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Feminism Is A Part Of The World For Many Centuries

- Feminism has been a part of the world for many centuries. Women have struggled for years to have the right to read and write, vote, marry whom they want, wear what they want, have different levels of education, and have various other political and economic rights. Although a lot of barriers have been broken, many societies still have stricter laws on women than men. Women have made many advances over the past centuries, but not to the extent that many wish for. Lack of education to women has set back many generations and has left women unknowing of their potential in life....   [tags: History of education, Education, Source]

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Shipping Containers : A Major Component Of Our Transportation System

- Intermodal containers specifications Intermodal containers have become a major component of our transportation system. These containers are basically giant steel boxes used for transporting goods globally in a secure and efficient manner. Containers come in a variety of different forms and sizes; depending on the product that is being shipped. The intermodal aspect of these containers, means they are being shipped using 2 or more modes of transportation. The standardized intermodal container is made out of a special corrugated steel to protect them from weather damage....   [tags: Containerization, Intermodal freight transport]

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Taking a Close Look at the Golden Gate Bridge

- ... Decades later, the population kept growing and growing, requiring a bridge to connect the isolated parts of California to San Francisco. For this reason, the Golden Gate Bridge was built, a construction period of four years. During construction, 11 fatalities occurs, of whom 10 fell through the safety net of the scaffold on February 17, 1937. As previously stated, the architect Irving Morrow was responsible for the beauty of the bridge. The bridge was painted orange vermilion, now called “International Orange” because Morrow thought it blended well with the natural environment surrounding the bridge....   [tags: San Francisco iconic structures]

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Court Proceeding Against Petitioners at the Women Health Center

- ... The trial court then issued a broader injunction, which in tell that the Court create a 36 feet buffer zone and 300 feet no approach zone, for then the Petitioners challenged it as a violation of their First Amendment. This injunction to the Amendment prohibits the petitioners from coming into the premises of the respondents, blocking or impeding access to the premises, picketing and demonstrating or coming into a property line of the clinic, and from making noise from 7:30am to noon Monday thru Saturday....   [tags: abortion, protests, speech]

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Gender Hierarchies : A Central Pillar Of Social Orders

- Gender in China Gender hierarchies have been a central pillar of social orders almost since its inception. However, the balance has not been remotely even throughout history, with patriarchies far outnumbering matriarchies. Despite the large dominance held by men, it was not all black and white in East Asian societies. Even though Tang and Song China were all patriarchal, they were very different in their application and influences of gender hierarchies. The Chinese Tang dynasty was the second major unified dynasty of China, and it ruled from 618-907....   [tags: China, Song Dynasty, Tang Dynasty]

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The Road At The Intersection Of Wood Lake Boulevard

- INVESTIGATION: On 10-03-2015 at approximately 1725 hours, I was notified by Cpl. Cherup# 1117, of a traffic crash that occurred on Sheldon Road at the intersection of Wood Lake Boulevard. I responded to the crash scene and upon arrival at approximately 1834 hours, I was assigned to forensically map the scene. Upon my arrival at the scene, I observed a Red Cadillac SRX stopped within the median cross-over at the intersection of Wood Lake Boulevard and facing in a southeast direction. The Cadillac had sustained substantial damage to its front....   [tags: Road, Lane, Traffic, Road infrastructure]

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Type 1 Diabetes : A Form Of Diabetes Mellitus

- Type 1 diabetes formally known as juvenile diabetes is defined as a form of diabetes mellitus that occurs during childhood or adolescence characterized by a severe insulin deficiency. (Craig, 2014) Type 1 diabetes is often an insulin dependent disease. There is a deficiency of insulin secretion resulting from atrophy of islets of Langerhans cells. This can cause high blood glucose levels also known as hyperglycemia, which can lead to ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is defined as a serious complication from diabetes with high glucose levels where the body produces excess blood acid best known as ketones....   [tags: Diabetes mellitus, Insulin, Diabetes]

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Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

- The book I chose to read is Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. David Allen is considered by Forbes Magazine to be in the top five executive coaches in the United States. He has over thirty years of experience in coaching some of the highest ranking executives in some of the biggest businesses in the United States. Time Magazine called this book, “the defining self-help business book of it’s time." The book is broken down into three main parts and thirteen chapters and sub-sections....   [tags: Book Review, David Allen]

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Hypothese of Kaibab Plateau in the Grand Canyon

- ... At the Cedar Ridge one may find it hard to believe that the Little Colorado River and Colorado River could meet considering the 3000 foot rise in elevation both rivers have to face (2e). Instances of these strange patterns are found across the ridge and one explanation for this is a lake overflow causing these dramatic features to be so prevalent (5a). Antecedent supporters will claim that the river could flow anywhere on the Kaibab Plateau, but evidence of a river that strayed has not been found....   [tags: river, structure, lake, flow]

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Fishing and Surveying the Territory on 1000 Islands

- Early advertising for the 1000 Islands, around the time when President Grant visited in the 1870s, characterized the region as a “fishing paradise.” I never became addicted to fishing like many residents and visitors, but I did while away a number of hours fishing the first couple of seasons at Comfort Island. My first angling outing with Hughie turned out to be a great way to become acquainted with more of the Papworth’s property and some of ours’ too. Hughie began the unofficial tour when we entered their boathouse to pick out our fishing tackle....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Water Delivery and Sewage System in Sourthern California

