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A Look At Followership : A Model For Matching Followership And Leading Styles

- Annotated Bibliography Bjugstad, K., Thach, E.C., Thompson, K.J., & Morris, A. (2006). A fresh look at followership: A model for matching followership and leading styles. Journal of Behavioral & Applied Management, 7(3), 304-319. This article begins by pointing out how followership is understudied and how even in the 1930’s the Mother of Management felt this to be true. Leadership and followership are intertwined, but the difference in books on the subjects is about 120:1. The results may be because followership is thought of as a negative and demeaning term....   [tags: Leadership, Critical thinking, Management]

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Followership is as Important as Leadership

- A leader alone cannot accomplish a goal or vision by oneself. There is a built in assumption in our society that everybody should strive to be a leader. That’s where the fame and fortune are—with the leaders. “You can get a PhD in organizational leadership, but you can’t even get a bachelor’s in followership.” (Mercer) Why should an organization focus on followership as much as leadership. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines followership as “the capacity or willingness to follow a leader”. Over the last several years, there’s been a huge interest in leadership....   [tags: Followership Essays]

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Ethical Values And Beliefs Of A New Religion

- Introduction: Although the views on existence of God vary among different person, it cannot be denied that religions are powerful enough to influence one’s daily activities. As stated by Baumard & Boyer, (2013) religion can be considered as set of beliefs which impact on social norms. Religion is not only important for providing people with ideas regarding evil and good, but the religious beliefs are also important for motivating people to improve their moral values....   [tags: Religion, Morality, Philosophy, Human]

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The Followership Theory Of Leadership

- Thesis of the Followership Theory The chapter on Followership theory has emphasized on the definition followership, role of followers, and it 's relationship to leadership. According to the study by Uhl-Bien et al. (2014), leadership without followership is pointless. The correlation between leadership and followership results in leadership process, which occurs as a result of contribution between the leader and the followers. Despite other scholars who focused on leadership concepts and theories, Uhl-Bien et al....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Servant leadership, Skill]

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Servant Leadership : Voyage Of Many Phases

- Servant leadership is voyage of many phases. Robert K. Greenleaf offers an extensive range of resources to bring servant leadership community together to absorb, reason connect, share and nurture. The servant leader is a servant first. It begins with the feeling that one wants to serve before leading. A student can also be a servant leader, to be a servant leader, one most have the ability to listen; a servant leader you have to be attentive in what other individuals have to say. A follower will tell one their visions, their thoughts, their goal line, their worries and many other things that a servant leader can reply to in a determination to serve....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Servant leadership]

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Leadership Styles And What Makes A Good Leader

- Leadership is the most important quality that someone in a position of authority can posses. Every business you can think of has leaders and followers, and how the followers respond to their leaders sometimes determine how successful a business will be. There are a lot of instances when we see business fail because the managers don’t have the right leadership skills to bring followers together. In this essay we will look at the different leadership styles and what makes a good leader. In chapter 5 we will look at direct leadership, and how it affects followers when it is applied....   [tags: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Sociology]

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Theory and Practice of Servant Leadership

- Servant Leadership, found in Chapter Ten of the text Leadership: Theory and Practice, is a paradoxical approach to leadership. It begins with the innate desire to serve first, and then lead through servant hood. Servant Leadership, originating in the early 1970s, is similar to the skills and styles approach, focusing on leadership from the leader’s viewpoint and his behavior under the leadership. Under this style of leadership, the leaders are considerate of the followers needs, empathizing with and having compassion for the followers....   [tags: organizational management philosophy]

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The Study of Leadership and the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire

- “The study of leadership rivals in age the emergence of civilization, which shaped its leaders as much as it was shaped by them. From its infancy, the study of history has been the study of leaders- what they did and why they did it.” (Bass,1990) “..the transformational leader articulates the vision in a clear and appealing manner, explains how to attain the vision, acts confidently and optimistically, expresses confidence in the followers, emphasizes values with symbolic actions, leads by example, and empowers followers to achieve the vision (Yukl, 2002) Yukl, G....   [tags: Leadership, MLQ, ]

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Evolution of Robert Kelley’s Followership Theory

- Introduction Order in the society is established and sustained through effective group communication. The most essential being group communication since societies always have a leader-follower dimension within different contexts. Understanding this dimension is key to unlocking cohesive coexistence in societies. Initially, research responded to the need for this understanding by focusing discourses on how people become effective leaders. Confucius, Plato, Lao Zi and Aristotle all discussed the making of a leader....   [tags: literature, leadership, communication]

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Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader

- What is Transformational Leadership. According to McCleskey (2014) over the past 30 years, Transformational Leadership has been “the single most studied and debated idea with the field of leadership” (p. 119). Over the past 20 years, research on transformational leadership has become one of the dominant leadership theories in the organizational sciences (Beng-Chong & Ployhart, 2004). Although there are several reasons for this, perhaps one of the most important is that transformational leadership appears to be extremely important for modern work....   [tags: Leadership, Charismatic authority]

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Transformational Leadership Theory ( Tlt )

