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Media Coverage Of Female Athlete

- Gender bias in media is a problem with multiple different aspects. Statistics show that 40% of all athletes are women, but they receive just 4% of media coverage (The Statistics). Secondly, a recent analysis found that of 6,503 sports photos taken by national newspapers, only 78 were of females (Media Coverage). What are the reasons toward such uneven coverage. Females participating in athletics get more attention to their physical appearance than their actual ability to perform the sport. Athletes that are not considered appealing or attractive are commonly disregarded and forgotten by the media....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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Female Athlete As A Athlete

- Gender discrimination is prominent in every industry, but it is as though the sport industry is one of the worst. Women in the work force currently receive only 80 cents to every man’s dollar (Holmes, 2016). However, female athletes both in America and internationally receive a far lesser compensation for their attributes. The only difference of the sports being played is who plays them. There should be no reason why a male athlete receives better pay simply because he had a 50% chance of being born a man....   [tags: Gender, Discrimination, Phoenix Mercury]

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The Female Athlete: The Image and the Ideal

- The Female Athlete: The Image and the Ideal The ideal images of female athletes presented in the films for this class have had a strong connection to the images of ideal women in society in general. Like the ideal image of women, there are many variations of the ideal image of female athletes. While Dare to Compete tracked the evolution of the role of the real female athletes, the feature films we watched presented varying views of the ideal female athlete, which has been different in different times and places....   [tags: Women Sports]

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The Female Athlete and the Search Equality

- The Female Athlete and the Search Equality Soccer is not seen as a non-traditional sport for women, especially not since the US Women's National Team won the World Cup in 1999, but like most women's sports it was at one time thought of as a male only sport. I grew up in a very athletic family, where both my brother and my father loved to play soccer, so naturally I fell in love with the sport at a very young age, in fact I was about 5 when I started playing. At that time I was one of the few girls playing in the only peewee league; a league that was co-ed....   [tags: Personal Narrative Papers]

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The Three Elements of the Female Athlete Triad

- The Three Elements of the Female Athlete Triad For an increasing number of women in the United States, a concern or preoccupation with body weight and size is a constant pressure. Female athletes, like most women in our society, are also often pressured to conform to certain ideal body sizes and shapes, as dictated by the entertainment and fashion industries. Female athletes, however, face a twofold pressure. They face the burden that our culture places on all women to be thin, but they also face the burden from coaches, parents, and other athletes to succeed in sports and look good doing so by maintaining an unrealistically low weight....   [tags: Athletics Women Health Papers]

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Female Athlete Salaries versus Male's

- Female Athlete Salaries versus Male's For many years women have been fighting for equal pay, equal benefits, and equal rights. When Congress passed Title IX, women thought they had won the battle, but still they have a long way to go. In 1972,Congress passed the Educational Amendments. One section, Title IX prohibits discrimination against girls and women in federally funded education, which includes athletic programs (Feminist Majority Foundation). Congress developed Title IX because of the gross inequities in college sports (McCullough)....   [tags: Papers]

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Is Girls A Successful Athlete?

- Often times companies choose to publish videos to advertise what they offer; however, here lately I’ve noticed a few companies taking charge and using their name to get messages out into the world. Three well-known companies such as Under Armor, Dove, and Always are making a change. The goal is to break the stereotypes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Also companies are beginning to show that girls are equal to guys in all aspects such as being a successful athlete. Best part of these two commercials is individual women who are both well-known and ones that are no special actress, but women who have been through something to teach them to never give up....   [tags: Boy, Girl, Female, Woman]

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Media, Sexualisation and Female Tennis.

- Within todays sporting community, certain aspects of sport and its practices promote and construct ideas that sport in general is a male dominated. Sports media often provides an unequal representation of genders. Women athletes are regularly perceived as mediocre in comparison to their male equivalents (Lenskyj, 1998). Achievement in sport is generally established through displays of strength, speed and endurance, men usually set the standards in these areas, consequently woman rarely reach the level set by top male athletes....   [tags: female athletes, sports, media]

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Should Female Athletes Be Paid The Same As Male Athletes?

- Should Female Athletes Be Paid the Same As Male Athletes “A woman is human. She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, she is never less. Equality is a given. A woman is human,” Vera Nazarian. Unfortunately now in the United States, women are being treated less than their male counterparts, especially when it comes to professional athletics. In an article entitled, Taking a Closer Look at the Gender Pay Gap in Sports, written by John Walters on, he exclaims, “Each player on the USWNT earns $99,000 per year provided the team wins 20 “friendlies” (exhibition matches), the minimum number of matches they would play...   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Boy]

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Female Athletes And Its Impact On Women 's Sports

- If it is said that an individual plays, throws, or hits like a girl these statements are often meant to be insults. Female athletes are usually viewed as less accomplished than their male counter parts. Athletics for women are considered hobbies, not a career path. While women’s sports have made great strides towards being equal, the stigma that women’s sports are inferior is still prevalent. While co-ed sports teams might not be the answer, allowing women opportunities to play the same sports as men is a step in the right direction....   [tags: Gender, Female, Woman, Male]

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Women Vs. Female High School Sports

