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Flexibility in Martial Arts

- Flexibility in Martial Arts Physical fitness training or 'training' can improve many points of our body and improve health, which of course improves our daily lives. If we do not take care of ourselves our health and daily lives will suffer. It is from this position that it is imperative to do something about physical fitness training. This is where 'training' is used; it can improve us physically and as a result may improve us mentally, providing the circumstances allow it, thus having an overall good effect on our lives....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of a Flexible Economy

- Flexibility in the economy can be defined in numerous ways. According to Sennett to be flexible is to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and not to be broken by them. This idea of being able to adapt to changing circumstances can be applied quite easily to the economy and how we as a society or individual have to be accommodating and willing to change and roll with the punches. A few elements pertaining to flexibility are drifting, taking risks and possible failure. In order to be flexible you have to acknowledge that the three elements mentioned are possibilities upon which one might stumble....   [tags: Worker Flexibility Essays]

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Physiology of Stretching

- ... If any additional stretching occurs, the tension is applied to the ligaments (which connect the muscle to the bone). In muscles, there are things called proprioceptors. Proprioceptors are nerve endings that relay all the information about the musculoskeletal system to the Central Nervous System (Rebecca Booth B.A.). Stretch receptors are the major proprioceptors in the muscle, with the major stretch receptor of the muscles being called muscle spindles. The proprioceptors that are located in the tendons are called golgi tendon organs....   [tags: flexibility, athletic performance, injury risk]

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Individualized Exercise Prescription

- • Alex comes into the fitness center where you are working. He is a 16 year old high school football and basketball player. Currently, he is preparing for his upcoming football season. His coach is concerned about him having injuries because his flexibility is rather poor. 1. Please provide a thorough description of your first session with your client by answering a, b, and c.  Client Intake Forms: What processes did you go through prior to conducting any flexibility assessments for your client....   [tags: Individualized Exercise Prescription]

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Most Effective Form of Stretching

- The American College of Sports Medicine defined fitness in 1990 by stating that physical fitness is “a set of attributes that people have or achieve.” (Cited in Dalgleish et al 2001) This set of attributes can be further defined as cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, motor skills and flexibility. Cardiovascular fitness involves the heart and lungs supplying the required volume of oxygen to the working muscles. Muscular endurance is the number of contractions or the length of time a muscle can contract before fatigue occurs....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Human Resource Management: Flexible Labour

- Why Flexibility. Need for Flexibility: The concept of flexibility has permeated much of current human resources management thinking, providing justification for recent developments in more flexible and variable working patterns. Its need arises from the following: The changing business environment- highly competitive "global" product markets, an increasingly rapid advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and increasing capital intensity of production. A changing social environment– for example, the increasing female participation ratio and the trend towards early retirement and rising divorce rates....   [tags: Human Resource Model Analysis]

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Entry Criteria to the Euro

- Entry Criteria to the Euro 1.Entry criteria The four entry criteria are set out in Article 121(1) of the EC Treaty. A Member State must satisfy all four criteria in order to be able to enter the euro area. (Treaty quotes Source: [02/02/2004]) 1.1. Price Stability The Treaty stipulates: "The achievement of a high degree of price stability [...] will be apparent from a rate of inflation which is close to that of, at most, the three best-performing Member States in terms of price stability." The inflation rate of a Member State must not exceed by more than 1.5% that of the three best-performing Member States in terms of price stability fo...   [tags: Euro Finances Economics Essays]

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Netball Requirements

- Netball Requirements Speed Speed is required in both netball and 100m, in netball it is used to get free whereas in 100m its main use is to get from end to the other in the quickest possible time. Speed in netball I have given it 25% and in 100m I have gave it 80% so this shows that speed is more important in 100m than in netball. Strength Strength in needed in both netball and 100m it is used to snatch the ball from a rebound, and in 100m is it used to push of the blocks to give power....   [tags: Papers]

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Components of Physical Fitness Which are Important for a Badminton

- Components of Physical Fitness Which are Important for a Badminton Player Physical Fitness is important in any sport. It relates to the following areas: · Speed · Reaction time · Co-ordination · Balance · Power · Agility · Strength · Flexibility Speed Badminton at times can be a particularly fast sport and therefore speed is often important for a badminton player. Players often are able to work at high speed for short burst (e.g. when coming into the net to retrieve a net shot from the back of the court) but may also have to have a good aerobic fitness in order to continue with long rallies....   [tags: Papers]

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Which Website Should I Buy?

