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Best Accounting Principles Observed by the Top 5 Firms in the Philippines

- Accounting is a systematic and comprehensive recording of transactions pertaining to a business; it also refers to the summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions (Investopedia, N.D.). This statement particularly refers to accounting being the soul and heart of the corporate world, because without accounting there would be no transaction and if without transaction, there would be no business to operate and money to generate. Accounting is based on such practices that would enable the users to be competitive with full honesty and integrity....   [tags: accounting firms, gaap, accountants]

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Do Lower Levels of Productivity amongst British Firms Compared to Their US Counterparts in the 19th Century?

- ... Because their family firms were filled with skilled workers, it was less profitable for them to adapt labor-replacing technology and managerial practices to mass-production (Magee 2004, p. 81). This differs from American firms because American firms focused more on the quantity of products they produced than the quality, so they had less skilled workers as they used many labor replacing technology and assembly lines to quicken their production. In contrast, British firms had a tough time adapting to mass production because their customers demanded high-quality, customized products....   [tags: economic, status, factors, firms]

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Law Firms Of The 21st Century

- Law Firms of the 22nd Century E. Michelle Kershaw Webster University Abstract The field of Law is a systematic practice that has not change much since its inception. As we embark upon the 22nd Century so must the field of Law. While many practices are ritualistic in their nature, they must make way for technology in addition to younger lawyers entering the field with a variety of skills sets. Lawyers must now make accommodations for technically savvy clients that have access to a wealth of information....   [tags: Law, Lawyer, Management, Law firm]

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The Role of Economics in Business Firms

- Introduction The purpose of this academic essay is to establish the differences between demand analysis and demand estimation while describing the importance of each to firms with regard to managerial economics. This document will also explore price elasticity and its relation to marginal revenue and profit maximization. The significance of this essay for the student body audience is to provide a canopy for integrated learning economical concepts and their application to real world scenarios in business related occupational fields....   [tags: price elasticity, marginal revenue, profit maximiz]

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Foreign Companies And Foreign Firms

- Protectionism regards the assistance that governments provide to domestic firms to compete with foreign firms. A tariff is a tax placed on imports by the government that is often a percentage of the price. For example, the Australian government places a 5% tariff on all imported cars, meaning that from the selling price of these cars, an additional 5% is added on (Sydney Morning Herald, 2014). This protects local firms as they can offer more competitive prices without the additional taxation. Unlike a tariff, a subsidy is a payment made to domestic firms in a particular market by the government, in order to reduce production costs....   [tags: Economics, International trade, Inflation]

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The Debt Of Emerging Asian Firms

- The article talks about the rise in the default rate of emerging Asian firms compared to the U.S. firms. According to the article, the default rate is 3.8% in the emerging corporate market over the last 12 months compared to 2.5% in U.S. It was 0.7% and 2.1% four years ago. Companies are struggling to generate enough cash to pay off their debts. The main reason for the rise in debt is due to global investors who are requiring higher returns on their investment in these companies. The emerging corporate default is expected to rise even further....   [tags: Investment, Finance, Debt, Money]

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The Career And Firms Critical Function

- The Innovating Career & Firms Critical Function As jobs are becoming more technical every year and as innovations are arising with new job opportunities, finding employees that meet a business requirement is becoming more difficult (Nickels 290-346). This is why it is important to have a career that arises and evolves that meets this innovating new world: Human Resources. Human resources plays a big part into a business’ success from hiring new employees, to employee retainment, and ensuring all employees are trained to meet the evolving businesses requirements (Nickels 290-346)....   [tags: Human resource management, Human resources]

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Public And Private Accounting Firms

- Accounting is very important to the world, both public and private accounting firms have one goal: financial stability. There are differences between both firms, however, it can be proven that public firms are better than private firms. The Big 4 is a good example of how public firms are more beneficial than private firms. All of these accountants have worked hard by getting there CPA degree. People should choose a public accounting firm over a private firm because a public firm deals with more than one business....   [tags: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant]

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Inclusion in Indian Consulting Firms

- This paper explores the prevalent practices for inclusion in the services industry, with special reference to consulting firms. It mentions some of the policies being followed in the industry to make the work place an egalitarian one with people exhibiting mutual respect for each other. There are various facets of inclusion which through relevant HR policies, can make day to day work at the organization more balanced and conducive for efficiency. Be it the work life balance, transparency in promotion and bonuses, facilities that the administration provides, the approachability of senior members in the organization or retention of the talent in the firm; the aspects are countless....   [tags: services industry, inclusion, hr policies]

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Too Big To Fail Firms

- In the world of money, firms including banks and nonbank financial companies face adversaries and often fail. When they do, most failures do not result in extreme externalities. In other words, loss of the firm does not place its counterparties into a troubled position. Ergo, the firm would go through a usual resolution process provided by the government. But, some large firms undergo a “special” treatment because of the government’s fear that its losses may have disproportionately big adverse externalities on the economy thus threaten the financial stability....   [tags: economics, business analysis, banking]

