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My Pursuit of Excellence at the National Sport School

- The pursuit of excellence is a rewarding journey in which a person conquers their problems, attitudes, and fears to reach the excellence they have dreamed about. I am very privileged to attend the National Sport School, where I get the opportunity to pursue excellence in education and ski racing at the same time. The following concepts are important to me in the pursuit of excellence: Part of pursuing excellence for me is having dreams. I am young still but I have dreams of where I want to go with my life....   [tags: Excellence, sports, ]

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Cola Is The Best At Creating Excellence

- COLA is a hedgehog. COLA understands the simplicity of moving from good to great. It knows that the process will not happen overnight and it must continue its focus on the one big thing that it was built upon. COLA knows what is essential for the organization to be a great organization and nothing else matter. COLA does not allow complex issues to deter it from finding simpler ways to address them. COLA will battle through difficult situations and stand firm on the one big thing. COLA’s ability to be remain rigid is essential for its transition from good to great....   [tags: Knowledge, Education, Learning, Concept]

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Personal Statement For Academic Excellence

- Excelling in an activity can be a difficult process. However, the challenge of excellence is undertaken when a clear objective is set. I decided to pursue academic excellence because of the rewards that it brings. I have always tried to do my best in academics. For as long as I can remember with the exception of two years, I have always tried to excel in all of my classes. There are several reasons for me wanting to get good grades in my classes. First of all, since I was young, my parents have always talked to me about the importance of education....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, Learning]

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The Success Of Academic Excellence

- Academic excellence is thought to be a very high-prioritized achievement in today’s society, and in order to reach many goals of success knowledge is the key. Although knowledge is very helpful, without grit you will never achieve great things. Everything that you will accomplish will only come if you are persistent, dedicated, and hard working. Those qualities make up a person’s grit, which should be taught in college composition classes at Central Methodist University. “Energy and persistence conquers all things.” (Benjamin Franklin)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Quality]

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Can Excellence Be Attained?

- In Plato’s Meno, Socrates uses ignorance to prove excellence cannot be taught or even attained by human actions. The process involves Socrates purposefully contradicting himself to entice Meno’s focus. Through Socrates, Plato argues particular criteria cannot determine excellence within a collective. Instead, Socrates asserts excellence must be a universal quality and applicable to all individuals, by comparing the human collective to a bee colony. Socrates purposefully fails to use a universally applicable proof for shapes to define a square....   [tags: Philosophy]

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Defining Excellence in "Meno"

- In Plato’s Meno, Socrates purposefully uses ignorance and irony to insufficiently define excellence for Meno. Initially, Meno argues a particular definition, which is a universally inconsistent proof, is sufficient to define excellence. However, Socrates asserts that the definition of excellence must be consistent and applicable to all individuals, by comparing individuals in a society to bees in a colony. Socrates demonstrates the failure of a particular proof to define all constituents of a group....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Organizational Excellence and Leadership

- Organizational culture is the key to organizational excellence and leadership is a function to create and manage culture (Chen 1992). Organizational researchers have become more aware of the importance of understanding and enhancing the cultural life of the institution. "This study is one of a group of companies with high-performance in North America, interest in organizational culture is an important element in organizational success. Tesluk et al (1997). Looking at the" soft "of the organization, the researchers claim that" the organizational culture may be suitable for a means to explore and understanding of life at work, and make them more humane and more pronounced (Tesluk et al, 1997),...   [tags: Business, Organizational Culture]

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Excellence in Business Adminstration

- As a business student on my way to achieving my Bachelor’s degree in business administration, I will continue my journey to receive a master’s degree in the same concentration. This foundation will allow me to maximize my know-how and understanding of business and apply it in an organizational setting. Entrepreneurs have always been a critical part of society since commerce began. They are the men and women who have ideas and put them into action. I have always admired the technology industry for their ability to create profits from their experience to write code or their ability to develop an idea to bring people together....   [tags: entrepreneurs, outline, society, setting]

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In Search of Excellence

- In Search of Excellence Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr., wrote “In Search of Excellence” as a model covering all elements of operations and functions of businesses big and small. In Search of Excellence gives great analysis and interesting examples to back up their theories. This book discusses eight core principles and McKinsey 7-S framework chart provided to companies for success. The authors break down the topics into specific themes with thoughts and charts for knowledge. Their findings suggest that eight core principles are common for excellent organization; bias for action, close to the customer, autonomy and entrepreneurship, productivity through people, hands on, value...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Opportunities for Excellence

- The Opportunities for Excellence Like many other students in the public school system, I had my share of “good” teachers and “bad” teachers, but I learned valuable things from each of them: from the “good” teachers, inspiration to enter education and how to be a good teacher, from the “bad” teachers, if nothing else, what not to be. As important as education is to children’s success in life, they should have as many positive influences as possible. I will strive to be the best teacher I can be, not only to be marked as one of the “good”, but one of the “great” teachers of education....   [tags: Philosophy of Teaching Education Essays]

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Creating a Culture of Excellence Withing an Organization

