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The Search For Inwardness Is A Complex And Private Journey

- Inwardness is thought to be something within the self that is more meaningful and authentic than can be found in the outer world. The search for inwardness is a complex and private journey that is very ambiguous, but it is a path everyone should follow at some point in their life. It is not an easy thing to do, but if more people took up the task and found their inner self and their inner peace, not only would they be made better from it but the world around them would benefit too. When someone develops inwardness, they are surer of themselves, their own abilities, and their purpose on this Earth making our world a better place....   [tags: Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Church]

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Search and Seizure that People See in The Media

- Most encounters to seizures and searches are shared events a person sees in the media or news. The constitutional rights to basic privacy have frequently controlled to clashes between several private citizens and the officers of the law. An officer performing their duties will sometimes have to make fast decisions which at times may not seem to be thought out thoroughly. Many people engaged in criminal actions, and as long as there is people who engage in these action there will always be officers there to do their jobs....   [tags: constitutional rights, privacy, traffic]

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The Search for Wisdom in Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse

- The novel, Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse focuses on a young man named Siddhartha and his lifelong pursuit to attain enlightenment. Throughout his endeavor, Siddhartha follows the way of rejection and doctrines from the Samanas and Gautama the Buddha, respectively. Soon enough, however, Siddhartha realizes that following the path of others is hopeless, and he starts to look within himself to gain wisdom and become enlightened. By looking at and listening to the river, Siddhartha begins to realize who he actually is through the visions and voices that appear from the river....   [tags: buddhism, enlightnement, self]

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The Search for Low Carbon Cities in China

- Due to mass consumption and pollution, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by Chinese cities have increased dramatically in the last few decade. Currently half of China's cities cannot meet the air quality standards, and one-third of its land is affected by acid rain (Zhang, 2007). In order to protect its people and nature from dangerous environmental threats, sustainable development of China's growing cities must become a top priority, and a key resolution is making them low carbon cities....   [tags: Environment, Air Pollution]

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Home Schooling: The Search for Quality and Values

- In the search for quality and values there’s a fundamental increase in parents rejecting the Institutional Educational Systems in the twenty 21th Century, “Parents preferring Home Schooling”. The industrialization of Education during the 1800s, and the need for free education was necessary because the average family in America could not afford grade school for their children. There were two common fears; influx of ‘foreign values and the need for education in the work force and Americanizing those from foreign nations, (Hellinger and Judd 1991) p.36....   [tags: Education]

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In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton

- April Raintree character analysis April Raintree is the main protagonist in the book, In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Mosionier. Throughout her childhood she was embarrassed to be Metis, and because of her taking after her mother’s Irish pale skin, being able to blend into white society she would hide her native ancestry. Through her first foster parents, the Dions, were very kind to April, this continued to make April to feel accepted in society, and she would continue to hide her native heritage....   [tags: character analysis]

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Search For Opportunities At The Southern Police Institute

- Search For Opportunities Falling into the routine attitude of business as usual is a trap that leaders often struggle to avoid. Agencies are evolving at an alarming rate, specifically in the areas of technology and response to public perception, causing leaders to frequently seek opportunities to stay ahead of change. Change can often test the resolve of a leader, but successful change and implantation of new programs is extremely rewarding for all contingents (Kouzes and Posner, 2012). After returning from the Southern Police Institute, John Novy was faced with a assignment change that opened the opportunity for future promotion....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Law enforcement agency]

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The 's Code On The Self Directed Search

- After completing Holland’s code on the Self Directed Search, the summary code I earned was SEA. SEA stands for social (S), enterprising (E), and artistic (A). My result didn’t really surprise me because of the assessment we had taken in class, however, I was surprised when I my highest score on the assessment was on social. The assessment states that social people likes to help others with their problem. Which in this case, is true for me. This is why I am in pursing my education in graduate school because I do want to be in the counseling profession....   [tags: School counselor, Education, High school]

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Communication in Search Engine Companies and Google

- Communication is very important for any company but this is especially true for a search engine company. Google fosters interpersonal communication in their culture through many different avenues. The offices and cafes at Google are designed to encourage interactions within and across teams and to spark conversations among the fellow Googlers. This open culture helps to promote cross functional creativity and improve organizational skills by making the perceptual screens through which employees interact a natural one....   [tags: interaction, structure, activities]

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Mlb 's Search Engine ( Mlb )

- Abstract The MLB hasn 't used oak or pine bats yet (MLB 's search engine), birch made it 's way into bats (Phoenix bats). The independent, dependent, and control variable is the distance the ball went, the materials used to hit the baseball, and the tee. See Appendix B or C for data, the hypothesis was incorrect, the top three baseballs that went the furthest, two of them were hit with the aluminum bat and one with the pine dowel. Introduction If a baseball was hit off a tee with different materials, what ball would go the furthest....   [tags: Baseball, Baseball bat, Wood, Home run]

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Search Of August Raintree By Beatrice Culleton

- April Raintree is the main character of the novel. In search of April Raintree written by Beatrice Culleton. April wished she could change her metis heritage or the spelling of her last name, Raintree. Why. Stereo-types and Racism, but most of all because of disrespectful people. As quoted in the novel, April mentions her experience being criticized with racism because she was metis. In the beginning April speaks about the start of her experience. “There were two different groups of children that went to the park....   [tags: Family, Foster care, Abuse]