- California relies on an elaborate water delivery and storage system to supply water throughout the state particularly Southern California and its arid desert communities. About 75% of the annual precipitation falls north of Sacramento while most of the demand is south. The seven major systems of aqueducts and infrastructure capture and transport the water to the dryer parts of the state. Local water agencies including the Coachella Valley Water District play an important role in delivering the water for communities, farms, and businesses....   [tags: water resource, precipitations]

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Birla Sanctuary Devoted to Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala

- Birla Sanctuary, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Area: Kala Pahad in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Manufactured in:1938a.d Manufactured By:raja Baldev Birla Devoted to:lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala Entry:free Photography:allow Sanctuary Timing: 7.00 am - 12.00 pm.and 2.00 pm - 9.00 pm Hugeness: One the greater part of the Birla femily sanctuaries Going to Timing: 30 Mins Best time to Visit: Oct to Walk Closest Route Station:hyderabad Closest Landing strip: Hyderabad About Birla Sanctuary in Hyderabad Birla Mandir is one of the prevalent points of interest of Hyderabad....   [tags: south indian sanctuaries]

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The Past, Present, And Future Of Wind Energy

- The Past, Present, and Future of Wind Energy The United States energy sector is undergoing an intense makeover. The U.S. is producing more oil and natural gas, is generating more electricity from renewable sources such as wind and solar, and we are consuming less petroleum while keeping electricity consumption steady. There won’t be a single solution to solving our energy crisis, but rather a combination of many things. I will be discussing wind energy, which is one of those solutions in the combination, in great length....   [tags: Wind power, Energy development, Fossil fuel]

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The Gwinnett Center, Which Is Managed By Smg

-  The Gwinnett Center, which is managed by SMG, includes four major components: o The Convention Center offers 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, 23 meeting rooms, and a 21,600 square foot grand ballroom. o The Arena at Gwinnett Center can accommodate groups from 3,500 in a theater-style setting or up to 13,000 for a major concert or sporting event. The arena also includes 36 corporate suites, 2 party suites, and club seats and hosts Broadway shows and ECHL hockey games. o The 80-acre Gwinnett Center campus also houses a 702-seat Performing Arts Center....   [tags: Hotel, Hotel chains, Jekyll Island, Hampton Inn]

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How Can We Share The Container Of Water?

- Students will be working individually for this lesson, although they can choose to collaborate with peers at their table. Foil • First students there will be a class discussion on sharing. How can we share the container of water. • Next, students will receive a worksheet from the teacher. The teacher will then explain to the students how the students are required to fill in the worksheet. Students can fill out the worksheet when they are done getting their pieces to float or sink. • Students can then grab the piece of foil from the bin on their table....   [tags: Evaluation, Assessment, Learning, Float]

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The Dock Officer At The Lower Buckeye Jail

- On 4/3/2016, I was assigned as the Dock officer at the Lower Buckeye Jail, located at the above address. At approximately 2030 hours, a pod cell search was conducted in Tower 12-B pod. All inmates housed on the lower tier of the housing unit were removed from their cells, pat searched, and the individual cells searched. At approximately 2055 hours, I overheard Officer Parks B2611 tell an inmate, later identified as Inmate Dennis, Mario MCSO Booking #T260557, to “go ahead and leave those there.” Inmate Dennis had picked up a couple of oranges that were removed during the cell searches and Inmate Dennis said, “No....   [tags: Fuck, Profanity, Officer, Officer]

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The Other Side Of Desire By Daniel Bergner

- Sexuality is very diverse, in some instances normality is based on the cultural context of the individual 's society. In "The other side of desire" by Daniel Bergner, the author goes in depth into the lives of four individual 's whose lust and longing have led them far down the realms of desire. The current paper addresses the four individual 's Jacob, the Baroness, Roy, and Ron each exhibits a paraphilia that may or may not meet the full criteria in the DSM-5. Furthermore, each person’s specific paraphilia is conceptualized and explained in depth....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality]

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The Effects Of Physical Development On Young Children

- After the infancy stage has completed, a human being ventures into the stage of middle childhood-adolescent. This is the stage of the human lifespan where children really learn who they are, what they want to be and how surrounding factors influence their actions. Amaya K. Chapman is my 11 year old sister. She is overall a sweet little girl who loves to have fun. From October 21st until October 22nd, I had the opportunity to carefully and psychologically examine her in terms of her physical, cognitive, and social and personality development....   [tags: Jean Piaget]

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The Titanic : The Downfall Of The Titanic

- The luxurious R.M.S. Titanic hit an iceberg on April 15, 1912. The ship was sailing off the coast of Newfoundland with 2,240 passengers and crew on board. Over 1,500 people lost their lives in the sinking of the ship. The tragic end of the Titanic was only the beginning of new precautions and safety regulations for ships. The infamous demise of the Titanic created an interest that is still present today. On March 31, 1909, construction of the Titanic began. Designer, James Andrews, laid the first keel plate in the Harland and Wolff Shipyards in Belfast, Ireland....   [tags: RMS Titanic, Iceberg, Harland and Wolff, Belfast]

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Basketball : Basketball In The Game Of Basketball

- Basketball is a sport that was discovered on December 1st, 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. James Naismith was the first to discover this sport by hanging two half-bushel peach baskets at the opposite ends of the gymnasium. There are ten players on the court at all times. Five from the home team, five from the away team try to compete to see who can score the most baskets/ points in 32 minutes. When basketball was first brought upon, 300 million people found it enjoying to play. Today, in 2017, 15.5 million people play casual/pickup basketball, 4.1 million play in organized leagues, and 5.8 million play on a school or college team....   [tags: James Naismith, Basketball, Dribbling, Water polo]

