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Fine Arts Programs Should Be Kept in Schools

- Fine arts gives students a chance to pour their hearts into something beautiful; a chance to be a part of something that is bigger than just themselves. Some schools are facing financial troubles with the current economy, and one of the first programs they consider cutting is fine arts. The removal of fine arts programs would be absolutely devastating to countless members of the community. Many students would lose their favorite class, in some cases the one class that helps them get through the day, and many teachers that truly care fir the students would lose their dream jobs....   [tags: Importance of Fine Arts]

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The Effect of Fine Arts Instruction on Cognitive Development

- The Effect of Fine Arts Instruction on Cognitive Development Does participating in the fine arts really improve a students’ intelligence. Many researchers have conducted tests to see if music instruction has an effect. “The arts traditionally have been valued as enriching a person’s life, but new research has found that music and art also stimulate brain development and enhance cognitive development” (Ferguson, 2000, para. 1-2). Cognitive is defined as relating to, being, or involving intellectual activity (Merriam-Webster, 2003)....   [tags: Fine Arts Education Intelligence Cognition Essays]

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The Museum Of Fine Arts

- Last Saturday I had a chance to visit one more time the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. It was a nice and pleasant time enjoyed with my dear English teacher Mr. Hamby, his lovely wife, and some of the fellow students from Lee College. It was a very nice sunny morning, enhancing this appreciation of art day. The Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden was a delight. There are sculptures presented in various materials, meanings, and forms. At the same time, it is like one compliment another. The used of different materials to produce the sculptures, such as bronze, concrete, steel, and native plants, give fusion to the garden....   [tags: Art, Arts, Sculpture, Art world]

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Fine Arts Education in The United States

- In the United States education reform has been a huge topic of debate. The implementation of no child left behind, emphasis on standardized testing, and debates on educational budgets show the ever-growing interest and importance of education in the United States. Among the debates over education in the United States are the subjects of fine arts, and the importance they play in public schools. When education budget cuts are made the first thing to go to the chopping block are fine art subjects such as music, art, and theater....   [tags: Public Education, Arts]

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Government Funding of The Fine Arts

- With cities spattered in looming cathedrals and marble sculptures and with bookshelves still faithful to classic works of literature and performance, the arts have proved themselves durable to the test of time. Long have these creations provided undying testament to mankind’s achievement and a window into the past. Perhaps no other category of art lends itself more to a view of history than the fine arts, or high arts, tradition with its well preserved pieces guarded and carefully designed to withstand the battery of time....   [tags: Economics]

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Fine Arts Classes Are Necessary

- Fine arts classes benefit students and schools alike. Fine arts are needed courses, not just as electives but as core classes that promote learning and creativity in the lives of students. There are three different styles of learning: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Fine art provides an avenue for all of these learning styles to be utilized during one class period; therefore, all students are able to understand and benefit from the curriculum. In a normal academic setting all types of learning may not be used, so a percentage of the classroom will not understand the lessons as well as it could have if it had arts incorporated into the class....   [tags: Persuasive Essay]

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The Museum of Fine Arts

- The Museum of Fine Arts One pleasant afternoon, my classmates and I decided to visit the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to begin on our museum assignment in world literature class. According to Houston Museum of Fine Art’s staff, MFAH considers as one of the largest museums in the nation and it contains many variety forms of art with more than several thousand years of unique history. Also, I have never been in a museum in a very long time especially as big as MFAH, and my experience about the museum was unique and pleasant....   [tags: Art Forms, India]

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The Importance Of Art And How Necessary Fine Arts Programs

- A Type A, quiet, biology major from a college city and a creative, outspoken, art major from a small town sit right next to each other for fifty-five minutes three times a week and never once speak to each other until these two pair up for an English project. Both seem to look at the other and assume that they do not have anything in common, nothing to talk about, zero similar interests and both eager to finish a sustainable paper. Although these two come from completely different backgrounds and most likely will never have a class together, the anti-creative biology major soon learned the importance of art and how necessary fine arts programs are for certain individuals....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Major, Pixar]

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Lack of Fine Arts Programs in Schools

- Although they are often ignored, poorly funded or cut from today’s school curriculum, the fine arts offer a wide variety of benefits to those who participate. As time goes on, people are not getting exposed enough to creativity to understand the betterment of fine arts. They are too involved in sports to understand that sometimes people just need a little creativity in their system to help broaden their ignorance. Not just the music industry or the acting industry, but people are forgetting about the beauty of what sculptures and painters do as well....   [tags: Art Education]

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Importance of Teaching Fine Arts in School

- Whether it is visual art, music, dance, or theatre; the arts are an essential part of today’s society that is needed in all schools. They are a part of our cultural heritage. The arts are what make most humans more complete as individuals. Scholars as far back as Plato have stressed the need for the arts in education. They cannot be taught randomly or casually any more than English, mathematics or science can. Education and commitment in the fine arts should be a vital part of every school’s curriculum and should be an important piece in the educational program for all students....   [tags: Curriculum, Culture, Expression]

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Should School Be Banned Fine Arts?