- Which Website Should I Buy. Reprinted with permission of With any new website you have two challenges: developing the product or service and then seeing what if anything, people are willing to pay you for it. Your chances of success are clearly best when you buy an existing website. However, with so many websites available to you, the question will become which website or market should you pursue. Regardless of a website’s past performance, it will have a history from which you will be able to make certain decisions....   [tags: Sell Websites Buy Websites]

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How to teach

- Tenure is a topic that has produced much heated discussion in recent years. Some argue that tenure is an outmoded conce and, if institutions are going to remain competitive, they need to be able to have more flexibility to hire and fire faculty as student needs change. Others argue that tenure is vital to the protection of academic freedom and that without tenure we will return to the days when faculty were dismissed for teaching unpopular opinions. Several state legislatures have mandated post-tenure review for faculty, i.e....   [tags: Employment, Education, Staffing]

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Focus Groups

- Focus Groups The Internet has undeniably revolutionized the ways in which many adventuring businesses conduct their daily transactions. Companies today use different strategies to produce goods and services targeted at some specific customers. Marketing, the process by which products and services are introduced to the marketplace has been one of the lead contribution factors in the Internet boom. Marketing research is an extremely valuable function in today's fast-paced, highly technological, and rapidly growing business world....   [tags: Papers]

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Servant Leadership

- The concept of servant leadership is one that many of today’s leaders struggle with, yet it is shown to be one of the more productive forms of leadership. The concept is really about the leader helping to grow their follower’s in a manner that involves empathy, listening skills, and compassion. Servant leadership is a way for leaders to connect with their teams and show that they understand the trials and tribulations that go along with the work. Think of an inverted pyramid. The leader is the point of the pyramid stabilizing the structure at its base....   [tags: Servant Leadership]

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Blending Face-to-Face and Distance Learning Methods in Adult and Career-Technical Education

- Blending Face-to-Face and Distance Learning Methods in Adult and Career-Technical Education Strengths and Limitations of the Two Methods In theory, the advantages of face-to-face and distance learning methods complement each other (Leung and Tran 2000). In classroom learning, face-to-face contact both in and out of class can help motivate and involve students; active learning can engage students in thinking and interaction through questioning, discussion, small-group presentation, role play, and case studies....   [tags: Learning Adult Education Essays]

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Market Opportunity Analysis

- Market Opportunity Analysis Ruonan Tan 0423688 Introduction In our modern society , lots of companies are surrounded by the numerous competition and dealt with many questions , for example , are your products consistent with your customers’ current and future needs. Do you have a flow of new products to meet the information needs of your market. Are the products you’re developing strategically significant. The answer is unkown , because the market opportunity analysis for every product is playing an important role in company ‘s philosophy ....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Distinctions Between Screened Host, Screened Subnet and DMZ Perimeter Security Architectures

- The Distinctions Between Screened Host, Screened Subnet and DMZ Perimeter Security Architectures Screen Host: The screened host firewall s a more flexible firewall than the dual-homed gateway firewall, however the flexibility is achieved with some cost to security. The screened host firewall is often appropriate for sites that need more flexibility than that provided by the dual-homed gateway firewall. The screened host firewall combines a packet-filtering router with an application gateway located on the protected subnet side of the router.gif The application gateway needs only one network interface....   [tags: Computer Firewall Network]

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Computers in Our Society

- The use of computers in society provides obvious benefits and some drawbacks. `Virtual Reality', a new method of interacting with any computer, is presented and its advantages and disadvantages are considered. The human aspect of computing and computers as a form of escapism are developed, with especial reference to possible future technological developments. The consequences of a weakening of the sense of reality based upon the physical world are also considered. Finally, some ways to reduce the unpleasant aspects of this potential dislocation are examined....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Francis Ford Coppola

- Following careful thought on which director to study, I chose Francis Ford Coppola. Although he has directed more films than I have had the opportunity to experience, I have viewed enough to understand his progression and style of his work. Over almost forty years of work, Coppola has directed about twenty-five films, produced near forty-five, composed two, and acted in eight. He is known predominantly for Apocalypse Now (1979) and The Godfather I (1972), II (1974), and III (1990). However, he has worked in other genres, such as Horror/Romance, Musical, and even Comedy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Performance Budgeting

- This paper examines the benefit of performance based budgeting as a practical theory of efficiency for government programming. Confronted by fiscal limitation and demand for improved public services, government agencies are utilizing the budget as a means to elevate government accountability and efficiency, rather than simply as a means for distributing funds and controlling expenses. Performance based budgeting has been defined as a system wherein managers are provided with the flexibility to utilize agency resources as required, in return for their commitment to achieve certain performance results....   [tags: American Government, Budgeting Initiatives]

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Free Flight

- First, free flight can be defined as “a concept for safe and efficient flight operating capability under IFR in which pilots have the freedom to select their own path and speed in real time” (Wells and Young, p.168). Free flight takes away control from the air traffic control center and allows the pilots to determine for themselves what path and rate of speed is best for their flight. The development of this process would include the transition from air traffic control into air traffic management....   [tags: Air Traffic Control, Airport Planning]

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Types of Childcare and Estimated Costs

- Types of Childcare and Estimated Costs Childcare is a necessity for a large number of working families and single parents. Fortunately, there are many options available to meet both the needs of the family and their budget. Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages. We will provide some basic information regarding each type, as well as some guidelines in regards to estimated cost. Childcare Centers These are larger facilities that care for infants through school age children. They offer a variety of program options....   [tags: necessity for working families]

