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The Formalistic Approach to Hay's Rapunzel

- The Formalistic Approach to Hay's Rapunzel Prayer has been always a symbol of faith, and even in modern poetry it is still used as a desperate cry to the One in Heaven. One of the great examples of this desperate cry would be Sara Henderson Hay's "Rapunzel".After reading her modern version, familiarity with Grimm's fairy tale "Rapunzel" will reveal a completely new interpretation. Sara Hay chooses Rapunzel's prayer to be in the sonnet structure. Sonnet, being a part of a lyric genre, represents the most personal and direct speaking manner....   [tags: Hay Rapunzel Essays]

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Formalistic Approach to Corona

- Formalistic Approach to Corona The formalistic approach allows the reader to look at a literary piece, and critique it according to its form, point of view, style, imagery, atmosphere, theme, and word choice. The formalistic views on form, allow us to look at the essential structure of the story. Stories such as Corona by Samuel Ray Delany show the aspects of a formalistic literary piece. The specific word choice that the author uses is very obvious right from the beginning. The choice of words that are used in the opening sentences imply that the narrator does not have a high level of education, if any education at all....   [tags: Corona Essays]

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Formalistic Approach to Ozymandius

- Formalistic Approach to Ozymandius While analyzing a poem, a reader notices many things, things like rhyme scheme, word choice, different levels of a poem, and sentence structure. Each one of these things is an ingredient for the four main components of the formalistic approach to poetry. In the poem "Ozymandius" by P.B. Shelley, structure, style, form, and imagery, allow the reader to look deeper into the poem. First the reader must look at the structure of the poem. However, the structure of Ozymandius is difficult to understand....   [tags: Ozymandias Essays]

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Using the Formalistic Approach to Analyze Neuromancer

- Using the Formalistic Approach to Analyze Neuromancer The formalistic approach to an open text allows the reader to decide what is important about the words on the page as well as the reasons and actions of the characters themselves. The reader is then able to derive a reasonable explanation for the plot or even an overall theme of the text. "According to the Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature "when all the words, phrases, metaphors, images, and symbols are examined in terms of each other and of the whole, any literary text worth our efforts will display its own internal logic" (Guerin 75)." When practicing the formalistic approach, the reader must scrutinize the text for to...   [tags: Neuromancer Essays]

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Formalistic Approach to Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- Formalistic Approach to Young Goodman Brown The Formalistic Approach can be found throughout "Young Goodman Brown," a short story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. The Formalistic Approach is one of the most frequently used approaches. It concentrates on the concepts of form, tension, image, and symbol; as well as point of view, irony, and paradox. These styles appear throughout the story. Form in the past has meant what is now known as external form, the way one identifies the work. This type of form is usually associated with poetry....   [tags: Young Goodman Brown YGB]

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Formalistic Approach Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite)

- Formalistic Approach Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite) In Thomas Gray's poem "Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat," we find many examples of the Formalistic Approach. In this poem, we find numerous examples of alliteration, rhyme scheme, puns, and creative word choice. This poem is very joyful and fun to read because the author is very creative in his choice of words and phrases. In the first stanza, we figure out where this event is taking place or in other words, we find out the setting....   [tags: Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat Essays]

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Formalistic Approach to Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite)

- Formalistic Approach to Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite) Ode to the Death of a Favourite Cat is a very interesting poem especially when you begin to break it down using the formalistic approach to literature. This poem at first glance could be taken as just another story about a cat that drowns trying to eat his prey, the goldfish. As we look more closely we realize that the poem has so many more meanings. The form of a poem is also a large component on the effectiveness. This poem has 7 stanzas with 6 lines in each....   [tags: Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat Essays]

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Formalistic Approach To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell

- The formalistic approach to an open text allows the reader to devour the poem or story and break down all the characteristics that make it unique. The reader is able to hear the text rather than read it, and can eventually derive a general understanding or gist of the text. "According to the Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature "when all the words, phrases, metaphors, images, and symbols are examined in terms of each other and of the whole, any literary text worth our efforts will display its own internal logic" (Geurin 75)." When utilizing the formalistic approach, the reader must search in and out of the lines for point of view, form, imagery, structure, symbolism, style, texture...   [tags: To His Coy Mistress, Andrew Marvell]

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Kate Chopin's Desiree's Baby - The Formalistic Approach

- The Formalistic Approach to Desiree's Baby     Kate Chopin's narrative of "Desiree's Daughter" created a sense of ambiguity among the reader until the last few sentences of the story.  However, the Formalistic Approach to Literature helps one to review the texts and notice countless relationships between the detailed components and conclusion of the story.  These elements draw clues and foreshadow the events that happen throughout the duration and climax of the narrative.  Close reading will help one to depict the devices used to help carry the audience through the plot and suggest the resolution.  Some of the most prominent devices used by Chopin are word choice, referenc...   [tags: Desiree's Baby Essays]

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Formalistic Approach to Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite)

- Formalistic Approach to Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat (Favourite) Formal analysis of poetry helps to unfold the underlying meaning of a poem. This technique does not focus on the author of the poem, or what was happening in history during the time when the poem was written, but instead puts emphasis on the actual mean of the work. Formal analysis breaths life into the literary work and allows the poem to speak for itself. For example, in Thomas Grays' poem "Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes," paying close attention to word choice, structure, and rhyme scheme illuminates the actions of the prowling cat....   [tags: Ode to the Death of a Favorite Cat Essays]