- Classical Argument Essay What would school be without the creative minds of the drama, art and music students showing off their work and creative passions. All they would be is a school full of kids without any creative outlet that isn’t something sports or academic related. I remember musical theater being a part of my elementary school life. I had just moved to my new school in the second grade and it helped me make friends and also discover my love for music, and it helped me express myself and also burn off some of the exuberant energy I had as a kid....   [tags: Art, Music, Education, High school]

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Money Funding Fine Arts Programs

- Sports or arts, what is more important to more students. If you ask them, the answers will vary depending on the individual, but it will sway more towards athletics. Fine arts programs are taking up too much of the budget given to high schools by the state. This problem is affecting the majority of public schools in the nation. There are far more benefits to funding the athletic programs than arts programs at high schools. Some of the money funding fine arts programs at high schools should be given to the athletic department because it promotes student involvement and increases school spirit....   [tags: High school, High School Musical, College]

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Schools Should Keep Supporting And Funding The Fine Arts Programs

- Due to financial struggles, schools are cutting more and more music and art programs and teachers are losing their jobs. Students are beginning to think band, art, choir, and other fine arts classes are “blow-off” classes or classes they don’t need to take seriously. High school bands are shrinking, choir and art classes are being cut, and kids are not getting the classes they need to express their creativity. Schools should keep supporting and funding the fine arts programs because music exercises the brain, art classes help creativity, performing boosts confidence, and all of these are crucial to successful learning....   [tags: Music, Art, Arts, The arts]

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Fine Studio Arts and Music

- ... Studio Arts facilitates the recognition of individual personal potentials in art making developments (Colwell 126). There is establishment of effective art practices focusing mainly on the art making through the adoption of appropriate designs for the artist or students folio of artwork production. Studio practice is a core major area of concern putting emphasis in coming up with a model that supports an artwork i.e. music practice. Analysis of visual artworks enables one to investigate and determine individual artist’s sources of inspiration in music composition and their art making influences....   [tags: practices, styles, modern media technology]

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The Benefits of a Fine Arts in Education

- Advantages of the Fine Arts in Education As previously stated, the fine arts in relation to education are broken up into four categories: dance, theater/drama, music, and visual arts. Each of these areas provides the student different advantages which can be implemented into all other academic classes. “Recent studies prove that integrating the arts into education enhances a student's development and performance. Students learning through the arts are more able to think at a higher level, collaborate with their peers, and score higher on standardized tests” (AATE, 2003)....   [tags: essays papers]

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Funding Fine Arts in Schools

- Funding Fine Arts in Schools - Abstract This paper entails the struggle that fine arts are facing in the school systems today. Fine arts include music, art, drama and dance. The funding for most, if not all school systems is being threatened in the worst way. Without proper funding, these programs will become non-existent in children’s lives. Not only are the aforementioned programs responsible for most of the entertainment in today’s school systems, there are many studies that show the significant, positive impacts on students that fine arts such as drama, art, and dance have on students....   [tags: essays papers]

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Fine Arts Should Remain a Curriculum at Public Schools

- Lets paint a picture together. Blank walls, silent rooms, and shy students are what is brushed on the canvas. Our picture is a result of the limitations put on the powers of artistry. Staci Maiers validates that “the school play, the marching band, the drama club, the student art show - they’re usually highlights of a student’s education” (1). “. . . [Fine Arts] can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing, creating the foundation to forge social bonds and community cohesion,” (qtd in Smith 2)....   [tags: dance, paint, art form, drama]

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What Pushed Me to Pursue a Career in Fine Arts

- I am a freckled, Caucasian, red-haired, Lutheran and Catholic mix, small town, and middle-class girl. My mother’s side shows their traditional Catholicism by attending church every Sunday in classy, elegant attire. My father’s side is loud, supportive, and flamboyant. I was raised on old-fashioned family values and the idea of money being a tool to help achieve goals.” My father’s family was generally lower class his whole life, and now he is always working very hard to give my sister and me endless opportunities....   [tags: culture assignment, career choices]

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- A person choosing what to do as a career is probably one of the hardest decisions they will ever make in their life. There are numerous options for education that will get a person to the same career goal. Usually, this means deciding among options such as a technical degree, a community college, or a university. After making this tough choice, the decision making process is far from over. Not only does the person need to choose what type of school they attend, such as private or public, but they also must choose where and most importantly with what degree....   [tags: Education]

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The Museum of Fine Arts: Madonna and Child with Souls in Purgatory

- The Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH) in Houston, Texas is a world-renowned institution on 10 acres of land in the Museum District of Houston. Located just minutes from Downtown Houston, it houses permanent collections, traveling exhibits, two art schools, and boasts a sculpture garden and lunch café. The art is housed in two buildings, museum quality on their own. The Caroline Weiss Law building was designed by famed architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The other, designed by award-winning architect Rafael Moneo, is the Audrey Jones Beck building....   [tags: Art]

