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Importance Of First Aid

- 1.1 BACKGROUND Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, even though some safety measures still exist. The immediate and appropriate measure taken at the right time can save the life of the victim. This is why it is important to have at least a basic awareness of first aid. First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury; with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. It includes initial intervention in a serious condition prior to professional medical help being available, such as performing CPR while awaiting an ambulance, as well as the complete treatment of minor conditions, such as applying a plast...   [tags: First aid, Emergency, Safety, Education]

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The Skills Of Being A First Aid Responder

- IB Students would like to know more about CPR or skills because they are all rounded students as they have all the skills needed to help people. Some who is knowledgeable would like to help with CPR or know this skills because a knowledgeable person/skill is something(one) who likes to have knowledge about a lot of things. They also want to have the knowledge of different disciplines and helping someone is a type of discipline each person should have in their lives as they need to respect every life and help people in need....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, First aid, Mind]

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First Aid Essay

- Accidents and injuries happen frequently at any time, and when they do it is important to know how to treat them. First aid is the initial treatment given to an injury or illness before further treatment by medical professionals is administered. First aid covers a variety of methods to treat medical issues and people everywhere should familiarize themselves with how to give it. When to use first aid You can administer first aid for any number of medical issue that ranges from a simple cut to a major life-threatening illness....   [tags: First aid, Burn, Medicine, Health care]

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I Attended A Cpr / First Aid Training From The American Red Cross Association

- INTRODUCTION While I attend Barstow Community College, I attended a CPR/First Aid Training from the American Red Cross Association. This course was two Saturdays in a row from 9am to 5pm. The courses were very beneficial, because it taught me the basic information to help someone in need. The First Aid class was simple and basic. The CPR class was superficial with hands-on practice. It revealed to me how a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in saving a person’s life. I. CONCRETE EXPERIENCE The first Saturday was the instruction on CPR for adults and infants....   [tags: First aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation]

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The Emotional First Aid Seminar

- The emotional first aid seminar was very informational and I felt like I learned many things about how to help people that have lost someone. I will talk about; strengths of the seminar and what could be strengthened, expectations, what I gained/learned, and how I will use the material presented. There were many different strengths that I learned from this seminar. The first strength was the five major EFA skills are reach out, protect, reassure, organize, and reinforce out of all of these I feel like without the reach out step this wouldn’t be able to work....   [tags: Learning, Knowledge, Skill, Psychology]

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Emotional First, Aid, And Mental Illness

- Emotional First--Aid Aristotle proclaimed the idea that those with tendencies towards brilliance also have tendencies towards mental illness. Geniuses, as we call them, see the world differently than average people. Sir Isaac Newton invented calculus on a dare about why the planets travel in ellipses, while “[suffering] from extreme paranoia.” Although brilliance and mental illness correlate, Gottfried Leibniz invented calculus independently from Newton, proving mental illness is not a requirement for brilliance and vice versa....   [tags: Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental health]

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The Mental Health First Aid Trainings

- We sat for two and a half hours with the sister and the treatment team trying to decide if he was independent enough to live in a housing residence from MHA. When I left my internship, it was decided that the director of MHA housing would have multiple dinner meetings with this young man and decide if he would qualify for housing with MHA and be capable of living on his own for the most part. His violence was a concern for the other residents as well. It was amazing to watch as the community come together to help this man and his sister....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychiatry]

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First Aid for Adults

- First Aid for Adults For my listening piece I decided to do a talk on first aid for adults. I identified the main characteristics of scripted speech and tried to emulate them in my piece. The key characteristics of instructional speech are that it uses very short, concise sentences to give directions. Long complex sentences can lead to ambiguity and confusion. Instructional speech uses simple, easy to understand vocabulary as complicated wording, jargon and terminology make instructions difficult to understand and may confuse the listener....   [tags: Papers]

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Canine First Aid

- FIRST AID FOR DOGS The aims and rules of first aid First Aid treatment is based on three aims and four rules. Aims 1. To preserve life 2. To prevent suffering 3. To prevent the situation from deteriorating Rules 1. Don¡¦t panic 2. Maintain airway 3. Control haemorrhage 4. Contact a vet The limitations of first aid The goal of first aid is to help the patient as best as you can - no more than that. First aid should only be used to preserve life until a veterinarian can be found. It must be remembered that not all patients can be saved: some will die....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Legal Issues Surrounding First Aid

- First aid is the initial care given to a sick or injured person before more formal medical assistance is applied. The goal of first aid is to intervene actively to prevent further damage, to provide life support, and to begin effective treatment of the victim's condition, to minimize injury and prevent death. Although first aid is not a substitute for medical care, those trained in first aid are able to assess the nature and the extent of an emergency and determine the best course of action to take until professional medical help arrives....   [tags: essays research papers]

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