is not enough, the maximum award amount of the fafsa is $5,815 per year. Many college students find it at this point it is hard to get a college degree because the money the government gives is not enough to cover what they cannot afford....   [tags: University, Higher education, Debt]

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The United States Government Should Provide Universal Healthcare For Its People

- America is a country that boasts of many accomplishments. Olympic athletes, financial tycoons, and accomplished thespians walk the same streets and breathe the same air as the average person does. Yet these more financially rewarded people will be able to have the opportunity for the unlimited healthcare they need whenever and wherever they are, unlike the average person. The United States Government should provide universal healthcare for its people. Our nation’s history has contributed to how we ended up in our current state of dire need for uniform quality medical care....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health economics]

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Why The Federal Government Should Take Responsibility For National Crises

- The second impressive feat Franklin D. Roosevelt made is announcing new policies to save the people of the United States from poverty and despair. In the 1930s, the New Deal was made to stimulate the economy and to relieve the pressure caused by the stock market crash. I was surprised by Roosevelt’s crisis management skills because he comforted the Americans and strengthened his control over the federal government. It must be a difficult mission for him and his cabinet because there were people like Charles Evan Hughes opposing their views....   [tags: World War II, United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt]

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The Government Should Give Incentives For Companies That Support And Hire Veterans

- There are almost three quarters of a million American Veterans out on the streets looking for jobs. They are the men and women that have signed their life and took an oath to this country to protect the United States of America from all threats, foreign and domestic, at all costs. The government should give incentives to companies that support and hire veterans. Problem There are around 722,000 veterans that are jobless in the United States of America. This isn’t just happening in Iowa, but all over the country, in all 50 states....   [tags: United States, Unemployment]

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Theu.s. Government Should Have A More Open Policy Towards Immigrants

- As Franklin D. Roosevelt emphasized: “Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants.” We have to admit that America cannot be successful without the integral and dynamic immigration waves. Today, the U.S government should have a more open policy towards immigrants; part of that is raising people’s awareness about the issue. It is the best solution to the aging population crisis; it boosts the U.S. economy, and it fulfills humanitarian responsibilities....   [tags: Immigration, Immigration to the United States]

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The Attorney 's Office On Why The Government Should Not Seek For Indict Lance Legstrong

- The purpose of this Prosecution Memorandum is to inform the US Attorney’s Office on why the Government should not seek to indict Lance Legstrong under 18 U.S.C. §1621 “Perjury Generally”, 18 U.S.C. §1623 “False Declarations before a Court or Grand Jury”, or 18 U.S.C. §1503 “Influencing or Injuring Officer or Juror Generally”. Introduction Lance Legstrong potentially committed perjury under 18 U.S.C. §1621 “Perjury Generally”, made false declarations under 18 U.S.C. §1623 “False Declarations before a Court or Grand Jury”, and/or obstructed justice under 18 U.S.C....   [tags: Grand jury, Jury, Common law, Indictment]

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The Government Should NOT Forgive Student Loan Debt

- An education is one of the most important tools a person can acquire. It gives them the skills and abilities to obtain a job, earn a wage, and then use that wage to better their lives and the lives of their loved ones. However, due to the seemingly exponential increase in the costs of obtaining a college degree, students are either being driven away entirely from earning a degree or taking out student loans which cripple their financial prospects well after graduation. Without question, the increasing national student loan debt is one of the most pressing economic issues the United States is dealing with, as students who are debt ridden are not able to consume and invest in the economy....   [tags: Student Loan Debt Essays]

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Should The Government Increase Military Spending?

- Should the government decrease military spending or should it increase military spending. This is a question that many Americans wrestle with, and politically speaking, is a point of great contention since to many, military might evokes a sense of security. However, when considering this question from a foreign policy standpoint, does current military spending really match the current level of threats faced by the United States, or are too many dollars being allocated for an unnecessary level of military strength....   [tags: United States, Barack Obama]

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Should Government Enforce Gmo Labeling

- Should government enforce GMO labeling in the US. Unfortunately, the U.S. has yet to enforce labeling food containing GMO’s. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. They contain genetic material that has been artificially altered in what used to be a natural product. The genetic engineering epidemic is a relatively new study in which scientists are still unaware of what the long term effects will be. (Right, 2015) Genetic engineering is continually being used in American food distribution with the failure of displaying it on the nutritional label....   [tags: Genetically modified organism]