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Project Management Techniques

- Project Management Techniques: Signatures Inc. is a company that focuses on manufacturing personalized products like coffee mugs and pens with company logos. The firm generates over $40 million in annual revenues with a workforce of more than 300 workers. Since the company is in the middle of a large multimillion-dollar SCM implementation, it has hired a project management outsourcing company to take charge of its project management efforts. The decision to outsource its project management initiatives is based on the challenges it has experienced in middle of this costly implementation process....   [tags: personalized, methodologies, impletmentation]

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Factors that Affect Sports Performance

- Factors that Affect Sports Performance The factors that affect sports performance are: Skill Tactic Fitness Psychological Diet Sponsorship Money/finance These would affect sports performance in a big way. For example, you would need to be fit, strong and have good motivation or you will not be able to keep up with your team and you will keep going rather than give in easily. You need concentration so that you can keep your mind on the game and focus on winning....   [tags: Papers]

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The Computron, Inc.

- The Computron, Inc. The Computron, Inc. is facing problems regarding pricing the bid for Computron 1000X, future functioning of Frankfurt plant, impact on production due to current market breakdown. The main concern about Computron is that if the bid of 1000X should not higher than 20% of least bid to get the contract. It is strongly recommended to get the bid for functioning of new plant. Various issues regarding cutting down prices, bidding high or low and its pros-cons, current market situation and the competitors is discussed here....   [tags: Business Strategy Management Analysis]

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Just In Time

- Introduction: In today’s business environment, the battleground is changing from high volume, low variety, make to forecast manufacture to the speed and flexibility necessary to respond to changing consumer tastes and to competitor activity. High quality products and services, lower cost and shorter delivery lead time are the deciding factors to obtain new business or new order. A flexible production system such as Just in time must be in place in order to meet these requirements and stay competitive in the business....   [tags: JIT Manufacturing]

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Organizational Slack And Toyota's Innovation

- Organizational slack, by Lawson’s definition, is that “cushion of actual or potential resources which allows an organization to adapt successfully to internal pressures for adjustment or to external pressures for change in policy as well as to initiate changes in strategy with respect to the external environments.” As efficiency has been considered a primary principle in business over the past twenty years, this slack, necessary resource that are important for the future in terms of flexibility, innovation, and learning have been eliminated....   [tags: Business Management Toyota]

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Tivo Case

- Tivo Inc, an assignment 1.0 Introduction The case is about the introduction of Tivo, a new service that provides the TV viewer the flexibility to watch what they want when. The product is expected to change the way people watch TV by offering them the flexibility in programming, skipping commercials, pausing live TV and recording programmes for future viewing. In addition, the service offers captures the subscriber's preferences and can automatically record programmes that are considered to be in this category....   [tags: Business Case Study]

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Ballroom Dance for Health

- “Just move the body it also mean exercise”. Exercise has many benefits with your body, it’s help you to strong body and healthy. A lot of people know about this point but they rather ignore it. Now, there is a new activity, it uses music to take that and use a few time, also known as ballroom dance. That is a sport and is enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Arcangeli’s 1994 study found the following: Dance was regarded as having a bearing on health in number of ways. On one the hand dance was believed to be one of the symptoms or one of the remedies of some illnesses in some cases, both....   [tags: Benefits, Happiness]

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The Benefits and Problems For a Firm Trying to Increase the Flexibility of Its Operations

- The Benefits and Problems For a Firm Trying to Increase the Flexibility of Its Operations Flexibility is the ability and the willingness of a firm to change its operations in response to changing circumstances. In the ever changing marketplace, a company not able to redevelop a product, department, or itself "over-night" may miss out in terms of sales to one of its competitors. Customers demand more and more in terms of different products, and more styles and companies need to be flexible enough to adapt production to meet these needs....   [tags: Papers]

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The Road to Becoming a Registered Nurse

- ... When listening in class and from looking at the textbook the Holland Personality and Career Types table was a huge help. The diagram help me realize that I have a social personality, which a nurse is listed as one of the recommended occupations. The social personality is described as people who describe themselves as kind, caring, helpful and understanding of others. This type of personality fits in well with the type of work environment one were to experience as a nurse. A nurse must be kind and care for each patient that they have, as well as to be understanding as every patient is different....   [tags: career, degree, flexibility]

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My Goals - I Want to Get Back What I Once Had

- My Goals - I Want to Get Back What I Once Had Physically I've always had my ups and downs. I suppose it all depends on what's going on in my life that would allow adequate amounts of physical activity. Most of my physical activities are done in the summer and the least amount is done in the winter. That's not to say that I don't get a little here and there all the time. Most of my cardiovascular fitness is done in the summer, whereas any other exercise I might have is done mostly other parts of the year....   [tags: strength flexibility endurance stamina]

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The Importance of Strength and Felixibility to a Dancer