- Transformational Leadership Theory (TLT) Transformational leadership, also referred to as (TL) is a theoretical approach that changes the norm of people and social systems. It creates positive and valuable change in its followers with an ultimate goal of transforming them into leaders. In its enhanced form, TL enhances motivation and performance through various its authentic mechanisms. The operations entail connecting the follower with their sense of identity in regard to the mutual interests of an organization....   [tags: Leadership, Ethics, Management, Motivation]

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The Situational Theory Of Leadership

- Situational theory of Leadership The situational theory of leadership focuses on the projected outcomes and the development of the group. The basic premise of this leadership model is that different situations demand different kinds of leadership. Leadership is composed of both directive and supportive elements, and a leader must evaluate how committed and competent his or her followers are for a given task.(Roberts). A leader will choose the appropriate behaviours given the goals and the development/abilities of the group(Roberts), which can either be: Directive behaviour which focuses on the task at hand and the product, including establishing goals, giving directions, defining roles, eva...   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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Participatory And Transformational Leadership :

- UNIT 4 CST FINAL PROJECT Participatory and Transformational Leadership Introduction Throughout this class, we learned that leadership can be defined in many ways by different authors. The definitions depend on many things and different variables. One way of we can attempt to define is through characteristics of the leader, the followers, and the situation (Yukl, 2013). Yukl, 2013 defines leadership as being “the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives” (Yukl, 2013 p.7)....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Decision making]

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Transformational Leaders vs Charismatic Leaders

- There are two kinds of people in this world. No not entertainers and the ones that observe as Britney Spears has so kindly pointed out, but rather; followers or leader. There are so many styles in which a leader can lead a certain group of followers. The two most popular, common and most researched ones are transformational and charismatic leaders. Transformational and charismatic styles of leadership are widely known amongst philosophers. But which one is more effective. Transformational is definitely a better leadership style than charismatic, especially when dealing with and being in charge of a group of people or an organization....   [tags: Leadership Styles]

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The Second Concept Leaders Of The Civil Rights Movement

- The second concept leaders must account for which followers are accustomed. All three leaders discussed above had an easier transition, because all three countries were familiar with male leaders. This is typical because male leaders are sought to give stability and safety (Thoroughgood). Germany and Cuba would not have accepted anything other than a strong and confident male leader. Jim Jones’ situation was slightly different in the way that there were male leaders on both sides of the civil rights movement; however, leader speak out so strongly in support for desegregation would have been a strong pull....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Leadership And Leadership Theories Of Leadership

- A person needs three things to motivate them, someone to love, something to hope for, or something to do (Flight of the Phoenix, 2004). “Leadership is often achieved by meeting” these three “basic human needs” (ACU, 2012). By implementing leadership theories that meet at least one of these needs you will be able to create a team with a purpose. Someone to Love: Bass’ transformational leadership includes a component dealing with inspirational motivation and higher order values. Bass defined transformational leadership in terms of how the leader affects followers, who are intended to trust, admire and respect the transformational leader....   [tags: Leadership, Decision theory, Management]

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Followership – The Real Leadership Key to Improvement in Public Schools

- Two years ago School District 74 organized a series of leadership workshops designed to strengthen the leadership performance of school administration and teaching staff. Participants were encouraged to think of themselves as leaders and to identify situations in which they were or could be leaders. The idea seemed to be not only that our school system will be improved through the development of strong leadership (on its own an important recognition), but also that anyone (and everyone) can be a leader in his or her own position within the system....   [tags: Leadership ]

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Leadership Styles And Leadership Style

- Variety in Leadership Style is Key to Effective Leadership Throughout history there have been many compelling leaders who, in their respective areas, have been able to motivate, compel, influence and drive their followers to success. Well known world leaders such as Julius Caesar, Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth I, and Mahatma Gandhi are remembered, among other things, for their ability to inspire their followers towards a common goal. In the past, it was often thought that leaders were born with special qualities that assisted them to become successful....   [tags: Leadership, Decision making, Skill]

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Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader

- Transformational leaders inspire their people or followers to achieve unexpected or remarkable results. Transformational leaders accomplish this by drawing their people’s attention and concentration to align their values with the values of the authority or organization. A transformational leader can motivate their followers through empowerment, job satisfaction, commitment, trust, self-efficacy beliefs, and motivation, which can also align followers to positively impact the organization. Often Transformational leaders are called the quiet leader because they are the ones that lead by example....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Charismatic authority]

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Analysis Of Stanley Mcchrystal 's ' The Video '

- Leadership is a multidimensional skill that in necessary in a wide variety of situations. In the video, Stanley McChrystal describes how he found himself in a situation where leadership was essential, yet exceedingly difficult. Stanley found that the situation had unique obstacles and that the environment had changed dramatically from the one to which he was accustomed. Yet similarly to many great leaders before him, Stanley utilized his skills and knowledge to learn and to grow his leadership ability to provide quality leadership to those who followed him....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Military]

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Leadership And Power Of Leadership