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160 Miles an Hour Back to Earth

- Vacations with my dad began like ritual; the ceremonial collecting of every brochure and pamphlet in sight and the eventual sacrifice of our down time by meticulous scheduling that filled every second of our trip with some or the other activity. Our trip to Cape Town, South Africa was no different. Seconds struggled by as I found myself, once again, waiting for my parents to finish talking to the tourist relations agent in our hotel. They had laid out every single brochure on the counter, and were asking for complete details on each attraction in the area....   [tags: Personal Experience ]

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An Overview of Surfing: Past to Present

- Surfing is the act of someone paddling out into the ocean, catching a wave on a surfboard, standing up, and riding the length of that giant whitecap. Some people say it is the best feeling anyone can experience and always has been. The recreation of surfing has been around ever since the mid-eighteenth century. Now, it is not only a hobby for some people, but an extreme professional sport. Originating in Hawaii during the mid-eighteen hundreds, surfing has remained a way of life for most Hawaiians....   [tags: Sports]

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Types of Planes of World War II

- Many airplanes in World War II, helped to create innovation and inspire new ideas. Every plane played a crucial part in the war and helped to save many innocent lives. Many planes were made throughout WWII. Approximately in the U.S. about 276,000. But, many do not realize the terror the pilots would have to overcome. 43,000 planes were lost overseas, including 23,000 in combat. Another 14,000 were lost just in tests in the U.S. but, as they were lifesavers and life takers they were also ultimate war machines....   [tags: aircrafts,supermarine spitfire, p-59 mustang]

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How Drones Affect Personal and Commercial Activities

- From the birth of commercial airplanes to the present day the Federal Aviation Administration has handled the regulations of America’s skies in order to ensure the safety of the general population. The FAA has been successful in doing its job until the introduction of personals drones inspired by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) used in the military in 2013. Since drones have much more capabilities than a regular hobby aircraft, the FAA has been given until 2015 to integrate drones into civilian airspace....   [tags: airplanes, aviation, radars]

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DockDogs: An up and Coming K-9 Sport

- Mans best friend. The K-9 is a creature that cannot just be left in a house or apartment all day. The K-9 needs to be exercised constantly. There are many different sports out and about in the world today to keep K-9s in shape, but an aquatic sport for dogs. DockDogs is a jumping and diving sport for dogs that has a short history, yields to many different divisions and levels of competition, it also has many job opportunities. DockDogs is a competitive aquatic sport that includes dock jumping and dock diving for all dogs no matter their breed or their size....   [tags: Aquatic Sports, Diving Sport, Dogs, K-9 ]

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He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

- In “He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven,” William Butler Yeats uses an extended metaphor about the “cloths of heaven” to capture the idea that he wishes he could give his beloved the best that he has to offer. The poem expresses that the author would be willing to make big sacrifices to attain the love of his life, Maud Gonne, but in the end the speaker will not succeed at wooing her, as consequence of the following. Though, Yeats does state that he loves Gonne and says that she is more precious to him than cloths "Enwrought with golden and silver light," he is only saying this to exalt himself in the eyes of others....   [tags: William Butler Yeats, poem analysis]

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Body Language: What Are You Really Saying

- ... Deception experts have a much higher accuracy in detecting lies when someone’s full body is in view. People focus on their upper bodies when trying to control body language. The lower body is usually forgotten which leads to an increase of lower body movement when lying. Solid front desks make people more comfortable when lying. Moving up the body, the arms have a larger range of motion than the legs. This allows them to put more emotions on display. In addition to range of motion we have the dexterity of fingers to communicate with....   [tags: communicate, emotion, words, actions]

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The Dining Porch; Another Comfort Island Gem

- The dining porch, where Martha joined us for dinner in August 1962, was another gem like the beach and front porch. Each of these embellishments contributed to making the Comfort Island setting something extra special. A ten-foot wide veranda surrounds most of the house. The front porch wraps around both sides of the building. The side facing the pump house and main channel runs the length of the structure and even extends around the back of the house and the master bedroom. On the Keewaydin side the porch borders the living room and dining room....   [tags: personal narrative]

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A Courageous Mother Who Crossed the Border

- When I wake up in the morning and see my mother, I find every characteristic of a perfect woman in her. She is a strong willed, confident, and attractive woman. She has wavy, black hair and dark brown eyes. Her face has a slightly rectangular oval, which makes her look both gentle and strong. She has high, arching eyebrows and a slightly turned up nose. Her chin is smooth and luminous. She is not tall, about five feet, but she is slim and graceful. My mother is an outspoken woman. In her tiny appearance lies an extraordinary fortitude story....   [tags: Mexican, Immigration, Illegal]

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Alternative Solutions to Housing in South Africa

- The target is to stimulate alternative solutions to housing per se, a challenging pro bono project, to identify affordable, acceptable and innovative solutions to the urgent need to lodge the urban poor, using low cost, sustainable design, construction and operation principles. In this essay, we'll look at some unique, eco-friendly alternative housing ideas that provide low-cost urban housing for under-developed nations with high demography. South Africa’s Award-Winning Solution The first qualifying solution came from MMA Architects, in South Africa; their design for a single-family home leveraged the low cost solution by recycling indigenous mud-and-wattle construction methods....   [tags: single-family home, urban poor]

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Understanding Of The Discipline Before The Course