- The Importance of Strength and Felixibility to a Dancer Both flexibility and strength are needed to perform a dance to its full potential, and a dancer should always be trying to improve their own flexibility and strength. Flexibility involves increasing muscular elasticity so that the range of mobility from a joint will increase. Individual structural differences like the shape of the bone will affect the range of motion/flexibility. Strength is the capacity to exert a muscle contraction against resistance....   [tags: Papers]

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Piano Music

- The beautiful sound of piano music has captured the hearts of people since the early eighteenth century. Since then, many musicians have dedicated their lives to this instrument. Some players even play piano so well that it may seem that this instrument is easy to play. However, to be able to play the piano well isn’t easy; it takes a lot of skill. To become a good piano player, one must love music very much, have good finger techniques, and body flexibility. To become a good piano player, one must love music....   [tags: Music]

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Health Related Fitness

- Health Related Fitness The definition of health related fitness is health related fitness relates to those components of health status. Our health status is: - Strength. Muscular endurance, Aerobic endurance, Flexibility and Body composition. Now I am going to explain their purpose and importance in relation to the five components of fitness. 1. Aerobic Endurance 2. Muscular Endurance 3. Body Composition 4. Flexibility 5. Strength Aerobic Endurance ================= Aerobic Endurance is the body's ability to exercise whole muscle groups over an extended period of time at moderate intensity, utilizing aerobic energy....   [tags: Papers]

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The Differences Between Skill, Ability and Technique in Fitness

- The Differences Between Skill, Ability and Technique in Fitness Skill, ability and technique are linked together in the fact they all enable us to perform an activity productively, however each of them means something different. Skill: consists in the ability to bring about an end result with utmost certainty and smallest outlay of energy, or of time and energy. A top athlete can produce the required skill with only one attempt, for a movement to be classed as a skill it has to have a objective, and for the athlete to be classed as skilful this goal has to be achieved with certainty....   [tags: Papers]

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Chad's Creative Concepts

- Q1. What types of decisions must Chad Thomas make daily for his company’s operations to run effectively. Over the long run. Tactical decisions or short term decisions have short term impact and consequence to the organization: 1) Layout of the manufacturing process and equipment configurations- the importance of the relayout is to reduce the setup time 2) Resource allocation-daily raw materials allocation and replenishment 3) Management of resource- manpower allocation and staff allocated for each process....   [tags: Business Management Strategy Analysis]

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A Judicial Precedent

- A Judicial Precedent The doctrine of binding precedent or stare decisis, refers to the fact that, the decision of a higher court will be binding on a court lower than its hierachy. Judicial precedent can be applied on cases and to be treated similiarly when the material facts of the cases are identical. There are two main principles that are involved in judicial precedent, there are ratio decidendi and the obiter dictum. Ratio decidendi is a principle of law on which the court reaches its decision....   [tags: Papers]

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Fitness for Health and Performance

- Fitness for Health and Performance What is good health. Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economics or social conditions. These things can influence how good or bad your health is: · Use and misuse of substances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco. · Sex education · Family life education · Safety · Health-related exercise · Nutrition · Personal hygiene · Environmental aspects of health education · Psychological aspects of health educ...   [tags: Papers]

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- Philiosophy Philosophy is an all-important aspect of our lives. It is philosophy that we turn to when have the need to seek out a guiding principle for our lives. Therefore, philosophy holds a prominent place in society and in the world. Basically, everyone is a philosopher, but it takes the creative genius and reasoning of brilliant thinkers to bring about world-shattering concepts. Nevertheless, the common man also ruminates about his life and his unique existence to try to find the meaning of his life....   [tags: Papers]

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Benefits of a Bilingual Upbringing in Influence of Bilingualism on Memory Generalization During Infance by Natalie Brito and Rachel Barr

- Influence of bilingualism on memory generalization during infancy” by Natalie Brito and Rachel Barr observes the advantages of early life experiences within a multi-language environment. In the article the author’s discuss different studies implemented to support the hypothesis of the advantages of being introduced to a second language early in life. The authors additionally study the memory of infants through stimuli. In which the authors implement their own study to further their hypothesis. Brito and Barr also discuss the benefits of being bilingual not only as an infant but as the children grow into adulthood....   [tags: cognitive hippocampus, learning ]

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Benefits of Online Schools

- In the 21st century the world has witnessed a huge change due to the power of technology. At one time it was necessary to physically attend class to gain a higher education. However now the development of computers and other machines have changed the face of higher education, as people know it. Online education has a number of benefits for students such as low cost, convince as well as flexibility that traditional universities do not offer. Fires, it is obvious that online schools are a good opportunity to attend in school with lower cost....   [tags: traditional schools, technology]

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Tailoring an English Language Classroom

- I. Is there a need for tailoring an English language classroom. II. Possible ways of finding a fit between teaching and learning styles A. Studying the group; B. Diversity; C. Flexibility. III. Harmony in the classroom -- good rapport and high achievements. I like the idea of tailoring an English language classroom immensely. It reminds me of a real tailor who takes measurements and takes into account all the peculiarities of a person's figure and even character to make a suit fit the person....   [tags: Education]

