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Sexually Explicit Lyrics and Their Influence on Teenagers

- Children and teenagers throughout history have always enjoyed listening to music. – rap, heavy metal, rock, hip-hop, and pop. They listen to music while driving their cars, while walking from class to class, while studying or doing homework, even while hanging out with friends. Most of the music they listen to, especially rap and heavy metal, have lyrics that repeatedly reference sex, violence and drugs. Repeatedly listening to such lyrics has negative effects on adolescents, including early sex, violent behavior, and use of drugs....   [tags: rap, hip hop, music, psychology]

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Artists Should not be Resposible for Explicit Lyrics and their Impact on Kids

- Artists Should not be Resposible for Explicit Lyrics and their Impact on Kids "Turn that music off. I don't want you listening to that kind of music." Many teens these days are experiencing this kind of thing almost every day. Many parents, in general, have complained and tried to regulate the music that teens are listening to these days. They complain that the music industry shouldn't be able to sell and produce the explicit CD's. The music industry gets a lot of criticism about the music that they put out on the market....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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It's Time to Stop the Censorship Music with Explicit Lyrics

- It's Time to Stop the Censorship Music with Explicit Lyrics Music with explicit lyrics or content started having black and white parental advisories on them in 1994 ( Are these labels necessary. Is controversial music molding our society and causing teenagers to turn to drugs. Is censorship necessary to protect the youth of our nation. Generally, younger people are against censorship on this issue. Music is an outlet and even an anti-drug for many teens; however, parents and society feel differently....   [tags: Music Parental Advisory]

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Music Lyrics: Rights for Rights

- “[T]his nation was founded on respect for a wide range of viewpoints and faiths, a factor that has given the United States a special heritage and unique stability.” There have been many cases in which music lyrics have been changed as a result of offensive lyrics that citizens did not agree with, and unfortunately people hold the power so changes had to be made, but is it right. Record companies must not put regulations upon music lyrics, because it breaks an individual’s constitutional rights. (Patman) A very important and large reason that any record company should not censor music lyrics is simply because a 200 year old document, known as the constitution protects an individual from being...   [tags: music lyrics, record company, songs]

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The Effects of Explicit Music

- The Effects of Explicit Music For years, popular music has involved pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and the negative effects of explicit music has outraged society. There is a fine line that divides vulgarity from artistic expression. Whatever the motive behind the explicitness of popular music, it has many negative consequences on our society and therefore should be stopped. One reason why the popular music should be less explicit is because this may trigger feelings of aggression....   [tags: Social Issues]

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Violent Music Lyrics Increase Aggressive Thoughts and Feelings

- Music, a popular outlet amongst the teen community for exploring emotions and blowing off steam. Times have changed, and the way music and lyrics are perceived has developed in a violent fashion. According to new studies, that have occurred, violent music lyrics increase aggressive thoughts and feelings. I chose this topic because music is such an influential part of our lives that it often dictates the mood we seize to exist in. If violent thoughts occur, what can come of it. Teens and the human populous have been draw to music, and the relief it gives off....   [tags: violence, music, agression, psychology, ]

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Three Qualities Of Music. Sound, Lyrics, And The Video

- Three Qualities of Music When trying to find the meaning of a song one must review the three main qualities of music; sound, lyrics, and the video. Artist and writers express their emotions by telling a story. Artists hope the listener is able to feel something or want to dance and move. Twenty one pilots a band under the genre of rap rock released a single called “Stressed Out”. This song tells the story of two young adults undergoing the pressures of growing up. Hearing the uproar in the beats, watching the video of the band members dealing with their family, and hearing the lyrics of the song depict the troubles and pressures you endure when you are older....   [tags: Rock music, Rock and roll, Rapping, Pop music]

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Offensive Lyrics

- Offensive Lyrics Intro Ben, a child no more than the age of eight, adores his older brother James. James is in his mid-teens and is a huge fan of rap music. One of his favorites is Eminem. Ben, wanting to be as much like his brother as possible, does everything to become a complete copy of James. Ben dresses like him, eats the same food as he does, and even tries to mimic the way he walks. Ben even tries to listen to the same music that the older brother does. He asks his mom to buy one of the CDs that James has....   [tags: Music Censorship Essays]

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Rap Lyrics On Trial By Erik Nielson And Charis E. Kubrin

- Summary The article “Rap Lyrics on Trial” written by Erik Nielson and Charis E. Kubrin was about Vonte Skinner, a man who was convicted for attempted murder for 30 years based on the evidence of rap lyrics written before the crime. The court case didn’t have sufficient evidence to convict Skinner because the witness changed their stories many times to be considered consistent, but the jury felt convinced Skinner was guilty when they heard Skinner’s lyrics: “In the hood, I am a threat / It’s written on my arm and signed in blood on my Tech” and “I’m in love with you, death”....   [tags: Rhetoric, United States, Appeal]

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Finding Comfort in Music Genres

- Why do people find comfort in certain music genres, and how does music affect our behavior. It is known by most that music can and likely does affect our behavior, many people wonder how and why it affects so many people in such diverse ways. Could it be because music makes us feel a certain way. Do different music genres make us think different thoughts. What kind of thoughts do they cause us to come up with. Can music cause us to act a certain way. Does music have any health benefits for humans....   [tags: behavior, lyrics, videos]