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Formalistic Approach to Broumas' Little Red Riding Hood

- Formalistic Approach to Broumas' Little Red Riding Hood At first glance, one might think that this particular piece of Broumas' work would be a suitable substitute for Winnie the Pooh while rocking the kids to sleep. However, upon deeper inspection, you would probably think "Oh my God" and thank the heavens above that you didn't just scar your children for life. While not suitable for small children, this piece does lend itself to some rather intense interpretation based on the word choice, repetition, and allusions presented....   [tags: Little Red Riding Hood]

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Dialogical and Formalistic Approach to Thomas Gray's Elegy (Eulogy) Written in a Country Churchyard

- Dialogical and Formalistic Approach to Elegy (Eulogy) Written in a Country Churchyard Elegy in a Country Courtyard, by Thomas Gray, can be looked at through two different methods. First the Dialogical Approach, which covers the ability of the language of the text to address someone without the consciousness that the exchange of language between the speaker and addressee occurs. (HCAL, 349) The second method is the Formalistic Approach, which allows the reader to look at a literary piece, and critique it according to its form, point of view, style, imagery, atmosphere, theme, and word choice....   [tags: Eulogy Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard]

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Free YGB Essay - Formalistic Approach to Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- Young Goodman Brown:  The Formalistic Approach In reading Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown, I found many of the formalistic approach concepts in this short story. The concepts in this short story were simple to see and to understand. There was much discussion about the symbolism, allegory, and allusion, along with the ambiguity, and form.             The formalistic approach to reading is one of the most common approaches to reading literature. The formalistic approach has three main points to it: symbolism, allegory, and allusion....   [tags: Free Essays on Young Goodman Brown]

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Free Essay: Formalistic Approach to Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

- Formalistic Approach to Young Goodman Brown    To understand Young Goodman Brown fully the reader must analyze the story using the formalistic approach.  In class we described the formalistic approach as using allegory, historical background, allusion, and symbolism to interpret a work.  When using these methods of interpretation, the story became clearer to me because I understood some of the historical background that the story was based on, as well as what some of the symbols meant, that I had previously been unaware....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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A Formalistic Analysis of The Fatal Sisters

- A Formalistic Analysis of The Fatal Sisters     In “The Fatal Sisters” Thomas Gray has created a monologue pregnant with references to history, geography, and mythology. These reappearing references and allusions enrich the text, as they allow a closer look at the political situation surrounding eleventh century Britain.  The poems’ sixteen stanzas exhibit an ABAB rhyme scheme, which provides for systematic organization and positive aesthetic effects.  Closer examination of the setting, tone, and imagery of the poem permits insight into the text’s content and artistic genius....   [tags: The Fatal Sisters]

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Decision Making Tools And Techniques: The Six Hat's Approach

- Introduction "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you. Not much." (About Our ability to make well informed and critically analyzed decisions along with the decision-making processes we employ, are key in determining our overall successes and failures. We are faced with daily decisions that can ultimately change the very courses of our lives. Poor decisions will lead to unintended failures while educated, deliberate, and purposefully planned decisions will bring about a desired result with great success....   [tags: The Six Hat's Approach]

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Formalistic and Dialogic Analysis of The Descent of Odin

- Formalistic and Dialogic Analysis of The Descent of Odin Poems are more that words on a piece of paper, it is a grand "play" with different "characters" strewn onto the pages. "The Descent of Odin" is a poem with a story with a rich vein of conversation embedded into it. By using the formalistic and dialogic method, I plan on showing you these jewels that I found while reading this poem. The first voice that is found in the poem is the voice of the Narrator. When using the Dialogical Method, the reader notices that the voice is obviously an older person....   [tags: Descent of Odin Essays]

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New Meaning to Broumas' Little Red Riding Hood

- New Meaning to Broumas' Little Red Riding Hood   There is more to Broumas' Little Red Riding Hood than meets the eye, or perhaps that is exactly where the analysis comes into play because the formalistic approach of analyzing literature consists of looking at a piece of literature and stating what is obviously there. The formalistic approach does give the work a deeper meaning than it first had, but the details are usually plain and easily noticeable. Generally they are very obvious, thus easily overlooked....   [tags: Little Red Riding Hood]

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Direct Approach And Indirect Approach

- The key differentiation between the direct approach & indirect approach concerns the cash flows from operating activities, which is the first portion of the statement of actual cash flows. However, there is not a particular dissimilarity in the cash flows listed in the investing & financing activity portions of the statement. When using the direct approach/method the actual cash flows from operating activities contain the figures for lines like cash from clients and cash paid out to suppliers. In comparison, the indirect approach will display Net Income followed by the adjustments require in order to convert or change over the total earnings to the cash figure for operating activities....   [tags: Cash flow, Cash flow statement]

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Formalistic Analysis of Kate Chopin's Desiree's Baby

- Formalistic Analysis of Désirée’s Baby   The short story “Désirée’s Baby” is told by a third person omniscient point of view. The narrator, whose character or relationship to the story never receives any discussion, is a seemingly all-knowing observer of the situation. Although the narrator does not take sides towards issues that arise during the course of the text, her general view does shape the overall characterization of the white Southern society. The text exhibits interesting clues such as word choice, tone and mood, reappearing symbols and references that enrich the story and intensify its underlining message....   [tags: Desiree's Baby Essays]

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The Situational Theory Approach And Contingency Approach

- The situational theory approach and contingency approach are both two major types of leaders approach that researchers have studied for several years. Northhouse (2013, p.99) stated that, “the premise of the theory is that different situations demand different kinds of leadership”. For simple understanding it means that leaders have to be able to switch and adapt their style as different situation arise. Situational approach is broken down into two main dimensions, which is the directive (task) and supportive (relationship) behaviours....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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The Is A Paternalistic Approach?