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Fine Arts Education Issues

- Fine Arts Education Issues According to the National Art Education Association’s goals for schools, “all elementary schools shall require students to complete a sequential program of art instruction that integrates the study of art production, aesthetics, art criticism, and art history,” (Clark, 1987). Elementary schools are having difficulty because they are cutting back on the fine arts programming and many non-specialist classroom teachers are expected to integrate the fine arts into their daily curriculum....   [tags: essays papers]

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Fine Arts and Technology

- Fine Arts and Technology My high school’s motto was “Excellence through diversity” which always meant to me many different views and ideas coming together to achieve something great. My school had this motto because it was the “melting pot” of the county. A large majority of Special Ed and ESOL students traveled far to attend our school. These days diversity is more than just the different cultures and backgrounds the students have attending. The curriculum itself as-well-as the methods to teach it with are becoming more diverse....   [tags: Education Technological Classroom Essays]

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Visual and Performing Arts Play an Important Role in Student Development

- “Studies show that access to arts education in school offers distinct benefits to economically disadvantaged youth and students at risk of dropping out” (Ruppert). The importance of visual and performing art classes that provide art education has been debated for several of years. Many feel that art education has no actual use and is a waste of time for those involved. But in reality, “Students at risk of dropping out of school indicate their participation in the arts as a reason for staying in school” (Ruppert)....   [tags: Importance of Fine Arts]

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Why We Nneed to Fund Fine Arts Education Programs

- Why we need to fund fine arts education programs: business-like qualities instilled in a fine-arts student If someone came up to you and asked for you to advise them about whether or not going into the music or art business to make a living is a good idea, what would you say. “No” is the most common answer because of all of the risks and hard work involved. But, is fine arts education completely useless in a school's curriculum. No. In fact, this type of education can be useful in instilling values essential to the workforce and can even help a student develop businesslike qualities....   [tags: creative solution, music]

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Salt Aire Foundation is Preserving the Fine and Performing Arts

- Salt Aire Foundation is preserving the Fine and Performing Arts Business Description Salt Aire Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit 501c3 based in Utah, and dedicated to the preservation of education for all demographics including special needs, providing a unique emphasis on the Fine and Performing Arts. SAF Mission Statement The mission serves to elevate awareness, establish support, and offer educational opportunities and encouragement, thereby eliciting tremendous enthusiasm and momentum for the Arts and Humanities, while creating a positive impact in our communities....   [tags: Busienss Review]

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The Fine Arts are Essential for the Attainment of Human Excellence

- The Fine Arts are Essential for the Attainment of Human Excellence Fine art exists since the beginning of time. Its creation does not begin with that of mankind, for, verily, nature is the origin of all art; the ultimate of all artists. Humans, however, are not blind to it at birth. Since the bestowal of vision, both physical and that of the mind, man is expressing the desire to make corporeal that which it beholds. Evidence of this is found in ancient cave paintings, an attempt to immortalize a moment from the past, depicting one from another life....   [tags: Art Philosophy]

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San Francisco 1915 - Palace of Fine Arts

- San Francisco 1915 - Palace of Fine Arts The Palace of Fine Arts was one of the finest buildings constructed for the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. It was one of the most important symbols of the fair, situated near its center, at the end of the axis on which were located the Courts of the Four Seasons and of the Universe at the center, and the Court of Abundance, with the Machinery Palace framing the other side. The Palace was designed by a well known local architect, Bernard Maybeck (b....   [tags: Architecture History]

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Multi-Disciplinary Aspects in the Fields of Engineering.

- The term multi-disciplinary can be defined as the study of a single major topic with several branches of other disciplines. Nowadays, due to highly mobile and dissimilar society, profession changes are in routine. A number of studies have indicated that, after 10 years of work, perhaps as many as 80% of graduates have jobs with little or no direct relationship to their undergraduate majors [1]. Through the multidisciplinary studies program, students have the freedom to direct their studies in any one of several directions, gaining the versatility and flexibility so important in a changing environment [1]....   [tags: Majors, graduates, fine arts]

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A Piece of Art from the Al-Sabah Collection Presented at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Texas

- A piece of art is analyzed by the viewer which is presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston Texas. This particular piece is displayed in the Al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait. The item number is Inv. no. LNS 106 MS. The title provided by the museum informs the viewer that, this is a 17th century album page from Mughal dominions, India; which is made with Ink, colors, and gold on a paper. The painter used these materials and the overall theme of the art work to convey the message to the viewer that, the Mughals king is braver, powerful, and wealthy....   [tags: mughal kings, india, rectangular border]

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Music Vs. Visual Arts

- Music is a category of art all of its own. It has a strong power (per se) because it complements the being. It is pleasing to us without our even noticing most times that this is what it accomplishes. Music is more satisfying than the feeling of working on a mathematical equation; it touches our souls and reflects us inwardly and completely. It is a precise construct and can’t be held in equal comparison with the visual arts. While music is neither an internalized contentment that cannot definitively be explained nor is needed to be learned to fully enjoy it....   [tags: Art, Music, Visual arts, Fine art]

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Kelly Mark’s Public Disturbance: HB Series: Take1/ Take 2/ Take 3

- The advent of film and television has redefined the way we approach and understand culture, from the popular to the fine arts. Arguably the last century has witnessed the materialization, spread, and ubiquity of Clement Greenberg’s frightful “ersatz” culture, of the duplicate, and of nearly all other cultural ‘abominations’ he wrote about . Remakes, reruns, covers, memes, are more than ever part of our cultural fabric, and flows into the fine arts by means of appropriation, kitsch endeavours, collage, to name but an established few....   [tags: culture, fine arts, vocabulary of video]

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Why Are We Create Visual Arts?