- Introduction "Human beings are made for worship. Everyone worships someone or something." In our current culture, it is very common for man to worship unnatural things, G.K. Chesterton writes "If man cannot pray, he is gagged, if man cannot kneel, he is in irons." The meaning of this statement is that if man values the things of the world more than God, then they end up worshipping secondary things. These secondary things can never satisfy core longings; only a loving relationship with God, through the spiritual discipline of worship can do that....   [tags: God, Christianity, Conceptions of God, Prayer]

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The, A New Species Of Human Ancestry

- Homo Naledi, a new species of human ancestry, was found thirty meters underground in a cave system in South Africa. The word Naledi means star in the South African language of Sotho. When researchers find a new link in our human evolution it is common to think that this discovery will overturn all past assumptions and become the new norm. More research will be needed to see if that is the case of Homo Naledi. Famous researcher and paleoanthropologist Lee Berges received information that some cave explorers had been exploring the limestone tunnels of the Rising Star Cave outside Johannesburg South Africa....   [tags: Human, Human evolution, Scientific method]

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Elephants And Its Effects On The World

- On Eating Elephants The largest land animal on Earth can stand up to 13 feet tall and weigh up to 15,400 pounds, yet it is still a vulnerable creature. Perhaps this is because it has one of the largest hearts in the world, weighing up to 46 pounds. This shows in the creature’s endangerment and its compassion. Elephant populations have decreased rapidly in recent decades, primarily to habitat loss and ivory poachers. Elephants also experience emotions such as anger, joy, and grief. Perhaps the most astounding, though logical, example of the elephant’s vulnerability is its avoidance of certain acacia trees because of the ants that live on them....   [tags: Elephant, Asian Elephant, Elephants, Fozzie Bear]

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My Best Basketball Player On My Life

- When I hear the word track I get so excited because I know it is something that i’m good at, something I can prove myself to be the best at, a place where I don’t have to think or feel pressured to be the best all the time. For me, track is a place where I can escape and become something other than just another student or athlete. Track has changed my life for the better. My story starts in the 7th grade, when I was the best basketball player on the 7th grade girls basketball team for Brainerd. I was always used to be the best at basketball because I was tall, strong, and not afraid to take chances....   [tags: High school, Ninth grade, Basketball]

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Chapter One : Before - Original Writing

- Chapter One: Before “Wa...Wa...Waaaaaaaah!” I jolted awake. And then I looked over at my calendar. Even though I knew my mom would get up, I slid out of my covers and pushed my feet into the soft slippers at the foot of my bed. They were still much too big, though I had gotten them for my seventh birthday a whole year before. The ladder creaked loudly as I climbed down from the loft, trying to be quiet, but unable to contain my shaking limbs completely. Shuffling my feet across the living room rug, I pushed open the door to Sun’s bedroom....   [tags: Mother, Father]

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The Life Of The Vivian Creek Trail

- The Vivian Creek Trail is the fastest route to the top of San Gorgonio Peak at 11,502 feet, east of Los Angeles.  It is a popular hike, the trouble is, one will have to hike close to 5,000 feet in elevation on your quest for the top of the peak. There are easier ways to the top of the peak, this is the steepest one. This hike was kind of a break out hike for our Father/Daughter hiking group. A get to know everyone. The trail head is at Mill Creek. It is 1.6 miles to Vivian Falls and Campsite. Then another 3.12 miles to Halfway Camp, and 5.44 miles to High Creek Camp at 9,000 feet....   [tags: Hiking, Backpacking, Yosemite National Park]

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The Eiffel Tower: A Rich History

- The Eiffel Tower Have you ever thought about going on vacation this summer. If you are, you should go to the wonderful Eiffel Tower located in Paris, France. There are many reasons as of two why you should consider going there, but these are the important ones; the life of Gustave Eiffel, description of the Eiffel Tower, and the tourist attraction. Alexander-Gustave Eiffel was an only son and the first child of Catherine- Melanie Eiffel and Francois-Aleixandre. He was born on December 15, 1832, in Dijon, France....   [tags: Famous Structures]

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The Grounds and the Grave Mistake

- The Grounds and the Grave Mistake The fall weather was perfect for this. It was moist and foggy. The suns rigid rays cut across the sky and its tungsten glow illuminated the grit that separated our boards’ wheels and the cold damp ground. Kick, push, kick, push went my feet with each pace increasing my speed. Cool, crisp air gently brushed against me, caking my shirt to my sweaty chest. I flew across the concrete, hit the bowls side and ollied over the half pipes gap. I had it. I almost had it. Mid-air, the double kick flip not quiet finished, I was coming down, landing perfectly, until I slipped....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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An Open Invitation to Delroy's World

- An Open Invitation to Delroy’s World Delroy grew up in Brooklyn, New York in the nineteen sixties and is an automotive technician by trade. He is a successful owner and operator of an auto repair business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition to that, he is a self-taught musician and singer whose forte is playing the bass guitar. The door to his music sanctuary is usually closed to everyone, but me and the members of his band. However, today he has chosen to extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to explore his world of music....   [tags: Personal Description, New York]

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Deep Blue Lake or Crater Lake