- How competent do you feel in being able to intervene with a community in a way that does not project a paternalistic approach. From my personal journey thus far in social work I know that I have answered a calling in my life to help others. Just like the NASW code of ethics states we are here to enhance the wellbeing of individuals ' lives. (NASW, 2008) I think sometimes we as humans and as practicing professionals get so caught up in our own ideas of what we think someone should do in a situation....   [tags: Sociology, Social work, Middle age, Old age]

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The Posivist Approach

- Research Question 2 Philosophy The positivist approach will be used for the second research question. Such an approach is viewed to be a scientific method that aims to gain information with the objective of discovering laws that may be generalised within similar conditions. Since the research is tackling the issue of foreign aid and sustainability, it has used the example of the effect of foreign aid in countries of Africa in order to contrast similarities in Palestine. Because the researcher is independent, and will adopt a traditional and scientific approach, it results in a concrete finding of similarity in the related situations, which would allow a more comprehensive conclusion and prov...   [tags: Scientific Method, Gaining Information, Research]

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The Feminist Approach

- Feminist literary criticism is approach that is most concerned with the role of women within the context of literature. This includes how female characters are created and understood within any given text, in addition to the role of female authors and female readers. This paper shall focus on some of the theoretical concepts which have been contributed to the feminist literary discourse. It shall compare and contrast aspects of theory put forth by three prominent feminist critics, while also considering the arguments raised by three écriture feminine scholars....   [tags: Literature]

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Social Systems: Marxism Approach and Human Relations Approach

- 1. This Approach was developed by J. P. Dunlop of Harvard University in 1958. This approach, involves individuals who a part of a continuing independent social system. The behavior, actions, and roles of individuals are based on the culture within. There are three elements the systematic approach, they are; input, process and output. Society and institutions within this society creates the system which influences the process, which then determines the outcome or response of the individuals. This theory is based on the idea that individuals are shaped by society and societal factors (   [tags: industrial relations, behaviors, actions]

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The Constitutional Approach, Psychodynamic And Freudian Approaches, And Trait Approach

- Our personalities are what distinguish us from each other beyond our appearance; without them, we would all behave and react in the same way. Personality is the reason we are outgoing or introverted, persistent or blaze, and anxious or calm. We each have different levels of these competing characteristics that make us unique. But why are personalities so varied. Personality is determined by an array of factors from genetic and biological to the personal experiences and decisions we have faced from the day we are born....   [tags: Personality psychology, Sigmund Freud, Psychology]

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Perspectives Of The Person Centered Approach, And Psychodynamic Approach

- This essay will attempt to discuss the person David, from the perspectives of the person-centred approach, and psychodynamic approach. Whilst discussing key theorists and therapies, and demonstrating self-theoretical knowledge. David is 59 years old and has a successful career; he has been married to Angela for 15 years with no children. Angela is 29 years younger than David. David has two grown up children from a previous failed relationship, and has a distant relationship with them. They both fell in love quickly with each other which came as a surprise to them both, as they both believed they were rational people, and they were not controlled by their passions....   [tags: Psychology, Sigmund Freud, Humanistic psychology]

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A Conventional Healthcare Approach vs. Eastern Approach

- A Conventional Dilemma In a rapidly changing global society, health––humanity’s most vital asset––fails to be ensured by modern methods of treatment. Conventional medicine has emerged as the dominant and preferred method of remedying illness. However, conventional approaches to treating the droves of diseases that plague humanity falter in their ability to effectively subdue discomfort and disability. Despite the monumental improvements in health, Conventional techniques cannot engineer perfect health or equilibrium....   [tags: Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Doctors]

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Holistic Approach to Nursing and Cultural Approach to Nursing

- This paper will focus on the viewpoints of two influential nursing theorists, whom have helped to provide nurses and the public with insight on their understandings of each of the four concepts that make up the nursing metaparadigm. Through the exploration of both Roy's holistic approach to nursing and Leininger's cultural approach to nursing, I will be able to conclude my findings and produce a philosophy of nursing that is unique to my own ideas, values, and beliefs of what the metaparadigm of nursing represents to me....   [tags: nursing, nurses, roy model]

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A Brief Overview of Walter Mitty

- A Brief Overview of Walter Mitty In the short story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, many interesting fantasies occur in a way which brings the reader into a different world. The story switches back and forth from delusion to reality, dragging the reader into a life, perhaps similar to their own. In the beginning of this story, the first paragraph is a fantasy of the main character, Walter Mitty. It describes his life as a commander of an aircraft. An intense scene is displayed showing what Walter Mitty wishes would be reality....   [tags: Literary Review]

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The Importance Of A Cross Curricular Approach