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Sexism in Dancehall Music

- Introduction In today’s society, dancehall music is one of the most popular forms of music, however, the themes and lyrics of many songs that fall in this genre tend to be vulgar, offensive, violent and sexist. Sexism in dancehall music is one of the main topics of this paper and is apparent through the negative portrayal of women found in both the lyrics and music videos of such songs. This is an important issue because since dancehall music is so popularized today these negative representation of women, are being popularized to a huge majority of people, potentially giving them the idea that it is acceptable to treat women in such demeaning ways....   [tags: lyrics, degrading, sexual]

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The Practice of Music Censorship

- ... More of the modern efforts of censorship are less intrusive than the older ways of removing the “vulgar” lyrics. Although most instances of these coverings are more blatant, a list of them are easily compiled by listening to free and open radio sources. Valid ways of restricting the spread of obscene lyrics in the past included the great banning of a particular song to be sold, or to be played on the radio. More current advances in technology has also brought about more sources of spreading the music, which gives television, and even some websites a tough place to keep censorship.(NCAC) Many advocates find themselves looking for ways to publicise especially explicit songs/titles on nati...   [tags: suppressing speech, explicit songs, authors]

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Should Music Be Censored?

- Music censorship Should music be censored. When censoring music is talked about this can refer from muting the curses to controlling music content and if you want to censor music it depends on what music thats effecting people even though music has different effects on different people. There is more than one side of music either violent and profiling. Many people think that rap and rock in particular is too violent. People are concerned that music causes violence in the world and drug abuse while other types of music would help people through rough times....   [tags: curses, lyrics, drug, profanity, sex, violent]

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Media Influences Youth Violence

- Media Influences on Violence Amongst Youth During a time when people in my generation should be focused on prom, graduation and what’s the coolest color that we can color our hair and not get suspended from school, its really disheartening that a topic such as media influences on youth violence has such a large amount of available research. The fact that we are often flooded with images of violence and countless examples of the inability of young adults to resolve conflicts without the use of violence supports the position that our culture among young adults is one centered around violence....   [tags: lyrics, bullying, sex]

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All Shook Up: The Birth of Rockn´ Roll

- Rock ‘N’ Roll’s birth came after the Great Depression and World War II. It was in the 50’s called the baby boomers that started it all. It expanded the teenage population with 3.4 million babies born. The 1950’s scrap the ideology of a conservative family, where the father is the bread winner and the mother was a stay home mother. The young adults found an escape and enjoyment in Rock ‘N’ Roll. Rock ‘N’ Roll started from Southern Blacks slaves that migrated to the North. They brought in a sound of Rhythm and Blues....   [tags: radio, slaves, segregation, lyrics, society]

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Music Censorship

- Music Censorship      Today, in the 1990's, citizens in our society are being bombarded with obscene material from every direction. From the hate lyrics of Gun's 'N Roses to the satanic lyrics of Montley Crue and Marilyn Manson to the sexually explicit graphical content of today's movies, the issue is how much society is going to permit and where we, as a society, should we draw the line. The freedom of speech has always been considered a right, but that doesn't mean that you can shout, "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater....   [tags: Censoring Censorship Music Lyrics Essays]

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The Music Children Hear

- New genres of music are almost always faced with adversaries; both Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll were considered “the Devil’s music” before many people either accepted or tolerated the music (Carter and Lindsay, n.d.; Powers, n.d.). Rap did not fit this mold entirely, but it evolved similarly and now has a stranglehold on society (Rhodes, 1993). Rap is notorious for its profanity and raciness (“Rap,” n.d.; Adaso, n.d). “Gangsta Rap,” founded by artist, Ice-T, is an extreme level of this notoriety, along with exceptional violence (Adaso, n.d.)....   [tags: Profanity, Explicit Music]

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Parental Advisory

- Parental Advisory On sale now in a music store near you. The following are excerpts of songs from well known American artists that can be purchased. While each of these albums all have a parental advisory label, they in fact can be purchased by any consumer of any age. Let’s hear what they have to say… One of you tries to grab a knife /And during the struggle he accidentally gets his Adam's apple sliced /(No!) /And while this is goin' on /His son just woke up and he just walks in /She panics and he gets his throat cut /(Oh my God!) /So now they both dead and you slash your own throat /So now it's double homicide and suicide with no note… Now shut the fuck up and get what's comin to you/NO...   [tags: Music Lyrics Essays]

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Exploring The Foundations Of Explicit Instruction

- ELED 3100 Exploring the Foundations of Explicit Instruction Reading Response 10 points Name Elizebeth Putnam 1. Define explicit instruction. Explicit instruction refers to effective teaching strategies teachers use to help all students learn more efficiently. Explicit instruction is engaging and is used to help students learn new skills through monitored practice until students master the skill. 2. List and briefly describe the sixteen elements of explicit instruction. This must be written in your own words....   [tags: Learning, Teacher, Education, Skill]

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An Definition Of An Explicit Cost

- 1. An explicit cost is a direct payment throughout the duration of running a business e.g. a wage, materials cost and rent. An implicit cost is where there is no actual payment as it more refers to the opportunity cost of what a firm has to give up in order to use another factor. Examples include depreciation of assets, loss of interest income on business funds, or the foregoing of a salary to add revenue to the business early on. 2. In economics, the short run is where at least one input in the production process is fixed and the rest are variables within a certain period of time....   [tags: Costs, Average cost, Economics of production]

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The Principles Behind Explicit Instruction

