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The United States And Climate Change

- The United States looks favorably upon the change in regime structure for paris which creates an avenue for setting nationally appropriate goals for climate mitigating rather than global goals that failed in the past. In the upcoming convention the US will work to meet financial commitment goals without compromising domestic industry or economy. To an extent, the US also recognizes the common but differentiated responsibility of developing countries. The United States remains committed to the goal delineated by the Copenhagen Accord of 2 ° C above pre-industrial levels and strives to achieve this goal through mitigation and financing adaptation and recognizes that comprehensive climate actio...   [tags: Canada, United States, Refugee, Climate change]

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The 3d Protein Model From Modeller

- As the 3D protein model from MODELLER has been chosen, the structural features of the model was further analyzed analysed to ensure that the structure of the model is highly compatible with the template. The superimposition of the protein model of HSC 70 and its template 1YUW A is deciphered in Fig. 6.7. Basically, the structure of HSC 70 comprises of the C-terminal substrate binding domain (SBD), the N-terminal nucleotide binding domain (NBD) domains, a linker that connect both domains (Jiang et al., 2005), and a catalytic residue, which is lysine Lysine (lysLys) at the position 71 that is responsible for hydrolysis of ATP (O’Brien et al., 1996)....   [tags: Amino acid, Protein, Protein structure]

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Common Traits of Entrepreneurs

- In the past few years, there has a lot of attention paid to the concept of entrepreneurship; however, many still struggle to find the exact meaning of what an entrepreneur is and how he is different from other regular business-owners. This query has gotten people to come up with different definitions and studies in the search of a final answer and, even though there is still a debate for a complete designation accepted by all, now there are certain traits that are recognized by everyone as basics for being an entrepreneur....   [tags: Entrepreneurs, business,]

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Benefits of Online Schools

- In the 21st century the world has witnessed a huge change due to the power of technology. At one time it was necessary to physically attend class to gain a higher education. However now the development of computers and other machines have changed the face of higher education, as people know it. Online education has a number of benefits for students such as low cost, convince as well as flexibility that traditional universities do not offer. Fires, it is obvious that online schools are a good opportunity to attend in school with lower cost....   [tags: traditional schools, technology]

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Linux Operating Systems

- The most popular UNIX-system design end of the XX century has become an inexpensive alternative to expensive (HP-UNIX, SUN Solaris, Digital UNIX) solutions - Operating System (OS etc.) Linux. Today the pace of market development of this system compared to other well-known operating systems is the most intense (Stutz 2004). The strength of the Linux operating system is its flexibility: The system covers the entire range of applications - from desktop PC to multiprocessor servers and super clusters....   [tags: Information Technology ]

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Millennials And Cons

- Do millennials have what it takes to succeed in the workforce. Every generation will have its pros and cons. The current generation is millennials and people are not sure if they can handle a career. Millennials are ready for the workforce because they know what they want in a career, what kind of benefits work for them, how things need to change for the better, the reputation that has been created and how generation gaps can be part of how the millennial generation is perceived. Ask a millennial what they want in a career and they will give you a clear cut answer....   [tags: Generation Y, Need, Want, Strauss and Howe]

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The Best Human Resources Department

- The Best HR Department Human Resources (HR) has been constantly evolving due to technological innovations, tough competition and rapid growth of globalization. The Knowledge Age of 21 century demonstrates the significant shift in strategies and methods have been used by HR professionals to efficiently manage personnel in the organization. Such change leads to acknowledgement of the true value of employee based on their ability and potential to excel. “Knowledge Age worker-citizens need to be able to locate, assess, and represent new information quickly....   [tags: human capital management in an organization]

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The Protection of Labor Unions

- ... Another factor that has harmed the growth of unions is foreign direct investment (FDI). These are majority-owned foreign companies in the United States. FDI tended to oppose unions, and they resulted in an increase in the rate of union decline in the 90s and continue to harm unionization today. Exports have increased foreign competition within the United States, and they have resulted in a division of labor between different countries. This has eliminated the idea that a product should be constructed from start to finish domestically before being exported....   [tags: private, public, sector, management, laws]

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Traditional Classes And Online Classes

- What are the dissimilarities between traditional classes and online classes. Innumerable people might recall this debate in their head. Although traditional education and online education have the same goal, they are still divergent. Traditional education requires the student’s presence in class, unlike the online classes that is defined as an education process between instructors and their students in independent locating. Most of the students choose to sign up for online classes because of its flexibility....   [tags: Education, Student, E-learning]

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Benefits Of A Gig Economy

- Whether or not the gig economy is as big as some suggest, it’s clearly part of the future labour market. Even if it doesn’t overtake the traditional job sector, it’ll nonetheless continue to have an influence on the global job market and economy. But what impact does the gig economy have, both in terms of businesses and the workers. In this section, we’ll examine the pros and cons of a gig economy to organisations and gig workers. You should also watch the below Financial Times discussion on the gig economy and its implications to the future workforce: The benefits of a gig economy Gig economy can have a huge positive impact on the labour market....   [tags: Employment, Labour economics]

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Benefits Of Flexible Work Practices