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Digital Firms

- In these days of time, operating business firms through digital technology is essential to stay competitive in the business market. There are foundations when it comes to doing business within companies to survive. It is very important for companies to stay with their competitors or surpass them through information technology. There are strategic opportunities and advantages business organizations can strived for; if they implement the right steps within the organization. Just like anything in life, there are some issues or problems that can be address when dealing with digital technology through business firms....   [tags: digital technology, information management]

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The Importance of Financial Firms in the US Economy

- In the United States, many financial firms play a large part in the economy. These firms do business with many companies, from trading supplies and services to lending money. These companies depend on the resources that these financial firms have in order to grow within the economy. Some financial firms are so important to the economy that they have grown so large that they have engrained such a culture that if they fail it will be costly to the growth of the United States economy. This is known as the “Too Big to Fail” theory....   [tags: Theory, Banks, Business]

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Spillover Effects Of Domestic Exporting And Foreign Owned Firms On The Time Local Firms

- This chapter analyzes spillover effects from domestic exporting and foreign-owned firms on the time local firms take to start exporting and how long they last exporting once started. To meet this objective, we estimate export entry and exit using discrete-time proportional hazards model. Entry is modeled by taking domestic non-exporting firms to examine the duration until they start exporting. Similarly, an export exit is modeled by taking currently exporting domestic firms to analyze the duration until exit from exporting....   [tags: Random variable, Probability theory]

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The Importance of Mergers and Ccquisitions for the Growth of Firms

- Mergers are two or more firms joining together to form a new venture and do business. There are five different basic type of merger, they are vertical merger, horizontal merger, market extension merger, product extension merger and diversified activity merger. Vertical merger is a combination of two or more firms in the successive stages of production. It always involves a relationship of buyer and seller, and offers more control of an area of stabilizing the production and supply. Horizontal merger is similar to vertical merger, it is a type of merger, which is also combining two or more firms that are producing same or related products in an location area....   [tags: L’Oreal, body shop, merger, acquisition]

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The Biggest Management Challenges For International Firms

- 1. Which are the biggest management challenges for international firms. What can firms do in response. The international management structure and an appropriate organizational design for managing people in a cross-cultural environment are made up of an effective scheme. During these activities, companies face the technical, political, economic, linguistic, and cultural differences have to go through practice. For a small business to go after any international activities, even if a couple of these international challenges, or simply to show up in the competition, while active in the local community in their own pr...   [tags: Risk management, Management, Risk, Political risk]

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Why Do Firms Repurchase Stocks?

- For decades U.S corporations have overwhelmingly preferred to distribute excess cash in the form of share repurchase rather than dividends. Firms Repurchase stocks due to numerous reasons. Begwell and Shoven (1988) states firms may repurchase stocks to increase their leverage ratios. Jensen (1986) suggests that firms repurchase stocks to distribute excess cashflow. Stephens (1998) also finds a positive relation between repurchase and levels of cashflow and firms only tend to repurchase stock when their stock prices are undervalued same is suggested by Vermaelen (1981)....   [tags: Stock market, Stock, Debt, Finance]

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The Human Resource Department And Recruiting Firms

- Firms need to keep competitive with the industry and do in order to bring in the most talented people they need to make sure they are doing everything they can to recruit the best possible talent. In today’s business marketplace it is not only to create a product that consumers would want but to keep the company innovative and on the cutting edge of business, they will also need to hire the right talent. The human resource department and recruiting firms need to understand what the business world is looking for and how to achieve the goals of the company....   [tags: Human resource management, Human resources]

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Leadership Issue: Healthy Firms and Performance

- ... Ehtesham, Muhammad, and Muhammad (2011) found an empirical correlation between performance and business culture leadership at a .99 confidence level. Surveying over 600,000 employees in over 500 firms worldwide, Keller and Price (2011b) found healthy firms had (a) a 2.2 times greater probability of an above-median EBITDA2 margin, (b) a 2.0 times better prospect of above-median growth in enterprise-to-book value, and (c) a 1.5 times greater chance of having above-median growth in net income to sales than unhealthy companies....   [tags: competitive, recession, organization,]

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Determinants of Financing Choice of Listed Firms the Nigeria Experience

- CHAPTER 1 1.0 Introduction The discussion on how firms raise capital with regards to instruments used to finance investment decisions have generated a lot of academic debate amongst scholar’s in finance in recent past with scholar’s examining plausible reason why listed firms raise capital through primary listing, secondary listing or issuing debt using different combinations of instruments such ordinary equity, debt, hybrid securities such as preference shares, convertible and warrant debt etc....   [tags: Finance ]

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Italian Firms in America, Issues and Possible Solutions

- ... An interesting example of how Fiat has used heritage and tradition is the fact that Gianni Agnelli, the grandson of founder Giovanni Agnelli, was Fiat's chairman from 1966 until 1996. In fact, the Agnelli family has controlled Fiat for its entire 115 years of existence. It is worth mentioning though, that after they acquire the American automaker, Chrysler, they started to open up the company’s key leadership positions to outsiders. Furthermore, success of some Italian firms is due to their remarkable innovations....   [tags: Family, Business, Leadership]

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How Do Firms Choose Their Capital Structure