- Everyone can create visual arts. One hundred years ago, mostly men, had been relatively accepted to have the skill to on their own be able to do art. It unfortunately was widely believed that creativity came from men and that women could not be created. Some even believed that pieces that a woman put their work were unintentionally credited to have unfortunately been painted by relatives or tutors. This was all done to hold a woman back from what they could do, however some still achieved for a time what they sought....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Fine art, Art history]

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Is Art Dead?

- Is Art Dead. I have been given a lot of grief about my choice to further my education in the fine arts. I have been told that I should not follow my passion, because it will leave me with very few job options. I have been told that even if I am lucky enough to find a job that the pay will be terrible. I have been told that I should obtain a career that doesn't interest me just for the sake of a salary. Well, I hope to prove those naysayers wrong, I might not be pursuing a career that is renowned for being “stable,” but I am pursuing my passion....   [tags: fine arts, passion, career in arts]

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A Student At San Jose State University ( Sjsu )

- INTRODUCTION As a student at San Jose State University (SJSU), I understand that it is very hard for students to change their field of study. If science students want to change to art majors, they may have to start over because each field has specific skills and requirements. Therefore, it will take a lot of time to build them again, especially the discourse community. From the handout, “Preparing for the DI”, a discourse community is “a group of people who share specialized uses of language that enable them to participate in working, playing, studying, or socializing for a common purpose” (Judnick)....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts]

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The Art Critic, Harold Rosenberg

- The Following Essay is Based on Actual Events The art critic, Harold Rosenberg, once called the two dimensional picture plane of a canvas “an arena for action.” The artist’s climatic turmoil lies in the fear behind trying to discover new boundaries to analyze, beyond the space of the picture. As a matter of fact, the Avant-Garde has explored and pushed the creative envelope beyond the boundaries of perception. Comparatively speaking the possibilities and breakthroughs in modernism, spanning hundreds of years, are now the masterpieces that collectively hang in art museums....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Fine art, Arts]

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Learning Visible And Help Students

- As noted by Rogers, the arts both make learning visible and help students to develop skills that help them construct meaning from the subject (Rogers, 2011). As a visual learner, I know that I need these opportunities to help make abstract subject matter real. When I work out math problems, I can best understand by visually represent the problem or by drawing a model. In Kindergarten, almost everything we do includes more than one of the arts or attempts to reach a variety of learning styles. When we work on sight words, we sculpt them from play dough, sing, dance and build them from Legos....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Arts, Fine art]

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The Neo Wittgensteinian Theory Of Art

- Among the many theories of art that have emerged over time, the theory I will defend in this paper is the Neo-Wittgensteinian theory of Art. I will defend this view against the following (two) objections: a) The “open concept” idea of art is too expansive, and b) the “family resemblance” theory of artworks is also too expansive. The Neo-Wittgensteinian theory of Art has been modeled mainly after the ideologies and teachings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, a philosopher and logician from Austria. Much of his work focuses on the validity of the use of language, which is applied to the argument I made in this paper....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Aesthetics, Fine art]

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My Goals And Philosophy Of Education

- This lesson is informed by my philosophy of education reflecting the purpose of school as a space for student 's to gain an education in art, driven by the desire to understand and learn about the world around them, and how they participate by expressing the innate creative ideas offered that are part of the human experience. Each student will develop the natural curiosity that is gained through developing and strengthening creative problem solving. In addition, students will research artists that have used collage techniques to address world issues....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Fine art, Art critic]

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Art And Its Impact On Society

- Throughout the world art is used to convey numerous messages pertaining to a political issue or for consumerism. Evidently, this medium reaches people in a multitude of ways. Art is displayed through movies, music, visual art, or video games, and it is able to reach various audiences and it successfully resonates with each person in a particular way. Indeed, one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Aristotle, stated that “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”.()Even more so, art displays what message the artist would want to convey to an audience, either positive or negative....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Fine art, Mass media]

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Biography Of Pensacola Christian College 's Definition Of Art

- History of Art Research paper My goal for this paper is to give a practical critique and defense of what I have learned in my time as a Studio Art Major. During my time here I have learned that Pensacola Christian college’s definition of art “art is the organized visual expression of ideas or feelings” and the four parts of Biblosophy: cannon, communication, client, and creativity. Along with Biblosophy I have studied Dr. Frances Schaeffer 's criteria for art, seeing how the technical, and the major and minor messages in artwork....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Aesthetics, Fine art]

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Fine Art Education For Public Schools