- Leadership and Power Describe power and explain how it relates to leadership There are several definitions of power which include: first the ability to command influence over an individual or individual to follow one cause of actions (Vecchio, 2007). This means that an individual can control how others act and direct them to a specific cause of action. The second definition is an individual ability to control on an official capacity the conduct of others (Hogg & Knippenberg, 2003). This means that those who are controlled have an obligation to follow the instruction provided by the person in power....   [tags: Leadership, English-language films, Punishment]

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Transformational Leadership : A Transformational Leader

- When reflecting on a style or philosophy of leadership, transformational would be the most appropriate fit to describe the writer. Transformational leadership is defined as a method that effects change in individuals and social structures (Anonymous, N.D.). Bass and Avolio (1993) describes transformational leadership to be characterized in four factors: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration. In this article, the writer will discuss various areas relating to conflict, working with others, delegation style in regards to transformational leadership....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Skill]

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Leadership Of The Field Of Social Work

- Leadership is an important aspect for an individual to develop and master. Throughout history, leadership has evolved and has been defined in many ways. For instance, Ginsberg (2008) defines leadership as “motivating a group of people to achieve a common goal” (p. 315). Similarly, Northouse (2016) looks at leadership as more of a process that influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal. Depending on the individual, the definition of leadership can vary. For this paper, leadership will be viewed as a process for leaders to use to influence their followers to achieve a goal....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Social work, Skill]

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A Leader Is The Most Important Leadership Theory

- A Leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. Leadership is what a leader does. According to Felix A. Nigro and Loyed G. Nigro in this book ‘Modern Public Administration’ they said that the essence of leadership is influencing the action of others: the essential quality of leaders is that they are convinced something must be done and they persuade others to help them get it done. According to Hersey and Blanchard, “Leadership is the process of influencing the activities of an individual or a group in efforts toward goal achievement in a given situation....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Being Satisfied At School Or At Work

- Being satisfied at school or at work can, at times, be challenging. Work environment satisfaction is determined by how much a person likes what he/she is doing and specific areas of the job. Those who are dissatisfied in their job or at school may not feel appreciated. A person’s motivation plays a role in his/her satisfaction. Motivation gives people purpose and affects their behavior (Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy). When someone is motivated to perform well, they may experience satisfaction from achieving a goal....   [tags: Motivation, Leadership, Communication, Want]

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Types of Leadership Styles

- “Leadership style is a pattern of behaviors leaders” used over time as perceived by others’ Blanchard et al., (2008). Hersey and Blanchard argued (Mark 1997) “major factors affect an individual’s response to leadership is the amount of direction and support the leader provides”. As of Blanchard et al.,(2008) “situational leadership styles are divided into four groups: directing, supporting, coaching and delegating”. Based on the writer’s opinion got from articles especially Hersey and Blanchard Articles, the below examples define more in depth what this styles are and how the leader can identify a situation and apply the best leadership style....   [tags: directing, delegating, support]

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A Company Kendal And Hyde, A Maker Of Leather Goods

- My focus will be on a company Kendal and Hyde, a maker of leather goods. From my understanding this company started with a kickstarter project and, because they have such a great product and design, were soon overwhelmed with orders. They experienced problems in the production process causing their items to be delayed. With the unexpected popularity of their items combined with production issues, they soon found themselves more than overwhelmed and could not deliver or respond to all that was required of them....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Do the Right Thing]

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Servant Leadership Benefits Both Organizationas and Employees

- In the traditional view of leadership, service is the job of the follower. However, servant leadership puts the leader at service. In servant leadership, the leader focuses on servicing their followers; they empathize, nurture, and provide attention so that the followers can develop their full personal capacities (Northouse, 2013). Spears (2002) identified 10 servant leader characteristics: Listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, and commitment to the growth of people....   [tags: Servant Leadership]

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Leadership and Followership

- One of the most important components of leadership is the leader. A leader is responsible for his or her followers and the overall goal of the group or organization. Leaders are the people held accountable or everything that happens, good or bad. On the other hand, the second major component of leadership is the followers. Without followers, a leader would be worthless. Followers make up the backbone of a leader because they are the masses that get goals accomplished. A leader is just one person, but the number of followers is countless....   [tags: critical thinking is key]

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Leadership Styles : Transformational, Servant, And Charismatic Leadership

- Leadership styles can be divided, primarily, into the two categories of democratic and authoritarian leadership styles. This study will examine the three democratic styles of transformational, servant, and charismatic leadership. The study will both broaden the knowledge of these forms of leadership and examine their effect on performance, engagement, and job satisfaction. The research will further attempt to properly define each style, identify their goals, and effect on innovation. The styles will ultimately be compared and measured against one another to determine their merits and perils....   [tags: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Charisma]

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The Leadership And Social Climate Change

- Up until this point the leaders have taken good action in the words of leaders, but once they have positional power and the support of their followers, the leaders enact their own agenda (which is called personalized power). Instead of using their leadership to help their follower (referred to as socialized power), these leaders seek to create an Organizational Climate that revolves around them (Thoroughgood). Organizational Climate is the term used in the leadership studies to discuss a group’s common purpose and set of guidelines....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Adolf Hitler]