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Written and Unwritten Components of the Constitution

- A constitution is a thing antecedent to a government, and a government is only the creature of a constitution. A constitution is not the act of government, but of people constituting a government, and government without a constitution is power without a right. (1) Thomas Paine A constitution is the system of laws, customs and conventions which define the composition and power of organs of the state, and regulate the relations of the various state organs to one another and to the private citizen....   [tags: Politics, Laws, Rules of Government]

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Competitive Dance: Yes, It Is a Sport

- I have been dancing since age 5; it is tougher than many believe. Learning dance is like learning another language. I know what you are thinking…dance is not a sport it is an art. Truth is the definition of sport is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature” Competitive Dance takes at least 10 hours of practice each week, sometimes even more. Want to know more about this sport. Dance competitions are separated into categories, age divisions, amount of kids in the dance and level....   [tags: dance, sport, competitions, strength]

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Flexibility at Workplaces

- In modern firms, flexibility at workplace are now viewed as an effective organizational structure. According to the definition in the article ‘too much of a good thing’, it highlights flexibility as the ability to adapt to changing needs both effectively and efficiently. Organisations that embrace flexibility may be caused by factors such as the advanced technology by which the various ways of how organisations can now communicate with one another without having to be in the same building. For that reason, do employee feel that they have to be ten feet away from their manager’s office when delivering a message, or easily send an e-mail using their blackberries while still being on the job at...   [tags: business, management,]

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Flexibility in the Workplace

- ... I am currently a stay-at-home mom and a student on the job hunt and what I have noticed is that there just are not a lot of opportunities for working mothers who are not willing to give up putting a meal on the table every night for their kids. Hourly employers love flexibility, but when they say flexibility they mean that they want their employee to be available anytime. I read must be available for days, nights, weekends, and holidays on over half of the job descriptions I looked at. A glimmer of hope is that some companies that employ a lot of hourly employees are starting to see the benefits of giving more flexibility to their employees....   [tags: part time work, hourly rates]

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Pros And Cons Of Workplace Flexibility

- In order to effectively be able to analyze the need for flexibility in the work place in regards to work shifts, it is important to research the pros and cons. Analyzing the pros and cons will help with the decision making process about whether or not flexibility of work shifts should be allowed in the work place. When determining the pros and cons to workplace flexibility, it is important for the companies to have a balanced approach that is both beneficial to not only the employee but also the employer....   [tags: Employment, Promotion, Need, The Work, Flexible]

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Learning About Fitness And Flexibility

- Reflecting back on the all the information learned this semester, I am amazed at how much I learned. Working in healthcare makes you aware of a lot of the topics that were covered, however, when you apply it to yourself, in a personal relationship, it becomes much more powerful what the impact of each topic is. In the beginning, we took a wellness assessment. I assumed because I am a healthy individual that my wellness assessment would say that I am (health wise) 10 years younger. However, that was not the case....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Health care, Health insurance]

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Examining Flexibility in Small Business

- 1- Preliminary arrangements Progressively and for the sake of qualifying the proposed P-E's gap measurement context, the paper endorsed a number of acknowledged scholar techniques. The objective was to farm those techniques in order to spell out an acceptable managerial instrument, and to anticipate the concept of flexibility. a) Questionnaire /constructs development For developing a questionnaire, exploratory research is needed to investigate the likely determinants or attributes to be considered....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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The Versatility and Flexibility of OLED's

- In April 1, 2002, organic light emitting diodes gain rise in the scientific community with their published, more practical form at Ames Laboratory. “Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory, in collaboration with scientists at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, have developed and demonstrated a novel, fluorescence-based chemical sensor that is more compact, versatile and less expensive than existing technology of its kind. The new sensor holds promise for myriad potential applications, such as monitoring oxygen, inorganic gases, volatile organic compounds, biochemical compounds, and biological organisms.”(Johnston)....   [tags: Scientific Research, Diodes]

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Flexibility Of The Investment And Binary Options

- 1. FLEXIBILITY OF THE INVESTMENT Binary Options are the best way to improve your income and you surely want to learn more about this opportunity. The users of this method foresee the future behavior of a financial asset during a fixed period of time. For the most experienced investors, it’s not a new process because all trades are built the same way: the decision to purchase shares in a Company means that the trader believes this Company will keep its promises and thus, see an increase in the share’s value....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Stock market, Binary option]

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Free Cash Flow And Financial Flexibility

- INTRODUCTION Organizations that have high free cash flow, creditors are willing to invest in these companies since these companies have powerful tools for debt repayment and they clearly have greater financial flexibility. On the other hand, cash enables managers to develop growth opportunities and development programs that will lead to an increase in company 's value. The free cash flow theory was first introduced by Jensen (1986), he stated that “Free cash flow as cash flow left after the firm has invested in all available positive NPV projects”....   [tags: Free cash flow, Cash flow, Net present value]