- Is laying out a girl okay if it is on a football field. Most males are taught never to hit a female, so why should we force young males to be put in a situation were they have to hit one. Would it be okay to hit a female off the field. This could stir up some problems with the males when they get older. Men fight with other men because they were allowed to hit each other on a field. If we allow the females to get hit by the males on the field would they think they could do the same when they are not playing....   [tags: Female, Gender, Male, Sex]

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Eating Disorders And The Athlete

- Both the videos in module 9 spoke upon the same message, eating disorders–the signals, the reason, the types and the solutions. The first video, “Introduction to Eating Disorders” spoke mostly about the various types of eating disorders and their associated behaviors. The video also shares how to identify types of eating disorders, which I thought was enlightening. The second video “Eating Disorders and the Athlete” expressed a similar overall message about eating disorders but, then switched focus to the female athlete triad syndrome....   [tags: Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa]

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Life Of Being A Male Athlete

- Can you imagine being born a male, but ever since you were a child feeling as though you are a female. Well, this is the story of a sports icon and his final moments of being a male athlete. This is the story of Bruce Jenner now referred to as Caitlyn. At the age of 65, after being married three times over the course of 42 years and fathering six children, and raising four step-children Bruce made an unflinching decision to transition from a male to a transgendered female. In the late 1970’s, in order to feel some sort of a connection to his gender identity Bruce secretly wore panty hose and a brassiere underneath his suits....   [tags: Marriage, Gender, Family, Bruce Jenner]

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The Diet Of An Athlete

- Diet: I grew up in a household where to leave the table your whole plate had to be whipped clean. My family had a very close relationship to go old Southern cooking. This meant a table full of cornbread, pinto beans, and fried chicken. This was not a problem when I was an active child, but unfortunately as my years increased so did this horrendous diet. I was never great in the self-control department; this resulted in countless sodas, and constant snacking. Clearly this is not the diet of an athlete in training but since it has been adopted by far too many....   [tags: Physical exercise, Obesity, Vegetable]

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Female Athletes Scrutinized for their Appearance

- Title IX was passed in 1972 and according to the Women’s Sports Foundation, as of 2011, women make up 38-42 percent of all sport and physical activity participants. Yet, research shows that women receive only 6-8 percent of the total sports coverage. A double standard is defined as a set of principles that allows greater freedom to one person or group than to another. ( In athletics, women are judged more on their appearances and their non-sport related activities, than their male counterparts who are judged primarily on their skills and performances....   [tags: Sports, Coverage]

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Media Coverage Of Female Athletes

- This study intends to illustrate what kind of progression has taken place in regards to media coverage of female athletes competing in the Olympic games during 2012 and the most recent summer games of 2016. Gender inequality is not only present under socio-cultural terms but also in the sport institution. Females have faced many forms of barriers since the start of the Olympics in 1896 when they were not even allowed to participate. This entry barrier was removed in the 1900, however even then females were only allowed to participate in sports that matched the public’s perception of “femininity” as sports were professed “masculine” (Markula,2009)....   [tags: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games]

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Women Sport Athlete Injuries

- The number of girls and women participating in all levels of sports has risen greatly in recent years, and the way they play has changed too. Women's sports used to be played by a slow defensive style. Today, the sports are played with speed, precision, and power. With these changes have come increased injuries, and female athletes have higher injury rates than men in many sports. Knee injuries have been rising in female sports. Anterior crutiate ligament (ACL) injuries have become the most common injury in the knee to female athletes....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Female Participation Within Sports And Physical Activity

- Over the last few decades there can be seen a major shift in female participation within sports and physical activity. Many have the mentality that due to making immense headway recently, means that females can cease to worry about their ability to participate, however I do not agree with this. Despite a noticeable shift in female participation over the last few decades, women continue to face adversity through trying to prove the legitimacy of female athletes and sports, a lack of shift in gender ideology, and being seen as equals to males within the world or sports and physical activity in general....   [tags: Gender, Male, Female, Sex]

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Women Of Female Athletes : The Movie ' Voices '

- Introduction Nike released a new film entitled “Voices” to celebrate women in sport on the 40th anniversary of Title IX. The short film features four personal stories of some amazing female athletes, spanning three generations. The women include Joan Benoit Samuelson (legendary distance runner), Lisa Leslie (four-time gold medalist and WNBA pioneer), Marlen Esparza (USA Boxing’s 6-time national champion and member of the USA Women’s Boxing team) and Diana Taurasi (two-time gold medalist, guard for Phoenix Mercury and former WNBA MVP)....   [tags: Gender, Woman]

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I Am An Athlete And Nutrition

- I am an athlete and nutrition plays a very important role in my abilities to perform. It has been well documented that optimal nutrition can lead to an enhancement in an athlete’s physical activity, athletic performance, and recovery from exhaustive exercise (Clark, M., Reed, D. B., Crouse, S. F., and Armstrong, R. B., 2003). Also, athletes are expending more energy so therefore they need more calories for this extra expenditure of energy (Clark, M., Reed, D. B., Crouse, S. F., and Armstrong, R....   [tags: Nutrition, Vitamin, Nutrient, Association football]

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Understanding The Complexities Of An Athlete