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Image Search Using Hash Code

- This paper introduces an effective method for query adaptive image retrieval using low-level feature extraction and hashing method. The low-level feature primarily constitute color, shape and texture features. For color feature extraction color moments, color Histogram and color correlogram method were implemented and for texture feature extraction used wavelet moment method. Hashing methods is used to embed high-dimensional image features into Hamming space, where search can be performed in real-time based on Hamming distance of compact hash codes....   [tags: effective method, querry adaptive image retrieval]

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Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning

- Man’s Search for Meaning This book was written as a record of a person’s involvements in a concentration camp during World War II, and the psychology of the prisoners who were there with him to experience the rough and hard times every day. Viktor Frankl's was a man who was a part of this experience, along with his wife, father, mother and brother who all died in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. All endured extreme hunger, cold and cruelty, first in Auschwitz then Dachau; Frankl himself was under endless threat of going to the gas chambers....   [tags: origins of Logotherapy]

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The Search of Sonny: Sonny’s Blues

- Sonny, the title character of James Baldwin’s short story, “Sonny’s Blues,” is about a young man whom is struggling in life. As a young African American born in Harlem, the burden of being poor, black, and trapped within the confines of his community, he is aware of the limits and obstacles he faces. Baldwin uses the part where Sonny moved away from Harlem, his afterlife from prison, and his love for music to show us that he symbolizes the search for identity significance. After the death of his mother, his only older brother left to the army, and he was forced to live with his brother’s girlfriend, Isabel, their family....   [tags: harlem, james baldwin, sonny blues]

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Search for Identity

- They years from 1912 to 1930 were the Heroic Age of the Modern Novel, the age of Conrad, Joyce, Woolf, Forster, Lawrence. This period brought important changes and was marked by important events that influenced man, his society and the whole humanity. One can trace many influences in the changes in attitude and technique in the fiction of this period. The influence of psychology and anthropology made the authors explore the depths of human nature and existence. Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" elaborates the above mentioned issue, using the two visual aspects of dark and light and the method of indirection, Conrad takes the reader on an unforgettable journey with the main character Marlow...   [tags: Free Essays]

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A Futile Awakening

- Kate Chopin's novel, The Awakening, transcends societal structures and expectations. It deals with the day-to-day realities that a woman must face if she is to progress to full maturation and become at peace with herself and the world. Set in turn-of-the-century Creole New Orleans, it addresses the relentless strength and courage required for a woman to remain true to her convictions. Most studies of The Awakening focus on Edna Pontellier's newly emerged awareness and struggle against the societal forces that repress her....   [tags: Kate Chopin's The Awakening]

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Shaping the Web: Why the Politics of Search Engines Matter

- Over the past decade or so, an increasingly amount of information has been published and communicated over the World Wide Web. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have become the most important gateways to access the web. Mainly, the ultimate goal of a search engine site is to provide personal and relevant results to the user. However, search engine sites have developed a few ethical issues that leads to favoring of certain kinds of sites over others in the lists of results they return to consumers in their response to search queries....   [tags: article analysis, google, gateways]

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Yahoo! - The Internet Search Engine

- Yahoo. - The Internet Search Engine Yahoo. is my search engine of choice. In this paper I will discuss why I personally choose Yahoo. as my search engine and what I found out about the company. First, I choose Yahoo. for several reasons. The first reason being that is my laptops' home page. I find it a lot easier to search for something without searching for a different search engine. Second, I have heard good things about Yahoo. and I know that many of my classmates also use Yahoo!. The results that I get back when doing a search are usually adequate and I will ultimately use the results....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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An Overview of Search Engines

- An Overview of Search Engines Search engines are used all over the world, everyday, by millions of people. These devices are websites that collect and compile data from the internet so that other web pages, links, and different information can be found more easily. There are an unfathomable number of search engines on the internet. Some popular ones include Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Infoseek, Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite, MSN Search and Hotbot. With so many websites to choose from, it makes it hard to decide which search engine is the best fit for your task at hand....   [tags: Sell Websites Buy Web Sites]

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Sal's Search for "IT" in "On the Road"

- In Jack Kerouac's On The Road, Sal Paradise is a man who was fed up with his life and what was expected of him. He was no longer content to sit around and allow society to dictate to him whom he should be and how he should act. It was at this time in his life that Sal met Dean Moriarty who saw that he was ripe for influence. Sal didn't necessarily know exactly what he wanted, but he knew he needed change. Dean became his "guru" in that Sal knew that Dean would teach him about life and lead him on great adventures that would help him discover the world around him and what he wanted out of it....   [tags: American Literature]

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The Presidential Search at Boston University

- The Presidential Search at Boston University INTRODUCTION Leadership is defined to a large part by the people affected who thus agree, share visions, interpret measures and participate directly or indirectly in leading an institution. Since every institution has a different structure, there is a limit to what can be known. Within academic institutions the "making" of a president is not a clear-cut process and the case of the presidential search at Boston University has brought up several issues concerning the role of the president and university trustees....   [tags: Papers]

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Key Word Phrase – Keyword Search Optimization