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The Qualities Of A Charismatic Leader

- The characteristics of a charismatic leader are, one who is full of self-confidence, they also have a clear vision of the goal they want to achieve, and charismatic leaders have remarkable abilities in communication. This serves to motivate workers through extreme times furthermore help them stay grounded. One leader who showed exceptional charismatic leadership was Mahatma Gandhi, who is credited for his work till this very day. Was an Indian historical leader born October 2, 1869 he was a blessing in disguise to the Indian nation....   [tags: Leadership, Charismatic authority, South Africa]

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Religion Is An Important Social Institution

- Religion Paper A religion is a set of beliefs that a person holds and these beliefs actually defy a person’s life. Religion is the belief in one or more gods and ever religion has teachings that that have been prescribed to the followers. Religion is defined as ‘a particular system of faith and worship’ or ‘the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.’ Religion is one of the main elements that has divided this world mainly into Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and etc....   [tags: Religion, God, Islam, Human]

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Leadership Theories Lead Member Exchange Theory

- Every leader and follower is unique and works in a different way, depending on the situation. Leadership is a relationship built between leaders and followers, which require some sort of guidance for leaders. There are various leadership theories which have advanced over many different styles to define the leadership characteristics, traits & styles. Three main theories Lead-Member Exchange theory (LMX Theory), Transactional Leadership theory and Transformational theory allow the leaders to develop their own style utilizing one or more of these theories in order to properly develop relationships between leaders and followers....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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A Leader 's Influence On Human Trafficking

- John Maxwell once said “leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” There are many different types of leaders in this world; leaders who empower others and leaders who believe they are, but really aren’t. A leader who empowers her followers through her organizations, her books, her preaching, her teachings, and even through the way she lives her life is Christine Caine. She travels around the world preaching the Gospel as a motivational speaker, has written several books to empower Christians to pursue more of Christ and fulfill their destiny, and leads three different organizations while also being a wife and a mother to two young girls...   [tags: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model]

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Leadership Styles : Leadership Style

- Great leadership if founded up on the concept that in order to be success happens where hard work and ethics meet. In essence both leaders and followers need to consistently do the right thing. Leaders provide direction, vision, and goals in order to map out the route that the organization will travel. Intelligent leaders will understand that success can only happen through the creation of an environment that creates a dynamic and exciting work culture that will inspire followers into achieving greatness....   [tags: Decision making, Management, Leadership]

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Leadership theories: Autocratic Vs Transformational

- In the past people believed that leaders are born not made. Now the definition of leadership has been changed because now we believe that leaders can be made through education. Leadership plays important part in every field and organization to achieve higher goal. According to Kelly, “leadership is a process of influence in which the leader influences others toward goal achievement” (Kelly & Crawford, 2013, p. 168). Nowadays there are many leadership theories and have different perspective and suggestion....   [tags: autocratic, transformational]

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The Theory Of Leadership Theories

- 1.0 Introduction Contemporary leadership theories has been expanded in the past twenty five years and have apprehend the awareness of leadership practitioners and researchers alike. According to Levy (2006), LMX theory is about work teams that concentrates on the relationships between leaders and subordinates preferably than on leader behaviors or traits. The LMX theory concentrates on a dyads, that is the relationship among each subordinate and leader that is reflected independently, rather than on the correlation among the group and the superior....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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A Leader Is An Effective Leader

- In order to have effective followers, you must be an effective leader. A leader must have a number of characteristics to guide a group of effective followers to success. The leader must have good characteristics to show as an example for those who are watching. For example, it is like a mother with her baby. What ever the mother does, her child is most likely to do the same thing. The mother must be a good role model because she always has a little one watching her every move. A leader is a person who guides a group to be motivated and inspired for a common goal....   [tags: Employment, Management, At-will employment, Job]

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Leadership As A Group Of People Or Organization

- The definition of leadership is “leadership is the activity of leading a group of people or organization or the ability to do this (What is leadership, 2015).” Leadership is also about helping followers that are gifted in many areas to concentrate on the organization’s true mission. A true leader helps motivate followers into seeing the future of the organization and breaks down the true vision to make it understandable by all. Leadership includes motivating, teaching, coaching, building on the diversity within an organization, helping, directing, and many other aspects....   [tags: Leadership, Ethics, Ethical leadership, Management]

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The Implementation Of The Path Goal Theory

- The implementation of the path-goal theory is to examine ways of how leaders are effectively able to remove obstacles from people’s lives (Laureate Education, 2012). To remove obstacles, a working set of goals are needed to attain overcoming personal, behavioral, or environmental object laid out in the valences associated with the barriers (House, 1971; Laureate Education, 2012). The obstacles are either familiars or unfamiliar to the leader requiring an exponential entrenchment to mobilized achieving the course of action (Laureate Education, 2012; House, 1971)....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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Who Are Great Leaders And Managers?