- Adam Gardner Cluster Proposal Paper October 28, 2014 Understanding the Complexities of an Athlete both Mind and Body For as long as I can remember, I have always been an athlete. With the physical attributes of being an athlete, there is also the mental part to consider. As I continued to pursue my athletic career, I also wanted to become a better communicator and study behind the scenes of being an athlete. When I joined college I pursued my curiosity of every aspect of athletics, which led me to choose becoming an athletic trainer, to understand the ins and outs of athletes....   [tags: Communication, Media studies]

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Benefits Of Being A College Athlete

- Sleeping problems are fairly common amongst college students. Many of the students tested throughout the studies who had sleep problems also had higher levels of anxiety, intrusive thoughts, social connectedness, self-esteem, sleep disturbances, and depression. Compared to older adults, college students woke up more during sleep, but other than that, older adults showed higher levels of fatigue, napping, etc. (Koffel & Watson, 2009). We could assume that this is be due to a much higher rate activities, such as friends, practices, etc., or possibly students having problems adjusting to their new lifestyle....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Sleep deprivation, Insomnia]

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Knee Brace: An Athlete's Uniform

- When an athlete catches the sound of their knee crack and pop, they better prepare themselves for a long journey. The Center for Injury and Policy (CIRP), from Science Daily, reports that, “Knees are the most accident prone part of the body in high school athletes.” Knee injuries are very common; in fact, they are responsible for 45% of the injuries that occur in high school athletics across America. Knee injuries are well known to not just those in the medical field, but also to athletes. Injuries to the knee are caused by many factors, and what happens after the injury has taken place is what’s most concerning (Science Daily)....   [tags: Osteoarthritis, knee crack and pop]

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How Male And Female Students Use Language Differently By Deborah Tannen

- From a young age, we have heard the phrase “men are from Mars, and women are from Venus,” but exactly how much truth does this adage hold. Deborah Tannen, a linguistics professor at Georgetown University, sought to solve this question in her book You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation, from which the excerpt “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently” is taken. In this, Tannen analyzes how men and women behave in the classroom, and classifies the distinct behaviors that she noted into male and female conversational styles....   [tags: Male, Sex, Question, Female]

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Gender Roles Of Female Women

- Women have forever had this label on their back of being too small, too weak, too feminine, and too boring. The traditional gender roles of the female interfere with the extortionate nature of competing in sports. Men are usually the ones to go 100% and give whatever they got, and to show masculinity while doing it. The standard masculinity of being strong, smart, and taking charge over dues the feminine traits of being soft, gentle, and polite. That’s what society has taught us to learn and accept....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity, Woman]

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Female Equality in Sports

- Equality. A concept that this nation has strived to achieve. But in the 21st century, the question remains, are we equal. In the world of sports, participants from all over the world have come together to show their skill and compete with one another. For many young men getting up to such a degree is a goal that requires much skill to accomplish. But, for a woman such a goal is merely a dream, for we live in a world where a female athlete is not accepted in society. In the 21st century, female and male athletes differ enormously....   [tags: Title IX, sex descrimination]

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College Athletes Should Not Be A College Athlete

- Being a college athlete requires, year-round dedication. In order to be a college athlete, one must be willing to not only put time and effort in on and off the field, but in the classroom as well. Student athletes attend between twelve and twenty hours of class each week, and they are required to put in much time with practice, daily and games whenever they are held. College athletes can put in around twenty to sixty hours of practice a week, even during the off-season. After sports seasons begin, almost all of a college athlete’s time is spent dedicated to their sport, while somehow trying to maintain time to study, eat, sleep, and stay healthy....   [tags: Full-time, Part-time, University, High school]

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Female and ACL injuries

- A 16 year old, female high school soccer player, Lindsey Robinson tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) from a soccer game. Interestingly, she was not the only one in her team who injured her ACL, but also several of her teammates have torn the same ligament as well during the soccer season. Lephart (2002) found that women involved in physical activity are more susceptible to acquire the ACL injuries than men who are involved in the same physical activity (as cited in Ogden, 2002). According to “ACL Injury Prevention” (2004), the numbers on female ACL ruptures have been increased for the past ten year....   [tags: Sports, Soccer]

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Eating Disorders and Female Athletes

- Eating Disorders and Female Athletes INTRODUCTION Athletes are among the quickest, strongest, most flexible people in the world, so one would expect them to adhere to the latest health and fitness information, right. Not always. The problem is that the athletes often believe that more fit equals less fat. The death of Olympic gymnast Christy Henrich from anorexia nervosa began to bring the topic of athletes and eating disorders to the forefront. Research into the topic of eating disorders and athletes shows a few interesting findings....   [tags: Research Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Papers]

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Relationship Between Female Athletes And The Issue Of Pretty Sports

- The long residuals approach can explain the relationship between female athletes and the issue of “pretty sports” and the manner in which it is perceived due to the popular ideology that they do not receive the same sense of attention or respect as their male counterparts. It can dissect the historical meanings behind why female athletics are seemingly always perceived to be less meaningful whether its due to their feminine appeal to performance or their athletic wear. It will also analyze the continuities and discontinuities of “pretty sports” and how that relationship between female athlete and spectator is still prevalent in contemporary American society, but mainly rooted in historical A...   [tags: Gender, Male, Masculinity, Femininity]