- In the United States, fine art education in public schools have been a controversial topic for years. Due to fundings, imagine your child had to choose between art or math. Well of course a parent would choose a math course because they would not survive society in their future without counting. Although, fine art gives an opportunity for a student to express themselves with their thoughts and feelings through the participation of the fine arts. As in today’s society everything is consider “art”....   [tags: Art, Music, Visual arts, United States]

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How Design And Fine Art

- What has fascinated me is how design and fine art are no longer discrete areas. It seems that so much design has morphed into fine art and vice-versa; advertising can look like contemporary art and architecture can look like sculpture. Clearly barriers have been broken down in more than just social and cultural norms in our Postmodernism era. Ideological relativism has reached out into the creative spheres and none more so than in Installation art, the area my Advanced Higher is engaging. However, after visiting Phyllida Barlow’s installation in The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh I was aware that a different sensibility remains and there still seems to be a clear distinction between a “de...   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Aesthetics, Conceptual art]

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Visual Art And The Visual Arts

- Introduction Visual art is a term that is broad in meaning and describes an array of different elements that make up the category of what is depicted as art and what Americans transcend from art to be of philosophical value. Throughout American history, humans have been fascinated with the aesthetics, epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, and logic of art, and have adopted their understanding of these philosophies through global, historical, societal, and cultural context of the visual arts as a beginning form of language....   [tags: Art, Aesthetics, Fine art, Thomas Jefferson]

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The Funding For Arts Programs

- ”In ancient societies, artistic ability was associated with leadership and religious roles” (Flynn par.5). Art is an extraordinarily large part of human culture. Evidently, it has been for a very large span of time. It influences the way people dress, how they conduct themselves, and even how they may speak. As well, it allows people to express themselves, make others feel good, and to communicate messages. If there was not the extravagant pool of art in the world that there is now, life would be entirely different....   [tags: Art, Music, Arts, The arts]

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Rationale for Integrating the Arts

- Integrating the arts across the curriculum is an innovative, yet effective educational process by which students learn through the arts. The program's intent is not to necessarily teach the arts, but to use them within the regular curricula. The activities use art as the catalyst to make learning meaningful and motivating. Students learn best when they are actively learning. The arts provide opportunities in which students are actively involved in learning. Students are more likely to retain knowledge and information when they are involved in the learning process....   [tags: Arts Education]

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The Between Arts And Entertainment

- The qualifications for classifications as art, the connection between arts and entertainment, the relationship between business and the arts and the safety net of the non-profit classification are explored in the following paragraphs. What is art. The distinction between what the masses consider art is indeed changing. Gone are the days where only precise oil-paintings by a classical trained man in a black baret are exclusively classified as the only true form of art. Nowadays people are willing to label numerous activities that involve creative processes as “art.” After All what is art....   [tags: Art, Arts, Music, Aesthetics]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Musee Des Beaux Arts '

- Modern Life "Musee des Beaux Arts" is a poem written by W.H. Auden in December of 1938, while he was staying in Brussels Belgium. The poem ‘Musee des Beaux Arts’ means ‘Museum of Fine Arts’ in French, he composed this after he visited the museum in Paris. This poem may be hard to understand when you first read it, and has the feel of being much older than 77 years of age. Although, this poem is very complex it is still relative and can be applied to our current modern day life. Many issues and problems the world had 80 years ago still exist today, and they will continue to exist for another 80 years after us....   [tags: Art, Modernism, W. H. Auden, Arts]

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The Arts Vs. Arts

- As states struggle to balance their budgets, students start to suffer. The state’s budgets have allowed for less funds to be able to go to schools, which means less money available for the arts in schools. Some people don’t realize how important classes such as art, band, and drama really are for students to be successful. The arts in schools are more than just drawing, playing an instrument, or acting. They help students find themselves and actually improve test scores, which is what schools are all about nowadays....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College, Music]

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History Of Goucher College : A Private, Liberal Arts College Located Outside Of Baltimore, Maryland

- Goucher College is a private, liberal arts college located outside of Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded as a women’s college in 1885 by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Goucher’s first house history, The History of Goucher College, was written by Anna Heubeck Knipp and Thaddeus P. Thomas and covered the first fifty years of the institution. The College’s second volume was written by Frederick Musser, a modern language professor at Goucher. The History of Goucher College, 1930-1985 follows the administrations of four presidents whose terms coincided quite closely with three of the major periods of higher education (Musser, 1990)....   [tags: College, University, Liberal arts college]

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The Humanities And The Arts

- In many schools of thought, from the fine arts to film, creators and intellectual circles alike often broaden their perspective with cross-disciplinary philosophy. Many still give credence to the antiquated concepts of psychoanalysis, particularly Sigmund Freud, who has been a large part of literature, art and film theory within the post 20th century. While psychoanalysis holds importance to the historical context of philosophy in the humanities and the arts, psychoanalysis also provides very limited perspectives in analyzing film form....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, Film noir]

