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Has Culture Enhanced or Hindered my Freedom of Choice

- How has my culture enhanced or hindered my freedom of choice. First I ask myself “What is culture to me?”. My definition of culture would be common thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are carried from one generation to the next. Then I ask “What is freedom of choice?” When I think of the expression “freedom of choice”, I think of an individual going through life making choices as they please. I, being that individual, do make my own choices but the more I think about it the more I realize that the choices I make are actually influenced by many factors in my life....   [tags: culture, choice, ]

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My Freedom Of Choice, Freedom, And Ethics

- Singer’s principle ‘If it is in our power to prevent something bad from happening, without thereby sacrificing anything of comparable moral importance we ought, morally, to do it,’ outlines such high obligations for people of wealthy countries that are too demanding. I do not agree with Peter Singer’s principle. This principle limits my freedom of choice, my freedom to act. It fails to recognize the morals and ethics I value as a person. It requires me to favor those who are physically distant rather than my neighbor; furthermore, the drowning child example does not support his thesis because physical distance affects the amount of obligation I feel to help others....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Human, Third World]

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Freedom and Choice in Bollywood Movies

- The increase in globalization in the Indian subcontinent has brought along with it a series of new genres in Bollywood movies. Movies showcasing freedom being fought for by the youth and women are just a couple of interesting ones. I’ll be exploring two different movies Dor (2006) and Rang De Basanti (2006), each of which has its own take on ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’. Dor has a very simple storyline; two female protagonists (Meera and Zeenat) whose husbands respectively (Shankar and Amir) leave India to get employed in the Middle East....   [tags: India]

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The Importance of Freedom of Choice

- Less than one hundred years ago, several million innocent Europeans lost their lives in gas chambers and by other – and usually more violent – means. In Africa, genocide continues to plague the continent. Every single day, parents use violence against their innocent children. These and countless other heinous acts have plagued Earth since the very beginning of human existence. The horrors of the world cause people to question the existence of any sort of God. One religious skeptic may ask, “How can evil exist if there is a God?” It seems doubtless that an ultimate good – such as God – can exist in an atmosphere filled with murder, abuse, violence, and rage....   [tags: Free Will ]

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The Right For Freedom Of Choice

- The Right to Occupy Your Freedom of Choice In the present action we call life, there are several gratifying events, and there are situations when moral issues coincide with difficult occurrences. Mistakes may happen, carelessness may appear, and this happens when abortion is involved as an option. This matter is often only whispered about, kept in the dark, and only conceived as one of the worst actions a woman can make. In the article written by Rebecca Traister “Let’s just say it: Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do” denotes that abortion is not always the incorrect and or morally false decision....   [tags: Pregnancy, Fetus, Morality, Abortion]

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Freedom: Will You Use it For Good or Evil?

- In Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge lives as the unhappy owner of an accounting office who mistreats those around him. Scrooge has not lived life in a satisfying manner and now resides in isolation, in no hurry to right the wrongs of his past. Through the intercession of three ghosts, Scrooge journeys to Christmases of the past, present, and future and transforms from a man of greed into one of care and compassion. In the beginning of the story, Dickens contrasts the harsh personality of Scrooge with, “Gentlemen of the free-and-easy sort” (Dickens 31)....   [tags: Freedom of Choice]

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Abortion - A Freedom Of Choice

- During the last twenty-five years, abortion has been one of the most heated topics being debated in the United States and Canada. The only topics that equal the abortion debate are race and war. Abortion is a discussion of human interaction where ethics, emotions, and law come together. There are people that have different views of abortion but no matter what their view is they fall under a thin line. There is the pro-choice and the pro-life. These are the only two categories that people’s views fall into....   [tags: Pro Choice Pro-Choice essays research papers]

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Abortion: Women Must Be Given A Choice

- This is paper is about the issue of Abortion. I think the discussion of this issue is important because, I think women should have the choice whether to continue with a pregnancy or not. There are a lot of reasons why women have abortions. Here are a few reasons why, rape, or physically not able to carry the pregnancy to full term, or genetic defects. Abortion is a tough decision in its self, women should not have to deal with the worry of the being convicted or condemned because of her choice. There also have been studies done involving “unwanted children” they end up suffering from physical and psychological damage done by the parent....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Freedom of Choice in A Clockwork Orange

- Freedom of Choice In the novel A Clockwork Orange, the author Anthony Burgess tells a story about a young man name Alex and his friends, every night they go around and start committing violent acts. In the novel Alex expresses his freedom of choice between good and evil. The freedom of choice is a decision that every person must make throughout his life in order to guide his actions and to take control of his own future. This Freedom of Choice, no matter what the outcome is, displays person power as an individual, and any efforts to control or influence this choice between good and evil will take way the person free will and enslave him....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Abortion: A Freedom of Choice

- Abortion: A Freedom of Choice During the last twenty-five years, abortion has been one of the most heated topics being debated the world. The only topics that equal the abortion debate are race and war. Abortion is a discussion of human interaction where ethics, emotions, and law come together. People have different opinions usually only have two choices when confronted with abortion. They are either for it or against it. There is the pro-choice and the pro-life. These are the only two categories that people?s views fall into....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Freedom of Choice in Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange

- “Goodness is something chosen. When a man cannot choose he ceases to be a man.” In the novel, A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess, the protagonist, Alex is faced with many opportunities to make choices. Although the majority of Alex’s choices are bad, they are still choices. Alex’s freedom of choice is ripped from him when he becomes the subject of an experiment that forces him to make good choices, however, he is still the same bad person even through this control mechanism. It is only when he is presented with the freedom of choice again, that he becomes a good person, is truly cured....   [tags: literary analysis, analytical essays]

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Mandating Seat Belt Usage vs. Freedom of Choice

- Mandating Seat Belt Usage vs. Freedom of Choice SOC120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibilities 1 How do you feel when you are told what you will or will not do. You may be told that it is for your own good, but who has the right to decide what is or is not good for you. After all who knows you better than you do. This brings me to the topic of my discussion. Even though there are some statistics that may show a lower rate of injury or death if you wear a seat belt when in an automobile accident, I do not feel that the government has the right to make wearing a seat belt mandatory for adults because by making seat belts mandatory it takes away from our right to freedom...   [tags: Ethics ]

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An Individual 's Entitlement Of Freedom Of Choice And Well Being

- A right is an individual’s entitlement to freedom of choice and well-being. We have the right to live without interference from others and government, free will. A legal right is the entitlement that derives from a legal standpoint that allows someone to act in a specific way and for others to react in specified ways. For instance, the U.S. Constitution states all citizens have the right to the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. These rights guaranteed to us as citizens of the United States of America....   [tags: Human rights]

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Abortion: Women Must Have Freedom of Choice!

- A mid-aged happily, married woman with a top-executive position, is a candidate for a partnership, only to discover that she is pregnant. Although, children were part of their strategic plan after education and marriage, the timing could not be worse. Pregnancy at this time will ruin her opportunity for partnership. She faces two dilemmas. First, although she is stable in every area of her life, she wants to become a partner. Secondly, her spouse wants a child and has been patiently waiting this time....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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The Importance of Free Will in A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess

- Russian born American writer, Ayn Rand, once said, “Man is a being with free will; therefore each man is potentially good or evil, and it’s up to him and only him (through his reasoning mind) to decide which he wants to be.” The meaning behind Rand’s words is that an individual has the power to choose between good or evil and it is that exact power which allows a human to live truly as a human. However, it is when that specific power, those choices, and the freedom to act on those choices are taken away when an individual is not genuinely considered a being....   [tags: Freedom of Choice]

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Freedom of Choice: The Very Best Policy

- The author does not make a very convincing case that school uniforms and dress codes violate students’ freedom of speech and undermine important values. She argues that students are the only ones with a dress code. She states that students should be able to express themselves using their own judgement. She believes that uniforms do not help maintain a respectable appearance for the school community. School uniforms are essential to students in order for them to learn discipline and respect. The author's opinion says "I believe they should apply to everyone....   [tags: school uniforms, learning discipline & respect]

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Eve 's Choice : No Freedom

- Eve’s Choice: No Freedom When God put Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden they were both innocent and good. Eve does not have freedom when being tempted to eat the apple. She made a choice to eat the apple but it was not out of freedom. Adams treatment and Satan 's arguments are both responsible for Eve eating the apple. Eve loved and respected Adam. In lines 492-493 it says how Eve showed love in her eyes as she spoke to Adam. Eve knew Adam was superior and was the boss. Eve says “my Author and Disposer, what thou bidst Unargu’d I obey; So God ordains” (Book IV, lines 635-636)....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Satan, Apple]

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Freedom of Choice in Steinbeck's East of Eden

- Our circumstances do not determine our lives. Instead, our lives are determined by our choices. That is not to say that our lives are not impacted by the country in which we were born, the family which we were born to, or the tragedies which touched our lives. We are given a choice of how we respond to those things, and the power of choice means that the lessons and value of our lives is not determined by outside influences, but instead it is determined by our reaction to those influences. In the novel, East of Eden by John Steinbeck theorizes that all individuals have the freedom to make choices in order to triumph over evil....   [tags: John Steinbeck]

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Freedom of Choice in Shakespeare's King Lear

-       Humans, like all creatures on the earth, have the privilege of the freedom of choice.  There are two broad ranges of factors that affect the decisions a person makes.  The first factor that affects decision making is internal and includes a person's character and intellect.  The second factor is external such as environment and interaction with other people. Naturally, each decision a person makes results in a repercussion of some degree, usually either helpful or hindering, and rarely inconsequential....   [tags: Essays on King Lear]

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The Choice Of Responsibility And Freedom

- Humans and many other organisms on Earth are able to decide whether to give or take life in as fast as a split second. With such an important decision to could affect the environment and society, one is to think each of us should be given the choice of responsibility and freedom to make this decision. We would like to think we are the architect of our own actions and are free to act and choose as we want. However, have we ever stopped and thought about the possibility that our daily actions are already determined by some higher being....   [tags: Free will, Determinism, Causality, Libertarianism]

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Freedom to Choose in Waiting for Godot, Slaughterhouse-Five, and Iraq