- Most people think that learning to read involves sounding out letters in the alphabet and translating those sounds into words. It is so much more than that and educators are constantly faced with the question of how to effectively teach reading so that the different students know what is expected of them and what is being taught. Much knowledge has been gained over the decades about exactly how to do this. Knowing what to do with this information and how to use it well emphasises “the importance of teacher quality” (Blair, Rupley and Nichols, 2007, p.432)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Need to know, Cognition]

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The Effects of LOP on Implicit and Explicit Memory

- The Effects of LOP on Implicit and Explicit Memory The importance of memory is very high in comparison to the content of the memory. We use memory to recall information such as where you park your car upon arrival at the mall, the time and channel a particular news special is to be aired, or the types of drugs to which your child may be allergic. The former two are processed very shallowly. The information may be needed today but two weeks later, it is not important and most likely not remembered due to the weak memory trace....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Depiction of Women in Lyrics

- Music has become ingrained within our every day lives. It ranges from the music we hear during commercials to popular mainstream artists playing over the radio, the lyrics of music has shaped roles and standards for both men and women. In the past four decades, lyrics have begun to increasingly depict sex, sexual violence and male dominance. With teenagers being the main audience for the music media the lyrics are typically aimed for that age group. Because of the targeted age group the lyrics have affected women mentally into a stereotypical role of women in society and has influenced teenagers into engaging in early sexual acts....   [tags: Music]

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The Story Within The Lyrics

- The Story Within The Lyrics What causes someone to relate to a particular song. It could be the emotion a person feels from the song or the story that the artist creates through his or her lyrics. Lyrics can simply be seen as words of a song, but it is possible for lyrics to tell a story. In The Amen Corner, James Baldwin illustrates the complicated relationship between Margaret and Luke within the lyrics of the song that opens the play. It appears that the opening song is focused on God. However, specific lyrics relate to the dialogues that Margaret and Luke have throughout the play....   [tags: Theater Analysis]

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The Lyrics Of Poetry By William Woolf

- The Lyrics of Poetry (Wordsworth, Woolf, Aristotle, and Pope) Poetry is a form of literature that has been very meaningful and successful in history. “Poetry has a long history, dating back to the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh.” (Dodd) Decades and decades before the twenty-first century, there were very well known poets that sat and wrote such intricate literature. Many wise men using their own form, layout, rhythm and techniques wrote long lasting master pieces that are still widely studied in the education systems today....   [tags: Writing, Poetry, Mind, Literature]

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Bipolar Disorder in Song Lyrics

- ... Oh. (We’re recording you)” (Furstenfeld, 2005). The feeling of being watched by someone is likened to a phobia, an intense fear of someone which would be considered irrational by others. The line “I never knew you till you left me with the crying disease” suggests a failed relationship led to major depression (Furstenfeld, 2005). It is not made clear whether it was romantic interest or a family member or friend but the wording may be intended to be very general. Further proof of Furstenfeld’s trouble with relationships is stated in the lyrics “Give me recipes for sorry I’m admitting I’m wrong”, which he blames his disorder on causing rifts in his relationships (Furstenfeld, 2005)....   [tags: songwriters, coping mechanism]

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Music Lyrics and Gender Roles

- Common expectations seem to indicate gender roles on every individual. The males will play their part in being masculine while the females act an as object. There are several ways one can see how gender roles are played. A way is through hip-hop and rap music in the black community. Joan Morgan, an African American feminist and hip-hop and rap music fan, shows us how gender roles are being played in her community through music. Since Morgan is a feminist, she voices her opinion on the way black men treat black women in her article, “From Fly-Girls to Bitches and Hos.” Morgan states her argument that black men write lyrics ranting about black women to give a self-reflection....   [tags: social issues, oppression]

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Biography Of Mccartney 's Poems And Lyrics

- Only a hagiographer could have compiled this collection of McCartney 's poems and lyrics. I 'll admit, when I was a kid, it was John Lennon who interested me - and even he sold out. Paul McCartney was the guy who made 'Mull of Kintyre ', the song that personified sentiment and schmaltz. And in his indulgent introduction, editor Adrian Mitchell tells us: 'Paul takes risks, again and again, in all of his work. He 's not afraid to take on the art of poetry - which is the art of dancing naked. ' This is just fatuous....   [tags: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles]

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The Unhealthy Environment Country Music Lyrics

- There are many instances of degrading and misogynistic lyrics in country music, both historically and contemporarily. There are differences in the lyrics of this genre based on the gender of the artist: gender roles, hypersexuality, and in the resistance or conformity to rigid gender-based stereotypes. The main points of my argument will include how country music lyrics have historically and contemporarily conformed to and defied gender roles and misogynistic stereotypes. This paper will then examine how men are portrayed as sexual oppressors and exploiters to women....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Country music, Rockabilly]

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Exploring Poetic Devices in Song Lyrics

- Final Paper: Exploring Poetic Devices in Song Lyrics rough draft Permanent Memories upon my Soul Poetry is taught in classrooms and has become a very important aspect of literature throughout the years. Whereas, songs have not, if anything, they have developed a negative connotation stating that less (words and meaning) is more (popular in society). Some people argue that song lyrics essentially are less valuable compared to poetry. Poetry is considered literature due to the fact that it is written in verses, prose, and forms that reflect the mastery of literary techniques and mechanisms....   [tags: tatoos, mr. aldean]

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We Should Treat All Explicit Knowledge as Problematic