- Primary education is ever changing and is always being debated and critiqued. This paper will discuss some prevalent issues within primary education, including the use of a cross curricular approach as opposed to a discrete method of teaching, and also the importance of key concepts. The paper will also evaluate the affect differentiation has on pupils’ attainment of deep knowledge. Underpinning this, the discussion will be linked back to a topic web (appendix 1) and a medium term plan of three lessons (appendix 2)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, School]

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The Utilitarian Approach : Slaves Of Tulsa

- Slaves of Tulsa DBQ 1. The Utilitarian Approach: Though the company at the time may have rationalized a greater positive effect for the United States or the company itself in comparison to the consequences that happened to the Mumbai labor workers, in the utilitarian approach, it’s supposed to deal with the destruction afterwards. Although there was a happy ending for the workers, the justice achieved was based on a lawsuit instead of the company putting their own efforts to decrease the harm done....   [tags: United States, Minimum wage, Virtue]

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Orientation, The, And Cognitive Behavioral Approach

- Orientations As doctoral students begin the process of becoming psychologists, many questions are posited to them during the first months of their academic studies; one of which is what theoretical orientation are you most drawn to. The question is simple, but only on the surface; the underlying complexity of the theories behind the orientations must be well understood. Therefore, the student must make the effort to research the history, the application, and the science behind each of the major orientations used within psychology, in order to determine which orientation is most inline with their preference and beliefs involving different treatments for psychological issues....   [tags: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Mind]

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The Tragedy Of Neoliberal Development Approach

- Tragedy of Neoliberal Development Approach Although neoliberalism and its way of development is dominant around the globe in planning and practice but it is sad that it is not successful in changing the condition of poor people yet. In fact Neoliberalism is a cause of very low economic growth, unemployment for huge number of workforce, social injustice and political instability (Gereffi, 2008, p. 37). Policies of prominent financial institutions are main cause of this tragedy. IMF and World Bank are the major actors in enforcing the neoliberal polices on poor countries on the name of Structural Adjustment Program and Poverty Reduction Program (Conway, 2014)....   [tags: World Bank, Poverty, Economy, United Nations]

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Biomedical and Sociological Approach to Melanoma

- Melanoma Melanoma is a non-communicable disease and according to the Melanoma Institute of Australia, is a malignant skin cancer that affects thousands of individuals. It is a prevalent and serious non-communicable disease, making it an important issue in Australia. Both a biomedical perspective and sociological perspective must be considered to enable health practitioners to have a deep understanding about melanoma, and thus allow them to develop efficient and effective treatment and prevention methods....   [tags: non-communicable disease, skin cancer]

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The Psychoanaltic Approach by Sigmund Freud

- The psychoanalytic approach is a developmental theory mainly popularized by Sigmund Freud, who is famous for postulating the three personalities, the “id”, “ego”, and “superego”. The foundations of the psychoanalytic approach that affect the development are the unconscious thoughts, the biological and emotional factors, and the early experiences in life (Jensen, 2008). A person can learn unconsciously even in young age, therefore everything that a person experience can influence development in many ways such as in behaviours, attitudes, and emotions....   [tags: personalities, id, ego, superego]

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Curriculum Approach And The Creative Curriculum

- Curriculum is according to Bredekamp (2014, p. 311), “a written plan that describes the goals for children’s learning and development, and the learning experiences, materials, and teaching strategies that are used to help children achieve those goals”. These goals can include the dispositions, knowledge, and skills that the teacher wants the students to achieve (Bredekamp, 2014, p. 311). There are numerous ways for teachers to implement the curriculum. Two of many approaches of implementing the curriculum in an early childhood education classroom include the Project Approach and the Creative Curriculum....   [tags: Education, Learning]

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The Importance Of A Consumer Centric Approach

- Outline and explore the importance of a consumer-centric approach in marketing. In this essay the importance of consumer centric approach will be discussed through several points. Firstly what its consumer centric approach , follow by the effect of internal and external factors may lead to this approach. Then why we focus will be examined along with relationship marketing approach and the fit of marketing offering in such approach. At last the various point will be summarised and evaluated. The term market orientation can be defined as “ the degree to which the product offered by the firm and the customer related behaviour of the firm correspond to customer need and competitive argument.”(ha...   [tags: Marketing, Customer service, Price]

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The NSS, a Constructivist Approach to the World

- ‘If you are going through Hell, keep going!’ When he was sworn in on January 20, 2009, the newly elected President Barack Obama could have had in mind this quote from Churchill for he was facing not only a still unstable new world order inherited after the end of the Cold War, but also an economic crisis qualified by many specialists as the worst since 1930. The political equation required to solve the problem wasn’t to be found on a dusty shelf and needed imagination. Therefore his democrat administration carried on building the policy and the strategy mentioned during the campaign....   [tags: Government, Liberalism and Constructivism]

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Picking The Right Approach For Leadership

- Picking the right approach Since there is no single correct approach to leadership, a situational leader must be able to pick out the right style for each occasion. When deciding on the correct approach, the leader must focus on four contextual factors: the relationship between the leader and the subordinates, the task at hand, the leader’s authority, and the maturity level of subordinates. The relationship between the leader and the subordinates First, it’s important for the leader to identify the relationship he or she has with the group, i.e....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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The Humanistic Theory Of Humanistic Approach