- 1. Employers should provide a flexible working environment for their employees. Certain employees have the right to request flexible working arrangements. Employers can only refuse these requests on reasonable business grounds.A flexible workplace is one where employers and employees work together to decide on working arrangements such as hours of work, work location and the way work is carried out. It means thinking creatively about how working lives can be planned to match individual and business needs....   [tags: Working time, Employment, Employment compensation]

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Annual Payment Model Reform Report

- Annual Payment Model Reform Report – July, 2015 A key part of our Colorado SIM project is sustainability of integrated primary care and behavioral health services after the end of the award period. Our program will likely not be sustainable without payment model reform. Continuing the fee-for-service approach to paying for these healthcare services will not lead to long term, sustainable integration because of inherently misaligned incentives they may create. Our payment model reforms will reflect multi-payer, multi-stakeholder input that will be sought out and obtained during the pre-implementation year as well as ongoing input and learning during the test years....   [tags: Money, Payment, Credit card, Payments]

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China 's Exchange Rate Reform

- There are several events regarding China’s exchange rate reform. Arguably, the first step happened in 1994. Before 1994, RMB exchange rate was overvalued, marking at 1.5 Chinese yuan/ US dollar in 1978. Then, the Chinese government implemented several measures to directly depreciate the currency and introduced dual-track exchange rate, ensuring that RMB exchange rate could reflect market mechanism and approach equilibrium exchange rate. Later on January 1, 1994, PBoC declared the unification of official and market RMB exchange rate....   [tags: Foreign exchange market, United States dollar]

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Transformational Leadership And Medication Errors

- Transformational Leadership and Medication Errors Of the leadership styles, transformational leadership offers the greatest opportunity for flexibility in vertical relationships. Transformational leadership stresses the sense of greater purpose in the work, and extends beyond simply rewarding employees for meeting expectations (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). It is easy to imagine why, in this way; transformational leadership is uniquely suited for healthcare. As Weiss and Tappen point out, most people are motivated to enter the nursing field by a deep desire to help others (2015)....   [tags: Nursing, Leadership, Patient, Motivation]

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Marketing Plan For Wal Mart

- According to Parnell, Porter’s generic strategy typology consist of a “basic economic assumptions about cost versus differentiation, and the whole notion of focus and market orientation but this strategy has some limitation” (2014). This strategy typology helps to simplify a complex industry by identifying and emphasizing the key strategic factors. These factors are low-cost with focus, low-cost without focus, differentiation without focus and differentiation with focus. The low-cost with a focus offer a small focus area of the market its product and service at a low cost due to the economies of scale like ALDI....   [tags: Economics, Marketing, Aldi]

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Characteristics Of A Project Management

- GuinnM_ENVM625_M1_GradedAssign Projects defined A project is a defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Larson, 2014). The characteristics of a project in the context of project management include an established objective, a defined life span with a start and finish, the involvement of a collection of different departments and other professionals, non-static with innovations of new ideas/processes, a clearly defined budget and specified requirements (Laron, 2014)....   [tags: Project management, Management]

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The Ethics And Moral Stance

- suggest that those leaders have “concern for others has been touted as the more ethical and moral stance” (Bigley, Felps & Jones, 2007, p. 541). The traditional style of management having all the power of influence is the idea of “self-centered leadership” (Han et al., 2015). “Self-centeredness, arrogance, and a lack of concern for others has been disdained as a mark of narcissism,” when it comes to that approach of leadership (Balthazard, Galvin, & Waldman, 2010; Kosalka, Judge, & Piccolo, 2009)....   [tags: Leadership, Management]

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Online Classes Vs. Traditional Courses

- Today, more and more colleges are offering courses to students that are entirely online. Students who are drawn to online courses include students working full-time jobs, students who would prefer a private study environment or students who find that online courses are easier than traditional courses. Most people have very busy lives, thus not leaving much time for anything else. Many of these people would like to have the time to return to school for different reasons (i.e. earning a higher degree, taking a class on something they enjoy, etc.)....   [tags: Virtual learning environment, E-learning]

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Basic Physical Assessment Testing

- Introduction During lab assessment Ashleigh and Katie, the two operators, measured my cardiovascular blood pressure and resting heart rate, muscular strength of the right and left hand, flexibility by sit and reach, and body composition of height, weight, and skinfold. The basic physical assessment is used to measure a person’s overall health and wellness. Also, it helps a person to know their basic health level and what improvement could be made to achieve better health. The basic physical assessment testing benefits all people whether they are athletic or not....   [tags: Health]

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Career in Special Education

- In the profession of a special education teacher, a person commits to helping children achieve their best and to help “students overcome their obstacles” while finding a way that the child can effectively learn (Hollingsworth). My mom’s career as special education teacher for twenty-two years, allows me insight and experience into the tougher aspects of this career, but also the rewards to the job. My mom helps me understand that a special education teacher guides a child to expand their strengths, develop strategies to overcome weakness, and to make best use of all available resources....   [tags: Education, teaching]

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Ballroom Dance for Health

- “Just move the body it also mean exercise”. Exercise has many benefits with your body, it’s help you to strong body and healthy. A lot of people know about this point but they rather ignore it. Now, there is a new activity, it uses music to take that and use a few time, also known as ballroom dance. That is a sport and is enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Arcangeli’s 1994 study found the following: Dance was regarded as having a bearing on health in number of ways. On one the hand dance was believed to be one of the symptoms or one of the remedies of some illnesses in some cases, both....   [tags: Benefits, Happiness]