- Spread Sheet Line: 151 Key Word Phrase – Keyword Search Optimization Date: 03-Aug-2010 Title: Keyword Search Optimization | For Accurate Keyword Application While Launching New Products Description: Keyword Search Optimization Help The Website Owners To Discover Untapped Market Niche By Creating Compelling Content That Differentiates Their Site From Run-Of-The-Mill Websites. Heading: Find Out About Keyword Search Optimization Techniques Body: Keyword search optimization helps the website owners to discover and develop untapped market niche....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Impact of Using Search Engines on Study Skills of the Students

- People wonder what exactly search engine are and how they created a vast impact to the study skills of its users. The search engine is a software system designed to search web based information and to identify items in a database that correspond to the keywords specified by users. It is indispensable tools for finding web based information also a beneficial tool for students and faculty in making their academic papers and other purposes. In 1990, the first fundamental search engine named Archie was created by Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and J....   [tags: Software System, Web Based Information]

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The Search for Identity in This Side of Paradise

- The Search for Identity in This Side of Paradise   In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel This Side of Paradise, Amory Blaine searches for his identity by "mirroring" people he admires.  However, these "mirrors" actually block him from finding his true self.  He falls in love with women whose personalities intrigue him; he mimics the actions of men he looks up to.  Eleanor Savage and Burne Holiday serve as prime examples of this.  Until Amory loses his pivotal "mirror," Monsignor Darcy, he searches for his soul in all the wrong places.  When Monsignor Darcy dies, Amory has the spiritual epiphany he needs to reach his "paradise" - the knowledge of who Amory Blaine truly is.              Amory...   [tags: This Side of Paradise Essays]

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Search for Immortality in the Epic of Gilgamesh

- The Search for Immortality In The Epic of Gilgamesh the main character, Gilgamesh, is searching for immortality. This want is brought about by deep feelings held by Gilgamesh for his dead friend Enkidu. From this, Gilgamesh finds himself being scared of dying. This fear pushes Gilgamesh to search for the power of immortal life, which is believed to be held only by women because of the fact that they can reproduce. This takes him on a long and tiresome journey to a land where no mortal has gone before....   [tags: Epic Gilgamesh essays]

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Discovering User Goals to Improving Search Engine Applicability

- The users are commonly using the internet for several information needs. Still, the abstruse word\topic submitted to search engine does not satisfy user information needs, because different users may have different information on dissimilar facets upon the submission of same query to search engine. So discovering different user search goals becomes complicated. The estimation and representation of user search goals can be very useful in improving search engine applicability and user knowledge. This paper proposes an approach for concluding user search goals by analyzing user query logs from several search engines....   [tags: feedback, clicked, analysis]

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The Search for Language in The Awakening

- The Search for Language in The Awakening       Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening, tells the story of a late nineteenth century woman trying to break away from the male-dominated society to find an identity of her own.  Edna Pontellier is trying to find herself when only two personas are available to her: the ‘true woman,’ the classic wife and mother, or the ‘new woman,’ the radical women demanding equality with men.  Patricia S. Yaeger, in her essay “‘A Language Which Nobody Understood’: Emancipatory Strategies in The Awakening,” argues that what Edna is really searching for is a female language of her own.  Edna is prevented from finding her own language and ideal and therefore is trap...   [tags: Chopin Awakening Essays]

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Search and Seizure in Schools

- Ideally schools in the United States are considered by both parents and students alike to be “safe-havens” where parents can trust their children to learn and remain safe during the day and where students can feel safe in a well-maintained learning environment. However within this fully regulated government service, there are often debates over proper classroom environments, teaching tactics, and privacy issues. Today the main privacy issue in public schools is where to draw the line between keeping the school safe and maintaining the privacy of the students (Boomer par....   [tags: Fourth Amendment 2014]

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Arizona vs Gant: The Fourth Ammendment and Search Warrants

- ... After Gant was handcuffed and placed in the back of a third patrol car, officers proceeded to search Gant’s car. During their search they found a gun in the car and a bag of cocaine in a jacket pocket laying on the backseat of the car Gant was driving. Gant was charged with possession of the cocaine. He fought to have the evidence found in his car suppressed at trial because, he claimed, the search of his car had been unreasonable. Gant’s motion was denied and Gant was convicted of the crime....   [tags: Police, Arrest, Evidence]

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Man's Search for the Purpose of Life

- Man's Search for the Purpose of Life Man is in search of happiness, but has no peace of mind. Even if he succeeds in achieving his objectives, he remains dissatisfied. His search for peace and happiness, therefore, never ends. Saint Augustine says that God gave us the senses for using them properly, but we misuse them by indulging in sensual pleasures; whereas the bliss for which we should have striven remains enshrined in scriptures only. Man is an ensouled entity gifted with body, mind, and intellect....   [tags: Religion Christianity Happiness Philosophy Essays]

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In Search Of Excellence by Peters and Waterman

- Peters and Waterman – Excellence Who are Peters and Waterman. Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman were two consultants, who in 1982 published a book called ‘In Search Of Excellence,’ advising companies to embrace what they called ‘the eight attributes of excellence.’ How did their research start. The authors research started in 1977 when two groups of people at McKinsey & Co. were asked to research a general concern with the problems of management effectiveness and a particular concern with the nature of the relationship between strategy, structure, and management effectiveness....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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The Search for Love in Jane Eyre