- How do firms choose their capital structure. This has been subject of discussion for a long time in the corporate finance literature. However, a less explored area is whether the geography affects the capital structure or not. In this paper, focusing on US firms, I show that headquarters’ location has a significant effect on three different measures of capital structure: book leverage, market leverage, and cash holding. Furthermore, I show that firms are imitating other firms in the state and try not to go far above or below the average ratio in the state and industry....   [tags: Finance, Corporate finance, Firm, Debt]

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Women 's Presence Of Private Sector Firms

- The authors Durrani and Signh discuss women’s presence in private sector firms. In 2009 it was reported that there were forty-four percent more women as opposed to men entering law schools. Once women graduate law school it is common to see them working in the public branch of law. But there has recently been an increase in women obtaining jobs within the private sector. However, the small percentage of women that make up the private sector usually maintain entry level positions and are unlikely to be promoted....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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Implications For International Firms In Emerging and Developing Markets:

- Comprising a significant section of the global economy, including approximately 4.8 billion people Emerging markets I are seen in recent times as being an particularly important growth source for multinational corporations (Akbar and Samii, 2005). Emerging market expansions are attractive strategies for multinational corporations due to the lure of potential capital gain and further expansion, however there are several risks associated with the entry into these emerging markets in which there are several implications for multinational corporations....   [tags: business policies, economics, politics]

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Government 's Through Private Firms Or Through Ngos?

- Does it matter whether governments deliver through private firms or through NGOs. Delivering public services under the scheme of outsourcing can be done by using either profit organization, such as firms or companies, or not-for-profit organization resources. It is unquestionable that commonly not-for-profit organization or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) fill the gap between the government and the market in the public service provision. Several government services that are have important benefits to the society are not attractive the market (Besley & Ghatak 2007)....   [tags: Non-profit organization, Government]

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Training and Development is said to be beneficial for both firms and employees.

- Training and development is said to have a positive impact for both firms and employees, this essay will explain the terms “Training and Development” and look at the advantages and disadvantages for the Employer and employees. One of the biggest limitations of “Training and Development” is how the impact of training and development on productivity and profit is measured for organisations and individuals. This essay will therefore attempt to address the “Why then are some organisations and individuals reluctant to invest in training?” since training and development is said to be beneficial to both parties....   [tags: Human Resource Management, Training]

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Case Study Of An Accountant Worked At Two Accounting Firms

- Case study An accountant worked at two accounting firms in an extent of six months. She gambled online very regularly. She was employed in the tax department of both of these firms, and negotiated issues related to tax, that clients had in their institutions. In some occasions, the client`s payment of tax, needs to be rightfully decreased. The accountant has the authority to submit claims to reduce tax payments on behalf of her clients. If their tax has already been paid, the government department that administers and gathers tax in the United Kingdom, (Her Majesty`s Revenue and Customs tax) repays the overpayments, when a claim is made by an accountant in a firm....   [tags: Cheque, Credit card, Theft, Fraud]

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Impact of Earnings Management on Firms Profitability in Pakistan

- Abstract This study is an attempt to examine the impact of Earnings management on the profitability of the firms. Earnings management has emerged as a vital issue in recent past for the firms, investors, analysts and the capital markets for profitability manipulation. The study was conducted on the companies listed at Karachi Stock Exchange. The sample included 98 companies comprising different sectors and taking five year financial data from annual reports of those selected companies from year 2002 to year 2006....   [tags: Business Management]

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Top Five Law Firms in United Kingdom

- There are five top leading law firms in the United Kingdom. I will explain how they made it to the top and how many companies they have planted all over the world. Also how they got started and who their company was founded by. The first company I’m going to talk about is Allen and Ovary. They were founded on January 1, 1903; the company was founded by George Allen and Thomas Ovary. They were mutual partners and decided that they needed to branch out their ideas and that’s how Allen and Ovary law firm was introduced....   [tags: companies, found, started]

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International Firms And The Globalization Of Their Sourcing, Production, And Marketing

- 4. Discuss the forces that are leading international firms to the globalization of their sourcing, production, and marketing. Globalization is huge part of the success of some the biggest firms today, from Apple, General Electric, to Google. It allows a business to develop international. It allows reduced costs by maximizing production known product lines, allowing to expand into different markets gives a more competitive edge and expanding to new technology helps to increase to a bigger company, having more political edge within trade agreements....   [tags: International trade, United States, Unemployment]

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Different Firms Or Business Operate Under A Business Or Firm

- Many different firms or business operate under a systematic means of analyzing what is the major source of profit from a business or firm. Michaels Porter developed a strategy called the Porter’s five forces. According to Porter, there are five forces tool which determines where the power lies within a company. This is a very important tool to use within a business, because it also can help you understand the strength of your competitor (Parnell, 2014). The process can also help a business or organization determine and gage the strength of the business that you plan on developing (Parnell, 2014)....   [tags: Higher education, University, College tuition]

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Reputation Quotient: Measuring the Reputation of Business Firms

- Introduction: In new era every organization wants to build good repute to gain competitive advantage. An innovative idea, a charming business plan, and good strategies are mean less if a company does not have remarkable repute in the eyes of customers, employees, and organization’s current and potential investors. Employees prefer to work in high reputed organizations, investors also prefer good reputed firms. A good corporate reputation shows people’s confidence to do business with company and to help company in recession also....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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Preparing Sales Goals For Professional Services Firms