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Wrestling Training & Conditioning

- Calculations: 1. BMI= 17.61 after rounding off at each step 2. BMR = 1309 calories after rounding off at each step 3. Target heart rate at 60% and 80% using Karvonen Formula Target heart rate range=151.6 to 178.8 bpm ASSESSMENT, TRAINING AND NUTRITIONAL STRATEGY At my initial consultation I would to him that I need permission from his parents so that I can train him. I would ask Chris to get a letter signed by his parents stating that they are aware of his goals and he has their permission to train....   [tags: Case Study]

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Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

- Introduction The following paper will review the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) as a widely accepted standard. A brief description will be provided with visual aids to help with understanding. A current implementation of EAP with the Transport Layer Security (TLS) will be described. Common implemented security measures will also be disused. Following the security measures I will provide research on common attack vectors and ways to mitigate these attacks to protect secure data transmissions....   [tags: Extensible Authentication Protocol]

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Pole Vault Training Program

- Pole Vault Training Program OBJECTIVE The purpose of this program is to increase the strengths of a pole vault athlete by focusing on physical, mental and technical proficiency. This 12 week program is designed to split proper training into three four week intervals to most effectively and properly physically prepare a high school pole vault athlete for competition level. The program is designed to last between 60-90 minutes per session not including warm up/ cool down and the time of pole vault drills varies by instructor....   [tags: performance improvement in athletics]

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Bankruptey Costs and Effects

- ... Modgliani and Miller in their studies have shown that extreme gearing increases financial risk along with the cost of capital. They advised the firms to adopt ‘target debt ratio’ so as not to violate limits of gearing imposed by the creditors (Khan and Jain, 2005). The advice implies that there is certain safe limit for the use of debt beyond which debt should not be used. The point also indicates optimal capital structure as show in figure below. (Melicher and Norton, 2011) The diagram below shows the effect of bankruptcy cost on rate of return for equity....   [tags: debt, financial, agency, loss]

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A Career in Dentistry

- The career that I have chosen for my future is to become a dentist. Become a dentist is one of my biggest dreams, because is something that I always wanted to be since I was a child. There are a lot of advantages of becoming a dentist that I really love about this career. Firstly there are a lot of opportunities of getting a good job, also be able to help others with their dental care, earn good money, and have a flexible schedule. Become a dentists is something that I really want, because it can give me a lot of opportunities that I really want to have in a career....   [tags: Career Goals]

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The Differences Between Skill, Ability and Technique in Fitness

- The Differences Between Skill, Ability and Technique in Fitness Skill, ability and technique are linked together in the fact they all enable us to perform an activity productively, however each of them means something different. Skill: consists in the ability to bring about an end result with utmost certainty and smallest outlay of energy, or of time and energy. A top athlete can produce the required skill with only one attempt, for a movement to be classed as a skill it has to have a objective, and for the athlete to be classed as skilful this goal has to be achieved with certainty....   [tags: Papers]

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Entry Criteria to the Euro

- Entry Criteria to the Euro 1.Entry criteria The four entry criteria are set out in Article 121(1) of the EC Treaty. A Member State must satisfy all four criteria in order to be able to enter the euro area. (Treaty quotes Source: [02/02/2004]) 1.1. Price Stability The Treaty stipulates: "The achievement of a high degree of price stability [...] will be apparent from a rate of inflation which is close to that of, at most, the three best-performing Member States in terms of price stability." The inflation rate of a Member State must not exceed by more than 1.5% that of the three best-performing Member States in terms of price stability fo...   [tags: Euro Finances Economics Essays]

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Components of Physical Fitness Which are Important for a Badminton

- Components of Physical Fitness Which are Important for a Badminton Player Physical Fitness is important in any sport. It relates to the following areas: · Speed · Reaction time · Co-ordination · Balance · Power · Agility · Strength · Flexibility Speed Badminton at times can be a particularly fast sport and therefore speed is often important for a badminton player. Players often are able to work at high speed for short burst (e.g. when coming into the net to retrieve a net shot from the back of the court) but may also have to have a good aerobic fitness in order to continue with long rallies....   [tags: Papers]

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Project Management Techniques

- Project Management Techniques: Signatures Inc. is a company that focuses on manufacturing personalized products like coffee mugs and pens with company logos. The firm generates over $40 million in annual revenues with a workforce of more than 300 workers. Since the company is in the middle of a large multimillion-dollar SCM implementation, it has hired a project management outsourcing company to take charge of its project management efforts. The decision to outsource its project management initiatives is based on the challenges it has experienced in middle of this costly implementation process....   [tags: personalized, methodologies, impletmentation]

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Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

- Nowadays, there are a lot of wireless applications sharing the same medium. This overload leads to a lack of the spectrum in given frequency bands. At this time, the allocation of the spectrum is mostly static and based on licensing, as in the case of the FM-band. The purpose of this work is to present another approach of sharing the same medium by means of a dynamic allocation of the spectrum instead of the static allocation which is believed to cause spectrum inefficiency and scarcity, since the wireless users demands change both temporally and spatially....   [tags: Technology]