- “We should treat all explicit knowledge as problematic” Explicit knowledge is knowledge that has passed through the process of articulation or is subject to articulation. It is also able to be codified and also amassed in particular media. This knowledge is also manageably convenient to transfer from one place to another. Encyclopedia and online sources such as the Wikipedia are very good examples of sources of explicit knowledge. Most people do not possess the know-how or skill or morale to articulate their beneficial knowledge to the society....   [tags: Political Science]

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Pornography : Explicit Description Or Display Of Sexual Organs

- Pornography: printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, pornography consisting of aged 18 or older consenting adults, is legal. Anyone with the access to a computer is four letters away from the ability to view pornography. Simply typing “porn” into a Google search bar will yield thousands of videos of illicit content, most of which will be free to view....   [tags: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior]

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The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Techniques in Place of Explicit Instruction

- The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Techniques in Place of Explicit Instruction What happens when inquiry-based techniques are used in place of explicit instruction when teaching science. A Framework for K-12 Science Education (2012) states that “from its inception, one of the principal goals of science education has been to cultivate students’ scientific habits of mind, develop their capability to engage in scientific inquiry, and teach them to reason in a scientific context” (p. 41). Most states have many standards and units for each grade level that contain both science content areas and inquiry based skills....   [tags: education, teaching science]

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Working Memory: Implicit and Explicit Cognitive Functions

- Why do we do what we do. This is one question that summarizes the motive for psychology. The answer to this question is the reason why I declared psychology as my major. Current psychologists and those dating back to the year 1879, strove to achieve the answer to this reoccurring question. “The Father of Psychology”, Wilhelm Wundt, and those psychologists of-age, have been strenuously consulting and researching to truly understand the mind and its effect on human behavior. Over the last 127 years, an accumulation of various answers to that specific question have been made....   [tags: motor skill learning, psychology, ]

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The Jungle: The Explicit Naturalism and Deep Rhethoric Techniques

- “The Jungle” is a sociological novel, the work of public and literature heritage. The story is about the hard destiny of Lithuanian immigrants who seek for freedom and justice in America that become the hostages of merciless socialistic labor system in the United States. Jurgis Rudkus suffers from the loss of his family that took place in the naturalistic scenes of gloomy slaughterhouses of Chicago, where, in monstrous miasmatic of demoralization, the hero flay the dead tubercular carcasses. With the help of grandiose rhetorical techniques like metaphor, parallelism, simile, key words, amplification and outstanding verbal approaches, Upton Sinclair won the hearts of thousands people due to...   [tags: socialism, freedom, America, Upton Sinclair]

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Sexually Explicit Advertising is Detrimental to Society

- Sexually Explicit Advertising is Detrimental to Society Just how far should advertisers go to sell a product. Individuals are reminded that a new age in advertising has emerged when Britney Spears and Victoria's Secret model Tricia Helfer grace the cover of Forbes, a traditionally mature financial magazine. However, as any good advertiser knows, sex sells; all people need to do is look at a newsstand or magazine rack. But while it sells, it also offends as the promiscuous use of sexual images in advertising rubs many consumers the wrong way....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Distinction Between Poetry And Musical Composition Lyrics

- What is the distinction between poetry and musical composition lyrics. This is an often asked question by students or casual readers of poetry. While it’s facile to give the answer that poems don’t have any music abaft them and musical composition lyrics do, that doesn’t genuinely expound anything It is certainly true that poems are edified for better or worse in classrooms and made a component of the canon of literature, whereas musical compositions, especially popular ones, conventionally are not....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Musical composition, Music]

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The Lyrics of My Grandmother's Life

- The Lyrics of My Grandmother's Life At age seven she was a star on stage, singing the role of "Becky" in the Tom Sawyer operetta. When she was ten she dunked "Mouse's" head in the teapot as the "Mad Hatter" in Alice and Wonderland. She was hoping to be "Alice", but even back then the eighth graders got all the good parts. But the experience was satisfying anyway because "Mouse" was played by her grade school rival, the same girl who competed with her for the best position on the basketball team and who once made a better pot holder in Home Ec....   [tags: Music Personal Narrative Papers]

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The Lyrics Of Male R & B Hip Hop Artists

- In the lyrics of male R&B/Hip-Hop artists in the early 1980’s, there is a noticeable shift in the language used to portray women and then themselves. The language shift is in choosing words that are filled with love and emotion to overbearing words that aim to separate men and women by social status. During the 1980’s, many of the popular songs by male hip-hop artist tend to focus on the relationship aspect of male and female interactions. This observation is similar to Frith’s (1986) finding, where most successful pop songs centers around being “happy in love”, “frustrated in love” as well as having sex interests....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Female]

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Hip Hop Lyrics: Inherently Destructive or a Necessary Outlet?

- From her 1999 collection of essays entitled When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost...My Life as a Hip-Hop Feminist, music writer Joan Morgan explores the notion that while many people condemn the destructive lyrics commonly associated with hip-hop as excessively vulgar displays of masculinity, these musical messages may actually serve as outlets for young African American men to express their pain and depression. Morgan continues in her essay by outlining suggested responses for her audience of young black women to not only discourage this destructive behavior within their male counterparts, but also protect themselves from being victimized by these troubled men....   [tags: Music]

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Changing Images of Violence in Rap Music Lyrics: 1979-1997

- (a) Read the article, The Influence of Rap/Hip-Hop Music. What is the premise of the article. What are the main findings in the article. How does rap music affect attitudes toward domestic violence. The premise of the article, “Changing images of violence in rap music lyrics: 1979-1997” is that from 1979-1997, there was a drastic increase in the level of violence in rap music that is being viewed in a more progressively positive light. As a result, social conditions must change in order to reduce youth violence....   [tags: domestic violence, social conditions]