- Culture of Excellence High standards of care are expected by patients and families regarding any type of health care. Creating a culture of excellence within an organization is needed to increase patient satisfaction and improve patient outcomes. This paper will examine a hospital that is creating a culture of excellence within the organization to ensure theses outcome. Committees within the organization have been implemented to examine all aspects of the hospital, and its operations to receive input to create change....   [tags: creating change, healthy work environment]

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Diversity Is The Core Dimension Of Educational Excellence

- America continues to be the greatest country in the world; it is still the land of opportunity. Many have died defending the freedom that we have today. It is a place where people like my parents can arrive with five dollars in their pocket, and with hard work and dedication make something of themselves. As educators, we must continue to keep teaching our students and parents about America’s past and the role they play in the future success of our nation. In this paper we will elaborate on what making excellence inclusive in education means, and discuss why diversity is the core dimension of educational excellence....   [tags: Education, Educational psychology]

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Excellence of Character and Understanding as the Good for Humans

- In book I of Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle proposes that the good for humans is to have and exercise the excellences of character. Nevertheless in book X he proposes that the highest human good is contemplation as it is akin to Godly behaviour. I will first explain how human good is having and exercising the excellences of character, and second how human good is having the ability to understand. The tension that arises is that first Aristotle gives two answers to the single question 'what is the human good', and second he asserts that contemplation is the better answer as opposed to excellence of character....   [tags: Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics, book X]

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My Dreams and Desires for Personal Excellence

- Someone once asked me what I believed in, what I wanted to get out of life and where I saw myself a couple of years from now…I was speechless, just standing there with a blank look upon my face, guess I looked like a deer in the headlights. At first I was outraged for not knowing what to say, and then I became concerned. Looking back I can say that I was afraid, afraid of wanting anything. I figured wanting would lead to trying and trying would lead to failure, and failure is not an option. A friend once told me I was much better than I thought I was, and he would help me do more in a positive sense, he was the one that helped me realize failure was something I shouldn’t be afraid of....   [tags: Personal Narrative, admissions essays, college]

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The Educational Excellence for Children Act (1999)

- The Educational Excellence for All Children Act (1999) was reformed by the federal government when a 1983 report stated that American Education was at jeopardy and needed to be improved. This report suggested that it would: “Raise high school graduation requirements for English, math, science, social studies, and computer science; upgrade elementary curriculum; and adapt more rigorous academic standards for all educational institutions using standardize tests to evaluate achievement.” Berns (2010) p....   [tags: Education]

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The Disney Company : Examination Of Branding Excellence

- The Walt Disney Company Examination of Branding Excellence Monroe Clemmons 9/5/2015   Brief Summary of the Case From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the 1920s to today 's global corporation, The Walt Disney Company continues to proudly provide quality entertainment for every member of the family, across America and around the world. One of the key statements in the text states, “Disney’s greatest challenge today is to keep a 90- year- old brand relevant and current to its core audience while staying true to its heritage and core brand values.” (Kotler, Keller, 2012, p....   [tags: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney]

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Chick-Fil-A Excellence In Customer Service

- Chick-Fil-A Excellence In Customer Service In 1946 two brothers, Ben and Truitt Cathy, opened a diner in Atlanta Georgia called the Dwarf House Grill. The Dwarf House served a variety of typical grill food that included everything from burgers to hot dogs. All of that changed in 1961 when a poultry supplier stopped buy and sold Mr. Cathy chicken breast that were too large for the trays that they typically cooked the chicken on. Truitt Cathy decided that he did not want to throw out the chicken so he breaded the chicken and put it in the pressure fryer....   [tags: Ben and Truitt Cathy, atlanta, cooperate culture]

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Excellence in Education

- The concept of excellence in education is one that, on the surface, seems to be unquestionable. After all, who would not accede that students within our schools should, in fact, excel. Certainly teachers, parents, and administrators can agree on excellence as an aim to shoot for. The interpretation of the term "excellence" is, however, less obvious. How do we regard excellence. Is it the college bound student with a broad liberal arts education. Is it the student who graduates high school trained in a specific trade....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Characteristics that Make a Good Nurse Leader

- Introduction Leadership is a very important concept in the area of nursing. Successful leaders can't achieve goals without inspired and motivated followers. Most people have observed nurses who've been placed in leadership positions but failed to capture the hearts and souls of those they lead (Feltner, Mitchell, Norris & Wolfle, 2008). In essence these types of leaders are very ineffective in what they do. In order to be a successful leader, one must possess certain characteristics that not only define who they are but inspire those who they lead....   [tags: Empathy, Excellence]

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In Search Of Excellence by Peters and Waterman

- Peters and Waterman – Excellence Who are Peters and Waterman. Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman were two consultants, who in 1982 published a book called ‘In Search Of Excellence,’ advising companies to embrace what they called ‘the eight attributes of excellence.’ How did their research start. The authors research started in 1977 when two groups of people at McKinsey & Co. were asked to research a general concern with the problems of management effectiveness and a particular concern with the nature of the relationship between strategy, structure, and management effectiveness....   [tags: Business and Management Studies]

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The Excellence Of Women In Shakespearean Tragedy