- The Search for Love in Jane Eyre A constant theme throughout Jane Eyre is the search for love. Although this could be shown through many of the novel's key characters, it can most readily be shown in the experiences of Jane Eyre herself. The novel begins with her searching for love and it finally ends with her finding it, for good, in Mr. Rochester. At the novel's opening, Jane is living with the cruel Mrs. Reed and her horrid three children, Eliza, Georgiana, and John. Mrs. Reed makes her distaste for Jane very evident in all of her actions....   [tags: Papers]

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Search for the Ark of the Covenant

- The Ark of the Covenant When asked about the Ark of the Covenant, the average person usually responds with something along the lines of Harrison Ford starring in the first of the Indiana Jones trilogy. However, The Ark of the Covenant has significant ties to both ancient Christianity and Judaism. These two religions both have foundations in the Old Testament of The Bible, and their followers are often referred to as "People of the Book" (Robinson). There is some discrepancy as to what the Ark truly is....   [tags: Papers]

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The Search for Dostoyevsky in Crime and Punishment

- The Search for Dostoyevsky in Crime and Punishment         Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky who is known as a great novelist wrote timeless classics such as The Idiot, Crime and Punishment, and The Brothers Karamazov, was not only a novelist, but a good psychologist who uncovered the secret sides of the human beings in a very effective way. His novels also affected Freud, Nietzsche, and Joyce. However there is one point that is a mystery. Did Dostoyevsky really reflect his own feelings, especially his fears, into the characters of his novels....   [tags: Crime and Punishment Research Papers]

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Guide to Spybot Search and Destroy

- Missing Figures Getting Rid of Spyware: A Guide to Spybot Search and Destroy Preface According to CloudEight Security Tips, Spyware and adware are the number one threat to computer users (“Say” 1). Computer users whose computer system or internet connection is slower than normal are a victim of this threat. According to Wikipedia, spyware is any piece of software that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge (Spyware 1). They have also defined malware, a piece of software intended to do harm to a computer, as a classification of spyware....   [tags: Spyware Adware Software]

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Background On The Random Metal Detector Search Policy

- Background on the Random Metal Detector Search Policy The Los Angeles Unified School District board policy dates back to 1993 after a gun hidden in a student’s backpack killed a 16-year-old student at Fairfax High. Superintendent Sid Thompson proposed the random metal-detector search for weapons policy to the school board who adopted the policy with majority support, but needed funding for more metal detectors. State assemblyman Richard Katz proposed AB 777 which would require the allocation of specific federal resources ($1 million from the Budget Act of 1994) for the purchase and installation of metal detectors in junior and senior high school facilities in LAUSD (AB 777)....   [tags: High school, College, Secondary school]

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The Search for the Meaning of Existence

- The Search for the Meaning of Existence Daffodil bulbs instead of balls Stared from the sockets of the eyes. from Whispers of Immortality We live and then we die. Its scary, the death part, and the living part is quite amazing. There is a great dichotomy surrounding our existence. One minute we are here, another we are gone. What is existence. What is the purpose of existence. The big metaphysical question has my interest. We grasp to understand it all but it evades us. This magnificent universe has not answered our questions....   [tags: Philosophy Essays]

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The Female Athlete and the Search Equality

- The Female Athlete and the Search Equality Soccer is not seen as a non-traditional sport for women, especially not since the US Women's National Team won the World Cup in 1999, but like most women's sports it was at one time thought of as a male only sport. I grew up in a very athletic family, where both my brother and my father loved to play soccer, so naturally I fell in love with the sport at a very young age, in fact I was about 5 when I started playing. At that time I was one of the few girls playing in the only peewee league; a league that was co-ed....   [tags: Personal Narrative Papers]

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An Absolutist's Search for the Superior Style

- An Absolutist's Search for the Superior Style When I was debating in high school, I learned how to argue from many different perspectives and how to make a particular argument more effective than another. Although I'm no longer in debate (B.S.U. needs a debate team), I have been so affected by the activity I now believe if I listen intently and discerningly to the arguments for and against a particular position that I can determine which position is the most logical and prudent. It is this arrogant and fatuous tendency which I possess that is whispering in my ear right now....   [tags: Writing Literature Papers]

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Search for Meaning in Shakespeare's Hamlet

- Search for Meaning in Shakespeare's Hamlet But I will delve one yard below their mines And blow them at the moon (3.4.208-10) What is real. This question, begged by humanity from day one, seems to grow in importance and urgency as the twenty-first century looms on the road ahead. When religion, culture, family, and meaning are all forced to play second fiddle to the almighty dollar, where do we turn for understanding. I think the answer is that we turn inward. After all, there must be something within the human animal to suggest a moral, or a message, or at least an explanation....   [tags: Shakespeare Hamlet Essays]

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Search Engine Censorship In China

- Everyone knows that Google is one of the top search engines on the internet and they are a highly respected and established business. Their respect may have gone out the door in China because of what they had done back in 2004. The major search engine decided to give into the Chinese government and was censored. Nobody knew that it happened until they decided to use the search engine and tried to search for their daily news. This marks the first time in the history of the internet that a search engine had censored any content....   [tags: Internet]