- This week we studied the humanistic approach. There were both strengths and weakness for this approach. Humanistic approach is an approach looks at personality from a positive view. Carl Rogers suggested that clients should be the center of therapy. These are just two of many concepts that has come out of the humanistic approach. There are two main humanistic therapist Carl Rogers and Abraham H. Maslow. Maslow create the Hierarchy of Needs. There are five levels and each level has to be satisfied before moving on to the next level....   [tags: Psychology, Maslow's hierarchy of needs]

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A Negotiation Process : A Cooperative Approach

- Once individuals or parties enter into a negotiation process to resolve conflict, they will bring a clear position on the table in their efforts to settle the conflict. The two basic situation’s people follow when entering into negotiations are cooperative or competitive. A cooperative approach supports the process of interest-based or integrative bargaining, this interested groups to pursue a win-win results. The disputants who work cooperatively to negotiate a solution is more likely to develop a union of trust, and can come up with equally respected options of settlement....   [tags: Negotiation, Dispute resolution]

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Team Based Approach in an Organization

- The potential effectiveness of a team based approach in an organization is clear. However, getting the best outputs in team based approaches is also a challenge due to, for instance, poor team dynamics, lack of team harmony and such. Switching to a team based approach in an organization is, therefore, a decision that requires a lot of planning and analysis before implementation. Ordinarily, a decision to switch to a team based approach should be accompanied by training sessions for the team members to improve their team dynamics, harmony, and align their individual interests with those of the team and the organization in general....   [tags: organization, planning, training]

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Constructivism Theory : The Humanist Approach

- Similar and yet still different to that of constructivism theory is the humanist approach. Humanists take into effect the recognition of a learner’s abilities in areas such as individual development, creativity and liberty. According to Maslow, 1987, for a student to attain self-actualization, an acceptance of lower level of requirements (safety and convenience) is necessary. Therefore, educations foremost purpose is achieving the maximum development capacity of an individual. Although we can say this approach is being implemented in some way to the present education system and learning, it is not to an optimal effect....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Learning]

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The Value of the Afrocentric Approach to Education

- Introduction When a lot of people, especially white people, hear the word 'Afrocentricity,' they feel threatened, nervous, or both. Well, they shouldn't. The over-representation of black children in official school exclusion data has invoked anxiety from black parents, their communities and has spawned media and academic reflection. Afrocentric education is a way to smoothly enhance the teaching of African American children and as a mode of centering children in their own historical experiences....   [tags: multicultural curiculum, learning]

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A Proactive Approach On The Epidemic With Drugs

- There should be a Proactive approach on the epidemic with drugs. There are several credible sources that prove that treatment works. Drugs are related to crimes, so therefore instead of locking individuals up for the illness and letting the addicted offenders back out to do it again, treat it so that it stops the root cause. Drugs are identified with crime in numerous ways. Most specifically, it is a wrongdoing to utilize, have, fabricate, on the other hand disperse drugs delegated having a potential for misuse, (for example, cocaine, heroin, pot, and amphetamines) (“A Drug Policy,” n.d.)....   [tags: Drug, Illegal drug trade, Heroin, Prohibition]

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The American Approach to Occuptation in Japan

- The Pacific War ended in 1945, after the atomic bombs hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On August 14, 1945, Japan surrendered. The country was defeated and left in devastation. Japan lost two and one half million soldiers and nearly one million civilians.1 Many of its cities and infrastructure had been destroyed, in addition to one quarter of its industrial base.2 The population was on the edge of starvation with nearly nine million people homeless.3 Unemployment levels were high, and a vast number of soldiers were demobilized returning home to Japan.4 In fact, the Japanese empire was gone and the people were terrified of occupation by their enemies.5 However, by September 1951, six years afte...   [tags: Japan post WWII and the H Bomb]

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The Cognitive Perspective and the Psychodynamic Approach

- The Cognitive Perspective revolves around the notion that if we want to know what makes people tick, and a way to do this would be to figure out what process are actually going on in their minds. Cognitive means ‘Knowing’. The Cognitive Perspective views peoples as computers in by the way human are process information such as; input process and output process. In this area of psychology, cognitive psychology focuses on the way in which humans process information; this can include looking at how people treat information that is presented to us....   [tags: psychology, child developmnet, unconscious]

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The Traditional Approach to Capital Structure

- The traditional approach to capital structure The traditional approach stresses the benefits of using the combination of cheaper debt and equity finance to find the optimal capital structure, so the total value of firms will be increased with the sensible debt. (Watson and Head, 2013) Of cause, the model was created which based on a certain assumption 1) There is no tax at a personal or a corporate level. 2) The perpetual debt finance and ordinary equity shares are the financial choices for firms....   [tags: equity finance, debt, shareholder, investment]

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The Research Philosophy And Research Approach

- In the light of the research methodology framework adopted for this study, the research philosophy and research approach are the first decisions that should be undertaken to develop an effective and efficient overall research strategy. Drawing upon Saunders et al (2011), the epistemological underpinnings of any investigation have their implications on the appropriateness of the diversity of research methods. It is noted that the extreme can be seen between the natural science and social science perspectives....   [tags: Quantitative research, Scientific method]

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The Approach to Equilibrium and the Consequence to Econometrics