- In most healthcare businesses there are leaders and managers, but are these the same. Some say yes and some say no. There are leaders who are great managers and there are managers who are great leaders, but typically not one case is the norm. In health care, this is very essential to distinguish due to the requirement for both positions. Healthcare is different in that it is a service business which puts trust on a large quantity of very qualified workers in addition to trade personnel. no matter what location whether it’s a facility, long term care facility, an ambulatory surgical center, a health device business, an insurance company or several other healthcare settings, leaders and manage...   [tags: Leadership, Management, Skill, Kurt Lewin]

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Leadership that Empowers: How Strategic Planning Relates to Followership

- In the article, “Leadership That Empowers: How Strategic Planning relates to Followership.” Brumm, & Drury, (2013), investigate the connection between leadership planning and its effect on followership. During the previous class much of the discussion centered on empowerment. It was clear that one of the attributes of a competent director is the ability to empower members. This article examined the outcome of strategic planning and its effects on followers. According to Burns (1978) “Followers need leaders and leaders need followers” (as cited in Brumm & Drury 2013, p.17)....   [tags: Brumm & Drury, article analysis]

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Amazon : The Biggest Internet Based Retailing Company

- Amazon is arguably the biggest Internet-based retailing company in the world. It has been very successful in using the Internet as a platform for commerce, where it conducts its transactions electronically. Part of the success of Amazon can be attributed to its heavy investment in social media advertising and positioning. The advancement of technology has increased the importance of social media and most companies often resort to social media advertising and presence since it can reach out to a large and diverse audience....   [tags: Social media, Facebook, Twitter]

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The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership And Job Satisfaction

- The relationship between transformational leadership and job satisfaction is one of the most critical success factors in any organization and has become one of the largest topics studied among psychology, management and organizational behavior researchers (Tsai, 2011). Job satisfaction refers to how satisfied an individual is with his or her job within their organization. There are many factors that determine the job satisfaction, and one of the factors is the type of leadership style. According to the first article that was completed, an effective leadership style of leaders in an organization is having the capability to provide motivational incentive and direction to their followers to ach...   [tags: Management, Leadership, Motivation, Goal]

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Three Characterisitcs for Being a Good Leaders

- ... This is because understanding the other's motives will help them not feel betrayed. Think of what would happen if there wasn't honesty in a leadership. The leader could keep secrets from it's followers and then it would not be a democracy anymore but would lead to something more like a dictatorship. This could easily lead to disastrous mishaps that would have negative impacts on the leadership. Being honest with each other can lead to a happy and more emotionally healthy environment. For the people will feel confident in their leader and hopeful in the outcome of future events....   [tags: honesty, confidence, delegate]

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Theory And Concepts Of Fellowship And Leadership

- In the preface followership the author Tom Atchison States the reason there has to be a dynamic followership and Leadership role it 's not that there 's a lack of effective leadership in healthcare is that the current worsening issues are the morel and the Staffing shortages which result in a toxic work environment and how do you have your followers overcome that. Followers of an organization make the organization run without the followers there 's nobody doing the tasks necessary to keep an organization moving In followership there needs to be a leader that inspires and bonds followers together as a unit moving in One Direction News Leader has to be more than someone that was placed in a p...   [tags: Leadership, Management, Need, Health care]

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Kyle And Yeshua By Brian Dewayne Scott

- In the book Kyle and Yeshua by Brian Dewayne Scott, Scott separates Christ followers into two separate categories; followers of Yeshua, and followers of Kyle. He describes followers of Kyle as living in the world and only looking to God when they need something such as money, happiness, or success. On the other hand followers of Yeshua are dedicated and feel that their purpose in life is to spread God’s word and be devoted followers. We are selfish creatures and because of that it is easy to fall into the ways of Kyle, but we all need to strive to be followers of Yeshua....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Gospel of John]

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Lord of the Rings and Leadership

- According to Joe Tye, “Tolkien had an intuitive understanding of the theories and practices of leadership that was well ahead of its time” (Leadership Lessons). This is a concept that even the most common reader of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings can grasp. Without this sense of leadership, particularly different styles of leadership, there would be no one against the other; making for a rather dull plotline and timid movie. The story would lack in substance as it would be difficult to define the good against evil, the right against wrong, and it would essentially consist of many enraged characters running around with no sense of what to do....   [tags: Leadership ]

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The Completion And Scoring Of The Seven Habits Profile

- A1a. The completion and scoring of the Seven Habits Profile was an interesting and informative exercise. The scoring of the habits is subjective and limited to my personal experiences and reading about those of others. I quantified the scoring of each habit rating as follows: • Good – Upper Half. • Very Good – First Quartile. • Outstanding – First Decile. Based on these parameters, the scoring of the 9 category totals ranged from a 15 to a 17 with most totals being 16. This represented a culmination of over 30 years of leadership experience that spanned from military service to private industry....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Motivation, Bass Rock]

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Analysis Of Tiffany Hunter 's Philosophy Of K 12 Education