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Sexism And Female Athletes By Emily Kaskan And Ivy Ho

- Sexism in the Olympics Introduction Seen as one of the many hot button issues in politics today, sexism was prevalent in the 2016 Olympics, which did not go unnoticed in the media. Newscasters were accused of making sexist remarks, magazines featured articles on “the most sexist moments in the Olympics,” and women were categorized by marital status and their appearance. The focus was drawn away from the athletic achievements of these ladies and placed on their physical appearance or the men in their lives....   [tags: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, Gender]

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Strength Training is Necessary for the Serious Athlete

- Is your child dreaming of being a college athlete, a professional athlete, or an Olympian. Are you considering getting an extra edge over other athletes your child’s age. Is bigger, faster, and stronger better. The young athletes looking to move up to the next level are interested in improving speed, agility, and strength. Our youth are becoming increasingly involved in a more advanced level of competition with the hopes of obtaining their dreams of being the best at their chosen sport. It takes discipline to complete endurance and agility building exercises; thus you create a more disciplined athlete....   [tags: Strength Training]

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Racism in Sports and the African American College Athlete

- Racism in Sports and the African American College Athlete The role of college athletics in the American home is known to all. The traditional football games on Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. March Madness for NCAA men's basketball as well as the year's end Rose bowl for college football leaves fans glued to their televisions for hours. Millions of Americans stare at ESPN or absorb themselves in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated just to catch the latest news on their favorite teams' recruits, recent games, and statistics....   [tags: Papers]

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Student Athlete Attends The University Of Their Choice

- Four years. That is how long the average student-athlete attends the university of their choice. When searching for the perfect university to further your athletic career many tend to look for the largest schools out there or their are some like me who wanted to play for a small university. No matter the reason you choose the school of your choice, every athlete loves great facilities. Facilities may be expensive but they are what truly draws in the great athletes to that school. The SEC, PAC 12, ACC, BIG 12 and even the BIG 10 are the conferences that contain the nations top ranking athletic teams....   [tags: School, College, University, Education]

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The Causes of Delayed Menarche in Female Athletes

- - THE CAUSES OF DELAYED MENARCHE IN FEMALE ATHLETES - INTRODUCTION Greater emphases on the benefits of exercise have led to a greater participation of women in sport at all levels. Exercise has been promoted, endorsed and encouraged in the medical community as a way to reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While moderate exercise does provide valuable benefits, intensive exercise associated with elite female athletes poses serious health risks to the female body. The female reproductive system is very intricate and highly sensitive to physiological stress....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Media Affects The Representation Of Female Athletes

- When I think of an athlete, I picture my favorite gymnasts: Shannon Miller, Mary Lou Retton, and Dominique Moceanu. I have seen almost all their competitions and I see them fearless. Miller is the most decorated female gymnast in America, Retton was the first American gymnast to win an Olympic gold, and Moceasnu is the youngest to win an Olympic gold medal. All of those women made history by following their dream through hard work. They survived through the criticism made by people who believed it couldn’t be possible....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Gold medal, Silver medal]

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Anabolic Steroids and the High School Athlete

- Anabolic Steroids and the High School Athlete Anabolic steroid abuse has become a national concern among high school athletes. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of athletes using these performance enhancing drugs in high school almost double the number using since the 1980's. These athletes feel that steroids gives them the competitive edge that they think they need to boost themselves past the competition. Steroids have been used in bodybuilding and other sports since the 1950's....   [tags: Drugs Athletics Sports Steroid Essays Papers]

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The Role Of Student Athlete Gender On Social Capital Within The Team Setting

- Clopton, A. W. (2012). Social capital, gender, and the student athlete. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, And Practice, 16(4), 272-288. doi:10.1037/a0028376 The research question/hypothesis to this study was to examine the role of gender in social capital in undergraduate college athletes. In the study, what is already known is that female athletes on campus relate more with their peers versus their male counterparts and White student athletes report more capital than Black student athletes. The article actually lists three hypotheses: Hypothesis 1: There will be no significant main effects of either student-athlete gender or sport type (team or individual) on overall social capital measures...   [tags: Alcoholism, Drinking culture, Beer, Student]

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Comparison Essay: Female Versus Male Athletes

- Why do female athletes receive less media coverage than male athletes. Male athletes dominate professional sport that airs on television. The media easily overlooks female athletes except during occasion like the Winter Olympics. The articles Media Coverage of Women’s Sports is Important (Lopiano, 2008) and Take Back the Sports Page. (Sommers, 2010) acknowledge factors that determine the amount of media coverage female athletes receive. [Lopiano and Sommers address this issue in regards to media coverage on female athletes differently....   [tags: media coverage, Lopiano and Sommers]

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Should Teammates of P.E.D. Users Have Any Right to Their Medals?