- Preparing Sales Goals for Professional Services Firms As the leaves change from a cool green to the burning hues of fall, you can almost hear the annual groan that emanates from marketing and business development departments everywhere as we ponder next year’s budgets. We’re feverishly cramming numbers into spreadsheets, struggling to get that final hit rate report from the ERP system, and perhaps even consulting with a local palm reader, all with the goal of accurately predicting the future - next year’s sales....   [tags: Sales, Strategic management, Selling, Management]

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The Pros and Cons of Using Private Military and Security Firms

- has grown steadily since. The private military companies are extremely attractive to former military. Private military companies, security contractors and private military firms do provide so very useful functions and not all of them are paramilitary. Many private military companies such as DynCorp and Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), a subsidiary of Halliburton, provide more services than just protection. Many functions performed by private military companies include logistical support, transportation, engineering, construction, skilled and unskilled laborers, maintenance, technical expertise and other paramilitary operations....   [tags: Pro Con Essays]

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Firms Faced with Rivals and Advantage of Location

- Firms Faced with Rivals and Advantage of Location The location of firms depends on factors such as cost, quality of inputs and even their availability. These factors can vary from place to place so this gives firms an incentive to locate in the lowest cost locations with other things being equal. The location for most firms is highly dependent on labour costs and raw material costs as these are naturally less mobile place to place and almost completely immobile country to country, capital does not have as much effect on the location of a firm....   [tags: Papers]

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The Prisoners Dilemma and the Ability of Firms to Collude

- The Prisoners Dilemma and the Ability of Firms to Collude An oligopoly is a market consisting of a few large interdependent firms who are usually always trying to second-guess each other's behaviour. There is a high degree of interdependence between each firm in the industry meaning individual firms must take into account the effects of their actions on their rivals, and the course of action that will follow as a result on behalf of the rival firm which will also have consequences. The market as we will see is also allocatively inefficient as price is above marginal cost....   [tags: Business Economics Management Essays]

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Business: The Manager-Employee Relationship

- Despite the increase in a reliance on technology, and other innovations, two factors continue to be the critical cornerstone for success for all firms: customers and employees. Typically, focus is placed in large part on the customer, for without customers, how can firms expect to make a profit. Yet it is the employee of a firm that is actually engaged with the customer, providing them with a desired service or product. Furthermore, employees engage in the mundane everyday tasks that keep a firm operating efficiently....   [tags: customer, firms]

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The Effect of the Development of Large Firms on Society

- The Effect of the Development of Large Firms on Society Many firms choose to expand in size because of the cost and market share benefits the firms can reap. However, the development of large firms may not always be of benefit to consumers, and the advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in the following essay. Because larger firms such as Shell Petrol Station are able to experience internal economies of scale through lower unit costs, many of the cost savings are then passed on to the consumers through lower prices....   [tags: Papers]

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Methods of Technology Forecasting and Analysis for Firms

- Methods of Technology Forecasting and Analysis for Firms There is a great need for firms to consider the future. Given the rate of technological innovation and the scope and impact of disruptive technologies, if firms are to predict and exploit their future markets, the role for technological forecasting and analysis is likely to become more prominent. In this paper, two methods (Delphi & Scenario Writing) will be examined in terms of their relative merits and use. The attention will then turn to the nature of use within the firm of both techniques in a technological forecasting context....   [tags: Papers]

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External Influences Affect All Firms

- External Influences Affect All Firms Many businesses are quite capable of organising themselves internally, however this does not guarantee complete business success. Businesses have many outside pressures to face, which can become quite complicated to manage. These are called external influences. There are many factors that can affect a business, of which the market is just one. Businesses are tremendously influenced by the markets in which they trade. The size of a business does this: whether it is local, national or even international will affect the nature of the product that they supply and also the quantity....   [tags: Papers]

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The Internationalisation Process Of Ssa Firms From Nigeria A Case Study Approach

- Due to the relatively under-explored research topic and contemporary nature of the phenomenon under investigation of the internationalisation process of SSA firms from Nigeria a case study approach is deemed appropriate for this study. A case study provides the best approach for this study because of the case firms ‘relevance to the research question, research objectives, context and theoretical positioning of this study and small sample size of the study (Silverman, 2013, Yin, 2014). Also, a case study allows to empirically investigate in-depth a contemporary phenomenon within a context, drawing data from multiple sources of evidence for triangulation and convergence (Yeung, 1995; Yin, 201...   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research]

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Why Do Some Firms Are More Successful Than Others?