- Introduction: Crater Lake was discovered in 1853 by a few miners from California. After being forgotten, rediscovered and renamed from “Deep Blue Lake” to “Lake Majesty”, Crater Lake finally captured its name by a newspaper editor Jim Sutton. Although Crater Lake was discovered in 1865, it was created over 7,000 years prior to its discovery. Crater Lake was not always Crater Lake either, but was once Mount Mazma, a stratovolcano, which once stood roughly 12,000 feet high. Crater Lake is constructed of different types of volcanic rock, has been a part of different eruptions and has had much activity since it was once Mount Mazma....   [tags: Geological History, Volcano]

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The Life Style of The Platypus

- ... The eggs usually hatch after one month, and the young suck on mammary glands on the mother's stomach for their milk ("Platypus Facts"). The young ones suck on mammary glands because the mother lacks nipples ("Platypus facts, Information, Pictures"). Since the platypus is underwater most of the time, its food is an easy guess. They eat insect larvae, shrimp from freshwater, mollusks, fish eggs, and frogs ("Duckbilled Platypus"). The lifestyle of the platypus is again spent swimming underwater most of the time, so they have to be excellent swimmers to survive....   [tags: australia, victoria, eggs]

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The Loss of the Fitzgerald Ship

- There are mysteries which men can only guess at, which may only ever truly be solved in part; the SS Edmund Fitzgerald’s sinking is one of them. At the time it was launched in 1958, the 729-foot long, 75-foot wide freighter was the largest ship to ply the Great Lakes. Although, on November 9, 1975 the ship embarked upon what would become its final voyage. She was carrying 26,000 tons of iron ore pellets and bound for Detroit and though the day was bright, in her path laid great turbulence. On November 10, at 1:00am, the first signs of trouble appeared, and prevailed into the afternoon....   [tags: lake superior, wreck, theories]

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The Issue Adolescents Have with Self-Image

- Self- Image: Adolescences General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: to inform my audience on the issue adolescents have with self- image. Central Idea: Ideas about self-image is a broad array of issues with personal and social implications such as social media, peer pressure, and culture. Introduction: What is Self- image I. Attention getter- “At the age of 9 she began to bind her feet on her own. She did not know the elaborate method of the traditional foot binding… She invented her own method of binding, wrapping her feet tightly with layers of elastic bonds to prevent her feet from growing longer and wider....   [tags: social media, peer/cultural/family interaction]

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Dante Alighieri and his Divine Comedy

- ... When Dante is getting overwhelmed, Virgil tells him, “‘Up on your feet. This is no time to tire!’ my master cried. ‘The man who lies asleep will never waken fame, and his desire…” (Lines 46-48) Through this, Virgil is indirectly telling us that no matter what, you have to push through. This life was never meant to be easy or fair, and bad things happen to all of us. You have to push through to make it to the better things, which will happen, no matter how hopeless a situation seems. Dante cannot end his journey now; he has to make it through the rest of Hell so he can move on to Purgatory and eventually to the Light of God himself....   [tags: Inferno, tenacity]

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A Modern Marvel: The Hoover Dam

- The Hoover Dam is a modern marvel and a testament to American ingenuity. At over six million six hundred thousand tons and jetting seven hundred sixty feet from the canyon floor, six hundred sixty feet across the bottom and, one thousand two hundred forty four feet across the top, the structure is awe inspiring even to a modern audience. Three quarters of a century since its completion it still stands as a symbol of one of the greatest construction projects of the ages. The need for a dam to block the Colorado River was not a new idea when construction began in 1931, but had been mulled around since the dawn of the century....   [tags: dam, power, project]

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Largest Cats, Siberian Tigers, are Engangered

- Siberian tigers are the largest cats in the world,at an average of 11 feet long. There tail lengths even are an average of 3 feet long. Males are usually around 700 pounds while females are more around 400 pounds. On average, they are the largest species of tiger based on weight and length.They have large feet with 5 toes on their front feet and 4 on their hind. Their claws are long and retractable being up to 3.9 inches in length. They are also some of the most endangered. There is only an estimated 400 to 500 Siberian (or Amur) tigers in the wild today....   [tags: territory, population, habitats]

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The Death Of The Big Bucks

- Killers in Captivity Imagine being torn from your family and forced to perform unnecessary tricks as a form of entertainment. This sounds like an act of cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me. Now, think of an animal being torn from their family, thrown into a small tank, and forced to perform the same unnecessary tricks. Seaworld seems to think this is a great idea to ring in the big bucks. For many years, they have captured young Orcas from the wild and transported them to a small pool, where they will now spend the rest of their lives....   [tags: Killer whale, Whale, Beached whale, SeaWorld]

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Crossing Paths With A Mountain Lion

- Triston Thompson Crossing paths with a mountain lion really changed my perception of how dangerous the wilderness was. I was wearing my black and red striped sweater that had a little hole under my left armpit with my charcoal black sweats that barely covered my ankles due to the shortness in length and wearing my favorite black and white sketchers which were ripped by the toes so, I was able to stick my big toe out of my show. I was walking around the edge of my grandparents ten acre property at around noon because the world around me was really bright, with every step I took crunched due to the deepness of the pale white ice which covered the floor about four inches deep....   [tags: Grandparent, Family, Foot, Inch]

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The Towers Of The United States

- On April 4, 1973 there were two skyscrapers that stood 1,368 and 1,362 feet tall from ground to tip. There were one hundred and four floors in each tower. They were standing in New York City for more than 27 years. Then, on a perfect day, with no warning at all, a hijacker flew a plane into the North Tower knocking it over. Eighteen minutes later there was another hijacked plane that flew into the South Tower knocking that one over as well. Little did anyone know that they had just been attacked by a group called Al Qaeda and their leader was Osama bin Laden....   [tags: World Trade Center, September 11 attacks]