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Understanding Matrix Structures

- Module 5 Critical Thinking: Understanding Matrix Structures An organization’s capacity for responding effectively to dynamic change derives from a synergistic combination of people, processes, and flexible organizational structures (Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly, & Konopaske, 2009). The flexibility of an organization’s structure depends on the relationships that determine organizational workflow, authority and communication (Covin, Slevin, & Schultz, 1994). As an example, this paper describes a matrix structure, offers recommendations for its use, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a matrix relative to the need for organizational flexibility and responsiveness....   [tags: Business]

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Healthcare Done Right

- Homeless people being provided for, and people with pre-existing illnesses finally getting the coverage they deserve at reasonable prices. This is what the Healthcare reform law is going to provide for people in the United States. The Healthcare reform law is a reasonable solution for people who cannot afford or do not have private health insurance. The Healthcare reform law clearly benefits people who cannot afford health insurance in the first place. It makes it affordable for these people and allows them to be covered for some of their basic medical expenses....   [tags: American healthcare reform law ]

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Langdon Winner's Article: Upon Opening the Black Box and Finding it Empty: Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Technology

- Langdon Winner (1993): Upon Opening the Black Box and Finding It Empty: Social Constructivism and the Philosophy of Technology The Social Construction of Technology, or Social Constructivism, is a theory introduced by Wiebe Bijker and Trevor Pinch. The theory proposes that the development of technology is an interactive sociotechnical process within relevant social groups (e.g users, producers). As a methodology, social constructivism analyses artefacts in the context of society and explores the dynamics of technological change....   [tags: phylosophical analysis]

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The Benefits and Challenges of Developing Play and Leisure Activities in Play Therapy

- Play is a way for children to learn about their environment and how their interactions occur within, though play children develop resilience. However some children may experience stressful occurrences during their existence and therefore play can often be restricted. Therefore, the play worker’s role in facilitating the children’s play is a crucial measure towards the child's development. Professionals that work with children have the skilfulness to prompt or even contribute to children’s play, which can be a principle aspect of therapeutic alliance....   [tags: Child Development ]

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Motivation Is The Driving Force Behind Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement, And Job Performance

- Overview Motivation is the driving force behind job satisfaction, job involvement, and job performance. Motivation provides individuals the drive to behave and act in a certain way in order to influence their work environments (Robbins & Judge, 2014, pp. 35-36). When employees are able to influence their work environments, they can make a psychological identity with their organization that provides a sense of purpose, or meaningfulness, to their existence in their job performance and involvement (Robbins & Judge, 2014, pp....   [tags: Employment, Motivation, Job, Wage labour]

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The Benefits of Aerobic, Resistance and Balance Exercises in the Geriatric Population

- Functionality means individual capabilities to carry out activities of daily life in a harmless and self-regulating way without being fatigue. Physical inactivity invites various problems in elderly individuals. The reasons of immobility in elderly people are poor health, hospitalization, and disability that reduce body’s muscle mass1. At the age of 50 years, minor reduction in muscle strength occurs and after the age of 65 years each decade it reduces 12% to 15% 2 .The study mentions that “Loss of muscle mass, particularly of fast-twitch or Type II fibers that accompany advanced age, is associated with muscle weakness, increased fatigability, and a loss of functional independency”1....   [tags: elderly population, senior fitness]

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Description Of The Business : Karen Solazzo, A Local Small Business Owner

- Description of the business Karen Solazzo is a local small business owner. He founded the company Gatehouse Properties Inc. and their goal is providing high quality property management services with integrity, professionalism and respect for their clients. The company owns 7 houses around Conestoga College (Doon campus - Kitchener) and they rent out the rooms for national and international students. Currently, there are more than 45 tenants and every year this number tends to grows because the company is always reinvesting in their business....   [tags: Business, Entrepreneurship, Small business]

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Compare Two Criteria or Characteristics Using Visual Basic and Visual C++

- 1. Compare two criteria or characteristics using Visual Basic and Visual C++. Readability. Visual Basic is a programming language that can be easily read. Most constructs resemble plain English words and phrases. It also has low feature multiplicity. To increment a variable one must write: i = i + 1. Visual C++ has several ways of doing it though with slightly different meanings: i = i + 1 or i +=1 or i++ or ++i. This lowers the readability of Visual C++. Visual Basic still retains the 'goto' statement which allows for unconditional jump to a labelled code line....   [tags: Computer Science]

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Ethical Concerns in Corporate Finance: A Closer Look at Earnings Management

- For many years, the ethics of finance has been a concern in the corporate world. With the flexible accounting standards under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Accounting Standards (IAS), there are many grey areas of what is, and is not, ethical. Earnings management falls in this grey area. Earnings management is the term used to describe the process of manipulating earnings of the firm to achieve a target predetermined by management. The flexibility of accounting standards may cause some variability in earnings to occur as a result of the accounting choices made by management....   [tags: finance, management]

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The Impact Of Self Esteem And The Big Five Personality Factors