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The Museum Of Fine Art

- Of the Museum of Fine Art’s varied collection, nearly five hundred artworks in total, three paintings in particular were both relevant to the course and interesting to me. Among other nineteenth and twentieth century artworks, the museum is in possession three paintings by Claude Monet, one of the most noteworthy artists of the Impressionist movement (mfa giverny). The paintings, in the order they were created, are titled The Road To Vétheuil Snow Effect, Springtime in Giverny Afternoon Effect, and Houses of Parliament: Effect of Fog, London....   [tags: Impressionism, Claude Monet, En plein air]

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Schools and Arts

- Assignment #4 School is an institute for educating children and adults that wish to gain success and become enriched. However, schools everywhere are shutting down extracurricular activities and cutting out classes such as art, ceramics, band, choir, orchestra, and dance that give students potential to thrive in their lives. People claim that they want their kids to be well-rounded, confident, and smart, but are dismissing classes that are essential to building any of those. Schools should not cut the fine arts programs because this can lead to students becoming less socially confident, experience difficulty with motor skills and spatial intelligence, and lack creativity later in life....   [tags: extracurricular activities, strong schools]

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The Role Of Cultural Statistics On Arts And Culture Sector

- When someone thoroughly thinks of participation, he or she may come up with the realization that there are two connotations of the term - active and passive. This can focus on a variety of activities from active participation in performing in front of an audience through acting, dancing, or a live music concert, to passive participation in visits to art galleries, watching a motion picture, or as an audience at a performing arts event. As a result of enrolling into the course Economics and the Arts, I have learned the fundamental aspects of cultural statistics pertaining to the Arts and Culture Sector....   [tags: Art, Music, Performing arts, Art museum]

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Cutting The Arts : Beneficial Or Detrimental?

- Cutting the Arts: Beneficial or Detrimental. Funds have been cut in more than eighty percent of school districts since 2008 (Boyd). Subjects such as music, art, and foreign language are often the very first to go (Boyd). There are people who are willing to fight to keep band, and there are people that want to get rid of the program. Many argue that a music program improves the quality of a school 's academic performance, but opponents of music programs argue that these programs detract from the educational process (McDaniel)....   [tags: High school, Music, Education, School]

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Funding Cuts For Arts Programs

- A recent development in public education has been the decline in arts programs nationwide. Budget cuts to arts programs are responsive to decreases in state funding, especially in states with conservative economic policies. Many states have also enacted legislation disabling local school districts’ abilities to justify employing art and music teachers. Consequently, several problems have manifested themselves, including the loss of arts programs proving detrimental to the overall quality of education for today’s children....   [tags: High school, Education, School, Teacher]

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The Different Sides to the Literate Arts

- In “The Dark Night of the Soul,” Richard Miller attempts to find the purpose of the humanities. Miller argues that the humanities give access to the best ideas of human beings. He discusses the positives and negatives of literature, from the common idea that reading is a sure way to improving one’s quality of life, to the unintended consequences of taking the ideas of others to the extreme. If the written word can be used for both good and bad, then what is the purpose of the humanities. The humanities are made up of disciplines that make up human culture, from law, history, philosophy, literature, and the fine arts....   [tags: education, humanitites, knowledge]

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Student Development in Theatre Arts

- Art is the creation of beautiful things. Whether it be music, painting, drawing or acting, all aspects provoke aesthetically pleasing masterpieces. To be artistic is the ability to illustrate a natural creative skill. Now, a person who is able to exhibit such fine work is an artist. Practicing any of the arts, an artist demonstrates a profession that is undeniably unique and requires visual knowledge. Practicing one of the performing arts, an artist reveals a talent that constitutes multiple abilities in public performance: visually, socially, and physically....   [tags: emotional discovery]

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Fine Art and Applied Art Should Be Defined

- ... Applied arts can include architecture, pottery, basket weaving, costumes, interior design, jewelry, tools, weapons, and bookbinding as well. An example of applied arts that I wear every day is my ring. My ring is made out of metal and stones and twists into the shape of an infinity symbol. This is my favorite piece of jewelry that I own, which is why I wear it everyday. Now that the terms fine arts and applied arts have been defined, we can move onto the purposes and functions of art. There are four purposes of art: to provide a record, to give visible or other form to feelings, to reveal metaphysical or spiritual truths, and to help people see the world in new or innovative ways....   [tags: aesthetic characteristics, purposes]

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Support of the Arts

- Support of the Arts Researchers DiMaggio and Pettit (1999), report that the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has had trouble keeping support from the U.S. Congress. The House of Representatives has voted against the NEA, however, the Senate was still in favor of supporting it. The NEA has also been given a lot of trouble from Christian conservatives and Republicans who are highly against the NEA and working hard to end their federal support. Attitudes Toward the Arts DiMaggio and Pettit (1999) conducted a study by getting numerous people to complete different surveys, all having to do with support for the arts....   [tags: essays papers]

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Pennsylvania Musical Arts

- Central Pennsylvania, and specifically, the Harrisburg area, is full of many potentially bright minds who unfortunately can’t always find the right place with people who will nurture and encourage them. Plagued with the common national problem of an overpopulation of students paired with an understaffing of teachers, many of these minds go by without anyone to guide them in the right direction. As a result, intelligence that could be used to better the world around us is directed toward darker things such as crime and violence....   [tags: Music ]