- Excellence, from the root excellent, is the achievement of something extremely good in life. These achievements can be of a literary nature, or a cosmic nature, however the excellence that pertains to the coming essay, is that which is found within the female characters of Shakespearean tragedies. Despite the patriarchal ways of life during Shakespeare's age, he constantly conveys the ladies of his plays with nothing short of "excellent ... beauty, wit, and virtue." [Doran 135] Doran's article "The Idea of Excellence In Shakespeare" is a detailed work, which engages itself in the wide scope of Shakespearean sonnets and all his theatrical work concerning excellence....   [tags: William Shakespeare]

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Definition Essay - Art and Excellence

- Definition Essay - Art and Excellence Art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there, ya know, it doesn’t seem fair that I’m living for something I can’t even define, and there you are right there in the meantime. –Ani DiFranco, “Out of Habit,” Living in Clip Art seems to be such an all-encompassing word it defies definition. The artist Ani DiFranco blatantly says in her music that she cannot define art although it is intimately and passionately tied into her life and interpersonal relationships....   [tags: Expository Definition Essays]

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Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, and Making a Difference

- Executive Summary Quint Studer’s Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, and Making a Difference is a Business Week National Bestseller and is highly regarded by healthcare professionals across the country. The following document describes Studer’s key points, including the Five Pillars and Nine Principles that motivate and direct transformation in an organization. It also provides a critique of Studer’s text and analyzes appropriate applications for summer residency positions. Key Points Quint Studer’s, Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, and Making a Difference, is designed to motivate healthcare leaders to positively transform the culture of their organizations to...   [tags: Quint Studer]

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Coach Sell Industry: Prevost Commitment to Quality and Excellence

- Prevost Commitment to Quality and Excellence Prevost places the utmost commitment to quality and product excellence and strives to be the premiere provider of the most advanced and superior chassis and luxury coach shells in the industry. Prevost commitment to quality starts in the manufacturing process when each piece of steel frame is held into place by a zero tolerance jig until the welding process is completed. There are other companies on the market that build alternative shells and chassis, but by not using a zero tolerance jig like Prevost actually turn out inferior products that have imperfections and slight variations....   [tags: quality standards, suppliers, software]

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In Search of Excellence: Critique

- Peter's & Waterman write of marketing but never refer to the marketing concept. However, is the philosophy of the marketing concept crucial to the theme of the book. Or, is the marketing concept compromised by the authors' interest in a product orientation. The marketing concept's ultimate goal in essence is to satisfy an organisation's clientele, while at the same time enabling the company to survive and prosper. It stresses consumer-orientation in all facets of a company's operation. It also emphasises adoption of a cross-functional perspective so that everyone within the organisation can have some impact on the organisation's success in both the profitability and at the consumer leve...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Greek Excellence and the Hero

- Greek Excellence and the Hero The hero of an epic poem repeatedly endures many trials that can prove his ability to be worthy of the title hero. In the passage 6.440-481 in The Iliad of Homer, Hektor's heroism is tested, especially when he faces the choice of returning to battle or staying with his family. When analyzing what drives Hektor to return to the battlefield and what makes him a hero, it is obvious that the "Greek educational ideal" known as areté greatly influences him (Western Civilization: A Brief History, Perry, 43)....   [tags: Papers]

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Collaboration Meeting for Process Excellence in the Emergency Department

- Process Excellence in the emergency department is a team collaboration that has a focus of interest for improving quality of care for patients. Team collaboration in health care is recognized as a group of health care workers from different disciplines working together on a common goal. This particular “multidisciplinary” (Finkelman, 2012, p. 336) team meeting was a collaboration of team members that included: the Emergency Room (ER) Director, ER physicians, and ER nurses, ER Head Health Unit Coordinator, ER Business Manager, Senior Process Excellence Coordinator, Director of Information Management, and the Senior Marketing Specialist....   [tags: Business Management ]

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In Search Of Excellence: Review

- In Search of Excellence is a book dealing with many different principles of economics and what makes big business' excellent. The first idea that Peters discusses is his chart of the McKinsey 7-S Framework. The graph is very simple but the ideas are fairly complex. In their research, they found that their philosophies were too hard to explain and easily forgettable. They made this Framework to deal with strategy, structure, style, systems, staff (people), skills, and shared values (culture)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Public Education Derides Excellence and Promotes Mediocrity

- Karl Marx wrote, “No matter how high [a little house] may grow in the course of civilization, if the neighboring palace rises in equal or even greater measure, the occupant of the relatively little house will always find himself dissatisfied (Marx 33).” This makes for an excellent analogy for public education. In the world of education people have different levels of scholastic aptitude and intellectual capacity. People in the little house category - those who are less educationally adept and their supporters, are often dissatisfied when their peers, who belong to the large house group, grow at an equal or faster rate than they do, because is because they will always be relatively less educa...   [tags: Education Reform Essays]

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Impact of Business Excellence Practices on Technology Management in India

- 3. TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT THROUGH BE - PEOPLE AND PROCESSES The BE models: there are many of them in the world today, for example, the European Model for BE (European Foundation for Quality Management - EFQM), the Australian Model, the South African Model, the Singaporean Model and so on. Ever since the success of the Malcolm Baldrige model, many countries have used a BE model to drive their industries to excel using the framework of PDCA, which is modified to suit the integrated approach of BE methodologies for implementation....   [tags: Business, Process, Human Resources]