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Music, Music Lyrics, And Music Videos On Children And Youth

- American Academy of Pediatrics, (2009, November). Impact of Music, Music Lyrics, and Music Videos on Children and Youth. Retrieved November 18, 2016, from This authors of this article wrote with an interest in informing parents and pediatricians of the large impact that music, music videos, and song lyrics can have on the lives of their children and patients. They discussed a wide variety of the different aspects in the lives of youth that music and music media can influence....   [tags: Psychology, Cognition, Brain, Hearing]

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Music And Lyrics By The Very Talented Phil Darg

- Sasquatched was the longest play that I have seen in life so far, as a un-experienced musical watcher. From the beginning to the end of the musical production I was hooked, whether it was from jokes that were incorporated into the story, or from the message that the story was trying to portray to the audience members. The book, music and lyrics was written by the very talented Phil Darg, who is a North Hennepin Community College Alumnus. The musical Sasquatched was directed by the one and only Mike Ricci, the acting was done by the talented and few theatre artists from North Hennepin, along with a couple other people from the community....   [tags: Actor, Acting, Theatre, Lateral pass]

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Should Companies Have Explicit Policies On Co Workers Dating?

- 1. Should companies have explicit policies on co-workers dating, or is it better to leave things open. Yes, they should have an explicit policy it will cut down on liability that always exists around the employer-employee relationship. Employees want to know what acceptable workplace behavior is. They don 't want to break the policy and ruin their workplace status and career. Relationships shouldn’t be banned but if it affects someone work than they will have to be let go. The only relationship that will be banned is superior subordinate relationship....   [tags: Ethics, Morality, Sexual intercourse, Human]

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The Negative Effects of Eminem’s Lyrics

- The Negative Effects of Eminem’s Lyrics Eminem is a name that most Americans have grown to know about in the last year. Not only for his music, but for the controversy that his music brings. Many people are offended by his lyrics and they believe that he should be regulated in some way. In my paper I will give some background on Eminem, some examples of his lyrics, different points of view, and my personal beliefs on this situation. Eminem is a character whose real name is Marshall Mathers III....   [tags: Music]

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Manipulation of Lyrics in Shakespeare's As You Like It

- Manipulation of Lyrics in As You Like It       While it is a comedy of the turmoil of love and the experimentation with gender roles and identity, William Shakespeare's As you Like It is a historical preservation of Renaissance music. The play is fraught with spontaneous song and poetry, yet Shakespeare strategically manipulates these musical elements. Specifically, the lyrics and poetry of the play function to establish a soundtrack and a direct appeal to their Elizabethan audience, while providing Shakespeare with a valuable shorthand for character development....   [tags: Shakespeare As You Like It Essays]

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Eminems Controversial Lyrics

- The average rapper wouldn’t be able to grace the pages of Rap Pages, VIBE, Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and go on a national tour months before their major label debut album is released. Then again Eminem isn’t the average rapper. Marshall Bruce Mathers a.k.a. Eminem. Born October 17, 1972, grew up in Kansas City. From there he began his career as an individual white rapper. Not many white people are able to succeed in the rap industry, but Eminem has proved everyone wrong. He is now one of the most talked about persons on the earth....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Limitations of Societal Growth Established by Censorship in Films

- Censorship involves the restriction of material that the government believes may be harmful to society. However, censorship in film is controversial because it can either create safe boundaries for movies or hinder the film industry’s freedom. Those who support censorship believe that it prohibits unnecessarily explicit content from being freely shown in films. Those who are against censorship believe that censorship conflicts with constitutional freedom and can be used as a tool for manipulation....   [tags: constitutional freedom, explicit content]

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A Review of Effects of Songs With Prosocial Lyrics on Prosocial Thoughts, Affect, and Behavior

- Overview Greitemeyer, T. (2009). Effects of songs with prosocial lyrics on prosocial thoughts, affect, and behavior. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45(1), 186-190. The purpose of the research study Effects of songs with prosocial lyrics on prosocial thoughts, affect, and behavior, was to examine the research question, Does exposure to prosocial media promote prosocial outcomes. The study attempts to determine the predictive validity of a previous construct known as the General Learning Model, a theoretical model of the effects and consequences of playing video games (as cited in Greitemeyer, 2009)....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Memory and Alzheimer's: 7 Stages of Alzheimer's & Symptoms

- Memory is the retention of information over time and it changes through our lifespan, from infancy through adulthood (Santrock 218). There are two types of memory, explicit and implicit. Explicit memory is memory without conscious recollection-memory of skills and routine. Procedures that are preformed automatically (Santrock 219). Explicit memory helps with things like waking up, getting out of bed and putting on your slippers so your feet don’t feel the cold of the floor. Walking out of your room on the second floor and being able to walk down the hallway and to the left to reach the stairs and making it safely down to the first floor without having to turn the lights on....   [tags: explicit memory, implicit memory]

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Can Violent and Derogatory Song Lyrics Cause Negative Emotions?