- Praises resound around the world everyday in admiration of man's magnificent creation, technology. Scientific progress has been hailed the number one priority of man, while the development of society itself has been cast aside like an old beta vcr. When surrounded by a constant herd of machinery, finding purpose in life is often overshadowed by a desire to continually generate new scientific inventions. In the post-war classics Waiting for Godot and Slaughterhouse Five, the authors rally for meaning within the chaos of technology and stress the importance of "a possibility of choice"(Sartre 339)....   [tags: Freedom of Choice]

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Freedom of Choice (oedipus the King)

- People have visited physics’ and fortunetellers for centuries to find out what is going to happen in their future, or to help them make an important decision that they faced. This is what King Laius did in the play “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles. King Laius, Oedipus’s father went to the Oracle at Delphi. Upon receiving the prophecy that his son Oedipus will kill him and marry his mother and commit incest with her, King Laius of his own free will ordered that Oedipus feet be bound by riveting his ankles together and sent him to Mount Cithaeron to perish....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Power of Rational Beings

- Imagine yourself going to the shopping mall and picking out a floral dress at your favorite store, only to have the worker telling you that you cannot have it, that you must have the polka dot dress instead. How would you feel. How does it trigger your emotion. As humans, we despise having the people around us thrusting us to do or choose something that is out of our league. We insist on making the choice ourselves because we have the competence to purposefully determine the path of our journey of life will take....   [tags: Life of Pi, freedom of choice]

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Abortion: I Am Pro-Choice

- The foundation of the American Government is built on two ideologies; first, that the majority of the people govern through democratic election and second, that the power of the majority is limited to ensure individual rights. As defined by the American Heritage Online Dictionary a mother is a woman who conceives, gives birth to, or raises and nurtures a child. This paper will discuss the right of privacy of the mother versus the governments’ right to protect the unborn fetus in regard to Abortion....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Separation of Church and State is Necessary for Freedom of Choice

- Separation of Church and State is Necessary for Freedom of Choice We in America have the right to be free, so why not listen to the words of Thomas Jefferson and build a “wall of separation between church and state?”  The wall of separation was Jefferson’s interpretation of the first amendment; however, the idea was actually founder of Rhode Island Roger Williams’.  Jefferson’s belief was that religion was a personal relationship strictly between a man and his God and the government should not be allowed to restrict anyone from practicing their religion....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Philosophy and Therapeutic Recreation

- ... TR Implications Bregha ( 2000) suggests that one’s guiding philosophy needs to go beyond just a philosophy of leisure and must encapsulate a general life view. Indeed. I realize that the young ten year old me who walked into the principal’s office to argue against the use of the strap as a means of student punishment was starting on a path of advocacy that would always be loosely followed. When peers in high school were denigrating homosexual rights, I stood up and fought for it. As a young barmaid in a popular downtown bar in the ‘80’s, I insisted the owner serve a group of “retards” who were part of the American Handicap Association’s protest for sidewalk accessibility, and yes, I w...   [tags: freedom of choice, modern standards]

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Pro Choice Abortion

- The topic of abortion is a hot subject among the people of America today. Some say yes, women should be able to have abortions no matter if the fetus is in the first trimester or well in to the second trimester of gestation. On the other hand the other people say that it is murder of a child no matter the stage of development. Many of the people that believe that the fertilized ovum is a human and has a soul at the conception are the pro-life people. They believe this because of their religious beliefs and cannot scientifically prove this in any way....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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The Freedom of Being Pro Choice

- The Freedom of Being Pro Choice Another day passes by, another new set of choices that affect your life in the smallest ways.Did you know that the littlest things you decide have the potential to affect your life in the grandest of ways. Life is a second-second-to-second thing, You cannot exist without the choices of someone else, and you makes many serious choices yourself. I believe people should choose their own path and their own future,right down to abortions. I believe in choice....   [tags: Abortion, Legal Issues, Social Issues]

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The Importance of Free Will in 1Q84, by Haruki Murakam and A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick

- In Haruki Murakami’s novel, 1Q84, the idea of man creating the ideal world is explored. What starts off as a temporary refuge, develops into a community with the ultimate goal of becoming a utopia. However as this utopia develops, the population becomes increasingly blind and naïve. In the process, they lose their morality in favor of subordination, following the wills of those standing above them. Likewise, in A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess introduces a world that strives to wipe out radical thought....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, imperialism]

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Is America Still "The Land of Opportunity"?