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The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence

- The first book I read as part of my Capstone experience is The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence written by Harvey F. Silver, R. Thomas Dewing, and Matthew J. Perini. In this book, the authors discuss 6 key strategies for teachers and educational leaders can use to better help students with the “demands of the Common Core.” (Silver, 2012) These strategies are designed to help students with the standards in English, Social Studies, Science, and any other technical subject in any educational level....   [tags: my Capstone experience, Silver, Dewing, Perini]

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Excellence in Engineering Education

- How should we describe the excellent engineer and what kind of education is demanded by such a person. Several issues are involved. One of these is the character of our times; that is, the best engineer out of the "science engineering" model of the 1950s may have little value in the early 21st Century. Another issue is the concept of education. How do education and training differ and how is excellence achieved. Finally, clearly, there is the issue of what we would expect of an engineer who is truly excellent....   [tags: Education Engineer Educating Essays]

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Achieve Excellence in Sales

- Achieve Excellence in Sales Most people are always striving to better themselves. It’s the "American Way". For proof, check the sales figures on the number of self-improvement books sold each year. This is not a pitch for you to jump in and start selling these kinds of books, but it is a indication of people’s awareness that in order to better themselves, they have to continue improving their personal selling abilities. To excel in any selling situation, you must have confidence, and confidence comes, first and foremost, from knowledge....   [tags: Papers]

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Professional Behaviors: Altruism

- Professional Behaviors It is not simply enough to be knowledgeable to be labeled as a trained professional in a particular field. Merriam Webster defines professionalism as, “the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well” (Webster, 2014). In order to be deemed as a professional, a nursing student must follow a set of specific behaviors that illustrate their professionalism. These behaviors must be practiced in all situations with all populations....   [tags: education and excellence]

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Excellence Redefined

- Excellence Redefined The 1980’s has been called the “me” generation, the decade of materialism, and was responsible for the greatest number of mergers and takeovers in the history of the US market. People were transformed by the power of money, and tried to take advantage of the opportunities in the stock market. The stock market has never guaranteed a profit, but there were those willing to take the risk. People have lost millions from speculating on what was supposed to be a “sure thing” in the stock market....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Refreshing Excellence

- There is a man running on a desert road. While running, a little green bug representing his thirst starts reminding him that he is thirsty and tired, and that there is nothing around there that can relieve him from that. But some steps ahead the man finds a Coca-Cola dispenser, where he takes one out, quenches his thirst, and the little “thirst bug” evaporates. This is one of many commercials presented by the Coca-Cola Company in order to convince the public of how good and refreshing this drink is....   [tags: Coca cola coke Business Analysis marketing]

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Texas Holdem Excellence

- Texas Holdem Excellence How do we define odds to ourselves. Are they things that happen because they are suppose to or are they things that were written and statistics made them happen. Odds and statistics play major roles in almost every event in life. They affect everything from who we marry and how long it lasts right down to what shoes we wear. These odds and statistics are very noticeable to everyone especially in a game of Texas hold'em poker. The game has some skills involved but the odds still apply to the type of cards a player is dealt in order to use his skills....   [tags: Personal Narrative Card Games Essays]

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Struggle Between Excellence and Mediocrity in The Fountainhead

- Struggle Between Excellence and Mediocrity in The Fountainhead         Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead is a story of the struggle between men of greatness and men of mediocrity. An individualist to the core, Rand defines a man of greatness as one who is independent and uncompromising, one who derives his self-respect from his accomplishments and integrity rather than the approval of others. Rand defines a man of mediocrity, by contrast, as one who doesn't care about actually being competent and upright so long as he appears that way to others....   [tags: Fountainhead]

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The Pursuit of Excellence Brings Happiness, Creativity, Human Fulfillment, and Enables Self-Actualization

- Excellence is a distinctive attribute or characteristics possesses by Human being. This characteristic empowers human being to stretch their ability to make a distinction over human. Excellence doesn’t come through culture, wealth, and education. It occurs when a person with right mindset extend his exceptional ability to pursue personal and professional life. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH is an example of excellence. Everyone possesses some skills, talents, and proficiency in particular area, therefore acknowledge the existence, and lives the life of difference....   [tags: esteem, steve jobs, pleasure]

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Sunil Mittal: The Evolution of the Celular Phone in India

- ... In fact, his name comes across world’s top 25 philanthropists. His vision lies in imparting education to the needy. This is a bitter truth that apart from being the fastest developing country of the world and attaining so much we are still lagging behind in the field of education. We hold on to having the most number of illiterate of the world. Every two out of five illiterate is from India. Mittal is very much effective in the field of delivering education to all the sections of the society....   [tags: excellence, success, entrepreneurship]

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Private School is a Better Option for Students and Parents

- Students that go to private schools say that they are very happy and feel like they are getting a better education so do the parents. A lot parents say they love the options and advantages private school has to offer. Rather then what public school can offer their students. Private school offers a smaller environment for better education, freedom of religion and has better control of the classroom. Theses are qualities, which most parents want to instill in their students. Being in a smaller environment allows for better education....   [tags: education, academic excellence]