- Annotated Bibliography Witt, Edward A., Adam J. Massman, and Linda A. Jackson. "Trends in youth’s Videogame Playing, overall Computer use, and Communication Technology use: The Impact of Self-Esteem and the Big Five Personality Factors." Computers in Human Behavior 27.2 (2011): 763-9. Web. The researchers conducted a longitudinal study of adolescents between the ages of eleven and sixteen, they viewed the trends in video games playing, computer use and communications. The scholars used developmental perspective during the course of their study, this perspective involves an interaction of the content and characteristics of the individuals....   [tags: Video game, Video game controversy]

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The Effects Of Exercise On A Person 's Quality Of Life

- Exercise has multiple effects on a person’s quality of life. A person’s quality of life is the overall goodness of a person’s life. This includes both subjective and objective evaluation of all the factors that contribute to a person’s life. For a good quality of life there are many different factors that can contribute. With exercise there are three specific factors that contribute to your quality of life. They are psychological factors, physical factors and different lifestyles that can help or hinder your quality of life....   [tags: Muscle, Physical exercise, Strength training]

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School Vs. Education And The Human Cost Of An Illiterate Society

- With the help of technology and changes in society, modern means of education are rapidly changing, making it much easier for students to learn and access more resources for learning. In the stories "School vs. Education" by Russell Baker and "The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society" by Jonathan Kozol they both explain the worth of education and the way life would be without it. This essay will suggest that technology has changed the way the world is and how things are taught and if technology had never been apart of society and everyday life than we would be a lot less intelligent than we are now....   [tags: Learning, Education, Intelligence]

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Assessment of Changes in New Zealand Employment Policy Since 1984

- Historically New Zealand has had an industrial relations system based on principles of collective bargaining, with union and employer representatives negotiating minimum employment terms and conditions. The Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act of 1894 established principles of; wage fixing through conciliation and arbitration; multi-employer awards; blanket coverage of conditions; compulsory union membership; and compulsory arbitration. This system served New Zealand for almost a century with only minor changes....   [tags: International Business ]

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The Prince and The Discourses: a Study in Sovereign Power

- When Machiavelli originally wrote The Prince at the end of 1513 and perhaps early 1514, it had been written quickly by an author who was, among other things, seeking to regain his status in the Florentine government. Since many of his colleagues in the republican government had been quickly rehabilitated and returned to service under the Medici’s, Machiavelli felt that he needed a fair advantage in order to regain his previous post. It was originally written for presentation to Giuliano de'Medici, who might have actually appreciated it....   [tags: Politics, History]

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How E-learning can be useful and successful in professional life

- E-learning is usually delivered, enabled or mediated by the use of electronic technology. The explicit purpose of e-learning is training, learning or even development within the organization. Owing to advancement in technology and the popularity of Internet, it has become possible to conduct education virtually. The instructor and the learner can interact virtually so that the learner gets information and instruction delivered by the instructor via the Internet. There are several advantages associated with e-learning for organizations and individuals....   [tags: electronic technology, education, advancements]

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Yoga and its Positive Effects on the Mind and Body

- The benefits of Yoga are endless. It effects the human mind and body in a variety of ways. Roughly 15 million Americans practice yoga, annually there is an expected increase of twenty percent in participants in the United States ("Yoga Statistics"). While Yoga is often thought of as a practice that involves circus like poses and seemingly impossible flexibility; it not. Even bedridden patients can gain benefit from imagining themselves going through the poses and practicing breathing techniques that are appropriate to them (Dickenson 24-25)....   [tags: breathing techniques, poses]

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Influence of McGregor's Theory X and Y on Time Management

- Influence of McGregor's Theory X and Y on time management Role theories suggest people take on various roles within their organizations which shape the individuals behaviors to meet the organizations goals and expectations (Colorado State University-Global Campus, 2013). McGregor’s Theory X and Y managerial assumptions seek to explain the role of managers in organizations and how their managerial views influence key business decisions (McGregor, 1957/2000). McGregor (1957/2000) has found that depending on how a manager views their employees and role as manager will determine how they interact with and engage their employees....   [tags: role theories, organizational management]

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Fitness Education : Instructional And Learning Process Of Acquiring Knowledge

- Fitness Education is the instructional and learning process of acquiring knowledge, skills and values, experiencing regular participation in physical activity and promoting healthy nutrition choices to achieve life-enhancing health-related fitness. The purpose of Fitness Education is to help students acquire knowledge and a high level of understanding of physical fitness, good habits of physical activity and to help students make healthy life choices. The five physical aspects to Fitness Education are a great way to test your students to see where there strengths and weaknesses are....   [tags: Exercise, Obesity, Health, Strength training]

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Use Of Minuchin 's Structural Theory Approach For Rodriguez Family

- 1-In my case conceptualization I preferred to use Minuchin’s Structural Theory approach for Rodriguez family. As a summary, family is an immigrant Latin family who lives in Chicago. They belong to working class. Ruby does not have a wide network in the US. She is not fully adapted to American life style. Eddie had drinking problems in their first five years of the marriage. Family’s oldest daughter had an unexpected pregnancy (which she ended) and she abandoned the family. Younger daughter is successful at school however withdrawn in family context....   [tags: Family, Family therapy, Dysfunctional family]

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Sinister Of The Left Handed People Smarter? By Maria Konnikova