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Search for Innocence in American Modernism

- Search for Innocence in American Modernism      American Literature from its very beginning has been centered around a theme of innocence. The Puritans wrote about abandoning the corruption of Europe to find innocence in a new world. The Romantics saw innocence and power in nature and often wrote of escaping from civilization to return to nature. After the Civil War, however, the innocence of the nation is challenged. The Realists focused on the loss of innocence and in Naturalist works innocence is mostly gone....   [tags: Literature Essays Literary Criticism]

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Ease Of Using Search Engines

- “It is easy for all users to find specific information on the World Wide Web”. Because the web is relatively new in terms of reaching a large percentage of a country’s population, users’ experience, understanding and expertise varies widely. Technically-minded people will arguably have been familiar with the World Wide Web for longer, and therefore be able to find specific information more efficiently, if not more quickly than less experienced users. Defining ‘easy’ in terms of using the World Wide Web is interesting....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Dizziness - The Search for Balance

- On the Search for Balance: A Balancing Act in the Midst of Dizziness Imagine that you are 6 years old again. You are at a playground clutching a pole on the merry-go-round, which is whirling as fast as your friends can run to keep the merry-go-round going. Your friends let go and when you jump off as the merry-go-round stops spinning, you fall because the world seems to wobble out of control. Although you have stopped spinning on the merry-go-round, your brain tells you otherwise. This is the everyday reality for a chronically dizzy person....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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AIDS: The Search for a Cure

- AIDS: The Search for a Cure 788,400 minutes In 1999 the New York health department released figures indicating that after diagnosis of full blown AIDS, patients had an average of 19 months left to live: 788,400 minutes. These figures with only about 20 years of knowledge to work with: the AIDS virus didn’t start appearing in the United States until the late seventies, and was unacknowledged until the 80’s, making AIDS research a relatively new field. First stigmatized and associated with unsafe homosexual sex and then mainstreamed when professional basketball player Magic Johnson announced he was infected, AIDS awareness has come a long way....   [tags: Free AIDS Essays]

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America's Search for a Cultural Center

- America's Search for a Cultural Center The average American child can not even comprehend what institutions provide cultural enhancement. Is that too bold a statement. I don't think so. Primarily because American culture probably doesn't exist in any real form. The closest we get to art is in our cinema. Art as a practiced form is lost. Literacy rates are abominable, museums are underfunded in response to the lack of public interest in viewing their wares, and art classes are practically non-existent as more and more schools have cut those programs in response to budgetary concerns....   [tags: American Culture Cultural Essays]

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In Search of Virtue in Honors

- In Search of Virtue in Honors Of the three forms of friendship discussed by Aristotle—the useful, the pleasant, and the good—the ideal seminar most resembles the perfectly good friendship between “good men who are alike in excellence or virtue” (Aristotle 1156b). A seminar, the Swarthmore website reads, unites faculty with “small groups of dedicated and accomplished students” committed to “independent learning” and “dialogue with peers, teachers, and examiners.” In light of Aristotelian and neo-Aristotelian thought on friendship, virtue and practical wisdom, this discussion will first examine how an ideal seminar promotes student virtues and then proceed to evaluate an e-mail I wrote in re...   [tags: Aristotle Friendship Philosophy Essays]

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Hiv: The Search For A Vaccine

- In 1985, over 10,000 cases of AIDS were reported worldwide (White and Fenner 1986). Just over a decade later, in 1998, the Global AIDS Policy Coalition estimated that 30.6 million people were infected with HIV worldwide. It has also been projected that by the year 2000, between 40 and 70 million adults will be infected with HIV (New Generation Vaccines 1997). Over 90% of all HIV-1 infected individuals live in developing nations: 50% in Southeast Asia and 40% in sub-Saharan Africa. However, even with all of these alarming statistics and projections, there is hope for the future of humanity....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Trudeau's The Search For One's Identity

- Many people to this day still do not have a collective agreement on what is the Canadian identity. Depending whom you ask you may get a wide variety of answer spanning the spectrum of possibilities, more so now, than at any point of the history of our nation. This essay will investigate how Pierre Elliott Trudeau found himself as a Canadian, and will demonstrate how it is his surroundings in which he immersed himself that shaped who he became. It is only later in his life that he truly discovered himself as well as his identity....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The Government Wants You and Your Search Logs Too

- Is your privacy worth a better search engine. Steven Levy explains in his article, “Will You Let Them Store Your Dreams?” that search logs are preserved for future use and aren’t as anonymous as one thought. Internet users believed their searches were private, but are finding out the complete opposite is true. Steven Wyer’s article, “Life with Big Brother: Government Paws on Our Every Tweet” reveals the government is blatantly interested in people’s search logs and why. Levy and Wyer agree society’s privacy has been compromised while using social media formats; both writers use similar strategies such as language, logos, and pathos to sway the audience to their respective viewpoints....   [tags: privacy after internet use]

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Search Incident to Arrest Cell Phone Dilemma