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Managed Care: Pay for Performance

- Francois S. DeBrantes and Guy D’Andrea provided a study from the American Journal of Managed Care in 2009 to determine at what extent to the size of financial incentive influences a physician’s decision to participate in a P4P program. Mr. DeBrantes is the CEO of Bridges to Excellence that was used in the study. Bridge to excellence is a non-profit multi-stake holder that has implemented incentives and rewards programs for more than five years in different areas of the US. The bonus is paid to the physician or practice upon recognition....   [tags: bridge for excellence, physicians, patients]

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Teaching Grammar to the Grammatically Oblivious

- Cries of, “But when will we ever use this in real life?” resound through classrooms, debilitating teachers in their pursuit of student excellence. Once a staple in schools, grammar has become anathema to the standard course of English instruction. With the advent of the impending pertinence of the "real world," the tediousness and technicality of the study of grammar has undergone microscopic scrutiny. The real world forces people to face technical and tedious situations sometimes, however. Thus, the technical construct of grammar should not be grounds for its immediate dismissal....   [tags: debilitating teachers, students excellence]

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Banner Health : The Vision Is A National Leader Recognized For Clinical Excellence And Innovation

- Introduction Banner Health is one of the nonprofit and innovative organizations that has sprung in about seven states. The organization was officially created when two nonprofit organizations that is Samaritan Health Systems and Lutheran health System merged on September 1st 1999. Both organizations had long standing history of providing extensive health care to American West and Mid- west. As Banner health`s vision is to “be a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience, and distinguished by the quality of our people” (Banner Health, 2016, p.1)....   [tags: Medicine, Health economics, Health care]

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The Varying Educational Methods

- The Varying Educational Methods While the United States, the most influential and powerful country in the world, struggles for educational excellence, perhaps a huge role model to look up to would be Finland’s. America’s school system offers education that is consistently changing, while as Finland offers a steadily unique approach to the educational school system. Finland’s school system and the American school system differ in the ways students are taught, the different fees, and the various extracurricular activities....   [tags: finland, educational excellence]

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Excellence Is Your Best Weapon For Fighting Racism

- Excellence is Your Best Weapon for Fighting Racism The Bible says that "the poor will always be with us." An similar statement is that racism will always be with us. So, the question is, "What should we do about it?" There are many ways to fight racism: you might march, protest, complain, or beg the government for help. Some of these methods have worked well in the past. However, I think the best and most effective weapon today for fighting racism is excellence. Excellence will bring down more racial barriers than all the marching and shouting in the world....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Fine Arts are Essential for the Attainment of Human Excellence

- The Fine Arts are Essential for the Attainment of Human Excellence Fine art exists since the beginning of time. Its creation does not begin with that of mankind, for, verily, nature is the origin of all art; the ultimate of all artists. Humans, however, are not blind to it at birth. Since the bestowal of vision, both physical and that of the mind, man is expressing the desire to make corporeal that which it beholds. Evidence of this is found in ancient cave paintings, an attempt to immortalize a moment from the past, depicting one from another life....   [tags: Art Philosophy]

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The President Commission on Excellence in Special Education (PCESE)

- The President Commission on Excellence in Special Education (PCESE) The government’s primarily goal is to close the achievement gap between special education students and general education students. In October of 2001, before the No Child Left Behind was put into action, President Bush appointed a commission called The Presidents Commission on Excellence in Special Education (PCESE). The purpose of this commission was to bring together 100 experts to evaluate the special education system. In conclusion, the commission could not agree more with President Bush that the special education system needed radical reform (Kauffman, 2004 p....   [tags: essays papers]

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Improving Organisational Performance

- Introduction Business Excellence can be defined as “excellence in strategies, business practices, and stakeholder-related performance results that have been validated by assessments based on specific models proven to support the challenging journey towards excellence”. (Ionică et al 2010) The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the relevance of Business Improvement/Excellence in the role of Business Improvement Manager within organisational context. To examine the possible benefits and/or likely inhibitors that exist, and make a concluding statement on the current and future relevance....   [tags: business excellence, stakeholders]

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Walt Disney Co

- Walt Disney is a worldwide entertainment company. Walt Disney Co is currently number one in the entertainment industry beating out competitors like News Corp, Time Warner, and CBS with revenues of $42,278 billion a year and a net income of $5.682 billion. The company is ranked number 66 on the Fortune 500 list and is ranked #17 on the World’s Most Valuable Brands List. Walt Disney’s headquarters are in Burbank, California and has been publicly traded as NYSE:DIS since 1991. Walt Disney began in 1923 with a short film called Alice’s Wonderland....   [tags: Firm History, Chain of Excellence]

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Total Quality Management

- ... Effective management leadership is critical to influence the decision of selecting qualified suppliers and certifying suppliers for quality material (Flynn et al.1995; Trent &Monczka, 1995). Management level is also responsible for mentoring product design and considering market demands and consumer needs (Deming, 1986; Flynn et al, 1995). H3: human resource management is positively related to quality data and reporting In terms of quality management, employees must be able to measure and utilize quality data efficiently and effectively (Ahire and Dryfus, 200; Ho et al, 1999)....   [tags: excellence, polpulation, sampling]