- Endogenous variables’ values are consequences of exogenous variables’ values; except for some inventories, endogenous variables have no autonomous feedback system. For an endogenous variable's value to change at least one exogenous variable's value must have changed first. Always that some exogenous variable's value varies at least one endogenous variable's value is changed and hence its relations with all other endogenous variables. Assuming that markets do not clear instantly, short run relations among endogenous values are constantly changing because short run values of endogenous variables are disequilibrium values....   [tags: endogenous variables, value, equation]

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Integrated and Balanced Approach to Literacy

- Every child deserves a positive, safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment where they will grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. My role as an educator is to provide my students with this type of environment as well as an education that will help them succeed academically and become life long learners. It is the responsibility of a literacy educator to provide students with this type of environment, but also to provide instruction that will help students become successful readers and writers....   [tags: Education, Teaching]

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British Approach to the Regulation of Abortion

- What do you consider to be the Strengths and Weaknesses of the British Approach to the Regulation of Abortion. Abortion is a procedure carried out to terminate a pregnancy. In 1967, liberal Member of Parliament David Steel introduced the Abortion Act. This legally permitted abortion to be carried out by a medical practitioner in England, Scotland and Wales (Glennerster 2000). Since the implementation of this policy, numbers of abortion have gradually increased. In 2010 almost two hundred thousand procedures were carried out in England and Wales, ninety-six per cent of which were funded by the National Health Service (Department of Health 2011)....   [tags: Abortion Essays]

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The Perception Of The Color Blindness Approach

- The idea that people from majority groups think that they are not prejudiced is a concept known as colorblind ideology. This means that people who claim they are color-blind do not see “color” or race in any way. Many people in hiring positions or college admission claim to take on a color-blindness approach (Richeson and Nussbaum 2003). However, social psychologists would say that implementing the idea of colorblindness is not an effective approach. In order to help in eliminating prejudices actions and thoughts, people need to be aware about their thoughts and actions, even the ones in the subconscious....   [tags: Discrimination, Racism, Thought, Interview]

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The Taming of the Shrew: A Comedic Approach

- Tragedy, irony and modernism are only a few interpretations of the valued play The Taming of the Shrew by the respected writer William Shakespeare. However, one of the most intriguing and popular of these analyses is comedy. Shakespeare is recognized for writing several plays with comedic genres, a few of which include Much Ado About Nothing and The Comedy of Errors. Comedy, being a complex genre, is composed of many different concepts. This particular play can be interpreted as a Shakespearian comedy, a screwball comedy, a farce, or slapstick....   [tags: William Shakespeare plays]

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A Research Approach On The Concept Of Community

- The paper will now introduce a further analytical approach in addition to its previous profile. The second part will seek to find the bona fide implications of the concept of ‘community’, followed by reaching a conclusion as to whether a sense of ‘community’ as such is present in the chosen area. Why define community. In today’s society, the usage of the word has been overreached and its saturation has left the modern society to develop the concept of community more around interests rather than locality (Durkheim, 1964)....   [tags: Sociology, Community, Community building]

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The Reggio Emilia Approach to Education

- Reggio Emilia approach to education is a teaching philosophy based on Developmentally Appropriate Approach to teaching and learning. It is an approached founded on theories of child development, an observation and assessment of the child’s interest and curiosity about the world around him and his cultural background. A Developmentally Appropriate Practice ensures the wholesome growth of the child and nurtures his socio-emotional, physical and cognitive development. The Reggio approach to education respects the individuality of the child, his strength and capability and innate curiosity about the world around him....   [tags: teaching philosphies]

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The Biological Approach On Mental Illnesses

- The biological approach sees that mental illnesses have a physical cause for example, an illness which could have been caused by an infection, genes, brain biochemistry or neuroanatomy (Cardwell and Flanagan, 2005). Bacterial and viral infections can damage the brain, resulting in a malfunction. An example of this is, general paralysis of the insane, which is a neuropsychiatric disorder caused by a sexually transmitted infection called syphilis. Brown et al. (2000) found a link between respiratory infections in the second trimester of pregnancy and the subsequent development of schizophrenia when the affected foetus reaches adulthood....   [tags: Psychology, Schizophrenia, Psychiatry]

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Working With The Bureaucratic Organizational Approach

- During my eight year career, I have witnessed and been a part of two managerial transformations. When I began my career, my company’s managerial approach had strong similarities to the bureaucratic organizational approach. The company I work for, Alagasco is currently customer and safety focused but when I started, it was more focused on quantity and increasing customer count and not so much on making sure customers are satisfied. Working with natural gas, installing appliances, calculating gas piping size, and gas pressure requires a high degree of technical skills....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Bureaucracy, Organization]

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Sociology Of India Approach And Perspective

- VUNGHOISIAM VAIPHEI ROLL NO: 14 SOCIOLOGY OF INDIA APPROACH AND PERSPECTIVE Sociology is the product of the intellectual response of the Indians to the western interpretation of Indians to the Western interpretation of Indian society and culture mainly after the beginning of British colonial rule in India. The early sociological beginning can be started from Karl Marx, Max Weber as well as Durkheim who depend on the British writing on India for analysis of Indian society and culture. Intensive field work and the first monograph on a people of India in modern anthropological tradition was done by W.H.R.Rivers on the todas, after him two of his students G.S.Ghurye and K.P.Chotapadhyay play an...   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Anthropology, India]