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What the Government Should do About Animal Testing

- I scan my keycard and walk through a set of double doors, past the examination rooms and a door labeled organic waste. I walk into a complex and intricate maze of dark hallways. The doors read canine testing, swine feeding lab and primate testing environment. Upon looking into the dark rooms; one can make out the cages that once held chimpanzees. The sole purpose of this area is animal experimentation. This area, one of the most secure on the campus, has a separate dock and security cameras at every turn....   [tags: Utilitarian Policy, Animal Testing]

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The Government Should NOT Censor Internet Pornography

- With such a large number of people connected to the Internet, concerns for the safety of viewers have arisen, especially in the area of adult pornography. Many of the people who oppose adult pornography have advocated a law requiring Internet filters that restrict access to all pornographic material on the Internet. However, a law that requires Internet filters for all citizens are not the best solutions because there is insufficient justification to implement them and that many problems would occur from their implementation....   [tags: Internet Pornography Essays]

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Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Aided By The Government

- Most of the United States (U.S) is comprised of immigrants—including those who have migrated to the States from another country and those whose ancestors freely travelled to the States in search of a fresh start. Every year, the U.S. grants a limited number of people around the world the opportunity to immigrate to the States each year. As a result of the restriction, citizens from neighboring countries cross the border illegally. According to an article by Jens Manuel Krogstad, 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants reside in the U.S....   [tags: Immigration to the United States]

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Should the Australian Government Privatise Medibank?

- The Medibank Australia was founded by the Australian government in 1976, as the Medibank is a largest private health insurer in Australia. The government believes now it’s time for them to move forward and privatise the Medibank at the end of this financial year or next financial year. The reasons why the government is privatising Medibank, is to retain the service and excellence of stages of Medibank clients, ensure the sale development treats medibank workers in a decent manner, as well as to reduce any problems sole over the post years, such as liabilities of the government....   [tags: class inequalities, healthcare, services]

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Should the Australian Government Privatize Medibank?

- Medibank is Australia’s largest private healthcare insurer and one of the leading service providers created by the Australian Government in 1976. It has been operating as a government, business since then, though 30% of it was sold to the private sector. The complete sale of Medibank will promote more competition within the healthcare sector and drive better outcomes for all Australians. The government’s role in relation to private ownership is to regulate the businesses and allow them to operate according to the legislation put in place....   [tags: private sector, business, public properties]

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The Government Should Make Use Of Revenue Sharing

- The Government Should Make Use of Revenue Sharing Federal grants have become more common over the last 60 years, due to the expansion and retraction of the size of the federal government. The federal government began expanding in the 1930s to deal with the Depression. It used federal agencies to directly deal with problems. As time went on, the tasks were turned over to the states, but the federal government still remained involved through the use of federal grants to states and localities. In the 1970s, Nixon's New Federalism put a heavy emphasis on federal grants....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Internet Privacy: Government Should Not Regulate Encryption or Cryptography

- Internet Privacy: Government Should Not Regulate Encryption or Cryptography Privacy rights have been an important issue through out time, and it has been increasing in importance as we have moved into the electronic/information age. Keeping that privacy had become a growing concern for many businesses and consumers. With all the information being sent across the web, people are very concerned about their personal information falling into the wrong hands. One way to help protect your privacy on the net is by using an encryption program....   [tags: Internet Encryption Cryptography]

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The Government should NOT Fund Stem Cell Research

- The Government should NOT Fund Stem Cell Research Stem cells look to be nothing more than a hollow sphere composed of a clump of tiny, roundish balls. In reality, they are much more than that. Those 40 cells contain all the potential to become a living, breathing human being. Many scientists believe that these cells also have the potential to cure a myriad of diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and many others. The cells of the four day old human embryo can be programmed to become virtually any cell in the body making them a very valuable commodity....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument]

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The Government Should Mandate Helmet Use for All Cyclists