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Different Types Of Flexibility An Organization An Offer An Employee

- In today’s world the ability to offer flexibility to their employees has shown to be very beneficial and non beneficial to many organizations, in multiple ways. Employees are able to have a reliable job, and be able to work their work hours or arrangements around their personal lives. This is seen as beneficial due to the fact that many employees are now not able to just work a regular 9 am to 5pm job. It is not to say that by an organization being flexible that all is well this could have arising problems also....   [tags: Employment, Working time, Jobless recovery]

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The Couple And Family Map Measures Closeness And Flexibility

- Introduction The Couple and Family Map measures closeness and flexibility. There are three different sections on the map: balanced, mid-range, and unbalance. At three different points in my life, my family lands at three different places on the map. At times one and three, my family’s closeness and flexibility scores put me in the middle of the map—the balanced area. At time two, my family was somewhat connected but overly flexible. Over time my family has grown and changed, and as a result of our experiences, our levels of closeness, flexibility, and communication have changed as well....   [tags: Family, Mother, Communication]

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Competitive Impact Of Flexibility, Accountability And Targeting Power Of The Internet

- JOU Final Exam Miranda Eisenschmidt Competitive impact of flexibility, accountability and targeting power of the Internet The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Advertising is very competitive online because of the flexibility, accountability and targeting power of the internet. Geo-tagging, GPS, location service, are just a few of the ways that the internet is making the advertising for companies more competitive. With smartphone the internet is at our finger tips. It is now so easy for advertisers to target an extremely specific market....   [tags: Advertising, Public relations, Marketing]

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The Role Of Role Flexibility Among African American Families

- The two ethnic groups that the writer decided to observe are Italians and African- Americans’ families. In African-American families, the mother sometimes plays the role of the father and thus functions as the head of the family. This was the case of the family the writer observed. In addition, older children sometimes function as parents or caretakers for younger children. The concept of role flexibility among African-American families can be extended to include the parental role assumed by grandfather, grandmother, aunts, and cousins (Boyd-Franklin, 1989)....   [tags: Family, African American, Italian American]

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What Is Organizational Structure Provides The Flexibility And Innovation At The Growing Market?

- The Learning Organization According to Hussein, Mohamad, Noordin, and Ishak (2013) organizations that explore diverse ideas and aspire the workers to continue to improve will keep the company competitive in the changing market. The purpose of this paper is to discuss which organizational structure provides the flexibility and innovation to compete in the growing market. This article will compare the differences between traditional and learning organization. Next, this essay explores the positive and negative effects of functioning continuously in a learning and traditional organization....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Skill, Organization]

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Different Types Of Flexible Work

- There are two types of flexible work. They are numerical flexibility and functional flexibility (Kalleberg, 2001). Functional flexibility can be described as modifying tasks and allowing employees to gain skills in order to improve performance. In contrast, numerical flexibility reduces costs by modifying the quantity of employees (Voudouris, 2007). Flexibility as a concept arose from the social and economic changes which meant organisations needed to become more flexible to enhance competitiveness (Kalleberg, 2001)....   [tags: Employment, Labour market flexibility]

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How Flexible Working Is The Label

- Flexible working is the label given to a number of practices that allows employees to schedule their work around personal lives whilst ensuring their responsibilities to the business are completed (Department for BIS, 2011). A more detailed definition from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development extends the degree of flexibility to how long, where, when and what times employees are required to work (CIPD, 2015). In relation to the business context, flexibility is the ability to react quickly and cheaply to changes in the labour market (Price, 2007)....   [tags: Employment, Labour market flexibility]

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The Social Of A Social Entrepreneur

- Fourth, social entrepreneurs are a type of innovators who focus on creating products and services that solve the social need and problems. Some social enterprise have a goal to make the world a better place.They could be non-profit or hybrid (Blank, 2011). The definition of the social entrepreneur is debatable. Some authors argued social entrepreneurs could make a profit and increase their profit, but the characters of the products should have a social intention, such as green products. On the other hand, some development institution argued the social entrepreneurs should not profit oriented....   [tags: Employment, Labour market flexibility]

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Self-Served Travelling Is the Better Choice of Travel

- Introduction: Self-service travel has become more popular as technology has been progressing rapidly in these several decades. Tourists can easily obtain information, book air tickets and reserve hotel through internet to set up their own travel plans. According to a research from Telegraph (2004) and a study published by a research firm Mintel (cited in Holiday letting, 2007), the number of independent travelers who travel to Spain is increased by 30% and the market of independent travel is predicted to increase 45% in respectively....   [tags: internet, cost, flexibility, experience]

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A Competency Model Tells What People Need to Do to Accomplish the Work