- America, “The Land of the Free”, “The Home of the Brave”, “The Melting Pot”, “The Land of Milk and Honey”, “The Land Across the Pond”, “The Western World”, “Uncle Sam”, and most importantly “The Land of Opportunity”. America is still “The Land of Opportunity” because there is much more freedom in America than most other countries. There are no caste systems to limit what someone who is in America can do. Additionally an American’s destiny is created by his/her own choices, not the choices of his/her family or peers....   [tags: no caste systems, freedom of choice]

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Protecting Our Ethics: The Choice Between Freedom and Morality

- Protect Our Ethics: The Choice between Freedom and Morality The United States is guided by strict, moral laws that attempt to keep America ethical in nature; however, the laws concerning censorship are not as strict as some citizens would like them to be. Some people do not know how censorship can help society, but “it is the restriction, absolute or merely to some part of the population, by the proper political authorities, of intellectual, literary, or artistic material in any formant” (Free), which can help keep provocative images to a minimum....   [tags: Censorship]

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Abortion is More Beneficial to Society Than it is Harmful

- Abortion. The mere mention of that word can pit friend against friend, parent against child, teacher against student. It’s an argument that has been going on for as long as women have had unintended pregnancies. American law currently permits abortion, but it varies from state to state where the cutoff is in the gestation period. The fact that abortion is legal in the United States is a cause of much distress to many pro-life advocates. These people believe that life begins at conception, and that abortion is basically murder....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Abortion: The Solution to Overpopulation

- For centuries, people have longed for an effective means of birth control. Before birth control pills and surgery, there was no way of preventing a pregnancy. However, if women did get pregnant, they could choose to have an abortion. In early societies, unwanted children were often disposed of after they were born. Infanticide was common. Sometimes babies were killed outright and other times they were simply abandoned. In 1973, abortion was legalized in the United States by the Supreme Court’s decision on the case Roe vs....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Abortions Should Be Allowed

- It’s not everyday one sits down to deeply contemplate one’s feelings behind abortion rights. True, perhaps maybe if one were to deal with an unexpected pregnancy or be assigned a strenuous research paper for an enlightening college class, one might be somewhat educated about the matter. However, abortion rights is considered such a hush-hush topic that many do not even have an opinion about it much less strongly advocate one side of it. Who wants to discuss the fiery issue of abortion over lunch anyway....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Abortion: Every Woman has the Right to Choose

- There is a long history for abortion. In ancient times, in Greece, abortion was allowed and not frowned upon; the only thing required was that the father of the woman be aware of it otherwise it meant death for the woman. In Rome too abortion was a normal practice, it was necessary in order to control the growing population in the city. Abortion was not seen as an immoral until the 4th century where the first regulation for abortion was made. In the 19th century, abortion was prohibited, the first anti abortion laws were passed in Britain....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Pro-Choice Abortion

- Abortion Abortion is one of the most personal, widely discussed, and controversial topics in American culture today. In most cases, people on both sides of the argument take worthy and moral positions. Who can blame someone who wishes to prevent the termination of a teen pregnancy to save the life of an unborn child. On the other hand, who can blame anyone who advocates the soon-to-be mother's right to make such a personal, heartbreaking choice. No matter what she chooses to do, should anyone have the legal right to force her to bear an unwanted child....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Abortion is Every Woman's Right

- For the first time in 15 years, more Americans are pro-life, rather than pro-choice. 51% of American men and women believe that abortion should be illegal in America, rather than the 42% that believe that it is appropriate for abortion to remain legal ("Poll: Majority of Americans Are Pro-Life for the First Time"). Those that are pro-life believe that a child is born into this world with a purpose, and if a pregnancy results in an abortion, god’s plan for the child in this world will be disrupted (D‘Silva)....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Choice and Individual Freedom in The Stranger (The Outsider)

- Choice and Individual Freedom in The Stranger Camus's The Stranger is a grim profession that choice and individual freedom are integral components of human nature, and the commitment and responsibility that accompany these elements are ultimately the deciding factors of the morality of one's existence. Meursault is placed in an indifferent world, a world that embraces absurdity and persecutes reason; such is the nature of existentialist belief, that rationalization and logic are ultimately the essence of humanity, and that societal premonitions and an irrelevant status quo serve only to perpetuate a false sense of truth....   [tags: Camus Stranger Essays]

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Cain and Abel Timshel: Free Will

- ... . . . And just as there are physical monsters, can there not be mental or psychic monsters born. The face and body may be perfect, but if a twisted gene or a malformed egg can produce physical monsters, may not the same process produce a malformed soul. (Steinbeck 71) Cathy had killed her parents and tried to kill her unborn baby. The author is making is trying to make it clear that Cathy is depicted as a evil character. He is saying that it occurred naturally to Cathy as if she was born this way....   [tags: freedom, evil, sin, choice]

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Reproductive Technologies: Does Choice Mean Freedom?

- Reproductive Technologies: Does Choice Mean Freedom. "One does not, it might be said, increase a person's freedom simply by increasing the sheer quantity of possibilities which he or she can choose from." n Richard Norman The issue of reproductive technologies in our society today raises an interesting question. Do they increase a women's freedom of choice or do they expand the power of men and science over women. Is freedom to choose what they can do with their bodies truly freedom....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Christians for Abortion

- Abortion is a controversial issue that should not be treated lightly. It is also an emotional decision. The word abortion means taking the foetus out before the baby is born (and therefore killing it). Under British Law doctors can abort a baby up to the 24th week if two doctors agree. It will also be taken into account the effect on the woman and any other family she may have. There can be many reasons as to why someone would have an abortion. Some reasons are as follows: • There is a risk of the baby being disabled....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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Gay Marriage: Why Equality Matters

- ... Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don't contract them [Barack Obama; 4].” In other words, if we respect others for who they are instead of judging them for who they love, we would be setting an example for those who cannot acknowledge the one’s personal life. Furthermore, by exposing children to different family settings, it will provide a broad perspective on how these children perceive normality in those built upon different families than themselves, as well as teaching them how to respect the rights of others....   [tags: society, love, freedom, right, choice]

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In Defense Of Abortion

- For hundreds of years women helped each other to abort their pregnancies. Without legal prohibitions, women in Europe and the United States provided abortions and trained each other to perform the procedures. In the past century different states had begun to outlaw any procedure that would terminate or avoid pregnancy. In 1973(?) the United States Supreme Court asserted a woman's constitutional right to abortion in determining Roe v. Wade. After several decades of quiet disagreement, abortion has once again become a political hotbed....   [tags: Freedom of Choice, Pro-Choice Essays]

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A Woman 's Right Of Reproductive Freedom

- A woman’s Right to Reproductive Freedom “One of the things that makes humans different from other animals is that we are not completely governed by instincts, but have the freedom to make choices” (CCC 9). By nature Humans tend to take different stands in matters that require personal opinions. The controversy of opposite and conflicting feelings about abortion is centuries old. The word “murder” is often used by many pro-lifers to describe abortion. The American Heritage College dictionary defines murder as- premeditated, unlawful killing of one human being by another....   [tags: Abortion, Roe v. Wade, Pro-choice, Human]

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Free Will And Free Choice

- Throughout my life I have made some decisions and choices that I considered free. What is free choice. Free choice is being able to differentiate right from wrong and make a decision from the two. My theory is if someone is doing something no one forces or commands them to do therefore that person is acting freely. An example is the way that someone chooses to dress or the kind of music someone decides to listen to. What I did not consider in this theory is the fact that even though there is nobody pointing an arm commanding you to do certain things, however there are other factors that may affect the choices we make....   [tags: Free will, Causality, Choice, Metaphysics]

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Reasons Behind My Choice of Country: Zimbabwe

- Reasons Behind My Choice of Country, Zimbabwe Many consider Zimbabwe as a poor and undeveloped country. I was one of the many who had the same bias on Zimbabwe before the research. After having a deeper understanding and a closer look on the inner view of Zimbabwe, I now think that Zimbabwe is the land of opportunities and hope. Although Zimbabwe is not yet global, many positive changes are happening to Zimbabwe to develop the country. I believe that Samsung should expand business and move my family to Zimbabwe because of the fair and effective type of government, the rapidly growing business field, and the freedom of religion in Zimbabwe....   [tags: govenment, business, religion, freedom]

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School Vouchers: Parents Need a Choice

- The 14th Amendment in the United States Constitution forbids states from denying any person life, liberty and property without due process of the law. It further states that any person, within a state’s jurisdiction, cannot be denied equal protection of its laws. This amendment protects all people. Chief Justice Clarence Thomas, in a 2002 ruling, stated reasons why school choice should be protected under the 14th Amendment. Justice Thomas wrote in defense of school choice, “Whatever the textual and historical merits of incorporating the Establishment Clause, I can accept that the Fourteenth Amendment protects religious liberty rights....   [tags: school choice, school reform]

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Pro Choice And Pro Abortion

- When it comes to abortion, what are your thoughts and beliefs. Each person’s response will fall under one of the three categories: pro-life, pro-choice, and pro-abortion. Mine however, falls under pro-choice. The simple definition of pro-choice is, believing that pregnant women should have the right to choose to have an abortion. You might be wondering why I am pro-choice and the reason is because I believe that a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body. Now, with that being said there is multiple reasons why a woman may consider abortion....   [tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortion debate, Pro-choice]

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William Glasser’s Choice Theory

- Dr. William Glasser was a distinguished psychiatrist and author known for his distinctive views about mental illness. Glasser broke away from the traditional model of psychotherapy in the early 1960s to develop his own model of counseling. Dr. Glasser began with the development of therapy before he developed his theoretical stance. Glasser created what is known as Reality Therapy. Glasser first defined Reality Therapy as “a therapy that leads all patients toward reality, towards grappling successfully with tangible and intangible aspects of the real world” (p.6)....   [tags: Choice Theory Research Paper]

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Fighting Against Restraints on Freedom

- As human beings, we endure each and every day, a constant fight for freedom. Liberty is described as ‘’the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint’’ ( Relevant examples are found throughout history of the restraints of rights and the ever constant search for true freedom. Perhaps the most atrocious removal can be seen in the Second World War; Legal and fundamental rights were taken away at this time without thought or conscience. Other examples include the segregation of the blacks and white in South Africa during the Apartheid Era, the Vietnam War, and more recently the War on Terrorism (Al-Qaeda)....   [tags: Society, Freedom, Media, History]

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Should We Value Positive Freedom over Negative Freedom?