- The Government Should Mandate Helmet Use for All Cyclists Cuts, bruises and even broken bones will heal, but damage to your brain can last a lifetime. You can prevent possible injuries from unforeseen disasters such as smacking the street, sidewalk, curb, a car, tree or anything else around you by using safety precautions. In some cases, we are required to use safety measures, while in others we are merely advised. For instance, while driving an automobile, the law requires for all occupants in the vehicle to wear safety belts....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Government Should Support Public Television (PBS)

- The Government Should Support Public Television (PBS) The slogan goes, “If PBS doesn’t do it, who will?” This catch-phrase, which PBS uses in spots to advertise its programming between shows, states the most basic reason that the Public Broadcasting Service is necessary: Many of the shows on PBS would not be successful via commercial broadcast television, and therefore, a viewer-supported, partially-subsidized network of stations is necessary to provide programming that otherwise would not make the airwaves....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Should Australian Government Privatise Medibanks?

- Should Australian Government privatise medibanks. Introduction Medibank Private is Australians Government owned company which was formed by the Labor party of Australia in June 1976. In October 1976, it starts operation under the Fraser government. It main purpose was to provide private medical and hospital insurance in all sectors to overcome the existing health insurance. The medibank private operator was the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) (Cavill, 2014) Medibank private is the larger health insurance in Australia with around 3.8 million members....   [tags: health insurance]

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The Government Should Provide Assistance for Sexually Assaulted Victims in the Military

- A soldier is one of the most honorable professions in society. These men and women risk their own lives in order to protect the citizens of America. Soldiers take part in selfless acts of fighting for their own country, and such an honorable duty deserves respect. Over the years, statistics have surfaced as soldiers have come forward, claiming to have been sexually assaulted while in the US military. This is not at small number of individuals, 46% of the U.S. military have been sexually assulted.6 The U.S....   [tags: raped women soldiers, US military]

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Should Parenthood Be More Government Restrictions?

- Micro vs Macro Although my view is consistent with a capitalistic micro government, Planned Parenthood should have more government restrictions. Most of people would beg to differ for several reasons. This issue has a two sided debate and there is no wrong or right answer. The only way to come down to a fair conclusion is by making a pros and cons list, so you can see each side instead of being close-minded. The Planned Parenthood has been controversial due to the services it provides to women and teens in the United States....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Teenage pregnancy]

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The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race

- The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race Lets be honest, does it really matter what race you are. I mean does it really matter where you come from. The color of your skin, the culture and value you carry. Unless you are oppressing one race to feel good about yourself, Why should race matter. The fact is, It shouldn’t matter as long as you are honest and is respectful to others. I’m sure that some of us have experienced this to some extent: When you make a friend who is from a different race, do you still classify him or her as black, white, tall or short, Fat or skinny, someone with long hair or short, Or someone with no legs on a wheel chair, Old or young....   [tags: social issues]

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Should The Government Be Funding More Help For Their Families?

- There are many children who are either immigrants or refugees who are very ill either from a mental illness or physical illness. There isn’t much help for These kids or parents because everything costs money, but they don’t have any since there isn’t any jobs available and the pay is very low. People see these families don’t need help because they think that they can do it on their own or that they are just lazy people who want everything for free. What these people don’t see is that these families in Central America need very much help since there isn’t really many jobs and pay is very low....   [tags: Mental disorder, Health care, Illness]

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Should the Government Have a Say in Americans' Diets?

- ... According to the article” What Causes Obesity?” it is stated that “The risk factors that contribute to obesity can be a complex combination of genetics, socioeconomic factors, metabolic factors and lifestyle choices”. Sadly, citizens have not much choice but to pay higher taxes. And finally, the simple fact that the government is spending money on ineffective solutions. According to the article, ‘Government Intervention Will Not Solve Our Obesity Problem’, it is stated that “despite the myriad of studies showing American obesity is increasing, research does not clearly support that government can solve this complex problem’ (Marlow) For example, the government solution of adding calories...   [tags: cost of obesity to public healthcare]

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Why The Government Should Have The Access Of Search Through People 's Electronic Communication

- Recently with the San Bernardino shooting there has been a controversy if the the government should have the access to search through people 's electronic communication. The problem is that the people who support the government being able to search digital communication believe that if there is nothing to hide then there is no problem with exposings some messages for the greater good. On the other hand the United States constitution states that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated”....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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