- From Sinister to Smarter “‘Sinister Children’” was the title psychologist Theodore Blau gave to left-handed children in the late seventies, due to their over abundance “among the academically and behaviorally challenged” and their greater vulnerability to obtaining mental diseases later in life (1). This condescending view on the left-handed population has existed for centuries. The word sinister itself comes from the Latin word sinistra, meaning left hand. In the article “Sinister Minds: Are Left-Handed People Smarter?,” written by Maria Konnikova, a psychologist from Columbia University, she explains how these outdated theories about the intellect of the left-handed community are wrong....   [tags: Left-handedness, Handedness, Right-handedness]

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Ups - Core Competency Is Efficient And Reliable Package Delivery

- UPS’ core competency is efficient and reliable package delivery. However, over the last two decades, UPS invested heavily in Information Technology to develop its capabilities. With this new technology driven approach UPS managed to integrate UPS and client’s info systems. This business process integration benefitted both by exponentially increasing the business value, also these collaborative Info systems unlocked tremendous potential making UPS the world’s most admired company in the year 2000....   [tags: Management, Customer, Business opportunity]

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Stroke And Spinal Cord Injury Effects On The Body Function

- (Start here) Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury both have detrimental effects on the body function. Commonly, they result in some levels of muscle weakness and paralysis. The complications after a stroke or a spinal cord injury negatively impact not only the patients’ health, but their quality of life. Therefore, it is important that rehabilitation therapy starts at an early stage after the incidence to enable the patients to adapt to their new conditions and maximise their life. Physical activity and exercise program are one of the most important part of rehabilitation, which help the patients to achieve better health outcomes and lifestyle....   [tags: Exercise, Strength training, Weight training]

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Critical Analysis of SAP Systems Adoption in Business Organizations

- INTRODUCTION SAP, an acronym for Systems Applications Products is an audit of a computer system from SAP that is meant to make operations around the business environment easy and to wide depths. The relationship between the business and client environment is recently becoming wider and the incorporation of a single unit of management considered the remedy to congestion and delays (Carmel, E. 1997). Throughout the project, the credibility, efficiency, flexibility and suitability of SAP will be discussed critically by evaluating the real-time applications of SAP to fitting the ever expanding world of business and the extent to which it has challenged the minds of software develo...   [tags: Systems Applications Products, data base]

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School Should Be Interesting and Flexible to Student Interests

- School should be interesting and flexible to student interests. Students learn better when they can relate to the material. The material must satisfy curriculum needs, but with a supporting community, and supporting teachers the learning process. I believe that it must follow flexible teaching strategies are the best way to teach in environments which need improvement. Flexible doesn’t imply without restraint but there are a few patterns of flexible teaching strategies which help teachers who desire the success for all their students....   [tags: teaching philosphy]

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Improv is a Labor of Love in the Theater

- ... Improv has become so synonymous with comedy that many of us often forget that it used by various other different mediums. As soon as Hayden presented the class with the other types, I became surprised about the variety in this one art form. As Hayden explained improv as a whole and how it was different depending on the form, common themes that were shared by all became clear. No matter what type,there are basic rules in improv that can applied to everyday life. These basic rules are: always say yes and, respect your partner,and listen....   [tags: stage, script, interact]

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St. James’s Hospital in Ireland and Electronic Paper Record

- 1.0 Introduction 1.1 About St. James’s Hospital St. James’s Hospital (SJH) is the leading provider of acute patient care in Ireland. Accordingly it is a key shaper of public policy within the Irish health system. It occupies a prominent position in the public eye, and places high emphasis on innovation and service excellence. SJH must constantly compete for resources from the government in order to achieve its goals. One such goal is to become the first hospital in Ireland to implement a full Electronic Paper Record (EPR) and effectively eliminate the use of paper from its operations....   [tags: technology, patients, outsourcing]

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Bilingualism : Language Development For A Dual Language Learner

- I. Part One: Cognition Informational (start): The first research on bilingualism concluded that bilingualism did not aid but rather hindered learning. This was supported by studies which found monolingual students out performed bilingual students on cognitive tasks (Adescope). However in 1962 a study by Peal and Lambert exposed the methodological flaws in previous studies; as bilingual and monolingual participants were not matched by SES, second language proficiency, language of assessment, among other factors....   [tags: Multilingualism, Second language, Cognition]

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Understanding The Neural Mechanisms Of Natural And Adaptive Behaviors

- The human body can be thought of as an intricate machine and the brain as the control panel. This complex organ that has kept scientists and philosophers involved over the centuries ultimately controls how we function. The brain, to me, is the most interesting thing in the universe. However, much is still undiscovered and therefore it intrigues us to learn more about this vital organ. My fascination with the brain arose while taking introductory biology and psychology courses. My deepened interest towards the neural basis of memory and learning and its impacts on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s eventually lead me to attain an undergraduate research opportunity in the Mizumori...   [tags: Brain, Psychology, Laboratory]

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The Cost Of Employee Motivation And Draw Top Talent

- Problem Statement Juggling the demands of work and family has become a daunting task for many people in the workforce today. Despite advancing technology, the hours required at the office coupled with the expectation to be continuously available, in addition to raising families and personal responsibilities, has become overwhelming. The trend to work more hours is ubiquitous as employees try to keep up with increasing job demands, as evidenced by the rise in the percentage of professionals working more than 50 hours per week (Correll, Kelly, O’Connor & Williams, 2014)....   [tags: Working time, Employment, Motivation]