- The great question is “ What explains why some firms are more successful than others?” I would like to answer that having a knowledgeable Top Management Team, a stable Finance Department, an accurate Accounting Department, and a care about sustainable business explain why some firms are more successful than others. The courses, which helps me answer this question, are BBUS 300, BBUS 454, BBUS 360, and BBUS 460. The first reason that explains why a firm is more successful than others is having a good Top Management Team....   [tags: Financial statements, Cash flow, Income statement]

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The Negative Relationship Between the Debt Ratio and Performance of Firms in China

- Finding According to results of two models, the R square of two models is not high, far lower than 1. So model is not fit the date well, this means that there is not significant linear relationship between the explaining variable and the dependent variable and many factors can affect the performance of firms, however the model don’t take them into consider. In the test of significance, only the DAR is pass the test at the 0.1 significant level. Others variables (current liabilities ratio and surplus reserve ratio) cannot pass the T test at the 0.05 significant level....   [tags: Economics]

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Analysis of An Empirical Investigation on Firms’ Proactive and Passive Motivation for Bribery in China

- “Each decision that a business manager makes involves not only a personal decision, but also a decision on behalf of, and in the name of, an organization that exists with a particular social, legal, and political environment ” (Hartman, DesJardins, & MacDonald, 2014, p.15). In the article, “An Empirical Investigation on Firms’ Proactive and Passive Motivation for Bribery in China” Xiaoyu Zhou, Yi Han, and Rui Wang (2013) seek to explain why companies in the manner of doing daily business extend to conduct business through bribery....   [tags: decision making, bribery]

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Propping: New Share Issues of Pakistani Business Group Firms

- Introduction In emerging market business groups could facilitate efficient allocation of capital and dominate economic activities (Bea, Kang, & Kim, 2002). Business groups consist of legally independent firms that may be interrelated by social ties and mostly owned by small group of shareholders called in many cases a family. In a pyramid, the ultimate owner uses indirect ownership to control large groups of companies because of chain of ownership in pyramid structure (Bertrand & Mullainathan, 2003)....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Measuring the Impact of Critical Success Factors of Project on Project Success in the Telecom Firms

- Measuring the Impact of Critical Success Factors of Project on Project Success in the Telecom Firms Introduction: Project success is one of the ambiguous concepts in project management. As each person or group of people who are involved in a project have different needs and expectations from the same project, it is very common that they take project success in their own way, as per their own understanding (Cleland & Ireland, 2004). Research on project measurement deliverables and focus on the main project management practices (time, cost and quality) shows that it is not possible to have a ubiquitous success criterion that is suitable for all projects....   [tags: Business Management ]

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The Functions of the Securities Firms and Investment Banks in Saudi Arabia and the United States

- Introduction: In line with the globalisation of the financial market worldwide, in this project paper the issue of the functions of the securities firms and investment banks in Saudi Arabia and the functions of the securities firms and investment banks in United States of America will be discussed in detail. Definition of investment bank: Investment bank can be referred to as an organization or institution founded and united for the purposes that specifically involves fiscal matters. They also act as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function for large company or group of businesses, recognized in law and acting as single entity, and the organization that is the governing authorit...   [tags: Finance]

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Andersen Implosion Over Enron : An Analysis Of The Contagion Effect On Fortune 500 Firms

- Article Review: Andersen implosion over Enron: an analysis of the contagion effect on Fortune 500 Firms LePorsche Tucker Intro to Business-Columbia Southern University There are many lessons a business owner can learn from the Andersen/Enron scandal, the only lesson would not be that honesty is the best policy, but also that a dishonest action made by a few people can affect many. Enron’s insider trading and failure to report accurate earnings and losses paired with Andersen’s failure to properly audit and report the company’s debts and earnings made for one of the biggest scandals that the business world has ever seen....   [tags: Enron, Enron scandal, Big Four auditors]

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Business Internal Environment Of Earning Profit Is Identified As The Ultimate Goal For Firms

- Earning profit is identified as the ultimate goal for firms. Consequently, investigating on recognizing the sources and factors that determines profitability has become among the major purposes in the strategic management research (Spanos, Zaralis and Lioukas, 2004 and Li and Ling, 2012). In their book, Bowles, Edwards and Roosevelt (2005) established their system to measure profitability. Different from Du pont analysis, Bowles system turns into business internal environment, and concentrates on the efficient utility of the resources (Figure 5)....   [tags: Employment, Wage, Minimum wage, Salary]

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The Gender Diversity Issues That Affect Technology Businesses And Venture Capital Firms

- attention to the gender diversity issues that affect technology businesses and venture capital firms, the data shows that women in leadership are barely found (Seidenberg, 2015). Many women (15% of VC, 3% of CEO, 6% of VC partners) consider more non-analytic professions because (Brush, Greene, etc. ,2015) of lack of permanent women’s benefits such as paid maternity leave and no work-life balance. Women accounted 10% of the fellows of KPCB in 2013, it increased to 24% in 2014. However, the male/female ratio is still dominated by men....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Ratio, Girl]

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Leap Motion Company : A Legal Software For Small Law Firms

- In reference to a publicly traded company, LEAP Motion Company which is a legal Software for small law firms in the United Sates. It manufactures and markets computer hardware sensors devices that support hand and finger motions as input, analogous to a mouse but they need no hand contact or touching. The company has put in place different criteria and procedures for evaluating the risk that are related to IT projects. The criteria that the company uses is through identifying of the main risks that may be associated to the IT project, it has also put in place the different criteria for controlling them....   [tags: Project management, Management]

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Firms' Incentives to Avoid Price Competition in Oligopoly Markets