- The Supreme Court has stepped up to answer the question if search incident to arrest on cell phones is violating an individual right. The lower courts are split in the decision. The two cases that are been debated by the Supreme Court is Riley vs. California and Wurie vs. United States. In Riley vs. California, it involved David Riley who was pulled over for having expired tags and driving with suspended license, which led to impound of his vehicle. Once impounded the San Diego Police policy is to document contents inside the car where they found firearms....   [tags: Supreme Court, Individual Rights, Cell Phones]

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A Critique On The Search Engine Society By Alexander Halavais

- Introduction The critique will be reviewing a reading called the Search Engine Society, published by Alexander Halavais. The emphasis will be in chapter six of the book and looks at privacy. This critique will focus on reputation management section and the impact on users and end users. My main focus will be on the following three areas; these are how search engines are used to find out ones image and how other people make assumptions about who you are with the limited information that is given online....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Reputation]

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A Guide on Search Engines

- A Guide on Search Engines Hello and welcome. My name is Jane, and I'm reporting to you live from Hollywood. I am sporting a lovely plum-colored sequence dress compliments of Bergdorf, and the jewelry I am seen wearing are from Tiffany & Co. Well ladies and gentlemen, enough about my lovely attire. The moment we've all been waiting for has come. Finally, movie critics from around the United States have gathered to criticize or glorify the upcoming movie, Search Engines. With the success this movie is supposed to receive, sequels are already being talked about....   [tags: Technology Computers Internet Essays]

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Using the Google Search Engine

- Using the Google Search Engine find two internet sites that provide internet resources for the study of Australian Literature. - - ii. Write a detailed summary in no more than 600 words of what kind of information and services the sites provide. Give examples as necessary. The first of the two websites that I looked at was, it is constructed by Perry Middlemiss who is a lover of books, and who wishes to pay credit to those 'forgotten' Australian writers on the Web....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Siddhartha's Search for Inner Peace

- Siddhartha's Conflicts  Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha tells the story of a young man who sets out in search of his true self.  Throughout the novel, Siddhartha continues to search for the true meaning of life.  He sacrifices everything, almost to the point of self-destruction, before finding what he is really looking for.  The element of conflict helps build the plot and leads to the turning point, Siddhartha's discovery.  Siddhartha faces conflicts with his peers, his religion, and himself.          Siddhartha has several conflicts between himself and his peers.  Despite Govinda's love and adoration, Siddhartha knows that he must tell his friend to move on.  Siddhartha also meets Kamala, wh...   [tags: Herman Hesse, Siddhartha Conflicts]

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In Search of Excellence: Critique

- Peter's & Waterman write of marketing but never refer to the marketing concept. However, is the philosophy of the marketing concept crucial to the theme of the book. Or, is the marketing concept compromised by the authors' interest in a product orientation. The marketing concept's ultimate goal in essence is to satisfy an organisation's clientele, while at the same time enabling the company to survive and prosper. It stresses consumer-orientation in all facets of a company's operation. It also emphasises adoption of a cross-functional perspective so that everyone within the organisation can have some impact on the organisation's success in both the profitability and at the consumer leve...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Building A College Website Database Based Search Interfaces

- Databases turn out to be web reachable all the way through HTML form-based search interfaces. The data units revisit from the essential database typically programmed into the result pages vigorously for human browsing. A large amount of information is available in the web today. Information extraction is defined as the automatic extraction of structured information from unstructured documents. Even though the web pages are more robust and flexible, the information extraction system transforms the code into user friendly structures....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Website, Internet]

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Search Engine Optimisation: Looking Back at 2013

- Summary: SEO has become an integral part for any of the companies who are into planning for a proper footing on the internet through websites. This article would be discussing the changes that we have experienced in the field of SEO in the year 2013. The subject of Search Engine Optimisation has gone through several levels of changes since its inception. And, these changes takes places at a regular interval driven by the guidelines, which is implemented by search engine giant Google. SEO has been one of the most inexpensive, nearly flawless internet marketing tools which have helped several million sites from variable categories to get a foothold on the virtual marketplace....   [tags: penguin, update, google, content, text]

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Temporary Questioning of Persons in Public Places: Search for Weapons

- Temporary Questioning of Persons in Public Places, Search for Weapons Temporary Questioning of Persons in Public Places; Search for Weapons In the City of New York, it is not unusual to feel uncomfortable or petrified when approached by an officer of the law. It is not uncommon to notice the disrespect that individuals have towards the New York Police Department. It is not strange to see the misconduct that police officers use on the public. It is not unusual to see the corrupt in the New York Police Department....   [tags: misconduct of the NYC police officers]

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Search for Meaning in Siddhartha

- Search for Meaning in Siddhartha      Siddhartha is a young man on a long quest in search of the ultimate answer to the enigma of a man's role on this earth. Through his travels, he finds love, friendship, pain, and identity. He finds the true meaning behind them the hard way, but that is the best way to learn them. He starts out by finding friendship with his buddy, Govinda. They have been friends ever since their childhood. There are really close, like each other's shadow. They have traveled and lived most of their life together....   [tags: Hesse Siddhartha Essays]

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The Search for Eternal Youth