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Profile of a Leader: Colin Powell

- “It’s not where you start in life, it’s where you end up and all the places you went in between.” (General Colin Powell) Excellence: is the ultimate goal of every leader. Leaders are not born with it, rather they must build it, achieve it. These leaders are the building blocks of every organization. General Colin Powell is the embodiment of an American leader. After years of military excellence, he continued his career on a political level, retiring after 35 years of servant leadership. In his retirement, General Powell wrote his autobiography My American Journey....   [tags: excellence, American leader, military, leadership]

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Competition: A Driving Force for Excellence

- I looked up and it was then that I realized there was a 6'2" defender charging straight at me. I heard my teammate yell “Man on you!”, and not even aware of what I was doing, I quickly cut and dodged the defender for open space. I had my shot, so I took it. It was my first goal of the season. I loved the rush of scoring and wanted to do it more and more. All my teammates congratulating me on my goal made it even more satisfying. I went on in that tournament to score six goals and eight assists in the four games....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Establishing the Tradition of Excellence

- Every nation displays its own style of literature. Simple. But it’s what shapes the literature that really makes it unique. A nation’s history is what really defines a country’s literature. This history serves as a foundation, or base, for every masterpiece, unknowingly (and even knowingly) intertwining itself between and inside every ornate word, and every delicate phrase. It is what makes one country’s literature, better than another’s. Basically, a nation’s literature reflects and parallels its history....   [tags: American Literature ]

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Establishing Excellence

- The year 1620 marked the beginning of a new nation. Regardless of where they lived, the early colonists seemed to have one thing in common a tough, rugged individualism characterized by an independent nature and a desire for self-government Emigrants from England set forth across the Atlantic Ocean, on the Mayflower, embarked on their quest for better life. The Pilgrims founded the Plymouth colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts in December of that year. Fear and danger masked their hopes and dreams while conquering obstacles such as starvation, disease, and harsh winters....   [tags: American History, Colonists]

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Early American History and Traditions of Excellence

- In 1607, the first colonists came to settle America and founded Jamestown Virginia. Hoping to escape religious persecution, the Puritans followed in 1620 after trekking across the Atlantic Ocean in the Mayflower. The first winter faced the homeless and foodless Puritans with brutal conditions. After only being there for eight months, half of the original group died, leaving them with only four women. Following the first harvest, those still alive celebrated their well being with the first Thanksgiving....   [tags: Colonialism and Romanticism]

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Performance Excellence Criteria for Educational Leaders

- Stakeholder Groups “Knowledge of student segments, stakeholder groups, and market segments allows your organization to tailor listening and learning strategies and offerings; to support and tailor your marketing strategies; to develop new educational programs, offerings,, and services; and to ensure organizational sustainability” (Baldrige National Quality Program, 2007, p. 45). In my case study school we have several stakeholder groups including, but not exclusively, Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), Norwood Norfolk Teachers Association (NNTA), students, and Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA)....   [tags: Stakeholder Groups, Process Improvements]

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Excellence of Canadian Health Care System

- Canadian health care system is well developed, highly efficient, and even with drawbacks it provides Canadian resident the best health care they deserve. Canadian Government has created The Canada Health Act and developed it in all provinces and territories to provide better health care for its country residence. There are thirteen provinces and territories in Canada that works according to The Canada Health Act. Those health care services described by health Canada are as following: Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Health and Community Services, Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, New Brunswick Department of Health, Q...   [tags: insurance, physician, coverage]

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Human Resource Management Debate

- Human Resource Management Debate: Performance based rewards is the key to achieve excellent performance Debate Team 7 Con side Politically driven reforms like pay-for-performance are nothing more than reflections of public frustration.” -Wilms and Chapleau Pay per performance rewards are not for the benefit of employees not even for the companies. This is a tool to lure and attract the top talent in the market and to exploit it. Pay per performance is a kind of sophisticated bribery system in Senior Vice President and Senior Scholar Lewis C....   [tags: performance based rewards, excellence]

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Tour de France: 100 Years of Excellence

- It was an unforgiving 95 degrees Fahrenheit in eastern France last week. Rain had fallen nearly every day of the week prior to Stage 16, Wednesday, July 21, making for a very steamy road up the face of one of the most unforgiving mountain rides a cyclist can make in the course of his or her riding career. Nearly one million people lined the narrow mountain road leading to the peak of L'Alpe D'Huez to watch a one man, Lance Armstrong, in the time trial of his life. This seemingly immortal man had survived cancer to make this climb his top achievement leading him to victory five times previously....   [tags: Sports]

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An Ilustration of the Concept of Virtue in the Nicomachean Ethics

- Virtue is a concept which cannot be explained easily: it embodies many different properties and depends on many variables, such as social context, historical period, religion. Aristotle has given is own account of virtue in his ethical system, describing it as the way to reach the best life possible. The aim of this essay is to give an illustration of the concept of virtue in the Nicomachean Ethics, but before two specifications are required. The word used by Aristotle and generally translated as “virtue” is “arete”....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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Aristotle 's Theory Of Ethics