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Exercise At The Gym And Having A Personal Trainer

- Exercise is one of the important parts of human life. Often people begin an exercise program because they want to lose weight or improve their health. While these are important benefits, individuals should focus on participating in the exercise program that they will enjoy. Not only will this increase willingness to participate, but it’s more likely they will keep exercising for a longer time period. While going to the gym and having a personal trainer is one way to encourage people to begin an exercise program, it is not the only way....   [tags: Exercise, Physical exercise, Muscle, Stretching]

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My Plans For A Social Service Field Of Work

- After completing the rubric, three areas I would appreciate developing in are: Adaptability and Flexibility, Continuous Learning, and some of the content from the category on Positive Attitude and Behavior. The first segment I decided that I need to mature in was Adaptability and Flexibility. It is imperative to have this skill in the social services field of work since people never know what might be thrown their way. It is essential to be ready for any situation and to be able to change around your plans to adapt to whatever needs to be done....   [tags: Learning, Skill, Psychology, SKILL]

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WGU is Breaking Down Barriers for Non-Traditional Students

- Have you always dreamed of getting a college education but felt that financial and time obligations are obstacles you couldn’t overcome. Educational financial obligations are getting more difficult to manage with the rise of tuition costs; making many universities and colleges unaffordable. In these fast paced times, many people struggle with balancing family and work obligations. Enrolling at a structured brick-and-mortar university doesn’t provide the necessary flexibility to provide solutions for the non-traditional student....   [tags: Higher Education]

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The Benefits and Challenges of Developing Play/Leisure Activities

- All children have a right to play; (Article 31, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) it can provide knowledge in their understanding of their environment. Play is a way for children to learn about their environment and how interactions occur within it. Children’s buoyancy develops through play, however, some children may experience stressful occurrences during their existence, and therefore, the adult’s role in facilitating a child’s play is a crucial measure towards that child's development....   [tags: Child Development ]

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Strategic Role of Operations in Ecolab’s Corporate Strategy

- Introduction In organization of any type, management should plan its long-term future. Corporate strategy is a management plan, which defines its business activities, prospects and development objectives. It also includes organization’s business strategy as a main choice of means and methods of competition (Griffin, & Pustay, 2005). This may be production of standardized products or delivery-on-order products/service, competition based on lower prices or rapid delivery of products. Corporate strategy provides overall direction, which provides the framework to perform functions throughout the organization....   [tags: management, operations, cleaning]

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Strategic Bombing Accroding to Trenchard, Douhet, and Gorrell

- STRATEGIC BOMBING Strategic bombing is considered one necessity for a nation’s air force to visualize air supremacy during World War I and World War II. Strategic bombing is defined as “striking deep into enemy territory to destroy war-making capabilities.” Many theorists speculated different ideas on strategic bombing, including Trenchard, Douhet, and Gorrell. Trenchard’s strategic bomb theory was to focus more on attacking German homelands and to target the enemy nation’s morale. Next, Douhet’s theory is based on Total War Concept and targeted German infrastructures....   [tags: destroy, principles, techniques]

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A Wireless Local Area Network ( Lan )

- Overview A wireless Local Area Network (LAN) is a moderate to high-speed flexible data communications system implemented as an extension to, or as an alternative for, a wired Local Area Network (Kolawole, 2014). In wireless LAN transmission making use of radio frequency to communicate over the air eliminates or at least minimizes the use of physically wired networks. From the beginning, IEEE 802.11 was designed to look and feel like IEEE 802 wired networks to include supporting all of the protocols and LAN management tools that operate on a wired LAN (O 'Hara & Petrick, 2005)....   [tags: Wireless access point, Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN]

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Multi Level Situation Is Not A New Idea

- In the context of simple situations, then simple solutions would work. But in the cases of complex, multi-level situations, how can a group explore outcomes and choose the best decision. In reality, the amount of outcomes stemming from a single decision is infinite and unquantifiable. So as a group, how can a solution be devised that addresses the multi-level situation while not blatantly ignoring the multiple outcomes available. Coevolutionary gaming is a scenario-based activity that allows a group to explore all possibilities and the effects of each decision made....   [tags: Critical thinking, Thought, Mind, The Unknown]

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Social Stratification Based On Birth And Individual Achievements

- Social stratification is when groups of people are ranked in a society into a hierarchy. It is a universal concept. However, different cultures follows different criteria for this division. Things like wealth, education, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and age are all factors in which divides people. For a majority of societies the pattern is that men, those who are rich and the more education a person has, puts them at a higher ranking. Those higher up gets to dictate how the rest of society is divided....   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Marxism, Working class]

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Accounting Is The Lifeblood Of Any Successful Business

- Accounting is a profession that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing careers in business, but it is crucial in keeping the business world turning. Excellent accounting is the lifeblood of any successful business. Accountants keep track of the money coming into a business and leaving a business, as well as debts, expenses, and budgeting. There are several different paths that can be taken in accounting, depending on the sector and field one is in. Some of these fields include tax and auditing, to name two....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Developing Positive Relationships With Students And Other Staff