- This essay will focus on establishing an accurate definition of Negative Freedom and Positive Freedom and which one of the two should be valued more. In addition the latter part of the essay will focus on extrapolating a deductively sound rationale as to why one freedom should be valued over the other freedom. According to Hugh negative freedom can be viewed as freedom from interference (Hugh 2006). Freedom is the chance to act upon opportunities that are presented to one; it does not refer to whether one chooses to act on these opportunities (Hugh 2006; Berlin 1958)....   [tags: extrapolating, sound rationale, freedom]

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The Faces Of Freedom

- The Faces Of Freedom How does one define freedom. The OED gives about a dozen useful definitions that each pertain to one of a variety of the aspects of the human state. One referred specifically to the political freedoms of an individual: “Exemption from arbitrary, despotic, or autocratic control; independence; civil liberty” (def. 2). Another definition concerned the spiritual freedom found in Christianity: “fig. Liberation from the bondage of sin” (def. 1.b). There was another that defined freedom as “Physics....   [tags: Freedom Literature Free Essays]

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The Meaning of Freedom

- For centuries the word "freedom" has been a topic of debate, and for good reason. There are so many different views of what freedom truly means and what influences it has on our daily lives. According to the American Heritage College Dictionary the word freedom means "The Condition of being free of constraints. To me, the word freedom is being able to achieve anything you want to. It is being able to change your surrounding environment how you want it to be. Many questions have been asked about whether we are truly free of constraints or if everything is predetermined by events that have already transpired....   [tags: Freedom Liberty US Democracy]

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Freedome of Choice

- Flannery O'Connor's short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,”(367-377) imparts the idea that because of circumstances, free will can often lead to an ugly truth. Each person has the freedom of choice, however; there are times when that choice leads them to an unpleasant reality. Clair Katz, explains that O'Connor uses violence in a way that “jar[s]... her character's... back to what she calls 'reality'”(411). This can be seen in O'Connor's use of irony to express how simple choices turn into extreme circumstances....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Kant and Luther’s Understandings of Human Freedom

- For Kant and Luther, the question of human freedom and the amount individuals are at liberty of, if any, is determined in an effort to achieve high morality. However, it precisely the outlook that Kant deems fatalist which Luther argues for, that is, freedom through faith. For Luther, we do not posses the liberty required to live a moral life without God’s guidance. On the other hand, for Kant, the predestination that Luther argues for places individuals in a state of “immaturity” and therefore unable to achieve freedom to be moral....   [tags: liberty, freedom, morality, christianity, religion]

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A life without Freedom in Kate Chopin´s The Story of an Hour

- ... When the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room alone. She would have no one follow her” (Chopin 443). This quotation eloquently depicts Mrs. Mallard’s reaction to her husband’s death that most of us would expect. She cries holding nothing back, and can not fully grasp what she has just been told. However, she quickly composes herself and walks into the bedroom, which shows she is starting to cope with it. We, as humans, are blinded by the luxury of freedom and take advantage of it, while Mrs....   [tags: freedom, death, sorrow, joy]

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Freedom of Speech: Should We Be Spending Money to Transmit Messages?

- ... Regardless of the entity or citizen, freedom of speech should be treated the same across the board. How is it constitutionally acceptable to limit a corporation from spending money on a candidate that they feel portrays their beliefs or goals. After all, a corporation is made up of citizens of the United States and is a form of accumulated people. Donating to a cause or something that is believed in is making a statement and is protected by the constitution. An argument to consider is that a corporation is not an individual citizen, therefore, cannot be included in the constitution as having the same rights and protections that a natural citizen would have....   [tags: freedom, idea, belief, restrict]

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Freedom And Freedom Of Freedom

- Freedom A lot of high school graduates continue off to college. Some may choose to join the military, while others may choose to work in the family business. Whatever each person decides to do they have that choice because of freedom. Freedom is doing whatever one wants within the law. It is the ability to make choices for oneself and to pursue the things that make an individual happy without regard to race or religion. Freedom also gives us the right to have the choice to vote a specific candidate....   [tags: United States, Law, White American, Common law]

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The Pro Choice Movement And The Rights Of Women

- Women for centuries have conformed themselves to the viewpoints and stereotypical outlooks society has on them. Their subservient nature to the male species has been detrimental to both their health as well as their independent rights. An ongoing issue women have been facing is the right to a safe and legal abortion. There is an underlining issue when a woman cannot choose what is best for herself as a human being when faced with such a difficult decision to undergo such a traumatic procedure. The pro-choice movement pushes for the legal rights of women to decide their fate, to prevent any further risks of undergoing illegal abortions, and their reproductive freedom....   [tags: Abortion, Human rights, Pregnancy, Pro-choice]

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Free Market and Freedom

- ... (Free Market: 2014) This reflects on the Classical Liberal’s objective of a ‘laissez-faire’ economic infrastructure which views freedom as ‘negative’ and requires the government’s input on personal spending to be kept limited. (Hagopian: 1985: 170) John Locke also added that the only purpose of the government is to protect the rights of the individual and private property, therefore the government should only interfere with the free market if there is a violation of human liberty. (Hagopian: 1985: 171) John Marangos said that the market is ‘the expression of economic freedom.’ (John Marangos: 1 June 1999) He argued that it is an ‘institutional process’ that allows people to interact with...   [tags: supply and demand, individual freedom]

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Academic Freedom : The Freedom Of A Teacher