- The Search for Eternal Youth For billions of years, there has been life. Our planet consists of countless numbers of living creatures. Unfortunately, all living creatures have a limited life span which can range anywhere from a few hours to the ripe old age of 113 years old. Each individual has its own biological clock, and when the clock stops, our time is up. But what if we could rewind or stop our biological clock, rejuvenating ourselves to a time when we were totally content. In Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "Dr....   [tags: Research History Youth Science Essays]

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In Search of Marvin Gardens

- In Search of Marvin Gardens The televisionshow "Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood" takes place in two different locations,one is Mr. Rogers home, and the other is make-believe land where the talesMr. Roger’s teaches are acted out for children by puppets. To even theyoung children watching the show, it is obvious that the transition fromone place to another is helped along by parallel themes or events. Thepiece "In Search of Marvin Gardens" is obviously divided into two separatesections, one part takes place during a Monopoly game and the other isa more descriptive set of passages about Atlantic City....   [tags: McPhee Atlantic City Essays]

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The Search for Self in the Lives and Works of Hemingway and Steinbeck

- The Search for Self in the Lives and Works of Hemingway and Steinbeck The First World War and the great depression forever changed the way the world viewed America, but it also changed the way America viewed itself. As the upheaval of traditional lifestyle lead to an upheaval of traditional values, the American consciousness struggled to combat feelings of aimlessness and hopelessness. The journey through this period can be seen best in the works of its writers. Authors Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck grew up in an America that struggled through the effects of the First World War; this, coupled with lifelong difficulties maintaining personal relationships, influenced them to include the...   [tags: literature, biographic events, novels]

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Definition Of Due Process : A Situation Involving The Search Of A Student

- Discuss how the concept of Due Process is applied in a situation involving the search of a student. Due process is touched on in two amendments the fourth and the fifth. The Fourth Amendment prohibits “unreasonable” searches and seizures. The Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause is triggered as the follow-up step, commanding that school officials who plan to discipline a student or employee must provide the alleged wrongdoer with two rights: specific information about the charges and the evidence behind it....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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Socrates and the Search for Inner Self: The Socratic Method

- 1. For Socrates, the search for wisdom begins with an attempt to gain clarity as to who we truly are as human beings. Before we can presume to understand the world, we must begin by understanding the reality of our own consciousness. From a Socratic point of view, the world is reduced exclusively to the human world, everything else being inconsequential. Initially, the search for wisdom is understood in terms of my need to understand precisely who I am. “Jack of all trades, master of none” (Titelman,1)....   [tags: Method, Philosophy, Truth]

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The Search for My Heritage

- Personal Statement Unlike many other kids at the age of seven I had already begun to face the subject of diversity. I learned at a young age that kids can be cruel. It is hard to recall exactly how many nights I prayed that I would wake up with golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I was too young to understand my deep-rooted family history, and why I looked different from many of the other kids at my elementary school. Several years later as a seventh grader, I was still struggling with my appearance....   [tags: essays research papers]

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In Search Of Excellence: Review

- In Search of Excellence is a book dealing with many different principles of economics and what makes big business' excellent. The first idea that Peters discusses is his chart of the McKinsey 7-S Framework. The graph is very simple but the ideas are fairly complex. In their research, they found that their philosophies were too hard to explain and easily forgettable. They made this Framework to deal with strategy, structure, style, systems, staff (people), skills, and shared values (culture)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Big Little M A Search Of My Asian Self

- Alex Tizon, former journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner, and professor at the University of Oregon, details the events of his life in the memoir titled Big Little Man: In Search of My Asian Self. He begins his story in the Philippines, in search of not only the presence of a strong Asian man in the form of Lapu Lapu, a Filipino warrior, but also in search of his own identity. Although Tizon was born in the Philippines, his family had immigrated to America when he was a child. Growing up, Tizon had constantly struggled between his Asian identity and his American identity....   [tags: Philippines, United States, Race, Race]

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Benefits Of A Social Media Job Search Strategy

- Whether you are just thinking about making a job change, looking for your first job after college, or find yourself unexpectedly among the unemployed, you will find that having a social media job search strategy will greatly increase the number of opportunities that you will become aware of. However, for many job seekers using social media in their job search is uncharted territory and because your online presence is so public, it is critical that you make sure you are using it effectively and appropriately....   [tags: Employment, Recruitment, Twitter, Unemployment]

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In Search of My Community

- In Search of My Community While trying to examine how my community has changed economically since the 80's, I found myself pondering what my community really was. I have had the unfortunate experience to understand how a person can feel as if they don't really belong. Since I had moved about nine times within my life, and I am only eighteen years old, I became stuck, without any ideas of what to write about. While facing this assignment, I realized that I did not know if I had a place I would consider my "community," or even my true "home." In the year of 1984, when I was born, my family lived in Reading, Pennsylvania....   [tags: Personal Narrative essay about myself]

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In Search of King Arthur

- In Search of King Arthur Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by stories of courageous knights and virtuous ladies, who populate the covers and pages of books and screens of the movie theaters. Their splendid attire, glamour of the courts and impeccable manners attracted and conquered the imagination of the little girl. Robin Hood was one of my favorite characters, however there was one hero, who troubled my imagination most of all. I have heard and read numerous stories of a magnificent, just and most generous king of all, King Arthur....   [tags: Internet Literature Essays]

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Buckland´s Argument on Information and The Importance of The Search for Knowledge

- Everyday millions of people get online and surf the internet, before that people went to libraries and checked out books, and before any of that was possible, empires wrote on wet clay tablets filled with writings that they stored in private rooms, palaces, and temples. These soon became known as private libraries, and soon other empires joined in. What was important was that they were storing and sharing information, each innovation of sharing information has one main goal, to search and obtain knowledge....   [tags: opinion writing, sharing of information]

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How Models Can Or Hinder The Search For Knowledge?