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Approaches to Personality

- There are many ways to judge and define the self with numerous theories surrounding the topic. Personality is inseparable part of the self. Recent research suggests that even your pet can predict your personality (Gosling and Sandy 2011). This shows how much personality theories evolved and changed with time. Historical research into personality theories reveals two distinct, yet related, approaches to the self in psychology. Biologically oriented approach, that emphasises nature and inheritability of personality (Eysenck 1956), and Psychodynamic oriented approach, which concentrates around the idea that environment influences our personality (Schuett and Dall 2013)....   [tags: psychodynamic approach, biological approach]

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Smoking: A Therapeutic Approach to Quitting

- Smoking A Therapeutic Approach to Quitting While smoking is a problem that affects millions of people in The United States, several different approaches are available to assist in breaking the habit; specifically, therapeutic approaches, when utilizing group sessions, one-on-one interaction, or self direction, do offer the ability to modify personal views, behaviors or other challenging issues to achieve predetermined results. Since each of the aforementioned options provide varying amounts of contact with trained therapists and other people, it is necessary to make a remedial selection based upon the comfortability and willingness of a person to openly talk about their dilemma with others....   [tags: Smoking, informative, expository]

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The Functional Approach By Milton Yinger

- Chapter 1 B: One of the approaches that define religion to me is the Functional Approach by Milton Yinger. He focused on what “religion does” (Roberts and Yamane 2012:6). In other words, how do people function based on their faith or religion. This approach is how people in society function based on how religion affects them. The functional definition is more inclusive because sociologist who uses this approach look at all forms of religion or faith-based practices that people have, new and old....   [tags: Sociology, Religion, Émile Durkheim, Human]

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A New Approach to a Healthier Future

- There is a great deal of fear concerning obesity among Canadians from all walks of life. Despite efforts to curb obesity in Canada, the percent of overweight Canadians is currently on the rise. Such interventions include educating Canadians on healthier eating habits and the importance of regular exercise, but the most prevalent message of all is the promotion of weight loss. This message is particularly dangerous, especially among children and youths. I argue that the Canadian health care system must adopt weight management in the place of weight loss and end the standard use of body mass index (BMI) in order to successfully combat obesity....   [tags: Health ]

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The Equitable and Sustainable Approach to Globalization

- The term globalization is synonymous with international trade and integration of economies through multi-national agreements. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2013) globalization is defined as “the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets”. Although many disagree as to origin of the idea of globalization, it’s been prevalent in shaping the world economy since the 19th century....   [tags: economy, wages, poverty, inequality, trade]

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An Active Learning Approach in the Classroom

- “We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.” -Malcolm Gladwell In today’s society, for current and future teachers, an active learning approach to teaching is essential for students’ success in the classroom. Learning that contains student-based inquiry versus teacher-based inquiry allows the students to develop their own understanding of the content with little facilitation from the teacher. Unfortunately, active learning in many classrooms has always consisted of the teacher directing the learning, which inhibits each student’s growth and potential....   [tags: recall, participation, groups]

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Utilitarianism As A Powerful And Persuasive Approach

- I see utilitarianism as a powerful and persuasive approach to ethics in philosophy. There are varieties of views discussed but utilitarianism is generally held to be the view that the morally correct action is the action that produces the most good. In its simplest form it is maximizing pleasure while minimizing pain. There are a few ways to think about this claim. One good way to think about is that this theory is a form of consequentialism. The right action is understood basically in terms of consequences produced....   [tags: Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill, Jeremy Bentham]

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The Importance Of A Team Teaching Approach

- “A team teaching approach would be ideal to educate students in the elementary schools. With proper technique and consistent practice, typing can become an automatic skill that can be performed with speed and accuracy”(p.204). In effort to incorporate keyboarding skills in Harrison Elementary Schools, educators and parents collaboration is essential. “Similarly, children are taught to play sports with a coach and much guided practice. The coach provides motivation, reinforcement and corrective action”(Donne, 2012, p.205) As a result, the technology committed had to also revise the plan and Identified the four specific areas identified for improvement in the elementary keyboarding program...   [tags: Assessment, Education, Teacher, Elementary school]

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Education Is An Approach On College Education

- The importance of school has been emphasized for the people that come from the working class or people that do not have the most money, since a very young age. They have the idea from their parents that education will ensure a better future with a sure thing for financial security. However, not everyone wants to have the same education. Liberal education is an approach on college education that empowers and prepares people to deal with complexity, diversity, and challenge as said by Association of American Colleges & Universities website....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Higher education]

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The Philosophical Journey : An Interactive Approach

- A person’s actions are right, if their motives behind their actions toward a certain situation have a good intention and they performed appropriate response to certain their situations that life has given to them. For example, a person’s intentions are their motives behind their actions, where as an appropriate action is any response towards any situation which is proper to perform in certain situations that require people to help other people rather than themselves as society deems fit. The following situations are from page 412 of The Philosophical Journey: An interactive approach show about some ethical dilemmas, and the appropriate actions and intentions to figure them out which solution...   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Religion, Moral psychology]

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The Trait Approach And The Biological Section