- ... Now you may understand why these drugs are considered Performance Enhancing drugs. Each drug takes a different effect to help the athlete preform in a way that is better than their abilities. Some side affects for men who take anabolic steroids may be: developing breasts, having a decrease in sperm count, they may become infertile or become incompetent. Some of the effects on anabolic steroids for women are: growing excessive face and body hair, their voices may deepen, they may experience menstrual irregularities, reduced breast size, or have a masculinized female fetus....   [tags: drug, athlete, effects, ability]

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Eating Disorders and Female Athletes

- Eating Disorders and Female Athletes What are eating disorders. Eating disorders are characterized by gross disturbances in eating behavior and include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, eating disorders not otherwise specified(NOS), and binge eating disorder. Also, several researchers have coined the term anorexia athletics. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by refusal to maintain body weight over a minimum level considered normal for age and height, along with distorted body image, fear of fat and weight gain, and amenorrhea (absence of menstruation)....   [tags: Health Nutrition Sports Papers]

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College Athletes Are Recipients Of Athletic Scholarships

- academic ability, or talent. Most college athletes are recipients of athletic scholarships. Playing sports in college can reduce the total cost of college. For some students, without athletic scholarships, a student might not have the opportunity to attend college. Studies have shown “female athletes that attend Division- I schools receive about 28 percent of the total amount of money spent on athletics” (Oguntoyinbo, 2015, p. 23). This study was done while Title IX was enforced. Can you imagine what would happen if there wasn’t a law to help distribute funds....   [tags: Gender, Sex, Female, Male]

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Alcohol Comsumption: Drinking Motives

- The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship among drinking motives, sport-related achievement motivations and alcohol consumption in a population of student athletes. Interaction effects for each type of drinking motive and achievement motivations were observed. The results indicated that there was a relationship between all three ADS subscales and alcohol use, as well as one SOQ subscale and alcohol use, but these relationships were moderated by both gender and athletic status. Implications for these finding are discussed below....   [tags: students, athlete, hazardous drinkers]

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The Portrayal of Female Athletes Athletes in Film

- The Portrayal of Female Athletes in Film Images of women in sport, and the cultural ideals of women have moved somewhat synchronously through time. As notions of women's roles and perceptions of women change, so too did the portrayal of female athletes, and the acceptance of female athleticism into cultural norms. Likewise, as women began breaking the gender barriers in sport, the perceptions of women's roles changed and the change in portrayal and perception, led to increased acceptance of women as athletes....   [tags: Film Movies]

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Should Teammates of Performance Enhancing Drugs Users Have Any Right to Their Medals?

- “Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last week after the International Cycling Union decided that he was a ringleader of a doping program on his winning cycling team. Armstrong became a heroic figure for many, not just because of his cycling feats, but also because he is a cancer survivor and the founder of the highly respected Livestrong cancer foundation” (Gonchar). Many children when beginning a sport always have an idol that they look up to and want to be just like....   [tags: Lance Armstrong, athlete, illegal substances]

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Female Athletes Should Be Increased Risk Of A Life Changing Injury

- As the soccer ball was rolling out of bounds, I felt my opponent right on my back. In that moment, I would not have guessed that the next year would drastically change seconds later. My leg gave out as I heard a heart breaking pop and fell to the ground. Over 250,000 Americans tear their Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACL) each year, myself included. Female athletes are eight times more susceptible to tear their ACL as a result of physiological and anatomic differences. Building up specific muscles around the knee can diminish the amount of strain on the knee....   [tags: Knee, Anterior cruciate ligament, Ligament]

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Caster Semenya: Hermaphrodite

- Caster Semenya is a black athlete track star from South Africa and is a gold medal winner for the 800 meters at the 2009 World Championships with the fastest time of the year finishing the race with 1:55.45 time and after this event many have questioned her gender due to her masculine physique and built. Everyone believed that there was no way a woman can be running that fast of a time and demanded that she take a drug test, so the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations) did a test and they have found no type of performance enhancing drugs in her system, then what comes next is that many believed she wasn’t a women....   [tags: black athlete, IAAF, competitive advantage]

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The Lens Of A Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against The University Of Tennessee

- The purpose of this paper is to examine Title IX from the lens of a gender discrimination lawsuit filed against the University of Tennessee. The paper will provide a brief explanation of Title IX, examine the case from the view point of a senior woman administrator, as well as from a female student-athlete, then provide a perspective of the impact of the case from the viewpoint of a Director of Student-Athlete Development. Passed in 1972, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 serves to provide protection against discrimination based upon an individual’s sex....   [tags: Gender, Female, Sex, Male]

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Stereotypical Images Of Men And Women

- This meme depicts that men should not use the “friend zone” to be nice and try to have sex with women because they are not a toy or an object. The assumptions of men using women like an object just for sexual activity is not funny. However, the image with the man telling another man in this meme is funny. There is a reflection of another man in his sunglasses if you look close enough. So, men know that this concept of using women in the friend zone trying to get into their pants is wrong. Nevertheless, they still do it anyways....   [tags: Gender, Female, Woman, Man]

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The Between Gender And Gender Testing

- Sport has historically been a segregated activity assuming the presence of two universal but opposite sexes (Birrell & Cole, 1990, p.3). When an athlete does not align with the perceived idea of male and female, sporting federations attempt to mould athletes to fit a rigid two-sex binary (Bohuon, 2015, p.965). This practice is justified by claiming protection from an unfair athletic advantage (Karkazis & Jordan-Young, 2015, p. 858). This essay argues that segregation and gender testing in sport reinforces the idea of an exclusive two sex binary where only male and female exist....   [tags: Gender, Sex, Male, Female]

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Is Media Becoming The Enemy?