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Film Analysis of Jaws

- Film Analysis of Jaws The film Jaws was directed by a popular director called Steven Spielburg. Steven Spielburg directed some great well known films, e.g. E.T, Close Encounters of the 3rd kind and this film is a good example. The film Jaws is about a gargantuan great shark which is a man eating shark. The shark attacks many people in different terrifying and horrifying ways throughout the film and the shark slaughtered many people throughout the film. The film shows us our natural fear against the shark....   [tags: Papers]

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Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

- Managers continuously strive for organizational improvements both financially and throughout the workplace. I believe it is important for Managers to value the diversity in the workplace by recognizing their workplace composition, and the cross-culture differences and similarities. Valuing diversity in the workforce can assist a manager or an organization in developing and utilizing all of the human resources available. Valuing diversity can be defined as, “valuing the vast differences between people within an organization.” Our text defines valuing diversity as: “means putting an end to the assumption that everyone who is not a member of the dominant group must assimilate.” In today’s work...   [tags: Racial Diversity, Ethnic Diversity]

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The Great Pyramid of Giza

- The Great Pyramid of Giza is also recognized as the Pyramid of Khufu, Khufu's Pyramid and Pyramid of Cheops. It is the most significant and earliest structure in the world. This pyramid is the oldest of the three pyramids standing on the Giza Necropolis. It is also the largest of them all (Larry, 2000). This great pyramid is located on the northern edge of the Giza Plateau, which is 25 km outskirts, southwest of Cairo, Egypt. It is the only remaining standing monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Crystalink, 2011)....   [tags: Design]

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The Inn in the Fall

- ... Learn with each one a little bit of history about this majestic inn. Take the elevator up to the main level of the Vanderbilt Wing, walk the small hallway to reach the next display of houses listen for the giggles of the school kids who are there to see the displays too, hear the excitement when one really catch’s their eye. Laugh and smile at the simple pleasures that excites these little ones. Make your way down another short hallway until you get to the Great Hall it sure lives up to that name....   [tags: visitors, the sunset terrace, north carolina]

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How to Protect Endangered Wildlife

- In the past decade more than ten species of wildlife have become extinct. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature around half of the world's original forests have disappeared, and they are still being removed at a rate 10x higher than any possible level of regrowth. As tropical forests contain at least half the Earth's species, the clearance of some seventeen million hectares each year is a dramatic loss ( People need to learn how many endangered animals there are and how to protect them....   [tags: species, extinct, forests, gorilla]

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The Right Shoes for Running

- ... Spikes shoes won’t need to be replaced as much as tennis shoes, but you will need to change out the metal spikes after they ware. Spikes are used for tracks or trails, not for sidewalks or roads. There are two kinds of spikes, track spikes and cross country spikes. Before getting a pair of spikes you need to ask yourself, “What will I need for training or racing?” and “Terrain will I be running on?” (First). Track spikes can come in two different styles, distance and sprints. Track spikes are light weight shoes with metal spikes screwing into the bottom....   [tags: jogging sneakers]

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Suspension Bridge at Location D

- ... Suspension bridges are visually appealing and light yet strong and durable. Suspension bridges are made from enormous cables that reach from one end of the bridge to the other. These cables rest on top of high towers and swoop down. They are fastened by anchorages that are on both ends of the bridge, which help stabilize the bridge. Most of the weight of the bridge is carried by wires that drop to the road surface from the main cables. These wires help evenly allocate the weight of the bridge and keep the cables sturdily in place....   [tags: bridge, ocean, distance]

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Description of Mount Rainer Volcanoe

- Volcano Assignment Description of Volcanos: Mount Rainier Mount Rainier is a volcano that is located in the Cascade Range in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. This volcano is 14,411 feet (4,392 meters) in its elevation. This is the highest mountain in Washington. This volcano is in the same mountain range as Mount Adams, Mount Baker, Mount St. Helens and Glacier Peak. It is known as a stratovolcano which is a large, steep volcano built up of alternating layers of lava and ash or cinders. This volcano is an active volcano and the last time it erupted was in 1894....   [tags: national park, top]

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Presentation Of Verbal Communication Skills

- To begin describing the details of the interview, I will discuss Lacey’s verbal communication skills. Verbal communication is the use of spoken, written, electronically transmitted words. Lacey had great communication skills. She pronounced and enounced every word clearly and effectively. Enunciation is to speak clearly or to pronounce, as a doctrine, or theory. Pronunciation is the act of producing the sounds of speech. Lacey thoroughly answered every one of my questions. Her vocabulary was astounding....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Question, Sentence]

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The Life Of A Family

- This story takes you deep into the life of a family. There are many different generations of women within the family that you begin to learn about through reading the story. The matriarch of the family was named Yu-fang, throughout her lifetime she experienced the struggle of communism in China. As a woman, it was a very trying time. In that era, young girls could be given away as concubines and they would be forced to have no control of their lives. The next generation of women in the reading is about De-hong....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Woman, Wife]

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How Nonverbal Communication Is Important?