- Competency model Noonan (2012) states that a competency model is a structure for organizing a collection of noticeable action that can affect the quality of work that people do. It tells what people need to do so that they can accomplish the work and carry responsibility. According to CALHR (2003), state of California Leadership Competency Model can be used to evaluate the successful behavior which display competency at different leadership level. There are 23 behaviors and each behavior can be define and divide into definition and competency category for example ethics and integrity can be define as the level of individual honesty and ethical action that can affect the decision making....   [tags: responsibility, flexibility, communication]

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Workspace Conflicts

- Successful collaboration between employers and employees creates an environment in which a company can produce and earn effectively, but workspace conflicts between employees and employers are a common occurrence. There is a wide array of reasons that can create a conflict between the two sides, but the most common ones include generational gaps, the inability to create an equal environment within organised structures, properly define employer responsibilities in terms of mandated benefits, and the employers' lack of flexibility in terms of adjusting organisational goals and aims to the contemporary employee demands....   [tags: Organizational Goals, Flexibility]

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Financial Accounting Theory: Reducing Balance Method vs. Straight Line Method

- Accounting is a multifaceted discipline. It is neither a dull profession nor a simple practice as how it has been viewed by lay people. This essay demonstrates the side of accounting that is complex and intriguing. It is structured in the following way: firstly, how my view of accounting is developed throughout this module will be explained. Next, the issue of what accounting profit is and whether it is a measure of true profit of an organisation will be tackled. The first part of my essay is challenged in various ways....   [tags: flexibility in accounting, machinery, buildings]

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Proyect Management: Agile Project Management and PRINCE Metodology

- According to the Oxford dictionary (2014), a project can be defined as “An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim”. While the Association of Project Management defines a project as “A unique, transient endeavour, undertaken to achieve planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits.” (Apm, n.d.). Project management can then be defined as the use of certain skills and applications to effectively and efficiently achieve a project goal and improve an entity’s ability to perform in competing markets....   [tags: methodologies, time, UK, flexibility]

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Self-Service Travelling Is a Good Way of Travel Other than Joining the Tour

- In the 20th century, self-service travelling is famous around the international cities. Self-served tour can definitely be a good way of travel other than the package tour. When it comes to the package tour, most of its itineraries are general with a short period of time. According to a survey conducted by Independent Traveler’s World (cited in Travelmole 2002), the number of interviewees go travel through agents decline from 56% to 28% which shows the traditional travel style can no longer fulfill the needs of tourist....   [tags: flexibility, bdget control and experience]

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The Changing Structure Of The United Kingdom Public Sector

- Introduction Work stress is one of the most important challenges in the 21 century in United Kingdom and globally (Greenberg, 2011). The changing structure of the United Kingdom public sector has increased the range of stressors (Chandola, 2010). These changes have been attributed to the speed in organisational changes internally and externally: such as advances in technology, globalisation and the constant demand to sustain competitive advantage (Ramesar, 2009). This has led to changes in work structures (Corbridge, 2010), such as “labour market flexibility” which was intended to help organisation maximise and build efficiency to compete in the global competitive markets ( Bratton and Gold....   [tags: Employment, Labour market flexibility]

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Economics of Far East Countries

- Some countries in Asia have sufficient latitude on the fiscal front. Singapore and Hong Kong are highly fiscally flexible – both have been running years of fiscal surpluses, have negative net government debt (due to large fiscal reserves – S&P estimates HK and Singapore’s net general government debt position at -32.6% and -83.9% of GDP, respectively, in 2010) and can provide a backstop if economic conditions significantly deteriorated, though historically, Singapore has been more fiscally interventionist than Hong Kong....   [tags: High Fiscal Flexibility]

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My Future Vision of My College Experience

- My ideal college experience rests on the notion of academic flexibility and confidence. Throughout the next four years, I want to immerse myself in intellectual realms that I currently may have no knowledge of. Since the academic opportunities at the College of Arts and Sciences heavily rely on interdisciplinarity and a balance of breadth and depth, my studies here will fulfill my desire for a heightened appreciation of the world and our place in it. Penn’s One University policy will also prove essential for me, as I will eventually want to expand my horizons beyond the borders of the arts and sciences subjects....   [tags: academic, flexibility, confidence, arts]

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Essential Job Skills for Success

- For every job that you have, you will need to have a certain set of skills to be successful. For example, two people are looking to be hired, but only one person will actually get the job. The two people have near identical resumes but a few things make them different. While the first person was able to articulate his ideas when he was being interviewed, the second person could not. The first person was incredibly dedicated to getting the job while the second person was not. Last but not least, the first person was able to adapt to the fast moving paced job unlike the second person....   [tags: dedication, flexibility, communication]

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The Development of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Olympic Game

- First of all, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a women-only event, and it is requires high levels of flexibility, agility, and coordination. The athletes will perform the combination which is integrating the amazing gymnastic and dancing movement to coordinating the background music. Also, the athletes will use the props to make the movement more powerful and stunning. Therefore, in this essay, i would like to compare the changes of the pass and modern rhythmic gymnastic in the Olympic Game. 1.1 The history of the Rhythmic Gymnastic The first demo of Rhythmic Gymnastics extracted from Gymnastics group exercises, it is convoluted choreographies....   [tags: Women Only, Flexibility, Agility, Coordination]