- Is media becoming the enemy. Is there gender inequality in sports depictured between male and female. For the past decades media seem to be earning a bad reputation, especially in the college sporting industry. Mass media, including T.V, and the newspaper has poisoned the minds of people in society, who supports and partakes in athletic activity. It’s evident, that in today’s society, males are the dominant figure in sports. They receive a magnificent amount of media attention than female athletes....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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Should Girls Be Allowed? Play On The Same Sports Teams As Boys?

- Should girls be allowed to play on the same sports teams as boys. Female athletes are just as talented and athletic as boys, maybe even better, and should be able to play on the same teams as their male counterparts. Some of the best sports players are females. They are dedicated to what they do, and they work hard to achieve their goals. Plus, girls are stronger than they look, because looks can be deceiving. (Scholastic Action) Not allowing girls on male team has become a problem to many people in this day and age....   [tags: Female, Gender, Male, Boy]

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The Middle Of A Teen Pregnancy Epidemic

- American women today exist in an unequal landscape, confronting from birth a patriarchal society valuing males over females in almost every cultural facet, be it the boardroom, sports field or the halls of power. While making up a majority of the US population, women earn less for the same work, are less likely to be promoted, make up less than a third of the lawyers, a fourth of the judgeships, and a fifth of the Congress and are outnumbered by men four to one in science and engineering fields....   [tags: Female, Male, Gender, Sex]

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Sports : An Influential Stepping Stone

- Today sports have been an influential stepping stone in the history of the United States. Sports today are free for anyone to play and enjoy. America is also as free as ever and people of all genders are allowed to become what they want. Participation in sports provides people of different races and sexes the opportunity to cooperate and compete against each other. Sports may and can lead to improved health, higher self-esteem, and an improved view on gender equality. As many know, females have participated in sports in lesser numbers than their male peers....   [tags: Gender, Discrimination, Female, Male]

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The Body Narrative Of Transsexuality By Michael Chabon

- Society today introduces children to certain roles that are generally related to their biological sex. Gender roles refer to the world’s perception of how men and women are anticipated to act and behave. Gender roles are based on norms created by society. In American culture, males are usually viewed as dominant, tough, and belligerent, while females are traditionally viewed as compliant, nurturing, and inferior to men. Gender roles are defined by society’s views. To prove that gender roles are defined by the perspective of humanity, the articles that will be used are “What Makes a Woman a Woman?” by Peggy Orenstein, “Faking It” by Michael Chabon, “The Body Narrative of Transsexuality” by Ja...   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Female, Male]

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Sexual Harassment And Sexual Violence

- On June 23, 1972 President Richard Nixon signed the Educational Amendments Act of 1972, commonly referred to as Title IX into law (Schneider, 2009, p. 253). This law prohibits gender discrimination and further affirms that, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal assistance” (Schneider, 2009, p. 252). The reason this law was put into effect was to provide females with an equal opportunity to participate in sports as well as other activities....   [tags: Gender, Sexism, Rape, Female]

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Why Transgender Athletes Should Be Allowed

- Imagine going through life believing that you were born into the wrong body. This is how a transgender feels as they go through life. A transgender is a person who whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to male or female sex. This topic is very controversial due to many arguments about the differences between the male and female physique. The natural biological differences between males and a females play a huge role in this controversy. These difference become serious issues when athletes want to compete for their non-biological sex....   [tags: Gender, Sex, Male, Female]

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How Do You Determine Gender?

- Opinion Paper: How Do You Determine Gender. Within our day and age, many scientific practices such as abortion have been contested due to social and ethical morals. A controversial topic which emerged in the mid-1960s was the gender-verification of female athletes competing internationally. The International Olympic Committee alongside the International Amateur Athletics Federation established a mandatory test for females to ensure their “femininity”. Athletes with an unfair “male advantage” were disqualified....   [tags: athlete, genes, advantage]

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Challenging The Institution of Sport and Its Values: The Costs and Benefits of Female Athletes in M

- Challenging The Institution of Sport and Its Values "Sport is not an expression of some biological human need," writes Michael Messner, "it is a social institution. Like other institutions, such as the economy, politics, and the family, the structure and values of sport emerge and change historically, largely as a result of struggles for power between groups of people" (8). Indeed, changing the structure of any the institution is a struggle that is not by any means easily won. The institution of sport presents a unique set of boundaries to overcome with regard to gender equality in male-dominated sports....   [tags: Film Films Movies Sports Women Essays]

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Killing Us Softly 4 : Advertising 's Image Of Women

- “Ads sell more than products. They sell values, they sell images, they sell concepts of love and sexuality, of success, and perhaps most important, normality.” Jean Kilbourne, a media critic, goes into great detail of this disgrace to modern society in her documentary, “Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising 's Image of Women.” Many people like Kilbourne could argue that women have falsely been depicted as a minority to men over the years. All different forms of advertising have been guilty of womanizing in this way at one time or another....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Serena Williams]

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Analysis Of The Article Shortchanging Girls By Peggy Orenstein