- Why are nonverbals so important. People use nonverbals everyday without knowing. It is sometimes a reaction or reflex that people do in different circumstances. People use gestures without knowing that they are doing them. When using these gestures people think theses gestures are universal, but some are not. Can easily offend someone from another country without even trying to. Here are some of the gestures that can offend certain cultures; feet gesture, head shake, horns, the fig, and okay gesture....   [tags: Nonverbal communication, Sign language]

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Into The Wild Chris Mccandless

- The New Trend Around 76% of Americans will live their lives paying monthly bills for their homes. The Tiny House Movement is a trending movement where many Americans are moving to a much smaller home ranging from 100-400 square feet built either mobile or on land. Many examples from articles, documentaries, and novels help to understand what the movement actually is, who are apart of this movement, and recognize the reason of the popularity of this movement. Anyone is able to live in a tiny house; the Tiny House Movement applies to everyone, regardless of social class, gender, age, and race....   [tags: Henry David Thoreau, Walden, Novel, Debt]

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Market Analysis : Grand Rapids

- Market Analysis: Grand Rapids, Michigan has been privileged to experience an extended period of economic growth in the past six years; the longest continuous span since before 2000. Non-farm payrolls have increased by 4.1% annually, job growth is at 3% annually, and the number of jobs available is at an all-time peak level. Job growth is widespread and in many sectors. Manufacturing led job growth for 2014 based upon the number of positions created, followed by education and health services, and finally, construction had the greatest rate of growth at 10.4%....   [tags: Real estate, Economics]

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The Physics of a 500 foot Mark McGwire Home Run are Unlikely

- On September 8, 1998 Mark McGwire conquered the previous home run record set in a single season by Roger Maris in 1961. The event was memorable to most fans when he defeated Roger Maris, and finalized baseball's new season record of 70 home runs. Mark McGwire was a powerful man and he was known for his ability to smash baseballs great distances. However, many disagree that he was able to launch a baseball 500 feet and beyond. No doubt, this is a great distance to project a baseball. Many years ago during the era of Babe Ruth, another powerful hitting legend, there were articles written claiming that he blasted a hit that carried further than 600 feet, let alone 500 feet....   [tags: physics baseball home run]

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Rome: The Coliseum and the Forum

- Rome: The Coliseum and the Forum ?Without having seen the Coliseum and the Forum, extended research has proved there is much more to these architectural marvels than partial . standing remains that exist today.. These structures stood a bit taller more than 1,000 years ago, the same time Rome was launched into a dominant worldly influence militarily and politically.. At the time, ancient Roman Emperors were conquerors who preferred to keep order in their empire.. The Coliseum and Forum, over many years, characterized Roman Emperors....   [tags: Roman History Essays]

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Water Sources and Uses in Wyoming

- Water Sources and Uses in Wyoming With today’s drought situations, it is more important than ever to be aware of the water sources in Wyoming as well as the various uses of the water and the amount of usable water that is available compared to the amount that must be used. This paper will not only inform about those uses and numbers, but also the highly debated HB 19 bill and the four major river basins in the western part of the country that supply Wyoming with it’s water. We will be talking about where and how Wyoming gets most of its surface water every year....   [tags: Ecology Environment Essays Papers]

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Navajo Water Rights

- The controversy over water rights has been a long battle that the Navajo Nation has endured for decades. This controversy which is complicated by numerous issues has only been increasing in recent years. For example the Navajo Hopi Little Colorado Water Settlement that has been in litigation for 33 years. Of particular note Navajo people and their elected officials are struggling to balance expectations with reality including legally mandated coordination with state and federal governments. As a result there has been notable conflict in resources associated with water management....   [tags: Native Americans, Tribes ]

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The Oregon Trail

- Between 1840 and 1950, over fifty-three thousand people travelled the Oregon Trail. Native American exposure to diseases such as smallpox and diphtheria decimated the tribes, and that along with the encroachment of settlers on tribal lands, was the cause of much strife between Native Americans and the incoming Europeans. The Land Donation Law, a government land giveaway allotting three-hindred twenty acres to white males and six-hundred forty to married white couples, gave impetus to the western expansion and the American idea of "Manifest destiny." This promotion of migration and families also allowed America to strentghen its hold on Oregon, in the interests of displacing British claims....   [tags: Exploration, Native Americans, Settlers]

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The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

- The Statue of Zeus at Olympia In the world today, there are many spectacular sculptures and artworks. The statue of Zeus at Olympia and the seated statue of Khafre are just two examples of dominant artworks. The statue of Zeus at Olympia was possibly the most famous statue in the ancient world. The Greek sculptor Phidias made it about 435 BC, and dedicated to Zeus, the king of gods. The seated statue of Khafre from the fourth dynasty of the Old Kingdom (2520- 492 BC) was created by an unknown artist....   [tags: Art, Sculpture, Greek, Informative]

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Bridge Structures

- Bridge Structures and The Use of Geometry in Their Design What is a bridge. A bridge is a structure providing continuous passage over a body of water, roadway, or valley. Every bridge looks different from the another. Their bridge structure is different. There are nine types of main bridges. Bridge engineers use a lot of geometry to help them design the different bridges. Without geometry, the bridges would not be safe. Bridges have been around for a long time. The earliest bridges were probably formed by laying one or more logs across a brook or by stretching ropes or cables across a narrow valley....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Power of the Future

- Nuclear power is a fuel source that in the race for alternative fuels seems too often forgotten or downplayed. In reality, it can provide numerous quantities of energy from a single atom splitting. The fact that nuclear meltdowns can kill innumerous people often scares the general population away from the thought of using it for a productive purpose. Unfortunately, for the very same reason, a power source capable of providing energy for the entire world remains neglected. Nuclear power should be the next main source of energy because it provides substantially more power than other sources, it is extremely safe, and future advances will provide even greater capabilities....   [tags: Energy]