- KQ: A model is a simplified representation of some aspects of the world. In what ways may models help or hinder the search for knowledge. The quest for the absolute truth and knowledge is an unending and tiresome process in which we set out to confirm answers to questions, statement, problems, aspects of life, and theories, which are apparent in our society. The use of models as learning tools is a rudimentary and greatly helpful in understanding and answering questions. Models are fundamental in our search for knowledge as they simplify ideas to be easily interpreted by masses of populations....   [tags: Scientific method, Science, Mathematics]

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Identity : Search Pops Up 198 Martin Barbero

- His books WorldCat Identities’ search pops up 198 Martín Barbero’s works in 457 publications in six languages and 2,517 library holdings since 1967 , when he published by the first time, until this entry was being edited, and Google Scholar provides more than 27,000 results under “Jesús Martín Barbero”’s search which reaches almost a half of million in regular Google search. However, according to Eduardo Santa Cruz , Professor of Communication and Cultural Studies at the Universidad de Chile, in Santiago de Chile, there are five key books where it is possible to map the main intellectual contributions of Martín Barbero: Comunicación Masiva: Discurso y poder (1978), De los medios a las mediac...   [tags: Sociology, Communication, Social sciences, Chile]

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Joseph Howse in Search of Glory and Gold in the New World

- During the height of the British Empire—a time of exploration, discovery and colonization—lower class citizens of Great Britain were suffering under the weight of upper-class oppression. Many of these farmers, braziers, blacksmiths and etcetera passed the long arduous hours of manual labor by daydreaming of freedom, adventure, excitement and most of all landownership in the New World. The class system of eighteenth century England was rigid and restrictive to upward mobility; whereas, the New World was rumored to be a place where a man of any stripe could establish himself....   [tags: Joseph Howse, history, ]

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Chris McCandless' Search For Truth in Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild

- Death is never easy to accept, especially the death of someone young and full of life. In John Krakaur’s bestselling novel, Into the Wild, Chris McCandless is a young man that leaves everything behind to create a new life. Chris is so determined to get his epic journey that he is willing to leave behind everyone he cares about. McCandless’ had a noble goal – to find his true self outside of the constraints of an organized society and return to “nature”. A philosophy espoused by Tolstoy, Muir, Rousseau, Kerouac and Thoreau and others, McCandless believed that person was essentially free only in state of nature, in connection with himself, the earth and exempt from the material needs and wants...   [tags: Into the Wild Essays]

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The Search for Redemption in the Kite Runner and Secret Daughter

- The search for Redemption In a lifetime one will face many battles and deal with guilt as said “nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character give him power” (Abraham Lincoln). Guilt from deceiving others or other immoral acts will result in one constantly searching for redemption. Khalid Hosseni’s novel Kite Runner and Shilpi Somaya Gowda’s novel Secret Daughter revolve around betrayal and redemption. Firstly, the search for personal redemption will strongly influence ones character....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Khalid Shilipi Somaya]

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Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage: A Unique Search for the Meaningful

- There is no denying the fact that Paulo Coelho with more than a dozen novels to his credit has emerged as a contemporary literary figure of international repute. The Pilgrimage marks his entry into the world of fiction with a bang followed by a big bang in the form of his most popular novel The Alchemist. No doubt, The Alchemist has earned him immense popularity far and wide and established him as a novelist of consummate skill. His other novels which include The Valkyries, Like the Flowing River, By the River Pedra I Sat Down and Wept, The Zahir, The Witch of Portobellow, The Devil and Miss Prym, The Fifth Mountain, Eleven Minutes and Manual of the Warrior of Light flowed from his pen in qu...   [tags: Alchemist, philosophy, meaning, sword]

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Search for Atonement in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner

- How, after years of guilt, self-disgust, and deception, is it possible for one person to become good again. Entrapped in a cage of cowardice for so long, can they ever develop and grow as a normal human being. Amir, the anti-hero in Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, seeks to answer these questions in his own search for atonement through various existential events in his life. Amir’s misadventures begin as a boy living in an affluent Afghanistan world. On the day of his birth, his mother hemorrhages to death....   [tags: Khaled Hosseini]

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The Importance Of Being Ernest Search For Personal Liberty

- Everyone is a Bunburyist in their own unique way. Some are more professional than others, some merely treat their Bunbury 's as a convinces of life, but in one way or another every person has a Bunbury. Like actors, the characters in oscar Wilde 's The Importance of Being Ernest search for personal liberty from their own unique circumstances by role play to fulfill their shallow desires. Algernon pursues personal liberty and amusement through Bunbury, Jack pursues the same through Ernest, and Cecily pursues personal liberty and affection through her self-scripted love life....   [tags: Love, English-language films, As You Like It]

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