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Benefits Of Managing A Global Workforce

- In an era where outsourcing is ubiquitous, managing a global workforce is an immense challenge. Given below are the 5 major factors/metrics that brings out the complexities of managing a global workforce. • Labor Cost • Labor Productivity • Labor Supply • Culture • Labor Market Regulation The above factors are, typically and sadly, overlooked and undervalued by companies. This paper analyses the given news stories on Foxconn, using the above framework. They are critiqued based on the factors to be evaluated by companies in their location analysis whenever they consider locating and maintaining their operations or engage in contract outsourcing....   [tags: Employment, Labour market flexibility, Labor, Law]

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Suppleness in Physical Education

- Suppleness in Physical Education The definition of flexibility, suppleness and mobility is the range of movement possible round a joint and this depends on the amount of stretch allowed by the ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles. Flexibility is an important component of physical fitness for all athletes as increasing your flexibility aids performance and helps to avoid unnecessary injury. It is impossible to have the same degree of flexibility around all joints as the joint structure itself limits flexibility, for example a lot of movement is possible at the shoulder joint because it is a ball and socket joint, but movement at the hinge joint of the knee is mo...   [tags: Papers]

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Employment For Workers With Flexible Type Contracts

- Flexible work is often seen as more precarious than traditional employment, but some academics have shown otherwise. Fevre, for example, states that insecurity is not necessarily linked with atypical types of contracts or temporal flexibility (2007, p.521). Surveys have shown that workers feel insecure and characterise their jobs as non-permanent even if their contracts are actually of a permanent nature (Fevre, 2007, p. 521). Insecurity is in fact not a result of an increase in flexibility (Doogan, 2005), according to these authors....   [tags: Labour economics, Employment]

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My Personal Exercise Plan

- My Personal Exercise Plan The sport I will be training for is Golf. Specific fitness requirements of that activity Upper and lower body strength: To be able to resist the force of the golf club and to be able to hit the ball further Power: To be able to increase length to my shots allowing me to hit the ball further with more control Flexibility: To be able to complete a trunk rotation whenever needed and to turn completely to make a follow though so that the body can then clear the way for the club, also allows straighter and more accurate shots....   [tags: Physical Exercise Fitness Health]

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Project Management : Design Management

- Project Management Institution Name Project Management Project management is a wide discipline that encompasses the careful application of knowledge and skills to a project with the aim of realizing the project’s requirements. Often, project managers are people selected with the required skills and educational background in handling projects. Furthermore, the project manager will be required to put the knowledge into practice to ensure successful completion of the project. Consistency Consistency of a project with the organization 's goals and objectives is important....   [tags: Project management, Management, Project manager]

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Subway Is An American Fast Food Restaurant Franchise

- Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise founded by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck in 1965. Throughout the years, the company has gained substantial amount of growth in franchises and has become one of the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world. Subway continues to display fierce commitment to provide a wide range of taste, healthier food choices while considering environmental footprint and creating a positive influence in the communities they serve. The objective of this report is to investigate and identify how Subway competes in the market through identifying the main performance objectives and examining the measures implemented within the operation, in order to maint...   [tags: Fast food, Subway, Quiznos, Fred De Luca]

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Health Care Industry

- Health care industry is healing from the recent shortage in qualified professionals. The retention of professionals and overall employee satisfaction has been affected by the recent economical changes. Need for change has been pressured amongst health care managers for almost a decade now. The federal government has predicted, by 2020, retirement will contribute to a shortage of approximately 24,000 doctors and nearly one million nurses. The organizational environment appears to be the focus of the human resource consultants that are providing input in the change....   [tags: Business, Employee Satisfaction]

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Racial Identity And The End Of White America

- Racial identity and flexibility may be interpreted in a variety of ways, but first, it 's truly important to understand the meaning of both separated. Racial identity is defined as a sense of group or collective identity based on one 's perception that he or she shares a common heritage with a particular racial group. On the other hand, Racial identity can be considered as having flexibility, which can be defined as the ability to be easily modified. Racial identity and flexibility intertwine because both compliment each other....   [tags: Race, Racism, Miscegenation, Black people]

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Case Analysis : V. Stevenson, Tucker V News Media Ownership Ltd And Caparo Industries Plc V Dickman

- Introduction: The legal principle upon which a case is decided on is called the ratio decidendi. With reference to cases Donoghue v Stevenson ,Tucker v News Media Ownership Ltd and Caparo Industries plc v Dickman, I will be arguing that it is better to state the ratio of a case broadly. In section I, this essay will examine the flexibility that broad rationes bring in relation to Donoghue v Stevenson. In section II I will reason how broad ratios avoid silos, with regard to the flood-gates argument....   [tags: Law, Human rights, Privacy, Duty of care]

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