- Firms' Incentives to Avoid Price Competition in Oligopoly Markets In the UK a few, large firms dominate most industries. These industries are known as oligopoly markets. Oligopoly markets are an example of imperfect competition. It consists of a market structure in which there is a small number of large firms in the industry hence is relatively highly concentrated. Barriers to entry and exit are also likely to exist. In oligopoly markets there is product differentiation, the extent of which depends on the type of product produced....   [tags: Papers]

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The Influence of Economic, Political, and Social Factors on Firms

- The Influence of Economic, Political, and Social Factors on Firms The long controversy exist over the influence of economic , political and social factors on the success of the firms. With many economist believing that economic factors such as management structure contribute to the success of the firm. Karl Marx (1976)[1] and other economist argued that economic factors are not the sole determiner of firm’s success. Marx believes that political, social and economics plays a part in making the firm to be effective....   [tags: Economics Business Management Essays]

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Research and Development and Financial Performance of UK Manufacturing Firms

- Research and Development and Financial Performance of UK Manufacturing Firms UK manufacturing firms have many factors which influence their financial performance. Research and Development could be a key factor in determining a firms success, however it does not assure financial improvement in all businesses due to the extensive variety of business types. Research and Development can be defined as the scientific investigation necessary to discover new products and the process of bringing these products onto the market....   [tags: Papers]

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Determinants of Survival of Newly Created SMEs in the Brazilian Manufacturing Industry: an Econometric Study

- ... However, substantial mortality seems to prevail for that segment. Therefore, the study of firm-survival in a large emerging economy like Brazil -- characterized by the co-existence of modern and traditional sectors -- may be of interest. In fact, the macroeconomic stabilization after 1994 greatly reduced economic uncertainty and the lessening of institutional obstacles for firm creation since the 2000s appears to show a more favourable business environment. Moreover, simplified tax procedures were implemented for small businesses in the recent past; (b) Most of the previous studies on survival make use of a cross section of entrants’ data and derive the survival pattern using fixed co...   [tags: growth, firms, mobility]

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TCE Application in Procurement System Selection

- ... However, based on transaction characteristics parameters, contracting system should consider more on asset specificity and frequency because it will lead to governance mode mapping. When the transactions are recurrent and transaction is very specific, relational contracting becomes dominant. Overall, TCE ease the assumption that all contracts in construction procurement are in the form of complete contract. In this case, TCE pointed out the possibility of the rise of transaction cost in the process caused by the organizational behavior that commonly missed from the calculation....   [tags: firms’ decision-making process]

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Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Construction Firms

- Impact of Internet Marketing Strategy for small construction firms As the construction industry globalises and regional boundaries become less relevant, the survival of a construction firm will increasingly be determined by its ability to create and sustain a strong internet marketing strategy. The majority of the companies operating in the market are small and locally based. In 1998, the Construction Task Force reported that the industry was suffering from low levels of productivity and re-investment, but in subsequent years, marked by historically low interest rates, growth has greatly improved....   [tags: Marketing]

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Evaluating The Risks Involved in Equity and Debt Financing

- Firms around the world rise funds in the capital markets to finance their expansion, acquisitions and other operations. This is usually done through equity and/or debt financing. Equity financing is the process in which a firm raises capital through the sale of shares. Debt financing involves the firm borrowing through, for example by issuing bonds. The firm‘s decision on how to rise capital influences its capital structure and as a result may affect the value of the firm. It is therefore important that the firm must take into account the risks involved in both equity and debt financing....   [tags: business, firms, finance]

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How do firms penetrate an existing market?

- How do firms penetrate an existing market. Cadburys have to improve their levels of market penetration and also make more sales customers. Cadburys have improved their penetration which helps them to improve market share. It can increase in there market share which can create significant sales. Market penetration suggests a further penetration of existing markets with existing products. This will involve a strategy of increasing market share within existing segments and markets. · Market development is a strategy requires the producer to develop raw market segments for products....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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Strategy and Structure by Alfred Chandler

- It can be said that Alfred Chandler (1918-2007) created the study of business history. Chandler concentrated his early research efforts on explaining the growth of large multidivisional firms in the USA and how they helped develop the US economy ( Jones, 2008) He was a historian, and in 1952 had completed his PhD at Harvard University in. His classic business book, “Strategy and Structure was published a decade later. His theory was grounded on an expansive study of large American firms between the years 1850 and 1920 (Economist) Alfred Chandler served in the US navy during WWII, where he witnessed, first hand, the undertakings of a large organisation....   [tags: firms, business history]

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Important Cyber Monday Preparations to Do in Your Online Store

- Important Cyber Monday Preparations to do in your Online Store E-commerce firms are gearing up for cyber Monday deals this year. The day falls in December 2 after the thanksgiving. However, most online traders usually start their Cyber Monday deals long before the actual period. Statistics have shown that about 75% of online shoppers usually start their shopping on the preceding day. In year 2012, Cyber Monday sales hit a whopping $1.7 billion up from $ 1.3 billion in year 2011. This was over 20% rise from sales in year 2010....   [tags: e-commerce firms]

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Drug Patents and Generic Drugs in Chile