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Liberal Arts Education

- When entering into college as a freshman students are required to take some form of a freshman year experience course. Many students are under the impression that this course will be a waste of time and most are clueless as to what the course will entail. Being in this course throughout the semester has proven those notions that the course is a waste of time to be absolutely false. One of the primary topics discussed during this course is the idea of the liberal arts education. This is an idea that an education should not only tech one the skills necessary to be successful in a given career field but provide the skills necessary for individuals to be more productive members of society....   [tags: humanities, natural sciences]

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Funding Arts and PE in Public Education

- In today’s public education system fine arts and physical education classes are considered to be inferior to the core classes. Because math and English classes are considered more important, not enough money is put aside to fund the arts and PE, or the elective classes. In order to fix the problem of arts and physical education being considered inferior to core classes more emphasis and more money should be given to PE, arts, and humanities so that they are of equal importance as the core subjects....   [tags: learning, health, fitness, culture, humanities]

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Save the Arts

- Within the past few years, the government has been taking major strides to improve the education system by increasing the funding for our school systems and programs. They are increasing the school?s funding by taking away the funds from the art, dance, and theatre classes, among other programs. As a student raised in the atmosphere of the arts and a student now majoring in theatre, I feel very strongly that the government is making a major mistake by taking money away from the arts. The arts should be supported because children earn a great deal of self-confidence by being involved in the arts....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Fine Art, Fashion and Design

- My essay is going to be a discussion on whether fine art, fashion and designers are linked with each other. On starting my essay I looked up the definition of Fine art, the term is used to distinguish the variation of creative art forms, developed by humans. Some of the many concepts which fall under this category are painting, drawing, calligraphy, sculpture etc. I agree that fine art uses lots of visually appealing methods which seem graceful, like calligraphy the work produced is quite delicate and pretty....   [tags: Art]

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Ancient Greek: The Birthplace of Western Civilization

- Ancient geek was the birthplace of western civilization about 4000 years ago. Ancient Greece produced many magnificent achievements in areas of government, science, philosophy and the fine arts that still influenced our lives. Old Greece influenced western progress in governmental issues. Greece had the first known popular government. In Greece Athens was the support of majority rules system in the western human advancement. The Greek had a state man who name is Pericles. Pericles had three objectives, to fortify majority rule government, hold quality in the realm and to commend the Athens....   [tags: philosophy, fine art, socrates]

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Ethical Dillemma Commonly Experiences in the Arts and Science

- ... However, with this demand of furthering knowledge comes a required face of reality when situations occur that do not fit the normality of people’s ideals. One rather common and well-known real life situation that relates to the ethical judgments in the natural sciences is the carrying out of animal experimentation in order to further knowledge relatable to humans. The main ethical judgment against animal experimentation is that the animals placed in these situations face an unavoidable amount of pain....   [tags: judgement, animal testing, racial]

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The World Of Art, All Things Are Possible

- “In the world of art, all things are possible.” -Kenji Bando We are defined by the impact we have on the world and the vision we leave behind for others. With art, I know that all things are possible, but to be a true artist is to understand what art is and how to communicate beauty, pain, struggle, laughter, and love to the world. I am pursing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre, Performance and I believe this program will allow me to grow as an artist and a person. Throughout my childhood, my mother was a single parent with multiple jobs....   [tags: Film, Art, Aesthetics, Fine art]

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The Philosophy Of Jung And Heidegger 's Theory

- One of my favorite professor’s once said you should keep good sentences in your head; one good sentence that is always in my head is “the more specific you make something, the more universal it becomes.” I think my work relates to Jung and Heidegger’s theory mainly to their focus on the artistic practice as a way to be more conscious of the self and the individual in relation to the world. Although art is important for the artist to express something they know to the audience, it is also important for the artist to learn through the process....   [tags: Art, Aesthetics, Psychology, Fine art]

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Benefits Of Arts For Children With Disabilities

- With the new rehabilitation and therapy techniques, the improvement of conditions like physical and mental disadvantages in children are been successfully treated every day. Contributing with this achievement as another decisive factor in the kid’s development, the benefits of arts independently of a simple entertainment activity, have become another useful tool to assist the growing creativity, motor and social skills of children suffering from disabilities. Through the promotion and stimulation of their minds and bodies to create something new, the upgrading and progress of their condition becomes a visible evidence of the experimented recovery, and evolution of difficulties that are comm...   [tags: Mind, Idea, Thought, A Great Way to Care]

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Martial Arts Morality and Ethics

- As a person attends traditional martial arts classes they are molded into a new being, a being who lives by a moral code of honor. People hear the words “martial arts” and think of the movies with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, but the movie audience fails to see that there is more to traditional martial arts than fighting. The main focus is to better yourself morally, you can go ask any black belt in a traditional martial arts system why they train and most will tell you it’s because of the morals they learn not because of the fighting....   [tags: Martial Art Philosophy]

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The Carpenter Center For The Visual Arts

- The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the only building actually built by Le Corbusier in the United States. The structure was completed in 1963. Le Corbusier took his principals of architecture and implemented them into the good design of the structure, giving the building a resemblance of true modernism. The main factors that got my attention were the use of the five principals of architecture and also how the building focus on the circulation between person and structure, In and out of the building....   [tags: Le Corbusier, Modernism, Harvard University]

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Censorship Of Visual Arts And Literature

- Freeing Mental Blocks: How Censorship Towards Visual Arts and Literature in the United States Contradicts Our Basic Human Rights According to the American Historians Association, while propaganda is difficult to define, a general belief of the definition of propaganda is “any ideas or beliefs that are formatted to be spread and promoted.” Researchers have seen the usage of propaganda since the 480 BC in order to for the Greeks to be persuaded towards a naval battle....   [tags: Censorship, Freedom of speech]

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Why Should Cinematic Arts?