- Like the trait approach and the biological section, there is another model of personality which delves into a person’s childhood to see where personality originated. It also is a strong advocate that nearly everything that happens in the human brain is not actively conscious. Carl Jung, the founder of the psychodynamic model, also believed that personality had dimensions that included introversion vs. extroversion, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and perceiving vs. judging. The best way to test these dimensions is by taking the Myers-Briggs personality test....   [tags: Psychology, Personality psychology]

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The Theoretical Approach to Family Therapy

- My theoretical approach to family therapy is very integrative as I believe families cannot be described nor treated from a single-school approach. I view humans through a humanistic and existential lens but am more technically structural and solution-based. With this integrative approach, I believe I will be the most effective in helping families grow and reach their goals. Children enter the world as part of preexisting systems. They enter parental systems and families that already have rules, roles and boundaries, and more are made as children grow and the family develops....   [tags: intergrative, goals, systems, roles, rules]

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Difference between the Social Sciences and the Natural Sciences

- Explain the argument for each side of this issue, then describe your own view. Social sciences are the analysis methodically of the social area of the world. They are mixed area of study of human behavior and society which include disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology. Social sciences study methodically the manner in which people behave and how they influence the world around us. It aims to comprehend any given social phenomena by using a methodology borrowed from the physical sciences....   [tags: research approach]

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A Practical Approach to Solving Welfare

- A Practical Approach to Solving Welfare All across America people have opted for an “easier” approach to living. This parasitic approach is more commonly referred to as welfare or in other words, receiving something for nothing. One solution to this burden on society is through the introduction of workfare (work + welfare). Many citizens may not understand the reciprocating process of workfare; which may be humiliating for some to work in an environment that ignores abilities; even so, workfare should be required among able-bodied recipients of welfare for two reasons: Workfare protects the taxpayers against deceitful welfare recipients, and society benefits by the process of allowing...   [tags: social reform, argumentative, persuasive]

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A Philosophical Approach On Happiness Theory

- Utilitarism is a philosophical approach known also as Happiness theory. It is a science that takes as its basis usefulness of morality, that is tremendous principle of happiness, holds that actions are good, if you contribute to happiness and bad if you contribute to the opposite. According to its proponents, human action is approved or disapproved by the level of pleasure or pain that it brings. The standard of right or wrong and their effects are said to govern our thoughts, words, and actions....   [tags: Morality, Utilitarianism, Immanuel Kant, Human]

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A Holistic Approach to Ambulatory Care

- ... Use of Technology Technology has been adopted on a large scale in healthcare, especially as policy changes such as the HITECH act increasing funds and awareness of the need to implement Electronic Health Records (EHR’s). “Promoting consumer/patient access to and engagement with healthcare portals” (Sackett, 2013). The use of technology will enable patients to track important health information. This can be useful for patients changing primary care providers, meaning the redundant attempts to provide physician offices with past medical history can be eliminated....   [tags: hospitals, patients, apple]

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The Moral Approach Of Mental Illness

- The “moral approach” to treatment of mental illnesses went through many cycles. After World War II during the French Revolution is when psychotherapy and changes to mental health started to advance. The changes in mental illness stemmed from changes in ideas of how hospitals should be ran and the treatment of patients. As stated in our text book by Palmon, Weikel and Borsos (2006) during the 1790s Philippe Pinel started to revolutionize the way his mental hospital was ran in Paris, France. Philippe Pinel’s major adjustments were during the French Revolution, which was a time of inspiration, governmental change and free thinking....   [tags: Psychiatry, Mental health]

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The Categorical Approach Of Clinical Certainty

- After many years, the categorical approach allows not that of clinical certainty to be established objectively by a clinician who might be faced having to diagnose one with a personality disorder or its associated defects regarding same. As was made apparent with the first publication of the latter days, the DSM, it was viewed as proper, and was first developed for publication in 1952, and was the one shown by the former in this very contributory scholarly work by this writer, that it was to become one on many levels to be equated with those outstanding degrees of it seemingly was viewed by the many as a work to have a meaningful purpose and was also layered within the confines of "excelle...   [tags: Psychiatry, Psychology]

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The Approach Of Care And Chronicity

- As Garcia directs extended focus towards the Foucauldian approach of care and chronicity, she does not use the lens of Gramsci on hegemony and resistance to elaborate on these themes. Gramsci’s theory should be considered as another mode of analysis to further understanding of care and chronicity, in regards to heroin addiction. Hegemony can be described as the advancement of the dominant class in establishing their interpretation of reality, in a way that is accepted by society. Gramsci’s definition of resistance is based on the national level and it involves opposition to the status quo (Kohrman 2016)....   [tags: Drug addiction, Heroin, Addiction, Health care]

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Strength Based Care : An Approach

- Strength-based care is an approach that’s main goal is to put the patients needs first, by altering the plan of care to focus on a patient’s strengths rather than weaknesses (Gottlieb, 2013). My client Alyssa is 22 years old and was diagnosed at 5 with the chronic illness of autism. Autism is a condition that alters normal brain development as a child, which in turn leads to communication problems and repeating certain behaviors (Anthony, 2011). After looking through the theoretical lens of the patterns of knowing for Alyssa’s story; it has allowed me to develop new techniques for caring as a nurse by understanding the importance of family-centered care, collaborative partnership, and subje...   [tags: Patient, Health care provider, Nursing]

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