- In the article Shortchanging Girls, Peggy Orenstein addresses the differences between gender socialization in school. In the begging of the article, Peggy addresses that “many of today’s girls fall into traditional patterns of low self-image, self-doubt, and self-censorship…” (Orenstein pg.28). What interested me about this sentence was the use of “traditional”, when describing the patterns. It shows that these three patterns have become common within young girls, which focuses on the “why” they develop....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Male, Female]

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Ancient Greece´s View on Women

- Pericles’ statement, “A woman’s reputation is highest when men say little about her, whether it be good or evil,” reflects a common attitude towards women’s activities in ancient Greek society. Ancient Greece fostered a demeaning role for women restricting their level of education, choice in marriage, and enforcing strict social norms. However, persuading shreds of evidence suggest that some Greek females did participate in athletic competitions alongside men, primarily at religious ceremonies as they advanced toward maturity....   [tags: education, marriage, sports, religion, athlete]

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Billie Jean King : The Only One Of The Best Female Tennis Player Of All Time

- Billie Jean King is known as not only one of the best female tennis players of all time, but also as one of the leading activist in the LGBT community. Billie Jean King was born on November 22, 1943 in Long Beach, California. As a child King decided that she wanted to be the best women’s tennis player in the world, and she accomplished her goal in 1967. She went on to win multiple grand slams and went down as one of the best to ever play the game. King was married for 22 years from 1965 to 1987 even though she came out as lesbian in 1981 amid a lawsuit from her former female lover....   [tags: LGBT, Homosexuality, Sexual orientation]

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The Evolution of the Image of Women in Sports

- The Evolution of the Image of Women in Sports 1. Through the readings, films, and discussions, we have looked at the image of women in sport. Discuss the images of women in sport and how they are affected by today's cultural ideal of women. All of the films that we watched provided different perspectives on how the image of women is situated in our culture. From the first movie, Dare to Compete, which highlighted the development of women's participation in sports, to Love and Basketball, which fully accepts women's participation in sports, we examined a range of views and opinions on the proper role of women in sports....   [tags: Films Movies Female Sports Essays]

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A Change For Female Athletes

- Makayla Aiken Mrs. Mancini English Language Arts 09 May 2016 A Change for Female Athletes Change is unavoidable. Everything changes with in time but some changes take a process more like forever, such as a female to have the same opportunities as males. Before 1970, if a women wanted to go to college to have professional degree in most cases she will she be denied from law school or medical school just because of her gender.There were quotes on the number of women weren 't allowed to enter programs such as law and medical school.Women and men thought it was very cruel for it to be that way (The Women 's Right)....   [tags: Female, Gender, Male, Boy]

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Female Inequality And Male Athletes

- Female pay inequality is an example of greater society issue Inadequately paid and forced to juggle part time work to stay afloat financially, female athletes are lagging behind male athletes, in terms of equality. To make matters worse, sponsorship and media outlets only have their eyes set on male sport. This teaches society to undervalue female sport, emphasising that it is worthless. Collectively, these factors contribute to the growth of pay discrepancy. After looking through the television guide I was stunned....   [tags: Female, Male, Sex, Sport in Australia]

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To What Extent did Title IX Lead to Acceptance of Women’s Achievements in Competitive Sports by 1982

- Part A: Plan of Investigation This investigation will be exploring the question: to what extent did Title IX lead to acceptance of women’s achievements in competitive sports by 1982, when the first NCAA women’s basketball championship was held. The first ten years 1972 - 1982 after Title IX is the focus of this investigation to see if Title IX affected women right away and how society saw women sports. The year 1982 was picked because it was the year of the first NCAA women’s basketball championship....   [tags: women´s athlete, NCAA, accomplishment]

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Gender Policing : The Danish Girl

- Gender policing was shown profoundly in The Danish Girl. Gender policing is the imposition or enforcement of normative gender expressions on an individual who is perceived as not adequately performing, through appearance or behavior, the sex that was assigned to them at birth. For example, pushing stereotypical male standards on those who are perceived as to be male, and pushing stereotypical female standards on those who are perceived as to be female. In The Danish Girl, the obvious example is the two men who mock and eventually beat up Lili because she was perceived as a male, but was dressing and acting as a female....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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American Culture 's Perception Of Sports

- All people speak a language and many can speak multiple. Yet, language is not simply English, Spanish, French, and the many others; it is the art of communication that is comprised of dialects, accents, behaviors, and even unspoken rules. Language is continuously affected by these kinds of influences, as well as others, including sports. Sports have influenced and strongly affected language while also impacting the values and structure of the western culture. The many aspects of sport and its environment are what force change on the language people use....   [tags: Gender, Sex, Male, Female]

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Promoting Women 's Sport : Theory, Policy And Practice

- The Academic Journal “Promoting Women’s Sport: theory, policy and practice” is written by co-authors David Rowe and Peter Brown, combines statistic’s and many years of research. In brief, this journal argues that the current social norms exercised in sport are both intellectual and political, and how theorists believe that sport is more than just entertainment for the public. Its is explained that there there are more politics involved than the actual entertainment factor. Many chairmen in charge of running major sports competitions such as the Olympics or FIFA, treat sport like a business, without any regard for the athletes especially women....   [tags: Gender, Female, Woman, Male]