- Patent rights, usually lasting up to 20 years before expiration, allow the pharmaceutical company which produced the drug, the right and ability to sell it. These patents create a temporary monopoly which allowing firms who paid for production to make a profit for their investment. Generally after the patent has expired, the drug is then mass produced under generic labeling, and is often much cheaper and accessible than was the patented version. But throughout the duration of the patent, availability of the drug has become a large problem....   [tags: fta, temporary monopoly, firms]

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Outsourcing and Third Party Companies

- Outsourcing relates to a firm contracting with another firm to provide products or services which could otherwise be made in-house. The contracted third party company takes control of the work and it is accountable for the success of the work assigned. Many organizations today outsource services such as electronic mail services, payroll, and customer care call center services. A firm contracts with a company that has specialized in production or provision of a given service, where in many cases the company is located overseas....   [tags: Outsource Services, Contracting Firms]

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The Sabarnes-Oxley Act and PCAOB

- ... Furthermore, deficiencies included failures by the firm to perform, or to perform sufficiently, certain necessary audit procedures. ISSUES/FAILINGS FOUND BY PCAOB: The inspection procedure carried out by PCAOB included reviews of several audits conducted by the firm. The issues or failing being found are as follows, In this audit, the Firm failed in the following respects to obtain sufficient competent corroborating evidence to support its audit opinion - The firm did not identify a material weakness in internal control of the issuer....   [tags: public accounting firms, inspection]

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Benefits of Human Management

- Despite perception that small minority business firms will become vulnerable by formal Human Resources Management (HRM) approaches and/or policies, even in small service firms there is opportunity to make wise or poor use of human capital, regardless the size of the operation. Research shows that certain HR activities are influential in the sales growth of small ethnic minority service firms such as recruiting, training, empowering, and developing the right reward systems (Altinay, Altinay, & Gannon, 2008)....   [tags: minority business, firms, plan]

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Convincing Americans to Invest

- When considering whether or not to invest money, many Americans have become hesitant. Shock waves of the Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom scandals can still be felt more than ten years later. As Americans witnessed the loss of thousands of dollars by Enron investors and employees, they became timid about investing their life savings not knowing if they too would receive nothing in return. With the knowledge of how a decline in Financial Marketing would greatly affect the U. S. economy, Congress eagerly began pursuing ways to reinforce America’s faith in investing their hard earned money....   [tags: Enron, Auditing Firms, Accountability]

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Legal Industry and Careers

- Information Services with-in the legal industry can be a very rewarding career. Law firms in general usually have large budgets and can afford the latest and greatest in technology and technology training. Additionally, the working conditions are quite comfortable and relaxed. Although Information Service oriented careers are typically viewed as blue collar jobs, there are many perks within a successful firm that can make them sometimes seem otherwise. Law firms are in the business of billing and profiting from their clients need to pursue legal action....   [tags: Law Firms]

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What Are The Two Oligopoly Models I Will Be Outlined, Analysed And Evaluated Where Firms Set Outputs?

- In this essay features of uncertainty in Oligopoly markets will be outlined, analysed and evaluated where firms set outputs. Uncertainty is ‘A consciousness of limited knowledge about present facts and future possibilities’ (Black, Hashimzade and Myles, 2009)). The common distinction between risk and uncertainty is that probabilities can be applied to future outcomes with risk, whereas probabilities cannot be applied to uncertainty- expected utility does not apply to uncertainty (Black, Hashimzade and Myles, 2009))....   [tags: Game theory, Nash equilibrium]

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What´s Dividend Policy?

- Dividend policy is considered to be a very puzzling area in corporate finance and it has attracted the interest of many financial economists during the last decades. In order to explain this puzzle, various theories have been developed and can be separated into two major schools of thought. The first one refers to dividend irrelevance with main supporters Miller and Modigliani(1961) where dividends do not affect the value of the firm and the second one refers to dividend relevance where dividends have an impact on the firm's value....   [tags: firms, value, markets]

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What Determines The Size And Structure Of Firms And Why Might This Vary Across Industry Sectors?

- What Determines The Size And Structure Of Firms And Why Might This Vary Across Industry Sectors. Outline Theories And Provide Examples To Illustrate Your Arguments. Different firms have various sizes in the market. The firms also have different structures that determine the ways in which they approach the market. The size of the firm is determined by a variety of factors depending on the ways in which they influence the relationship in the market. The horizontal and vertical boundaries are some of the main theories affecting the ways in which the components of the firm are viewed....   [tags: Economics, Transaction cost, Organization]

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Australia has Embraced a Less than Ideal Accounting Standard

- The Corporate Law Economic Reform Program No 9 discussion paper, recommended that Australia adopt the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) which commenced 1st January 2005. A key driver for this recommendation was realization that Australia was part of an increasingly global network. It was suggested that adoption of the IFRS would lead to “high quality, internationally accepted accounting standards which will facilitate cross border comparisons by investors”, (CLERP No.9 2003). A benefit of improved comparability of accounting information would be enhanced bilateral capital flows at a lower cost to Australian firms....   [tags: ifrs, accounting standards, australian firms]

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Standardization And Adaptation : How Multinational Firms Achieve Superior Business Performance Through International Marketing Strategy