- Why Should Chrsitians Be Invovled in Cinematic Arts. According to the statsics by a leading internet statstics company Statista, American Entertainment industry earned 564 billion U.S. dollars in 2014, and it is expected for the industry to grow rapidly overtime (“Film Industry”, n.d.). Amazingly, the number of theaters in United States has reached 5,683 in 2012, and the number of screens are even more than that (“Film Industry”, n.d.). This means that astronmomical number of people are exposed to film....   [tags: Film, Film director, Entertainment, Culture]

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The Achievement Of Public Schools

- Seeing the disappointment in my fellow peer’s faces when they announced that they were removing two of the choir classes and photography was heart breaking. They assumed that it would be cheaper and better to support a class of mysteries of history. Watching the stressed band director replace broken parts of the instruments with his own money because the school won’t even look his way is shameful. Slowly, more and more of the arts and the people who enjoy them are being neglected. Public schools in America aren’t paying enough attention to the fine and visual arts in our education system....   [tags: Art, Education, Arts, Visual arts]

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Analysis Of Orna Feinstein 's ' The Garden Of Paper '

- Garden of Paper Paper is common in some lives more than others. Some people may use paper to write down a note to themselves while others may sketch a portrait of themselves. Paper is used everyday in our lives though. There are many ways to use paper in which the common person does not. As artists, we are constantly looking at things and changing them, making them something new. This is no different with paper. Some artists solely work with paper, twisting it and folding it....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Arts, Music]

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My Personal Goals And Philosophy

- Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by the arts. Ever since I was little, the world of the arts captivated me to the extent of me getting into the arts today. The role that my art plays in my life is that it helps me express my emotions, dreams, views of the world, along with my voice. With Studying Fine Art at the Academy of art University, I can get the right to “be yourself” in a way, that gives me, the artist, the freedom to paint/draw what-what I please, in me own creative way. But to me personally....   [tags: Art, Arts, Music, Visual arts]

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An Evaluation On Cityscapes Around The Lake

- An Evaluation on Cityscapes Around the Lake Artprize: a time when a variety of artists from all around the world gather in Grand Rapids, Michigan to display their own artistic creations. It is a time of celebration and festivity, honoring many great artists that come to display the art they have to show to the public. It was most certainly a tough choice to pick out some favorites out of this wide variety of incredible, awe-inspiring, and very surreal display of art from all over, but there were a few pieces that definitely came to mind throughout the process....   [tags: Art, Arts, Sculpture, Visual arts]

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The Renaissance And Its Influence On The Visual Arts

- The Renaissance was a time of adulation for Humanism, a movement that advocated the intensification of "personal independence," "individual expression," and a renewed élan devoted to the classics. Renaissance, a word meaning rebirth, refers to the cultural epoch wherein Ancient Greek and Roman styles were rediscovered and celebrated as a result of trade expansion and a need for knowledge of lexical works (thus, the popularization of Latin). This attitude concerning rebirth was especially reflected in the multitudes of masterpieces produced up to the sixteenth century: artists expelled certain features from preceding Medieval art and appended their oeuvres with techniques unseen in previous a...   [tags: Florence, Renaissance, Italy, Italian Renaissance]

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How Can I Be An Artist

- Chapter 3: (Rhythm/Time)—The Daily Grind I remember transitioning from high school to college and thinking, “Now I will get to do whatever I want. I can eat when I want, play when I want, and make whatever kind of art I want.” I was naïve, of course, and I learned on the very first day of classes that it was going to take a great deal of discipline if I wanted to become an artist. In high school, I was one of a small handful of the “art kids,” the talented ones who could draw, paint, or sculpt, but now I was surrounded by a lot of talented individuals, most of whom were far more talented than I was....   [tags: Art, Arts, Want, Visual arts]

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The New Orleans Museum Of Art

- Previously mentioned, Digital Asset Management is the function of photographing, organizing and archiving works of art for the reference of museum employees and further for the reference of public entities interested in accessing this media offsite. In order to further prove the significance of digital museums, I will reference my own communities’ public government run cultural heritage institution. The New Orleans Museum of Art or NOMA has recently begun to digitize the full extent of their collection in conjunction with web-based institutions interested in the expanding awareness and access to fine arts, notably they have partnered with Google to begin the virtual museum process....   [tags: Art, Arts, Digital, Visual arts]

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