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How to Support Someone with High-Functioning Autism

- My younger brother was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at a very young age. I am glad that to any bystander, he just seems like a quirky little kid, but sometimes I wonder about how people will treat him as he grows older, and how he is going to adapt to life as a long-term students (he is currently home schooled). When most people think of a developmental disorder, they imagine something along the lines of gaining some brain damage in your early years of life that puts you in a vegetable state for the rest of your waking days....   [tags: Teaching High-Functioning People with Autism]

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Alcoholism : The High Functioning Alcoholic

- There is one class of people who suffer from alcoholism that rarely ever gets discussed: the “high functioning” alcoholic. These people are heavy drinkers that appear to have their addiction under control: they go to work every day, their family life is just fine, and they are happy. To the outside observer, these types of drinkers seem well-adjusted and in no danger of letting their life spiral out of control. Is this perception the truth or is it a dangerous myth that hides a painful reality....   [tags: Alcoholism, Addiction, Alcoholic beverage]

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The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

- The European Union’s role in the international sphere, as well as the aim to improve its external actions, have been considered to be the two most important features of the Lisbon Treaty. Within the Lisbon Treaty, the combination of the provisions on mutual assistance and solidarity created new pressures on member states to assist one another in cases of armed attacks, disasters being it natural or man-made and crisis on EU territory. The Lisbon Treaty brought about many changes within the structure of the European Union....   [tags: european union, lisbon treaty, defence policy]

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The Effects Of Sleep On Cognitive Functioning

- Overnight shift work, although highly important, tends to result in a lack of sleep. The great importance of sleep on cognitive functioning, specifically memory, has been shown by several researchers. Payne, Stickgold, Swanberg, and Kensinger (2008) demonstrated that sleep aids memory retention, especially of negative memories. Overnight work can be more convenient for various reasons, but the work comes with a price. Consistent overnight shifts, even when regular sleep occurs during the day, can lead to a loss of memory capacity, especially at the end of the shift....   [tags: Memory, Sleep, Cognition, Shift work]

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The Role of the Amygdala in Human Functioning

- History The term ‘amygdala’ was first used by Burdach (1819) and referred to a set of nuclei in the brain (Aggleton & Saunders, 2000). In 1939, researchers Klüver & Bucy inflicted bilateral lesions of the inferior temporal lobe of monkeys in a laboratory in an attempt to reduce aggression. These lesions affected the cortical areas, amygdala, and the hippocampus. Later this became known as Klüver-Bucy syndrome, and consisted of symptoms such as psychic blindness, hypermetamorphsis, oral tendencies, and changes in emotional and sexual behaviors....   [tags: Physiology, Neurology]

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The, Structure, And Functioning Of Human Society

- Sociology is study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. In Sociology, it discusses various things such as studying how people act in different environments and how people act towards each other. Sociologists today examine social problems such as Individuals, Families, Communities, Institutions, Genders, Races, Ethnicities, Class, Economic Inequality, Health, Welfare, Deviance, Morality, and Globalization. In Sociology, one of main topics is about minority groups because they experience the most social problems....   [tags: W. E. B. Du Bois, African American, Sociology]

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Humans Functioning On A Dysfunctional System

- Despite the idea of humans functioning on a dysfunctional system, there may still be some objections arguing for the goodness of these factors or how we are looking at the problem from an incorrect lens. One such a response could be that the mind and dysfunctional system are two separate things, and rather than this situation being purely mental processes, it could be a physical response. By thinking of the mind as a racecar driver and the system as a racecar with a blown-out tire it can be shown that humans are still perfectly functional, but the problem exists in the vehicle....   [tags: Thought, Mind, English-language films]

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Functioning As A Family Unit

- Functioning as a Family Unit The family dynamics in the Grape family is close and reflects a general sense of caring. Each character on some level interacted with one another in order to keep the family together. While Gilbert works tirelessly as a caregiver for his brother, he also works to provide for his family. When Ellen is not preoccupied with herself, she also helps take care of her mother. Bonnie, while immobile for much of the movie, runs her family unit from her spot on the couch, and she is included in meals when they bring the table to her in order for them to eat together....   [tags: Family, English-language films]

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Cannabis and Cognitive Functioning

- Cannabis and Cognitive Functioning The debate concerning recreational and medical use of cannabis has historically been incredibly controversial and its popularity is increasing. Many claim that there are no downsides to its use, often falling back on the “alcohol is worse for you” argument, while those who oppose its use say otherwise. In 2013, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) surveyed 70,000 Americans 12 years and older and found that 7.3% of Americans regularly used marijuana in 2012, showing a rise in use over the last several years....   [tags: Recreational, Medical Use, Illegal Substance]

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Executive Functioning

- Executive Functioning Executive function is the ability to use thought flexibly to guide actions (Doebel & Zelazo, 2013). It is the process that serves to monitor and control thoughts and actions, including attention regulation and response inhibition (Carlson, Davis, & Leach, 2005). Executive function develops early in childhood and changes in ability between the ages of three and five years (Doebel & Zelazo, 2013). Inhibitory control, a key component of executive function, is the capacity to inhibit thought processes or actions that are not relevant to the goal (Carlson, Davis, & Leach, 2005)....   [tags: attention regulation, childhood, inhibitory]

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