- This paper will discuss Tiffany Hunter’s philosophy of K-12 education. It will first explain her perspective and the perspective of a follower. Second, it will explain how her philosophy relates to her leadership style which is transformational. Third, it will explain how history and politics has made an influence on her philosophy of education. Last, it will explain how her philosophy influences her decisions to current trends and issues In K-12 education and her decisions may evolve. Philosophy Perspectives of a Leader and Follower In discussing the leader’s perspective, Hunter’s philosophy of education is having the passion to educate and motivate individuals to reach their highest poten...   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Explanation]

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Strategies For A Leader 's Vision, Trust Within An Organization For Successful Outcomes

- Strategies for Implementation Strategic implementations for a leader’s vision, wisdom and trust within an organization for successful outcomes. This portion of the paper will address the need for companies to have effective leaders, the importance of a leaders’ self-care, and about the critical factors of having participative followers in an organization. Without a balance of proactive and effective leadership, self-care, and having followers that work with their leaders, organizations would fail to achieve goals and thrive in the business world....   [tags: Leadership, Management, David, Saul]

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How Social Media Has Changed Our Lives And The Way We Do Business

- In N Out Vs. Shake Shack Social media is a key tool that has changed both our everyday lives and the way we do business. In the modern world, almost everyone who has a smart phone – and most of those who have computers - also hold accounts on a social media company. Currently, In N Out Burger and Shake Shack, two of America’s most buzz-worthy restaurants, are exhibiting great success at using the social media world to promote their businesses. Both companies have established a presence on many of the most popular social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram....   [tags: Social media, Twitter, Customer, Customer service]

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Components of Transformational Leadership Theory

- ... Qualitative evaluation of the questionnaires indicated that leaders could act as role models in promoting teamwork, mutual respect, and organizational commitment to achieve success. In fact, in a recent study of nursing care at a large Belgian hospital revealed greater commitment to patient safety and quality of care was attained through behavioral influence from head nurses (Lievens, 2014, p. 653). Inspirational motivation consists of vision communication to followers, fostering follower identification with the vision, and motivating them to acquire a cohesive sense of purpose....   [tags: influence, motivation, employees]

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The Islamic Religion Of Islam

- Mankind has been created with an innate desire to worship. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A person will worship something. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character…for what we are worshipping, we are becoming.” The Islamic religion has proclaimed throughout the world that Allah is God. Their belief determines their behavior, for Allah’s followers are willing to kill or be killed for their faith. The Islamic religion, through conquest and zeal of its followers, has convinced millions of people of its infallibility and has expanded to all corners of the world....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an, God]

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The Keystone Of Interpersonal Development

- However, merely knowing who people are is not enough to cement a solid team. Empathizing with followers is critical to understanding their perspectives on work and life, their motivations, and their skills and limitations (Daft, 2015, p. 151). One must also understand one’s own interactions with the staff and manage those relationships. For example, a Facility Manager whose work supervisor always seems to be opposing him or her should look for the reasons why that is and try to resolve or come to an understanding with the employee about that friction....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Viggo Mortensen]

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Relationship Oriented Behavior Differences On Group Harmony

- RELATIONSHIP-ORIENTED BEHAVIOR DIFFERENCES • Strive to build rapport with others • Focuses on group harmony • Uses empathy to relate to others • Puts interaction with others above deadlines • Assigns group activities for team building (Kokemuller). Effective leaders use a variety of relationship-oriented behaviors and attitudes. Leaders must instill values and vision to their followers. Leaders who believe in the mission of the organization will also use efficient values that resonate with members....   [tags: Psychology, Leadership, Management, Cognition]

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The Great News Of Matthew

- The Great News Of Matthew The book of Matthew is meaningful in all different aspects of Christ’s followers. The book of Matthew was written to show Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the King of the Jews, from the line of David. It was also written to show the Jews that Jesus Christ is coming back. The small story that is derived from Matthew 24:45-51, talks about the Faithful and Unfaithful servant. To embrace Matthew 's way of revealing God, it helps to be open to the following set of values or spiritual orientations (Viviano, Benedict 1)....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Messiah, Gospel of Matthew]

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Azter Leadership: An Unsuccessful Model

- Azter Leadership: An Unsuccessful Model When leadership comes to mind, it comes with thoughts of shining knights, beacons of truth, and unflappable exemplars. As a child, everyone hears the fairy tales of leaders that are able to do battle with evil, alone, and rescue their cause from sure defeat; the media is saturated with stories such as these. However, leaders and leadership can and does come in different packages, sizes, and abilities. It is not always the case that a leader is the unsung hero of a cause and, in fact, this paper will show that sometimes the leader avoids the limelight focusing it on the cause and his followers....   [tags: Azter Leadership Leading Leader]

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The Great Man Theory : Leadership And Personality Traits

- Introduction Leadership can be traced back to many ideologies over the history of time. There have been individuals that have achieved great success and accomplishments through inspiring others to believe and follow their leadership. This paper will explain some of the theories that philosophically explain how those great people inspired others to believe in their vision and goals. Great Man Theory The Great Man Theory was a further developed and explained my historian Thomas Carlyle. This theory suggests that great men are a born and not developed....   [tags: Leadership, Fiedler contingency model]