- Music is something that every person has a different opinion on. Music can range from genres such as blues, jazz, country, rock 'n' roll, hip hop, pop and even electronic. The type of music that you listen to depends solely on what you enjoy or the activity that you are doing. With music surrounding us on every car radio and in every set of headphones, there have been many studies done on how different genres of music can affect people of all ages. Many studies that have been done on the influence of rap and hip hop on crime all have similar results....   [tags: music, genres, blues, jazz]

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Analysis Of The Lyrics From Mama 's Song By Carrie Underwood

- I have taken several literature courses throughout my educational career, such as courses in high school and a couple through Post-Secondary Enrollment Options. The Introduction to Literature course taught at UMR was distinct compared to these previous courses. I don’t mean distinct because we learned what female animals eat their mates or what not to do when a stranger is appreciating your calves. I mean distinct because I actually learned writing skills. From my previous experiences with literature, I have mostly learned how to format a paper....   [tags: Argument, Critical thinking, Writing, Logic]

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Comparing and Contrasting Subunits of Memory Storage

- The study of memory has two primary parts: the systems problem of memory and the molecular problem of memory. Along with these two parts, there are two subunits into which memory falls. Implicit memory is the motor and perceptual aspect of our memory while explicit memory is the recall of facts and events. In this lecture, the systems used for memory storage in these two subunits are explained and contrasted. Implicit memory storage differs from explicit memory storage in the way that it occurs in reflex pathways and the cerebellum of organism rather than in a hippocampus and temporal lobe....   [tags: proteins, explicit, synapses]

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Sociology: Sexual Objectification of Women in Music Videos Today

- The Research Problem This study works to examine the use of sexual objectification of women in music videos today. The primary purpose was to examine the differences between genres, specifically hip-hop and country. I tested the following; Women are more likely to be sexualized in hip-hop music videos than in country music videos. Literature Review Since the explosion of music videos in 1981, a large portion of their popularity has been due to the objectification of women and their sexuality....   [tags: Explicit Desired Content, Exploitation]

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Porn and Its Side Effects

- Pornography can be defined as the use of sexually explicit materials which are intended mainly for sexual arousal. It has been a subject of great concern especially in connection to violence against women as well as moral degradation in the society (Slade). The emergence of the internet has resulted to greater consumption of pornographic materials by individuals of all ages, mostly the youth. Pornographic content is more graphic than ever before in the history of mankind, while accessibility has become much easier....   [tags: sexually explicit materials]

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The Temptations' 1970 Hit 'Ball of Confusion'

- The Temptations’ 1970 hit “Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World is Today)” bravely sheds light on the political and social issues plaguing the world during the 1960’s. Written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, this song deviates from Motown’s usual clean and charismatic approach and serves as a prelude for songs like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” Through the use of shrewd lyrics, psychedelic instrumentals, and intimidating vocals “Ball of Confusion (That’s What the World is Today)” serves its purpose in making a statement against the tumultuous world America created....   [tags: lyrics analysis]

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There is More to Rap Music Than Just Violent Lyrics

- There is More to Rap Music Than Just Violent Lyrics ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study is to show that there is more to rap and hip hop lyrics than what most people take them for. It cannot be disputed that violence is a major theme in this genre of music, but the lyrics of artists who have been able to stay in the game for a long time show that overtime the subject of their song matter varies with their experiences and success. Two artists who are very well respected in the rap industry and who have been around for awhile, Nas and Jay-Z both show a wide variety of topics in their music and that with success their music went from violent tales to songs that are more fun, more positive an...   [tags: Papers]

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Communication Breakdown: An Analysis of Regional Dialects in Blues Music

- In itself, music has intrinsic value. From Ludwig Van Beethoven to Miles Davis, instrumental music can stand on its own legs, and have meaning that transcends grammatical meaning. However, the implementation of words that are either spoken or sung creates a new genre, and a different aesthetic. In a sense, this is literature juxtaposed over rhythm and melody. This has the effect of giving a more concrete meaning to the music, and more emotion to the words or lyrics. It is a matter of taste, and a subject of intense debate to try and say one style of music does this the best....   [tags: Ebonics, Lyrics]

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Aimee Mann Lyrics and Gendered Language Patterns

- Aimee Mann Lyrics and Gendered Language Patterns Paul Thomas Anderson claims that many of the characters for his film Magnolia[1] were inspired by Aimee Mann lyrics and from knowing Aimee as a personal friend. As the film unfolds, the main theme of connectivity between the characters becomes apparent. If they are not connected in a physical way, they each are in a symbolic way linked as they deal with the necessity of love. Several times it is spoken in the film how someone has love to give, but does not know how to show it....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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The Learning Of All Students Can Be Achieved By Using The Constructivist Pedagogical Practice Of Explicit Teaching

- For the purpose of this assessment, two particular sections of the lesson plan and sequence will be targeted. The first will be to look in depth at how the learning of all students can be achieved by using the constructivist pedagogical practice of explicit teaching. The second section will be directed at how differentiation can be used within the classroom environment to cater to the academic needs of all students. Explicit teaching. By taking very deliberate steps it is envisaged that by following the pedagogical practice of explicit teaching, teachers will gradually release the responsibility of learning onto the students....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Teaching, Pedagogy]

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Male Masochism in the Religious Lyrics of Donne and Crashaw

- Male Masochism in the Religious Lyrics of Donne and Crashaw The impetus of my psychoanalytic exploration of male masochism in Donne and Crashaw occurs in Richard Rambuss's "Pleasure and Devotion: The Body of Jesus and Seventeenth-Century Religious Lyric," in which he opens up possibilities for reading eroticism (especially homoeroticism) in early modern representations of Christ's body. In this analysis, Rambuss opposes Caroline Walker Bynum who, in response to Leo Steinberg's The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art, claims that depictions of Christ's genitalia (the focus of Steinberg's work) can only be regarded as erotic from a modern standpoint, for such representations in historical...   [tags: Christian Masochism Sexuality Essays]