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The Concept Of The Indivisible Self Model

- The best way to understand an individual is to understand the contexts and variables that had the greatest influence on that individual’s development (Myers & Sweeny, 2004). Therefore, the hallmark feature of the Indivisible Self model is the interaction between its components (i.e., local, institutional, global, and chronometrical contextual variables), which is highly correlative with Bronfenbrenner’s Social Ecology Model. While Bronfenbrenner’s framework and the Indivisible Self were not specifically developed for athletes, both can be directly applied to an athlete’s life, influences, and development....   [tags: Male, Sex, Female, Surgery]

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Caitlyn Jenner : A Model For Living Our True Selves

- Caitlyn Jenner: A Model for Living Our True Selves Caitlyn Jenner, twice an Olympic triathlon athlete, was given the ESPY Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Caitlyn now blazes new trails. For so long, she lived a life that her family and society expected of her: a loyal, loving son and father, and outstanding sportsman before her transformation. Her newest role as an advocate for the transgender community may become one of her greatest roles. Presently, Caitlyn Jenner’s purpose is to promote sexual diversity, differences, and respect for all human beings....   [tags: Transgender, Gender, Male, Female]

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Physical Activity : Higher Self Esteem, Greater Satisfaction With Body Image, And An Overall Positive Mood

- This article begins by describing psychological benefits of participating in physical activity: higher self-esteem, greater satisfaction with body image, and an overall positive mood (Findlay & Bowler, 2009). The authors of this article decided to conduct a study researching whether or not sports have an effect on the “self system”, otherwise known as self-esteem and self-concept. They state that there are certain domains of the Shavelson model that are of extreme importance to adolescents, including physical concept, competence, and appearance....   [tags: Male, Sex, Female, Exercise]

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Why Women Suffer Systemic Wage Discrimination

- If you believe women suffer systemic wage discrimination, read the new American Association of University Women (AAUW) study Graduating to a Pay Gap. Bypass the verbal sleights of hand and take a hard look at the numbers. Women are close to achieving the goal of equal pay for equal work. They may be there already. How many times have you heard that, for the same work, women receive 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. This alleged unfairness is the basis for the annual Equal Pay Day observed each year about mid-April to symbolize how far into the current year women have to work to catch up with men 's earnings from the previous year....   [tags: Gender, Female, Sexism, Male]

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Female Athletes And Their Understanding Of The Sports World

- We all remember watching the sandlot when we were young.In that movie the greatest insult in that movies was when Ham Porter another male baseball player he plays like a girl. Till to this day when guys are playing sports they are still telling other guys hit like a girl or kick like a girl. What is wrong player like a girl there are any great female athletes. The sports world is very male dominance place, If you are female in the sports world you are most likely a model handing the medal to the winners or just there for pretty face....   [tags: Gender, Female, Male, Sex]

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The Inequalities Between Male And Female Athletes

- Women have had to fight for numerous rights over the course of history. From the right to vote, to equal pay, and even the chance at equal athletic opportunities. The inequalities between male and female athletes, professional or not, has been a major source of controversy for some time now. Throughout the history of athletics women have experienced struggles in getting equal opportunities to participate, being overshadowed by their male counterparts, shocking pay gaps between male and female athletes, etc....   [tags: Gender, Male, Scholarship, Female]

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The Patterns of Birth Order

- The patterns of birth order have been seen for centuries, although it was not studied exclusively until around the 1980s. There are many factors that play into a persons personality, such as their genetics, the way they are raised, and their environment. Birth order looks at a persons place in their family—if they are the oldest, middle, or youngest child—and provides commonalities between them and others in the same location in other families. While there are many variations, the general traits do apply....   [tags: older sibling, male, female]

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It's Time for Girls and Boys to Plays Sports Together

- It's Time for Girls and Boys to Plays Sports Together On the athletic field, in the gym, or on the ice, there have always been standards for the athletes to follow. These standards range from what type of athletic equipment is not only necessary but appropriate, to who can play when, where, and how. This last standard is the one that is being challenged the most; can men play not only on women’s teams, but can they also participate in female dominated sports without being taunted. The same goes for women, can females, without fear, really participate in traditionally male dominated sports....   [tags: Sports Female Male Social Norm Essays]

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The Plight of the Student Athlete

- Are colleges doing enough to prepare student-athletes to be successful in life. Are students benefitting or are universities exploiting. Colleges are monetarily thriving from the talents of athletes. A numerous amount of these athletes are only recruited for their physical talents and many of them are not academically up to par. Although academic institutions claim to procure means to aid athletes in the classroom, there are still vast conundrums plaguing society concerning the miseducation of these individuals....   [tags: Success, Student Athlete, College, Benefit]

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The Role Of Sports Involvement For Women

- Helping Women through Athletics Like their predecessors, who had to wait for the passing of the nineteenth amendment ninety-five years ago to have right to vote, females in the United States currently face a multitude of social inequalities in addition to numerous daunting health issues. Athletic participation is an effective tool when charting a course toward improving the lives of women and creating a level cultural environment amongst the genders. The benefits of sports involvement for women in these areas have been well documented, unfortunately there is a gender gap inhibiting women....   [tags: Female, Male, Gender, High school]

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