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Continuity, Differentiability, and Integrability

- Continuity, Differentiability, and Integrability The derivative of a function is the rate of change of that function. It shows how fast or how slow the function is changing. This can be useful in determining things such as instantaneous rates of change, velocity, acceleration and maximum profits. A good way to explain the concept of a derivative is to do it graphically. To illustrate, think of a drag car race. The track is only ¼ of a mile long, or 1320 feet. The dragster crosses the finish line in six seconds....   [tags: Change, Velocity, Acceleration]

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Analysis of Dante´s Inferno

- Dante’s Inferno is a very important piece of literature. There are many things to be learned from it, from the face value knowledge that Hell is a bad place, to a deeper understanding of how God intended us to live; but the most important lesson to be learned here is the power of allegory. Nancy Thuleen says this about it. “Dante's portrayal of Hell in the Inferno is an undisputed masterpiece of visual and allegorical imagery, enriched not only by extensive use of figurative language, but by concrete physical descriptions as well” Dante had allegory down to a science, and applied it to every aspect of his Inferno....   [tags: literature, Hell, allegory, sin, Satan, imagery]

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Invertebrates Species: Phylum Echinodermata

- Echinoderm (meaning Spiny skinned) is a diverse group of invertebrates belonging to the phylum Echinodermata. Phylum Echinodermata consists of five main classes that are divided into 7,500 extant species and approximately 13,000 known extinct species, including several classes that were discovered through fossils. The five main classes are proposed to have evolved from a common metazoan ancestor approximately 500 million years ago during the early Palaeozoic period (Britannica, 2014). Echinoderms are predominately benthic (bottom dwellers) and found only in marine ecosystems....   [tags: Asteroidea, Ephiuroidea, Echinodea ]

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Alaska Airlines Flight 261

- On January 31, 2000 Alaska Airlines Flight 261 was in route from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Seattle, Washington with a stop planned for San Francisco, California. Things went catastrophically wrong, even with the subtle hints of disaster that could be seen lurking in the shadows from takeoff. All 83 passengers and 5 crewmembers aboard the MD-83 (N963AS) ultimately paid the price for simple oversights. This paper will try to shed light into the underlying circumstances that led up to the uncontrollable crash....   [tags: catastrophic plane crashes]

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Exercises for the Glutes

- Exercises for the Glutes It was around the turn of the millenium when the news splashed around the world over that Jennifer Lopez had just gotten her 'ass'ets (buttocks) insured for a cool 1 billion dollars. That incident almost single-handedly got the derriere to the fore- so to speak. People went crazy over attaining the perfect buttocks- the right mixture of curvature and toned muscle. That the butt has a certain aesthetic value cannot be denied. Men and women around the world stock their closets up with skinny jeans only to accentuate their well sculpted buttocks....   [tags: buttocks, squats, healthy]

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Creative writing: Tiaga Biome

- Walid: The taiga biome is mostly located in the northern hemisphere. It is the largest terrestrial biome in the world. It takes up 27% of the world. The word Taiga comes from a Russian Origin. Miguel: When you're inside the boundaries of the biome some of the trees and plants that could be found are the Balsam fir, Douglas-firs, the Eastern Red Cedar, Jack Pine, and Birch Tree's. All firs and hemlocks are thick and have waxy needles that prevent water from evaporation. The Balsam Fir is a small medium sized tree that could grow up to 40 to 80 feet tall....   [tags: oil, natural gas, alaska]

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Creative Writing: Hurst Tools

- Our day started at 2:15 in the morning. We’re woken up by the loud, fluttering noise of the alarm. From a dead sleep we're now running to the pole. A static filled speaker tells us we're going to a vehicle accident with a person pinned inside on the Southeast side of town. I put on my bunker pants and jacket and climb on as the truck starts up and the bay door opens. Lights on. Ladder 1 en route. The city’s skyline disappears behind the truck as the red lights reflect off the side of the ladder....   [tags: emergency, ambulance, wreckage]

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The Gift Of Fracking

- Andrew Flynn Flynn 1 Dragana Gravoac Eng 101 December 9, 2016 The gift of Fracking What if I told you that the greatest untapped energy source in the world lies beneath our feet. This energy source is known as natural gas, and is extracted through a controversial process called fracking. Tragically, fracking has been looked down on due to lies from the emmy award winning film Gasland....   [tags: Natural gas, Petroleum, Carbon dioxide, Oil well]

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Stone Henge

- Stone Henge Man has always been interested in mystery. Stonehenge is one of the most mysterious places that man has been interested in. Construction began on Stonehenge at about 2200 B.C. (Abels 9). The origin and uses of Stonehenge are still a great mystery. Stonehenge is a ruin of a stone building. Stonehenge is the oldest pre-historic structure in western Europe. The name "Stonehenge" is Saxon in origin and means hanging stones. Stonehenge is visible from around one to two miles (Chippindale 12)....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Sphinx of Giza

- The Sphinx of Giza The Sphinx of Giza is a symbol that has represented the essence of Egypt for thousands of years. The body of a lion with the head of a king comes from the Egyptian culture symbolizing strength and wisdom. The sphinx is a carved out of the living rock. Egyptologists believe that the sphinx was built in 2500 BC in the fourth dynasty. From the north side the profile of the Sphinx reveals the proportion of the body to the head. It would appear as though the head is small in proportion to the body....   [tags: Egypt Symbol Pyramids Sphinx Essays]

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