- In the Philosophical work, Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle makes claims about happiness being the highest aim and end at which all human activity is directed. He states that happiness is a supreme good, and therefore should be considered the ultimate goal of every action undertaken by an individual. This assertion regarding happiness as a final end, proposes the question, how can a person define and obtain happiness. Aristotle attempts to use his theory of ethics to address this question. His perspective on the supreme good, is that it is a way of life and exhibited in the way we act and that happiness is derived from living a life in accordance with virtues....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Nicomachean Ethics, Virtue ethics]

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Dangers of Ephedrine Use in Sports

- What is excellence. Is it perfection, a goal, a feeling, a gift. To some athletes, it is an everyday challenge that comes easy; to others it might not be so easy. Whether it holds a psychological meaning or it’s just another goal to set, it shows a persons attitude and dedication towards a sport. To what extremes will people actually go to reach excellence. Some athletes strive so hard that they will try almost anything to reach their peak of excellence, the extremes that some go through to reach that peak may be either a safe or dangerous road to travel....   [tags: Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse]

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Socrates in The Apology, by Plato

- Wisdom and Excellence In the Apology by Plato, Socrates made many bold and inspiring statements leading the reader to have to interpret it on their own terms. He stated, “I am likely to be wiser . . . to this small extent, that I do not think I know what I do not know” (21d). Later, Socrates went on to say, “I go around doing nothing but persuading both young and old among you not to care for your body or your wealth in preference to or as strongly as for the best possible state of your soul” (30a-b)....   [tags: Philosophy, Wisdom]

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An Application of Malcolm Baldridge Quality Principles

- In response to worsening global economic conditions and faced with growing international competition, Metropolitan Life Insurance Corporation (MetLife) launched an “Operational Excellence” initiative in July 2008, with the intent to enhance operational productivity and processing efficiencies (“MetLife 10Q”, 2008). Those efforts continue today with aggressive strategies for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures (“MetLife 10-K,” 2012), which has created an urgency for comprehensive improvement of organizational performance....   [tags: Business]

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What Makes A Good Life?

- Living a good life Society has identified happiness to be a necessity that consist of wealth and pleasure and materials in order to feel satisfied. Therefore, people feel satisfied with the materials that they obtain and can become dissatisfied with their self. The good life focuses on obtaining intellectual virtues and the fundamental truths. Also, to live a good life they must obtain character virtues For example, a person must become virtuous by improving their character and obtaining reason....   [tags: Virtue, Meaning of life, Prudence]

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The Ambiguity Doctrines and its Fateful Pilgrims

- Throughout time we have developed a moral conscience refining ourselves in history through this old book called the Bible that records the beginning of our history. For generations scholars have interpreted in one spectrum or another by making the doctrine of the church. The doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in the middle ages was beginning to receive an uncertainty like Chaucer in the “PROLOGUE TO THE WIFE OF BATH’S TALE” in contrast to Anonymous in the story of “Everyman”. In the tale of “Everyman”, there is understanding of the church’s teachings assimilating the doctrine of the day that humans are revels that mellow with age....   [tags: bible, catholic, church]

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Organizational Behavior Management : An Inspirational Blueprint Of The Best Approach

- “In Search of Excellence” is an inspirational blueprint of the best approach the management can adopt in deriving the best of services from its employees. It follows a set of requirements that the company has to pursue in order to achieve excellence and success in its productivity. The authors received a number of accolades for their development of a strategic management practice guidebook that enables them to achieve success and excellence in its operations. Since its publication in 1982, the book attracted various positive comments from corporate experts and other management executives who approve the approach taken by Peters and Waterman....   [tags: Organization, Management, Strategic management]

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The Struggle Of The Intellectually Excellent

- In order to properly understand the struggle of the intellectually excellent, it is first important to understand what makes one intellectually excellent. According to John Newman, intellectual excellence is achieved through Liberal Education (Newman 58). This intellectual excellence is not what brings around merit or righteousness. Having this knowledge is what can make a man more able to learn. It is not the rudder of a man’s inner self. Newman says this about pursuing intellectual excellence: “Intellect too, I repeat, has its beauty, and it has those who aim at it” (Newman 59)....   [tags: Higher Education ]

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Why Aristotle 's Virtue Ethics

- Explaining Aristotle 's Virtue Ethics In Aristotle 's Nicomachean Ethics, the basic idea of virtue ethics is established. The most important points are that every action and decision that humans make is aimed at achieving the good or as Aristotle 's writes, “Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and choice, is thought to aim at the good... (Aristotle 1094a). Aristotle further explains that this good aimed for is happiness. For Aristotle, happiness is defined as “an activity of soul in accordance with complete excellence......   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics]

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An assessment of the BEST model and its approach to teamwork:

- Table of Contents 1. Introduction: 2 2. Nature of the project: 2 3. An assessment of the BEST model and its approach to teamwork: 2 3.1. An overview of the BEST model in respect of teamwork: 2 3.2. Comparing the components of management quality to the BEST model: 2 3.2.1. Employee Development: 2 3.2.2. Communication: 2 3.2.3. Performance Measurement: 2 3.2.4. Employee participation: 3 3.2.5. Integration: 3 3.2.6. Delegation: 3 3.2.7. Direction Setting: 3 4. The need for business excellence and quality to complement each other: An evaluation of how BEST can support Adebanjo’s proposition: 3 4.1. Other components that support business excellence and quality management: 3 4.1.1. Leadership exce...   [tags: business analysis, teamwork]

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Thomas Aquinas 's Argument On The Existence Of A Supreme

- Presented by Thomas Aquinas are five a posteriori arguments that, Aquinas considers, prove that God exists. Herein, I shall endeavor to summarize those arguments, and show that each argument is either folly or insufficient as inductive proof that God exists. In doing so, I do not necessarily disprove the existence of a supreme being, but rather intend to emphasize the importance of well-founded argument when the subject matter is so dire. The Argument From Change: Aquinas observes that things in the world are in motion....   [tags: Ontology, Existence, Metaphysics, Logic]

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Reflection of My Experiences With Authentic Leadership

- I have had the opportunity to work with leaders of different styles, and by just watching them, listening to them and seeing how the staff reacts; I can gauge what is productive with their staff. I try not to copy or mimic their style and ensure my own style comes through in being consistent, authentic and genuine. I feel by following these traits they give me necessary foundation and help me towards achieving leadership excellence. Authentic Leadership I have not had the pleasure of working with a true authentic leader yet, but my current manager is one of the closest....   [tags: effective, feedback, believable]

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Personal Values Of The University Of Missouri

- Personal values are important in every person’s life, no matter their profession. They exemplify who we are. These values can provide us with a path for the type of life we aspire to lead. Through personal values we can figure out what is important to us and use that to have a successful life, whether this is emotionally, financially or in any other ways. Many institutions have core values that exemplify what the institution as a whole stands for. Institutions use their core values to guide their decisions and they are shared, adopted and believed by the entire institution....   [tags: Morality, Decision making]

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Managing, And Measuring Organizational Performance

- In the mid 1980s, and into the 1990s, business leaders realized that a renewed focus on quality was required to continue to compete in an expanding global market. (NIST, 2010) Consequently, several strategic frameworks were developed for managing, and measuring organizational performance. Among them were the Malcomb Baldrige National Quality Award, which was created by and act of congress and signed into law by the President in 1987, and The Balanced Scorecard, which is a performance management tool that was born out of research conducted in the late 1980s and early 1990s by Robert S....   [tags: Management, Strategic management]

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Nicomachean Ethics

- Through books one to three in Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle distinguishes between pain and happiness, clarifying the endless war that men face in the path of these two extremes. Man’s quest for pleasure is considered by the self-conscious and rational Aristotle; a viewpoint traditionally refuted in contemporary, secular environments. Immediately, Aristotle alleges that all actions aim for good, thus proposing that all human activity is to be of some good. These activities attempt to meet a greater end; a chief good met by subordinate desires....   [tags: Aristotle]

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Application Essay to University of Colorado for Engineering

- In my life as a student I believe that success, as an engineer in this day and age, requires technical competence and a combination of leadership, communication, and management. I am fortunate that I have gained much of these skills when I was elected and duly appointed as one of the Student's Representative Council (SRC) members in my high school. Being a leader, I have learned and trained myself the importance to have a good discipline, communication and managing skills. With that good foundation at high school I hope to reach academic excellence, leadership and a deeper understanding of the world in which I live when I experience university life through dedication, maximum effort, and har...   [tags: education, diversity, experience]

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Plan for the Development and Clarification of Mission Statments and Values: The Hamptom City School

- Development and clarification of mission and values: Bryson (2011) asserts that there are six components that every well written mission statement should have. The mission statement should explain the organization’s identity. The mission statement should also include the basic needs or problems that need to be addressed. The interaction between the organization and its stakeholders should be addressed in the mission statement. The philosophy, values and culture of the organization should also be stated in the mission statement....   [tags: philosophy, uniqueness, ]

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Aristotle Believed That Happiness Is The End ( Telos )

- Aristotle believed that happiness is the end (telos) that encircles the completeness of one’s entire life. Happiness is not something we attain and lose within hours. Human being’s lifetime cannot be concluded to have been happy or lived well until he is dead or everything is over, which could be related to education. We cannot conclude that a student would have an A at the beginning or at the middle of the semester, anything could happen at the middle of the semester which could set a large or a small drawback for the student....   [tags: Ethics, Virtue, Morality, Nicomachean Ethics]

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Total Quality Management Strategies in an Organization

- Total Quality Management Strategies in an Organization Introduction Total Quality Management (TQM) is the optimization and incorporation of all the tasks and developments of a industry in order to deliver for excited clients through a procedure of constant development. Quality management contains the construction of approaches, setting objectives and aims, development and executing the strategies; and using mechanism systems for observing response and taking helpful schedules. An organization’s value management applications are of two pleats, nourishing customer’s expectancy and upgrading the overall industry effectiveness (Dale, B....   [tags: Managing, Production]

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