- Academic Freedom “Academic freedom is the freedom of a teacher to state personal opinions openly without censorship, or without the fear of professional disadvantage or the freedom of students to choose their courses or influence the content of courses” (academic). It has been questioned for years on just about how much academic freedom are teachers and students granted. Academic freedom should be more recognized for students and teachers in schools, it is similar to freedom of speech, it allows faculty and staff to teach what they wish and is supposed to allow students the choice of what courses they would like to take....   [tags: High school, College, Education, Middle school]

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Freedom Of Speech Threatened On Campus

- In the debate, “Freedom of Speech Threatened on Campus”, four panelist argued either in favor or against the motion. In this case the winners of this debate where the pro side due to their good use of supporting arguments. As for the opposing team they lost audience support due to their weak presentation of arguments. This paper will focus on one of the opposing panelist whose arguments were unsupported. Shaun Harper the Director of the center for the study of Race & Equity in Education, of the University of Pennsylvania argued that freedom speech is not threatened in universities by speech codes rather students who are judging does students voicing their opinion are the ones who are threa...   [tags: Hate speech, Freedom of speech, Censorship]

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Freedom is More Valued than Security

- “Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin.” This might sounds like a section from a travelling guide, but it also describes why we as a society cannot gain complete freedom. Complete Freedom requires all negative repercussions from individual’s actions to be unpunished, making it impossible to allow any form of justice into the community, turning it into a den of criminals. Due to that, a government with security force to help regulate rules is necessary to keep the whole country going without breaking down....   [tags: Freedom vs Security]

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The Paradox of Choice

- Humans live in a world in which every day they encounter numerous choices. The way they decide and the outcomes of their decisions define their lives. Their day to day life essentially revolves around the choices they make. As a whole, a community benefits or suffers from the outcomes of its choices. Freedom of choice is the grant to an individual or community to make its own choices out of free will and without restrictions (Pereboom,2003). This is essay will discuss that though freedom choice leads to variety in life, it does not necessarily guarantee satisfaction....   [tags: Political Science]

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Abortion is a Choice

- Abortion is a Choice Abortion is a very controversial issue that has been continually argued over the past few years and will continue for years to come. Before I get into the sides of abortion we must first define abortion. Abortion is the destruction of the fetus, or unborn child while the child is still in the mother's womb. There are two sides to this abortion topic. The Pro-life which is those who are against abortion altogether and the Pro-choice those who believe it is the women's right to choose if she wants to have an abortion....   [tags: Papers Argumentative Pro-choice Life Essays]

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The Power of Choice

- ... The hero must answer this call and preform what Campbell terms as “the crossing of the first threshold” (28). The crossing of the first threshold is symbolized in the characters choice to leave one state of being and enter in to a new unknown state. This choice the character makes, must in some form, help them defeat the “threshold guardian” (64), which is a symbolic representation of what hinders the hero from making the passage from the “know in to the unknown” (67). In the case of Victorian era works an example of the shape a guardian can take is the confining gender roles that limit the freedom of women as individuals....   [tags: grow, theme, choose, hero]

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Women and the Choice of Abortion

- In the last few decades, abortion has become a much-discussed subject. It has been a central point in many political affairs as in; selecting justices for the Supreme Court, it has also become an issue for candidates for state and local offices as well as for the U.S. Presidency. What exactly is abortion anyway. Depending on who you ask one will always get different answers, but the dictionary defines abortion as the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus....   [tags: Abortion, Argumentative, Pro-Choice]

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My Choice of Gallaudet University

- My Choice of Gallaudet University I was born deaf to deaf parents. I attended a deaf school from the beginning of kindergarten through high school senior graduation. I grew up using ASL (American Sign Language) as my primary language, and English as my secondary. ASL is the visual-gestural language that best fits my communicative needs as it does for most deaf people....   [tags: College Choice Personal Narrative]

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Freedom of Will: Is It a Deception or Not?

- There are many arguments for and against the freedom of will. The distant causation argument seems to show that the freedom of will is a deception. Since, it states that our actions are all the product of causes that happened outside of our own control. In the essay I will be discussing how effective this argument is in showing that our freedom of will is actually an illusion. To understand the reasoning of the distant causation argument, we need to look at the premise and the conclusion that results from them....   [tags: illusion, action, control]

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The Drawbacks of Freedom

- The United States constitution grants many freedoms with minimal to no restrictions, which can be considered beneficial to the public. In “we are free to be you, me, stupid, and dead” by Roger Rosenblatt, he relays the disadvantages of limitless freedom. He focuses mainly on freedom of speech and the possible drawbacks to having ungoverned freedom of expression. Roger points out the public faulty rationale in the first paragraph as he says, “Everyone loves free expression as long as it isn't exercised”....   [tags: Essay Analysis, US Constitution]

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Abortion: Women Have A Choice

- One of the most deliberated topics of modern society; is it just life, or is it truly alive. Does it adhere to moral standards or abolish the common good. Should it even be legal under the confines of our laws and regulations. If I was to tell someone to stop fishing, just because I thought it was wrong, it would seem unconstitutional that I would even attempt to withdraw rights to our freedom. Abortion is a personal issue and should be dealt with by the person, not the courts. A better example would be to take a hypothetical situation consisting of a 17-year-old girl, trying for her education....   [tags: Abortion, Argumentative, Pro-Choice]