- Committed to developing positive relationships with students and other staff. I have learned that building these relationships is successful in teaching. By building positive relationships with students they feel more comfortable asking for help and doing their best in the classroom. My student who had moved here from a different school asked for my help with his classes. By having this positive relationship with this student I was able to talk to him about what subjects he was having trouble in and find solutions on how to help him....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Emotion, Thought]

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A Communication Professor At The University Of Illinois

- A communication professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Steve Jones, wrote an article about the first educational technology that sparked the rapid development of online education. In the early 1960s, an engineering professor, Donald L. Bitzer, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) became interested in the literacy of his students after reading an article that revealed 50 percent of students in the U.S. were functionally illiterate. As Bitzer ponder over how to improve the literacy of students, computers were still relatively and advancing, leading Bitzer to wonder if computers could be used for educational purposes....   [tags: Education, History of education, Higher education]

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Adaptive Facilities At The United States Air Force

- ADAPTIVE FACILITIES: A CALL TO ACTION I. Introduction In “America’s Air Force: A Call to the Future” the Secretary of the Air Force issues “a call to action…to begin designing agility into capability development now” (America 's Air Force: A Call To The Future, 2014, p. 4 & 10). “The term agility is meant to capture the attributes of flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness” (America 's Air Force: A Call To The Future, 2014, p. 8). The missions and manpower of the United States Air Force (AF) constantly change and as a result, the needs or demands placed on AF facilities change....   [tags: Design, Design management, Design research]

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Benefits Of Federal Waiver Regulations For Medicaid Programs

- Introduction With the continuous dependence on health care resources, U.S. policymakers have seen an increased need for the development of sound, justifiable prioritization methods that strategically allocate critically needed, but scarce health care services and treatments. Policymakers on the Oregon Health Services Commission were tasked with this prioritization dilemma in the late 1980s, when Oregon state legislators approved an expansion of its Medicaid program. In the United States, Medicaid acts as a federal/state government health insurance program for low-income individuals and persons with disabilities (Lecture on 1/21/2016)....   [tags: Health economics, Health care]

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Dynamic Pricing : The Future Of Ticket Pricing

- The focal article I chose is Dynamic Pricing: The Future of Ticket Pricing in Sports by Patrick Rishe published on January 6th, 2012 through Forbes. Pricing is an important component of the marketing mix because it is the element where managers have expectations of customers paying their money to the organization (Kopalle, 2009). Compared with other elements of the marketing mix, pricing has the advantage because there is a high level of flexibility. The flexibility is because prices change continually (Smith, 2008)....   [tags: Price, Pricing, Sport, Marketing mix]

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WGU: Breaking Down Barriers for Non-Traditional Students

- Do you always dream of getting a college education but feel that financial and time obligations are obstacles you can’t overcome. Educational fiscal burdens are getting more difficult to manage with rising tuition costs; making many universities and colleges unaffordable. Numerous people who wish to pursue a college degree labor balancing family and work commitments in today’s fast-paced environment. Many potential candidates have considerable experience in various disciplines and get bored with the slow pace usually pursued at traditional universities....   [tags: Higher Education]

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Ford and Toyota: Who Has the Advantage?

- The companies I selected were Ford Motor Company and its top competitor Toyota Motor Corporation. I selected these companies due to the fact that I’m in the process of purchasing a car. I wanted to view the companies’ background to see if they were advancing with technology as well as safety. I selected these companies also to see which has had the most recalls. Background of Companies Ford Motor Company is the largest automotive manufactures in the world. Ford became an official business on June 16, 1903 it was founded by Henry Ford....   [tags: Corporate Profile]

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The Causes and Consequences of Metabolic Inflexibility

- Metabolic flexibility is the ability to adjust and modify fuel oxidation depending on the fuel that is currently available. This capacity to adapt requires an ability to use lipid and carbohydrate fuels properly and the ability to efficiently switch between them, depending on fuel availability (Kelley et al., 2002). On the other hand, metabolic inflexibility is defined as the inability to change fuel oxidation in response to variations in macronutrient availability (Koves et al., 2008). There are opposing views among researchers on which types of diets and other nutritional factors can affect the onset of metabolic inflexibility and its results, such as insulin resistance....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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The Challenges and Benefits of Play Therapy

- Play is a way for children to learn about their environment and how their interactions occur within, though play children develop resilience. However, some children may experience stressful occurrences during their existence and therefore, play can be often be restricted. Therefore, the play worker’s role in facilitating a child’s play is a crucial measure towards the child's development. Practitioners that work with children experience the skilfulness to prompt or even contribute to a child’s play, which is a principle constituent in therapeutic alliance....   [tags: Physical Activity, Development]

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The Euro and the Gold Standard Compared

- Introduction This paper will analyse the monetary contradistinctions of the fixed exchange rate regimes of the classical gold standard (1870s - 1914) and the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union. In relation to each other country within the currency union, the EMU is to a degree homologous to the classical gold standard. I see not the similarity in the nature of the unit of account (as the euro is fiat, as opposed to gold), but in the notionally rigid intra-currency zone nominal exchange rates between each country, fixed at unity in the case of the euro....   [tags: monetary arrangements, fixed exchange rate]

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