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Musicians have a responsibility to serve as role models to our youth

- Musicians have a responsibility to serve as role models to our youth I strongly disagree with this statement because music artists have the right to express what ever subject they wish. Musicians do have to serve as role models to our youth through their actions, if that is their target market, but they do not have to take any responsibility what so ever for what teenagers choose to listen to or the actions they choose to take because of artists lyrics. The lyrics in many musicians. songs, especially ?rap....   [tags: Music]

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Technology Is Ruining Society

- When thinking of killing, drugs and nudity, I’m pretty sure not many people think of positive ideas. Electronics, such as television and computers, show these kinds of things regularly. Despite this explicit material, some people see the constantly improving technology as a wonderful addition to our lives. Yet as time passes, more and more people start to have doubts about what these developments in technology are leading to. Kids and teens should be playing and using their imaginations; instead they devote countless hours on various electronics ranging from tablets and computers to phones and TV’s....   [tags: explicit material on media and social sites]

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TiK ToK on the Clock of Decency: How Ke$ha’s Lyrics Inspire Today’s Youth in Their Time of Trouble

- As we clustered around a dining room table laden with steaming dishes and the fancy holiday flatware from Pier One Imports, my cousins and I had one goal in mind: avoid sitting next to crumpled-up Uncle Joe and his half-fabricated recollections of the good ol’ days. Unfortunately for us teens, he typically transformed these reminiscences into accusations aimed directly at our generation. He generally cited our “disregard for the quality of a good conversation” and a supposed inability to “maintain a respectable romantic relationship without all that sex and whatnot.” Normally, I would take my time next to Uncle Joe as an opportunity to focus on eating, occasionally mumbling a semi-interested...   [tags: Music]

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Impurity with Children

- Pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended for erotic stimulation. Child pornography is the illegal use of children with in visual material. Children have been used as sexual objects since the beginning of time. It is in this time period children have been laws raised to protect children from abuse in a sexual manner. “Pornography in the modern sense began with the invention of the camera in the early nineteenth century.” (Pg1, Ln11-12) Pornography in the beginning was erotic literature and portraits of their bodies....   [tags: Pornography, Printed, Visual, Explicit, Sexual]

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Analysis of Little Talks, by Of Monsters and Men

- Introduction Of Monsters and Men is an up and coming Icelandic band that uses emotional lyrics and familiar subject matter in their songs. While they do not use a direct interpretation of the lyrics in their music videos, Of Monsters and Men uses the symbolism of a phoenix and a group of mythical monsters to bring forth the overall message of their song; the power of hope when a loved one is struggling with a mental disease. Drawing their inspiration from the Icelandic fairytales and stories they used to hear growing up, Of Monsters and Men captivates an audience of many generations....   [tags: music, videos, lyrics]

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Memory: Definition, Types and Sources of Motivation

- 1.) Define memory. Describe types of memory, including implicit and explicit memory and declarative and procedural. Memory is defines as the mental capacity to encode, store and retrieve information (Gerrig 2010 p 7). Encoding is the initial processing of information that leads to a representation in memory. Storage is then the retention over time of the material that was encoded. And to end the cycle is retrieval which is the recovery at a later time of the information that was stored. How your mind retrieves or uses the information is what separates explicit use from implicit use of memory and also declarative and procedural memory (Gerrig 2010 p196)....   [tags: long term, short term, implicit, explicit memories]

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Analysis of the Song, You´ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, by The Beatles

- “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”, a ballad composed by John Lennon in 1965, juxtaposes the new and old Beatles in a thrilling manner. This song represents the Beatles’ returning to their instrumental roots from The Quarrymen with Paul’s bass, George and Lennon’s acoustic guitars, and Ringo’s percussion forming the main instruments throughout the piece. This song comes at a time when Lennon lyrics and tonal timbre proved susceptible to Bob Dylan’s influence , causing Lennon to impersonate Dylan’s vocal style as he searched for his own....   [tags: Lennon, Dylan, Lyrics]

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Song Analysis: We Found Love by Calvin Harris

- ... The male remains in the position of power while the female is portrayed as weak and inferior throughout the music video, which is one of many examples of the androcentric theory of biological determinism. The abuse of the female character as indicated in the video, is justified by the androcentric theory of biological determinism and its inherent biases; sexism and classism, as she is not only female but she is not Caucasian or wealthy. The music video also portrays that the living arrangements and socioeconomic status of the couple is justified by their race....   [tags: lyrics, female voice rihanna]

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Richard Shuckburgh's Influences for Writing Yankee Doodle Dandy

- ... The same year in which an English army had marched to assail the French in the North. Shuckburgh spent the following two years searching for land in Manhattan, which could have possibly kept him from being in Albany. He returned to Albany in the spring of 1758. The most immense British army had massed in North America in preparation to attack the French port at Ticonderoga. The New England military waited around Fort Crailo for orders to march north. They were an easy target for the “redcoats,” including Shuckburgh, to make fun of....   [tags: military, composition, lyrics]

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Anaylsis of the Song Peace of Mind Written by Tom Scholz

- Music Analysis The song is “Peace of Mind” by the band Boston, written by Tom Scholz and debuted on their first album in 1976. Since I was very young I’ve probably listened to this song several hundred times. Starting with my parent’s original vinyl copy, to the CD version, and now to the digital version I still have on my iPod. When I was younger and listened to the song I never really paid close attention to the lyrics or the seeming message is being presented. Now that I’ve matured and entered a stage of life where I am more reflective there are a few lyrics that stand out to me....   [tags: lyrics, style, song, voice]

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Rap. Simply Music, or Something More?