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Importance Of Personal Choice In The Giver

- “We believe in personal choice, rather than society dictating how we must live our lives.”- Mike Peters. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, the citizens in the community live without choice, meaning they have no control over their own lives. Because of that they do not suffer the consequences for any choice but they do not get to experience freedom. Lois Lowry is saying, the importance of personal choice can change a person's emotions, helps people’s abilities to be independent and affects the freedom which allows a person to pursue what they want in life and to make their own decisions for their future....   [tags: Lois Lowry, The Giver, Decision making software]

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What is the Meaning of Freedom?

- Freedom is often spoken of in what can be referred to as a loose sense of the word. One country has more freedom than another; a twenty-one year old has more freedom than a fifteen year old. What exactly does this word mean. For different people it may mean different things, but there has to be an equilibrium that can be reached in order to determine the meaning of freedom itself. In one form, freedom can mean that a person has "exemption from an obligation."* If only the root (free) is looked at, it can be interpreted that one is "not under the control or power of another."* However often the latter definition is used, it is also disagreed with, and for good reason: there is always a rule...   [tags: What Does Freedom Mean?]

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America Must Remain the Land of Free-Choice

- Abortion - America Must Remain the Land of the Free-Choice Without a woman's right to do what she chooses with her body, her freedom and liberty are taken away. If for personal reasons, a women wants an abortion, as is, currently, her constitutional right, she has the freedom to do so. In some states, a woman's freedom to have an abortion has been severely limited. Because of this, many women have had abortions by people not medically licensed to perform them. Many of these unlicensed and unqualified people have used unsterile instruments, thus causing illness or death....   [tags: Abortion, Argumentative, Pro-Choice]

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Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: No Correct Answer

- Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy before birth; it causes the termination of the embryo or fetus inside the women. There are two different types of abortion, a spontaneous abortion, which is also known as a miscarriage, and an induced abortion, where the embryo or fetus is purposely removed from the women’s body. The topic of induced abortion has been widely debated for hundreds of years. The issue of abortion was argued way back in the time of the ancient Hebrews. In the United States it became illegal around the mid 1800’s and not until the 1960’s was the argument for the right to abort brought back to the table....   [tags: Abortion, Argumentative, Pro-Choice]

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Choice : Why Less Is More

- Choice: Why Less Is More The United States capitalist democracy and its emphasis on consumerism, has led to an explosion of choices that many argue have increased human freedom, happiness and overall well-being. However, this culture of consumerism with its endless variety of choices has created a complicated paradox, where a vast sea of choices intended to liberate and uplift, has in fact enslaved people in a vicious cycle that has them constantly seeking more materialistic comforts and finding less satisfaction and meaning in their choices....   [tags: Decision making, Decision theory]

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The Evolution of Feminine Freedom: That Long Silence Woman by Shashi Deshpande

- – A Study of Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence Woman is a currently complex being and her evolution is a study of perennial interest. In recent times the image of the middle class Indian woman has undergone a rapid change. Women are now more articulate. A sizeable portion of them are active in professional and public life. Although there is an apparent change, the basic roles and presumptions about women’s world remain the same. The move of the New Woman from home to the world and the hurdles she has to cross analyze factors hampering the movement of the modern Indian woman....   [tags: femenine freedom, transformation]

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Abortion Is Wrong And Pro Choice

- As to any argument, there are two opposing sides when it comes to the matter of abortions. These two opposers usually refer to themselves as “pro-life” and “pro choice”. Pro-life supporters maintain that abortion is wrong and pro-choice believe that it is a woman’s freedom to choose her pregnancy decisions. When it comes to the topic of abortions, most of us will readily agree that it’s a woman’s choice to decide what her reproductive decisions are, i.e. pro-choice. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is in the question of whether or not abortion is a fundamental right granted to women by the Constitution....   [tags: Abortion, Human rights, Pregnancy, Religion]

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The Freedom of Choices

- The Freedom of Choices “James Joyce was born in Dublin on February 2, 1882” (Joyce i). In 1914, Dubliners, a work that illustrated the lives of the people of Dublin, from Joyce’s viewpoint, hit the shelves (Joyce i). The book consists of fifteen short stories all about the people of Dublin. There are many different themes thought these short stories but one that is very important to the book is the theme of escape. The book also lends itself to a philosophical point of view taking on many other themes: such as the theme of autonomy and responsibility....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Abortion : A Hard Choice

- “We 're always going to argue about abortion. It 's a hard choice and it 's controversial, and that 's why I 'm pro-choice, because I want people to make their own choices.”(Hillary Clinton). An abortion will happen when an embryo or fetus is expelled from the woman 's body. An abortion is between the week sixteenth and the twentieth week of pregnancy. Abortions did not come about until the 1800s, they stayed until the 1960s through the 1970s.In many other countries, it was safe to do an abortion on a woman, but since the United States still did not allow them women were still going through with the abortion unsafely....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, United States]

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