- Standardization or Adaptation: How Multinational Firms Achieve Superior Business Performance through International Marketing Strategy. Introduction Along with increasingly liberalised trade policies, economic integration, higher stability of monetary transaction and development in transportation as well as communication, international business has experienced a dramatic rise (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2001). This rise is also accompanied with enormous challenges that generate from differences between multinational companies’ home countries and foreign markets....   [tags: Marketing, Research, Multinational corporation]

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Board Composition , Firm Characteristics, and Voluntary Disclosure: The case of Jordanian Firms Listed on the Amman Stock Exchange

- In their classical propositions of the perfect capital market, Modigliani and Miller (1958, 1963) assume that management act exclusively on behalf of shareholders. Thus, there is no information asymmetry because insiders (management) and outsiders (shareholders/investors) have the same information about the firm’s future investment opportunities. Contrary to Modigliani and Miller (1958, 1963), the empirical evidence provided by Jensen and Mekling (1976) and Myers (1977), suggest that management may set their personal interests ahead of those of shareholders, which leads to a conflict of interest problem between the two parties....   [tags: shareholders, organization managements]

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What is It About Graphs in Economics?

- ... Wheat must be planted and harvested by the farmer; shipped to the miller, then to the baker, and finally in the form of bread to supermarkets located around a city, a nation, or even around the world, where final consumers will take it home for its consumption. The price and quantity demanded of bread or any commodity depends on a number of factors: the tastes of individuals; money income of all potential buyers; prices of other commodities; expectations of potential purchasers about its future price and of its close substitutes; the stock of wheat held by buyers and supermarkets; and, a host of other factors....   [tags: social science, behavior, firms, individuals]

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Employee Development and Resourcing in Firms

- The success of an organisation depends crucially on its human resources. A company must have effective employees in order to stay financially solvent and competitive. In order to maintain this valuable commodity, organizations must be aware of employee satisfaction and retention. People possess various degrees of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) when they are hired. Even when utmost care is exercised in selecting the most qualified people, companies still need to devote considerable time for education, training and socialisation of employees....   [tags: career planning, human resources]

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India's Growing Prosperity Opens Up A New Market For Luxury-Goods Firms

- At the end of the 19th century, India's maharajahs discovered a Parisian designer called Louis Vuitton and flooded his small factory with orders for custom-made Rolls-Royce interiors, leather picnic hampers and modish polo-club bags. But after independence, when India's princes lost much of their wealth, the orders dried up. Then in 2002 LVMH, the world's largest luxury-goods group, made a triumphant return to India, opening a boutique in Delhi and another in Mumbai in 2004. Its target was the new breed of maharajah produced by India's liberalised economy: flush, flash, and growing in number....   [tags: India Economy Luxury Market]

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The Circular Flow Model Accompanied by Reverse Flows

- The Circular Flow Model Accompanied by Reverse Flows The circular flow model is defined as the flow of resources from households to firms and of products to firms from households. These flows are accompanied by reverse flows of money from firms to households and from households to firms. The circular flow is comprised of the resource market, households, product market, businesses, and the government. Macroeconomics - The study of the aggregate (total) Behavior of the whole economy. Macroeconomics Aggregates: - Unemployment rate: Percent of people in the labor force is not working but searching for work....   [tags: Economics Households Firms Essays]

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Lessons in Lean

- Introduction Lean manufacturing has become a very important aspect of the manufacturing firms as it combines both high service levels and low levels of inventory. Innovation through the use of improved technology and methodology is increasingly becoming very important for the manufacturers. Lean production in a company includes diverse characteristics of the business, which includes the organizational structure, systematic education, use of sound production principles, and training (Reid, & Sanders, 2005)....   [tags: Lean Manufacturing, firms, high service]

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The Galleon Case

- “Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society. If we’re looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power” (O’Rourke “Greed Quotes”). The Galleon Group is precisely a story emanating a few members lust for power that was consumed by the essence of greed. Founded by Raj Rajaratnam and fellow partners in 1997, the Galleon Group quickly emerged to substantial wealth and incredible success as one of the largest hedge fund management firms in the world....   [tags: Fund Management Firms, Wealth, Success]

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Emerging Markets

- Globalization is a double-edged sword, smart local companies have used the benefits of globalization to close gaps in technology, capital, and talent with their rivals from the developed world. Local firms act strategically in order to keep the multinational out of the competition, this attempts the local companies to capitalize the local presence & the command over the cultural & economical environment in their home country. In this paper we will try to highlight on the fact that local firms can compete successfully to MNC with close to Kingfisher & Haier as examples....   [tags: Globalization, Companies, Firms]

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Spillover effects of FDI: Do Domestic Manufacturing Firms Benefit from Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam?

- Spillover effects of FDI: Do Domestic Manufacturing Firms Benefit from Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam. Introduction Back in the 1990s, foreign direct investment (FDI) became the largest source of external finance for many developing countries. In Vietnam in particular, the Law on Foreign Investment promulgated in the 1986 Congress to attract FDI was considered the first step of the doi moi (renovation) reform. The cumulative FDI increased from 28 projects of total US$ 140 million FDI in 1988 to 8266 project for roughly US$ 78 billions at the end of 2006....   [tags: FDI Foreign Direct Investment]

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