- ... Young men are also being affected by the music. They are given unrealistic expectations about women. They are taught that a woman is to be used and then thrown away, that she is disposable. Rap music has many condemning qualities, but it also has some redeeming qualities. There are musicians in the hip-hop/rap genre moving away from violent, hyper-sexualized lyrics and trying their hands at more empowering, and uplifting lyrics. Even giving a nod to the women in their lives that they love and respect....   [tags: entertainment, criticize, lyrics]

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Review of A Day to Remember's Album Common Courtesy

- A Day to Remember- Common Courtesy Review After several lawsuits with Victory Records, A Day to Remember has finally released their fifth album, entitled Common Courtesy on October 8. This pop punk/post-hardcore band from Ocala, Florida has gained much popularity over the years because they have been able to blend metalcore elements with catchy pop punk melodies to make the songs supposedly sound more interesting and “hardcore”. Prior to Common Courtesy, the only ADTR album I have listened to was Homesick, and I thought that it was a decent album and somewhat enjoyable, although saturated with mundane breakdowns and cheesy lyrics....   [tags: pop punk, generic, lyrics]

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Review of the Band Periphery and Their Album Clear

- ... The concept behind Clear was quite a daring one, but Periphery pulls through with an amazing album because each track has its unique identity, while the record still flows well as a whole. If I had to pick one adjective to describe Clear, I would probably pick “fun.” Clear is an extremely fun album to listen to, as the different vocals styles and epic instrumentals make it very dynamic. The mood shifts quite fast and dramatically at times, but this album is still coherent as a whole. “Overture”, “Zero”, and “Extraneous” are the instrumentals, and they are all phenomenal, giving off a progressive/djent feel that fans of this genre love, while still able to show off their technicality....   [tags: metal, tracks, lyrics]

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The Meanings of Popular Music

- Bob Seger once soulfully sang, “Today’s music ain’t got the same soul/ I like that old time rock ‘n’ roll,” and he could not have been more accurate. Lyrics such as these were commonplace in decades past, with songwriters such as Art Garfunkel, John Lennon, Bob Marley and many more. Much like grandchildren modernize their grandparents’ ideas, music has slowly diverged from the path its ancestors blazed a long time before, and as years have gone by, music has lost its depth and meaning as newer genres evolve and others fade into the background....   [tags: blues, jazz, lyrics]

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An Interpretation of the Song "Home" by Michael Buble

- In March 2005, “Home,” a debut single by Michael Buble, was released in the United Kingdom. The song received a low promotion when it was first released. In fact, there was no music video released either. However, when Michael Buble’s second major-label studio album “It’s Time” was released three months later, “Home” had become the album’s second single worldwide. Fortunately, the song became a huge hit, reached a high chart position in Canada, and became successful in the United Kingdom. This time, the song was released along with a music video directed by Noble Jones....   [tags: video, lyrics, feelings, relationships]

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Hip-Hop Culture in Los Angeles, California

- The term “Ethnomusicology” is defined as “the study of music in its cultural context.” Ethnomusicologists focus and study music in order to not only interpret its literal meaning but also to figure out its importance to its listeners and artists along with the way its purpose is communicated to its audience. . Ethnomusicology is highly versatile and multidisciplinary. People working in this sector could have solid foundations and basics of music ,dance, folklore and other different aspects related to music ,yet all ethnomusicologists share a meaningful and coherent foundation in approaches and methods followed....   [tags: ethnomusicology, meaningful lyrics]

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Analysis of the songs "Waiting on a Woman" by Brad Presley and George Strait´s "A Father´s Love"

- ... When came time to do something with five of them if we had to be somewhere at six o’clock I would have to tell them it started at five o’clock not to be late. I know it’s a stereotype but seems like woman enforces this stereotype on themselves. What I mean they enforce the stereotype on themselves is I must look like this supermodel or actor before I am seen in public. When most women to me look good without make up but they think the makeup makes them look like Cindy Crawford. The Part of song when sings about it taking a year to plan a wedding....   [tags: Meaning, Lyrics, Music]

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Music in Society: The Evolution of Rap Music in America

- Lit Review- General Topic: Music in Society; How has rap music’s influence evolved in American society since its creation, and how has its lyrics By the beginning of the next century, French and Russian ideas were taking hold. The new composers sought to include more ethnic influences in their music. “Those ethnic elements fell into three main areas that dominated much serious music during the 20th century. The first was American Indian, real or imagined. Chants, melodies, and primitive fantasies and dances were considered Indian elements....   [tags: lyrics, influence, musicians]

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The Godfather of Soul Better Known as James Brown

- Curatorial Project: James Brown in Michael Jackson’s Life 1. Topic Question: Unquestionably one of the most influential musical pioneers of the last half-century, James Brown, often known as “The Godfather of Soul”, laid a musical foundation that many artists were influenced by. Ranging from Mick Jagger to Afrika Bambaataa to Jay Z, Brown’s musical characteristics can be seen in various artists. How did the music of Michael Jackson demonstrate the influence of James Brown. 2. Introduction: “The Godfather of Soul”, better known as James Brown grew to be one of the most influential artists in Michael Jackson’s life....   [tags: artist, michael jackson, lyrics]

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