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Leadership Without Easy Answers

- Ronald A. Heifetz is well versed in leadership issues. Once a psychiatrist, he is now the director of the Leadership Education Project at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He founded the Center for Public Leadership where he is the “King Hussein bin Talal Senior Lecturer” (“Harvard Kennedy School”, n.d.). Much of the leadership experience poured into Leadership Without Easy Answers is primarily derived from Heifetz’ work in Washington, D.C. observing the political leadership structures of the entire nation....   [tags: Literary Review ]

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Ways To Be An Effective Leader

- Leadership is influencing and inspiring people and making them followers with combination of power, vision, charisma, trustworthiness, communication skills and intelligence. Leaders in the history have gathered their followers with these abilities. People believe that leaders will guide them in a way which offers them a better life. In order to make people believe him, a leader must have a purpose and must have the ability to inspire them. Also it must be stated that management is not leadership because leadership is an inborn talent while management can be learned later....   [tags: inspire, communication, trustworthiness]

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Jim Jones' Genocide in Jonestown, Guyana

- “Never Forget” is the slogan for such atrocities as The Holocaust, The September 11th attacks and all Genocide worldwide in a way to remember and prevent future events. Little did we know that in Jonestown, Guyana, a holocaust-like killing would take place Saturday November 18th 1976. That date will be a day many will “Never Forget.” Jim Jones was a religious fanatic who started The Peoples Church. He preached socialistic views and lies to gain followers. With increasing paranoia he moved to Guyana with a thousand followers , most would never leave Jonestown again, but to be killed in a mass “suicide.”(Contemporary American Religion) Although The Peoples Church seemed to be a peaceful, lov...   [tags: murder, cult, suicide]

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Leadership Styles For A Great Leader

- There are many approaches of leadership that are helpful to understanding the effectiveness of what works best for an individual. There are different traits contingency, behavior, and full range approaches that are beneficial to the recognition of prospective leadership style. LaTisha identifies that contracting a combination of leadership styles more theories will develop her into a diverse and productive leader. She has many beliefs, personalities, and vast experiences that adheres to flexibility and adaptability to her leadership style to meet the needs of different situations....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Leadership And Leadership Of Leadership

- Followership refers to a role held by certain individuals in a group. Specifically, it is the capacity of an individual to actively follow a leader. Followership is the reciprocal social process of leadership. Thus followers are able to actively participate in the groups successes and failures. Effective followers are individuals who are considered to be enthusiastic, intelligent, ambitious, and self-reliant. According to Kelly the four major qualities of followers are self-management, commitment, competence, and courage....   [tags: Goal, Learning, Need to know, Help me]

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Transformational Leadership And Transactional Leadership

- 1 Transformational leadership and transactional leadership often occur in the same organization. How do they impact each other. Do you see these styles in your organization. Transactional leadership focuses on the concept of exchanging rewards or punishment between the leader and his or her followers. For instance, if a follower accomplishes a goal, the leader may praise the follower with a pay raise or bonus. While, transformational leadership is designed around the process of both the leader and followers working together to increase motivation and morality within the group....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Ethics]

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Personal Statement : My Leadership

- I have not always been a leader. It took years of following in high school to emerge my senior year, and subsequently into college, as a leader. Creativity and problem-solving assisted me in leading my high school yearbook. In my leadership journey, I have found accountability and trust to be most important in my democratic leadership style. Communication and sociability have also aided me in being an effective leader and hopefully meeting my future goals. In most of my experiences, I have been a follower, especially in high school extracurriculars....   [tags: Leadership, High school, Leader, Management]

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An Extraordinary Standard Of Leadership

- Gandhi: An Extraordinary Standard of Leadership Lots of great leaders who commanded their armies wisely and led them to the glory appeared on the stage of history, but the ones who won the battles and beat the giants without using armies with weapons were very rare. As one of the most inspiring leaders in history, Mahatma Gandhi achieved this by ending the British rule in India by means of non-violence as well as his effective leadership. A better understanding of his extraordinary standard of leadership can be achieved through an analysis of leadership theories and their connection with Gandhi....   [tags: Mahatma Gandhi]

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Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships In Transformational Leadership And Leader-Member Exchange Model Of Leadership: Differences And Similarities

- Both transformational leadership and leader-member exchange leadership theories have been an issue of discussion for many scholars. The majority of authors agree that transformational leaders ‘have qualitatively different and quantitatively greater effects on their followers than the effects of exchange leaders’ (Gupta & Krishnan 2004, p.7). This essay builds on the existing literature about these two theories and will try to draw a parallel between LMX and transformational leadership, i.e. it will reveal the different and similar qualities of supervisor-subordinate relationships....   [tags: Business Leadership Management]

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Transformational Leadership : What Makes A Great Leader?

- Pseudo-Transformational Leadership Everyone has their definition of what makes a great leader. Some individuals base it on values, character, and ethics that a leader demonstrates. Others believe that leaders are born; that their ability to lead is natural, something that cannot be taught. Hollander and Julian (1969), argued that it is possible leaders are risen from situations, stating “there are no absolute leaders, since successful leadership must always take into account the specific requirements imposed by the nature of the group” (para 13)....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Transactional leadership]

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The Importance Of Leadership And Trust Within The Company

- As Guy-Charyl issue show that there are tension between different project teams in Ralston Crane, the executive worried about the continuous tensions would weaken the effectiveness to the firm’s operation and the satisfaction of the client. To relieve the current situation, analysis of leadership and trust within the company will be used to examine the fact that such tension exists and to suggest appropriate action to tackle the issue. Leadership in company is one of the most crucial part in the company as it can influence performance all the groups and individual, further affecting the effectiveness of the company....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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My Job As A Leader

- As new Business Consultant in startup businesses, applying the role of leader and follower in my business and professional life, both roles would be fit my overall job duties. Before a person to really understand their roles in organizations, church, sports teams or professional office, one must define the word followership to truly understand the role that applies to one as leader or follower. Followership is the capacity or willingness to follow a leader within the organization (   [tags: Management, Leadership, Strategic management]

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Connection Between School Culture and Leadership Styles

- There is a connection between school culture and leadership styles. The literature review will also address the two basic categories of leadership. According to Cox (2001), there are two basic categories of leadership which are transactional and transformational. The following scholars (Barnett, McCormick & Conners, 2001) made the distinction between transactional and transformational leadership. James McGregor Burns’ (1998) introduces Burns the difference between ordinary (transactional) and extraordinary (transformational) leaders....   [tags: Leadership ]

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Characteristics And Traits Of A Leader

- Up until this point, much of the focus has been centered on defining effective leadership from characteristics and traits that have been identified through research and behavioral science, but what do the followers have to say about the leader’s characteristics and traits. Furthermore, what makes someone want to follow a leader. Thus, there are five specific traits or characteristics a leader must display before being followed, and the first characteristic or trait is honesty (Shead, 2016). While people desire to follow an honest leader, honesty is the key trait that allows the leader to influence others besides power; however, leaders have very few opportunities to demonstrate honesty, espe...   [tags: Leadership, Skill, Characteristic, Psychology]

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A Weekly Paper 8 : Situational, Path Goal, Lmx, Mentoring

- Weekly Paper 8: Situational, Path Goal, LMX, Mentoring: Viren Kheni Leadership has been examined for a number of years to discover how successful leaders are created. To better understand leadership, researchers have proposed several theories, including the trait, behavioral, contingency, and full-range models of leadership. Behavioral contingencies state the if-then conditions that set the occasion for the potential occurrence of certain behavior and its consequences. There are various Behavioral Contingency models....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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Allan Moyle's Pump Up the Volume

- In Allan Moyle’s movie Pump Up the Volume (1990), the protagonist of the movie, Mark Hunter, hosts an anonymous radio talk show that addresses the various flaws within the educational system. Though, Mark had not understood how large of an impact his talk show had upon the student body at Hubert Humphrey High School, student’s respond to the suggestions of action that Mark imposes, leading to a social movement against the school. In the beginning of the movie viewers witness the first followers of Mark’s talk show, as a few students’ from Hubert Humphrey High School gather in a baseball field to listen to the show on the radio (Pump Up the Volume)....   [tags: film analysis]

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Leadership Is Necessary For A Group

- Leadership is necessary for a group to accomplish goals. Leadership according to Lamberton and Minor (2014), is the ability to impact people to attain a goal. A leader according to Gaiter (2013), sets direction and influences others to accomplish goals and directs cohesiveness. A leaders’ goal is not just the success of the team but, also the success of individuals on the team, a leader must motivate, inspire and empower others for success (Gaiter, 2013). To accomplish these goals a leader will utilize a leadership style....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Decision making]

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Facebook : The Popular Social Media

- Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites. It is unique as this is a site where you do not use words or phrases for communication; instead pictures and high-quality images are posted and talked about. Visual marketing is among the most popular internet marketing trends now, and Instagram fulfills that criterion at its best. Many internet users and brand owners use Instagram for promoting their products and marketing their services so that they can communicate effectively with their customers....   [tags: Marketing, Social media, Social media marketing]

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Toxic Leadership

- Leadership is that process in which one person sets the purpose or direction for one or more other persons and gets them to move along together with him or her and with each other in that direction with competence and full commitment (Elliott, 2009). Leadership is supposed to guide people to attain a particular set vision. Motivation is fundamental in the process of leadership as if there is no motivation there will be laxity among the people involved. It is also a critical scenario for leadership to have followers; this will infer a relationship between leaders and followers (Frank, 2003)....   [tags: trust, motivation, decision, social effects]

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Leadership Is The Enemy Of Great

- Personal Leadership Philosophy 1. Leadership is required for success Everything in leadership will be determined by the competency of the leader. John C Maxwell is credited with saying “everything rises and falls on leadership. The leaders are often the ones making the decisions influencing success or failure. When I think of competency, I believe it is important to acknowledge the difference between competency and confidence. Confidence is the belief that I can lead; competence requires results of successful leadership....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Hero, Connection]

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